Antiques & Collectables Auction
on Friday 4th February 2022

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1000.   2020 [YR70 URT] Toyota Aygo X-Play (with Toyota Safety Sense), 1.0 VVT-i 5-door hatchback in red, manual gearbox, 1,429 Miles, V5 and 2 Keys present. Please note cosmetic scuff to N/S/R arch. 6000-7000
1001.   Getzner Relief Wall Plaque, Leinbrock's Coffee grinder, pewter measurers, butter dish. 20-30
1002.   Charman Motor Drive DL-9000 Camera, Polaroid camera, Hanimex, Yashica cine camera, together with a box of slides:- Two Boxes. 10-20
1003.   A Pottery Horse & Wooden Caravan, pottery terriers, wooden biscuit barrel, etc:- Two Boxes. 15-25
1004.   Framed Trade Cards, Bus, Tractor, Traction Engine, Fire Engine, Jeep, Landrover and Lorry Themes, predominantly Golden Era, nineteen displays. 20-30
1005.   Bushido Hi Tech Rechargable 7" B/W TV with Radio, Morphy Richards radio, Ross cassette recorder, Binatone vison corder, TV-Radio - cassette recorder:- One Box 10-20
1006.   Glassware - various drinking, decorative glasses, vases, sets, etc:- Three Boxes. 15-30
1007.   A Metal Advertising Sign, 'Dependable Service Spark Plugs', 70cm. 10-20
1008.   Minichamps Car Collection, Ford Capri RS 1970 Ford Escort RHD 1968 (both boxed). Four Powerade Rugby players, Lyons coffee money box, posters:- One Box. 10-15
1009.   Vintage Advertising - including a Mazzawattee Tin, Woolworths crepe paper, Philips based lamps, etc:- One Box 15-30
1010.   Wicker Needlework Box, towel rail, yellow perspex cake stand, shoe tree, etc:- One Box 15-20
1011.   Webb, Bohemia, Royal Albert and other glassware:- One Box. 15-20
1012.   Shoe Trees, candles, gloves, plates, etc:- One Box - Plus a plate rack. 15-20
1013.   NT Cream Bakelite Telephone as a Table Lamp, tins, books, clothes, pegs, etc:- One Box 15-25
1014.   Lawson Wood 'Brush Pen-Pencil' Frank Reynolds Humorous Drawings For The Press, George Orwell Nineteen Eighty Four the facsimile, etc The Times Books ], History of The World, books on wood turning, XIX Century style hunting prints:- Two Boxes. 10-15
1015.   Office Filing Drawers, first aid kit, 'Monopole Violin Strings' advertising desk sign, British Rail poster, 'Mimosa-Platte' plates, paper ephemera, etc:- One Box 20-30
1016.   Glassware, Buckingham Palace, Doulton, Worcester, two table lamps, etc:- Two Boxes 15-25
1017.   Canon EOS 1000F Camera, Praktica MTL3 Camera, Konica Autoreflex TC Camera, Mirando Auto MC, f=135mm lens, Olympus Trip AF Camera, etc:- One Box 20-30
1018.   Italian Style Wall Mirror, 48cm high, six branch ceiling light, Vienna style vase, ceiling light:- One Box 15-30
1019.   Tin Plate, Tonka, Corgi. Matchbox, and other die cast vehicles, farmyard animals, etc:- One Box. 30-40
1020.   Books on Guildford, Birmingham, Surrey, painted by Sutton Palmer, described by A.R Hope, Moncrieff, Guildford. A Handbook to The County Town of Surrey & Environs, 1862, The Stane Street H Berlloc, Old and New Birmingham volume 1 from the earliest times to 1760 R.K. Dent, etc:- One Box. 20-40
1021.   Framed Trade Cards Motor Cycle, Formula One and Motoring Racing Themes, predominantly Golden Era, twenty four displays in two boxes. 20-30
1022.   Three Boxes of Various Home ware, decorative items, dinner and tea ware by various makers. 15-30
1023.   Glassware - to include Nachtmann candlesticks, table lighter, Mackintosh style box, etc:- Two Boxes. 15-20
1024.   Two Boxes of Vinyl, to include Classical, Pop, Country, etc, 15-30
1025.   Vintage Linen Doilies, ladies leather case, table lamp, repro copper warming pan:- One Box. 5-10
1026.   Ross Portable Circular Saw Attachment, Boxer sprocket puller, cordless screwdriver, Parmelee protective eyewear, etc:- One Box. 15-25
1027.   Lovatts Hot Water Jug, tureen, jugs, tankards, glassware, etc:- One Box. 5-10
1028.   Britannia Spade, other garden tools,B & Q expanding rake. 15-20
1029.   Tools - various hand tools, planes, hand drill, chisels, etc. 30-40
1030.   Stevie Wonder Greatest Hits Vol 2, Best of Roger Whittaker, other easy listening records:- Two Boxes. 5-10
1031.   Assorted Cutlery, Picquot tea-pot, coffee pot, cream jug, tray, blow torch, etc:-Two Boxes. 10-20
1032.   A Set of Six Knives with Hand Beaten Pewter Handles, (cased), cased fish knife, forks, cutlery in a wicker basket:- One Box. 15-25
1033.   Hornsea 'Fleur' Storage Jars, coffee and tea services, other ceramics, glassware:- Two Boxes. 15-20
1034.   Photographic Equipment, Olympus OM10 camera, Werra Mat camera, Olympus Trip XB3, Makinon lens, tripod, etc, in holdall. 20-30
1035.   A Singer Sewing Machine. 10-20
1036.   Prinz Proof Master Agfa Rondinax 60, tapes etc:- Two Boxes. 10-20
1037.   Crown Green Bowls. Will Young autograph, book, Corgi Great British classics, taxi, London bus, Dr Who models, Star Wars tins episode 1, etc:- One Box. 15-20
1038.   Rachel Morton, He Loves Me, Essie Ackland, Love's Old Sweet Song, Gustav Mahler, Roy Henderson, Tommy, Lad with Classical 78's records, together with albums of 78's Classical records:- Two Boxes. 5-10
1039.   Early XX Century Floral Tea Service with scalloped border, porcelain mantel clock encrusted with flowers and cherub, other teaware etc:- Two Boxes. 20-30
1040.   An Assortment of Egg Cups, pottery wooden, Devon ware souvenir etc:- One Box 10-15
1041.   Salter Scales, abacus, boom-a-rang, bowl, etc:- One Box. 15-20
1042.   Worcester 'Evesham', Pillivuyt, Denby and other oven to table pottery:- One Box. 15-25
1043.   The Who Advertising Posters, Quadrophenia 89 x 62.5cm, plus record shop example featuring eight albums. 30-40
1044.   A Boxed 1950's Morphy Richard's Toaster, a leather football, vintage skates and two school gymnastic canes, etc:- One Box 20-30
1045.   Twelve Star Wars Meerkat Movies and Compare the Market figures, mostly boxed:- One Box. 15-20
1046.   A Box of Various Beauty Items, handbags, make up etc. 10-20
1047.   Worcester Evesham Cups-Saucers, Alfred Meakin Old Willow blue white plates,etc- One Box. 10-15
1048.   Superman, X-Men, other Books, Manchester United pottery bowl, Ajax intercom, Cadbury's pennant, beater whisk, etc:- One Box. 15-25
1049.   Olumpus OM 40 Program Camera, (boxed). Olympus OM S. Zuko auto-zoom 35-70 F4 lens, Konica Minolta Dimage Z5. Vivitar auto thyristor, Yashica T4 35mm f 3.5 lens, etc:- One Box 20-40
1050.   A Quantity of Model Clowns, various manufactures, including Leonardo, porcelain, resin, etc:- One Box. 15-30
1051.   Tala Shoe Cleaning Box, pottery and aluminium jelly moulds, Tala flour castor, baking tins, other kitchenware:- One Box 20-30
1052.   Vintage Hornsea Bronte Storage Jars:- One Box. 10-20
1053.   Draper, Stanley, Shelly, Elora and Other Tools, in brass log cauldron and box. 15-30
1054.   Scalextric, to include lap recorders, cars, power pack, track:- Three Boxes. 15-25
1055.   A XIX Century Staffordshire Pottery Dog, 29cm high. Broadwood butterfly plate, Edward VIII plate, model Gecko, Tutankhamun, watercolour on papyrus, 43 x 30cm.
1056.   Writing Implements, Florence Upton The Golliwogs, Air Ship, ship in bottle, etc. 15-25
1057.   Rothman's Football Annuals, twenty two issues 1987-2016, other football books, Question of Sport game:- Two Boxes. 15-30
1058.   Christmas Decorations, ceramics, rose bowls, poser stick, etc:- Three Boxes. 10-20
1059.   Techinics Tuner ST-Z11L, Amplifier SW-Z22, Cassette M215, (untested sold for parts only). 20-40
1060.   Diecast Vehicles, plastic examples, glass marbles, etc:- One Crate. 15-25
1061.   Olympus OM20 Camera Tamron Adaptall 2 lens Canon Power Shot A95. Apothecary scales. Belmont scales, paperweight, oak circular framed wall mirror. 15-30
1062.   A Box Quantity of De Agostini Disney Princess Porcelain Doll Collection, all appear in good order (unchecked). 30-50
1063.   A Carving Set, other cutlery, flasks, clocks, etc:- One Box. 15-25
1064.   Framed Trade Cards, Poultry, Fish, Dogs, Cats, Star Wars, Beatles, Dr Who, Steptoe, etc. (17) 20-30
1065.   XIX Century Blue-White Meat Plates, XIX Century water bottle, blue white plates, etc:- One Box. 10-15
1066.   Gentleman's Brushes, gentleman's leather travelling case, pair of hardwood urns, two bottle tantalus, etc:- One Box. 10-15
1067.   Soft Wood Standing Buddha, 60.5cm high, face masks, resin figures, etc. 15-25
1068.   Doulton 'Tapestry' Table China, of thirty three pieces, two large Chinese bowls, etc. 20-40
1069.   Brown Soft Plush Monkey, two Gollies, Sunny Jim, meerkat, small teddy, skipping rope. 15-25
1070.   Model Robots Rad by Toymax Inc, Fengyuan, etc.(4) 15-25
1071.   A Singer Sewing Machine, with a electric motor in a domed case, together with a Singer button hole attachment(2), in a domed case. 20-30
1072.   Arthur Wood Jug with Floral Decoration, biscuit barrel, corkscrew, Royal Doulton figurine group 'First Love, etc:- One Tray. Cottage ware musical Teddy bear, pressed glass bowl, etc:- One Tray. 15-20
1073.   Two Boxes of Various Clocks and Time Pieces, mantle, bedside, various styles, etc. 15-30
1074.   Three Cases of Mixed Vinyl, to include Ken Dodd, Shakin Stevens other pop, tv tunes, classical, etc. 15-30
1075.   Ellgreave Porker, aeroplane condiment, Diddy Men figures, Wade, etc:- One Tray. 15-30
1076.   Plated Cutlery, kitchenware, mincer, bellows, china, glassware, etc:- Two Boxes 15-25
1077.   Tools - bench clamp, Whitmore chisels, Stanley shaper, Record monkey wrench, etc in wooden box. 15-30
1078.   Fujica Automatic 8 Cine Camera "Afsa" Military Binoculars, cased, Kodak Retina Reflex W camera, Kodak Retinette camera, Kodak Brownie:- One Box. 20-40
1079.   Oxo Cube Pine Holder, Horners Tin as a bag, John Buchanan 'The Game of Zoo' Tin, etc:- One Box 30-50
1080.   Buttons, dominoes, Vulcan Minor child's sewing machine, books, knitting patterns, etc:- Two Boxes 15-25
1081.   Singer Sewing Machine, in a domed case, together with Vickers sewing machine (damaged) in a domed case. (2) 20-30
1082.   Royal Brierley Suite of Drinking Glasses, including Hock, Brandy, Whisky. (40) Plus a jam pot. 40-60
1083.   A Collection of Ladies Modern Handbags, including Radley red leather, Dune, Fiorelli, etc:- One Box and a Bag. 15-25
1084.   Russian 8 x 30 Fernglass Binoculars, in case, silver plated pierced compote, other plated ware, glassware, Fieldings toilet jug and one other:- One Box. 15-25
1085.   Sheffield Publications - Trams, Cinemas, At War, Troublemakers, Then and Now, Crashing Steel, Maps, Autoways of G.B, etc:- Two Boxes. 20-30
1086.   Zenith Zenit 3M Camera, Cosina CT/G camera, Wills cigarette cards, wild flowers, association footballers, Gallaher famous film scenes etc, in a tin. Coalport characters 'The Snowman', etc:- One Basket. 10-20
1087.   Dixons Disc 2500 Camera, box camera, other camera's, framed cigarette cards, print of Nelson:- One Box. 10-15
1088.   A Set of Six Glass Ceiling Lights, with brass fittings. 15-20
1089.   Hornsea 'Saffron' & 'Bronte' Table Pottery, kitchen jars and other ceramics: Three Boxes. 30-50
1090.   A Brass Desk Lamp, barometer, clock, hygrometer, thermometer, pair of prints, Mary Jesus on board, fire irons, etc:- One Box. 20-30
1091.   A Singer Sewing Machine, in a domed case. 15-20
1092.   A Crown Radio Corporation portable tv, telephone, binoculars, etc. 15-25
1093.   Cottage Ware, stainless steel and ceramic tea ware, etc:- Two Boxes. 10-20
1094.   A Singer Sewing Machine, in a domed case. 15-20
1095.   45 RPM Records, varying genres, Donna Summer, Bee Gees, Michael Jackson etc:- Three Boxes. 20-40
1096.   A Chad Valley Chiltern Teddy Bear, pottery dogs, tapestry, plates, ashtrays,etc:- One Box, together with a Walnut Box. 20-30
1097.   Batman Toys Bikin Figure, in blister pack, Aurora kit, Imai car, two jigsaws, stick on badge. 30-40
1098.   A 1930's Oak Cased Napoleon Clock, together with a cuckoo clock. (2):- One Box. 20-30
1099.   45 RPM Records, varying genres, Shakin Stevens, Tina Charles, Buggles, Fat Larrys Band, etc. 20-40
1100.   Subbuteo Angling, (not boxed), dominoes, wooden chest, set, playing cards, etc:- One Tray. 10-20
1101.   A XX Century Brass Horse and Carriage, together with an early XX Century brass engraved jug. 10-15
1102.   Polaroid - various cameras, loose and cased to include Land Camera, instant 10, etc (untested sold for parts only) 20-30
1103.   A Cardew Teapot, Rington's ceramics, Barnfather plate (cracked), Ducal orange tree cream jug, Poole dolphin etc:- One Box. 15-30
1104.   Leonardo 'Sitting Bull', 50cm high, similar wall mask, coaching group, etc. 20-30
1105.   Two Boxes of Various Figures, to include original animal models, Boyds Bears and friends, Leonardo, etc. 15-25
1106.   Wooden Candlesticks, Stars & Films Annual 1937, cameras, candlestick, matchboxes, etc:- One Box. 15-25
1107.   Triang Hornby Tunnel R.576, (boxed), The Queen Mothers Century 1900-2000 Tram (boxed), Days Gone vintage models:- One Box. 10-15
1108.   Goss, Carlton, Arcadian Other Crested China, a quantity of drinking glasses, early XX Century examples noted:- Two Boxes. 30-40
1109.   Framed Trade Cards Motor Car Related, predominantly Golden Era, thirty seven displays in two boxes. 20-40
1110.   Records, including Phil Collins, Madonna, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, E.L.O, Vidor 'My Lady Margaret' Radio, binoculars, camera's, etc:- One Box 15-30
1111.   A West German '36 30' Pottery Vase, 30cm high, Italian vase Aynsley lamp, Maling bowl, geisha figurine, coffee service etc:- One Box. 15-25
1112.   A Patent Racket Press, Dewhurst cotton reels in a box, nutcracker, other boxes:- One Box. 20-30
1113.   Islas Canarias Large Cigar, in box, Robinson's of Chesterfield books and bandage, stoneware bottles, dressing table ware, etc:- One Box, Bullworker. 15-25
1114.   Colclough China Tea Service, Royal Stafford China part tea service, etc:- One Box. 10-15
1115.   A XX Century Copper Hand Beaten Pipe Holder, brass bowls, brass bell, etc:- One Box. 10-20
1116.   Grafton 'Majestic' Richmond, Denby cups and saucers, Laura Ashley tea pot, other ceramics, brass desk calendar, etc:- One Box. 15-25
1117.   Mark Scheffel 20 x 50 Binoculars, Agfa Clipper F;:6.3 and other camera's. Senior Service cigarette card album. British film star cigarette cards. 10-15
1118.   A St James Eight Day Mantle Clock cuckoo clock. (2) 15-25
1119.   A Box Quantity of Copper & Brassware, to include trivets, miniature fire irons, figures, decorative, etc:- One Box. 10-20
1120.   A Quantity of Decorative Ceramics, tea wares, etc:- Two Boxes. 15-25
1121.   Finepix 5600 Camera, Saitx MC Auto 1:2.8 Lens, Whisky flasks, Olympus Ultra Compact 38 110 zoom camera, chess pieces, cutlery, etc:- One Box. 10-20
1122.   R Welch 'Old Hall' Sauce Boat on Stand, (boxed), Winton salad bowl, Dartmoth, Spode, Mason's and other pottery:- One Box. 15-25
1123.   A Plated Tureen, plated bowl, plated tea spoons, etc:- Two Boxes. 10-20
1124.   Records 33 and 78 rpm's, easy listening, cd's, vinyl case. 10-20
1125.   African Tourist Collectibles, model Zulu ceremonial spear and tomahawk. Coppered plaques, chimes, etc. 15-30
1126.   Motor Racing Original Track T Shirts, including Benetton (signed), Indianapolis Speedway, Nigel Mansell, Monaco, Williams Renault, (17). 40-60
1127.   Four Card Shop Boxes, with handles for 'Brace Girdles of Derby' a vintage wooden sailing yacht, can shopping basket, etc. 15-30
1128.   Cooking Pans, kitchenware, Dirt Devil, pouffe, etc. 20-30
1129.   Tools - spanners by Gedore, Gordon, Bedford, etc, in metal carry case. 15-30
1130.   Cameras - A quantity of various boxed and loose digital and film, camcorder's, lenses, etc. 20-40
1131.   Records: 33 RPM's mainly classical, easy listening - Delius, Liszt, Putney Dandridge, Charisma, Perspective, etc:- Two Boxes 15-20
1132.   Worcester 'Evesham', Portmerion, German Stein, cloak, other pottery, etc:- Three Boxes. 15-25
1133.   Records: 33 RPM's mainly classical, easy listening - Victor Borge, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, etc:- Three Boxes 15-25
1134.   Punch Books Early XX Century, thirty seven volumes, in three boxes. 30-50
1135.   Singles - A large quantity to include classical, pop, rock n roll, etc, loose and sleeved. 20-40
1136.   Framed Trade Cards, Military, Plane, Train, Sporting, Nostalgia, Golden Era, Imperial. (12) 15-25
1137.   Corgi MG 1:18 Scale Die Cast Model, in box, Corgi, Dinky and other die cast vehicles:- One Box.. 20-30
1138.   A Tambourine, turned wooden instruments, etc:- One Box. 10-15
1139.   LPs, two boxes containing a quantity of film scores, pop, classical, etc, (mostly sleeved). 30-40
1140.   A Box of Various Soft toys, to include 2002 World Cup bears, Army Teddy standard bears, etc. 20-40
1141.   Dolly Citron Money Box, boot posies, tea pots, ceramics, glassware, et:- One Box 10-20
1142.   An Edwardian Mahogany Oval Shaped Tray, (damaged), XIX Century Satinwood jewellery box, XIX Century Rosewood box, Logan limited edition prints, signed bottom right, two signed Rotherham United footballs:- One Box. 15-20
1143.   Fishing Rods - Shakespeare graphite glass, Abu Garcia, keep net, lures, accessories, carry box, etc. 20-40
1144.   Harry Seacombe, Jim Reeves and other easy listening records, in three cases. 5-10
1145.   Stanley Hand Drill, saws, hammer, other tools, Draper mini hydraulic floor jack. 15-30
1146.   Elvis Presley Albums, Double Trouble, Moody Blue, Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms, 45 singles, Peter Gabriel, Games Without Frontiers, Slade, other artists, easy listening records, classical music. 10-15
1147.   Football Programmes, Doncaster Rovers Homes and Away's, World Cup 1966. Doncaster Rugby League etc, in case, die cast vehicles, print. 15-30
1148.   Michelin Wall Clock, together with a walnut cased Smiths sectric mantle clock. (2) 15-20
1149.   Meta 'Brasso' Advertising Sign, 40 x 30cm. 15-20
1150.   A Circa 1950's Enamel Advertising Sign "Walls' Ice Cream - Sold Here", 60.5 x 45.5cm. 120-180
1151.   Vintage Christmas Baubles, approximately seventy in original card boxes.
(Please note: in-house packing not available for these baubles.) 40-70
1152.   A Portmeirion Dish, books, Middle Eastern wall hanging, tins, glassware, Adam and Eve compact, Ingersol pocket watch, alabaster ware, etc:- One Box, plus Dunlop carp fishing set. 15-30
1153.   James Bond Advertising Banner, The World in Not Enough, approximately 179 x 1129cm (tears). 15-25
1154.   A Lincoln 31 Day Wall Clock, with a swan neck pediment, glazed door, circular dial, Roman numerals. 10-15
1155.   A Brown Glazed Rectangular Sink. 15-20
1156.   Prints, trade cards, frames and mounts:- Two Boxes 15-20
1157.   A Pair of Carved Wooden Candle Stands, 76cm high, two seated Buddah's and nymph. 15-25
1158.   Royal Worcester 'Evesham' Pattern Dinner and Coffee Tableware, approximately eighty eight pieces, approximately (four saucers 2nd quality):- Two Boxes 40-60
1159.   Vivitar Full HD Action Camcorder, Hitachi VHS Movie x 6zoom, Sony Handycam, etc:- One Box. 15-20
1160.   45 RPM Records, from the 1960's to the 1980's, large quantity. Plus a few L.Ps:- Three Boxes 20-40
1161.   Flymo Easy Glide and Ryobi strimmer, both untested sold for parts only (2). 15-20
1162.   Spalding Golf Clubs, in bag, garden tools, folding steps. 15-25
1163.   Apple Cinema Display 20" Widescreen Monitor, boxed, (untested sold for parts only). 15-25
1164.   A XIX Century Stoneware Rectangular Shaped Garden Trough, 61cm wide. 150-200
1165.   A XIX Century Stone Toadstool. 40-60
1166.   A XIX Century Stone Toadstool. 40-60
1167.   A Pair of XIX Century Stoneware Grindstones, 30cm wide. 40-60
1168.   Clima 735 Class 3 Ladders, by Stephens & Carter. 15-30
1169.   Three Oriental Table Lamps, on stands. (3) 15-25
1170.   Two Pottery Jardinieres, (one damaged), plus stand with plastic flowers. 10-20
1171.   Royal Worcester 'Lavinia' Pattern Tea Service, twenty one pieces. 20-30
1172.   Minton 'Bellemeade' Table China, of thirty nine pieces. 20-40
1173.   Rington's Hexagonal Tea Canisters, tea pot plus two bowls:- One Tray. 15-25
1174.   Crested China - coal truck, beach huts, Irish cabin, Southampton Castle, house boats, lobster trap, makers include Carlton, Florentine, Willow Art, Arcadian Goss, twenty five pieces:- One Tray. 30-40
1175.   A XIX Century Cranberry Glass Vase, with a wavy rim, jar-cover, Limoges pottery vase, with a gilt decoration etc:- One Tray. 15-20
1176.   An Art Deco Alfred Meakin 'Marigold' Part Tea Service, seventeen pieces:- One Tray. 15-20
1177.   A Capodimonte Style Figure of a Doctor, Rosina China figurine 'Monica', other figures:- One Tray. 10-15
1178.   Booths 'Real Old Willow' Tea-Dinner Service, thirty two pieces. 25-40
1179.   A Late XIX Century Jug, with a plated lid handle, 1920's Arthur Wood jugs, cruet etc:- one Tray. 10-15
1180.   Manor Pottery Town Crier, Tony Wood toby jug, etc:- One Tray. 10-15
1181.   Royal Doulton 'Rondelay' Pattern dinnerware, comprising six dinner plates, nine 9" plates, twelve cereal bowls, eleven each tea cups,saucers and side plates, tea pot, sugar bowl, milk jug, cake plate (sixty four pieces). 30-40
1182.   Royal Crown Derby Imari 1128 Pattern Plate, 1st quality, 26.5cm diameter. George Cunningham Edwardian plate. (2). 15-30
1183.   Anita Harris Sunflower Vase, gold signed, 20cm high. 70-80
1184.   Anita Harris Skittle Reed Vase, gold signed, 17.5cm high. 40-50
1185.   A Glass Vase, with floral decoration and copper inclusions, 24.5cm high, a conical example. (2). 15-25
1186.   Anita Harris Hot Coals Figure 'Panther', gold signed, 12cm high, 42.5cm long. 80-90
1187.   Anita Harris Treasure Dragon Figure, gold signed, 22cm high, 22cm wide. 70-90
1188.   Graff Vase, 33cm high, Limoges, Sutherland, Derby and other ceramics:- One Tray. 15-25
1189.   Royal Doulton Character Jug,Nurse D7216 (boxed), Roy Kirkham pottery figure 'Night Watchman, Royal Doulton Sgt Peeler D6720, etc:- One Tray. 15-20
1190.   Salisbury China 'Sarum' Coffee Service, pair of Copeland Spode Italian cake plates, Adams octagonal shaped blue-white bowl, etc:- One Tray. 10-15
1191.   Lancaster 'Mr Pickwick' Character Jug, Sylvac character jug, William Shakespeare, other character jugs:- One Tray. 15-20
1192.   Four Decanters, drinking glasses, Stuart paperweight:- One Tray 20-30
1193.   Mary Gregory Style Green Glass Vase, 23cm high, Poole wavy posies, flash glass vase, penguin, Fairings, etc:- One Tray 15-30
1194.   Wedgwood Susie Cooper 'Corn Poppy' Design Tea Ware, of thirty four pieces. 20-40
1195.   Wedgwood 'Kutani Crane' Dinner Ware, of approximately eighty pieces. 100-200
1196.   Edwardian China Tea ware, including Colclough, etc, Humpty Dumpty 1930's teapot, hand ornaments:- One Tray 15-25
1197.   Wedgwood, Aynsley, Sutherland, Albert and other China:- One Tray. Worcester Royal Garden and Silver Jubilee cake plates. 15-30
1198.   Goss - Peterborough Cathedral Ashtray, pitcher, vases, jugs, etc, approximately thirty eight pieces:- One Tray. 20-40
1199.   A Suite of Cut Crystal Glassware, Whisky, Sherry, Brandy, Hock, Champagne, tumbler, etc, seventy six pieces. 80-120
1200.   A Tray of Various Ceramics and Glass, to include Richard Gingli tea ware, glass, blue and white jug and bowl, Oriental vase, tulip vase, etc. 15-25
1201.   Autograph Album, to include Brian Johnston, Frank Lawton, Margaret Barry. Observer binoculars, six hock glasses, Adderley 'Modena' chamber pot. 15-25
1202.   Sixteen 'Piggin' Figures, including 'Piggin Fashion', 'Night Fever', 'Top Chef', 'Dressed to Kill' etc, plus glass fruit bowls:- One Tray. 20-30
1203.   Portmeirion 'Botanic Garden' Part Tea-Coffee Service:- One Box. 30-50
1204.   Paragon China 'Kensington' Tea Service, (some seconds), thirty three pieces:- One Tray. 15-20
1205.   Royal Doulton 'Sutherland' Dinner Ware, comprising two oval meat plates, six soup bowls and stands, eight dishes, six medium plates, six side plates, gravy boat and stand, tureen and cover. 10-15
1206.   Two Slipware Studio Bowls, one with stylized animals, 29cm diameter, the other with flower head 27cm diameter. (2). 15-25
1207.   Goss - Catherine's Hill tower, jugs, cauldrons, etc, approximately fifty eight pieces:-One Tray. 20-40
1208.   Portmeiron, Worcester, Wedgwood and Copenhagen Trinkets,:- One Tray 15-25
1209.   Coalport 'Winter Stroll', Nao Girl with Umbrella, Doulton Girl and 'The Trapper' character jug. (4) 15-30
1210.   Doulton 'Awakening' and 'Tenderness' Figurines, Wedgwood 'Dancing Hours', (all damaged) Doulton 'Buttercup', Coalport 'Jennifer'. (5) 15-30
1211.   Crested China - Arcadian sailors stone, bellows, menu holder, Carlton warming pan, Shelley golf ball, Victoria football, etc, approximately forty two pieces:- One Tray. 20-40
1212.   Fairings, to include '12 Months After Marriage', 'Who Said Rats?', 'Paddling His Own Canoe', 'Returning At One O' Clock in The Morning'. (14). 40-60
1213.   Ashford Bone China Table Clock, Wedgwood 'Meadow Sweet' vase, glass vase with engraved decoration. 15-20
1214.   Two Coffee Sets. Austrian cabinet ware:- One Tray. 15-25
1215.   A XVIII Century Cup-Saucer, with shell decoration, small Royal Worcester hand painted Tyg, Beswick shire horse, Beswick trout 1032, etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1216.   Goss 'Ann Hathaway's Cottage, Shakespeare's House, Burns Cottage (cracked), other Goss and Willow art houses. (11). 20-40
1217.   Goss - Old Horse Shoe, Swiss vinegar bottle, Noggin, Tgy, etc, approximately forty one pieces:- One Tray. 20-40
1218.   Doulton Lambeth Stoneware Jugs, plus two with China bodies, the highest 19.5cm, leaf decoration, another plain. (4) 20-30
1219.   Edinburgh Cut Glass Decanter, with a pressed glass ships decanter. (2) 10-15
1220.   Royal Albert 'County Roses' Bulbous Shaped Vase, jar-cover, bowl, etc:- One Tray. 20-30
1221.   Wade Whimsies, Disney noted, Copenhagen puppy 1408, etc:- One Tray. 20-30
1222.   A Moorcroft Small Bulbous Vase, painted with the Anemone pattern by Emma Bossons, impressed and painted marks to base 8cm high, together with a Moorcroft coaster, decorated with the Queens Choice design. (2) 40-60
1223.   Royal Crown Derby 'Royal Antoinette', scalloped cabinet plate and a smaller plate. (2) 30-50
1224.   Two Royal Crown Derby Houses, 'The China Shop', and 'Georgian Town House'. (2) 30-50
1225.   M. Frey Kaiser, German Bisque Pottery Vase, with floral decoration to ovoid body 0264, 14.5cm high, another 0263 and lidded jar 665. (3) 15-25
1226.   A XX Century Continental Figurine Group, of a lady and gent in classical dress playing musical instruments, (with the mark Dresden on base) and two other figurine groups in classical dress. 40-60
1227.   Crested China -Military and commemorative themed including Shelley, Black Watch kennel, Arcadian policeman, Clifton Mons Meg Cannon, Goss lion, horseshoe and army water bottle, Carlton lifeboat memorial, twenty three pieces:- One Tray. 30-50
1228.   Falcon 'Wishing Well' Posy, Carlton biscuit barrel, Harry Wheatcroft trio, etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1229.   An Art Deco Glass Cocktail Set, comprising chrome topped shaker with red base, and with bubble inclusions to body, 21.5cm high, six matching tots. 20-30
1230.   Royal Copenhagen 4378 Spirit Flask with Stopper, Bing & Grondahl vase, featuring yachts on choppy waters, 22.5cm high. (2). 30-40
1231.   A XIX Century German Bavarian Jug, German mug Delft ware mug:- One Tray. 10-15
1232.   Crested China - Grafton No Beer Figure and Conway house, Goss 1978 St Columb Major Cross ashtray, Botol PH St Paul's Cathedral, Carlton treadle sewing machine, Arcadian Wiltshire pig, Carlton jester, etc, approximately fifty pieces. 30-40
1233.   Beswick Doe, sheep dog, collie, Labrador and sheep, Palomino and horse (both damaged), eight pocket dragon figures:- One Tray. 20-30
1234.   A Tray of Various Ceramics, to include unpainted Crown Derby bowl (faults), stoneware jug, carriage clock, crested ware, etc. 15-30
1235.   Aynsley 'Somerset' Vases, Cottage Garden jar, Wild Tudor vase, etc:- One Tray. 15-20
1236.   A Set of Four Royal Worcester Royal Mint Classics Limited Edition Plates, "British Birds", Blue tit with wild rose, Robin with holly, Kingfisher with forget-me nots, Wren with crocus. (all boxed), (4). 10-20
1237.   Goss - Leeds Crested Tyg 13cm high, Royal Salisbury Jack, Okehampton Castle two handled mug, South Molton 'Lytham' mugs, etc. approximately thirty one pieces:- One Tray. 30-50
1238.   Three Caithness Style Vases, Jack in The Pulpit, Stuart conical examples, Campagna urn vase, 14.5 cm high. (6) 20-30
1239.   Novelty Posy Holders as Shoes, John Piggott of London letter scales:- One Tray. 15-25
1240.   Three Spode Limited Edition Plates, The Tewksbury Plate, York Minister plate, three Mull, St David's Cathedral plate (boxed), two Mulberry Hall plates, (boxed), together with a pair of Aynsley cabinet plates decorated with fruit still lives (D. Jones) (7), 10-15
1241.   Wedgwood 'Gold Columbia' (Sage Green) Dinner Ware, comprising; eight dinner, eight dessert and nine side plates, two oval meat plates, bread plate, two tureens, eight soup bowls on stands, gravy boat on stand. 100-150
1242.   Anita Harris 'Tuscany' Purse Vase, gold signed, 19cm high. 60-70
1243.   A Lladro Ballet Dancer 6371, 30cm high, seated ballerina, lady with goose. (3) 50-70
1244.   Moorcroft Sister Co. Design Consort Black and White Vase, designed by Emma Bossons, shape 146/7, 18cm high. 40-50
1245.   Royal Doulton Figurines 'The Old Balloon Seller' HN 1315, 'Southern Belle'. Sitzendorf figure group. 20-30
1246.   Ducal Ware Teapot, 'War Against Hittlerism' with lid, along with a Royal Winton Grimwades Winston Churchill character jug. 20-30
1247.   Anita Harris Black Bluebell Skittle Lustre Vase, gold signed, 16.5cm high. 30-40
1248.   Anita Harris 'Lotus Flower' Minos Vase, gold signed, 21cm high. 50-60
1249.   Peggy Davies Figurine 'Be My Valentine', an artists original colourway 1/1 by Victoria Bourne, 17cm wide. 70-80
1250.   Peggy Davies Figurine 'Aspen Girl', an artists original colourway 1/1 by Victoria Bourne, 25.5cm wide. 70-80
1251.   Anita Harris 'Homage to Monet' Minos Lily Purse Vase, 20.5cm high. 40-50
1252.   A Royal Doulton Figurine 'Miss Demure' HN 1402. 20-30
1253.   Anita Harris Blue and White Lustre Dragonfly Purse Vase, gold signed, 12.5cm high. 30-40
1254.   Moorcroft Sister Co. Design Consort Iscele Milk Vase, designed by Emma Bossons, 23.5cm high. 50-60
1255.   Moorcroft Vase, decorated in the Lamia design by Rachel Bishop, initialed W.M to base, 21cm high. 40-60
1256.   Lladro Pensive Eskimo Boy 2159, C-10 J 16.5cm high and Lladro Chinese figure. (2) 20-40
1257.   Topglass Amethyst Cylindrical Vase, with mottled silvered decoration to incised body, 20cm high, another 9cm high. (2) 20-30
1258.   A Royal Doulton Figurine 'The Flower Seller' HN 789. 60-90
1259.   A Moorcroft Porttery Vase, painted in the 'Bluebell Harmony' design by Kerry Goodwin, shape 06/5, impressed and painted marks, 12.5cm high. 40-50
1260.   Anita Harris Deco Dog 'Dachshund' Sunburst Purse Vase, gold signed, 12cm high. 30-40
1261.   A Moorcroft Ppottery Vase, painted in the 'Harvest Poppy' design by Emma Bossons, shape 402/4, impressed and painted marks, 10cm high. 50-60
1262.   Peggy Davies Erotic Figurine 'Isadora', an artists original colourway 1/1 by Victoria Bourne, 27.5cm high. 80-90
1263.   Peggy Davies Erotic Figurine 'Temptress', an artists original colourway 1/1 by Victoria Bourne, 27cm wide. 120-140
1264.   Peggy Davies Erotic Figurine 'Phoebe', an artists original colourway 1/1 by Victoria Bourne, 17cm high. 70-90
1265.   Lorna Bailey - Make My Day the Cat (Clint Eastwood), 11.5cm high. 20-30
1266.   Lorna Bailey - Tom and Jerry the Cat, 12.5cm high. 20-30
1267.   Lorna Bailey - Bubbles the Cat, 12cm high. 20-30
1268.   Beswick: Swish tail horse, in brown gloss, 'Spirit of the Wind' in brown gloss and three foals. (5). 30-40
1269.   Lorna Bailey - Doodles the Dog, 14.5cm wide. 20-30
1270.   Lorna Bailey - Muppet the Cat, 13cm high. 20-30
1271.   Lorna Bailey - Ethan the Cat, 12.5cm high. 20-30
1272.   Lorna Bailey - Bengo the Dog, 12cm high. 20-30
1273.   Lorna Bailey Tiny Quackers the Duck, 9.5cm high. 20-30
1274.   Lorna Bailey - Fly By the Cat, 13cm high. 20-30
1275.   Lorna Bailey - Honey the Cat, 12.5cm high. 20-30
1276.   Peggy Davies Erotic Figurine 'Tamora on a Bearskin Rug', limited edition number 13/100, 25.5cm wide. 120-140
1277.   Royal Doulton 'Winston Churchill' Toby Jug. 'Beefeater' Rd No 847680. Napoleon & Josephine (The Star Crossed Lovers Collection) limited edition 4423/9500. 30-50
1278.   Silver Sugar Tongs, plated cutlery, bead rimmed place mats. 15-20
1279.   Coalport, The Snowman Characters 'The Special Moment' and 'The Story Ends'. (2) 15-20
1280.   Royal Doulton Toby Jugs, Sir John Falstaff, Jolly Toby, The Huntsman, D6320, Tam O'Shanter D6632. (4) 15-20
1281.   Five Royal Crown Derby Paperweights, in the form of miniature bears in football kits, Christmas cook bear, etc. 40-60
1282.   Royal Doulton Jugs, Anne Boleyn D6644, Jane Seymour D6646, Catherine of Aragon (2nds) D6643, Catherine Howard (2nds) D6645. (4). 20-30
1283.   Peggy Davies Erotic Figurine 'Lolita', an artists original colourway 1/1 by Victoria Bourne, 20cm high. 80-90
1284.   H.F. & Co Four Piece Plated Tea Service, cutlery, goblet, etc:- One Box. 15-30
1285.   A1 Plated Rattail Cutlery, in an oak fitted box, together with a part canteen of cutlery. (2). 10-15
1286.   Don Sheil of Australia Quadrilateral Plate and Bowl, stainless steel bowl, Oneida Community stainless cases, cutlery. 15-30
1287.   Community Plate Cutlery, silver teaspoon, pair of double plate ladles, other flatware. 20-40
1288.   XIX Century Mauchline Ware Ruler, caddy spoon, egg cup, etc, needlework cases, etc:- One Tray. 30-40
1289.   XIX Century Sovereign Scales, folding in mahogany case. Drayton Manor pot lid, oak ashtrays pen with carved handle, mother of pearl pencil. 20-40
1290.   A XIX Century Treen Ring Sizer, J Rabone & Sons brass spirit level (cased), early XX Century brass tyre gauge, weights, etc, tape measure:- One Tray. 30-50
1291.   XIX Century Treen Butter Pats, treen pastry wheel, etc:- One Tray. 20-30
1292.   A XIX Century Rosewood Box, XIX Century snuff box, boxwood thimble holder, small tape measure and other pieces of treen:- One Tray. 25-45
1293.   Needlework Case, glasses case, other pieces of treen, etc. 20-30
1294.   Ivory Chess Pieces, circa 1900, the turned pieces on black and white circular bases, king 9cm, one knight associated. (32) 100-150
1295.   A Late XIX Century early XX Century Brass Leather Three Fold Telescope, with case. 25-40
1296.   Jewellery Brooches, featuring Beatles group member faces, 10.5cm long, on card backing. 20-30
1297.   A XIX Century Ivory Cane Handled Folding Pen Knife, C. Johnson, Sheffield, a XIX Century bone file, etc. 30-40
1298.   A XV/XVI Century Folding Pen Knife, other early folding pen knives, in early XX Century velvet box, with a photograph of Thirsk. 80-120
1299.   A XIX Century George Wostenholme & Son Sheffield Bowie Style Hunting Knife, in a leather sheath, XIX Century Wade butcher bowie knife, in leather sheath, Indian trade knife with engraved blade, with sheath. (3) 40-60
1300.   A Late XIX Century Prestman Sheffield Bowie/Hunting Style Knife, with engraved figure on blade, XIX Century Christopher Johnson Co, Sheffield, woodcraft knife, XX Century Joseph Rodgers British Navy bowie style knife with No 810-99-4375839, 1987 with arrow (3), all with leather sheaths. 60-80
1301.   Jonathan Crookes, Sheffield Spearpoint Bowie Knife, (name stamped on blade). 100-150
1302.   A XIX Century Commando Style Knife by W.H Marshall, Garden Street, Sheffield, with a two edged blade, with an embossed handle. 60-80
1303.   A Hat Stretcher 6, treen sock darners, etc:- One Box. 20-30
1304.   A1 Plated Fish Knife and Forks, stamped St Winifred's on the handle and other cutlery:- One Tray. 10-15
1305.   An Edwardian Tray/Tantalus, with period decanter and four glasses, overall 54.5cm wide. 20-30
1306.   Cased Fish Knife-Forks, cased fish servers. (3) 15-25
1307.   A Plated Egg Cruet, together with a box containing caddy spoons, plated cruet set, spoons, salt pepper. 15-20
1308.   A Hand Bell, with a turned wooden handle, shop counter bells, etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1309.   Small Collectables, including mother of pearl penknives, cigar cutters, Stanhope, flask, mother of pearl Sheffield 78rpm sound box and needle holders, etc:- One Box 15-20
1310.   A Mahogany Tantalus, fitted with a pair of Edinburgh crystal decanters and stoppers, with key and carrying handle. 30-40
1311.   A XIX Century Mantel Clock, with turned finial's, enamel dial, Roman numerals, on a stepped base, 53cm high. 25-40
1312.   A Two Bottle Tantalus, in a mahogany case, with carrying handle, brass mounts, (no key). 15-20
1313.   Goss - Old Horse Shoe, Welsh hat, Maltese carafe, ewers, jugs, etc, approximately thirty eight pieces:- One Tray. 20-40
1314.   Murano Style Glass Cockerel, plated tea pot, coffee pot, Robertsons figures:- One Tray. 10-15
1315.   A XIX Century Style Gilded Brass Clock Garniture Set, (imperial made in Italy), clock with a final top, central enamel dial, flanking cherubs, on back grained marble base, shaped base on paw feet, together with a pair of six branch candelabra. 80-120
1316.   A Plated Four Piece Tea Service, (hot water jug damaged), chrome tea pot, etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1317.   Crested China - Willow Art Ruskin memorial, Carlton stag, Coronet cat, Florentine harp, Wilton Welsh hat, Carlton Douglas Castle, Mitre, etc, approximately forty five pieces:- One Tray. 20-40
1318.   E.P.N.S Commemorative 1937 Tea Spoons, coins, plated tankard, spectacles, natural sine, compass, etc, Festival of Britain 1951 books, etc:- One Tray. 20-30
1319.   A Chinese Bronzed Four Faced Paperweight. 20-30
1320.   A Japanese Lacquered Rectangular Box, featuring bird amongst foliage, on blue ground 32cm wide. A smaller circular example. (2). 15-30
1321.   Chinese Bowl and Cover, with characters, together with a XVIII Century Delft Ware Vase, with Chinese decoration. 20-30
1322.   Two Chinese Four Faced Paperweights, together with a soapstone vase. (3). 15-25
1323.   An Early XX Century Indian Brass Vase and Cover, with a finial top, profusely engraved decoration of animals, figures, and foliage on a circular base, 35cm high. 20-30
1324.   A XX Century Chinese Vase, with a green ground, characters marks and a tree mark on base, 28cm high. 30-50
1325.   Indian Hardwood Fabric Press/Wallpaper Transfer Block, circa XIX Century with brass raised inlay, foliate decoration, 22cm square. 20-40
1326.   An Early XX Century Canton Porcelain Shaped Rectangular Dish, painted in the famille verte palette with figures, exotic birds, butterflies and flowers, a similar bowl, pair of Japanese blue and white ovoid porcelain vases with elephant mask handles, a blue and white vase and a Crown Devon jug and stand:- One Tray 50-80
1327.   J.K. Rowling, silver ink signed (unverified) on an image, as part of a montage. 130-150
1328.   A XIX Century Sampler, worked by Frances Cousins, March 1823, with alphabet , numbers and motifs (faded) 41 x 31cm, framed. 20-30
1329.   A Chinese Tea Pot, with floral decoration, three Japanese plates, and other Oriental vase, plates, etc:- One Tray. 10-20
1330.   A Pair of XIX Century Alibaba Child's Leather Shoes, XIX Century snuff boxes, pair of early XX Century Japanese Cloisone bowls (damaged) etc, two Sheffield medals, University of Sheffield 1905, Children of Sheffield to Queen Victoria in Norfolk Park, Sheffield May 1897, Diamond Jubilee:- One Tray. 20-30
1331.   A Pair of Chinese Plates, featuring characters playing a board game, other Chinese plates and a bowl. 10-15
1332.   Draughts in a Mahogany Box, boxwood dice shaker and other pieces of treen etc, flour shaker etc:- One Tray. 25-45
1333.   A Cast Iron Royal air Force Plaque. 15-20
1334.   A Late XIX Century 'The Saturnscope' James Davies Washington Place N.Y. Steroscope, together with Sterescope cards, of The Cathedral Lucerne, etc. 40-60
1335.   A Brass Plaque, Schwedenmadel Lighter, having Thorens movement, Louis Codan pen, carpet bowls, etc. 20-30
1336.   Two Original Circa 1950's Shop Advertising Cards - one for 'Moorhouses Lemon Cheese' 48cm high, the other for 'Keiller Marmalade'. (2) 40-60
1337.   A Large Early XX Century Glass Shop Sweet Jar, with decorative designed collar and lid, 44cm high. 30-40
1338.   A XIX Century Burr Wood Dome Topped Tea Caddy, 14cm wide, a similar larger one in mahogany. 20-40
1339.   Three Foot Angular Ruler, brass Wilkerdin-Smallwood, Birmingham, Firkin Measure, Yard ruler "Arthur W. Whitaker, 14 Castle St Clitheroe" yard ruler. (4) 20-40
1340.   Pewter One Pint Measures, six pewter plates 17cm diameter bearing touchmarks, a pair of Dixon;s mustard pots. 20-40
1340A.  Ebony Ring Tree, photograph frame, glove stretchers, brushes, etc. 15-20
1341.   A XIX Century Elm Four Legged Milking Stool, 19cm high. 15-20
1342.   A Victorian Stationary Cabinet, two opening slope front doors, revealing letter racks, inkwell and pens, etc, 42cm wide. 30-40
1343.   Taxidermy - Wading bird, on naturalistic ground, glazed and framed 38cm wide. 30-40
1344.   Taxidermy - Wading bird, possibly Greenshank on naturalistic ground, glazed and framed, 43cm wide. 30-40
1345.   A 1942 Brass Shell, 31cm, a brass soldiers button cleaner, other brassware, including a pair of Victorian soap moulds, beer barrel tap, two Girl Guide belts, bakelite knobs, etc:- One Tray 20-40
1346.   Film Poster 'Marx Brothers - The Big Store', litho in U.S.A 98 x 68cm (tears). 20-30
1347.   Action Man Vintage Uniforms, in ten packets. 20-40
1348.   An Early XX Century Violin, with one piece back (paper label with initials J.T.L) plus two bows, (cased). 30-50
1349.   Stentor Violin, with a two piece back, with a bow, (cased). 20-30
1350.   Buffet of France Clarinet, five sectional, in case. 20-30
1351.   A Yamaha Flute, Soprano Saxophone, Union series Ukulele, Mandolin, copper trumpet, bugle, etc:- One Box. 15-20
1352.   Film Posters - starring Clint Eastwood 'The Gauntlet' printed by W.E Berry of Bradford, 'Sudden Impact' printed by Lonsdale & Bartholomew 'Bronco Billy', all quad size. 40-60
1353.   Carry on Autographs - Barbara Windsor, Hattie Jacques, both ink signed, (unverified) as montages. (2) 30-40
1354.   Horror Film Posters - 'Carrie' printed by W.E. Berry of Bradford, 75.5 x 101cm, together with 'Beetlejuice' 133 x 91cm. (2). 30-50
1355.   A Circa 1930's Tinplate wind-Up Saloon Car, 31cm long, with sticker 'Marx 1938' and reg plates marked LMC 217. Plus a later tinplate 'Super Sonik' Rocket Ship, marked VTC. 40-60
1356.   Air Rifle, Snow Peak .22 calibre, featuring SMK 4 x 32 sight. (Purchaser must of over 18 yeas of age). 30-40
1357.   Retro Gaming - Sega Master System, with two remotes, plus Back To The Future, Part III and Jurassic Park, both boxed.(untested sold for parts only) 30-40
1358.   Model Plastic Queen Guitar, featuring Freddie Mercury plus band members, 41cm long. 20-30
1359.   Corgi (Golden Jubilee) Queen Elizabeth Horse and Carriage Set, (boxed). 15-20
1360.   A Boxed 1:18th Scale Porsche 911 GT1 98, by Maisto, Xiong Sheng non brand Ferrari Enzo, etc:- All Boxed 15-30
1361.   Thunderbirds - Moulding and Colouring Set, board game, Walt Disney target set. 20-30
1362.   A Mid XX Century Composition Doll, with blue glass open and shut eyes, open mouth and voice mechanism (not working), 70cm tall. 10-20
1363.   Mid XX Century Collectable Wind-Up Toys, including a fur deer, with label for 'M-West Germany', when wound up turns head and rotates its tail, tinplate fairground track with wind-up car, tinplate hopping dog, tinplate duck, tinplate boxed ladybird, etc, (seven items). 40-60
1364.   The Beatles, The Yellow Submarine, mounted and framed 19.5 x 28.5cm. 130-150
1365.   Horror Film Posters - 'Salem's Lot', Day Bill example M.A.P.S Litho Pty Ltd, 75.5 x 33cm. 30-40
1366.   Records, mainly Classical 33 & 45rpms. 10-20
1367.   A Large Quantity of CDs, Classical, some duplication. 15-20
1368.   XIX Century Treen Skittles, Boliche child's skittle game in a box:- One Box. 15-20
1369.   A Kodak Box Camera, carved soapstone jar-cover, Agfa camera, plated bowls, Vidor My Lady Catherine radio, cutlery, etc:- One Tray. 10-15
1370.   An Early XX Century Chemist's Travel Box, with front flap revealing numerous chemists bottles, etc, top brass carrying handle; together with a 'Lott's Chemistry' Box, containing further test rubes, a brass/mahogany slide holder, etc. 30-40
1371.   Early XX Century "Seigneur" Lighter, Super Barrage lighter, Mosda lighter, Lipton souvenir tea caddy, XIX Century copper crumb tray, etc:- One Tray. 20-40
1372.   Elliot Bros, London Slide Ruler, other slide ruler's and books on basic slide rule operation. 20-40
1373.   A Tray of Various Cigarette Cards, to include 35/36 Association Footballers, by Wills, Wild flowers, other albums, loose, etc. 20-30
1374.   Two XIX Century Mahogany Boxes, a later smaller Indian hardwood example, 20cm wide, an oak sliding two tier cigarette box. (4) 15-25
1375.   Brass Letter Rack, kettles, ferris wheel, etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1376.   Early XX Century Postcard, including topographical, photographic, humorous, real hair, etc. 20-40
1376A.  Sixteen Original 1960's Beatles Singles, including Day Tripper, she Love You, etc, some in original Parlophone sleeves, plus a collection of twenty eight Elvis singles 1950-1970's. 40-50
1377.   Pen Knives, tins, tuning fork, razor, flat iron, etc:- One Tray 15-25
1378.   XIX Century Scales, in a half carved case, crib board, slide rule:- One Tray. 10-20
1379.   XIX Century Imperial Standard Weights, Salter letter balance No 1 scales. R.W Winfield, Birmingham letter scales, etc:- One Tray. 20-30
1380.   A Victorian Rosewood Ladies Sewing Box, with mother of pearl escutcheons, 24cm wide, a Victorian jewellery box. Plus a four piece Art Nouveau style dressing table set. 30-40
1381.   A Brass Temple Lion, 15cm wide. Chinese themed tea caddy. Wooden clown puppet. 30-50
1382.   A XIX Century Paper Knife, Hughes Owen Co Ltd, boxwood ruler, advertising paper knife, John T Clark & Son, 60 Charles St, Manchester, other rulers:- One Tray. 15-20
1383.   Cottons, embroidered slippers, Crabtree and Evelyn bakelite jar, desk paper holders, etc:- One Tray 15-30
1384.   Mommsen's History of Rome, four volumes, printed by W Clowes and Sons, Stamford St and Charring Cross , together with three volumes of Macaulay's works. (7) 5-10
1385.   Townsend & Co XIX Century Cast Iron Post Office Scales, together with XIX Century Sovereign scales in a mahogany box. (2). 30-50
1386.   Fowlers Twelve Ten Calculator, Correntator T.O Blake, 58 Hatton Garden, London Glass Measure, Otis Kings paten calculator:- One Tray. 30-50
1387.   Five Sets of Twelve Victorian Magic Lantern Slides, titles include "Discovery of America by Colombus", "Scenes From Pickwick". 40-60
1388.   Five Sets of Twelve Each Victorian Magic Lantern Slides, in original boxes, titles include "Pussy's Road To Ruin", "Mischievous Tommy". 40-60
1389.   C. H Co London Pendulum Letter Scale, Otis Kings patent calculator, XIX Century sovereign scales, compass:- One Tray. 30-50
1390.   A Late XIX Century Continental Brass Desk Stand, with pierced scroll decoration, mythological head. 30-40
1391.   A 1938 Fully Illustrated Trade Catalogue, for William Wright Sons Ltd of Lymm - suppliers of gold leaf, brushes, varnishes for decorators and signwriters - some coloured illustrations and price lists. 15-20
1392.   WWI Battle Postcards, including 'Daily Mail Battle Pictures', embroidered cards, German, etc. 10-20
1393.   Tailor's Proportionate Waist Measure, with a brass bracket and lip, Aston-Mander tailors measure "The Tailors & Cutter", students square measure on card. 20-40
1394.   Magnifying Glasses, with plated handles:- One Tray. 20-50
1395.   Chinoiserie Lacquered Dressing Mirror, brass mining figures, hardwood heads, tins, etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1396.   A Tray of Interesting Items, to include c.1960's desk calendar, cobra candlesticks, hip flask, table lighters, etc.. 15-30
1397.   Two Leather Martingales, featuring equestrian mounts. Punch iron door stop 30cm high. (3). 30-50
1398.   A XIX Century Sycamore Bowl, XIX Century treen spoon and other pieces of treen:- One Tray. 25-45
1399.   XIX Century Ansonia Clock Co, New York , French style, painted mantel clock, with gilded cast mounts (no pointers). 20-40
1400.   Reg Kray, bearing a black ink signature (unverified), on a copy of 'A Way of Life', book. 15-30
1401.   Two Pairs of Turned Wooden and Chrome Candlesticks, tidy box, tray. 20-30
1402.   A Large Collection of Circulated GB Coins, includes old one pennies, florins, threepences, etc, together with a Royal Mint 1971 GB coin set. 30-50
1403.   An Edwardian Oak Desk Pen Tray, with two inkwell and lower drawer, a Victorian ebonised pen and ink tray with large bronze serpent handle, a Victorian script, 'The Art of Writing etc', under glass, plus an oak musical box, four items. 40-50
1404.   Greenkat Three Draw Telescope,Wardonia bakelite razor, pre-war spectacles,m war time permit, A B Dalzell & & Co Ltd Ship Stores and Repairs, penknife, iron key etc:- One Tray. 20-30
1405.   Manning Bowman Copper Kettle on Brass Stand, brass watering can, door knocker, trade wall bell, 1935 brass plaque. 20-30
1407.   Coinage, bank notes, costume jewellery etc, in metal tin. Pocket knives, watches, Chad Valley money box, rosary beads, lighters, etc:- One Tray. 15-20
1408.   A Late XIX Century Walnut Cased Mantel Clock, with turned finials silvered dial, with Roman numerals, stepped base. 20-40
1409.   A XX Century Enfield England Walnut Cased Bracket Clock, the dial with Roman numerals, corner spandrels, on a stepped base, 25cm high. 30-50
1410.   A XX Century Phillips 10" Challenge Globe, on a stepped stand. 25-40
1411.   An Art Deco Inlaid Mahogany Musical Mantel Clock, with Arabic numerals to silvered dial. 15-20
1412.   A Pair of Alabaster Antelopes, on plinth bases, together with two XIX Century carved ivory grazing animals. (4) 20-40
1413.   An Edwardian Mahogany Dome Cased Mantle Clock, with batwing inlay, black Roman numerals to white enamel dial, 21cm high. A similar canasta box. (2). 15-25
1414.   After D Alonzo; Art Deco Style Bronze Figure of Semi Clad Woman with a Hoop, signed on base 49cm high. 60-80
1415.   A Grey/Green Bulbous Shaped Mineral Vase, on a circular base, 16cm high. 20-30
1416.   Roger Francois (Wood Carver 1928-2013); A wood carving of a man sat on a rock with his head in his hands, signed on base, 28cm high. 30-50
1417.   Smiths Enfield and Perivale Mantle Clocks. (2) 15-20
1418.   A XIX Century French Ormolu Two Branch Candlestick, (converted) base with Sevres panel. 30-40
1419.   A XX Century Elliott Oak Cased Eight Day Lever Westminster and Whittington Chime Mantle Clock, with key, instructions, with retail name H L Brown & Son Ltd, Sheffield. 40-60
1420.   A XIX Century Style Money Box, white metal stylized head of a deer. 15-25
1421.   National Inverter Love Eye Desk Lamp, (untested sold for parts only), oval glass vase, 40.5cm high. (2) 10-20
1422.   An Early XX Century Copper Warming Pan, with a turned fruitwood handle. 10-20
1423.   Drew and Sons British Officers Travelling Picnic and Tea Set, circa XX Century, comprising plated tea pot, pan and burner, enamelled trays, oval and rectangular boxes, in wicker case, labelled Drew and Sons, Piccadilly Circus under lid. 60-90
1424.   A Splendor Elegance Gem Stone Globe, set in a coppered stand, approximately 20cm diameter. 30-40
1425.   A Glass Oil Lamp, together with a paraffin lamp. 15-20
1426.   A 1930's Plaster Figure of Alsatian, 53cm wide. 15-30
1427.   Vintage Advertising - a pine 'Colmans Mustard' Trade Box, 25 x 22cm. Plus a shop card for 'The Woodrow Amylyte - Lightest Bowler Hat in the World'. (2) 20-30
1428.   Iron Tripod Brass Table Lamp, high, Rodgers mahogany canteen box. 15-30
1429.   Avery Scales and weights, guillotine, enamelled fresh bread vessel. 20-40
1430.   An Early XX Century Stationary Box, with fitted interior, 27cm wide, gilt table lamp as a cherub. 15-25
1431.   A Tiffany Style Table Lamp, on a bronzed effect base. 20-40
1431A.  A Moorcroft Pottery Lamp Base, painted in the 'Kingsborough Gardens' design by Emma Bossons. 140-160
1432.   A Pair of Bronzed Resin Sculptures, 'Discus' limited edition 1/35 and 2/35, on white circular bases. (2) 20-40
1433.   A Tray of Various Indian and Dolls of Traditional Dress, by Waldorf and other manufacturers. 10-20
1434.   A Vintage Grunding Tape Recorder, T.K.5 (instructions), together with a Grundig Bakelite microphone for a T.K.5 tape recorder and a box reels. (3) 20-30
1435.   Various Early to Late XX Century Books and Ephemera, including Debrett's Peerage 1940, seven Ward Lock and Arthur Mee travel books, p/c's, photos, magazines, papers, etc:- One Box 15-25
1436.   An Early XX Century Black Cased Decca Record Player, Serial No 6272, together with a vintage Philip's radio. (2) 15-20
1437.   Three Soda Syphons, Club crate, oak candle box. 20-30
1438.   Vintage Shell & Esso Petrol Cans, By The Way oil can. (3) 20-30
1439.   A XX Century Cast Iron coal Scuttle, raised decoration, hinged lid, on scroll feet. 20-40
1440.   A XX Century Adjust Form (The Worlds Best Dress Making Model) Mannequin, on splayed supports. 20-40
1441.   A Large Leather Model of an Arabian Style Horse, with red glass eyes, 70cm high. 60-100
1442.   Bronzed Figure of Eagle Upon Rock, 52.5cm high. 40-60
1443.   A XIX Century Copper Twin Handled Tea Urn, (adapted), together with a XIX Century brass jam pan. (2) 15-20
1444.   Fans, lamps, etc in wicker basket. 15-25
1445.   Paul Young, classical music, early listening albums:- Three Cases. 5-10
1446.   A Galvanised Bath Tub. 10-20
1447.   A Victorian 'Confidential Documents' Storage Tin, for the 'Lancashire Constabulary - Lonsdale North Division', lift up lid and side handles, 44cm x 29cm x 27cm). 40-50
1448.   Two Leather Suitcases, one containing gent's accessories, the other larger, 61cm wide. 30-40
1449.   Venezuela and Other Flags, Edwardian nightdress, sailors smock, etc in Revelation case. 15-25
1450.   Philip Harris Ltd, Birmingham Cased Laboratory Scales. 15-20
1451.   A Vintage Tan Leather Vanity Suitcase, the interior lined and fitted for toiletries etc. in beige moire fabric. 20-40
1452.   A Set of Five African Style Bongo's, highest bongo 42cm high. 15-20
1453.   An Impressive Large Display Eaglemoss Model of 'Captain Cook's Endeavour', together with what appears to be a complete set of instructions, magazines and DVD's, the case 118 x 93 x42cm. 100-200
1454.   Moussec, Griffin and George Boxes, gold seal Alexanders and Lion Gums card boxes. 15-25
1455.   CD Cases Transporting Storage Box, with simmons fasteners, 31cm high, 53.5 x 38cm. 20-30
1456.   A Large Teddy Bear, 145cm high. 10-20
1457.   A Chinese Wool Tasseled Oval Rug, with floral decoration on green ground, 152 x 92cm, a smaller circular rug. (2) 15-25
1458.   A Decca Transporting Speaker Storage Unit, with metal edges four corners, simmons type fasteners, on wheels, 100cm high, 68 x 52cm. 20-40
1459.   A Decca Transporting Speaker Storage Unit, with metal edges four corners, simmons type fasteners, on wheels, 100cm high, 68 x 52cm. 20-40
1460.   Tom Dixon, etch web light shade, approximately 56cm diameter with original packing case. 80-120
1461.   Nordik 1 S/L Decor Ceiling Light/Fan in Box. 10-15
1462.   A Wine Rack, to hold forty eight bottles, 62 x 81cm. 15-20
1463.   A XIX Century Style White Painted Overmantle, with 'C' scroll and leaf decoration, 100cm wide. 30-50
1464.   Railway Interest - Photo of Shottle Station with Mr H. Barber, Station Master c1880 in foreground, 22.5 x 34.5cm framed. 15-20
1465.   A Mid to Late XX Century 'Oxo' Advertising Sign, 28" x 19", 710 x 47cm. 20-30
1466.   A Gilt Rectangular Framed Wall Mirror, with applied corner mounts, 39.5 x 50cm, three panelled shaped wall mirror. (2) 15-25
1467.   A Rectangular Gilt Framed Bevelled Wall Mirror, overall 70 x 39.5cm. 100 years telegram, two prints. 15-20
1468.   R Baardsen, 'Rock Pool', oil on canvas, monogram lower right, exhibit label verso with artist details, 75 x 100.5cm; Attr to R Baardsen, Rocky Headland scene, oil on canvas, 74.5 x 100cm. (2) 15-25
1469.   W.A.V Walking on a Wintery Country Track, watercolour, initialled lower right, 11 x 16.5cm. Attributed to Anna Mann 'Poppies', water colour, 23.5 x 16.5cm, two prints. (4) 15-30
1470.   Harold Thornton 'Looe Harbour' Etching, signed, 36.5 x 15cm. Gillian E Buttery, pencil sketch of female nude. Pair of cream framed mirrors. (4). 15-25
1471.   Three Paintings - Still Life, oil on board, Tranquil waterways, and Pair of Farm Dogs, oil on porcelain. 15-25
1472.   Kim Schofield (Sheffield Artist), 'Landscape - Blackmoor', oil on board, details verso, 30.5cm square, M. Bridges & P Collins oils. (3). 15-30
1473.   Louis Jennings, Sheffield and District Scenes, coloured prints, each signed, 20.5 x 29.5cm (4) 15-30
1474.   H.A, Hancok 'Blue Haze, Devon', oil on board, signed lower right 44.5 x 59.5cm, another island scene. Gilt plastic framed wall mirror. (3) 15-20
1475.   W.H Pigott (Sheffield Artist), Cattle with mountains in the background, watercolour, signed bottom right, 31.5 x 50.5cm. 15-25
1476.   A Pair of Gilt Framed Rectangular Bevelled Wall Mirrors, 87.5 x 62cm overall. 15-25
1477.   Two Wall Mirrors, Monet and three New York prints. (6). 15-20
1478.   B.O.A.C To Europe Travel Poster, 76 x 50.5cm, another Fly Quantas 'Europe',101 x 63cm. (2) 20-30
1479.   Star Trek III 'The Search for Spock', film poster. 15-20
1480.   Space Cowboys Poster, bearing ink signatures of Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones Donald Sutherland, and James Garner (all unverified), in frame, with Auction World T.V certificate of authenticity, 100 x 67cm. 80-120
1481.   Film Posters - 'Superman 2', printed by W.E Berry of Bradford and 'Close Encounters', both quad size 75.5 x 100.5cm. (2) 40-60
1482.   Cream Framed Wall Mirror, 100 x 69.5cm. three large prints. (4). 10-20
1483.   A Pair of XIX Century Paintings on Glass, Country Cottage and Church scenes, (one damaged), in Maple frames, 54.5 x 74cm overall. 30-50
1484.   After W Dendy Sadler, Boucher engraving 'His Favourite Bin', signed by artist and engraver, 38.5 x 28.5cm, two others similar. (3). 20-40
1485.   After Stanley Robert Jones (Sheffield Artist Born 1927), The Faulty Blind, artist proof print, monogrammed and dated '91, 8 x 6cm, another, Booze 'n Snooze. Sarah, pencil dawning of elderly XIX Century couple. (3) 20-40
1486.   G. (Glynn) Williams (XX Century), Cattle Watering with Church in Distance, oil on board, signed lower left, 19.5 x 14.5cm 30-50
1487.   G. (Glynn) Williams (XX Century), Fisher Boy Inspecting Catch in Keep Net by Bridge, oil on board. signed lower right, 19 x 13.5cm. 30-50
1488.   A J Billinghurst (1880-1963), A Canoeing Couple on Countryside River, with onlooker and distant cattle, oil on canvas, signed lower right, 45.5 x 61cm. 80-120
1489.   George Hammond Steel (1900-1960), A Colourful Cottage Garden Scene, watercolour, signed G Hammond Steel lower right, 24.5 x 34.5cm. 30-50
1490.   Ian Nathan 'Evening Parade', limited edition colour print of 600, signed, 44 x 63cm; Vernon Ward print. (2) 15-20
1491.   Fay Pomerance (Sheffield Artist), Study of a Clown, collage and mixed media, details verso 29.5 x 23.5cm. 20-30
1492.   Paul Gell 'Sketch at Corsham' 1949, pencil, details verso, 18.5 x 38cm. San B? female head study, pastel, signed lower centre, 37.5 x 26.5cm. (2) 20-30
1493.   Poster - Last Tango in Paris, starring Marlon Brando, Grafitalia-Editoriale, Roma, on linen back, 105cm wide. 30-40
1494.   M.G, Fishing Boats, oil on canvas, initialled bottom right, 19 x 54cm. 15-20
1495.   Margaret W Tarrant, 'Oh Come Let Us Sing', colour print, Medici Society labels verso, 46 x 71cm. 15-30
1496.   Charles Boucher, after W Dendy Sadler 'Patience', etching, signed by artist and etcher, 28 x 38.5cm. 30-40
1497.   A Pair of Early XX Century Watercolours, possibly Scottish Highlands, of men in a boat and cattle by a river. 30-40
1498.   XIX Century School, 'Admiring The Jewellery', oil on canvas, initialled H.A.M dated 1885, 34.5 x 24.5cm. 20-40
1499.   A XIX Century Gilt Picture Frame Aperture, 35 x 45cm. Terrier montage print, Claude Strachan print. (3) 20-30
1500.   K W Burton, Royalty Dwellings, set of four limited edition colour prints of 250, each signed, 24.5 x 36cm. 15-25
1501.   John 18, 'Poole & Harbour', oil on board, signed and dated '65 lower left, 48 x 89.5cm. 20-30
1502.   Film Posters - 'Sweeney' and 'Drum', printed by W.E Berry, of Bradford, 75.5 x 101.5cm. 30-40
1503.   Ken Allsebrook (Worksop Artist) 'Football Calendar', oil on canvas, 49.5cm x 39cm. 15-25
1504.   Mario Romero, five head figural study, limited edition of 75 etching. signed, 24 x 30cm. After Francis Day, Will Henderson 'Fairy Visions' Mezzotint, details verso 30.5 x 23.5cm. (2) 20-40
1505.   James Bond Film Poster 'Goldfinger', trimmed to 68 x 86cm, Stafford & Co, Nottingham. 40-60
1506.   G (Glynn) Williams (XX Century), Girl Feeding Chickens, oil on board, signed lower right, 19.5 x 14.5cm. 30-50
1507.   The Beatles 'Yellow Submarine' Poster, 1999 Subafilms Ltd 64 x 90cm. 'Yeah Yeah Yeah It Was 20 Years Ago' larger 'Altogether Now' records and tapes plus Steamhammer and Bob Dylan. 20-30
1508.   Stanley Anderson, Playing with Dog by Tudor Mansion, etching, signed, 24 x 34.5cm. J.A.S Sands 'A Fullwood Farm', woodcut, signed, 7 x 10cm. three horse themed prints. (5). 15-30
1509.   M Lidgard, Still Life of Flowers, oil on canvas, signed lower right, 39 x 49cm. M. Church, Arc De Triomphe, oil on board, signed lower left, 29.5 x 39cm. (2). 15-30
1510.   .M Rooke San Miguel Xeres, Spain, watercolour, signed lower left, 27.5 x 20.5cm. English School Autumn Countryside scene, watercolour, 27 x 34.5cm .(2) 20-40
1511.   The Gardener & The Gardener's Wife, pair of coloured oileographs, circa 1900, in period oak frame, 35.5 x 47cm. 20-30
1512.   Heavy Brass Ceiling Light, six scroll branches with 'S' shaped upper supports. 20-40
1513.   A XIX Century Style Gilded Console Table Mirror, the mirror with foliage decoration, table with a marble top, frieze with pierced decoration, on cabriole legs, united by shaped stretchers, 208m high.. 100-150
1514.   A XX Century Ash Rocking Chair, with a shaped top rail, rail supports, shaped arms,turned supports, on rockers. 20-30
1515.   A Gilt Framed Rectangular Wall Mirror, overall 80 x 104cm. 20-30
1516.   A XIX Century Oak Mahogany Flat Fronted Corner Cupboard, with a bow fronted pediment, glazed door, three internal shelves. 15-25
1517.   A Singer Hand Sewing Machine, in domed case with handle. 10-20
1518.   A XIX Century Pine Dressing Table with Swivel Mirror, twin jewel drawers, over two small and two long drawers on turned legs, 91.5cm wide. 30-50
1519.   A 1930's Oak Sideboard, with cup and cover supports to low back, three floral carved drawers over cupboard doors, on bun platform feet, 137.5cm wide. 20-40
1520.   A Modern Oak Dresser. The top, with open shelves, glazed cupboard doors, base with six small drawers, flanking cupboards on stile feet, 153 cm x 200 cm high. 30-50
1521.   Berry Furniture Mid XX Century Melamine Gents and Ladies Wardrobes, the widest 120.5cm 10-20
1522.   An Italian Style Gilt Metal Hat and Coat Stand, on tripod base, 171.5cm high, a similar coffee table. (2) 20-30
1523.   A XIX Century Pine Cupboard, two sectional twin upper doors and twin lower doors, grey painted on a plinth base 93cm wide. 50-70
1524.   A Glass Topped Patio Table, and two folding chairs, plus travelling bench set. 15-20
1525.   A Pair of Painted XIX Century Bar Back Chairs. 15-20
1526.   A Late XIX Century Singer Sewing Machine, with domed case, together with a (The Pheonix) sewing machine, with a domed case. (2) 15-20
1527.   A 1920's Oak Occasional Table; together with a pine corner cupboard. 10-15
1528.   Ebonised Rectangular Shaped Side Table; together with a rectangular shaped coffee table, with a panelled top. (2) 10-20
1529.   Two Sets of Folding Pine Steps. 15-20
1530.   Berry Furniture Mid XX Century Melamine Dressing Table, 140cm wide. 15-30
1531.   A XVIII Century Oak Cylinder Fronted Corner Wall Cupboard, with three inner fixed shelves and frieze, 103m high. 15-30
1532.   A Pine Chest of Drawers, with two short drawers, two long drawers, on a plinth base. 20-40
1533.   Berry Furniture Mid XX Century Melamine Chest of Six Drawers, 81cm wide. 20-40
1534.   A Modern Oak Chest of Drawers, with four small drawers, over three long drawers, on stile supports, 100 cm x 120cm high. 30-50
1535.   A Modern Oak Chest of Two Small Over Three Long Drawers, stile supports, 90 cm wide x 106cm high, 20-30
1536.   An Old Charm Oak Book Cabinet, with lead glazed upper doors over panelled doors, 80cm wide. 20-30
1537.   A Jones Treadle Sewing Machine. 20-30
1538.   An Oak Hanging Wall Cupboard, having cylinder front, 38cm high, mahogany dressing mirror. (2) 20-30
1539.   Columbia 1930's Oak Dining Room Suite, comprising two carver and four single chairs, plus matching refectory table, all with reeded and block supports. (7). 50-80
1540.   A Hardwood Rectangular Shaped Table, on square supports, together with four ladder back chairs, with rush seats. 30-40
1541.   A Pair of Ercol Style Lightwood Dining Chairs, each with five spindles, to hoop back. 30-40
1542.   An Oak Single Pedestal Desk, with four small drawers, panelled sides, 120 cm wide. 40-60
1542A.  A Cream Leather Pouffe Footstool, together with assorted cream fabric cushions. 10-20
1543.   A Nest of Tables, on square supports, united by stretchers. 15-20
1544.   Eavestaff For Wilson Peck Mahogany Cased Upright Piano, circa mid XX Century with arched back, 145cm wide. 5-10
1545.   Pine Plate and Spice Racks, oak magazine rack. (3) 15-30
1546.   A Lloyd Loom Lusty Basket Chair, similar linen box, child's chair and stool. (4) 15-25
1547.   A Viscount Sewing Machine, in a domed case. 15-20
1548.   An Oak Rectangular Shaped Bookcase, with a single shelf, on bracket feet, 115cm wide. 30-50
1549.   A 1920's Ash Nursing Chiar, with a caned back panel, barley twist supports, upholsted seat, on square supports, united by a H stretcher, together with a mahogany fire screen, table top with a woolwoork panel, turned pedestal, on cabriole legs. 20-40
1550.   A XIX Century Gothic Style Chair, frieze with knulled decoration on brass castors, together with a XX Century armchair, upholsted in a green draylon. (2) 10-20
1551.   Cream Chest of Four Drawers, having applied ribbon mounts, on squat cabriole legs, 80.5cm wide. 20-30
1552.   Highfield Three Seater Settee, on turned forefront legs, brass and matching single armchair, upholstered in Angerton Platinum fabric, settee 190cm in width, chair 84cm in width. 100-200
1553.   An Ercol Three Tier Dinner Trolley, with galleried sides, on castors. 100-150
1554.   A XIX Century Pine Blanket Box, with inner candle holder, 104cm wide. 30-50
1555.   Beautility 1950's Walnut Sideboard, with melamine strips to shaped front, 161cm wide. 15-25
1556.   A Mid XX Century Mahogany Blanket Box, with a hinged lid, on block feet, 104cm wide. 50-100
1557.   A Gilt Wood Based Coffee Table, with martbelette formica serpentine top, 92cm wide. 15-30
1558.   Searle Easy Chair, on swivel five star base. 10-20
1559.   A XIX Century Walnut Washstand, with five floral tiles to shaped back, two drawers over cupboard doors, on turned legs 104cm wide. 20-40
1560.   A Brown Leather Stressless Style Reclining Chair and Foot Stool. 30-40
1561.   An Early XX Century Drop Arm Two Seater Chesterfield Settee, upholstered in pink dralon, 158cm wide. 50-80
1562.   An Edwardian Walnut Framed Tub Chair, on cabriole legs. 20-40
1563.   A Chinese Elm Box, with brass lock plate, brass mounts, carrying handles, on bracket feet, 44cm wide x 48cm high. 30-50
1564.   A Gilt Wooden Framed Rectangular Wall Mirror, overall 101 x 61cm. 30-40
1565.   An Edwardian Mahogany Double Wardrobe, with stepped pediment, hanging compartment to left, smaller example to right, over three graduated drawers, having period drop handles, on plinth base, 117cm wide. 50-80
1566.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Dressing Table, with a central mirror, oval shaped side mirrors, four jewel drawers, base with a bow fronted central drawer, flanking graduated drawers, on tapering legs, spade feet on castors, 136.5cm wide. 40-60
1567.   An Early XX Century Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Display Cabinet, with a low back with inlaid sway decoration, bow front, glazed door, three internal shelves, on tapering supports, 53.5 cm wide x 113cm. 30-50
1568.   A Mid XX Century Wall Mirror, with pink tinted vertical strips, 57cm wide. 20-30
1569.   An Italian Style Gilt Metal Circular Coffee Table, with alabaster top, 59.5cm wide. 20-30
1570.   A XIX Century Style Butlers Tray on Stand, together with a back rest (bearing label Leverson & Sons Ltd), with a caned panel. (2) 20-30
1571.   An Oak Bookcase, with three adjustable shelves, over a single drawer, on bracket feet, 90cm. 30-50
1572.   Myers Teak Coffee Table, with undershelf, curved legs and black glass top, 87cm wide. 15-25
1573.   A Pair of Gilt Wood Side Tables, each with cherub support, and differing alabaster tops, 80cm wide. 30-50