Photographica & Binoculars Auction on
Thursday 6th May 2021 at 10am

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1.      Leica M3-986451, chrome body with black crackle finish, Leitz Wetzlar 1.2/50 lens (Summicron) in a brown leather carry case. 300-500
2.      Leica M3-9660.9, chrome body with black crackle finish with Canon lens 50mm F1.8 and brown leather carry case. 300-500
3.      Leica M4-1252862, chrome body with black crackle finish, Ernst Leitz lens, with Stitz flash, all in a brown leather case. 300-500
4.      Leica MDa - 1360904 Body Only. 60-80
5.      Leica Camera No. 980553, with Sixtar two light meters, all in leather carry case. 300-500
6.      Leica No. 546815 Camera, with Elmar 1=9cm 1.4 No. 836100 lens; together with Canon 35mm lens, light meters, etc; in green canvas carry case. 300-500
7.      Leicaflex Manual Camera, with Leitz Wetzlar Summicron - R 1:2/50 lens in a black case. 100-150
8.      Leitz Wetzlar 1971874 Summercron Lens, (with specs) in brown leather case. 80-120
9.      Olympus OM-System, Zuiko Auto-Zoom 35-70mm, Russian Grand Prix 1958 lens, Vivitar MC Tele Converter. (2) 40-60
10.     Two Leica Meter MR. 30-40
11.     Canon Lens, FD 55mm 1:12 S.S.C. lens, in canvas case. 80-100
12.     Canon FD 55mm 1-12 Lens, in case. 100-120
13.     Tamron f=200mm Lense, Prakticar P.B Pentacon 80-200, Canon FD 28mm, lens, all cased. (3) 80-100
14.     Rolleiflex Franke and Heidecke Germany Twin Lens. 200-250
15.     Rollei 35 Tessar 40mm Camera. 40-60
16.     Rollei 35 Tessar 40mm Camera. 40-60
17.     Canon Model VT, with Ernst Leitz f=5cm lens. 80-120
18.     Nikon F Camera, with Nikkor-S Auto 1-14 f=5.8cm lens. 60-80
19.     Minolta Autocord, Rokkor f=75mm lens in black leather case. 100-150
20.     Canon LI No. 541071 Range Finder Body 35mm Camera, with Canon lens, 50mm f1.8. in case. 80-120
21.     Nikon F3, with Nikkor-H Auto 1-18 f=85mm lens. 100-150
22.     Camera Cigarette Lighter, on tri-pod with compass. 10-15
23.     Nikon F 6866981 Camera, with Kogaku Nikkor-H Auto 50mm lens, all boxed. 50-70
24.     Canon Camera EF, with Canon FD 50mm lens in a blue carry case. 25-30
25.     Hamiya M645 1000 S and Sekor 80mm 1.28 Lens. 150-250
26.     Canon EOS 3, with Canon Zoom lens EF 35-105mm. 80-100
27.     Nikon with Nikkor 28mm 1:28 Lens, in case. 30-50
28.     Pentax K1000 Ashai, with Pentax 1:2 50mm lens, in carry case. 40-60
29.     Pentax K1000, with Tamron 80-210mm lens, in case. 40-80
30.     Olympus OM-2, with macro Suniwide Zoom, 24-40mm in Canon case. 60-80
31.     Canon A-1 Camera, with power winder, Tamron 28-200mm lens in black canvas case. 60-80
32.     Nikkormat Camera, with Nikkor f=50mm lens in brown leather case. 30-50
33.     Canon Camera T90, computerised three motor control, with Tokina 28-70mm lens with carry case. 80-120
34.     Leica R.3 Electronic Camera, with Tamron 85-210mm zoom lens. 80-120
35.     Pentax Camera M.E Super, with lens, Super Orion Skylight (1A) 67mm lens, Chinon Auto 50mm lens, all housed in a Hakura aluminium carry case. Also Hoya zoom lens, Yashica lense, A. Schackt VLM ZZ8864 lens, exposure meter, film clip, etc, all in a wooden box. (2) 60-80
36.     Rolleiflex Compur, Halina A1 and Ricohflex VII camera's, all in cases. (3) 80-120
37.     Voightlander Vito B, Lenit, Agfa Ambiflex, plus one other camera, all cased. (4) 60-80
38.     Pentax Asahi K1000, with SMC Pentax M 50mm lens, Canon FTb Camera with Sigma Super-Wide Z, f=24mm lens, Canon EOS 100 with Canon Zoom lens, 28-8mm. (3) 80-120
39.     Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta, in brown leather case. 60-80
40.     Pentax MX Camera, with SMC Pentax M 1-17 50mm lens and a Pentax P30 with SMC pentax-A Zoom 28-80mm. 80-100
41.     Mamiya-16 Automatic Camera, in case. 20-40
42.     Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar Electric 1.8/50MC, plus Schneider-Kreuznach 1:2, 8/35. both in leather bag. 60-80
43.     Leitz Wetzlar f=9cm 1:4 Lens, in case. 30-40
44.     Nikkor - Micro 55mm 1-35 Lens. 5-10
45.     Canon AE-1, with canon FD 50mm lens, also Canon Canonet 28 Canon lens 40mm. (2) 60-80
46.     Pentax Asahi Camera, with Zeiss Jenna 2.8/50 lens, Minolta 7000, with Sigma Zoom 28-70mm, Canon AE-1 Program with Sigma UC Zoom 70-210mm. 60-80
47.     Nikon EL Camera, with Vivitar Auto Wide Angle, 52mm, Nikkormat Nikon with Nikkor H.C. Auto 50mm lens and one other camera and lens similar. (30 60-80
48.     Zeiss Ikon Contina, Agimatic, Zeiss Ikon Contaflex, Exakta camera, with Carl Zeiss lens. (4) 60-80
49.     Agfa Isolette, Minolta Al and a Purma Special camera. (3) 40-60
50.     Zorki Rangefinder, plus three other camera's in leather cases. (4) 80-100
51.     Nikkormat Nikon Camera, with Nikkor 50mm lens, Prakitca PLC3 Camera, with Tele-Xenar 5/135 lens, Pentax K1000, with Vivitar 24mm auto wide angle lens. (3) 80-120
52.     Tele-Astranar f=400mm Lense, Olympus Zuiko Auto-Aoom 65-200mm lens. (2) 30-50
53.     Voightlander Vitomatic ITA, Voightlander Vitomatic 16, Voightlander Vitessa T, Voightlander Vito B, Voightlander Vito CD, all in leather cases. (5) 60-80
54.     Canon Power Shot A540, Olympus AF-10 Twin, Halina Micro 35, Lumix Full HD AVCHD Smart Touch, Vivicam 3695, Lumix Panasonic DMC-TZ9, 12 x Optical Zoom, Lumix Panasonic DMC-FX40, Lumix DMC-TZ5, Lumix Mega 0.1.S, Lumix DMC - TZ 2 10 x zoom, Canon 1 x US 2, Olympus Newpic XB AF, Olympus (MJU) 1, Kodak 6000 Disk Camera. (14) 60-80
55.     Canon FTD Camera, with Vivitar 28mm close focus wide angle lens, in canvas case, Yashica TL-Electro Camera with Yashica Auto Yashincon - DS 50mm lens, EXA 500 Camera with Soligor Tele-Auto 135mm lens, Kodak Duex Camera. (4) 60-80
56.     Benbo Camera Tri-pod, in case. 20-40
57.     Nikon Scope 15-45, in bag, plus tripod stand and bag. 70-90
58.     Topcon 1C-1 Auto, with Hi Topcon f=50mm lens in bag, Olympus XA1 Camera in case, Olympus OM 30 with Olympus 50mm lens, Homo 135 BC Camera, case, boxed, Rollei XF 35 Camera Sonnar 2.3/40 lens cased, Olympus Pen - EE with 5mm lens, Canon Hi-Fi Sterop UC850 8mm Video Camcorder - charger - tapes, (untested sold for parts only), Canon booster. (8) 40-60
59.     Praktica Noval with Meyer-Optik Gorlitz 2.8/50 Lens, Praktica Electronic with Pentacon Praktica 1:2.4 50mm lens, AGFA with Pronto lens, Nikkormat Nikon body only, Samoca M.R. with Samocar lens, Petri 7 S with 45mm lens, Pentax Asani ES II camera body, Fujifilm Finepix S with Super Fujinon 50 x zoom lens, Minolta 505 SI Super with Minolta zoom 28-80mm lens. (9) 40-60
60.     Minolta Hi-Matic G, with Minolta f=38mm lens, Zorki - 4 Camera with Jupiter 8 lens, Minolta Hi-Matic F with f=38mm lens, Olympus Pen-D with 3.2cm lens, Robot Star 25 with Carl Zeiss Jena lens, Zorki 4K with Jupiter - 8 lens. (6) 40-60
61.     Olympus 35RC Camera, with Olympus Zuiko f=42mm lens in case, Yashica Half 17 Rapid with Yashinon lens, Werra I 35mm Camera in case, Nikon FG-20 camera body, Olympus Trip MD 35mm, Futura-S Camera with Futura-Evar 20/50 lens, Pentax Asahi Camera with Pentax 50mm lens in case, Zenit EM with Helios - 44m lens, Purma Special, Hiev Camera with 1.8/53 lens. (10) 60-80
62.     Camera Bags, cases and straps. 10-15
63.     Olympus Trip 35 Camera x 2, with 40mm lens, AVO Exposure Meter, Takumar 4/50 lens, Olympus PS200 Flash, Pentax 1.7 50mm lens, all in wooden box, many items in this lot. 30-50
64.     Lubitel 166B Box Camera x 2, AGFA Clack Camera, Solida 3 German Bellows Camera. (4) 30-50
65.     Retinette Camera, with Compur Rapid Lens 45mm, Paxette Camera with Stable - Kata 45mm lens, Super Solinette Camera with Synchro - Compur 50mm lens. (3) 20-40
66.     Olympus OM 10 Camera, with Zuiko Auto-S 50mm lens, Miranda Automex Camera with Miranda lens, Miranda Sensomat with Miranda Auto 50mm lens. (3) 40-60
67.     Pentax KM, with Pentax - M 1.2-50mm lens, Pentax Spotmatic with Takumar 1-1.4/50 lens, Pentax Program A with Pentax - M 1.2 50mm lens. (3) 40-60
68.     Canon Range Finder Camera, with Canon Camera Company Lens Serenar, f1.8, 50mm. 80-120
69.     Pentax Asahi Takumar, 1:1 4/50 lens, Pentax A Zoom 28-80mm lens. (2) 40-60
70.     Olympus OM-1 35mm Camera, with OM-System Zuiko Auto-S 50mm 1:1,8, including Vivitar 70-150mm 1:3,8 Macro focusing lens 52mm and a Vivitar MC 70-150mm 2x matched multiplier lens, Fotomatic 700TFZ flash, with Olympus OM-1 instructions and a blower brush, all in a Nikon carry case. Another Olympus OM-30 35mm Camera, with OM-System Zuiko Auto-S 50mm 1:1,8 lens, Miranda 6500m Olympus dedication flash with instructions for flash gun. Plus coloured filters, miniature filter guide book, Olympus camera case in worn and cracked condition, all enclosed in a Miranda carry case. 80-120
71.     Olympus OM System, Zuiko Auto-S, f=50mm lens, Olympus OM System, Zuiko MC Auto-W 1-28 f=28mm lens, in hard container. 60-80
72.     Nikon Motor drive MD-4, Canon battery pack, Canon Speed Lite 177 A Flash, quantity of mixed filters and bulbs, Pentax meter, Stitz Camera support, etc. (6) 20-30
73.     Kenlock Auto Tele Converter, Vivitar TLA-1 Telescopic lens adaptor with Miranda 52mm Skylight filter, Canon Speed Lite 155A Flash, Vivitar Auto-Extension tube 36mm, Kenlock 7 Element Auto Tele Converter 2 x for C/FD, Carl Zeiss Jena 58SL and Hoya 58mm filter, Minolta battery holder, boxed, all in a Cobra carrying bag. 30-50
74.     Nikon F-601, with Sigma 28-200mm lens, Nikkormat Nikon with Nippon Kogaku f=50mm lens, Minolta 9000 with Minolta Zoom 35-70mm lens, all with cases. (3) 80-100
75.     Pentax K1000, with SMC Pentax 50mm lens, Pentax MX with Pentax 50mm lens, another Pentax MX with 50mm lens and battery housing to base. (3) 80-120
76.     Canon Zoom Lens 80-200mm, Carl Zeiss Jenna f=135mm, both cased. 60-80
77.     Exakta VX1000, with Meyer-Optic Gorlitz 2.8/50 lens. 60-80
78.     Pentax MX Asahi Camera, with Pentax - M 50mm lens, all in carry case. 30-50
79.     Olympus Flashes - Electronic Flash T32, electronic flash T20 x 2, electronic flash PS200 battery only, all in a carry bag. (4) 40-60
80.     Saraber Goslar Finetta 88, Edika Flex, plus two other camera's in brown leather cases. (4) 60-80
81.     Binoculars Tasco Model No. 319, 20 x 60, fully coated in hard black case. Also Asahi Pentax 7 x 50 coated optics in black hard case. Plus Prakitca Sport 10 x 25 DCF in case x 3. 60-80
82.     Binoculars x 3 Carl Zeiss Jena, 10 x 50, 10 x 50, 7 x 50, all in brown cases. 80-120
83.     Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Flektogon 2.4/35, Leitz Summicron - R 1.2/50 lens in case. (2) 60-80
84.     A Leica Wristwatch, in case, automatic movement, seventeen jewels, with instructions. 40-60
85.     Two Braun Range Finders, in plastic container. 20-30
86.     Russian View Finders, one in container, one loose. (2) 30-50
87.     Sekonic Studio Deluxe Light Meter. 15-20
88.     Tamron 80-210mm CF Tele Marco Lens, Russian Lens 2/50/7528468, Pentax - M 50mm lens, Tasco No. 516 8 x 20 view finder cased, Jupiter - 9 2/85 lens in container, Russian lens 7817534 in container. (6) 30-60
89.     Binoculars Clubman ZCF-V, 8 x 32, Kenlock 8 x 30 Wide Angle 8.5, Binoculars 12 x 32 - 84m/1000M. (3) 20-30
90.     Zenit-E Camera, with Helios - 44 2/58 Lens, DED 5 CCCP Camera with Jupiter - 8 2/50 lens, Zorki - 4K with Jupiter - 8 2/50 lens, Zorki - 4 with Jupiter - 8 2/50 lens, Russian Camera 582795. (5) 80-100
91.     Zeiss 10 x 40B West German Binoculars, in faux case. 100-150
92.     Military Binoculars US Army, Bausch and Lomb Optical Co. in canvas bag. 30-50
93.     Binoculars Carl Zeiss Jena Notarem, 10 x 40 B in black leather case. 40-60
94.     Binoculars, Vivitar Series 1, 8 x 42 cased, Prakitca Sport 10 x 42 cased, two spare binocular cases and a steam gauge. (50 80-100
95.     Binocular Carl Zeiss Jena Jenoptem, 8 x 30w, leather case and boxed. Plus Swift-Storm King, 7 x 50 multi-coated and water proof, leather case and boxed. (2) 30-50
96.     Binoculars Taylor - Hobson 1943 Military Graticules, apart in brown leather case. Plus Heath and Co Night MK 1, in brown leather case. (2) 30-60
97.     Binoculars Hertz and Richter, 10 x 50 No.85863, Tasco 10 x 25, fully coated, AA 7 x 21 wide 9.3i, all in cases x 3. 30-50
98.     Binoculars Carl Zeiss Jenoptem, 10 x 50w, in brown leather case, Ross-London 7 x 50 in brown leather case. (2) 60-80
99.     Binoculars Carl Zeiss Delactis, 8 x 40 in leather case, Carl Zeiss Deltrintem 8 x 30 large field 8.5 mic, cased, Carl Zeiss Jenoptem 8.30w, cased. (3) 80-120
100.    Binoculars Zeiss Dialyt, 8 x 56 B, in black case; a Tamron 28mm Lens. 200-300