Stamps & Ephemera Auction
on Thursday 3rd June 2021

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201.    Commonwealth Stamps, in albums, packets and on album pages in a medium size carton, many thousand mint and used. 30-50
202.    A Box Containing Nine Stock books of World Stamps, mint and used earlies to modern. 40-60
203.    A Large Carton Containing a Mixed Collection of Stamps and Postal History from 1920's Onwards, includes GB with mint KVI definitive's and commemorative's in blocks and World selection many thousands to sort. 30-40
204.    World Collection of Stamps, in ten albums, stock books in a carton, a good mix of Counties from earlier material to modern. 40-60
205.    A Plastic Carton of PHQ Cards from 1970's to 2000's, a vast quantity and huge original cost. 30-50
206.    A Carton of GB and World Stamps, first day covers and pre decimal and decimal presentation packs. 40-60
207.    A Collection of World Stamps, in five binders, Countries A-B includes Aden, Albania, Alderney, Andorra, Antigua, Australia Barbados, Belgium, etc, hundreds mint and used. 40-60
208.    Four Albums of GB FDC's, from 1960's to 1990's, good condition 300 items. 30-50
209.    A Large Box of GB FDC's, 600 items from 1960's to 1990's, good condition. 60-100
210.    World Stamps, in a carton of nine albums, stock books including Commonwealth, India States, Australia etc. 50-80
211.    A Large Box Containing Fifteen Empty Stock books and Albums. 20-30
212.    200 GB FDC's from 1983 to 2004, mostly Benhams in three albums, includes twenty five coin covers, flown covers etc, stamp values to 5. 60-90
213.    A Large Assortment of Cinderella Material, in a cardboard box, includes, Revenues, Propaganda, Forgeries and Bogus, some adhesion in places but most seem ok, in eight stock books 5000 to 6000 stamps 60-100
214.    A Carton of World Stamps, on albums leaves and in three albums, many thousands to sort. 25-40
215.    A Large Carton of G.B. and World Covers, includes Airmails, Registered, etc many thousands to sort. 30-50
216.    GB Collection of Presentation Packs and Booklets, with a face decimal value of over 300 plus FDC's 1980's to 2000's including high value and Brittania 10. 180-220
217.    Fourteen Good Quality Stock Book of Cinderella Material, including Revenues, Propaganda, Forgeries, Bogus etc, a little adhesion but most ok, high cost in stock books alone, 6000 - 7000 stamps. 80-120
218.    A Carton of World Stamps Mint and Used, in five stockbooks and six Junior albums, thousands to sort, 25-40
219.    A World Collection of Stamps, mainly used in five albums Countries H-J including Hungary, Isle of Man, India etc, many hundreds. 40-60
220.    A Large Assortment of Cinderella Material, in thirteen stock books including one forty eight page, all in good condition, includes Revenues, Propaganda, Forgeries and Bogus, some adhesion but most ok, around 6000 stamps 70-100
221.    GB Collection of One Hundred FDC, mainly 1970's, presentation packs with a face value of 72. Plus a small selection of postal history. 50-80
222.    A World Collection of Stamps, mainly used in five albums, Countries O-S including Palestine, Peru, Quebec, Rumania, Russia, St Helena, Sarawak etc, many hundreds. 40-60
223.    A Large Assortment of Cinderella Material, in fifteen good quality stock books includes Revenues, Propaganda, Forgeries, Bogus etc, some gum adhesion but most ok, high cost of stock books alone, 5000 - 6000 stamps. 80-120
224.    A Carton of World Stamps, in eighteen binders and on album pages, mint and used, thousands to sort. 25-40
225.    A World Collection of Mainly Used Stamps, Countries D-H including Dominica, Ecuador, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Guernsey, Gibraltar, many hundreds. 40-60
226.    A Carton of GB and World Stamps, mint and used in twelve binders, thousands to sort. 25-40
227.    A Collection of Commonwealth Stamps, celebrating Royal events in eight albums. 30-40
228.    A Large Box of Philatelic Literature and Catalogues, include SG stamps of The World A - Z 2000 edition collect GB stamps, FDC catalogues, Stanley Gibbon Book of Stamps and Stamp Collecting. 20-30
229.    A Carton of GB and World Stamps, mint and used in albums, packets and folders. 20-30
230.    Gurnsey Collection of FDC's and Presentation Packs, 1990's to 2000's, 100 items plus a collection of Alderney FDC's and PP's from 1985, nice lot 90-130
231.    World Collection of Stamps, in a strand album housing used stamps from 1930's onwards, plus five other junior albums, nice selection many hundreds of stamps. 30-40
232.    GB Collection of Presentation Packs, with a decimal face value of 180 plus FDC's from 1990's to 2000's. 90-120
233.    A Large Carton of British Stamps and Covers, includes presentation packs from G.B and Isle of Man with values to 2, thousands to sort. 25-35
234.    A Fine Collection of World Stamps, in twelve stock books mint and used, includes Greece, Austria, French Colonies, Germany, Russia, USA etc. 70-100
235.    A World Collection of Stamps, in four albums and a box file, Countries S-Z including Singapore, Sri Lanka,Taiwan, etc, many hundreds. 40-60
236.    A Large Carton of Mint and Used Stamps on Stock Cards, in packets and loose, G.B and World Stamps, with G.B Decimal, face value of over 20, good sorter. 30-40
237.    A World Collection of Mainly Used Stamps, in five albums, Countries K-O including Kuwait, Lundy, Luxemburg, Maldives, Malta, Mexico Nauru, Niger etc, many hundreds. 40-60
238.    A Box Containing Mint and Used Collection of World Stamps, in ten albums, stock books includes Americas, Canada, Europe etc. 50-80
239.    A Box Containing Twelve Albums of FDC's, includes GB 1970's - 80's Guernsey, Jersey, Netherlands, Canada and Isle of man, around 500 covers. 40-60
240.    A Large Plastic Carton, containing World stamps in ten albums, a good range of mint and used material. 40-60
241.    GB FDC's 1970-90's in Five Cover Albums, a total of 210 covers in good condition and includes 1988 castle set. 25-35
242.    A Collection of World Stamps, mainly used in five albums, Countries B-D including Canada, Ceylon, Colombia Deutsche Bundspost. 40-60
243.    Three Albums of GB FDC's from 2002 to 2018, in very good condition includes definitive's and commemorative's 268 covers. 35-65
244.    Three Albums of European stamps Mint and Used, Countries from A to Z from 1930's to modern but a few older, a nice lot many hundreds. 60-90
245.    WITHDRAWN A Carton of GB and World Stamps, in packets and envelopes in a tin and two albums mint and used, many thousands. 20-30
246.    A Large Box of Philatelic Literature, including post marks of England and Wales by James Mackay, barred numerals cancels volumes 1 to 6 by John Parmentor, etc, heavy lot, good condition. 40-60
247.    GB A Collection of Over 200 Benham Covers, 1980 and 1990's in five Benham albums, good condition. 50-80
248.    A Box Containing Thirteen Stamp Albums, Stock books of World Stamps, mint and used. 50-80
249.    Two Albums Titled The Kingdom of Birds, two albums with title Locomotive Philatelica and one album titled The Lloyds Collection, housing a collection of world stamps. Plus a sheet of postage stamps showing Kings an Queens of England. 20-25
250.    A Box of Ephemera, empty albums and album pages, including a sixteen page stockbook in good condition and a nice Tower album with unused pages. 20-30
251.    A Carton of GB Used Stamps, in seven albums, and in packets from GVI onwards, thousands to sort. 35-50
252.    Four Albums of GB FDC's from 2000, 320 covers in very good condition and includes 2005 2 coin cover. 50-80
253.    Four WWF Special Albums of Wildlife Stamps and Covers, depicting animal, birds etc, very good condition. 25-40
254.    A Carton of Albums and Folders Housing Mint and Mainly Used G.B. Stamps, includes cancelled, Smiler sheets, FDC's Decimal mint stamps, also World stamps in folders. 30-50
255.    A Collection of World Stamps, housed in nine albums, stock books early to modem includes India, Australia, European, etc. 50-80
256.    G.B: Over Four Hundred Postcards and Covers, including Queen Victoria and KEVII, many interesting cancellations including squared circles, Duplex, etc. 50-80
257.    A Small Collection of G.B Stamps, mint and used from Queen Victoria including S.G. 96 6d Lilac, good to fine used to QEII decimal commemorative's and definitives mint and used, plus Zanzibar covers. 60-80
258.    A Mixed Lot of Stamps Covers and Postcards, includes a small stock book of Commonwealth stamps, Benham covers (millennium collection) GVI Australia censored covers and a small selection of maritime postcards, plus a few European stamps. 25-50
259.    GB A Collection of Pre Postage Stamp Letters from 1806, a total of ten items, good condition. 15-30
260.    GB The Complete Set of Mint Gold Medalists Miniature Sheets, from 2012 Olympic Games. 75-100
261.    GB Collection of Queen Victoria Red Plates on Covers, 97 covers. 60-80
262.    A Collection of Rhodesia and Zimbabwe First Day Covers and Postal History, from 1940's to 1980's over seventy items. 30-50
263.    A Collection of GB Pre Decimal Queen Elizabeth Stamps Mint, an album of World stamps, a thematic album of Elvis Presley stamps and coins, and a Westminster Queen Victoria Penny Red cover. 25-40
264.    An Accumulation of Mainly Queen Victoria and KEVII Postcards, Postal Stationery and Covers, with good postmark interest, with many Duplex and squared circle, present, local interest Mytholmroyd,etc, around two hundred and fifty items. 80-100
265.    A Commonwealth Collection of Used and Mint Stamps, from Jamaica, Cyprus, Cape of Good Hope, Ceylon, etc, many Queen Victoria stamps, condition good to fine. A few hundred stamps in a stockbook and in packets. 50-70
266.    Two Albums of World Stamps, mainly Asia and Oceanic Countries A to Z, mint and used, mainly modern, but some earlier, many hundreds. 40-60
266A.   A Carton of GB Mint Decimal Stamps, with a face value of over 40, including traffic light, gutter pairs and a small collection of G.B. FDC's. Plus a small stockbook of World stamps, sparse. 20-30
267.    World Stamps, in packets on and off paper and in five albums, mint and used, good to fine condition, many thousands of stamps to sort. 30-60
268.    Commonwealth in Two Good Quality Thirty Two Page Stockbooks, includes Canada and New Zealand Queen Victoria onwards, mainly used with a few mint, a few hundred stamps. 20-30
269.    British Commonwealth Stamps Countries A-Z, on Hagner leaves in two binders, mint and used mostly fine a few thousand stamps. 60-80
270.    Mint Decimal Stamps, with a face value of over 130 in an album, in packets and on stock cards. 70-90
271.    World Stamps A-Z, in two albums, a few thousand stamps mint and fine used. 60-80
272.    An Accumulation of Over Two Hundred Queen Victoria and KEVII Postcards and Covers, with local and postmarks interest. 60-90
273.    India A Collection of Reprints of Stamps from Feudatary States, interesting lot. 30-50
274.    An Accumulation of Unused FDC's of South Africa 1979 Commemoration of Zulu War, Ciskei 1981 definitive and South West Africa 1980 third decimal definitive series both C.T.O on cards. 20-30
275.    A Commonwealth Collection of Stamps Queen Victoria to GVI, including a used collection of Victoria ninety items Canada and New Foundland, plus a small number of early USA. 30-60
276.    Sri Lanka Collection of Postage and Postal Fiscal Stamps, including large blocks and high values, mainly mint, nice lot with good value. Plus Ceylon Study Circle literature. 60-100
277.    A Large Accumulation of World Stamps, mainly used on album leaves, stock cards and in packets, many thousands from Argentina, Belgium, Italy, Japan, etc. 40-50
278.    G.B: Sixty Five Queen Victoria Cover and Entires, from early 1830's, a few franked and cancelled covers, interesting lot. 40-80
279.    A GB Collection of Stamps, including sixty plus Penny Reds good to fine used, Queen Victoria surface printed GVI values to 10/- fine used, Queen Elizabeth regional's, Wildings and Castles plus a small amount of decimal mint stamps, useful lot. 25-40
280.    A South Africa Collection of Stamps from Early VRI Overprints to 1980's, includes Zulu War FDC unused 1965 Independence, many high values also includes South West Africa. 30-50
281.    GB Queen Victoria Collection of Over 100 1864 Penny Reds, mixed condition. 40-80
282.    RSA Collecion of Full and Mini Sheets of Stamps from 1979 to 1985, included Anniversary of Stamp Production Centenary of Zulu War etc, plus a number of post cards of Victoria Falls. 80-120
283.    USA Collection of Stamps Mint and Mainly Used from 1890's, over 1000 items with high values, good to fine condition, high cat value. 100-150
284.    GB Complete Collection of Olympic Gold Medal winner Miniature Sheets, mint twenty nine items. 75-100
285.    A Collection of Postcards, with good postmarks from Queen Victoria to QEII, including barred numerals, squared circles, Duplex, Slogan, etc, around two hundred and fifty items with local interest. 80-100
287.    GB Collection of Booklets, including Queen Elizabeth Wilding and pre decimal,and mint decimal, booklets with a face value of over 68. 35-40
288.    A Collection of Mint Decimal Stamps on Stock Cards and Presentation Packs, plus two Wales Prestige booklets with Welsh language, face value over 200. 100-140
289.    A Collection of Around Two Hundred and Fifty KEVII Postcards, mainly Topographical, but includes, Romantic, Animals, Greetings, etc, all with squared circle postmarks, with Yorkshire interest, Leeds, Barnsley, Bradford, etc. 80-100
290.    A Collection of G.B Stamps, Covers and Postal Stationery, from Queen Victoria to QEII, a few hundred stamps and over one hundred covers. 30-50
291.    An Accumulation of Mainly Commonwealth Stamps, on album leaves, stock cards, and in packets, mostly used, good selection from Australia, Canada, Ceylon, etc, a few thousand, 30-50
292.    A Collection of Postcards and Covers, with post mark interest, mainly KEVII and King George V , includes Field Post Office, Censor, Naval, etc, around two hundred items, mixed condition, interesting. 20-30
293.    GB Collection of Decimal Presentation Packs Booklets and Loose Stamps, with a face value of 46 plus GVI mint stamps in envelopes. 25-35
294.    G.B: Postcards, Covers and Postal Stationary, mainly Queen Victoria and KEVII, with postmark interest. Plus a few world covers, very little after 1920. Postcards are mainly topographical, over two hundred and fifty items. 60-80
295.    A Small Carton of Benham Silks, from 1981, complete year sets, for 1982 to 1985, then around ten sets per year to 1995. 200 plus covers, good condition. 50-80
296.    Around One Hundred Queen Victoria Covers and Postal Stationery, mostly franked and cancelled, nice post mark interest including Bishop marks, squared circle, Duplex, etc, interesting lot. 50-80
297.    G.B: Over Three Hundred Postcards and Covers, Queen Victoria and KEVII, mostly franked and with a interesting range of Duplex and barred numeral cancellation. 100-120
298.    World Stamps, on Hagner leaves and stock book pages, includes Czechoslovakia, Bohemia and Moravia, Hawaii, Iraq and Palestine, Liberia, mint and used mostly good to fine, 1000 plus stamps. 30-40
299.    A Collection of Postcards, with postmark interest (squared circles, Duplex and barred numerals),mainly Queen Victoria to KGV, some local interest. Plus a few Foreign, over two hundred items. 65-100
300.    Over Three Hundred Covers and Postcards Edward VII to QEII, with postmark interest, card are humorous, topographical, etc. 60-100
301.    G.B: Over One Hundred and Queen Victoria Covers, mainly Penny Red plates, with a variety of cancellations. 80-100
302.    Guernsey Collection of Presentation Packs, mainly 1980's to 2000's including Aldernay over 100 items, very good condition in six binders, both commoratives and definitives. 80-100
303.    An Accumulation of Over Two Hundred Queen Victoria and KEVII Postcards and Covers, with a range of interesting postmarks. 60-90
304.    A Postcard, Postal Stationery and Cover Accumulation, mainly Queen Victoria and KEVII, but a few later with local and postmark interest, over two hundred and sixty items, postmarks include Duplex, barred ovals, etc. 80-100
305.    A Small Interesting Collection of Stamps, Cover and Postal Stationary, from mainly Commonwealth Countries including South Africa, Malaysia, India overprinted for use in Bahrain, Natal, Nova Scotia, in a stockbook and packets, includes catalogue of postal stationary. 30-50
306.    Channel Island Collection of FDC's, mainly 1980's - 90's, booklets and miniature sheets of Jersey and Guernsey, over 240 items very good condition, in six binders. 90-130
307.    Over One Hundred and Sixty Postcards and Covers, Queen Victoria and QEII, with a variety of cancellations, including Railway Sorting Offices, Forces Field P.O. and interesting marks including Paquet Boat, To Pay, Opened and Passed by Censor, interesting. 80-100
308.    A Well Filled Album of Mint and Used Stamps of Africa, including Commonwealth Countries, from KGV, most countries represented. Plus two Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth catalogues and a small FDC album of various countries, good range. 40-50
309.    A Collection of Postal Stationery, mainly from Ceylon during Reign of Queen Victoria and KEVII, all unused and in good condition, over seventy five items. 20-40
310.    A Box of World and G.B. Postal History Covers, hundreds to sort. 25-40
311.    Three Albums of Commonwealth Stamps, includes Australia from 1915 to 1987 mainly used some fine, Australia Antarctic Territories, New Zealand from 1940's, South Africa including Cape of Good Hope etc. 25-40
312.    A Carton of Postcards and Postal History, postcards include Topographical, Children, Comic, Theatrical, etc, mainly used with much postmark interest, including local. Postal history and postal stationary with local interest, over two hundred and fifty items, very little after 1930. 65-100
313.    Jersey Collection of Presentation Packs, 1990's to 2000, eighty four items and corresponding FDC's, nice lot. 80-120
314.    A Carton of Postcards, mainly from KEVII Reign with much post mark interest and topics, including Topographical, Children, Theatre, etc. Plus some used postal stationery and postal history with a little local interest, over two hundred items. 55-80
315.    Flown Covers Collection in Two Binders, 140 covers 1970's to 1980's, some signed. 60-100
316.    A Collection of Over Two Hundred Queen Victoria Covers, mainly from 1860's, includes a little Railway interest. 100-140
317.    Jersey Collection of Presentation Packs, from 1970's to 1990's, 115 items in five binders. 80-120
318.    A Collection of Postcards and Postal History, mainly Queen Victoria to KGV, with local and postmark interest, around two hundred and fifty items, postcards show Topographical, Theatre, Comic, Transport, etc. 65-100
319.    Three Albums of Covers From Commonwealth Countries, celebrating Royal Events, including Silver Jubilee. 20-30
320.    An Accumulation of Queen Victoria and KEVII Postcards, Postal Stationery and Covers, with local (Yorkshire and Derbyshire) interest and good range of postmarks, including Duplex and squared circle, around two hundred and fifty items. 80-100
321.    G.B: A Small Collection of Maritime Mail, including Paquet Boat Cancels, Ship Letters, including Ship Letter Plymouth, interesting lot, around one hundred items. 40-60
322.    G.B: Over Two Hundred Covers From Queen Victoria, with a variety of cancels plus postcards, mainly KEVII mainly topographical. 80-100
323.    An Album 'The Official Collection of Wildlife First Day Covers', thirty five pages with one hundred and five covers from a variety of countries. 15-30
324.    GB a Windsor Album 1971 to 1985 Fine Used and Mint Stamp Collection, includes extra booklet panes and varieties on 1980 50p, nice lot in excellent condition. 25-50
325.    A Good Collection of GB Machin Stamps from 1970 Mixed Mint and Fine Used, includes singles, booklet panes and booklets noted x 842 1/2d left band, plus a collection of postage dues and QV imperf Penny Reds x 14, interesting lot in fine condition. 50-75
326.    A Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, from 1915 to modern, includes Qinghai Tibet Railway MS 2001. 20-30
327.    A Mint Decimal GB Collection of Stamps, face value over 715. 350-420
328.    A Mint and Used GB Collection of Stamps from 2001, with a face value of over 360, includes booklets, high values and many NVI values. 180-220
329.    GB Mint and Used Sets and Singles from 1990, with face value of mint stamps over 160, includes Castle high values and 10 Brittannia. 75-95
330.    A Collection of Mainly Used Stamps of South Africa, in an album, includes sparse Natal, Orange River Colony, Transvaal from 1885, the South Africa 1930 to 1984. 40-60
331.    A Royal Airforce 75th Anniversary Album Housing Thirty Eight Flown Covers, some signed including Peter Lord of Abbots Hay. 25-35
332.    A Mint GB Collection of Stamps from 2018, including miniature sheets with a face value of over 520 many NVI. 260-290
333.    GB Mint and Used Stamps 2004 - 2007, mint decimal face value of over 335. 160-180
334.    A GB Mint and Used Collection of Stamps from 1996 to 2000, includes high values, commemorative's, definitive's booklets and booklet panes, with many NVI present. Decimal face value over 340 plus fine used with face value over 300. 190-220
335.    A Collection of Stamps from Spain and USA, on Hagner leaves from earlies to modern, around 1500 stamps mint and used, mostly good condition. 30-50
336.    A G.B. Commonwealth and World Collection of stamps, from 1880's to 1930's, countries include France and Colonies, Japan, Russia, Mongolia, New Zealand, etc. 15-20
336A.   A Large Well Filled Springback Album of Mint and Used World Stamps and a Few Covers, including Channel Island Liberation and Olympic Games 1948 First Day of Issue. 30-50
337.    Congo - Collection in a Thirty two Page Stock book from Early French Issue through to Independence, mint and used, some postal history and high cat items, plus a small stock book of Zaire stamps over 1000 items, condition good throughout. 30-40
338.    Chad Collection in a Sixteen Page Stockbook from French Colonial to Independence Issues, some valuable mint material around 500 stamps in very good condition. 30-40
339.    Federated Malay States from Early to GVI, mint and used and Brunei mint and used, some duplication throughout but a useful lot, a 1000 plus stamps. 30-50
340.    Spain, Extensive and Valuable Mint and Used Collection of Stamps, in two stock books, earlies to 1960's includes SG 1199 used x 3. 50-80
341.    Iceland Collection on Stockpages from Early Issues, with well catalogued items, 100 plus stamps. 25-40
342.    Sudan: A Mint and Used Collection, in a sixteen page stockbook from early overprints on Egypt to 1940's. Plus a few later well presented and includes three covers and interesting cancels, a few hundred stamps. 50-80
343.    Rumania a Collection of Mint and Used, mainly early issues in two stock books, nice condition throughout around 200 items. 20-30
344.    Taiwan Stamp Collection, on album leaves mint and used, including 1946 China overprinted, mint nice lot 500 plus stamps. 35-50
345.    A Mint Decimal Collection of GB Stamps from 1971, including 1977 high values to 5., plus matching used sets and singles, good condition throughout. 30-50
346.    A Collection of Mainly Used in World Stamps, in a thirty two page well filled stockbook and a binder, many fine used stamps mainly from 1950's-60's. 30-50
347.    Czechoslovakia Mint and Used Collection, in sixteen page stockbook, 1919 to 1939, some duplication, good condition throughout. 25-40
348.    A Album of Stamps of Hong Kong and India, from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II, mainly used but a few mint, including SG 153, around 1000 stamps, mixed condition, but valuable sorter. 60-100
349.    A Collection of Mint and Used Stamps of Railway Engines, plus a good collection of Belgium Railway parcel stamps from 1895, 1000 plus stamps, interesting lot. 40-60
350.    G.B A Collection of Queen Victoria and KEVII, mostly Penny Reds and Lilacs, collected for post mark interest, including, barred numerals, squared, circles, etc, in two stockbooks and three notebooks, around three hundred stamps, mostly good to fine. 40-60
351.    A Mainly Mint Collection of GB Stamps from 2008, with a face value of over 570, many NVI stamps present, plus used with face value of over 300. 280-320
352.    A Collection of North and South American Countries Stamps in Two albums Mint and Used, includes Canada from Queen Victoria Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Cuba, noted Newfoundland 1937 Coronation set of eleven. 40-80
353.    A Binder Containing Stamps, mint, used and cancelled to order from Poland, Russia and Spain, mainly modern with thematic interest. Birds, animals, transport etc, a few thousand on album pages. 30-50
354.    Australia Collection of Used Stamps, GV to 2019 mostly used on Hagner leaves, around 700 stamps, many fine. 30-50
355.    USA Collection of Stamps in a Well Filled Senator Album, many hundreds of mint and used. A good range mainly modern but some older, includes 1976 American Bicentenary 1982 birds and flowers, 1987 North American wildlife and 1992 wild flowers all in sheets of 50, good lot. 60-90
356.    a Collection of Isle of Man to 2010, fine used stamps, a few hundred in very good condition. 25-40
357.    A Commonwealth Collection fo Stamps, mainly used Countries A to T with many Queen Victoria values, includes mint 1948 Silver Wedding sets, for FiJi VF used and Nigeria mint, many hundreds, good to fine condition. 60-80
358.    G.B. Mint Stamps from 1966 to 1980, mostly with Traffic Light Gutters, 1974-1980, includes 1977 high values, excellent condition throughout in a good quality Rafton album. 40-50
359.    China: A Mainly Mint and Used Collection of Stamps, from 1940's includes Chinese People Republic, to 1960's Formosa and Taiwan, etc. 30-50
360.    G.B. Definitives Collection, in a sixteen page stockbook, many hundreds of used Decimal stamps, duplicated with high values (different printers) 10 Britannia fine used and many 1990 Penny Black Anniversary Stamp. 40-60
361.    A Superb Collection of Stamps Mint and Used Queen Victoria to Modern From Gambia, in a sixteen page stock book, huge catalogue value. 80-120
362.    An Album and Stockbook of World and Commonwealth Stamps, including early New Zealand, India overprinted for use in Bahrain including Five Rupee, M.E.F overprints. Leeward Islands 1948 Silver wedding, high value very fine used, nice lot. 60-80
363.    Two Albums of GB FDC's from 1968-1988, 140 covers with stamps to 5, good condition, in good condition. 20-40
364.    Sierra Leone Stamps, mint and used in two stockbooks, from Queen Victoria to modern, includes used KGV to 2/-, 3/-, very high catalogue. 50-80
365.    Jordan and Transjordan Stamps, mint and used in two stockbooks from 1920's to 1980's, some duplication. 30-60
366.    GB Mint and Used Collection of Stamps from 1841 to 1970, includes 2d Blue, 35 Penny Reds mixed condition, block of six mint halfpenny blue green mint. Edward VII to 2/6 good used and George V to 5/- good used. George VI to 10/-. Then mint and used Queen Elizabeth II including wildines in large blocks and commemorative's mint and use sets, nice lot. 50-80
367.    Two Albums of Channel Island and Isle of Man Stamps, used with sets and singles, includes Guernsey 1969-70 1d sheet 2B 2B with one stamp showing variety 'Dagger in Shoulder'. 30-40
368.    Egypt: A Collection of Stamps Mainly Used, in a thirty two page stockbook, from earliest to 1990's, includes British Forces in Egypt Letter Seal S and O.H.H.S overprints, high catalogue. 50-80
369.    Qatar: A Mint and Used Collection of Stamps, in a Century album, from G.B. overprints to 1980's, with many high values. 60-80
370.    Dubai: A Mainly Used Collection of Stamps, from 1963 to 1970's in a sixteen page stockbook, good catalogue value. 30-50
371.    Ceylon: An Extensive Collection of Stamps, from earliest issues to 1990, includes Queen Victoria to IR12c, KGV to 2R and KGVI to 5R, very high catalogue, mixed condition but some fine. 50-80
372.    India: A Queen Victoria Collection of Stamps, mint and mostly used on album leaves and a stockcard, values to Five Rupee, generally good to fine, high catalogue. 30-50
373.    East German Extensive Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, with some high catalogue items, from earliest issues to modern in a sixty four page stock book very good condition throughout. 50-80
374.    Algeria and Morocco Collection of Mainly Used Stamps, heavily duplicated from Early French Colonial Issues to 1970's. A few thousand in a large well filled stockbook. 50-80
375.    Senegal Collection in a Thirty Two Page Stockbook from Early French Colonial to Independence Issue, mint and used and on cover, plus Mali,and Nigeria stamps very good condition throughout, 1000 plus stamps. 30-40
376.    Singapore Collection of Stamps from 1950's to Present, mint and used in a large stock book, a few thousand with some duplication. 25-40
377.    A Thirty Two Page Stockbook of British Honduras and British Guiana, from Queen Victoria to 1960's mint and mainly used, huge catalogue value. 60-80
378.    Singapore 1948 to 1962 Stamp Collection, mainly used with GVI values to 5 dollar, duplication but a high cat lot with useful items in an sixteen page stock book. 25-40
379.    GB Used Collection of Stamps from Queen Victoria to Modern, on Hagner leaves includes, 1840 Penny Black and 2d Blue, Penny Reds and Jubilee to 4d EVII to 4d. KGV to 6d and KGVI to 5/- Queen Elizabeth to 5, mixed condition around 1000 stamps. 30-50
380.    G.B: An Album of Mint and used Stamps 1999-2000, face value of mint 60. Plus fifty seven Benham covers and four Millennium coin covers in a good quantity four ring album. 40-60
381.    A Binder Containing 2012 Olympic Medal Winners Miniature Sheets (29), 2012 Paralympics Miniature Sheets (34), plus 2012 winners FDC's (64), excellent condition throughout. 120-200
382.    A GB Mint Collection of Stamps from 1980, with a face value of 105, plus corresponding used sets mainly fine, includes machin high values and 1988 Castles, also a small collection of pre decimal and decimal regional's, mint face 6.30 60-80
383.    A Collection of GB Smiler Sheets from 2004 to 2019, sixty five sheets with a total face value of 520 260-300
384.    G.B: Used Collection of Leaves, 1984 to 1997, virtually complete, Commemorative Sets, good to fine, used. 20-35
385.    GB a Collection of Seven Examples of SG13 1841 2d Blue with White Lines Added, all fine or good used with four margins. 80-120
386.    Fiume: A Small Stockbook of Mint and Used Stamps, from 1918, unchecked but potentially high catalogue values. 20-40
387.    Fiji GVI 6d SG261 DIE II Perf 13, block of eight mint Cat 88 15-25
388.    British South Africa Company 1913 3 Shilling Die II Perf 15, appears mint. 30-60
389.    A Collection of Germany 1936 Olympic Games Stamps, on three stock cards includes blocks of four and six, with some duplication, all mint. 30-60
390.    A Collection of GB and Commonwealth Mint and Used Stamps, on ten stock cards, includes GB Red Cross Phosphor Set, five mint South Africa SG 196 and 197, fine used, 2/- Nigeria booklets SB8 and blocks of 1932 Canada Stamps, fine used. Plus mint Nigeria SG59 5/- black and orange, very high catalogue. 25-50
391.    Wenden Selection of Mint and Used Stamps, on a stock card, six stamps one with short corner, cat 50 plus, rarely seen. 15-25
392.    Bahamas GVI 938 1 Stamp SG 157 Mounted Mint, fresh appearance. 25-50
393.    Bechuanland SG44 4d on Lilac and Black 1888, used high cat, good condition. 25-50
394.    Danish West Indies, SG 25 Cat 180, good used. 20-30
395.    India a Selection of Stamps, including one Anna imperf total cat over 200 fine used. 25-40
396.    Germany 1899 2 Mark Blue, mint high cat. 20-40
397.    Cyprus 1880 SG2 Plate 220 Overprinted, fine used. 25-50
398.    Falkland Islands Queen Victoria Four Pence, mint very fresh but no gum. 30-60
399.    New South Wales 1854 8d Yellow Imperf, cat value 1500, four good margins, but two pin holes. 30-60
400.    Ascencion 1938 Set to 10/- Fresh Mounted Mint, cat 250. 40-80
401.    Bahamas 1861 1d Lake, no watermark SG4 nice colour appears unused. 40-80
402.    Austria 1950 Air 5 Shilling and 10 Shilling, in mint blocks of four, high cat. 60-100
403.    Australia and Early States Stamps, on seven stock cards and a small stock book, used, good condition. 20-30
404.    A Collection of GB Mint and Used Postage Dues, on album leaves. 25-40
405.    GB Collection from EVII to Queen Elizabeth II, includes 1934 photogravure mint values Queen Elizabeth Wilding in blocks of four castle 2/6 plate 13A block of four then decimal and pre decimal machins to 1 varieties present. 30-60
406.    World Stamps, on seven stock cards, includes Cape of Good Hope, Yemen, Austria, Korea, and a number of Finish stamp booklets, mint and used good condition. 20-40
407.    Japan Mint 1949 Postal Week Stamp, SG 556, catalogue 140, good condition, scarce stamp. 15-25
408.    Ireland 1922 Overprints, Dollard Printing, to 9d used, Thom Printing to 1/-, Harrison Printing to 6d, them a small selection to 1944, good condition. 25-40
409.    British Postal Agencies in Eastern Arabia, a selection of mint stamps from 1948, includes SG 18 1948 Silver Wedding Set in blocks of four and UPU Sets, 1950 set complete, then a selection of QEIi to World Scout Jubilee, excellent condition. 35-50
410.    GB Ninety Seven Penny Red Plates from Plate 121, on two album pages. 60-80
411.    A Stock Sheet of Stamps from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth, with catalogue value of over 2000, includes Eritrea 1893 SL Red SGII, Falkland Island Dependencies 1946 fine used Mauritius 1860 SG46 mint Leeward Island one penny on 4d overprint, block of four. 100-200