Stamps Auction
on Thursday 3rd February 2022

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401.    A Carton Containing a Collection of G.B, Commonwealth and World Stamps, mint and used in seven albums. Includes Canada used Queen Victoria to 1960's, G.B mint Decimal presentation packs with face value of over 25. 30-50
402.    A Carton of GB Stamps, mainly pre decimal QE2 and used EVII to GVI plus GB FDC's and a sixteen page stock book of Commonwealth stamps, thousands to sort. 30-40
403.    Thirteen Stamp Albums and Stockbooks, of G.B Commonwealth and World Mixed Stamps, mainly modern, but some 1950's G.B material and containing thematic interest. 60-90
404.    A Collection of G.B FDC's From 1957 Onwards, and a small collection of Decimal presentation packs with a face value of over 42. 35-50
405.    An Accumulation of World Stamps in Three Junior Albums, and on Loose Pages, also includes a selection of GB and World FDC's and various covers in two albums and some loose. 30-40
406.    Cinderella Stamps, in seven stock books, including revenues, forgeries, propaganda etc, around 7000 stamps some adhesion in places. 100-150
407.    A Carton Containing a Thematic Stamp Collection of Harry Potter. A collection of covers of European Cup 2004, GB used wildings and machins. A variety FDC's from Commonwealth and Europe. 30-40
408.    Six Stock Bookds Containing GB, Commonwealth and World Wide Stamps, including a selection of China, and fresh U/M set of QE2 K.U.T to 20/- noted. 30-50
409.    Over 260 GB FDC's From 1978 to 1997, plus a small quantity of Worldwide stamps in two 'Photo' albums and a few presentation packs. 30-40
410.    An Accumulation of Mint and Used World Stamps, in twelve albums. 60-80
411.    A Box Containing Mint GB Commemorative's with a Value of 35, a collection of postcards and cigarette cards, covers and a Stanley Gibbons 1960 simplified catalogue. 20-30
412.    An Extensive Collection of Scandinavia (Iceland/Denmark/Norway and Sweden), in stockbooks and hinge less albums, early to modern, five early Denmark imperfs, close inspection recommended. 35-50
413.    A Carton Containing a Collection of G.B and World Stamps, in packets including mint G.B Decimal stamps, a large bag of kiloware and a 1968 S.G simplified catalogue. 20-40
414.    A Box Containing Fifteen Stamp Albums and Stockbooks, of G.B Commonwealth and World Mixed mint and used stamps, mainly modern. 70-100
415.    A Carton Containing An Accumulation of G.B Mint Decimal Stamps, FDC's, postcards, cigarette cards, etc, plus a number of philatelic accessories and a modern brass top of a walking cane, also includes a thematic stamp collection on the topic of cats and railways. 25-35
416.    A Small Box Containing a Mixed Lot of Stamps, from Queen Victoria onwards, postcards and G.B FDC's mainly 1970's and 80's. 20-30
417.    Nineteen Album/Stockbooks, housing World Stamps, mint and used, from early's in a Lincoln album, to modern, includes miniature sheets, thematic interest, many thousands. 80-100
418.    A Collection of GB PHQ Cards, in four albums and loose pages, mainly 1980's and 1990's mostly franked with corresponding adhesive. A few hundred cards in very good condition. 20-30
419.    Fourteen Albums/Stockbooks of Stamps, mint and used from Queen Victoria (sparce) onwards, includes G.B, Commonwealth and used, many thousands, including miniature sheets, thematics, etc. 60-100
420.    Over 380 QEII Decimal and Pre-Decimal FDC's, plus a few Foreign in six R.M FDC albums and R.M Millennium collection album, noted 10 Britannia FDC, plus a number of mint decimal G.B stamps. 40-60
421.    A Collection of G.B FDC's From Coronation 1953, early 2000's, with values to 10 (Britannia) around three hundred items. 30-40
422.    G.B Over Three Hundred Items in Six Albums, including FDC'S, mint presentation packs and stamps. Plus a few PHQ Cards, FDC's duplication 1979-1990's, but include Benhams and local interest post marks (Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, etc). Plus two empty folders of FDC's sheets. 80-100
423.    A Mixed Lot of G.B Stamps, with mint decimal value of over 45. Plus a Junior World album of stamps. Stamps in boxes and over one hundred and fifty G.B FDC's. 50-80
424.    A G.B Collection of FDC's From 1960 to 1900's, around four hundred items, slight duplication. 40-60
425.    A G.B Collection of Decimal Presentation Packs, with a face value of over 150. 70-90
426.    A Collection of World Wide Stamps, housed in two albums, plus some loose stamps, and a SG Simplified 1967 catalogue. 20-30
427.    A Large Box of Albums/Stockbooks, some empty, containing a collection of World stamps. 40-60
428.    An Accumulation of Stamps in Junior Albums and Loose, mainly used, large quantity. 25-40
429.    A G.B and World Accumulation of Mint and Mainly Used Stamps, from QV onwards to QEII, includes Penny Red plates on and off cover, QV entires, in three small boxes and a biscuit tin, thousands to sort. 30-50
430.    A Large Accumulation of FDC's and Postal History, mainly from 1960's to early 2000's, includes Regionals, Definitives, Commens, high Values and interesting Field Post Cancellations and KGVI UPU FDC, over four hundred items. 40-60
431.    A Large Carton of Stamps, mint and used from KGV Photogravure used, re-engraved Seahorses, fine used 2/6d and 10/-. Then mint and used KGVI onwards, all on album pages. 30-40
432.    Over 200 Mainly Decimal GB QEII FDS's, well presented in RM binders, and some loose. 10 Britannia FDC noted, in addition over 50 of mint GB decimal stamps housed in hinge less mounts in RM Millennium binder. 30-50
433.    A Large Box of Stamps, in albums and in envelopes, includes G.B Decimal mint stamps, with good face value. 20-40
434.    Four Binders Containing Over 160 G.B Decimal FDC's, plus a stockbook of Isle of Man stamps. 30-40
435.    A Large Collection of Worldwide Stamps (Including G.B and Commonwealth), in five lever arch files, binder and sheets, good Australian selection including two 'Robes' set of 1, 1935 GV Silver Jubilee set, 1948 'Arms' set, 1964 Decimal set. 50-70
436.    A Collection of One Hundred and Thirty G.B Decimal FDC's, housed in two albums. Plus S.G S.O.T.W catalogue 1976 and S.G 2009 G.B Catalogue. 30-40
437.    An Accumulation of Westminster Albums, Commemorating WWII and Royal Events, many hundreds of items. 40-80
438.    Five Albums of PHQ Cards From 1980's Onwards, over 530 cards unused plus a selection of postal museum cards. 30-40
439.    Seven Stockbooks and an Album, including British Commonwealth stamps, Sweden, Indo China, Cinderella material including poster, propaganda and forgeries (3000+) some adhesion in places. 60-80
440.    An Accumulation of G.B, Isle of Man, Channel Islands FDC's, in three albums, plus some loose, over three hundred FDC's in total, mainly Decimal, but include a small amount of Pre Decimal. also includes two albums of PHQ's some franked. 30-40
441.    An Accumulation of Worldwide Stamps, (mainly modern), loose in envelopes and packets. Also includes a selection of covers (including FDC's) and two QEII Silver Jubilee albums, one empty and/partially complete. 25-35
442.    An Accumulation of Over Eighty Mainly Decimal GB FDC's, most in original RM wrapper, plus an Albion spring back album containing Worldwide stamps. 25-40
443.    A Large Carton of Empty Stockbooks, including SG sixty four page Collecta albums,etc, seventeen items. 20-30
444.    Six Albums Containing Post Office/Postal Workers Theme Related Blank Postcards, over 460 in total. 30-40
445.    An Accumulation of Over Three Hundred and Forty Cover, (mostly FDC's) in five albums and some loose, includes some G.B and Commonwealth. 25-35
446.    An Accumulation Worldwide Stamps, early to modern, loose In packets and stockbooks. 20-30
447.    A Box of GB and World Stamps, in tins albums and packets, plus a selection of GB FDC's. 20-30
448.    A Collection of Channel Island and Isle of Man Stamps and Presentation Packs, in binders on stock sheets, includes Guernsey, Jersey mint and fine used, good variety and high catalogue, many hundreds. 15-25
449.    A Large Collection of Worldwide Stamps, mainly modern, housed in a mixture of stockbooks and albums (eight in total) and some loose, includes a good selection of modern G.B (mainly used) four mint G.B. Presentation Packs noted. 30-40
450.    A Carton of G.B Stamps and FDC's, including Decimal Presentation Packs, with a face value of over 36. QEII graphite line Wildings and pre-decimal Commens, including large blocks, 1940 Centenary FDC, etc. Plus a small selection of Queen Victoria covers. 25-40
451.    GB - A Box of Mainly Used GB Stamps From QV Line Engraved Onwards, in four stockbooks, plus a album of PHQ cards, some nice examples, many hundreds. 30-50
452.    Two Stockbooks of G.B Used Stamps, duplication 1936-69 and 1990's onwards. 20-40
453.    A Carton of World Stamps, on stock sheets, in stockbooks and in a large plastic bag. Many thousands to sort, includes 1987 Yearbook with stamps. 20-40
454.    An Accumulation of Mainly Used GB Stamps from GV Onwards, in folders and a small box, plus a few GB and Channel Island covers 20-30
455.    A Small Collection of Philatelic Reference Books, includes 'The Triangular Stamps of Cape of Good Hope' by D. Alan Stevenson, 'The Postage stamps of The Ascension Islands' by John Leonard, 'Line Engraved Stamps' by H Osborne M.D., 'The British Post Office' by William Lewins, etc. Plus old catalogue and an empty spring back album. 20-30
456.    A Collection of Commonwealth and World Stamps, in fourteen albums/stockbooks, mint and used, good variety including miniature sheets and thematics. 70-100
457.    A Variety of Philatelic Literature and Catalogues, including Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth 1840-72, Scott Specialised USA Catalogue 2000, United Kingdom Revenues by J Barefoot Ltd. SG QEII pre-decimal issues, postcard values 2003, etc. 20-30
458.    G.B Two FDC Albums of Covers From Mainly 1980's and 90's, included some Benhams. Plus a few presentation packs from the same period, over two hundred and five items. 60-80
459.    Mint GB Decimal Stamps in Binder and Loose, consisting of presentation packs and booklets with total face value of over 220, also includes a bag of loose used stamps. 110-140
460.    Modern G.B in Six Stockbook Many Mint QEII Pre-Decimal and Decimal Issue, contains 140 in decimal face value. 70-90
461.    Nine Stockbooks of Mainly Used QEII Stamps, including Wildings, Commens, high values, etc, thousands to check. 30-40
462.    A Carton Containing Four Binders and Album Leaves of Mainly European Countries, includes Belgium, France and Colonies, Germany, Hungary, etc, many hundreds of stamps to sort. 30-50
463.    A Box of G.B Stamps, on and off paper, mainly QEII with high values present and CDS cancels, many thousands to sort. 20-40
464.    An Accumulation of Worldwide Stamps, early to modern, in albums and packacts, includes a selection of modern G.B mint Presentation Packs. 20-30
465.    A Sixty Four Page Stockbook, housing a mint G.B Collection of stamps from 1912, includes 1924 Wembly's 1929 UPU, 1940 Centenary 3d control block of six plates, Channel Island war Time issue, QEII pre-decimal and decimal stamps with value of over 120. 80-120
466.    A Collection of G.B Presentation Packs with a Decimal Face Value of Over 138, plus a few mint stamps in albums and a few Guernsey presentation packs. 75-95
467.    A Box Containing Mint GB Prestige Booklets with a Face Value of Over 105, plus a large number of postal museum cards. 50-60
468.    A Collection of G.B and World Stamps, in three albums and a number of mint presentation packs with a face value of over 19. 20-30
469.    Five Junior Albums of World Stamps, including a small selection of GVI Coronation stamps mainly mounted mint from a variety of Commonwealth Countries. 20-30
470.    A Worldwide Stamp Collection in 'Mercury' Stamp Album, plus loose stamps and a small quantity of covers/presentation packs. 20-30
471.    A Collection of Germany Stamps, in Davo album, early through to WWII period. Some remaindering in places, but many choice stamps sill in place including : S.G 139 (x2) used, S.G 443 used (x2), S.G 445 used, 1926 air set used, S.G 392-399, S.G 368 used on piece, S.G 717 used. 60-80
472.    An Accumulation of World Covers and Stamps, on pages and some loose, early to modern. 20-30
473.    Over 400 Unused GB PHQ's From Late 1970's Onwards, a few Channels Islands cards also included. 30-40
474.    A Davo Album Containing a Collection of Stamps From West Germany and West Berlin (Also Includes Stamps from Allied Occupation Era), some remaindering in places, but many choice stamps still in place including S.G 1037 used, S.G 1042 used on piece, S.G 1043/1044 used, S.G B20, 033, B34 used, also includes a stockbook of West Germany mint and used stamps from 1964-1973. 60-80
475.    Two Albums of Postage Due, used and album of Queen Victoria covers, early Prestige booklets, face value 28 and a stockbook of 1981 Wedding stamps and a selection of World miniature sheets. 20-40
476.    A GB Collection of Mint Decimal Presentation Packs and Miniature Sheets, with a face value of over 224. 110-130
477.    Three Binders Housing a Commonwealth Collection of Stamps From Queen Victoria to KGV, including Countries Canada, Cyprus, Hong Kong, India, South Africa, etc GB and Japan. 30-50
478.    Three Small Stockbooks of Early Stamps from French Colonies, mixed condition with catalogue value of 1000. 50-80
479.    A Collection of Pre WWII Stamps, housed in two artists, 'Drawing Books' countries include Italy and Colonies, Eastern Europe (incl. Hungary and Yugoslavia). Plus other Worldwide stamps, noted 1894 Mint Set from Benin, a good early stamp lot. 30-40
480.    A Collection of Netherlands Stamps, mint and used in a sixteen page stockbook and on album pages. Plus a selection of Commonwealth mainly used stamps KGVI and early QEII on stockpages. 20-30
481.    A Commonwealth Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, from Australia to New Zealand mainly QEII, but some earlier including GV Jubilee and KGVI Omnibus issues, including Silver Wedding to top value, nice condition and high catalogue. 30-60
482.    Bahamas Accumulation of Stamps Queen Victoria Onwards, with strength in Queen Elizabeth, includes KGVI 1938 values to 1, good lot. 40-60
483.    A Carton Containing Five Binders of Commonwealth Stamps, mainly used from all reigns, but mostly Queen Victoria to KGVI, good selection in good condition. 30-50
484.    A Commonwealth Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, from St Helena to Zanzibar, includes KGVI Omnibus issues, including Coronation, UPU Silver Wedding to top value, good lot high catalogue. 30-60
485.    2017 Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth and British Empire Stamps 1840-1970, good condition. 20-30
486.    A Collection of G.B, Commonwealth and World Stamps, in albums, on leaves and on cover, includes a small selection of G.B mint Presentation Packs. 25-40
487.    A Commonwealth Collection of Mint and Used Stamps B-G, mainly KGVI and QEII, but some earlier including KGV 1935 Jubilee, includes KGVI Omnibus issues to top values. 30-60
488.    A G.B Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, all reigns, includes a small selection of Queen Victoria line engraved and surface printed KEVII to 10d, KGV values to 1/- and QEII mint and used pre-decimal and decimal stamps, with a face value of over 37. 20-50
489.    A Collection of Covers Celebrating Royal Events From a Variety of Commonwealth Countries, includes some coin cover's eighty two items plus mint stamps and miniature sheets. 20-40
491.    A Collection of Stamps From International Organisations, mainly run by The United Nations, including a substantial amount of European Unicef, in five stockbooks, mint and used. 60-75
492.    A Collection of Worldwide Stamps, early to modern in five Junior albums, on sheets and loose in packet, also noted, a cigar box containing a large quantity of mint G.B Decimal stamps. 30-40
493.    An Accumulation of Worldwide Stamps, early to modern, in six junior albums, plus a small selection of sheets and some loose. 30-40
494.    Two Small Cover Albums Housing a Good Collection of Flown Covers Many Signed, includes Bomber Command and Limited Editions. 30-40
495.    Cinderella Material, including revenues, forgeries, propaganda, ephemera etc (6000) stamps, some adhesion in places, housed in ten stock books. 80-120
496.    A German Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, in two binders, between 1950's and 1980's, includes sets singles miniature sheets, etc, nice condition throughout. 20-40
497.    An Accumulation of Stamps and Matchbox Covers, in albums and stockcards, good G.B selection from Queen Victoria, including Jubilee issue, good little sorter. 30-40
498.    A Collection of Over 230 G.B FDC's from 1960's-2000 (Mostly 1990's), well presented in a large binder and two smaller binders. 45-65
499.    An Accumulation of Commonwealth and World Stamps, in six Junior albums and in packets, some older. 20-30
500.    Two Albums Containing Mainly Mint G.B Decimal Stamps, including many presentation packs, over 40 in face value. 20-30
501.    A Collection of Mainly G.B and Channel Island FDC's, a small album of G.B stamps Queen Victoria onwards, includes penny Black, 1841 2d Blues, 1924 Wembly's Seahorses to 5/- and KGVI to 10/-. 20-30
502.    British Commonwealth and World Stamp Collection, early to modern, housed in a sixty four page stockbook and loose leaf binder, also include a small accumulation of blank hagner pages. 20-40
503.    An East German Collection From 1949-1986, mint and used sets and singles, comprehensive collection, many hundreds on Hagner leaves. 20-40
504.    A Four Ring Binder of GB FDC's from 1972 to 1988, plus a collection of GB presentation packs with a mint decimal face value of over 240. 130-150
505.    A Collection of Loose G.B Mint Decimal Stamps, with a face value of over 250. 120-150
506.    An Extensive Collection of Germany Stamps, (including occupation issues), early through to Third Reich. Stamps of particular note S.G.461-464 used, MS 4649 mint, S.G.472-475 used, S.G.510 used, M.S 5769 used. 80-120
507.    A World Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, in five albums including Iraq, G.B Commens, etc. 25-40
508.    Two Binders Housing a Large Collection of Concorde Covers and Postcards, some signed over one hundred and thirty items. 80-100
509.    GB Stamp Collection in Three Stock Books, includes KGV mint values to 1/-. Plus Commemorative, KGVI mint and used to 10/-, then QEII from 1953 onwards, including mint 5 value, good selection, good condition throughout. 40-60
510.    110 Army, Navy and Royal Marine Covers Unsigned, good condition. 25-35
511.    Four GB Year Books Including Stamps, for 1985, 1986, 1990 and 1998, plus a collection of GB and Australia stamps used on stock pages and on leaves. 30-40
512.    A Collection of Worldwide Stamps, mainly modern, housed in five stockbooks, good Thematic selection. 20-30
513.    GB Range of Used (many Fine), from KGV to Q Elizabeth on album pages. 15-20
514.    An Accumulation of Worldwide Stamps, early to modern, in albums and packets, on and off paper. 20-30
515.    A Small Collection of Commonwealth and World Stamps, in albums on stockcards, loose and a small selection of G.B FDC's 1960's to 1980's. 20-30
516.    G.B Four Binders of QEII Wildings, Pre-Decimal Machins and Commemorative, mint and used stamps, including large blocks some with cylinder numbers, good variety and condition, many hundreds. 25-40
517.    A Collection of Australia, USA, New Zealand and New Foundland Stamps, early to modern, housed in a sixty four stockbook, a close inspection recommended. 50-80
518.    A Three Margin GB 1841 Two Penny Blue on Cover, housed in a 'Westminster' Presentation folder. 50-70
519.    German Stamp Collection of States and Colonies Mint and Used, includes Baden, German East and South West Africa, Toga etc. 30-40
520.    A Range of German Stamps Used Abroad and Colonies, including New Guinea,South West Africa, German East Africa and offices in China and Turkey, mostly fine used on album leaves. 20-30
521.    A Collection of World Stamps, early to c.1960's in 'Victory' album. 20-30
522.    An Early Worldwide Stamp Collection, housed in old 'Lincoln' album. 30-40
523.    A Collection of Over 200 GB Decimal Royal Mail and Benham FDC's, in two binder and loose in box. 30-40
524.    A Large Box Containing Over 2,500 Unused GB PHQ's From the Late 1970's Onwards, these are neatly arranged in Royal Mail binders, and some loose in box, some of the binders also contain a small quantity of modern GB mint decimal stamps. 50-70
525.    A Heavy Box Containing Worldwide Stamps in Stockbooks and Loose in Bags, plus various palatilic publications and a small selection of mint decimal GB presentation packs, also noted a three margin penny black and 1841 two Penny Blue (with lines), presented in a 'Westminster Collection' folder, a good sorter. 40-60
526.    Four Albums of PHQ Cards, mainly sets, from 1980's onwards. 20-40
527.    A Worldwide Stamp Collection in Monaleaf Album, plus loose in packets, early to modern. 30-40
528.    GB - A Collection of GV Photogravure Coil Stamps, 1/2d code P. 1d code O. 1.1/2d code N and 2d all stamps are watermark sideways, high cat. 40-80
529.    A Richard Senf Illustrated Stamp Album 1840-1890's, includes G.B line engraved and surface printed to mint Jubilee edition. Then Commonwealth and World stamps sparse in places, but some useful material, many hundreds to sort. 100-150
530.    A Collection of GB Pre Stamp Entires, line engraved 1d black and 2d blue (white lines added, on cover. 2d blue on cover. plus a selection of modern GB covers. A good selection of post marks on older material, good condition throughout. 80-100
531.    A GB, Commonwealth and World Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, in four stock books, issues from 1935 to modern with many fine used GB decimal sets, good condition throughout. 25-40
532.    An Accumulation of Mint GB Presentation Packs with a Face Value of over 75. plus a few covers and loose worldwide stamps. 30-40
533.    A Worldwide Stamp Collection, in two albums and some loose, early to modern. 20-30
534.    GB - A Collection of GVI Coil Stamps 1/2d - 4d (21) With Upright and Sideways Watermark,various code letters, most stamps are unmounted, around 100 stamps. 40-80
535.    A Guernsey, Jersey, Aldernay and Isle of Man Collection of Stamps, in two stock books. Aldenay mainly used from 1983 to 1999. Guernsey and Jersey from early decimalization mainly mint, includes presentation packs and a number of booklets. 60-80
536.    GB - Collection of Coil Stamps 1/2d-6d, with a variety of watermarks and coil codes (twenty eight items) with a few hundred stamps, mostly unmounted mint. 40-80
537.    A Collection of Stamps, mint and used including G.B overprints from British Postal Agencies Eastern Arabia, Qatar, Middle East Forces. EAF and BMS Somalia, Tripolitania and British Levant. includes sets and high value singles, including KEVII to 12 Piastres and KGV to 180 Piastres postage dues, etc, worthy of an inspection. 150-200
538.    Two Albums Containing a Comprehensive Spain Stamp Collection, early to modern, plus two Junior Worldwide Stamp Albums and some loose stamps in a small wooden box. 30-40
539.    An Accumulation of over 240 QEII FDC's, mainly decimal, but a few pre-decimal covers, also included. 30-50
540.    A Range of British Post Office Overprints. mint and used from Bahrain, Kuwait and Morocco Agencies, , includes KGV India overprints to 2R. Postage dues. Morocco Agencies to KGV seahorses, Queen Victoria to 2 Pesetas with broad top to M and joimed NA C varieties. KEVII to 1 Peseta, KGVI Silver Wedding to top values etc. A good lot worthy of inspection. 150-200
541.    G.B Over Two Hundred and Sixty FDC's From 1980's to 2004, some duplication, but many unaddressed. 80-100
542.    USA Collection of Stamps, early to modern, housed in two stockbooks. 30-50
543.    Five Albums Containing Mainly Modern G.B Plus a Few Modern Worldwide Stamps, includes a small quantity of mint decimal G.B (some hinged on pages). 20-30
544.    Two Binders Housing an Australia Bi-Centennial Collection of Stamps and Covers, plus a selection of mainly Commonwealth collection of postal history and postal stationary. 30-50
545.    Modern GB Stamps, in stock book, loose and in packets, many mint stamps with face value of 130. 60-80
546.    GB - A Collection of QEII Coil Stamps 1/2d and 1.1/2d With a Variety of Watermarks, and coil codes. eight three coils with a few hundred mainly unmounted mint. 80-100
547.    GB Collection of Mint and Used Stamps from 1912 - 1990's, mainly QE2 with sets, part sets of commemorative stamps in a well filled 32 page stock book, generally good to fine condition. 25-40
548.    A Collection of Channel Islands and Isle of Man Covers, mini sheets and stamps (mainly mint), housed in two stockbooks and two cover albums, plus one empty stockbook. 20-30
549.    GB - Two Albums of FDC's From 1982-1991, 140 covers in good condition, includes commems and diffinitives with values to 1.41 good condition throughout. 50-60
550.    G.B, Commonwealth and World Collection of Stamps, mint and used, 1935 onwards, included a selection of mint Decimal stamps hinged, good selection, a few hundred stamps in three albums. 30-40
551.    A Used G.B Collection of Stamps From 1840 Onwards, includes thirty Penny Blacks mixed margins, mostly with black and red Maltese Cross, Cancels. A range of 2d Blues from 1840, twenty d Bantams various plates, eighty Penny red Imperf, one hundred and ninety 1858 penny Reds. Then surface printed to 2/6d, includes Jubilees overprinted I.R. Official and Govt Parcels, KEVII values to 2/6d, fine used and 5/- Heavy Cancels, KGVI values to 10/-, QEII pre Decimal Commems in blocks of four and on cover. 400-600
552.    160 Flown Covers Mostly Unsigned, good selection in good condition. 35-50
553.    GB Two Stockbooks Housing a Duplicated Mainly Used Collection of Stamps 1902 -1936, including definitives, commens and high values to 5/-. Noted 1935 Jubilee FDC 7th May 1935. 30-50
554.    An Extensive Collection of USA Mint Sheets and Covers, (a few early), well presented in a 'Stamp Sheet Album'. 30-50
555.    Two Eight Page Stock Books Housing GB, Pre Decmial QE2 Commemorative Blocks of Mint Stamps, plus decimal stamps mint, with a face value of 25. 25-40
556.    A Collection of FDC's From GB 1970's and Malta From 2000's, plus a number of GB presentation packs mint with a face value of over 68. 30-50
557.    Worldwide Stamp Collection of 'Quickchange' Album, early of C. 1950's, also a selection of covers and philatelic publications etc. 20-30
558.    A GB and Commonwealth Collection of Stamps from QV Onwards, includes Australia States, Transvaal Orange Free State, V.R.I overprints, Sudan etc, and around 150 stamps, overprinted war tax variety of Countries, generally good condition. 40-80
559.    A Collection of GB First Day Covers, with 22 carat gold replicas attached fifty four covers in excellent condition. 40-60
560.    Over 200 QEII GB FDC's, pre decimal and decimal issues. 30-50
561.    GB - 145 FDC's Between 1992 and 2012, in two albums plus London Olympic Medal Winners Stamps for Victoria Pendleton and Ben Ainslie, both miniature sheets, good condition throughout. 40-50
562.    Over 130 Modern Decimal G.B FDC's, plus a quantity of collectors club magazines, etc. 30-40
563.    World Stamps in an Album, Small Folders and Packets, plus two books, The Complete Guide to Stamps and Stanley Gibbons The World of Stamps. 20-30
564.    A Shoe Box of G.B off Paper Kiloware, many thousands of stamps to sort, mainly QEII, but some earlier. 20-40
565.    Four Stanley Gibbons Catalogues, Collect Channel Islands Stamps 2009, Collect British Stamps 2011, Great Britain Concise 2018 and 2019, very good condition. 20-30
566.    A Collection of GB Mint Stamps, with a face value of over 130 plus two junior albums, a Stanley Gibbons 1968 Commonwealth album, and mint pre decimal GB commemorative's. 70-90
567.    Over Sixty Cricket related G.B and British Commonwealth FDC's, plus an accumulation of 'Australia's Heritage' publications. 20-40
568.    A Collection of Fourteen Smiler Sheets from 2000, including 2001 occasions, ingots. fine mint. 80-100
569.    A Selection of Manly G.B Stamps QV to Modern, on sheets, approval books loose and in stockbook, plus a few covers (incl FDC's) includes a good selection of QV 1864 1d Reds. 30-40
570.    USA Collection of Mint and Used Stamps 1981-1998, in two four ring binders, good level of completion, mostly good to fine condition throughout, high cat value. 40-80
571.    A Selection of Modern G.B Smilers Sheets and Presentation Packs, some Limited Editions, with a total face value of over 70. Also a mint sheet of U.S Star Wars Stamps. 35-45
572.    A Collection of GB Decimal Prestige Booklets, with a face value of over 300. 160-180
573.    A G.B Collection of Mint and Used Stamps From Queen Victoria, surface printed to early 2000's in three binders. 30-40
574.    Germany 1937 Culture Fund S.G MS 636C Fine Mint. 30-40
575.    France Delandre Red Cross Fund, imperf proof pair, interesting item. 20-30
576.    Togo German Colony 5 Mark Stamp, with complete off set of Red on reverse fine mint and rare. 30-40
577.    GB - 1847 Embossed Issue 1/- Pair, mostly good margins bottom of left hand stamp cut into slightly, fine used. 120-150
578.    A Small Selection of Stamps From Travancore, including SG 2, 71 SG08 and 090. Plus Travancore-Cochin SG 5. Also South Africa 1961 Top Values SG 196 -197 fine, used, total cat value 100. 10-20
579.    Malta George V 1922 1, mint, (hinge remains), fresh appearance, cat 325. 35-70
580.    Germany Freedom Bell Set of Five Stamps. 20-30
581.    Germany Berlin Famous Berliners Set SG.B91-B100 Unmounted Mint, fine. 20-30
582.    Italian Post Offices in The Turkish Empire (Durazzo) 1922 Issue, a scarce u/m set of stamps, S.G 109-116, total cat value over 400. 30-40
583.    Somaliland SG010-015 O.H.M.S. Overprint to IR Very Light Mounted Mint, catalogue 779. 80-120
584.    A G.B. George V Waterlow 10/- Indigo Used Seahorse, fine CDS cancel, good colour, perfs and centre, cat 475. 50-80
585.    A G.B Queen Victoria Surface Printed SG 159 3d on 3d Lilac Plate 21, mint. 50-100
586.    Germany - A Part Set of 1933-41 Unmounted Mint Stamps (to 100pf) from S.G 501A to 509A, fine and fresh with high cat values. 60-80
587.    GB - 1840 2d Blue Pair, KD-KE three good margins both with black Maltese Cross, fine used. 100-150
588.    Canada Queen Victoria 1897 Jubilee 6c Brown SG 129, mint, cat 140. 15-30
589.    Five QV Covers (Four Early), including a two margin Penny Black with black MX cancel. 40-60
590.    A Collection of 1931 South West Africa Stamps UMM, in blocks and pairs, includes SG 74-80 in blocks of twenty six, SG 81 in block of eleven, SG 82 block of four and SG 83 vertical pair. Plus part sheets of 1949 UPU, catalogue value over 650, good condition. 40-60
591.    Ex Dealers Stock of 1858 Penny Red Plates, (stated 71-224 EX77) good to fine used, unchecked. 80-120
592.    A Superb Collection of Mint Italy Stamps From 1912-1922, a massive cat value overall including 1945 S.G 669, 1946 S.G 698-703 set, 1948 S.G 706-717 set, 1949 S.G 725, 1949 S.G 727-729 set, plus many other high cat stamps, also includes scarce 'Commune Di Campione' mint blocks, viewing highly recommended. 150-200
593.    A Well Presented Album of G.B Mint Decimal Mint Sheets and Booklets, with a total face value of over 640. 350-400
594.    Two Albums Containing Modern G.B Mint Presentation Stamps Packs, with a total face value in excess of 500. 280-320
595.    Two GB 'Special Stamps' Albums, containing over 660 of min GB decimal stamps. 330-400
596.    A Three Margin penny Black with Red MX Cancel, plus a selection of four unused QV/KEVII 'Control' stamps. 60-80
597.    Two Albums Containing Modern G.B Mint Presentation Stamps Packs, with a total face value in excess of 360. 200-220
598.    A G.B Collection of Mint Stamps, on stockcards, presentation packs, etc, high decimal face. 30-40
599.    A Worldwide Collection in Two Pre-War Albums, plus four envelopes containing Worldwide stamps, the albums are fairly sparse, nothing much after 1950. 30-50
600.    An Extensive Collection of Cyprus Stamps, in stockbook with a large range from QV GB overprints through to KGVI includingi some high values, also a spring back album containing QEII GB stamps, plus a specialist Cyprus stamp catalogue, further inspection recommended. 80-120
601.    A Four Margin GB 1840 Two Penny Blue in 'Westminster' Presentation Folder. 80-100
602.    A Collection of Stamps Mainly Mint of Southern Africa, some in part sheets and blocks and a selection of FDC's and postal history in three albums, includes South Africa, Bophuthatswana, Venda Ciskei, Transkei etc, all from 1980, plus a few GB booklets.
603.    Two Binders of Used and Mint GB Stamps from EVII Onwards, and a collection of FDC's and decimal presentation packs with a face value of 27, includes 1924 Wembley 1d block of four mint. 30-40
604.    G.B A Carton of QEII Mint and Used Pre-Decimal, Definitives, Commems, Presentation Packs and FDC's, some duplication, but good variety of stamps. 20-30
605.    A Remaindered Empire Postage Stamp Album, some useful stamps, but mixed condition. 20-30
606.    A World Collection of Over 200 Covers, (including FDC's) housed in three cover albums, with a comprehensive range of modern Maltese covers noted, also a few mint GB decimal stamp booklets included an interesting lot. 30-50
607.    Three GB 'Special Stamps' Albums, containing over 350 of mint GB decimal stamps. 180-200
608.    Two Stamp Albums of Mint and mainly Used GB Commonwealth and World Stamps, and two plastic containers of World stamps, mainly off paper. 25-40
609.    A Mainly Mint Collection of GB World and Commonwealth Stamps, mostly after 1971 including sets from Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Gibraltar, Brasil, Nicaragua etc, many hundreds excellent condition in three albums. 50-80
610.    A Collection of Flown Covers Many Signed Many with Multiple Signatures, signatories include Squadron Leader C Seymore and Captain John Cochrane (Concorde),140 items in good condition. 50-70
611.    A Collection of G.B and World Stamps, in two stockbooks, noted, Penny Black on piece, 1d mint specimen imperf block of four, four Queen Victoria Penny Red Covers. Also a quantity of mint G.B Decimal stamps, including a selection of booklet stamps. 30-50
612.    A Collection of Over 240 Flown Covers Many Signed, good condition, slight duplication. 60-80
613.    A Commonwealth Collection of Mint and Used Stamps. mainly QEII, but some earlier including Grenada 10/- Silver Wedding mint. Countries G to R with good variety and nice condition throughout. 30-50
614.    Six Albums of G.B Commonwealth and World Stamps Mint and Used, includes G.B from QV some mint to QEII, also an album commemorating GVI Coronation, many hundreds to sort, mixed condition but many fine not much after 1950. 30-50
615.    GB Decimal Mint Stamps With Total Face Value of Over 150, housed in two stockbooks, plus loose booklets. 70-100
616.    A Collection of Mint and Used GB, Commonwealth and World Stamps, in four albums and a small box. Around 1000 stamps in generally good condition. 30-40
617.    A British Commonwealth Stamp Collection, early to modern, housed in two stockbooks and one loose leaf binder, includes a good selection of 1946 Victory omnibus stamps. 30-40
618.    A Collection of Worldwide Stamps, early to modern, housed in three stockbooks and an additional plastic pocket display book. 20-40
619.    New Zealand Collection of Stamps, (mint) in a Kabe Hingeless Album 1967 to 1987, including miniature sheets. Look fairly complete, excellent condition. Plus a small Junior Album. 40-80
620.    An Album of Commonwealth Mint and Used Stamps, from Queen Victoria onwards, from Canada to Tonga with Omnibus Issues UPU Somal Somaliland Protectorate, Nigeria, KUT, Gold Coast, Cyprus, KGVI Silver wedding to top values, etc. 30-60
621.    A Strand Album Containing a Worldwide Stamp Collection, early to modern, a few loose covers and stamps also. 25-35
622.    A Commonwealth Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, in a small spring back album, Countries H-N, includes issues from Queen Victoria onwards, with KGVI Coronation, 1948 Silver Wedding, Coronation and Victory Sets, to top values, nice lot with high catalogue. 30-60
623.    A Very Extensive Collection of Malta Stamps, early to modern, housed in three stockbooks and two hingeless albums, stamps of particular note KGVI 1938 set mint to 10 shillings (with and without overprint), 1949 R.S.W 1 mint, QEII 1956 set to 1. 60-80
624.    An Album of Mint and Used Mainly KGVI and QEII Stamps, including KGVI Coronation, Silver wedding, UPU Sets to top values, good lot, with good catalogue value. 30-60
625.    G.A Accumulation of stamps KGV to QEII, mainly used but some mint in five binders and two plastic pockets, includes large blocks of KGVI Commens, many hundreds of items. 25-40
626.    A G.B Collection of Stamps, mint and used from four margin Penny Black to QEII, includes line engraved and surface printed to 1/-, Queen Victoria to 6d, KEVII used to 6d, KGV used to 2/6d, KGVI high value set of six , 1948 Silver Wedding mint, etc, good lot, high catalogue. 40-70
627.    An Extensive Worldwide Stamp Collection, early to modern housed in four stockbooks, contains a good selection of early British Commonwealth, viewing highly recommended. 50-80
628.    A Shoe Box of G.B and Commonwealth off Paper Kiloware, many thousands of stamps to sort from KGV onwards, many CDS used. 20-40
629.    A G.B Wilding Collection on Stock Cards, mainly mint includes, 1952 Set unmounted, 1955 Set, 1958 SG 570-86, 1957 graphite lined, 1958 graphite inverted watermark set, good lot. 35-70
630.    A Small Collection of GB Booklets, including Wilding 2/-, pre decimal machin 2/- to 10/-. Decimal booklets from 10p to 1.80 then a few NVI booklets a total of 113 items, little duplication high cat value. 30-60
631.    A Brown Stockbook Containing of 80 Face Value of G.B Mint Decimal Stamps. 45-55
632.    A Collection of Mainly Mint GB and Commonwealth Stamps, including 1840 1d Black. 1924 and 1925 Wemblys mint 1929 PUC set mint. GVI Silver Wedding mint, QE2 early castles to 1, Widings, and commemorative's from 1953-1983 mint. 50-70
633.    A GVI Collection of Commonwealth Omnibus Issues, includes 1937 Coronation, 1945-46 Victory, 1948 Silver Wedding including high value for Bahrain, Falkland Island dependencies, Kuwait, Muscat, Morocco Agencies and Tangier, all mounted mint in excellent condition. Hundreds of items. 25-40
634.    A G.B Collecta Hingeless Album, from 1979 to 1987, with a good level of completion, most stamps mint including Regionals, booklet panes and high values, excellent condition. 40-60
635.    A Spring Back Album of Mint and Used Commonwealth Stamps From Aden to Victoria, mostly KGVI to QEII, bit some Queen Victoria present. A few hundred stamps in generally good condtion. 30-50
636.    Isle of Man Stamp Collection, in a good quality Collecta hingeless album, between 1958 and 1991, mint with good level of completion including miniature sheets, excellent condition. 30-40
637.    A Richard Senf Illustrated Stamp Album 1840-1890, includes G.B 1d Black to 1887 Jubilee, mint and 1884 10/- blue used, sparse in places and mIxed condition as usual but many fine. 150-250
638.    A Collection of Channel Island Stamps and Covers Used During WWII, includes mint and used stamps of various printings, bisects, Red Cross letters (2), etc, nice collection worth inspection. 100-150
639.    Guernsey Collecta Hingeless Album From 1969 to 1991, with a good level of completion 1977 onwards, stamps are mint, excellent condition. 30-40
640.    A Stanley Gibbons Simplex Album, containing a mint and used collection of stamps from Q. Victoria onwards, includes GB, Eire, Canada, USA, Belgium etc., noted GB 1929 upu 2 control K29 block of 10 mint and mint blocks of 4d - 2d. Eire Dollard printing d block of 35 mint also 9d and 10d pairs. Canada from Q. Victoria. 80-120
641.    GB - A Mint Mainly Unmounted Collection From GV Onwards, including 1948 Silver Wedding, QE2 pre decimal commems to 1970 including large blocks then decimal diffinitives and commems with a face value of over 500, housed in a sixty four page stockbook. 250-280
642.    G.B Collecta Hingeless Album, from 1840 Penny Black to 1948 sparse Queen Victoria but includes Jubilee Set mint, KGVII values to 2/6d used, KGV Wemblies, PUC (No 1) KGVI Silver Wedding to 1, includes postage dues, excellent condition. 100-150
643.    A G.B Collecta Hingeless Album of Mint Decimal Stamps From 1988 to 1991, including Definitives, Commemoratives, Booklets, Booklet Panes, Regionals and High Values, excellent condition. 60-80
644.    A Hingeless Collecta Jersey Stamp Album, Bwith pages from 1941 to 1991, good level of completion 1977 Silver Jubilee stamps to Christmas 1991, excellent condition. 30-40
645.    A G.B Collecta Hingeless Album of QEII Mint Stamps, including Definitives, Commens with early Phosphors, sparse in places. 30-50
646.    A Good Quality Thirty Two Page Stockbook, of Mainly Used Stamps, countries A-D early to modern includes Argentina, Canada, Denmark etc. 20-30
647.    A Thirty Two Page Good Quality Stockbook, with a small selection of Isle of Man mint stamps, with values to 1-20. Plus a sixteen page stockbook of mint Regional issue stamps including blocks. 25-40
648.    An Old Springback Album Containing a Good Selection of British Commonwealth, from XIX Century issues to KGVI, noted 2d 'Broken Wheel' Variety Channel Islands block and a selection of KGVI mainly mint 1938 Falkland Islands to one Shilling. 50-70
649.    120 Flown Covers GB and Channel Islands, in an album, good condition throughout. 40-60
650.    A Small Lincoln Stamp Album of G.B and World Stamps, manly used a few hundred stamps in mixed condition, very little after 1920. 25-40
651.    A G.B Collection of Mainly Used Commens From 1975 to 1995, in a thirty two page stockbook. 20-30
652.    G.B Collection of Mainly Used and Mint Stamps From 1858 to 1970, includes 1883 2/6d, good to fine used, KGVI values to 10/-, good used, QEII from 1952 to 1970 mixed mint and used. 50-80
653.    An Impressive Collection of Italy and colonies Used Stamps, Early 1980's, a massive cat value overall, including S.G 81/82, S.G 98/99, S.G 103, S.G 132, S.G 146-151, S.G 157, S.G 177, plus many other high cat stamps, also includes an extensive selection of Colonial overpirints, many scarce, viewing highly recommended. 150-200
654.    A Worldwide Collection in a Junior Ace Loose Leaf Album, nothing much after 1950's 15-25
655.    A Mainly Used Commonwealth Collection of Stamps, in a forty page well filled stockbook, all reigns, many hundreds of stamps, good selection. 20-40
656.    A Stockbook of Mainly Used Commonwealth and World Stamps, in a sixteen page stockbook Queen Victoria-Queen Elizabeth. 20-30
657.    Ninety Five Flown Covers of The Queen's Flight, many signed and carried while flying member of the Royal Family. 80-100
658.    A Commonwealth Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, in a spring back binder, includes Norfolk Island 1947 Set to 2/- India Queen Victoria onwards, including mint blocks of four. Southern Nigeria Queen Victoria 1d block of four mint, etc. 40-60
659.    Fifty Flown Covers, many signed signatories include Air Commodore Latham, Air Vice Marshall D.C.T Bennett C.B.C, D.S.O, Air Vice Marshall Colahan, etc. 60-80
660.    G.B. Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, from line engraved Queen Victoria through to QEII, noted 170 Imperf Penny Red, 120 Penny Reds Perf, Jubilee mint and used values, KGVI values to 1 used. Plus marginal block of four 2/6d Festival QEII Pre Decimal and Decimal mint and used Commems. 100-150
661.    A Collection of GB Smiler Sheets from 2005, and includes 2006 World Cup 2007 Harry Potter, British Design classics 2009, Battle of Britain 2010 etc, good condition thirty seven items plus a few foreign sheets. 140-180
662.    A Worldwide Stamp Collection, early to modern (including some British Commonwealth), housed in a sixty four page stockbook, a good range of early France noted. 40-60
663.    French Colony's Reunion Mint Stamps, in sets from 1907-1950 on Hagner leaves, excellent condition, includes overprints, postage dues, etc. 25-50
664.    An Extensive Collection of Stamps and Covers From the Falkland Islands, (from 1935), Falkland Islands Dependencies and British Antarctic Territory stamps to note, 1938 KGVI Pictorial Set to 1, with additional high values on piece in Fox Bay and South Georgia. Also 1 R.S.W. noted, viewing highly recommended. 200-300
665.    A Collection of Mint and Used World Stamps, mainly modern but some older in a thirty two page stockbook. 20-30
666.    A Collection of GB Presentation Packs With a Decimal Face Value of over 260, plus a selection of GB and Malta FDC's mainly from 2000's. 130-150
667.    A Collection of Mint and Used GB and GB Overprints for Morocco Agencies British Levant, Bahrain Qutar, over 350 GB Penny Red plates., Small range of surface printed issues. EVII to QEII. A range of GVI and QEII Falkland Island and dependencies, all in a thirty two page stock book. 80-100
668.    A Small Collection of Used Stamps, in a small stockbook, including 613 Penny Red Plates. Plus a collection of G.B FDC's. (94) 20-30
669.    A Specialist Collection of German Locals and Occupation Stamps, on hagner leaves housed in black binder of particular note: Mindelheim 42 RPF, and Lukbrenau with double impression, both unmounted mint and with expertise marks on reverse, an interesting lot. 40-60
670.    A Collection of Pre Decimal and Decimal G.B. Booklets, not all complete, but face of mint Decimal of over 85. 40-50
671.    Sixty Flown Covers and Postcards Celebrating Concorde, nine are signed. 60-80
672.    An Album Containing a Collection in PHQ Cards, including 1973 cricket, Inigo Jones, Parliamentary Conference,. 1974 British trees, fire prevention and medieval warriors. 1975 Turner and railways etc, mint 40-70
673.    A Small Collection of G.B FDC's, including 1948 Olympic games and a registered cover for 1949 UPU. 25-35
674.    A Used Collection of West German Stamps, on hagner leaves from S.G 1045 onwards, including S.G 1037, S.G 1042, S.G 1038, etc. high cat mostly fine. 100-150
675.    A G.B and German Collection of Interesting Covers, from Field Post Offices, including G.B used in WWI and WWII from a number of countries, mostly air mail with some Censor marks, good condition, 30+ items. 25-50
676.    South West Africa Collection of Stamps, in a hingeless album from 1976-1990 mint, including miniature sheets. 20-30
677.    Germany - A Collection of West Germany Stamps, 1949-1990's on Hagner leaves, mainly mint very high cat value. 150-180
678.    Germany Berlin Collection of Mint and Used Stamps to 1989, on Hagner leaves mostly fine with very large cat value. 100-150
679.    St. Helena - An Extensive Collection of Stamps and Covers, housed in a Utile springback album. The collection ranges from 1856 Queen Victoria Imperfs through to QEII Silver Jubilee 1977, high catalogue values include KGV 1 Badge of St. Helena (on piece), 1934 Colonisation set used to ten shillings. Plus many high value stamps on covers, viewing highly recommended. 200-300
680.    A Green Stockbook Containing over 780 Face Value of G.B Mint Decimal Stamps. 400-500
681.    GB - A Used Collection of Used Stamps from QV to KGV, includes 1840 2d Blues (Maltese Cross Cancellation). 1d imperfs, 1870 1/2d plates 1-20 complete. Embossed issue then surface printed including 1867 high values (Maltese Cross watermark) 5/- x3, 10/- x2 and 1. High values Anchor watermark to 10/- and 1 imperial crowns good used. EVII values to 1 and GV to 10/- huge cat. 1600-2000
682.    A Stunning Collection of Rhodesia, Northern and Southern Rhodesia, Nyasaland and Rhodesia and Nyasaland Stamps, houses in a Paragon springback album. The collection consists of many scarce high values, of particular note: Rhodesia 1892 Arms to 5, 1896 Large Arms to 1, 1896 C.O.G.H overprints to 1/- 1898 Arms to 5 (Fiscal, ??????), 1905 Victoria Falls, 1910 'Double heads' to 1, viewing highly recommended. 600-1000
683.    A Fabulous Collection of British Commonwealth Stamps, from Sierra Leone, South West Africa, Tobago, Trinidad and Trinidad and Tobago, many high catalogue stamps included, Sierra Leone Queen Victoria issues, 1933 Abolition of Slavery Set to two shillings, early overprints of South Africa, Trinidad Britannia's, etc, viewing highly recommended. 200-300
684.    A Stockbook Containing Mainly G.B Stamps, early to modern, plus a small selection of modern Australia, there is a small selection of engraved and re-engraved seahorses, a GV 1 PUC (light thinning on reverse), GVI 1951 Victory set mint and used, 1948 1 R.S.W, a good lot worthy of a close inspection 150-250
685.    Germany - An Album of Stamps From S.G 71 Onwards, including many high priced items, including 1936 Olympic Games miniature sheet, 1937 Culture Fund, Allied Occupation 1949. Red Cross miniature sheets, mostly mint on fine used. 150-200
686.    An Album Containing Modern G.B Mint Presentation Stamp Packs, with a total face value in excess of 400. 240-280
687.    An Album of Modern G.B Mint Presentation Stamp Packs, with total face value in excess of 320. 180-210
688.    An Album Containing Modern G.B Mint Presentation Stamp Packs, with a total face value in excess of 460. 250-300