Stamps Auction on Thursday 16th September 2021

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300.    A Carton Containing a Large Number of Album Leaves and Stock Sheets of World Stamps, mainly used, noted Spring Stampex 2008 Souvenir Sheet, 1998 Questa Trial Printing Miniature Sheet, Queen Victoria 1882 d Deep Green Overprinter I.R. Official. 40-60
301.    World Stamps, mainly used in six binders, many hundreds to sort. 25-40
302.    Cinderella Material in Two Sixty Four Page Stockbooks, includes propaganda, forgeries (Indian States etc), ephemera, transport, Scandinavia, Locals, some adhesion but most ok. 60-80
303.    A Thematic Collection of Mint and Used Stamps and Covers, on Birds, Butterflies and Transport. 30-40
304.    A G.B and World Stamps Accumulation, in three cardboard boxes and four albums, many hundreds to sort. 20-30
305.    A North America Collection of mainly Used Stamps of USA, two souvenir year packs for Canada 1990 and 2000. Many Thousands of stamps. 25-40
306.    G.B The Doomsday and Armada Stamps and PHQ Cards, mounted in two frames. Plus a cover from Sharjar depicting Dressage. 20-40
307.    Canada Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, from KGVI to modern, good variety of issues and include official overprints, Air, Special delivery, good to fine condition. 60-100
308.    A Philatelic Album Containing a Large Number of Covers and Memorabilia Relating to Concorde. 25-40
309.    GB Stamps Mainly Used from EVII to QEII, includes decimal with face value of 28, plus a Stanley Gibbons GB concise catalogue. 20-40
310.    A Carton of Nine Junior Albums and Stockbook of World Stamps, most Countries represented including GB, thousands to sort. 20-40
311.    Commonwealth Mint and Manly Used Stamps, in eight binders/albums, most Countries represented QV to QE2. 30-50
312.    A Carton of GB Mint and Used Stamps, on pages, mainly Decimal issues including Regionals. Plus a selection of PHQ Cards and postcards in two albums. 30-50
313.    A Box of Stamp Accessories, including mount cutters, UV lamps, perforation gauges, colour keys, plus stamp catalogues and literature. 20-30
314.    a Box go G.B Kiloware, approximately 4kg, mainly on paper. 20-40
315.    A Carton of World Postal History and FDC's, mixed condition, mainly from 1960;s with a varied selection and a few earlier. 20-30
316.    A Carton of World Stamps, mint and used in eight binders, many hundreds of stamps in generally good condition. 30-40
317.    Flight Related Material, including stamps, covers, OHMS, cover, etc,in four binders, some interesting material. 30-40
318.    Ceylon/Sri Lank Collection of Mainly Used Stamps and Postal History, in eleven albums from 1875 - 1973, includes GV to IR and 1935 Jubilee issue. GVI to 2 Ruppe fine used, high level of duplication from GVI onwards, plus 170 plus covers, high cat value with postmark interest. 60-80
319.    GB Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, in twelve binders/stockbooks, pre decimal and decimal mainly QE2 but some earlier. 35-60
320.    GB, Commonwealth and World Stamps, mint and mainly used on album pages, and in tins and a cardboard box , Countries include Egypt, Netherlands, Ceylon, Trans Jordan etc, many thousands to sort, also Egypt postal history covers. 30-40
321.    A Carton Containing a Mainly Used Collection of Stamps, in sixteen junior albums, many thousands of stamps to sort from GB, Commonwealth and World 20-40
322.    Cinderalla Issues and European Postage Stamps, includes 3000 plus Cinderella with, propaganda, forgeries, ephemera etc, stamps of Italy in Davo album from 1945 mint and mainly used plus Germany and two small boxes of covers from Switzerland and San Marino. 60-80
323.    Two Large Boxes of GB and World Covers, mainly modern with GB, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, San Marino and Australia, thousands to sort, good variety of GB air letters. 70-100
324.    Commonwealth Stamps, mint and used from Bahamas, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, etc, all reigns in eight binders. 25-40
325.    Large Box of Europe Stamps and Documents, includes France 1981 - 85 philatelic documents probably complete (200 plus). Box of Netherlands presentation packs (200 plus) also covers from Czechoslovakia, Germany, Netherlands and Japan, good cat value very heavy. 70-100
326.    A Large Box of Empty Albums, (New Zealand), Commonwealth and World Stamps in albums, good sorter good cat value plus two albums of postcards. 30-50
327.    A Large Box , Stockbooks and Albums, with G.B, Commonwealth and World Mint and Used Stamps, many thousands to sort. 30-50
328.    Large Carton of GB, Commonwealth and World Stamps, mint and mainly used in stockbooks, envelopes, stockcards, packets etc, huge amount of stamps, good sorter. 30-50
329.    A Carton Containing World Collection of Stamps, in eight binders and stock sheets, includes Austria FD Sheets, China, Denmark, Norway, etc, good cat value. 40-60
330.    A Large Box Containing Four Stockbooks of Cinderella Material, including propaganda, forgeries, revenues and ephemera, some adhesion but most ok,4000 plus items, plus three small boxes of covers from GB Switzerland. 80-100
331.    Large Box of Mainly Cinderella Material, including propaganda, forgeries, exhibitions in four stockbooks. GB and Germany postage stamps in two hingless albums, plus GB slogan postmarks. 60-100
332.    A Carton Containing a Well Filled Album of Foreign Stamps, mainly used, two albums of stamps celebrating Royal events and a small number of G.B Decimal presentation packs. 30-50
333.    Australia Four Stanley Gibbon Four Ring Binders, Volumes 1-4, with printed pages, containing a collection of mainly used stamps. 30-40
334.    A G.B. Collection of FDC's, in five albums from 1968 to 1980's, over two hundred covers. 35-55
335.    A Carton Containing a Collection of Westminster Folder and Boxes of GB Stamps, includes 1887 Jubilee set good used, GV seahorses to 10/- etc. plus a GVI and QE stamp collection in binders and in packets, includes mint and used values. 30-40
336.    A Carton Containing Ten Stockbooks, of Cinderella material, including Poster, Revenue, Stamps, Propaganda and Forgeries. 80-100
337.    A Carton of Seven Binders/Album, all with unused pages, high original purchase price, good condition. 20-30
338.    A Box of Ephemera, empty albums and album pages, including a sixteen page stockbook in good condition and a nice Tower album with unused pages. 15-25
339.    A Collection of Old Stamp Catalogues, includes Michel Germany Stanley Gibbons Foreign Countries 1900 and 1926, Collect British post marks, SG Concise and Collect British Stamps. 20-40
340.    Carton of Mainly Used World Stamps, seven binders, many thousands to sort, includes GB and Commonwealth. 20-40
341.    A Box of Mint and Used GB and World Stamps, mainly used in stockbooks, albums, envelopes and packets, thousands to sort. 20-30
342.    G.B Collection of Mint and Used Stamps in Sets, 1987-1990. Plus corresponding First Day Covers, in four binders, Decimal value of mint stamps over 45. 20-40
343.    A G.B Collection of Presentation Packs, with a decimal face value of over 320 in three binders. 160-200
344.    A World Collection of Mainly Used Stamps, in six binders, many hundreds of stamps to sort. 25-40
345.    A Carton of Empty Cover Albums With Leaves, a Stanley Gibbons watermark detector, a mount guillotine and a variety of stamp mounts, high initial purchase spend. 30-50
346.    Carton Containing an Album of GB Cards and FD's, includes Post card of 1924 British Empire Exhibition with 1d stamps plus QE pre decimal FDC's. FDC's from Transkei, a stockbook of World stamps and a packet of stamps. 25-40
347.    French Colonial Stamps from Gabon French New Guinee, Upper Volta, in three sixteen page stock books many hundres mainly used, high cat value. 40-60
348.    A Collection of Mainly Mint Stamps, in three albums Celebrating Royal Events, including QEII Silver Jubilee, Coronation Anniversary, etc. An album of G.B decimal booklets and miniature sheets and a tin containing mint and used G.B stamps. 30-40
349.    Commonwealth Stamps, mint and used in seven binders, includes Cyprus, Leeward Islands, Ceylon, North Borneo, Trinidad and Tobago, etc, many Queen Victoria and earlier issues, noted Leeward Islands KGVI 1 SG 114B. 50-80
350.    Flown Covers Collection, of over one hundred and forty covers, in two albums, many are signed, good condition with a good range of interest. 50-80
351.    A French Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, on Hagner leaves in four binders, ranges from 1950 to early 2000's and includes sets, singles miniature sheets, etc, very good condition throughout. 60-80
352.    India Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, in binders and on album pages. Also includes India album with printed pages, issues from Queen Victoria onwards, hundreds of items. 25-35
353.    A Carton Containing Nine Stockbooks, with thousands of Cinderella stamps, including Poster, Revenue, Propaganda and Forgeries. 80-100
354.    Five Four Ring Binders of Mainly Used GB and Commonwealth Stamps, some fine used, includes Australia, mainly modern, nice binders. 30-50
355.    A World Collection of Stamps, in ten albums/stockbooks, club books, etc, included many Commonwealth Queen Victoria to QEII, good lot with much to recommend. 60-90
356.    A Carton Containing Ten Sixteen Page and One Thirty Two Pages Stockbooks, containing thousands of Cinderella material, including Poster, Revenue, Stamps, Propaganda and Forgeries. 80-100
357.    A Carton Containing Six Large Stockbooks, with many thousands of Cinderella stamps, including Poster, Revenue, Propaganda issues and Forgeries. 80-100
358.    Channel Islands Collection of Stamps, mint and fine used in three stockbooks and on album pages and a number of Jersey Presentation Pack, from 1976 and includes 1983 5. 30-50
359.    A Collection of Australia Year Books From 1981-1990, plus an album of used and stock pages, with older material, with a catalogue of over 400, some stamps missing from year books. 50-80
360.    USA Mint and Used Stamp Collection 1999-2003, in a binder, plus a binder of Air Mail Stamps, mint and used, good condition. 80-140
361.    A Carton Containing a Selection of Stamp Catalogues, including Stanley Gibbons British Commonwealth 1993 GB Concise, India, etc. 20-30
362.    A Collection of Stamp Catalogues, including Stanley Gibbons, Commonwealth and Empire, Queen Elizabeth Decimal Definitive Issue, catalogue of Swiss postmarks. 20-40
363.    An East German Collection From 1949-1986, mint and used sets and singles, comprehensive collection, many hundreds on Hagner leaves. 80-120
364.    Sweden Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, mostly fine from 1855-1980's, includes better sets and singles, booklets, high catalogue. 80-120
365.    USA Collection of Mint and Used Stamps 1940-1982, in two four ring binder's, a good level of completion, good to fine condition throughout, high cat value. 150-350
366.    A Carton of Commonwealth, G.B and World Covers, including a number of Queen Victoria pre1840, G.B mint decimal presentation packs, nice selection. 50-80
367.    A Box of World Stamps, mostly used on and off paper in plastic bags, many thousands to sort. 20-30
368.    A Canada Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, in three binders, from 1960's onwards, nice condition throughout. 50-80
369.    A Large Carton Containing Mainly Used GB Stamps, in boxes, tubs, on stock cards, etc, noted fine used, QEII high values including 10 Britannia a nd many more high values many thousands to sort. 20-30
370.    Flown Cover Collection of One Hundred and Thirty G.B. Covers, some signed, signatories include Gp Capt M W Knight AFC, Lord Balfour of Inchrye, Field Marshall Lord Harding of Petherton, etc. 50-80
371.    A Carton of Stamp Catalogues, including Scott, Stanley Gibbons, Yvert and Tellier, etc. 25-35
372.    A Box of Stamps, in plastic bags, all reigns, mint and used, many thousands to sort, looks good value. 25-40
373.    USA Collection of Mint and Used Stamps 1981-1998, in two four ring binders, good level of completion, mostly good to fine condition throughout, high cat value. 150-350
374.    GB: A Large Accumulation of QEII First Day Covers, unused air letters, postal history and PHQ cards, hundreds of items, mixed condition. 20-30
375.    A Carton Containing Single and Double Sided Stock Sheets, (150+) and (200+) unused album pages, very good condition, very heavy. 20-30
376.    A French Colonies Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, including general issue from 1859, Algeria, Cameroon, French Polynesia, Mali, etc, good condition, many hundreds to sort with some high value stamps. 60-120
377.    A Europa Collection of Mint and Fine Used Stamps, from a variety of Countries, including Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Cyrus, Denmark, Eire, etc, over one thousand items/stamps. 40-80
378.    A German Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, from 1933 to 1944, on Hagner sheets, excellent condition and virtually complete. 150-200
379.    A German States Collection of Mainly Used Stamps, in generally good to fine condition, includes Baden from 1851, Bayern from 1850-1920, Danzie from 1920, Heligoland, Saar Turn and Taxis, Wur Temburg, includes postage dues. 120-200
380.    A Norway Collection of Stamps, mixed mint and used from 1856 SG 6 to 1996, generally good condition. 50-100
381.    A G.B and German Collection of Interesting Covers, from Field Post Offices, including G.B used in WWI and WWII from a number of countries, mostly air mail with some Censor marks, good condition, 30+ items. 80-150
382.    A Germany Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, between 1991 and 2004, includes miniature sheets, sets, parts sets, excellent condition. 30-50
383.    A Germany Collection of Stamps, mainly mint, includes 1949 Set SG 1368-70, 1950 SGB 72-73, 1951 Part Set, SG B75, B77, B79, 1952 Set of ten, then through to 1986, excellent condition. 120-180
384.    A Natal Collection of Mainly Used but some Mint Stamps, from 1859, includes SG 12 used, SG 15 mint, SG18 mint, SG19 mint, SG 140-43, fine used, SG 144 Fiscal, good condition generally. 60-100
385.    French Colony's Reunion Mint Stamps, in sets from 1907-1950 on Hagner leaves, excellent condition, includes overprints, postage dues, etc. 80-120
386.    A G.B Collection of Mint and Used Commemorative Stamps, from England Rugby World Champions 2003 to 2010, generally fine. 60-120
387.    A DDR Collection of Mixed and Mint Fine Used Stamps, from 1965 to 1978, with a good level of completion, a few hundred stamps, generally good condition. 50-100
388.    Herm and Small Channel Island Collection of Mint, from 1949 to 1966, Sark from 1962 to 1967, Alderney from 1962, Jethou, Lundy, etc, includes mint and used on cover, interesting and good condition. 50-80
389.    G.B Overprints For Eastern Arabia, from KGVI, Levant from SG 1 and including KGV and KEVII high values, mint and used, Morocco Agencies French Currency, mint including Seahorses. 80-120
390.    Forty One Flown Covers, in a special album most signed, including Field Marshall Lord Harding of Petherton GCB, CBE, DSo, MC, etc. 30-50
391.    A Jersey Stamp Collection, mint and used from 1941-1986 with a good level of completion, housed in a twenty two ring Collecta album, with Commemoratives, Definitives, Postage Dues. 60-90
392.    Central America Mint and Used Collection of Stamps, in a green binder, good selection of earlier material. 20-30
393.    GB Used Collection of Stamps, from 1990's to early 2000's, includes miniature sheets First Day Covers, booklet panes, etc, looks fairly complete. 60-90
394.    GB Two Stanley Gibbons Four Ring Printed Albums Volumes 1-2, housing a mint and used collection of stamps, in very fine condition. 60-80
395.    Togo Stamp Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, includes Gold Coast overprints to 3d then duplicated French Colonial issues, and early Independence issues, valuable good quality lot. 50-80
396.    A G.B Mint Collection of Commemorative Stamps From 1953 to 1990's, face value of mint stamps over 225. 120-150
397.    A SG Ideal Postage Stamp Album, holding a collection of GB and World Stamps, used sparse but very little after 1930's. 40-60
398.    GB: A Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, from EDVII including inverted watermark to GVI with 1939-48 high value set, mint and fine used, 1948 Silver wedding mint and fine used, block of nine Victory Issue with seven berries variety centre stamp, then Coronation and Victory Commonwealth set. 80-150
399.    United Nations Stamp Collection, from 1951 onwards, mainly fine used, hundreds of stamps, good condition. 20-30
400.    Australia: Collection of Mainly Modern Commemorative Stamps, mint and used some older GV onwards, neatly presented in a four ring binder, many hundreds of stamps in good condition. 80-100
401.    Guernsey Collection of Stamps From 1941-1987 Commemoratives and Definitives, in a twenty two ring Collecta album, early issues sparse, but a good level of completion from 1958. 60-90
402.    GB Decimal Mint Stamp Collection from 1993 - 2002, face value of over 200. 100-150
403.    GB: Collection of Pre-Decimal and Decimal Machins, mint and used, includes booklet panes, high values to 5, good face value of mint stamps. 60-100
404.    An Australia Collection of Mixed Mint and Used Stamps, from 1976 to 1990, in a four ring binder, good condition with a good level of completion. 50-100
405.    A Western Berlin Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, from 1951-1990 on Hagner leaves, good level of completion and excellent condition throughout. 100-150
406.    A Commonwealth Stamp Collection From Aden to Grenada, mixed mint and used in good condition, from KGV to QEII, noted 1938 2/- and 5/-. 60-90
407.    A Commonwealth Collection of Stamps, mixed mint and used from Pakistan to Zambia, mainly KGVI and QEII, but some earlier, good condition throughout with many hundreds to check. 40-80
408.    A G.B Collection of Mint Commemorative Stamps, from 1953 Coronation to 1985 Christmas, looks to be complete including Phospor Issues, excellent condition. 120-180
409.    GB: Collection of Queen Victoria 1d Reds, (180+), GV used collection from Downey Heads to 1935 Jubilee including Seahorses, then EDVIII and GVI used, with values to 1, many hundreds of stamps mixed condition, but many fine used. 150-200
410.    A G.B Collection of Prestige Booklets, with a face value of over 260. 130-180
411.    A Commonwealth Stamp Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, includes British Guiana 1860-1966, British Honduras 1938-1968, British Solomon Islands, from 1908-1970, British Virgin Islands 1937 Coronation to 1962, Cape of Good Hope from early triangular's, then Cayman Islands from KGV, many Queen Victoria Issues, good to fine condition. 150-200
412.    A Collection of Mainly Mint Stamps, in sheets and part sheets, includes USA 1976 Bicentennial sheet of fifty, USA 1982 State Birds sheets of fifty, 1987 North American Wildlife, German SG 238 and 239 in sheets of fifty, high cat. 50-80
413.    A Binder Containing a Selection of GB Stamps Overprinted For Use in British Bechuanaland, including a cover with Queen Victoria Jubilee stamps, Kuwait Morocco Agencies Queen Victoria inwards with values to 3F mint and used. Mint and used Eritrea GVI to 10--, EAF to 2/d M.E.F to 2/6d, Zululand, etc. 40-60
414.    GB Collection of Smiler Sheets, (twenty eight), plus a sheet of Marshall Island stamps 2004 Aircraft, full sheet of fifty. 100-180
415.    A Finland Collection of Mixed Mint and Used Stamps, from 1860 including SG 36 with normal pen cancellation, to 1982, nice collection with good cat value. 50-100
416.    A G.B. Used Collection of Stamps From 1953 to 1990's, ,mostly good to fine used Commemorative's, witha few definitive's and high values in a ring binder. 50-80
417.    A G.B Mint Commemorative Mint Stamps, with a face value of over 250. 125-150
418.    A Thematic Collection of Stamps, in a twenty two ring binder, subjects include Sport and Transport, mainly modern but some KGVI stamps noted, around one thousand stamps in good condition. 40-60
419.    A G.B Collection of Queen Victoria Pre Stamp Entries, to 1d Reds 1864, twenty items 60-120
420.    GB Mint Decimal Booklet Collection, with a face value of over 330. 160-200
421.    A Thematic Collection, featuring Wildlife, including birds, fish, in four well filled stock books, good variety. 25-50
422.    France and Colonies: A Mint and Used Collection, on album leaves/stock cards and Hagner pages, early's to modern noted, 1984 SG 2614 - 2614d mint. 30-50
423.    A Collection of Early Commonwealth Stamps, on stockcards and in a small stock book, including Australian States, Victoria, India; plus Wenden selection. A Valuable Collection. 40-60
424.    World Stamps Used on Hagner Leaves, a few thousands stamp, to sort. 25-35
425.    Japan Collection of Stamps, in two large stockbooks, extensive collection from early issues, mint and used, with huge cat value. 60-80
426.    G.B Decimal Mint stamps, with a face value of over 200. 100-150
427.    A Small Collection of Covers and Entries, from 1786 to modern. Plus KEDVII 3d 1902 shades on album pages good to very fine used. 20-30
428.    Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos Collection of Stamps, in two stockbooks, mint and used valuable early issues with high cat value. 40-60
429.    A World Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, in two albums on album leaves and in packets, good selection Countries A-V, with very little after 1950. 30-40
430.    A China Collection of Stamps, mint and used from 1930's to 1980's on Hagner leaves, including Japanese Occupation of China, around two hundred and sixty items. 30-50
431.    A Small Box of Mint and Mainly Used World stamps and G.B Kiloware, some better stamps on stockcards, many hundreds. 20-30
432.    A G.B and Commonwealth Stamp Collection, housed in a twenty two ring binder, includes G.B from Queen Victoria to QEII, mainly used and E.A.F and M.E.F overprints then mint and used from Australia, Gibraltar and Canada. Plus a variety of KGV stamps, OPT War Tax (48) interesting lot. 50-80
433.    GB First Day Cover Collection from 1946 - 1990's, over seventy covers including illustrated Victory and Festival of Britain, plain Olympic Games and UPU QE Coronation, good quality throughout. 30-50
434.    A Thematic Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, in a twenty two ring binder, subjects include Butterflies, Birds, Fish and Mammals, issues from KGVI onwards, good condition, around one thousand stamps. 40-60
435.    Concorde Collection of Greeting Cards and Post Cards, in a special album, thirty six items in excellent condition. 20-30
436.    A New Zealand Mint Collection of stamps 1952-1987, with a good level of completion. Plus a selection of earlier used in a twenty two ring Collecta album, good condition throughout, including Commemorative and Definitives. 80-100
437.    A Commonwealth Collection of Stamps From Southern Africa, including Union of South Africa from KGV, Southern Nigeria from Queen Victoria, Southern Rhodesia from 1935 then Malaya, Trinidad and Tobago, mint and used, high cat condition mixed but many fine. 80-120
438.    A Thematic Stamp Collection, mint and used in twenty two ring binder, around one thousand stamps mainly 1970 and 80's, but some older on subjects Maps and Flags, Scouts and Guides, Christmas, Flowers, stamps in good condition. 40-60
439.    Railway: A Thematic Collection of World Stamps and Covers/Cards, with railway interest. 20-30
440.    A GB Binder, Containing Mint Smiler Sheets, including Steve Redgrave Gold Medal Winner, Norwich City Centenary. 50-100
441.    Australia Collection of Stamps, mixed mint and used, includes Roo's to 2/- mixed printings from 1913, KGV profile head from 1913, KGVI including 1948 high values to 2 through to QEII 1953 Coronation mixed condition mostly fine, many hundreds. 80-120
442.    A Commonwealth Stamp Collection Hong Kong to Nyasaland, with issues from Queen Victoria onwards, includes KGVI Jamaica 1938 to 5/- mint, good selection of Malaya stamps from 1880's, KGVI Malta to 10/-, mint, etc, many hundreds of stamps, mint and used, with high catalogue value. 40-80
443.    Iran Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, from earlier material to around 1935, good material for this period. 55-70
444.    GB: A Heavily Duplicated Collection of Mainly Used Stamps, Queen Victoria to QEII in three stockbooks, many thousand of stamps, well sorted. 30-50
445.    Lebanon Collection of Stamps, duplicated mainly used from French Colonial issues to early Independence, high cat value. 40-60
446.    A Shoe Box Containing Mainly British Commonwealth and GB Stamps, on stock cards, many prices to sell, Queen Victoria to QEII, both mint and used, generally good condition, high cat value. 60-80
447.    Isle of Man Collection of Mint and Used Stamps 1973-1987, in a twenty two ring Collecta album. good level of completion, with Commemoratives, Definitives, Postage Dues and miniature sheets, good condition. 60-90
448.    GB Five Stockbook of Mint and Used Stamps, includes Queen Victoria a few 1d Reds, then mainly QEII with many blocks with cylinder numbers. A few thousand stamps, generally good to fine. 30-50
449.    Railway Stamps and Memorabilia, in three albums including local interest North York Moors Railway, interesting lot. 20-30
450.    Cameroon Collection of Stamps from French Colonial Issues to Early Independence, mainly duplicated used, many fine, good quality throughout. 40-60
451.    GB Collection of Mint Decimal Booklets Plus a Few FDC's and Benham Covers, face value of mint stamps over 204. 100-150
452.    Denmark Collection of Mainly Used Stamps, from 1854 to 2001, mixed condition of earlier stamps, but useful, high catalogue.` 60-100
453.    Flown Covers Collection of 108, in two albums, many signed. 50-80
454.    A Collection of Concorde Covers, some signed. Plus assorted memorabilia and special Concorde coin. 30-50
455.    G.B, Commonwealth and World Stamps, in five albums, mainly used, with very little after 1953, hundreds to sort. 20-30
456.    A Collection of Belgium Stamps, mainly used in a plastic bag, many hundreds including Railway Stamps. 20-30
457.    GB: A Collection of Used Stamps from Queen Victoria Penny Reds, (60+) 1d Lilacs, (80+) 2d Blues, (5) Jubilee Issues, etc. EDVII to 1/- and GV to 1/-, GVI to high values, then QEII. Includes Army and 1R Officials, heavy duplication, high catalogue. 60-80
458.    Guernsey Four Stanley Gibbons Printed Albums, mainly unused but includes a few sets, singles, etc. 25-35
459.    Jersey Collection of Presentation Packs, from 1970's to 1990's, 115 items in five binders. 40-80
460.    A Collection of Algeria and Morocco Stamps, mainly used, from early French Colonial period and a collection of Chad stamps, in two stockbooks. 30-50
461.    Jersey Collection of Presentation Packs, 1990's to 2000, eighty four items and corresponding FDC's, nice lot. 40-80
462.    RSA Collecion of Full and Mini Sheets of Stamps from 1979 to 1985, included Anniversary of Stamp Production Centenary of Zulu War etc, plus a number of post cards of Victoria Falls. 50-100
463.    GB Collection of Foreign Bills QV to GV, with values to 5, all good to fine used, interesting lot. 20-40
464.    A French Collection of stamps, mixed mint and fine used, from 1850 to 1950, well presented in a Senator album. Plus a few stamps of Maroc, Monaco, Turkey, etc. 20-35
465.    A Collection og GB FDC's From GVI Olympic Games, to modern, includes Decimal Machin Covers to 1.50 and Castles to 5, good condition throughout, 275 covers. 50-80
466.    A Small Box Containing World Stamps, in two albums and in small plastic bags, good variety with hundreds to sort. 20-30
467.    Two Albums with a Selection of Concorde Cover and Postcards, seventy five plus items some signed. 30-50
468.    Thematic Collection of Mint and Used Stamps of Butterflies, in two sixteen page stockbooks, includes miniature sheets, part sheets of stamps, nice range, good condition. 25-35
469.    A Shoe Box Full of Showgard Stamp Mount Strips, from size 21mm to 55mm +, many hundreds of strips with high initial purchase price. 20-30
470.    Jersey Three SG Printed Jersey Stamp Albums Volumes 1, 3 and 4, with a sparse collection of stamps. Plus a small album of PHQ Cards. 20-30
471.    Flown Cover Collection, in two albums most are signed signatories include Sqn Leader KNT Lee DFC etc, 100 covers in excellent condition. 30-50
472.    German Collection of Mint and Used Stamps From 1902 - Post WWII, includes 1928 Air Set mint and used, mostly very good condition. 80-120
473.    Two Albums of Signed Military Limited Edition First Day Covers, sixty items in excellent condition. 30-50
474.    A Collection of Channel Island and Isle of Man Stamps and Presentation Packs, in binders on stock sheets, includes Guernsey, Jersey mint and fine used, good variety and high catalogue, many hundreds. 40-60
475.    Flown Covers, some signed from G,B and Commonwealth, with both Military and Commercial interest, noted Singapore 1955 Set of fifteen F used on FDC, Flown by Quantas, BOAC Inaugural Flight Addis Ababa to London. 40-60
476.    A GB and World Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, Countries A-T, good selection in a Britannia loose leaf album. 35-50
477.    USA Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, early issues used on Hagner sheets and a Safe album 1979 to 1984, mixed condition, but some fine. 30-40
478.    World Collection of Stamps, in five small stockbooks, includes Queen Victoria India Stamps and 1950 Service Stamps to ten Rupee, GV India to ten Rupee, etc, worthy of a closer inspection. 40-50
479.    USA Collection of Stamps, mint and used in album pages, early's to modern, high cat value. 30-50
480.    Two Albums of Channel Island and Isle of Man Stamps, used with sets and singles, includes Guernsey 1969-70 1d sheet 2B 2B with one stamp showing variety 'Dagger in Shoulder'. 20-30
481.    Australia States Collection of Used Stamps, of New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia, mixed condition but useful with high catalogue value. 80-120
482.    Flown Covers Collection in Two Binders, 140 covers 1970's to 1980's, some signed. 30-50
483.    A Small Collection of G.B Stamps, mint and used from Queen Victoria including S.G. 96 6d Lilac, good to fine used to QEII decimal commemorative's and definitives mint and used, plus Zanzibar covers. 30-40
484.    Framed Battle of Atlantic Cover, signed by six persons involved in the battle. 15-20
485.    A Collection of Early Stamps, mint and used of Latvia, Liberia, Lithuania, Memel, etc, issues to around 1935. 30-40
486.    Iceland and Norway Mint and Used Stamp Collection, on album leaves, from early to around 1935, includes Skilling values. 25-35
Luxemburg and Netherlands Collection, of mint and used stamps, from early to around 1935, strength in early Netherlands and Dutch, West Indies and Curacao. 40-50
488.    Commonwealth Collection Countries, M-N, includes Malta Queen Victoria to 4d, 1948 Silver Wedding mint, Mauritius 1904-07 values to One Rupee and GVI 1948 Silver Wedding mint, Montserrat GVI values to 5/-, Niger Coast Protectorate to 1/- mint, Northern Rhodesia GV valies to 3/- used. 180-300
489.    GB: A EDVII Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, mint values to 1/- noted, d with St Andrews Cross attached inverted watermark, duplicated values to 1/- and high values to 1, GV Downey Head and profile head stamps mint and used, Seahorses to 10/- mint and used, Ireland 1922 overprints to 2/6d (poor). Plus official overprints, (Board of Education, Admiralty, Army), etc. 300-400
490.    Germany: Interesting Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, including German Post Office in Morocco, China, etc, Military Occupation of Roumania, Alsace, Poland, etc, German Colonies, Germa New Guinea, East Africa, then German Third Reich stamps, good condition throughout. 300-600
491.    Commonwealth Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, from Countries A-B includes mainly GVI and QEII, but some earlier. Noted GVI Antigua values to 5/- mint and QEII 1953 to $1.20 mint and $4.80 used, Ascension 1924 values to 8d mixed mint and used, Barbados from Queen Victoria, Bermuda 1936 Set mint and GVI values to 5/-. 175-300
492.    A G.B Mint and Used Collection of Commemoratives, mainly 1980's - 1990's, unused face value over 50, many hundreds. 45-80
493.    An Accumulation of Mainly Used G.B Stamps, in an album and loose, includes modern G.B Decimal presentation packs. 20-30
494.    A G.B Wilding Collection on Stock Cards, mainly mint includes, 1952 Set unmounted, 1955 Set, 1958 SG 570-86, 1957 graphite lined, 1958 graphite inverted watermark set, good lot. 100-160
495.    G.B and Commonwealth Selection of Stamps, mint and used stock cards, noted 1948 Silver Wedding Aden Plate block of four mint. Stamps of Hong Kong overprinted China used, good variety. 50-80
496.    G.B Booklets Collection of Pre-Decimal Stamps, 2/- to 10/-, includes 1953 SG F6 Composite, KGVI and QEII. 40-80
497.    Zeppelin: A Small Number of Covers and a Post Card, in good condition with fine hand stamps, eight items. 80-150
498.    France Collection on Hagner Leaves, including stamps from 1850-1950 in mostly fine used condition, includes four margin SG45 fine used, comprehensive range mainly identified by Yvert and Tellier No.'s, high cat value. 150-300
499.    A France Collection of Used Stamps, and a few covers, a few decent, many hundreds. 20-30
500.    GB: Over 320 First Day Covers From 1960's to 1999, a little duplication of earlier issues, good condition. 50-70
501.    Mint and Used Stamps of The World, in club books, on album pages and stock sheets and in packets, many thousands to sort. 25-35
502.    Commonwealth Stamps Countries G-I, includes Gambia, Gibraltar, Gold Coast Granada, Hong Kong, India mint and used from Queen Victoria onwards. Huge selection including KGV Jubilees. 80-100
503.    A G.B Collection of Decimal Presentation Packs, with a face value of over 345. 170-200
504.    Channel Island Collection of FDC's, mainly 1980's - 90's, booklets and miniature sheets of Jersey and Guernsey, over 240 items very good condition, in six binders. 50-70
505.    A French Collection of Stamps, mint and used from 1927 to 1999 in two four ring binders, includes 1928 Airs, 1934, 1936 and 1946 Airs, etc, good variety with a little duplication. 40-60
506.    A Small Carton of Benham Silks, from 1981, complete year sets, for 1982 to 1985, then around ten sets per year to 1995. 200 plus covers, good condition. 30-50
507.    A G.B Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, including Regional Issues, presented in a four ring binder with pre-decimal and decimal issues. 40-60
508.    A Switzerland Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, in binders, from early's to 1990's in sets and better singles. 60-80
509.    GB Collection of Mint and Used Mainly Commemorative Stamps, GV to modern in two stockbooks and a plastic bag with album pages and Stampex 2008 sheet, mostly good condition. 30-40
510.    Two Twenty Two Ring Collection G.B Albums, of mint and a few used stamps, from 1953-1990's, includes definitive's with coil strips and booklet panes, Commemorative's and high values, Regional Issues and Postage Dues, plus mint decimal stamps. 100-140
511.    G.B and World Stamps, in five albums, on cver and Decimal G.B presentation packs, value over 10, includes Queen Victoria Penny Reds, etc. 20-35
512.    Switzerland: A Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, from 1850 onwards, includes a good selection of 1880's with different perforations unchecked for varieties, mixed condition, worthy of a closer inspection. 100-200
513.    A Commonwealth Collection of Mainly Mint Stamps, including 1948 Silver Wedding low values, 1937 Coronation Sets, 1946 Victory Sets, 1958 Inauguration of Caribbean Federations, Royal Visits and Occasions, many hundreds in good condition. 40-60
514.    112 Flown Covers, in two special albums, mostly unsigned. 30-50
515.    Commonwealth Collection of Stamps, mint and used in a four ring binder, includes Ceylon SG122 four Cents mint, 1885 Local Surcharges, 1903 to 75c, 1908 part set to RI, Postal Fiscals including Foreign Bill, Judicial Provisional Surcharge, Stamp Duty, then Stamps of Cyprus mint and used, Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth, noted 1948 Silver Wedding Set mint.
516.    A G.B Commonwealth and World Stamps and Covers, on stock cards, many sets and better singles, good selection with around a thousand items to sort. 50-80
517.    GB Collection of QE Wilding Stamps, mint and used including Tudor and St Edward Crown mint and used Multi Crown, Graphite set, etc, includes inverted and sideways watermarks, booklet panes, etc, good condition in four ring binder. 40-70
518.    French Colonies Collection of Stamps, in a thirty two page stockbook, includes Equatorial Africa Republic and Empire plus early Independence issues, many hundreds with some duplicaiton. 40-60
519.    Two Special Albums Housing a Large Collection of RAF Unsigned Covers, including Concorde, 140 covers. 40-80
520.    A German Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, in two binders, between 1950's and 1980's, includes sets singles miniature sheets, etc, nice condition throughout. 80-100
521.    A Channel Island Collection of Mint and Used stamps, mainly 1970's to modern includes Guernsey, Herm Island, Jersey, very little duplication. 25-35
522.    A Commonwealth and World Accumulation of Mint and Used Stamps, in stockbooks, album pages, includes useful German issues, USA, etc. 30-40
523.    Switzerland Pro Juve Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, from 1913 to 2002, includes SG J2 10c Red, 1919-22 sets, mint and fine used, 1931 set mint and fine used, etc, good lot. 50-150
524.    A World Collection of Stamps, mint and used on pages, stock cards, a few thousand items, including a nice German selection. 50-80
525.    South Africa Collection of Stamps, mint and used includes Cape of Good Hope Triangular's F used SG 5, 6 and 21, Natal KEDVII 1d SG 71 mint plate block of six (No.3), Queen Victoria d block of ten, Bechuanaland SG 88 2/6d Seahorse mint, nice lot. 100-150
526.    Thailand Duplicated Collection of Used Stamps from Earliest Issues to 1990's, many hundreds of items. 30-50
527.    Australian States Extensive Duplicated Used Stamps, of New South Wales, Southern Australia, Victoria, Western Australia, mixed condition, but many fine used. 60-120
528.    Thematic Collection of Aircraft Stamps, of The World, mint and used in a well filled sixty four page stockbook, including many Commonwealth Countries, nice condition throughout, hundreds of stamps. 30-40
529.    Prints Relating to the Story of The Post Office, interesting lot. 20-40
530.    Taiwan/Nationalist China Collection of Stamps, mainly used from earliest issues to 1980's. 40-60
531.    A Collection of Rhodesia and Zimbabwe First Day Covers and Postal History, from 1940's to 1980's over seventy items. 20-40
532.    GB: A Duplicated Collection of Used QEII Stamps, from early Wildings to pre-decimal machins and decimal machins with values to 1 in two good quality sixty four page stockbooks. 20-30
533.    Antarctic Territories Stamps and Covers Collection, from France and Australia in two albums, includes French 1985 Set SG 196/199 unmounted in blocks of four. 25-40
534.    A Ideal Postage Stamp Album, with a collection of Commonwealth and Pre War World Stamps, many hundreds of stamps. 50-70
535.    A Collection of Czechoslovakia Mint and Used Stamps 1919-1939; A Rumanian Collection, of mint and used stamps and a Singapore collection of stamps, mainly used with King George VI to 5 dollars. 30-50
536.    A German Collection of Mainly Used Stamps, from earlier's to after WWII, included Allied Occupation, Federal Republic, Perfins, etc, in a sixty four page stockbook, some duplication, many hundreds of stamps mostly good condition. 30-40
537.    GB: A Collection of Mint Decimal Stamps, includes 2012 Gold Medal Winners Singles (29) Post and 60 stamps (40) and other commems, face value over 13. 70-90
538.    A Canada Comprehensive Collection, of mainly used stamps, from Queen Victoria to KGVI, many Queen Victoria including 1897 set mint and used, 1898 set used, KEDVII 1903 set, mint, Duplication throughout, high catalogue, generally good to fine. 300-500
539.    A GB Collection of Stamps, includes Queen Victorian cover and stamps, KEDVII 2/6d x 2 used, QEII Regional Issues both pre-decimal stamps with a face value of over 130. 80-100
540.    Canada Collection of Provincial Stamps, mint and fine used, includes Brunswick, Nova Scotia, including 1860 One Cent, unmounted mint block of four, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland 1922 Set mint, 1935 Jubilee Mint Set and Part Set VFU Ex Seven Cent SG522, 1937 Set mint and fine used, comprehensive collection. 150-300
541.    A Commonwealth Collection of Mint and Used Stamps Celebrating Special Occasion/People, including Winston Churchill, William Shakespeare, Freedom From Hunger, UPU, etc, over one thousand stamps, fine condition. 40-60
542.    GB Decimal Collection of Stamps 1984 - 1992, with a face value of over 100. 50-70
543.    A G.B Queen Victoria Collection of One Hundred and Thirty of 1858 Perforated 2d Blues, part sheet reconstruction, all different, good to fine used throughout. 200-400
544.    A GB Used Commemorative 2000-2006, virtually complete, then sparse to 2008, very fine used. 30-50
545.    GB: A Mint and Used Collection From 1840, including 1d Red Imperf (150), 1d Red Plates (40), EDVII to 2/6d CDS used, GV values to 10/-, GVI used to 1 including 1948 fine used, mint 1951 high values, QEII mainly mint including Freedom From Hunger to Red Cross Phosphor Issues, good to fine condition throughout. 60-90
546.    A Royal Air Force Album of Flown Covers all Signed, signatories include Air Vice Marshall Bernard Chacksfield KBE, General Sir Anthony Farrar Hockley GBE, KCB, DSO, The Right Hon, Earl Jellicoe KBE , DSO, MC, etc eighty plus covers, good condition throughout. 40-80
547.    A French Colonies Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, on Hagner leaves, includes New Caledonia, New Hebrides, Niger, Senegal, Tunisia, etc, well presented with good condition throughout. 40-80
548.    A G.B Collection of Decimal Prestige Booklets, with a face value of over 200 in a twenty two ring binder. 100-150
549.    A Small Collection of Postal History and Postal Stationary, includes QV covers and unused postal stationary, GV British Empire 1d post cards unused, USA covers from 1920's, forty seven items. 30-40
550.    GB and Commonwealth Mint and Used Stamps, in two sixty four page stockbooks, includes GB pre decimal and decimal diffinitives and commemorative's, QE stamps from Australia, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar etc, including sheets and part sheets of mint issues. 50-80
551.    GB Mint Collection of Decimal and Commemorative Stamps, between 2000 and 2010, with a face value of over 730 in a four ring binder. 380-420
552.    GB: A Collection of Early Entires, with a variety of fine hand stamps, including 'Holbeach Penny Post' 1831, Bourne 1833 undated circle, mileage marks, etc, then Queen Victoria covers from 1d black to 6d grey plate 16, postal stationary, good lot. 200-300
553.    A Booklet Collection, including twenty from USA, G.B 18 x 2/-, 15 x 4/6d, 17 x 5/-, 18 x 6/-, 11 x 10/-, various dates. Then Decimal booklets, with a face value of over 45. 40-60
554.    A Collection of Used Postal Stationary/Registered Envelopes Queen Victoria to QEII, thirty items in good condition. 25-40
555.    Madagascar Collection of French Colonial Stamps, from 1895 - 1990's mint and used in a sixty four page stockbook, some duplication, good quality throughout, huge cat value. 50-80
556.    An Iceland Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, from 1873-2004, good collection of mostly fine stamps. 40-80
557.    An Ideal Stamp Album Pre WWI, with a sparse collection of Commonwealth and World Stamps, a few hundred items. 30-50
558.    A Commonwealth Mint and Used Collection of Stamps Countries D-L, with all reigns represented, includes Dominica KGVI to 9d, Victory 3d, with inverted frame number, KGVI 1948 Silver Wedding Set, Falkland Islands 1948 Wedding Plate block of four, good lot. 100-200
559.    A Collection of EdVIII and GVI First Day Covers, from GB and Commonwealth, includes over forty 1937 Coronation, includes Ascension, Barbados, Bermuda, etc; nice lot, over seventy six covers. 40-80
560.    South Africa Collection of Covers, Franked with Orange Free State V.R.I overprints, Orange River Colony and Natal stamps, includes Natal Registered Postal Stationary, Air Mail, etc, good lot, high catalogue. 150-200
561.    A G.B Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, from Queen Victoria (sparse) to QEII, includes KGV to 2/6d x 2 good used, KGVI to 10/- light blue used, then QEII to 1974, housed in a four ring binder. 30-50
562.    GB: Used Collection of Commemorative Stamps From Roald Dahl, 2012 to 2014 Prime Ministers, a few gaps, but virtually complete, no miniature sheets, mostly very fine used. 30-40
563.    Australia Collection of States, including New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, then Roo's to 2/-, fine used to modern in a thirty two page stockbook. 30-50
564.    A Collection of 1935 Commonwealth Jubilee Stamps, neatly presented in album, both mint and used sets, on cover, etc, includes GB 3/- No. 296 Booklet, a few stamps still attached, 2G Trinidad and Tobago lower left marginal block of four showing extra flag staff variety. Some gaps but virtually complete, good condition. 300-350
565.    French Antarctic Collection, in two binders, mint stamps between 1955 and 2009, including miniature sheets, well presented and very good condition throughout. 80-100
566.    G.B Queen Victoria Collection of Used Stamps, including 200 + imperfs/perfs 2d blues and surface printed issues in stockbooks, on stock sheets and on cover. 100-140
567.    A Canada Queen Victoria Collection of Stamps, mainly fine used and on cover, from 1880's. Plus a collection of Newfoundland, mainly used. 40-60
568.    1841 1d Red 4 Margins, Plate 33 A - F Letter Sheet, cat 300. 100-150
569.    An Australia Collection of Mint and Fine Used Stamps, from 1953-1970's, fairly complete in a four ring binder. 40-60
570.    A G.B Queen Victoria Jubilee Set, mounted, mint, fine and fresh. 80-120
571.    A New Zealand Collection of Stamps, from 1970-1994, mainly used but some mint including miniature sheets, generally in fine condition, in a four ring binder. 30-50
572.    1841 Red Plate 35 3 Margin, Brighton MX very fine, cat 750. 150-200
573.    GB: A Mainly Used Collection of Commemorative Sets, from 1953 to 1989, looks virtually complete, many fine used in a four ring binder. 50-80
574.    A Bahamas and Grenada Collection of Queen Victoria Stamps, mint and used Bahamas includes SG21, 23, 24, 26, 28, 32, 42, etc, mostly very fine. 60-120
575.    1840 2d Blue S - J Plate 1 on Cover, 3 margin scarce, cat 2500 150-300
576.    Falkland Islands GV 1929 SG116-126 LMM, cat 700 + 350-450
577.    Ascension 1938 Set of Mint Stamps, to 10/-, fresh appearance. 40-60
578.    Mafeking Besieged Overprints, 1900 SG 9 6d and 3d and SG 11 1/- on 4d used cat 400+, scarce. 50-80
579.    Australia and States Collection of Stamps, mint and used on stock cards, includes Victoria, New South Wales, Australia Roo's, 1963 SG 355 to 360 mint. 30-40
580.    Bermuda: Small Collection of GVI, high values 2/- to 10/-, either very fine used or mint on stockcards. 20-30
581.    1840 1d Black Plate 6 Q - H 4 Margin on Letter Sheet, cat 775. 175-250
582.    Austria 1950 Air 5 Shilling and 10 Shilling, in mint blocks of four, high cat. 40-80
583.    1840 Black C-K Entire Unplated. 60-90
584.    1840 1d Black 4 Margin G - D on Cover From Ireland, Cat 775. 175-250
585.    1840 1d Penny Black K-J Letter Sheet, 3 margins, filing folds clear of adhesive. 150-300
586.    1840 1d Black DD Four Margin Plate, 6 entire, cat 775. 200-400
587.    1840 2d Blue H-A Cover, plate 1, 3 Margin black MX entire, cat 2500. 150-300
588.    1841 1d Red Cover, London 8 in MX, fine cover, cat 450. 70-100
589.    1840 1d Black 4 Margin, Glasgow to Paisley Letter Sheet, cat 775. 150-200
590.    Bahamas SG1, 1859 Thick Opaque Paper 1d Reddish Lake FU 2 margin, cat 2250 150-200
591.    1840 1d Black Plate 10 4 Margins, but close SE corner - back MX rare on cover, 3500. 200-400
592.    1841 1d Red 4 Margin 0 - 13, Perth MX cover, cat 700. 75-125
593.    1841 1d Red 4 in MX on Cover, cut into VG strike cat 600 60-100
594.    1840 2d Blue Plate 2, I - E with Red MX. pin hole and rub LH margin, cat 1750. 120-150
595.    1840 2d Blue Plate 1 4 Margin E -F Black MX, cat 975. 165-200
596.    1864 6d Lilac Watermark Reversed,listed by SG but not priced, cat ?; 150-200
597.    1857 Newfoundland Mesh 3d Yellow Green But No Gum, cat 2000. 200-250
598.    6d Lilac Azure Coloured Paper Scarce, cat 925. 150-200
599.    GB: Queen Victoria Collection, to include 1d black plate 6 on cover, Mulreadies unused and used, 1d blacks margins (12) 2d blues, 1d Reds imperf (115) some very fine Maltese X cancellations, 2d blue white lines added mainly margin, 1d and 2d perforated issues with many plates, huge catalogue value. 800-1000
600.    A Commonwealth Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, Countries P-S, including Pakistan, Papua with value of 2/6d, Pitcairn Islands 1940 Set of ten mint and 1949 Silver Wedding Set, 1957 Set mint to 2/6d and used to 2/-, British South Africa Company from SG1 including SG11 and SG12 Perfins, SG 94-98, St Helena, St Lucia, St Vincent, etc. Condition generally good to fine, huge range. 400-600
601.    A New Zealand Collection of Stamps, from Chalon Heads to Queen Elizabeth, includes SG 42 and various later printings to 1/-, KEDVII values to 1/-, KGV values to 1/- mint and used, KGVI value to 3/-, mint and used, then QEII Issues to 1970. Good level of completion of later issues. 180-400
602.    A G.B Queen Victoria Collection of Surface Printed Stamps, including Lilac and Greens to 1/- 1883 high values, including 2/6d x 4, 5/- x 3, 10/-, 1 x 2, duplicated Jubilee used to 1/-, mixed condition, but some fine. 500-800
603.    USA Collection of Mint and Used Stamps Pre 1890-1939, in a four ring binder, neatly arranged and identified by Scott No.'s from S10, generally good to fine throughout, high cat value with good level of completion. 200-400