Antiques & Collectables Auction
on Friday 7th May 2021

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1001.   Two XIX Century Mahogany Boxes, brass jam pans, mortar and pest;e, candlesticks, etc. 30-40
1002.   A Large Photographic Print of Paris, (ex Ikea), together with another print (2) 5-10
1003.   China Tea Services, dolls, Umbro Leeds United away shirt, etc:- Two Boxes 20-30
1004.   Brass Bell, copper warming pan, books, hats, camera's, large string ball, tools etc:- One Box. 15-30
1005.   Two Chinese Style Jardiniere's, together with two table lamps. 15-20
1006.   Cassell's History of England, nine volumes antique reference books. Winston Churchill, Step by Step, My Early Life, Thoughts and Adventures, reprinted 1948, etc:- One Box. 20-30
1007.   Stoneware Storage Jar, Poole tea pot, XIX Century copper lustre jug, etc:- One Box. 10-15
1008.   Fish Servers, spectacles, boxes, etc:- One Box 15-25
1009.   The Biblical Museum by James Comper Grey - six volumes, Billy Graham All Scotland Crusade 1955 song book, The English Carol Book (first series); General Interest, local history, home maintenance books:- Three Boxes. 15-25
1010.   Jonathan Shaw, Arctic Fox colour print limited edition, pencil signed, 40.5 x 49cm. Doyly John, Canaletto, Monet and other prints. (6) 15-20
1011.   Helena Maguire Colour Print, 24 x 18cm, Pears 'Cherry Ripe' and pair equestrian prints, tapestry, Egyptian watercolour. (6) 15-30
1012.   A Brexton Picnic Basket Hamper, complete with contents, a Sirram Picnic Set (incomplete) (2). 20-30
1013.   Christening Set, silver spoon, glassware, Edinburgh penguin paperweight, etc:- Two Boxes. 15-25
1014.   A Large C.1930's Dolls House, with some contemporary and later contents. 20-40
1015.   Goebel Cockerel, foreign costume dolls, Ringtons and other Teddy bears, made up kit ships:- Two Boxes. 10-15
1016.   Vintage Metal Medicine Cabinet, small leather suitcase, leather music bag and a further suitcase. (9) 15-25
1017.   Novelty Petrol Pump Wall Telephone, Comitti mantel clock, pewter tankards, commemorative coins, wristwatches, LP's and 45rpm records including Bob Marley and the Wailers, Johnny and the Hurricanes, ELO etc:- Two Boxes 15-25
1018.   A Quantity of Tools, including 'Rabone' rulers, drills etc (untested sold for parts only) and a Curver Tool Box and a box and a 15m extension cable. (3) 20-30
1019.   XIX Century Brass Jam Pan, having iron loop handle, 31.5cm diameter; copper kettle. (2) 15-30
1020.   China Teaware, glass, Easy Listening L.P.'s, etc:- One Box - plus a record case and a Royal 'Diana' typewriter. 10-20
1021.   A Vintage Table Cloth, doilies etc:- One Box 10-20
1022.   Wedgwood 'Candlelight' Teaware, other teaware, pottery meat plates, serving bowls, etc:- Two Boxes 15-25
1023.   Cliff Richard and The Shadows, The Young Ones LP, Eartha Kitt Revisited and classical LP's:- One Box. 5-10
1024.   A TG Green 'Easimix' Mixing Bowl, other kitchen ware including Pyrex, 'Old Hall' four piece and other stainless steel tea set, 'Ignis' Swedish cook ware, Denby large rectangular lidded dish and four pt bowl:- Two Boxes. 30-40
1025.   Arched Gilt Framed Wall Mirror, in the Atsonia manner, folding mirror, two others. (4) 15-30
1026.   Harleigh Pot Lids, framed, Ivorine Anne Hathaway's cottage interior plaque, pair of Parisian prints, vase. 15-25
1027.   Havard Copper Pan, small Record anvil, flat iron, copper kettles, other metalware:- One Box 20-40
1028.   Adstron, Bronte, Mizuno, Elite Pro, etc golf clubs, plus accessories and Slazenger golf bag carrier. 15-25
1029.   Desk Stands, tins, fans, satchel, prints, ebony dressing table wear, etc:- Three Boxes. 20-40
1030.   Vintage and Modern Ladies Handbags, a 'Gelert' picnic rucksack with contents, two beaded lightshades a gents umbrella and strider trekking pole. 10-20
1031.   Eclipse, Victory and Prince's Vintage Tennis Rackets and folding guard; vintage suitcase. 15-25
1032.   Records, LP's, mainly classical, easy listening; Mr Christmas carousel. 15-25
1033.   A Table Top Bagatelle Board, child's walker, and a model train shelter. (3) 5-10
1034.   Spode 'Chinese Rose' Part Dinner Tea Dinner Service, mixed china etc, Noritake part. 10-15
1035.   A Battery Operated Child's Washing Machine, Bayko building set, Connect 4 etc:- Two Boxes. 10-20
1036.   Wild Flowers of The World, painting by B Evard, text B.D Morley, Effective Flowering Shrubs, by M Howarth Booth,other gardening books etc:- Two Boxes 5-10
1037.   A Composite Ladies Torso, together with a mounted ships half hull. Maxply tennis racket. (3) 10-20
1038.   Rectangular Brass Swing Mirror, cd's, linen, brass candlesticks, cutlery, photo frames, table lamps:- Three Boxes. 15-25
1039.   Four Music Related Pictures, including Beatles. 15-25
1040.   Plated Forks, Soup Spoons, Tea Spoons, Table Spoons, etc. 15-20
1041.   Sewing Patterns:- Two Boxes. 5-10
1042.   Arcoroc Glass Fish Platter, and twelve (boxed) plates, a collection of glassware etc:- Two Boxes. 15-25
1043.   Brassware, stainless steel, car manuals, maps and atlas's, glassware, pottery fruit centrepieces:- Two Boxes and a singer electric sewing machine (untested sold for parts only) 15-20
1044.   A Bean Slicer, scissors, hand wash etc, picnic set:- Two Boxes. 10-15
1045.   John Hunt 'The Ascent of Everest', Pears Shilling Encyclopedia etc:- Three Boxes. 5-10
1046.   An Early XX Century Oak Cased Thirty-Day Clock, with barley twist pilasters, silvered dial with Arabic numerals, stepped base (glass cracked); together with a French style metal clock "Glaneuse". 20-30
1047.   Oval Wall Mirror, in gilt frame, having wreath cresting, 55cm wide; a rectangular example. 15-30
1048.   Gustav Becker XIX Century Walnut Cased Vienna Single Weight Wall Clock. 50-100
1049.   A Samsung TV Model No UE19C4000PWXXU, together with remote control. (2)
1049A.  Cuprinol Cordless Re-Chargeable Power Sprayer, (boxed). 15-20
1050.   Colclough Teaware, Royal Worcester Evesham and lustre dinnerware, Oriental vase and teaware, cut glass vases, meat plates etc:- Two Boxes 15-20
1051.   Sony Stack System, case of records. 15-30
1052.   The Renaissance of Art in Italy, Chapman and Hall 1888, Waverley novels, Album on Berlin maps, Prune's progress, etc:- One Box. 20-40
1053.   Imitation Christmas Tree, and Christmas decoration. (2) 5-10
1054.   A Pottery Figural Table Lamp, with mottled glass shades, an Oriental style square shaped lamp,Tiffany style butterfly lamp and an abstract bulbous table lamp. (4) 15-25
1055.   Railway and Model Railway Books, including observers editions. 15-25
1056.   Two Moulded Glass Ceiling Light, plated tea pot, binoculars etc:- Two Boxes. 10-20
1057.   NAD 5120 Stereo Turntable, Stereo Receiver 7120, and Stereo Cassette Deck 6125; Kenwood CD player and 3-way speakers. 60-120
1058.   Ensign Flags, boatswains, whistle etc:- One Box. 10-15
1059.   Spanners, screw drivers, hammers, etc, together with a tool box etc:- Two Boxes. 20-40
1060.   Vintage Block Planes, spirit level, early XX Century aneroid barometer, vintage confectionary and cigarette tins:- One Box. 15-25
1061.   XIX Century Copper Kettle, plated candlestick, pewter and plated tankards, various pipes, wooden 'T' square, Oriental teaware, bust of Rossetti, figures etc:- Two Boxes. 15-20
1062.   78 RPM Records, mainly bands, classical:- Two Boxes 15-25
1063.   A Quantity of Toy Animals, many dinosaurs, noted. 10-20
1064.   Royal Standard and Royal Vale Teasets, brass carriage clocks, cut glass decanter, cased fish knives and forks etc:- One Box and a (unused) Shires chrome mixer tap and fittings in canvas bag. (2) 15-30
1065.   Boots Super 8 De Luxe Cine Editor, (boxed), Minolta, Helina Polaroid, Coronet and other cameras, binoculars, etc:- One Box and a Hermes 305 portable typewriter. (2) 20-30
1066.   A Large Collection of Cut Glassware, boxed glasses and ornaments, etc:- Three Boxes 15-25
1067.   Stainless Steel Serving Dishes, Tilley lantern, china ornaments, etc:- Two Boxes and a brass effect table lamp. (3) 15-25
1068.   Records - A Collection of mainly 50's and 60's 78rpm records including Tommy Steel, Lonnie Donegan, Rosemary Clooney, 45rpm's including Cliff Richard, Adam Faith, Everly Brothers etc:- One Box. 15-30
1069.   Two Minton 'Delft' Plates, cased and loose cutlery, crumb scoop, Art Deco Heatmaster casserole dish etc:- One Box. 10-20
1070.   Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses' Dinner and Tea Ware, and ornaments, mainly second quality and oddments, but including thirteen first quality tea cups:- Two Boxes. 30-50
1071.   A Large Collection of China, glass, brass an other bells, pair figures, Leonardo anniversary cups and saucers etc:- Two Boxes. 5-10
1072.   Ironstone China 'Japan' Dinnerware, painted in the Imari palette, glassware, etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
1073.   'A Century of Model Trains' by Allen Levy, pub New Cavendish Books, in slipcase, Lesney Matchbox 1-75 series diecast by Maurice A Hammond; The Hornby Companion Series Dinky Toys and Modelled Miniatures plus nine others related and a collection of mid XX Century Hornby Dublo pamphlets:- One Box. 20-30
1074.   Denby Jug, rumtopf, mixing bowl, lamps, plates, etc:- Two Boxes 20-30
1075.   Hillstonia Stoneware Jug Vases, jardiniere, jugs, tea ware, glass, table lamp etc:- Three Boxes. 15-25
1076.   Four Gilded Brass and Glass Wall Lights:- One Box. 10-20
1077.   Six Industrial Wall Lights, together with five cast iron hoppers:- Two Boxes. 10-15
1078.   A Quantity of Toys, Toy Story noted. 10-20
1079.   L.P. Records, mainly classical:- Two Boxes 15-25
1080.   Monart Glass Type Bowls, etched celery vase, plated candle holder/flower bowl, oriental miniature glass bonsai tree etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1081.   Glass Jelly Moulds, (16), Golden Age Gift Ware, Vulcan scales and weights:- One Box 15-25
1082.   Edwardian and Other China Teaware, teapots, etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
1083.   Large Blue Glazed Vase, XIX Century jelly moulds, Lawleys figurine, etc:- One Box. 20-30
1084.   Gents 'Momentum' Black Leather Lace-Up Shoes, with leather soles (size 8) unworn; Gents Italian grey leather slip on shoues, leather purses and wallets, shoe trees, Sterling silver mounted cuff links, stud set:- One Box 15-25
1085.   A XIX Century Glass Vase, Whitefrairs style vase, cut glass vase, etc:- One Tray. 10-20
1086.   Moorcroft Bowl, painted in the Magnolia design on a blue ground (damaged), Beswick owl, Portmeirion jugs, ginger jar, etc:- One Tray 20-30
1087.   Two Lladro Black Leather Purses, (boxed), crystal perfume atomisers, Stratton and Goya compacts, Leonardo matt black figure etc:- One Tray 20-30
1088.   Two Boxes of RAF Wartime and Aeroplane Related Books, including World Aircraft - six volumes. 15-25
1089.   Ordnance Survey Maps of Great Britain, published by The War Office, and other Ordnance Survey maps, etc:- One Box. 10-15
1090.   Royal Tuscan China Part Dinner Service; together with Royal Grafton Majestic teaware. 15-25
1091.   A Large Collection of Assorted Glass Marbles. 20-40
1092.   Sekonda and Other Wristwatches, tie clips, 1937 Coronation tin, dressing table set etc:- One Tray 5-10
1094.   Pair of Bulbous Decanters, cranberry, green glassware, etc:- One Tray 20-40
1095.   Royal Doulton 'Morning Glory' Teaware, of twenty-one pieces, other ceramics:- One Tray 20-30
1096.   Cut Glass Candle Lamps, candlesticks, models of Boxer dogs, set of six plated napkin ring, gent's Eiger wristwatch, earrings:- One Tray 20-40
1097.   A Quantity of Model 'Rally' Magazines, loose diecast and boxed diecast. 15-25
1098.   A Henderson Studio Glass Vase, etched signature, Art Deco pink tinted dressing table set, cut glass ships's and other decanters, tazza etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1099.   Purses and Clutches, including, Osprey, Mulberry, Kath Kidston, ladies fur back gauntlet and other leather gloves etc. in a red leather tote bag. 10-20
1100.   Tools, hammer, socket set, oil can Army Ammunition case with pliers etc, other tools. 10-20
1101.   Cut Glass Wine Glasses, fruit bowl, green tinted dessert set, etc:- One Tray 15-25
1102.   Royal Vale Edwardian Teaware, Gibson & Son meat plates, 1930's lemonade jug and six glasses, cut glass decanters:- Two Boxes 15-30
1103.   Pair of Whisky Decanters, sugar castor, many drinking glasses:- One Tray 20-30
1104.   Three Danbury Mint 'Country Lines Collection' Figures, three 'Nodding head' Continental figures and two others:- One Tray 20-30
1105.   Wedgwood 'Campion' Pattern Dinnerware, of forty three pieces. 15-25
1106.   Beswick Ch. of Champions, three dogs, giraffe, horse and cat - all with damages:- One Tray 20-40
1107.   Two Rington's (Made by Wade) Willow Pattern Storage Jars, novelty teapots, Shelly green banded preserve pot, etc:- One Tray 15-20
Victory, Ideal and Other Stamp Albums, F.D.C.'s, loose, World and G.B issues. 20-30
1109.   A Large Collection of Assorted Glass Marbles. 20-40
1110.   A Large Quantity of Royal Worcester 'Evesham' Table and Cook Ware, including tureens, coffee pots etc:- Two Boxes 30-50
1111.   An Artists Drawing Book, containing pencil drawings, Frank Fletcher photographs 1913, black-white plates, pencil drawing of a gentleman reading a book. Japanese watercolour of birds on a branch. Marine painting in water colour W.L. Wyllie. R.A. 20-40
1112.   Fowler Pottery of London Lights as Buildings, Leonardo figures. 15-30
1113.   Glassware, Colclough part tea service, etc:- Two Boxes. 5-10
1114.   Royal Winton 'Summertime' and 'Marquerite' Chintz Plates, Spode 'Dullow' plate, Beswick leaf plate, etc:- One Tray. 15-20
1115.   Wedgwood Jasper Ware, bowl with a plated rim, 1920's oak mantel clock, plates etc:- One Tray. 10-15
1116.   Wedgwood Grey & White Coffee Service, of fifteen pieces, other ceramics:- One Tray. 20-30
1117.   Rabone Chesterman Tape Measures, Schweppes soda syphon, XIX Century cast iron door stop of an Eagle, pair of turned candlesticks etc:- One Box 20-40
1117A.  A Black Coney Fur Jacket, with leather belt, size 12; two vintage fur coats, a Whimsy trouser suit, a mohair cardigan and various handbags. 20-30
1117B.  Three Ladies Faux Fur Coats, including Ara (size 14) shaded grey. (3) 10-20
1117C.  A Ladies Burberry's Wool Angora Coat, double breasted with belt and back vent, approx. size 14/16, 130cm long; a Peter Barron fine beige wool duster coat, size 18. (2) 30-40
1117D.  A Dark Brown Squirrel Fur Stole; plus an earlier fur capelet with retailers label for "Colver & Co Ltd, Sheffield". (2) 15-20
1117E.  A Large Quantity of Ladies Leather and Other Handbags, including Jane Shilton, Gianni, Carriage:- Two Boxes 10-20
1117F.  A Large Quantity of Ladies Tote and Shoulder Bags:- Three Boxes 10-20
1117G.  Twenty Pairs of Ladies Shoes, mostly size 4, some unworn, including Ara, Pina Calafati, Magrit, Pavacini. 10-20
1117H.  Twenty Pairs of Ladies Shoes and Boots, mainly size 4 and with wear but including three pairs of new Van Dal and Naturizer unworn, in a suitcase. 10-20
1118.   Quantity of Pictures, Prints:- Two Boxes 15-30
1119.   A Stanley No 4 Wood Plane, W, Marples level, Spear & Jackson hand drill, screwdrivers etc:- Two Boxes. 30-40
1120.   Monopoly, Connect 4, Boggle, other games, briefcase, etc:- Two Boxes 15-25
1121.   Erika Portable Typewriter, four bowls, and a Chinese foil wall hanging of a lady. 5-10
1122.   Five Branch and Three Branch Ceiling Lights, three twin branch wall lights, floral tasseled rug. 15-30
1123.   Elna Sewing Machine, pedestal fan, table cloths, Union Jack dress, Christmas decorations etc. (3) 20-30
1124.   Two Pine Planters. 10-20
1125.   Three Boxes of Prints. 15-30
1126.   A Pine Box, together with one other box, together with a Dunlop Trolley Compressor. (3) 5-10
1127.   A Quantity of Prints. 15-25
1128.   A Tool Chest, with three internal drawers, containing tools etc, Record plane No 073 (boxed), chisels, screwdriver, tenon saw, Stanley saw etc. 40-60
1129.   Hornsea 'Saffron' Storage Jars, Wade novelty teapot hen on nests, jardinieres, china ornaments and tea ware:- Three Boxes. 20-30
1130.   A Collection of CD's, to include Sting (2), Sting and the Police, Simon and Garfunkel, Prince and The Revolution Purple Rain, Curtis Mayfield, Eurythmics Greatest Hits, Robbie Williams, Kylie The Abbey Road Sessions, Madonna, etc (20). Plus a collection of DVD's, The Revenant, Bohemian Rhapsody, Miami Vice Complete Box Set, Top Gun, James Bond (Daniel Craig), etc (14). Books including Ancient Egypt, knitting and and craft books, Children's book, Dame Laura Knight Outdoor Paintings (paperback). 20-30
1131.   A Pine Box, together with a pine tool carrier, with a pine rail handle an with divisions. (2) 10-20
1132.   A Pair of Reconstructed Stone Garden Urn, to reconstructed stone garden bench. 20-40
1133.   Edging Shears, garden forks, spades and other gardening tools, watering can etc. 15-20
1134.   A XIX Century Style Garden Bench. 20-40
1135.   A Vintage Black Painted Ladies Bicycle, with a leather saddle (restored). 50-100
1136.   Six Industrial Chairs. 5-10
1137.   Bosch Easy Trim, together with an electric rotovator. (2)
1138.   A Qualcast Classic Punch 30 Lawnmower; together with a wheelbarrow, containing pick, hammer, etc. 10-20
1139.   Mounfield SP.454 Petrol Lawn Mower, 45cm cutting width. 30-50
1140.   Suffolk Petrol Lawn Mower. 10-20
1141.   A Green Painted Cast Metal Pedestal Bird Bath, with a circular pierced base. 30-40
1142.   An Atco Balmoral 145 Petrol Lawnmower. 50-100
1143.   Octagonal Shaped Chimney Pot. 20-40
1144.   Edging Shears, watering can, other gardening tools; together with a Qualcast Electric Lawnmower (cable damaged, requires re wiring, untested, sold for parts only) and a Lawn Aerator. 10-20
1145.   Three Cast Iron Garden Bench Ends. 15-20
1146.   Merry Tiller Major Petrol Rotavator. 20-40
1147.   A Serpentine Shaped Electric Fire Grate. 10-20
1148.   Bosch Classixx 6 Washer. (Plug removed, untested, sold for parts only). 30-50
1149.   Currys Under Counter Freezer. 10-25
1150.   EBAC 2650E Humidifier, together with a Lloytron fan. (2)
1151.   Teknix Fridge.
1152.   A Bosch Fridge Freezer.
1153.   Bosch ClassIXX6 1400 Express Washing Machine.
1154.   A Beko Fridge Freezer.
1155.   Two Vintage Bikes, (in need of restoration). 20-40
1156.   A LEC Fridge Freezer.
1157.   A Beko Fridge Freezer.
1158.   A Beko Fridge Freezer.
1159.   A Bosch Serie / 4 Eco Silence Drive Washing Machine.
1160.   Currys Fridge. 15-25
1161.   Dyson DC01 Vacuum Cleaner, a Panasonic vacuum cleaner, untested sold for parts only (2).
1162.   Royal Doulton Figures of Spaniel's HN 1051 and HN 1037, Hammersley cabinet plate, Royal Worcester dressing table jar, cover etc:- One Tray. 15-20
1163.   A Large R.C (Noritake), 'Blue Garland' Pattern Dinner Service, comprising; twelve each - dinner plates, medium and tea plates, soup and pudding bowls, two lidded tureens, large and small meat plates, vegetable dish, sauce boat, two teapots, coffee pot, ten coffee cups and saucers, eleven tea cups and twelve saucers, two milk jugs and sugar basins, condiments. 80-150
1164.   Wedgwood Queens Ware, Queen Elizabeth 1953 service, trinket box and ash tray, plus Jasper ware:- One Tray. 20-30
1165.   Pendelfin, including large 'Father Rabbit', 'Mother Rabbit' and 'Uncle Soames', Doulton 'Dinky Do' (cracked) 'Alexandra', plates:- One Tray 20-30
1166.   Milwyn Holloway, Game Birds, original artwork on ceramic panel, signed lower left, 12 x 17cm. 30-50
1167.   A Spode Game Birds 'Pintail' Hanpainted Plate, No. 4; three Sylvan game birds plates, Mason's 'Mandalay' and two other wall plates and a framed porcelain plaque. (8) 15-30
1168.   Doulton 'Rondelay' Dinner Ware, of fifty eight pieces, predominantly second quality. 20-40
1169.   Mason's 'Blue Mandalay' Square Bowls, Shelly pin dish, Wedgwood Jasperware, Spode, Aynsley dishes, Vienna porcelain twin handled vase and cover, Oriental vase, German teapot etc: One Tray. 30-40
1170.   Tuscan Bone China Tea For Two Set, in pink and gilt floral pattern, a Tuscan tea set similar comprising six each cups, saucers and tea plates and two cake plates:- One Tray 30-40
1171.   A Pair of Victorian Green Glass Decanters and Stoppers, with moulded handles, painted in enamels and highlighted in gilt, two Staffordshire Figures, blue and white twin handled 'Frog' cup, celery vase etc: One Tray. 30-40
1172.   Pair Royal China Works Worcester Basket Ware, flower posies 8.5cm diameter, Wedgwood 'Beaconsfield', 'Derby Posies', table China, Coalport 'Summer House', plated ware, etc. 20-40
1173.   Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses' Dinner and Tea Ware, including eleven dinner plates, seven tea plates twelve tea cups and saucers, sauce boat, condiments and two pickle forks. 70-100
1174.   Sylvac Poodle, 3110, West German dogs, Wade and other animals:- One Tray 20-40
1175.   Royal Doulton Flambe Woodcut 1619 Vase, of ovoid form featuring stags in landscapes, 26.5c, high. 30-50
1176.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Harvest Poppy' design by Emma Bossons, shape 576/4, impressed and painted marks, 10.5cm high. 60-80
1177.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Harvest Poppy', design by Emma Bossons, shape 393/5, impressed and painted marks, 13cm high. 60-80
1178.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Harvest Poppy' design by Emma Bossons, shape 138/12, impressed and painted marks, 31cm high. 90-110
1179.   A Large Nao Pottery Figure Group of Five Boys Playing Cards on a bench, impressed No. B7-MY, on wooden plinth, 33cm high. 100-150
1180.   A Moorcroft Sister Co. Design Consort Vase, designed by Emma Bossons, shape 146/7, 17cm high. 45-55
1181.   Rosenthal Studio-Line Pottery Vase, of oval form with rose decoration stamped 100, 1979-1980, 27.5 high x 25cm wide. 20-30
1182.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Bluebell Harmony' design by Kerry Goodwin, shape 92/6, impressed and painted marks, 15cm high. 60-80
1183.   Elizabethan 'Calypso', Sutherland, Aynsley Teaware:- One Tray 15-25
1184.   USSR Pottery Panda, five Coopercraft dog figures, Leonardo 'Kingfisher', other figures etc:- One Tray 20-30
1185.   A Royal Doulton Tazza, the bowl with an exotic bird in cartouche on a mottle green ground highlighted in gilt, cut glass dressing table set, Coalport 'Indian Tree' teaware, etc:- One Tray 20-30
1186.   Large Nao Figure of a Young Girl Playing With Dog; a large Beswick horse (ear chip). (2) 30-40
1187.   Royal Worcester Figurine 'In Celebration of the Queen's 80th Birthday 2006' (boxed), other commemorative dishes, mugs etc:-One Tray 25-35
1188.   Winstanley Cat (ear chip), others including Just Cats, Goebel, Rye:- One Tray 20-40
1189.   Etched Celery Vase, lemonade set, other glassware:- One Tray 15-25
1190.   Pair of Rington's (Made by Wade) Pottery Millennium Commemorative Hexagonal Lidded Tea Jars, another smaller and two further pieces. (5) 15-25
1191.   Lorna Bailey - Katerina the Cat, 13.5cm high. 25-30
1192.   Lorna Bailey - Muppet the Cat, 13.5cm high. 25-30
1193.   Lorna Bailey - Mephisto Devil Cat, 13.5cm high. 25-30
1194.   Lorna Bailey - Arnie Schwartz the Cat, 12.5cm high. 25-30
1195.   Lorna Bailey - Come on England the Cat, 13.5cm high. 25-30
1196.   Royal Worcester 'Botanical Studies', porcelain wall plaques, 26 x 17.5cm. (4) 20-40
1197.   A XIX Century Blue-White Wedgwood Jasper Ware Biscuit Barrel, Poole tea pot, Continental bowl-cover etc. XIX Century Chinese bowl (damages) etc:- One Tray. 25-45
1198.   Paragon Bone China Tea Service, Wheat decoration on cream ground with green interiors, approximately forty nine pieces. 30-50
1199.   A Pair of Aynsley Cabinet Plates, with 'Cottage Garden' pattern within a royal blue and gilt border, Balfour china teaware, other floral china. 15-25
1200.   Couldon Shaped Square Bowl, decorated with flowers and foliage on a red ground (staple repair) small lidded tureen decorated in Chinoiserie style and a pottery mu "Rawcliffe Centenary of Jimmy Hirst 1929":- One Tray. 15-25
1201.   Two Waterford Crystal 'Kylemore' Large wine Glasses, Six Brierley hock glasses, other stemware and tumblers:- One Tray 30-50
1202.   Rorstrand of Sweden Dinner Service, of fifty pieces 'Exclusiv' and fifteen piece coffee service 'Vienna' (no coffee pot) 20-50
1203.   Portmeirion 'Botanic Garden' Vases, Toast Rack, Storage Jars, etc:- One Tray 20-40
1204.   Denby 'Troubador' Pattern Teaware, comprising teapot, coffee pot, milk jug, six large plates, six saucers and five cups:- One Tray 30-50
1205.   Lladro Figure "Playful Friends", a young girl playing with ducks; another of a young girl carrying chicken and two duck figures. (4) 30-40
1206.   Aynsley Comport, vases, Aynsley cake plates, Adams Jasperware castor, etc:- One Tray 20-30
1207.   Royal Doulton Large Character Jugs 'Auld Mac' and 'Granny', Beswick Wren and Blue Tit. 15-25
1208.   Three Royal Worcester 'The Birds of Dorothy Doughty' Dessert Plates, a XIX Century Ashworth Stoneware oval blue and white serving dish and two bowls, Wedgwood 'Wild Strawberry' trinkets, silver handled cake knives, tea knives etc:- One Tray. 20-40
1209.   Mason's 'Blue Mandalay ' Jug, 'Waterlily' tea canister, Limoges porcelain pin tray, Capo di Monte figure, etc:- One Tray - plus a Wedgwood white china sectional dish (boxed). (2) 20-30
1210.   Spode; 'Italian' pottery, 'Audley' teaware, sucrier, George Jones dish etc:- One Tray 15-25
1211.   Royal Doulton Westfield Dinner Service, of over sixty pieces. 20-30
1212.   Edward VIII Coronation Mug, designed by Laura Knight, Emma Bridgewater Comic Relief mug and a Suzanne Katkhuda pottery jug, handpainted with a cockerel. (3) 25-35
1213.   Two Large Royal Doulton Character Jugs, 'John Barleycorn' and 'Toby Philpots', two miniature Royal Doulton character jugs ''Fat Boy' and Beefeater', three Royal Doulton toby jugs 'Leprechaun', 'Life boatman' and 'Honest Measure' and a Staffordshire character jug. (8) 25-30
1214.   Pair of Rington's 'Willow Story' Vases, pair of tea cannisters, coffee services, etc:- One Tray 15-25
1215.   Royal Crown Derby Paperweights; Hedgehog, Beaver and Owl, all with silver stoppers. (3) 40-60
1216.   Three Doulton Images Figurines, Bunnykins x 2, Winnie The Pooh, Enesco musical Mozart's lullaby. (7) 20-40
1217.   Cranberry Tinted Comport Dish, ruby glass basket and a Murano style circular bowl with crimped rim:- One Tray 20-40
1218.   Minton 'Haddon Hall' Pattern Tea Service, tea pot cream jug, sugar bowl, four cups, saucers, side plates. (16) 15-20
1219.   A Lladro Figure of a Geisha Arranging Flowers on a Small Table, (repair to flowers); a Laldro Figure of a 1920's style lady, impressed No 5787 and a Lladro Collectors Society plaque. (3) 30-50
1220.   A c.1930's Large Carlton Ware Circular Charger, with a design of water lilies on a rouge ground, 37cm diameter. 40-70
1221.   A Collection of Early XX Century Royal Stanley Jacobean Ware, Pedestal Bowl, painted with flowers and foliage on a deep blue ground, four further vases, various shapes and patterns (five pieces). 30-40
1222.   A Lladro Figure of a Boy Hugging a Donkey, 21.5cm high; two further Lladro donkeys. (3) 40-50
1223.   Coalport Figurines 'Stella' and 'Flair', Grafton Millennium cup and saucer. 15-30
1224.   French Art Glass, dog posy and pin trays, etched mark, Swarosvki water lily candle holder, Murano frog, amethyst bowl, etc:- One Tray 30-40
1225.   Royal Doulton Figurines 'Marie HN1570 and 'Rose HN1368, Royal Crown Derby commemorative dishes and 'Honeysuckle' ring stand (second), Minton teaware, Coalport 'Indian Tree' candle snuffer etc:- One Tray 30-50
1226.   A Collection of Early XX Century Stanley Jacobean Ware, painted with peaches and grapes, on a red ground, a trumpet vase and two jugs, various patterns (four pieces). 30-40
1227.   Royal Doulton Figurines; Meditation HN 2330 and Ninette HN2379 and a Colport Ladies of Fashion figurine. (3)
1228.   Worcester H Davies Handpainted Vase, featuring Sheep in Moorland, 13.5cm high (damaged), Wedgwood green jasperware, Czech dick, etc:- One Tray 30-50
1229.   Shelley 'Wild Flowers' Pattern Teaware, pattern No. 13668, comprising bread and butter plate, eight teaplates, eight saucers, six teacups, milk jug and sugar bowl plus a small saucer. 60-100
1230.   A Collection of Early XX Century Royal Stanley Jacobean Ware, all painted in the Tulip pattern on dark blue ground, including large shallow bowl, 27cm diameter, vases, two jugs (eight pieces). 60-80
1231.   Royal Crown Derby Paperweights; Firecrest, Bluetit and Coal Tit, all with gold stopper and boxed. (3) 30-60
1232.   A Lladro Figure Group of a Young Boy and Girl with Puppy on a Bench with Dove, 16cm high; a small Lladro puppy and a Lladro Society plaque. (3) 40-50
1233.   Julpoesi Christmas Plate by Jacqueline Lynd for Rorstrand (1981), Royal Crown Derby 'Green Derby Panel' trio, commemorative beakers:- One Tray 40-60
1234.   A Royal Copenhagen Model of a Polar Bear, lying down, printed mark and No 238 to underside, impressed 'KK', 21.5cm long. 20-40
1234A.  Doulton Brambly Hedge, four plates, and The Wedding trinket box. 30-40
1235.   A Will Young Runnaford Pottery Figure Group " Coming Home From Widecombe Fair", with drunken figures on and around a cart, signed to base, 32cm long. 40-60
1236.   Beswick Bassett Hound, Afghan Hound 'Hajubah of Davien', Collie and Setter 'Bayldone Baronet' Dogs. (4) 40-80
1237.   A Lladro Figure of a Laden Donkey with Pot Seller, 26cm high. 40-70
1238.   A Lladro Figure Group "Big Sister", with two children and dog seated on a sofa reading a book at bedtime, impressed No. 5735, 22cm wide. 80-100
1239.   Three Lladro Figures - Cherub Playing Instrument, Polar Bear figure group, impressed No 1443 and a Rabbit, No 5906. (3) 40-60
1240.   Three Will Young Runnaford Pottery Figures; Uncle Tom Cobley, Peter Davey and Old Grey Mare, all with incised signatures to base together with eight similar unsigned. (11) 20-40
1241.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Brave Sir Robin' design by Vicky Lovatt, shape 3/4, impressed and painted marks, 9.5cm high. 90-110
1242.   A Small Moorcroft Pottery Baluster Vase, painted in the 'Pomegranate30' pattern on a dark blue ground, impressed 'Moorcroft Burslem' to base, 9.5cm high. 30-50
1243.   A Lladro Figure "Flirtatious Jester", with ballerina, seated on a chair, impressed No. 5844, 26cm high. 40-60
1243A.  A Moorcroft Pottery Ginger Jar and Cover, painted in the 'Anemone' pattern on a green ground 'Potters to the Late Queen Mary' paper label, impressed and blue painted signature to base, 19cm high. 100-150
1244.   A Widecombe Pottery Figure Group "Off to Widecombe Fair", on naturalistic base, in the style of Will Young but unsigned, 28cm long. 30-50
1245.   Four Royal Worcester Candle Snuffers - Mr Caudle, Mrs Caudle, Punch and Girl with Muff. (4) 20-40
1246.   Royal Copenhagen; Sparrow (tail up) No. 1081, Sparrow (tail down) No. 1519, three ducks and a Royal Copenhagen leaf shaped pin tray. 20-40
1247.   Two Beswick Donkeys, Royal Doulton Bunnykins figue 'Sands of Time', Royal Albert 'Jemima Puddleduck', Doulton puppy drinking from a saucer and a Heredities figure of two rabbits:- One Tray. 30-40
1248.   Royal Worcester Model of a 'Woodpecker', No. 3249, 18cm high and 'Jay', No. 3248, 15cm high; three smaller models of Wren, Nightingale and Chaffinch. (5) 60-80
1249.   Two Monkey Orchestra Figures, underglaze blue crossed swords mark to base (repaired); together with two further classical porcelain figures. (4) 30-50
1250.   Lladro Girl Bathing a dog, girl cuddling cat, three polar bears. (5) 30-50
1251.   Aynsley Tea-For-Two Set, in fluted pale green with floral interiors, comprising teapot, hot water jug, sugar bowl and milk jug, two each teacups, saucers and plates. 30-50
1252.   A Collection of Early XX Century Stanley Jacobean Ware, painted in the Peach, Grape and Forget-me-not pattern on a deep blue ground, including large ovoid vases, tea pot, sugar bowl with epns lid, trumpet vase and a jug. (six pieces). 50-70
1253.   Lladro Figure "Kitty Cart", a young girl pushing a cart full of flowers and kittens, impressed No. 6141, 22cm high; another of a young girl with vase of flowers, seated in a chair. (2) 30-50
1254.   Two Czech Pink & Amber tinted Wavy Glass Vases, the widest 30cm. 20-30
1255.   Minton Haddon Hall Tea Ware, of twenty two pieces, including tea pot, mainly 1st quality. 40-60
1256.   Royal Crown Derby Paperweights; Ashbourne Hedgehog, No 86 of a limited production of 500 for John Sinclair's Derbyshire Collection, gold stopper, boxed with certificate and Badger, gold stopper (unboxed). (2) 100-200
1257.   A Sevres Style Lidded Hand Painted Porcelain Dressing Table Box, signed E Collet (lid cracked) 17cm long. 30-50
1258.   Royal Albert 'Lady Carlyle' Tea Ware, of twenty six pieces. 40-60
1259.   A Collection of Early XX Century Royal Stanley Jacobean Ware, painted in the Grape and Vine pattern on a deep blue ground, including chimney vase, 21cm high, three further vases and two graduated jugs (six pieces) 40-60
1260.   Royal Doulton Images White Porcelain Model of Swans in Flight, Nao clown, Casades clown and ballerina figures etc:- One Tray 20-30
1261.   Beswick Cat Band, Good Night Carol Singers, birds (damages noted):- One Tray 20-40
1262.   Wedgwood, Crown Derby, amethyst glass vase, etc:- One Tray 15-30
1263.   Mason's 'Mandalay' Plate, 27cm diameter, vase, 20.5cm high, jug, fruit bowl, square dish. 20-40
1264.   Beswick 'Curled Fox', Border Fine Art and other sculptures, Ringtons blue and white tea ware, Porfrund 'Gratina' coffee pot, pin trays etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1265.   Royal Albert 'Lavender Rose' Solitaire Tea Set, Aynesley cake plate, Poole shell posy, Wedgwood urn etc:- One Tray. 30-40
1266.   Minton 'Aragon' Bone China Teaware, comprising eight each of tea plates, cups and saucers, milk jug and sugar basin. 40-80
1267.   Royal Crown Derby Paperweight Meadow Rabbit, Rabbit and Poppy Mouse, all with gold stoppers , two boxed. (3) 40-70
1268.   Lladro Figure Group, of a young kneeling feeding ducks, together with a Franklin Mint figure of Jesus. (2) 20-40
1269.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Bluebell Harmony' design by Kerry Goodwin, shape 08/6, impressed and painted marks, 9cm high. 50-60
1270.   Royal Doulton Figurines 'Helen', 'Beatrice', 'Deborah'. (3) 20-30
1271.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Bluebell Harmony' design by Kerry Goodwin, shape 200/5, impressed and painted marks, 13cm high. 64-75
1272.   Two Royal Doulton Figurines, 'Balloon Boy' HN2934 modelled by Peter A Gee 20.5cm high and 'Balloon Lady' HN2935 21.5cm high. (2) 20-30
1273.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Twenty Winters' design by Nicola Slaney, shape 226/5, impressed and painted marks, 13cm high. 80-100
1274.   A Lorna Bailey 'Lolita' Lidded Pot, limited edition No. 8/75, (rare) only available to purchase through the Collectors Club and released Aug 2005, with certificate, 25cm high. 80-100
1275.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Bramble Revisited' design by Alicia Amison, shape M1/3, impressed and painted marks, 9.5cm high. 70-90
1276.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Tengu' design by Vicky Lovatt, shape 101/7, impressed and painted marks, 18.5cm high. 80-100
1277.   A Lorna Bailey Blue and White Lustre Trial 'Reed and Dragonfly' Crackle Effect Vase, gold signed to base, 20.5cm high. 60-70
1278.   A Kevin Francis William Moorcroft Toby Jug, and artist's sample by M. Jackson, 23cm high. 55-65
1279.   An Early XX Century Large Royal Stanley Jacobean Ware Vase,of ovoid form, tube lined and painted with peaches and grapes on a dark blue ground, blue printed mark and No's 411 and 984 to underside, 31cm high. 80-120
1280.   A Lladro Figure of a Shepherd, seated on a tree stump with crook in hand, impressed H-40, 27cm high. 0-40
1281.   Two Royal Doulton Figurines, 'Silks and Ribbons HN2017 15cm high and 'The Mask Seller HN2103 22cm high, both modelled by Leslie Harradine. (2) 30-50
1282.   Beswick Fireside Old English Sheep Dog, model No 2232, grey and white gloss, 28cm high 30-50
1283.   Three Royal Doulton Figurines, 'The Balloon Man' HN1954 18.5cm high, 'The Old Balloon Seller', HN1315 19.5cm high and 'Biddy Penny Farthing', HN1843 23cm high. (3) 40-60
1284.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Bellahouston' design by Emma Bossons, shape 3/5, impressed and painted marks, 13.5cm high. 90-110
1285.   Anita Harris 'Potteries Past' Vase, gold signed to base, 20.5cm high. 40-60
1286.   Royal Doulton Figurine 'Top O The Hill' HM 1833, green printed and painted mark, lavender jacket and green dress; Chloe HN 1476 "Potted by Doulton & Co". (2) 30-40
1287.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the Trial 'Golden Greek Crocus' design, shape 75/8, dated 30.05.2018, painted and impressed marks, 20.5cm high. 130-150
1288.   Beswick Prancing Shire Horse, 21cm high. 15-30
1289.   Three Royal Doulton Figurines, 'Balloon Girl' HN2818 16cm high, 'The Balloon Seller' HN2130 10cm high and 'The Old Balloon Seller' HN2129, 9cm high. (3) 20-30
1290.   An Anita Harris Turquoise Lustre Peacock Figure, gold signed to base, 28cm high. 60-70
1291.   Boarder Fine Arts 'German Shepherd Standing' A1863. 15-25
1292.   A Lorna Bailey Set of Four 'Beatle' Character Teapots. (4) 150-180
1293.   A Lladro Model of a Skye Terrier. 10-20
1294.   A Royal Dux Figurine, stylish lady in blue dress holding her hat, 23cm high; another of a ballerina (leg broken but present), both with applied pink triangle mark mark. (2) 20-40
1295.   Beswick Cat, No. 1030 and Twin Group No. 1316. (2) 15-25
1296.   An Anita Harris Multi-Coloured German Shepherd Dog, gold signed, 12.5cm high. 30-40
1297.   An Anita Harris Puffin Figure, 12cm high. 40-50
1298.   An Anita Harris Multi-Coloured Staffy Dog, gold signed, 11.5cm high. 30-40
1299.   An Anita Harris Multi-Coloured Boxer Dog, gold signed, 12.5cm high. 30-40
1300.   Beswick Jack Russell Terrier, Terrier with Ball (damaged), White Terrier. (3) 20-30
1301.   Anita Harris Koala Bear, gold signed to base, 15cm high. 35-40
1302.   Beswick Girl on Pony, 13.5cm high. 30-50
1303.   Beswick Curious Cat, standing, No 1883. 30-50
1304.   Anita Harris Alabaster Effect Pottery Figure of an Afghan Hound, gold signed, 15.5cm high. 30-40
1305.   Beswick Striped Cat; a similar shaped example in grey (ear chip). (2) 30-40
1306.   Beswick Horse and Foal, on green naturalistic base, 21.5cm wide. 20-40
1307.   Coalport Figures 'HRH The Prince of Wales', No 644/1000, with certificate, 'Lady Diana Spencer' No 867/1000 and Royal Worcester 'Queen Elizabeth II' (Golden Jubilee) No 854/1000. (3) 30-50
1308.   Royal Crown Derby Paperweight 'Derbyshire Duckling', gold stopper. 20-30
1309.   Three Lladro Figures - Fox and Cub, Setter Sitting and Spaniel Puppy. (3) 40-60
1310.   Four Royal Crown Derby Members Guild Paperweights; Scruff, Bank Vole, Misty and Teal Duckling, all boxed; plus Puppy. (5) 50-80
1311.   Royal Doulton Puppies in Basket HN2588; a single Dog in Basket HN2587. (2) 20-40
1312.   Royal Crown Derby Paperweights; Ginger Tom, Blue Jay and Seven Spot Ladybird, all with gold stoppers and boxed. (3) 60-90
1313.   Beswick Poodle Sat on Cushion, Running Spaniel. (2) 20-30
1314.   A Small Moorcroft Pottery Ovoid Vase, painted in the 'Clematis' pattern on a green/blue ground, 'Potters to The Late Queen Mary' paper label to base 10-5cm high; another similar painted in the 'Anemone' pattern, and a ginger jar (lacking cover) painted in the 'Herbiscus' pattern, all with flaws. (3) 40-70
1315.   Royal Crown Derby Paperweights; Kingfisher, Robin, Wren and Chaffinch, all with silver stoppers. (4) 40-60
1316.   Royal Crown Derby Paperweight; Ctanip Kitten, Kitten and Grey Kitten, all with gold stoppers; together with Cat and Sleeping Kitten, both with silver stoppers, two boxed. (5) 50-70
1317.   An Anita Harris Marble Effect Sitting Cat, gold signed to base, 20.5cm high. 40-50
1318.   Royal Crown Derby Paperweights; Teddy Bear, 12cm high, and Pheasant, both with silver stoppers. (2) 30-40
1319.   A C.1940's Beswick Figure "Stormy Weather", 'Original Hummel Studies, Copyright' in gold, impressed No 908, 14.5cm high. 20-30
1320.   Royal Crown Derby Paperweights; Crested Tit, Derby Wren and Goldcrest, all with gold stoppers, two boxed. (3) 30-60
1321.   Royal Crown Derby Paperweights; Red Bow Tie Teddy Bear, No 882/950, Drummer Teddy, No 912/1500, both with certificates and Schoolboy Teddy, all with gold stoppers and boxed. (3) 80-120
1322.   Hummel Figures, the tallest 13cm, including Camera Boy (7) (three visibly damaged). 20-30
1323.   White Coalport Figure and Animals (7), another unstamped:- Three Boxes and One Tray. 20-30
1324.   Hummel Figures - to include 'Parade of Lights', 'Fascination' Violinist (damaged) (6) 15-25
1325.   Ten Hummel Miniature Plates, all boxed, a Goebel bowl and five Pendelfin figures:- One Tray 20-30
1326.   Hummel Figures - to include 'Cuddles', 'Christmas Gift', 'Be Mine', 'Ooh My tooth', and 'The Tallest Evening Payer' 9.5cm(11) 20-40
1327.   Nine Small Royal Doulton Character Jugs, to include 'The Wizard', 'The Poacher', 'Don Quixote', 'The Gardener' etc. (9) 30-50
1328.   Hummel Figures - to include 'Chick Girl', 'Miss Behave', 'Daydreamer', 'the tallest 'Good News' 11.5cm (8) 30-50
1329.   Nalgo - Enamelled Badges, Steward badges, key rings, hologram badges, etc approximately 80 (duplication). 20-30
1330.   The Beatles Boxed Vanity Set, the backs of hand mirror and brush featuring images of The Fab 4. 40-50
1331.   The Beatles Official Tie Tack Pins, by Wems Enterprises Ltd 1964, each with original card backing. (5) 80-100
1332.   The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Joe 90 badges. (12) 20-40
1333.   The Beatles, set of five Invicta Plastics of Leicester guitar brooches, featuring individual band members and group shot. 30-50
1334.   The Beatle Flasher Rings, I'm John x 2, I'm Paul, I'm Ringo. 30-40
1335.   The Beatles, necklace with pendant drop featuring image of The Fab 4. 30-40
1336.   The Beatles, set of 4 plaster figures, each approximately 12cm high. 30-40
1337.   Paul McCartney, pot model with name to base, 24cm high. 20-30
1338.   Tin Plate Peter Pan Toys, Banana Joe with wind up mechanism. The Red Wheels 4cm diameter. 60-80
1340.   A Quantity of Mainly George VI and Later pre and Past Decimal GB Base Metal Coins, including 1951 Festival of Britain Crown. 15-25
1341.   A Ladies Sewing Case, with a button hook etc, with mother of pearl handles in a green velvet case. 30-40
1342.   Four Early XX Century Pincushion Ladies Bodies:- One Tray 15-25
1343.   Limoges and Other Porcelain Trinket Boxes, Royal Worcester, miniature blush ivory baskets (puce mark), Paragon and Royal Crown Derby miniature loving cups, etc:- One Tray 40-70
1344.   Four Modern Brooches. 20-25
1345.   Four Modern Brooches. 20-25
1346.   Halcyon Days, Bilston and Battersea and Other Enamel Trinket Boxes, various shapes and sizes including Easter egg, frog, etc. (10) 50-100
1347.   Coins - over eight two shillings or pre 1947 silver coinage. 40-80
1348.   A Ronson Art Deco Cigarette Case/Lighter, initialled "MGA", faux tortoiseshell vesta case, cased cigar holder etc. 20-30
1349.   Mother of Pearl and Other Penknives, scissors, circular lighter, etc. 20-30
1350.   Boxed Silver Jewellery Set, brass horses head walking stick handle, watch straps, ring boxes, brass bell weights, metal picture frame, etc. 15-20
1351.   Two Butlins Badges -Clacton 1955 and Filey 1948; plus a quantity of other enamel badges, brooches etc'Ticket Inspector' noted, another small selection of Dinky Railway lead figures, milk churns, trolley, two lead pigs, games, etc:- Two Trays 20-40
1352.   A Large Quantity (approximately 120+) of early XX Century Sentimental Themed Postcards, motoring, yachting, Scouting, 'The Flapper' noted. 80-120
1353.   Small Collectables including two mother of peal penknives, cutthroat razor in 'T. Glossop, Sheffied' case, trinket box, etc (6 items). 20-30
1354.   A Silver Cigarette Case, hallmarked Birmingham 1921. 30-40
1355.   A Silver 1944/5 Football Medallion, another silver engraved fob (Birmingham 1912), a leather cased 1922 silver medal presented to South Elmsall Colliery Brass Band at the Zoological Gardens Belle Vue', a cased enamel Gymnastic medallion and other interesting coins, etc. 30-40
1356.   Two Vintage Pocketwatches, (key wound and wind-up); plus two enamel faced fob watch movements (one G.W. Benson), two vintage wind-up Times and Montine gents watches. 20-30
1357.   Canteen Westall Richardson Cutlery, Belgian plated coffee pot, crumb scoop; together with an ebonised walking stick, with elephant handle and an Ingersoll pocketwatch. 25-35
1358.   Mineral Bust, malachite ashtray, mini clocks, etc:- One Tray 15-25
1359.   Barraclough Salver, dishes, cutlery, coffee pot. 20-40
1360.   A Noritake 'Serenade' Canteen of Stainless Steel Cutlery, twelve place setting. 30-40
1361.   Compacts, lighters, miserspurse, tartan ring box:- One Tray 20-30
1362.   A Large Embossed Metal Desk Counter Bell, on circular wooden base; five smaller desk bells. (6) 20-30
1363.   Brass Desk Bell, oak barrel, inkwells, oval tray, etc. 20-30
1364.   A Pair of E.P.N.S Fruit Spoons, and a cased set of butter knives. 10-15
1365.   A Pair of Cut Glass Decanters, each with etched floral band and silver collar, 28cm high overall. 40-60
1366.   Malachite Pin Tray, two stone balls, inlaid wooden box, commemorative crowns, including four 5:- One Tray. 15-30
1367.   Three Matching Early XX Century Cut Glass Decanters and Stoppers (damaged) plated holder, other plated ware, plate on copper tankard:- One Tray. 15-25
1368.   Atlas Editions Faberge Eggs, with original boxes. (7) 30-50
1369.   Picquot Ware Four Piece Tea Service together with matching tray. 20-40
1370.   Vintage Pens, beaded dagger, cased map measure, candle snuffer, leather cased cigar holder etc:- One Tray 20-30
1371.   Early XX Century Wooden Needlework Box, pale blue silk lined, with cottons, ebony dressing table ware, Art Deco photo frame etc:- One Tray. 20-30
1372.   RAF Themed Modern Pocket Watches, one other watch chains, two displays, flora and fauna rubber stamps. 20-30
1373.   Mother of Pearl and Silver Fruit Knife, silver backed pen knife, and others, cuff links, coinage, ink pens, etc:- One Tray. 20-40
1374.   B.A Concorde Memorabilia, including wallet, menu, 30 years Celebration leaflet, booklet, etc. 15-25
1375.   1986 Commonwealth Games 2 Coin, plus a quantity of GB Pre-Decimal coinage including halfcrowns, three penny bits, and a few post decimal halfpences, commem crowns etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1376.   An African Style Long Dagger, with decorative blade strapped handle and ebonized pommel, 66.5cm long, with skin covered scabbard. 20-40
1377.   Oriental Brass Temple Lion, 11cm high. Ceramic & Resin figures (damages), five hardwood stands:- One Tray. 30-50
1378.   Two Early XX Century Carved Ivory Female Busts, the tallest 18cm. 30-50
1379.   Oriental Ivory figurines, circa early XX Century, the tallest 12cm (6) 50-100
1380.   Kutani Vases, circa 1900, with panels featuring flotist and birds, rust red and heavily gilded, six character mark under base, 30.5cm high. 20-40
1381.   An Egyptian Figure 24cm high, plus cat. Mineral bull (damaged) white metal monkey with gun (damaged), pair of resin temple lions. 30-50
1382.   A Pair of Japanese Meiji Period Ivory Figures, each carved as a Geisha holding a parasol, one holding a bag, upon signed circular bases, 16.5cm and 18cm high, hardwood stands; Another Japanese Ivory Figure, carved as a fisherman mending his net, signed, 19cm high, hardwood stand. (A/f) (6) 80-120
1383.   A Japanese Sword, with brass mounts to bone handle plus scabbard heavily carved with fourteen figures, 90cm overall length. 50-100
1384.   Oriental; A Small Wooden Cabinet, with carved stone inset doors to three inner drawers, a further lacquered small cabinet. 30-40
1385.   A Large Chinese Figure Group. depicting various figures on a dragon and exotic bird, 64cm high. 30-40
1386.   Wan Soon Kam, pair of Singapore prints, 36 x 25cm. 5-10
1387.   A XIX Century Sampler, worked by Mary Pearson and dated July 24th 1827, with biblical inscription, alphabet and flowers, 38 x 45cm (framed). 40-60
1388.   A XIX Century Sampler, worked by Ellen Ward, age 11, with biblical inscription and flowers, 31 x 27cm and a further sampler worked by Ellen Bullifent and dated 1881, both framed and glazed. (2) 30-50
1389.   Kelly's Directory of Lincoln and Neighbourhood, 1963, 1965, 1968, 1969. (4) 30-40
1390.   A XIX Century Mahogany Tea Caddy, of sarcophagus form, 29cm wide; another smaller. (2) 20-40
1391.   Kelly's Director of Lincoln and Neighbourhood, 1955, 1957, 1959 (3) 30-40
1392.   Aston & Nander 1940 Rulers, Geometric measures etc Military arrows noted plus others:- Three Boxes. 30-50
1393.   Military, WWI Binoculars by Aitchison, London dated 1917 Military arrow and stamped "Binocular Prismatic No 3 Mark I Magnification No 57486 and marked to "Return to A.C Brown, 79 Merrylee Road, Glasgow", in case; together with a further pair of W Watson & sons, 313 High Holborn, London seven binoculars in leather case. (2) 20-40
1394.   Gilt Tooled Morocco Cased Scissors, another, carved miniature dice and cups game, lace bobbin, cased manicure tools, embossed leather photo album, lacquer power box:- One Tray. 30-50
1395.   A Photograph Album, containing photographs of Ulster T.T 1929, Berlin Bentley, Lea Francis, Austin, The Pits, Mercedies, Lagonda, Ulster 1930, photographs of Bentley, Riley 9 etc. 15-20
1396.   A Miniature Chest of Drawers, with two small drawers, three long, on a plinth base. 20-30
1397.   Kelly's Directory of Lincoln 1968, 1970. Kelly's Directory of Lincoln and Neighbourhood 1963, 1965, 1967. (5) 30-40
1398.   A XIX Century Rosewood Tea Caddy, of sarcophagus form, on bun feet, 28cm wide. 30-50
1399.   Black Anvil Telephone, having pull-out drawer, G.P.O. No 164 to receiver; onyx phone on circular base. (2) 20-30
1400.   Brass Ferndale Coal Miner Lamp, 'M & D' Crisps Tin. 20-30
1401.   Esso "Put a Tiger in Your Tank" Metal Wall Sign, 50 x 70cm. 20-30
1402.   Kelly's Directory of Lincoln and Neighbourhood, 1937, 1939, 1941, 1946. (4) 30-40
1403.   An Early XX Century Metal Cased Mantel Clock, Napoleon hat shape, with pierced decoration, white enamel dial with Arabic numerals; a Kundo anniversary clock. (2) 20-40
1404.   A Late XIX Century Amboyna Wood? Box, with brass and mother of pearl inlay, the interior blue silk lined; another of pearl handled and other manicure items. 30-40
1405.   Kelly's Directory of Lincolnshire 1922, Lincoln Directory 1922 (no dust covers), Lincoln Directory 1928, Kelly's Directory of Lincolnshire 1937. 25-45
1406.   A Crook Handled Walking Cane, with gold plated terminal and ferrule. A similar ebonized example. (2) 30-40
1407.   An Original Framed 1930's 'Adelphi' Sheffield Poster, featuring Gracie Fields, dated Jan 29th 1934 and showing a picture of her in 'This Week of Grace'. 30-40
1408.   Golfing Display Montage, in a glazed case, 80cm wide. 20-30
1409.   A Quantity of Small Toy Collectables, including two Spitting Image 1980's rubber heads of Neil Kinnock etc (both squeak), a rubber Andy Capp, tinplate piano clock, card games, Xmas decorations, etc:- One Tray 20-40
1410.   A Modern Steiff Collectors Teddy Bear, 2007 "Old Black Bear", No 1011/3000, with growler, 40cm high; another Steiff teddy bear (2008) with growler, 29cm high. (2) 50-60
1411.   An Early XX Century Plush Wind-up Bear, with key (head wobbles and paws rise up and down when wound), approx. 22cm high. 20-30
1412.   A Large XIX Century Engraving, Gathering in the Church Yard, 42.5 x 87.5cm framed. 'Children Nutting', 'The Blind Fiddler', three others (6) 20-30
1413.   Dolls House Furniture, wardrobes, cooker, bed etc:- One Tray 15-20
1413A.  A Victorian Armand Marseille Bisque Headed Doll, with moving eyes and teeth, 49cm high, with some later clothing. 40-50
1413B.  Advertising - Senior Service Cigarettes, as a bust of a Maritime gentleman 35cm high. 30-50
1413C.  The Beatles Monthly Book 1965 & 66, ten editions, other Beatles publications, publicity cards etc. 50-70
1413D.  The Beatles Wirework Letter Rack, with vinyl to back and the front featuring images of The Fab 4, together with seven 45rpm records including Elvis Presley, The Kinks. 40-50
1413E.  A Lava Lamp, coach lantern circa 1970's, 43cm high with handle down. 50-70
1413F.  The Beatles, oak table lamp with shade, featuring The Four Faces of the band members. 30-40
1413G.  The Sex Pistols Plastic Toy Guitar, with original wrapping, 41.5cm long. 20-30
1413H.  'Ami' Diner Wall Jukebox,original 1957 model W-120, by Ami Incorporated Grand Rapids, Mich, U.S.A 36.5cm high. 250-300
1413J.  The Beatles Wallpaper Strip, selotape to tears, 138 x 523cm. 15-20
1414.   A XIX Century Viennese Wall Clock, in ebonised and walnut case, eight day, movement, subsidiary seconds dial to main dial. 80-120
1415.   A Porcelain Dolls Head, building blocks, tennis racket etc:- One Box. 10-15
1416.   Canon EOS 600, Canon zoom lens EF 70-210mm 1:4, Nettar Camera and other photographic equipment, Reflecta Video light, with tripod. 30-50
1417.   Duchess Mid XX Century One Arm Bandit, accepting one penny coins, with fruits to three spinning reels, oval label "Supplied by Ruffler & Walker, London", 67cm high; together with contemporary stand. 200-300
1418.   A Croquet Set, with mallet, hoops, balls, boxed. 30-40
1419.   A Dressing Table Mirror, with one other dressing table mirror., (2) 10-20
1419A.  Andy Pandy Annual, Pelham Puppet. Tom & Jerry projector, Gyroscope, etc:- One Box. 15-25
1419B.  Merit Driving Test, Mouse Trap, On The Buses marbles, Scrabble, etc:- One Box. 15-25
1419C.  Football Shirts, to include Celtic, Southampton away, Birmingham, England, Manchester United away. Panini 82 football sticker album - complete. 30-40
1420.   A Quantity of Paper Ephemera, appertaining to Rev John Greenwood (Missionary), including framed memorial card, lectures and articles, various letters, WWII Royal Field Artillery Badge, pay book, a map of German East Africa (Daressalem D6) on linen etc. 20-40
1421.   Vintage Sporting Items - A pair of leather spiked Edwardian era running shoes, a pair of leather football shin pads, leather cricket ball and three early XX Century group photos (Newark Magnus 1st XV 1931/32, a crovcket team and a group of Victorian quoits throwers). 30-50
1422.   A Tray of Model Railway, including a 'OO' scale Lima Locomotive. 20-40
1423.   Seven Handpainted 'Medieval' Tiles by Colin Beats, jewellery box, umbrella, duck brush, moulds etc:- One Tray 15-30
1424.   An Early XX Century Photograph Album, green tooled leather cover, containing many period images The Royal Family Bible, Boys Own Paper 1889/1890 bound in book. (3) 30-50
1425.   A. Wainwright 7 vols of A Pictorial Guide to The Lakeland Fells, The Outlaying Fells of Lakeland by A. Wainwright, together with 8 Observer's books an together with 'Midget' series dictionary's:- One Box. 20-30
1426.   Bunnykins Baby Bowl, Continental figurine, Metamec mantle clock, Border Fine Arts Bird, Cooper figure, metal owl and squirrel, cigar cutters, etc:- One Tray
1427.   Fifteen Metal Framed Magnifying Glasses, various sizes. 20-30
1428.   Kelly's Directory of Lincoln, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975. Kelly's Trade finder 1971. (8):- One Box. 30-40
1429.   Vintage G.B. - Bell & Howell 16mm Silent Projector, model 613 plus instruction manual. 30-40
1430.   Photograph Albums - photographs of a Hendon R.A.F display 1937, R.E Camp Hayston, Camp Wales 1937, R.M.S ACCRA, T.T Races Donnington, together with 1920's and later postcards:- One Box. 20-30
1431.   A Kershaw & son, Leeds Binoculars, stamped with Military arrow, Negretti & Zambra binoculars, two pairs opera glasses, Yashica Minster camera and Zeiss Ikon bellows camera:- One Tray. 20-30
1432.   World Cup 1966 First Day Cover, a quantity of used stamps UK and Foreign in packets - in a metal cash tin. 15-20
1433.   Cigarette Cards, Abdulla 'Old Favourites', Cavanders 'Foreign Birds', British American Tobacco - Beauties Water Girls, (sets of twenty five). Adkin 'Butterflies and Moths' (fifty), Carrera's 'Paramount Stars' (twenty seven), Wills Scissors - Beauties 1913m Mitchell Famous Crosses (twenty five), Lambert and Butler - Modern Beauty 1927, 'Popular Film Stars', 'Motor Cars - 1922', 1926, 1934. Lloyds 'Old British Inns', Rapkin 'Types of Beauty', P.J. Caroll 'Birds', Mugrays 'Bathing Belles', Philips 'Beauties of The Day'. Allman 'Pin Up Girls', many others in album. 300-500
1434.   Kelly's Directory of Lincolnshire 1919, Kelly's Directory of Lincolnshire 1896, Lincoln Directory of Lincoln 1911. Royal Show Lincoln 25th June 1907. Register of Furnished Houses and Apartments To Be Let, issued by Robert N Whaley. 25-45
1435.   An Inlaid Musical Jewel Box, playing 'Dr Zhivago', brass bound wooden box, Viewmaster and cards, D-Day 'Aces of the Air' silver plated pocket watches, pre-decimal coinage, Schatz mantel clock etc:- One Tray 30-40
1436.   Mother or Pearl Handled and Advertising Penknives, Festival of Britain, Commemorative Portuguese and other coins, "Carlton Major" dominoes, compact, whistle, scissors, Polaroid 101 Automatic Camera, etc:- One Tray 30-50
1437.   Silver Hallmarked and Enamelled Medals for 'Janus Road Club', commemorative coins including Festival of Britain, silver bookmark with feature hallmarks, spectacles, Bull Dog binoculars, Babashka doll, brass candlesticks, plated tray etc:- One Tray. 30-40
1438.   Three Metal Viewers and a Quantity of Camerascopic Views, mainly cities and countries worldwide; a pair of French XIX Century ivory cased opera glasses, in case. 30-40
1439.   Princess of Wales Five Pounds Coin, Chinese hand mirror, pen knives, Lisbon spirit label, etc:- One Tray 20-30
1440.   Twelve Russian Boxes, including Arafat, Kaddafi, Hussein, Putin. 15-30
1441.   Walton & Co of Wolverhampton Sprung Metal Pie Mould, XIX Century Das Hospiz box, mineral elephants, wooden fruit, penknife, turtle boxes, etc:- One Tray 20-40
1442.   Newbold & Bulford Ltd, London 'Cub' 18 x two draw leather bound, turned wooden corkscrew, Acme, 'AA' car badge, Evans patent Concinnium cigarette rolling machine, miniature roulette game etc: One Tray. 30-50
1443.   A Vintage Solid Brass Bear Money Box, early XX Century tinplate 'Church' money box marked "J Chein & Co, Made in USA plus a vintage tinplate 'Douglas DC8' aeroplane. 20-30
1444.   A Small Collection of Del Prado and Other Mounted Figures, including six Britains Deetail figures. 15-25
1445.   XIX Century Diary, containing accounts, XIX Century handwritten letters and poetry, Welsh love spoon, glass Elixir bottle, Garantoska saw setting tool. 15-30
1446.   Beatrix Potter Post War Books by Warne & Co, sixteen editions. Doll of Elizabethan Lady having painted wooden head, felt covered legs and leather boots, approximately 28cm high. 20-40
1447.   An Early XX Century Ericcson Wind-up Telephone, with inscription 'Property of the State' La Chappelle Model 1910, dated 1930', with separate hanging earpiece. 60-80
1448.   Vintage Advertising Items, including three Parkinsons Jars, CWS tin, CWS brochure, Wilson Boiler paperweight, etc:- One Tray 20-40
1449.   Pentax MC and Minolta SR-1S Cameras, Vivitar lenses. 20-30
1450.   Military, City Album containing RAF Transport Command Label, enlistment forms, battle orders No 40 Squadron 1944 & 1945. Russian 3 dagger notice. If You Are Captured Booklet, etc, unassociated postcards, Rome snapshot album, etc. 20-40
1451.   A Small Walnut Four Legged Stool, 'Ye Daintee Lady' teapot, mirrors, calendar, Bulldog (possibly Beswick), etc:- One Tray 20-40
1452.   Toffee Hammers, scissors, writing set, tube of sixpence's:- One Tray. 20-30
1453.   Meerschaum Pipes, Summit pocket watch, boxes, compact, etc:- One Tray. 15-30
1454.   O.H. Preston, a plaster study of a child (framed), together with an Indian Kukri knife and a Bowie knife. (3) 15-20
1455.   A Large Quantity of Printing Blocks for Cutlery:- Two Boxes 30-50
1456.   A XX Century Westminster Chimes Bracket Clock, with pineapple finials, arched top, stepped base, on cast paw feet, brass dial with silvered chapter ring and Arabic numerals. 40-80
1457.   W.Gilpin Spice Cutter, camera's block plane, razors, corkscrew, etc:- One Box 20-30
1458.   Playing Cards, ebony box, coins, press studs, badges, coins etc:- One Tray. 10-15
1459.   Cigarette Cards - Carrares, Chairman, De Reszke. Gallaher, Players, Wills, large quantity. 40-60
1460.   Louis Creswicke Six Volumes South Africa and The Transvaal War. Edinburgh T.C & E.C Jack 1900, together with Vol VII Supplementary book by Louis Creswicke:- One Box. 30-40
1461.   A Set of Ten Vintage Toy Soldier Colourful Skittles and Wooden Ball. 30-40
1462.   An Oak Cased Eight-Day Mantel Clock, silvered chapter ring with Arabic numerals, with key. 20-30
1463.   A Miniature Oak Cased Longcased Clock, with brass pilasters and thermometer, on bun feet, labelled " X L British Manufacture", 32.5cm high. 20-30
1464.   Eccles ' The Protector Lamp & Lighting Co Ltd' Type 6 Miners Lamp. 20-30
1465.   An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Mantel Clock, with brass dial, white enamel chapter ring with Roman numerals, on brass bun feet. 20-30
1466.   Eccles 'The Protector Lamp & Lighting Co. Ltd No 6 Safety Lamp' Brass Miners Lamp; another by the same maker and a miniature 'Barnburgh Colliery' lamp. (3) 30-40
1467.   Advertising - Thirsk Equipment Ltd, London, pottery butchers display for leg of lamb or ham, of circular form, 18.5cm high, 19cm diameter. 50-100
1468.   An Onyx Trinket Dish, surmounted by a cold painted grouse, 11.5cm diameter. 30-40
1469.   Taxidermy; Kingfishers, on ebonized circular base, under glass dome, 30cm overall height. 30-50
1470.   An Oriental Brass Paperweight, as a four faced man. 20-30
1471.   Taxidermy; Kingfisher, under glass dome, 21cm overall height; another smaller. (2) 30-50
1472.   Konzert Violin-Harpe Zither; Olympia 'Spendid 66' typewriter. (2) 15-25
1473.   A XX Century Dutch Wall Clock, with pierced brass and figural decoration, silvered chapter ring with Roman numerals, bell weights. 15-25
1474.   Singer Sewing Machine, converted to a table lamp. 15-30
1475.   Singer Sewing Machine, converted to a table lamp. 15-30
1476.   Eight Worthington Tin Pub Trays, Dewar's Scotch Whisky jug, Senior Service water jug. 5-10
1477.   An Early XX Century Wall Clock, with hexagonal face with white dial with Roman numerals, glass fronted lower door to drop pendulum, 83cm high. 30-40
1478.   Christmas Decoration:- Three Boxes. 5-10
1479.   Quantity of Prints, original watercolours, etc:- Two Boxes 20-40
1480.   An Early XX Century Oak Framed Fire Screen, together with an oak cased wall clock, together with three pictures. (5) 5-10
1481.   Ladies Wool, Silk and Other Scarves, a Chinese silk embroidered kimono dressing gown and a large quantity of leather gloves:- Two Boxes 20-30
1482.   A Wooden Tool Chest, containing Black & Decker Sander, hammers, screwdrivers etc. 30-40
1483.   Langlois a Guenrouet XIX Century Wall Clock, with eight day movement, makers name to white enamel dial, brass surround, twin weights and large pendulum and bracket. 150-250
1484.   Cassettes, VHS Tapes, Books, including Harry Potter:- One Box and Case. 10-20
1485.   Seven Black Painted Deed Boxes, various sizes, most without keys. (7) 15-30
1486.   Equestrian Bust in Resin, 51.5cm high. 15-30
1487.   Lincoln School Photograph, September 1946, together with two books on Lincolnshsire. Arthur Mee's Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire and the Fens by M.W. Barley. (3) 10-20
1488.   Three Shooting Sticks, walking stick and a ladies parasol. 10-20
1489.   Art De France Yellow Mottled Glass Table Lamp, having mushroom shade, (in the Art Nouveau manner), approximately 46cm high. 30-50
1490.   A Late XIX Century Oil Lamp, with fluted clear glass well and etched shade on circular base. 25-35
1491.   Bronze Effect Table Lamp, featuring two puppies, 45cm high overall. 20-30
1492.   Two Silver Handled Walking Canes, XIX Century copper warming pan having fruit wood handle, Mysto garden sprayer. 20-40
1493.   A Brass Based Table Lamp, with mottled glass shade, 41cm high, another on hexagonal base. (2). 30-50
1494.   Two Tiffany Style Table Lamps, the tallest 45cm. (2) 20-40
1495.   A Copper Coal Bucket, with a brass band, together with two brass oil lamps. (3) 15-25
1496.   Meccano Robot Drone, model 91763 "At Your Service", 64cm high. 30-50
1497.   S & M Ltd Steel & Iron Five Gallon Milk Churn, with brass pouring ring and fall handles, bearing stamps, 56cm high. 40-60
1498.   Water Pump, converted to a table lamp. 15-30
1499.   Four Black Painted Deed Boxes, another and three cash tins. (8) 15-30
1500.   HP PSC 1410 All in One Printer, scanner, copier, Canon Digital IXUS 9515 camera. 10-20
1501.   Enamelled Flour Tin, brass faced Butchers hanging scales and saw. (3) 20-30
1502.   A Large Quantity of Mainly Early Mid XX Century Postcards, including some real photographic, topographical, churches. 80-100
1503.   Ensign Duo Projector, made by Houghton Butcher, 9.8 and 16mm having Dallmeyer lens in original box, 9.5m/m reels in tin. 20-30
1504.   Wainwrights Books, other travel and natural history books, including Thorburn's 'Wildlife' and 'Birds':- Two Boxes 15-25
1505.   A Late XIX Century Mahogany Coal Bin, with a brass turned wood handle, sloping hinged lid, with carved decoration. 15-20
1506.   Black Painted Military Chest, bearing Sergeants label, 62cm wide. 15-25
1507.   A Mahogany Table Top Bagatelle Board. 15-20
1508.   Royal Keshan Wool Pile Rug, approximately 192 x 138cm; a pair of Dunelm Otisse rugs, 120 x 170cm. (3) 20-30
1509.   The Beatles, Yellow Submarine original film cell, framed 25 x 18.5cm. 80-120
1510.   A Pair of Medica Society Ltd Prints, of Old Masters, bearing label on verso, print of a miser and other prints. 10-15
1511.   An Art Deco Style Wall Mirror, with an arched top, pink glass sides, 104cm x 86cm. 50-100
1512.   A Rectangular Gilt Framed Bevelled Wall Mirror, 90 x 60cm, another smaller and another. (3) 10-20
1513.   A Rectangular Shaped Wall Mirror, with arched top, in moulded gilt frame, 101 x 64cm; together with a gilt framed circular mirror with convex mirror. (2) 20-30
1514.   An Art Deco Style Wall Mirror, with an arched top, pink glass vertical sides, 61cm x 74cm. 30-50
1515.   A Rectangular Bevelled Wall Mirror, in gilt wood frame 67.5 x 52.5cm. Alan Ingham print. (2) 15-25
1516.   A XX Century Art Deco Style Wall Mirror, with an arched top, sectional border, pine inner boarder, 85cms. 40-60
1517.   Art Deco Style Wall Mirror, with fan decoration, 119cm wide x 92cm high. 50-100
1518.   After Fr. Claasen, Clipper Ship at Sea, colour print, 51.5 x 120cm. 20-40
1519.   Lego; "Bionicle" Advertising Sign, on board, 145 x 295cm. 15-30
1520.   Japanese Watercolour with Gilt Highlights, 27.5 x 21cm,; three limited edition prints after Thomas Kruger. 15-25
1521.   D.P Little (Sheffield Artist), A Busy Canal Wharf Sheffield Scene, oil on board, signed and dated 1985, 36 x 57cm. 30-50
1522.   Stuart Moore, 'Memories of Manchester, limited edition colour print of 950, 36 x 46.5cm. 15-25
1523.   Roz Norsworthy (Sheffield Artist), colourful County House Garden, watercolour, signed and dated 89, 60.35 x 44.5cm. 20-40
1524.   Roz Norsworthy (Sheffield Artist), County Cottages with Rockery and Garden in foreground, watercolour, signed and dated '92, 50.5 x 61cm. 20-40
1525.   John Little (Derbyshire Artist), 'Sheepwash Bridge, Ashford', watercolour, 30 x 49cm. 20-40
1526.   'TH', Set of Four Satirical Tramp and Dog Scenes, oils on board, each monogrammed, 10.5 x 8cm. 15-30
1527.   Kathleen Bagon (Sheffield Artist), 'Springfield Road, 1920' and 'Fitzalan Square, 1910', pair of oils on board, signed lower right, 23.5 x 34cm. (2) 30-50
1528.   Louis Jennings (Sheffield Artist), 'Filey Beach', oil on board, signed lower left, 20.5 x 31cm. 30-40
1529.   Joyce Spurr (Sheffield Artist), some remnants of English Steel Corporation, Brightside Lane, mixed media, 17 x 24cm. 20-40
1530.   D.P. Little (Sheffield Artist), 'The Day We Went to Millhouses', oil on board, signed and dated 1989, label verso, 36 x 54cm. 30-50
1531.   After David Stacey, Wompoo Pigeon Red Eyed Green Tree Frog, colour print, 60.5 x 73cm. Another 'Reef meets Rainforest. (2) 15-25
1532.   D.P Little (Sheffield Artist) 'Looking Back Down Haymarket', oil on board signed and dated 1991, label verso, 36.5 x 53.5cm, 30-50
1533.   Norris Fowler Willatt, 1859-1924, Dutch Harbour Scene with Windmill and Church in background, watercolour, signed lower right, 26.5 x 37.5cm. 30-50
1534.   'Modern Inconveniences' Limited Edition Coloured Print of 995, signed Shortelliock? 37 x 56.5cm. Ken Duncan 'Harbour Reflections, Sydney', limited edition print of 2000. 15-30
1535.   Kathleen Bagon (Sheffield Artist), 'Campo Lane, 1920' and 'New Street, West Bar 1910', pair of oils on board signed lower right, 29 x 24cm. 30-50
1536.   N. Priestley, 'Oakham Woods' and 'The Slip', pair of oils on canvas, signed, 49.5 x 39.5cm. W.H Kirby limited edition colour print. (3) 15-25
1537.   R.J. FLint, Barn Interior, original artwork, signed and dated '65, 48 x 36cm; Leon Van Ching, limited edition of 500, print of geese. (2) 20-30
1538.   Allan C. Peters, Playful Dog Scene Montage, pencil drawing, signed and dated May 1983, 39.5 x 36.5cm. 15-30
1539.   Tim Keeler, 'Circus at Blackheath', watercolour, signed and dated 1995, 27.5 x 37.5cm. 20-30
1540.   Geoffrey J.E Smith (Sheffield Artist), 'The Pink Cottage' watercolour and pastel, signed lower right, label verso, 31.5 x 44.5cm. 15-30
1541.   Peggy Davis (Sheffield Davis), Tranquil Lake Scene, mixed media, signed lower right, 24.5 x 29.5cm, plus a pair of unframed Winter Scene oils, 30.5 x 40.5cm. (3) 20-30
1542.   A Set of Four French Pints of English Soldiers Grenadier Anglais Infanterie Officer. Officer Anglais with two other Military prints. (6) 10-15
1543.   Ranmoor Sheffield Prints, to include George Cunningham - signed. Bryan Beedham limited edition - signed. (3) 15-25
1544.   John Holoway 'Bridlington', watercolour, signed, 25.5 x 38.5cm. 15-30
1545.   Jo Harrison (Sheffield Artist) 'Ranmoor', watercolour, signed and dated '93 30 x 40.5cm. 20-30
1546.   Denis Coote (Sheffield Artist), 'Cottage Near Baslow', pastel drawing. 20-30
1547.   Des Brophy (Sheffield Artist) 'Horses in Field by Man Walking Dog on Country Track', signed and dated '95, 24 x 52.5cm. 30-40
1548.   Isabel Blincow (Sheffield Artist) 'Edale', watercolour, signed lower right, 38 x 30cm. 20-40
1549.   Mark Gamble, 'Hungarian's'. artist proof print signed and dated '92, 14.5 x 11.5cm. Four miniatures including G.D Robinson Olesnica. (5) 20-30
1550.   Kathleen Bagon (Sheffield Artist), 'Paradise Square 1890', and 'The Empire', pair of oils on board, signed lower right, 28.5 x 23.5cm. (2) 30-50
1551.   Joyce Spurr (Sheffield Artist), 'City Pattern, Sheffield', oil on board, signed lower right, 46 x 56cm. 20-40
1552.   Tom McCracken, Filey Boats in Harbour, watercolour, signed lower right, 18 x 25cm' R. Brocklehurst, two watercolours and one other. (4) 15-30
1553.   An Oval Mahogany Framed Wall Mirror, with bevelled mirror, together with anther in gilt frame. (2) 15-25
1554.   Anthony F Ward (Sheffield Artist), 'Holy Island', acrylic, signed and dated 1993, 27.5 x 37.5cm. Judith Cooper 'The Inhabitant', watercolour, signed lower left 39.5 x 35cm. (2) 20-40
1555.   Geoffrey J E Smith, Norfolk Drainage Mill, watercolour, signed and dated '84, 26 x 35.5cm plus 'Snow in Mayfield Valley', signed and dated '89, both labels verso. (2) 15-30
1556.   J.A. Carter, Box at Ascot, watercolour, signed and dated '84, 13 x 19cm; Windmill and River scenes, watercolours. (3) 15-25
1557.   Richard Johns (Sheffield Artist), Boatyard, Potter Heigham pen and ink, watercolour, signed lower right, 14.5 x 21.5cm plus Windpump near Horsey Mere, Norfolk, signed and dated '93. (2) 15-30
1558.   G.R. Haith, Country Cottage, Oil on Board, 38.5 x 52cm, signed and dated 1978, XIX Century example featuring figures in boat. 19 x 28.5cm, watercolour of beached boat. (3) 15-30
1559.   Moroni Pair of Still Life Oils, 11.5 x 8cm, two others, J. Burnett Parisian Scene oil. (5) 15-30
1560.   D.P Little (Sheffield Artist), 'Man Playing Trumpet by Henry Cox Corner Shop with Terraced Houses and Mills/Factories in Distance', oil on board signed and dated 1980, 36 x 54. 30-50
1561.   L.J Conway (Sheffield Artist), Whitby 1987, watercolour, signed lower right plus 'Dunster' April 82, signed lower left. (2) 20-30
1562.   Peggy Davis (Sheffield Davis), 'Tan Hill Inn', oil on canvas, signed lower right, 46.5 x 67cm. 20-30
1563.   Isabel Blincow (Sheffield Artist), Derbyshire Courtyard Scene, signed lower left, 37.5 x 27.5cm. 20-30
1564.   Nicholas Wilkinson 'Poplars Provence' Watercolour, 17.5 x 25.5cm, Anne Thorpe 'The Harbour Honfleur' watercolour, two others. (4) 15-30
1565.   George Cunningham, 'Ranmoor', limited edition of 500 colour print, pencil signed, 20 x 33cm. 20-30
1566.   Geoffrey J E Smith (Sheffield Artist), 'Winding Stream', watercolour and pastel, signed lower right, details verso, 29 x 39.5cm. 15-30
1567.   A Mid XX Century Dome Topped Overmantle, with sixty rectangular panels to each side 73cm high. 20-40
1568.   Annie Bindon Carter (Sheffield Artist) Garden Collections, watercolour, label verso 47 x 74.5cm; A collection of prints including First Flight of The Spitfire, J.W Mitchell, Anton Pieck, etc. (6). 20-30
1569.   K.J Harris (Sheffield Artist), Crumbling Yorkshire Coast, pastel drawing signed and dated '86, 40.5 x 58cm. Judith Cooper (Sheffield Artist), 'The Frog', watercolour 43.5 x 64cm. (2). 15-30
1570.   D.P. Little (Sheffield Artist), Busy Sheffield Tram Scene with Bridge Street and Tennants Brewery in distance, oil on board, signed and dated 1987. 35.5 x 59cm. 30-50
1571.   Kathleen Bagon (Sheffield Artist), 'Dore Village' and 'Handsworth, 1912' pair of oils on board signed lower right. 24 x 29cm. (2) 30-50
1572.   G.D Robinson, Mack Lane, Mayfield Valley, oil on board, signed lower left, 14 x 19cm. D.M Hill 'A Winter Walk', watercolour and P. Rusling 'Eyam' watercolour, all Sheffield artists. (3) 15-30
1573.   Kathleen Bagon (Sheffield Artist), 'Middlewood Rolling Mills, Oughtibridge' oil on board, signed lower right, 23.5 x 29cm, another 'Beckfoot Bridge,Bingley, signed lower right, 24 x 34cm (2) 30-50
1574.   D.P Little (Sheffield Artist) 'The Little Flower Girl', oil on board, signed and dated 1991, 25 x 35.5cm, details verso. 30-50
1575.   Peggy Davies (Sheffield Artist), Country Farmhouse, with Sheffield Tower Blocks in distance, watercolour, signed lower right, 26.5 x 35cm, plus Country Track, signed lower right. (2) 20-30
1576.   Des Brophy (Sheffield Artist), Winter Moorland, Sheffield, watercolour, details verso, 25.5 x 36.5cm. 20-30
1577.   Kathleen Bagon (Sheffield Artist), 'Norton Post Office' and 'Norton Lees Lane', pair of oils on board, signed lower right 23.5 x 29cm .(2) 30-50
1578.   David C Bell Watercolour of a Sailing Ship, signed bottom right 25 x 34, together with a signed print by David C. Bell. 40-60
1579.   XIX Century Gouache, Landscape, 38 x 51cm; G. Whitman and other oils, prints. (7) 15-20
1580.   Kathleen Bagon (Sheffield Artist), 'Moorfoot, 1890' and 'Broomhill', pair of oils on board, signed lower right, 24 x 29cm (2) 30-50
1581.   Des Brophy (Sheffield Artist), Ringinglow, The Roundhouse, watercolour, signed lower right, 23.5 x 33cm. 15-30
1582.   G.D. RObinson, 'Calver Village' and 'Ashford in the Water', pair of watercolours, signed lower left, 10 x 12.5cm. (2) 15-30
1583.   Kathleen Bagon (Sheffield Artist), 'Castle Street 1910' and 'Pinstone Street, 1920'. pair of oils on board, signed lower right, 23.5 x 33.5cm. (2) 30-50
1584.   D.P Little (Sheffield Artist), Looking Back Down High Street, Sheffield, oil on board, signed and dated 1985, 33.5 x 43.5cm. 30-50
1585.   D.P Little (Sheffield Artist), 'The Little Flower Girl', oil on board, signed and dated '88, 28 x 37.5cm. 30-50
1586.   Kathleen Bagon (Sheffield Artist), 'Hunters Bar, 1920' and 'Moorhead, 1896', pair of oils on board signed lower right, 23.5 x 34.5cm. (2) 30-50
1587.   Eric Hill (Ryhill, Barnsley Artist), Cricket South Kirkby, watercolour, signed and dated '90 37.5 x 47cm. 20-40
1588.   Des Brophy (Sheffield Artist) 'Haddon Hall', watercolour, signed and dated '87, 27.5 x 36.5cm. 20-30
1589.   D. Jackson, Country Scent with Distant Town, oil on canvas, signed lower right, 49.5 x 75cm, another smaller of Remote Cottage. (2) 20-30
1590.   D. Griffiths (Sheffield Artist), 'Old Sheffield at Night'. pastel drawing, initialled lower right, details verso, 25.5 x 35.5cm. 20-30
1591.   Isabel Blincow (Sheffield Artist), Behind Langsett Road, watercolour, 25 x 32.5cm. 20-30
1592.   An Art Deco Style Pink Tinted Hexagonal Wall Mirror, with fanned side panels, 71.5 x 54cm. 20-30
1593.   D.P Little (Sheffield Artist), 'Winter at Bradfield', oil on board, signed and dated 1989, 24 x 29.5cm and 'Ridgeway Church', signed and dated 1993. 30-50
1594.   Sheffield Artist Original Watercolours, by John Gilbert 'White Edge Lodge 24 x 33.5cm Richard Taylor and Joan W. Tyas (3). 20-40
1595.   E. Hobson, Moored Boats in Harbour, watercolour, signed lower left, 27.5 x 19cm; N. White, Beached Boats, watercolour and W.L. Francis 'Cartmel', watercolour. (3) 15-25
1596.   Kathleen Bagon (Sheffield Artist), 'Crookes, 1914' and 'Ranmoor, 1910', pair of oils on board signed lower right, 24 x 34cm, (2) 30-50
1597.   Peter Bentley (Baslow Artist) 'Ashford', watercolour signed and dated '90, 24.5 x 34.5cm and 'Bubnell Lane, Baslow', watercolour signed and dated '88. (2) 20-40
1598.   Jean Ross (Sheffield Artist), Windmill at Cley, Norfolk, watercolour, signed lower right, 25 x 37mm. (C Phoenix Sheffield Artist), Agden Reservoir, watercolour signed lower right, both details verso. (2) 20-30
1599.   An Early XX Century Oak Dressing Table, together with a matching wardrobe with a single door. (2) 10-20
1600.   A Vintage Avery Hardoll Green-Black 'Model S' Petrol Pump, (no globe) together with two aluminium signs, Schofield Yorkshire Ltd Petroleum Spirit Highly Inflammable and No Smoking Switch off Engine. Petrol pump 172cm high. 300-400
1601.   A Set of Four Vintage Chairs, with red circular back and seats, on white painted X frames. (4) 20-40
1602.   A Reclaimed Pine Wall Rack, with dentil cornice, three open shelves 150cm x 142cm. 20-40
1603.   An Oak Rocking Chair, with upholstered back and seat.
1604.   An Early XVIII Century Joined Oak Drop Leaf Table, on turned and block supports; together with an XVIII Century single chair. (2) 20-30
1605.   A XIX Century Mahogany Framed Pier Glass, 62cm overall height. 15-25
1606.   An Early XIX Century Mahogany Corner Washstand, with a single drawer on swept legs, 101cm high; An XVIII Century Flat Fronted Corner Cupboard, with panelled door to two internal shelves. (2) 20-40
1607.   A Pine Framed Wall Mirror, 78 x 107cm, Scilly Isles map, oak barometer (damaged). (3). 15-25
1608.   A XIX Century Rectangular Shaped Stone Trough, 120cm wide. 100-150
1609.   A 1950's Vintage Painted Kitchen Cabinet, with glazed upper doors fall front over cupboard doors. 15-20
1609A.  Pioneer, Revelation, Overpond and other Suitcase. (4) 15-30
1610.   An Early XX Century Satin Walnut Wardrobe, with an arched central mirror over a long drawer, plinth base. 15-20
1611.   A Reclaimed Pine Wall Rack, with a stepped cornice, three open shelves, 155cm x 130cm. 40-60
1612.   Pine Seven Rung Folding Steps. 10-20
1613.   Fire Irons, fire grate, copper coal bin, fire guard. 10-15
1614.   Vintage Pine Steps, aluminium steps, two rung steps. (3) 10-15
1615.   An Oak Jardiniere Stand, stool, piano stool. (3) 10-15
1616.   Grey Formica Covered Teak Two Piece Bedroom Suite, circa 1960's, with black circle decoration, comprising:-dressing table and chest of drawers. 10-20
1617.   A Green Painted Industrial Cabinet. 10-20
1618.   A Painted Corner Plant Stand, with four shelves, together with a pair of steps. 10-20
1619.   J.V.C AI-EI Fully Automatic Turntable, JVC Stereo Double Cassette Deck Receiver, JVC Compact Disc Player in a mahogany cabinet; together with a pair of JVC SP.EL Speakers.
1620.   A Collection of Classical C.D.'s Beethoven No.6, Pastoral Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No.3, etc in a mahogany cabinet. 15-20
1621.   A 1950's Teak Three Piece Bedroom Suite, comprising a single wardrobe, chest of three drawers on outsplayed legs and a dressing table on stand with a mirror. (3) 20-30
1622.   An Oak Cocktail Cabinet with a fall front, over cupboard doors, single drawer on cup-cover supports. 15-20
1623.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Cupboard, with lift-up lid, fold down flaps and two door cupboard, raised on short cabriole legs, 112cm high, 93cm wide. 15-25
1624.   Edwardian Walnut Two Drawer Wall Cabinet, with mirror above, 41cm wide; Edwardian towel rail. (2) 15-25
1625.   A Yew Wood Display Cabinet, with glass doors, sides, three internal shelves, on bracket feet. 10-20
1626.   Oak Nest of Tables, on turned and block supports united by stretchers. 20-30
1627.   Meredew Walnut Bedroom Suite:- comprising wardrobe with attached dressing table and a chest of drawers. 10-20
1628.   A White Painted Four Drawer Chest of Drawers, white painted luggage rack, piano stool. (3) 5-10
1629.   A Walnut Display Cabinet, with glazed astragel doors, on small cabriole legs, pad feet 88cm wide. 15-20
1630.   A Modern Child's Rocking Chair, the sides carved with a penguin, 67cm high. 10-20
1631.   A Nathan Teak Corner Unit, flanked by two glazed bookcases, all on tapering supports. 15-25
1632.   A Kitchen Table, with drop leaves, on turned legs; A White Chest of Drawers, with four small drawers together with a bedside chest, with three small drawers. (3) 10-20
1633.   A Lloyd Loom Style Laundry Basket, foot stool, three tier vegetable stand. 5-10
1634.   Ercol Style Oak Small Court Cupboard, approximately 89cm wide x 111.5cm high, 20-40
1635.   A XX Century Display Cabinet, with a low back glazed door, sides on cabriole legs. 15-20
1636.   An Oak Side Table, three drawer oak chest, bamboo table, trolley, corner cupboard. (5) 5-10
1637.   A George III Mahogany Bow Fronted Corner Cupboard, with three internal shelves. 15-25
1638.   The Beatles Record Cabinet, the fall front featuring images of band members, on splayed legs, 60cm high. 60-80
1639.   A Shop Display Sign - Watch Repairs, sign in an aluminium case 183cm. 30-40
1640.   (Stanley Wood of Olney) XX Century Oak Court Cupboard, the top with glazed leaded doors, base with two central drawers, flanking cupboard doors on bracket feet. 15-20
1641.   An Oak Priory Oak Drop Leaf Dining Table. 15-20
1642.   A XIX Century Simulated Rosewood Bedroom Chair, together with a mahogany piano stool, an Oak Dressing Table and an oak table. (4) 10-20
1643.   XIX Century Mahogany Square Shaped Washstand, with a single drawer and chamfered legs; together with a XIX Century style towel rail. (2) 10-15
1644.   A Set of Five Early XX Century Oak Dining Chairs, with pierced rail backs, drop in seats on cup-cover supports, one arm and four single chairs. 15-20
1645.   Shooting Stick, walking cane, extending hook, folding stool, rug. 15-25
1646.   Blanket Box Painted 'Anno 1810' to Front, 74.5cm wide. 15-30
1647.   Large Pine Farmhouse Table, with single drawer, on turned legs, 154 x 86.5cm, 74cm high. 30-50
1648.   An Early XIX Century Mahogany Pembroke Table, with drop leaves and single drawer on tapering legs, 73cm high. 15-25
1649.   A Late XIX Century Oak Rocking Chair, with ladder back rails, rushed seat, on rockers. 20-30
1650.   An XVIII Century Mahogany Pedestal Table, with circular top raised on turned pedestal, cabriole legs and pad feet, 54cm high; together with a wine table. (2) 15-25
1651.   A 1920's Oak Draw Leaf Table, on cup-cover supports, with X stretcher. 10-15
1652.   A Painted Wooden Coffee Table, with glass top, 140 x 80cm. 5-10
1653.   A 1930's Oak Blanket Box, with lift-up lid and three panel front, on stile feet, 89.5cm wide. 15-25
1654.   An XVIII Century Mahogany Pad Foot Table, with oval top, 150cm wide, 72cm high. 20-30
1655.   A Pair of Oak Carver Chairs, circa 1920's with scroll and fern carved cresting, panelled backs on turned and block supports. A pair of similar single chairs. (4) 30-50
1656.   A Pine Oval Shaped Kitchen Table, with extra leaf, on turned legs. 10-15
1657.   Pine Two Drawer Side Table, 99cm wide; child's rocking chair. (2) 20-30
1658.   An XVIII Century Oak Pedestal Table, with circular top, raised on turned pedestal and cabriole legs. 15-25
1659.   Retro Formica Topped Dining Table and Four Chairs. 20-40
1660.   A Set of Six XIX Century Style Kitchen Chairs, with rail supports on turned legs, and stretchers. 50-100
1661.   An Oak Video Table, with drop leaves, on turned and block supports together with an occasional table. (2) 10-15
1662.   A Set of Four XIX Century Style Kitchen Chairs, with turned rails, on turned legs with H stretchers. 30-50
1663.   A Mahogany Pedestal Desk, with a cross banded top, green leather scirver, flanking pedestals, three drawers on bracket feet. 20-30
1664.   A Middle Eastern Wool Rug, with three central octagonal motifs, geometric border, on rust ground, 144 x 100cm; a smaller tassled rug, with pyramids and geometric designs to centre. (2) 30-50
1665.   An Oak Monks Bench, with linen fold fascia, on bun feet, 95cm wide. 20-40
1666.   Repro Mahogany Davenport, with a sloping fall supported by reeded columns, four small drawers on castors, 61cm wide. 30-50
1667.   An Oak Dinner Trolley, together with two circular coffee tables. (3) 10-15
1668.   A Yew Wood Rectangular Shaped Coffee Table, on circular tapering legs, 104cm wide. (Made by Reynolds of Ludlow). 20-40
1669.   Painted XIX Century Chest, of two short and two long drawers, with black knobs, 96cm wide. 30-50
1670.   Camphor Wood Blanket Chest, heavily carved with figures, foliage and landscape, 88.5cm wide. 20-40
1671.   XIX Century Pine Chest of Two Short and Two Long Drawers, 106.5cm wide. 40-60
1672.   An Oak Drop Leaf Table, with cup-cover supports, together with four oak dining chairs. (5) 15-20
1673.   Mid XX Century Oak Dining Table, and four rail back chairs. 20-40
1674.   Four Ladder Back Chairs; together with an oak draw leaf dining table, on shaped supports.. 10-15
1675.   AN Oak XIX Century Oak Occasional Table, on turned and block supports, together with a nest of tables. (2) 15-20
1675A.  A XIX Century Walnut Sewing Table, with single drawer above cream fabric upholstered pull-out basket, on cabriole legs and scroll feet (some veneer lifting to top). 50-70
1676.   A White Painted Cast Metal Nest of Tables, with black glass tops, scroll sides, together with a fire screen (2) and a demi lune hall table. (3) 10-20
1677.   An Oak Blanket Box, with a carved top sides and front, on stile feet. 20-40
1678.   A XIX Century Painted Pine Chest of Drawers, with two short, two long drawers on a plinth base, together with an oak jardiniere stand. 30-50
1679.   A Mid XIX Century Yew Wood Child's Chair, with a hooped back, pierced splat, turned legs H stretcher. 100-150
1680.   An Oak Priory Nest of Tables, together with one other nest of tables. (2) 10-15
1681.   An Oak Nest of Tables, on turned and block supports. 10-20
1682.   Belouche Wool Tassled Rug, decorated with figures, camels and geometric patterns, 186 x 113cm. 20-40
1683.   Oval Glass Topped Coffee Table, on stepped base having classical maiden supports, 120cm wide. 20-40
1684.   A Set of Eight Walnut Dining Chairs, with shaped top rail and centre panel, upholstered seats, on turned and reeded forefront legs. 120-180
1685.   A Reproduction Mahogany Chest of Two Short and Three Long Drawers, on bracket feet; together with an oak chest of four small drawers. (2) 15-20
1686.   Jaycee Oak Cabinet, with twin linen fold doors over a single drawer on turned and block supports, with under shelf. 30-40
1687.   An Oak Drop Leaf Coffee Table, having pegged supports, bearing wasp makers stamp 50cm high. 20-40
1688.   A Hardwood Side Table, with a moulded edge, single drawer on turned and block supports. 30-40
1689.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Bow Front Dressing Table, with four drawers on tapering legs and spade feet, 107cm wide. 20-30
1690.   A XX Century Oak Monks Bench, with a folding back, hinged seat, linen fold panels on bun feel, 106cms wide. 50-100
1691.   A Mahogany Bachelors Chest, with brush slide over four serpentine fronted graduated drawers, blind fret canted corners, on squat cabriole legs, 63cm wide. 30-40
1692.   R. Garnett & Sons, Warrington, Early XX Century Oak Knee Hole Desk, with faded leather top, single drawer, right side pedestal housing three small drawers, open compartment, side cupboard, panelled back, makers label, 99cm wide 80-120
1693.   An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Chest of Drawers, top with a moulded edge, two sort, two long drawers on bracket feet, 91cm x 88cm 15-30
1694.   A Set of Four XIX Century Rosewood Chairs, with 'C' scrolls, upholstered seats on cabriole legs. (4) 30-50
1695.   An XVIII Century Style Mahogany Bird Mirror, with fret work decoration. 10-20
1696.   A Mahogany Small Post War Chest, of four bow fronted doors on cabriole legs, 46cm wide. 20-30
1697.   A Nest of Dark Oak Coffee Tables, two light wood tables. 15-20
1698.   A XIX Century Mahogany Corner Cabinet, with glazed door. 20-30
1699.   Wooden Well Bucket, with two iron bands, 39cm diameter. 20-40
1699A.  An Early XX Century Satin Walnut Chest of Drawers, with two short drawers, three long drawers on bracket feet. 30-40
1700.   A Foster Clarke London Mahogany Waterfall Bookcase, with 3/4 gallery, four shelves over two small drawers, on bracket feet, 76 x 152cm. 15-30
1701.   An Oak Cabinet, with Gothic panel doors on turned and block supports, 51cm wide, together with a folding side table. (2) 20-40
1702.   Oak Cocktail Cabinet, in the Old Charm manner, with knulled centre drawer separating cupboard doors to top and bottom, 79cm wide. 30-50
1703.   Mahogany Oval Swing Dressing Mirror; XIX Century mahogany footstool. 15-30
1704.   A Repro Oak Cased Moon Faced Long Case Clock, with a swan neck pediment, glazed hood door, glazed door on ogee feet. 20-40
1705.   A XIX Century Rustic Pine Bench, with trestle ends. 30-40
1706.   A Display Cabinet, with three glazed doors, two internal shelves, base with four middle drawers, flanking cupboards, on bracket feet. 5-10
1707.   An Early XX Century Satin Walnut Dressing Table, with central mirror, side mirrors, two short, two long drawers, on turned supports. 15-20
1708.   An Early XX Century Oak Sewing Table, with a hinged lid, single drawer on chamfered legs, together with a magazine rack. 10-20
1709.   An Early XX Century Walnut Purdonium, with serpentine shaped shelf, fall front with carved panel, on castors, 38.5 wide x 99cm high. 30-50