Antiques & Collectables Sale
on Friday 30th July 2021

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1001.   Oil Lamps - XIX Century cast iron base, having painted opaque glass well, Diamant example on iron stand, two brass examples. £70-100
1002.   A Box and Coracle Hamper of Collectables, including large vases, 1950's Dustette, greenhouse heater, Edwardian amber glass wire frame lamp, etc. £15-30
1003.   Prints, oils, original artwork:- One Box. £15-20
1004.   A Japanese Tea Service, Alfred Meakin coffee pot, etc:- One Box. £5-10
1005.   A Circa 1960's Complete 'Sirram' Motorists Picnic Set, in blue case and "Holiday" logo to flasks. £20-30
1006.   Denby Table Pottery, green stoneware, approximately sixty three pieces. £50-70
1007.   Model Railway Catalogues - LGB, Marklin, Hornby, Mainline, etc:- One Box. £20-30
1008.   Doulton 'Minerva' Table Ware, of twenty three pieces, early XX Delphine tea ware etc:- One Box. wash jug and bowl. £15-30
1009.   Seven Various Tapestries, including works by Oliva Faye Wallace, Victoria Claire, Christmas themes noted. £10-20
1010.   Cameras - Olympus CM10 having Zuiko f=50mm lens, Adox Prontor 500LK, Kodak, Pentax MV1 having 1:2 50mm lens. Ozeck f=75 - 200mm lens. £30-50
1011.   Duchess, Imperial, Doulton 'Carlyle' Other Tea Ware, ceramics, clock, camera, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
1012.   Doulton 'Vague', 'Pastorale', 'Lisette' Table Ware, Maw & Co plaques, etc:- Two Boxes. £15-30
1013.   Midwinter 'Spanish Garden', Poole, Denby Greenwheat', Royal Albert 'Lavender Rose', etc:- Two Boxes. £15-30
1014.   UB40 Single Red Red Wine, Bronski Beat, It Aint Necessarily So, and other 45 singles, together with magazines The Concise Household Encyclopedia and The Universal English Dictionary:- Two Boxes. £10-15
1015.   Paul Costello Coffee Pot, Hillstonia jug, Jon Anton Corinthia tureens, etc:- Three Boxes. £15-25
1016.   Three Pairs of Ladies Leather Boots, handbag, bongo drums, various prints and original artwork's, four walking sticks:- Two Boxes. £10-20
1017.   Brassware, glass bottles, tins, etc. £15-30
1018.   Board Games - 'Friends', Guesstures'. 'X Files', Wallace and Gromit clock, various VHS:- Two Boxes. £10-20
1019.   Books, bags, Indian box, Ski dolls, Helmsman wall plaque, mortar & pestle. £15-25
1020.   Neddlework Picture of Terrier, 12cm diameter, Cash's woven picture, prints, etc:- One Box. £15-20
1021.   Railway Part Works - History of Railways, Great Trains, Legendary Trains, British Steam Railways:- One Box £15-30
1022.   Small Railway Books - ABC's, Histories, Spotting Guides, over fifty titles:- One Box £15-30
1023.   Pop, Jazz, Easy Listening LP's, in three boxes to contain artists such as Diana Ross, Abba, Drifters, Marvin Gaye, Elvis Presley, Joe Cocker, etc. £15-30
1024.   LP Records, three boxes of titles to include titles by Diana Ross, Barbara Streisand, Bay City Rollers, Frank Sinatra, David Essex, etc. £15-30
1025.   Scientific Instruments - Blaupunkt Range finder/Viewer, German Eleitz Watzlar microscope, Watson Barnet microscope. £30-40
1026.   Metalware - Early XX Century West Riding's fireman's helmet size 7, with a quantity of metalware. £10-20
1027.   Beaverbrook Newspapers Ltd Art Books x 8, Chinese Ivories - Grice Collection at Graves Art Gallery 1958 The Artist's London - John Castle, other art related books. £20-30
1028.   Glassware, printer (untested sold for parts only) £10-20
1029.   Onyx Table Lamp, tapestry wall hanging, Wilkinsons Honeyglaze dinner ware, etc: Two Boxes. £15-30
1030.   Four Boxes of Various Electronics, to include Bang and Olfsen remote control, Zin Ewarger lens R.R-Z990 telephone, Goofy telephone. £10-20
1031.   Clothing - A pair of underground boots, size 12, two Sinner helmets, two pairs of gentlemen's leather shoes. £10-20
1032.   Sylvac Style Terrier Dog. XIX Century glass fly catcher, other glassware, Faux fruit, Biarritz plate, etc £20-30
1033.   A Singer Sewing Machine, together with pine wall shelves. (2) £10-20
1034.   A Satsuma Hexagonal Pottery Vase Circa 1900, 46cm high. Hardwood lamp plus basket. (3) £20-30
1035.   Plated Epergne, partially fitted with associated flutes, light fitting, pressed glassware, etc; Alfred Waterfall, Bridge over River Scene, possibly Bakewell, watercolour, signed lower left, 26.5 x 37cm £10-20
1036.   Two Small Pieces of circa 1960's Vintage Material 'Pop' and 'Popsy', upholstery braid and tools, hangers, antique reference books etc:- Two Boxes, and a display half dummy. (3) £30-40
1037.   Alabaster Table Lamps, postage stamps, coinage, early signed publicity cards, postcards, programmes - theatre related, HMS Victory ephemera from late XX Century, knife, etc. £20-40
1038.   Wedgwood 'Ashford' Tureen, Noritake dinner ware, KPM hors D'ouvers, other ceramics:- Three Boxes. £15-30
1039.   XIX Century Brass Candlesticks, Prestige copper jug, brass skimmer, other metal ware:- One Box. £15-30
1040.   Dolls - 'FP', 'Palitoy', 'S6', one other, Taiwan Bear on roller skates. £15-30
1041.   Four Novelty Teapots, including Wade 'The Wedding Leanardo', etc, Smiths 1930's bakelite kitchen clock, glass vase, pottery scales, etc:- Two Boxes. £15-20
1042.   25 Creuset Casserole dish, enamelled hot water jug, other kitchen ware:- Three Boxes. £20-30
1043.   Glassware, wooden bowls, rice bowls, baubles, etc:- Three Boxes. £10-20
1044.   Juvenalia - Knockout Annual 1953, Tiny Tots annual 1956, Tumbling clown, other toys etc. £10-20
1045.   Old Hall Stainless Steel Tea Services, Oneidacraft Cutlery, et:- One Box. £15-30
1046.   Sony Handycam Video Hi8, Philips Explorer, Kopil Zoom 8, Pentax Optio S4i, Kodak and other photographic equipment:- Two Boxes £20-40
1047.   Pearsons Flagon for Samuel Hilton, Carbrook, Sheffield, three bottles, pewter tankard, six boxed Stuart glasses. £15-25
1048.   Photographs - large quantity, mainly Yorkshire locations, guides, books, records, drum,etc. £15-30
1049.   Camera's: Zenit 12XP, Olympus, Flashcam, Ensign, etc:- Two Boxes £20-40
1050.   A Hand stitched Pink Paisley Durham Quilt, vintage sheets and pillowcases, patchwork cushion cover, and a pale blue double traditional embroidered eider down:- One Box and Bag. £30-40
1051.   Nintendo 64 Goldeneye 007, grey controller, F1 World Grand Prix and Quake II, etc. £20-40
1052.   Four Doulton Brambly Hedge Seasons Plates, four others, cigarette cards and case. £20-30
1053.   Leather Bound Books, four Victorian photographs, two chrome cocktail shakers, two chrome drinks vessels, an early 1900's basket weave cutlery tray, etc. £20-30
1054.   Hornsea 'Concept', XIX Century floral and other tea ware. Andy Pandy and Pinky & Perkey mugs:- One Box. £20-30
1055.   1920's Mottled glass Ceiling Light, mid XX Century biscuit box. £15-20
1056.   A Quantity of LP Records, artists include Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, Leonard Cohen, The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, also including some Jazz, Classical and Comedy titles:- Three Boxes £20-30
1057.   Meccano Magazine's 1924 - 1941 All Copies Complete and Some Full Years, no duplication 188 issues:- Trays. £20-40
1058.   A Plated Oval Tray, Compendium of games, white metal photograph frame, etc:- One Box £20-30
1059.   Two Boxes of Singles, comprising, Blues and Soul, Frankie Vaughn, Frank Sinatra, Shirley Bassey, Bony M, etc. £20-40
1060.   Worcester Evesham Oven to Table Ware, of approximately twenty pieces, quantity of Honiton Ceramics:- Two Boxes £30-50
1061.   Wooden Woodworkers Planes:- One Box. £15-25
1062.   Scramble, Tomy Alien Chase, Captain Scarlet LCD game, St Safety toy guns, Superior Western Railway models, etc. £15-30
1063.   Four Glass Decanters, vases, drinking glasses:- One Box. £15-30
1064.   A Large Damask Tablecloths and Napkins, embroidered and lace white linen etc:- One Box £20-40
1065.   Quantity of Glassware:- Three Boxes £15-30
1066.   Nine Frank Richards The Magnet/Billy Bunter/Wharton Lodge Books, soft toys including Lion, Zippy, Ty cheerleader (framed), two modern porcelain dolls, oval box with rolled gold pen, miniature cards, China trinkets etc:- One Box. £15-30
1067.   Cameras, photographic accessories, spool, re winder, Luxor screen, etc:- Three Boxes. £20-40
1068.   An Oak SB Barometer, Rabone folding ruler and tape, cased spoon and knives, newspapers. £15-20
1069.   Vintage Christmas Tree Baubles, approximately sixty five. £30-50
1070.   A Large Quantity of LP', in three boxes, box sets, easy listening, classical, country and pop titles, from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's. £15-30
1071.   A Large Quantity of Sheet Music, LP records to include Count Basie:- One Box £15-25
1072.   Doulton 'Frost Pine' Dinnerware, blue and white pottery; collectors plates, gospel books, stamp album. £15-25
1073.   Wards Beer Pump, Labatts Larger pump, Wards tray, Wards drip tray and other holdalls:- Two Boxes. £15-30
1074.   Denby Blue Speckled Dinnerware, approximately twenty-five pieces including teapot. £20-40
1075.   Bolt Croppers, saws, brace, other tools in tin trunk. £20-30
1076.   Doctor Who Annuals 1974 and Later, approximately thirty one, wooden clock cases:- Two Boxes £15-30
1077.   Jauques Croquet Set (boxed). £20-40
1078.   A XIX Century Coffee Grinder, red Bakelite telephone, binoculars, ordinance survey maps, etc:- One Box. £20-40
1079.   Vintage and Modern Scent Bottles, paper weights:- One Tray. £15-20
1080.   An Artist's Garden by Anna Lea Merritt, pub, london, George Allen & Sons, second edition 1910 with paste down illustrations; Garden Colour, with colour sketches, Favourite Flowers (E. Step), vol I-II and III-IV, 1896/7, Frederick Warne & Co, A History of Beekeeping (H Malcolm Fraser), The Life of The Bee, The Light of Asia (Sir Edwin Arnold, illus by Hamzeh Carr, limited edition of 3000 copies; plus other travel and general interest books- One Box £30-50
1081.   Japanese Eggshell Tea and Coffee Ware:- One Box. £15-30
1082.   Cased Carving Sets, crib board, turned circular box, Varley tankard, tray, etc. £15-20
1083.   Otis Cylindrical Calculator, River Island watch, Take That collectors box, model toys, Samsung camera etc:- One Tray. £15-25
1084.   Pottery Ambassador Eight Piece Fish Set, Doulton, Carlton and Colclough pottery:- One Tray. £15-30
1085.   Worcester 'Evesham', Losol 'Melrose' plus other ceramics, gavel, cutlery, etc:- One Box. £20-30
1086.   German Porcelain Bon Bon Dish, blush ivory ware, Ridgways imari style bowl, brass candlesticks, scales, picture frame, table lamps, etc:- One Box. £15-20
1087.   Beswick Sheep Dog, Pandora 2017 Bell, Mdina paperweight, Ducal biscuit barrel, etc:- One Tray £15-30
1088.   Iridescent Turquoise Glass Vase, with entwined decoration, comport, other glass ware, silver plated items:- One Box. £15-25
1089.   Ripaults Concessionaires Dashboard Style Clock, as a brass mantel clock; small wall hanging cream framed mirror, pair of cream painted wall brackets, 'Posh Graffiti' gold painted letters, pair of cream painted wooden clogs :- One Box £15-25
1090.   A Mid XX Century Vintage Black Leather Classic Handbag, a brown leather handbag, clutch bags, evening bag and two leather cased toilet travel cases. £20-30
1091.   A Wedgwood Jasperware Vase, etc Royal Crown Derby plate (seconds), Royal Crown Derby bon bon dish, etc, together with Bells Whisky bottle. £10-20
1092.   A Small Quantity of Mid XX Century and Later Headscarves, plus four hat pins in a basket. £20-30
1093.   Portmeirion 'Pomona' Bowl and 'Greek Key' Coffee Pot, Spode 'italian' bowl, blush ivory jugs, ginger jar etc:- One Tray £20-30
1094.   Four Rington's Collectors Teapots, tea jar, four plates, four mugs and two prints, Babycham glasses, wavy glass vases plus bark vase. £20-40
1095.   Capo di Monte Figure of a Tramp, decorative tureen and cover, pair storage jars, miniature jardineres on stands, etc:- Two Boxes £5-10
1096.   A Doulton 7040 Monk Jug Cloisonne vase, Alabaster based bust, etc:- One Tray. £20-40
1097.   A Circa 1940's Patchwork Throw, with floral linen panels, peach damask curtains and accessories, Chenille cloths and panels:- Two Boxes. £30-40
1098.   Meccano Magazine 1942 - 1975 all Copies Complete, no duplication 202 issues:- Two Boxes. £20-30
1099.   Two Sets of Hemselite Lawn Green Bowls, in bag. £10-20
1100.   Royal Stafford 'Cloverbell' Teaware, of twenty one pieces, including tea pot. Royal Windsor tea ware of twenty one pieces. £15-30
1101.   Various Cut glass Stem Ware, tumblers, dishes etc, 1918' Peace mug and other commemorative mugs, crested cheese dish:- One Box £15-20
1102.   Shelly Ovid Vase, in orange and tan. George Jones hot water jug, Hummel figures, etc:- One Tray. £15-30
1103.   Damask and Embroidered Table and Bed Linen, vintage 'Poodle' pyjama case, porcelain doll in basketwork crib and a terrier dog soft toy. £20-40
1104.   Essex Sewing Machine, Teddy Bear, bags, glasses, Rubik Cube, games, etc. £20-30
1105.   Shell Collection Die Cast Cars, Ferrari 456 GT, Ferrari F50, together with Eagle annuals, 7, 8, 9:- One Box. £10-15
1106.   A Royal Venton Coffee Pot, Portmeirion, Lee Kay plus other pottery, glassware:- Two Boxes. £15-25
1107.   Enamelled Ceiling Lights, 17cm diameter, 1950's door handles, metal office file, etc:- One Box. £20-30
1108.   Early XX Century Brass Scales, on mahogany base, 51cm wide. £15-30
1109.   Golf Books - Suggs, Hattstrom, Lowe, Nicklaus, Padgham, yearbooks, etc:- Three Books. £5-10
1110.   Railway Magazines 1928 - 2007:- Three Boxes £15-30
1111.   Plastic Chess Set in Oriental Fold Board, Maelzel Metronome, Corgi Wheetabix vehicles. £20-30
1112.   A Chess Set, Chinese figures, Japanese tea ware, Brierley Prince of Wales lidded jar, mining figure, etc:- One Box. £15-25
1113.   Chivers Jelly Moulds, mixing bowls, Worcester 'Evesham', etc:- One Box. £15-30
1114.   A Pair of Terracotta Fisherman's Figurines, impressed Polot, 21.5cm high, tankards, biscuit barrel, etc:- One Box. £15-25
1115.   Colclough Tea Service, sea shells, cutlery, mirror, watercolour, barometer, etc:- One Box. Amstrad DMP 3000. £15-25
1116.   Photographic Equipment, Aldis projector, slide magazines, etc:- Thee Boxes. £20-30
1117.   A Large Collection of Victorian to Modern Brass Door and Drawer Knobs, in a wooden box. £15-25
1118.   Three Boxes of LP's, to include titles from 1960's to 1980's, predominantly easy l listening with some pop, jazz and rock and roll included. £15-30
1119.   Wellington Boots, ground sheet, ten, sleeping bags, £15-30
1120.   Saws, Full-Use Vice, other tools, in XIX Century pine box plus metal carry case. £15-30
1121.   Saval, Breda, Holland Pipe Line End Cap Hall of. London Block, clock, shoe cleaning equipment, coin case, etc. £15-25
1122.   Two XIX Century Brass Jam Pans, galvanized water filter plus washboard. £20-40
1123.   Country Music LP's, two boxes to include artists such as Johnny Case, Skeeter Davis, Billie Jo Spears, Charlie Rich, Don Williams, Waylon Jennings, Emmylou Harris, etc. £15-30
1124.   Jim Carey Memorabilia - posters, books, lobby cards. Riddler figure, etc. £20-30
1125.   Steel Pump, tools, metal bins, etc. £15-25
1126.   Daily Express War Map of Scandinavia, oak picture frame, folding chair, wall rack. (4) £15-25
1127.   Thomas Taylor Lawn Green Bowls, Thomas Turner table knives, other cutlery, cheroot holder, pen knives, etc. £20-40
1128.   Sheffield Theamed Books, madri style drum, chess sets, two table lamps. £15-25
1129.   A Large Quantity of Classical LP's, in three boxes, there are recordings by all the major composers and recording artists through the decades. £15-30
1130.   Chrome Epergne Stand, pair art glass spill cases, Royal Crown Derby 'Vine' cup and plate (seconds) 1930's figured table lamp etc:- One Tray. £20-30
1131.   Ideal TCR 'Indy Grand Prix Three Car System' with lap computer. Stainless Steel wall clock, three dolls, Halinamat projector. £20-30
1132.   A Hessian Demob Suitcase, with leather mounts and brass lock, containing seven boxes of circa 1970's Christmas decorations plus wooden Santa. £20-40
1133.   Carnival Glass Bowls, George VI basket, drinking glasses:- One Tray £15-25
1134.   A XIX Century Cranberry Glass Jug, bowl with a magnifying glass ladies dressing table set. £10-15
1135.   L.M Lafuente Figure of Lady Reflecting, on naturalistic base, 34cm high. Coca Cola novelty bottle, a quantity of thimbles. £15-30
1136.   Two Sets of Folding Pine Steps, plus ironing board. £15-25
1137.   Surform Plane, Rabone level, many other tools. £20-40
1138.   Electrolux 1700W Upright Cleaner, (untested sold for parts only) Wilko spade, other tools. £15-20
1139.   Jenella JLP2 Sewing Machine. £15-25
1140.   A Zanussi Lindo 100 Washing Machine, (untested sold for parts only) £20-40
1141.   Folding Pine Steps, saw, tools in meal carry box, tins. £15-20
1142.   A 1950's Raleigh Esquire Bicycle, very good condition, with accessories including dynamo operated front and rear lights, Turmey Archer gears, white wall tyres, mileage trip meter, Brooks saddle, etc. £50-80
1143.   A Snow Shovel, Rake, fork, other tools. £10-20
1144.   Two Folding Deck Chairs. £15-30
1145.   Tin Trunk, galvanized watering can and pail, terracotta planters, etc. £20-30
1146.   A Leg Vice, 104cm long. £20-40
1147.   A Pine Tool Box with an Assortment of Tools, mallet, hammers, screwdriver, pliers, etc. £30-40
1148.   A Ryobi Petrol Hedge Trimmer. £15-30
1149.   A Yamaha 446 Petrol mower. £30-50
1150.   A Concrete Mushroom Garden Ornament, 38cm diameter. £15-20
1151.   Stoneware 'D' Shaped Garden Trough, 54.5cm wide. £40-80
1152.   A XIX Century Pine Box, 43.5cm wide, oak two drawer file, large box, etc. £20-40
1153.   Deutsche Waffen Table Top Lathe, another by Borch. (2) £30-60
1154.   Brass Door Handles, door bolts, hinges, etc, many period items:- Two Boxes. £30-50
1155.   Simpsons Ambassador Ware, of thirty one pieces, wash jug, mirror. £10-20
1156.   Stoneware Bacchus Style Vase, (cracked) Grimwades Carrara Jardiniere. £15-25
1157.   Worcester Burmah Figurine 3068 by Freda Doghty £20-30
1158.   Vallauris Pottery Plates, each featuring octopus, starfish, lobster and other sea creatures, on green ground 26cm diameter. (7) £30-50
1159.   Mason's 'Fruit Basket (Green) Dinnerware; comprising large soup tureen, lid, stand and ladle, meat plate, two lidded tureens, two vegetable dishes, gravy boat and stand, fourteen dinner plates, six soup dishes, five saucers, coffee pot, large and small jugs, ladle, two bowls, eight coffee cups and saucers. £50-80
1160.   Grosvenor China Floral Teaware, and Royal Albert part tea set:- One Tray. £15-25
1161.   Royal Stafford 'Honesty' Coffee Service, of fifteen pieces, Duchess tea ware. £15-30
1162.   Midwinter Stylecraft Bali-Ha's Dinner Ware, of approximately sixty pieces. £20-30
1163.   Swarovski Crystal; Dog, Owl, Butterfly, Mouse, etc; plus other glassware:- One Tray £30-40
1164.   Foley 'Evesham' Tea ware, circa 1930's of thirty five pieces. £30-50
1165.   Masons 'Brocade' Coffee Pot, 'Mandalay Red' vases, 'Mandarin' jugs, Burleigh jug and vases, etc:- One Tray. £20-30
1166.   Royal Doulton Character Jugs, 'The Antique Dealer', (boxed) plus second quality, 'D'Artagnan' and 'Old Salt', 'Small Town Crier'. (4) £20-30
1167.   Two Claret Jugs, decanter, drinking glasses:- One Tray. £15-25
1168.   A Minton 'Aragan' Dinner Service, comprising twelve dinner plates, eight medium plates, seven side plates, nine tea plates, gravy boat and stand, cake plate, eleven tea cups, nine saucers, milk jug and sugar basin. £100-150
1169.   Wedgwood Clarice Cliff, Bizarre Collection Vase, of inverted baluster r form, decorated in the 'Summer House' pattern, black printed mark, 30cm high. £40-70
1170.   Anita Harris Flambé and Black Model of a Pig, 15.5cm long. £30-40
1171.   Lladro Figure of a Lady with Dog and Parasol, No 4893, 36cm high. £20-40
1172.   Royal Dux Figurine of a Shepherdess Holding a Crook, (red triangle on base), 37 cm high (damaged). £25-45
1173.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the 'Bluebell Hamony' design by Kerry Goodwin, shape 344/6, impressed and painted marks, 15.5cm high. £40-50
1174.   A XX Century Turquoise Glass Vase, with silver elongated inclusions, with ground pontil, 25.5cm high. £20-30
1175.   A Medina Glass Fish Vase, with Tiger decoration, 24cm high. £30-50
1176.   An Anita Harris Figure of a Curled Fox, gold signed, 12cm wide. £30-40
1177.   A Lorna Bailey Pottery 'Badminton' Charger, limited edition No. 4/50, released through the Lorna Bailey Collectors Club Aug 2005, 34.5cm diameter. £90-110
1178.   Crich Pottery - A large stoneware pitcher, with stylised flowers with goblets, with similar decorated and other pieces, with incised pottery marks C.P:- One Tray. £30-40
1179.   Crich Pottery - A large bowl with twin handles with stylized naturalistic decoration, 19cm high, together with three shallow bowls with incised pottery marks C.P:- One Tray. £30-50
1180.   Drinking glasses in The Waterford Manner, seventeen, together with matching decanter:- One Tray. £20-40
1181.   Wedgwood Jasperware Solitaire Tea Set, plus other pieces:- One Tray. £30-40
1182.   Doulton, Derby and Spode Plates, Royal Albert 'Trillium', Derby coffee cans and saucers, etc:- One Tray. £15-25
1183.   Harbridge & Stuart Hexagonal Glass Fruit Bowls, other glassware, Brierley drinking glasses:- One Tray. £15-25
1184.   Crich Pottery - A large stoneware cylindrical bread crock, in blue and earth tones, 33cm high, together with nine other pieces of Crich pottery with incised pottery marks C.P:- One Tray. £30-50
1185.   Crested Ware - Drake, Florence Nightingale, Nelson's Column, train trucks, gramophone, lifeboat, drum, motor car, piano's, etc: One Box. £30-50
1186.   TB Studio Pottery Candle stand plus Vase, with textured rim. Spode, JF Herring plates, two Haviland examples. £15-25
1187.   Crystal Water Jug, eight matching tumblers and nine small wines, fruit bowl and dishes:- One Tray. £20-30
1188.   A XIX Century Poss Sunderland Transfer Mug, of a ship 'Brig' with inscription (damaged) together with mugs, etc:- One Tray. £20-40
1189.   Cut Glass Decanter, water jug and various stem glasses and tumblers:- One Tray £20-40
1190.   Mason's 'Fruit Basket (Green) Teaware,; comprising two breakfast cups and saucers, tea pot, large and small jugs, eight large tea cups, fourteen teacups, twenty four saucers, cheese dish, butte dish, salt and pepper, sandwich and cake plates, three plates. £30-60
1191.   Caithness and Other Coloured Glassware, vases, atomiser, paperweight, etc:- One Tray £20-30
1192.   Royal Doulton Character Jugs, 'The Poacher', 'The Trapper', 'Guy Fawkes' and 'Touchstone'. (4) £20-40
1193.   Shelley 'Blenheim' Teaware, of nineteen pieces. £15-30
1194.   Victorian Plated Twin Handled Sugar Bowl, a two tier cake stand, a pair of modern metal scroll candle stands, etc :- One Tray £10-15
1195.   Paperweight, scent bottles, cranberry decanter, etc:- One Tray. £15-25
1196.   Crich Pottery - A large collection of mugs, bowls, etc, with incised pottery marks C.P:- One Tray. £30-40
1197.   Portmeirion Botanic Garden Pottery, including three storage jars, toast rack, jug, etc, approximately twenty six pieces. £30-60
1198.   Arcadian Air Ship, Shelley & Arcadian sea vessels, Grosvenor bed, Shelley life saver. £20-40
1199.   A Fenton Dessert Service, painted with a central floral spray to blue and gilt border, comprising two oval and two square shaped dishes and twelve plates, a Booth's Chinoiserie jar retailed by Harrod's lacking lid:- One Tray £20-40
1200.   Crown Derby, Wedgwood Jasper, Coalport and other ceramics:- One Tray. £15-20
1201.   Czech Mid XX Century Glass Wavy Bowl, 12cm high, four decanters. £20-30
1202.   George Jones 'Abbey', Myott 'Royal Mail', Worcester 'Avon Scenes', hot water jugs, Shredded Wheat dishes, etc:- One Tray. £15-30
1203.   Crested Ware - Arcadian Black Cat, Holbeach, St Ives and Weston, Tam o Shanter terrier, other animal themes:- One Tray. £30-50
1204.   A Victorian Hallmarked Silver Christening Mug, all over decorated, detailed with wild animals and exotic birds, a Coalport blue and gilt cabinet plate and a cruet on plated stand. £50-70
1205.   Doulton Shire Horse and Pony x 2, Beswick sheepdog, foal, beagle, sheep and fox. £30-50
1206.   Crested Ware - Swan 'Scotch Soldier', Arcadian 'Ambulance', British tank, armored car, spotlight, etc, military theamed:- One Tray. £40-60
1207.   Crich Pottery - Stoneware barrel, with top decorated Sgraffito decoration, together with nine other pieces with incised pottery marks C.P:- One Tray. £30-40
1208.   Burleigh Art Deco Rabbit by Wheat Jug, Poole, Ducal, etc:- One Tray. £15-25
1209.   Five Varying Glass Decanters. £20-30
1210.   Nine Hummel Figures, including 'Playmates', firl with basket of apples, boy with daisy etc, plus one other similar:- One Tray. £30-40
1211.   Murano Seahorse, large figure of s Dachshund dog and other glass figures:- One Tray £20-30
1212.   Mason's 'Topaz Blue' Hydra Jugs, Mason's 'Red Mandalay' vase and plate. Hornsea vintage pin dish as Can-Can ladies legs and skirt, stoneware studio pottery lamp, etc:- One Tray £30-40
1213.   Doulton 'Janet' Figurine HN 1537, Worcester Cornucopia shell, Derby 250 collectors limited edition dish, Carlton ginger jar, etc:- One Tray. £20-30
1214.   A Moorcroft Pottery Coaster, painted with the 'Bluebell Hamony' design by Kerry Goodwin, impressed and painted marks, 12cm diameter. £30-40
1215.   A Moorcroft Pottery Coaster, painted with the trial 'Floral' design, impressed and painted marks, 12cm diameter. £40-50
1216.   A Moorcroft Pottery Coaster, painted with the 'Bramble Revisited' design by Alicia Amison, impressed and painted marks, 12cm diameter. £40-50
1217.   A Moorcroft Pottery Circular Coaster, painted with the 'Harvest Poppy' design by Emma Bossons, impressed and painted marks, 12cm diameter. £30-40
1217A.  Wedgwood Clarice Cliff Bizarre Collection Three Piece Coffee Set, of conical and angular design, decorated in the 'Summer House' pattern comprising coffee pot 19.5cm high, cream jug and sugar basin, black painted mark. £50-80
1218.   Royal Crown Derby Paperweights as a Cat, 13cm high, and Arctic Fox. £30-50
1219.   Madina Glass Dump, vase, paperweight, glass horse. (4) £30-50
1220.   A XX Century Pottery Goat, with abstract decoration, (unmarked), together with continental candlestick. (2) £15-20
1221.   Art Deco Style Susie Cooper Crown Works Burslem, together with a XIX Century transfer jar cover and matching plate of Windsor Castle, Balmoral Castle (with kite mark on base). £20-40
1222.   Wedgwood Clarice Cliff The Art of Bizare Collectors Club, rectangular pate, decorated in the 'Apples' pattern, together with a Stamford shape teapot, decorated in the 'Honolulo' pattern from the same collection (lacking lid). (2) £30-40
1223.   Crestered Ware, Carlton 'Keep The Home Fires Burning' All Alone by The Telephone - Aarcadian Man in Stocks 'Village Pump', Golf club heads, etc. £30-50
1224.   Shelley Cabinet Cup in a Silver Holder, plus saucer, Crown Derby, Wedgwood, Rosenthal miniatures. £20-40
1225.   Crested Wear, Arcadian HMS Queen Elizabeth, model of Tommy and His Gun, tank. Shelly cannon mills hand grenades, military hats:- One Tray. £40-60
1226.   Palissy 'Madeleine' Harlequin Coffee Set, of twelve pieces/ Foley 2182 tea ware of nineteen pieces, Shelly Mabel Lucie Attwell cup and saucer:- One Tray. £30-50
1227.   A Pair of Early Xx Century Japanese Vases, Imari plates, Worcester Millennium dish, Dux style elephant 13.5cm high, Spode cup and saucer, etc:- One Tray. £15-30
1228.   Royal Cauldon Tea Canister for R. Twining & Co. Ltd., each side and lid with scenic cartouche, Aynsley fruit painted vase, signed D. James and Doulton Valentine plates:- One Tray £30-40
1229.   Four Glass Decanters, with ring handles. £20-30
1230.   Fenton Cranberry Jug, with wavy rim, a mottled jug, pedestal bowl, decanter, Doulton 'Lorna' figurine, florist figurine, other ceramics:- One Tray. £20-40
1231.   Arcadian Crest Ware Chest Pieces (19) £30-40
1232.   Wedgwood. Spode, Derby, Coalport and other ceramics:- One Tray. £15-25
1233.   Four Varying Glass Decanters. £20-30
1234.   Wade Pottery Advertising Mugs, for Wards, Vaux, etc. (11) £15-20
1235.   Crested Ware - Animal Theamed, including Willow Art, Carlton, Swan, Shelley, Arcadian:- One Tray. £20-40
1236.   Royal Crown Derby 1128 Imari Pattern Cabinet Cup and Saucer, two circular dishes and shaped dish, 14cm wide, all first quality, £40-60
1237.   Aynsley 'Cottage Garden' Ware, of eight pieces. Royal Imperial coffee set, etc:- One Tray £10-20
1238.   Six Nat West Pigs, River Shore collectors plates, etc:- One Tray. £20-30
1239.   Slag Glass Pedestal Bowl, paperweights, XIX Century dump, etc:- One Tray. £20-30
1240.   A XIX Century Pottery Imari Style Trio, a George Jones Crescent China floral cup and saucer (crack), a rose decorated pottery trinket tray and a set of four Wedgwood Jasperware playing card suit dishes :- One Tray £15-20
1241.   Aynsley 'Cottage Garden' Vase, trinket pots, clock etc:- One Tray. £25-30
1242.   A Pair of XIX Century Decanters, and other XIX Century decanters. £30-40
1243.   A Peggy Davies Figurine 'Erotic Temptress', an artist original colourway 1/1 by Victorian Bourne, 27cm long. £120-140
1244.   Anita Harris 'Potteries Past' Lowry Style Purse Vase, gold signed, 12cm high. £35-45
1245.   A Moorcroft Pottery Jug, painted with the 'Harvest Poppy' design by Emma Bossons, impressed and painted marks, 18.5cm high. £60-70
1246.   Anita Harris 'Potteries Past' Delta Vase, gold signed, 15cm high. £35-45
1247.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the 'Bluebell Hamony' design by Kerry Goodwin, shape 364/5, impressed and painted marks, 12.5cm high. £50-60
1248.   An Anita Harris Cockerel Figure, gold signed, 15.5cm high.
1249.   Lorna Bailey for Old Ellgreave Pottery Octagonal Vase, 16cm high, another similar having wavy top (2) £20-40
1250.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the 'Harvest Poppy' design by Emma Bossons shape 06/8 impressed and painted marks, 20cm high. £70-80
1251.   Two Nao Figures of Ballerinas; plus one other Nao figure. (3) £20-30
1252.   A Peggy Davies Figurine 'Erotic Megan', an artist original colourway 1/1 by Victoria Bourne, 21cm high. £110-130
1253.   A Beswick Figure of Queen Elizabeth II on Horseback Trooping the Colour, limited edition No. 523/1000, 26cm high. £100-120
1254.   Coalport 'Summer Rose' and 'Jacqueline', Doulton, 'Nicole'. (3) £20-30
1255.   Anita Harris Foxy Gent Figure, limited edition No. 6/14, gold signed, 15cm high. £40-50
1256.   Royal Doulton Figure 'Carpet Seller', HN 1464. £20-30
1257.   Coalport 'Joan' and 'topaz' and Royal Worcester 'The Queen's 80th Birthday 2006' figurine. (3) £30-40
1258.   An Anita Harris Figure of an Irish Setter Dog (Dublin), with green hat, limited edition No. 7/10, gold signed, 13cm high. £40-50
1259.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the 'Harvest Poppy' design by Emma Bossons shape 402/4, impressed and painted marks, 10.5cm high. £60-80
1260.   An Anita Harris Figure of an Irish Setter Dog (Dublin), with black hat, limited edition No. 6/10, gold signed, 13cm high. £40-50
1261.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the 'Harvest Poppy' design by Emma Bossons, shape 576/4, impressed and painted marks, 10.5cm high. £50-70
1262.   Royal Doulton Character Jugs, 'Shakespearian', 'Othello', 'Rip Van Winkle', Robin Hood', 'Granny'. (4) £20-40
1263.   A Poole c.1950's White Earthenware Vase, of baluster form, designed by Alfred Read pattern XPRP and factory mark to base 26cm high. £40-70
1264.   Royal Doulton Character Jug "Dick Turpin"; together with "The Cardinal". (2) £20-30
1265.   A Limited Editions Shand Kydd Pottery 'Shakespeare' Staffordshire Pottery Bowl, by Fritz Wegner, 29.5cm diameter. £20-30
1266.   Royal Doulton Character Jugs, 'Dick Turpin', 'Old Charley', 'Farmer John' and 'Toby Philpots'. (4) £20-40
1267.   A Set of Four Lorna Bailey 'Beatles' Caricature Teapots. £160-180
1268.   Coalport Characters The Simpsons 'Mush!' TS06 and Side Show Met Gets Fired TS05. (2) £20-40
1269.   Coalport The Simpsons 'Losing His Marbles'. 'Will Work for Duff' and 'Yellow Girl Blues. (3) £20-40
1270.   Coalport The Simpsons, 'Two to Tango' (damaged), The Family That Sits together (damaged) and The Gift of Margie. (3) £20-30
1271.   Lorna Bailey - Albert the Cat, 13cm high. £25-30
1272.   Lorna Bailey - Dozer the Cat, 12.5cm high. £25-30
1273.   Lorna Bailey - Honey he Cat, 12.5cm high. £25-30
1274.   Lorna Bailey - Steptoe the Dog, 14.5cm high. £25-30
1275.   Lorna Bailey - Bengo the Dog, 12cm high. £25-30
1276.   Lorna Bailey - Raffa the Cat, 13cm high. £25-30
1277.   Doulton Mrs Frosty's Finishing Touch, Coalport The Snowman book ends, pair of Johnson plates, Border Fine Arts 'The Snowman' enamel box. £20-30
1278.   Lorna Bailey - Andy the Cat, 18cm high. £25-30
1279.   Lorna Bailey - Christmas Cuddles the Cat, 13cm high. £25-30
1280.   Lorna Bailey - Snowball the Cat, 14cm high. £25-30
1281.   A Set of Three Lorna Bailey Pussketeers - Pawthos, Purrthos and Armeow. (3) £90-110
1282.   Coalport The Snowman Characters Figure Group, 'The Welcome No 887/1000, 'The Wrong Nose' and 'Adding a Smile'. (3) £30-40
1283.   Three Royal Doulton The Snowman Collection Figures, 'The Snowman Tobogganing' DS20, 'Highland Snowman' DS7 and The Snowman DS2. (3) £30-40
1284.   Coalport The Snowman Character Figures, 'Dance The Night Away', 'The Bashful Blush' and 'Cowboy Jig'. (3) £30-40
1285.   Coalport 'The Snowman' First Edition Father Christmas 'Where's the Chimney' FC02 and 'The Special Gift' (Special Edition 2004). (2) £30-50
1286.   Coalport The Snowman Character Figure Group, 'Walking in the Air', No 1722/2000 and Penguin Pals (2004). (2) £30-50
1287.   Coalport The Snowman Characters Figure Group, 'Chilling Out' (exclusively produced for H Samuel) and 'a Cold Night in' No 162/2000. £30-50
1288.   Coalport The Snowman Characters Figures, 'The Hug', 'Balancing Act' No 0128/1000 and 'Building The Snowman'. (3) £30-40
1289.   Caolport The Snowman Character Figures, 'Dressing Up', 'Dancing with Teddy' and 'Highland Fling'. (3) £30-40
1290.   Coalport The Snowman Characters Figure Group, 'Having a Party' No 226/2500 with certificate, and 'Soft Landing'. (2) £30-50
1291.   Coalport The Snowman Characters Figure Group, 'Off Piste' No 1326/2000 (with certificate), and Hold on Tight No 1403/2000. (2) £30-50
1292.   Coalport The Snowman, The Merry Trio No 1684/2000 and 'Dinner For Two', No 921/2500. (2) £30-50
1293.   Coalport 'The Snowman' Characters Figure Group, 'Winter Fun', No 934. £40-50
1294.   Royal Crown Derby Yorkshire Rose Daddy Bear Limited Edition No 174/750, 2006 and Yorkshire Rose Mummy Bear limited edition 174/750, 2007 both with gold stopper. (2) £40-60
1295.   Royal Crown Derby 'Mini' Bears - 'Newspaper Seller Bear', 'With love', 'Congratulations' and 'I Love You'. (4) £40-60
1296.   Four Royal Crown Derby 'Mini Bears, One Carrying Bag' with love, another similar with Crown Derby mark and two others seated and with paw up. (4) £40-60
1297.   Four Royal Crown Derby 'Mini' Bears, 'Claude' (Artist), 'Daisy and two others 'Baking'. (4) £40-60
1298.   Three Royal Crown Derby Mini Bears, 'Daddy and George' (two) and 'Bear Hug'. (3) £30-40
1299.   Four Royal Crown Derby 'Mini Bears, 'Graduate', 'Happy Birthday', Christmas Cracker and 'Daisy'. (4) £40-60
1300.   Four Royal Crown Derby 'Mini Bears. 'Floppy Bunny', 'Boy Posie Bear' and two others. (4) £40-60
1301.   Royal Crown Derby 'Mini' Bears, 'Footballer' (in red striped shirt), 'Footballer' (in blue striped shirt) and 'Cricketer'. (3) £30-50
1302.   Swarovski Pendant, Doulton Pooh money box, Albert 'Benjamin'. glass pigs, coinage, etc::- One Tray. £15-25
1303.   A Dressing Table Set, glassware, bells including Wedgwood:- One Tray. £10-20
1304.   Nick Munro 'Sunfish' Three Piece Tea Set, plated ware, cutlery:- One Tray £15-30
1305.   Old Court Vase, pair of Mondrian vases, Devon Fieldings musical mug, etc:- One Tray. £25-30
1306.   Critch Potter - Stoneware jar-cover, bowls, cups, saucers with incised pottery marks C.P:- One Tray. £30-40
1307.   Four Bulbous Glass Decanters. £20-30
1308.   Twelve XIX Century Cranberry Bowled Glass Stem Wines. £20-40
1309.   Poole Table Lamps, and lidded jar, Wedgwood Jasper ware, Russian birds, other ceramics:- One Tray. £20-40
1310.   Knighthood Pewter Tray, having cylindrical bakelite handles, oval plated tray, Viners candelabra, Elkington toast rack, etc. £20-30
1311.   Crown Devon 'Lune' Wash Jug, Bowl and Brush Holder, a 'Windsor' soap holder. £25-35
1312.   A Wade Turtle Ashtray, 18.5cm diameter, glassware, plates, sauce boat, etc:- One Tray. £10-20
1313.   Wedgwood Jasperware, Doulton Series Ware and Wedgwood Peter Rabbit trio', cups and saucers, Darton 'The Annunciation' mug and other commemorative mugs and miniatures:- One Tray £20-30
1314.   A Lladro Clown A20A, dog washing, panda, geese and girl with kitten (5) £30-50
1315.   Six Edinburgh Crystal Whisky Glasses, and four small wines, other cut glassware:- One Tray. £15-25
1316.   An Album of Over Eighty Picture Postcards, early to mid XX Century of topographical views many of Lincoln and surrounding villages and towns, including Seathorne, Woodhall Spa, Louth, Swinderby, etc. £30-50
1317.   An Album of Over Forty Picture Postcards, early XX Century 1970's mainly steam trains including GV, royal Scot and three cards of paddle steamer and cruise boats. £30-50
1318.   Photographs Circa Early XX Century Sheffield Scenes, including Lady's Bridge, Pheasant Inn, Canal Basin, Campo Chambers, Lydgate Lane, Chimney Sweeps, approximately thirty five. £20-40
1319.   Chinoiserie Letter Wall Tidy, in black lacquer having five divisions, 25.5cm high. £20-30
1320.   Silver Salts of Octagonal Form, with spoons in case. £20-30
1321.   An Album Containing WWI Postcards, "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" (4), "Little Grey Home in The West" (4), and other mixed postcards, together with one album of postcards. (2) £20-30
1322.   Watermans Pen with 18k Nib, Conway Stewart 'Dinkie 550 x 2 with 14k nibs, Wyvern No 60 plus Parker twin set. (7) £50-80
1323.   Pens Having 14k Nibs, Parker 'GS', Conway Stewart 85L, Shaffer, each with box. (3) £30-50
1324.   Pens Having 14k Nibs, 'Selsdon; Mabie Todd Blackbird, Stephens plus one other. (4) £30-50
1325.   A Swan Mabie Todd Ink Pens, with 14k nibs. (3) £30-50
1326.   Two Five Pound Coins, crowns, other GB coinage, pre 47 threepences. £20-30
1326A.  A Comoy's lighter, a Crown lighter, and a Ronson electronic. (3) £20-30
1327.   The Beatles - wrist watch in guitar box, miniature album collection, badges, playing cards. £20-40
1328.   The Beatles - Yellow submarine pop out art decorations, The Inside Story of The Yellow Submarine $1, Let It Be 2014 Brochure, other Beatles related publications. £20-30
1329.   Oriental Woodcut Print, Garden Scenes 18 x 13cm, smaller print, wooden panel, wooden artwork featuring rat. (4) £20-30
1330.   Oriental Needlework & Braid Pictures of Chinese Dragon and Exotic birds in matching frames, each 35.5 x 68cm. (3) £20-40
1331.   A Pair of Japanese Pottery Vases, circa early to mid XX Century, with beaded floral decoration of green grounds 38.5cm high. £50-80
1332.   Oriental Pottery Vase, featuring birds amongst foliage on yellow ground, 23cm high. XIX Century lidded jar (cracked) Cradon type vase in case. £20-40
1333.   A Blue Pottery Horse, with floral decoration, and a brass Star of David candlestick. (2) £20-40
1333A.  A Sailor's Valentine Style Bowl and Cover, of circular form, allover encrusted with shells, in a geometric pattern, 17.5cm diameter. £20-30
1334.   A XIX Century Carved Walnut Cherubs Head, together with a treen board with three stump feet and a carved wall panel of a bird. (3) £30-50
1335.   A XIX Century Continental Box, needle cases, XIX Century decanter, whisky flask, dressing table mirrors, etc:- One Tray. £15-20
1336.   Oriental Needlework Pictures of Bird and Foliage, in matching frames, 46 x 38.5cm overall. £20-30
1337.   A 1930's Bakelite Cossor Melody Maker Radio, model 501. AC. £20-30
1338.   A Quantity of Glass Negative Slides, varying themes:- Two Boxes. £20-30
1339.   Brass Wall Sign, F.L Broughton, County Surveyor, Carlisle, 59cm wide. £30-50
1340.   A Victorian Freestanding Folding Photograph Frame, with twin apertures and applied gilt scroll decoration to the plush red frame, overall height 26cm, with attached hand written note "..with best wishes for her 21st Birthday.. May 15th 1896"; Together with A Set of Three XVIII Century French Books - Elemens De L'Histoire De France. (4) £30-50
1341.   A Vintage Enamel Sign, for "H H & J Robinson Have Sold These Premises Etc", 57cm x 42cm. £20-30
1342.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Eight Day Mantle Clock, with a silvered dial, reeded columns on gilded brass bracket feet. £60-100
1343.   Ansonia Metal Cased Mantle Clock, circa 1900, brass oil lamp, companion set. £20-30
1344.   Salters Trade Spring Balance. £15-30
1345.   Holy Bible by The Rev John Eadie, having brass corner, mounts and clasps. £20-30
1346.   A Mid 1900's Art Deco Mirror, with green glass outer quarters and circle effect feature, 76cm diameter. £60-90
1347.   A Modern Sabre, the blade etched "John Prosser, Charring Cross, London, leather grip in scabbard. £30-50
1348.   Brian Loomes, Country Clocks and their London origins, Antique British Clocks. A Buyers Guide, Brian Loomes, together with a folder of XVII style maps by John Speed. £10-15
1349.   A Quantity of Diecast Vehicles, by various manufactures, to include Matchbox, Corgi Juniors. £15-30
1350.   Robert Mordon, XVIII Century Hand Coloured Map of Derbyshire, approximately 34 x 40.5cm. Robert Morden Hand Coloured Map of Wiltshire, engraving of Haddon Hall, Derbyshire. (3) £30-50
1351.   Randolph Caldecott's Sketches, Avalon. 'More Than Shadows by Arnold Palmer, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Pablo Picasso by Jack Bilbo, many other art related books:- One Box. £30-50
1352.   Advertising Calendars 1990's. £15-30
1353.   A XIX Century Leather Bound Family Bible, with black and white plates. £10-20
1354.   Camera's: Mainly Digital, including Fujifilm, Kodak, Olympus, Nikon, Sure Shot:- One Box £20-40
1355.   Stocksbridge Steelworks CCTV Metal Wall Security sign, 76.5 x 91.5cm. £15-30
1356.   Documents, photographs, stamps, sheet music, trade cards, other paper ephemera, tin plate plane. £20-30
1357.   Cigarette and Trade Cars, Dr Reszke, Phillips, Gallaher, Wills, Lyons, Brooke Bond, large quantity Golden Knight. £40-60
1358.   Walpole (Hugh) The Fortress and Judith Paris, in slip cases, published by MacMillan and Co 1937 and 1931 Milne (A.A) The House at Pooh Corner eight edition 1936, with dust wrapper and Tales of Pooh first published 1930, two Spanish books 'La Guerra' D Las Muggers, Vol 1 and 2, Habana 1846 and four other works. £20-30
1359.   A Contemporary Enamel Type Sign, 'Shell - Sealed Pump', 70 x 32cm. £10-20
1360.   A XIX Century Knobbley Walking Cane, with handle as a shoe, twelve others including antler, pick ax and duck handles, a wicker stick stand. £30-50
1360A.  Two Boxes of Motor Racing Books, to include Power and Speed, edited by Frederick E. Dean, pub by Temple Press, 1938, Motor Racing The Golden Age, by John Tennant, pub by Cassell, 2004, Ferrari (3rd edition) by Hans Tanner, pub by G.T. Foulis, 1968, etc. £10-20
1361.   Badges, 1930's Boxed 'Mischief' Perfume and Engagements Pad, C.W.S cards, A.P. Badge, etc:- One Tray £15-25
1362.   Familiar Wild Birds (W. Swaysland), 1883 first and second editions, pub Cassell & Company Ltd, chromolithographs by A. Thorburn and Eliza Turck, green cloth with leather spine; plus Familiar Wild Flowers (third series), similarly bound. (3) £20-40
1363.   Red Marble Book Ends, with metal dog feature, bayonet, Pentacon camera, plated presentation mug, carved hardstone pigeons, six £1 coins, brooch, etc:- One Tray £30-40
1364.   XIX Century Inkwell, with a silver top collar (damaged) one box of old penny coins, XIX centre black papier mache crumb scoop, pot lid etc:- One Tray; together with A Goodber, Pen and Ink Drawing of Millhouses Park, Sheffield, signed bottom right 10 x 14. Watercolour of a Castle, signed bottom right H W ---, and a pencil drawing of a church. £10-20
1365.   Glass Mushroom Paperweight, Smiths mantle clock, gavel, cash box, Aboriginal boomerang. £15-30
1366.   Pen Knives, Varaflame lighter, key, watches, fishing reel, etc:- One Tray. £15-25
1367.   Fireman's Axe Patent No 515767, tested 2000, with black Hessian head cover. £15-20
1368.   Hardy Bros Ltd Marquis 7 Fishing Reel. Hardy Spare Spool, Milbro Monarch 2 fishing reel, etc £40-80
1369.   A 1912 Church Lads Brigade Brass and Copper Bugle, together with WWI and WWII items including twelve 'Naafi' stamped spoons, badges, lighter, 'Ypres' bookmark, dressings, etc. £40-60
1370.   A XIX Century Pewter Tankard, with inscription W. Gutsole Railway Call, other pewter tankard, sea fishing reels, Crown Ducal flambe bowl (damaged), Coalport Ming rose miniature, cup-saucer, etc:- One Tray. £10-20
1371.   Sadler Teapot, coinage, badges, pin cushions, etc:- One Tray. £15-30
1372.   Hoya Macro 75.260mm Lens, Sigma zoom - f=35-200mm, Zuiko Digital 40-150mm and Mitsuki lenses, Nikon f-4015. £30-50
1373.   Richter's Anchor Box, containing building stones, boxed, on other boxed game, together with two child's slate blackboard's (4) £10-15
1374.   Cigar Memorabilia - Willem II and Ritmeester Labels, cigar cutter, lighter, scales,, brass dishes. £5-10
1375.   The Summer Palaces of The Romanus Treasures from Tsarskoye Selo, edited by Emmanual Ducamp, folk art, Robert Young Gothic Art for England 1400 - 1547 edited by R Marks - Paul Kremlin gold, etc, five books. £30-50
1376.   Vintage Royalty Memorabilia - A 1937 Johillco Coronation coach and horses, a similar 1977 version, a 1911 enamel decorated mug, a 1902 'Ghost' cup showing King when held up to light, a box of 1935 Commemorative soaps and a set of twelve 1953 Coronation postcards. (6) £30-40
1377.   Tins, geometry instruments, etc:- One Tray. £15-25
1378.   Buttons, vacuum brush and torch, door stops as boots:- One Tray. £15-30
1379.   Holy Bible, edited by Reverend John Eadie, with brass clasps, (cover loose). £15-30
1380.   Olga A Polyakove, Icons Masterprices of Russian Art, Icons from Sinai, Icons art decoration, Icons. (4) £20-40
1381.   A XIX Century Shotgun Butt, by C.F Liversidge, telescope elbow, sings, etc:- One Tray. £30-50
1382.   Doulton Robin Hood Character Jug, hardwood tea can 13.5cm high. Taxidermy kingfisher in case 19cm wide. £20-40
1383.   Cameras - Kodak A120 plus No 3 folding Kodak with leather case. (2) £15-25
1384.   Pathe Gem 9.5cm Cine Projector, (one of the last pathescope 9.5mm) £30-40
1385.   A Collection of Vintage Medical Equipment, including a Victorian Pill maker with marble and brass fittings stamped 'Barclay & Sons, London', two mahogany and brass bottle holders, numerous chemist bottles, etc. £40-60
1386.   A XIX Century Album of Greeting Cards, Hildesheimer & Falkner prize design cards, watercolours, Victory farmyard wood jug saw puzzle. (2) £20-40
1387.   A Bolex Paillard B8L Cine Camera, with accessories in case, Bolex 18-3 due cine projector. (2) £40-50
1388.   A Negretti and Zambra Oak Framed Circular Barometer, 18cm diameter, four cork screws, a pixi door knocker, a flint Mickey Mouse plaque, a Savage Club dinner seating plan 1909, a pewter vase, a Williams and Glyn's bank leather purse and a wallet.

*All proceeds from this lot are to be donated to Neurocare. £20-40
1389.   Georgian Silver Sugar Nips, silver pendant, trinket pot, plated wine coaster, costume jewellery, boxes and display stand. £30-40
1390.   An Album of Over 150 Picture Postcards, photographs and cards early XX Century to present day, all of Lincoln interest, to include The Artist Series 'Twin Towers', Jew's House etc, The Cathedral, 'The King Arriving at The Royal Show, Lincoln 1907, etc. £30-50
1391.   A XIX Century Scumbled Box with Domed Lid, 14cm wide, cased mantle clock, horn, mini curling bowls, etc:- One Tray £20-40
1392.   Beatrix Potter:The World of Peter Rabbit' and 'The Friends of Peter Rabbit, in presentation boxes; The World of Pooh, 1974. (3) £20-30
1393.   Nacre Shells, Crown Derby dishes, Danish 'Ria' flask, etc:- One Tray. £15-25
1394.   Two c. 1930's Norah Wellings Royal Air Force Dolls, officer in blue velvet tunic and trousers with brass buttons, label to foot (lacking cap), 25.5cm high and a female officer in plate blue (faded to front) felt tunic, skirt and cap, shirt and tie (unlabelled), 23cm high. (2) £30-40
1395.   Jane Austen- Seven Editions, with introduction by Richard Church, wood engravings by Joan Hassall, Folio Society, 1975, in slipcase. £25-40
1396.   Eight Folio Society Books- including The Folio Golden Treasury, Rudyard Kipling, John Donne, etc, in slipcases. (8) £20-30
1397.   Cased and Loose Cutlery, brass desk set, glass inkwell:- One Tray. £20-30
1398.   John Brown and Company of Sheffield, atlas works Book 1924, featuring The Firs Achievements and Productions. £15-25
1399.   Brass Coal Mining Group, 27.5cm high, brass ware, plated tankards, etc:- One Tray. £15-25
1400.   An XVIII Century Oval Pewter Dish, bearing London touchmark, 40cm wide (torn), lidded pewter tankard. £15-25
1401.   Bialaddin Tilley Lamp. £15-25
1402.   A Cast Iron Victorian Money Box, in the form of Blackpool Tower, 18.5cm high, plus a Victorian cast iron match holder strike in the form of a donkey carrying a matchbox stamped Bryant and May. £30-50
1403.   A XIX Century Cast Iron Boot Scraper, 29.5cm wide. £15-25
1404.   An Early XX Century Brass Oil Lamp, with black terracota base and painted glass well, a later example. £20-30
1405.   An Oak Desk Stand, with nickel mounts and carry handle, twin glass inkwells top top, 31cm wide. £20-30
1406.   An Art Deco Style Cira 1940's Globular Opaline Ceiling Lamp, with chrome gallery, approximately 28cm high. £15-25
1407.   An Early XX Century Haberdashery Shop Counter and Drawer Commercial Cabinet, with impressed sign to rear (to face customer) for "Tidy-Wear Real Human Hair Nets - Note The Tight Hair - Obtainable in Four Large Sizes", etc. The front drawers with brass pull and file insert handles. £200-300
1408.   C.W.s Makers Manchester Brass Shop Scales, on a mahogany base plus weights. £30-50
1409.   A Pair of Circa 1940's Opaline Glass Ceiling Lamps, with metal fitments, 26 and 24.5cm diameter. £20-30
1410.   Two Circa 1940's Opaline Glass Ceiling Lamps, with metal fitments, 35.5 and 30.5cm diameter. £20-35
1411.   Vitreous China, Valdespino Sherry barrel, with chrome tap. £20-40
1412.   Brass Balance Scales, circa early XX Century with six weights, on mahogany base, 50.5cm wide. £20-30
1413.   A Brass Oil Lamp, with glass funnel and shade with wavy rim. £15-20
1414.   Brass Balance Scales, with weights. £20-40
1415.   A XIX Century Brass Bound Walnut Writing Slope, with tooled scriver, 45cm wide. £20-40
1415A.  The Century Dictionary, eight volumes, published by The Times, London, 1899. £10-20
1416.   A Circa 1920's/30's Blacksmith Made House Sign "Manderley", mounted on a painted mahogany backboard, 70cm long. £20-30
1417.   Two Shooting Sticks, ebonized walking cane. (3) £15-20
1418.   Davidson Style Amethyst Glass Bowl, on stand, games, playing cards, tins, etc:- One Box. £15-25
1419.   Jeremy Blake, La Falsa Prospettiva in Italian Renaissance Architecture, in sleeve, twenty three prints, watercolours, photographs, £20-30
1420.   Spector 16mm Cine Projector (popular mode, pre-war) £30-40
1421.   A Large Brass Shell Case 4.5 14051 06 RLB5/86 232, 70cm high. £20-40
1422.   An Esso Petrol Can, in green having 'ROP' Cap Petroleum Spirit can. £20-30
1423.   Automobelia - inspection lights, classic car fuses, etc:- Three Boxes. £15-30
1424.   A Mid XX Century Vintage Bedspread, depicting Chinoiserie garden scenes, braid and tasselled border; a further green braid trimmed bedspread, in a case. £10-20
1425.   A Circa 1930's Green Cloth Tobacconist's Shop Window Sales Banner, for "Players Digger Tobacco", 120cm high x 97cm wide. £30-50
1426.   A Gilt Rectangular Wall Mirror, with bevelled glass, one other gilt mirror and a teak framed mirror. (3) £15-20
1427.   Five 'Utrillo' Prints, all in modern 'Habitat' frames. £15-25
1428.   G Beardshaw, Highland Cattle, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1904 (flaking), 49 x 75cm, gilt framed wall mirror. £20-30
1429.   Barry G Price, 'Flying Scotsman' Limited Edition Colour Print of 850, image, signed, 40 x 61cm. Keith Swift print. (2) £15-20
1430.   A Rectangular Wall Mirror, frame with brass corners, bevelled glass, together with a gilt oval mirror. (2) £10-20
1431.   D.A Ackroyd, Woodland Landscape, watercolour signed and dated '75, 44.5 x 69cm, two large prints all in similar frames. (3) £10-20
1432.   A Large Floral Tapestry, in gilt frame 91 x 76cm overall. £15-30
1433.   A Gilt Rectangular Shaped Wall Mirror, with bevelled glass, and etched decoration, 99 x 68. £10-20
1434.   A 1970's Rise and Fall Lampshade, in orange plastic, 37cm wide. £15-30
1435.   A 1920's Mottled Glass Light Shade, of compressed globular form, a similar period opaque bell shade with stepped copper mount. (2) £20-40
1436.   Two Chandeliers, each with nine fluted branches, the sconces hung with prismatic drops between swags. £20-30
1437.   Sue Willis 'Folies Bergere' Colour Print, signed. two wild cat prints and three still life's. (6) £10-20
1438.   Harley Crossley, 'Braunston Scene', oil on canvas, signed lower left, 29 x 39cm. £20-40
1439.   P Hobson, oil on canvas, a Winter snow scene, of people skating, signed bottom right, 24 x 29cm. £20-40
1440.   Bruzac, Mediterranean scene with boat in foreground, oil on board, signed lower right, 12.5 x 20.5cm. Antibes watercolour signed J Noel? (2) £30-40
1441.   F.G.M, Kingfishers, watercolour, monogrammed, 48 x 39cm, another smaller signed '75. (2) £15-25
1442.   J Freeman, Study of Man on White Horse with Lady and dog in attendance, and boats in choppy sea to distance, oil on board 22.5 x 30.5cm. £50-100
1443.   Jason Partner, 'The City Mill, Norfolk, 9 x 13.5cm and The Creek of Thornham, both details verso. (2) £20-40
1444.   G H Vincent Plant, 'The Old Houses, Bradwell', oil on board, signed lower right, details verso, 45.5 x 56.5cm. £30-50
1445.   Donald Grant (British 1930 - 2001) Lions on Alert, limited edition colour print of 950, signed 49.5 x 82cm. £30-40
1446.   John Dean RMS Rural Landscape, oil on canvas, signed lower left (damaged) 44 x 70.5cm, unsigned, one watercolour and Roy Williams ink drawing of Countryside scene. (3) £15-25
1447.   E Pipkin, Glandford, oil on board, signed lower left, 17 x 24cm. £15-30
1448.   Joan Somerville 'Happy Hour' Limited Edition Print of 395, signed 15 x 38cm. another 'Birthday Boy'. (2) £30-50
1449.   WITHDRAWN - T. H Victor, 'Newlyn' watercolour, signed lower right 25 x 40cm. £20-40
1450.   Judy Boyles, signed coloured prints 'Daffodil Time, Grassmere, 32.5 x 50cm. 'Watendalth', 'The Oaks Porch' limited edition.(3) £15-25
1451.   W.A Freeman, Blakeney, watercolour, signed lower left, 23 x 33.5cm. B Naughton, Countryside Buildings, watercolour, signed and dated '84. (2) £15-25
1452.   A Mid to Late XX Century Oil on Canvas, Cottage by River, 60 x 90.5cm. £10-15
1453.   G.W Wood, 'Sandport, Ayrshire Coast', watercolour signed lower right, 22.5 x 30cm. L. Scott Public Gathering, watercolour signed lower left, one other watercolour. (3) £15-30
1454.   Harley Crossley, 'Braunston Scene', oil on canvas, signed lower right, 29 x 60cm. £30-50
1455.   Harley Crossley, 'Weavers Triangle, Burnley', oil on canvas, signed lower right, 29.5 x 59.5cm. £30-50
1456.   Five 'Utrillo' Prints, all in modern 'Habitat' frames. £15-25
1457.   Jon. Four Horse Racing themed silhouettes from the 1960's. Chad Coleman pair limited edition colour fish themed prints, six hunting prints. £15-30
1458.   H.Noble, Still Life of Fruit, Oil on Canvas, 24.5 x 39.5cm, signed lower right, John Rudkin 'Listerdale' colour print, signed. (2) £20-30
1459.   Marlton, Seated Figure with Cat, oil on board, signed and dated 1865, 26 x 18cm. £30-50
1460.   E Pipkin, Early Morning Mist at Blakeney, oil on board, signed lower left, 30 x 89.5cm £30-50
1461.   Three Late XIX Century Con Cave Chrystoleums, of a girl playing a mandolin, plus two other Chrystoleums, largest 24.5 x 18cm (3). £30-50
1462.   Judy Boyles Signed Limited Edition Colour Prints, 'Tarn Hows in Winter' 24 x 37.5cm. Langdale, Coniston and Parlor in a Farmhouse (4) £20-30
1463.   A XIX Century Silhouette. Full length figure of Gentleman, 22.5 x 15cm. £20-30
1464.   Three Late XIX Century Concave Chrystoleums, of a room interior and a lady sewing, plus two other pictures, largest 32 x 25cm. (3) £30-50
1465.   A Pair of Late XIX Century Concave Crystoleums, hunting prints (one damaged), together with one other Chrystoleum, largest 16 x 25cm (3) £10-20
1466.   B. Baughton, Dales Landscape. watercolour, signed lower left, 34.5 x 52cm, a similar country house scene. (2) £15-30
1467.   A XIX Century Pencil Sketch of Classical Roman Figures, 38 x 31.5cm. Woodblock print of Industrial City with river in foreground. £20-30
1468.   A XIX Century Needlework of Couple in Garden by Font, in original frame 53.5 x 47cm overall. £20-30
1469.   Lawrence Coulson (Born 1962), Distant City at Sunset, limited edition colour print of 200, signed, Washington green blind back stamp, 19 x 58.5cm. £30-50
1470.   H N W Countryside Scene with lake in foreground, signed and dated (1992) in elaborate gilt frame 23 x 44.5cm. £30-60
1471.   After Vladimir Tretchikoff, 'The Dying Swan', coloured print, 49 x 64.5cm. £20-40
1472.   Satin Skin Powder Advertising Poster, (framed), 100cm x 67.5cm. £50-80
1473.   A Loxley Painters Easel, in beech, freestanding, extends to approximately 242cm high. £15-30
1474.   Jon Toorchen, '130th Anniversary of the CSS Alabama', coloured prints 40 x 60cm. (50) £30-40
1475.   K Baggaley, Bakewell and Haddon Hall Limited Edition Prints, signed, 23.5 x 34cm. Martin Sexton plus two other J. Beddows prints. (5) £15-20
1476.   Three Late XIX Century Con Cave Crystoleum', in classical dress, largest 25 x 19.5cm (3) £30-50
1477.   Stephen Gayford 'Lion Cub' & 'Cheetah Cub' limited edition colour prints of 1050, 25 x 20cm, plus 'Lazy Days', all signed .(3) £15-25
1478.   John Rudkin 'The Mill Pond'. 24 x 34cm. 'Clumber Lake', and 'Chatsworth' limited editions colour prints of 500, each signed. (3) £15-30
1479.   Padwick, Castle Study, oil painting, signed lower right, 26.5 x 37cm. £15-20
1480.   D.C Reed, 'Storm Clouds Over a River', watercolour, details verso, 11 x 17.5cm. Pair Moorland scene gouaches, still life watercolour .(4) £15-25
1481.   John Toorchen, '130th Anniversary of The CSS Alabama', artists proof print limited editions of 385, No's 87 and 89, both pencil signed, 40 x 60cm. (3) £20-40
1482.   A.W Redgate, Old Cottage Wilford Green, watercolour, signed lower right, 26 x 43cm. £15-20
1483.   Alan Wickham, Rural Landscapes, pair of watercolours, signed and dated '03, 15.5 x 24cm; A Busy Beach Scene, watercolour, details verso, 18.5 x 28.5cm, another similar. (4) £15-30
1484.   Three Late XIX Century Con Cave Crystoleums, in classical dress in conversation, largest 25 x 19.5cm. £30-50
1485.   June C Loxton Four Studio Art Watercolours, of Cathedrals, Church etc, initialled J.C L bottom right. (4) £20-40
1486.   Horse Racing: A Study of a Jockey, pastel, monogrammed and dated '91, 15.5 x 20cm; together with Vic Daniels 'Croccieth Castle' limited edition print, 31/200. (2) £20-30
1487.   Six XIX Century Satirical Hunting Scene Prints, 12 x 16.5cm. Carbrook Hall and Watendlath engravings, map. (9) £20-30
1488.   Jon Toorchen, '130th Anniversary of the CSS Alabama', coloured prints 40 x 60cm. (50) £30-40
1489.   A Cream Column Jardiniere Stand, 67.5cm high; together with a pair of modern globe bookends. £15-20
1490.   A Brass Fireguard, having folding fan action, 65.5cm high. £15-25
1491.   An Early XX Century Carved Oak Two Dial Aneroid Barometer. £15-20
1492.   An Early XIX Century Rosewood Inlaid Bedroom Chair, together with a XIX Century ebonised bedroom chair. £10-20
1493.   A XX Century Mahogany Boardroom Writing Table, with a cross banded top, leather scriver, four drawers with four dummy drawers, on bulbous turned and reeded legs, united by stretchers 244 66cm high. £20-40
1495.   A Post Box of Square Form, white painted with gilt highlights, in aluminium, having crown finial, lion mask panel to door, under lift up letter receptacle, approximately 100cm high. £50-100
1496.   A Black Painted Cast Iron Umbrella/Stick Stand, with drip tray (stamped No 31). £20-40
1497.   A XIX Century Bamboo Plant Table, with square top and under shelf, another having octagonal top. (2) £15-30
1498.   A Cast Iron Black Painted Standard Lamp, on shaped supports. £10-20
1499.   A XIX Century Walnut Cased Two Weight Vienna Wall Clock, circular dial, with Roman numerals, turned supports. £30-40
1500.   Reprodux, Mahogany Music Cabinet, with seven graduated hinged drawers, on bracket feet, 47.5 x 88cm. £30-50
1501.   Lloyd Loom Lusty Style Chair, and a Lloyd Loom Lusty laundry basket. (2) £15-20
1502.   A Mahogany Nest of Tables, together with an early XX Century window table. £10-20
1503.   A XIX Century Style Child's Windsor High Chair, with a hooped back, pierced splat, shaped arms on turned legs, with foot rest, H stretcher. £30-40
1504.   Decca Model DMC/17D Television, in bow front cabinet, circa 1950's, 60cm wide. £20-40
1505.   Roastra Vintage Travelling Trunk, with leather handles. £10-20
1506.   Stongbow Furniture, mahogany kneehole desk, cross banded top,red leather insert, centre drawer, with flanking pedestal £20-40
1507.   A XX Century Mahogany Cocktail Cabinet, with twin doors, brushing slide, single drawer over a cupboard door, on bracket feet. £10-20
1508.   A XX Century Oak Dresser, the rack with two shelves, panelled back base, twin panelled cupboard doors, with applied lozenge decoration, on turned legs on block supports. £20-40
1509.   A Mid XX Century Book Cabinet, four sectional, having glazed sliding doors, 89cm wide. £30-50
1510.   A Mid XX Century Walnut Display Cabinet, with fall front to domed top, revealing mirrored interior over glass sliding doors, 96cm wide. £20-40
1511.   A Pine Dresser, the rack with two shelves, base with three drawers, on turned and block supports, with under shelf. £15-20
1512.   Berkel 2lb Scales, Avery Scales plus 14 and 7lb weights. £15-30
1513.   XVIII Oak Corner Cupboard, with a dentil cornice, panelled door, three internal shelves, together with a XVIII Oak Corner Cupboard, arched panelled door, reeded sides, shaped apron. (2) £15-30
1514.   A XIX Century Pine Box, with brass handles, together with a mahogany box. (2) £20-40
1515.   A Herbert Terry, 1208 Angle Poise Lamp, with scumbled decoration. £30-40
1516.   Gritzner Treadle Sewing Machine, in oak cabinet. £15-25
1517.   A Standard Lamp, with three lights. Demi Lune table and a Cd rack with cd's. £10-15
1518.   Orange Micro Crush Pix Guitar Amplifier, and vintage EMI speakers, amplifier is a 3 watt guitar amp with built in tuner, in its original box. £10-20
1519.   An Oak Side Table, with two small drawers, on square supports, together with an oak book case, with adjustable shelves. £10-20
1520.   A G-Plan Style Nest of Three Tables. £30-50
1521.   An Oak Rectangular Shaped Coffee Table, with a marble top, on turned legs. £10-15
1522.   A White Painted Standard Lamp, with gilt highlights, together with an oak sewing table. (2) £15-20
1523.   A 1920's Oak Gate Leg Table, with drop leaves on barley twist and block supports. £20-40
1524.   A XIX Century Painted Boston Stool, two Keron stools, (3) £15-30
1525.   Reprodux Mahogany Cabinet, with fold over hinged top, fitted drawers for cutlery with under shelf. £20-40
1526.   A 1920's Oak Gate Leg Table, on barley twist and block supports, together with one other smaller gate leg table. (2) £10-20
1527.   An Early XX Century Cabin Trunk, labels include Cunard White Star, Elder Dempster Lines; Union Jack and American flag (47 stars). £20-40
1528.   An Oak Dressing Table, with five drawers on turned and block supports, together with an oak side cabinet, with two drawers. (2) £10-20
1529.   Reprodux Oak Nest of Tables, on turned and block supports, together with an oak stool with the letter J carved on the top. £15-20
1530.   An Oak Rectangular Shaped Coffee Table, on turned and block supports,together with and oak nest of tables. (2) £10-20
1531.   An Early XIX Century Armchair, together with one other armchair on cabriole legs. (2) £10-15
1532.   A 1920's Oak Gate Leg Table, with drop leaves, on barley twist and block supports. £20-40
1533.   A G-Plan Style Teak Dining Table, with centre leaf. £40-60
1534.   A G-Plan Set of Four Teak Chairs, with rail supports, upholstered seats in square legs. £50-100
1535.   A G-Plan Teak Circular Coffee Table, with a glass top, on a X stretcher base (with label). £50-70
1536.   A Pine Extending Kitchen Table, together with four pine chairs. (5) £15-20
1537.   A Middle Eastern Tassled Sil/Wool Rug, with two central motifs on pink ground and border, 160 x 93cm. £20-30
1538.   A XIX Century Mahogany D-End Dining Table, with a central leaf, on moulded legs. £30-50
1539.   Skovby Denmark, a pair of dining chairs, model SH90E £20-40
1540.   A XX Century Mahogany Demi Lune Fold Over Card Table, with a cross banded top, green leather inserts on turned and reeded legs, 79.5 x 73cm high. £30-50
1541.   A XX Century Oak Blanket Box, with hinged lid, panelled front, on style feet. £20-40
1542.   A XX Century Oak Blanket Box, with a hinged lid, panelled front on style feet. £30-40
1543.   A X Century Brass Extending Club Fender, with green leather corner seats, with stud decoration. £50-100
1544.   A 1950's Pye Black Box Record Player, in a mahogany case.
1545.   A Singer Sewing Machine. £15-25
1546.   Three Early XX Century Mahogany Single Chairs, with poker work and Art Nouveau stylized carving, to pierced splat's. £15-25
1547.   A XIX Century Rosewood Work Box on Stand, (originally a teapoy) with a sarcophagus top, upholsted interior, on tapering octagonal pedestal, quarter fold base, bun feet. £30-50
1548.   Pair of XIX Century Chairs, with rail backs, a XIX Century oak hall chair and a XIX Century Leather Shire Horse Collar. (4) £10-20
1549.   An Early XX Century Beech Framed Two Seater Settee, with pierced splat's in the arts and crafts manner, 109cm wide, a similar armchair. (2) £40-60
1550.   A XIX Century Mahogany Pembroke Table, with drop leaves, single drawer, turned pedestal, swept legs. £15-20
1551.   A Pair of Early XX Century Mahogany Open Arm Salon Chairs, shaped top rail, shaped arms, upholstered seat, on swept legs. (2) £15-25
1552.   An Early XX Century Walnut Chaise Lounge, with upholsted top rail, turned spindle supports, on turned legs 192cm wide. £50-80
1553.   An Early XVIII Century Joined Oak Blanket Box, with hinged lid, four panelled base, panelled ends, 175cm wide x 84cm high. £50-70
1554.   An XVIII Century Style Wing Chair, on carved carbriole legs, together with one other XVIII Century style wing chair. £10-20
1555.   A XIX Century Pitch Pine Church Pew, with shaped sides 132cm wide. £50-100
1556.   A Middle Eastern Wool Tassled Rug, with allover floral and geometric motifs, on salmon pink ground 152 x 105cm. another with two bands of four stars on red ground. (2) £30-50
1557.   A Chinese Wool Tassled Carpet, labelled 'Tientsin, Kayam' with allover floral decoration on red ground with cream centre and border approximately no visible tears, stains or wear. 348 x 260cm. £50-80
1558.   A Late XVIII Mahogany Fold Over Tea Table, with a single drawer, on tapering legs. £15-20
1559.   A Singer Cast Iron Sewing Machine Stool, tripod base with circular wooden top, and adjustable thumb screw action, stamped Singer to base. £80-120
1560.   A XX Century Rectangular Shaped Ash Stool, with a caned top on turned and block supports, with barley twist stretchers, together with a circular stool. (2) £10-20
1561.   A Teak Sideboard, circa 1970's, in the G-Plan manner, with left end cupboard doors, central drawers and fall compartment to right, on tapering legs 198cm wide. £80-120
1562.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Pedestal Desk, with a red leather top, three top drawers, pedestals with three graduated drawers, on plinth bases. £80-120
1563.   A Mahogany Cased Farfisa Piano Organ, no 3066. £10-20
1564.   An Edwardian Golden Oak Campaign Style Three Tier Cutlery Cabinet, with contents 47mm wide. £40-60
1565.   An Early XX Century Mostly Pine Four Drawer Factory/Industrial Chest, with painted metal numbers (29-32) to fronts along with brass cup handles (72cm high x 55cm wide x 46cm deep. £60-80
1566.   An Oval Bevelled Wall Mirror, in painted frame, stamped 'LNER', 42cm wide, Painted oak framed wall mirror, lager. (2) £10-20
1567.   An Early XX Century Pine Lectern, on cruciform base, 113cm high, Oriental carved standard lamp. (2) £20-30
1568.   A XX Century Oak Dresser, the rack with two shelves, panelled back base, with two top drawers, over cupboard doors, on barley twist and block supports, united by stretchers. £30-50
1569.   A Circa 1930's Shop Counter Top Commercial Cabinet, with lift-up top displaying gilt lettering for "The World's Art Service - Raphael Tuck & Sons Greeting Cards - Look for Name and Trade Mark", two lower drawers with black bakelite brass handles, 42cm wide x 20cm high x 28cm deep. £40-60
1570.   Foster & Pullen of Bradford Metal Trunk, painted in The Bargeware Style, labelled with date 1916, 64cm wide. £20-30
1571.   A Pair of XIX Century and Later Demi Lune Side Tables, on tapering legs (2) £20-40
1572.   A XIX Century Pole Screen, with a velvet panel of flowers, on a turned pedestal, trefoil base, bun feet. £30-40
1573.   A 1920's Oak Eight Day Long case Clock, with circular dial, Arabic numbers, shaped base (no glass to door). £30-50
1574.   A Female Form Shop Mannequin, removable arms on an adjustable heavy glass base, approximately 90cm high. £20-30
1575.   An Early XX Century Oak Dumb Waiter, with a 3/4 gallery, with carved central cupboard doors, on reeded supports, on bun feet. £50-100
1576.   A Mid XX Century Needlework Table, with contents. £15-30
1577.   A XIX Century Mahogany Commode, with a Brampton cream ware bowl, on turned legs. £20-30
1578.   An Octagonal Shaped Specimen Table, decorated with flowers, on a stand. £20-30
1579.   A Teak Lounge Unit, circa 1970's with upper fall cupboard door, open section over cupboard doors to left, three drawers to right, on tapering legs 137.5cm wide. £30-50
1580.   A XIX Century Mahogany and Oak 30 Hour Painted Dial (John Bowen) Long case Clock, with a swan neck pediment arched glazed door, trunk with a cross banded door, cross banded base, arched painted white dial, with Roman numerals. £50-100