Silver, Jewellery & Watches Auction @ 12 noon
on Thursday 4th August 2022

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200.    Modern Pearl, Polished Hardstone and Other Inset Necklaces and Bracelets, plastic and chain necklace etc :- One Tray 20-30
201.    Jewellery Making - Beads, clasps, etc. 10-20
202.    Assorted Polished Hardstone and Crystal Pendulums :- One Tray 20-40
203.    Jewellery Making - Assorted earring fittings, jump rings, beads, decorative spacers, clasps, etc :- One Tray 15-20
204.    Modern Fringe Style Bead Necklaces :- One Tray 20-30
205.    A Hallmarked Silver Trinket Dish, of textured design, with foliate edge (split) (54 grams), a hallmarked silver dwarf candlestick (weighted), a hallmarked silver salt, with blue glass liner, a hallmarked silver fish knife, with other of pearl handle, together with assorted plated ware, including spoons, etc.:- One Tray. 20-40
206.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including imitation pearls, further bead necklaces, wristwatches, earrings, brooches, chains, pendants, jewellery box etc :- One Tray 20-30
207.    Imitation Pearl Bead Necklaces, gilt coloured chains, and futher gilt costume jewellery, floral brooches, other brooches, a ladies Accurist wristwatch, a musical jewellery box, a fan, a trinket box, etc:- One Tray. 30-40
208.    A Collection of Assorted Modern Gent's Wristwatches, including Krug-Baumen Principle, Next, Sekonda, Seiko (7546-5070), Citizen, etc (16), contained in a sectioned lidded travel box. 40-60
209.    A Highly Decorative Matched Hallmarked Silver Jug and Sugar Bowl, (sugar bowl) MR, Birmingham 1891, (jug) LS, Birmingham 1891, each allover decorated (130grams), in original fitted case (lacking sugar tongs). 50-70
210.    Jewellery Making - Assorted fresh water pearl necklaces, together with quantity if packets of fresh water and imitation pearl beads :- One Tray 20-40
211.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Plated Cutlery, including hallmarked silver teaspoons, cased sets, decorative plated serving spoons, etc :- One Tray 25-40
212.    A Collection of Assorted Polished Hardstone and Other Bracelets, together with long single strands of tumbled amethyst, assorted packets of beads for jewellery making etc :- Two Trays 20-40
213.    Modern Polished Tiger's Eye and Other and Faceted Bead Necklaces, including graduated three row examples :- One Tray 20-40
214.    A Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Basting Spoon, WW, London 1817, 30.5cm long (95grams); together with a mixed lot of assorted plated cutlery, hallmarked silver teaspoons, plated fiddle pattern sugar tongs, napkin ring etc :- One Tray 60-80
215.    A Decorative Plated Three Bottle Decanter Stand, with high central reeded loop handle, raised on three shell scroll feet, fitted with three decorative glass stoppered decanters, overall height approximately 34.5cm. 50-70
216.    A Decorative Pair of Plated Three Branch Candelabrum, with acanthus leaf scroll decoration, on fluted column supports and spreading trefoil base, overall approximate height 55.5cm. (2) 70-100
217.    A Plated Four Piece Tea Set, with Celtic style band decoration and decorative handles, together with a plated twin handled tray. (5) 30-40
218.    Jewellery Making - Quantity of assorted beads :- Four Trays 20-30
219.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Plated Ware, including three piece tea set, decorative jug and sugar bowl, a hallmarked silver topped glass sugar sifter, a William Comyns hallmarked silver spill vase, oval plated tray, candelabrum and candlesticks, novelty Paddington Bear napkin ring, cruet items, condiment stand, etc :- One Box 30-50
220.    Jewellery Making - A large assortment of packets of polished hardstone and other beads :- Two Trays 20-40
221.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Plated Ware, including twin handled tray, selection of dishes, cream jug and sugar bowl on stand, vases, sauce boat on stand, tea ware, glass lined hors d'oeuvres dish, etc. 40-60
222.    Assorted Plated Ware, including tea set, tray, goblets, 'anointing' teaspoons, cruet items, twin handled dish etc :- One Box 20-40
223.    Jewellery Making - A large assortment of packets of polished hardstone and other beads :- Two Trays 20-30
224.    Two Trays of Modern Costume Jewellery, including gilt coloured chains, bangles, ornate pendants on chains, also including ethnic style bead necklaces, bangles, earrings, etc:- Two Trays. 10-20
225.    Jewellery Making - A Large Assortment of hardstone panels, assorted beads, etc :- One Box 20-40
226.    Oneida Canteen of Plated Cutlery, together with assorted plated cutlery, including mother of pearl handles, two plated entree dishes, sauce boats, footed dish, small mug, etc :- Three Trays 30-50
227.    Jewellery Making - Assorted beads, stars, hearts, etc :- Two Trays 15-20
228.    Assorted Plated Ware, including photograph frames, pair of twin branch candelabra, hip flask, tea wares, novelty boot tots, etc. 30-40
229.    Assorted Modern Polished Hardstone and Other Bead Necklaces, together with assorted bracelets :- Two Trays 20-30
230.    A Collection of Assorted Plated Ware, including four piece tea set, large oval gallery tray (one foot detached), swing handled footed dish, ladle, twin branch candelabrum, antique style caddy with lion detail, Art Deco style offering dish, etc. 40-60
231.    Assorted Plated Ware, including trays, rose bowl, tea pot, assorted cased cutlery, butter dish, preserve dish, etc. 30-40
232.    Jewellery Making - A large assortment of packets of polished hardstone and other beads :- Two Trays 20-40
233.    Jewellery Making - A large assortment of packets of polished hardstone and other beads :- Two Trays 20-40
234.    Assorted Plated Cutlery, including floral ceramic handled knives and forks (damage); a small collection of souvenir and other teaspoons, including hallmarked silver Festival of Britain, King George VI Coronation, hallmarked silver sugar tongs, cased steak knives etc. 20-40
235.    Two Trays of Modern Costume Jewellery, including diamante bracelets, ornate chains, bangles, a tiara, etc, also including imitation pearl bead necklaces, other bead necklaces, bracelets, etc:- Two Trays. 10-20
236.    Assorted Plated Ware, including small lidded twin handled trophy cup "Whitehead Challenge Cup 1925 Runner-Up Roy Smith", further miniature trophy cups, sugar caster, Royal Commemorative tray, set of teaspoons, cased travelling set, bottle coasters etc. 20-30
237.    Modern Fresh Water Pearls, a bangle, 1939 Netherlands 1 Gulden coin as a pendant on chain, dress ring. 15-25
238.    Assorted Modern Polished Hardstone and Other Bead Necklaces, and bracelets :- Two Trays 20-30
239.    Assorted Packets of Loose Beads, polished hardstones and crystals, fringe style necklace, etc :- One Box 15-25
240.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including imitation pearl beads, Koa type seed necklace, pendants on chains, brooches, filigree panel bracelet, eternity band etc :- One Tray 20-40
241.    Modern Polished Hardstone and Other Inset Necklaces :- One Tray 20-40
242.    A Decorative Hallmarked Silver and Enamel Three Piece Dressing Table Set, H Clifford Davis Ltd, Birmingham 1959, each detailed with a blue tit and branch, on a white ground; together with a hallmarked silver backed hand mirror and a further mirror highlighted in green. (5) 40-60
243.    A Hallmarked Silver Ingot Pendant, on a chain, together with hoop earrings, dress ring, costume earrings, necklaces, ladies wristwatch, assortment of empty jewellery boxes etc. 20-40
244.    Hallmarked Silver Backed Brushes, with engine turned stripe decoration, together with a hallmarked silver and blue enamel backed brush. (5) 30-50
245.    Modern Hardstone and Other Earrings, polished hardstone necklaces, bracelet etc :- One Tray 20-40
246.    A Modern QVC 925 CZ Set Bracelet, of openwork design collet set, together with modern fresh water and imitation pearl bead necklaces, "925" dress rings, Honora bronze and pearl bracelet etc :- One Tray 25-40
247.    Assorted Modern Polished Hardstone and Other Bead Necklaces :- Two Trays 20-30
248.    A Collection of Assorted Coins, including threepences, sixpences, 1920 One Florin, 1999 2000 Anno Domini Five Pounds coin, Festival of Britain; teaspoons in original vintage 'Beaverbrooks' box, etc :- One Tray 20-30
249.    A Set of Three Decorative Hallmarked Silver Gilt Serving Spoons, John Newton Mappin, London 1887, each with shell bowl and decorative handle (one broken / incomplete) (255grams), in original Catchpole Williams Ltd 510 Oxford St W. fitted case for four. 80-120
250.    A Decorative Set of Six Mother of Pearl Handled Knives and Forks, with hallmarked silver ferrules; together with two pairs of hallmarked silver and mother of pearl dessert knives and forks, a Scottish hallmarked silver cream ladle and matched sugar sifter (FH, Edinburgh 1977, 1978), hallmarked silver sugar tongs etc :- One Tray 40-60
251.    A Decorative Plated Comport, of shaped and pierced design, on pierced spreading base; together with decorative swing handled dishes, further dishes including Barker Ellis. (6) 30-40
252.    A Hallmarked Silver Three Piece Tea Set, ES, Sheffield 1940, each of plain shaped design (total weight 870grams). (3) 300-350
253.    A Hallmarked Silver Sugar Caster, S.I.Ld, Chester 1912, of octagonal baluster form, on octagonal spreading base, 21.2cm high (170grams). 60-80
254.    A XIX Century Russian Swing Handled Pedestal Dish, stamped makers mark "H.A", date "1839" and "84", of rectangular form with canted corners, pierced border and swing handle, raised on spreading base, 20cm wide. 100-200
255.    A Hallmarked Silver Sauce Boat, S Ld, Birmingham 1929, of oval form, with leaf capped scroll handle, raised on three shell capped hoof feet (145grams). 40-60
256.    A Hallmarked Silver Three Piece Tea Set, M&J, Birmingham 1931, each of plain oval form with wavy edge, on pad feet (total weight 875grams). (3) 300-350
257.    A Decorative Hallmarked Silver Dish, C.H, Birmingham 1900, of shaped design, pierced and allover decorated, 16cm wide (55grams). 20-40
258.    A Small Hallmarked Silver Drum Mustard, JD&S, Sheffield 1937, of antique style with gadrooned edge, complete with blue glass liner (loose fit) and matched hallmarked silver spoon, TB&S, Sheffield 1937. (2) 40-60
259.    A Hallmarked Silver and Mother of Pearl Trowel Page Marker, together with a small letter opener with thistle finial and a hallmarked silver handled shoe horn. (3) 20-30
260.    A Hallmarked Silver Vase, CSG&Co, Birmingham 1975, 15.7cm high (base weighted). 30-50
261.    A Hallmarked Silver Sugar Caster, BESCo, Birmingham 1971, of plain tapering cylindrical form, 17.5cm high (120grams). 40-50
262.    Whiting Manufacturing Co (New York); A Dainty Sauce Boat on Stand, each with beaded edge, the oval stand initialled "GLH", stamped maker's mark and "Sterling" (dents). 30-40
263.    A Hallmarked Silver Sauce Boat, SB&S Ltd, Birmingham 1935 with wavy cut edge and leaf capped flying scroll handle, raised on three shell capped hoof feet (90grams). 30-40
264.    A Hallmarked Silver Sauce Boat, London 1933, with wavy cut edge with loop handle, raised on three pad feet (120grams). 40-60
265.    A Hallmarked Silver Sauce Boat, W.N Ltd, Birmingham 1932, of panelled form with wavy cut edge, raised on three stepped square feet (190grams). 60-80
266.    Geoffrey Bellamy for Albert Edward Jones; A Hallmarked Silver Trinket Dish, Birmingham 1959, of stylised Adam and Eve design, 8cm diameter. 30-50
267.    A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Wooden Pepper Mill, J.B. Chatterley & Sons, with Peugeot France mechanism (approximately 10cm high. 25-30
268.    A Hallmarked Silver Capstan Style Inkwell, Birmingham 1919 (marks rubbed), base (weighted) 12.3cm diameter. 20-40
269.    A Hallmarked Silver Powder Compact, Birmingham 1947, inscribed "5th June 1950", of square form, allover engine turned, initialled. 40-60
270.    A Hallmarked Silver and Bakelite Circular Powder Box, Joseph Gloster, Birmingham 1949, the circular screw on lid with engine turned decoration, approximately 10cm diameter. 40-60
271.    A Hallmarked Silver Tea Strainer, A E Poston & Co, Sheffield 1944, hallmarked silver handled tea knives, a hallmarked silver napkin ring, etc. 25-40
272.    A Hallmarked Silver Meat Skewer Design Letter Opener, 20.2cm long; together with a hallmarked silver pill box, bearing feature marks. (2) 20-40
272A.   H. Decker 'Sverige' Swedish EPNS Spoon, assorted plated spoons, cruet, 'Whiskey' etc. 15-25
273.    A Set of Eight 'British Hall Marks' Hallmarked Silver Coffee Spoons, Roberts & Belk, 1977, in original fitted case. 25-40
274.    A Small Collection of Hallmarked Silver and Other Teaspoons, including Glasgow 1872, John Langlands II(?) Newcastle; a plated sifter spoon, pair of preserve spoons etc. 25-30
275.    A Novelty German Glass Ashtray, the applied rim stamped crescent and crown mark and "800", with applied brooms and dish; together with a Swedish trinket dish, stamped "813H" "C7", inscribed "Kiitollisuudella oppilailta 1957" (with gratitude from students 1957); and a Continental pastry slice, the handled stamped "800". (3) 30-40
276.    A Decorative "Mexico 925" Thimble, with applied decoration; together with another thimble, stamped "925" with cabochon highlights and a small square pill box, with collet set cabochon highlight, stamped "925". (3) 30-50
277.    A Hallmarked Silver Vesta Case, allover leaf scroll engraved; Together with A 9ct Gold 'Good Luck' Ring, (shank split); and three gent's rings. (4) 20-30
278.    A Hallmarked Silver Lidded Cut Glass Scent Bottle, (hinge broken / lid detached), 6.2cm high; together with a small hallmarked silver mirror, with suspension loop. (2) 15-20
279.    A Decorative Hallmarked Silver and Enamel Square Pill Box, C&G, import marks for London 1926, the hinged lid detailed in black, red and yellow, with floral detail and engine turned decoration, (the gilt lined interior later scratched inside "S17-3NU57"), 4cm diameter. 50-80
279A.   A Decorative Hallmarked Silver and Enamel Circular Compact / Pill Box, GS, import marks for London 1928, the hinged lid detailed in colour with a rural riverside church, with allover engine turned decoration, the gilt lined interior with mirror inside the lid (later scratched inside "S17-3NU57"), 5.1cm diameter. 100-150
280.    A Hallmarked Silver Candle Snuffer, HC, Sheffield 1987, with turned handle, 23.4cm long. 15-25
281.    An Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Spectacle Case, Chester 1903, detailed with flowerheads and leaf scrolls, engraved to the back "Irvine", on chain suspension with waist clip, together with a pair of c.early XX Century spectacles. 40-60
282.    A Decorative Hallmarked Silver Topped Cut Glass Scent Bottle, John Grinsell, Birmingham 1902, complete with internal stopper and plain flat screw top, approximately 9cm high; together with a pair of c.early XX Century lustre glass vases with gilt and enamel detail. (3) 30-50
283.    A Decorative Vintage EPNS Mesh Link Ladies Evening Bag, the plain frame with cabochon inset clasp (15.8cm wide), on chain suspension. 20-30
284.    A Victorian Hallmarked Silver Two Prong Hair Ornament, RJW, Birmingham 1896, of leaf scroll pierced design, 11.6cm long. 20-30
285.    A Hallmarked Silver Vesta Case, allover engine turned stripe decoration, with suspension loop. 20-30
286.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Decanter Labels, Birmingham 1985, "Sherry" and "Whisky"; together with another "Port", all on chain suspensions. (3) 25-40
287.    Berthold Muller; A Set of Four Decorative Hallmarked Silver Buttons, Chester 1901 (F import mark), detailed in relief with courting couple. (4) 20-30
288.    A Hallmarked Silver Ladies Purse, Birmingham 1917, of shaped design with engraved ribbon tied swag detail, on chain suspension. 30-40
289.    A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Circular Mirror Dish / Coaster, B&Co, Birmingham 1984, 13.8cm diameter. 20-40
290.    A Pair of Dainty Hallmarked Silver Salts, in a fitted case with a pair of dainty spoons; an oval hallmarked silver salt with blue glass liner, a spoon, etc. 25-40
291.    A Georgian Toddy Ladle, the plain bowl with side spout, stamped maker's mark and twisted handle, overall length approximately 38cm. 30-50
292.    A Highly Decorative Hallmarked Silver Ladle, Marston & Bayliss, Birmingham 1901, the elongated shaped bowl with two spouts, detailed in relief with birds amongst foliage, with twisted handle, 34cm long. 40-60
293.    Three Hallmarked Silver Decanter Labels, 'Brandy' (London 1969), ''Sherry' (London 1979), 'Madeira' (Birmingham 1981), each on chain suspension; together with a pair of further decanter labels 'Sherry' and 'Gin', mounted on leather. (5) 40-60
294.    A Decorative Hallmarked Silver Dish, Mappin & Webb, Birmingham 1971, of shaped hexagonal form with scroll pierced decoration, on circular spreading base, 14.5cm diameter. 40-50
295.    A Novelty Scottish Hallmarked Silver Tea Strainer on Stand, Brook & Son, Edinburgh 1924, the strainer handle in the form of a dolphin after the design of the Traprain Law hoard dolphin spoon. (2) 80-120
296.    A Hallmarked Silver Slim Rectangular Cigarette Case, Birmingham 1935, inscribed inside "With love Agnes Sept 14th 1936", allover engine turned decoration (overall weight 180grams). 60-80
297.    A Hallmarked Silver Twin Handled Dish, FsLd, London 1907, of plain circular form with textured edge and tied bow openwork twin handles, overall width over handles 19.2cm (120grams) 40-50
298.    A Pair of Highly Decorative Victorian Hallmarked Silver Serving Spoons, JW over FCW(?), London 1890, each circular bowl allover engraved with flowers, the handles with floral decoration. (2) 30-50
299.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Napkin Rings, engraved "H Birch" and "M Birch"; together with a pair of hallmarked silver sugar tongs. (3) 25-40
300.    A Decorative Hallmarked Silver Lidded Mustard, of oval form with pierced decoration, complete with blue glass liner and a hallmarked silver spoon; Together with Another Example, of plain cylindrical form, complete with blue glass liner and a spoon. 40-60
301.    A Pair of XIX Century Russian Teaspoons, stamped makers mark "A.B"(?), date "1893" and "84", with flower engraved bowls amd twisted handles; Together with Another Russian Teaspoon, stamped makers mark, date "1886" and "84", the bowl engraved with buildings and twisted handle; a hallmarked silver teaspoon with rose finial. (4) 30-50
302.    A Small Collection of Royal Commemorative, Souvenir and Other Hallmarked Silver and Plated Spoons, including hallmarked silver ERII 1953 caddy spoon, anointing style teaspoons, novelty hallmarked silver Queen Victoria pickle fork, King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra spoon, Roman style hallmarked silver teaspoon, 'Shrewsbury' souvenir, etc. 25-30
303.    Parker Lady Duofold Pen, (hooded nib) in original box, Eversharp pencil in original box, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother commemorative coins. 30-40
304.    A Gold Plated Cased Half Hunter Pocketwatch, (damages); Together with Another Gold Plated Pocketwatch, (damages / incomplete). (2) 20-40
305.    A Decorative Hallmarked Silver and Enamel Ladies Fob Watch, the white dial with gilt highlights and black Roman numerals, within enamelled case in mauve, the case back highlighted in colours and detailed vignette with a courting couple, import marks for London 1910, suspended from an enamel bow brooch, highlighted in mauve (enamel damage). 80-120
306.    Rolco; A Vintage 9ct Gold Cased Gent's Wristwatch, the (feint) signed dial with Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, the movement stamped "Rolco 15 Jewels" "Swiss Made", within plain R.W.C.Ltd case (import marks for Glasgow 1926), on later expanding bracelet. 200-300
307.    Jaeger LeCoultre; A Retro Automatic 562-51 Gent's Wristwatch, the signed circular dial with line markers, centre seconds and date aperture, (movement unseen) the case back numbered "562-51" "1321977", on associated expanding bracelet. 200-300
308.    Chalet; A Vintage Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with Arabic numerals and markers, on a modern strap; Together with A Talis Vintage Gent's Wristwatch, on a modern strap. (2) 20-30
309.    A Ladies Wristwatch, the unsigned dial with Arabic numerals, within hexagonal plain case, inside stamped "375" to leather strap, together with a stone set ring, (one stone missing) (shank cut). 50-70
310.    A 9ct Gold Cased Gent's Wristwatch, on later expanding bracelet, together with an openface pocketwatch, further gent's and ladies wristwatches. 40-60
311.    Bulova; A Rolled Gold Plated Openface Pocketwatch, the signed dial with Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, the movement stamped "Bulova Watch Co" "Fifteen 15 Jewels", within plain case stamped "10K Rolled Gold Plate"; Together with A Holgate Thorne Military Style Openface Pocketwatch, a vintage ladies wristwatch within plain case with mother of pearl detail, on a new strap and an Art Deco ladies cocktail wristwatch. (4) 30-50
312.    Timor Ladies Wristwatch, on an expanding bracelet, together with a Summit ladies wristwatch head (no strap). 30-50
313.    Everite Ladies Wristwatch, on a geometric link bracelet, with 9ct gold clasp. 120-180
314.    A Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Fob Watch, (movement / dial detached within case) (damages); together with a hallmarked silver thimble. (2) 20-30
315.    Limit E. H. But(??) Holmfirth; A 9ct Gold Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the signed (incomplete / rubbed) dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial (movement unseen) within monogrammed case also engraved "December 17th 1930", hallmarked for Birmingham 1929 (winder detached). 250-350
316.    Mercedes; A Modern Gent's Chronograph Wristwatch, on original strap, boxed; together with a modern Aviator gent's wristwatch, boxed. (2) 30-50
317.    A Victorian Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch, te decorative dial with italic Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial (hand damage / elastic glass detached), the movement signed J. Shirwinter Edinburgh and numbered 10137, within engine turned case (inside case back inscribed "Alexander Stark"), together with a fancy link Albert chain. 50-70
318.    A Vintage 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, on later expanding bracelet, together with assorted modern and other ladies and gent's wristwatches and a novelty pendant watch. 20-30
319.    An Oval Panel Bracelet, inset with amber colour cabochons; together with modern bangles, a Celtic style bar brooch, tiger's eye pendant, etc, contained in a wooden jewellery box. 30-40
320.    Polished Hardstone and Other Pendants :- One Tray 20-30
321.    A Curb Link Charm Bracelet, to heart shape padlock style clasp, suspending numerous souvenir shield pendants. 30-40
322.    Modern Hardstone inset and Other Pendants. 20-40
323.    Modern Hardstone inset and Other Pendants. 20-40
324.    A Hallmarked Silver Hinged Bangle, of belt buckle design to the front, together with a marcasite set flowerhead cluster ring, an opal and garnet set ring, etc. 15-25
325.    "925" and Other Earrings, including oval amber drops, faceted teardrops, artisan style etc. 20-30
326.    An Ammonite Pendant, on a fancy link chain; together with a polished hardstone teardrop pendant, on a chain. 20-40
327.    A Hallmarked Silver Curb Link Charm Bracelet, (lacking padlock clasp), suspending novelty charms, including a Whiskey Bottle, a Horse Head, etc (37grams). 20-30
328.    A Curb Link Charm Bracelet, to heart shape padlock clasp, suspending numerous novelty charm pendants and coins including threepence pieces (drilled) etc. 60-80
329.    A Modern Bracelet, oval claw set, to snap clasp, stamped "DIA 375". 80-120
330.    A Curb Link Charm Bracelet, suspending numerous assorted novelty charm pendants. 25-40
331.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including dress rings, "9ct & Silver" signet ring, stud and other earrings, imitation pearls, oval cameo brooch, tie slides, tie pins, pair of sleeve bands, shoe horn and button hook etc, contained in a jewellery box. 20-40
332.    A Gate Style Bracelet (Damages), indistinctly stamped, to heart shape padlock clasp (dented) (12 grams). 150-250
333.    A Seed Pearl Set Circlet Stickpin, (stamped "15"), together with a Blue John inset stickpin, Edward VIII commemorative, horseshoe, star etc. 30-50
334.    An Amethyst Single Stone Brooch, of navette shape, collet set, stamped "9ct" (non gold pin). 30-50
335.    A Late XIX /Early XX Century Openwork Bar Brooch, with claw set centre between collet set moonstones, stamped "15c". 80-120
336.    A Modern Dolphin Torque Style Bangle, stamped "585" (12grams), together with similar Dolphin brooch, indistinctly stamped "375" to pin (0.7grams). 300-350
337.    A Modern 9ct Gold Opal Set Bar Brooch, of antique scroll design; together with a dainty bracelet, a 9ct gold heart shape locket pendant, a pair of "925 & 9ct Bonded Gold" hoop earrings. 40-50
338.    Scrap - A Gent's Signet Ring, stamped "375" (cut / damaged), two 9ct gold dress rings (stones missing), a further ring, hoop earrings (odd / damaged), gilt metal chains. 120-150
339.    A Knot Style Bangle, of openwork design to snap clasp, and safety chain, indistinctly stamped "15ct" (11grams) 250-300
340.    A Curb Link Bracelet, stamped "375" (damage / broken), to a heart shape padlock style clasp; together with a three stone ring stamped "9ct", a pair of stud earrings etc. 50-80
341.    Assorted Hoop Earrings, including "375". 70-90
342.    Creole Hoop Earrings, including "9k" and "Mum". 60-80
343.    Assorted Hoop Earrings, including "375". 70-90
344.    Creole Hoop Earrings, including "375", etc. 70-90
345.    Assorted Hoop Earrings, including "375". 80-120
346.    Creole Hoop Earrings, including "375". 80-100
347.    Creole Hoop Earrings, including "375". 80-100
348.    9ct Gold and Other Earrings, including two and three colour etc. 100-120
349.    Dainty Creole and Hoop Earrings, including "375". 70-100
350.    Dainty Creole Hoop Earrings, including "9kt". 50-70
351.    9ct Gold and Other Earrings. 80-100
352.    Creole and Hoop Earrings, including "375". 80-100
353.    Stud and Other Earrings, including "375". 100-150
354.    Creole Hoop Earrings, including "375". 70-90
355.    Creole Hoop Earrings, including "375". 70-100
356.    Assorted Earrings. 70-90
357.    Creole Hoop Earrings, including "375". 60-80
358.    Earrings, including "375". 60-80
359.    Assorted Earrings. 70-90
360.    Earrings, including "9k". 70-90
361.    Earrings, including "9ct". 70-90
362.    Creole Hoop Earrings, including "375". 70-90
363.    Earrings, including 9ct gold. 70-100
364.    Assorted Earrings. 50-70
365.    Creole Hoop Earrings, including "9k". 70-90
366.    Assorted Earrings. 60-80
367.    9ct Gold and Other Earrings, (including odd and damaged). 80-120
368.    Assorted Earrings, including "9ct" and inset highlights. 70-90
369.    Hoop Earrings, including "375". 70-90
370.    Modern Hoop Style Earrings, with inset highlights. 100-120
371.    Assorted Knot Studs, including "375". 70-90
372.    Creole Hoop Earrings, including "375". 70-100
373.    9ct Gold and Other Drop Earrings. 70-90
374.    Creole and Hoop Earrings, including "375". 100-120
375.    Two and Three Colour Hoop Earrings. 120-150
376.    Creole Hoop Earrings, including "9k". 80-100
377.    Assorted Earrings, (damage). 60-80
378.    A Pair of Modern White Hoop Earrings, (1.7grams). 30-40
379.    9ct Gold and Other Hoop Earrings. 80-100
380.    Twisted Hoop Earrings, including "375". 50-70
381.    A Pair of 9ct Gold Oval Hoop Earrings, (2.4grams). 30-50
382.    Creole Hoop Earrings, including "375". 70-90
383.    Scrap - Assorted Earrings (odd / damage). 70-100
384.    Scrap - Assorted Earrings (odd / damage). 50-70
385.    Scrap - Assorted Earrings (odd / damage). 50-70
386.    Assorted Earrings. 60-80
387.    Scrap - Assorted Earrings (odd / damage). 100-150
388.    Earrings, including "375". 70-90
389.    Earrings, including "375". 70-90
390.    Earrings, including "375". 80-100
391.    Earrings, including "375". 70-90
392.    Earrings, including 9ct gold. 70-90
393.    Earrings, including "375". 70-90
394.    Scrap - Assorted Earrings (odd / damage), sleeper hoop earrings. 40-60
395.    A Modern Diamond Set Pendant, of graduated circlet design, stamped "10k", on a fine chain. 50-70
396.    A Decorative Heart Shape Padlock Style Clasp, indistinctly stamped "375" (2.2grams). 40-60
397.    A Modern Oval Pendant, collet set to the centre. 40-60
398.    A 9ct Gold '21' Wishbone Pendant, with inset highlights (2grams). 30-40
399.    A Modern High Carat Pendant, stamped "916" (1.1grams). 40-60
400.    A 9ct Gold Neptune Pendant, (1.8grams). 30-40
401.    A 9ct Gold Neptune Pendant, (2.1grams). 30-40
402.    A Modern 9ct Gold Cross Pendant, with claw set highlights, together with another similar. (2) 40-60
403.    A Modern 9ct Two Colour Gold Open Heart Pendant, together with another open heart pendant. 40-60
404.    A Modern Dainty Diamond Set Open Heart Pendant, stamped "375". 30-50
405.    A Modern 9ct Gold Cross Pendant, with claw set highlights; together with another similar (stone missing). (2) 50-60
406.    A Modern Cross Pendant, with collet set highlights of antique style, stamped "375", on a fine chain. 30-50
407.    A Novelty 9ct Gold Dart Pendant, (2.6grams). 40-50
408.    A 9ct Gold Novelty Horn Pendant, on a 9ct gold chain (2.2grams). 30-40
409.    A Modern 9ct Two Colour Gold Oval Pendant, together with a Star of David pendant, stamped "375" (overall weight 1.8grams). (2) 30-50
410.    A Modern 9ct Gold Hollow Curb Link Chain, of uniform design (19grams). 250-300
411.    A Flat Link Chain, stamped "375, 53cm lenght (22grams). 350-400
412.    A Victorian Hallmarked Silver Oval Locket Pendant, allover engraved with foliate decoration, Birmingham 1893 (lacking bail). 25-35
413.    Modern Charm Pendants, including "375". 70-90
414.    An Edwardian Openwork Pendant, with collet set highlights and seed pearls, indistinctly stamped "9ct", on a fine ropetwist chain stamped "9c"; together with another Edwardian openwork pendant (damaged / incomplete) and a chain. 80-120
415.    "375" and Other Cross Pendants. 80-120
416.    Modern Cluster Pendants, including "14k", "375". 80-120
417.    Novelty Charm Pendants - motorbike, dog, train, elephant, rabbit, etc. 100-150
418.    Findings - Clasps, chain, jump rings. 20-40
419.    Findings - Brooch Safety Chains. 20-40
420.    Findings - Circular Mounts. 50-70
421.    9ct Gold and Other Heart Shape Pendants. 40-50
422.    Novelty Charm Pendants, including 'Forever Friends' locket pendant. 70-100
423.    Three Novelty Charm Pendants, with faceted bead detail. 20-30
424.    Modern 9ct Gold and Other Single Stone Pendants, including opal, amethyst etc. 100-150
425.    Four Modern Cross Pendants, with inset highlights, including "375". 80-120
426.    Three Modern Cluster Pendants, including diamond set. 70-100
427.    Novelty Dice Charm Pendants, one stamped "375"; together with a 9ct gold charm pendant. (3) 50-60
428.    Five Modern 9ct Gold and Other Single Stone Pendants, including garnet, opal (doublet), amethyst etc. (5) 80-120
429.    'Grandma' and Other Charm Pendants, beads with inset highlights, dainty heart shape St. Christopher, clasps etc (damage). 120-150
430.    Assorted T-Bar Pendants. 70-100
431.    A Modern 9ct Gold Diamond Set Cross Pendant, together with an openwork cross pendant, with inset highlights, and another. 60-80
432.    Two Oval Cameo Pendants, together with a modern two colour drop pendant. 30-50
433.    Novelty Charm and Other Pendants, including crocodile, duck with umbrella, dolphin etc. 100-150
434.    Assorted Pendants, novelty charms etc. 150-200
435.    Novelty Charm Pendants - rabbit, duck, lion, cat, teddy bear, etc. 70-100
436.    Novelty Charm Pendants - double dolphins. 70-90
437.    Novelty Charm Pendants - teddy bear, whistle, dinosaur, horse, kangaroo. 70-100
438.    Novelty Charm Pendants - enamel dolsphin and others. 70-90
439.    Novelty Charm Pendants - mobile phone, wrapped sweet, thimble, apple, coffee pot. 70-100
440.    Assorted T-Bar Pendants. 100-150
441.    Novelty Charm Pendants - enamel whale and others. 40-60
442.    "375" and Other Charm / Pendants. 80-120
443.    Novelty Charm Pendants - enamel whale and others. 40-60
444.    A Modern 9ct Gold Big Cat Drop Pendant, (1.6grams); together with two owl pendants and a hippo. 70-100
445.    A Modern Eight Row Fresh Water Pearl Bead Necklace, of graduated design with polished bead highlights. 40-60
446.    A Single Strand Graduated Pearl Bead Necklace, to cluster clasp stamped "9ct", in a Wm Greenwood & Sons (Huddersfield) fitted case; together with a pair of 9ct gold single pearl earstuds. 100-150
447.    A Single Strand Pearl Bead Necklace, with "925" gilt openwork bow adjustable clip, with pearl centre and claw set highlights. 80-120
448.    A Five Stone Diamond Ring, graduated claw set, indistinctly stamped "18ct". 80-120
449.    A 9ct Gold Ring, of textured finish as a belt / buckle (finger size M1/2) (2.6grams). 40-50
450.    A Modern 9ct Gold Three Stone Diamond Ring, the graduated brilliant cut stones claw set, stamped "DIA 50PTS" (finger size N). 100-200
451.    A Single Stone Cocktail Dress Ring, rectangular claw set, between wide tapering openwork shoulders (finger size L1/2) (indistinctly stamped). 80-120
452.    A Chester Hallmarked 9ct Gold Ring, (stone missing), a 9ct gold single stone ring and a five stone dress ring, 60-100
453.    A Dainty Three Stone Diamond Ring, claw set, stamped "18ct Plat"; together with a five stone diamond ring. (2) 150-200
454.    A Modern 9ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant cut stone illusion set within plain crossover setting (finger size J1/2). 80-120
455.    A Sapphire and Diamond Set Dress Ring, rectangular claw set to the centre, between diamond set bifurcated shoulders, stamped "18k" (finger size M) (2.8grams). 100-120
456.    A 9ct Gold Wide Plain Wedding Band, (finger size M1/2) (3.4grams). 50-60
457.    A 9ct Gold Patterned Wedding Band, (finger size N). 60-80
458.    A Victorian Style 9ct Gold Opal and Garnet Cluster Ring, of flowerhead design, between textured shoulders (finger size O). 80-100
459.    A Single Stone Diamond Ring, illusion set, stamped "18ct&PT" (finger size J) (1.8grams). 80-100
460.    A Diamond Set Cluster Dress Ring, of flowerhead design claw set, stamped "18ct" (finger size M) (3grams). 100-150
461.    A Dainty 18ct White Gold Diamond Set Half Eternity Band, millegrain set with single cut stones (finger size K) (2.8grams). 80-120
462.    A Modern 18ct Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant cut stone claw set, (finger size M). 200-300
463.    A 9ct Gold Two Colour Patterned Wedding Band, (finger size S) (4grams). 70-90
464.    A 9ct Gold Signet Ring, the initialled recctangular panel between plain shoulders (finger size S) (7grams). 100-120
465.    Assorted Modern Dress Rings, including "925". 15-25
466.    A 9ct Gold Signet Style Ring, initialled 'M' (finger size O) (2.9grams); together with two tie pins. 40-50
467.    A 9ct Gold Cluster Style Ring, with seed pearl highlights (finger size J), together with a dress stud set, to include cufflink's.etc. 20-30
468.    A Pair of 9ct Gold Cufflinks, the oval panels on chain connections, etc, in a 'Studs' case. 80-120
469.    Sheffield Wednesday Football Club; A 9ct Gold Owl Charm Pendant, together with an Isle of Man souvenir charm pendant. 30-50
470.    An Edward VII Half Sovereign, 1909. 100-150
471.    A 9ct Gold Graduated Curb Link Double Albert Chain, to 9ct gold double swivel style clasps, suspending a 9ct gold T-bar and a 9ct gold medallion pendants, engraved "Hary Lodge Ellis". 500-600