Coins, Stamps & Militaria Sale on
Thursday 25th November 2021

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500.    An Extensive Collection of Scandinavia (Iceland/Denmark/Norway and Sweden), in stockbooks and hinge less albums, early to modern, five early Denmark imperfs, close inspection recommended. 70-100
501.    A Collection of Eight Incomplete World Coin Sets, includes Virgin Islands, Barbados, Bahamas, etc. 10-20
502.    An East German Collection From 1949-1986, mint and used sets and singles, comprehensive collection, many hundreds on Hagner leaves. 50-80
503.    Eight Royal Mint Commemorative 5 Coins Packs, includes 2015 Longest Reigning Monarch, 2007 Diamond Wedding of Her Majesty The Queen to HRH Prince Philip, etc. 25-40
504.    A Collection of Stamp Catalogues, including Stanley Gibbons, Commonwealth and Empire, Queen Elizabeth Decimal Definitive Issue, catalogue of Swiss postmarks. 20-40
505.    A Large Collection of G.B and Foreign Coins, includes a 1824 Canada One Penny Token, Commemorative Crowns, etc. 20-30
506.    A Large Collection of Africa and Middle East Stamps, in four stockbooks, including some XIX Century issues over 2500 stamps in total. 20-40
507.    A Large Collection of World Coins, includes a Silver 1994 Winston Churchill 100 francs, 1966 Eire coin set etc, worthy of closer inspection. 60-80
508.    USA Collection of Mint and Used Stamps 1940-1982, in two four ring binder's, a good level of completion, good to fine condition throughout, high cat value. 80-160
509.    Large Collection of GB Pre Decimal Coins, pennies, shillings, 1951 Festival of Britain crown. 20-30
510.    A Collection of Australia Year Books From 1981-1990, plus an album of used and stock pages, with older material, with a catalogue of over 400, some stamps missing from year books. 25-50
511.    Set of Six Large Commemorative Gold Plated Proof Coins, together with a Bradford Exchange Legendary Shipwrecks crown collection (incomplete). 15-25
512.    A G.B Collection of FDC's, including 1953 Coronation x 2 (Illustrated) Scout Jamboree through to British Architecture 1971. Plus a frame containing G.B decimal Machins d to 25d. 20-30
513.    A Large Collection of G.B and World Coins, includes various Commemorative Coins, folder containing World Coins, etc. 20-30
514.    A G.B Collection of FDC's From 1969 to 1988, in four albums, over two hundred and sixty covers, good condition, some torn, not included in valuation. 40-60
515.    Collection of GB Coins, includes commemorative crowns, shillings, farthings, etc. 15-25
516.    A Collection of GB and World Commemorative Coins and Medals, includes a silver Prince Charles investiture medal. 40-60
517.    Three Stamp Albums Containing a Collection of GB World and Commonwealth Stamps, from early QV to QE2, includes Australia, Bermuda 1938 2/-, Malaya and states, India, Germany and States, mint and used with some useful. 35-60
518.    A Large Collection of GB and World Coins, includes USA, France, UAE, etc. 10-20
519.    USA Collection, Early to Modern, in three stockbooks, various pages and American Bicentennial album. Also includes a 2nd Edition S.G United States Catalogue, mixed condition on XIX Century issues, well worth a look. 40-60
520.    Two Binders Containing a Range of Commonwealth Stamps Mint and Used, mainly GV and GVI but a few earlier, includes GVI Falkland Islands, Solomon Islands, Bechuawalan Protectorate all to 1/-. Bermuda GVI key plate 2/- fine used etc, plus Royal Events, including Silver Jubilee for numerous Countries 30-50
521.    A Large Amount of Circulated GB Coins, includes pennies, threepences, etc. 10-20
522.    A Large Collection of Netherlands and Colonies, in four stockbooks, plus many mini sheets and presentation packs. Many early stamps from 1852 imperfs onwards, worth a close inspection. 80-120
523.    A Large South East Asia Collection, housed in seven albums, stockbooks Countries include: Burma, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam. Plus many other Countries (no China), some XIX Century material, but mainly modern, over four thousand stamps. 50-70
524.    A Large Collection of GB Commemorative Coins, includes a 1970 coin set, various cased and loose crowns etc. 15-25
525.    A Safe Perfotronic and Watermark Detector, looks new but no mains cables, untested. 20-30
526.    Extensive France and Colonies Collection, in four stockbooks, early to modern, plus a specialist catalogue, good range of Napoleon's imperf and perf issues. 60-100
527.    Large Collection of GB Coins, includes half crowns, threepences, farthings, etc. 10-20
528.    A G.B Collection of FDC's From 1988 to 2007, in five albums, over three hundred and fifty covers in generally good condition, some torn, not included in valuation. 80-100
529.    South America Collection, in two stockbooks and stock pages, early to modern, including a small selection from Hawaii, over one thousand stamps in total. 30-50
530.    Large Collection of World Coins, includes a Singapore 1989 UNC coin set, Year of The Boar 1983 Singapore coin set, etc. 20-40
531.    Italy Collection, housed in three stockbooks, early to modern, includes a small selection from Italian State, San Marino, Vatican City, many hundred's. 30-50
532.    USA Collection of Mint and Used Stamps 1981-1998, in two four ring binders, good level of completion, mostly good to fine condition throughout, high cat value. 80-150
533.    A Large Collection of GB Coins, includes half pennies, pennies, threepences, etc. 10-20
534.    G.B One Hundred and Sixty First Day Covers, many cancelled in Caernarfon, mostly in good condition. 40-50
535.    2017 The First and Last Circulation Round 1 Date Stamp Set, together with a BU 2016 Guernsey Battle of The Somme 5, commemorative St George and The Dragon proof coin and a 2007 British banknote proof coin. 30-50
536.    Three Stanley Gibbons Hingeless GB Albums, housing mint and used from 1970 - 2004 sparse in places, high value in albums alone. 50-100
537.    A Large Collection of GB and Foreign Coins, includes Tunisia, Zambia, Rhodesia, etc. 10-20
538.    A Large Carton Containing Eight Albums of GB and World Stamps, PHG Cards and Accessories, includes a boxed simplex album with most leaves unused. 25-40
539.    A Collection of Old Stamp Catalogues, includes Michel Germany Stanley Gibbons Foreign Countries 1900 and 1926, Collect British post marks, SG Concise and Collect British Stamps. 15-30
540.    A Large Collection of G.B and Foreign Circulated Coins. 10-20
541.    A Large Box of Stamps and Postal History, from GB, Commonwealth and World, in binders, boxes, includes GB FDC's many thousands to sort. 20-30
542.    A Large Collection of G.B Coins, includes three 5 Coin Covers, Commemorative Crowns, London Mint WWI Centenary Anniversary Coin, etc. 20-30
543.    A Very large Collection of Netherlands Stamps rom 1899 to Modern, mint and used, housed in five deluxe hingeless albums (including three Davo albums). There is also an album of KLM Flight Covers. 60-120
544.    Set of Eight Windsor Mint 'Defining Moments of WWII' Proof Coins, cased with C.O.A's. 20-30
545.    A Large Box Containing a GB QE2 Early Collection of GB Stamps, mainly used in envelopes and in exercise books, many thousands to sort, a few earlier noted. 20-30
546.    A Large Collection of GB Coins, includes half pennies, pennies, threepences, etc. 10-20
547.    A G.B Collection of FDC's From 2008 to 2018, in five albums, over two hundred and sixty covers. Plus some torn, stamps ok but not included in valuation. 50-80
548.    A Collection of Mainly G.B Circulated Coins, includes 75grams Pre-1947 G.B Silver Coins, Royal Mint 2000 Queen Mother Centenary Crown, etc. 30-50
549.    A G.B Stamp Collection, in a Stanley Gibbons four ring binder, mainly mint QEII to 1982. Plus sixty FDC's from 1986 and a small a collection of Guernsey Presentation Packs. 20-40
550.    Collection of GB Coins, include a Royal Mint 1996 'From Old Pennies' UNC Coin Set, Commemorative crowns etc. 20-30
551.    A G.B Collection of Used Stamps, in eight page stockbook. An album of Maltese stamps from 1938, mainly mint. Two G.B Entires one cancelled 1823 and the other 1828 and a page of G.B high values including re-engraved Seahorse Set, good to fine used, KGVI values to 10/- and 1 fine used and QEII to 1. 30-50
552.    A Collection of G.B Coin Cover, includes a 2015 Longest Reigning Monarch Crown, 40th Anniversary of The Coronation of HM QEII Five Pounds, etc. 20-40
553.    230 Isle of Man FDC, from Regional issue to modern with values to 2. 20-40
554.    Set of Twelve Windsor Mint Gold Plated Proof Coins, includes Magna Carta, Brexit, God Save The Queen etc, all with C.O.A's. 20-30
555.    Eastern Europe Collection, in three stockbooks comprising of Russia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria. An extensive collection ranging from early to modern, around 3000 stamps in total. 30-50
556.    A Collection of G.B Coins, includes Commemorative Crowns, Britains First Decimal Coin Pack, small amount of pre 1947 Silver Coins, etc. 5-15
557.    London Mint 2019 Gibraltar Silver Sovereign, cased and certificate of authenticity; together with three Commemorative Coin folders (incomplete). 10-20
558.    Set of Nine Windsor Mint 'Myths and Legends's' Proof Coins, cased with C.O.A's. 20-40
559.    Two Albums Containing Various World Coins, includes Australia, Canada, Jamaica, Rhodesia, India, etc. 20-40
560.    A Westminster US Presidential Dollar Collection, with sixteen gold plated coins, certificate of Authenticity; together with an American Mint Barack Obama Presidential Coin. (2) 10-20
561.    Set of Fourteen Windsor Mint Large Gold Plated Proof Coins, all commemorating British Military, cased, with C.O.A's. 40-60
562.    Taiwan/Nationalist China Collection of Stamps, mainly used from earliest issues to 1980's. 20-40
563.    Westminster The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Twelve Proof Coins Collection. 15-25
564.    Prints Relating to the Story of The Post Office, interesting lot. 20-40
565.    Ten Most Invaluable Silver Coin of China Set, together with a collection of tokens. 10-20
566.    A Commonwealth Collection of Mainly QV Stamps, mint and used in a Lincoln album, includes GB, India, Ceylon, Cyprus, Australia States, etc, around 300 items, i good to fine condition. 50-100
567.    Two Cased Sets 'History of British Currency' Coins, features twenty two coins. 20-40
568.    RSA Collecion of Full and Mini Sheets of Stamps from 1979 to 1985, included Anniversary of Stamp Production Centenary of Zulu War etc, plus a number of post cards of Victoria Falls. 30-60
569.    A Large Collection of Commemorative Coins, includes longest reigning Monarch QEII Commemorative Strike Crown, USA Presidents Commemorative One Dollar, etc. 20-30
570.    A G.B Collection of Mainly Mint Stamps, in two binders, pre-decimal and decimal in sets, face value of mint decimal stamps of over 80. 45-60
571.    A Collection of G.B and Foreign Coins, includes two 1968 Silver USA Liberty Half Dollars, 1966 Silver Canada Dollar, 1966 Silver Canada Fifty Cents. 20-30
572.    A G.B Collection of Mint Decimal Stamps, mainly in gutter pairs, with a total value of over 135. 70-90
573.    A Large Collection of G.B and World Coinage, in two folders, includes a 1797 Cartwheel Penny, Pre-1947 G.B Silver, etc. 20-30
574.    A New Zealand Collection of Stamps, from 1970-1994, mainly used but some mint including miniature sheets, generally in fine condition, in a four ring binder. 20-40
575.    Collections of Various G.B Commemorative Coins, includes The Speeches of Queen Elizabeth II Coin Set (incomplete), 2011 William and Kate Wedding Six Coin Set, Princess Diana Six Coin Set, boxed and certificate of Authenticity. 25-40
576.    Germany Collection, in two stockbooks and loose pages, ranging from the 1872 arms Issue to Modern, all periods included small selection of Danzig and Bavaria, many hundreds. 30-50
577.    Spain - Extensive Collection in Stockbook, from early imperfs to modern, thousand plus stamps, worthy of a closer inspection. 30-50
578.    Collection of GB and World Coins, includes GB coin sets in packs, commemorative crowns, 1969 South Africa coin set in a plastic pack, etc. 20-40
579.    Cameroon Collection of Stamps from French Colonial Issues to Early Independence, mainly duplicated used, many fine, good quality throughout. 20-40
580.    A Large Collection of G.B Coins, includes a 1951 Festival of Britain Crown, 5 Coins, various Commemorative Crowns, etc. 20-30
581.    GVI Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, includes Countries S - V with Silver Wedding high values definitive's to 5/- mainly part sets. 100-200
582.    A Collection of Royal Mint Individual Commemorative Coin Sets, includes a 1953 Coronation Mint Set, Pitcairn Islands One Dollar, Gambia One Dalasi, etc. 15-25
583.    GB and Commonwealth Mint and Used Stamps, in two sixty four page stockbooks, includes GB pre decimal and decimal diffinitives and commemorative's, QE stamps from Australia, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar etc, including sheets and part sheets of mint issues. 25-40
584.    A Collection of GB and Foreign Coins, includes two 1994 BU 2 coins, Euro coins 2008 Malta coin set, WWI commemorative shilling, etc. 20-40
585.    A German Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, in two binders, between 1950's and 1980's, includes sets singles miniature sheets, etc, nice condition throughout. 40-80
586.    A Collection of Thirteen GB Commemorative Coin Covers and Packs, includes six Gibraltar Queen Elizabeth II crowns. 20-40
587.    Australia: Collection of Mainly Modern Commemorative Stamps, mint and used some older GV onwards, neatly presented in a four ring binder, many hundreds of stamps in good condition. 40-80
588.    A Large Collection of G.B and Foreign Coins, included a 1698 William III Half Penny, poor condition. 20-40
589.    A Commonwealth Collection of QE2 Mint and Used Stamps, most Countries represented with sets, part sets with values to 10/-, good cat value and good quality items. 50-60
590.    Seven Royal Mint Coin Packs, includes a 2005 Nelson Trafalgar Two Crown Set, 1999 Princess Diana Memorial 5, 1994 2, QEII 70th Birthday Crown, etc. 15-25
591.    GB Collection of Mint and Used Stamps from 1912 - 1990's, mainly QE2 with sets, part sets of commemorative stamps in a well filled 32 page stock book, generally good to fine condition. 50-100
592.    A Collection of GB Commemorative Coins and Medals, includes a 2003 Royal Mint, The Royal Navy 5 coin, 1977 GB coin set, two tower mint solid nickel silver medals, etc. 20-30
593.    A G.B Collection of Stamps From 1840 onwards, includes Penny Blacks, 2d Blues, including 2d Blue white lines added on cover. Surface Printed used to 1/-, KGV mint and used with values to 10/-, KGVI values to 1 mint and mint and used QEII. 100-180
594.    A Large Collection of GB and World Coins, includes commemorative crowns, folder containing various World coins, worthy of closer inspection. 15-25
595.    A Commonwealth Mint and Used Collection of Stamps Countries D-L, with all reigns represented, includes Dominica KGVI to 9d, Victory 3d, with inverted frame number, KGVI 1948 Silver Wedding Set, Falkland Islands 1948 Wedding Plate block of four, good lot. 50-100
596.    Westminster The Twelve Days of Christmas Proof Collection, boxed with C.O.A. 40-60
597.    A New Zealand Collection of Stamps, from Chalon Heads to Queen Elizabeth, includes SG 42 and various later printings to 1/-, KEDVII values to 1/-, KGV values to 1/- mint and used, KGVI value to 3/-, mint and used, then QEII Issues to 1970. Good level of completion of later issues. 100-180
598.    Belgium and Portugal, including Colonies in large stockbook, early to modern, Belgium 'Tin Hat' Set, mint /used to 1F noted, 1500-2000 stamps in total. 40-60
599.    A GB and Commonwealth Collection of Stamps from QV Onwards, includes Australia States, Transvaal Orange Free State, V.R.I overprints, Sudan etc, and around 150 stamps, overprinted war tax variety of Countries, generally good condition. 80-150
600.    GVI Commonwealth Collection of Mainly Mint Stamps, Countries H - P with values to 1, including Silver Wedding UPU, definitive's sets, part sets, excellent condition throughout. 150-250
601.    A G.B Collection of Queen Victoria Pre Stamp Entries, to 1d Reds 1864, twenty items 40-80
602.    A Commonwealth Collection of GVI Stamps, mainly mint Countries A - G includes Silver Wedding top values UPU, definitive's to 1, excellent condition throughout. 150-250
603.    Seven Royal Mint 5 BU Coin Packs, includes a 2012 Queen's Diamond Jubilee, 1999 Alderney Total Eclipse Of The Sun, 2003 Alderney Concorde, etc. 20-40
604.    A Collection of Channel Island and Isle of Man Stamps and Presentation Packs, in binders on stock sheets, includes Guernsey, Jersey mint and fine used, good variety and high catalogue, many hundreds. 20-60
605.    A Large Collection of GB and World Coins, includes Jamaica, Isle of Man, Belgium, etc, worthy of closer inspection. 20-40
606.    GB Collection of Mint and Used Stamps QV 1840 to 1970, includes definitive's, commemorative's including Phosphor issues, Seahorses to 10/-, Revenues and Officials plus postage dues, noted 1883 10/-, housed in Stanley Gibbons hingeles album. 120-220
607.    A Large Collection of GB and world Coins and Medals, includes six five pound coins, replica Roman coins, three GB old 10 pound banknotes, etc. 30-50
608.    New Zealand Collection of Stamps, (mint) in a Kabe Hingeless Album 1967 to 1987, including miniature sheets. Look fairly complete, excellent condition. Plus a small Junior Album. 80-120
609.    A Collection of Stamps Mainly Mint of Southern Africa, some in part sheets and blocks and a selection of FDC's and postal history in three albums, includes South Africa, Bophuthatswana, Venda Ciskei, Transkei etc, all from 1980, plus a few GB booklets.
610.    GB: A Mainly Used Collection of Commemorative Sets, from 1953 to 1989, looks virtually complete, many fine used in a four ring binder. 30-50
611.    Westminster The Royal British Legion Live on British Army Commemorative Collection, C.O.A's. 20-30
612.    A Range of QE2 Wilding Part Sheets to 4d and Pre Decimal Commemorative's, plus a selection of decimal presentation packs with a face value of over 31. 20-30
613.    A Large Collection of GB Commemorative Coins, includes crowns, five pound coins, two 1951 Festival of Britain crowns, etc. 15-25
614.    A G.B Collection of Mint Commemorative Stamps, from 1953 Coronation to 1985 Christmas, looks to be complete including Phospor Issues, excellent condition. 80-120
615.    A Collection of G.B Commonwealth and World FDC's and Postal History, in four albums. Includes KEVIII FDC, KGVI Olympic Games FDC. KGVI New Zealand Coronation Covers, tin can mail, etc, over one hundred items, interesting lot. 30-40
616.    Six U.K BU Coin Sets, includes Royal Mint 1970, 1997, 1999 and 2001; together with a Commemorative Queen Mother Coin Set and a G.B Pre-decimal Coin Set. 30-40
617.    GB Two Stanley Gibbons Four Ring Printed Albums Volumes 1-2, housing a mint and used collection of stamps, in very fine condition. 30-60
618.    World Collection of Stamps, in five small stockbooks, includes Queen Victoria India Stamps and 1950 Service Stamps to ten Rupee, GV India to ten Rupee, etc, worthy of a closer inspection. 20-30
619.    A Collection of GB and Foreign Coins, includes GB pre 1947 silver, crowns , banknotes, etc. 20-30
620.    France Collection on Hagner Leaves, including stamps from 1850-1950 in mostly fine used condition, includes four margin SG45 fine used, comprehensive range mainly identified by Yvert and Tellier No.'s, high cat value. 100-150
622.    A Collection of USA Coins, includes a Los Angeles Bicentennial Birthday dollars pack, two Jimmy Carter proof commemorative coin, various dollars, etc. 10-20
623.    USA Mint and Used Stamp Collection 1999-2003, in a binder, plus a binder of Air Mail Stamps, mint and used, good condition. 40-80
624.    A Collection of G.B Coin Sets, includes a 1983 UNC Set, 1969 New Zealand Coin Set, two 1965 Coinage of Great Britain Sets, etc. 15-25
625.    An Australia Collection of Mint and Fine Used Stamps, from 1953-1970's, fairly complete in a four ring binder. 20-30
626.    A Large Collection of GB and World Coins, includes a 1797 'Cartwheel' 1 penny, 1991 uncirculated Australian mint coin set, small amount of GB silver coins etc. 20-40
627.    A Commonwealth Collection of Stamps From Southern Africa, including Union of South Africa from KGV, Southern Nigeria from Queen Victoria, Southern Rhodesia from 1935 then Malaya, Trinidad and Tobago, mint and used, high cat condition mixed but many fine. 50-100
628.    A Large Collection of GB and World Coins, includes France, Germany, USA, etc, worthy of closer inspection. 20-40
629.    A Germany Collection of Stamps, mainly mint, includes 1949 Set SG 1368-70, 1950 SGB 72-73, 1951 Part Set, SG B75, B77, B79, 1952 Set of ten, then through to 1986, excellent condition. 80-150
630.    Large Collection of GB Coins, includes threepences, half crowns, pennies etc. 15-25
631.    A Commonwealth Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, Countries P-S, including Pakistan, Papua with value of 2/6d, Pitcairn Islands 1940 Set of ten mint and 1949 Silver Wedding Set, 1957 Set mint to 2/6d and used to 2/-, British South Africa Company from SG1 including SG11 and SG12 Perfins, SG 94-98, St Helena, St Lucia, St Vincent, etc. Condition generally good to fine, huge range. 300-500
632.    Set of Six Windsor Mint Gold Plated Proof Coins, together with a Windsor mint Year of The Three Kings folder, and a similar The Greatest Explorers folder, both incomplete. 20-40
633.    A G.B and German Collection of Interesting Covers, from Field Post Offices, including G.B used in WWI and WWII from a number of countries, mostly air mail with some Censor marks, good condition, 30+ items. 50-80
634.    Two Albums Containing G.B Coins, includes Jersey, Guernsey, Eire, etc. 15-25
635.    GB Used Collection of Stamps, from 1990's to early 2000's, includes miniature sheets First Day Covers, booklet panes, etc, looks fairly complete. 30-60
636.    Large Collection of GB Pre Decimal Coinage, includes half crowns, pennies, 1987 coin collectors booklet, etc. 15-25
637.    A Western Berlin Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, from 1951-1990 on Hagner leaves, good level of completion and excellent condition throughout. 70-110
638.    Large Collection of GB Coins and Coin Sets, include a Royal Mint 1986 BUNC Commemorative 2 coin, GB 'Farewell' coin set, threepences, etc. 20-30
639.    A Collection of GB Decimal Booklets and Presentation Packs, with a face value of over 230, plus a few Wilding booklets with stamps removed. 120-150
640.    Eight Windsor Mint Large Gold Plated Proof Coins, each commemorating HM Queen Elizabeth II, C.O.A's. 15-25
641.    A Commonwealth Collection of Mainly EVII and GV Stamps, mint and used with part sets and high values to $2 (straits settlements) and a small collection of GB including used seahorses to 10/-, good value lot, in two albums. 80-150
642.    A Collection of GB and Foreign Coinage, includes GB pre 1947 silver coins, two Royal Mint Queen's Diamond Jubilee 5 coins, etc. 30-40
643.    A Collection of GB, Commonwealth and World Stamps, mint and used on stock cards and sheets, on album pages and in small plastic bags, includes Ceylon, Malta, India etc, QV onwards. 80-120
644.    Large Collection of GB Coins, includes commemorative crowns, half crowns, pennies, etc. 20-30
645.    An Australia Collection of Mixed Mint and Used Stamps, from 1976 to 1990, in a four ring binder, good condition with a good level of completion. 30-60
646.    Windsor Mint Very Large Gold Plated Proof Coin, with pad print and Swarovski, together with four large proof coins, etc. 20-40
647.    A 1977 Pobjoy Mint Solid Sterling Silver Crown; together with a 1938 G.B Coin Set and a 1997 Guernsey Silver One Pound Coin cover. 20-30
648.    Windsor Mint 'Portraits of A Princess' Proof Coin Set, features four large gold plated coins with colour and Swarovski, cased with C.O.A. 20-30
649.    2018 Westminster H.R.H Prince George Fifth Birthday Photographic Proof Coin Collection, in folder, together with a H.M. The Queen's Coronation 65th Anniversary commemorative coin collection. 80-120
650.    The Royal Mint 2005 UK Executive Proof Coin Set, cased with C.O.A. 30-40
651.    A 2021 Westminster Prince Philip Memorial Coin and Stamp Collection, features a BU 5 Coin, number 568/995. 30-40
652.    Windsor Mint The Million Dollar Collection Complete Set, features ten gold plated proof bars commemorating the most expensive gold coins ever, cased with C.O.A. 150-200
653.    A Collection of Fourteen Commemorative Coins, honouring the British Armed Forces, cased. 10-20
654.    A Royal Mint 2020 UK BU Definite Coin Set. in sealed pack; together with a Royal Mint Silver Proof Solomon Islands Ten Dollars, certificate of authenticity. 30-50
655.    2018 The Tale of Peter Rabbit Commemorative Proof Medal Collection, in original folder. 30-40
656.    A Bahamas and Grenada Collection of Queen Victoria Stamps, mint and used Bahamas includes SG21, 23, 24, 26, 28, 32, 42, etc, mostly very fine. 40-60
657.    The Royal Mint 1997 UK Deluxe Proof Coin Set; together with a 2015 Magna Carta BU 2 Coin in Royal Mint pack and a Royal Mint 2014 BU 2 Coin 'Outbreak'. 40-60
658.    United Nations Stamp Collection, from 1951 onwards, mainly fine used, hundreds of stamps, good condition. 20-30
659.    2012 Windsor Mint Diamond Jubilee Weekend Collection, features four Queen Elizabeth II proof medals, plated in 24 carat gold, boxed plus C.O.A. 20-30
660.    A G.B Collection of Mint and Used Commemorative Stamps, from England Rugby World Champions 2003 to 2010, generally fine. 40-80
661.    GB: Collection of Queen Victoria 1d Reds, (180+), GV used collection from Downey Heads to 1935 Jubilee including Seahorses, then EDVIII and GVI used, with values to 1, many hundreds of stamps mixed condition, but many fine used. 80-150
662.    A Concorde Queen of Aviation Commemorative Coin Set, features twelve coins in original folder; together with a Kings and Queens of Britain Commemorative Coin Set in folder (incomplete). 20-40
663.    World Collection in Album of Prinz Stock Sheets, around five hundred stamps in total, early to modern, a good selection of Luxembourg stamps, including some early imperfs. 30-50
664.    Four Cased G.B Commemorative Coin Sets, includes Icons of a Nation Eight Coin Set, The Queens Diamond Jubilee Ten Coin Set, etc.
665.    GB Collection of QE Wilding Stamps, mint and used including Tudor and St Edward Crown mint and used Multi Crown, Graphite set, etc, includes inverted and sideways watermarks, booklet panes, etc, good condition in four ring binder. 20-50
666.    A Collection of Three Cased Commemorative Coin Sets, includes Concorde Final Flight Four Coin Set, USA Statue of Liberty Nine Coin Set and British Banknotes Five Coin Set. 60-80
667.    South Africa Collection of Stamps, mint and used includes Cape of Good Hope Triangular's F used SG 5, 6 and 21, Natal KEDVII 1d SG 71 mint plate block of six (No.3), Queen Victoria d block of ten, Bechuanaland SG 88 2/6d Seahorse mint, nice lot. 70-100
668.    A Large Collection of G.B and World Coins, includes pre-1947 G.B Silver, Commemorative Crowns, USA Dollars, etc. 10-20
669.    A G.B Collection of Mint Decimal Stamps, mainly gutter pairs, with a total face value of over 400. 200-250
670.    A Collection of Mainly Mint Stamps, in sheets and part sheets, includes USA 1976 Bicentennial sheet of fifty, USA 1982 State Birds sheets of fifty, 1987 North American Wildlife, German SG 238 and 239 in sheets of fifty, high cat. 30-60
671.    A Consecutive Run of Seven Uncirculated Bank of England One Pound Banknotes, QEII and Sir Issac Newton, D58N 538935 to D58N 538941. 10-20
672.    French Colony's Reunion Mint Stamps, in sets from 1907-1950 on Hagner leaves, excellent condition, includes overprints, postage dues, etc. 50-80
673.    Malta George V 1922 1, mint, (hinge remains), fresh appearance, cat 325. 70-100
674.    A G.B Queen Victoria Surface Printed SG 159 3d on 3d Lilac Plate 21, mint. 100-150
675.    A G.B. George V Waterlow 10/- Indigo Used Seahorse, fine CDS cancel, good colour, perfs and centre, cat 475. 100-150
676.    A Four Margin 1d Black M-I Plate Six Fine Used, with strike of Black Maltese Cross. 100-200
677.    Canada Queen Victoria 1897 Jubilee 6c Brown SG 129, mint, cat 140. 30-50
678.    G.B Two 2/6d Booklets, (F12), containing QEII and KGVI Panes, January 54, good condition. 20-30
679.    Austria 1950 Air 5 Shilling and 10 Shilling, in mint blocks of four, high cat. 25-50
680.    Australia SG 143 Fine Used 5/- Blue Green, cat 225, but stuck down on stock card. 25-40
681.    A One Penny Mulready Envelope, unused, slight toning. 30-60
682.    A One Penny Mulready Letter Sheet, fine used with Orange Maltese Cross Cancelation. 60-120
683.    Bahamas 1930 Tercentenary Set of Five SG126-130 Fine Mounted Mint , catalogue 70. 20-40
684.    Somaliland SG010-015 O.H.M.S. Overprint to IR Very Light Mounted Mint, catalogue 779. 180-400
685.    Barbados 1912-16 Set SG170-177 Fresh Mounted Mint, catalogue 120. 30-50
686.    Ascension 1934 Set of Ten SG21-30 Fine Mounted Mint , catalogue 120. 30-50
687.    Antigua SG29 6d Deep Green Corner Marginal Block of Four Fine Mint, catalogue 240. 60-90
688.    Grenada 1921-31 Set of Twenty Two SG112-134 Fine Mounted Mint , catalogue 120. 30-50
689.    Gold Coast 1928 Set of Ten SG103-112 Fine Mounted Mint , catalogue 120. 30-50
690.    A G.B Wilding Collection on Stock Cards, mainly mint includes, 1952 Set unmounted, 1955 Set, 1958 SG 570-86, 1957 graphite lined, 1958 graphite inverted watermark set, good lot. 70-120
691.    The Royal Mint 2017 Silver Proof 5oz Coin, to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of WWI, cased with C.O.A. 100-150
692.    A Royal Mint 2002 Commonwealth Games Silver Proof 2 Coin Set. 200-250
693.    Two Royal Mint 2018 Paddington Bear Silver Proof 50p, both boxed with certificates of authenticity. 15-25
694.    Royal Mint 2018 RAF Centenary Sea King Silver Proof Piedfort 2 Coin, cased and C.O.A. 50-70
695.    Two 2018 Silver Proof Jersey 35 Coins, both to commemorate H.M. The Queens Coronation 65th Anniversary, both cased, one missing C.O.A. 30-40
696.    2018 Red Arrows 1oz Silver Proof Commemorative Coin, together with a Royal Mint 50th Anniversary of The United Nations Silver Proof 2 and a Royal Mint 1995 WWII Silver Proof 2, all cased with C.O.A.s. 50-80
697.    The Royal Mint 2006 Journey Through Africa Silver Proof Twelve Coin Set, features twelve Malawi five Kwachas, boxed. 150-200
698.    A 1977 Queen's Silver Jubiliee Sterling Silver Proof Crown Set, features eight Commemorative Crowns, including Gibraltar 25p, Mauritus 25 Rupees, Jersey 25p, etc, cased and certificate of authenticity. 120-150
699.    A Royal Mint 2009 Executive Proof Coin Set, features rare Kew Gardens 50p, boxed with certificate of authenticity. 300-400
700.    The Royal Mint 2009 BU Coin Set, featuring Kew Gardens 50p. 200-250
701.    Royal Mint 2009 Executive Proof Coin Set, features rare Kew Gardens 50p, boxed with certificate of authenticity. 300-400
702.    A 2019 Gibraltar Silver Proof Sovereign Five Coin Set, cased. 40-60
703.    The Royal Mint Countdown to London Olympic Games 5 Coin Set, 2009 to 2012 BU 5 Coins, boxed. 40-60
704.    Silver Proof John Pinches 'The Churchill Centenary Medals Trustees Edition', comprising of twenty four silver gilt medallions, each weighing 25.6grams, in original book, with certificate of authenticity. 200-250
705.    Westminster 2019 24 Hours of D Day 5 Proof Coin Collection, twenty four coins in total, in original folder. 150-200
706.    A Royal Mint London 2012 50p Sports Collection Album, features twenty nine circulated 50p, as well as the Completer Medallion. 70-90
707.    Corieltauvi South Ferriby Type Gold Stater, 5.9g. 300-400
708.    Set of Three Gold Proof Coins, features History of Aviation, replica 5 guinea's and a replica 50 francs, each weigh 0.5g 14ct, C.O.A's. 20-30
709.    Set of Seven Princess Diana Commemorative Gold Proof Coins, each weigh 0.5g 14ct, all with C.O.A's. 50-70
710.    A 1902 Edward VII Gold Half Sovereign, together with a collection of GB coins, including pre 1947 silver, commemorative five pound coin, etc. 120-150
711.    A 2014 Jubilee Mint HRH Prince George 1st Birthday Gold Coin Cover, certificate of authenticity, number 230 of 299. 50-70
712.    The Royal Mint 2011 Gold Quarter Sovereign, boxed and certificate of authenticity. 40-60
713.    A 1972 Malta Gold 5, reverse features hand with torch over map of Malta. 90-120
714.    1910 Edward VII Gold Half Sovereign. 110-130
715.    A 1912 George V Gold Half Sovereign. 110-130
716.    A 1913 George V Gold Half Sovereign. 110-130
717.    1902 Edward VII Gold Sovereign. 220-250
718.    1913 George V Gold Sovereign. 220-250
719.    1909 Edward VII Gold Sovereign. 220-250
720.    A 1913 George V Gold Sovereign. 220-250
721.    1903 Edward VII Gold Sovereign. 220-250
722.    The Royal Mint 1980 Gold Proof Sovereign, boxed and certificate of authenticity. 250-300
723.    A WWII German Officers Summer Tunic. 300-500
724.    Military Uniforms - A c1980's RAOC Warrant Officers No2 Dress Uniform, RASC Band Blues with 1913 Jacket. , A RAOC officers mess kit c1980's.
725.    A Framed Collection of Eighty Seven British Army Regiments & Corps Cap Badges, 1976 - 86, 72 x 52cm. 100-150
726.    Two Framed Displays of Forty Nine Badges From South Africa and Belgium Armed Forces, 39 x 42cm. 30-50
727.    A Framed Display of German Army Cap Badges, circa 1980's, 39 x 49cm. 20-40
728.    After Robert Taylor "Duel of Eagles" Colour Print, 57 x 44cm, with framed Bomber Command Museum Appeal and two pilot histories (framed). (4) 20-40
729.    After Robert Taylor "Dambusters" Colour Print, signatures of David Shannon, Arthur Harris, Norman Jackson, Geoff Reid, etc, twelve in total (signatures unverified) 54 x 65cm. 80-120
730.    After Robert Taylor "Operations On" Colour Print, signed print, 241/850, also signed by Sir Arthur Harris (signatures unverified). 30-50
731.    Three Signed Limited Edition R.A.F Prints, comprising Keith Woodcock "Night Mission Ahead", 254/850, P Monteagle, 108/850 and Edward Ash "Light Relief", 135/500, all framed. 15-30
732.    A Print Detailing the Headgear of The Gurkhas. A framed print of a British Army patrol in the Falls Road, Belfast during Operation Banner in the 1970s.
733.    After Thomas Gower Two Signed R.A.F Prints "Tally Ho", 506/1500 and "Early Morning Return", 776/1500. 15-30
734.    A Quantity of Military Reference Material, including framed cars, Over My Shoulder, Blood and Soil, European Empires, from Conquest to Collapse, 1815-1960, Fighting the Invasion, etc. 15-30
735.    A Box Quantity of 'Images of War' Magazines, Military ties, replica posters and first day covers. 20-40
736.    A Boxed Quantity of 'Aircraft in Profile' Series Vols 1-14 Books, Observers series of aircraft books plus General Military Aviation Recognition books. 30-50
737.    A Boxed Quantity of 'Aviation Series' Individual Aircraft Histories, 'Action Stations' Military Airfield Histories, plus General and Military Aviation books. 30-50
738.    A Boxed Quantity of WWII German Luftwaffe Aviation Art & Wrecks/Relics Books, plus a large collection of Iris Publishing 'Warplanes Collectors Club' cards. 30-50
739.    A Boxed Quantity of Osprey 'Airwar' Series Books, Amber 'Aviation Fact file' Book's plus General Military Aviation Books. 30-50
740.    A Box Quantity of Military Uniform Buttons, including Royal Army Medical Corps, Royal Dragoon Guards, Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. 20-40
741.    A Quantity of Historical Reference Material, including Swords Against The Senate, Killing for The Republic, Catilin, Tibarius Caesar, The Rise of The Dorians, The Emperor Commodus, etc. 20-30
742.    A Tray Quantity of Military Uniform Buttons, including Queens Own Cameron Highlanders, Light Infantry, Royal Navy, and a selection of Military unit patches, medal ribbons and Rank insignia, plus a number of WWI reference books. 20-40
743.    Five Period WWII Aircraft Identification Posters, including British Bombers, British Fighters, Fleet Air Arm Aircraft, German Aircraft etc, all published by His Majesty's Stationary Office, conditions vary (poor to good). 40-50
744.    A Quantity of Mostly British Badges, Buckles etc, including 18th Royal Irish, Egypt, Gloucestershire, The Prince Consorts Own, Torronto/Scottish etc, all in a display case. 20-40
745.    An Interesting Collection of Military Aircraft Recognition Books, published during WWII (1939-1945) and into the 1950's, also a number of WWII Military themed instructional and propaganda pamphlets. 30-50
746.    A Collection of Ephemera, Rank Insignia, Briefcase and Sundry Items, relating to the career of Lieutenant John Foster Spence MAA BEM (1919- 1978). Lieutenant Spence served in WWII on two ships which were sunk HMS Jersey/HMS Penylan and in the Korean War on HMS Ceylon. (All proceeds from this lot are to be donated to the R.N.L.I).
747.    A Large Quantity of Slides circa 1970's, mostly Air Force - Finningley, Shuttleworth. Along with a small quantity of RAF ephemera. 15-30
748.    A Small Group of WWII German Equipment, to include helmet, dagger and belt, (all with corrosion), 30-50
749.    A Collection of Military Interest, to include three Military type bugles, a selection of Royal Navy buttons, used 7.62mm rifle cartridge cases and WWI silks, etc. 20-40
750.    An Interesting Medal Group and Related Ephemera To Sergent R.C.R Corbin 5500447, including 39-45 Defence Medal, Africa Star, Italy Star, France and Germany Star, along with release book, and other paperwork No 5500447 R.C.A Corbin of The Army Air Corp/Parachute Regt mentioned in dispatches served in North Africa, Italy, France and Greece. (Excerpt in the release book comments on his distinguished service), 800-1200
751.    A 50th Anniversary of Operation Overlord The D-Day Landings Cover Card, with over thirty signatures of soldiers present, including Johnnie Johnson C.B.E, "Bill Reid" , Lt General Sir Napier Cockenden, Kenneth Darling, Alan R. Jefferson, and many more. (unverified). 100-150
752.    An Album of WWII Era and Later and Post Ephemera, including Third Reich stamps, postcards, field post dated 1944, 1938 Hitler postcards, later First Day Covers, etc. 80-120
753.    A Small Group of Military Related Items, comprising 1914 Princess Mary tin, British Army circa 1940s
bugle by Boose & Hawkes Ltd, and a pair of WWII German binoculars in case (Vendor states that the binoculars were removed from a German soldier during WWII by a family member). 40-60
754.    Autographs: Margaret Thatcher, Vera Lynn, Johnny Johnson (DFM), etc, all signed in black ink, (unverified) all on 60th Anniversary 2003 Dambusters Covers. 40-60
755.    A Quantity of Various XX Century Bayonets, to include 1907 Anderson, Kukri, etc. (8) 150-250
756.    A WWI 1916 German "Butchers" Bayonet, marked Alex Coppel - Solingen, an unidentified Military bayonet with muzzle ring and metal scabbard. A Trench art type knife/letter opener, with leather scabbard circa WWI. 40-60
757.    A Pattern 1892 British Infantry Officers Sword Light Infantry Officers Sword, Light Infantry motif to guard, sharkskin grip with brass wire, leather scabbard. 350-450
758.    A XIX Century Possibly British Light Cavalry Sword, grip replaced, with scabbard. 20-40
759.    A Pattern 1897 British Infantry Officers Sword, GV Royal Cypher to guard, sharkskin grip with brass wire, blade etched to either side, leather scabbard. 150-250
760.    A Circa 1840's Victorian Infantry Officers Sword, No 24707, by Henry Wilkinson, overall good condition of blade and sheath. 80-120
761.    A Pattern 1897 British Infantry Officers Sword, Light Infantry motif to guard, sharkskin grip with brass wire, steel blade with etchings front and verso, leather scabbard. 150-250
762.    A Pattern 1821 British Officers Sword, C. Boyton & Son Clerkenwell E.C. 100-200
763.    A Turkish 'Kilij' Light Cavalry Scimitar Type Sword, with 76 on steel blade and horn grip handle. 40-60
764.    A 1987 British Army Survival Knife with Scabbard, with a British Army Machete with scabbard. 40-60
765.    A Luftwaffe 'Nazi' Ceremonial Dagger, with knot, scabbard and hanger, blade marked Solingen watch makers mark. Buyer to assure themselves of authenticity. 400-500
766.    A T.J.H & Son "The Gat" Air Pistol, some wear). 15-25
767.    A British Royal Navy Officers Sword, 1827 pattern issued to Lieutenant John Foster Spence MAA BEM (1919-1978). Sword with brass hilt featuring Lion head Pommel, shark skin grip with brass wore, crown and anchor on guard, decorated with etchings on either side of blade, comes with leather case 'Wilkinson Sword' leather belt and photographs. (All proceeds from this lot are to be donated to the R.N.L.I). 100-200
768.    A Light Infantry Officers Sword, marked 'Royal Montgomery Light Infantry Regiment' c. 1800 with leather scabbard, a 1771 French Artillery sword 'Gladius' style, with fullered blade, fish scale grip, eagle head pommel, leather scabbard, along with an early XX Century Kukri. 80-120
769.    A Selection of Knives, including XIX Century carving knives, XIX Century German hunting knife, bowie knife and hunting knife. Plus other sundry knives. 20-40
770.    A Pair of Port and Starboard Nautical Navigational/Bow Lights, patt. 2202 and 2200 Birmingham Eng. Co. Lt; together with a later Maritime Bell. 80-120
771.    A Church Boys Brigade Bugle, with makers mark dated 1910, along with a Potters & Co Ceremonial Drum, plus drumsticks. 30-40
772.    A Boxed Admiralty Patt 378A Lantern Signalling Hether Type, Renfrew Electric and Refrigerator Co Ltd, Year 1944 (unchecked) 20-40
773.    A Reproduction Household Cavalry Helmet, with red plume, neck strap, allover good condition.
774.    A Mid XX Century Metal Ammo/Ordinance Box, stenciled to top. 30-40
775.    A Selection of WWII Medals, including Victory Medal, North Africa Star, Atlantic Star, etc. A Bosun's whistle. Plus a variety of posters relating to the Napoleonic wars, Nazi Germany and general art. 50-80
776.    A Box Quantity of Napoleoni Del Prado (Osprey) Pamphlets, a collection of WWII dated newspapers (mostly replicas), other Military themed books/magazines Nazi card cut out figures (replicas) and other mixed items, including WWI 'Patriotic Pledge' and HMS Sheffield first day cover. 20-40
777.    Five Period WWII Aircraft Identification Posters, including Italian Aircraft (multi engined), German Aircraft, etc, published by His Majesty's Stationary Office, conditions vary (poor to good). 40-50
778.    A Tray of WWII Paper Ephemera, including pilots notes for Spitfire 22 and 24 Griffon 61 engine and Merlin XII engine, Prisoner of War, Chipmunk T10 pilots notes, etc. 15-25
779.    The Life and Career of 95881 Brigadier W. Biggins - 4th Survey Regiment Royal Artillery, to include cased medals, comprising 39-45 Star, Africa Star, Italy Star and the France and Germany Star. Along with Defence and 39-45 Medal. Plus set of miniatures used for formal attire, soldiers service book. A 'Welcome Home Banquet' Events booklet 1946 and menu and list of honours; together with a pair of USSR binoculars and case. 100-120
780.    Military Dress Caps Duke of Lancaster Regiment and Pioneer Corps. 20-30
781.    A WWI 1914 Princess Mary Christmas Tin, (no contents), two Royal Artillery badges, along with a quantity of WWI lace work souvenir's from France, etc. 30-50
782.    Two WWII Escape Maps France and Germany (Double Sided) Marked "Most Secret", plus Lybia Tobruk along with a button escape compass. 200-250
783.    An Early 20th Century Sporting Copper and Brass Powder Flask, with inlaid hunting scenes; together with a canvas shot flask. 20-30
784.    Two WWI Trench Art Aeroplanes, both with shell casing fuselage, etching to wings, etc (some faults). 40-60
785.    A Group of WWI and WWII Service Medals, including a 14/15 Star, Campaign Stars, Defence and Victory Medals. Plus cap badges, family related photos, (some military) and ephemera. 20-30
786.    A WWI Royal Flying Corp Trench Art Picture Frame, constructed from a propeller boss/centre, dated France 1917, along with a WWI Royal Flying Corp leather flying hat/helmet. 30-50
787.    A Tin of Militaria, to include Territorial Badge, 39-45 Victory Medals, spent 22 shell, 39-45 Star, etc. 30-40
788.    A WWII German Navy Sailors Service Book, (Soldbuch), a WWII era German Bank Savings Book and a pamphlet covering a 1964 Commemoration Ceremony in Walcheren. 15-30
789.    The Life and Career of R Bailey of Rotherham, includes release documents, photograph, paperwork from various ships he served on, seaman's pocket book, etc. 20-40
790.    A Smiths R.A.F Wall Clock Stamped with Number 788 - Smith 1943 - GRV with Crown, diameter of the clock 37cm and diameter if the dial 30cm (buyer to assure themselves of authenticity before buying) from a Post Office on a R.A.F base. 80-120
791.    A WWII Canvas Escape Map Pouch, containing an escape map of Germany on silk, Air Ministry No 7330, with a button compass. 180-220
792.    An Interesting Selection of Original Photos, taken by a British Serviceman in North West Europe, immediately post WWII. Photos include images of Belsen Concentration Camp and bomb damaged sites. Also three Junior Missionary Collectors Medals, two RAF badges and a military shoulder patch. 20-40
793.    A Tray Quantity of Military Uniform Buttons, including Royal Artillery, REME, Royal Corps of Signals and Military cap badges, including Royal Army Ordnance Corps, Duke Cornwall's Light Infantry. 30-50
794.    A Quantity of Badges and Patches Mostly British, including Royal Welsh Fusilier's, GB I.D Card, Seaman's I.D Card, Naval message etc:- One Box. 15-30
795.    Crimean War 1853-1856 - items relating to the life and military career of Veteran Sergeant Major R. Campbell R.H.A 1. Army Service Book with wealth of service detail and reference to participation in major battles of Alma, Balaclava and Inkerman. Later served at The Siege of Lucknow during the Indian Rebellion Mutiny. 2. The Balaclava Commemoration Society Book (1877) presented to 'R . Campbell - Light Brigade' this book was issued to survivors of the Light Brigade and incorporates lists of survivors. 3. An invitation card to 'Mr R Campbell' to attend a banquet commemorating The Charge of The Light Brigade dated 1875. 4. From 'Coruna to Sevastopol' by F.A Whinyate 1884 signed on inner cover by R Campbell. 5. Accompanied is a photograph of R. Campbell in Military uniform. 1000-1500
796.    'Nazi' Interest - to include a hardback translated version of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf, Red Johann Hofbeck I.D Card, badges, buckles, etc. 40-60
797.    An Interesting Collection of Thirteen Complete Cigarette Card Albums, from the 1930's of various themed including Radio Celebrities, Film Stars, aircraft of The R.A.F and civil aeroplanes, also three binders plus additional inserts of cigarette and picture cards variously themed but predominantly military and civilian aircraft. 40-60
798.    A Display Case Containing a Quantity of WWI and WWII Medals, including 39-45 Defence Medals, GV Medals with ribbons, 14-19 Victory Medal, France and Germany Star, etc. 30-50
799.    An All Metal Possibly Prototype Supermarine Swift Model, on stand, inscribed to Fuselage 52/NIV/100, worthy of closer inspection. 40-60
800.    A Cast Iron Tank & Cannon Money Box, mechanism is free moving, circa 1920 (some repainting) by Starkies. 100-150
801.    A Military Type Bugle, with Royal East Kent Regiment (buffs) badges. 15-30
802.    A Cased WWII German Luftwaffe Bomb Fuse Type 25 E.L.A.Z, as used on 50kg ordnance 17 second delay, in case dated 1941 30-50
803.    A Negretti & Zambra (London) Range Finder/Telescope, G.S telescope x 8, 1917 N 959, 53cm long, 6.5cm wide (marks and some corrosion throughout). 30-50
804.    A Small Quantity of Medals, plus other badges to include George V 1914 - 18, Victoria South Africa, George V Bravery in the Field, with a quantity of Police badges, etc:- One Box. 30-50
805.    A Mid XX Century Group of Eight Medals to 80689 F. Lesson, comprising GV General Service Medal, 1939 - 45 Medal, Africa Star, Italy Star, etc. 50-80
806.    A Variety of Military Medals, including WWI British War Medal and Victory Medal plus WWII Defence Medal, Victory Medal and Italy Star, also RAF cap badge and Savings Society Medal. 30-40
807.    Vets Knife with Pistol Grip, WWI German can opener, combination knife, fork, spoon, Keith Blackman Advertising Knife and West Yorkshire Regiment Cap Badge. 20-40
808.    A Nazi Parachutist Badge (Air Force Version) Eagle with Swastika Set Within Wreath, buyer to assure themselves of authenticity. 150-250
809.    A Group of Medals, comprising Defense Medal, 39-45, 39-45 Star, The Africa Star, France Germany Star, and Italy Star,etc, with photograph. 50-70
810.    A Small Quantity of Military and Related Cap Badges and Buttons, held in a small tin box. 15-20
811.    Medals - The British War Victory Medal 1914 - 19, War Medal 1914 - 18, Campaign Medal to F.Bird and Surrey Lodge Medal (cased) etc. 20-30
812.    A Circa 1939 Luftwaffe Type Watch, with subsidery seconds, reverse with Swastika Eagle and bares inscription Reichsparteitag Des Friedens, (Reich Party Rally of Peace) (cannot guarantee timekeeping etc). 150-250
813.    Three Medals to Pvt John Cartwright, he served in both the Machine Gun and Labour Corps, Service No 67268/224401 1914 - 1919 Medal, 1914 - 1918 Medal and 1902 Coronation 30-50
814.    A Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery Badge, eagle with swastika, Schwerin Berlin to verso. 40-60
815.    Three Medals to 32505 Pte J.W Turner, G.W for Civilisation 1914 - 1919, 14 - 15 Star, and 14 - 18 medal. 30-40
816.    A WWI German Iron Cross Second Class Medal, with ribbon. 30-60
817.    A Canadian Military Memorial Cross to 645846 Pte. E. Simpson. 80-120
818.    A Group of Medals to 145221 S.L. Davies Signals, comprising WWI Victory Medal, WWII Victory Medal, 39-45 Star, Italy Star, along with buttons, etc. 50-80
819.    Two Medals to 02 7545 Joseph Turner, Army Ordnance Corps, George V 1914-1918 and The Great War for Civilisation. 20-40
820.    Boar War and WWI Medal Group, to J Brown 5967 East Yorkshire Regiment, includes a Queen Victoria South Africa Medal with Wittebergen Transvaal and Cap Colony claps, Long Edward South Africa Medal with 1901 and 1902 clasps, together with J. Brown 289 Lincolnshire Regiment Victory and British War Medal, various paperwork documenting one mans medals from three wars. 400-600
821.    A Large Collection of South Africa Silver Coins, total weight 160g. 20-40
822.    GB Pre 1947 Silver Coins, includes half crowns, florins, sixpence's etc, total weight 205g. 40-60
823.    A Collection of Silver Mexico One Pesos, total weight 160g. 20-40
824.    A Large Quantity of European Silver Coins, includes Germany, Hungary, Ireland etc, total weight 350g. 80-120
825.    A Collection of Canadian Silver Coins, total weight 215g. 30-40
826.    A Collection of G.B Pre-1947 Silver Coins, includes a well circulated 1819 George III Halfcrown, total weight 90grams. 20-40
827.    Four Silver Coins, included a 1896 South Africa Two Shillings (soldered mount), 1897 South Africa Two Shillings (reverse damaged), 1888 Victoria Four Pence Colonial Issue and a badly worn coin. 10-20
828.    G.B Pre 1947 Silver Halfcrowns, all in fine condition, total weight 140grams. 30-50
829.    A Collection of World Silver Coins, includes a G.B Half Crown, One Gulden, One Franc, etc, total weight 100grams. 20-40
830.    1696 William III Silver Crown, 1st bust, together with a silver 1818 George III crown. 50-70
831.    G.B Pre 1947 Silver Coins, includes shillings, sixpences, etc, total weight 160grams. 20-30
832.    A Collection of G.B Pre 1947 Silver Coins, Halfcrowns, Shillings, etc, total weight 210grams. 40-60
833.    A Collection of Silver Coins, in various mounts, worthy of closer inspection. 20-40
834.    A 1689 James II 'Gun Money' Thirty Pence; together with a 1887 Silver Victoria Half Crown and a 1889 Silver Halfcrown. 30-40
835.    A Pair of GB Silver Crowns, 1889 and 1894. 30-50
836.    GB Pre 1920 Silver Coins, includes a 1817 George III sixpence, total weight 135g. 40-60
837.    GB Pre 1947 Silver Coins, includes florins, shillings etc, total weight 210g. 40-60
838.    A Quantity of Middle East Silver Coins, worthy of closer inspection, total weight 155g. 40-60
839.    G.B Pre 1920 Silver Coins, includes Halfcrowns, Florins, Threepences, etc, total weight 190grams. 50-70
840.    Collection of Commemorative Coins and Medals, includes a Sterling Silver gilt Memorial Medal 'Diana Princess of Wales', JFK and Marilyn Monroe novelty coin. 15-30
841.    A 1711 Queen Anne Shilling; together with various XIX Century Coins, including 1834, 1839, and 1843, one and a half pence (Colonial Issues), etc. 40-60
842.    A Large Collection of Australia and New Zealand Silver Coins, total weight 265g. 40-60
843.    A Collection of Silver Indian Coins, includes a 1903 One Rupee, 1908 Half Rupee etc, total weight 70g. 40-60
844.    A Collection of Silver World Coinage, includes Mexico, Panama, Denmark etc, total weight 230g. 40-60
845.    A 2004 Silver 5 Coin; together with pre-1947 G.B Silver Coins, including a 1937 Crown. 30-40
846.    1695 William III Silver Crown, together with a 1826 George IV shilling, 1900 Victoria half crown, and a 1921 George V half crown, all well circulated. 40-60
847.    G.B Pre 1947 Silver Coins, includes Halfcrowns, Florins, Shillings, etc, total weight 210grams. 40-60
848.    A 1894 G.B Silver Crown. 15-25
849.    GB Pre 1947 Silver Coins, includes half crowns, shillings, etc, total weight 295g. 30-50
850.    1845 Victoria Silver Half Crown; together with a collection of Pre-1947 Silver Coins, total weight 46grams. 20-40
851.    GB Pre 1947 Silver Coins, half crowns, florins, etc, total weight 295g. 30-50
852.    G.B Pre 1947 Silver Coins, includes Halfcrowns, Shillings, Threepences, etc, total weight 205grams. 40-60
853.    G.B Pre-1947 Silver Coins, circulate, total weight 125grams. 20-30
854.    A Collection of Canadian Silver Coins, total weight 130g. 20-30
855.    GB Pre 1947 Silver Coins, half crowns, shillings, sixpence's, etc, total weight 385g. 70-90
856.     1821 George IV Silver Crown, 1st portrait. 15-25
857.    A Collection of XIX Century G.B Silver Coins, includes a 1849 Victoria, 'Godless' One Florin, 1890 Double Florin, 1880 'Gothic' One Florin, etc. 80-100
858.    Two 2006 Brittania One Ounce Fine Silver 2 Coins. 20-40
859.    A Collection of GB Silver Coins, includes a 1889 double florin, two 1723 shillings, etc. 40-60
860.    1673 Charles II Silver Crown, 3rd bust, right, legend around F. 40-60
861.    A 1890 Silver G.B Coin; together with a Silver 1889 Double Florin. 30-40
862.    1713 Silver Queen Anne four Pence, uncrowned draped bust with legend around. 40-60
863.    A 1572 QEI Silver Sixpence, features crowned bust of QEI, facing left, rose behind. 20-40
864.    Three USA Silver Coins, includes a BU 1989 silver eagle, BU 1991 silver eagle and a BU 1995 silver eagle, C.O.A's. 20-40
865.    A Royal Canadian Mint 1995 Silver Dollar. 325th Anniversary of Hudsons Bay Company., together with a 1957 Silver Canada dollar and a 2016 Canada 20 dollars, her Majesty's 90th Birthaday 40-60
866.    Royal Mint 1994 Silver Proof 2 Coin, together with a 2018 Isle of Man Silver Proof 50p, both cased with C.O.A's. 30-50
867.    1879 USA Silver Morgan Dollar, together with a 1928 peace dollar, C.O.A's. 15-25
868.    Royal Mint 1992 - 1993 eec Silver Proof 50p Coin, together with a Royal Mint 1985 Silver Proof 1 coin, both cased with C.O.A's. 50-70
869.    1972 Silver Proof Guernsey Twenty Five Pence, together with a Royal Mint 1967 UNC, Singapore coin set and a Royal Mint 1972 Crown. 30-50
870.    1953 Elizabeth II Coronation Specimen Coin Set, together with a 1797 'Cartwheel' Penny, 1854 Penny and a 1902 One Third farthing. 60-80
871.    The Royal Mint 1977 Silver Proof Crown; together with a 1981 Royal Mint Silver Proof Coin to Commemorate the Marriage of HRH Prince of Wales to Lady Diana Spencer. 30-50
872.    A Collection of Silver and Commemorative Coins, includes four G.B Shillings, 1780 Maria Theresa Silver One Thaler, 1922 USA Silver One Dollar, etc. 30-50
873.    A Collection of XIX Century Coins, includes a 1870 Egypt 40 Para, 1894 1 Paisa Muhammad Ismail Khan, Japanese 1 Set, etc. 30-40
874.    Approximately 100 Circulated George V India Quarter Annas. 80-120
875.    Approximately 100 Circulated George V India Quarter Annas. 80-120
876.    A Collection of Commemorative 50p, includes Battle of Britain, Benjamin Britten, various Olympics, etc, total face value 14. 20-30
877.    A Large Collection of 2 and 1 Coins, some containing minting errors, Total face value 93. 100-140
878.    A Large Collection of XIX Century Coins, includes a 1843 Azores 20 Reis, 1803 East India Company 20 cash, 1835 One Quarter Ann etc, worthy of closer inspection. 60-80
879.    A Collection of Asian Coins, includes a Japan 100 Mon, Japan 2 Sen-Meiji, etc. 20-40