Fine Art, Antiques & Collectables Auction
on Friday 26th March 2021

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400.    A 1930's Josef Inwald Frosted and Clear Glass Vase, of slightly tapered form, moulded in six panels with maidens holding urns of water, within a border of birds, unmarked, 19.5cm high. £50-80
401.    A Gallé Style Cameo Glass Lamp Shade, overlaid with stylised flowers and foliage against a yellow ground, 16cm high; An Art Glass Bottle Vase, with streaked orange and yellow glass, 34cm high; A Mottled Blue/Brown Ovoid Glass Vase, 16cm high. (3) £50-80
402.    A Muller Fres Luneville Glass Vase, of ovoid form in mottled pink, purple and green against a frosted ground, etched signature, 20.5cm high. £70-100
403.    A Pair of French Art Glass Vases, the long tapered bodies with bulbous bases, the mottled orange and green grounds painted with poppies, 26.5cm high. (2) £60-80
404.    A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweight; Turtle Dove, gold stopper, 5cm wide, Chipmunk, gold stopper, 9cm high and a Lion Candlestick, no stopper, 10cm wide. (3) £60-80
405.    A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Trinket Box and Cover, of rectangular form, decorated in Imari pattern 1128, printed marks, date code for 1981, 9.5 x 11.5cm; A Circular and Two Oval Trinket Boxes and Covers, a Royal Crown Derby Oval Flower Vase and Coffee Can and Saucer, each painted in blue with boats at sea. £60-80
406.    A Mid XIX Century Staffordshire Pottery Money Box, in the form of a cottage, with encrusted decoration, 11cm high and two similar pastille burners, one with cover (A/f). (4) £25-35
407.    A 1930's Composition Model of Polly Peachum, wearing a long pink dress, green gloves and a bonnet, 27cm high, on a hardwood stand. £30-40
408.    A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Tea Service, decorated in Imari pattern 2451, printed marks, date codes for 1914-1916, comprising two bread and butter plates, milk jug, sugar bowl, twelve side plates, twelve teacups and saucers. (40) £250-350
409.    A Collection of Ten Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Plates, all decorated in Imari pattern 2451, printed marks, 16 - 27cm diameter. (10) £100-150
410.    A Modern Moorcroft Pottery Table Lamp, painted in the 'Anemone' pattern with purple flowers against a dark blue ground, on a hardwood stand, and shade, 24cm high. £70-100
411.    A Sitzendorf Porcelain Early XX Century Twelve Piece Monkey Band, including conductor, violinist, piper etc. all raised on scrolling circular bases, printed marks, 9.5 - 11cm high and a Naples figure similar. (13) £100-150
412.    A Late XIX Century German Porcelain Oval Dish, supported by six cherubs entwined with a garland of pink and yellow roses, the interior decorated with floral sprays, 46cm long; A Pair of Similar Plaue-on-Havel Circular Pierced Bowls and Covers, with cherub finials and encrusted floral decoration, 19cm diameter. (5) £70-100
413.    An Early XIX Century Sorbet Bowl and Cover, possibly Rockingham, of two handled footed baluster form, painted with figures by cottages, the reverse with a river landscape, within moulded floral painted grounds, 30cm high. £100-150
414.    A Pair of Late XIX Century Staffiordshire Pottery Spaniels, in standing pose, each wearing a collar with padlock and orange patches to bodies, 28cm high. (2) £30-40
415.    A Modern Moorcroft Pottery Lamp, painted in the 'Red Tulips' pattern, designed by Sally Tuffin, impressed marks, 32cm high. £60-80
416.    A Royal Doulton Early XX Century Pottery Charger, of circular form, decorated with a castle and church before a river, within a border of oak leaves and acorns, printed marks, painted design number, 38cm diameter. £20-30
417.    A Mid XIX Century Copeland Pottery Dinner Service, printed and overpainted with exotic birds in garden settings, impressed marks, comprising soup tureen and cover, two graduated meat plates, two vegetable tureens and one stand, four dinner plates, five dessert plates and five side plates. (21) £100-150
418.    A Royal Crown Derby Imari Pattern 1128 Fluted Cylindrical Vase, date code for 1995, 9cm high; A Royal Crown Derby Two Handled Circular Dish, in Imari pattern 1128, 16cm long. (2) £25-35
419.    A Royal Crown Derby Miniature Imari Pattern Watering Can, date code for 1996, 7.5cm high, A Miniature Lawn Roller and a Marching Drum and Battons. (6) £50-80
420.    An Allertons Pottery Cased Coffee Service, the exteriors decorated with black scales, the interiors in gilt, with six coffee spoons, hallmarked for 1938. £60-80
421.    A Pair of Large Royal Doulton Early XX Century Slater's Patent Stoneware Vases, of ovoid form, moulded and painted in panels with sprays of pink and white flowers within scrollwork and blue floral borders, the necks and feet in cobalt blue and brown, impressed marks, No 4841, artists monogram L.B., 44cm high (one with repair to neck). (2) £100-150
422.    A Pair of Derby Porcelain Vases and Covers, of globular two handled form, the maroon grounds decorated in gilt with flowers and berries within moulded borders, puce marks, date code for 1889, 14cm high; A Similar Globular Vase, 13.5cm high. (3) £60-80
423.    A Royal Worcester Porcelain Figure of a Water Carrier, the kneeling lady in a gilt flowing robe holding a large urn, printed mark, shape number 637, date code for 1917, upon a hardwood stand, 23.5cm high. £100-150
424.    A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Vase, of two handled baluster form and domed cover, decorated in gilt with swags of flowers against a dark blue ground, 24cm high, date code for 1899; Another Similar, 14cm high and a Derby fluted sucrier and cover and a matching cream jug and cover. (4) £60-80
425.    A Pair of Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Vases, of ovoid form with fluted necks and wavy rims, decorated in Imari pattern 1128, printed marks, date code for 1920, 19cm high. (2) £70-100
426.    A Coalport Porcelain Tea Service, decorated in the Batwing pattern with panels of floral sprays within pink and gilt borders, printed marks, comprising: two bread and butter plates, sugar bowl, milk jug, twelve tea cups, saucers and plates. (40) £100-150
427.    A Grainger Worcester Porcelain 'Old Ivory' Pot Pourri Bowl and Pierced Cover, of globular form decorated with swags and foliage heightened in gold and pale blue, printed marks, 14cm diameter, hardwood stand. £50-80
428.    A Royal Worcester Porcelain Sweetmeat Dish, raised on a dolphin stem and fluted circular base, in blush ivory glazes, shape number G49, date code for 1906, 11.5cm high; A Vienna Style Tea Cup and Saucer, decorated with classical scenes with maroon and gilt grounds with turquoise beadwork. (3) £30-50
429.    A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Vase, of tapered cylindrical form, raised on a circular foot with beadwork rims, decorated in Imari pattern 1128, 13cm high; A Tapered Square Footed Vase, 10cm high and a hexagonal vase, 6.5cm high, both in Imari pattern 1128, all with printed marks. (3) £40-60
430.    A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Vase, of globular pedestal form, raised on a circular for, decorated in Imari pattern 1128, printed marks, date code for 1919, 11.5cm high; Two Bottle Vases, in the same pattern, printed marks, date codes for 1904 and 1910, 9cm and 11cm high. (3) £50-80
431.    A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Inkwell and Cover, with inner liner, decorated in Imari pattern 1128, of shaped rectangular form with dolphin supports, printed marks, date code for 1910, 9cm high; A Modern Royal Crown Derby 1128 Pattern Bell, 12.5cm high. (2) £50-80
432.    A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Oval Dish with Acorn Handles, decorated in Imari pattern 2451, printed marks, date code for 1934, 29cm long. £60-80
433.    A Derby Porcelain Two Handled Campana Shaped Vase, the central panel painted with a river landscape, within dark blue gilt decorated grounds, painted mark, 30.5cm high; A Pair of Coalport Vases, the central panels painted with floral sprays, within dark blue gilt decorated grounds, 15cm high. (3) £80-120
434.    A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Two Handled Vase, of campana form raised on a square base, painted by W. Dean with a boat on a choppy sea, against a dark blue and gilt ground, date code for 1913, 10.5cm high; Two Others Similar, 8.5cm and 10cm high. (3) £80-120
435.    A Pair of Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Shaped Square Dishes, decorated in Imari pattern 2451, printed marks, date code for 1940, 7.5cm square; A Further Pair of Royal Crown Derby Circular Dishes, Imari pattern 1128, printed marks, date code for 1967, 10.5c, diameter. (4) £30-50
436.    A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Two Handled Vase and Cover, of ovoid form raised on a circular foot, decorated in Imari pattern 1128, date code for 1919, 20cm high; A Royal Crown Derby Vase and Cover, of oval two handled form with moulded scrollwork, decorated in Imari patter 1128, 11.5cm high; Another, a modern example, 19.5cm high. (3) £70-100
437.    A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Two Handled Campana Vase and Cover, decorated in Imari pattern 1128, printed marks, date code for 1903, 13cm high and three other matching vases and covers, various dates, 11 - 16cm high. (4) £80-120
438.    A Rosenthal Pottery 1930's Vase, of octagonal form, painted with an exotic bird, perched on a flowering branch in silver lustre, red and white against a black ground, printed marks, 33cm high. £60-80
439.    A Belleek Porcelain Jug, of part fluted form, richly encrusted with flowers, the lower section moulded with oval motifs, black mark, 24cm high. £80-120
440.    A Cibourne Pottery Mid XX Century Jug, designed by Richard Le Corrone and painted in shades of brown and white with leaping antelope, printed mark, signed by artist, 18cm high. £30-50
441.    A Troika Pottery Vase, of square form, painted by Alison Brigden, signed in monogram, with abstract panels in shades of brown against a green/blue ground with black neck, painted marks, 9.5cm high. £50-80
442.    A Charles Vyse Pottery Figure 'Tulip Woman', holding a basket and bunch of tulips, circular base, signed in monogram, dated 1922 Chelsea, 25.5cm high. £300-500
443.    A Newport Pottery 'Clarice Cliff' Jug, of globular form, the handle with flower surmount, the cream ground with blue rim, impressed and printed marks, 23cm high. £25-35
444.    A Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Figure of 'The Little Mermaid', seated on a rock, printed and painted mark, shape number 4431, 21cm high. £60-80
445.    A Pair of Wardle Pottery Vases, of tapered cylindrical form, each with four lug handles to the necks, the streaked green/blue grounds applied with dancing maidens, impressed marks, 26cm high. (2) £30-40
446.    Anita Harris 'Dragonfly and Reeds' Purse Vase, gold signed, 12.5cm high. £30-50
447.    Three Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Majestic Cat, number 1425 of a limited edition of 3500, 13cm high, Ginger Tom and Siamese Cat, all with gold stoppers and boxes. (3) £60-80
448.    Three Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Koala and Baby, from The Australian Collection, 10cm high, Honey Bear and Panda, all with gold stoppers and boxed. (3) £70-100
449.    Four Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Mallard, 11cm long, Barn Owl, Duck and Dappled Quail, all with gold stoppers and boxes. (4) £80-120
450.    Three Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Garden Snail (Two Models), numbers 359 and 3882 of a limited production of 4500, with certificates and Turtle, all with gold stoppers and boxes. (3) £60-80
451.    Four Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Penguin, 12.5cm high, Mandarin Duck, Nesting Bullfinch and Woodland Pheasant, all with gold stoppers and boxes. (4) £80-120
452.    A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweight; Bull, gold stopper, date code for 1992, 20cm wide, boxed. £70-100
453.    A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweight; Bald Eagle, gold stopper, date code for 1992, 17cm high; and another Blue Jay, gold stopper, both boxed. (2) £60-80
454.    Three Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Teddy Bear, 11.5cm high, Debonair Bear and Koala, all with gold stoppers and boxes. (3) £60-80
455.    Four Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Red Legged Partridge, 12cm wide, Waxwing, Partridge and Quail, all with gold stoppers and boxes. (4) £80-120
456.    Four Royal Crown Derby Paperweights; Penguin and Chick, 12cm high, Puffin, Millenium Dove and Hummingbird, all with gold stoppers and boxes. (4) £80-120
457.    Four Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Walrus, 10.5cm high, Dolphin, Armadillo and Platypus, all with gold stoppers and boxes. (4) £80-120
458.    Three Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Grey Kitten, 9cm high, Contented Cat and Cat, all with gold stoppers and boxes. (3) £60-80
459.    Four Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Playful Kitten, 9cm high, Catnip Kitten, Siamese Kitten and Sleeping Kitten, all with gold stoppers and boxes. (4) £60-80
460.    Four Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Nuthatch, 11.5cm wide, Firecrest, Robin and Wren, all with gold stoppers and boxes. (4) £60-80
461.    Three Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Poppy Mouse, 6cm high, Country Mouse and Sleeping Dormouse, all with gold stoppers and boxes. (3) £50-80
462.    Four Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Old Imari Frog, 10cm high and Golden Carp, both no stopper, Tropical Fish 'Sweet Lips', and Striped Dolphin, both with gold stoppers and boxes. (4) £80-120
463.    Four Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Derbyshire Duckling, from John Sinclair's Derbyshire Collection, with certificate, 7.5cm wide , Swimming Duckling and Two Models of Little Owl, one a signature edition, all with gold stoppers and boxes. (4) £60-80
464.    Four Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Pig, 12.5cm wide, china stopper, Sitting Piglet, Piglet and Sleeping Piglet, all with gold stoppers and boxes. (4) £60-80
465.    Four Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Miniature 'Daddy and George', 9.5cm high, no stopper, boxed, Victoria, William and Edward, all boxed. (4) £50-80
466.    Three Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Kangaroo, 15cm high and Dragon, both boxed, and Llama, unboxed,all with gold stoppers. (3) £80-100
467.    Three Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Stoney Middleton Squirrel, number 106 of a limited edition of 500 from John Sinclair's Derbyshire Collection, with certificate, 9cm high, Red Squirrel and Squirrel, all with gold stoppers and boxes. (3) £80-120
468.    Four Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Nesting Robin, 7.5cm high, Blue Tit, Nesting Goldfinch and Kingfisher, all with gold stoppers and boxes. (4 £60-80
469.    Four Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Buxton Badger, number 496 of a limited edition of 500 from John Sinclair's Derbyshire Collection, with certificate, 7.5cm high, Baby Rabbit and Red Fox, all with gold stoppers, Badger, no stopper, all with boxes. (4) £80-120
470.    Four Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Brown Pelican, 13cm high, Snail, Seahorse and Snake, all with gold stoppers and boxes.(4) £80-120
471.    Two Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Bengal Tiger, 20cm wide and Friesian Cow Buttercup, 15.5cm wide, both with gold stoppers and boxes. (2) £80-120
472.    Three Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Rocky Mountain Bear, 11cm high, Old Imari Polar Bear and Russian Bear, all with gold stoppers and boxes. (3) £60-80
473.    Four Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Goldcrest, 8.5cm wide, Partridge, number 1154 of a limited edition of 4500, with certificate, Dappled Quail and Cockerell, all with gold stoppers and boxes. (4) £70-100
474.    Two Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Owl, 13cm wide and Pheasant, both with porcelain stoppers and boxes. (2) £40-60
475.    Three Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Cheshire Cat, 13.5cm high, with certificate number 477 of 500, Contented Kitten and Kitten, all with gold stoppers and boxes. (3) £200-300
476.    Two Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Bull Dog, 8.5cm high and King Charles Spaniel, both with gold stoppers and boxes. (2) £40-60
477.    Four Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Song Thrush, 11cm high, Coot, Sitting Duckling and Chaffinch, all with gold stoppers and boxes. (4) £70-100
478.    Four Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Ladybird (Two Spots), 5cm wide, Ladybird (Seven Spot), Blue Ladybird and Millenium Bug, with certificate, all with gold stoppers and boxes. (4) £50-80
479.    Five Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Rowsley Rabbit, number 280 of a limited edition of 500, 8cm wide and Baby Rowlsey Rabbit, from John Sinclair's Derbyshire Collection, both with certificates, Meadow Rabbit, Rabbit and Baby Rabbit, all with gold stoppers and boxes. (5) £100-150
480.    Four Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Walrus, 12cm wide, Striped Dolphin, Old Imari Frog, number 601 of a limited edition of 4500, and Crab, all with gold stoppers and boxes. (4) £80-120
481.    Four Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Harvest Mouse, 5cm high, Computer Mouse, Imari Dormouse and Hamster, all with gold stoppers and boxes. (4) £70-100
482.    Three Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Hedgehog, 9cm wide, and Two Models of Orchard Hedgehog, all with gold stoppers and boxes. (3) £60-80
483.    Three Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Bakewell Duck, from Sinclair's Derbyshire Collection,11.5cm wide, Seal and Chicken all with gold stoppers and boxes. (3) £60-80
484.    Three Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Twin Lambs, 7cm wide, Lamb and Sheep, all with gold stoppers and boxes. (3) £60-80
485.    Four Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Fawn, 12cm high, Monkey and Baby, Horse and Tiger Cub, all with gold stoppers and boxes. (4) £100-150
486.    Five Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Ashbourne Hedgehog, number 396 of a limited edition of 500 from John Sinclair's Derbyshire Collection, 11cm wide, Beaver and Mole, all with gold stoppers, Chipmunk and Fox, no stoppers, all boxed. (5) £100-150
487.    A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweight Santa Claus, gold stopper, 10cm high, and Two Bear Ornaments - Miniature Bear Alice waving and Miniature Mum and Charlotte, with boxes. (3) £40-60
488.    Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweights; Noah's Ark, Pair of Elephants and Pair of Giraffes, no stoppers, all boxed. (3) £30-50
491.    An Early XX Century Carved Japanese Bone Netsuke, as a seated gentleman holding a fan, 5.5cm high; Art Deco Ebony Smokers Pipe, with white metal bands and ivory tip, 17.5cm long. (2) £40-60
492.    A Mid XIX Century Bone Cribbage Board, carved in the form of an otter, the reverse carved and coloured with a totem pole, 15cm long; An Ivory Dice Shaker, of turned cylindrical form, 8cm high; A Miniature Japanese Sword, and a red cinnabar lacquer four part inro. (4) £50-80
493.    A Japanese Early XX Century Ivory Carving of Two Lions Attacking Each Other, 12cm long; An African Ivory Box and Cover, carved with elephants; A Chinese Ivory Sewing Clamp and Indian Ivory Figure, etc. (A lot) £70-100
494.    A Chinese XX Century Green Hardstone Snuff Bottle and Iridescent Amber Coloured Stopper, of pear shaped form; A Green Hardstone Pendant, carved with a sinuous dragon, 6cm long and two pale green hardstone carvings. (4) £25-35
495.    A Pair of Japanese Meiji Period Ivory Figures, each carved as a Geisha holding a parasol, one holding a bag, upon signed circular bases, 16.5cm and 18cm high, hardwood stands; Another Japanese Ivory Figure, carved as a fisherman mending his net, signed, 19cm high, hardwood stand. (A/f) (6) £80-120
496.    An Olmec Style White Opaque Nephrite Face Mask, with drilled holes to the sides, in a fitted box, 10 x 10cm (damaged). £50-80
497.    A Chinese Pale Green Jade Archers Ring, of plain circular form, 3.2cm diameter; Another Similar and a Dark Green Jade Example. (3) £100-150
498.    A Chinese Hardstone Buckle, carved with Kylin, 7.5cm long; A Carved Hardstone Bird, 6.5cm long; A Carved Hardstone Ram, and five other carved animals, three with hardstone stands. £70-100
499.    Two Chinese Green Hardstone Stacking Rings, a green hardstone brush pot, a buckle, bone carving, pendants, etc. (A Lot) £60-80
500.    A Mid XX Century Chinese Opaque Glass Snuff Bottle and Stopper, painted with panels of children holding baskets against orange floral grounds, 7.5cm high; A Black Opaque Glass Snuff Bottle With Overlay Decoration, 6cm high and three other snuff bottles. (5) £60-80
501.    A Chinese Wooden Table Cabinet, the doors with applied gilded wood panels of vases of flowers and geometric designs, on a plinth base with Greek key pattern and floral decoration, 44 x 28cm. £60-80
502.    A Chinese Porcelain Blue and White Baluster Vase and Cover, with dog of fo finial, painted with figures in a mountainous river landscape, character marks to base, hardwood stand, 54cm high, large chip and crack. £100-150
503.    A Mid XX Century Chinese Pottery Jardiniere, painted with dragons amongst colourful flowers against a blue ground, 28cm high; Another Similar, against a yellow ground, 23cm high. (2) £50-80
504.    A Mid XX Century Japanese Sleeve Panel, embroidered with birds and flowers against a green ground, mounted, framed and glazed 63 x 26cm; Another Similar.
Needleworks on Silk, exotic birds amongst foliage, a pair, 48cm x 31.5cm. (4) £40-60
505.    A Chinese Pottery Vase and Cover, of rectangular form, painted in the Imari palette (converted to a lamp) on a gilt metal stand, 30cm high; A Soapstone Vase, a Pair of Miniature Blue and White Prunus Pattern Vases, a Cigarette Case, Pierced Vase, etc. (A lot) £50-80
506.    Oriental XIX Century Teapot, decorated with chrysanthemums, foliage and butterflies, six character mark under base, 14.5cm high, Chinese pottery mug, both handles repairs. £20-40
507.    Two Chinese Late XIX Century Cloisonné Bowls, one decorated with dragons, the other flowers, 20cm and 24cm diameter; A Chinese Cloisonné Tea Bowl and Cover and a Bronze Vase, applied with a dragon, 29cm high. (5) £30-50
508.    A XIX Century Chinese Carved Pelmet, carved with dragons (from a cabinet top), 85cm wide. £30-50
509.    A Late XIX Century Canton Porcelain Vase, of baluster form, painted in enamels with figures in interior settings, alternating with panels of flowers and butterflies, 31cm high (weighted). £60-80
510.    A Late XIX Century Chinese Champléve Enamel Vase, of slightly tapered cylindrical form decorated with stylized colourful flowers against a turquoise ground all within dark blue key pattern borders, 43cm high. £80-120
511.    A Chinese Green Hardstone Figure, carved as a Sage holding a fan, hardwood stand, 24cm high, in a fitted box. £80-120
512.    A Mid XX Century Russian Icon of St Nicholas and Two Saints, with brass and enamel decoration, contained in a carved wood triptych frame, 25 x 20cm. £100-150
513.    A Red Hardstone Axe Head, carved with stiff leaves below a basket weave band of symbols and scrolls, 24.5cm high, in a fitted box. £100-150
514.    A Late XIX Century Japanese Cloisonné Vase and Cover, of cylindrical form on a circular pedestal base, decorated with a sinuous dragon chasing clouds and mons against a green iridescent ground, 21cm high. £50-80
515.    A Chinese Late XIX Century Bronze Koro, of circular two handled form with pierced hardwood cover and stand, 15.5cm diameter. £100-150
516.    A Pair of Late XIX Century Japanese Hardwood Bowls, of circular form with gilt scrollwork, each upon an ivory base with similar decoration, one with metal cover, 6.5cm diameter. (2) £80-120
517.    A Chinese Amber Coloured Model Carved as a Duck, in swimming posy, 17cm long; A Similar Model of Guanyin, 15.5cm high. (2) £80-120
518.    A Late XIX Century Champlevé Enamel Figure of a Warrior, wearing an elaborately decorated coat, signed, base missing, 31cm high. £60-80
519.    A Pair of Early XX Century Japanese Satsuma Pottery Vases, of ovoid form decorated in panels with Geishas and children in mountainous river landscapes within dark blue gilt decorated grounds, 31cm high, hardwood stands (one A/f). (4) £70-100
520.    A Chinese Mottled Green Jade Belt Buckle, with circular boss and dragon head, 8.5cm long; A Circular Dark Green Jade Buckle, 6.5cm diameter and a brush washer in the form of a lily pad, 8cm long. (3) £200-300
521.    A Japanese Meiji Period Ivory Miniature Two-Fold Table Screen, with gold lacquer panels inlaid in the Shibayama style with mother of pearl and other stones with birds amongst blossom trees, the reverse with gold lacquer decoration depicting birds amongst wisteria on a black ground, signed, within a carved ivory frame, 22cm high. £400-600
522.    An Early XX Century Pale Celadon Chinese Pottery Vase, of baluster form with moulded foliate and scroll decoration, 20cm high; A Chinese Dark Celadon Rectangular Vase, with moulded dragon panels, 20cm high; A Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Bowl, 12cm diameter. (3) £50-80
523.    A Pair of Meiji Period Japanese Satsuma Pottery Vases, of slender ovoid form, decorated with mountainous river landscapes within geometric borders, signed to base, 22cm high. (2) £60-80
524.    Seven Imperial Jingdezhen 1987 Collectors Plates, all in boxes, pairs of Wedgwood crystal 'Seamus' and 'Theo' coffee and claret glasses. £15-30
525.    BELLE ST JOHN (English School, XIX Century)
A Miniature of Oliver Cromwell, watercolour on ivory, signed lower right, inscription verso, 7.5 x 10cm, framed. £60-80
Leader of the Pack, set of four giclée prints, number 57 of a limited edition of 95, signed in pencil lower right, with certificate and original receipt,
74 x 52.5cm. (4) £500-700
Garden Pond and Statue in a Wooden Landscape, watercolour, signed lower left, bears Horner Galleries label verso,33 x 48cm. £250-350
A Study of Judith Holding a Sword, oil on canvas, unsigned, unframed,
134 x 97cm. £80-120
529.    ENGLISH SCHOOL (Early XIX Century)
Portrait of a Lady Wearing a Lace Bonnet, red shawl and black dress, oil on canvas, unsigned,
73 x 60cm. £70-100
Flaunting in the Face of Progression, boxed canvas print, edition number 30, signed lower right, with certificate and original receipt,
101 x 70.5cm. £400-600
531.    JOSEPH EAMAN (Yorkshire Artist, 1853-1907)
Boats on a Choppy Sea with Figures on the Shoreline, watercolour, signed lower left,
37 x 49.5cm. £60-80
Figure Holding a Shotgun beside a Dog, watercolour, signed lower left,
33 x 41cm. £20-30
533.    •AFTER BEN MAILE (1922-2017) *ARR
The Sinking of The May Rose, limited edition print, signed and numbered 611/650 in pencil lower right,
54 x 75cm. £50-80
534.    BERTRAM HILES (1872-1927)
The Flower Seller, gouache, signed lower left, Horner Galleries label verso,
37.5 x 27cm. £150-200
535.    COLIN GRAEME ROE (1858-1910)
Dogs in a Moorland Setting, Guarding the Catch of Game Birds before a Basket and a Shotgun, oil on canvas, signed and dated lower right (18)86,
41 x 49cm.
A George Armfield Print. (2) £200-300
536.    Ten Mid XIX Century Pencil Sketches, unsigned, to include 'Cottages at Ambleside', 'North West View of West Bridgford Church, portraits, etc. (10) £20-40
537.    •WILLIAM HOGGATT (1880-1961)*ARR
Harbour Scene, oil on board, signed lower right, original receipt dated July 1950,
24 x 27cm. £500-800
538.    •WILLIAM HOGGATT (1880-1961)*ARR
On the Manx Coast, oil on board, signed lower right, artist label verso,
18 x 24.5cm. £400-600
539.    •FRANCIS E. JAMIESON (1895-1950)*ARR
Cottage Before a Pond in a Wooded Landscape, oil on canvas, signed lower right,
50 x 74cm. £100-150
540.    •PAUL WAPLINGTON (b.1938) *ARR
Figures by a Wall, oil on board, signed lower right,
75 x 98cm. £100-150
541.    ITALIAN SCHOOL (Early XX Century)
Portraits of an Elderly Gentleman Smoking a Pipe, His Companion Wearing a Shawl and Headscarf, a pair, oil on canvas, one signed indistinctly lower right,
37 x 24cm. (2) £60-100
542.    ARTHUR MILLS (1878-1940)
In the Meadow, a figure and ducks before a cottage, watercolour, signed lower right,
24 x 34cm. £20-30
543.    THOMAS BUSH HARDY (1842-1897)
The Pischeria and Church of San Andrea Chinggia, watercolour, signed and titled and dated 1884 lower edge,
42 x 66cm. £100-150
544.    H. HONERTZ
Cattle Before a Cottage in a Wooded Landscape, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1902 lower left,
53.5 x 74cm. £50-80
545.    AFTER DAVID ROBERTS (Scottish) (1796-1864)
Statues of Memnon During the Inundation and General View of the Ruins of Luxor from the Nile, prints, a pair, published by F.G. Moon,
37 x 51.5cm. (2) £50-80
546.    E. LEWIS (English School, Late XIX Century
Coastal Scenes, a pair, one with figures before a castle, watercolours, signed lower left and right,
17.5 x 47cm. (2) £60-80
547.    ARTHUR LESLIE (Early XX Century)
Cottages in a Mountainous Loch Landscape, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1904 lower left,
39 x 49.5cm. £70-100
548.    TH. VOORSEBER (Continental School, XX Century)
Figures before Houses and Shops beside a Canal, oil on canvas, signed lower right,
59 x 89cm. £60-80
549.    ENGLISH SCHOOL (XIX Century)
Portrait of a Girl, wearing a large hat, fur stole and coat in a rural landscape, unsigned,
25 x 20cm. In a glazed rosewood frame. £50-80
550.    •PETER COULTHARD (b.1949) *ARR
Wooded Landscape with Figures, Cattle and a Horse, oil on board, signed lower left,
39 x 60cm. £200-300
551.    •CONRAD LORENZ (Sheffield Artist, XX Century)*ARR
Alfred Road, Sheffield, with Police Van and Figures, oil on board, signed and dated 1982 lower right,
40.5 x 67cm. £40-80
552.    •AFTER BENJAMIN CHEE CHEE (Canadian, 1944-1977) *ARR
Proud Male and Good Morning, a pair prints,
15 x 22cm. (2) £20-30
Madonna in Blue Cloak, oil on board, unsigned,
26.5 x 19cm,
Two etchings of Rome, signed and titled. (3) £50-80
554.    •WITHDRAWN - AFTER BOB DYLAN (b. 1941) *ARR
Oil Riggers Shack, giclee print, number 87 of a limited edition 295, signed in pencil lower right with certificate from Washington Green Fine Art,
43 x 66cms.

555.    BEN MAILE (XX Century)
The Riflemen of the 60th Brigade of Guards - c1815 and The Riflemen of Napoleon's La Guard Imperiate 1815, a pair, prints, number 36 of a limited edition of 100, signed in pencil lower right,
23 x 36cm. (2) £60-80
556.    ENGLISH SCHOOL (XIX Century)
Portrait of a Young Lady Wearing a Blue Trimmed Blouse, Black Lace Shawl and Hat, oil on canvas, unsigned,
24.5 x 18cm. £60-80
557.    •Lars Jonsson is a Swedish ornithological illustrator who lives on the South Swedish island of Gotland. He painted birds from the age of four and has been a professional artist since he was eighteen. He has illustrated many field guides of the birds of Europe and has published eleven books in total. In 2004 he opened a museum in Gotland. Some of the following lots are illustrated in his book 'Faglar och Ljus'.

Bullfinch, watercolour, titled and inscribed lower left, signed lower right,
26.5 x 36.5cm.
558.    •WITHDRAWN - LARS JONSSON (Swedish b.1952)*ARR
Chaffinch Amongst Flowers, watercolour, signed lower right, initials E.A. lower left,
29 x 42cm. £700-1000
559.    •WITHDRAWN - LARS JONSSON (Swedish b.1952)*ARR
Swimming Otter, charcoal, inscribed and dated 29.5.94 lower left, signed lower right,
22 x 31cm. £400-600
560.    •WITHDRAWN - LARS JONSSON (Swedish b.1952)*ARR
Polar Bear, watercolour, inscribed lower left, signed lower right,
54 x 79cm. £700-1000
561.    •WITHDRAWN - LARS JONSSON (Swedish b.1952)*ARR
Woodcock, watercolour, inscribed and dated 94 lower left, signed lower right,
48 x 67cm. £1500-2000
562.    •WITHDRAWN - LARS JONSSON (Swedish b.1952)*ARR
Two Divers on a Pond (Pintail), artists proof, 11/55, signed in pencil lower right. £70-100
563.    WILLIAM JOSIAH REDWORTH (1837-1947)
Caractarus, Derby Winner Epsom 1862, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1904 lower left and inscription verso,
67 x 83cm.

*Footnote: The 1862 Epsom Derby had an exceptionally large field and the jockey was a 16 year old stable boy. £350-500
Aqueduct and Coaching Scenes, a pair, watercolours,one notated sketched on Rome 1867,
14.5 x 22.5cm. (2)

565.    ROGER WOOD (Mid XX Century)
Lunchtime at Le Palais St. Jean, watercolour, signed bottom left,
32 x 52cm.
566.    E. LEWIS (English School, Late XIX Century)
A Street Scene with Figures and a Horse and Cart, watercolour, signed lower right,
28.5 x 38cm. £70-100
567.    WILLIAM HENRY BIDLAKE (1861-1938)
La Planquette Caudebec-En-Caux, watercolour, signed and dated 1937 lower right,
39 x 28cm. £20-40
570.    Two Chinese Bronze Mirrors, cast with birds and flowers, 10cm and 10.5cm diameter; A Bronze Lamp, (3) £40-60
571.    Stan Shaw (Sheffield) Bowie Knife, a fine example of this 'Little Mester's' workmanship, overall length 36cm, the blade 23cm long with workback along the length of the blade and wooden handle, housed in a leather sheath with safety strap.

*Stan Shaw was a world renowned knife maker whose clients included The Queen, Elvis Presley and US Presidents, he was made an Honorary Freeman of The Company of Cutlers in 2003 and received The British Empire medal in recognition of his work in 2017. He died on the 28th February 2021, aged 93. £250-350
572.    An Early XX Century White Metal Vesta Case, with hinged cover, moulded in relief with Chinese figures amongst birds in a garden setting; A Japanese Square Box, the hinged cover moulded with a lady playing the flute; a brass purse, in the form of a shell, a brass walnut shell box, an agate desk paperweight, an eye glass and two lorgnettes. (8) £40-60
573.    Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy Autograph and Many Others, contained in a mid XX Century autograph album. £200-300
574.    Two Mid XX Century Autograph Albums, containing many signatures including, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, Dickie Valentine, Des O'Connor, etc. £150-250
575.    A Copper Medallion, published by Griffin and Hyams, with a relief moulded bust of Queen Victoria, inscribed 'Victoria Dei Gratia Regina' the reverse commemorating a visit by Her Majesty to the City of London, Nov 9th 1837, 6cm diameter; A Horatio Viscount Nelson Medallion and King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Coronation Medallion 1937. (3) £25-35
576.    An Interesting Collection of Twenty-Three Medallions, to include Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, a Flint Lead Works one penny token, an E Green & Son Wakefield' token, the centre impressed No. 196, a Victoria Inn, Hockley 3d token, etc. (A Lot) £30-50
577.    A Hallmarked Silver Medallion, to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of Stockton and Darlington Railway 1825-1975, 5cm diameter, cased; A Sandhill Bullion Gold Plated 'Her Most Excellent Majesty Elizabeth II' Medallion, in perspex presentation case and over paper wallet; A Franklin Mint 'Rt Hon Edward Heath Entry of the United Kingdon into the European Economic Community 1st January 1973' Medallion, in perspex presentation case and a set of Jersey 'Viking Heritage' stamps. (A Lot) £30-50
578.    Two Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Medallions, one bronze, the other silver, both cased; A Citizens of Lincoln August 30th 1919 medallion, cased. (3) £70-100
579.    An Interesting Mid XIX Century Electroplated Wax Seal Die, relating to Sir Walter Raleigh, dated 1584, with the legend "Propria Insignia Walteri Ralegh Militis Domini and Gubernatoris Virginia" and the arms of Walter Raleigh, Knight, Lord and Governor of Virginia, the reverse stamped 335, 5.5cm diameter. £50-80
580.    A Victorian Hardwood Ebonised Police Truncheon, red and gold painted with 'VR' over crown, crest and 'Nottingham', ring turned handle, 34cm long; Hiatt British Made Handcuffs, chrome plated, with key. (2) £60-90
581.    A Late XIX Century Spectacle Case, the ivorine panels applied with a white metal cartouche, blue leather and silk interior, 14 x 7.5cm. £25-35
582.    A Late XIX Century Hardstone Oval Plaque, the central hardstone medallion carved with an Egyptian head mounted in a brass mounted rectangular frame, 11 x 8cm. £40-60
583.    An Early XX Century Brass Carriage Clock, the white enamel face with Roman numerals, the movement stamped "Sf R A", in a fitted leather carrying case, key present. £80-120
584.    A Late XIX/Early XX Century Mantel Clock, the walnut case applied in gilt metal with mask heads, fruit and scrolls, the white metal dial with Arabic numerals, the movement stamped "Lenzkirch", 31cm high, key present. £50-80
585.    A Late XIX Century Bracket Clock, the rectangular brass clock elaborately embossed with dragons, scrolls and heraldic shield, raised on scroll feet, the circular dial with white enamel Roman numerals, 30.5cm high. £40-60
586.    A XVII Century Style Brass Lantern Clock, the dial engraved with flowers with a chapter ring having Roman numerals and inner smaller dial with Arabic numerals, single fretted steel hand, the strapped bell over urns and foliate and dolphin frets, 38cm high. £300-500
587.    Three Small Late XIX Century Hanging Wall Clocks, each with porcelain front panel and enamel dials with Roman numerals, paper label for M. Drukker, Crystal Palace, 12cm long. (3) £30-40
588.    A Late XIX Century Spelter and Black Slate Mantel Clock, cast as two reclining females, one holding an artist's palette, the other a lamp, between the central clock face with Roman numerals surmounted by an urn, the front section with dipped pen tray between two inkwells, 52cm long. £70-100
589.    An Early XX Century Brass Lantern Clock, the stamped bell over shaped finials and foliate frets, turned columns and shaped feet, the dial with Roman numerals and cherub panels, the movement striking on a bell, 40cm high, key present. £100-150
590.    A Time and Inst. Thornton-Pickard Patent Plate Camera, the lens marked Busch's Rapid Symmetrical F.8, the folding mahogany case stamped 17138, with tripod. £70-100
591.    A Cased Set of Five Stanley Rulers, each with stamped makers marks, the case with brass plaque to the lid and silk lining with embossed makers mark, and three other rulers. £60-80
592.    A Stanley, London 'Fullers' Spiral Slide Rule Calculator, with two brass readout markers, sliding cylinders and scale, in original box with paper label, 43cm long. £100-150
593.    A Precision Marine Barograph Mk 1 by Short & Mason No. 966, the drum mounted on an ebonised board, the mechanism on coated bedplate with lacquered brass makers plate and drum, the glazed black metal cover with handles, 36 x 22cm. £200-300
594.    A Heeling Error Instrument, patt. 5, No 1613E, in original wooden case, three electric shock machines, two in fitted mahogany cabinets, and an Atlas circuit board, framed. £40-60
595.    A Barclay & Sons Pill Maker, with inset marble panel on a mahogany base, 32.5cm long. A Magneto Electric Machine, two boxes of Board of Trade glass samples and a box of weights. (6) £40-60
596.    A Collection of Early XX Century Chemists Jars and Covers, in clear and coloured glass, many with named labels, three glass measuring cups in leather and wooden cases and other chemists bottles etc. (A Lot) £50-80
597.    An Ashton & Parsons Homeopathic Mahogany Pharmacy Box, the fitted interior with thirty glass bottles with cork stoppers, each with labels and measuring glass, two leather bound boxes of bottles (some missing) and a modern set. £60-80
598.    A 1930's Medical Supply Association, Sheffield, Doctor's Leather Case, the interior with four pull-out drawers with instruments and accessories, mahogany trays with glass bottles, etc. £40-60
599.    A Mid XX Century Case Containing Twelve Jars of Taxidermy Wet Specimens, including toad, leech, sea urchin etc., originally used in a school £100-150
600.    Taxidermy; A Continental Taxidermy Study of a Juvenile Wild Boar, mounted on a wooden shield, 48cm long. £70-100
601.    Taxidermy; A Late XIX Century Cased Taxidermy Study of a Coot, in a naturalistic setting, 40 x 43cm. £70-100
602.    Taxidermy; A Late XIX Century Cased Taxidermy Study of an Ornamental Fowl, in naturalistic setting (purportedly a cock fighting prize), 43 x 42.5cm. £50-70
603.    A Quantity of Mainly Second Half XX Century British Military Items, including buttons, cap badges, cloth badges and associated items. £30-50
604.    A George IV Court Sword, crown to pommel, Royal cypher to guard, etched blade, missing scabbard. £50-80
605.    Three Second Half XX Century British Military Officers Peaked Caps, including a Royal Engineers No. 1 Mess, a pair of white gloves, leather Sam Brown etc. £30-50
606.    A Mid XX Century British Army Forage Cap and a WWII Defence Medal. £15-25
607.    A WWI Medal Duo, comprising War and Victory medals to 82010 Sjt F. Hill, Notts and Derby Regiment. £30-50
608.    A 1930's German Reich Letter Opener, in the form of a Civil Dress Dagger, a silver brooch - 20th Hussars, two cap badges and shoulder title. £40-60
609.    A WWII Era Military A-2 Sight Level Indicator, by W. M. Welch Mfg Company, in original case. US Military interest. £50-80
610.    A British WWII Era 1937 Pattern Khaki Army Tunic, wear to cuffs, buttons and collar; plus a leather Sam Brown, both named to Thompson, tunic stamped WD 413. £30-50
611.    An Early XX Century Bronzed Metal Rectangular Table, cast with Art Deco style stylised motifs, the reeded legs with ring handles from animal head mounts and a shelf below, 71cm high. £40-60
612.    Automobile; A Pair of Rare G.M.C. (General Motors Company) Metal Workshop Tools, each with stamped company initials, 50cm high. (2) £200-300
613.    An Art Nouveau Copper and Iron Firescreen, the central rectangular panel cast with stylised scrolling motifs, 70cm high. £30-50
614.    Over Eighty Early XX Century and Later Mainly Topographical or History Postcards of Derbyshire, Valentine Series and Similar, Buxton, Bakewell, Ashwood Dale noted, contained in an album. £30-50
615.    Thirty Three Louis Wain Early XX Century Picture Postcards, of cats in humorous pursuits to include 'Our Football Match', 'Catching It', 'Fortune Teller', etc, some published by Raphael Tuck and Sons. £40-60
616.    An Early XX Century Picture Postcard Album, containing over two hundred and thirty cards, of varying genres, including Greetings, Cats, Religious, Comic, Highland Cattle, etc and a postcard album. £30-50
617.    A Collection of Approximately One Hundred and Ninety Three Early XX Century - 1970's Topographical Picture Postcards, to include 'York Minster', Lincoln Cathedral, Scarborough and Continental Views. £20-40
618.    A Box of Over Two Hundred and Fifty Early XX Century - 1970's Picture Postcards, of varying topics, including Topographical (some Yorkshire noted), a WWI Silk Birthday Greetings Card, poem cards, Snowdon Train, Trams, etc. £30-40
619.    Three Albums of Approximately One Hundred and Forty Eight Early XX Century Picture Postcards, mainly of Topographical Views, also Greetings and Children's Illustrations noted, to include many of Yorkshire interest, Hull, Harrogate, Grimsby, etc. £60-90
620.    Approximately Forty WWI Era Postcards of Military Aircraft and Balloons, plus a small number of WWI Naval related postcards, contained in a contemporary album. £30-50
621.    Over Twenty WWI Themed Black and White 'Bystander' Postcards. £20-40
622.    An Asprey London Late XIX Century Photograph Album, the red leather embossed cover with central initials and brass mounts, label to inside cover. £40-60
623.    Three Asprey Late XIX Century Reference Library Books, French and Latin Quotations, French and English Dictionary and Dictionary, blue cloth and leather bindings. (3) £30-50
624.    Clarke [John Henry]: A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica, pub. by The Homeopathic Publishing Company, 1902, vol 1-111, Ruddick [Dr]: Homeopathic Vade Mecum Medical and Surgical, pub by E. Gould & Son, Charlete [Dr Gilbert]: What is Homeopathy?, pub by The Homeopathic Publishing Company and twelve similar works. (A Lot) £30-50
625.    A Quantity of Homeopathic Phychology and Hypnosis Books, including Boericke [W]: Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica and Repertory, and Wolberg [Lewis: Hypo-Analysis. (A Lot) £30-50
626.    A Mid XIX Century Swiss Musical Box, playing eight airs, the rosewood rectangular case with marquetry floral panel to the cover, steel comb and brass pinned cylinder. £200-300
627.    AFTER AUGUSTE MOREAU(1834-1917)
A French Mid XIX Century Bronze Statue, modelled as a cherub holding a letter, a dove perched on it's arm, upon a circular base, signed 53cm high. £400-600
628.    AFTER GEORGES CHARLES COULDRAY (Act. circa 1883-1932)
'Kidda' A French Late XIX Century Bronze Statue, modelled as a lady with a tambourine, holding a branch aloft, standing by a large urn upon a plinth, raised on a square titled base, signed, 74cm high £600-800
629.    Late XIX Century Walnut Glove Box, with monogrammed brass cartouche and lock plate, blue silk lined and fitted with glove stretchers to inner lid, blue turned enamel four piece dressing table set, hallmarked silver backed hand mirror, a hairslide:- One Tray £30-50
630.    A Late XIX Century Gilt Metal Easel Back Plaque Stand, pierced and engraved with flowers and scrolls, the back inscribed "Brush and Drummond, Melbourne", 25cm high; A Continental Hanging Wall Bracket, with marquetry panel of a lady and child, elaborately carved with foliage, 39.5cm high. (2) £50-80
631.    A Mechi Papier Maché Oval Tray, painted with a band of pink flowers within elaborate gilt work, stamped "Mechi, 4 Leadenhall Street", 46 x 61cm. £80-120
632.    An Early XX Century Walking Cane, the metal handle cast with a bulldog, 91cm long; A Silver Mounted Walking Cane, and another modern example with dog handle. (3) £50-80
633.    Five Cast Iron Keys, contained on a ring with fob inscribed "Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew", and two locks, one inscribed "King & Co. Ltd, Hull". (7) £30-50
634.    A Pair of Late XIX Century Bronze Masks, in the style of Ancient Greece, one cast as a faun with foliate head dress, the other with ringlet hair and foliate and flower head dress, 8cm long; A Figure of a Gentleman, seated on orb, 18cm high, all with mounts and screws. (3) £60-80
635.    A Late XIX Century Christofle Table Centrepiece, the plated oval stand with two putti amongst flowering foliage, the heavy glass bowl with cut fluted decoration, impressed mark and number (56cm long). £200-300
636.    A WMF Desk Standish, of rectangular form with two inkwells, each with a glass liner, the borders pierced and moulded with roundels and stylised foliage, impressed mark, 23cm long; Two Other Inkwells, one with figure surmounts, stamped 'Made in France', the other with acorns. (3) £70-100
637.    A Carved African Throwing Spear, worked with a scrolling design, 83.5cm long. £40-60
638.    A WMF Pewter Pen Tray, of rectangular form, cast with stylised flowers, impressed marks 23c, long; A WMF Chamberstick, cast with stylised motifs, impressed marks, 20cm long and a WMF Silver Plated Two-Handled Pierced Footed Bowl, lacking liner, impressed marks, 12.5cm long. (3) £80-120
639.    An Interesting Collection of Chinese and Other Items, to include two axe heads, clay lamp, hardstone beast, metal figures, Bergmann style hare, etc. (A Lot) £80-120
640.    A Chinese Bronze Figure of a Goddess, mounted on a rectangular base, 20.5cm high and four Indian metal figures. (5) £70-100
641.    A WMF Style Pewter Dish, cast wih an Art Nouveau stylised lady with sinuous border, 9.5cm long; Another, cast with lily of the valley beside a kneeling lady, 26cm long and a Two-Handled Vase, with glass liner (damaged), 14cm high. (3) £30-50
642.    A WMF Style Pewter Dish, of oval form, cast as an Art Nouveau style naked female with long flowing hair, 21cm long; Two Others, one in the form of a lady seated in a lily pad, 16.5cm long and the other in the form of a mother and child in a pond, 24.5cm long. (3) £70-100
643.    A Late XIX Century 'Grand Tour' Fossil Stone Gentleman's Library Obelisk, 35cm high. £100-150
644.    A Quantity of Brass and Copper Wares, to include two chestnut warmers, horse brasses, elephant candlesticks, etc. (A Lot) £30-50
645.    A Late XIX Century Oil Lamp Base, (converted to electricity), the central cranberry glass column painted with flowers within elaborate gilt metal mounts moulded with foliage, 44cm high. £50-80
646.    An Art Deco Style Black Pottery Table Lamp, modelled as a naked lady, her arms outstretched to hold the frosted glass dome shade, 61cm high. £40-60
647.    A Pair of Late XIX Century Clock Ornaments, the porcelain bodies decorated with figures representing music and painting, within dark red grounds and elaborate ormolu mounts, 26cm high, converted to lamps. (2) £40-60
648.    A Late XIX Century Copper and Brass Samovar and Cover, of two handled globular form raised on a shaped square base and four bun feet, with engraved and moulded decoration, 41cm high. £50-80
649.    Late XIX Century Brass Weighing Scales with Weights, mounted on a wooden base with single drawer, 69cm high. £60-80
650.    A Pair of XIX Century Carved Wood Gargoyles, with glass eyes, 12cm long. A Pair of Long XVIII Century Oak Panels, carved with fruit, 90cm long, a carving of a lady above scrollwork and two others. (7) £70-100
651.    A Late XIX Century Industrial Thermometer, reading 0 - 360 degrees, the steel shaft with brass upper section with sliding cover and suspension hook, 98cm long. £50-80
652.    A Burke and Jones Reproduction Brass Mounted Marine Barometer, on gimbal mounts, 97cm long. £70-100
653.    A Late XIX Century Hamadan Wool Rug, with central geometric medallions and borders of roundels and swags, 172 x 103cm. £100-150
654.    A Persian Mid XX Century Wool Rug, in the Qashgai style, the blue grounds with central medallions and elaborate borders, 208 x 132cm. £40-60
655.    Wine - Chante Alouette Hermitage 1995, M. Chapoutier, 750ml, 13.8% Vol. 6 Bottles. £120-150
656.    Port - Quinta Do Nova; Portwine, matured in wood for 20 years, bottled in 1979. £20-40
657.    Port - Coreira's 1977 Reserve Port. £20-40
658.    Port - Cockburn Vintage 1947, no labels. £60-100
659.    Port - Warre's 1975 Vintage Port, 75cl. £40-60
660.    Port - Dow's 1975 Vintage Port, Bottled 1977, 75cl, 20.5%. £40-60
661.    Port - Fonseca Guimaraens' 1964 Reserve Vintage Port, 75cl. £40-60
662.    Wine - Chassagne Montrachet Premier Cru "Boudriotte" Ramonet, 750ml, 13.5% Vol. 3 Bottles. £60-80
663.    Wine - Chante Alouette Hermitage 1995, M. Chapoutier, 750ml, 13.8% Vol. 3 Bottles.
664.    Champagne - Moet & Chandon Cuvee Dom Perignon Champagne Vintage 1983, 75cl, 12.5% Vol. £70-100
665.    Port - Offley Boa Vista 1980 Vintage Port, bottled in 1982, 75cl, 21% Vol. £20-40
666.    Port - Dow's Crusted Port Bottled 1985, 75cl. £20-40
667.    Wine - Chateau Cheval Blanc 1er Grand Cru Classe 1970. £20-40
668.    Port - 1922 Gould & Campbell Port, no labels. £300-400
669.    Champagne - Moet & Chandon 1977 Magnum "Silver Jubilee Cuvee" Champagne, size not stated. £100-200
670.    Cognac - Remy Martin Grande Champagne Cognac Louis XIII, Connoisseur's Presentation Decanter (together with stopper) and Glass in Baccarat Crystal, carafe No. A 4974, with certificate and in original cardboard box. 70cl, 40% Vol. £700-900
671.    Port - W. & J. Graham's Vintage Port 2016, 75cl, six bottles in original wood case of issue (sealed). £330-360
672.    Port - W. & J. Graham's Vintage Port 2016, 75cl, six bottles in original wood case of issue (sealed). £330-360
673.    Port - Krohn Vintage Port 2016, 75cl, 20% Vol. Original wooden case of 6 bottles. £220-260
674.    Port - Krohn Vintage Port 2016, 75cl, 20% Vol. Original wooden case of 6 bottles. £220-260
675.    Whisky - Red Hackle Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky, Hepburn & Ross Ltd, aged in wood for 12 years, in cellophane wrapped glass decanter, with measure, in wooden crate 75.7cl., 75d proof; Together with A Similar Example, lacking contents. (2) £30-50
676.    Champagne - Moet & Chandon Dry Imperial Champagne 1955, six bottles in original paper wrappers and straw casings, one bottle with significant losses/paper/casing stuck on. (6) £400-500
677.    A Mixed Assortment of Wines, Sprit's, Sparkling & Novelty Bottles, including six whisky miniatures nd six Guinness Christmas Brew. £20-40
678.    Spirits - Martell VS Fine Cognac, Cointreau (2), white Rum, Red Wine (2), Frangelico Liqueur, Sambuca, Amaretto, 8 Miniatures. (17) £20-40
679.    Wine - Geisweiler & Fils Vosne Romanee 1952; Chateau Haut Batailley Grand Cru Classe 1972, Pauillac; Garrafeira 1976 Rittos; Marques De Riscal Rioja 1980; Gevrey Chambertin 1988. (5) £40-60
680.    Whisky - Royal Lochnagar Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky, aged 12 years, 70cl, 40% Vol., original carton; Cherry Bestle, Merrydown Vintage Cider 1953, Dimple, miniature, Empty Bottle (sealed) Laurent Perrier Bottle, Highland Malt Wooden Box. (8) £20-40
681.    Champagne - Moet & Chandon's Balthazar of Brut Imperial Champagne, presented in a wooden box, (equivalent to 16 standard 75cl bottles), 12000ml, 12% Vol. £800-900
682.    Champagne - Moet & Chandon's Balthazar of Brut Imperial Champagne, presented in a wooden box (some damage to lid), (equivalent to 16 standard 75cl bottles), 12000ml, 12% Vol. £800-900
683.    Port - Fonseca Bin 27 Port, Dow's Finest Reserve Port, Madeira. (3) £15-30
684.    Port - 1958 Vintage Port Harrods Ltd. £30-50
685.    Port - Garrafeira Colheita 1963 Vinho Tinto, 0,75 litr, 12% Vol. £20-40
686.    Port - Cockburn's 1963 Vintage Port £40-60
687.    Wine - Chateau Pavie Saint Emilion 1st Grand Cru Classe 1967, two bottles. £80-120
688.    Wine - Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1967, Barton & Guestier Bordeaux. £50-100
689.    Wine - Grand Vin De Chateau Latour 1955 Premier Grand Cru Classe, Pauillac Medoc. £100-150
690.    Wine - Chateau Lynch Bages Grand Vin Grand Cru Classe 1981, Pauillac, two bottles, (one label partially obscured). £40-60
691.    Spirits - Vin De Table Bonne Auberge Wine, Mixed Assortment of Spirit & Other Miniatures, including whisky, Martell, novelty, DOM, liqueurs, etc :- Two Boxes £20-40
692.    Champagne - Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial Champagne, 75cl, 12% Vol; Philippe Prie Brut Champagne, 75cl, 12% Vol. (2) £20-40
693.    Whisky - Whyte & Mackay 12 Years Old De Luxe Blended Scotch Whisky Commemorating The Royal Wedding Charles & Diana 29th July 1981, 75cl., 40% Vol. £30-40
694.    Wine - Chateau Lafitte Grand Vin De Bordeaux Cotes De Bordeaux 1981, 75cl, 12% Vol. (2) £80-120
695.    Wine - Grand Vin De Chateau Latour 1971 Premier Grand Cru Classe, Pauillac. £50-100
696.    Wine - Chateau Margaux Grand Vin Premier Cru Classe 1972. £50-70
697.    Wine - Chateau Lafitte Grand Vin De Bordeaux Cotes De Bordeaux 1981, 75cl, 12% Vol. (2) £80-120
698.    Miniatures - A Collection of 50+ Single Malt Whisky, Cognac and Other Spirit Miniatures, Whisky Book :- One Basket £20-40
699.    Spirits - Grand Marnier Liqueur and Croft Original Sherry. (2) £5-10
700.    Mixed - Glenmorangie Whisky 10 Years Old, Drambuie, Grand Marnier, Sherries, Glayva, Sparkling Wines, etc (18). £20-40
705.    A Ladies Three-Quarter Length Fur Jacket, possibly wolf/fox, collarless style with suede tie fastenings to neck and waist; A Pale Grey Leather and Blue Fox Fur Jacket, in a patchwork style, 72cm long. (2) £30-40
706.    A Three-Quarter Length Blonde Mink Coat, with shawl collar, the sleeves with contrasting horizontal pelts, 85cm long. £30-40
707.    A High Quality Calf/Ankle Length Black Mink Coat, retailed by Glyn & Leinhardt, Manchester, with small stand up collar and shaped cuffs to full sleeves, slightly flared with 'V' detail to upper back, 128cm long. £80-120
708.    A Dark Brown Mink Jacket, retailed by Glyn & Leinhardt, Manchester, with stand up collar and armhole detail, full cuffed sleeves, 79cm long. £30-50
709.    A Light Brown Mink Jacket, retailed by Glyn & Leinhardt, Manchester, the sleeves and front edges with off white fox fur detail, 73cm long. £50-70
710.    A Cream Mink Cocktail Jacket, with three-quarter length sleeves and collar. £20-30
711.    A Stylish Dark Brown Mink Coat, double breasted style with fitted waist and half loop back belt, 100cm long. £40-50
712.    A Cream Wool Mohair Wrap Coat, with cream mink and curly lamb collar. £20-30
713.    A Full Length Squirrel Fur Coat, with shawl collar, hook fasteners, 102cm long. £10-20
714.    A Beige Mink Fitted Stole, retailed by Harrison & Son Furriers, Bournemouth; A Black Persian Lamb Type Full Length Coat, fitted style with fox fur collar, 125cm long. (2) £20-30
715.    A Mid XX Century Vintage Three-Quarter Length Ocelot Coat, with rever collar and bell shaped sleeves, carved horn button trim, 89cm long; A Leopard Jacket, laid in sections, with brown mink collar, 73cm long and matching hat. £80-120
716.    A Dark Brown Mid Calf Length Mink Coat, slightly fitted with hook fastening, waist tie belt, 107cm long. £40-60
717.    A Dark Brown Modern Mink Jacket, edge to edge style with leather tie at neckline, fitted cuff, 63cm long.
718.    A Ladies Black Leather and Persian Lamb Style Jacket, retailed by Harry Fish, Chesterfield, edge to edge style; a zip front knit blouson jacket with persian lamb style body by Pering, France and a tan suede and red fox short jacket. (3) £20-40
719.    An Ocelot Full Length Coat, with hook fastening, two front pockets and two vents to back, 100cm long. £50-80
720.    A Dark Brown Mink Jacket, with rever collar and buttoned cuffs to sleeve, 60cm long. £20-40
721.    A Short Mid Brown Mink Jacket, with rever collar and buttoned half belt to twin vents at the back, retailers label for Harry Fish of Chesterfield, 64cm long; a three-quarter length dark brown fur coat by Stella Furriers, Abbeydale Rd. (2) £20-30
722.    A Ladies Burberry's Wool Angora Coat, double breasted with belt and back vent, approx. size 14/16, 130cm long; a Peter Barron fine beige wool duster coat, size 18. (2) £30-40
723.    A Ladies Cream Cashmere/Wool Classic Style Coat, single breasted (Italian size 50), 107cm long; a vintage Ralph Creation green velvet coat with belt and buckle neckline detail, approx. size 10/12 and a Loretta Bloom mustard wool jacket (size 12). (3) £20-40
724.    A Jaeger Coat, in angora/wool, reversible in black and emerald; two Jaeger jackets, Windsmoor black wool coat and tweed jacket, two further jackets. (7) £20-40
725.    A Ladies Habé Original Ankle Length Black Leather Coat, with Perisn lamb sleeves, side and front panels, tie fastenings and cape effect shoulders, size approx. 12/14; A Cibi Made to Measure Black and Gold Print Trench Style Coat, with quilted lining and faux fur lined detachable hood and matching pencil skirt. (2) £20-30
726.    A Selection of Leather Suits and Dresses, including L'Estelle shirtwaist style dress, in khaki (size 12), another in purple leather and suede (size 12) and a black leather skirt suit, a Cibi turquoise dress, lilac skirt suit and a wine skirt suit and Chewitt tan suit, all approx size 12. (7) £30-40
727.    A Ladies Grey Sheepskin Jacket, with fox fur collar and horn toggle fasteners, 83cm long (approx. size 10/12); a Betty Barclay caramel leather blazer style jacket (size 18), three suede jackets, Penny Black pale blue denim coat, a faux leather jacket and a gents suede jacket. (8) £20-30
728.    A Jaeger Beige Silk Shirtwaist Style Dress, (size 12), Basler wool tartan dress, Helen Anderson dress with leather applique front panel, Janet Reger and Bader International black velour jumpsuits, Farouche dress and Jaeger separates. (7) £20-30
729.    'Avant Garde' Pink Openweave Chanel Style Jacket and Matching blouse, (size 42), emerald green mohair knitted jacket with navy leather detail, eight further jackets amd coats including Kaspar and Company, Spatial, Mondi, Simonton Says, Dennis Basso, Beth Terrell etc. (10) £20-40
730.    Aquascutum; A Vintage Black Velvet Wrap Style Coat with Fox Fur Collar, approx. size 12/14. £20-30
731.    Twelve Silk and Other Ladies Blouses, to include Mondi (new with tags size 14), Jaeger, Bellino, L'Estelle D'ore, Escada, Susan Graver etc. and a camisole. (12) £10-20
732.    A C.1980's Vintage Tricoville Knit Three Piece Trouser Suit, in beige and grey (size 14), Ara cream knit zip jumper (size 42), 'Weave of the Irish' knit jacket with hood, two cardigans. (5) £15-25
733.    A Vintage Jaeger Black Velvet Suit, the fitted jacket with jeweled crucifix emblem to breast pocket and pencil skirt (size 10); Kaspar trouser suit (size 14), Mansfield camel wool three piece skirt suit (size 14), Viyella black wool crepe skirt suit (size 14) and trouser suit (size 16) and a Gina B beige crepe trouser suit (size 14) and Basler skirt suit (size 16). (7) £30-40
734.    Silk Street Emerald Green Quilted Jacket and Camisole, (size 16), Basler wool/angora jacket (size 16) and two Cos knitted jackets. (4) £15-25
735.    A Condici Set Black Evening Suit, the lace jacket with pearl and diamanté buttons and mid calf length skirt (size 14); Cibi evening suit in black fabric embroidered with multi-coloured bows (size 14), Benny Ong black crepe jacket and camisole (size 12), vintage Parigi Spanish style ankle length skirt and fitted blouse (size 12), Parigi Soir sequined top and jacket and a black beaded and sequined cheongsam. (6) £30-40
736.    A c.1960's/70's Jacques Heim Couture Evening Dress and Jacket, in gold silk satin, the fitted sleeveless dress with heavily beaded bodice and matching belted jacket; A Joan Leslie Emerald Crepe Evening Gown, with pleated long sleeves bodice and full skirt and a Dejue (Paris) black velvet evening cloak. (3) £50-80
737.    A c.1940's Vintage Ivory Damask Wedding Dress, with pleated cross-over bodice and full skirt with bow detail at back, with a matching double breasted bolero jacket with long sleeves, together with a wax flower circlet head dress and good luck horseshoe etc. £15-25
738.    Emu (Australia) Black Sheepskin Paddington Hi Boots, (size 38), appear unworn (boxed); together with a black sheepskin hat. (2) £10-20
739.    Two Dark Brown Mink Hats, a Madame Marie special occasion hat with Persian lamb brim, a Totes trilby hat with added mink brim trim and a mink scarf. £15-25
740.    A c.1940's Vintage Cream Silk Boudoir Jacket, with finely hand embroidered lace panels to front and sleeves, tie fastening; A Handmade Cream Lace Collar. (2) £30-40
741.    A Light Beige Mink Stole, retailers label for Joseph Fox of Sheffield; a slightly darker beige mink stole and a white fur tippet with ribbon ties. (3) £40-50
742.    A 1950's Vintage Fur Short Cape, fox fur collar and cuffs, white fox collar, mink scarf, tippet etc. £20-30
743.    Five 'Madame Marie' of Sheffield Special Occasion Hats, including fox fur, minks, pleated silk; plus a Mitzi Boutique fur hat, all in hat boxes. £30-40
744.    A Cream Mink Stole, with collar and three tassels to each end, a patchwork multi-fur stole, ermine collar, two faux fur collars, cream and dark brown mink hats. £20-30
745.    A c.1930'/40's Vintage Fur Coat, a further fur coat (in poor condition with splits); Six vintage "Marshall & Snelgrove" and "Harrods" dress boxes and a pair of c1940's Canadian 'Simlam' fur trimmed overshoes. £20-40
746.    Three Pairs of Charles Jourdan Ladies Shoes (approx size 4), two Charles Jourdan handbags, Bally green two-tone stilleto heeled court shoes (size 35½) and matching handbag, Ultimate Collection beige fabric court shoes (size 4) and matching handbag, Mr Seymour blue satin shoes (size 3½ and five further pairs of court shoes including Renata, Macantoni, Valbrenta, etc. £20-30
747.    Suzy Smith Navy Leather Shoulder Bag, Osprey black mock-croc shoulder bag, Tula and other leather shoulder/clutch bags. (14) £15-25
748.    Salvatore Ferragamo; A Black Leather Hobo Style Bag, with reptile style imprint, silver toned hardware, numbered EF-21 1236; a similar smaller Salvatore Ferragamo handbag, numbered EF-21 1235, a Fendi jacquard logo print bag in burgundy and two vintage handbags. (5) £30-40
749.    A Vintage Classic Style Riviera Crocodile Skin Handbag, two further vintage crocodile handbags, a python print leather handbag and a navy leather handbag. (5) £20-30
750.    A Russell & Bromley Black Leather and Faux Fur Handbag, a matched faux fur hat, a Stuart Weitzman black suede and gold print handbag; plus thirteen further special occasion clutch/handbags including Gina, Bally, Cordé etc. £30-40
751.    A Brown Suede Waldybag Handbag, with pearl inset gilt clasp and satin rouleau handles, an 'Empire Made' and sequin evening bag and four others and a small misers purse. £20-40
752.    A c.1920's Cream Net and Hammered Metal Assuit Shawl, laid in geometric patterns and rows of camels, weight 767grams, 230 x 84cm. £50-70
753.    A. c.1920's Black Velvet Evening Bag, with all-over cut steel floral design, the gilt scrollwork frame inset with multi-coloured stones, chain handle; Elbow Length Kid Gloves, and various others in a floral embroidered pale green silk container. £20-30
754.    A c.1920's Petit Point Evening Bag, with classical cartouche of girl with basket of flowers and roses to reverse, the frame and snap clasp intricately worked with seed pearls and beads and inset oval with guilloche enamel panels, chain handle; A Further Evening Bag, in silk with chinoiserie scenes and figures, the frame and clasp intricately worked with seed pearls, beads and guilloche enamel, with an interchangeable fabric covered frame with Art Deco marcasite and black hardstone clasp, chain handle. £30-50
755.    An Arctic Fox Fur Hat, and further fox fur hat by Madame Marie. (2) £15-25
756.    An Ermine Scarf, Edna Wallace light brown mink hat, dark brown mink beret style hat with plait and pom-pom detail and a fur and knit gilet. £20-40
757.    A Pair of Black Leather 'Nocona Texas' Cowboy Boots, with traditional grey/blue embroidery, size 8D (UK size 7½); a Taifun Collection 'Rock and Roll' embroidered white shirt with contrasting collar and cuffs (size 42). (2) £15-30
769.    A Pair of Early XX Century Chippendale Style Mahogany Fretwork Wall Mirrors, each with crested profile of an eagle with widespread wings in gilt, shell inlay and bevelled edge to mirrors, 49 x 89cm. (2) £60-80
770.    An XVIII Century Style Gilded Oval Console Mirror, with foliate, scroll and knulled decoration. £80-120
771.    A Gilt Wood Framed Overmantel, circa 1900, having applied ribbon and foliate cresting, egg and dart decoration to outer border with bead and reel surrounding the mirror, 164cm high, 106cm wide. £100-200
772.    A XIX Century Oak Overmantel, with stepped cornice carved with mythological beasts, central mirror, 113 x 120cm. £40-60
773.    A XVIII Century Style Carved Oak Overmantel, with lotus carving to frieze, central mirror with twin carved arched panels, 170 x 70cm. £30-50
774.    A XVIII Century Joined Oak Court Cupboard, the top with turned supports and two panelled cupboard doors, the base with four drawers with knulled decoration over twin panelled doors, knulled frieze on stile feet, 157cm high, 231cm wide. £200-400
775.    An XVIII Century and Later Oak Panelled Bed, (with woodworm), 181cm high, 130cm wide. £50-100
776.    A Late XVII/Early XVIII Century Oak Box Settle, with panelled back, hinged seat, shaped arms and panelled base, on stile feet, 146cm high, 203cm wide. £300-400
777.    An XVIII Century Oak Dresser Rack, with dentil cornice, hinged and reeded sides, three shelves with plate rails, on stepped plinth base, 145cm high, 219cm wide. £50-100
778.    An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Bureau Bookcase, the top with stepped cornice and twin astragal glazed doors, over fall front bureau and four long drawers, on bracket feet, 205cm high, 93cm wide. £40-80
779.    A 1920's Oak Four High Book Cabinet, with leaded glazed doors, bead and reel decoration around the doors, on small turned circular feet, 149cm high, 133cm wide. £200-400
780.    A Pair of XVIII Century Elm Chairs, with arched top rail, pierced splats, studded maroon leather seats on square support united by stretchers. (2) £20-40
781.    An XVIII Century Oak Delft Rack, with three shelves and plate rails, 106cm high, 129cm wide. £60-100
782.    A 1920's Oak Four High Book Cabinet, with leaded glazed doors, bead and reel decoration around the doors, on small turned circular feet, 149cm high, 133cm wide. £200-400
783.    A Pair of XX Century Walnut Salon Chairs, with oval backs, upholstered seat and back panels, shaped arms on cabriole legs. (2) £50-80
784.    A XIX Century Oak Metamorphic Chair/Steps, with 'C' scroll top rail, folding seat with four steps, on turned and block supports. £40-60
785.    A 1920's Oak Four High Corner Display Cabinet, with leaded glazed doors, bead and reel decoration around the doors, on small turned circular feet, 149cm high, 133cm wide. £100-150
786.    A XIX Century Oak Flat Fronted Corner Cupboard, with astragal glazed door to three internal shelves, 100cm high. £30-50
787.    A Georgian Mahogany Bookcase, with shell pattern to pediment, astragal glazed doors, (one pane cracked), on a chest of two short and three long graduated drawers and bracket feet, 122cm wide, possible marriage. £100-200
788.    A Late XIX Century Chinese Style Walnut Freestanding Corner Display Stand, the top with applied 'C' scroll decoration and four bevelled mirrors, the base with mirror panel door, shelves with pierced corner brackets on small sabre supports, 161cm high. £60-100
789.    A Titchmarsh & Goodwin Style Oak Display Cabinet, with twin astragal glazed doors over three panelled cupboard doors, on stile feet, 170cm high, 161cm wide. £150-250
790.    A XIX Century Ebonised Seven Piece Bedroom Suite, with urn, diamond and reef shaped bone inlay and comprising washstand, triple wardrobe, dressing table, double bed, towel rail, pot cupboard and bedroom chair. (7)
*A similar example in Warwick Castle. £1500-2000
791.    A Mid XIX Century Walnut Chaise Longue, with arched back, scroll arms and serpentine frieze with carved decoration, on cabriole legs, upholstered in a gold velvet fabric, 165cm wide. £150-200
792.    An XVIII Century Oak Dresser Rack, with carved top and panelled back with four shelves, 125cm high, 154cm wide. £50-100
793.    A Mid XX Century Walnut Chest of Five Graduated Drawers, with low back on squat cabriole legs, with key to lock all drawers, 82cm wide. £60-90
794.    A Late XVIII Century Mahogany Bow Fronted Corner Cupboard, with stepped cornice, inlaid frieze and three internal shelves over two small drawers. £30-50
795.    A Chinese Hardwood Corner Cupboard, the top inset with marble, foliate carving to twin doors, carved and pierced apron on claw and ball feet. £150-200
796.    A XIX Century Mahogany Chest of Drawers, the frieze with secret drawer over two short and three long drawers on bracket feet, 122cm wide, 116cm high. £80-120
797.    A XIX Century Mahogany Music Canterbury, with three wavy central dividers, spindles to exterior, single drawer to cushion base, on turned legs, 52cm high, 51cm wide (dividers reinforced). £40-80
798.    A XVII Century and Later Small Joined Oak Box, with carved lid and frieze, over triple panel and carved lunette base, 45cm high, 60cm wide. £80-120
799.    An XVIII Century Oak Dresser Base, with two top drawers and central arched pot cupboard, on turned and block supports, 101cm high, 144cm wide. £300-400
800.    A XIX Century and Later Mahogany Jardiniére Stand, with circular top, reeded and turned pedestal on cabriole legs and pad feet (repaired), 128cm high. £20-40
801.    An XVIII Century Oak/Ash? Miniature Chest of Drawers, with two short and three long drawers on bracket feet, 36 x 44cm. £60-100
802.    An Early XVIII Century Oak Blanket Box, with hinged lid, the base carved and initialled 'I P' and dated 1702, 27cm high, 76cm wide. £80-120
803.    An XVIII Century Joined Oak Dresser Base, with three upper drawers over four central drawers flanked by panelled cupboard doors, on bracket feet, 88cm high, 155cm wide. £300-400
804.    A XIX Century and Later Mahogany Drop Leaf Table, with gadrooned edge, the border carved with the words "Whoever may discern true ends here shall grow pure enough to love them, brave enough to strive for them and strong to reach them, though the road be rough we do nothing well? we learn our worth nothing best till we forget, H.MC", on tapering legs, 183cm high, 70cm wide. £40-60
805.    An XVIII Century Oak Rectangular Shaped Bench, on four legs, 126cm wide. £150-200
806.    An Early XX Century Oak Draw Leaf Dining Table, with rectangular top on cup and cover supports (with extra leaf), 121cm wide. £100-150
807.    A Set of Six XVIII Century Style Mahogany Dining Chairs, with pierced splats, studded maroon leather seats, on square supports united by stretchers. (6) £50-100
808.    A Robert Thompson (Mouseman) Set of Four Oak Lattice Back Dining Chairs, on octagonal front legs, carved mouse signature. (4) £700-1000
809.    A Robert Thompson (Mouseman) Oak Octagonal Dining Table, raised on a cross base, carved mouse signature, 134cm diameter. £600-800
810.    A Pair of XVII Century Style Armchairs, with upholstered back panels and seats, barley twist arms with carved lions, on barley twist and block supports united by 'H' stretchers. (2) £80-120
811.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Card Table, with serpentine front and fold-over top revealing green baize interior, acanthus leaf carving to tapering legs having spade feet, bearing label " Marsh Jones and Cribb, Leeds", 86cm wide. £80-120
812.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Music Stool, with turned handles, hinged upholstered lid with side cupboard, on square supports, 59 x 66cm. £20-40
813.    A XVII Century Style Joined Oak Refectory Table, with rectangular top, carved frieze on cup and cover supports united by stretchers, 180cm wide, 75cm high. £200-300
814.    A XIX Century Chinese Hardwood Vase Stand, the circular top inset with marble, carved and pierced decoration on cabriole legs united by an 'X' stretcher (with damage), 48cm high. £50-100
815.    A Mid XIX Century Ash/Elm Child's Chair, with turned spindles and shaped arms, on turned supports united by an 'H' stretcher. £60-100
816.    A Late XVII Century Oak Bible Box, with sloping lid over three small drawers with carved frieze and sides, 56cm wide. £60-100
817.    A Late XIX/Early XX Century Inlaid Rosewood Serpentine Shaped Ladies Writing Desk, the back with a shaped mirror over half round shelf, two small drawers and two inkwells, the base with central drawer between drawers, on cabriole legs with undershelf, 112cm high, 91cm wide. £200-250
818.    A French Kidney Shaped Ladies Dressing Table, circa mid XX Century, in various woods, with brass gallery to parquetry top, six varying drawers, on sabre legs, 100cm wide. £80-120
819.    A Mahogany Circa Early XX Century Serpentine Fronted Chest of Four Graduated Drawers, on bracket feet, with key to lock, all drawers bow fronted, 92cm wide. £60-90
820.    An Oak George VI Coronation Service Chair, for Westminster Abbey, with 'GR VI' cypher embroidered onto green velvet back, stamped under seat "Hands & Sons Ltd, 1937", 85cm high. £80-120
821.    A Robert Thompson (Mouseman) Oak Tea Trolley, with undershelf, carved mouse signature, 83.5 x 37cm. £250-350
822.    A XVII Century Joined Oak Court Cupboard Top, with carved frieze and cupboard doors with carved decoration, 65cm high, 182cm wide. £50-100
823.    A XVII Century Joined Oak Coffer, with carved frieze over three panelled base, on stile feet, 101cm wide, 57cm high. £50-100
824.    A XVII Century Oak Blanket Box, the top with moulded edge over panelled base on stile feet, 52cm high, 128cm wide. £50-100
825.    An XVIII Century Oak Dresser, with twin drawers, heavy apron and pot board, three block supports on bracket feet, 78.5cm high, 144cm wide. £100-200
826.    A Century Oak Stool, Possibly XVIII, with shaped top and legs (repaired), 27cm high, 36cm wide. £30-50
827.    A Late XVII/Early XVIII Century Joined Oak Box Settle, with twin panelled back and base and shaped arms, (hinged pine seat a later addition), 106cm wide. £150-200
828.    A XVII Century Joined Oak Wainscott Chair, with carved panel back, shaped arms and solid seat, on turned and block supports united by stretchers. £100-200
829.    A Set of Four William IV Rosewood Chairs, with reeded top rails, upholstered centre panels and caned seats, on turned and octagonal front legs. (4) £80-120
830.     A XVII Century and Later Joined Oak Bible Box on Stand, with hinged sloping top and carved base with iron lockplate, the stand with knulled decoration on turned and block supports (standwith later additions). £100-200
831.    An Early XVIII Century Oak Court Cupboard, with turned drop knobs to stepped pediment, three panelled upper doors, the central concealing interior drawers, the base having three drawers over twin cupboard doors and center panel, on squat block feet, 182cm high, 131cm wide. £200-300
832.    A 1920's Oak Four High Book Cabinet, with leaded glazed doors, bead and reel decoration around the doors, on small turned circular feet, 149cm high, 133cm wide. £200-400
833.    A Chinese Ebonised Jardiniere Stand, circa 1900, with red marble inset to circular top, heavily carved with foliage, on three slender cabriole supports, united by pierced wavy shelf, 94cm high. £100-200
834.    A Painted Well Bucket, possibly XVIII Century pine, with tin supports and central rail with iron hook, 60cm high. £100-150
835.    An Elm Well Bucket, possibly XVIII Century, of square form with two supports and central rail, 49cm high, 32cm wide. £100-200
836.    An XVIII Century Oak Dresser, the rack with stepped cornice and three shelves with reeded sides, the base with three central drawers over twin cupboard doors, on bracket feet (the rack and base married), 194cm high, 166cm wide. £250-300
837.    A Walnut Chest on Chest, circa mid XX Century, two small and five long drawers on bracket feet, 81cm wide. £60-90
838.    A XVIII Century Joined Oak High Back Chair, the top rail and shaped central panel with pierced decoration, solid seat on turned and block supports with central stretcher. £40-60
839.    An XVIII Century Thirty Hour Oak Longcase Clock, the hood with stepped cornice over square door to the brass dial with Roman numerals and single pointer inscribed "John Agar, York", the trunk with long door on square base, 198cm high. £200-300