Antiques & Collectables Auction
on Friday 29th April 2022

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1001.   A XIX Century Mahogany Banjo Barometer, with silvered dial, dry damp thermometer, Butlers mirror and spirit level 94cm high. 20-40
1002.   Records - 45rpm's, varying genres:- Three Boxes. 20-40
1003.   Esso 'Put a Tiger in Your Tank' Metal Wall Sign, 50 x 70cm. 20-30
1004.   Pictures, drawings, folding rack, tea ware, hanging oil lamp:- Two Boxes. 20-30
1005.   Rowney Paints, paint brushes (boxed), oil pastel, pencil's (boxed), two cushions in a box, WHD paints (boxed). (4) 15-20
1006.   Bush, Lyric & Westminster Radio's; together with John Cobra and French cave prints. (5). 15-25
1007.   Five Ruby Glass Light Shades, Wedgwood teaware, other decorative ceramics, etc:- One Box. 20-30
1008.   Juvenalia - Fisher Price Tree House, bears, puzzles, etc:- One Box. 15-25
1009.   Commemorative Ware, glass biscuit jar, rose bowl, lead crystal fruit bowl, etc:- Two Boxes. 15-25
1010.   A Late XX Century Parian Style Wall Plaque, classic figural scene in gilt frame, 56.5cm wide. Oval wall mirror. (2). 20-30
1011.   Chuang Tzu, Barbara Hambly, Dennis Wheatley, other books:- Two Boxes. 30-50
1012.   Royal Doulton Earthflower Dinner - Coffee Service, etc:- One Box. 15-20
1013.   Railway Books - Locomotive Management, The Caledonian, Cambrian Railway, etc:- One Box. 20-30
1014.   Prints, ceramic plaques, brass lamp, records, decanter, etc:- One Box, jardiniere, vase. 15-20
1015.   Vaughan Wilkins, G.A Henty, John Buchan, Tom Bevan, other books:- One Box. 20-40
1016.   Pharmaceutical Society Certificate, two prints of a Nun, Moses viewing the Promised Land. 10-20
1017.   The Writers Map, Chin Ping Mei, G.A Henty, other books:- Two Boxes. 30-50
1018.   Gentleman's Adult Magazines, Mayfair, Playboy, Club Men Only, Penthouse calendar 2005, dvd's, etc:- Two Boxes. 40-60
1019.   A Collection of 150 LP's, 7" Singles and One Box of Shellac 78's, comprising mainly classical, easy listening and country and western titles from the 1950's, 60's and 70's. 20-40
1020.   Bus Books - Fleet Histories, yearbooks, etc:- Two Boxes. 20-30
1021.   Old Hall Tea Service (Stainless), Regal ware, vases, etc:- One Box. 15-20
1022.   Rolson Plane, other tools in carry box. 10-20
1023.   Railway Books - N.E Locomotive Sheds, Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway volumes 1 - 3, The Railway Barons, etc:- Two Boxes. 20-40
1024.   A Pair of Circa1970's Vintage Ceiling Lamps, with four etched peach glass side panels in brass frames to each lamp. 20-30
1025.   Capodimonte Figures (3), two resin dogs:- One Box 15-20
1026.   Vivitar and Fujifilm Cameras, game set, icing cones, postcards, leather camel, etc:- One Box 15-25
1027.   Bus Books - Sheffield Transport by C.C Hall Routemaster, Greenline Buses annuals, etc:- One Box 20-30
1028.   A Large Quantity of Car Manuals, to include mostly MG, Triumph, Austin, etc, some Haynes MGB workshop manual, etc. 20-40
1029.   Fishing - Mitchell, Smack, Daiwa, XIX Century mahogany and brass reels, accessories in wicker basket, Shakespeare and other rods, in bag. 15-30
1030.   An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Jardiniere Stand, with a tiled top, leather bag, watercolour, Judith Cooper watercolour interior scene, (3). 10-20
1031.   Earthenware Mixing Bowl, 43cm diameter, Japanese and other figures. 15-30
1032.   Sheepskin Jacket and pieces of Sheepskin, partly constructed patchwork quilt, leather handbag, jewellery box, 'Clevaline' silk dress:- Two Boxes plus two special occasion hats in hat boxes. (4) 10-20
1033.   Midwinter & Stafford Tea Ware, meat plate, glassware:- Two Boxes. 20-30
1034.   A Panasonic DVD Player plus Remove, (untested sold for parts only), books, plates, model ship, etc:- Two Boxes. 15-25
1035.   Books - Anthony Price, G.A Henty, Domby & Son, etc:- Two Boxes.
1036.   Handbags, evening bags, pair of table lamps, adjustable lamp:- One Box. 15-25
1037.   A Large Quantity of DVDs, including boxed sets, music, film, LP records, China, etc:- Three Boxes. 20-40
1038.   A Boxed Baby Expressions Doll, Amazing Ally, boxed, accessories, etc (unchecked). 20-40
1039.   Bus Books - Red Midland, The S.T.L's, Bus Monographs etc. Two Solido and one Joal boxed models:- One Box. 20-30
1040.   Doulton Pale Blue & Gilt Table Ware, of twenty pieces, copper warming pan. 15-25
1041.   Railway Books - Standard Steam Locomotives, volumes 1 - 5, Midland Railway Locomotives, etc:- One Box. 20-40
1042.   A Plated Tray, candlesticks, oak cutlery box, etc:- One Box. 15-30
1043.   A Plated Candlestick as a Lamp, glassware, ceramics:- One Box, records, print, oak cased clock. 15-30
1044.   Railway - The Stephenson Locomotive Society, Passenger Services Timetable, locomotives of The L.B & S.C.R etc:- Two Boxes. 20-40
1045.   The Beatles Book Edited by Johnny Dean, Holy Bible. The Koran 1877. Grimm's Fairy Tales, Mrs Beeton's. Barnsley Co-Op Coronation History 1903, other books:- One Box. 15-30
1046.   A Large Quantity of LP'S, including pop, classical, easy listening and many others from the 60's, 70's and 80's:- Two Boxes 20-40
1047.   A Boxed Appena Nati Doll by Furga. Ideal Newborn Baby Shivers, along with a quantity of loose plastic doll accessories. 30-40
1048.   Poole Dolphins, Imperial teaware, etc:- One Box 20-30
1049.   Five Leonardo Country Creature Figures, twelve Blythe Dogbodies, six Country Artists Cats, Novelty Clocks. 20-30
1050.   An Underwood Green Typewriter, in black leatherette case. Gabriele 25 example (2). 20-30
1051.   A Small Convex Art Deco Peach Glass Mirror, with central figure design. 50-70
1052.   A Quantity of Fishing Rods, fly fishing equipment, golf clubs. 20-30
1053.   Proteau, Garden Entrance with Distant House, signed and dated '43, 38 x 46cm, grey crate, wooden toy truck, tin plate monkey acrobat, chariot, fly whisk. 20-40
1054.   A Boxed Micro Machines Rally Race Track, with extra cars, boxed, Cararama MGB, other boxed diecast, etc. 15-25
1055.   Argyle China Burslem Fruit Decorated Dinner Ware, of approximately sixty eight pieces on yellow grounds, three similar storage jars. 20-40
1056.   Evening Bags, coffee set, fruit set, Majolica style basket:- One Box. 15-25
1057.   Teddy Bears - various Mid/Late XX Century bears, including Coronation Anniversary Bear 2003, colour box, plus toy, etc. (6). 30-50
1058.   Hornsea Green Coffee Service, of twenty two pieces. Poole table ware of nineteen pieces:- One Box. 20-30
1059.   Records - 45rpm's, in black carry case, LPs in box, varying genres. (2) 20-30
1060.   Annuals - to include 'Happy Days Annual 1979', 'Dan Dare Annual 1974', 'Giles' Cartoons etc. Merit remote control driving test:- One Box. 15-30
1061.   Doulton Minerva China Tableware, plated candelabra, Alabaster ware, glass, bead work, etc:- Two Boxes. 20-30
1062.   John Dickson Carr, Terry Pratchett, Raymond E Feist, other books:- Two Boxes. 30-50
1063.   Oriental Blue & White Tea Service, T. Goode & Co 'Mintons' decorative plates,Carlton ware globular vase etc:- One Box 40-60
1064.   Alfred Duggan, Latham, John Maddox Roberts, Algernon Blackwood, other books:- One Box. 20-30
1065.   A Cased 'Gamayes' Sewing Machine, in wood effect box; A Cased Olivetti Dora Typewriter, with various papers. 15-20
1066.   Kundo Anniversary Clocks, under domes, Acctim Quartz mantle clock, etc:- One Box. 20-40
1067.   Poole Pottery ectional Platter, six Babycham glasses, six sundae dishes and a small quantity of board games including Monopoly with card tokens:- One Box. 20-30
1068.   A Large Quantity of The Railway Magazine, 1937 and later:- Three Boxes. 30-50
1069.   Decanters, trays, tea ware, dvd's etc:- One Box. 10-15
1070.   A Large Collection of LP's with a few 78's, artists include Bee Gees, AC DC, John Lennon, ACDC, Bay City Rollers, Jean Michel Jarre, Queen, Eddie Cochran, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and many more. 20-40
1071.   Railway Archive Magazines, ABC, SLS Journal, other related publications:- Three Boxes. 20-40
1072.   Glass Ceiling Light, with floral decoration; table lamps, etc:- One Box 5-10
1073.   A Large Quantity of LP's, including classical, easy listening, country and pop titles from the 50's to the 80's:- Two Boxes 20-40
1074.   Jazz, Swing and Easy Listening LP's, including artists such as Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Erroll Garner, Tony Bennett, Brook Benton, Quincy Jones, Neil Diamond, etc:- Two Boxes 20-40
1075.   Titanic White Star Line Metal Wall Sign,40 x 30cm. MG & Monaco Grand Prix similar. (3). 20-30
1076.   Villeroy & Boch Plaques, pictures, plates, carver, African figure, etc:- One Box. 15-20
1077.   LP's and Box Sets, consisting of classical and soundtrack albums:- One Tray 5-10
1078.   Kingpin 'Myott' Dinnerware, pale blue eggshell design, approximately twenty eight pieces:- One Box. 15-30
1079.   Brierley, Stuart, Webb and other drinking glasses. 15-30
1080.   Approximately Fifty LP's, to include The Beatles - Beatles For Sale and A Hard Days Night, The Troggs - From Nowhere, and others by The Travelling Wilburys, Dave Clark Five, Four Tops, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Shadows, Buddy Holly and a selection of classical and easy listening titles. 20-40
1081.   1930's tea Service, plates, glassware, slippers, fire fret, kettle:- Two Boxes. 15-25
1082.   Thomas Taylor and Other Lawn Green Bowls, galvanized tub 57.5cm wide. 20-40
1083.   Rington's Tea Blue & White Plate, Thornes toffee tine, etc. Ordnance Survey Maps, plated tea service, Tallent musical box in the form of a organ:- Two Boxes. 5-10
1084.   Copeland Jug, other ceramics, glassware, etc:- One Box. 10-20
1085.   Decanter, water jug, drinking glasses:- One Box 15-20
1086.   Doulton, Wedgwood, Carlton and Other Plates Cutlery, Barometer, Glassware, Ceramics, Books, etc:- Three Boxes 15-20
1087.   Minolta Dynax 5 Camera, having 55mm lens, in case. Vocal Artist, VHF wireless microphones, Skytec speakers, Railway cds, records. 20-30
1088.   Bread Boards, copper bed warmers, cutlery, camera, etc:- One Box. 15-20
1089.   Harry Potter, 1000 piece jigsaw,Rucksack, Lego set, writing set, etc. 15-25
1090.   A XIX Century Overpainted White Glass Vase, Capodimonte figurines, plate:- One Tray. 15-30
1091.   BHS 'Valencia' Table Ware, Worcester 'Evesham':- One Box. 15-25
1092.   A Frosted Glass Cased Wall Clock, Jerna fish, figurines, etc:- One Tray. 15-30
1093.   Railway Books - Pullman in Europe, Reflections, The LSWR at Nine Elms, etc:- Two Boxes. 20-40
1094.   Eggshell China Tea Set, of approximately thirty six pieces Oriental artwork, etc. 10-30
1095.   XIX Century Celery Glass, rose bowl, horse, swan dish, scent bottle, etc:- One Box 15-20
1096.   Spode, Doulton, other plates, ceramics, etc:- Two Boxes. 15-25
1097.   A Large Maglite Torch, in black,50cm long, another smaller. Tom Tom satnav, Ordinance Survey maps, etc, contained in a wicker basket. 15-25
1098.   A Quantity of Micro Machines Sets, in the form of lorries:- One Box. 15-25
1099.   Resin & Metal Temptress Lady Figure, (damaged) 32cm high, Carlton apple sauce holder, cat door stop, Vodka jug, Trotters novelty tea port, etc:- One Tray. 10-15
1100.   Postal Scales, wall lights, I.A.M badge, carving steels, razor skillet, etc:- One Box. 20-30
1101.   7" Singles From the 1950's to 1980's, consisting mainly of pop titles, a Realistic Ten Band Graphic Equalizer and a Carlsbro Power Line 500 amplifier (both untested - sold for parts only). 20-40
1102.   Princes and Painters, John Buchan, Emma Lathen, Basil Ionides, other books:- Two Boxes. 30-50
1103.   Villeroy and Boch Pieces, including egg cups, trinket box, mini vase etc. Glass commemorative ware featuring Presidents, etc, and wicker type box. Costume Jewellery, to include other of pearl carved cross, brooches, earrings, necklaces. 10-20
1104.   A Large Collection of Novelty Pin Cushions and Other Sewing Accessories:- One Box 30-40
1105.   A Flute in Case, Art Nouveau style pin tray, Halcyon Days box, Wedgwood and other ceramics, etc:- One Box. 15.-30
1106.   Grimwades 'Ye Olde Inn" Delf ware mugs, etc:- One Tray. 5-10
1107.   Bulritt Percolator, Roger of Gurnsey coffee jug, chemists bottles, lamp, etc:- One Box. 15-30
1108.   George R R Martin, Anthony Price, P.D James, other books:- Two Boxes. 20-40
1109.   Fisher Price Tea Pot, Tomy and other toys, postcards, phq cards, trivet. 15-20
1110.   World Wide Copper/Brass Coinage, mid Victorian to present; World Wide Postage Stamps, in two shoe boxes. 15-25
1111.   Devon Perky Pup, Deco jug vase, Minsk vase, B.F.A Reynard, Ducal, Devon, Commemorative, etc:- One Tray. 10-15
1112.   Roddy Doll, carved hardwood walking cane, early XX Century ivory figure group (damaged), geometry set, etc:- One Box. 15-30
1113.   Spencer Stevenons & St Michael Melrose Table China, meat plate, three walking canes:- One Box. 15-25
1114.   Two Decanters, two plated baskets, Walker & Hall silver plated tea set. 20-30
1115.   Doulton 'Mendicant' (repaired), Spanish figurines, water jugs, Beswick, Micawber, etc:- One Tray. 15-30
1116.   A Contemporary Album 'Coins and Stamps of The World', appears well filled, along with a selection of coins. 20-40
1117.   Glassware - large glass vase, mostly moulded, decorative glassware, plated ware, etc. 15-30
1117A.  E. Russell & B. Russell, quantity of miniature watercolours, approximately twenty four, etc. 20-40
1118.   A XIX Century Style Ceiling Light, with C scroll decoration, pottery well, weight:- One Box. 15-20
1119.   Dinner Ware, to include 'Old Country Roses' Royal Doulton 'Madrigal', Sheraton Commemorative ware, etc:- One Box. 15-30
1120.   Dolls, Marshall Cavendish on The Road, cassette, walking stick, ceramics, glassware, place mats, lego, etc:-Three Boxes. 20-30
1121.   A.A Milne, House at Pooh Corner 1928 (poor), J.M Barrie, Peter Pan and Wendy illustrated by Mabel Lucie Attwell 1955, other children's books:- Two Boxes. 30-50
1122.   A Vintage 'Drawco' Trunk, with black straps, glass ceiling light, African drum etc, ceiling airier. (damaged). 20-30
1123.   A Large Quantity of Ordnance Survey Landranger Maps of Scotland, etc:- Three Boxes 20-40
1124.   Four Bags Trade Cards, silhouettes, two oil paintings. 15-30
1125.   the War Illustrated - 7 volumes, three tripods, shoe lasts, dressing table set, dolls, etc:- Two Boxes. 15-30
1126.   Reflecta Diameter AFM Slide Projector, with dual features, screen and slide boxes. 10-15
1127.   A Vintage 'Revelation' Suitcase, inside brass ware, plated ware. 15-20
1128.   Juvenalia * Cabbage Patch Kids', (boxed), Baby Born, other modern dolls, etc. 20-40
1129.   A Wash Jug, Austrian vase, pottery and China trinkets, Demijohn's. two Prado rugs, Goldschelder After Georges Omerth, plaster figure of boy with hands in waistcoat pockets, 40cm high (repaired):- Two Boxes 15-25
1130.   Ordnance Servey Maps of Peak District, Wales, North Penines, etc:- Three Boxes 20-40
1131.   A Very Large Collection of LP's and a Selection of Shellac Records, with titles from the 1960's onwards and genres such as classical, easy listening, country, jazz and pop. 20-40
1132.   Dolls, pictures, etc, held in a cradle, oval Chinese tasseled wool rug. 15-25
1133.   Vintage Christmas Baubles, approximately forty five in original boxes, Edwisan party lights. 40-60
1134.   Juvenalia - Contemporary Doll, dressed as a Sailor, seated on wicker chair, Gotz doll (boxed). Peter Rabbit Books, etc. 30-50
1135.   Yamaha PSR 275 Musical Keyboard and Stand, (untested sold for parts only). 20-40
1136.   A Quantity of Original Artwork, prints, etc:- One Box. 15-20
1137.   Lilliput Lane - 'County Living', 'Anne of Cleves' and 'Reflections of Jade', in green boxes and certificate. (3). 30-40
1138.   Royal Albert 'Lavender Rose' Table China, of approximately seventy one pieces. 80-120
1139.   Sylvac Terrier Ashtray, Mason's ginger jar, Wedgwood coffee ware, etc:- One Tray. 15-30
1140.   T.G Green Cornish Ware Lidded Jug, milk jug and other jug, all with green shield stamps. three Jars with Church backstamp - Raisins, Sago & Salt (damaged lids) (6). 40-60
1141.   Twelve Wedgwood 'The Waters Edge' Plates, Nine Christmas plates, plus one Aynsley. 15-25
1142.   Shelley China Tea Ware, in black and white, pattern No11434/6, approximately thirty four pieces. 20-30
1143.   Wade Nat West Pigs. (8). 20-30
1144.   Stuart, and other drinking glasses, decanter:- One Tray. 15-25
1145.   Grafton 'Jacobean' Table China, of approximately twenty seven pieces. 15-25
1146.   A Cut Glass Ships Decanter, with a Silver collar, and a Silver Port wine label, Royal Doulton cut glass decanter (boxed) and Royal Doulton wine glasses (boxed). 15-20
1147.   Two T.G Green 'Olive' Jugs, Mason's vase, Oriental vase, Plichta rabbits, etc:- One Tray. 20-30
1148.   Lilliput Lane - 'Blue Boar', 'Haberdashery', plus four others, in red boxes. (6). 20-40
1149.   Noritake 'Chateau' Imperial Baroque Tea Ware, of twenty two pieces. Worcester Louse, Coalport 'Veronica' and Penelope Ann. 15-20
1150.   Wooden Stamp Box, Doulton, 'The Christmas Robin', Cricket book end, Franklin Mint music box, etc:- One Tray. 15-30
1151.   An Anita Harris Model of a Giraffe and Baby, gold signed, 27cm high. 70-80
1152.   Lilliput Lane - Cley-Next-The-Sea', 'Claypotts Castle', 'St Patrick's Church', two others, all in white boxes. (5). 20-30
1153.   Royal Grafton Majestic Table China, in green and gilt, of approximately seventy seven pieces. 40-60
1154.   Melba Indian Tree Tea Ware, of approximately forty pieces:- One Tray. 15-20
1155.   Coalport 'Cassie' & H.M QEII 2012, stein, jigsaw, pig groups, etc:- One Tray. 20-30
1156.   Royal Doulton 'Bunnykins' Bowl, Mug, a pair of blue white willow pattern tureens, blue white plates, etc:- One Tray. 10-20
1157.   Mason's XIX Century Table Plates (11). 20-30
1158.   Lilliput Lane - 'The Star Inn', 'The Lion House' plus six others, in green boxes. (8). 20-30
1159.   Six Wade Nat West Pigs:- One Tray. 20-30
1160.   A XX Century Shelley 'Dainty' China Tea Service, cups with wavy hexagonal shape, thirty four pieces:- One Tray. 20-30
1161.   Two Staffordshire 'Pagoda' Lidded Jars, advertising jugs, Spode mug, stein, etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1162.   A Mid XX Century Delft Boch Ginger Jar & Lid, the lid with stylized animal, allover foliate decoration, along with a pair of Millefioiri style jugs, etc. 20-40
1163.   Booths Old Willow Part Dinner Service, thirty seven pieces (some damage). 20-30
1164.   Copeland Spode "Bermuda" Tea Set, to include tea pot, water jug, milk jug, sugar bowl, tea cup-saucer. XIX Century Royal Stafford part tea service:- One Tray. 10-15
1165.   Noritake Bowl, with twin gilt handles, Elizabethan tea ware, etc:- One Tray. 20-30
1166.   Burlington and Two Other Toby Jugs, four Doulton character jugs, of varying sizes. 20-30
1167.   Sadler, Elizabethan, and other ceramics:- One Tray. 15-25
1168.   XIX Century Staffordshire Pastille Burners, in the form of cottages, castle, roundhouse. (7). 30-50
1169.   Mason's Brown Velvet, John Sinclair, Ascot, etc:- One Tray. 20-40
1170.   Paperweights - various manufactures to include Cathiness, Malta, St Lambert, (15):- One Tray. 30-50
1171.   Five Military Figures, four modern greyhound ink stands, crested ware, etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1172.   Paragon 'Majestic' Tea Ware, of twenty one pieces. 15-30
1173.   XIX Century Staffordshire Pastille Burners, in the form of cottages, castle, round houses. (9). 30-50
1174.   Aynsley, Wedgwood and H.J Wood ceramics:- One Tray. 15-20
1175.   Doulton 'Brambly Hedge', six plates 20.5cm diameter, four plates 16cm diameter, sandwich plate, jug, bowl and vase, (all first quality), tea pot (second quality). 50-70
1176.   Edinburgh Whisky Decanter, Silvered Amethyst example, drinking glasses, oval tray, etc. 15-30
1177.   Burleigh Blue & White Coffee Ware. XVIII Century English tea cup and saucer. Piano baby, ashtrays, etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1178.   Paperweights - Millefiori, Caithness, other paperweights, (15) 30-50
1179.   Royal Crown Derby 'Derby Posies': four cups and saucers, sugar , cream and tea pot. 20-40
1180.   Wedgwood Blue Jasper Tray, with canted corners, 27cm wide. a pair of candlesticks, two lidded jars. 30-40
1181.   Halycyon Days; A Small Brass Oval Cased Clock, with handle, plus circular trinket boxes, all commissioned by the Desert Orchid Farriers Appeal Fund. (3). 40-60
1182.   Two Royal Dux Pottery Wall Ducks, numbered 8467, 31cm long, three smaller (one damaged). (5) 30-50
1183.   H.M & Co Pir of Blue & White 'China' Vases, 25cm high. Pearson's flagon. (3) 15-25
1184.   Paperweights - Hokitika, Caithness, with certificates,etc (13) 30-50
1185.   Halcyon Days, Alastor, Ayshford and Other Trinket Boxes, Kate Lloyd Jones musical example (13):- One Tray 20-40
1186.   Five Tuscan Plant Trinkets, Czech tea pot on stand. 20-30
1187.   Lladro Figure (with damage) plus three other Lladro lady figures. (4). 30-50
1188.   Hammersley Billings Cream Jug & Two Trios. Royal Stafford 'Old English Garden' tea ware:- One Tray. 20-30
1189.   Crown Ducal Ware 'Orange Tree', tea pot, cream jug, sugar bowl, etc (damages), early XX Century dressing table set:- One Tray. 15-20
1190.   Georgian Decanter, Mary Gregory example, lacking stopper, Mdina spill vase, Silver topped sugar castor, Whitefriars style jug. 20-30
1191.   Wedgwood Mirabell Six Piece Tea Service, including tea pot, cake plate, twenty three pieces:- One Tray. 25-40
1192.   Doulton 'Brambly Hedge' Spring Cups & Saucers, in boxes. Cunard QEII three piece tea service. 30-40
1193.   A Laura Ashley Three Tier Cake Stand, Worcester RHS comport and cutlery, National Gallery cake stand, all boxed. (3) 15-20
1194.   Czech Mid XX Century Glass Bird Vase, triform dish, etc:- One Tray 20-30
1195.   Imperial China Tea Service, of eighteen pieces, in yellow and gilt. 20-30
1196.   Royal Albert 'Poinsettia' Table China, of twenty two pieces, including teapot. 50-70
1197.   Doulton, Leonardo, Porceval Figurines, (11):- One Tray. 20-30
1198.   Aynsley, Booth octagonal jug, Worcester Millennium Sincliars mug, etc:- One Tray. 15-30
1199.   Kokura 'Toyotoki' Tea Ware, of twenty six pieces, early XX Century white tea ware:- One Tray. 20-30
1200.   Royal Albert 'For All Seasons Autumn Sunlight' table China of approximately seventy eight pieces. 40-60
1201.   Mdina Large Turquoise Glass Stoppered Bottle, 17cm high, smokey glassware, John Russell 'Black Velvet':- One Tray. 20-30
1202.   Six Alfretto Italian Military Figures. 15-25
1203.   F & Sons 'Milton' Teapot and Stand, Losol 'Shanghai', teapot and stand. 20-40
1204.   A Peggy Davies Erotic Figurine 'Phoebe', artists original colourway 1/1 by Victoria Bourne, 17cm high. 70-90
1205.   Anita Harris Halloween Minos Spooky Vase, gold signed, 20cm high. 40-60
1206.   A Peggy Davies Figurine 'Aspen Girl', artists original colourway 1/1 by Victoria Bourne, 25cm high. 70-80
1207.   An Anita Harris Large Model of 'Cleopatra' the Cat, in the hotcoals pattern with green eyes, gold signed, 39cm high. 80-90
1208.   A Pair of XX Century German Sitzendorf Figures, in classical dress, Doulton toby jug, Wedgwood Jasper trinket dish. (4) 20-40
1209.   Peggy Davies Figurine 'Marlene Dietrich', artists original colourway 1/1 by Victoria Bourne, 22cm high. 70-80
1210.   Lladro Silver Haired Lady, holding basket, 29cm high, Lladro Matt boy carrying suitcases (flower petal loss) and similar lady. (3). 40-60
1211.   Anita Harris Fairyland Lustre Purse Vase, gold signed, 12cm high. 40-50
1212.   Anita Harris Model of a Seated 'Scruffy Terrier Dog', gold signed, 16.5cm high. 30-40
1213.   Anita Harris Dragonfly, Reeds and Iris Lustre Dream Vase, gold signed, 12.5cm high. 30-40
1214.   Anita Harris Panda Volcano Vase, 22cm high. 80-90
1215.   Beswick Character Jugs, 'Sairey Gamp' and 'Micawber', Doulton 'Town Crier'. (3). 15-25
1216.   Royal Doulton, 'St George', 'Compleat Angler', and 'Guardsman' character jugs (3). 20-30
1217.   Royal Doulton Character Jugs, 'Apothecary', 'Falstaff' and 'The Falconer'. (3). 20-30
1218.   Lorna Bailey - Tom and Jerry The Cat, 13cm high. 20-30
1219.   Lorna Bailey - Tucker The Cat, 12cm high. 20-30
1220.   Lorna Bailey - Pikey The Cat, 13cm high. 20-30
1221.   Lorna Bailey - Muppet The Cat, 13cm high. 20-30
1222.   Lorna Bailey - Mephisto Devil Cat, 12.5cm high. 20-30
1223.   Costume Jewellery, Mortima and other watches. 15-30
1224.   Anita Harris Model of a Cockerel, gold signed, 14cm high. 30-40
1225.   Anita Harris Model of a Koala Bear, gold signed, 15.5cm high. 30-40
1226.   Anita Harris Model of an Afghan Hound, gold signed, 15.5cm high. 30-40
1227.   Doulton Figurine, 'Delight', 'Lesley', 'Sophie & 'Belle' and Old Charley character jug, Coalport Moonlit Rendezvous. 20-30
1228.   Anita Harris Black and White Figure of a Puffin, gold signed, 11.5cm high. 20-30
1229.   Anita Harris Candle Potteries Past Lidded Pot, gold signed, 11cm diameter. 30-40
1230.   Anita Harris Potteries Past Trojan Vase, gold signed, 10.5cm high. 30-40
1231.   Royal Doulton Character Jugs, 'The Fortune Teller', 'The Walrus and Carpenter' and Doulton figurine 'Patricia'. (3) 20-30
1232.   A Peggy Davies Erotic Figurine 'Temptress', artists original colourway 1/1 by Victoria Bourne, 27cm high. 120-140
1233.   Five Modern Brooches. 20-30
1234.   Lorna Bailey - Set of Three Wise Monkey Cats 'See No Evil', ' Hear No Evil' and 'Speak No Evil'. (3) 70-80
1235.   Five Modern Brooches. 20-30
1236.   Lorna Bailey - Tex The Cat, 13cm high. 20-30
1237.   Lorna Bailey - Dozer The Cat, 13cm high. 20-30
1238.   Lorna Bailey - Marvin The Cat, 10cm high. 20-30
1239.   Beswick Goldfinch (2), Whitethroat, Wren, Greenfinch, Grey Wagtail. (6). 30-40
1239A.  Beswick Beatrix Potter Figures, 'Cousin Ribby', 'Pigling Bland' and 'Foxy Whiskered Gentleman', gold backstamps. (3) 20-40
1240.   Lorna Bailey - Albert The Cat, 13cm high. 20-30
1241.   Lorna Bailey - Bengo The Dog, 12cm high. 20-30
1242.   Lorna Bailey - Shaggy The Cat, 13.5cm high. 20-30
1243.   Five Modern Brooches. 20-30
1244.   A Peggy Davies Erotic Figurine 'Lolita', artists original colourway 1/1 by Victoria Bourne, 20cm high. 80-90
1244A.  Beswick Beatrix Potter Figures, 'Squirrel Nutkin', 'Jemima Puddleduck' and 'Peter Rabbit', gold backstamps. (3) 20-40
1245.   Royal Doulton 'Mr Pickwick', 'Beethoven', 'Catherine of Aragon', character jugs. (3). 20-30
1246.   Lilliput Lane - 'Safe Harbour', in lilac box, twelve others mainly in cream boxes. (13). 20-40
1247.   Viners of Sheffield Canteen of Cutlery, approximately sixty four pieces. 20-40
1248.   Lilliput Lane - 'Cruck End', 'Christmas Party', 'St Stephens Church', 'The Pottery' and 'Kerry Lodge', each in mauve box. (5) 20-40
1249.   An Oak Cased Canteen of Vintage Cutlery, of approximately sixty pieces by 'B & J Sippel Ltd, Sheffield'. 20-30
1250.   Lilliput Lane - 'Great Expectations', Evergreens, 'Farthing Lodge', plus seven others in lilac boxes. (10). 20-40
1251.   Crowns 1896 & 1951, Isle of Man Crowns, other coins, cases noted. 20-30
1252.   The Sheffield Coin Collection, seven Crown size coins by Carrs of Sheffield, featuring City locations, in case. 20-30
1253.   An Early XIX Century Sheffield Plated Waterman's Badge, with the arms of the City of London and Watermans Company Numbered 5933 and stamped Free Waterman, At Command of our Superiors, 12cm. 200-300
1254.   George VI Malaya Medal to Pte G. Hardy, Green Howards, rifle medals, whistle, etc in tin. 20-30
1255.   Seven Five Pound Commemorative Coins, others. 20-40
1256.   A New Webley Air Pistol, senior model (boxed) 50-100
1257.   Pocket Knife, George Wostenholme 1XL, blade, AWL bottle opener, screwdriver, stag scales, n/s bolsters, brass liners, lanyard ring, 9cm closed, plus Taylors Eye Witness thee blade knife with tweezers and pick, horn scales brass linings, 10cm closed. (2) 30-50
1258.   Pocket Knives Sheffield Made, well used but functional, jigged scales, 9cm closed., (4) 30-40
1259.   Pocket Knife - Taylor's Eye Witness, two blade, tweezers and pick, horn scales 9cm closed, also Taylor's Eye Witness two blade, horn scales n/s bolsters, brass linings, 8cm closed. (2) 40-60
1260.   Pocket Knives - Richards two blade knife - John Watts Sheffield smokers knife - Joseph Rodgers two blade brass lined knife, farthing knife, one blade and boxed. (4) 20-30
1261.   A Silver Cased Half Hunter Packet Watch, Silver chain, Pain Bros fob watch. Exactime pocket watch, spoons, pen. 20-40
1262.   Wine Tap in Morocco Case, fruit knife, smokers implements, silver book mark. 20-40
1263.   WWI Victory Medal, to 99138 SJT J,W, MC Veitty R.A (loop attached). The Mutex stop watch (dial chip), three coins. 15-30
1264.   Lock Knife, stag scales, 11cm closed - multi blade/tool knife, three Solingen knives. (5). 20-40
1265.   Pocket Knife William Rodgers Three Blade, nickel silver bolsters, brass linings, 10cm long - C.H. Potter two blade, brass linings, 8.5cm long - Needham two blade knife, brass linings, 7.5cm closed. 60-80
1266.   Pocket Knife, one blade ivory scale, nickel silver bolster, brass linings, 10.5cm closed, two blade Sheffield knife, brass scales and work back, 7.5cm closed - Whitby Italy, one blade plus fork, S/P bolster 13.5cm closed. 40-80
1267.   Pocket Knives, Eye Witness two blade - Walker and Co souvenir to blade knife, James and Son one blade knife all 6.5cm - 9cm closed. 40-60
1268.   Stan Shaw (marks worn) Folding Bowie, ivory scales with scrimshaw by Peter Devine, N/S bolster and cross guard, push button locking. Work back to spring and back of blade, 30cm open, in brown fitted leather sheath. 700-900
1269.   Stan Shaw Two Blade Ivory Scale Quill Knife, nickel silver bolsters and brass linings, work back to springs and blades, 7.5cm closed. 400-600
1270.   An Early Rare XIX Century Sheffield Ploughmans Lunch Knife for cutting cheese, possibly marked Thomas Turner Sheffield, 8.5cm closed. 80-120
1271.   Pocket Knife and Three Fruit Knives, silver bladed and mother of pearl scales, 8cm - 6cm closed. (4). 20-30
1272.   Campaign Part Set, ivory scale knife and fork with silver spoon, knife stamped 'Asprey', nickel silver bolsters and brass linings, 12cm closed, in cardboard case. 80-120
1273.   Bowie Blades and Blanks, Nowill, Truelove etc, plus ivory handled knife by Thomas Turner, all approximately 30cm long, (7). 30-50
1274.   Rabone & Sons Spirit Level, and one other Rabone spirit level. Wright & Son Military pen knife. Eclipse (Sheffield) razor. Plastic concentric balls, ebonized elephant, pen knives:- One Tray. 20-40
1275.   A Late XIX Century Chinese Bone and Ivory Chess Set, with carved red stained and natural pieces, in original wood box. 100-150
1276.   A Canton Ivory Needle Case, carved with dragons, 12cm long, a pierced ivory card case, 8cm high. Six graduated ivory elephants, a bone handled nail file, etc. 20-30
1277.   A Novelty Chintz Backed Fruit Knife, agate pin box, agate ribbon threader, mother of pearl thread wax holder, carved shell pin cushion, miniature scissors, ivory and bone needlework accessories. 30-50
1278.   A Collection of XIX Century Ivory, Bone and Mother of Pearl Needlework Accessories, including thread holders, tape measure, darner, stiletto, thread waxer, etc. 40-60
1279.   A Collection of XIX Century Ivory and Bone Needlework Accessories, including thimbles, stitch unpicker, pin cushion, etc. 40-60
1280.   A Collection of Mainly Animal Related Vintage Pin Cushions, including boar, elephant, dogs, bears, donkeys:- One Tray 40-60
1281.   A Collection of Early XX Century and Later Decorative Scissors, including 'Stork' design, cased scissor and thimble set etc:- One Tray 30-40
1282.   An Ivory Tambour Hook, carved ivory pin cushion, turned wooden tape measure with ivory highlights, ivory pin cushions, brass crochet hook, ivorine needlecase with dog surmount, scissors, novelty thimble/needlecase, etc. 30-60
1283.   Black Forest Bear, holding a turned brass cylindrical case, Staffordshire Enamels 'Christmas Cracker' needle case, glass button hook and darners, beaded jockey cap and other pin cushions, faux tortoiseshell pin holder with applied foliate decoration, etc. 40-60
1284.   Novelty Brass Fishing Reel Tape Measure, other brass tape measures, ivory and beaded needle cases, needle holder, brass inkwell, etc:- One Tray 30-60
1285.   A Georgian Cut Steel Sewing Clamp and a Collection of other XIX Century Sewing Clamps in ivory, bone, bronzed metal, in various sizes. (6) 60-90
1286.   XIX Century Brass 'Badger' Pincushion, a brass hedgehog pin cushion, a white metal chick pin cushion and a chicken with worm tape measure. (4) 40-60
1287.   A XIX Century Mother of Pearl Inlaid Tortoiseshell Thimble Case, another with ivory banding and a tortoiseshell needle case with ivory sections. (3) 60-80
1288.   Five Late XIX Century Vegetable Ivory Tape Measures, each with ivory Stanhopes, two others with vacant Stanhope. (7) 50-80
1289.   A Hallmarked Silver Thimble and Scissors in a Mother of Pearl Fitted Case, marked "J.A. Henckels Solingen"; two mother of pearl thimble holders and a needlecase with fitted interior. (4) 40-60
1290.   XIX Century Tatting Shuttles, Chesterman's mother of pearl mounted tape measure, needlecases, beaded ivory thimble holder, etc:- One Tray 30-50
1291.   A Late XIX Century Carved Ivory Chicken Tape Measure Holder, 7cm wide. 50-70
1292.   A c.1880 Marine Ivory Sail Makers Needlecase, in the form of a fishing basket with carved sailors knot to top, 11cm long; a bone lucet and a further bone item. (3) 60-80
1293.   Late XIX Century Sewing Accessories; vegetable ivory tape measures, needlecase, XIX Century ivory and bone reel holders, pin cushions etc. 40-60
1294.   Four Late XIX Century Mauchline Ware Boxes, fitted for cotton reels, with ivory mounted thread dispensers to exterior. (4) 50-80
1295.   Pin Cushion Ladies, shell and other pin cushions, faux tortoiseshell and guilloche enamel needle cases and a collection of Dorcas and other thimbles:- One Tray 30-50
1296.   A Tunbridge Ware Sewing Accessory, acorn thread and thimble case, clamps, novelty needle holder as an umbrella, etc:- One Tray 40-60
1297.   A Large Collection of Late XIX Century Ivory and Bone Sewing Accessories, including crochet hooks, thread holders, ribbon threader, etc plus related postcards, leather sewing case and Encyclopedia of Needlework by T.H. de Dillmont:- One Tray 30-50
1298.   A Collection of Late XIX Century Bog Oak Sewing Accessories, mainly as pin cushions. 30-50
1299.   A Mid XIX Century Walnut Cased Sewing Box, with inlaid geometric bands, the interior with lift-out tray with compartments containing a variety of needlework accessories including spool holders, clamps, scissors, button hooks, thread winders in mainly ivory and mother of pearl, the bottom section with a variety of threads, pin boxes, etc. 150-250
1300.   A Collection of Novelty Pin Cushions, including shoes, 1953 Coronation and other crowns, swan, etc:- One Tray 20-30
1301.   A Vintage Folding Needlecase, with packets of needles under each ribbon and central thimble, two novelty J & P Coates 'One Mile Thread' bobbins (boxed), 'Dewhurst's pin cushion, Singer Sewing Machine oil, etc:- One Tray 40-80
1302.   A Small Oak Box, carved to the top with a rose and initialled 'P.M.', a pair of carved oak miniature boots, treen string holder, small oak boxes, horn handled shoe horn, etc. 20-40
1303.   A Collection of Vintage Needlework Accessories; needle/bodkin cases, pins in advertising tins, thimbles, etc:- One Tray 30-40
1304.   An Oak Sewing Box and Contents, including tape measures, vintage button hooks, needle cases etc. 30-40
1305.   A Collection of Vintage Novelty Tape Measures, including brass, heart shaped, advertising etc:- One Tray 30-40
1306.   Novelty Brass Pig Pincushions, others as shoes, chick, miniature glass hens on nests, 'Old Sixpence Bank' as a throne, imps, pewter enamel inlaid trinket boxes, etc:- One Tray 30-40
1307.   Waterford Cut Glass Decanter, together with one other cut glass decanter, plated bowl, plated sectional dish, paperweight:- One Tray. 15-20
1308.   Costume Jewellery, plated tea service, etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1309.   Scent Bottles, Arts & Crafts style dishes, coat hooks, etc:- One Tray. 20-30
1310.   Silver Hallmarked Ladle, London, plated cutlery, on an oval shaped engraved tray. 30-40
1311.   Blue Flask Glass Claret Jug, candlesticks, cutlery, coinage:- One Tray. Canteen of fish knives and forks. 20-30
1312.   Three Moulded Glass Claret Jugs, with plated lids (3). 10-20
1313.   Decanter, glassware, candlestick, ginger jar, Wedgwood napkin rings, etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1314.   Pocket Calculators, cruet set, Holmes stoneware flagon. 15-25
1315.   Mappin & Webb four Piece Plated Tea - Coffee Service, on a plated circular tray. 30-40
1316.   Costume Jewellery, K14 Opal pendant, cutlery, etc:- Two Boxes. 20-30
1317.   Two Silver Fluted Vases, plated cruet set, caster, water jug, etc:- One Tray. 20-30
1318.   Three Stuart Devlin Stainless Steel Beakers, with gold plated bases, pewter tankards and pair of candlesticks:- One Tray. 30-40
1319.   Alfred Koehn The Art of Japanese Flower Arrangement (Ikebana) with 226 illustrations (Asprey Binding), another similar by Beverley Nichols. (2) 30-40
1320.   Nihon to Koza Volume V, Shinshinto Kantei, translated by Harry Afu Watson, February 1993, personal notation 'Afu'. 50-100
1321.   Nihon to Koza, Volume VI Kodogu Part 1, translated by Harry Afu Watson, June 1994, personal notation 'Afu'. 50-100
1322.   Nihon to Koza Volume IX, Koto Kantei Part 3, translated by Harry Afu Watson, January 1994 ISBN 1-888612-04-5. 50-100
1323.   Nihon to Koza Volume IV Shinto Kantei, translated by Harry Afu Watson, February 1993, personal notation 'Afu'. 50-100
1324.   Nihon to Koza Volume III, Koto Kantei, Part 2, translated by Harry Afu Watson, October 1997 ISBN 1-888612-05-3, personal notation 'Afu' 50-100
1325.   Nihon to Koza, Volume II. Koto Part 1 translated by Harry Afu Watson. February 1996 ISBN 1-888612-03-7, personal notation 'AFU'. 50-100
1326.   XVII Century Jingdezehen Porcelain, from The Shanghai Museum and The Butler Collections, Beauty's Enchantment, book ISBN: 1-85759-417-7. 150-250
1327.   Jack Vance, 'Lyonesse Madouc' Deluxe limited edition of 600, signed presentation copy, in green slipcase. 80-120
1328.   Oriental - Books of Images and Hanzi, approximately sixty four pages 22 x 15cm, another orange covered approximately thirty six pages. (2). 40-80
1329.   Oriental - Soapstone figures, Cloisonne lidded jar, 6.5cm diameter. Lacquered box, mini tea pot and stand, etc:- One Tray. 30-50
1330.   AFTER KATSUSHIKA HOKUSAI (1769-1849), Two XX Century Japanese Prints/Photographic Reproductions, 'The Hollow of the Deep Sea Wave off Kanagawa, on the Tokaido' and 'Winter Loneliness in a Mountain Hamlet', 16.5 x 25cm. (2) 15-20
1331.   Oriental - Blue & White Ginger Jar, 20.5cm high, three Famille Rose plates and tea pot (chipped) 30-50
1332.   Mother of Pearl Inlaid Ebonized Panel, featuring vine and foliage, 29.5 x 46cm. Japanese painting on silk, birds amongst bamboo leaves, watercolour 34 x 29.5cm. (2) 20-30
1333.   Japanese Samurai & Swordsmithship Books, including Bottomley & Hopson, Warner & Draeger, Nagayamer, Yumoto. (6) 30-40
1334.   Meisho EDO Hyakkei 'Hiroshige', Taschen, Melanie Trede, With '30' slip. 20-30
1335.   Oriental Publications Relating to Porcelain & Ceramics, Rose Kerr, Oliver Imply, Allen's, Kai-Yin Lo, etc (6). 50-100
1336.   Hawley's Japanese Swordsmiths, Commemorative Centenary Edition, volumes 1 & 2 by W,M Hawley 1896 - 1996. A1-Nao 217 red ink signed P Hawley 12.15.98 & Nao 218-ZEN 9 in presentation box 200-400
1337.   Oriental Publications - Fidelity Investments 'The Dawn of The Floating world', 2002. Mumoyama, Penelope Mason, B. Hickman. (6) 30-50
1338.   Philip Lee Warner, Le Morte Darthur, with illustrations by William Russell Flint, two volumes, 1920 R. Clark Ltd, both signed with by W Russell Flint with personal notation. (2). 50-90
1339.   Indian School, Garden scenes with figures and lake, pair of watercolours 24 x 18cm. 20-30
1340.   Oriental Embroidery on Silk, exotic birds amongst Prunus Blossom 53.5 x 33cm. 20-30
1341.   Mattson Mora, Sweden, Medical Instrument, 28cm long, pill maker. 20-30
1342.   Two Piece Snooker Cue, with brass mounts and ball handle, to convert to a walking stick. 15-20
1343.   Jack Vance, 'Lyonesse The Green Pearl', Deluxe limited edition of 600 and signed by author, in grey slipcase. 50-80
1344.   Two XIX Century Brass Mounted Horns, one with pierced cruciform centre band, 33cm wide, the other having scrollwork to capped end. (2) 50-60
1345.   A Pair of Mid XX Century Sweet Jars, with labels for 'Brown Bros Confectionary 2oz 1D'. 20-30
1346.   Knight Gibbins, London Oak Cased Interior Servants Bell. 30-40
1347.   An early XX Century 'Radiostat' Health Therapy Cased Machine, with glass implements. 40-50
1348.   The War Illustrated - three various volumes, Military swagger stick, 15-25
1349.   A 1920's Oak Mantel Clock, with a silver dial, Arabic numerals, on a stepped base, 30cm high. 30-40
1350.   A 1920's William Crawford & Sons (Biscuits) Desk Top Blotter. 15-25
1351.   Ebco 1930's Collapsible Bakelite Book Stand, 50cm wide. 30-40
1352.   A Pair of WWI Decorated Shell Cases, featuring 'Ypres' and 'The Great War', 27cm high. a shallow pair (4) 20-30
1353.   Ediswane E Vilot High Frequency Massaging Apparatus. 10-20
1354.   A Late XIX Century Writing Slope, Morocco covered mahogany (damaged) and octagonal lacquered plant stand 26.5cm high. (2). 15-25
1355.   A 1920's Cased 'Overbeck's Rejuvenator', complete with lucite handled implements and original battery in lower compartment. 40-50
1356.   White's Sheffield District Directory 1901, The Library Dictionary. 15-30
1357.   A 1980's Rath Fiscal Globe. 20-40
1358.   Tonka Powerbase Dump Truck, (playworn), with a Tri-ang set No 3, along with a Revell 1:72 Hawker Hurricane etc:- One Box. 30-50
1359.   Michelin Man Metal Cased Wall Clock, 30.5cm diameter. 15-25
1360.   Odyssey Ebonized Four Sectional Clarinet, in case. 20-30
1361.   Dinky Toys - Austin Van, , Bristol 450, clockwork tinplate Duck, Corgi Vanwall, all playworn. Guy Venture stamp album, etc:- One Tray. 30-50
1362.   Glass Backed Wall Picture, featuring American magazine covers, 60cm sq, three small metal advertising signs, (4). 15-25
1363.   Atlas Eddie Stobart Fridge Trailer, Shell classic sport scars, Solido cars, etc. (11):- One Box. 20-30
1364.   Oriental - Circa late XX Century Dolls & Dolls furniture:- One Box. 15-20
1365.   A Matchbox Series No. 59 Ford Thames Van, advertising 'Singer' Sewing Machines; two Days Gone diecast vehicles advertising the same. (3) 20-30
1366.   Toys - Subuteo (Continental Display) Boxed Set, (unchecked), quantity of 1950's/60's diecast vehicles, etc. 30-50
1367.   Corgi Car Transporter. Meccano Jaguar Type D, Dinky Talbot Lago, puppets, etc:- One Box. 20-30
1368.   A Tray of Various Diecast Vehicles, to include boxed Corgi 51 trailer, Corgi 50 tractor, Dinky Triumph 1300, MG Midget, etc, (all playworn) 30-50
1369.   Two Boxed Vanguards Diecast 1:43rd Scale Vehicles, Britains Hayles 300C, other diecast vehicles, etc:- One Tray. 30-50
1370.   Violin Circa XIX Century, with one piece back (cleaned), together with bow, stamped GAMH between cross swords, with accessories in case. 20-40
1371.   Violin Two Sectional Back and Bow, in case plus book. 20-30
1372.   A Boxed Caldercraft Joffre, period scale model of a Tyne Tug, appears complete/unstarted. 15-25
1373.   Cameras - Minolta SLR Camera, (cased), with lenses, Hunter Bounce. etc another camera. 20-40
1373A.  A XIX Century Mahogany Writing Slope, with fitted interior, 41cm wide. 20-40
1374.   Signed Books - Robert Holdstock x 4, Robert Jordan, Seven Baxter x 2, Joe Abercrombie. (8). 50-100
1375.   Three Large Diameter Lenses, 12cm diameter, 11cm diameter and 13cm diameter, circa early XX Century; plus A Quantity of Large Glass Lenses, all between 12cm & 15cm diameter:- One Tray. 15-30
1377.   Schweppes Soda Syphon, lamps, two florins oak mantle clock, dominoes:- One Tray. 15-25
1378.   Photographs - Transport themed mainly trams, buses, Sheffield related, several postcards, timetables, slides, large quantity:- One Box. 50-100
1379.   Sydney Anglo The Material Arts of Renaissance Europe, The Dapuri Drawings - both signed. Spirit of Pan, Medieval Swordsmanship, Georgian Pistols, The Works of Mr Francis Rabelais illustrated by Heath Robinson, (6) 30-50
1380.   A Naive Glass Art Deco Piece, in the female form with aboriginal style decoration, 43cm long;Harris & Co of London Day or Night Brass Telescope, approximately 79cm extended, a Mauser Micrometre, in case, Forotast-Prufblatt meter, slide rule:- One Tray 20-40
1381.   H.P. Lovecraft Necronomicon ISBN 978 057508 1 567 Robert E Howard 'Conan', Le Morte Darthur - Sir Thomas Malory studio editions 1990. (3) 20-30
1382.   Bongo Drums, Bontempi Recorder, four harmonicas. 20-30
1383.   Postcards - North East, York, N. Yorks Coast, Shipdham, Sottish, etc, early photographic noted- One Box. 30-50
1384.   J.C Laudan, Arboretum Et, Fruiticetum Britanicum 1854, eight volumes, signed edition. 30-50
1385.   Thomas Johnes, Froissart's Chronicles 1839, two volumes. William Smith, Fleet Street, The Golden Ass Folio Society. 20-30
1386.   Postcards - South Yorkshire, Sheffield, Barnsley, Dam Flask, Rivlin, Wentworth Castle, Monsal Dale, etc, large quantity, early photogrtaphic noted:- One Box. 100-200
1387.   Folio Society 'Pax Britannica' by James Morris Trilogy Box Set. 20-40
1388.   A Boxed Stanley No 4 Plane, Record No 130 Plane, R.A.F books, etc. 30-40
1389.   Hardwood Wallpaper Block, tortoiseshell effect shaving set, Delft tiles, hurricane lamps, glass dome, etc:- One Tray. 20-30
1390.   Oriental Matt Teapot, (lid damage), needlework, cutlery, binoculars, etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1391.   Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler, translated by Jamed Murphy. 20-40
1392.   A XIX Century Harrison Brothers, Sheffield Horn Handled Carving Knife, horn handled carving set (cased):- One Tray. 15-20
1393.   Sir James Edward Smith, 'The English Flora' 1824 - 1828, four volumes. 80-120
1394.   A Circa 1930's/40's Boxed Chad Valley Bagatelle Game. 30-40
1395.    Ostrich Egg, on stand, wooden clapper, clamp, roller, pastry cutter, cosh. 20-30
1396.   J.C Loudon Cottage Farm and Villa Architecture 1833. J.J Stevenson House Architecture two volumes 1880. G. A Henty by Conduct & Courage 1905. (4). 30-50
1397.   Dagger with Hardwood Handle, (later scabbard), Tanto style knife, two others in single sheath. 30-50
1398.   T.C Lethbridge, The Legend of the Sons of God, A Fantasy? 1972 ISBN 07100-71590 0. John Buchan, The Free Fishers 1934. Ernest Bramah 'Kai Lung Unrolls His Mat'. 20-30
1399.   Fourteen Cut Throat Razors, including Finnigans Ltd, John Clark & sons, Caledon, in various named cases' A Joseph Rodgers & Sons seven day wooden case, hair clippers:- One Tray. 30-40
1400.   Postcards - Photographs of Russian Soldier's, enamel badge, postcards of Berlin, etc. XIX Century German doll, with porcelain head 31 II on the back of the head, etc:- One Box. 20-40
1401.   Signed Books - Jack Vance Lyonesse Suldrun's Garden, limited edition of 500. Robert Redik x 2. Patricia Finney, Brian Lumley, Anthony Price. (6) 50-70
1402.   A Brass Framed Freestanding Dressing Mirror, mother of peart button, fans, mascot compact, etc:- One Tray. 20-30
1403.   RAF Coasters, Metal Sign 30 x 40cm, Concorde mug, etc:-: One Tray. 15-25
1404.   Kodak Junior six 20 Camera, (boxed), Kodak Retinette 1A Camera, Jioca camera, etc. Olympus Superzoom camera, etc. 30-40
1405.   Christopher Alexander 'The Nature of Order' four volumes, ISBN 978-0-9726529-1-9 for book one 2002. (4) 80-120
1406.   Postcards - West Yorkshire, Wakefield, New Miller Dam, Normanton Thornes, etc, large quantity early photographic noted:- One Box. 50-100
1407.   Two XIX Century Metal Mounted Horns, each with floret and scrollwork to end bands, symmetrical work to cover, 38cm wide, hanging leather work present. (2) 50-60
1408.   Signed Books - Brian Lumley x 3, Anthony Price x 2, Barry Hughart, R.D Edwards, Peter Tremane, Tom Corcoran, Paula Gosling. (10). 50-100
1409.   Autographic Folding Camera, mother of pearl bible, walking stick handles, etc:- One Box 20-30
1410.   Freestanding Adjustable Magnifying Glass, nine hand magnifiers. 25-40
1411.   A Small Victorian Dome Topped Trunk, with brass handle, 30.5cm wide containing vintage dolls clothes. 30-40
1412.   L'Amour Bleu, translated by Michael Taylor, journal of homes, the Hindus, etc (5). 20-30
1413.   The Railway Observer 1934-44, many editions of the monthly magazine. 10-15
1414.   Mappin & Webb Asparagus Plate, berry spoons, other cutlery plated ware:- One Box. 20-30
1415.   Vintage Games and Toys - Monopoly board game with six metal markers, Waddington's Stak-A Stik, zoo puzzle, tins, Sooty Xylophone, etc:- One Box 15-25
1416.   After L.N Fowler, Two Phrenology Heads, 26.5cm high. 30-40
1417.   A West German Musical Jewel Box, in the form of a Cathedral, 14.5cm wide. 10-15
1418.   A Set of Four Early XX Century Apothecary Lidded Jars, with original labels. 20-30
1419.   Rowland Ward & Co of Piccadilly Brass Mounted Horses Hoof, as an inkwell, 'Tommy' to lid, 11cm high. 50-70
1420.   A Marble Style Bust of a Maiden, 21cm high., 30-60
1421.   Cold Painted Boars Head Inkwell, with rear pen holder, 16.5cm long 10.5cm high. 60-80
1422.   Auro Belcari Scultore. Italy 'Dear', on rectangular base, approximately 20cm high. 20-40
1423.   A Set of Three Graduated Pewter Moulds. 20-40
1424.   A XX Century Elliott London Mantle Clock, with a brass handle, silver dial, stepped base. 20-30
1425.   Three Early XX Century Herb Labelled Canisters, with pine bases and lids. 20-30
1426.   An Early XX Century Black Top Hat, (Lincoln Bennett & Co, Sackville St, London). 10-20
1427.   A Pottery Vase, with flower decoration, together with a XIX Century and later walking sticks. 30-50
1428.   A Black Silk top Hat by Tress & Co for Colver & Co Ltd, in (distressed) fitted leather case. 20-30
1429.   An Early XX Century 'Kenyons Patent Serilight Lens Lamp', with three dimpled red lens and original internal burner with brass plaque marked 'Alexander Kenyon Co Ltd Lamp Patent Makers, Victoria Bridge, Manchester'. 30-40
1430.   Avery White Enamel Shop Scales. 20-30
1431.   A Green Enamelled Bread Bin, Underwood typewriter. (2) 20-30
1432.   Snooker Cue Wall Stand, Circa 1920, in Cast Iron, gilded for six eyes, on oak plinth, 58.5cm wide. Dr Scholl's foot measure, copper percolator. (3). 30-40
1433.   A Factory Style Chrome Adjustable Desk Lamp. 15-20
1434.   White Enamel Shop Scales, (with inscriptions Co-Operative Wholesale Soc Ltd, Makers Birmingham). 20-30
1435.   A XIX Century Copper Tea Urn, (lid absent). Pair candelabra, brass ashtray, toast rack, Bentley style car mascot:- One Tray. 30-40
1436.   Brass Chess Set, Mahogany board, playing cards, etc. 20-30
1437.   A Large Mid XX Century Model of a Horn Sailing Boat; plus four other small horn spoons/ornaments. 40-50
1438.   Folio Society - Agatha Christie, Josephine Tey, Barbara Pym. 'The Life of Christ & Goldsmith Works, both Cassell, Petter & Galpin. Royal Mail Millennium Stamps 1999. 15-20
1439.   Cameras - Poloroid colour pack 80, Canon, Minolata, etc, Singer Sew handy sewing machine. 15-30
1440.   Bush Type TR82C Radio, Model BR 8400 radio cassette and Murphy RC220.(3) 15-25
1441.   Printing Blocks J.H Todd, Lincoln, together with painted green box with artists, tools, etc (2). 15-20
1442.   Erika and Remington Typewriters. 15-25
1443.   XIX Century Cast Iron Framed Circular Wall Mirror, decorated with cherubs and foliage with a gilded finish, 62cm high. 15-30
1444.   George Cunningham 'Coles Corner', limited edition colour print of 250, signed lower right, blind back stamp, 30 x 41.5cm. 20-30
1445.   George Cunningham 'Town Hall Square' limited edition colour print of 250, signed lower right, blind back stamp, 30 x 41.5cm. 20-30
1446.   Stephen Doig: Ian Botham, at full swing with the bat, original pastel drawing artwork, 26.5 x 21cm, signed lower right. 30-40
1447.   Peter Owen Jones, 'Passing Greeting', limited edition colour print of 500, signed P.O Jones, 27.5 x 42cm. The Days Labour Gone print. Brass plaque 58cm diameter, fire screen. (4) 20-30
1448.   Richard Taylor (Sheffield Artist), Calver, signed lower right, 19.5 x 21.5cm, Lambing scene print, oval. (2). 8-12
1449.   A XIX Century Oleograph of Gentleman 58.5 x 45.5cm, 'The Slide' a group of fish engravings. (3) 20-30
1450.   Harry E Crate (Devon Artist), The Harbour, Mars Hill, Lynmouth & Valley of The Rocks, Exmoor, pair watercolours, signed lower left, 24 x 33.5cm. 15-30
1451.   B J Russell, two still life watercolours, F. Gordon pair river scene watercolours. 15-20
1452.   An Eastern Town Scene, oil on canvas, 70 x 50cm; together with two further oils on canvas featuring country cottages plus a tobacco photo collage. (4) 15-25
1453.   'GW' English School, steep hill study, watercolour 22.5 xc 36cm, another of house study. 20-30
1454.   XIX Century School, Study of a Castle, pencil drawing, oval 11 x 16.5cm. 15-30
1455.   D.G Bishop, Lovers Walk Matlock Bath oil painting, signed lower left, 24 x 34.5cm another smaller. (2). 20-40
1456.   Richard Taylor (Sheffield Artist), County Cottages, watercolour, signed lower right, 17 x 23cm. Pam Taylor 'Gardenias & Violets', watercolour, pictorial tapestry, Bluebell Wood print. (4) 15-30
1457.   Derek Grunwell 2000, watercolour, of a river scene, with a steamship and galleons, signed bottom right, 31 x 51cm. 15-25
1458.   The Rambla, Barcelona, Black & White Watercolour, 34 x 26.5cm. 20-30
1459.   E. B Lait, Cookham On The Thames, watercolour signed lower left, 23 x 48cm, unsigned watercolour of Village Street, Welwyn. (2). 20-40
1460.   Arthur White, Haycart with Distant Church, watercolour, signed lower right, 25.5cm x 36cm. Phil Osment, Yachts at Sea, watercolour, signed lower left, 25 x 38.5cm.; )Nicholas St John Rosse 'Rebecca' Limited Edition Print of 850, signed 26.5 x 17cm. Jenny Holland signed print, two Liverpool engravings. (6) 15-25
1461.   M.E Walker, five watercolours, landscapes, etc. (5). 15-25
1462.   Robertin Peonies, oil on board, signed lower right, Horner Galleries label verso, 59.5 x 49cm. 20-40
1463.   George Cunningham 'Broomhill', limited edition colour print of 500, signed lower right, blind back stamp, 20 x 39cm. 15-30
1464.   J Alphege Brewer, Cathedral exterior etching, pencil signed, 50 x 29.5cm. Leonard Brewer and one other signed etchings. (3). 20-40
1465.   Tom Gower, Clipper Ship, oil on canvas, signed lower left, 44.5 x 59.5cm. John Coy (Worcester artist), going fishing, oil on board, signed lower left, 60 x 45cm, two other oils, two prints, (6). 15-30
1466.   After Thomas Gainsborough, 'The Young Cottager', Arthur B Brook Mezzotint engraving, pencil signed, 43.5 x 32cm. Renoir coloured print. (2). 15-25
1467.   Milnes, Galleons at Sea, oil on board, signed lower right, 60 x 91cm. 15-25
1468.   Rex Preston, Valley Scene, limited edition colour print of 500, pencil signed, blind back stamp, 40 x 81cm. another Carlton Lees, Chatsworth limited edition of 850. (2). 20-30
1469.   After H. Thompson R.A., 'Crossing the Brook', coloured engraving by L Busiere?, signed in pencil by the engraver lower right, 64.5 x 44cm; together with two Sir Henry Raiburen R.A. coloured prints engraved by Ellen Jowett. 10-20
1470.   M.E Walker, Robin Hoods Bay watercolour, 23 x 32.5cm, another signed and dated 1989 (2) 15-25
1471.   Continental School, Church Driveway, watercolour circa 1900 31 x 20.5cm, Harbour scene, pencil drawing, two others. (4). 20-30
1472.   After Rubens, Classical Crucifixion scene, sepia watercolour 18 x 13.5cm. 30-40
1473.   R. Stanley, 1920's Busy City Street Scene, oil on canvas, signed lower left, 50 x 60cm. 20-40
1474.   Harold Lawes, Watercolour (near Longbridge, Somerset), of a thatched cottage on a river, signed bottom left, 35 x 53.5cm. 40-60
1475.   Continental School, Panoramic Mountain Landscape, watercolour circa 1900 mainly in black & white, 25.5 x 43.5cm. Two Church interiors, another in pencil, etc. 20-40
1476.   Continental School, Panoramic City Scene Studies, pair of water colours circa 1900 mainly in black & white, 20.5 x 29cm. 20-40
1477.   P.Wilson,A XIX Century Shipping Scene, late XX Century oil on board, signed lower left, 19 x 24.5cm, another similar. (2). 20-40
1478.   Continental School, Market & Plaza Scenes, two watercolours circa 1900, mainly in black & white, the largest 28.5 x 23.5cm (2). 20-30
1479.   Attributed to H.F Collinson, Cattle watering with distant mountains, pair of watercolours 20.5 x 33cm. 15-30
1480.   Vincent Selby, Winter Country Cottage Scenes, pair of oils on board, signed, 19 x 27cm. 40-60
1481.   William Henry Earp (1831-1914), Tranquil Shipping Scenes, with rocks and figures in foreground and mountains in distance, pair of watercolours, signed lower right, 22 x 53cm. (2) 40-50
1482.   Venetian Scene XX Century Oil on Canvas, 28 x 20cm. picture of boy holding rabbit. (2) 30-50
1483.   W.McBroom, Yacht by Coastline watercolours, signed lower right, 16.5 x 25cm another similar, another of barrow by house. (3) 15-20
1484.   L. Watts, Berkshire & Sussex Scenes, pair of watercolours. 20-40
1485.   Vince Tutton (Cornish Artist), View from Casole D'Elsa, Tuscany, charcoal drawing, details verso, glass cracked, 21.5 x 50.5cm. 20-30
1486.   E, Russell, Three Harbour/Beached Boat Studies, watercolours, the widest 38cm (3). 15-25
1487.   A.E Fisher, XIX Century Study of Girl on a Swing, with boy by her side, doll on floor, watercolour 34.5 x 24.5cm. 60-100
1488.   G.M Avondale, 'Oddicombe', watercolour, signed lower left, 14.5 x 26.5cm. B. Groves, waterfall under bridge with distant village, watercolour signed lower right. W. Wray, tranquil yachting scenes, pair of watercolours, signed. (4). 30-40
1489.   George Cunningham, 'Lyceum Theatre', limited edition colour print of 850, pencil signed, blind backstamp, 30.5 x 42cm. Jack Vettriano print. (2). 20-40
1490.   C. Taylor, oil painting of two working horses, signed bottom left, 34 x 29cm, together with a Cunningham print of two Rhino's 28 x 29. 15-20
1491.   K Melling, 'Up To The Hills', colour print, signed, 31.5 x 58.5cm. Boutell-Lover, Still life of flowers, oil on board, signed lower right. Two P. Swift watercolours, print (5). 15-25
1492.   A Black Pained Vintage Ladies Bicycle. 30-50
1493.   B Fold 500 Folding Bike, and 'Hemingway Design' Road Runner. (2). 30-50
1494.   Chopper Style Bicycle, red painted. 40-60
1495.   A Pair of Large Gilt Picture Frames, 68 x 58cm; plus a later example. 40-50
1496.   A XIX Century Style Stained Mahogany Overmantle, 102cm wide. 15-20
1497.   A XIX Century Mahogany Wall Mirror, with half turned and block supports, bevelled glass, 40.5 x 75.5cm. 30-40
1498.   A Mid XX Century Art Deco Sixteen Pane Mirror, 92cm high, 81cm wide, with arched top. 30-40
1499.   XVIII Century Style Mahogany Bird Mirror, with pierced and fretwork decoration. 15-20
1500.   A Brown Painted Rectangular Wall Mirror, together with one other rectangular mirror. 10-20
1501.   A Circular Peach Glass Art Deco Mirror, with leaf and grape design, 45cm diameter. 40-60
1502.   A 1930's Art Deco Era Wall Mirror, with four green glass outer pieces. 50-70
1503.   An Art Deco Mirror, with four peach glass outer panels and inner decorative feature, 46cm wide. 50-70
1504.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Bow Fronted Chest of Drawers, the top with a low back, crossbanded top, four drawers, reeded sides on bracket feet, 76cm wide (veneer loss to the top). 50-100
1505.   An Oak Carved Wall Barometer, with thermometer to neck (some damage) 91cm high. 15-25
1506.   A Late XVIII Century Inlaid Bow Fronted Corner Cupboard, with three internal shelves. 20-40
1507.   An Early XX Century Ash Clerks Chair, with a shaped top tail, upholstered seat, tapering legs, united by stretchers. 25-35
1508.   A XIX Century Mahogany Ladies Nursing Chair, with turned legs, re-upholstered in a black button back leather. 50-70
1509.   A XIX Century Mahogany Gent's Easy Nursing Chair, with scroll hand rests, re-upholstered in a black button black leather. 50-70
1510.   A XIX Century Mahogany Chaise Longue, with high carved back, re-uphostered in a black button back leather. 60-90
1511.   A Contemporary Dark Brown Leather Two Seater Sofa, on turned feet, 30-40
1512.   A Bamboo Plant Table, with 'Vivien' tile inset to top 46.5cm high, single chair (2). 15-30
1513.   An Early XIX Century Mahogany Banjo Barometer, with swan neck pediment, shell inlay, thermometer and brass dial. 30-40
1514.   An Egg Style Swivel Chair, on chromed base. 20-40
1515.   Murphy 146 Vintage Walnut Cased Floor Standing Radio. 30-40
1516.   Composite Stone Garden Urn, the rim with egg dart decoration, on a plinth base, 90cm high. 50-80
1517.   Comitti of London, XX Century Mahogany inlaid wall clock, with a swan neck pediment, white dial, Arabic numbers. 30-50
1518.   A XX Century Small Walnut Serpentine Chest of Drawers, with four small drawers, on cabriole legs, together with an oak bedside cabinet. (2). 20-30
1519.   A XIX Century Ebonised Armchair, re upholstered in a maroon floral fabric. 15-30
1520.   A Stainless Kitchen Trolley, with a chopping board, single drawer, under under shelf. 20-40
1521.   Leeway Vintage Rocking Horse Painted in a Dapple White, swing connectors absent, the base 90.5cm long. 10-20
1522.   A XX Century Standard Lamp, with reeded column on circular base; together with a mahogany fire screen. (2) 10-20
1523.   A Late XIX Century Butter Churn, type C size 3 cast iron bound, on pitch pine stand. 50-70
1524.   Two Bar Tables, with circular tops, on quartrefoil bases. 15-20
1525.   A Wicker Moses Basket and Child's Chair, white painted child's chair (3). 20-30
1526.   Four Pine Folding Clothes Airers. 10-20
1527.   A London Clock Co, Westminster Chime Quartz Wall Clock. 10-20
1528.   A Black Painted Metal Trunk, labelled, 92cm wide. 20-30
1529.   ****WITHDRAWN*****
A Bronze Coloured Cast Metal Floor Standing Candle Stand. 20-40
1530.   A Contemporary Green Upholstered Sofa Bed. 20-30
1531.   Fans, Buttons, etc in Morco needlework table. 15-25
1532.   A XIX Century White Painted Chest of Drawers, with six small drawers, brass handles. 40-60
1533.   A Bamboo Magazine Rack, mahogany telephone table. (2). 15-25
1534.   A XIX Century Kitchen Table, with a pine top, single drawer, painted, tapering supports 105cm wide. 20-30
1535.   A Jacques Croquet Set, boxed with sticks, hoops, etc. 60-90
1536.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Bow Fronted Dressing Table, with central and side mirrors, central drawer,flanking drawers on tapering legs and spade feet. 20-40
1537.   A XIX Century Ash Pedestal Table, together with a painted jardiniere stand. 15-20
1538.   A Contemporary Beech Sideboard, two doors flanking two drawers and central door. 30-40
1539.   A Contemporary Metal Table Lamp, along with another, (untested sold for parts only). 15-25
1540.   A XIX Century Ash-Elm Boston Stool, on turned supports, united by 'X' stretcher.
1541.   An Early XX Century Walnut Dressing Table, with a central drawer, jewel drawers, two top drawers over twin pedestals, with three drawers, plinth bases, 122cm wide. 50-80
1542.   Two Jones Hand Sewing Machines. 20-40
1543.   An Early XX Century Oak Dressing Table, with central mirror, turned supports and shaped shelves, the base with two small and three long drawers. 25-40
1544.   A XIX Century Ash-Elm Boston Stool, on turned supports, united by 'X' stretcher. 30-40
1545.   A Pair of Modern Ercol Light Wood Bedside Tables. (2) 40-80
1546.   A Modern Ercol Light Wood Double Bed Base. 20-30
1547.   A 1920's Mahogany Bureau Bookcase, top with glazed astragel doors, bureau with a fall front, fitted interior, three long drawers on cabriole legs, claw and ball feet, 97.5cm wide. 20-30
1548.   A Maroon Leather Gaming Couch, approximately 175cm long x 80cm wide. 20-40
1549.   An XVIII Oak-Elm Pedestal Table, with a circular top, small drawer to underneath, turned pedestal, on cabriole legs. 30-40
1550.   A Large Oak Refectory Table, with rectangular top, on heavy cup and cover carved supports, 240 cm wide; A Set of Eight Matching Chairs, two carver and six single, with shaped top rails, upholstered backs and seats, on turned and block supports. (9) 30-50
1551.   Dunelm Standard Lamp. 15-20
1552.   An XVIII Century Joined Oak Gateleg Table, with single drawer on turned and block supports. 20-40
1553.   A Set of Six Mid XIX Century Walnut Salon Chairs, with pierced central splats, upholstered seats on turned forefront legs. 50-100
1554.   A Vintage Brexton Picnic Hamper. 10-20
1555.   Two Bar Stools, and a standard lamp. (3) 15-25
1556.   An Early XX Century Oak Continental Table, with draw leaves, painted cabriole legs, scroll feet 196cm overall. 30-40
1557.   A Set of Four Silver Painted Chairs, with ladder back rails, drop in seats, on cabriole legs. (4). 10-20
1558.   A White & Chromed Four Drawer Chest, with glass top, 50cm wide, glass coffee table, two leather storage boxes. (4). 20-30
1559.   Eyecom 2000 Microfiche Reader, plus slides of Chesterfield, Stafford etc. Jones sewing machine. (2). 20-30
1560.   An Indian Hardwood Folding Coffee Table, of square form, heavily carved with leaves and berries, 49cm high x 45cm wide. 40-60
1561.   A 1930's Beech Nursing Armchair, with bergeres back. 15-25
1562.   A XX Century Ash Stool, with carved top on turned and block supports; together with a mahogany circular stool with upholstered top on cabriole legs. (2) 25-40
1563.   A Pair of Carved Hardwood Dining Chairs in The Chippendale Style. 15-25
1564.   A Black Leather Two Seater Settee, 146cm wide. 20-40
1565.   A Natuzzi Brown Leather Settee, approximately 228cm long. 50-80
1566.   An Ikea Easy Chair. 15-25
1567.   A Stylish Glass and Chrome Dining Suite, comprising table, small chest, and four chairs, the chairs upholsted in white faux leather. 30-50
1568.   A Melissa Kay Brown Fabric Ottoman, on cabriole legs. 15-25
1569.   A 1920's Walnut Bureau, with domed top, fitted interior, over two drawers on cabriole legs, having carved knees, 82cm wide. 30-50
1570.   An Early XX Century Music Cabinet, with threequarter gallery, five drawers, two open shelves, 50cm. 25-40
1571.   A XX Century Mahogany Bow Fronted Sideboard, with central drawer flanking cupboard doors on tapering legs with spade feet, 136cm wide. 15-20
1572.   A XIX Century Black Slate Mantle Clock, with an enamel dial, Arabic numbers, rouge marble column supports, plinth base, with American movement (Ansonia Clock Co, New York). 20-40
1573.   A XIX Century Mahogany Dressing Table, with a central mirror, shaped supports, jewel drawers, central drawer on forefront, cabriole legs with undershelf. 120cm wide. 50-80
1574.   A Late XIX Century Walnut Cabinet, with a low back, two small drawers over twin panelled doors, with C scroll decoration on plinth base. 30-40
1575.   A Pair of Chinese Style Barrel Shaped Pottery Garden Seats, decorated with figures and foliage decoration, 42cm 40-60
1576.   Early XX Century Mahogany Dressing Table, with central mirror and tapering supports, the base with two short and one long drawer on chamfered supports. 15-20
1577.   Set of Five XIX Century Walnut (Stained Mahogany) Balloon Back Chairs, with upholstered seats on cabriole legs. 30-50
1578.   Freestanding Wooden Bookshelves, 123cm wide. 15-25
1579.   A Mahogany TV Stand, with lift up compartment of single drawer. 69.5cm wide, 15-20
1580.   A 1920's Oak Gate Leg Table, on barley twist supports, united by stretchers. 15-25
1581.   An Early XX Century Rosewood Plan/Design Artists Freestanding Folding Rack, 83cm wide. 50-70
1582.   A XX Century Red Leather Swivel Office Chair, with button back and stud decoration, on quarter foil base. 60-100
1583.   A XIX Century Oak Occasional Table, with a rectangular top, moulded edge, on reeded supports, under shelf,on scroll supports, 72cms. 30-50
1584.   A XX Century Mahogany Stool, with drop-in seat, carved cabriole legs on claw and ball feet. 20-40
1585.   A XX Century Red Leather Swivel Office Chair, with button back, stud decoration, on a quarter foil base. 60-100
1586.   Three Vintage Swiss Flat Steel Chairs, with label S.E.M Girsberger. 50-80
1587.   A Pectagonal Chiffonier/Display Cabinet, with glass shelves, another smaller. 30-50
1587A.  Three Circular Wooden Pub/Cafe Tables. (3) 20-40
1588.   A Pair of XVIII Century Style Mahogany Chairs; together with three further chairs. (5) 10-20
1589.   A Large Red Ground Wool Carpet, with floral pattern design. 30-50
1590.   An Early XX Century Walnut Breakfronted Display Cabinet, with glazed doors, on a plinth base. 80-120
1591.   A XX Century Mahogany Wall Clock, with a silver dial, Arabic numbers, glazed leaded door. 15-20
1592.   Five Circa 1930's Oak Slat Back Dining Chairs, with matching carver. (6). 10-15
1593.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Piano Stool, with a upholsted top, drop front drawer, on tapering legs, together with book shelves. (2). 10-20
1594.   A Set of Four XIX Century Mahogany Dining Chairs, having spindle bar backs and turned legs. 30-50
1595.   Lloyd Loom Corner Laundry Basket; together with a mahogany dinner trolley with single drawer. (2) 20-30
1596.   A Tan Leather Wing Back Armchair, on cabriole legs. 40-60
1597.   A Late XIX Century Walnut Pot Cupboard, with satinwood inlay, canted corners (back absent), 51.5cm wide. 20-40
1598.   An Early XIX Century Oak Chest of Drawers, with two small drawers, three long drawers, on bracket feet, 102.5cm wide. 80-100
1599.   A Pair of Contemporary Glass Table Lamps, (untested sold for parts only). 20-40
1600.   A XIX Century Mahogany Bow Fronted Side Table, with central drawer, flanking drawers on tapering supports, 84cm wide. 30-50
1601.   1970's Ash Dresser, rack with two shelves, base with three top drawers, cupboard door folding door, on castors, 120cm wide. 40-60
1602.   A Rustic Painted Pine Bench, with a three-quarter back, solid seat, long drawer, on square supports 168cm wide, 60-100
1603.   A XIX Century Oak Hall Chair, with an arched back, applied shield, solid seat on turned forefront legs, together with an oak fire screen. 15-25
1604.   An Oak Nest of Tables, with shaped trestle supports; together with a folding bedside reading slope. 10-20
1605.   A XX Century Bentwood Coat/Hat Stand. 20-30
1606.   A XX Century Mahogany Two Door Wardrobe, pediment with knulled decoration, panelled doors, on bracket feet, 157cm wide. 15-20
1607.   A XX Century Bentwood Coat/Hat Stand. 20-30
1608.   1930's Oak Longcase Clock, with chrome numerals to silvered dial, astragal glazed door, 190cm high. 40-60
1609.   An Early XX Century Oak Single Door Wardrobe, with a domed pediment, mirror door, bearing label for "J. Walsh, Sheffield"; together with an oak bedroom chair. (2) 15-20
1610.   A XIX Century Mahogany Armchair, with shaped arms, on turned forefront legs. 20-40
1611.   XX Century Mahogany Oval Cheval Mirror, on square supports, with finial tops on cabriole legs, 155cm high. 30-50
1612.   An Early XX Century Walnut Four Fold Screen, in a striped material. 20-30
1613.   A Mid XIX Century Inlaid Walnut Table, with a moulded edge, quarter veneered inlaid top, on four turned supports, on swept legs. 40-60
1614.   An XVIII Century Oak Bureau, with fall front, fitted interior over four long drawers on bracket feet, 102cm wide. 40-80
1615.   A XIX Century Dressing Table Mirror, with an oval mirror, turned supports, with a hinged compartment on bun feet. 20-30
1616.   An Early XX Century Oak Eight Day Musical Longcase Clock, with a Silver dial, Arabic numbers, glazed door, with lozenge panel, stepped base. 30-50