Leica and other Cameras & Photgraphica Auction
on Thursday 14th October 2021

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700.    Camera Bags and Cases, large quantity (empty) Kodak, Pentax, Yashica, Pentacon, etc. 10-20
701.    Praktica MTL3 Camera Body in Carry Case, Yashica Electro 35 with Yashica f=45mm lens, flash, bellows camera, Canon date-matic, extension tubes, light metres. 30-40
702.    Minolta Dynax 4 Camera Bag, two camera carrying bags, Koroll II camera, Olympus filters, Kodak Bantam, Canon EOS 100 camera, Canon EOS65O, large Tamron filter, etc:- One Box. 20-30
703.    Tri-Pods - Cobra 320, Velbon DV-40, Sony Slick 35D, (5) 30-50
704.    Praktica MTL3 Camera and Lens, Zenit camera and lens, Halina 35X, Canon Junior, Kodak, Olympus, Praktica,LTL, etc. 30-40
705.    Richo Camera, Olympus, Minolta, Kikon, Konica body, Centon ring flash, many filters and shoulder straps, flashes, etc. 20-30
706.    Prakitca MTL3 Camera Palinar Tele Photo F=135mm Lens, Pentax SF7 with Pentax zoom lens, Minolta body, Mimiya M auto focus 38mm lens, Olympus AF zoom, Pentax MV body. 20-30
707.    Boots 2400S Slide Viewer, with Han-O-Matic 36 slide viewer, many slides plus Cee-screen. (2) 20-30
708.    A Quantity of Camera's,Cosina, Minolta, Olympus A9M, Olympus Trip 35, Helios 44 lens, filters, etc. 20-30
709.    Tamron F=300mm BBar Multi C, Prinzflex auto reflex f=135mm lens, auto Chinon 135mm lens, Minolta Maxim zoom 28 -105mm, Hoya tele auto f=135mm lens, Helios 44mm - 4, Ninanda 28mm lens, Soliger wide auto f=35mm lens, Sun Action telement auto tele converter 2X, plus a Minanda Titan tri pod, boxed. (2) 60-80
710.    Rollei P350-A Auto Focus Projector, also a Sankyo Dualux 1000 with a Sankyo Super CM 260, boxed and carry case:-TwoBoxes 30-60
711.    A Large Quantity of Photographic Catalogues and Some Books, Canon, Pentax etc:- One Box. 20-30
712.    A Large Quantity of Colour Slides Showing Steam Trains, plus five solar viewers, Lumix camera, Kodak instamatic, Polaroid land camera and flash gun:- Two Boxes. 60-80
713.    Chinon CX Camera Body, enlarging meter, Zeiss bit, Canon AF-7-Olympus 140S, Olympus zoom 115, Miranda MS-Z super, Hanimax 35H2, Kodfak Brownie 127, AGFA scap 200, etc. 20-30
714.    Chinon CG-5 Camera with Auto Chinon Coated 28mm Lens, light metre, air release extension tube, power winder, filter, Pentax camera body, Pentax camera body. (2) 20-30
715.    Balda Bellows Camera and Case, Cobra flash, Pentax MZ- body, Praktica TLB camera, Chinon camera body, Minolta SR body, camera ephemera, Fujica STX-, Agfa etc.
716.    Photax 1:28/135 Lens, cased, Pentacon 7-210 lens, Helios 44M-4 cased, Minolta tele converter, Tonkina 80-200mm lens, Kepcor zoom f=28 200mm, Paragon f=135mm lens, Hanimex zoom, Macro f=72 - 162mm lens, cased (8) 40-60
717.    Kodak F350, Jeniptik JD 1300F, Poloroid i Zone in case, two flas units, Jenoptik JD 2100m, Fuji electronic flash 2000, boxed in camera bag. 20-30
718.    Praktica Super TL Camera, Pentax MX-M with auto Chinon 50mm, Yashica with f=4.5cm lens, Fuji FZ - 2000 zoom camera, plus various faux lens. 30-50
719.    Pentax P30 Camera Body, Pentax flash, Miranda flash, Rollei X115 camera in shoulder carry bag, Polaroid 101 instamatic canon Epoca Caption in carry case. (2) 20-30
720.    Konica Auto SZ Konica Hexanon 45mm in Case, Praktica LLC with Pentacon lens in case, Ilford Sportsman case, Agfa Optima flash. 20-30
721.    Praktica MTL5 Camera with Auto Chinon F=200mm Lens, Praktica MTL5 Pentacon auto 2.8/135 lens, Kodak Retinette 1B, Halina Tegra, Zinit II camera body, Helina 35X camera. 40-60
722.    Hanimex Tele Lens F=400mm No H52652, Super Paragon auto zoom f=80 - 200mm, Tamron CF tele macro 80 -210mm, Tamron CF tele macro 80 x 120mm, cased, Solignor auto zoom f=90mm - 230mm (5) 50-80
723.    Tamron SP Teleconverter 2X, wonder viewer, Vivitar 2X converter, Coronet camera, Nissin flash, Olympus trip 35 camera, etc. 30-40
724.    Zenit-E Camera Body, Yashica zoomtec 70 - Samsung auto zoom 130, Minolta AF-EII, Ricoh RZ - 735, Agfa camera, Ensign box camera , Olympus Trip 35. 20-30
725.    Carl Zeiss F=35mm Lens, Chinon, Cimko MT series, Pentacon, Tamron, Hamimar automatic and many more 50-80
726.    BZenit EM Camera Body Only, in black case, Minolta X-300 camera with MD 50mm zoom lens, Canon Sure- Shot with 28/48mm lens, in case, all in a camera carry bag. 20-30
727.    Paragon F=500mm Cases Marco Focusing 200m 58mm, Hanimex tel-lens, quantity filter, many more etc. 50-80
728.    Super Zenith 10 50 Fields Binoculars, Ilford camera, Zenit camera body, Minramd flash, Minolta, Polymar telephoto attachment, Sigma zoom master f=35 - 70mm, Prinz flex auto converter, Zeiss Ikonomatic, Zenit E camera body, Pentax SF7 camera body in case, etc. 30-50
729.    Tamron of Tele-Macro 80-210mm Lens, Optomaz auto f=135mm lens, auto Chinon and Pentacon auto 1.8/50 lens, etc. 40-60
730.    Zenit EM Camera + 28mm Lens, camera body, light meters, etc. 20-30
731.    Canon AF Telephoto Converter, Anastigmat 8.5cm lens, Phago auto 3X converter, laser red super wide lens titanium , Hama high resolution lens, Vivitar converter, Autotele converter, Rokkor 200mm. 40-60
732.    Tamron Auto F=135mm No 220033 Lens, camera folding handle-MI-Mirage zoom f=100 200mm in case, XZ all in a brown hard carry case. (4) 30-40
733.    Canon EOS 620 Camera Boxed, Pentax Chinon, Canon Auto 2001, Canon MC10, Nikon RFZ, Agfa, Canon 105, Olympus zoom 80, Yashica FS3. 30-50
734.    Photax Paragon F=200mm Lens, Miranda 75 - 300mm lens, Helios 44mm 2/58 lens, Pentax 35-80 kens, Prinzflex 2-3x auto converter, Aico video telephoto 2x lens, auto tel-up 2x, Hanimex auto f=28mm, Cosinon auto f=2.1 49mm. 30-40
735.    Zemnit E Camera Body, Helina, Canon Sure Shot, Nikon case, Praktica body, Tamron lens case, etc. 20-30
736.    Praktica PLC3 Camera Body, Zenit-E Moshva-80, Praktica camera body, Solitel tele converter, Praktica TL5B camera body, Helina camera auto chino lensm telephoto lens, Komura lens MFG Ltd. 20-30
737.    Minolta 3000i, Sony Cyber Shot, Samsung AF zoom 1050, Photax flash, Zenit camera body, Cobra flash, Olympus XAZ boxed, Coronet 4-4 Comet S, Vulcan No 1627501. 20-30
738.    Praktica BCI Electronic, with Pentacon f=50mm lens, in leather case, Carl Zeiss Jena II 28mm lens in case, various filters, straps, etc. 20-30
739.    Camera Cleaning Kits, picture paper filters, Olympus camera AM100, Olympus Trip 35, Sanko EM-30XI video camero, remote cord RC-100L, Olympus all boxed, Tenoptix JC35, hand photo flash, etc. 20-30
740.    Vintage Kodak Brownie Flash B Camera, with case. 10-20
741.    Marquis Taron 35mm Camera Taronar 45mm Lens, Olympus AZ - 300 super zoom, with Astron UV 40.5mm lens, Pentax MZ-3 camera body, Taron Auto EE camera with Taronar 45mm lens, all i a camera carry bag. 20-30
742.    Camera Lighting Equipment, set up, bulbs and wiring. 20-30
743.    Me-Opta Axomat Four Colour 35mm Condense-Enlarger, boxed. 30-50
744.    Cine Camera Quarz 5 USSR Cased, tri-pod boxed, two camera bags, flashgun, ticky test gun, National PE-204 flash unit, Sunpak SP140 flash, Video light, Vivitar zoom Thyristor, Polaroid splash II, Starblitz flash. 20-30
745.    A Quantity of Camera Books, Biley, Lichfield, Classic S.L.R's etc. 10-20
746.    Agilux Bakelite Camera, Konica zoom, Cobra flash, Canon zoom max, Agfa silette 1, PR small field glasses eased, Olympus AM-, Fuji DL- zoom, Praktica camera body, Konica, Nikon one touch digital camera, boxed. 30-50
747.    Camera, Spares, Parts, Accessories, Filters, Camera Bags, Minolta X-300 camera with Minolta MD zoom 35 - 70mm lens, in case:- One Box. 30-40
748.    Two Screens, Two Tripods, all boxed. 20-30
749.    JVC 800 x Digital Zoom Camcorder, with charger and spare tapes, all in a Minolta carry case, plus Toshiba Camileo P100 full H.D video camcorder, ergonomic pistol grip, USB upload cables, all boxed. (2) 40-60
750.    Proling Portable DVD/Video Battery, Battery Charger, Mains Charger, all in carry bag, plus Canon MV 400 digital video recorder, charger, battery, instructions, all in a carry bag. (2) 50-80
751.    Leica Camera Case, Nikon case, various camera shoulder straps (Minolta, Nikon etc) in a classic guards man camera carrying case 25-35
752.    Minolta 400 Reflex Lens, plus Sigma DL zoom 35 - 80mm 1:4 - 5.6. (2) 40-60
753.    Tamron AF 55-200mm 1:4 - 5.6 Zoom Lens, Sigma U.C zoom 70 - 210mm 1.4 - 5.6 zoom lens. (2) 40-60
754.    Sigma Tele 400mm 1:56 Multi Coated Lens, in Canon padded case. 20-40
755.    Minolta Dynax 7 Camera, 35mm and instruction manual, boxed, plus Minolta camera guard, boxed. (2) 20-40
756.    Minolta Vectis S1 with Minolta 25-150 Lens, with battery pack to base, cases, also spare AA battery pack BP-S1, boxed. (2) 30-40
757.    Minolta Vectis S1 Camera, camera strap and instructions, plus Minolta 25-150 lens and one other Minolta 50 Macro, boxed. (3) 50-70
758.    Yashica 35 Electro with f-4.5mm Lens - Cased, Brownie Model D box camera, Coronet consul, Kodak Brownie Model 1, Conway Popular model, Brownie model C, Brownie 127, Dacora Dignette, folding Brownie and a F Deckel Munchen German folding camera. (10) 30-40
759.    Minolta Dynax 9 Camera, with battery housing, no lens. Minolta Dynax 5 body only. (2) 80-100
760.    Camera Cases, all in various stages of wear:- Leica, Zenit etc, also Leica book and catalogues. 25-30
761.    Minolta Vectis S1 Camera, with V17/3.5 Rd lens. (2) 20-30
762.    35mm Film in Two Boxes, plus carrying bag. (2) 15-25
763.    Nikon Coolpix S1 Camera Memory Card, charger, all boxed, I.T works 3346Z, lead, instructions and cd, all boxed. Minolta Vectis 300 aps advanced photo system, with case. (3) 30-40
764.    Canon EOS 1000F Camera, with Canon zoom lens EF 28 -80mm Sangamo Weston Ltd, exposure meter, Crompton lightometer model 703 in bakealite case, ad a Sirius SF 1500A flashgun. (4) 20-30
765.    Praktica MTL50, with Pentacon auto 1.8/50 lens in case, two shoulder camera straps, lens adapter, Yashindon-DS 28mm 1:2.8 lens in box. Sigma zoom f=80-200mm in case, booklet and brushes, Praktica 1600A flash, all i a Carlton bag, and Stabilo tripod. 50-70
766.    Canon EOS IXE, with sigma Tele 400mm 1.56 lens, with lens leather container. 50-80
767.    Polaroid 350 Automatic Land Camera, Agfa Isola 1, Paxina, Agfa folding camera, Kodak junior six-20, boxed (5) 30-40
768.    Leica C2 Camera, with Leica Vario Elmar 35-70mm in Leica leather case. 40-60
769.    Minolta 28-56mm Lens, boxed. Minolta 80-240mm 1:45 lens, boxed. Minolta 22-80mm lens, boxed (3) 30-50
770.    Minolta Dynax 5, with Minolta zoom 35-80mm 1:4 with Minolta Program 3200i flash and case. 20-40
771.    A Large Quantity of Lens Filter, Hoods, Flash Units, Light Meters, Brackets, many items camera related. 30-50
772.    Olympus OM-1 Camera Body, plus two other Olympus bodies with lots of parts and Photax 131 flash and two Olympus winders all for spares. 20-40
773.    Yashica Electro 35mm Camera, in case with lens hood, Komura Telemore 95 teleconverter in case, El-Nikkor 50mm enlarging lens, lens hood, Yashica booklets, camera care bag, and a folding tripod, all in a Cobra camera bag. 40-60
774.    Praktica MTL 3 Camera Body, Hanimex T2855 flash, Cobra D400 flash, auto 3 x converter, Nikon AF220 camera boxed, Yashica camera body, Pentacon 1.8/50 lens, Canon AV-1 camera body etc. 30-40
775.    Olympus OM-1 with Olympus Zuiko Auto-S f=50mm Lens, focus screen eye cup 1 lanyard, shoe, boxed - Olympus winder two boxed, case boxed. (3) 30-40
776.    Pentax Asahi Spotmatic, with Super Takuma 55mm lens, plus on other similar in case. (2) 60-80
777.    Olympus OM-2 with Zuiko Auto-S 50mm Lens, Olympus OM-1 with super Takumar lens. (2) 40-60
778.    Camera Accessories, flash, hoods, filters, right angle bracket, etc. 15-20
779.    Olympus OM-1 Camera, with Zuiko Auto-S 50mm lens, on a lindoff tripod. 20-40
780.    Leica Spares, some boxed, cradle screw, filters, sportsfinder Wray of London, universal finder, manual winder mechanism. 60-80
781.    Olympus OM 101 Power Focus Camera with Zoom 35 - 70mm Lens, Olympus OM-1 camera with Zuiko MC auto-s f=50mm lens, Olympus OM-1 camera with Zuiko auto-s f=50mm lens auto winder and case, Olympus G Zuiko auto - w f=28mm lens in leather case, (boxed):- One Box 80-120
782.    Leica Accessories by Leitz Wetzlar, range finder, hood, tripod brackets, etc:- One Tray. 80-100
783.    Olympus OM-1 Camera, with Tamron 80-200mm telescopic lens, on a velbon tripod. 100-150
784.    Russian Cameras - Exacta VX Ihagee Dresden Camera In Case, Q3.-2 in leather case, Zopkuu Zorki number 409 USSR in leather case. (3) 60-80
785.    Olympus Zuiko Auto-S 1.14 f=500mm, with another Olympus OM System Zuiko Auto-S 1.8 f=50mm. 60-80
786.    Russian Tpyokommyha Camera, with 1:5 F=50mm Lens, in leather case. 60-80
787.    Zeiss Ikon Bellow Camera, with a Tessar 1-35 Lens, in leather case. 100-150
788.    Russian Zpkuu Zorki No. 141409 Camera 1-3.5 f=50mm Lens, in leather case. 60-80
789.    Camera Accessories:- cases, hoods, tripod, etc. 25-30
790.    Canon No. 22574, in camera holder, Canon No. 22547, in leather case, Canon Lens 135mm No. 61108, Canon No. 26902, with one other spare lens. 80-120
791.    Olympus Auto-Zoom 35-70mm Lens, Olympus Zuiko Auto-Zoom 75-150mm lens, Olympus Eye Piece in leather case, Olympus Auto-T, 135mm, 197244 lens in leather case, focusing screen, etc. 40-60
792.    Quantity of Camera Accessories, cases, lenses, lens covers, tripod and a Vivitar Tele Converter, boxed. 30-40
793.    Pentax Spotmatic SP, with Takumar 1.3 lens, lens holder with round lens hood cover. 20-30
794.    Olympus OM-2 Camera, with Zuiko Auto-S OM-System, 50mm 1.1.8 lens, Tamron x 2 Tele-Converter, boxed, Focusing Screen 1-6, 1-13, 1-5, 2-4, 1-3, 49mm filters, all boxed, two gauges, electronic flash converter type 4. Plus accessory shoe, all housed in a wooden box. 80-120
795.    Yashikor TeePhoto 1.4 Lens, Yashikor wide angle 1.4 lens, both boxes in leather case, also a Hanimex Tele-Auto f=135mm lens. (2) 20-30
796.    Tamron 28-70mm Zoom Lens, boxed, Canon 3.5mm View Finder, Canon Lens Cover, Nippon View Finder in leather case and other camera accessories. 20-30
797.    Zeiss Ikon Nettel Camera, in brown leather case. 80-100
798.    Voightlander Bessa Voightar 1:6.3 Folding 35mm, in leather case. 20-30
799.    Zeiss Ikon Nettel Camera. 60-80
800.    Leotax No.12407 Camera, with Tanar 1.2=5cm lens 27037, in leather case. 100-150
801.    Jupiter 11 Lens 135mm, in lens container, Olympus Focusing Screen 1-8, Olympus Focusing Screen 1-10 both boxed, brass view finder, camera bracket, AutoKnips Model IV, boxed, camera strap, lens hood, all contained in a box. 30-50
802.    Weston Master V Light Meter, Alphax Heavy Duty Lens, covers, AutoKnips, boxed, Photax Electronic Flash Unit, boxed. 20-40
803.    Russian Cameras Q3D No. 44918, in leather case, Thuong Hieu Camera, in leather case, Tpyokommyha in leather case, Pentax S 1A with Super Takumar 1-2/55 Lens. 60-80
804.    Zeiss Sonnar 1.2-8.5cm Lens, Sigma Zoom 50mm, Helios 44-2, two Russian lenses, Olympus Auto-W, 28mm 385128-Tamron Custom Mount, etc. 30-50
805.    Camera Filters, eye cup, telemeter, ys adapter, lenses, etc. 20-40
806.    Leica Leitz Flash Unit, boxed, also a Leitz Vidom variable viewfinder. (2) 60-80
807.    Leitz Winder, Leitz Sport View Finder, Leica Lens Cover and Leitz Timer. 60-80
808.    Olympus Camera Winder, Metz flashes, Canon auto up etc plus boxed seventies clock:- One Box. 20-30
809.    Leitz Winder, frame view finder 3.5cm - 10.5cm. Plus range finder. 80-100
810.    Leitz Vew Finder, with adaptor and a Leitz winder, also a Letitz range finder. 80-100
811.    Olympus OM System Zuiko Auto-W 24mm, with another Olympus 28mm OM System. (2) 60-80
812.    Periflex One Camera and Lumar x 50mm Lens, in brown leather case. 30-40
813.    Leitz Frame Viewfinder, light metre and range finder. 60-80
814.    Leitz Leica Viewfinder, Leitz trimming template, with Leitz range finder. 60-80
815.    Leitz Leica Rosol Viewfinder, boxed, Leica Lens Filter, boxed, Rangefinder by Leitz covers (2), Leica double Cable Release, etc. 80-100
816.    Leitz Leica Viewfinder, 3.5cm, in leather case, light meter, Leitz Timer, Viewfinder, all in leather cases. 80-100
817.    Leica Leitz Fokos Wetzler, in leather case, viewfinder, Leitz Leica Rapid Winder, boxed. (3) 60-80
818.    Leitz Leica Brass Film Spools, five in aluminium cases, ten in total. 80-120
819.    Leitz Eldia Strip Printer, in original box, Leica Leitz Fokos Wetzler in original box. 40-60
820.    Leitz Leica Summicron Lens Hood, 5cm boxed, Leica light meter booster, cased, Leitz range Finder. 50-70
821.    Leitz Telyt 20cm No. 72248 Lens, with filter and lens cover, double Leica shutter release cable, extension lens piece, mirror reflex arrangement lens, with instructions in leather case. 30-50
822.    Leitz Leica Rapid Winder, Timer, Leitz Leica Sports View Finder. 60-80
823.    Leitz Leica Teyt f=20cm Nr 898861 lens, Leitz Hektor, 28cm lens. 60-80
824.    Leitz Leica Sports View Finder 20cm, Leitz Range Finder in original leather case, Leica Exposure light metre in original leather case. 50-80
825.    Leitz View Finder, Leitz Range Finder, Leitz Timer Unit. 40-60
826.    Leitz Sports View Finder, Leitz Camera Bracket, Range Finder, in original leather case. 60-80
827.    Leitz Timer, two Leica Lens Covers, Leitz View Finder and a Leitz Range Finder. 80-100
828.    Reid Camera Serial No. P1917, with Taylor-Hobson Anastigmat Zing Lens, in leather case. 300-500
829.    Leitz Leica Range Finder, in original leather case, angle camera bracket, Leitz View Finder in original leather case. 40-60
830.    Leica Leitz Summeron 3.5cm Lens, with filter, two Leitz lens covers. 60-80
831.    Leitz View Finder, Leitz range Finder, chrome base for Leica Camera. 60-80
832.    Leitz Elmar f=5cm 1:3,5 Lens, with Leica Cap, Leitz elamr f=3,5cm 1:3,5 Lens with Leica Cap. (2) 80-100
833.    Leitz Leica Auxiliary Device, for close ups, Leica Light Meter, in leather case, Leitz Magnifier. 40-60
834.    Leitz Hektor f=2.8 1:6,3 Lens, with Leica Cap, Leitz Elmar f=3,5cm 1:3,5 Lens with Leica Cap. (2) 80-100
835.    Leitz Double Viewing Aperture, with bracket, in leather case, two Leica Camera Lens Caps, Viewfinder. 40-60
836.    Leitz Leica Fast Winding Base, in red box, camera base, double wire triggers by Leitz. 40-60
837.    A Call 3.5mm Viewfinder- Autoknips, Double Viewing Aperture by Leitz, in leather case. 40-60
838.    Leitz Leica Summicron Folding Lens Hood, in original leather case, Leitz Viewfinder 13.5cm, Leitz Wetzlar Timer, Leitz 13.5cm Viewing Aperture. 40-60
839.    Leitz Elmar 3.5cm Lens, Adapter Hood, a Summarit Hood, A Leicavit Fast Winding Base. 20-30
840.    Leica Light Meter, Leica (Weitz Wetzle) 5 x Magnifier, Leica Lens Cap, Leitz Viewfinder. (4) 40-60
841.    MetraPhol Exposure Meter, Light Meter, Lens Cap, 50mm Viewfinder, all in leather case. 40-60
842.    Leitz Leica Viewfinder 5cm, in leather case, another by Helios in case, Leitz Leica 9cm Viewfinder, in leather case, Leitz Viewfinder 2.8cm in leather case. (5) 100-150
843.    Leica Light Meter, Leitz Summitar Camera Folding Hood, camera bracket. (3) 40-60
844.    Leitz Leica Novoflex Extension Tube No. 13983. 60-80
845.    Leitz Lens Hood 12575N, with cap, similar hood, IR00A-Hakosyn Vacu Flash in original box, Leitz Summar Camera Hood, Leica Light Meter. (3) 30-50
846.    Leica Neck Strap, Lens Hood by Leitz, Leica Hood Lens, green glass filter and spool. 15-25
847.    Leitz Viewfinder 5cm, in leather case, Leitz Viewfinder 3.5, in leather case, Leica Light Meter, Kuhn Wetzler Fit Shoe Mount Flexameter, in original leather case. 60-80
848.    Leitz Leica Pamoo 90 Magnifier, with bayonet mount, in original red box, Leitz Green Filter in original box, Leitz Leica Self Timer, in original red box, Leitz SYE00 Viewfinder, 13.5cm, in original red box. 100-150
849.    Leitz Leica Range Finder, in original red box, Leitz Green Filter in original red box, Leitz Leica Nooky-Hesum Focusing Device, 5cm Summar in original red box. 80-120
850.    Carl Zeiss Jana No. 2077606, Leica Screw-Ernst, Leitz Filter and Cap, Nikkor 1.35 No. 426477 Lens. 80-100
851.    Leica Close Up Attachment, 36mm, boxed, light meter in leather case, Leica Shoo C, 13.5cm Viewfinder in leather case. 60-80
852.    Leitz Leica Beooy Set, camera copy stand in distressed box. 30-50
853.    Leica Quick Wind Base, Ernst Leitz Filters, eight in total, quick push cable. 80-120
854.    Leica Leitz Fokos Wetzler, in original box, Leica Filter, in original box, Leica Lens Hood, Leica SH00C, 135mm Viewfinder, in original box, Leica Coseali Belle. 60-80
855.    leitz Leica Elam f=9cm, 1:4, No. 284264, in red Leica box, view eye piece, boxed. 80-100
856.    Leitz Mechanical Timer, filters adapters, magnifier for focusing stage, filter, etc. 60-80
857.    Haka Auto Knips, in original box, Leica Gelg Filter 2, in original box. Leica Filter 1, in original box, Leitz Summeron 3.5cm. 40-60
858.    Leitz Range Finder, Leica Meter, in leather case, Leitz Viewing Aperture, in leather case, Folding Viewing Aperture by Leitz, in leather case. 40-60
859.    Leitz Leica View Finder, Leitz 13.5cm Viewfinder, lens adapter, filter, etc. 80-100
860.    Leica (Leitz Wetzlar Range Finder, Leica Light Meter in original leather case, Leica Lens Cap, light meter LC60 in original leather case, Kuhn Wetzlar, Flexameter in original leather case. 60-80
861.    Leitz Manual Wind Camera Base, Leitz Camera Hood, Leica Flash Adaptor, Leitz View Lens. 30-40
862.    Leica Leitz Wetzler 16493 Release Connection, from Leica to Flex, boxed, Leica Rear Lens Cap, Leitz Telescopic Lens Hood, Leitz Viewfinder. (4) 40-60
863.    Leica (Leitz Wetzlar) Range Finder, two Leica Lens Cap, Leitz Wetzler Large Ball and Socket Tripod Head, Viewfinder. 80-100
864.    Leica Close Up Attachment Box and Papers, Autoknips IV, in original box, Metraphol, Made in Germany Light Meter. 20-30
865.    Russian Multi Lens Viewfinder, in original Bakelite box, Leitz Timer, in original leather case, Leitz Lens Cover ITOOY, two lens rings, filter glass. 30-50
866.    Leitz Hektor f=2,8cm 1:6,3 Lens with Leica Cap, Leitz Elmar 1:3,5cm f=5mm Lens with Leica Cap. (2) 60-80
867.    Leitz Elmar 1:35 f=50mm Lens and Leica Cap, Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Summitar f=5cm 1:2 No. 530022 Lens with Leica Cap, Ernst Leitz GmbH Wetzlar Summaron f=3.5cm 1:35 Lens with Leica Cap and in original container. (3) 100-150
868.    Leitz Summitar f=5cm 1:2 No. 723161 Lens with Leica Cap, in Bakelite container, Leitz Elmar f=3,5cm 1.3,5 Lens with Leica Cap in original Bakelite Container. (2) 100-120
869.    Contax J69548 35mm Rangefinder Camera, with Carl Zeiss Jena No. 2709580, Sonnar f=5cm Lens in leather case. 300-400
870.    Leitz Flash Unit 1952 Era, boxed. Plus Leica leather case de-luxe line 18699. (2) 50-60
871.    Nikon Nippon Kagaku No. 6128157 Camera, with Nikkor-S-C 1:1.4 f=5cm Lens No. 361932 in leather case. Also a spare Nikkor 1:3.5cm f=5cm Lens No. 460337 with Leica Cap. (2) 100-150
872.    Reid and Sigrist Model III Camera, with Taylor-Hobson Anastigmat Zinch f/z No 330077 lens, excellent condition, in original box. 600-800
873.    Leica D-Lux 3 With Charger, cd boxed and papers, Leitz camera stand. (2) 100-150
874.    Reid(?) P3104 Rangerfinder Camera, with Taylor No. 329807 Lens, Reid Lens Cap, in leather case. 150-250
875.    Leica No. 353834 Leitz, with Leitz Elmar f=5cm 1:3.5 Lens with Leica Cap, with two brass spools in original double container all housed in Leica leather case. 400-500
876.    Leitz Leica Camera No 253778, with Elmar 1.35 f=50mm lens, in leather case. 300-400
877.    Ernst Leitz Wetzler Camera No 63058, fitted with a Elmar 1.35 f=50mm lens, in a leather case. 250-300
878.    Ernst Leitz Wetzler Wetler Camera, fitted with a Leitz Visolflex II - Range finder. 250-300
879.    Ernst Leitz Wetler Camera, 35mm viewfinder with Elmar f=5cm 1:3,5 lens and cover with Leica cap, in brown leather case. 250-300
880.    Leica by Leitz Camera, with viewfinder and Elmar f=50m 1:3,5 lens 1951 era. 35mm in distressed leather case. 250-350
881.    Leitz - Leica Camera Numbered Z01658, with Summicron f=5cm No 1040257 in Leica leather case, some damage to leather case. 250-350
882.    Ernst Leitz No 11340 Camera, with Leitz Elmar 1:3.5 f=50cm lens, in a leather case. 300-400
883.    Leitz/Leica No 49437 Camera, with a Leitz Elmar f=5cm 1:3.5 lens, in a Reid leather case. 200-300
884.    Contax I Type F Camera, Zeiss Ikon body with Tessar 1:2.8 f=5cm lens No 438102, on swivel and ball folding tripod and leather carrying case. (2) 300-400
885.    Leica No 969668 Camera, chrome body with black crackle finish - Leitz f=5cm 1:2.8 No 1450482 lens, in brown leather case. 500-700
886.    Leitz Leica Camera No 329058, with Elmar f=5cm 1:3.5 lens, in leather case. 300-400
887.    Leitz Camera No 57200, with Elmar f=8cm lens 1:3.5 brown coloured camera body, in Leica leather case. 300-400
888.    Leitz Camera No 150961, with viewfinder fitted with Elmar 1:3.5 f=50cm lens, in brown leather case. 300-400
889.    Leica I NR 560565 1928 Chrome Body with Black Cackle Finish, with Elmar f=5cm 1:3.5 lens, in a leather case. 500-700
890.    Leica Model 1b Rim-Set Compur Camera No 5984, with Leitz lens No 105963, in brown leather case. 600-800
891.    Leitz Wetzler Leica Compur Camera No 5984, with Leitz lens No 105963, in brown leather case. 600-800
892.    Leica Camera No 520497 1950/1 Range Finder, with Elmar f=5cm 1:3.5 lens, in brown leather case, 300-500
893.    Leica Camera IIIa No 219292 1936, with a Elmar f=5cm 1:3.5 lens, in brown leather case. 400-600
894.    Leica III Camera No 113311 1934, with Summar f-5cm lens No 192397, in brown leather case. 500-700
895.    Leitz Wetzler Camera No 45273, with a Elmar 1:3.5 f=50cm lens, in brown leather case. 300-500
896.    Leica I Camera No 81157 1928, with elmar 1:3.5 f=50cm lens, in brown leather case. 400-600
897.    Ernst Leitz Wetzler Camera 101919, camera with a Leica Hektor f=13.5cm lens. 400-600
898.    Leica IIIa No 267148 1937, with viewfinder, Leitz Elmer f=9cm 1:4 No 295064 tele lens, on a folding Leitz tripod, with ball and swivel. 500-700
899.    Reid Camera No P2076, with a Taylor and Hobson Anastigmat 2ins f/z lens No 328651, in a brown leather case. 400-600
900.    Reid and Sigrist Ltd, with a Taylor Hobson 2ins/fz anastigmat lens No 328441 with red filter, and leather case. 400-600
901.    Leica IIIa 1936 No 196896, with Summar f=5cm 1:2 green filtered lens No 247109. 400-600
902.    Leica IIIc Camera 1949/50 No 459189, with elmar f=5cm 1:3.5 lens in leather case. 300-500
903.    Leica IIIb 1938 Camera, with a Elmar 1:3.5 f=50mm lens, in a brown leather case. 400-600
904.    Leica III No 114397 1934, with Summar f=5cm 1:2 No 190175 lens, in brown leather case. 400-600
905.    Leitz Wetzler Camera No 2729 1926/27, with a Leitz Visolflex apature, a Leitz Elmar lens 1:4/135 No 1824514, on a folding Leitz tripod with ball swivel, plus spare lens. (2) 500-700
906.    Leica IIIb 1939 Camera, with Rare Leitz Xenon f=5cm 1-1.5 No 376199, D.R.P.a lens, in leather case. 500-800
907.    Leica II 1932 Camera Rangefinder, Leitz Elmar f=5cm 1:3.5 lens, in brown leather case. 400-600
908.    Leica IIf 1956 Camera, with Summicron f=5cm 1:2 No 1479905 lens , in brown leather case. 300-500
909.    Leica III Rangefinder Camera 1934, with Summar f=5cm 1:2 No 265651 lens, in brown leather case. 300-500
910.    Leica IIIb 289610 1938 Camera, with Summitar f=5cm 1:2 No 621532 lens and lens filter. 300-500
911.    Leica I - Ernst Leitz Camera, with Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Telyt f=20cm 1:45 No 768038 lens, also spare lens Leitz Elmar 1:3.5 f=50mm lens, on a folding Leitz Wetzlar tripod. (2) 300-400
912.    Leica 107951 1934, together with a E.Leitz New York US Pat Number 1996481, the fully universal focusing attachment. 200-300
913.    Leica IIIc 1941 No 387866 Camera, with Leitz Summitar f=5cm 1:2 No 562153 lens, with orange filter, in brown leather case 200-300
914.    Leica I 1947/48 Camera, with quick wind base with Leitz inc New York, wollen sail 5.0mm Volostigmat No 430221 lens and cover Leitz range finder, all in a hard case original Leica box. 300-400
915.    Leica M2 1085785 DBP Camera, with Leitz Gmbh Summicron f=5cm 1:2 No 1511613 lens, Leitz Summar f=5cm 1:2 No 167745 lenses - Leica light meter MR - Leitz view finder - right angle view finder (5) in original cardboard Leica box. 1200-1500