Antiques & Collectables
on Friday 16th July 2021

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1001.   Comics - 'Race For The Moon' No 11, 'Secrets Unknown', Weird Planets etc, 78rpm records including, Little Richard, Bill Haley, 'The Platters'. Sheffield merit certificates, Carte Visites, hymn books, etc:- One Box. 15-30
1002.   A Quantity of Prints, oval wall mirror. 15-20
1003.   Plated Epergne partially fitted with associated flutes, light fitting, pressed glassware etc:- Two Boxes. 15-25
1004.   Staffordshire Style Spaniel Dogs, glassware, etc:- Two Boxes. 15-20
1005.   An Early XX Century Pottery Cased Mantle Clock, 44.5cm high (chips), hand painted tan glass ovoid vase, table and ceiling lights. 20-40
1006.   Egyptian Themed Brass Wall Plaque, 39.5cm diameter, copper jam pan, log bucket, simplex posser stick. 15-25
1007.   Glassware, Anton Pieck print, Smiths mantle clock, Tasco binoculars, etc. 15-25
1008.   Kenwood Chef, kitchenware, megahome, hot cup, etc. 15-30
1009.   A Limited Edition Colour Print of 250, Panda Eating Bamboo, signed indistinctly 76 x 38cm, three others. (4) 15-20
1010.   A XIX Century Copper Kettle, brass trivet, Riflescope (boxed) etc:- One Box. 10-20
1011.   Ansonia Mantle Clock, circa 1900, two projectors, pewter tea ware, print:- One Box. 15-30
1012.   Two Decanters, other glass ware, ceramics, Flora Hawaii picture, etc:- One Box. large tureen, print. 15-25
1013.   Spode Coffee Pot, Tea Pot, Novelty Tea Pots, etc:- One Box. 15-20
1014.   A XIX Century Sampler 22cm square, three Edwardian theatre programmes, Goldilocks peepshow book, lacquered boxes:- One Box. 15-25
1015.   Four Twin Branch Wall Lights, with white opaque glass shades, brass effect desk lamp, other shades:- Two Boxes. 10-20
1016.   Six San Marco Figurines, vases, Noritake and other plates, Wards ash trays etc:- Two Boxes. 15-25
1017.   Children's Annuals, Sunnyside Farm, Bible, other books, prints:- One Box. 15-20
1018.   Kellogs 'Vintage' by Portmeirion, Laura Ashley, other ceramics:- One Box. 20-30
1019.   Brassware, table lamps, collectors plates, Melba tea ware, Franklin Mint Imperial Puppy of Satsuma, etc:- Two Boxes 15-30
1020.   One Box of Over Eighty L.P's, to include Queen - News Of The World, Rainbow-On Stage, Slade - Alive, with more titles by Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Kid Creole, Donna Summer, Gladys Knight, soundtracks, classical and easy listening. 20-40
1021.   Brass Jardiniere, bellows, plated tankards, modern cuckoo clock, stool, basket etc:- One Box and a box of General Interest Books- Two Boxes. 15-25
1022.   The Soundascope an Electrical Game of Skill, jigsaw puzzles, other children's games. 10-15
1023.   Book Ends, crucifix, toilet mirror:- One Box 15-25
1024.   Bedspreads, cushions, tablecloth:- Two Boxes. 15-20
1025.   Action Man Jeep, soldiers, accessories, clothing, boots, etc. Kenner CE Batman figures, Chad Valley spinning top. 15-25
1026.   LP's and 7" singles, thirty seven LP's, to include titles by Hank Williams, Frank Sinatra, Duane Eddy, Crystal Gayle and Johnny Cash, also approximately seventy singles from the 1950's and 60's. 10-20
1027.   Vintage Linen, pillow cases, napkins etc:- One Box. 15-20
1028.   A Quantity of LP's in Three Boxes, comprising easy listening and pop titles, including some comedy records from the 60's and 70's. 15-30
1029.   A Collection of Juvenalia, to include Bratz Radio Car, tinplate, dolls, etc:- Two Boxes 15-25
1030.   J S & S Beaten Copper Canister, jardiniere, kettles, brass candlesticks:- One Box. 20-30
1031.   Capo di Monte Figure of a Tramp, decorative tureen and cover, pair storage jars, miniature jardineres on stands, etc:- Two Boxes 10-15
1032.   Hornsea 'Fleur' Dinner Ware, of approximately fifty six pieces. 15-25
1033.   Advertising Wall Sign 'Dependable Spark Plugs' in metal, 70 x 50cm. 20-30
1034.   An Early XX Century Oil Lamp, with black glaze terracotta base, mottled glass well and yellow tinted shade, another oil lamp, and two water jugs. 20-40
1035.   Leitz Projector, slides and screen. 15-20
1036.   Myott Sefton Dinner Ware, Hobbies Design Plans, G.E.Studdy De Bonnes Histoires, etc. 15-25
1037.   Velvetiser Kitchenware, etc:- Three Boxes. 20-30
1038.   A Quantity of Glassware:- Two Boxes. 10-20
1039.   Agfa Photographic Slides, Images, 22 x 35mm, huge quantity, varying subjects including military, battles, old paintings, vehicles, Coronation Street, etc, in fourteen black slide holders, carry cases, vendors list accompanies this lot. 50-100
1040.   10CC Rubber Bullets, Paul Simon You Can Call Me, A1 and other 45 singles. Frank Sinatra Greatest Hits, other Frank Sinatra lp's and other albums etc:- Three Boxes. 15-20
1041.   Wilson Bros Woodworking Machinery Catalogue, London Illus News, Holly Leaves, other publications:- One Box. 20-30
1042.   Hilkin 8 x 40 Binoculars, cased. Prinz 8 x 40 binoculars and other cased binoculars, etc:- One Box. 10-20
1043.   Two Pairs of Lined Curtains Crewel Embroidered in the Jacobean Style, each curtain 200cm long x 200cm wide. 20-30
1044.   A XIX Century Style Blue-White Pottery Foot Bath, together with a XIX Century style blue-white pottery stick stand, shooting stick. (2) 30-50
1045.   Cameras - Voigtlander Vito B, Pentax Me Super, Lubilette, Polaroid 1000, Pentax 1:35.5 125mm lens, accessories. 20-40
1046.   Linen Tablecloth, other tablecloths, pillow case etc:- One Box. 10-15
1047.   Miranda 10 x 50 Coated Optics Wide Angle Binoculars, Halina Discovery 20 x 50 FG Field 3.9 and other binoculars etc:- One Box. 10-20
1048.   Money Boxes, mainly novelty examples in ceramic:- Two Boxes. 15-30
1049.   Pentax MZ-M Camera, Olympus digital camera, Olympus Superzoom 110 and other cameras. 20-30
1050.   Collectors Plates - Worcester,Rockford, Kirkham, etc, approximately thirty four pieces:- Two Boxes. 20-30
1051.   Tonka Tipping Truck, 46cm long. Corgi, Matchbox and other playworn models:- One Box. 20-30
1052.   Records - Paul Robeson, Arlo Guthrie, Peter, Paul and Mary, Dave Van Ronk, Pete Seeger (signed), Tom Paxton (signed), many others mainly lp's:- Two Boxes. 20-40
1053.   Diecast Vehicles, Wade Whimsies, etc :- Two Boxes 15-20
1054.   A Tin Trunk, 37cm wide caps. London Clock Co wall clock, clothes airer's. 20-30
1055.   78 rpm Records - Three Boxes of differing titles and artists, all recorded on shellac. 10-20
1056.   Cast Metal Three Light Candelabra, egg timer, etc:- One Box. 10-15
1057.   One Box of Approximately 70 LP's and One Box of 7" Singles, titles from the 1960's, 70's and 80's, Lp's contain soundtracks, pop, classical and compilations and the singles are mainly pop orientated. 20-40
1058.   Royal Worcester 'Evesham' Tureen, Teapot, sugar bowl and milk jug, Meakin willow pattern dinnerware, Poole floral plate, various plates, teaware etc:- Two Boxes. 20-30
1059.   Spode Woodland Tureen, (lacking kid), floral posies, Wedgwood, Doulton wall plates, teaware, etc:- Two Boxes. 15-20
1060.   One Box of Assorted Items, to include books, The Phenomena of Nature (1846) containing thirty plates, and Illustrative of The Fulfilment of Prophecy, also The Beatles official magnets, set still sealed a silver crest cassette digitiser, two sealed packs of TDK FE90 blank cassettes, VHS tapes and Only Fools and Horses Dvd's. 20-40
1061.   CD's, DVD's, handbags, mirror. 15-25
1062.   A Large Quantity of CD's and DVD's:- Three Boxes 15-25
1063.   Paul McCartney 'C'Mon People' Poster, tour programmes. 20-30
1064.   Royal Standard 'Carnival' Teaware, Tetley Tea Folk boxed figures, telephone:- Two Boxes. 15-25
1065.   Jardinieres, character jugs, blush ivory bowl etc:- Two Boxes. 15-20
1066.   Horse Brasses, XIX Century copper kettle, copper jug, etc:- One Box. 10-15
1067.   A Pair of XIX Century Staffordshire Dogs, tea ware, etc:- One Box. 15-30
1068.   Three Large Boxes of LP's, mainly easy listening, crooners and compilations from the 1950's - 1980's. 15-30
1069.   Collectors Plates, Rice bowls, Panda money box, glassware, etc:- Three Boxes. 15-30
1070.   7" Singles and 78's, thirty seven singles from 1960's, to include titles by The Beatles, Freddie and The Dreamers, The Searchers, Manfred Mann, etc. 10-20
1071.   A XIX Copper Kettle, five Bristol blue glass goblets. 15-20
1072.   Doulton 'Johnners' Character Jug, table lamp, other ceramics, glassware:- One Box. 15-25
1073.   A Japanese Charger, Ridgway and other plates, 'MF' vase, plated teapots, etc:- One Box. 20-30
1074.   Drinking Glasses, plates, chamber pot, Worcester 'Evesham', kitchen jar, etc:- Two Boxes. 15-25
1075.   A Collection of Pendelfin Rabbit Figures, Oliver Boswell etc:- One Tray. 10-15
1076.   Capodimonte, Wedgwood 'Penelope', Chinese and other figures:- One Tray. 15-30
1077.   Fairy Figures, including Leonardo, Naturecraft 'The Chuffins', Bathers, etc:- One Tray 20-40
1078.   A Waterford Glass Mantle Clock, Wedgwood, Aynsley, etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1079.   'Pepsi Cola 5c' Metal Wall sign, 18 x 53cm. artists paints, brushes, etc:- One Box. 15-25
1080.   Various Teapots, tea ware etc:- Two Boxes. 15-20
1081.   A Doulton 'Paddy' Character Jug, Prowling Cat and Seated Cat, Aynsley, Wedgwood, Hammersley, Albert, etc:- One Box 20-30
1082.   A Warris Carving Set, brass miner figures, etc:- On Box. 15-20
1083.   Silver Rimmed Glass Bowl, decanter, early XX Century wine glasses:- One Tray. 25-35
1084.   Sylvac Oval Bowl, Devon basket, Sylvac, Poole etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1085.   Devon Cake Stand, Honiton, Sylvac, other ceramics, glass trinkets, etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1086.   Nature craft and Other Figurines, Hornsea kitchen jars, etc:- One Box. 15-20
1087.   Miranda & Saratoga Binoculars, Rabone tape, Salter scales. 15-30
1088.   Roma Watch Head, mottled Dalmation dog, ebonized elephants, plated ware, etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1089.   A Phoenix Teapot, Denby Greenwheat jug, Royal Vale Teaware, etc:- One Tray. 15-20
1090.   Brass Bathroom Fittings, including three wall mirrors, soap holder, magnifying mirror, etc:- One Box. 20-30
1091.   Morgantown Crystal, Rosenthal, Wedgewood, Dambusters and other collectors plates. (7) 15-25
1092.   Portmeirion and Wedgwood Table China:- One Box. 30-40
1093.   Jewellery Case, pottery horse, cow ceramics, etc:- One Box. 15-20
1094.   Wedgwood 'Sarahs Garden' Table Ware, of approximately fifty pieces:- Two Boxes 30-50
1095.   The Works of Charles Dickens, leather half bound books, Nicholas Nickleby, Little Dorrit, etc 26 vols:- One Box. 10-15
1096.   Emma Bridgwater Jugs, Denby dinner ware, tea service etc, Portmeirion cup and saucer:- One Box 10-15
1097.   Konica C35 DFP Camera, Coronet Camera and other cameras, together with one box of camera cases:- Two Boxes. 10-20
1098.   Masons 'Fruit Basket' Tea Service, etc, teapot, cup, saucers etc:- One Box. 20-30
1099.   Old Foley 'Bounty', Anglo Boland and other trios, cups and saucers. 15-30
1100.   Minolta 505 SI Super Camera, with tamron lens, Pentax camera and other cameras, etc:- One Box. 15-20
1101.   Golf Books - Suggs, Hattstrom, Lowe, Nicklaus, Padgham, yearbooks, etc:- Three Books. 15-25
1102.   Lined Curtains, with raised wool work floral decoration, with fringe, 206cm depth 340cm. 20-40
1103.   Three Large Boxes of Classical LP's, titles from all the major recording artists within the classical genre. 15-30
1104.   Brass Coal Bucket, kettles, other brass ware, copper, etc:- One Box. 15-25
1105.   Records - LP's, mixed genres:- Three Boxes. 10-20
1106.   Kitchenware - pans, scales etc:- One Box. 15-30
1107.   Three Boxes of Assorted Christmas Decorations. 10-20
1108.   A Quantity of Prints, watercolours, needlework's:- One Box. 15-25
1110.   John Freer Watercolour, a quantity of prints, some signed, gilt picture frames. 15-25
1111.   A Quantity of 78rpm Records, with titles by Frank Sinatra, Bill Haley, Pat Boone, Fats Waller, Guy Mitchell, etc. 10-20
1112.   Vintage Table Cloths, doilies, linen napkins:- One Box. 15-20
1113.   Three Cases of Modern Hardback Books. 10-20
1114.   Daylight Company Adjustable Light, featuring magnifying glass, tapestries, print, tiles by Tony 15-30
1115.   Two Boxes of Modern Hardback Books. 10-20
1116.   A Teak Magazine Rack, George Cunningham book, Sheffield print and plan. 15-20
1117.   Two Adjustable Bronzed Standard Lamps, with opaque white glass shades. (2) 10-20
1118.   A Modern Cream Framed Mirror, overall height 84.5cm; together with five cream painted metal plant holders (rust). 10-20
1119.   Lawn Edging Uprights, having rope twist tops, approximately 246mm wide. 15-25
1120.   Classical, Easy Listening and Pop LP's, two boxes of records from the 50's, 60's and 70's. 10-20
1121.   The Self Interpreting Bible (with an Evangelical Commentary by the late Rev'd John Brown, 1834, pub Tho's Kelly 17 Paternoster Row, calf' The Gentlewoman 1891 vol 2 (bound copies), leather bound photo album with plated mounts, and nine volumes of The Children's Encyclopedia. 20-40
1122.   Tools, standard lamp, table lamps, prints, brass ware, etc. 15-30
1123.   Two Printers Drawers, featuring many compartments, 82.5cm wide. 15-30
1124.   Spanners, Halfords inflator, socket set, axe, hammer, etc:- Two Boxes. 20-30
1125.   Woodworkers and Other Tools, oil can, wicker basket. 15-20
1126.   Two Adjustable Bronzed Standard Lamps, with opaque white glass shades, (2) 10-20
1127.   An Adjustable Bronzed Standard Lamp, with opaque glass shade, together with a brushed brass effect standard lamp. (2) 10-20
1128.   A Singer Sewing Machine, brass log box, Middle Eastern coffee table. 15-25
1129.   Homemaker Plates 25.5 and 22.5cm diameter (6) 20-40
1130.   Coalport 'Revelry' Table Ware, of approximately sixty pieces, including teapot. 50-70
1131.   Gilt Overlaid Stemmed Hock Glasses, cups, etc:- One Tray 15-25
1132.   Thimbles: Quantity to include Limoges, Worcester, Spode, Wedgwood Owl Plates, etc:- One Tray 15-30
1133.   Wedgwood, Doulton, Albert, Spode, etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1134.   Wedgwood 'Countryware' Table China, of thirteen pieces, including tea pot. E. Blyde cased tea knives. 30-50
1135.   Two Whisky Decanters, Whisky and stemmed glassware:- One Tray. 15-30
1136.   XIX Century Fairings, Crested Ware, XIX Century Staffordshire figures, etc:- One Tray. 10-15
1137.   Coalport 'Countryware' Table China, of approximately sixty seven pieces, including coffee pot. 80-120
1138.   Two Masons 'Mandalay' Lamps, cups and saucers. 20-30
1139.   Imari 1128 Pattern Plate (unmarked), Royal Crown Derby plate (second) and a Royal Crown Derby heraldic plate (second), other plates. 10-20
1140.   Royal Stafford 'Violets Pompadour' Coffee Service, of fifteen pieces (spout of pot chipped) and 'First Love' tea ware:- One Tray. 15-25
1141.   An Early XX Century Lattice Work Dish, with applied leaf and vines, green basket marbled dessert plates, Crown Devon and other leaf dishes, stoneware lidded pot marked with Chinese figures:- One Tray. 20-40
1142.   Anita Harris 'Honey Bee Brook' Delta Vase, gold signed, 15cm high. 50-60
1143.   Continental Ceramic Owl, 24cm high, pair of Italian ceramic urns. (3) 15-25
1144.   An Anita Harris Model of Large Staffy Dog, gold signed, 31cm long, 20cm high. 60-70
1145.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the 'Harvest Poppy' design by Emma Bossons shape 393/5, impressed and painted marks, 13cm high. 60-80
1146.   Poole Pottery Twin Tone Set of Four Cups and Saucers, turquoise / grey, with matching jug and sugar bowl; a Wedgwood Ice Rose tall vase, 25.5cm high :- One Tray 15-25
1147.   Minton Bone China 'Tapestry' Pattern Part Dinner Service, twenty-seven pieces. 25-50
1148.   Dresden Vase, 13.5cm high, Samurai plates, Poole teapot, Mappin & Webb steak knives, place mats, tea caddy, etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1149.   Cranberry Glass Jug, 19cm high, another smaller (cracked), conical decanter, vases etc:- One Tray. 30-40
1150.    XIX Century Staffordshire Flat Back Figures:- One Tray. 15-20
1151.   Collectors Plates: Doulton and Albert, Ketsuzan, (30) 20-40
1152.   A Pair of Alabaster Table Lamps, surmounted by gilt cherubs. Aynsley bowl, Coalport plate, Wedgwood basket vase, etc:- One Tray. 15-30
1153.   XIX Century Lustre and Other Jugs, modern Staffordshire rabbits, horse etc:- One Tray. 20-30
1154.   Two Decanters, Doulton, Stuart and other named drinking glasses:- Two Trays. 20-40
1155.   Portmeirion 'Pomona' Table Ware, of approximately forty four pieces. 30-60
1156.   Vintage Coloured Glassware, varying sizes, tallest 33.5cm high. 20-30
1156A.  Four Boxes of LP Records, to include easy listening, pop, classical and comedy titles spanning the decades. 15-30
1157.   Spode Italian Tureens, plates, cup and saucer, Victorian toilet jug, other blue and white:- One Tray. 20-30
1158.   Doulton 'Carnation' Table Ware, of approximately forty nine pieces. 15-25
1159.   A XIX Century Stoneware Teapot, with inscription "Mrs Hudson 1899", other XIX Century teapots:- One Tray. 15-20
1160.   Wedgwood Coffee Pot, Matt Straw in the style of Keith Murray, case, Staffordshire and Aynsley trinkets, Luneville square bowl etc:- One Tray 30-40
1161.   Shelley Pearl Lustre Green Tree bowl on triform support 388 8262 painted under base, 17.5cm high (cracked). Foley Faience windmill vase, Doulton 'Jewel' trio. 15-25
1162.   Doulton 'Archives' - Lido Lady HN 4247, Enchantment Collection 'Seranade' HN 2753, Dick Turpin small character jug, barometer, Liliput Lane, Wedgwood vase:- One Tray. 20-40
1163.   A Studio Pottery Circular Jar and Cover, ribbed treacle glaze painted with flower heads, incised 'ST' to underside and three further pieces similar:- One Tray. 20-30
1164.   Six Harlequin Hock Glasses, XIX Century green glass decanter with clear twist handle, seven XIX Century green bowled wines. 20-30
1165.   Carlton and Maling dishes, model ducks, Tang horse, etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1166.   Crown Derby, Wedgwood Jasper, Coalport and other ceramics:- One Tray. 30-50
1167.   Worcester Figurines, including 'Emily '(damaged), 'Claire', 'Bridesmaid', 'Charlotte' , 'Victoria'. (9) 30-50
1168.   A Late XIX Century Cranberry Glass Barrel Shaped Lidded Jar, enamelled in white and blue with flowers and with gilt highlights, a cranberry glass bon bon dish on plated stand, a bowl and a carnival glass bowl:- One Tray 20-30
1169.   Tuscan 'Maytime' Tea Service, of twenty one pieces, plated preserve stand having twin glass dishes. 15-30
1170.   William Adams Polychrome China, including dishes, plates, mug, tea canister (lacking lid), etc:- One Tray. 10-20
1171.   Royal Crown Derby 'Derby Posies' Tea Ware, of thirty eight pieces. 50-80
1172.   Royal Crown Derby 'Imari' Pattern 1128 Two Tier Cake Stand, stamped. 30-40
1173.   A XIX Century Cranberry Glass Pedestal Bowl, with a wavy rim, cranberry glass jug, basket, custard glasses, etc:- One Tray. 30-40
1174.   Royal Crown Derby 'Derby Posies' Ceramics, of thirteen pieces. 20-30
1175.   Royal Crown Derby 2706 Imari Pattern Plate, 23cm diameter. Urn (damaged), pail, two similar saucers and egg cup. 40-60
1176.   An Early XX Century Royal Dux Figure of a Lady in a Grecian Style Dress, together with two other Royal Dux figures (all with red triangle to base). 40-60
1177.   A Crown Staffordshire 1930's Coffee Service F12953, fifteen pieces. 20-30
1178.   Clarice Cliffe Bizarre 'Coral Firs Pattern Bonjour Preserve Pot for Wilkinson Ltd, with associated lid. 30-50
1179.   Royal Worcester Hand Painted Plate, signed H. Ayrton, featuring fruit, 16cm diameter. 20-40
1180.   Isle of Wight Iridescent, Selkirk, Cane and Floral Paperweights. (4) 20-40
1181.   Royal Crown Derby 'Old; Imari' 1128 Pattern Mug, coffee can and saucer, tooth pick holder and oval trinket box, all first qualtity. 50-70
1182.   Royal Crown Derby 'Old Imari 1128 Pattern Ginger Jar and Cover, first quality, 11cm high. 50-70
1183.   Crown Derby Paperweight 'Fawn', first quality, gold stopper. 30-40
1184.   Royal Doulton Figurine 'Sir Henry Doulton' HN 3891, Coalport 'Catherine' (2) 30-40
1185.   Beswick Charolais Bull, connoisseur model, on oval base. 20-40
1186.   Doulton 'Brambly Hedge', teapot, sugar bowl and cream jug, cup and six plates. 50-80
1187.   A XIX Century Black Basalt Jug, with textured body and angular loop handle (chip to spout); together with pair of Poole Pottery oil and vinegar bottles and matching tray. (4) 10-20
1188.   Doulton WinnieThe Pooh 'Ive Found somebody Just Like Me' WP22, clock, 'Pooh and The Honeypot', Christopher Robin'. (4) 30-40
1189.   A XIX Century Cranberry Jack in the Pulpit Vase, and fluted vase, pedestal bon bon dish, wines, etc:- One Tray. 20-30
1190.   Doulton 'Jennifer', Worcester 'Duchess of Cambridge' and Suzy Cooper 'Rose Garden', figurines. (3) 20-40
1191.   Radford Vases and Parrot Ashtray, Goebel boy, etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1192.   Three Grafton Rose Pattern Cups and Saucers, Roslyn tea pot, Old Foley dish, etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1193.   A Carnival Blue/Mauve Leaf and Vine Moulded Bowl, with crimped rim, another with a cherry design, large green tinted Wrythen bowl, lobed glass bottle, Galileo thermometer, cocktail sticks:- One Tray. 25-40
1194.   Aynsley 'Cottage Garden' Ware, of eight pieces. Royal Imperial coffee set, etc:- One Tray 20-30
1195.   Shelley Tapering Vase, Kelsboro monochrome jug, Carlton dish, Berkeley lidded jar, etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1196.   Worcester 'Strawberries' Cake Plate plus Hors D'oeurve. Lladro figurine (damaged), Alum Bay glass, etc:- One Tray 15-30
1197.   XIX Century Pottery Figures, hand painted inkwell, Italian poodles etc:- One Tray. 15-20
1198.   XIX Century Staffordshire Flat Back Figures, soldier on horseback etc:- One Tray. 15-20
1199.   A 1920's White Glass Powder Jar, the top painted with a lady, gentleman's tobacco jar circa 1900, glass dome, other glass and ceramics:- One Tray. 20-30
1200.   A XIX Century Celery Vase, cranberry glass, green tinted glass, scent bottles, paperweights:- One Tray. 25-40
1201.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the 'Paradise Found' design by Vicky Lovatt, shape 4/8, impressed and painted marks, 21cm high. 200-220
1202.   Anita Harris 'Bluebell Wood' Minos Vase, gold signed, 21cm high. 50-60
1203.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the 'Bluebell Harmony' design by Kerry Goodwin, shape 138/12, impressed and painted marks, 31cm high. 60-80
1204.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the trial R.S.P.B. 'A Clouded Clearing' design by Vicky Lovatt shape 7/7, dated 25.9.19, impressed and painted marks, 19cm high. 160-180
1205.   A Lladro Seated Ballerina K-12-F Spanish Figurine (2) 20-30
1206.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the 'Anna Lily' design by Nicola Slaney, shape 102/7, impressed and painted marks, 18cm high. 130-150
1207.   Royal Dux Figurine of a Girl Holding a Water Jug with a Basket, mounted on a stand (with a red triangle on base). 30-40
1208.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the 'Renishaw Hall Bluebell' design by Nicola Slaney, number 31, shape 162/5, signed, impressed and painted marks, 13cm high. 90-110
1209.   Royal Doulton Figure 'Carpet Seller', HN 1464. 40-60
1210.   A Dennis China Works Vase, with outcurved rim, painted with tulips on a blue ground, ST No. 33 and impressed marks to underside, 17cm high; Another similar, painted with Iris on a blue ground, pattern ST Des No. 342, both 2000. (2) 40-60
1211.   Royal Doulton Figure 'The Orange Lady' HN 1953, 'Bridget' HN 2070 and 'Stiggins'. (3) 30-40
1212.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the trial 'Water Lily' design by Rachel Bishop, shape 11/9, dated 11.11.19, impressed and painted marks, 23cm high. 250-280
1213.   Anita Harris 'Panda' Purse Vase, gold signed, 12cm high. 35-40
1214.   A Lorna Bailey 'Lakeside' Colourway Orb Sugar Caster, signed in blue, released March 2005, 17cm high (page 50 The New Millennium book). 40-50
1215.   Beswick Owls '1046' and '2026', XIX Century hot water jug. (3) 15-25
1216.   Lladro Figure of a Girl, in matt finish, 15.5cm high, two larger by Nao. 15-30
1217.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the trial 'Penny Black' design by Vicky Lovatt, shape 520/5, dated 15.10.29, impressed and painted marks, 9cm high 130-150
1218.   Anita Harris Triangle Blue and White Lustre Dragonfly Vase, gold signed, 24cm high. 70-80
1219.   A Peggy Davies Erotic Figurine ' Lolita', an artist original colourway 1/1 by Victoria Bourne, 20cm high. 120-140
1220.   An Anita Harris Model of a Cockerel, gold signed, 16.5cm high. 30-40
1221.   An Anita Harris Multi-Coloured Collie Dog Figure, gold signed, 12cm high. 30-35
1222.   Dresden Figure of Lady by Spinning Wheel, (damaged) and maiden (damaged). Wedgwood Wheat Girl figure, 21.5cm high, Doulton Pope John Paul II. 30-50
1223.   Lorna Bailey - Bengo the Dog, 12cm high. 25-30
1224.   Lorna Bailey - Precious The Cat, 11.5cm high. 25-30
1225.   Lorna Bailey - Frizzel the Cat, 10cm high. 25-30
1226.   Royal Doulton Figurines 'Free as The Wind' HN 3139, 'Sarah' and 'Bedtime'. (3) 20-30
1227.   Lorna Bailey for Old Ellgreave Pottery Egg Cups as Cats, limited edition pair of 100. 20-40
1228.   Royal Doulton Figurines, 'Lesley' HN 2410, 'Fair Lady' HN 2193, and 'Janet' HN 1537. (3) 20-30
1229.   Lorna Bailey - Muppet the Cat, 13cm high. 25-30
1230.   Lorna Bailey - Bubbles the Cat, 12cm high. 25-30
1231.   Lorna Bailey - Dashy the Dog, 10cm high. 25-30
1232.   A Peggy Davies Erotic Figurine 'Phoebe', an artist original colourway 1/1 by Victoria Bourne, 18cm high. 80-100
1233.   Coalport Figurines 'Sentiments My Love', 'English Rose' and 'Angelina'. (3) 20-30
1234.   A Lorna Bailey Flambe and Grey Model of a Pig, gold signed, 16cm long. 35-40
1235.   An Anita Harris Flambe and Black Model of a Sitting Piglet, 15cm high. 30-35
1236.   Royal Doulton Signed Figurines 'Diana' HN 3266, 'Angela' HN 3419, 'Fragrance' HN 3311. (3) 20-40
1237.   An Anita Harris Alabaster Effect Model of a Staffy Dog, gold signed, 11cm high. 30-35
1238.   An Anita Harris Figure of a Koala Bear, gold signed, 14cm high. 35-40
1239.   A Lorna Bailey Multi-Coloured Model of a Curled Fox, gold signed, 12cm long. 30-35
1240.   Royal Doulton Signed Figurines, Figure of The Year 'Mary' HN 3375 and 'Pamela' HN 3223. (2) 20-30
1241.   Doulton Character Jugs, 'The Auctioneer 'D6838, 'The Antique Dealer' D6807, 'Arry' & Jarge'. (4) 40-60
1242.   Coinage, Dixons coffee pot, Ronson lighter, fuel ration book, faceted drops:- One Tray. 15-30
1243.   A Quantity of Miniatures, thimbles, bird figures, etc:- One Tray. 15-30
1243A.  A Lorna Bailey Model of a Hen, gold signed, 13cm high. 30-35
1243B.  Lorna Bailey - Ethan the Cat, 13cm high. 25-30
1244.   Christmas Decorations, trinket boxes, etc:- One Tray 10-15
1245.   A Large Collection of GB Pre Decimal Coins, includes threepences, one pennies, half pennies, etc. 15-25
1246.   Lorna Bailey - Busy Bee the Cat, 12cm high. 25-30
1247.   Lorna Bailey - Tex the Cat, 12cm high. 25-30
1248.   Lorna Bailey - Doodles the Dog, 14cm long. 25-30
1249.   Two Parker Duofold, Senior Duofold, two Slimfold plus Waterman's L2 ink pens, all having 14K nibs, other Parker pens in three cases. 40-80
1250.   The Beatles Jigsaw, 340 pieces by Nems Enterprises Ltd. 20-30
1251.   The Beatles, four painted pottery figures of The Fab 4. 30-40
1252.   John Lennon, 'A Spaniard in The Works' inscribed 'With Best Wishes for a Happy Birthday from John, August 1965', signature unverified. 80-120
1253.   The Beatles 1960's Record Carrier, by Seagull Enterprises, 1964. 50-70
1254.   The Bealtes, 1960's Jewellery Collection, including Beatle brooch, expanding book pendant, ribbon brooch, pendant on chain. 60-80
1255.   The Beatles, nodding heads in painted plaster, mounted and framed as a group montage. 30-50
1256.   Carry on Camping Lobby Card, black pen signed 'Love Barbara Windsor x', 20 x 25.5cm. 20-30
1257.   Dinky Toys - Riley 40A, Caravan 190 (x 2), Royal Mail Van 260. (4) 20-30
1258.   A Large Colleciton of GB Pre Decimal Coins, includes one pennies, threepences, sixpence's etc. 15-25
1259.   Zodiac Gent's Mechanical Wristwatch, silver cased pocket watch, lacking glass. (2) 15-25
1260.   A Silver Vesta Case, the front decorated with Gondolier, Birmingham hallmark, monogram to back. 15-30
1261.   A Festival of Britain Lighter, two 5 coins, Windsor Mint pre decimal sets, medallions. 15-25
1261A.  Chichester Excavations [Alec Dawn], five vols, Encyclopedia of World History, European Architecture and other related books:- Two Boxes 15-20
1261B.  Two Boxes of History Related Books, to include many Oxford History of England, 'The Earlier Tudors 1485-1558', 'Anglo Saxon England', 'Roman Britain', 'The Reign of Elizabeth', 'Illustrated English Social History', vols 1-IV [M. Trevelyan'] pub Longman's, Green & Co, 1952, etc. 20-40
1261C.  The Charm of the English Village [P.H. Ditchfield], 1908, pub B.T. Batsford, and other Country Life related books:- Two Boxes 15-25
1262.   Minerals - unworked and polished specimens:- One Box 20-40
1263.   A Shelley Jam Pot, Oriental white metal trinket box, bottles, Limoges, etc:- One Box. 15-25
1264.   Two Decanters, water jug, bowls, Royal Albert and other glassware:- One Tray. 15-30
1265.    Sekonda, Rio, Ingersol and other wrist watches, goblets:- One Tray and a clock as a frying pan. 15-25
1266.   Minolta Dynax 500 si Camera, ship in a bottle, handkerchiefs, hummer style figure, stein, plates. 15-25
1267.   Minerals - Unworked and polished specimens, onyx box, etc:- One Tray. 20-40
1268.   Four Decanters, plated tray with gadrooned border, ice bucket. 20-30
1269.   Crown Devon 'Lune' Wash Jug, Bowl and Brush Holder, a 'Windsor' soap holder. 25-35
1270.   Two Evening Bags, two decanters, claret jug, J.T Jones birds (one damaged):- One Tray. 15-25
1271.   XIX Century Inkwell, with a silver top collar (damaged) one box of old penny coins, XIX centre black papier mache crumb scoop, pot lid etc:- One Tray. 15-20
1272.   A Dressing Table Set, glassware, bells including Wedgwood:- One Tray. 15-25
1273.   XIX Century Jelly Moulds, Chinese blue-white dish, Adams ironstone large cup-saucer, Beswick donkey (damaged). 10-20
1274.   Lorgnettes, silver handled toasting fork, ovoid vase, cutlery, basket:- One Tray. 15-25
1275.   A Silver Cup, dated 1938. Peltro figures, plated salts. 20-30
1276.   Four Boxes of Records, spanning the decades, comprising mainly easy listening from all the legends such as Frank Sinatra, Shirley Bassey and Nat King Cole. 15-30
1276A.  The Art of Plastering [George P. Bankart], 1909, pub B.T. Batsford, Modern Cabinet Work, Furniture & Fitments, Modern School Buildings, The Road [Hilaire Belloc], 1923, pub The British Reinforced Concrete Co Ltd., and The Old Road [Hilaire Belloc], 1904, pub Archibald Constable & Co Ltd, and other practical and design related bokks:- One Box 20-30
1276B.  General Interest Books, subjects include Cookery, Gardening, Golf, etc:- Three Boxes 10-20
1277.   Classical Music LP's - Three Boxes of Titles, by all of the major composers and artists, including recordings going back through the decades. 15-30
1278.   Oriental Smoking Items, to include elongated pipes, 54.5cm, opium style pipes, Meerschaum pipe, dragon ornament. 20-40
1279.   Two African Hardwood Busts, wooden animals:- One Tray. 15-20
1280.   A Large Oriental Floral Vase, circa 2000, 83cm high. 15-30
1281.   A Sailor's Valentine Style Bowl and Cover, of circular form, allover encrusted with shells, in a geometric pattern, 17.5cm diameter. 40-60
1282.   Erotica Oriental Inro, scent bottle, condiments, boxes:- One Tray 20-40
1283.   Magnifying Glasses, with varying handles. (14) 20-40
1284.   XIX Century Silhouettes of Old Maids, white tinted, three traditional examples, all in frames. (5) 40-60
1285.   XIX Century Meat Cleaver, stamped G.R, together with an Indian Kukri and XIX Century style scrimshaw on a plated tray 30-40
1286.   A XIX Century Mahogany Tea Caddy, with a ring handle, 22.5cms wide. 20-30
1287.   An Oak Tantalus, circa 1900 with plated mounts, handles and vacant shield, three decanters present 34cm wide. 40-60
1288.   A XX Century 'National Union of Railwaymen' Certificate, presented to T.H. Hunt 1923, framed. 30-40
1289.   A XIX Century 'British Steel Smelters Amalgamated Association' Certificate, to P. King 1898, framed. 10-15
1290.   A XIX Century Mahogany Cabinet Speaker, with applied elephant handles. 15-20
1291.   Three Crucifixes With Jesus on the Cross, together with a white metal Crucifix of Jesus. (4) 20-30
1292.   A XIX Century Papier Mache Sewing Box, with mother of pearl inlay, gilt decoration, mother of pearl inlay,(damaged). 30-40
1293.   An XIX Century Elm Chopping Board, together with a XIX Century treen butter pat and scoop. (3) 40-60
1294.   A XIX Century Sampler 32.5 x 27.5cm. Fairy needlework picture, beaded pin cushion and purse. Pair of needlework bellows. 30-50
1295.   A XIX Century Walnut Writing Slope, with brass mounts and vacant escutcheon (damages), three sectional Clarinet having nickel mounts, 58cm long. 20-40
1296.   An Early XX Century Morocco Writing Slope, with light and ink pullouts present. 30-50
1297.   Early XX Century Baush & Lomb Opt Co, Pat Jan 8.91 Box Camera, Comets CMF, Empire Scout camera:- One Tray. 15-20
1297A.  York Monuments [J.B. Morrell], pub B.T. Batsford Ltd., Christian Art & Architecture, Old Cheshire Churches [Raymond Richards], 1947, pub B.T. Batsford and other similar books:- Two Boxes 20-30
1298.   The Beatles Original Film Cell from The Yellow Submarine of Jeremy Hillary Boob - Character voiced by Dick Emery, 30 x 39cm. 80-100
1299.   The Beatles Witney Blanket, fibre blend with wool, featuring images of The Fab 4 with instruments, approximately 194 x 140cm. 50-70
1300.   The Beatles, Selcol Ukulele Banjo, melody maker, 56cm long. 300-400
1301.   The Beatles Plastic Model Guitar, 49.5cm long in packet. 30-40
1302.   Punch & Judy Glove Puppets (4), including Mr Punch, wooden headed, cloth, together with script and booklets.. 30-60
1303.   A Shops Large Shaped Name Letters, in orange 83cm high, B, D (2), G, L,U,R. 15-25
1304.   A Mid XX Century Toy Monkey, 36cm high, wool weaver, two boxed Furby's, a pair of overlaid Venetian blue glass vases, prints, signed memorabilia. 20-40
1305.   The Beatles 'Help' Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Poster, 96 x 64cm; together with a small quantity of Beatles memorabilia. (2) 20-40
1306.   A Violin, with a one piece back together with a bow, stamped 'Tourte'. (2) 40-80
1307.   Sex Pistols Plastic Model Guita, 41cm long, in packet. 30-40
1308.   Cigarette Lighters, cloth patches, tins, etc:- One Tray, 15-25
1309.   Jukebox. AMI 1950's Juke Wall Box, together with table top bracket, both in chrome, bearing makers logo, the bracket 42cm high. the Jukebox 36.5cm high. 300-400
1310.   Black & White Composition Baby Dolls, Fleur De Lys iron door stop. 15-25
1311.   A Collection of Dolls and Teddies, to include a dated 1976 brown Gorilla, other animals, etc:- Two Boxes 15-25
1312.   A Fully Jointed Gold Plush Teddy Bear, with pad feet and hands, black stitch nose and mouth, 61cm high. 20-40
1313.   Film Posters - Foreign 1950's, 60's including Scotland Yard, Sandoval, Friday 13th, (10) varying sizes. 20-40
1314.   Two Revolving Shop Display Stands, plus two Mannequins. 20-40
1315.   Meccano Crane and Car, Beatles figures, annuals, Cludo, etc:- Two Boxes. 30-40
1316.   A Quantity of LP's in Three Boxes, to include artists such as Elvis Presley, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Rita Coolidge, Bee Gees, Barbra Streisand and many more. 15-30
1317.   A XIX Century 'Steam Engine Makers Society Certificate', for Edward Hughes 1874, framed. 30-40
1318.   A Plated Trinket Box, large keys, clocks, pen nibs etc:- One Tray. 15-20
1319.   Penguin Modern Painters - Paul Nash, Stanley Spencer, Edwin Burra. XIX Century maps, postcards, other publications. 15-30
1320.   Bakelite Viewmaster plus Discs, cigarette cards, including Ogdens Push, Westminster, Gallaher, Carraras, Ypres 1914 cards, etc. 20-30
1321.   John Linwood Spit Roast, oval plaques, suitcase, etc. 20-40
1322.   A Postcard Album, of early XX Century and later postcards. 30-40
1323.   Armand Marseille Pottery Headed Doll, stamped 390 A4M. 20-40
1324.   Richter's Anchor Box, containing building stones, boxed, on other boxed game, together with two child's slate blackboard's (4) 15-20
1325.   Cigar Memorabilia - Willem II and Ritmeester Labels, cigar cutter, lighter, scales,, brass dishes. 15-20
1326.   CCCP 7 x 50 Prismatic Binoculars, with central focusing adjustment, in a leather case and two other pairs binoculars. 10-15
1327.   A Postcard Album, of early XX Century postcards of Hillsborough Park Leppings Wadsley Bridge, Matlock etc. 30-40
1328.   Pen Knives, scissors, Otis telescope, calculator, folding ruler, slide rule, etc. 20-40
1329.   A Pierced Brass Box, candle holders, bronzed Dickens character medallions (mounted), commemorative tins, etc: One Tray. 20-30
1330.   Vivtar 75-260mm Lens, Sigma zoom 1:4.5 lens, Pentax-A zoom 1:4 70-210mm:- One Box. 15-20
1331.   A Late XIX Century Leather Bound Photograph Album, 10-20
1332.   French Pierced Porcelain Vase, painted with flowers, 'AA' car badges, vintage Dunlop repair kit for tubeless tyres, two jack knives, 'Ark Royal' brass plaque, etc:-One Tray 40-60
1333.   Postcards - Bamforth 'Songs' Series, War related, French Art Deco ladies, Captain Webb, etc. 30-50
1334.   Jerusalem Album, Chesterman tapes, leather dolls clogs, spirit level, etc:- One Tray. 20-30
1335.   U.S.S.R Wimhurst Machine, mounted on a base (Made in U.S.S.R). 50-100
1336.   A Classical Style Brass Mantle Clock, with fluted columns, swags, cream enamel chapter ring, with Arabic numerals, wooden gavel, plated spirit flask, scarab beetles, etc on a plated oval tray. 20-40
1337.   Three Black Forest Wooden Bears, the longest 14.5cm. 20-40
1338.   Early XX Century Glass Magic Lantern Slides, approximately fifty. N.A McInnes Three Mile Record Film Reel. 20-40
1339.   Postcards - Indian locations, sentimental, comical cats, etc:- Two Albums. 15-30
1340.   A Compendium of Games, chess set, dominoes, draughts etc, boxed. 25-30
1341.   Deans Rag Book 329 'How Many', Nature at Work Book 1, 'Round The Year with Enid Blyton, etc. 20-30
1342.   A Quantity of World Stamps, First Day Covers and Postcards. 15-30
1343.   A Silver Plated Model of a Dog, JS & S Copper Art Nouveau style jardiniere on bun feet, bronzed figure of an otter and stag, etc:- One Tray. 20-30
1344.   Two Pairs of Binoculars, in leather case, hand mirror, condiment set, lacquered box:- One Tray. 15-25
1345.   Five Noverdy, France Art Deco Wall Lights, each with frosted glass floral decorated centre panel and angular side panels within a silvered metal frame, four of the centre pieces stamped "Noverdy France, Depose". 100-200
1346.   A Webley Tempest .77 Air Pistol, with some accessories, in box. 40-60
1347.   An Ace Stamp Album,1951 Festival of Britain First Day Covers and Guide, Olympics 1956 official report, 1893 Sheffield Coal Co cricket ball. postcards, cigarette cars, Bournville booklets. 20-40
1348.   Vivitar 75-300mm 1:4.5-5-6 MC Macro Focusing Zoom Lens, Mitakon MC zoom 1:3.5/4.5 f-28-80mm and other camera lens:- One Box 20-40
1349.   Motoring Memorabilia - Plastic Michelin Man, 32cm high, with two boxed Hella Halogen spotlights. 20-30
1350.   Meloday Maker, full set of 1981 publications of The Music Magazine (53) 50-70
1351.   A 1982 Motorola 5000X Cellular Mobile Telephone. 15-25
1352.   Binoculars, carriage lamp, Morocco map, watches, etc. 20-30
1353.   Book Ends, magnifier, stamps, football programmes, clock etc:- One Tray. 15-20
1354.   Midland Ready Rescue CB Radio, pair of brass candlesticks, 13.5cm high. 15-20
1355.   A XIX Century Cassell's Illustrated Family Bible, containing The Old New Testaments; together with a set of six XIX Century comical hunting prints, with text on verso. (7) 20-30
1356.   'National' Metal Wall sign. Military water canister and hand generator V.A 2878 Gen-R 'C' 1940. Stratton lipstick case, etc. 20-30
1356A.  Antique Guides and Reference Books, Art and Natural History:- Two Boxes 10-20
1356B.  Two Boxes of Topographical and Related Books, to include 'Off The Beaten Track in Sussex', 'One Foot in Sussex', 'Wainwright's Lake District'. 15-30
1356C.  Three Boxes of General Interest Books, including David Dimbleby 'A Picture of Britain', Robert Twigger 'White Mountain', topographical and natural history etc. 15-25
1356D.  Two Boxes of General Interest Books, subjects include autobiographies, topography, travel and history. 15-20
1356E.  Butler's Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs and Other Principal Saints (Edited by Rev. Bernard Kelly), vols 1-5, 1961, Virtue & Company Ltd; A History of Christianity, The Cathedrals of England and Wales, Ancient Church Chests and Chairs, Church Vestments and other similar books:- Two Boxes 20-30
1357.   A Nut Dish in Walnut, with ships wheel nut crusher in brass, 33cm diameter. 10-20
1358.   Three Shell Posters, 'The Shell Guide to Yorkshire', 'Shell Guide to Surrey', Shell Guide to Midlothian. (3) 10-15
1359.   A French Onyx Cased Mantle Clock, circa 1900, with gilt fairy figure atop, on scroll feet, 59cm high. 40-60
1360.   Stoneware Liquid Dispenser, possibly Brampton, of ovid form, single handle, pouring rim to centre body, 30cm high, small lidded jar and pot. (3) 30-40
1361.   A Pair of Bronze Classical Figures, each with screw thread to circular base, 11cm high. 30-50
1362.   A Brass Cased Carriage Clock, with black Roman numerals to white dial. 20-40
1363.   Art Deco - Lady Dancers, soft metal, gilt finished one as a lamp on oak base 33.5cm high, the other as a lighter on marble base, both damaged (2) 30-60
1364.   An Edwardian Mahogany Dome Topped Mantle Clock, with shell patera inlay, on brass bun feet, 23.5cm high. 20-30
1365.   A Miners Lamp No Type 1A, by Protector Lamp & Lighting Co. 20-40
1366.   A Miners Lamp No 1A, by Protector Lamp & Lighting Co, plus accessories. 30-40
1367.   Solid Teak Table Lamp, two African hardwood busts, shoe tree, Masai Farmers cowbell. 20-30
1368.   A Brass Oil Lamp, with black terracota base and ruby glass well, horse brasses. 20-40
1369.   Table Lamp, with oval brass base and arm. 15-25
1370.   Brass and Mahogany Balance Scales, by W.B. Nicholson of Glasgow, plus weights, a miners lamp by The Projector Lamp & Lighting Co. 20-40
1371.   A Brass Oil Lamp Circa 1900, with fluted base and support, cranberry tinted frill glass well and associated shade. 30-50
1372.   Late XIX Century/Early XX Century Malacca Walking Stick, with a horn handle, together with a riding crop. (2) 20-40
1373.   A Large XIX Century Copper Kettle. 20-40
1374.   The Useful Fire Extinguisher of Bury, Lancs, stamped '1944', 56cm high. 20-40
1375.   A Bronzed Table Lamp, having Tiffany style shade. 20-30
1376.   LP's and 7" Singles, mainly from the 50's and 60's, over 60 LP's and over 100 singles, consisting of pop, classical, jazz and easy listening recordings. 20-40
1377.   A Barrel Planter, four XIX Century quart graduated measures, brass pans, brass bugle, two brass horns. 20-30
1378.   A XIX Century 'Combed' Wooden Writing Slope, parquetry inlaid box and rosewood writing slope lacking interior (some fading), (3). 30-50
1379.   Bartholomew's Half Inch Maps, linen backed, in blue album; Railway Wonders of the World, other books. 10-20
1380.   XIX Century Leather Shire Horse Collar. 20-40
1381.   A Brass Log Bucket, Middle Eastern hexagonal coffee table, wall plaque, other metal ware. 30-50
1382.   Michelin Advertising Wall Clock 30.5cm wide. 20-30
1383.   A Large Pottery Footbath, in the ironstone style featuring historical landmarks, in blue and white, 47cm wide. 30-40
1384.   Konstsmide Penguin Lamp, 62cm high. Pair of large African hardwood figures. (3) 15-30
1385.   A Chandelier, with nine fluted branches, the sconces hung with prismatic drops between swags. 20-30
1386.   A Chandelier, with nine fluted branches, the sconces hung with prismatic drops between swags. 20-30
1387.   Pendleton Classic Somerby Red Painted Ladies Bike. 30-50
1388.   Elizabeth Taylor Print, after Sid Avery, as a montage. Ikea Skyscraper Builders print, 70 x 100cm, larger dog washing print. (3) 15-20
1389.   Bevelled Wall Mirror, in rectangular gilt frame, 67.5cm wide, another in oval, stained pine framed wall mirror, large. (3) 15-30
1390.   A Large Gilt Framed Oval Wall Mirror, circa early XX Century, with inner band united by floret's, 122cm high. 30-50
1391.   A XIX Century Overmantle Mirror, with parquetry inlaid border, on bun feet, 51cm high, 88cm wide; together with a gilt framed mirror/prints. (2) 20-30
1392.   The Rolling Stones 1981 American Tour Poster, presented by Jovan Fragrances, 91 x 57.5cm. 15-30
1393.   The Who, Quadrophenia advertising poster 89.5 x 62.5cm. 20-30
1394.   A XIX Century Tapestry, featuring seated Girl and Goat, in a naturalistic landscape, oak framed, 100 x 83cm overall. 40-60
1395.   J Bazakawski, Sleigh Ride with Horses in a Forest, oil on board, signed lower right, 41 x 59.5cm; together with an early XX Century print (2). 20-30
1396.   Joan Warner 'Red Campion', watercolour, signed lower right, 25.5cm x 41.5cm. M. Cox Study of a Pipe Smoking Gentleman, signed and dated '82, 19 x 26.5cm. (2) 15-30
1397.   Bill Stockman (Brixham Artist), Boat Beached in Harbour, oil on board, signed lower left, 75.5 x 39.5cm. 20-40
1398.   Alan Wickham, Rural Landscapes, pair of watercolours, signed and dated '03, 15.5 x 24cm. 20-40
1399.   A Goodber, Pen and Ink Drawing of Millhouses Park, Sheffield, signed bottom right 10 x 14. Watercolour of a Castle, signed bottom right H W ---, together with a pencil drawing of a church. (3) 15-20
1400.   Two XIX Century Oval Photo of Glass (one damaged). XIX Century miniature prints and map of Anglesey. 15-30
1401.   C.S Seiman, Children Playing in The Snow, oil on canvas, signed lower left, 61 x 91cm. 20-40
1402.   After R Ackermann, a pair of XIX Century style prints of 'Horse Dealing', No 1 and No 2. 30-40
1403.   Burnett, Parisian Street Scene, oil on canvas, signed lower right, 61 x 91cm. 30-50
1404.   A XIX Century Miniature Watercolour of Military Gentleman, 8.5cm diameter, in contemporary gilt metal freestanding frame. 20-40
1405.   XIX Century School, Shipping off the coast, oil on board, 14.6 x 22.5cm. 15-30
1406.   William Goodrich (Sheffield Artist), Still Life of Roses in Vase, oil on board, signed W.R.E Goodrich, 34.5 x 29.5cm. 30-40
1407.   S Jackson, Study of Mares, oil on board, signed lower left 12.5 x 19cm. 20-30
1408.   Alan Wickman, A Busy Beach Scene, watercolour, details verso, 18.5 x 28.5cm, another similar. (2) 20-40
1409.   Frances Jons Del? 'Fairy Glen Betws-y-Coed, oil on canvas, dated 198*, 80.5 x 55cm. 20-40
1410.   A.W Redgate, Old Cottage Wilford Green, watercolour, signed lower right, 26 x 43cm. 30-50
1411.   Alpine Scene, oil on board, 50 x 60cm, signed indistinctly. 15-20
1412.   Terry Gorman 'The Wicker, Sheffield', limited edition print of 500, signed, 39 x 49.5cm. 15-30
1413.   Dorothy Colles (1917 - 2003), Distant Town with Cottages in Foreground, watercolour, signed lower right, 35 x 44cm. 20-40
1414.   A Mid to Late XX Century Oil on Canvas, Cottage by River, 60 x 90.5cm. 20-40
1415.   William Goodrich (Sheffield Artist), Still Life of Roses in Vase, oil on board, signed W.R.R Goodrich, 39 x 34cm. 30-40
1416.   K Adams, Dutch Village Scene, oil on board, signed lower left, 28.5 x 39cm. 40-60
1417.   Padwick, Sussex Quayside, oil on board, signed lower right Annan label verso, 44.5 x 59.5cm. 30-50
1418.   P.G Vertin, XIX Century Street Scene, oil on board, signed lower right, 28.5 x 23.5cm. 50-100
1419.   A. Godber 'Sheffield Moor Market 2.83' Ink Drawing, 10 x 14cm. Three pencil drawings, two watercolours. (6) 20-30
1420.   Pollyanna Pickering Limited Edition Print, 19/100, Snow Scene with Horse Riders, signed bottom right. Diaz oil painting of a fishing boat, signed bottom right and a Mark Hukinlin 95, signed bottom left (3) 10-20
1421.   A Late XIX Century School, Study of Birds Amongst Roses, oil painting, signed indistinctly, 29.5 x 88cm. 15-25
1422.   Padwick, Castle Study, oil painting, signed lower right, 26.5 x 37cm. 30-50
1423.   Terry Gorman (Sheffield Artist) 'Saturday Night Out' Limited Edition Colour Print, 24 x 37.5cm, another 'Telegraph and Star', both signed. (2) 15-20
1424.   Nicolaou, Mediterranean Scene, oil on canvas, 40 x 50cm. Still life of flowers, oil on canvas, (2) 15-20
1425.   Three Frank Ruddock Signed Sheffield Prints, two by Alice Barnwell, four others. (9). 15-30
1426.   G.A Plant, White Cottage with Goose in Foreground, oil on board, signed lower left, 28.5 x 22.5cm. Two room interior prints in oak frames. 15-25
1427.   L. Laing, Oast Houses by Bridge, oil on board, signed and dated 1969, 43 x 59.5cm. F.Mortimor, Boats in Calm Waters, watercolour, signed lower left, (2) 20-40
1428.   Graham Dudley Page, Sand Dunes, watercolour, signed lower right, 15.5 x 23cm, others of Church and Continental Port. (3) 20-40
1429.   Two XIX Century Coaching Scene Prints, circular, 15.5cm diameter. 'The Wandering Minstrel', Elegant Lady and Leblond style trio prints. (5) 15-25
1430.   Teresa Rutter, Oast Houses, watercolour signed and dated 1983, 22.5 x 29cm. Ernest Greenwood 'Rye from The 7th Tee' print. (2) 15-30
1431.   Mid XX Century Russian School, Ballerinas, oil on board, signed Kywepob.A, another oil of waterfall. 20-30
1432.   Oriental Hand Coloured Print of Bird, with fabric border, prints, bird, lady and child themed. (9) 15-30
1433.   Charles Hancock (1795 - 1868), Fox Dog Head, oil on board, signed lower left, 24.5 x 19cm, plus still life oil. (2) 20-40
1434.   Alfred Waterfall, Bridge over River Scene, possibly Bakewell, watercolour, signed lower left, 26.5 x 37cm.
1435.   Al;an Lowndes, Ice Cream Cart with Children, colour print, dated 1963, graphite signed in margin, 23 x 60.5cm. 30-50
1436.   Quantas, 1960's original poster featuring seven varying images, by Posters Pty Ltd 101 x 63cm 30-40
1437.   Tom Ellis, Horses and Figures by Farmyard, mixed media, 31 x 39.5cm. Circular wall mirror in gilt frame. 15-30
1438.   A Square Bevelled Wall Mirror. 10-15
1439.   A Pair of Bird Studies, oil on panels, 30.5 x 14cm, a pair of oval portrait prints.(4) 15-25
1440.   Alan Wickham, Figures on a Foreshore, watercolour, signed and dated '04, 19 x 29cm, another similar (2) 20-40
1441.   R. Thomas, Shipping off Dutch Coast, pair of watercolours, signed lower right, 13.5 x 22.5cm. 20-30
1442.   G.S, Barnes, Woodland Scene, oil on board, signed lower left, 49 x 39cm. A similar unsigned with River in foreground. (2) 15-25
1443.   Margaret Clarkson, 'About The House Jobs' five limited edition colour prints of 500, each signed, in single frame 13 x 8cm, with personalised ink sketch and notation sticker verso, K.Pico 2 x Thai Ladies watercolours. (3) 15-30
1444.   J. G Waine, Still Life, oil on canvas, signed lower left, 49.5 x 40cm, two small watercolours, two prints. (5) 15-30
1445.   J Parke, Still Life of Fruit, a pair of oils on panel, signed and dated '27 lower left and right 19.5 x 34.5cm; together with a watercolour of leaves and berries, initialled RW. (3) 20-30
1446.   Helen Taylor 'The Old Lighthouse', watercolour, signed and dated 2005, 18 x 38cm. Romney Marsh Church, mixed media. (2) 10-25
1447.   Alan Colledge, Sleeping Cat, watercolour, gilt framed, frame 29cm x 34cm. 10-15
1448.   John Trickett 'Pie Eyed' Limited Edition Colour Print of 850, signed 24 x 31cm. Two Frank Ruddock signed prints, Pollyanna Pickering Panda print. (4) 15-30
1449.   George Cunningham (Sheffield Artist) 'The Markets', Limited Edition Colour Print, 32 x 43.5cm, graphite signed. 20-40
1450.   Alan Wickham, Winter Bridge Scene, watercolour, signed and dated OS, 29 x 22.5cm, Country Track watercolour. (2) 20-40
1451.   A Royal Keshan Wool Pile Carpet, allover floral decoration on beige ground, 296 x 200cm. 20-30
1452.   An Oval Bevelled Wall Mirror, in painted frame, stamped 'LNER', 42cm wide, Painted oak framed wall mirror, lager. (2) 15-30
1453.   A Hardwood Davenport Desk, with lift up slope front and two flights each of four drawers, 82cm high. 15-25
1454.   A XVII Century Style Open Armchair, with shaped arms, on turned and block supports, shaped stretcher. 30-40
1455.   A XIX Century Drop Arm Settee, on turned legs. 20-40
1456.   An Early XX Century Three Seater Settee, together with three patchwork cushions. 30-40
1457.   A Brown Coloured Rug, with tassel ends, together with a patterned red carpet, with tassel ends. (2) 10-20
1458.   Middle Eastern Wool Rug, having three diamond lozenges to centre panel, allover geometric patterns, on red ground (fading and wear), 191 x 96cm, another larger but with wear. (2) 20-40
1459.   A Gun Cabinet, with two locks, 125cm high. 20-30
1460.   XVIII Oak Corner Cupboard, with a dentil cornice, panelled door, three internal shelves. 30-40
1461.   Early XX Century Mahogany Cheval Mirror, with central mirror on tapering supports and cabriole legs. 20-40
1462.   A XVII Century F. Halma Coloured Engraved Map of Asia, Alexandri Magni Macedo Nis Expeditio. 20-40
1463.   A XIX Century Pine Cupboard, with panelled door, on a plinth base, 72.5cm. 30-50
1464.   A Green Painted Cabinet, panelled doors with floral decoration, together with a green painted wall cabinet, with floral decoration. (2) 20-40
1465.   A Pale Blue Painted Wardrobe, with painted floral panels, 111 cms. 20-40
1466.   A Grey Painted Cupboard, with painted panels of a tree and sheep, 77cm. 15-20
1467.   A Green Painted Kitchen Dresser, the rack with glazed doors, base with two drawers, on square supports, with pot board. 30-50
1468.   A 1930's Oak Display Cabinet, having twin leaded glazed doors and adjustable shelves, 98cm wide. 15-25
1469.   An Early XX Century Single Wardrobe, having stepped pediment and single drawer, 103cm wide. 5-10
1470.   A XIX Century Green Painted Cast Iron Single Bed, with scroll work decoration, plus mattress. 30-40
1471.   A Bed.
1472.   Two Single Mattresses
1473.   An XVIII Century Elm Delft Rack, with four shelves. 20-40
1474.   A Lloyd Loom Lusty Linen Box, another similar and basket chair, two oak dining chairs. (5) 20-30
1475.   A 1930's Oak Folding Cake Stand, having three octagonal trays, jardiniere stand, walnut coffee table. (3) 20-30
1476.   Early XX Century Mahogany Bow Fronted Sideboard, the top with moulded edge over central drawer and flanking cupboards, on tapering legs with pad feet. 15-25
1477.   Freestanding Valet with Bobbin Supports, coat hangers, globe trotter suitcase. 15-30
1478.   A Nest of Tables, occasional table and a square shaped coffee table. (5). 5-10
1479.   Middle Eastern Wool Tassled Rug, with central shrine and ship, allover geometric motifs on a red ground, 164 x 106cm. 20-40
1480.   Orange Micro Crush Pix Guitar Amplifier, and vintage EMI speakers, amplifier is a 3 watt guitar amp with built in tuner, in its original box. 30-50
1481.   An Oak Nest of Tables, on turned and block supports. 10-20
1482.   A XIX Century Pine Chest of Drawers, with a moulded edge, two short and one long drawer, on bracket feet (reduced). 20-40
1483.   An Edwardian Inlaid Towel Rail, together with a white painted towel rail. (2) 10-20
1484.   XVIII Oak Corner Cupboard, arched panelled door, reeded sides, shaped apron. 30-40
1485.   Early XIX Century Mahogany Corner Washstand, with splash back, single drawer, on splayed legs united by stretchers. 20-40
1486.   A Mahogany Torchere, mahogany drum table, wine table, Edwardian table. (4) 10-15
1487.   A Pair of XVIII Century Oak Chairs, with shaped splats, solid seats, on chamfered supports. (2) 20-40
1488.   An Oval Laminate Coffee Table, in the Astra style having glass inset top, 107cm wide, an oak priory style coffee table. (2) 20-30
1489.   A Pair of Early XX Century Walnut Bedroom Chairs, with caned seats, together with a XIX Century gilt salon chair. (3) 15-20
1490.   An Early XIX Century Armchair, together with one other armchair on cabriole legs. (2) 15-20
1491.   A Mid XX Century Bleached Walnut Bureau, with fall front, fitted interior, over four drawers on squat cabriole legs, approximately 71cm wide. 30-50
1492.   Middle Eastern Tassled Wool Rug, with twelve centre panels and forty-four to exterior, featuring Tree of Life and foliage, 136 x 92cm. 10-20
1493.   Middle Eastern Wool Tassled Rug, with lattice work to centre, and 'S' motifs to border, on red ground 206 x 153cm. 30-50
1494.   A Rectangular Shaped Coffee Table, with a glass top on a wrought iron stand, 131 x 38cms 5-10
1495.   A Set of Six Mahogany Regency Style Dining Chairs, (4 single - 2 carver), with brass inlay, on sabre legs. 20-40
1496.   A Mahogany Two Pillar Dining Table. 5-10
1497.   A Middle Eastern Wool Rug, with twin central medallions and allover geometric motifs, on red ground 257 x 178cm. 30-50
1498.   Four Middle Eastern Wool Tassled Prayer Mats. 20-40
1499.   A XIX Century Spindle Back Armchair, with rushed seat, together with two spindle back single chairs, with rush seats, and early XVIII style armchair, with upholstered back and seat. (damaged). 20-40
1500.   A Pine Circular Table, with green painted pedestal, together with four green painted kitchen chairs (two arm chairs, two single chairs). 30-40
1501.   Middle Eastern Wool Tassled Runner, with eleven full lozenge panels to centre, on red ground. 20-40
1502.   A Painted Window Table, on shaped legs, a pine chest with hinged lid and three dummy drawers together with painted wall shelves, all decorated with pears. (3) 10-15
1503.   An Oak Joint Stool, with knulled frieze on turned and block supports. 20-40
1504.   An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Occasional Table, together with a walnut occasional table the top with marquetry inlay. (2) 10-20
1505.   Middle Eastern Wool Tassled Elongated Runner, with 'S' hexagonal and six star shaped central motifs, multicoloured decoration on red ground 407 x 78cm. 30-50
1506.   An Early XVIII Century Joined Oak Blanket Box, with hinged lid, four panelled base, panelled ends, 175cm wide x 84cm high. 100-150
1507.   A XIX Century Walnut Inlaid Two Tier Wat Not, together with a mahogany jardiniere stand and a mahogany wine table (3) 15-20
1508.   Middle Eastern Wool Rug, with figures and geometric motifs to Indian inspired central panel, on pink ground 195 x 130cm. 20-40
1509.   A Mid XX Century Bookcase, with sliding glazed doors and adjustable shelves, 114cm wide. 5-10
1510.   A Late XVIII Mahogany Fold Over Tea Table, with a single drawer, on tapering legs. 30-40
1511.   A XIX Century Mahogany Hall Chair, on turned forefront legs, together with a XIX Century style mahogany canterbury with a single drawer, on turned and block supports. 25-45
1512.   XIX Century Mahogany Wall Shelves, with 'S' shaped scroll supports, together with one other wall shelf. (2) 20-40
1513.   A XIX Century Mahogany Pedestal Table, with circular top, turned pedestal on shaped supports. 25-45
1514.   Oak Drop Leaf Occasional Table; together with a circular top occasional table on turned and block supports. (2) 15-20
1515.   A Painted Coffee Table, border painted with blackberrys, a painted bedside table, and a laundry basket. (3) 20-40
1516.   A Painted Side Cabinet, with a low back, single drawer and cupboard, together with a Chinese style wicker basket, with a brass lock plate. (2) 10-15
1517.   A Pair of XIX Century Chairs, with rail backs, together with a XIX Century oak hall chair. (3) 15-20
1518.   A Wool Carpet, with a central zig zag decoration on a red and black ground, 255 x 166cm. 30-40
1519.   A XIX Century Pine Chest of Drawers, with two short drawers, two long drawers on bracket feet, 82cm. 30-50
1520.   An Edwardian Mahogany Inlaid Armchair, on tapering legs, together with a XIX Century chair with X stretcher support (2) 15-20
1521.   An XVIII Century Style Wing Chair, on carved carbriole legs, together with one other XVIII Century style wing chair. 20-40
1522.   A XIX Century Mahogany Pedestal Table, with a rectangular top, turned pedestal, shaped legs. 20-40
1523.   A Nest of Tables, with oval painted floral panel to the top, on turned legs. 10-20
1524.   XVIII Century Mahogany Camel Back Elbow Chair, with pierced splat, drop-in seat on moulded legs; together with one other XVIII Century camel back chair. (2) 20-40
1525.   A Set of Four XIX Century Walnut Chairs, with carved top rails, upholstered seats on turned legs. 40-60
1526.   A Pair of Early XX Century Mahogany Open Arm Salon Chairs, shaped top rail, shaped arms, upholstered seat, on swept legs. (2) 30-40
1527.   An Early XX Century White Painted Chair, with upholstered back and seat, on turned legs. 20-40
1528.   An Early XIX Century Mahogany Dressing Table Mirror, with turned supports, central mirror, three drawers, on brass ball feet. 15-20
1529.   Early XX Century Mahogany Bow Fronted Chest of Four Long Drawers, with crossbanded top, on bracket feet 162cm wide. 50-100
1530.   A XIX Century Walnut Writing Slope, with brass corner mounts, 35.5cm wide. 30-50
1531.   A XIX Century Mahogany Pembroke Table, with drop leaves, single drawer, turned pedestal, swept legs. 30-40
1532.   A XIX Century Ash-Elm Windsor Chair, with a hooped back, pierced splat, on turned legs with a crinoline stretcher. 80-120
1533.   A Mid XIX Century Ash Elm Windsor Chair, with a hooped back, pierced splat, on turned legs, united by 'H' stretcher. 50-100
1534.   A XIX Oak Chest of Drawers, with two short drawers, two long drawers, on bracket feet, 92cm wide 50-100
1535.   A XIX Century Mahogany Cheval Mirror, with curved top corners, the stand on reeded supports and splayed feet, 77cm wide. 40-60
1536.   A XIX Century Oak Three Tier Dumb Waiter, with a three-quarter gallery, turned finials, on reeded and block supports 88cm wide. 60-100
1537.   Mahogany Longcase Clock, with moon face, glazed, three brass weights, on a plinth base. 15-25
1538.   A XIX Century Pedestal Table, on turned pedestal, shaped legs. 30-50
1539.   Mid to Late XX Century Mahogany Bachelors Chest, of four drawers with fold over top, on bracket feet, 64cm wide. 30-50
1540.   An Edwardian Mahogany Hall Stand, swan neck pediment, above carved panel and mirror, marble shelf, copper clothes hooks. 40-80
1541.   A Scratch Built Wimhurst Machine, mounted on a board. 50-100
1542.   An XVIII Century Bureau, with a fall front, fitted interior, four long drawers, on bracket feet, 97cms wide. 40-80
1543.   Alabaster jardiniere Stand, with canted corner top, on turned column support and octagonal base, 91cm high. 20-30
1544.   An Early XX Century Regulator Wall Clock, with eight day movement. 15-30
1545.   Two Middle Eastern Prayer Mats, geometric designs, one on salmon pink ground 100 x 66c, (2). 15-25
1546.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Settle, with turned pillars to six sectional compartment above high back, on tapering legs and spade feet 130.5cm wide. 50-80
1547.   A XIX Century Cutlers Stool, on three round supports. 30-40
1548.   A XIX Century Mahogany Bow Front Chest, of four graduated drawers, with reeded top, on splayed legs, approximately 107cm wide. 80-120
1549.   Early XX Century Sutherland Table, with drop leaves, splayed legs. 15-20
1550.   A Late XIX Century Torchere, having square top and base, fluted pedestal, 108cm high. 15-25
1551.   1970's Teak Rectangular Framed Wall Mirror, 76cm wide. 15-20
1552.   An Oak Bound Barrel, together with walking sticks, ladies parasols. 30-50