Model Railway Auction
on Wednesday 6th January 2021

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301.    A Pre-Fabricated 'OO' Scale Model railway Layout Board, measuring 180cm x 120cm. 15-25
302.    The Locomotives and Rolling Stock From a Continental 'N' Gauge Railway Layout, fourteen locomotives steam, electric and diesel outline, and approximately forty five pieces of rolling stock including coaches and wagons, all playworn, small parts missing, spares/repairs. 200-400
303.    Three 'G' Scale LGB Four Wheel Wagons, a Plank Wagon, a Flat Bed and a 'Lowenbrau' Box Van. 30-50
304.    A Hornby Dublo Two Rail 0-6-0 Locomotive and Four Two Rail Wagons, plus a quantity of track and other model railways accessories, all playworn. 20-40
305.    A Spectrum 'Bachmann' 1:20 Three Scale 2-8-0 Narrow Gauge Outline American Locomotive, Consolidation, item No. 81294 Yellow Pine Lumber Co, R/No.21, body detached from chassis, small parts may be missing, boxed. 50-80
306.    A Hornby "OO" Gauge #R674 Midnight Freight Train Set, comprising of Class 58 Diesel Locomotive Railfreight R/No 58001, eight rolling stock items including Texaco, Esso Tankers, track, literature, boxed (box tatty). 25-40
307.    Four Kit Built Lineside Buildings, suitable for gauge 1/2, including a station, minor damages. 20-40
308.    Seventeen Mainly Post War 'O' Gauge Wagons, by Hornby and others, mainly original but all poor, playworn. 30-50
309.    Approximately Sixty Bags of Unused Scenic Materials, Track Mat Coverings, various colours and textures by Modelmaster. 30-50
310.    Approximately Sixty Bags on Unused Scenic Materials, Track Mat Coverings, various colours by Modelmaster. 30-50
311.    Approximately Sixty Bags on Unused Scenic Materials, Track Mat Coverings, various colours by Modelmaster. 30-50
312.    A Quantity of Gauge 1 Rolling Stock, including two and eight wheel coaches, a six wheel coach and two wagons, mainly kit based, often wood and in need of completion or restoration. 40-60
313.    Four Loose 'G' Scale LGB Four wheel Wagons and Coaches, including crane wagon, all unboxed. 30-50
314.    A Good Quantity of 'OO' Scale or Similar Trees. 20-40
315.    A Quantity of "OO" Gauge Track, mainly by Hornby, including curves, straights. 20-30
316.    Thirteen "HO" Scale Outline American Rail Cars, by Con-Cor, including 72ft Passenger Dome Car, Old Time Baggage Concession Car, boxed. 25-40
317.    Approximately Nineteen 'O' Gauge, mainly Hornby based four wheeled rolling stock, overall poor, broken , repainted. 20-40
318.    Approximately Nineteen 'O' Gauge, mainly Hornby based four wheeled rolling stock, overall poor, broken , repainted. 20-40
319.    A LGB 'G' Scale Outline Continental Kit Built Model Railway Station, 'G' Scale lineside figures, signage, spare parts. 20-40
320.    A Quantity of Hornby "OO" Gauge Lineside Buildings and Accessories, including GWR Footbridge, #R520 Water Tower, #R189 Single Brick Bridge, Operating Turntable, Signal Control Set, unchecked for completeness, boxed. 20-40
321.    A Quantity of Hornby "OO" Gauge Lineside Model Buildings and Accessories, including #R516 Diesel Maintenance Depot #R518 Signal Box, #R657 Girder Bridge, unchecked for completeness, boxed. 20-40
322.    An 'O'/1 Gauge Diarama of a British Mid XX Century Works, with scenery, 93cm wide, 52cm deep. 30-50
323.    Three Scratch Built Gauge I Six Wheel Coaches, all brass kit based, one in pieces, plus a four wheel gauge one wagon, playworn. 40-60
324.    Six 'O'/7mm Scale Eight Wheel Midland Maroon Coaches, all wooden in structure, all playworn but ideal for full restoration. 30-50
325.    Two Tri-ang/Hornby 'OO' Scale Locomotives, a 2-10-0 'Evening' Star, tender drive, in original box, base and a 4-6-2 Coronation (in blue), 'Queen Elizabeth' (damaged), in original box base, both playworn. 30-50
326.    Two 'OO' Scale Locomotives by Mainline, an 0-6-0 and tender 'Deans Goods' and a class 6600 0-6-2T, both finished in early totem BR black, both boxed. 30-50
327.    Four 'O'/7mm Scale Built Up Four Wheel Wagons by Slaters, including a Walkers rectangular tank wagon. 20-40
328.    Two 'OO' Scale Airfix Locomotives, a 4-6-0 'Pendennis Castle' and a 4-6-0 'Royal Scots Fusilier', both boxed. 30-50
329.    Nine Gauge I 'Manvers' Colliery Wagons, with transfers, but no chassis, by 'One Bits'. 20-40
330.    Twelve Hornby Skaledale "OO" Scale Lineside Accessory Packs, including station lamps, telephone kiosks, pre-1960's road signs, all in original packaging. 20-30
331.    Four HO Scale Lineside Buildings and Accessories Plastic Model Kits, by Faller, Kibri, including Faller B-960 Brewery, boxed. 20-40
332.    Ten Airfix HO/OO Scale Plastic Model Kits, including footbridge, water tower, windmill, unchecked for completeness, boxed. 20-40
333.    Two "HO" Scale Outline American Locomotives, comprising of Bachmann B23-7 Diesel Union Pacific. R/No. 156 Athearn SD40-2 PWR Union Pacific, R/No. 3503, boxed. 25-40
334.    Two "HO" Scale Outline American Locomotives, by Athearn, including Union Pacific, R/No. 4555, Santa Fe, R/No. 2963 (corrosion to locomotive outer railings noted), in associated boxes. 25-40
335.    Six Packs of Bachmann Branch-Line 'Scenecraft' OO Scale Plastic Model Figures, to include Construction Workers, Station Passengers Standing (2), Station Staff, all in original packaging. 20-30
336.    A "HO" Gauge Outline American Locomotive, by Spectrum (Bachmann) #85003 DASH8 40C Locomotive, Union Pacific, R/No. 9202, boxed. 20-40
337.    Twenty Six Various Jars of Peco Scenic Materials For All Model Landscapes, all appear unopened. 20-40
338.    A Broadway Limited Imports "HO" Gauge Outline American 2-8-2 USRA Heavy Locomotive, 'Unlettered' and Eight Wheeled Tender, black livery, R/No. 5508, C.B. and Q 'Burlington Route', boxed. 15-20
339.    Five OO Scale Plastic Model Kits, all lineside houses, by Hornby Gaugemaster, including Hornby Town and Country R279 Mock Georgian House, boxed. 20-40
340.    Four HO Scale Plastic Model Building Kits, by Walthers, including Merchants Row I II III Northern Light and Power Substation, boxed, some crushing to boxes noted. 20-40
341.    Nine "HO" Gauge Rolling Stock Items, by Lima, including #302849 Four Wheeled Wagon 'Chiquita', boxed. 25-40
342.    Ten "OO" Gauge Eight Wheeled Coaches, by Lima, all with GWR livery, boxed. 20-40
343.    Eight Lima "OO" Gauge Eight Wheeled Coaches, all with GWR cream and brown liveries, boxed. 25-40
344.    Seven Lima "HO" Gauge Car Transporter Rolling Stock Items, all Continental derivatives, boxed. 20-40
345.    Five Boxed Lima "HO" Gauge Swiss SBB FFS Liveried Eight Wheel Coaches. 20-40
346.    Five 'O' Gauge American Outline Rolling Stock, Box Vans, unboxed. 20-40
347.    An 'HO' Scale Empire Gas Works Kit By Walthers Cornerstone, unopened. 15-25
348.    Five 'O' Gauge American Outline Rolling Stock, Box Vans, unboxed. 20-40
349.    A Quantity of Darstead 'Trains De Luxe' Ungraded Capacitors, suitable for 'O' Gauge Darstead MKI Coaches. 20-40
350.    Seven Hornby "OO" Gauge Plastic Model Lineside Buildings and Accessories, both kits and clip together, including #R.421 Signal Box and Level Crossing, #R334 Station Over-Roof, Trak-Mat accessories pack (incomplete), boxed. 25-40
351.    Thirteen Marklin 'Z' Gauge Pieces of Rolling Stock, including coaches and wagons, all boxed. 40-60
352.    Five Bachmann Branchline (Scenecraft) "OO" Scale Plastic Model Lineside Buildings/Accessories, including #44-213 Low Relief Modern Offices Suites, #44-044 GWR Signal Box, boxed. 20-40
353.    Five "OO" Scale Plastic Model Lineside Buildings, by Hornby, Scenix including Skaledale Great Northern Signal Box, Scenix #EM6102 Engine Shed, boxed. 25-40
354.    Over Forty "OO" Gauge Track Points, by Hornby, Peco, Lima and other, including left, right, turnout, slip, curved, crossover, condition is variable. 20-40
355.    A Quantity of Hornby Dublo Three Rail Wagons, all playworn. 20-30
356.    Six Lima "HO" Gauge Swiss SBB FFS Liveried Eight Wheel Coaches, boxed. 25-40
357.    Seven"HO" Gauge Outline German Rolling Stock Items, 4, 6 and 8 wheel variants, both green, crimson and cream liveries noted, unboxed. 20-30
358.    Three Hornby Dublo Locomotives, comprising a 4-6-2 A4 Locomotive - 'Silver King' with tender, converted to two rail, valve gear damaged, boxed, a No. 2211 4-6-2 A4 'Golden Fleece' - two rail - repainted, boxed. A No. 2226 4-6-2 'City of London', two rail, repainted, boxed. 40-60
359.    A Kato "N" Gauge Outline Japanese Rolling Stock Items, including #8002 (3), cased. 20-30
360.    A Quantity of "OO" Gauge Rolling Stock Items, by Lima, Wrenn, Tri-ang and other, playworn condition with some repainting noted. 20-40
361.    Fourteen "HO" Gauge Outline Continental Rolling Stock Items, by Fleischmann, Liliput, including wagons, tankers, vans, all unboxed. 25-40
362.    A Quantity of "N" Gauge Track by Kato, including curves, straights turnout girder bridge, feeder track, all in original packaging. 40-70
363.    A Quantity of "N" Gauge Cardboard Constructed Lineside Buildings, including housing, school, garages, church, all appearing to have been removed from a model railway layout. 20-40
364.    A Quantity of 'Z' Gauge Model Railway Accessory Items, including buildings, vehicles, scenery, among associated items, all playworn. 25-40
365.    Seven "OO/HO" Scale Plastic Model Buildings and Lineside Accessories Kits, by Wills, Ratio including Wills #5580 Three Arch Viaduct, Country Station, boxed. 20-40
366.    Sixteen "OO" Gauge Track Points, by Peco, Hornby, including left, right, crossover curve. 20-30
367.    Nine "HO" Gauge Outline German Rolling Stock Items, by Fleischmann, all green (DR) (DB) liveries, unboxed. 20-40
368.    A Quantity of Model Railway Books, including Toy Trains by Ron McCundell, Hornby 'O' Gauge by Chris and Julie Graebe. 20-40
369.    Hornby Dublo No 4620 Breakdown Crane, boxed, a North East corridor coach, boxed, and a Brake/3rd unboxed, and a D12 'Blood and Custard' coach, boxed, all good, very good. 30-50
370.    A Large Quantity of 'OO' Scale Fixed and Spring Buffers, by Hornby, plus packets of track fishplate. 20-40
371.    Nine 1:76th Scale Diecast Model Lineside Vehicles, by Oxford, including South Australia Leyland TLM Fire Engine, boxed. 20-40
372.    Nine Trackside 'OO' Scale Diecast Models, by Lledo, including #TI1004 Trackside in Ireland Four Vehicle Set, all boxed.
373.    Nine "OO" Gauge Rolling Stock Items, by Bachmann, Dapol, including Coal Wagon No. 67, boxed. 20-40
374.    Ten "HO" Gauge Outline Continental Rolling Stock Items, by Fleischmann, Roco and other, including Dr Fischtransport wagon, all unboxed. 20-40
375.    A Quantity of Hornby Dublo 3 Rail Track, Switches, Signals, among other items, playworn, plus selection of catalogues and leaflets. 25-40
376.    Six Packs of Bachmann Branch Line 'Scenecraft' "OO" Scale Plastic Model Figures, to include Locomotive Staff, Station Passengers Standing, all in original packaging. 20-30
377.    Eleven 1:76th Scale Diecast Model Lineside Vehicles, by Oxford, including MGA Chariot red, all cased. 20-40
378.    Eleven 1:76th Scale Diecast Model Lineside Vehicles, by Oxford, including Ford Cortina MK II, all cased. 20-40
379.    Eighteen 1:76th Scale Diecast Model Lineside Vehicles, by Classix, including EM7606 Austin K2 Panel Van 'Kemps Biscuits', all boxed. 25-40
380.    A Hornby Dublo Three rail 2-6-4 Standard Tank R/No.80054, plus six Dublo pieces of rolling stock. 25-40
381.    A Quantity of 'G' Scale Lineside Items, including people, hut, crane, bench. 20-40
382.    A Hornby "OO" Gauge Class 91 Inter-City Locomotive , comprising of powered car, dummy car and four eight wheeled coaches, playworn. 30-50
383.    A Quantity of Boxed "N" Gauge Lineside Accessories, by Kato, Tomytec including #23-470 Billboard Architecture Facade Assortment, Street Signs Set (2) Double Track Catenary Poles, all in original packaging. 20-40
384.    A Hornby "OO" Gauge Inter-City 125, comprising of powered car, dummy car, eight wheeled coach, playworn. 20-40
385.    Four Pre-war Hornby 'O' Gauge Wagons, including a 'Nord' Coal Wagon and Robert Hudson Side Tipper, all playworn. 20-30
386.    A Hornby Dublo Three Rail 'Sir Nigel Gresley and Two Teak Coaches, playworn. 30-50
387.    Five Piece of Original 'OO' Scale Tri-ang Battlespace Model Railway, including 0-6-0 tank and rocket launching wagon, parts and accessories missing, playworn. 30-50
388.    Two 'OO' Scale 4-6-0 'Royal Scot Fusilier's' Locomotives and Tenders by Airfix, tender drive/black LMS finish, unboxed. 25-50
389.    Dinky Toys No 1001 'Station Staff', (one missing) Wardle 'OO' accessories, Trix 'OO' passengers and station staff, all boxed, playworn, unchecked. 20-40
390.    A Bachmann 'G' Scale Model Tram/Street Car United Traction Co, No. 1623, unboxed. 30-50
391.    A Bachmann 'G' Scale Open Street Car, Conductor and Driver Plastic Figures, working interior lighting. 30-50
392.    A Quantity of "N" Gauge Plastic Model Lineside Vehicles, by Wiking, Model Scene, Fleischmann and other, mostly loose, some white metal kit built vehicles noted. 25-40
393.    A Quantity of 'OO' Model Railway, comprising a Hornby 0-6-0 GWR Pannier Tank and ten pieces of rolling stock. 20-40
394.    Two Lima 'O' Gauge Eight Wheel 'Blood and Custard' Coaches. 20-30
395.    A Quantity of Hornby "OO" Gauge Platform Sections, playworn. 20-30
396.    A Hornby 'OO' Scale Train Pack. comprising 4-6-0 'Castle Class' - 'Sudeley Castle' Locomotive and Tender. Plus three 'Paddington, Exeter, Plymouth' Blood and Custard Coaches, boxed. 60-100
397.    A Tri-ang/Hornby 4-6-2 'Iron Duke' Locomotive and Tender, plus three Blood and Custard coaches, all playworn. 20-40
398.    A Hornby "OO" Gauge Locomotive Set, comprising of 57XX Panier Tank, GWR R/No. 8751, five rolling stock items including Arnold Sands Open Wagon Birds Eye Fish Fingers Van, track, no outer box, all presented within polystyrene tray. 25-40
399.    An 'HO' Gauge GP38 Diesel 'Illinois Central Gulf', by Atlas, boxed. 10-20
400.    A Hornby 'OO' No R840 LMS 4-6-0 Black Five Locomotive and Tender, tender drive, boxed. 20-40
401.    A Hornby 'OO' Scale No. 759 4-6-0 - GWR 'Albert Hall and Tender', boxed. 20-30
402.    A 'OO' Scale 0-6-0 4F Fowler, finished in BR black, tender drive by Airfix, boxed. 15-25
403.    A 'OO' Scale Tri-ang Hornby No. R861 - 2-10-0 'Evening Star', boxed. 20-30
404.    Two Hornby 'OO' Scale Diesel Locomotives, a Class 35 in green and a Class 37 in blue, both in poor boxes. 20-40
405.    Three 'OO' Scale Diesel Outline Locomotives, an 'Airfix' class 31 blue, a Lima Deltic, and an 'Airfix class 31 (green), all playworn. 30-50
406.    Two Hornby 'OO' 0-4-0 Locomotives, one red, one repainted black, both boxed. 15-25
407.    Four Hornby "OO" Gauge Track Extension Packs, comprising of Extension Pack C, D, E and F, unchecked for completeness, boxed. 20-40
408.    A Bachmann Spectrum "HO" Gauge #84114 Pennsylvania K4 Pacific Locomotive and Eight Wheeled Tender, R/No. 5475, black livery, boxed. 25-40
409.    Hornby Dublo 3 Rail EDG 7 Tank Goods Train Set, comprising 0-6-2 locomotive and thee wagons, LMS finish, track and controller, overall good, very good, boxed, most inserts intact but some wear to box lid. 40-60
410.    A Hornby Dublo Three Rail Set EDG16 0-6-2 Tank Goods Train, part set including 0-6-2 locomotive and two coal wagons, plus track, playworn, boxed. 20-40
411.    Nine Hornby Dublo 3 Rail Four Wheel Wagons, including GW cattle truck, Royal Daylight tanker among others, all good, very good, boxed, some inner box flaps missing. 30-50
412.    Eight Hornby Dublo 2 Rail Four Wheel Wagons, in blue striped boxes, including two SAXA Salt and low sided wagon, with furniture container, all very good, boxed. 30-50
413.    A Hornby 'OO' Scale 4-6-2 Coronation Class Locomotive and Tender 'Duchess of Atholl', in British Rail green, tender driver, in poor box. 25-40
414.    A Hornby 'OO' Scale 4-6-2 A4 Class Locomotive and Tender - 'Mallard', in British Rail green, tender driver, boxed. 30-50
415.    Two 'OO' Scale Diesel Outline Locomotives, a Hornby Co-Co Class 47 - 'Bulmers of Hereford', boxed and a Mainline 'Warship; Class - 'Highflyer', unboxed. 25-40
416.    Approximately Fifteen "OO/HO" Gauge Lineside Accessories/Kits, by Wills, Peco, Playcraft, Ratio, Dapol, including Level Crossing System, Telegraph Poles, Paving, in original packaging. 20-30
417.    Ten "HO" Gauge Outline German and Austrian Eight Wheeled Coaches, by Liliput, Fleischmann, DR green liveries noted, unboxed. 20-40
418.    Six 'OO' Scale Eight Wheel Carriages, by Lima, comprising two BR Inter-City Sleepers and four Regional Railways, all unboxed. 20-40
419.    Twelve 'OO' Scale Four Wheel Railway Wagons by Lima/Hornby and Others, all boxed. 25-40
420.    Eighteen "OO/HO" Scale Cardboard Lineside Buildings Kits, by Metcalfe, Superquick, including Bus Depot Country Church, The Swan Inn, all in original packaging. 25-40
421.    Five 'O' Gauge American Outline Rolling Stock, Box Vans, unboxed. 20-40
422.    A Quantity of "OO" Gauge Locomotive Components, by Hornby, Peco, Bachmann, including high performance motor (switch machine), #R8234 14.1mm wheels (4 holes), point motor housing, 4 pole double throw toggle switch, mostly in original packaging. 25-40
423.    Eight Lima "HO" Gauge Outline Continental Rolling Stock Items, including #303103 Inter Frigo Four Wheeled Wagon, boxed. 20-40
424.    Nine Packs of "OO" Scale Plastic Model Lineside Accessories, by Hornby Bachmann to include Sleeper Style Embankments (5), Platform Water, Milk Churns, Security Fence, all in original packaging. 20-40
425.    Twenty Plus OO/HO Scale Pasltic Model Lineside Accessories, by Wills, Ratio, Dapol, Metcalfe and other, including platform figures, security fencing Scammell Scarab (kit), all in original packaging. 30-40
426.    Ten "OO" Gauge Rolling Stock Items, by Dapol, Airfix to include 20 Ton Mineral Wagon, B612 Saxa Salt Wagon, boxed. 20-40
427.    A Quantity of OO/HO Scale Plastic Model Figures, Animals, Packing Cases, Signs, Gas Lamp Posts, all in original packaging. 25-40
428.    A Quantity of "HO" Scale Plastic Lineside Model Figures, Animals, Accessories, by Athearn, Scenic Accents, Faller Scene Master and other, all in original packaging. 25-40
429.    Components of a 'OO' Scale Class 82 Locomotive and Coaches, comprising two dummy cars and three coaches, one coach missing bogie. 20-40
430.    Six 'HO' Scale Continental Wagons, by Roco, including 'Villeroy and Boch' tanker, all boxed. 20-40
431.    A 'OO' Scale Bachmann 4-6-0 'Royal Scot' with Mainline Tender, locomotive wheels painted plus five four wheel wagons. 20-40
432.    Thirteen 'OO' Skaledale Platform Pieces, and a Bachmann water tower, all used, playworn. 25-40
433.    Six Hornby Dublo Two Rail Eight Wheel Coaches, including Western/Eastern and Midland region, all good, plus one boxed. 25-40
434.    A Small Quantity of 'OO' Railway Lineside Accessories. by Hornby Skaledale and others, all used, parts sometimes missing, broken. 20-40
435.    Eight 'HO' Eight Wheel Freight Cars, all American Outline by Athearn, boxed. 20-40
436.    Eight 'HO' Eight Wheel Freight Cars, all American Outline by Roundhouse, boxed. 20-40
437.    Twelve 'OO' Scale Four and Six Wheel Wagons, by Hornby and others, mainly tankers, playworn. 20-40
438.    Eight 'HO' Eight Wheel Freight Cars, all American Outline, by Roundhouse, boxed. 20-40
439.    Eight 'HO' Eight Wheel Freight Cars, all American Outline by Athearn, boxed. 20-40
440.    Eight 'HO' Eight Wheel Freight Cars, all American Outline by Athearn, boxed. 20-40
441.    Hornby 'OO' Scale 0-4-0 Locomotive, finished in WCR maroon and five four wheel coaches, unboxed. 20-30
442.    Six Scratch Built 'O'/7mm Gauge Four Wheel Plank, Coal Private Owner Wagons, mainly kit based including cooper, craft, playworn. 25-40
443.    Five Scratch Built 'O'/7mm Gauge Four Wheel Coal, Plant, Private Owner Wagons, playworn. 20-40
444.    Three Hornby 'OO' Steam Outline Locomotives, including 4-6-2 'Duchess of Norfolk' and 4-6-2 'Duchess of Gloucester', all playworn, parts missing, broken 30-50
445.    A Kato "N" Gauge #10-067 Type 25-24 Series P.C (Gold Line Type) Four Car Set, coupling missing on one car, boxed. 40-60
446.    A Tomix "N" Gauge #6421 Track Cleaning Car, (blue), cased. 25-40
447.    A Kato "N" Gauge EF65 Locomotive, blue livery, pantographs on roof, #3035-1, boxed. 30-50
448.    A Kato "N" Gauge #10-068 Type 25-24 Series P.C (Gold Line Type) Three Car Set, boxed. 40-60
449.    A Kato "N" Gauge Eight Wheeled Japanese Passenger Cars, boxed. 25-40
450.    Four Boxed "N" Gauge Rolling Stock Items, by Tomix including #2771 J.N.R. Crane Car 50-80, #2530 J.R. Passenger Coach Car OHAFU50 (2), cases. 25-40
451.    An 'N' Gauge Class 101 Three Car DMU, by Graham Farish, grey/blue finish, boxed. 30-50
452.    An 'N' Gauge 0-6-0 Great Western Tank, by Grafar and an 'N' gauge GWR 'Observation' Car No NC013 by Dapol, both boxed. 25-40
453.    An 'N' Gauge Electric Continental Locomotive, by Arnold, a two 'Seawheel' Container eight wheel wagons, used. 20-40
454.    An 'N' Gauge 2-6-0 Locomotive and Tender, by Bachmann, R/No.45699, finished in BR green, unboxed. 20-30
455.    An 'N' Gauge 2-6-4 Standard Tank, by Graham Farish, unboxed. 15-25
456.    An 'N' Gauge 4-6-2 A4 Locomotive and Tender - 'Merlin', in BR green, by Graham Farish, unboxed. 20-40
457.    An 'N' Gauge 4-6-2 A4 Locomotive and Tender - 'Falcon', in BR green, by Graham Farish, unboxed, (one buffer missing). 20-40
458.    An 'N' Gauge Class 47 Diesel 'Waverlly', by Graham Farish, unboxed. 15-25
459.    An 'N' Gauge Black 5 BR Lined Early Totem, by Graham Farish, boxed. 25-40
460.    An 'N' Gauge Class 37 - 'Ben Cruachan', by Graham Farish, in BR green, boxed. 25-40
461.    An 'N' Gauge Class 66 Diesel Locomotive, finished in EWS livery, by Dapol, used. 30-50
462.    Two 'N' Gauge 0-6-0 Jinty Type Locomotives, by Graham Farish, one LNER, one BR, both with broken stacks. 20-40
463.    An 'N' Gauge Class 33 Diesel, by Graham Farish, boxed. 20-40
464.    An 'N' Gauge 0-4-0 Steam Outline Continental Locomotive and Three Four Wheel Coaches, possibly by Ibertsen, unboxed. 20-40
465.    An 'HO' Gauge Fleischmann No 4142 2-6-0 Class 24 Locomotive and Tender, boxed. 25-40
466.    An 'HO' Gauge Fleischmann 4010 0-6-0 Class '89' Locomotive, boxed. 20-40
467.    An 'HO' Scale 0-10-0 Steam Outline Continental Locomotive, by Fleischmann, model No. 4810, boxed. 30-50
468.    An 'HO' Scale Continental Electric Locomotive, twin pantograph, R/No E71-28 20-40
469.    An 'HO' Scale Roco No 4131 E144 Electric Locomotive, 'DB', boxed. 25-40
470.    An 'HO' Scale 4-6-2 Federal German 'Class 18' Steam Outline Locomotive, by Roco, missing trailing bogie, boxed. 20-40
471.    An 'HO' Scale Liliput 1802 BR 4-6-2 Rheingold Locomotive, small parts detached, boxed. 25-40
472.    An 'HO' Scale Roco N 04198A BR 1110 Electric Locomotive, boxed. 25-40
473.    Hornby Dublo 3 Rail EDL 2 4-6-2 Locomotive and Tender, 'Duchess of Atholl', overall good, chip to cab roof, boxed, some damage to boxes. 30-50
474.    A Hornby Dublo Two Rail 2-6-4 Standard Tank R/No.80033, in a repair box. 20-30
475.    A "OO" Scale 4-6-2 A3 'Flying Scotsman', by Trix, finished in LNER green, cracks/damage to trailing bogie, in associated box. 20-40
476.    A 'OO' Scale 4-6-2 Locomotive and Tender, 'Black Prince' by Hornby, some damage to fragile parts, unboxed. 20-40
477.    Hornby 'OO' No. R2441 a 4-6-2 A3 'Flying Scotsman', in Special Edition NRM box. 25-40
478.    A Bachmann 'OO' Scale No. 32-561 4-6-2 Locomotive and Tender, a Class A1 R/No. 660122 'Curlew', finished in BR blue with early crest, DCC, boxed. 60-100
479.    A 'OO' Scale Hornby Locomotive No. R2634X, a 4-6-0 Patriot Class '45512 - Bunsen', weathered DCC fitted, footstep detached, boxed. 40-60
480.    A 'OO' Scale Heljan No. 77001 EMZ Electric Locomotive, finished in black, boxed, appears possibly unused. 70-100
481.    A 'OO' Scale Hornby 4-4-0 British Railway Schools Class Locomotive and Tender, 'Cheltenham', tender drive, boxed. 20-40
482.    A 'OO' Scale Four Car 'Eurostar', by Hornby, comprising power car, dummy car and two coaches, unboxed.
483.    A Hornby 'OO' Scale No. R3410 - a 4-6-0 BR (Early) King Class - 'King Henry VIII', R/No. 6025 and finished on BR blue, DCC ready, boxed, missing insert. 40-60
484.    A Hornby 'OO' Scale No 2577 BR Trainload Co-Co Diesel Class 60 'Canisp' DCC Ready, boxed. 25-40
485.    Hornby 'OO' Gauge No R084 4-4-0 Schools Class (Clifton), finished in BR black, tender drive, boxed. 20-40
486.    Hornby 'OO' Gauge No R830 GWR 4-6-0 Saint Class, 'Saint David', tender drive, boxed. 20-40
487.    An 'O' Gauge 0-4-0 Sentinal Locomotive, Running No 65087, two rail electric. 40-60
488.    An 'O'/7mm Scale 2-6-2 GWR Prairie Tank, R/No 4566, kit built, electric motor, small parts may be damaged. 70-100
489.    An 'O'/7mm Scale 0-6-0 Class 5700 Locomotive, finished in BR black, R/No 7416, kit built, electric motor, small parts maybe damaged. 70-100
490.    An 'O'/7mm Scale Model of a Four Wheel Leyland Rail Car, in LMS livery, based on a plastic kit with 12v motor. 30-50
491.    An 'O'/7mm Scale British Rail Four Wheel Rail Bus by Heljan, R/No W79976, after Market Weathering, boxed. 80-120
492.    An 'O' Gauge/7mm 0-6-0 Fowler 3F Jinty Locomotive by Dapol, SDJR blue finish, some paint damage around cab/handrails some signs of light weathering boxed. 70-100
493.    A 'G' Scale 0-4-0 No. 2774 Steam Outline Locomotive, by LGB, unboxed, signs of use. 40-60
494.    A Scratch Built Gauge 1/'G' Gauge Atlantic Observation Railcar, with working interior lighting. 30-50
495.    Nineteen Volumes of Railway Correspondence and Travel Society Register of Locomotives. 20-40
496.    A Quantity of Mainly Mid XX Century British Rail and Related Timetables/Tickets, among associated items. 15-25
497.    A Continental XX Century Circular Signal Flag, a BR Lamp and two modern door signs. 20-40
498.    Three Railway Lamp Carcuss, including British Rail and Bullseye, all with damage/parts missing, etc. 30-50
499.    A British Rail Lamp, Burner and Glass intact. 20-30
500.    Railway Lamp Bearing Transfer '217 18 D', significant rust, burner intact. 20-40
501.    A British Rail Lamp, by G.Polkel Ltd of Birmingham, full repainted, missing burner and lense. 20-30
502.    A Late XIX Century/Early XX Century Steel Railway Speed Indicator '25' With Arrow, attached to later base, 150cm high. 50-100