Antiques & Collectables Auction on
Friday 13th May 2022

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1001.   George Rodway Ltd, London Etching Machine, P.M.C (London) Ltd, Pat No 487611 to chrome cog, 33cm overall width, copper gas lamp cover, 28cm wide. (2) 20-30
1002.   Eclipse Fish Tail Tennis Racket, Speedway programmes, War illustrated magazines, signed U.S Aircraft print. 20-30
1003.   A XIX Century Pierced Copper Warming Pan, with brass and turned wooden handle, a brass chestnut roaster, ornate brass fire irons and a toasting fork. (6). 20-30
1004.   An Edwardian Mahogany Medicine Cabinet, 22.5cm wide, marquetry inlaid box, two Rosewood boxes, three others. 30-40
1005.   Joe Scarborough, Our Supertram, Our City colour print 45.5 x 51cm. Lowry, Cricket and The Beatles prints. (4). 15-25
1006.   Pop Music, Depeche Mode, Subway advertising poster for the singles 81-85, approx 154 x 104cm. 20-30
1007.   Wade Whisky Bells, AA Badge, stoneware casserole, first aid kit, etc:- One Tray 15-20
1008.   Maco Adjustable Template, lens measure slocomb measure, fret saw blades, other tools in five drawer cabinet, 28cm wide. 30-50
1009.   A XIX Century Style Overmantle Mirror, on a plinth base 115cm wide. 20-30
1010.   V & A Zardi & Zardi; Wall Tapestry, featuring classical garden scene, 125 x 188cm. 40-60
1011.   Yashica Electro 35 Camera & Y611 Lenses, others, tripod, books, aircraft identity cards 1949-53, trade cards. 20-30
1012.   Cutlery - Cased and Loose, coasters. 15-30
1013.   Felt Picture Featuring Caribbean Figures, 53 x 44cm. A quantity of souvenir spoons in two display frames. 20-30
1014.   Concord Lighting Spotlights, 1950's ceiling light, lighter. 10-20
1015.   Stoneware Casseroles, jars, etc:- One Box. 20-40
1016.   Joiners Tool Chest, with tools, file, screwdrivers, etc. 15-20
1017.   Corot French Tapestry, featuring a busy garden scene, 126 x 170cm. With display bar. 30-50
1018.   Dansette Moden No A1006 Table Top Record Player/Radio, with speakers. 20-30
1019.   Hornsea - tea pot, storage jars, pressed glass, salad bowls, servers, etc:- One Box. 10-15
1020.   A Wedgwood 'Woodbury' Teapot, studio cylinder vase, stone China plates, Denby, etc:- One Box. 15-25
1021.   Copper Pans, Exo Kettle, etc:- One Box 15-25
1022.   Colclough Teaware, ornaments and a large collection of collectors and other plates, including Willow pattern meat platter:- Two Boxes. 10-20
1023.   Waddingtons Jigsaw, Falcon jigsaw and other jigsaws. 10-15
1024.   Saturday Year Books, published by Hutchinson & Company:- One Box 10-20
1025.   Past Times, Lucy, 'Chanel' Ladies Clothing, night gown, handkerchiefs, Dr Hook Record, etc:- One Box. 15-20
1026.   TM 5" Black and White TV Set, in white; Prinz Sound RTR 40 cassette recorder.Crown memocorder, Olympus Trip 35 camera. 15-25
1027.   Viewmasters with Discs, books, recipes, christening gown, Esterbrook pen, binoculars:- One Box 15-25
1028.   Leeds United Programmes, 1970 European Cup Semi at Celtic. Fairs Final v. Juventus, others mainly homes. 15-30
1029.   Old Hall Tea Service (Stainless), Regal ware, vases, etc:- One Box. 5-10
1030.   The Beatles, Scrapbooks containing press cuttings, images, etc. approx 34:- One Box 30-50
1031.   Capodimonte Figures (3), two resin dogs:- One Box 5-10
1032.   Stoneware Jars, coffee service, butter cover, original glass table lamp, etc. 15-25
1033.   Walker & Hall Plated Teapot, plated egg cups and toast set, with two hallmarked silver teaspoons, other cutlery, glassware, etc:- One Box. 20-30
1034.   Two Spear & Jackson, Marples, Garlick & Black Knight saws. (5) 20-30
1035.   Locks & Keys, letter receptacle, hinges, etc:- Two Boxes. 20-40
1036.   Turned Wooden Tools, (possibly leather workers's), chisels, sprit level. 30-50
1037.   Queens Golden Jubilee Coffee Set, Nelson 'Whisper' tureens, Johnson Bros Haddon Hall, other table pottery:- Two Boxes. 15-25
1038.   CD's, Jewellery Box, prints, State of the Sea carp, playing cards, etc:- One Box plus Case of Records. 15-20
1039.   Programmes, Magazines, etc, mostly car and bike racing related, to include Formula 1, British Superbike Sidecar, etc:- Two Boxes 15-30
1040.   A Deans Rag Book, 2003 Teddy Bear, Merrythought Bear, Eden frog, doll, etc. 20-40
1041.   N.E.B Wolters, 'The Art and Craft of Hairdressing', 1958. John Andrews 'Furniture', other books:- One Box. 15-20
1042.   Thomas of Germany Table China, Bavaria tea cups and saucers, Belleek, Doulton, glassware, etc:- Two Boxes 15-30
1043.   Ordnance Survey Maps, Walking The Lakeland, Round by Tom Lawton, Complete Lakeland Fells by Bill Birkett, other books on walking:- One Box 10-20
1044.   Yale & Union Locks, porcelain door knobs, hinges. 20-30
1045.   Onyx Telephone, Sparklets soda syphon, torch, book ends, glassware, etc:- Two Boxes. 15-20
1046.   LP Records - Abba, Johnny Mathis, etc, in period box. 5-10
1047.   Solido, Days Gone, Matchbox, other model vehicles:- One box, Sirram picnic set. 15-25
1048.   Worcester Coffee Ware, glass bowls, rose bowl, brassware, tureens (damaged), etc:- Two Boxes 15-30
1049.   Pottery Cow Creamers, approximately twenty six:- One Box. 20-40
1050.   Everite Oak Cased Mantel Clock, with retail name H Samuel, Manchester, slipper bath, vintage brass bath taps door handles. 10-20
1051.   Corgi, Burago, Maisto and other boxed die cast vehicles:- One Box (13). 20-30
1052.   Oriental Chinese Oval Lacquered Tray, 66.5cm long, tea caddy and Yamada Heiando bowls, Kakunodate dish, hexagonal poke and stand. 15-30
1053.   Hamish Brown, Mountain Walk and Climbing The Corbetts, Donald Bennet, The Munros Volume I, The Munro Almanac and other books on walking in the highlands:- One Box 10-20
1054.   A Mazawattee Tea Tin, six smaller tins, Crescent carriage, National Maritime Museum cards, postcards, Zulu Tribe photographs, prints, newspapers, etc:- One Box. 20-30
1055.   Pop Music. Touring Jackets - Paul Simon, 'At the Right Time' tour 1991, Gloria Estefan 1991, Bryan Adams Stockholm 1992, Michael Jackson and Robbie Williams T shirts. (5) 40-50
1056.   Corgi, Siku and other boxed die cast vehicles:- One Box (11). 20-30
1057.   Mrs Beeton's, and other books, viewers, watercolour, mirrors, camera, etc:- One Box. 15-20
1058.   Folio Society Books - Anthony Trollope, Oscar Wilde, Vanity Fair, Shakespeare, Hassan, the Nun, etc, approximately forty six books:- Two Boxes. 30-50
1059.   A XIX Century Copper Kettle, camera accessories, binoculars, brass ware:- One Box. 15-25
1060.   Pop Music. Touring Jacket Gloria Estefan. Bentley Ryhythm Ace Sweatshirts (x 4). Watford F.C. sweater. Robbie Williams T shirt, Ryko baseball cap, etc. 20-40
1061.   Two Canteens of Kings Pattern Cutlery. 30-50
1062.   Teac MC-DX40DAB Micro Hi-Fi System, (untested sold for parts only). 10-20
1063.   Tazzas, comports, dishes, etc:- Two Boxes. 20-30
1064.   Drill Bits, clamps, Stanley knife, etc:- Thee Boxes. 20-40
1065.   Decanters, trays, tea ware, dvd's etc:- One Box. 5-10
1066.   Records, books, magazines, telephones, Kenwood mixer, etc, (untested sold for parts only):- Three Boxes. 10-20
1067.   Film Posters. Mainly French; together with lobby cards, approx 60. 30-50
1068.   Door Knobs & Handles, brass, porcelain, plastic noted:- One Box. 20-40
1069.   Cameras - Polaroid Automatic 100, Ricoh 500 RF, large lens, photocolour, etc, books, handkerchiefs, etc:- One Box. 15-30
1070.   The War illustrated, six volumes, amalgamated 1915 Goerz Berlin six x Heli Trieder Binoculars, in case, Riliso clippers, stamps. 20-30
1071.   Noritake Progression China 'Blue Haven' 9004 Table Ware, of approximately fifty nine pieces. 20-30
1072.   Johnnie Ray, Yes Tonight Josephine, Frankie Vaughan 78, His Masters Voice, 78's:- Two Boxes. 10-15
1073.   Viners Cutlery, Caithness and other paperweights, specimen box:- One Tray. 15-25
1074.   1847 Indenture, Battle of the Nile Press Cutting, both framed, a quantity of 78rpm records, including Petula Clark, Frankie Vaughan, Jonnie Ray. 15-25
1075.   Two XIX Century Brass Jam Pans, with straight iron handles, another similar, copper lidded pans, etc:- One box. 15-25
1075A.  Prima Canteen of Stainless Steel Cutlery. 20-40
1075B.  Regimental Handkerchief and Comics(framed). George Cunningham sketch book, etc. (6). 15-25
1076.   Glassware - quantity including vases, dishes, decanter, jug, drinking glasses:- Three Boxes. 15-30
1077.   Metal Workers Tongs, other tools:- One Box. 15-25
1078.   A Quantity of Empty Cutlery Cases:- One Box 20-30
1079.   A Quantity of Catherine Cookson Books:- Two Boxes. 5-10
1080.   Vintage Christmas Baubles, varying sizes over sixty, decorative eggs:- One Box 30-40
1081.   Watchmakers Bits, in a box, cogs, taps and dies, screwdrivers, etc:- One Box. 20-40
Imperial China Tea Service, of eighteen pieces, in yellow and gilt. 5-10
1083.   Two Blow Lamps, oil lamps and funnels:- One Tray. 15-30
1084.   Football Programmes - 1956 Grimsby v. Stoke, 1960's Enfield, World Cup 66 Tournament, Charlton, Leeds, etc. 20-40
1085.   Stafford 'Broom' Teaware (teapot damaged), Nao puppies, etc:- One Tray 15-20
1086.   Paul McCartney Queens Dock Glasgow Poster, 23rd June 1990, approx 147 x 103cm; smaller World Tour 1989/90, 'Back in the World' and America 1989. (4) 30-40
1087.   The Beatles, Billy Fury, Cilla Black, many other 45rpm Records, mainly 1960's:- One Box 40-60
1088.   Walker and Hall Butter Knives, having mother of pearl handles, (cased), other cased and loose cutlery. 15-30
1089.   Eggshell China Tea Set, of approximately thirty six pieces, Oriental artwork, etc. 5-10
1090.   Emma Lathen 'A Place For Murder', Gollancz 1978, G.A. Henty, Kiefer 'Sexual Life in Ancient Rome' 1934, other books:- Two Boxes 20-30
1091.   Grafton Majestic Table China, of approx 72 pieces; Royal Standard 'Lyndale' coffee ware. 20-30
1092.   Wilbur Smith Books, Lady Diana Spencer magazines:- Two Boxes, also a bread bin. 15-20
1093.   Soon Stamped Pottery Jardiniere, 15cm high, 16.5cm diameter; other studio pottery, Oriental teapot:- One Box 20-30
1094.   Glassware, Wedgwood Plate, Delft, Pewter candlesticks, wooden napkin rings, etc:- Two Boxes. 15-25
1095.   Oriental Themed Books, to include Zhang Hongxing Jenghiz-Khan, The Chinese Garden', 'The Literat Mode; The Lore of the Chinese Lute (23):- One Box 40-80
1096.   Copeland Spode 'Italian' Design - Three fruit bowls, teapot (spout chip), jug, tankard, five plates, all with blue backstamps; two similar hors d'ouvres plates, Imperial cookware of ten pieces, Spode Blue Room cake plate, three mugs and two spice jars. 40-60
1097.   Costume Jewellery - large quantity. 15-20
1098.   Humphrey Carpenter, J.R.R. Tolkien 1977. Michael Sheldon, 'Orwell' 1991, Desmond & Moore 'Darwin, 1991, 'Dusty Springfield', M.R. James 'Abbeys', The G.W.R. 1925, other books. (10) 20-30
1099.   Salisbury Teaware, tureens, cricket plates, decanter, etc:- Two Boxes 15-20
1100.   Enid Blyton, Mr Men, Ladybird, Annuals, Sixty Famous TRials, other books, cigarette cards:- Two Boxes. 10-20
1101.   Venetian Scene, mixed media, 42 x 29.5cm; Berwick engraving, watercolour, seven small prints. (10) 15-20
1102.   Woodworkers Planes - Record No 05, 044. Starrett, Chesterman Brown & Shapre, etc:- One Box. 20-40
1103.   Days Gone Vintage Models, Lledo models of Days Gone, Rupert annual, Dandy, Beano annual, etc:- One Box. 15-20
1104.   Arabic & Islamic Silver Book. Coalport knife, Pendelfin, glassware, etc:- One Box 15-20
1105.   Sheffield Wednesday H & A Programmes Mainly Homes 1997-2005, friendly, testimonial noted:- Four Boxes. 20-40
1106.   Two Joiners Tool Chests, with tools. Joseph Graves wood gauges, tenon saws. 20-30
1106A.  Kokura 'Toyotoki' Tea Ware, of twenty six pieces, early XX Century white tea ware:- One Tray. 15-20
1107.   Posters - Quadrophenia 89 x 62cm. Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Lord of The Rings, Scarface, Life of Brian, etc. (11). 30-50
1108.   Tools - pliers, Marples level, Schuil, Boxwood ruler, Moore & Wright micrometre, screwdrivers, plane, electrical components, bench drill, (all untested sold for parts only). 20-30
1109.   A Copper Beaton Wall Plaque, silver plated trays, towel rail, etc:- One Box. 15-25
1110.   Sickles, Shears, Ibberson, Ryan. Hale long knives, hammers, etc:- One Box. 20-30
1111.   Folio Society Books - Giorgio Vasair, the Greek Myths 100 Greatest Paintings, Cakes and Ale, The Diary of a Nobody, Goodbye to Berlin, etc, approximately fifty two books:- Two Books. 30-50
1112.   Hessian Covered Navy Suitcase, 64cm wide, five branch ceiling light. 20-40
1113.   Woodworkers Saws - Swann, Sorby, Tyzack, etc. (10) 15-25
1114.   Commemorative Mugs, Bells Whiskey decanters, Cornish ware, tea ware, Burleigh jug vase, Pyrex coffee maker (boxed):- Three Boxes. 10-20
1115.   Lump Hammers, anvils, etc:- Two Boxes. 15-30
1116.   Annuals - A quantity of Beano, Dandy, Rupert, Tarzan, etc 1970's and later:- Two Boxes 20-40
1117.   Yamaha PSR 275 Musical Keyboard and Stand, (untested sold for parts only). 5-10
1118.   A XIX Century Garden Scythe, together with one other scythe (2). 10-20
1119.   House, Furniture, Interiors and Decorators Books, including Ralph Edwards, Steven Parissien, Laura Ashley, Mark Girouard, Anne Vernez Moudon, approx 43:- Two Boxes 20-40
1120.   Iron Bound Hardwood Candle Box, of circular form, 17.5cm high; brass trivet stand, ladle and skimmer. (4) 30-50
1121.   A XIX Century Style Gilt Over Mantel, with a moulded frame, on a plinth base. 20-40
1121A.  Books - Auberon Waugh, Raymond E. Feist, Michael Underwood, Lindsey Davis, etc:- Two Boxes 20-30
1122.   Iron Foot scrapers, brackets:- One Box, fire fret. 20-40
1123.   Car Accessories - Oil Filters, Battery charger, crook locks, plugs, petrol caps, emergency windscreen, etc:- Three Boxes 15-30
1124.   A 1920's Style Tri-ang Plastic Bodied Child's Racing Car, 114cm. 30-40
1125.   A Vintage Silver Cross Baby's Pram. 15-20
1126.   Supaview & Marple Spirit Levels, 2 x 100cm rulers, Ralph Martindale Crocodile tool, elongated knives, etc (9). 20-30
1127.   Royal Albert 'Moss Rose' Dinner and Tea ware, of fifty five pieces (all second quality), plus a similar sauce boat. 40-60
1128.   Edinburgh and Other Drinking Glasses, Whiskey decanter:- One Tray. 20-30
1129.   Posies, to include Aynsley, Albert, Doulton, Illuminated paper weights:- One Tray. 20-40
1130.   Paperweights, to include Wedgwood, Langham, Top Glass, scent bottles, approximately nineteen:- One Tray. 20-30
1131.   Minton Spring Bouquet Four Setting Tea Set, with graduated tea plates and large circular cake plate / tray :- One Tray 25-30
1132.   A Bretby Pottery Bowl, in matt blue glaze, a further Bretby bowl larger a green glazed terracota jug with 'twist' handles and others:- One Tray. 20-30
1133.   Paragon China, a pair of hand painted cabinet plates, of the Lake District, Coleridges House, Rydal Water, Wastwater, signed with initials F.M bottom right, (restored 20cm wide. 20-30
1134.   Lorna Bailey - Inky the Cat, 12.5cm high. 20-30
1135.   Lorna Bailey - Queenie the Cat, 12.5cm high. 20-30
1136.   Lorna Bailey - Make My Day (Clint Eastwood) the Cat, 11.5cm high. 20-30
1137.   Lorna Bailey - Steptoe the Cat, 14.5cm high. 20-30
1138.   Lorna Bailey - Good Catch the Cat, 13cm high. 20-30
1139.   Doulton 'Jack' (repaired), 'Building The Snowman' (damaged), Rington's, Wedgwood, other ceramics:- One Tray. 15-20
1140.   Worcester Blush Ivory Shell Dish, patch pot, three miniature cups and saucers, Birthday mugs, Derby tea pot, 'Red Aves' box, etc:- One Tray. 20-30
1141.   A Shelley Mable Lucie Attwell Baby Bowl, three side plates, three saucers, cup and mug. Royal Albert baby bowl, Shelley cabinet cup and saucer. 20-30
1142.   A Murano Style Gondola Shaped Glass Bowl, knobbly smoked glass vase, teardrop shaped vase, etc:- One Tray. 30-40
1143.   A Beswick Figure of a Rearing Horse, Royal Staffordshire China "Broom" Tea Service, Spode, etc:- One Tray 15-20
1144.   Wedgwood Green and White Jasperware Large Circular Lidded Trinket Box, a heart shape trinket box, bud vase and a heart shape dish. (4) 25-30
1145.   Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses' Jar Cover, Wedgwood Wild Strawberry dish, Spanish figure of a girl carrying a basket, etc:- One Tray. 10-20
1146.   Minton Fruit Bowl, Victorian tea pot, Noitake bowl, Derby, Worcester plates, etc:- One Tray. 15-30
1147.   Anita Harris Purse Vase, in the Homage to Monet 'Lilies' design, gold signed, 12cm high. 40-50
1148.   Anita Harris Deco Style German Shepherd Dog Purse Vase, gold signed, 12cm high. 30-40
1149.   A Moorcroft Pottery Lamp Base, painted in the 'Stargazer Lily' design by Vicky Lovatt, shape No 117/9. 160-180
1150.   Anita Harris Vase 'Whitby Abbey by Moonlight', gold signed, 25.5cm high. 80-100
1151.   Impressive Glass & Gilt Metal Lidded Urn, with twin shell and mask handles, knopped support to ovoid body on floret mounted base, 55cm high. 40-60
1152.   XIX Century Tea Ware in the Rockingham Manner, 15-30
1153.   Cow Creamers - CowParade, Hummel, Chelsea, Moorland, Burleigh Calico, etc (12):- One Tray. 20-40
1154.   A Doulton Floral Dish, Dick Turpin character jug, Hummel figures, etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1155.   Wedgwood Powder Blue Jasper ware pedestal Bowl, Mailin jug, Cranberry glass basket, moustache cup and saucer etc:- One Tray. 20-30
1156.   Spode,' Italian' Design Table Pottery, of approx 67 pieces, including nine 26.5cm plates, three 23.5cm, five 22.5cm, six 19cm, four 15.5cm, cake plate, teapot, butter dish, gravy boat, jug, candlestick, all black backstamp. 60-90
1157.   Wedgwood Beatrix Potter - Mrs Tiggy Winkle dinner plate, Peter Rabbit tea plates, Jemima Puddleduck mug and dish, Peter Rabbit mugs, Peter Rabbit money box, Border Fine Arts Peter Rabbit money bank, miniature jug and sugar bowl, etc:- One Tray 30-40
1158.   Royal Doulton 'Sonnet' Tea Ware, of twenty five pieces; Grosvenor China tea ware of twenty one pieces and four boxed collection plates:- One Tray. 20-40
1159.   A Twenty One Piece Art Deco Tea Set, glass display jars, etc:- One Tray 20-30
1160.   Copeland Spode Italian, Mailing, Ridgway's blue and white pottery:- One Tray. 15-30
1161.   Early XX Century Cabinet Plates The Rt Hon Joseph Chamberlain M.P., R.T Hon D Lloyd George, Queen Victoria Jubilee Year 1887. British Empire, Imports Exports, Royal Worcester plate, of King and Queen Mary. Meat plate, blue and white bowl etc:- One Tray. 15-20
1162.   A Paragon China 'Athena' Dinner Service, comprising oval meat plate, eight dinner plates, seven small plates, six pudding bowls, six side plates, eight coffee cups, nine saucers, coffee pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, gravy boat and stand, two lidded tureens, and a cake plate. 80-120
1163.   Shell Photograph Frame, circa 1900, 27.5cm diameter, decanters, Leaonardo figurine, etc:- One Tray. 20-30
1164.   Jeneptem 10 x 50 Carl Zeiss Jena Binoculars, table lamp. jug, wooden decoy duck. 20-30
1165.   Victorian Embossed Jug, with mask handle, lustre cups, Cranberry glass vase, continental wall pockets, cauldron and Spode plates, Wedgwood Jasperware jug, et :- One Tray. 20-30
1166.   Royal Doulton 'Lynne' and 'Alexandra', model Buddha, musical stein, foil picture. 25-30
1167.   A Silver Hallmarked Stamps Case, brass figure of Fagan, plated jug, etc:- One Tray. 10-15
1168.   Royal Worcester June Garland Four Setting Tea Set, including tea plates, two cake plates, jug and two sugar bowls, etc :- One Tray 20-30
1169.   Wedgwood Blue and White Jasperware Large Circular Lidded Trinket Box, two smaller trinket boxes, three dishes :- One Tray 25-30
1170.   Two Enamelled Topped Scent Bottles, in travelling case, three in lacquered box, atomizer, etc. 20-30
1171.   An Early XX Century Royal Worcester Tea Service, decorated with floral decoration, together with an early XX Century Paragon China tea service with a wavy rim, floral decoration:- One Tray. 20-40
1172.   Two Decanters, Harlequin Bowled liqueurs, Czech wavy bowl, fish table centre etc:- One Tray. 20-30
1173.   Cow Creamers, XIX Century noted, Jackfield, etc:- (7):- One Tray. 20-40
1174.   Royal Crown Derby Treasures of Childhood Rag Doll and Rag Doll Sailor, mini three piece tea set. 30-50
1174A.  Wedgwood White and Blue Jasperware Vases, together with a black Wedgwood Jasperware vase. (3) 20-25
1174B.  Wedgwood Ceramic Advertising Signs, (one chipped); together with an acrylic example etc. 20-30
1175.   A Poole Pottery Two Tone Coffee Set, a Sylvac style tan rabbit, Goss jug vase (damaged):- One Tray. 20-30
1176.   Tyne & Wear Museums 1996 Sunderland Lustre Bowl, 21.5cm diameter. Dresden basket and lidded jar, other ceramics:- One Tray. 15-25
1177.   Coalport 'Mary', Doulton 'Christmas Day', other figures, pin cushion, doll, etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1178.   Wedgwood Jasper Ware in Green, to include jug, jardiniere, plate:- One Tray. 30-40
1179.   An Art Deco Clements (France) Pottery Vase, of beehive shape 25cm high; a Crown Devon Art Deco jug vase, in mottled matt turquoise glaze. (2). 20-30
1180.   Malta, David Wallace and other signed glassware, green lustre bowl, etc:- One Tray. 20-30
1181.   Reutter Dolls Tea Set, Sutherland pin tray, Wedgwood egg, Oriental figures, etc:- One Tray. 15-30
1182.   Royal Worcester, Hand Painted Saucer, signed, (damaged) a similar handpainted Cup, signed Moseley and a coffee can signed E Baker. 30-50
1183.   Wedgwood Jasper Ware in Powder Blue, pair of candlestick, two fruit bowls, oval tray (5):- One Tray. 30-40
1184.   Coalport China, to include cottage models, Revelry, Willow, mini mug, Indian tree snuffer:- One Tray. 20-30
1185.   Royal Worcester XX Century Porcelain Jugs, the highest 10cm, 'Chinese ewer' (11):- One Tray. 30-40
1186.   Royal Crown Derby 1128 Imari Pattern Trio, and wavy rim plate, 22cm diameter. (4). 30-50
1187.   Wedgwood Kutani Crane and Floral Miniature Tea Ware, approximately eighteen pieces. 20-40
1188.   Wedgwood Jasper Mini Tea Services, in black and blue, Valentines Day pink plate, green oval plaque:- One Tray. 30-50
1189.   Royal Worcester 'Reproduction Early Worcester' Tea Services, of eight pieces. 20-40
1190.   Royal Worcester Blush Ivory Porcelain, including wavy dish 20cm diameter, basket, pot pourrri (11):- One Tray. 30-50
1191.   Rosenthal Versace Bottle Stoppers, 13cm high, each boxed. 40-60
1192.   Coalport Miniature 'Tulip Tree' and 'Hong Kong' Caverswall, Coalport, Wedgwood, Cups & Saucers similar:- One Tray. 20-40
1193.   A Royal Crown Derby Paperweights, Honey Bear, Frog and Tortoise, all first quality, but no boxes. (3). 50-70
1194.   Royal Worcester China Jugs, 'Sweet Briar Rose' plaque, London Scenes cup and saucer, lidded jars:- One Tray. 30-40
1195.   Coalport 'Pageant', 'Titania', 'Willow', 'Ming Rose' and 'Strawberry' Miniature Tea Sets:- One Tray. 30-50
1196.   Wedgwood Glass Candlesticks, including Ronald Stennett Willson 'Sherringham' amber single ring, mottled fish, etc:- One Tray 20-40
1197.   Royal Doulton Figurines, Southern Belle HN 2229 and Fair Maiden HN 2211; Lladro Figure of girl with lilies and a Coalport cottage. (4). 20-30
1198.   Wedgwood Jasper Ware in Powder Blue (16):- One Tray. 30-40
1199.   Lladro Three Angel Group, Hummel, Doulton, etc. (8) 20-30
1200.   Per Lutken for Holmegaard (Denmark), a large undulating pale blue glass bowl No 15781, etched mark and makers monogram to base 40cm wide; A Smoky Green Torpedo shaped vase No 2024, etched mark and WF monogram (2). 40-60
1201.   Rosenthal Coffee Ware, Shelley teaware, Minton vase, etc:- One Tray 15-20
1202.   Wedgwood Blue and White Jasperware Lidded Trinket Boxes, including heart shape. (4) 25-30
1203.   Willow Pattern Tureen on Stand, stamped 'Brameld', 16cm wide, Minton 'Haddon Hall', Derby 'Antoinette', etc. 20-40
1204.   Sugar Sifters, basket, bowl Carnival dish, etc:- One Tray 15-25
1205.   Doulton and Other Character Jugs, three figurines with faults, etc:- One Tray 15-20
1206.   Royal Crown Derby Posies Tea Ware, of fifteen pieces, including tea pot, mug, strainer. 30-40
1207.   Royal Doulton Lady Charmian, HN1949; Royal Doulton Tinkle Bell HN1677; Royal Doulton Collectors Book Number One, further booklets. 20-30
1208.   Five Silver Collared Glass Scent Bottles. 30-50
1209.   George Washington and Crown Derby Plates. German porcelain figurine 12cm high, pig fairing, XX Century figurine, Delft style animals. 30-40
1210.   Wade Whimsies, Copeland Italian Spode bowl, overlaid glass with silver rim, etc. 20-30
1211.   Poole Agean Style Pin Tray, 12.5cm diameter, Dolphin dish, Wadeheath Deco jug, other ceramics, paperweights:- One Tray. 20-30
1212.   An Early XX Century Rosewood Metronome, Pendelfin figures, Wedgwood table lighter, paperweight, etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1213.   Nippon Hand Painted Vase, with gilt neck and twin handles, 27cm high. An English example with gilt shallows on blue ground. (2). 20-30
1214.   Moorcroft Pottery Floral Pattern Ovoid Vase, of cream ground, dated 2017. 40-60
1215.   Anita Harris Panda Vase, gold signed, 13.5cm high. 40-50
1216.   Worcester 'Tuesday's Child (repaired), 'Sabbath Day & 'Equestrienne'. (3). 20-40
1217.   A Whitefriars Style Pale Blue Glass Vase, of flared design with inverted rim, a smoky blue teardrop shaped vase and a small smoky green Whitefriars bowl (with paper label). (3). 20-40
1218.   Worcester 'Saturday's Child' & 'Thursday's Child' ,figurines. (2) 30-40
1219.   Anita Harris Figure of Black Panther, gold signed, 41cm long. 80-100
1220.   Anita Harris Bella Purse Vase, in the Homage to Monet 'Lilies' design, gold signed, 12cm high. 40-50
1221.   Goebel 1974 30643-18 Pointer Dog, 18.5cm high, another 1973. (2) 20-30
1222.   An Iridescent Scent Bottle and Stopper by Siddy Langley, with applied trial detail, 15cm high. 30-40
1223.   Worcester 'The Parakeet' & 'December', figurines. (2). 30-40
1224.   A Peggy Davies Figurine 'Back in Time', an artist original colourway by Victoria Bourne, 19cm high. 70-80
1225.   Anita Harris Beebrook Purse Vase, gold signed, 12cm high. 30-40
1226.   Anita Harris 'Eventide Marakesh' Vase, gold signed, 9.5cm high. 30-40
1227.   Anita Harris Eventide Purse Vase, gold signed, 12cm high. 30-40
1228.   Anita Harris Purse Vase, in the Homage to Lowry 'The Potteries' design, gold signed, 12cm high. 30-40
1229.   Anita Harris Figure of a Horse's Head, in reactive glaze ocean colours, gold signed, 16cm high. 50-60
1230.   Peggy Davies Erotic Figurine 'Phoebe', artists original colourway by M. Jackson, 17cm high. 80-100
1231.   Royal Doulton Figurines, 'Rebecca', 'Fragrance', 'Elizabeth' and 'Buttercup', all with boxes. (4). 30-40
1232.   Royal Worcester Candle Snuffers, 'Lemon', 'Kingfisher', 12cm high and 'Robin'. (3). 20-40
1233.   Royal Doulton Figurines, 'The Skater', 'Patricia', and 'Elaine', all with boxes. (3). 20-30
1234.   Royal Worcester Limited Edition Candle Snuffer 'Zodiac' Up, Up & Away, 9.5cm high. Bowes-Lyon. (2). 30-40
1235.   Royal Doulton Figurines, 'Victoria', 'Diana', 'Country Rose', all with boxes. (3) 30-40
1236.   Anita Harris Conical Sugar Caster, in the 'Homage to Lowry' The Potteries design, gold signed, 13.5cm high. 30-40
1237.   Peggy Davies Erotic Figurine 'Isadora', artists original colourway by Victoria Bourne, 27.5cm wide. 80-100
1238.   Peggy Davies Erotic Figurine 'Lolita', artists original colourway by Victoria Bourne, 20cm high. 80-100
1239.   Wedgwood Three Matt Figurines, plus Grace 10.5cm high. Beswick 'Peter Rabbit' and Foxy Whiskered Gentleman (6). 20-40
1240.   Lorna Bailey - Dozer the Dog, 13cm wide. 20-30
1241.   Lorna Bailey - Shaggy the Cat, 12.5cm high. 20-30
1242.   Lorna Bailey - Muppet the Cat, 13cm high. 20-30
1243.   Royal Crown Derby Posies Mini Teapot, old Imari frog, three trinket boxes and Imari Splendour mini mug (6). 20-40
1244.   Royal Doulton Figurines, 'Katie', 'Ninette' and 'Alexandra', all with boxes. (3). 20-30
1245.   Royal Crown Derby, 'Doormouse', with a white box and 'Poppy Mouse, both gold stoppered. (2). 20-40
1246.   Lorna Bailey - Marvin the Cat, 10cm high. 20-30
1247.   Lorna Bailey - Dozer the Cat, 12.5cm high. 20-30
1248.   Royal Worcester Candle Snuffer, Millennium 2000AD, 'Forget Me Not', and 'Blue Lagoon', Figurines 'Joan', 'Birthday Girl', one other. (6). 30-50
1249.   Two Royal Crown Derby Paperweights, rabbit (7.5cm high)and cat (8cm high),both with gold stoppers, 30-50
1250.   Lorna Bailey - Tad the Cat, 12cm high. 20-30
1251.   Lorna Bailey - Frizel the Cat, 10cm high. 20-30
1252.   Peggy Davies Erotic Figurine 'Temptress', artists original colourway by Victoria Bourne, 26.5cm wide. 120-140
1253.   Peggy Davies Erotic Figurine 'Megan', artists original colourway by Victoria Bourne, 21.5cm wide. 100-120
1254.   Wedgwood Thomas The Tank Engine Plates and mugs, Border Fine Arts Beatrix Potter Mr Fox money bank, ENESCO Beatrix Potter Mr Jeremy Fisher egg cup, child's cutlery:- One Tray 25-30
1255.   Medals - Copies of German WWII examples, approximately nineteen. 30-40
1256.   Harrow by Skybee of Sheffield Canteen of Kings Pattern Cutlery, approximately forty four pieces. 20-30
1257.   Aynsley Little Sweetheart Cheese and Cake Plates, together with matching ceramic handled knives, Aynsley Pembroke pedestal plate, Cottage Garden jug and sugar bowl, Wild Tudor vase, Minton dish, artificial flowers :- One Tray 20-25
1258.   A Green Wedgwood Bowl and Cover, Wedgwood embossed Queens ware, bowl cover, glass shades, etc:- One Tray. 10-15
1259.   Asian Style Sheath Knife, (possibly been a sword), ornate pistol grip handle with red circle decoration, in a black leather sheath. 80-120
1260.   Skinning Knife in Fitted Sheath, unnamed 17cm - fork and cork screw, n/s bolster 8.5cm closed - Turtle shell paper knife - Windle and Blyth seal lifter. (4). 60-80
1261.   Horseman Type Knife, unnamed two blades, three tools 10.5cm small German Bowie Knife 9.5cm - one blade Butler Knife - Wards 1066 three blade, n/s bolsters, brass linings. (4). 60-80
1262.   Rowson Brothers Two Blade Knife, n/s bolsters brass linings - Sheffield made knife name unreadable - Harrison Fisher and Co - Rubicon two blade knife - Wraggs of Sheffield two blades plus one other knife. (6). 60-80
1263.   Pocket Knife - manicure, scissors, nail file - W Wheatley Brothers, two blade, n/s bolsters 8.5cm closed - Lockwood Brothers two blade n/s bolsters, brass linings 8.5cm clossed - E. Gillott,St Peters Gate, two blades, n/s bolsters 9cm closed - T. Turner and Co, Sheffield, two blade, 8cm closed (5). 60-80
1264.   Bowie Knife - J.E Middleton, Sheffield, stag handle, brass cross guard, brass pommel, 38.5cm long. 80-120
1265.   Pocket Knives - Eye Witness two blade, brass linings 10cm closed - IXL George Wostenholm two blades n/s bolsters, brass linings, 9cm closed. 80-100
1266.   Pocket Knives - Ibberson stamped inside 21-15, two blades, to spikes, 8cm closed - E. Clyde, Sheffield, two blades 8.5cm closed - Harrison Fisher and Co, Sheffield, two blades 8.5cm closed. (3). 60-80
1267.   Quill Knives - Thomas Turner and Son, plus two others, plus a quill cutter - one blade paper knife and one other T.W Eaton and Co. (6) 60-80
1268.   Rifle Shaped Letter Opener, one blade, 18cm long. 40-60
1269.   Pocket Knives - Joseph Rodgers, one blade 7.5cm long - two blade Sheffield knife 9cm long - Harrison Fisher and Co, two blade knife, brass bolsters 8.5cm closed - Saynor two blade 7.5cm closed - C.I.X Lockwood two blade 7.5cm closed. (5). 60-80
1270.   Skinning Knife by Malcberry, England, bowie style blade, with stag scales 25cm long, in original brown leather sheath. 30-40
1271.   Fixed Blade Knife, 14cm blade, 26cm overall, penknife blade, two spikes in handle, made of polished horn, with work back length of spine and blade, brass bolsters and linings, in leather case. 25-35
1272.   Pocket Knives:- Hillard and Son, two blades, scissors, nail file, awl and spike, 7.5cm closed - Winfield and Co, Sheffield two blades 9cm closed - John Wigfall and Son, Sheffield two blades 10cm closed - Rodgers Cutlers to His Majesty, two blades 10cm. (damages). (4). 60-80
1273.   Richardson Multi Blade/Tool Knife, stag scales, button hook, file, awl, etc with lanyard ring, 11cm closed 80-120
1274.   Pocket Knife - Thomas Turner and Co, Sheffield, multi blade/tools fourteen in total, 8.5cm closed. 80-120
1275.   Pocket Knives - Southern and Richardson wooden scales, brass linings, one blade, n/s bolster 10cm - Lockwood Brothers single blade, wooden scales, curved body 10cm - Lockwood Brothers - Pampa; single blade, wooden scales, steel bolster, curved body, 11cm (3). 60-80
1276.   Camilius U.S.A, n/s bolsters, bras linings, lanyard ring 10cm closed - E. Barrett Knighsbridge, one blade - mapping Brothers corn knife, S Milner, Sheffield two blade, R.Clarke Newcastle two blade brass linings. 40-60
1277.   Pocket Knives - small turtle scale knife, blade, button hook etc 5cm - Southern Richardson one blade knife shaped as a fish 6cm - stamped quality, one blade knife shaped as a womans leg with n/s boot 8cm closed. (3). 30-50
1278.   Pocket Knives - Wheatley Brothers three blades, n/s bolsters 8.5cm closed - William Rodgers, Sheffield two blades, brass linings 8.5cm closed - George Wostenholm two blade, brass linings 8.5cm closed - IXL George Wostenholm, two blades, n/s bolsters, brass linings, 9.5cm closed. (4). 80-120
1279.   Horse Hoof Picks - one in horn 9cm closed, one in stag 9cm closed, plus Joseph Rodgers and Son three blade, phileam in brass 8.5cm closed (3). 30-50
1280.   Joseph Westby, Sheffield, advertising Joseph Sykes Brothers, Huddersfield, two blades 9cm closed -Propelling pencil shaped knife with one blade 11cm long - Richards farthing knife one blade 6.5cm closed - Richards one blade knife 5cm - Wright Bros, two blade engine turned scales, 7.5cm - Richards of Sheffield, two blades 7.5cm, ring twist two blades 8cm closed. (7). 20-40
1281.   Butler of Sheffield, two blades and scissors - Petty and Sons, two blades - IXL Wostenholm two blades - J Newill & Sons two blades - Taylor one blade, stag scales, n/s bolster , brass linings, and ivory garden implement. (5). 60-80
1282.   Bowie Knife - Reg Cooper, Sheffield 30cm blade 45cm overall, polish horn coffin handle in a fancy brown embossed sheath. 150-200
1283.   Pocket Knives - Southern and Richardson, Sheffield three blades, n/s bolsters, brass linings, 10cm closed - G. Duff, Aberdeen two blade, brass linings, 8.5cm closed - Butlers, Sheffield two blades, scissors, brass linings 8cm closed (3). 80-120
1284.   Pocket Knife, one blade ivory scale, nickel silver bolster, brass linings, 10.5cm closed, two blade Sheffield knife, brass scales and work back, 7.5cm closed - Whitby Italy, one blade plus fork, S/P bolster 13.5cm closed; Pocket Knives, Eye Witness two blade - Walker and Co souvenir to blade knife, James and Son one blade knife all 6.5cm - 9cm closed. 40-60
1285.   Pocket Knife, George Wostenholme 1XL, blade, AWL bottle opener, screwdriver, stag scales, n/s bolsters, brass liners, lanyard ring, 9cm closed, plus Taylors Eye Witness thee blade knife with tweezers and pick, horn scales brass linings, 10cm closed. (2) 20-30
1286.   Bowie Blades and Blanks, Nowill, Truelove etc, plus ivory handled knife by Thomas Turner, all approximately 30cm long ; Pocket Knife William Rodgers Three Blade, nickel silver bolsters, brass linings, 10cm long - C.H. Potter two blade, brass linings, 8.5cm long - Needham two blade knife, brass linings, 7.5cm closed. 40-60
1287.   Campaign Part Set, ivory scale knife and fork with silver spoon, knife stamped 'Asprey', nickel silver bolsters and brass linings, 12cm closed, in cardboard case. 40-60
1288.   Vintage Cutlery - knife and two prong fork with pistol grip handles with unicorn motifs, one other three prong fork with W & Co stamp mark plus a Harrods Ltd, Knightsbridge bread knife. 30-50
1289.   Bowie Knife - J. Nowill and Sons, Sheffield, stag handle, brass cross guard, workback on blade 41cm long. 80-120
1290.   Bowie Knife - J.E Middleton and Sons, Sheffield 26.5cm blade 38.5cm long, polished horn handle with brass cross pieces and pommel. 100-150
1291.   Pocket Knives - Rodgers, one blade and saw 9cm long - Petty and Sons, one blade knife 8cm long - unnamed two blade knife - Sheffield one blade knife - two blade advertising knife (5). 60-80
1292.   Pocket Knives - Redge of Sheffield, Hunter of Sheffield both in the shape of fish -John Petty Sheffield three blade, n/s bolsters, brass linings - Johnson Western Works, Sheffield, n/s bolsters (damages). (4). 30-50
1293.   Pocket Knife - Cooper, one blade multi tool brass linings, name plate:- T.Wake 1873. 80-120
1294.   Horsemans Knife - Edmund Draper and Co, two blades, seven tools 10cm closed. 80-120
1295.   Pocket Knife - Two Blade (Sheffield) Steel Bolster, 10.5cm closed - Joseph Rodgers razor - two blade German knife - Aug Muller German melon knife - Sheffield two blade knife. (5). 30-40
1296.   Pocket Knives - Butler, Sheffield, three blades, brass linings - Butler and Co, one blade garden knife - Moseley and Co, Sheffield, two blades and scissors, brass linings - John Petty and Sons, two blades, n/s bolsters, brass linings. (4). 80-120
1297.   Pocket Knife - Sheffield Steel Product, two blades, corkscrew, and awl, lanyard ring - Needham Brothers, two blade, n/s bolsters, brass linings - Butler and Co, Sheffield, three blades - Richards of Sheffield, two blade, (4). 80-100
1298.   Pocket Knives - Taylor Eye Witness, two blade, brass linings - Turner and Co, two blade, n/s bolsters and brass linings - the onward knife Sheffield made, two blades, brass linings - Ibberson, two blade, brass linings - Brookes and Crookes, two blades, nail file and ivory blade (some damages) (5). 60-80
1299.   Double Edge Commando Style Blade, handle with white metal embossed mounts, signed J. Newill and Son on blade, 26.5cm long, in brown leather sheath. 60-80
1300.   Bowie Knife - Jonathan Cookes, Sheffield Pistol, motif ornate pommel handle 18.5cm long in brown leather sheath. 60-80
1301.   Frank Sinatra, Autograph, black pen signed, with personal notation and date 1982 (unverified) on a postcard of himself in younger days. 50-70
1302.   Nineteen Shillings and Sixpence of Pre-1947 UK Silver Coinage; other coinage, Peppiatt ten shillings banknote. 30-50
1303.   A XIX Century Ivory Oval Pendant, floral carved examples on necklace, two other pendants, rectangular box, 11cm wide. 20-40
1304.   A 1887 Crown Watkins Bee Meter, vesta case. 15-30
1305.   A Japanese Late XIX Century Ivory Figure Group, carved as two gentlemen, one kneeling holding a scroll and a ruler, signed, 12cm high, hardwood stand and another of a boy standing under a tree, circular base, 11cm high, hardwood stand. (4) 100-150
1306.   A Late XIX Century Canton Ivory Card Case, of rectangular form carved in relief with figures amongst pagodas and trees, 9.5cm high. 150-200
1307.   A XIX Century Ivory Card Case, heavily carved with figures, pagoda, foliage, 10.5 x 6.5cm. 50-80
1308.   An Early XX Century Ivory and Hallmarked Silver Page Turner, with embossed foliate scroll decoration, 23cm long. 30-40
1309.   Seal Lifter - Barker Ltd, Bond Street, paper knife with one balde - Mappin Brothers, Sheffield one blade paper knife (3). 30-50
1310.   Royal Mint Queens 90th Birthday Silver Proof Crown, cased with certificate of authenticity. 30-50
1311.   XIX Century Carved Ivory Figures of Dogs and Tree, 14cm high, smaller figures, seal Netsuke, etc. (11) 50-70
1312.   Nautical Themed Boxes - snuff box, pill box and one other, letter opener and rule, all housed in a mahogany box (5) plus box. 40-60
1313.   A Tortoiseshell Coin Purse, of Navette shape, with gold inlay shield (blank), and onion top border, 7.5cm wide. 50-70
1314.   Four Printed Miniatures, varying ages in ebonized frames having gilt acorn mounts, the widest 12cm. 15-25
1315.   Military Silver and Enamel Football Medals, to Capt J Straffen, Silver Tug O War medal, All Indian Football Federation, Berwick Grammar School, North East Coast Exhibition 1926 etc. (12). 30-50
1316.   Royal Crown Derby Imari Jam Knives, in presentation boxes. (2) 15-30
1317.   A Gilt Powder Compact, with inset clock, early XX Century Oriental inspired compact in tassled case, plated vesta case with foliate scroll detail paper medallion. 20-30
1318.   Bilston & Battersea Enamel Trinket Boxes, three of which designed by Halcyon Days. (6) 30-50
1319.   Limoges Porcelain Trinket Boxes, including violin case, heart shaped, oval. (6). 40-60
1320.   Limoges Ovoid Trinket Box, oval boxes. (3) 20-30
1321.   Five Crummles, Alsastor and Old Hall Enamel Trinket Boxes. (7). 30-50
1322.   Staffordshire Miniature Hand Painted Tyg, three similar mugs, cups & saucer, Halcyon days enamelled box. etc. 20-30
1323.   Royal Worcester Hand Painted Blush Ivory Mugs & Jugs. Pair of globular pepperettes 3.5cm high. (8) 20-40
1324.   A XIX Century Carved Ivory Box, with ebony base and cover, seal, figure, panels, etc:- One Tray 30-50
1325.   A Japanese Late XIX Century Sectional Ivory Figure of a Gentleman, holding a fork and a basket containing turtles, 28cm high. 150-200
1326.   Watches, Lusitania Medal, brass kangaroo vesta holder, etc:- One Tray 15-20
1327.   Three Decanters, tea pots, Wedgwood Florentine mug, Aynsley, Devon, etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1328.   Souvenir Spoons, Georgian silver mustard spoon, two plates jugs. 15-30
1329.   Scent Bottles/Atomisers, to include Royal Brierley, Stuart, Sia, D'Arques, approximately twenty nine:- One Tray. 30-40
1330.   Eik Norway Beaten Bowl, pewter ware, Old Hall condiment set, Swan tea set, seal, Japanese box:- One Tray 20-30
1331.   Candlesticks, oval dish, salts, preserve set (damaged), etc on oval galleried tray. three varying size salvers. 20-30
1332.   Wedgwood, Doulton and Davenport Collectors Plates, Fina figure, other ceramics:- One Tray 15-20
1333.   Scent Bottles - Guerlain, Christian Dior, Worth, Sauze, Nina, etc plus book:- One Tray. 20-30
1334.   Costume Jewellery, bracelets, brooches, earrings, etc, in Mele Chinese box. 15-30
1335.   Lalique Le Baiser Scent Bottle, Faberge, Givenchy and others:- One Tray. 30-40
1336.   Babycham Glasses (11). 15-30
1337.   Aynsley Peace Mug, black Wedgwood bowl, Coalport dish, etc:- One Tray 15-20
1338.   A Pair of Chinese Vases, Chinese blue-white pottery garden seat, Chinese stacking tureens, bowl, cover, other vases, etc: 25-30
1339.   Five Japanese Soft Metal Boxes, enamelled miniatures, ebonized box. 15-30
1340.   Persian Pottery Vase, with figures and flowers to four panels 26cm high 26cm high. Islamic jug with wire work surround, a pair of Turkish wire work and wooden clogs, 10cm long. (4). 50-80
1341.   Four Soapstone Carvings, 22cm high, Carlton White Heather' miniature vase. 15-20
1342.   A Japanese Ceramic Vase, with gilt overlay 20.5cm high, inlaid wooden brush stand, Studio lustre bowl, wavy pentagonal bowl. 30-40
1343.   Serpentine Blades Kris Dagger, with scabbard, 50.5cm overall length. 20-30
1344.   Walter Denning 'The Life of Toyotomi Hideyoshi' parts 1 to 5, the last numbered page 417, printed and published by The Hukabunsha Tokyo, 1888, soft backed. 30-50
1345.   Hizon Tadayoshi - The School of Tadayoshi Saga, Hizen, Japan 1598-1871, Revill 1999, ISBN - 962-85581-1-0, with green slipcase. 30-50
1346.   Oriental, pair of needlework pictures each featuring bird amongst foliate 33.5 x 27cm. 20-30
1347.   XVIII Blue & White Table Plates, featuring vase and butterfly scenes, (8) (damaged) plus sauce boat. 20-30
1348.   Malachite Ashtray as a Frog, 14cm wide. 60-70
1349.   Oriental XX Century Gold Imari Handpainted Charger, 46cm diameter. 15-30
1350.   A Chinese Purse, soapstone figure, carved hardwood figure, Conway Stewart pen, necklaces, etc:- One Tray 20-40
1351.   A Reproduction Sword, with brass guard and octagonal pommel, leather handle and scabbard, 97.5cm overall length. 20-40
1352.   Pair of Oval Miniatures Lady Elizabeth Villiers and Sir Thomas Howard , 10 x 7.5cm. 20-40
1353.   A XIX Century Walnut Tea Caddy, with twin domed inner compartments, 24.5cm wide. 30-40
1354.   The Beatles. John Lennon and Yoko Ono Wedding Album on Apple, SMax - 3361 (box damaged). 40-60
1355.   A XIX Century Sampler, hand stitched by Elenor Wilhammer, (fading) 45 x 55cm. 20-40
1356.   David Jerusalem Pair of Parquetry Candlesticks, paperknife and stand; Indian carved box and oval tray, 51cm wide. 20-30
1357.   'Flying Scotsman' Arched Metal Wall Plaque, 59cm wide, a small example '3rd Class General Room'. (2). 20-30
1358.   'Yorkshireman' Arched Metal Wall Plaque, 50.5cm wide. 15-25
1359.   Postcards: Early XX Century Photographic Military, Royalty, Barmouth, Hunting, Nelson, Personal, etc, over two hundred and fifty in period album. 40-80
1360.   An Edwardian Mahogany Desk Stand, with inlaid round twin glass ink bottles and pen tray, brass desk bell, fish knives and forks, hoop game, 'A Present from the Crystal Palace' needle case:- One Tray. 20-30
1361.   Adzed Wooden Plates, each with carved Dolphin to centre, one with wavy rim, the other ribbed 31cm diameter. (2). 20-30
1362.   An Early XX Century Smokers Cabinet, with an Art Nouveau copper panel. 10-20
1363.   A XIX Century Sampler by Alice Hardwicke Aged 7, framed, 31.5 x 22cm. Drum and leather cylinder. 20-30
1364.   A Middle Eastern Dagger, with sharp curved blade (rusting) in silvered scabbard, 31cm overall length, one other (2). 20-40
1365.   A XIX Century Mahogany Specimen Box, with three side pull out drawers, brass corner mounts, 16.5cm high, 45.5 x 28cm. 30-40
1366.   Pop Music Posters For Concerts - Ringo Starr, Liverpool Empire, Monday 6th July, approx 154 x 104cm; Phil Collins, Ben E. King. 20-30
1367.   The Beatles. Negatives and paperwork relating to Rubber Soul The Beatles American album. 80-120
1368.   Bobby Moore Autograph, blue ink signed (unverified) on a 1980 F.A. Cup Final ticket for West Ham v. Arsenal. 40-60
1369.   A Pink Plush Teddy Bear, 35cm high, and terrier dog, three dolls. 20-30
1370.   Sex Pistols. 'Pistols Shock USA, The Great Punk Rock Storm', black and white poster, approx 151 x 101cm. 30-40
1371.   A Merrythought Golly, 37cm high, three others similar. 20-40
1372.   Badges - many enamelled examples, mainly location themes, over 150. 30-40
1373.   The Beatles. George Harrison Autograph, black ink signed (unverified) on an image of him, as a mounted montage, 56 x 30.5cm. 80-120
1374.   The Beatles Promo Poster Sgt Pepper, 20 Years Ago Today, approx 154 x 104cm. 20-30
1375.   Sex Pistols Sid Vicious and Nancy Poster, featuring the couple handcuffed together, in black and white, approx 152 x 101cm. 30-40
1376.   England Football Autographs. Alf Ramsey, Tom Finney, Stanley Matthews, Stan Mortensen, Wilf Mannion, Bill Eckersley, all pencil signed (unverified) on a 1951 England v. Scotland programme. 40-60
1377.   Sheffield Ephemera. Esquire Jazz Club membership application form, City Hall Top 10 Star Show 1963 programme and two tickets, Blue Moon Club flyer 'The Marauders' and 'The Shantells', etc. 20-30
1378.   FKS Soccer Stars Album 1979, approx half full and packets. 20-30
1379.   Corgi Toys Advertising Items in Cards and Ford Capri Professionals poster 40.5 x 35cm. 60-80
1380.   A Steiff Gold Plush Teddy Bear, 24cm high, Steiff pottery bear, two metal articulated bears, 4.5cm high. (4). 30-40
1381.   Motoring Memorabilia - Five 1950's Motorcycling Magazines, mostly T.T numbers, a 1950's Esso oil bottle. Plus two similar period 'Dunlop' guides. 20-30
1382.   James Bond 'The Man with the Golden Gun' Lobby Cards, images 18 x 26.5cm. (18) 30-40
1383.   Peter Kay Autograph, blue pen signed (unverified) on a copy of his biography 'The Sound of Laughter'. 20-30
1384.   A Gold Plush Teddy Bear, with moveable limbs, glass eyes, black stitched nose and mouth, approximately 48cm high. 15-25
1385.   A Steiff Velveteen Frog, circa mid XX Century, with glass eyes, button in webbed front foot, 8cm high, Steiff panda and two small bears. (4). 50-70
1386.   The Beatles. Invicta Plastics Guitar Brooches, 20 sets (100 in total); together with photocopied letter from Invicta 1988 telling story of the Treasure Find. 100-150
1387.   Rolling Stones 'Steel Wheels' Promo Poster, CD, cassette, LP, approx 152 x 100cm. 20-30
1388.   Letter Scales, model ship, evening bag, etc. 15-25
1389.   Lafleur Brass Saxophone, with nickel keys, 'Imported by Boosey & Hawkes, London, Foreign', with carry case. 40-60
1390.   Sex Pistols 'Anarchy in the UK' Poster, in black and white, approx 152 x 101cm. 30-40
1391.   Razors, pen knives, scales, AA Badge, bus tokens, etc:- One Tray. 20-30
1392.   A Factory Style Chrome Adjustable Desk Lamp, an Ebco 1930's Collapsible Bakelite Book Stand, 50cm wide and a large Mid XX Century Model of a Horn Sailing Boat; plus four other small horn spoons/ornaments. 50-70
1393.   The Ethnic Doll Circus Limited Edition of 100, 2003, Steiff collection 2008, Norma S Davis 'A Lark Ascends', four Ethnic Publications. (7) 20-30
1394.   1896 Crown, shillings 1816, 1887, 1879 (worn), other UK and World Coinage in album. 30-40
1395.   Carved Oak Box, with musical facility, Juels Huet and Cie binoculars in leather case, beaten pewter bowl, bone teether's, etc:- One Tray. 20-30
1396.   Gay Venture Stamp Album, loose stamps, postcards, Henry Tatton's Heely note book, etc. 15-25
1397.   Postcards: Agnes Richardson, Barks, M.Sowerby, Oilette, Sentimental, Equestrian, Feline, Royalty, Military, Embroidered, French, early XX Century photographic, etc, over five hundred in period album. 50-100
1398.   Photograph Albums - London, Alton Towers, motor vehicles, family Berwick Filey, etc, may 1920's. (11) 50-80
1399.   Raphael Tuck Sheets of Relief Scraps, twenty-three numbered pages, red cover, many other trade cards. 20-40
1400.   A Pair of Metal Armorials 40.5cm long, sundial, French barometer. 20-30
1401.   Jack Vance, 'Lyonesse Madouc' Deluxe limited edition of 600, signed presentation copy, in green slipcase.Jack Vance, 'Lyonesse The Green Pearl', Deluxe limited edition of 600 and signed by author, in grey slipcase. 30-40
1402.   A Marble Desk Set, three glass laboratory bottles, Studio pottery coffee pot, cauldrons:- One Tray. 20-30
1403.   A Large Dealers Shop Display Quartz GMT Master II Date Wall Clock, (this is a point of sale Not Made by "Rolex") 34cm diameter. 100-120
1404.   Postcards. Mainly early XX Century, including Bury F.C. 1908-9, WWI Troops boarding ships, The Terriers Execution, The Lads Thro Sheffield, Ready For The Field Redcar 1909, Soldiers advertising Anchor Beers, sentimental, topographical, Redheugh Bridge, Newcastle, approx 140 in a period album. 50-100
1405.   Glass Slides - circa early XX Century including Zulu Chief, Zulu Woman, Exhibition Building Melbourne, Canterbury, Nr Chester Vale, over 100. 40-80
1406.   A Post Card Album Early XX Century Postcards, from India, Afghanistan, Egypt, Christmas cards, from His Majesty's Middle East Forces, Christmas 1943, XIX Century black and white prints of London. 30-40
1407.   Kensitas Silks - flags, flowers. Mighty Midget miniature books, etc. 20-40
1408.   Tools - chisels, planes, hammers, etc:- One Tray. 20-30
1409.   Postage Stamps, some unused, Beatrix Potter books, celluloid Mickey Mouse, decorative egg, tankard, baby tethers, et:- One Tray 15-30
1410.   Coinage - Queen Elizabeth II, UK pre & post decimal, presented in six cards. World coin, banknotes. 20-30
1411.   A Folding Photograph Frame Circa 1900, possibly olive wood, razors, silver rimmed salts, Chinese items, etc:- One Tray. 15-30
1412.   Military Binoculars A Kershaw of Leeds. Nettar Camera, Richards pocket knife, Cadman razor, tools. 20-30
1413.   A Metal Inkwell as a Rhinosaurus, the hinged back lifting up to reveal two apertures, 16cm long, and a model bear. (2). 15-25
1414.   Violet Needham,, 'The Words of Windr' 1944. 'The House of Paladin' 1945. 'Pandora of Parrham Royal' 1951. 'The Horn of Merlyns' 1956. Peter O'Donnell 'The Silver Mistress', 1973. Alfred Duggan 'Elephant and Castles' 1963. Patrick O'Brian 'Three Bear Witness', 1952. (7) 20-40
1415.   A XIX Century Pewter Inkwell, with wide base 22.8cm, James Dixon tea caddy, snuff box. (3). 15-30
1416.   Three Silver Napkin Rings, coinage, compass, unused stamps, etc:- One Tray. 20-30
1417.   A Pair of Worcester 'Chinese Garden' Plates, razor, two cased pipes, match case. 15-30
1418.   Banknotes, sail needles, stamps, geometry items, camera etc:- One Tray. 15-30
1419.   Five Reproduction Wall Pistols. 15-20
1420.   Superfine & Other, brass inkwell, papier mache box, etc:- One Tray 20-30
1421.   Photograph Albums - Bexhill-On-Sea, Newlyn, Exmouth Yachting, castles, family, Thornwick Bay, West Country, Edinburgh, Rothesay Pier, etc, many 1920's, (9) 50-80
1422.   Two XIX Century Metal Mounted Horns, each with floret and scrollwork to end bands, symmetrical work to cover, 38cm wide, hanging leather work present. (2) 30-40
1423.   Liverpool F.C. Autographs, including Paisley (manager), Mark Lawrenson, Bruce Grobelaar, Ronnie Whelan, Alan Kennedy. 50-80
1424.   XIX Century Flatback Style Figure 'Returning Home', studio stoneware vase, pair of crown green bowls, initialled 'JK', Oriental figures, etc:- One Tray 15-25
1425.   Browne's Directory 1902, 1086 numbered pages. 20-40
1426.   Magnifying Glasses, with varying handles, the longest 12.5cm. (15) 20-40
1427.   The Unrivalled Classical Atlas W.fFA.K Johnston, Edinburgh, London, Jaeger-Le Coultre Yearbook 2008. The Scottish Student songbook. 20-30
1428.   Enfield & Smiths Oak Cased Mantle Clocks, a lamp as a yacht, Studio pottery:- One Tray. 20-30
1429.   Lessons with Geoff Thompson, 'The Ground Fighting Series', volumes 1 to 6; Wallace Collection volume 1 Armour. Japan's Ultimate Martial Art, Tae Kwon Do, other self defence books. (17) 20-40
1430.   Postcards - mainly theatre characters, circa early XX Century, approximately 252, in period album. 50-80
1431.   A XIX Century Scrap Book Album. 10-15
1432.   Ursula Guin (2), Andy Secombe and Peter O'Donnell signed books, Elinor Lyon 'The House in Hiding' 1950, Robert Weinberg 'The Devils Auction' 1988, Joyce Bruce 'Monte Lucio' 1946. (7) 20-30
1433.   Noritake Tea Ware, of fourteen pieces in green blue and gilt, (two cups damaged). Ovoid vase, Enfield oak cased mantle clock with Westminster chime movement:- One Tray. 20-30
1434.   Optical Drill Bits, Gottlieb Guhring, Sprialbohrer. 15-30
1435.   Mortar & Pestle, treacle glazed tile, two carved boxes:- One Tray. 15-25
1436.   A Canon A.1 Camera, having 35.70mm lens and accessories in carry bag. Fuji camera and cradle. Brownie reflex. 20-30
1437.   An Early XX Century Oval Double Brass Inkwell, with a bronzed Roman soldier between, marble base with decorative beading, 23cm wide. 30-40
1438.   An Early XX Century Oak Arts and Crafts Mantel Clock, with a circular dial, Arabic numbers, copper mounts, brass plaque, 32cm high. 25-40
1439.   A 1920's Oak Mantel Clock, with a silver dial, Arabic numerals, on a stepped base, 30cm high. 15-25
1440.   A Pair of XIX Century Staffordshire Pottery Spaniels, 24cm high. Little Joe Bank. (3). 25-35
1441.   WITHDRAWN - A Bronze Sculpture, modernist, curved upright by tear drop, on square base and marble plinth, approximately 26.5cn high overall. 20-40
1442.   E. Thomas & Williams, Cambrian Miners Lamp, with cylindrical case. 20-30
1443.   A Japanese Automation, as two birds in a cage, with pull out drawer to start mechanism, 21cm high overall. 40-60
1444.   Two Bronzed Figures, classical male nude, 26cm high and another wearing armour. (2) 40-80
1445.   An Oak Dome Cased Mantle clock with Westminster chimes movement. 15-25
1446.   A Pair of Brass Dolphins, mounted in bases, (in the style of Doug Wylie), 37cm high. 25-40
1448.   After Lin Fowler, Phrenology Heads, 27cm high. (2). 25-35
1449.   Golf Clubs- D.Anderson, St Andrews, Putter, brass head and hickory shaft, John Letters, Scottish four wood, Fallon Partington steel shafted driver, Turnberry driver, Jack Weldon 8 iron, Castle putter, Hartley's King of Clubs 4 wood, vendors information to each. (7). 30-60
1450.   Cricket - Yorkshire Autographs Circa 1936, Sutcliffe, Hutton, Verity, Robinson, Smailes, Asher, Mitchell, Woods, etc, all black ink signed on a Sturridge Herbert Sutcliffe bat. 40-60
1451.   A Porthole in Brass, having iron frame, 39cm diameter. 20-30
1452.   A Resin Lion Head, 28cm high, a stacking lion figure. (2) 15-25
1453.   G Wadham, Bath Red Marble & Slate Cased Mantle Clock, with eight day movement, 43.5cm wide. 30-50
1454.   Trafford Plaque, ewer, other brass ware in brass covered log box, 41cm wide. 15-30
1455.   A HMV Table Top Gramophone for Waddington & Son, Cardiff, plus needles in tins. 30-50
1456.   Green & Co Streamline Mixing Bowl, 32cm widest point and five graduated bowls. 20-40
1457.   Bavaria Brass Spirit Kettle, on wire stand 31cm high. 15-30
1458.   Scales & Weights, 1897 trivet, alabaster box, biscuit barrel, Maling dish, Midwinter egg cruet. 15-30
1459.   A Large Resin Cat, in the Art Deco manner 58.5cm high. 15-25
1460.   Vintage W T Avery Ltd, Shop Scales. 15-20
1461.   Cricket Autographs 1947 England, including Yardley, Washbrook, Hutton, Compton, Edrich. South Africa including Melville, Viljoen, Mann, Rowan, Lindsay. All ink signed on the face of a 'Len Hutton' autograph bat. Yorkshire players including, Brennan, Wardle, Hailiday, Robinson, Bowes, to reverse. Approximately thirty eight signatures (unverified) in total. Some fading; together with batting gloves, Litesome Protection, cap, Jacques Ping Pong Racket and Bag. 20-30
1462.   A WWI period Canvas and Leather Ammunition Case, with five internal leather strapped compartment and brass "Secure Handmade Lever" lock, 40cm wide, 70-80
1463.   Cricket Gradidge Len Hutton Bat Bearing Many Signatures, including Compton, Upton, Coxon, Shackleton, Davey all unverified, (fading). 15-20
1464.   Anglo Indian Games Compendium. Indian painting on silk, four carved and painted Indian Gods, hexagonal ink bottle, white metal and bead work elephant 5cm high. 30-40
1465.   A 1980's Rath Fiscal Globe. 10-15
1466.   A Gilt Wall Mirror, with bevelled glass, together with contemporary wall art. 10-20
1467.   A Circular Peach Glass Art Deco Mirror, with leaf and grape design, 45cm diameter; An Art Deco Mirror, with four peach glass outer panels and inner decorative feature, 46cm wide and a Small Convex Art Deco Peach Glass Mirror, with central figure design. (3) 90-120
1468.   1920's Jacobean Style Oak Wall Mirror. 15-20
1469.   Mahogany Framed Pier Glass, 73.5cm high; gilt arch framed mirror. 15-25
1470.   Oval Wall Mirror, applied on a teak wavy base, circa 1970's, 75.5cm high. 15-25
1471.   Pair of Brass Six Branch Ceiling Lights. 15-30
1472.   Motor Racing. Porsche Wins SCCA D.Production '81, featuring ten teams, printed in Germany WWM 311000, approx 101 x 76cm (lower tear). 30-40
1473.   Motor Racing. Porsche Le Mans '82 Advertising Poster, winner of the Group 5 Class, approx 101.5 x 76cm, printed in Germany WWM 312320. 30-40
1474.   Motor Racing. Porsche 24 Hour Daytona Advertising Poster, featuring six teams, printed in Germany WWM 311700, approx 101.5 x 76cm. 30-40
1475.   The Times Newspaper Cutting Montage, in frame 19.5 x 73.5cm.
1476.   E. Jackson Stodart, Street Vendor Scenes, stipple engravings after Peter Francis Wheatley, 34.5 x 27cm, each pencil signed to margin. (5) 30-50
1477.   Large Needlework Tapestry, featuring figures, horses and dogs by Archway, 92 x 134cm, framed. 20-40
1478.   Silver Coloured Rectangular Wall Mirror, decorated with foliage, bevelled glass, 108 x 140cm. 30-50
1479.   Manner of Picasso, Female Study, colour print, limited edition of 250,signed indistinctly lower right, 80.5 x 60cm. 40-60
1480.   Baxter Style Print 'The Love Letter', 30.5 x 25.5cm; three others. (4) 15-20
1481.   An Early XX Century Pears Framed Print, flowers of the East. 10-20
1482.   Oriental -The Great Wall of China,watercolour on silk, character marks top right, 58 x 38.5cm. 20-30
1483.   Byron Warmby F.R.S.A (Sheffield Artist), Blue Bell Time, Ecclesall Woods, oil on board, signed bottom right, name and title on verso, 39 x 49cm. 25-40
1484.   John Porter Wale (1860-190), Still Life of Flowers, watercolour, signed lower right, 22.5 x 42cm. After Miles Birket Foster 'Fishing' coloured print. (2). 80-120
1485.   Ronald Crampton, Blyth Burgh, Suffolk, oil on board, signed lower left, 26.5 x 36.5cm, another of yachting scene, initialled. (2) 30-40
1486.   Robert V. Goldman, Industrial Landscape, oil on board, signed lower right, titled No 20, initialled and dated 1969 verso, 59 x 105cm. 30-50
1487.   In The Manner of Picasso, Double Headed Portrait , oil on canvas, signed indistinctly lower right, 71 x 56cm. 30-50
1488.   Joe Scarborough, Sheffield University, signed limited edition print, ten of five hundred, signed bottom right, 34 x 39.5cm. 30-45
1489.   J. R Humby, Coastal Landscape, oval watercolour, 7.5 x 12.5cm, five various miniatures. (6). 15-20
1490.   Stephen Doig: England Cricket Montage, featuring Vaughan, handshaking Lara, Hussain, Flintoff, Hoggard, etc, pastel artwork, 49 x 64.5, signed lower right. 30-40
1491.   M. Church, Parisian Street Scene, oil on canvas, signed lower left, 49.5 x 59.5cm, another of fishing boats. (2) 15-25
1492.   Franco Matania (1922-2006), Gathering Rose Petals, oil painting, signed lower right, 32.5 x 21cm. 30-50
1493.   Godfrey, H. Robinson, Sitting Pretty, colour print, pencil signed to margin,50 x 68cm; another smaller, similar. (2) 15-20
1494.   Schubert, Seascape, oil on canvas, signed lower right, 60 x 90cm. 15-25
1495.   Abecassis (probably Raphael Morrocan Born 1953) Middle Eastern Mathematical Themed Screen Print, artists proof, signed lower right, 50.5 x 34cm. 20-40
1496.   Deborah Jones (1921-2012), Head and Shoulders, of a lady wearing a hat, oil on board, signed bottom left, 44 x 60cm. 50-70
1497.   Bill Waugh Pencil Signed Golf Course Prints, 'Troon', 'St Andrews' and 'Carnoustie', images 28.5 x 46.5cm. (3) 15-25
1498.   After A.E. Everitt, Lithotint of Aston Hall, 19 x 27cm; three others of Aston Hall interior. (4) 15-20
1499.   After J. Clifford, Country Cottages with lake to foreground, pair of colour prints, 16 x 51.5cm, Impressionist print. (3). 15-20
1500.   Glyn Robinson, oil on board, Winter at Bakewell, signed bottom right. Terry Gorman signed print of Bramhall Lane, two Ashley Jackson prints, signed on verso (4). 10-20
1501.   Richard Taylor (Sheffield Artist), County Cottages, watercolour, signed lower right, 17 x 23cm. Pam Taylor 'Gardenias & Violets', watercolour, pictorial tapestry, Bluebell Wood print. (4) 10-15
1502.   Anderton Mersey, Pilot Schooner No 4, oil painting, signed and dated '81 29 x 39.5cm. Pears Soap print, six others. 15-25
1503.   An Early XX Century Sepia Photograph of Infant Child, oval, in decorative gilt frame, Marius, Paris label to back. (damages). 40-60
1504.   Louis Jennings, Sheffield and District Coloured Prints, 21 x 29.5cm, all signed. (4) 15-30
1505.   Stephen Doig: Ian Botham Montage, featuring many images of him with bat and ball, pastel artwork, 65 x 52.5cm, signed lower right. 30-40
1506.   XX Century School, Pupils in University Garden, watercolour, monogrammed, 23 x 31.5cm; two prints. (3) 15-20
1507.   R, Martin 81, Watercolour of Fishing Boats, framed handkerchief, The Absent-Minded Beggar, music by A Sullivan, Queen Victoria, Map of South Africa. (2). 15-25
1508.   Stephen Doig: Nick Faldo, Portrait of him sporting Bally Golf sweater and Lloyds cap, pastel artwork, 54.5 x 45.5cm, signed lower right. 30-40
1509.   B G Laszlo, Quartet of Elderly Musicians, late XX Century oil on board, signed lower right, 49 x 38.5cm. 30-50
1510.   Alan Bickley, Autumnal Landscape, watercolour,signed lower right, 36 x 54.5cm. 40-50
1511.   Stephen Doig: Franz Beckenbauer, in match action, West Germany, wearing home strip, pastel artwork, 41 x 36cm, signed lower right. 30-40
1512.   Gustav Klimt, pair of colour prints, Freda Marston, and five Andrew Dibben signed prints. (8). 15-25
1513.   A Salvador Dali Style Framed Print of a Bowler Hatted Man, with an apple in front of his face, plus another print of three circa 1930's ladies in period attire and a Pair of Mid XX Century Framed Silks by J & J Cash Ltd., Weavers of Coventry, England - 'The Tandem' and 'The Four in Hand', both limited editions signed by the director, 9 x 17cm. (4) 15-25
1514.   Clive Hughes, Remote Farmhouses, oil on canvas, signed lower right, 37 x 55.5cm, similar scene signed Carday. (2) 15-20
1515.   H.P Kirkby, Female figure by farmhouses and lake, pair watercolours, signed and dated 1907 18.5 x 36.5cm. L.C Coates, 'City of London' watercolour signed lower left, 30 x 33cm. (3). 15-30
1516.   Late XX Century, 'Greeting the Catch', oil on board, 19 x 24.5cm. 15-25
1517.   Stephen Doig: Zinedine Zidane, in match action wearing France home strip, pastel artwork, 41 x 36cm, signed lower left. 30-40
1518.   Folding Freestanding Floor Easel, 173cm high. 15-25
1519.   Steven Townsend (b.1955), White Scottie Terrier, limited edition colour print, pencil signed 37.5 x 27.5cm, three sporting prints by Graeme Baxter & Douglas E West. (4) 15-20
1520.   XX Century Tapestry by J. Bond and two samplers similar. (3) 15-20
1521.   Bill Waugh Pencil Signed Golf Course Prints, 'Royal Lytham', 'Troon' & (The Largest) 'Royal Birkdale' 36.5 x 61.5cm (3). 15-25
1522.   Graeme W. Baxter and John Rudkin, signed prints, 24.5 x 34.5cm; two Rowland Hilder prints. (4) 15-25
1523.   A Rectangular Wall Mirror, Cunningham print, other prints. (9). 5-10
1524.   A Circa 1930's Oak Tambour Fronted Office Filing Cabinet, complete with all ten internal drawers, with brass name plates, 47cm wide. 150-200
1525.   XIX Century Walnut Vienna Wall Clock, with applied pediment with prancing horse, glazed door, circular dial with Roman numerals, glazed door with half round pilasters. 50-100
1526.   An Alstons Upholstery Gold Coloured Armchair, and a Caba armchair. (2) 10-20
1527.   Two Alstons Upholstered Striped Armchair's. 10-20
1528.   Pair of Mid XX Century Vinyl Covered Nursing Chairs. 15-25
1529.   A White & Chromed Four Drawer Chest, with glass top, 50cm wide, glass coffee table, two plastic storage boxes. (4). 20-30
1530.   An Early Shop Advertising Sign, double sided saying "Firesiders For Him" on one side "Indorables For Her" on the other (slippers?0 on its original chrome shop stand, 100cm high;A Circa 1930's Shop Mannequin of Ladies Legs. 20-30
1531.   Resin Plant Pedestal, as a Corinthian column with acanthus leaves to top, 83cm high. 15-30
1532.   Ponsfords Upholstered Headboard, 183cm wide; together with a pine headboard. 10-20
1533.   The Futon Shop Bed and Mattress 20-40
1534.   A Pine Bookcase, with glazed doors and three internal shelves. 10-20
1535.   An Early XX Century Oak Bookcase, with twin glazed doors, three internal shelves. 10-20
1536.   Three Painted Storage Stands, with wicker baskets. 15-20
1537.   An Oak Display Cabinet, with twin glazed doors, three fixed shelves, single drawer, 80cm wide. 30-40
1538.   Two Grey Planters; together with two smaller painted planters. (4) 15-20
1539.   Pine Circular Coffee Table, on turned and block supports with undershelf; together with a pine stool and an oak bedside table. (3) 10-15
1540.   Ikea Blue Shelves, with boxes, grey open shelves with boxes, together with a laundry baskets. (3). 10-15
1541.   Victorian Style Brass and Black Metal Double Bed, with Silent Night Miracoil 3 mattress. 20-40
1542.   An Early XX Century Oak Single Door Wardrobe, with a domed pediment, mirror door, bearing label for "J. Walsh, Sheffield"; together with an oak bedroom chair. (2) 5-10
1543.   A Rectangular Shaped Hardwood TV Stand, with two small drawers on turned feet. 10-20
1544.   A XIX Century Pine Blanket Box, with hinged lid on turned feet. 30-40
1545.   A Chinese Wool Tassled Rug, floral decoration on a rust red ground 138 x 70cm. 15-20
1546.   An Oak Rectangular Shaped TV Cabinet, together with a bamboo coffee table, with a glass top. (2). 25-40
1547.   A Late XIX Century Rocking Chair, with panel back and seat with floral decoration, on turned supports on rockers. 15-20
1548.   Plan Chest, with four of five drawers, 109cm wide. 10-20
1549.   A Painted Blanket Box, together with blue painted book case, with open shelves. (2). 10-20
1550.   A Late XIX Century Painted Metal Trunk, with twin handles. 15-20
1551.   An Early XX Century Pot Cupboard, white painted ottoman and white painted chair with a single underseat. (3) 20-30
1552.   A Pair of Monitor Audio Silver 51 (2788) Speakers, in teak casing 81cm high. 20-30
1553.   Oak Nest of Tables, on turned and block supports; together with a mahogany rectangular shaped coffee table. (2) 10-20
1554.   A XIX Century Ash-Elm Rocking Chair, with a pierced splat, turned supports on turned legs, with rockers. 30-40
1555.   A XX Century Mahogany Desk, with a rectangular top, single pedestal with three drawers on square supports, 91cm wide. 20-40
1556.   Sewing Machine, pine box 63.5cm wide. (2) 15-30
1557.   A Pine Chest of Two Long Drawers, on bracket feet. 20-30
1558.   A Painted Bookcase, with two fixed shelves, on a plinth base, 92cm wide. 15-20
1559.   An Oak Chest of Six Small Drawers, on stile feet, 110cm wide. 20-40
1560.   Singer Hand Sewing Machine, in domed case. 15-25
1561.   An Early XX Century Large Bentwood Travel Hat Box, with numerous hotel travel labels, leather handle and strap, 41cm diameter. 60-70
1562.   A Brown Stained Bookcase, with three fixed shelves, plinth base, 100cm wide. 5-10
1563.   A Brown Stained Bookcase, with three fixed shelves, plinth base, 100cm wide. 5-10
1564.   A Brown Stained Bookcase, with three fixed shelves, plinth base, 100cm. 5-10
1565.   G-Plan Nest of Teak Coffee Tables, probably by Victor Wilkins, each table with curved front and back, on waisted supports, 73.5cm wide (crack to smallest). 30-50
1566.   A Late XIX Century Kitchen Table, with pine top, on turned and reeded legs. 20-40
1567.   A Set of Four Silver Painted Chairs, with ladder back rails, drop in seats, on cabriole legs. (4). 5-10
1568.   A XX Century Ercol Armchair, with a hooped back and rail supports, solid seat (with Ercol label). 15-20
1569.   Ercol Ash Dining Table, with drop leaves, together with four Ercol dining chairs. 200-300
1570.   An Oak Drop Leaf Table, with an oval top on turned and block supports. 20-40
1571.   A Set of Four Oak Chairs, with upholstered back and seats, on turned and block supports, united by H stretchers. 25-40
1572.   Nest of Tables, with a tiled top, together with a studio pottery jar with initials C.P. gold coloured. 15-20
1573.   A Grey Leather Reclining Armchair.
1574.   XVIII Century and Later Mahogany Pedestal Table, with circular top, turned pedestal on cabriole legs; together with another pedestal table. (2) 30-40
1575.   Early XX Century Walnut Jardiniere Stand, with circular top on cabriole legs with undershelf; together with a XIX Century bamboo table. 30-40
1576.   A Set of Four XIX Century Continental Chairs, with shaped top rail, solid circular seats on turned legs. (4) 30-40
1577.   William Lawrence of Nottingham Set of Four Teak Dining Chairs, circa 1970's with rail backs. 20-30
1578.   Sarough Iranian Wool Pile Carpet, with central cream lozenge, geometric patterns on a rust red ground, 366 x 273cm, no visible tears, wear or staining. 50-100
1579.   Ducal Pine Chest of Six Drawers, with low back on bun feet, 118cm high. 20-40
1580.   A Painted Chest of Drawers, with five graduated drawers, on a plinth base, 59cm. 20-30
1581.   XX Century Pine Washstand, with three-quarter gallery, two small drawers on turned legs. 20-30
1582.   Stag Long Chest of Drawers, with a moulded edge eight drawers, 156cm wide. 20-30
1583.   Middle Eastern Wool Rug, featuring three bands of 18 guls to centre, all-over geometric motifs, 157 x 95cm; two Persian carry bags. (3) 30-50
1584.   A Set of Three XIX Century Ash Bedroom Chairs, on turned legs; together with a XIX Century pad armchair (altered. (4) 20-30
1585.   Francesco Zaccone Chrome Framed Stacking Chairs, with dimpled black leatherette arms, turquoise upholstered splats and backs. 40-60
1586.   An Early XX Century American Rocker, together with a XIX Century balloon back chair. (2). 20-30
1587.   Three Oak Rail Back Dining Chairs, circa 1930's and Jones sewing machine. (4) 15-30
1588.   A Pair of XIX Century Oak Dining Chairs, with upholstered back and seta on turned and reeded supports, bearing label "WM Johnson & Son, Sheffield". (2) 15-20
1589.   1950's Monarch Walnut Cased Radiogram (BSR MONARCH UA8). 30-50
1590.   XIX Century Mahogany Oval Shaped Dressing Table Mirror, with shaped supports and serpentine base. 15-20
1591.   An Early XX Century Walnut Chest of Two Short and One Long Drawer, on turned legs. 20-30
1592.   A XX Century Oak Moulded Front Chest of Drawers, with a low back, two short and three long drawers on bun feet. 30-50
1593.   A Middle Eastern Wool Tassled Rug, with five central motifs, geometric border on rust red ground 112 x 209cm. 20-40
1594.   A Middle Eastern Wool Tassled Rug, with three full and several partial central motifs, geometric border on rust red ground, 122 x 183cm. 20-40
1595.   Ercol Ash Cabinet, with three cupboard doors over two drawers on a X stretcher base, 129cm wide. 150-200
1596.   A XX Century Teak Wood Sideboard, with two cupboard doors, fall front, cupboard door over a single drawer, on tapering circular feet 152cm wide. 50-100
1597.   XIX Century and Later Mahogany Jardiniere Stand, with a square top supported by brackets, reeded and turned pedestal on square base, 108cm high. 40-60
1598.   An Early XX Century Table Top Bookcase, with two shelves, reeded sides 69cm wide. 10-20
1599.   A XIX Century Walnut Viennese Wall Clock, with eight day movement, black Roman numerals to cream dial, reed split pallisters and poker work panel to door. 50-70
1600.   A XVII Century Pedestal Table, with a circular dish top, on turned pedestal on cabirole legs, pad feet. 30-50
1601.   Japanese Folding Screen, decorated with exotic birds amongst foliage to the six black lacquered panels, 183cm high, 240cm wide. 50-80
1602.   An Edwardian Mahogany Inlaid Occasional Table, with a cross banded top, shell inlay, swept legs with under shelf. 20-30
1603.   XIX Century Mahogany Towel Rail, with turned and block supports. 30-50
1604.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Envelope Card Table, single drawer, corner brackets, on chamfered legs, 56cm wide. 40-60
1605.   An Edwardian Walnut Pot Cupboard, with swan neck back, 38cm wide. 20-30
1606.   Folding Upright Screen, with pink and gold striped fabric to all four arched panels, 167cm high. 30-50
1607.   A Teak Bookcase, with five adjustable shelves, 182cm high. 30-50
1608.   A Mid XX Century Green Leather Topped Mahogany Revolving Piano Stool. 40-50
1609.   A Capodimonte Table Lamp, as an exotic bird on pear shaped base. 10-20
1610.   An Early XX Century Burr Walnut Picture Frame, with three apertures containing images of classical musicians in gilt backing 40.5 x 129cm. 40-60
1611.   XIX Century Pollard Oak Chest of Drawers, with moulded edge, two small and three long drawers on bun feet. 100-150
1612.   A Contemporary Cast Metal Circular Wall Hanging, with pierced decoration, 87cm wide. 20-30
1613.   Minoretti, Leicester XIX Century Rosewood Banjo Barometer, with silvered dial (thermometer absent), approx 94cm high. 15-30