Silver, Jewellery & Watches on
Thursday 17th March 2022

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1.      A Walker & Hall Silver Plated Flatware Service, of 10/12 setting, each with engraved monogram, knives with ivorine handles, contained in a oak two drawer table cabinet. 80-120
2.       A Roberts & Belk Ltd Modern Silver Plated Flat Ware Service, of eight place settings, contained in a two drawer mahogany table cabinet. 100-150
3.      John Stephenson Sheffield: A Silver Plated Flat Ware Service, of twelve setting, knives with ivorine handles, contained in a two drawer oak table cabinet. 60-80
4.      Davinci By Commonwealth Silver: A Cased set of eight silver plated sundae dishes and glass liners, including eight goblets, in wooden box. 30-50
5.      Assorted Plated Cutlery, including two pairs of sugar tongs, fish knives, bead edge knives and forks, etc:- One Tray. 15-20
6.      Two Glass Claret Jugs, with plated spout and handle, a four piece tea/coffee service, of foliate design, a posy bowl, a single candle stick holder with attached singe flower vase, eight further single flower vases, a silver plated jug, of gradoon design, etc. 30-50
7.      A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Apostle Spoons, of typical form, with twisted handles, London 1878, a similar large Apostle spoon, four hallmarked silver handled dessert knives, cased, including two others similar, and seven continental coffee spoons, embossed with Dutch figures, sail boats, milk maid, etc, cased. 30-50
8.      Granton: A Set of Eight Dessert Knives and Forks, with mother of pearl handles, cased, together with a quantity of Silver plate including five tankards, three trophy cups, an hors d'oeurve dish with glass liners,etc. 25-35
9.      An Electroplated Oval Twin Handled Tray, of foliate design, with openwork bead edge, on bun feet. 30-50
10.     A J. G. Graves Silver Plated Flat Ware Service of Twelve Settings, knives with ivorine handles, contained in an oak thee drawer table top cabinet, vacant brass cartouche. 150-200
11.     A Late XIX Century Biscuit Jar, raised on scroll feet, with embossed bands of flowers, together with a salver, cake stand tray, basket, etc 30-40
12.     Assorted Plated Cutlery, including Walker & Hall fish knives and forks, similar Commemorative cake forks, a cased carving set, a cased bread knife, etc. 15-20
13.     A Chinese Cocktail Shaker, impressed 85, of typical tapered form, (22cm high), a Chinese hip flask,impressed WH90, of rectangular form, with central monogram, an Elkin & Co goblet, with applied crest, a fish slice, a pair of miniature buckets, napkin rings, a small mesh purse, assorted flat ware, etc. 20-30
14.     Two Silver Plated Chambersticks, of similar embossed design, on circular bases, with snuffers. 30-50
15.     A Plated Three Piece Tea Set of Gadroon Design, a pair of sauce boats, hoof footed, seven napkin rings, of pierced design, a cased set of six cake knives, etc. 30-50
16.     A Z Barraclough & Sons Early XX Century Silver Plated Domed Meat Cover, with detachable screw in handle, 35cm long. 30-50
17.     A Pair of Silver Plated Candlesticks, fluted tapered columns, raised on fluted and stepped bases (loaded), 31cm high. 80-120
18.     A Silver Plated Tantalus, with three cut glass decanters, (one damaged), 34cm long, 28cm high. 20-40
19.     Two Hallmarked Silver Filled Elephants, in naturalistic standing poses, CS, Sheffield, 2009(?), stamped "925" "Filled", (24cm high adult), (15cm young), damage to tusks of young elephant. 400-600
20.     A Hallmarked Silver Three Piece Dressing Table Set, engine turned, with floral detail, a hallmarked silver goblet, a hallmarked silver three piece cruet set and a salt. 60-80
21.     A Hallmarked Silver Spill Vase, elaborately embossed with scrolls and foliage, F.B.S Ltd, Sheffield 1905, 13cm high (150 grams), a Walker & Hall hallmarked Silver two handled trophy cup and cover, engraved "E.T.G.S Spring 1964 Tescan Cup", date mark worn, 16cm high (155 grams). 60-80
22.     A Hallmarked Silver Tower of London 1078-1978 Circular Dish, limited edition 65/900, SHJC, 1978, (300 grams), (19cm diameter). 60-80
23.     A Chester Hallmarked Silver Posy Bowl, (maker and date mark rubbed), on circular spreading base, rim 21cm diameter (670 grams) with removable grille. 250-350
24.     A Hallmarked Silver Twin Handled Sugar Bowl, with wavy edge, 10 cm diameter (160 grams). 30-50
25.     A Walker & Hall Hallmarked Silver Hot Water Jug, of ovoid form, with pie crust rim, black wooden handles and finial, raised on four hoof feet, Sheffield, 1936, (690 grams), (20cm high). 200-300
26.     A Chester Hallmarked Silver Sauce Boat, 1935, with wavy cut edge, raised on three hoof feet, together with a larger hallmarked silver sauce boat, Dublin 1937, with Celtic style edge, raised on three hoof feet, (total weight 200 grams). 40-60
27.     A Pair of Birks Sterling Silver Squat Candlesticks, (loaded), on circular bases, with engraved flowers and scroll work, and gadroon borders, (7cm high). A hallmarked Silver match holder, raised on circular base (loaded), WMBJS, London,1903, (8cm high). 50-70
28.     A George Unite Hallmarked Silver Desk Standish, the rectangular base with rope twist border, indented pen tray and two ink wells, Birmingham, 1898, (215 grams) (base only), 18cm long, 12cm wide (base), 4cm high (ink well). 50-100
29.     A Hallmarked Silver Toast Rack, Birmingham 1933, of plain design (110 grams). 70-100
30.     A Hallmarked Silver Dish, of circular petal shaped form, raised on short circular base, H.A. Sheffield, 1929, (405 grams), (25cm diameter). 100-200
31.     The Royal Horticultural Society: A Cased Set of Twelve Hallmarked Silver Spoons, JP, Sheffield,1975, each spoon with floral inset panel, (total weight 300 grams). 100-150
32.     A William Greenwood & Sons Tankard, of baluster form, raised on stepped circular base, engraved "John Stancliffe Kaye" "April 20th 1935", Birmingham, 1934, (194 grams), (9cm high). 60-80
33.     A Hallmarked Silver Enamel (Loses) and Marcasite Five Piece Dressing Table Set, Adie Brothers, Birmingham, 1930, 60-80
34.     A Hawksworth, Eyre & Co Hallmarked Silver Cruet Bottle Stand, (lacking handle), of pierced oval form, raised on four scroll feet, Sheffield 1853, a hallmarked Silver 2000 Millennium bottle coaster, of pierced circular form, the wooden base with circular medallion, (12cm diameter), and two further hallmaked Silver coasters, (both 9cm diameter). 60-80
35.     A Hallmarked Silver Four Piece Tea Service, of plain form, each with moulded central band, black handles, ALD Birmingham, 1932 (total weight 840 grams) 200-300
36.     A Hallmarked Silver Salver, of circular form with pie crust edge, raised on three hoof feet, WB, Sheffield, 1943 (?), (530 grams), (25cm diameter). 150-200
37.     A Hallmarked Silver Four Piece Tea and Coffee Service, of oval form, the lower sections and lids with gadroon and leaf moulding, SG, Birmingham, 1902, (1695 grams). 600-800
38.     A John & Thomas Settle, Sheffield, Hallmarked Silver Coaster, of circular form, embossed with a fluted band, turned wooden base, with central medallion engraved with a lion, marks rubbed, (14cm diameter). 100-150
39.     A Hallmarked Silver Box, (marks rubbed), with hinged lid and drawer front (lacking Handle) (dented), wood lined. (total weight 720 grams). 80-120
40.     A Pair of Martin Hall & Co Ltd, Hallmarked Silver Squat Candlesticks, fluted columns, with elaborate moulded necks raised on square bases (loaded), Sheffield, 1901(?), 15cm high. 60-100
41.     A Hallmarked Silver Circular Bowl, with pierced rim, raised on three hoof feet, J. R Sheffield, 1913 (150 grams). 40-50
42.     A Dublin Hallmarked Silver Waiter 1936, of Art Deco style, 20cm diameter (300 grams). 80-120
43.     An Egyptian Silver Hallmarked Waiter, highly decorative, 21.2cm (270 grams). 50-70
44.     A Hallmarked Silver Three Piece Tea Service, of oval bulbous form, elaborately engraved with bands of scrolling flowers and foliage, the central cartouche with monograms, the tea pot with ivory handle and finial, CF, 1802, the jug and two handled bowl, 1809 (total weight 910 grams). 300-500
45.     John & William Dekin Hallmarked Silver Two Branch Candelabra/Candlestick, (damages), raised on a tapered hexagonal base (loaded), 26.5cm high. 60-80
46.     A Roberts & Belk Hallmarked Silver Mounted Claret Jug, with cut glass body, decorated with emblems of the United Kingdom, the cover with crown finial, Sheffield, 1977, limited edition 100/250, 30cm high. 70-100
47.     A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Candlesticks, on tapered column, stepped circular base with engraved crest, marks rubbed, 30cm high (loaded), each fitted with later Silver plated two branch candelabra, 48cm overall height. 200-400
48.     A Chester Hallmarked Silver Mounted Glass Jug, (crack at handle), with a decorative spout, depicting male profile, together with a pedestal bowl of pierced design, with wavy edge. 40-60
49.     A Walker & Hall Hallmarked Silver Sugar Caster, of fluted octagonal form, Sheffield, 1910, (105 grams), (17cm high), a FC Richards of Birmingham, hallmarked Silver tea strainer and bowl, of circular form, with turned wooden handle, Birmingham, 1956. 40-80
50.     Seven Hallmarked Silver Handles Glove Stretchers, with engraved and embossed decoration. 40-60
51.     A Hallmarked Silver Ashtray, another stamped "Silver Plated", a similar smaller example, a hallmarked
Silver Commemorative letter opener, etc (total weight of Silver 130 grams). 30-50
52.     A Hallmarked Silver Cream Jug, the bulbous body raised on three hoof feet, with decorative embossed floral band, initialled to cartouche, (repair to handle) 9.5cm high, together with a square hallmarked silver ashtray, a hallmarked silver engine turned napkin ring, a hallmarked silver mustard pot, of hexagonal form, with blue glass liner, raised on four bun feet, (total weight 245 grams- excl glass liner). 50-80
53.     WITHDRAWN - A Set of Twelve Commemorative Silver Jubilee Feature Hallmarked Silver Napkin Rings, DMS, Sheffield 1977 (total weight 750 grams). 250-350
54.     A Hallmarked Silver Handled Shoe Horn and Button Hook, with plain bulbous handles, an ebony and silver mounted glove stretcher, and a further three hallmarked silver handled glove stretchers. 30-50
55.     A Shreve & Co, San Francisco, Sterling Silver Milk Jug, elaborately embossed with flowers and scrolls, and a hallmarked Silver pistol handled knife, embossed with figures and a dog finial. 30-50
56.     A Hallmarked Silver Topped Powder Bowl, engine turned, with vacant cartouche, Birmingham, 1933, a hallmarked (rubbed) silver top jar (dents), a hallmarked silver cream jug, Birmingham, 1908, together with a fancy Geo spoon, of open work design, stamped "GEO" "90", boxed. 60-80
57.     Five Hallmarked Silver Spoons, engine turned, initialled and another (total weight 70 grams), a hallmarked silver napkin ring, of pierced foliated design, Birmingham, 1906, another with star cut detail, Birmingham, 1966 (total weight 45 grams), a cigarette box, engine turned initialled, a cased six piece set of fish knives and forks, and a candle extinguisher. 30-50
58.     A Hallmarked Silver Three Piece Christening Set, comprising of a spoon, pusher, napkin ring, all engraved 'Carol', in a fitted case, AP&Co, Birmingham, 1936, (50 grams), another hallmarked Silver spoon and pusher, eight hallmarked Silver napkin rings, with embossed and engraved decoration, (total weight 170 grams). 50-100
59.     A Cased Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Coffee Spoons, a hallmarked silver handled shoe horn of engine turned design, a similar button hook, initialled, with steel hook, a mixed selection o spoons various stamps and makers, a hallmarked silver propelling pencil, engraved "Cook & Co, Manchester Ltd", and a Swizzl Stick, engine turned, stamped "Sterling". 30-50
60.     Four Hallmarked Silver and Ivory Glove Stretchers, each with elaborate embossed handles. 30-50
61.     A Three Piece Chester Hallmarked Silver Cruet Set, initialled, (lidded mustard pot lacking blue glass liner), one spoon (total weight excluding liner 180 grams). 40-60
62.     A Hallmarked Silver Oval Box, (broken hinge) 11cm long, 7cm wide, 5.3cm high, London 1910 (200 grams). 60-80
63.     A Hallmarked Silver Hip Flask, London 1925, of plain design, initialled (dented) (78 grams). 50-70
64.     A Hallmarked Silver Vesta Case, allover decorative design, and vacant cartouche, Birmingham. 20-40
65.     A Hallmarked Silver Tankard, of bulbous form, with stepped circular base, handle with leaf moulding, W.T & Co, Sheffield, 1979, 10.2cm high (215 grams), together with a hallmarker Silver engraved napkin ring (10 grams). 50-80
66.     A Hallmarked Silver Jewellery Box, of shaped rectangular form, raised on four scroll feet, with textured lid, W.A Birmingham, 1907, 4cm high, 8.8cm long, 7.4cm wide. 30-50
67.     A Hallmarked Silver Jewellery Box, with domed hinge cover, the rectangular base raised on four paw feet, the silk/velvet interior worn, T.H.H , Birmingham, 1817, 8cm long, 6cm wide, 4cm high. A Mappin & Webb(?) hallmarked Silver mounted scent bottle, with heavy cut class globular base, stopper present, London 1899(?), (13cm high). 30-50
68.     A Pair of Thomas Shepherd Hallmarked Silver Salts, of circular form, with moulded borders, each on three hoof feet, (total weigh 45 grams) (5 cm diameter). 50-80
69.     A Nathan & Hayes Hallmarked Silver Dish, of pierced fluted circular form, with leaf embossed rim, impressed Charles Desprez Silversmith Bristol, Birmingham 1911, (85 grams) (14cm diameter), and a pair of small hallmarked Silver circular pierced dishes, HCD, Birmingham, 1923, (15 grams each) (7cm diameter). 40-80
70.     A Late XIX Century French Silver Salt, of oval form, elaborately embossed with scroll work, raised on four paw feet, with cut glass liner, impressed mark, (24 grams) without liner, (4cm high). 30-50
71.     A Hallmarked Silver Mustard Pot, with hinged cover, of pierced oval form, engraved with swags of flowers, between oval medallions with blue glass liner, London, 1787 (85 grams) without liner, (4cm high). 80-100
72.     A Hallmarked Silver Mounted "Ancient Order of Foresters" Badge of Office, highly decorated with a Stags head, clasped hands and suspending a key and a horn, engraved "Presented by Court-4305. To Bro Cleaver P.C.R and Treasurer in Appreciation of His Great Kindness To The Members June - 1872" 30-50
73.     A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Case, allover engine turned, top right corner inscribed "Madiska", Birmingham, 1923, (85 grams), a similar hallmarked Silver hinged box (possibly for stamps), allover engine turned, interior inscribed "ELG", Birmingham, 1938(?), (26 grams), and a hallmarked Silver propelling pencil. 30-50
74.     A Hallmarked Silver Jug Birmingham, on four raised hoof feet, with similar twin handled sugar bowl (total weight 250 grams). 70-100
75.     A Hallmarked Silver Vesta Case, of rectangular form, with loop suspension, engraved scrolls and vacant cartouche, M&J, Birmingham, 1918, another similar, and two continental enamel vesta cases. 40-60
76.     Liberty & Co. set of Six Hallmarked Silver Liberty & Co Coffee Spoons, each with multicoloured hardstone finials, Birmingham 1925-26, in original fitted case. 100-150
77.     A Roberts & Belk Ltd Cased Set of British Hall Marks Tea Spoons, 1977 (total weight 120 grams). 25-30
78.     A Hallmarked Silver Small Jewellery Box, of oval form, hinged lid (detached) with central monogram, raised on four hoof feet, Birmingham 1915, (3cm high), and a hallmarked Silver scent bottle holder (lacking scent bottle), with hinged monogram cover, embossed with cherubs and scrolling foliage, London, 1898(?), (45 grams). 40-60
79.     A Pair of George Unite Hallmarked Silver Egg Cups, of plain circular form, with raised stepped circular bases, Birmingham, 1919, (total weight 50 grams) (4cm high), a glass salt, with hallmarked Silver collar, and Elkington & Co Ltd small hallmarked silver quaish, of circular double handled form, Birmingham, 1931 (25 grams) (4cm diameter), a Chinese Silver small beaker and a two handled cup. 20-40
80.     Four Hallmarked Silver Napkin Rings, engine turned marks, initialled, JC, London, 1924, and another, (total weight 155 grams), a hallmarked silver mounted cut glass spill vase (damages), a Chester hallmarked silver mustard spoon, a Chester hallmarked silver pepperette (damaged) (total weight 20 grams - excluding glass liner), and a hallmarked silver top jar (damages). 20-30
81.     A Pair of Early XX Century Continental Silver Table Salts, pierced and embossed with exotic birds between flowers and fruit, each raised on six scrolling feet, and turquoise opaque glass liners, impressed marks with matching circular jar, (5cm high) (salts), (7cm high) (jar). 100-150
82.     A John Round & Son Ltd Hallmarked Silver Bowl, of circular form, with fluted rim, embossed with scroll flowers between oval medallions, above swag border, Sheffield 1892(?), (75 grams), (9cm diameter), a H, Matthews hallmarked Silver goblet, of plain globular form, raised on stepped circular foot, Birmingham, 1926, (68 grams) (10cm high), a hallmarked Silver mustard pot, with hinged cover, of gradoon oval form, with blue glass liner, Birmingham, 1897, (30 grams) without liner. 50-70
83.     Three Hallmarked Silver Trophy Cups, with scrolling handles (one lacking handle), raised on short circular bases, one inscribed "D.H.M Veitch" "P.J Harman" "1936", two on wooden plinth bases, JCL, London, 1936 (total weight 320 grams) (3cm high) trophy only. 80-120
84.     A Chester Hallmarked Silver Dressing Table Mirror, of foliate embossed design (damages), with similar hallmarked silver brush. 20-30
85.     Ivan Zakhaov: A set of six Russian silver and enamel teaspoons and similar serving spoon, decorated with scrolling foliage and flower in shades of blue, green, red and white, within bead borders, impressed marks, teaspoon 11cm long, serving spoon 16.5cm long (seven pieces). 300-500
86.     A Quantity of Modern Earrings, including gilt coloured, fancy drops, earstuds, etc. 15-20
87.     A Hallmarked Silver Blue John Coloured Oval Brooch, (damaged), foliate style openwork border, together with further hardstone style jewellery, including Celtic style pendants and brooches, panel style bracelets, bead necklaces, etc:- One Tray. 20-40
88.     Assorted Ladies and Gent's Wristwatches/Movements/Dials etc, (damages/incomplete) including Smiths Astral, Newmark, etc: Two Trays. 20-30
89.     A Selection of Modern Costume Jewellery, including diamante, ornate necklaces, bangles, Pandora style sliding charm bracelet, etc:- One Tray. 15-25
90.     A Selection of Modern Costume Jewellery, including ornate bead necklaces, bangles, etc:- Two Trays. 15-20
91.     Two Single Strand Pearl Bead Necklaces, together with a selection of modern imitation pearl bead costume jewellery:- One Tray. 20-30
92.     A Variety of Modern Earrings, including claw set studs, hardstone drops, cluster style, diamante, etc:- One Tray. 20-30
93.     A Large Selection of Cultured and Other Pearl Bead Jewellery, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc:- One Tray. 40-60
94.     A Mixed Lot of Assorted Bead Necklaces, a fancy gilt coloured necklace, and a pair of gent's cufflinks, including boxes:- One Tray, 20-40
95.     A Selection of Modern Diamante and Other Costume Jewellery, including bangles, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc:- One Tray. 15-25
96.     "925" And Other Fancy Pendants, chains, collet set bracelet, Marcasite set matching pendant, chain and drop earrings, a Silver Jubilee commemorative pendant on chain, etc:- One Tray. 30-40
97.     A 9ct Gold Fancy Pendant on Fine Chain, stamped "10K", two similar pendants on chains stamped "10K", (total weight 4 grams), two further stamped "925", a pair of drop earrings, of teardrop shape, stamped 9K (5.5 grams including hardstone), together with a Dragonfly brooch, stamped "Mexio 925", a Cameo style brooch, and ornate Lizard style brooch. 40-60
98.     A Collection of Assorted Bead Necklaces, ornate key charms, brooches, etc:- One Box. 10-20
99.     A Mixed Lot of Assorted Modern Earrings, gilt coloured chains, bracelets, etc, together with an assortment of Gent's cufflinks:- Two Trays. 20-25
100.    Assorted Pocketwatches/Movements/Dials, (damages/incomplete), including Federal, Roxedo, etc:- One Tray. 20-30
101.    Three Pairs of Creole Style Earrings, all stamped "925", together with a variety of modern costume jewellery, including chains, bracelets, bead necklaces, etc:- One Tray. 15-25
102.    Imitation Pearl Bead Necklaces, together with other modern bead necklaces, other ornate necklaces:- One Tray. 20-25
103.    Wristwatch, Pocket and Fob Watch Movements/Dials, (damages) etc. 15-20
104.    A Small Collection of Modern Ladies Wristwatches, including Joan Rivers classics, Honora, Identity, etc, and a Andre Dumont diamante wristwatch with similar necklace and drop earrings, boxed. 20-30
105.    A Pair of Creole Earrings, of textured twist design, stamped "375", 3cm diameter (5 grams). 70-90
106.    A Pair of Large Creole Hoop Earrings, stamped "375", 5cm diameter (5 grams). 30-60
107.    A Pair of Creole Earrings, of twist design, stamped "375", 3cm diameter (5 grams). 70-90
108.    A Pair of Dome Style Earstuds, with satin finish, stamped "375" (4 grams). 50-70
109.    A Pair of Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each brilliant cut stone four claw set. 1400-1600
110.    A Pair of Large Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each (7mm) brilliant cut stone three claw set, (approximate total diamond weight 3.00ct). 5500-6000
111.    A Pair of Modern Tanzanite and Diamond Cluster Earrings, each oval four double claw set, with border of brilliant cut diamonds. 1300-1500
112.    A Pair of Diamond Drop Earrings, the graduated brilliant cut stones, four claw set. 2300-2400
113.    A Pair of Modern Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each brilliant cut stone inset, between crossover style setting. 650-700
114.    A Pair of Decorative Art Deco Style Diamond Set Earrings, the old cut stones inset, with claw set centre stone, on continental post and hinged back fitted, in fitted case. 300-500
115.    A Pair of Oval Opal Coloured Earrings, collet set within beaded border, on post and hinged back fittings, stamped "585". 200-300
116.    A Pair of Textured Creole Earrings, stamped "585" (3 grams). 60-80
117.    A Pair of Modern Emerald Cluster Earrings, each claw set to the centre with an oval cut Emerald, within a baguette diamond inset border, and two row beaded edge.
* Antonio Jewellers - GT Rewachand Ltd, 7/9/05, certificate states: valuation 849.90. 200-300
118.    A Modern Wave Style Necklace of Alternate Panel, stamped "375", with matching bracelet (total weight 25 grams). 350-450
119.    A Rope Twist Chain, stamped "375", 46cm long, (2 grams), a novelty pendant, stamped "585" (rubbed) (4 grams). 80-120
120.    A 9ct Gold Ingot Pendant, with feature hallmarks, a box link chain, stamped "375", suspending rectangular bull pendant (total weight 10 grams). 100-150
121.    Three Flat Link Curb Chains, of various widths, 46cm, 51cm, 53cm long, all stamped "925" (total weight 145 grams). 50-70
122.    A Chunky Curb Link Chain, 57cm long, stamped "925" (150 grams). 60-80
123.    A 9ct Gold Belcher Link Chain, 46cm long, another similar, stamped "375", 46cm long (ttal weight 15 grams). 200-250
124.    A Flat Link Curb Chain, to double swivel style clasps, stamped "375", suspending T-Bar pendant, 47cm long (19 grams). 250-350
125.    An Ornate 9ct Gold Locket, of foliate design, with claw set highlights, on alternate fancy link chain, stamped "9ct" (total weight 17.5cm grams). 150-250
126.    A 9ct Gold Belcher Link Chain, 56cm long, another similar, 60cm long, stamped "9K" (total weight 20 grams). 300-350
127.    A Belcher Link Chain, 50 cm long, stamped "375", with similar bracelet, 19cm long, stamped "375" (total weight 13 grams). 180-220
128.    A Flat Link Figaro Chain, stamped "375", 60cm long (17 grams). 250-300
129.    A Flat Link Curb Chain, 44m long, stamped "375", a flat link Figaro style chain, 40cm long stamped "375" (total weight 13 grams) 200-250
130.    A Belcher Link Chain, stamped "375", 46cm long, and a flat link Figaro chain, stamped "375", 51cm long (total weight 20 grams). 250-350
131.    A 9ct Gold Flat Link Chain, 42cm long, together with a rope twist chain (broken) stamped "375", 62cm long (total weight 8.5 grams). 100-150
132.    A Flat Link Curb Chain, stamped "375" 75cm long (11 grams). 150-200
133.    A Flat Figaro Link Chain, 70cm long stamped "375" (15 grams). 200-250
134.    A Highly Decorative Suite of Jewellery, comprising of a bangle, ring, earrings and neckpiece.
*AJR Jewellery Design valuation, 30th March, 2007 states: Diamond weight approx 2.40ct in all, Rubies 2.15ct, valuation for insurance 4760.00 800-1200
135.    A Swivel Fob Pendant, within openwork mount, stamped "375", on belcher link chain, stamped "9c" (total weight 5 grams), together with three pairs of earstuds, including Celtic style, claw set and flower head. 30-50
136.    A c. Early XX Century Large Teardrop Amethyst Single Stone Pendant, elongated collet set below single cut diamond set surmount, on a curb link chain. 300-400
137.    A Teardrop Shape Cameo Pendant, depicting female profile, collet set in 9ct gold border, with rope twist detail, on belcher link chain. 80-120
138.    A Large Modern Trilliant Cut Tanzanite Pendant, with diamond set highlights, claw set throughout, on fancy chain. 8000-10000
139.    A Single Stone Diamond Pendant, the (5mm) brilliant cut stone four claw set, on fine chain. 1000-1200
140.    A Large Single Stone Diamond Pendant, the (7mm) brilliant cut stone four claw set, on fine chain, (approximate diamond weight 1.33ct) 2400-2800
141.    A Modern Single Stone Diamond Pendant, of elongated design, set with a brilliant cut stone, 2.5cm long, stamped "375" (0.8 grams). 30-50
142.    A Modern Three Stone Diamond Set Pendant, of elongated design, set with brilliant cut stones, stamped "375", 3.8cm long (2.5grams). 60-80
143.    A Modern 9ct Gold Three Stone Diamond Pendant, of crossover design, set with brilliant cut stones, 3cm long (1.3 grams). 40-60
144.    Four Locket Pendants, of various designs and sizes (all damaged), all stamped "375" (total weight 8 grams). 100-150
145.    A Modern 9ct White Gold Diamond Pendant, of elongated design, inset brilliant cut stones 2cm long (1.1 grams). 40-60
146.    A Large Coin/Pendant Mount, 3.5 cm wide, stamped "9c", and another (total weight 7 grams). 80-120
147.    Two Ornate 9ct Gold Pendant Coin Mounts, (total weight 11 grams). 150-200
148.    A Modern Three Stone Diamond Pendant, of elongated design, rub over set brilliant cut stone, 2cm long stamped "9K" (0.7 grams). 30-50
149.    A Modern Three Stone Diamond Pendant, of elongated design, rub over set brilliant cut stones, 1 cm long (1.1 grams). 40-60
150.    A Modern 9ct Gold Three Stone Diamond Pendant, of elongated design, set with brilliant cut stones, 3cm long (2 grams). 60-80
151.    A Modern 9ct Gold Oval Locket Pendant, foliate scroll details to front, another similar, with textured edge, stamped "375" (total weight 11 grams). 150-200
152.    Amber Coloured Pendants, bead necklace, ear drops, another bead necklace, loose hardstones, novelty pin:- One Tray. 20-40
153.    A Small Collection of Modern Amber and Amber Coloured Jewellery, including a pendant on chain and drop earrings. 20-40
154.    A Modern Collet Set Fringe Style Necklace, stamped "925", similar three row bracelet, and a sapphire cluster pendant, of flower head design, stamped "925". 50-80
155.    Three Japanese Satsuma Wear Pottery Buttons, a three strand coral coloured twig style necklace, a novelty two monkey bar brooch, both with allover inset detail, an open work filigree panel bracelet, with cabochon highlights (three missing), and a hardstone cabochon mourning brooch, with rope twist border, with vacant verso, etc. 30-50
156.    A Robinson's Jam Golden Shred Enamel Pin/Badge, an enamel Guinness pin/badge, a Mabel Lucie Attwell style pin/badge, reverse engraved "Who Said Worry? I Don't Care So Long As There's Something Nice to Wear" "Reg No 818489", an inset "Mother" brooch (stones missing), stock pins, etc. 15-30
157.    A Victorian Hallmarked Silver Horse Shoe Style Brooch, of foliate design, a boat shape bar brooch, with inset highlights., two Edwardian style brooches, of openwork design (damages), collet set, with seed pearl highlights, a Cameo style bar brooch, claw set centre, stamped "9c", and another brooch, together with a souvenir Belgium hankerchief. 30-50
158.    A Hallmarked Silver Napkin Ring, of foliate design with cut wavy edge, a hallmarked Silver Victorian style oval bar brooch, patterned with vacant cartouche, two further brooches, a pair of halllmarked Silver handled scissors of decorative textured design to "Steel" blades, two thimbles, a pair of "9ct Gold on Silver" Cufflinks, An Edinburgh hallmarked Silver pedant on chain, cabochon centre, within openwork setting and a filigree style pendant on chain. 25-35
159.    A Lipstick Cover, allover embossed, a buckle of floral design, impressed "Samurai Shokal Yokohama" Rosary beads, mother of pearl handled pocket knife, with hallmarked Silver blade, another of scroll design, clip earrings, a rectangular diamante necklace, a Cameo style pin, etc. 20-40
160.    A Victorian Style Brooch, the oval panel of inset mosaic style, depicting a floral spray, collet set in decorative mount, together with an oval jet coloured brooch (panel broken), of foliate design, with seed pearl highlights. 50-70
161.    A Chester Hallmarked 9ct Gold Victorian Mourning Brooch, ornate design, inset highlights, with vacant verso (lacking perspex/glass), (4 grams - incl non gold pin). 40-80
162.    A Bar Brooch, collet set centre, within circular open work border, between tapering bar, stamped "15ct" (4.5 grams), in fitted box. 100-150
163.    A Garrard & Co Diamond and Turquoise Set Brooch, of floral spray design, in fitted case. 500-700
164.    An Inset Stick Pin, of leaf design, stamped "15ct", together with a stock pin, suspending a puffed heart. 20-30
165.    A Decorative 9c Gold Leopard Style Brooch, of textured design, with inset highlights (5 grams). 60-80
166.    A XIX Century Garnet Set Cluster Brooch, claw set throughout. 80-120
167.    A 9ct Gold Koalo Style Brooch, allover textured design, with inset eyes (5 grams). 60-80
168.    A Fire Opal Set Bar Brooch, collet set on plain bar (indistinctly stamped), 6.4cm long. 100-200
169.    A 9ct Gold Eagle Style Brooch, of textured design (5 grams). 60-80
170.    An Edwardian Style Brooch/Pendant, (damaged), with seed pearl and collet set highlights, stamped "9ct" (total weight 3.5 grams including non gold pin) 40-60
171.    A Modern Ruby and Diamond Line Bracelet, alternate claw set stones, stamped "18K". 1500-2000
172.    A Modern Diamond Set Bracelet, of uniform design, each brilliant cut stone claw set, to snap clasp (18cm long). 3000-3500
173.    A Modern Diamond Set Line Bracelet, of uniform design each brilliant cut stone rubover set, to snap clasp (18cm long). 2400-2800
174.    A 9ct Gold Part Patterned Bangle, to snap clasp, (lacking safety chain), 6m wide (15 grams). 200-250
175.    A Small Ladies/Child's Solid Torque Style Bangle, stamped "375", 5 wide (8 grams). 100-150
176.    A 9ct Gold Gate Style Bracelet, of openwork design,to 9ct gold heart shape padlock clasp, and another, stamped "375" (total weight 10 grams). 140-180
177.    An Ornate 9ct Gold Bangle, of textured floral design, (13 grams). 150-250
178.    A 9ct Gold Bangle, allover textured design, 7cm diameter (9 grams). 100-150
179.    A Modern Two Tone Openwork Bangle, stamped "375" (6.5 grams). 90-110
180.    A Serpent Style Bangle, stamped "585" (14 grams). 300-400
181.    A 9ct Gold Textured Bangle, of bark effect (14 grams). 150-250
182.    A Flat Link Curb Style Bracelet, 20cm long, stamped "375" (12 grams). 150-250
183.    A Modern 9ct Three Colour Triple Bangle, (23 grams). 300-400
184.    A Curb Link Bracelet, stamped "375" (35 grams). 400-500
185.    A Curb Link Charm Style Bracelet, stamped "375", to heart shape padlock clasp fastener, stamped "375" (20 grams). 280-320
186.    A Curb Link Charm Style Bracelet, stamped "375", to 9ct gold heart shape padlock clasp, (8 grams), together with two fancy drop pendants (one broken). 100-150
187.    A 9ct Gold Gate Link Style Bracelet, to 9ct gold heart shape padlock clasp fastener (15 grams). 200-250
188.    A 9ct Gold Flat Link Curb Bracelet, 20cm long, a wave style bracelet, with alternate inset panels, stamped "375", and an openwork slim gate style bracelet, stamped "375" (total weight 14 grams). 200-250
189.    A Hollow Curb Link Charm Bracelet, to 9ct gold heart shape padlock clasp (6.5 grams). 80-120
190.    A Chester Hallmarked 18ct Gold Band, with star cut inset highlight (finger size J), an 18ct gold claw set ring, with alternate graduated stones, between tapered shoulders (finger size P) (total weight 5 grams), together with a hallmarked Silver bangle, with part scroll engraved design to snap clasp. 120-170
191.    A Large Oval Ring, collet set (closed back), to openwork Celtic knot style shoulders, with similar pendants, and one chain, an alternate collet set bracelet, stamped "Silver", together with two claw set dress rings, a large cabochon claw set ring, and another similar. 20-40
192.    A Collection of "Gemporia" and "TGGC" 9ct Gold (4) and "925" (3) Dress Rings, including cluster style, claw set, etc (approximate weight of 9ct gold 7 grams). 80-120
193.    A 9ct Gold Signet Ring, with rectangular hardstone inset panel, initialled between wide textured shoulders (finger size X), a 9ct gold Cameo style ring (finger size P), a textured band, stamped "375" (finger size U), and another similar of openwork design, stamped "275" (finger size T) (total weight 15 grams). 200-250
194.    Scrap Gold - Three 9ct gold ring mounts (stones missing/damages) (total weight 12 grams). 150-200
195.    Scrap Gold - Two 9ct gold ring mounts (stones missing) and a 9ct gold keeper style ring, (shank cut) (total weight 12 grams). 150-200
196.    Scrap Gold - A 9ct gold ring mount (stone missing) and another stamped "9ct" (rubbed), a 9ct gold signet ring (shank cut) (total weight 14 grams). 180-220
197.    Scrap Gold - Three 9ct gold ring mounts (stones missing (damages), together with two 9ct gold wedding bands (damages) (total weight 13 grams). 180-220
198.    A Modern 9ct Gold Dress Ring, alternate claw set, between tapered shoulders (finger size M), another dress ring, of three row design, claw set throughout, stamped "375" (finger size L) (total weight 5 grams). 70-100
199.    Two 9ct Gold Patterned Wedding Bands, and a 9ct gold plain wedding band (finger sizes K,L.P) (total weight 9.5 grams). 100-150
200.    A Stone Set Signet Ring, with star set centre, within plain rectangular panel, between patterned (worn) shoulders, stamped "18" (finger size Q) (9 grams). 200-300
201.    A 9ct Gold Seven Stone Garnet Ring, (finger size M); together with a three stone ring. (2) 60-90
202.    A Chester Hallmarked 9ct Gold Signet Style Ring, oval panel initialled, between ornate textured shoulders, (finger size U) (3.5 grams). 40-70
203.    A Modern Cluster Ring, oval claw set centre, within illusion set border, between textured shoulders, stamped "18ct" (finger size O) (3.5 grams), another cluster ring, inset centre, within a seed pearl border between tapered shoulders, stamped "9ct" (finger size M) (3 grams). 100-200
204.    A 18ct White Gold Band, of inset textured design (finger size O) (6.5 grams). 170-200
205.    A Wide Wedding Band, stamped "375" (finger size T) (12 grams). 180-220
206.    A Plain Wedding Band, stamped "375" (finger size V), and another, stamped "375" (finger size R) (total weight 8 grams). 100-150
207.    A 9ct Gold Cabochon Set Ring, with applied star detail and seed pearl highlight, within rope twist border, between similar style shoulders (finger size O), together with a horse shoe style signet ring, inset highlights, between textured shoulders (finger size N) (total weight 11 grams). 150-200
208.    An 18ct Gold Cluster Style Ring, (stones missing) of flower head design (finger size P), two illusion set rings, stamped "18ct Plat" (finger sizes M, N), another similar, stamped "750" (finger size Q) (total weight 8 grams) 240-270
209.    A Chester Hallmarked 9ct Rose Gold Victorian Style Ring, inset highlights, within textured setting and shoulders (finger size M), and another ring, stamped "375" "Dia" (finger size P) (total weight 11 grams). 140-170
210.    A Chester Hallmarked 9ct Rose Gold Victorian Style Ring, alternate set (two stones missing) (finger size P), three further dress rings, of various styles, all stamped "375" (finger sizes M, V) (total weight 8 grams) and a full eternity style ring stamped "585" (finger size O) (2 grams). 150-200
211.    A Plain Wedding Band, stamped "375" (12 grams). 180-220
212.    A Wide 9ct Gold Ring, initialled (finger size Y) (9 grams). 100-150
213.    Four QVC 9ct Gold Dress Rings, another 9ct gold dress ring, (finger sizes noted L-P) (total weight 11 grams). 150-200
214.    A 9ct Gold Signet Style Ring, the oval inset panel depicting centurion profile (finger size S) and a 9ct gold collet set ring, within rope twist border, between bifurcated shoulders (finger size M) (total weight 8 grams). 70-100
215.    A Plain Wedding Band, stamped "585" (finger size M), another band, two row textured design, stamped "585" (finger size J), and a modern inset signet style ring, stamped "585" (finger size M) (total weight 9 grams). 200-250
216.    A Plain Wedding Band, stamped "375" (12 grams). 180-220
217.    A Modern 9ct Gold Diamond Set Ring, round brilliant cut stone claw set, within inset shoulders, stamped "Dia 033" (finger size J) (2 grams). 200-300
218.    A Modern 9ct Gold Cluster Dress Ring, allover claw set stones, between tapered shoulders (finger size M) (2 grams). 350-450
219.    Five Ornate Claw Set Rings, pf various styles, including cluster, three stone, etc, all stamped "375" (finger sizes noted L - P) (total weight 16 grams). 240-270
220.    Five 9ct Gold Rings, including Buckle, Claddagh style, alternate inset half eternity style, another similar and an illusion set ring (finger sizes noted K - O) (total weight 9 grams). 100-150
221.    An Ornate 9ct Gold Cluster Ring, of flower head design, claw set, between wide textured shoulders (finger size L), two further 9ct gold dress rings, including a Cameo ring, and a claw set ring (finger sixes L,O), two further dress rings, including cabochon set, between bifurcated shoulders (finger size N), and a three stone ring, of star set graduated design, (finger size Q) (both stamped "375") (total weight 12 grams). 150-200
222.    Two Plain Wedding Bands, both stamped "375" (finger sizes R, U) (total weight 10 grams). 150-200
223.    A Gent's Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant cut stone claw set, within reeded setting (approximate diamond weight 0.9ct) (finger size S). 1600-1800
224.    A Large Ornate Dress Ring, four claw set, within rope twist border, between open work setting and shoulders, stamped "750" (finger size L) (total weight 9 grams). 100-150
225.    A Modern Single Stone Diamond Ring, the Princess cut stone rubover set, between inset diamond shoulders (finger size P). 700-800
226.    A Single Stone Diamond Ring, the old cut stone claw set, between tapered shoulders, stamped "18ct Plat" (finger size L)
*Safeguard valuation for insurance states: Calculated diamond weight 0.53 metric carat, assessed colour I-J, assessed clarity I1 * Value 2,000.00. 400-500
227.    A Modern 18ct White Gold Five Stone Diamond Ring, each brilliant cut stone, four claw set (finger size O). 600-700
228.    A Modern 18ct Gold Five Stone Diamond Ring, each (4mm) brilliant cut stones of yellow hue, claw set (finger size N). 1700-1800
229.    A Modern Single Stone Diamond Ring, the (5mm) brilliant cut stone semi tension set, between wide shoulders (finger size Q). 900-1000
230.    A Modern 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant cut stone semi rubover set, between plain wide shoulders (finger size O), Canadian Rock certificate of valuation states; 0.50ct, G colour, V52 clarity. 400-600
231.    A Chester Hallmarked 18ct Gold Victorian Style Ring, alternate inset stones, within boat shape setting, between textured shoulders, (finger size J) (3 grams), in ring box. 100-150
232.    An Art Deco Style Cufflink, Button and Stud Set, all rectangular in shape, inset highlight to centre, all pieces stamped "9ct" "18ct", in fitted case. 100-200
233.    A Pair of Kidney Shaped Cufflinks, to chain connector, stamped "SS 9" (5 grams). 60-80
234.    A Pair of Bullseye Agate Cufflinks, in gilt coloured setting (damages), together with further bullseye agate shirt buttons/studs (damages). 30-50
235.    A Pair of Mappin & Webb Feature Hallmarked Silver Cufflinks, a hallmarked silver medallion pendant, of openwork design, suspending T-Bar, and a modern snake style chain, stamped "925" (total weight 55 grams). 20-30
236.    A Chester Hallmarked Silver "Channel Islands Football Championship" Medallion Pendant, together with a further four hallmarked silver medallion pendants, depicting football players, a similar boxing medallion, and three shield style with vacant cartouches (total weight 80 grams). 50-80
237.    1974 Elizabeth II Full Sovereign. 250-280
238.    1905 Edward VII Half Sovereign. 130-160
239.    1879 Victorian 'Shield' Full Sovereign, Sydney mint. 270-300
240.    1912 George V Full Sovereign. 250-280
241.    1963 Elizabeth II Full Sovereign. 250-280
242.    1959 Elizabeth II Full Sovereign. 250-280
243.    A 9ct Gold Propelling Pencil, allover engine turned case, initialled (total weight 20 grams). 80-120
244.    A 9ct Gold Medallion Style Pendant, engraved "W.R.C.A.B.A 1916" (8 grams) 80-120
245.    An Ornate 9ct Gold Medallion Style Pendant, of openwork design, vacant cartouche to front and reverse (8 grams). 100-150
246.    A Diamond Set Stick Pin, claw set, in case. 60-80
247.    A 9ct Gold Openface Pocketwatch, the white dial signed "Kendal & Dent" "Makers To The Admiralty" "London", with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within plain case, movement signed "Kendall & Dent London" "540984". 300-400
248.    Waltham U.S.A: An Openface Pocketwatch, the signed white dial (cracked) with Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within plain case, together with another, pocketwatch, the signed Louis Roskopf S.A white dial (damaged) with Roman and Arabic numerals, within plain case, with attached pocketwatch chain. 40-60
249.    A 9ct Gold Cased Pocketwatch, the unsigned white dial with Roman numerals, and seconds subsidiary dial, within plain case, together with a graduated curb link Albert chain, stamped "9 375", suspending a T-Bar pendant, stamped "9.375", and a 9ct gold fob pendant, hardstone inset between open work surmount (total weight of chain and pendants only - 35 grams), including a similar modern Sekonda pocketwatch. 500-700
250.    A Plated Openface Pocketwatch, the white "Waltham" signed dial with Roman numerals and Arabic numerals, the seconds subsidiary dial lacking finger (loose in case), within worn patterned case, including curb link and other chains, suspending T-Bar pendants, etc, together with a Montfort Gent's wristwatch. 40-60
251.    A Hallmarked Silver Openface Pocketwatch, (damages), another similar, stamped "925", a wristwatch (damages), stamped "925", and a wristwatch head (lacking strap), stamped "925". 40-60
252.    Hamilton: An Openface Pocketwatch, the signed white dial with Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, in engine turned case (worn) and vacant cartouche, case inner engraved "Presented to S.J Nichol by Employees of The Waterhead Dyehouse Nov 19-1926 Lowell Mass U.S.A", and another similar. 60-80
253.    An Openface Pocketwatch, the unsigned white dial (damaged) with Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, in engine turned case (dented) (lacking bow), and a ladies fob watch, the unsigned white dial with Arabic numerals, in decorative case (glass chipped), stamped "0.800". 40-50
254.    An Ornate Ladies Fob Watch, the unsigned white dial with Roman numerals, in allover decorative case, stamped "0.935", and another similar. 40-50
255.    A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, the unsigned white dial with Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial (cracks), to expanding bracelet, stamped "9ct B" (total weight 21 grams). 150-250
256.    A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, the unsigned white dial with Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial (cracks), to expanding bracelet, stamped "9ct" (total weight 28 grams). 200-300
257.    A Military Style 9ct Gold Cased Wristwatch Dial, (no strap), the unsigned white dial (cracked) with Arabic numerals, and seconds subsidiary dial (lacking hand), in plain case, movement signed Zenith, 2314040. 100-200
258.    A Vintage Ladies Wristwatch, stamped "9.375", to rolled gold expanding bracelet, together with another, stamped "375" (lacking perspex/glass) to expanding bracelet, stamped "9ct Gold Metal Core". 50-70
259.    Rone: A 9ct Gold Ladies Wristwatch, the signed dial with line markers, in plain case, to bark effect bracelet. 80-120
260.    Cortebert: A Ladies Wristwatch, the signed dial with line markers, in textured case, stamped "18K 750", to integral bracelet, stamped "750" (total weight 26 grams). 300-500
261.    Sckwarz Geneve: A Ladies Wristwatch, the signed dial with Arabic numerals, and seconds subsidiary dial, in plain case, stamped "18K 0.750", to expanding bracelet, stamped "9ct Gold Metal Core". 80-120
262.    Tissot: A Ladies Wristwatch, the rectangular signed dial with Arabic numerals and line markers, in Art Deco style case, stamped "18K 0.750", to integral two row 9ct gold bracelet. 200-300
263.    A Decorative Ladies Wristwatch, the unsigned white dial with Arabic numerals, with enamel detail, in plain case, stamped "18 .75", to expanding bracelet. 150-250
264.    Rolex: A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, the signed dial with line markers, in plain circular case, engraved "Presented to Florrie Collins by The Management of Globe Worsted Co, in Recognition of 50 Years Service", movement signed, to fancy bracelet, stamped "375" (total weight 15 grams). 180-220
265.    Cyma: A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, the signed dial with Arabic numerals, seconds subsidiary dial, in plain case, initialled to case back "E.G.G", to expanding bracelet, stamped "9 .375", in fitted case. 100-150
266.    A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, the unsigned white dial (cracked) with Arabic numerals, within plain case, to ribbon style strap and decorative clasp stamped "9ct". 70-100
267.    Movado: Two Vintage Miniature Travel Clocks, with slide closing cases, together with a novelty book style vesta and stamp case engraved "Jack 1913". 40-60
268.    A Small Collection of Ladies and Gent's Wristwatches, including Rotary, Lorus, Accurist, Seiko, etc. 20-30
269.    Rotary: A Ladies Dress Watch, the oval signed dial with line markers, inset within integral textured panel style bracelet (including spare links), in Rotary box, together with another similar Excalibur ladies dress watch, (including spare links), boxed. 15-30
270.    Two Seiko Gent's Wristwatches, two similar ladies wristwatches (damages), a Smiths Empire pocketwatch, an alternate bead necklace, a diamante necklace, similar brooch, earrings, etc. 20-30
271.    Rotary Editions: A Modern Gent's Wristwatch, the rectangular signed dial with line markers and date aperture, within plain brushed case, to original integral strap, case back engraved "Rotary Editions" Automatic Mechanical Timepiece" Calibre RE2008-1 "Series 200" "12760", in original fitted box. 50-80
272.    Heuer 2000: A Gent's Quartz Chronograph Wristwatch, the signed dial with line markers and date aperture, in plain case with rotating bezel, to integral bracelet, case back serial number 262 006-1, including spare links, with instructions and warranty paperwork, in Heuer box. 300-400
273.    Smiths Deluxe: A 9ct Gold Cased Gents Wristwatch, the signed dial (discolouration) with line markers and seconds subsidiary dial, in plain case (faint engraving evident), to strap. 80-120
274.    Omega: A Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with Arabic numerals and dagger markers, and seconds subsidiary dial, in plain case (cracks to glass), movement unseen, to later leather strap. 200-300
275.    Omega: A Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial (discolouration) with Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, in plain case, stamped "18K" 0,750" to inner case, movement signed, numbered "11049577",to brick style bracelet, clasp engraved "A.N Brown", in Omega case. 800-1200
276.    Vacheron & Constantin Geneve: A Gents Wristwatch, the signed dial (discoloured) with dagger style markers and seconds subsidiary dial, in plain case, stamped "18K 0,750" to inner case, back engraved "To Alex Brown from His Colleagues in The Bank of London, June 1955", movement signed, numbered "P453/3B", to strap. 800-1000