Vinyl Records and Music Ephemera Auction
on Thursday 3rd March 2022

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301.    Reproduction Poster For The Kinks Appearance at Sheffield's Blue Moon Club. 20-40
302.    Reproduction Pretty Things Poster, for their appearance at King Mojo, Sheffield, reproduced from the original stencils. 20-40
303.    Reproduction Poster For Sheffield's King Mojo Club, featuring the Small Faces, Bill Haley, The Herd, Edwin Starr among others, reproduced using the original stencils. 20-40
304.    Reproduction Eric Burdon and The Animals Poster, advertising their appearance at Sheffield's Mojo Club, printed from the original stencils by the original printers son. 20-40
305.    Reproduction Geno Washington Poster, for their appearance at Sheffield's Mojo Club, reproduced from the original stencils. 20-40
306.    Reproduction Poster Featuring The Pretty Things For Their Appearance at The Mojo Club, Sheffield. 20-40
307.    Reproduction Poster Advertising Geno Washington at The Mojo Club, Sheffield. 20-40
308.    Jerry Lee Lewis at The Tower Ballroom, New Brighton, Wallasy, 1962 Poster, measuring 302 x 20". 60-100
309.    Yamaha AN1X Control Synthesizer, (untested: sold for parts only). 100-200
310.    Yamaha CS2X Control Synthesizer, (untested: sold for parts only).
311.    General Music Gem S3 Music Processor Keyboard, circa 1992 (untested: sold for parts only).
). 60-100
312.    Roland MC-303 Groovebox Drum Machine Sequencer, (untested: sold for parts only).
313.    Linn Basik Turntable, with the Linn Akita tonearm and Linn K5 cartridge. (untested: sold for parts only). 140-200
314.    Bang and Olufsen Audio Equipment, Beolab 1700 amplifier, Beogram 1100 record deck and a pair of Beovox 2400 speakers, (untested: sold for parts only) 100-140
315.    Sony HST D109 Music Centre, complete with speakers and stands (untested: sold for parts only). 20-40
316.    A Complete Bang and Olufsen System Circa Early to Mid 1970's, included is a Boecenter 3500, a Beocord 1101 tape deck, a pair of Beovox S45 speakers and stands, a pair of Beovox S30 speakers and stands, and a pair of U70 headphones (untested: sold for parts only).
317.    Leak Stereo 70 Amplifier, circa 1969 with original instructions, and a Technics SL P277A cd player, with remote and instructions (untested: sold for parts only). 50-80
318.    Thorens TD 150 Turntable, with a Ortofon M15 cartridge, (untested: sold for parts only). 60-100
319.    Elvis Costello and The Attractions Framed Display of Their Punch The Clock L.P, measuring 32" x 19". 20-30
320.    Barclay James Harvest Framed Display, featuring Their Once Again L.P, measures 32" x 24". 20-30
321.    A Large Quantity of 7" Singles From The 1960's Era, titles from all the major recording artist of that time, including Elvis Presley, The Casuals, Del Shannon, The Monkees, Everly Brothers, Chris Montez, Janis Joplin, Duane Eddy, The Walker Brothers and so many more to mention. 20-40
322.    Classical Music Interest, over two hundred albums in this well cared for collection. One notable example being Hans Richter-Haaser Philharmonic Orchestra - Beethoven Piano Concerto No.3 in C Minor (Columbia SAX 2543). These boxes should be given closer examination for their quality and variety. 40-60
323.    A Selection of Thirty Six L.P's, to include The Beatles 1967-1970 (blue vinyl) and 1962-1966, Queen - The Works and A Kind Of Magic, Phil Collins - Hello I Must Be Going, with other by Abba, Leo Sayer, Bonnie Tyler, Tammy Wynette, etc. 20-40
324.    A Large Box of 7" Singles From The 50's and 60's, containing artists and titles too numerous to mention, but this box should be given closer examination. 30-50
325.    A Collection of Thirty Six Rock Interest Albums, including Saxon - Strong Arm Of The Law, ACDC - Back In Black, Iron Maiden - Number Of The Beast and Piece of Mind, ZZ Top - Tres Hombres, Eliminator, Tejas and Best Of and other titles by Eric Clapton, Oz, Spirit, Crack The Sky, To, Waits, Robert Plant, Jefferson Starship, Queen and Bryan Adams. 50-80
326.    1960's Interest - 7" Singles Approximately 130 Records, to include titles by The Who, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Moody Blues, Fleetwood Mac, Kinks, Petula Clark, Bobby Darin and Rolling Stones. 20-40
327.    A Collection of Twenty Four L.Ps and Thirty Five 7" Singles, the L.Ps consist of Led Zeppelin - Houses Of The Holy, The moody Blues - In Search Of The Last Chord, Rolling Stones - Made In The Shade, Fleetwood Mac - Tusk and others by by The Police, The Kinks, Stevie Nicks, ELO, The Beatles, Eagles, Black and Simple Minds, etc. 30-50
328.    A Large Box of 7" Singles from The 60's and 70's, to include pop, rock and soul titles, from the artists of this era. 30-50
329.    An Interesting Selection of Twenty five LPs, to include Angelic Upstarts - Live Yugoslavia, Fleetwood Mac - Tusk, The Who - Quadrophenia and Tommy, Queen - The Works, and a Kind of Magic, Roger Daltrey - Ride A Rock Horse, John Lennon - Shaved Fish, Rock N' Roll and Double Fantasy, Whitesnake - Slide it In, Judie Tzuke - Sports Car, Shoot The Moon, Welcome To The Cruise, The Cat is Out and I Am the Pehonix. 40-60
330.    SKA, 2 Tone, Regga and Mod Interest 7" Singles, approximately one hundred titles by artist including The Jam, Judge Dread, Madness, Emeralds, Bob Marley, Sugar Minott, Maxi Priest, Eddy Grant, Aswad, Janet Kaye and many more. 30-50
331.    A Large Collection of Over Eighty Pop LPs From The 70's and 80's, with albums by Paul McCartney, Glitter Band, Osmonds, Jean Michel Jarre, John Lennon, Bob Marley, JJ Cole, Marianne Faithfull, Judie Tzuke, ABC, UB40, Billy Joel, Hall and Oates, Tina Turner, Blondie, Ultravox, Japan, Suzanne Vega, etc. 80-120
332.    A Box of Approximately 150 7" Singles From The 60's, comprising of rock, pop and soul titles from the major artists of this era. A box certainly worthy of closer examination. 20-40
333.    A Selection of Twenty L.Ps, to include Tangerine Dream - Force Majeure (clear vinyl), Sorcerer (soundtrack), Underwater Sunlight, Le Parc and Live Encore, Vangelis - Hypothesis, Klays Schulze - Dune, Tomita - Pictures At An Exhibition, Emerson lake and Palmer - Work 1 and 2. 20-40
334.    A Large Quantity of 7" Singles with Pop, Rock and Soul, titles from the 1960's to 1980's. 30-50
335.    Blues Interest L.Ps, twenty four titles in this noteable collection including, John Mayall - A Hard Road, Bare Wires, Empty Rooms, The Turning Point, The Blues Alone and The Diary of a Band (all original pressings), J.J Cole - Naturally and Really, Lightnin' Hopkins - Theres Good Rockin' Tonight and Lightnin' Strikes, Johnny Winter - The Progressive Blues Experiment, Big Joe Williams - Hand Me Down My Old Walking Stick, John Lee Hooker - House Of The Blues and other by B.B King, Stefan Grossman, John Renbourn, Billie Holiday, The Butterfield Blues Band and Mike Raven. 120-160
336.    A Small Selection of 7" Singles Containing a few Northern Soul Rarities, these include Wigan's Chosen Few - Footsee (Pye DDS III) 1968, The Shakers - One Wonderful Moment, (Probe PRO 582) 1967, Dean Parrish - I'm On My Way (UK American XDR 56868), Mirwood Strings - The Temptation Walk, (Mirwood Records MW 1106) and others by Bob Relf, Paul Humphrey, Jimmy Conwell, Mike Post Coalition, also includes a few pop and rock titles from the same era. 15-30
337.    Sixty L.P's Mainly 1970's Era, artists include Donovan, 10cc, Elton John, Lindisfarne, Abba, Diana Ross, Bay City Rollers, Bread, The Sweet, The Beach Boys, etc. 30-50
338.    Comedy Interest LPs, thirty four titles by artists such as Monty Python, Spike Milligan, Jasper Carrott, Billy Connolly, Tony Hancock and The Goons. 10-20
339.    A Collection of Over 250 Soul and Motown 7" Singles and Nine LP's, this box should be given closer attention with such artists as Michael Jackson, Sam Cooke, Harold Melvin, Al Green, Desmond Dekker, Jackie Wilson, Billy Ocean, Detroit Spinners to name just a few in this collection. 80-120
340.    Nineteen Regga Interest L.P's, to include Yellowman - Operation Radication, The Abyssinians - Forward On To Zio, Pablo God - Best Of, Winston Groovy - Coming On Strong, Black Uhuru - Black Uhuru and thirteen 122 singles also. 20-50
341.    A Collection of Over Sixty LPs From the 50's and 60's, with titles by Bobby Darin, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, The Platters, Fats Domino, Pat Boone, Cat Stevens, Bo Diddley, Chubby Checker and The Shangri-Las 30-50
342.    A Collection of Thirty Two L.Ps and Approximately Seventy 7" Singles, the singles are 1960's pop releases, the L.Ps include Dusty Springfield - Ev'rhthings Coming Up Dusty (SRBL 1002) 1965 gatefold hardcover with booklet, The Beatles - Sgt. Peppers, Abbey Road, Revolver, Rubber Soul, Help, Beatles For Sales, a Hard Days Night, With The Beatles, Please Please Me and others by Carole King, Monkees, Cliff Richard, Four Tops and other sound tracks and compilations. 20-40
343.    A Promotional Poster For the Summer Olympics 1972, measuring 40" x 25". 30-50
344.    The Beatles - Get Back Original 1970 Book, The Complete Beatles Chronicle and Help/Magical Mystery Tour 2, VHS box set. 20-40
345.    A Fabulous Collection of Concert Programmes and Pin Badges, there are thirty three programmes to include Hawkwind, Ted Nugent, ACDC, Wishbone Ash, Rainbow, Yes, Lynyard Stkynyd, Whitesnake, Genesis, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Rush and others. Also pin badges from Camel, Rainbow, Judas priest, Yes, Budgie, Wishbone Ash, Genesis and Lynyrd Skynyrd. 20-40
346.    Greenslade Posters, two in this lot by the artist Roger Dean and produced by Magnetic Storm, The first was released in 1976, 39 x 27.5cm, the second released in 1973, 19.5 x 39cm. 20-40
347.    Pink Floyd - Shine On Nine CD Box Set, with postcards, stand and book. 30-50
348.    A Fabulous Collection of Signatures (unverified), Programmes and Photographs from The 1950's, the signatures include Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Gracie Fields, Cliff Richard, Johnnie Ray and Frankie Vaughan. Also programmes including a Jerry Lee Lewis from 1958 and a quantity of photographs of stars from this era. 40-60
349.    Two Beatles Interest Photographs on Board, with stickers on the back stating they were from Beatle City, The first is of Ringo with the band Rory Storm and The Hurricaines taken at Butlins Holiday Camp 1961. The Second is of George with glass eyes during the making of Hard Days Night 1964. 20-40
350.    Books: A Cellarful Of Noise by Brian Epstein 1964 and Nashville Diary 1975 Wings, with pictures by Linda McCartney. 15-30
351.    A Folder Containing Cavern Club, Mersey Beat and Beatles Ephemera and Photo's, various items relating to The Beatles, Freddie Starr, The Mojo's, The Delemere's, The Trendsetters, The Dennisons, St Louis Checks, The Escorts, The Mersey Beats, Bob Wooler and includes photo's records and signatures (not Beatles). 60-100
352.    Over Seventy Classical and Opera L.Ps, with three signed by Ernst Hermann Meyer. 15-30
353.    A Large Quantity of 7" Singles from The 1970's, artists include Bee Gees, Wings, Status Quo, Drifters, David Bowie, Wizzard, Chic, Chicago, Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Jackson 5, Roxy Music, etc. 20-40
354.    A Collection of Early Jazz L.Ps, fourteen in total, including many titles by George Lewis. A selection of thirty shellac records mainly opera and two books, Opera A Penguin Anthology and Jussi. 40-60
355.    Queen Collection of LPs, to include Queen, Queen II, Sheer Heart Attack, Night at The Opera, Day at The Races, News of The World, The Game, A Kind of Magic, The Miracle, Greatest 1 and 2 and The Freddie Mercury album. 60-100
356.    A Box of 7" Singles From The 60's Era, artists include, The Beatles, The Who, Chubby Checker, Righteous Brothers, David Bowie, Crickets, Turtles, Hollies and Sandy Shaw to name just a few. 20-40
357.    Thirteen LPs in This Very Clean Selection, containing Crosby Stills Nash and Young - Deja Vu (Atlantic 2401001) 1970 plum label 1st pressing, The Who Quadrophenia (Track 2406111) 1973 1st pressing and Tommy, Moody Blues - On The Threshold of A Dream, To Our Children's Children's Children and A Question of Balance, The Beatles - White Album (No 0133427), Abbey Road, Sgt Peppers and 62-66 and 67-70, Wings - Red Rose Speedway and Eric Clapton - The Cream of. 60-100
358.    Over Sixty LPs In This Well Cared For Collection, with albums to include ZZ Top - Eliminator and Afterburner, ELO - Discovery, Out of The Blue and Greatest, Simply Red - Stars, Fleetwood Mac - Rumours and Tango in the Night, and others by Roxy Music, Alison Moyet, Pretenders, Robert Palmer, Wet Wet Wet, Cyndi Lauper, Dire Straits, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Barbara Streisand and many more. 80-120
359.    A Collection of 7" Singles Mainly from the 1960's, to include titles by the major recording artists of this era. 10-20
360.    A Collection of Over Thirty LPs, to include Leonard Cohen - Songs From A Room, Songs of Love and Hate and New Skin For the Old Ceremony, George Harrison - Concert For Bangladesh, Moody Blues - The Present and Octave, with more by Clifford T Ward, Lindisfarne, Chris De Burgh, Bee Gees, Elton John and many more. 30-50
361.    An Eclectic Mix of Approximately Fifty LPs, with titles such as Alison Moyet - Alf. Genesis - Duke and Genesis (1983). Peter Maffay - Ich Will Leben and Revanche. Spyro Guya - Catch The Sun. Rod Stewart - Tonight I'm Yours, Smiler and Never a Dull Moment. U2 - The Joshua Tree and Rattle and Hum. David Bowie - Lets Dance and Labyrinth soundtrack, others include Bryan Adams, Little River Band, Paul McCartney, Elton John, George Harrison and Godley and Cream. 40-60
362.    Over 150 Soul, Motown, Reggae and Ska 7" Singles, this box should be give closer attention and contains promos and rarities from Michael Jackson, Four Tops, Diana Ross, Jimmy Ruffin, Chiffons, Johnny Nash, Jimmy Cliff, The Beat, Bob Marley, etc. 60-100
363.    A Very Noteworthy Selection of Fifteen LPs, to include B.J Cole - the New Hovering Dog (VA VAS 29418) 1972, Fat Mattress - Fat Mattress II (Polydor 2383025) 1970, Brian Eno - Another Green World (Island ILPS 9351) 1975, 'Strawbs - Nomadness, Ghosts, Bursting At The Seams and Grave New World, Pink Floyd - Soundtrack More, A Saucerful of Secrets, Ummagumma and Meddle, Led Zeppelin - II and Curved Air - Second Album. 120-160
364.    Over Forty Soul Interest 7" Singles, noteable titles include Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels - Little Latin Lupe Lu, Alvin Cash and The Registers - The Philly Freeze, Mitch Ryder - Jenny Take A Ride (promo copy), also more promo's and many more artists. 60-100
365.    Rock Interest LPs, albums to include Ten Years After - Cricklewood Green (Dream SML 1065) 1970, A Space In time (Chrysalis CHR1001) 1971 and Rockj and Roll Music to The world (Chrysalis CHR 1009) 1972, King Crimson - Islands (Island ILPS 9175) 1971, Curved Air-Airconditioning (WB ESX 3012) 1970 and Second Album, Pink Floyd - Dark Side of The Moon and Wish You Were Here, Free - Highway, Rolling Stones - Aftermath, Big Hits, Begggars Banquet, Great Hits (German Import) and The Who - Tommy. 100-140
366.    Approximately 150 7" Singles From The 1980's, artists include Prince, Adam and The Ants, Wham, Spandau Ballet, Modern Talking, Madonna, OMD, Blondie, Paul Young and many of the major recording artists of this era. 30-50
367.    A Fascinating Collection of Twenty Three LPs, whose notable titles include Bob Downes - Open Music (Openian BDOM002) 1974 including inserts, Dave Brubeck - Jazz Impressions of Japan (CBS BPG 62431) 1964, Blowzabella - In Colour (Plant Life PLR 051) 1983, Pentangle - Basket of Light (Transatlantic TRA 205) 1969, Jose Felicano - Compartments (RCA APD1041) 1973 and others by The Watersons, Cleo Laine, James Taylor, David Bowie, Simon and Garfunkel, Carole King, Airwaves and The Beatles. 60-100
368.    Over Sixty Rock Interest 7" Singles, titles from the 60's to 80's by artists such as Black Oak Arkansas, Patti Smith Group, Motorhead, Nazareth, Guns N' Roses, Status Quo, Queen, Saxon, ink Floyd, Kiss, Alice Cooper, etc. 20-40
369.    A Collection of Twenty Five L.Ps and a Quantity of 7" Singles, the L.Ps consist of David Bowie - Diamond Dogs (original 1st pressing) Low, Images, Station To Station and Young Americans, Santana - Moonflower and Caravanserai and others by Roxy Music, Rod Stewart and a selection of classical titles. The singles are mainly hits from the 60's and 70's. 20-40
370.    A collection of 7" E.P's From The 50's and 60's, to include pop and jazz titles, in boxes, to be given closer attention. 20-30
371.    Approximately Two Hundred and Fifty 7" Singles, from the 1960's to the 1980's, the majority in picture sleeves. Also a quantity of audio cassettes and a Britney Spears tour program. 30-50
372.    Fifty Eight Shellac 78's Mainly Rock N' Roll Titles, including Elvis Presley - Heartbreak Hotel, Blue Suede Shoes, I Want You I Need You, Hound Dog, Paralyzed, Jailhouse Rock, Wear My Ring, All Shook Up. Little Richard - Long Tall Sally, Rip It Up, The Girl Can't Help It. Fats Domino - Blueberry Hill, I'm Walkin',and more by Bill Haley, Everly Brothers, Petula Clarke, Slim Whitman, etc. 20-40
373.    A Collection of Eleven New and As New LPs, to include Arctic Monkeys - AM. Underground Railroad - Sticks and Stones. Hunters and Collectors, Cordovas - Destiny Hotel. Paulo Nutini - Caustic Love. Verberis - Vorant Gnosis. Samael - Era One, Vacant Face - Take Over and Destroy and Bone Gnawer - Cannibal Crematorium (2) 60-100
374.    A Collection of Approximately 100 7" Singles Mainly Rock Titles, by artists such as ACDC, Family, Foreigner, David Bowie, UFO, John Fogerty, Queen, Mott The Hoople, Slade, Rolling Stones and many more. 20-40
375.    Approximately 150 7" Singles Mainly from The 1960's, artists include Long John Baldry, Johnny Kid, Hollies, Lovin Spoonful, Billy Fury, Scott McKenzie, Elivs Presley, Petula Clarke, The Beatles and many others. 20-40
376.    Approximately 100 12" Singles Mainly From The 80's and 90's, comprising of pop, dance and urban titles. 40-60
377.    An Amazing Collection of Over 120 7" Singles, featuring mainly New Wave and Indie, titles by artists such as Depeche Mode, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Stranglers, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Bow Wow Wow, 10,000 Maniacs, Devo, Toyah, Ian Dury, Pete Wylie etc, also picture discs and promos included. 60-100
378.    Over Fifty Mainly Jazz L.Ps and Forty Two Jazz 7" Singles, artists include Louis James, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Ray Conniff, Kenny Ball and so many more. 15-30
379.    Approximately Three Hundred and Fifty 7" Singles, in a flight case, with titles from the 60's, 70's and 80's, artists include David Bowie, Kate Bush, Communards, Queen, Four Tops, Status Quo, Jacksons, Smokey Robinson, Wham, Slade, etc. 40-60
380.    A Mixed Box Of Over Eighty L.Ps, with artists including Lulu, The Everly Brothers, The Hollies, Manfred Mann, Kraftwerk, Abba, Neil Diamond, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Graham Parker, etc. 20-40
381.    A Large Quantity of Rock 7" Singles, artist include Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Ironhorse, ACDC, Kiss, Joe Satriani, Pat Benatar, Billy Squier, Bon Jovi, Gary Moore, Steppenwolf, Jethro Tull, Hawkwind, Quireboys, Gillan, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and many more noteworthy titles. 60-100
382.    Downbeat Magazine, thirty three editions from 2003-2006. 15-30
383.    A Noteworthy Collection of Twenty Two L.Ps, titles include The United States Of America - The United States Of America (CBS 63340) 1968, The Doors - Strange Days (Elektra EKS 74014) 1967, The Doors - The Doors (Elektra EKS 74007) 1967, The Kinks-Kinks (Pye NPL 18096) 1964, Rolling Stones - No. 2 (Decca LK 4661) 1965 and Exile ON Main Street, The Who - Quadrophenia and others by Steve Winwood, Traffic, Mike Bloomfield, Bridget St John, Isaac Hayes and more. 12-160
384.    Rock, Metal and Prog LPs, fifty in this collection to include, Colosseum - Live. Led Zeppelin - Presence. Alan Parsons Project - Vulture Culture and Eve, Rory Gallagher - Calling Card. Wishbone Ash - Locked In, Pilgrimage and New England. Paul Brett - Interlife and others by Moody Blues, Yes, Phil Manzanera, Whitesnake, Megadeth, Eric Clapton, Boston, Golden Earring, etc. 120-160
385.    A Collection of Eighteen Beatles and John Lennon LP'S - they include Rare Beatles ( (U.S. Import), Beatles at Hollywood Bowl, Magical Mystery Tour, White Album (No. 0577955) Yellow Submarine, Rubber Soul, Let It Be, Sgt. Peppers. Also John Lennon - Some Time In New York City, Imagine, Mind Games and John Lennon and The Plastic One Band (1970). 30-50
386.    Forty Five 1960's Interest LPs, with notable titles, to include Jeff Beck - Truth (EMI SX6293) 1968. The Kinks- Something Else (Pye NPL18193) 1967. The Beatles - Rubber Soul, with The Beatles and Beatles For Sale. Rolling Stones - Rolled Gold and Aftermath, and more by Manfred Mann, Hermans Hermits, Monkees, Hollies, Bob Dylan, Julie London, etc. 60-100
387.    Rock and Prog Interest L.Ps, twenty seven albums, to include Black Sabbath- Black Sabbath (original Vertigo swirl label and inner), Rory Gallagher - Rory Gallagher (Polydor 2383044)1971, Led Zeppelin - In Through The Out Door (with original paper sleeve), Wishbone Ash - Pilgrimage, Jimi Hendrix - Cry Of Love, Steve Hillage - Motivation Radio, Grateful Dead - Blues For Allah, King Crimson - The Young Persons. 60-100
388.    A Collection of Twenty Seven Beatles and Related LPs, they include Please Please Me, with The Beatles, Beatles For Sale, Hard Days Night, White Album, Help, Revolver, Abbey Road, Sgt Peppers. A collection of oldie's, Rock N Roll music (Vol 1 & 2), Love Songs, 20 Greatest Ballads, The Beatles,Story (import), Paul McCartney - Flowers In The Dirt and Tug of War and others. 60-100
389.    1950's and 60's LPs Over Sixty Albums, to include Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited, Freewheelin, Nashville Skyline, John Wesley Harding, Chuck Berry - In London. Marvin Gaye - Take Two, Whats Going On. Ben E King - What Is Soul, and more by John Mayall, The Animals, Kinks, Dusty Springfield, PJ Proby, Roy Orbison, Jimmie Rodgers, etc. 30-50
390.    Over Twenty Five Rock Interest LPs, with titles including Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced (Track 612001) 1967 1st pressing laminated front, Smash Hits and Cornerstones. Elvis Costello - Armed Forces. Stranglers - La Folies, Ian Dury - Laughter. Hazel O'Conner - Sons and Lovers. Be-Bop Deluxe - Sunburst Finish. Moody Blues - In Search of The Lost Chord and others by ACDC, Santana, Barclay James Harvest, ZZ Top, Bruce Springsteeen, Pat Travers, Styx and Little Angels, 50-80
391.    Prog Rock Interest L.P's, twenty six albums here, to include Wishbone Ash - Wishbone Ash (MCA MKPS2014) 1970, 1st pressing and Double Live Dates, Emerson Lake and Palmer - Tarkys (Island ILPS 9155) 1971 1st pressing and their Trilogy L.P. the Moody Blues - Question Of Balance, Seventh Sojourn, To Our Childrens Childrens Children and Every Good Boy Deserves favour, Captain Braveheart - Blue Jeans and Moonbeams, The Spotlight Kid and Lick My Decals Off Baby. Also others by Steely Dan, Little Feat, Santana and Yes. 60-100
392.    Beatles and Related L.P's, twenty one albums, including, The Beatles - 1962-1966 (2), 1967-1970 on blue vinyl, Please Please Me (2), Hey Jude, Sgt, Peppers, At The Hollywood Bowl, Beatles For Sale (2), A Hard Days Night, With The Beatles (2), Rubber Soul. Paul McCartney - Red Rose Speedway, Wings - At The Speed Of Sound and John Lennon - Imagine (2). 40-60
393.    A Fabulous Collection of Over 200 7" Singles from The 1970's, artists include Slade, Alice Cooper, Three Dog Night, Bee Gees, Tubeway Army, Roxy Music, Moody Blues, Wizzard, Wings, Gary Numan, Bryan Ferry, etc. 20-40
394.    New Wave and Indie Interest Two LPs and Nine 12" Singles, LPs include Doctors of Madness - Late Night Movies, Cabaret Voltaire - Code. Smiths - Styrangeways Here We Come, Half Man Half Biscuit - Back In The DHSS, Springhouse - Land Falls. The Motors - Tenement Steps, The Fixx - Saved By Zero, Cude - Rich and Stranger. XTC - The Big Express, and others by Lou Reed, Boomtown Rats, Chemical Brothers and Fatal Flowers. 50-80
395.    Beatles Record Collection, thirteen 7" singles, including the Magical Mystery Tour single book and seven L.Ps comprising of Beatles For Sale (YEX 142-1) 143-1) original pressing, Rubber Soul, Let It Be, Revolver, Abbey Road, Hollywood Bowl and Songbook Volume One. 60-100
396.    A Fabulous Collection of Over Fifty Soul, Jazz and Blues LPs, by artists such as Jimmie Rodgers, Muddy Waters, Billie Holiday, Johnny Griffin, LA4, Frankie Valli, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Grover Washington, Ben Webster, Dinah Washington and so many more. 40-60
397.    A Collection of Over Sixty LPs, with title by Bee Gees, Pet Shop Boys, Men at Work, Hall and Oates, Huey Lewis, Howard Jones, Dexys Midnight Runners, Mari Wilson, Yazoo, Dean Friedman, Elton John, Tom Paxton, Labi Siffri, Rod Stewart, Paul Simon, Carly Simon, 10cc, Thompson Twins and many more. 30-50
398.    Rolling Stones White Label Bootleg LP, believed to be recorded in Detroit. 20-40
399.    The Beatles - 1962 - 1966 single disc, Dutch white label promo LP. 20-40
400.    Jethro Tull - This was (Island ILPS 9085) 1968, this is an original first pressing of this noteworthy L.P. 80-120
401.    Fleetwood Mac - Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac, (Blue Horizon 7-63200) 1968. This original first pressing is the mono version that should be given closer examination. 100-200
402.    Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger and The Trinity - Streetnoise, (Marmalade 608005) 1969, this is an original first pressing of this sought after double L.P. 100-200
403.    Two L.Ps by Family, both original first pressings. Music In A Dolls House (Reprise RSLP6312) 1968 and Family Entertainment (Reprise RSLP6340) 1969 including the poster. 100-200
404.    The Rolling Stones at The Tower Ballroom, New Brighton 1964, this includes the handbill describing the competition and groups appearing including The Rolling Stones and a ticket for the show, signed on the reverse by Bob Wooler, stating 'complimentary'. 60-100
405.    A Fascinating Collection of Fourteen L.Ps all original pressings including Fotheringay - Fotheringay (Island ILPS 9125) 1970, Quintessence - In Blissful Company (Island ILPS 9110Q) 1969, Love - Love (Elektra EKS 74001) 1966, Donovan - Fairytale (Pye NPL 18128) 1965, Santana - Santana and Carlos Santana and Muddy Waters, with others by Fairport Convention, Joni Mitchell, John Lennon, Buffalo Springfield, America and Blood Sweat and Tears. 120-160
406.    Wild Turkey Greenslade and Caravan LPs, nine very noteworthy albums, to include Wild Turkey - Battle Hymn (Chrysalis CHR 1002) 1971 and Turkey (Chrysalis CHR 1010)1972, Caravan - Cunning Stunts (Decca SKLR 5210) 1975 and Blind Dog at St Dunstans (RCA BTM 1007) 1976, Greenslade - The Pentateuch of The Cosmogony (EMI EMC 3322) 1979 the original book version, Bedside Manners Are Extra (WB K46259) 1973, Time and Tide (WB K56126) 1975, Spyglass Guest (WB K56055) 1974 and Greenslade (WB K46207) 1973. 140-200
407.    Prog Rock Interest L.Ps, ten albums to include, Colosseum - Those Who Are About to Die Salute You (Fontana STL 5510) 1969, Fever Tree - Fever Tree (UNI UNLS 102) 1968, The Nice - Ars Longa Vita Brevis (Immediate IMSP020) 1968, Soft Machine - Third (CBS 66246) 1970, Hot Tuna - Hot Tuna (RCA LSP 4353), The Byrds - Untitled (CBS S64095) 1970, Creedance Clearwater Revival - Willy and The Poor Boys (Liberty LBS 83338) 1970, Grateful dead - Anthem Of The Sun, Live Dead and Europe 72. 140-200
408.    Jefferson Airplane and Canned Heat L.Ps, nine albums including Canned Heat - Canned Heat (Liberty LBL 83103) 1968, Living The Blues (Liberty LDS 84001) 1968, Jefferson Airplane - Surrealistic Pillow (RCA SF 7889) 1966, After Bathing At Baxters (RCA RD 7926) 1967, Crown of Creation (RCA SF 7676) 1968, Volunteers (RCA SF 8076) 1969, Long John Silver (Grunt FTR 1007) 1972 and Gold. All of the above are original pressings that should be given closer attention. 120-160
409.    Six New LPs, to include three copes of Bone Gnawer - Cannibal Crematorium, two copes of Vacant Face - Take Over and Destroy and Underground Railroad - Sticks and Stones. 20-40
410.    The Animals L.Ps, these include Animalisms (Decca LK 4798) 1966, The Animals (Columbia 33SX1669), 1964, Animal Tracks (Columbia 33SX1708) 1965 and The Most Of The Animals (Columbia SX035) 1965, these four original L.Ps should be given closer attention. 100-200
411.    Led Zeppelin LPs, three titles in this lot to include Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin (Atlantic 588171) 1969 2nd pressing, Led Zeppelin - three (Atlantic 2401002) 1970 2nd pressing, Led Zeppelin - 4 symbols (Atlantic 2401012) 1971 1st pressing 3rd label version. 50-100
412.    Eric Clapton Interest L.Ps, six albums including The Yardbirds - Five Live (Columbia 33SX 1677) 1964 mono original pressing, Cream - Disraeli Gears (Reaction 593003) 1967 1st pressing, Cream - Fresh Cream (Reaction 593001) 1966 1st pressing, Cream - Wheels Of Fire Live at The Fillmore (Polydor 583040) 1968, Eric Clapton - At His Best and Graham Bond - Solid Bond (Warner Bros WS 3001) 1970. 80-120
413.    Help Yourself Collection, four very sought after albums here, they are, Help Yourself (Liberty LBS 83484) 1971, Strange Affair (VA VAS5591) 1972, Beware The shadow (VA VAS29413) 1972, and The Return of Ken Whaley/Happy Days double album set. 140-200
414.    Pink Floyd - A Saucerful Of Secrets, (Columbia SCX 6258) 1968 first pressing and Pink Floyd - Ummagumma (Harvest SHDW1/2) 1969. These L.Ps are much sought after in this condition and should be given closer attention. 100-200
415.    Beatles Fold Out Poster, Dell No..2 by Dell Publishing. 40-60
416.    Two Beatles Ash Trays and a Set of Bone China Thimbles. 20-30
417.    Beatles - Ticket To Ride and Come Together, Capitol reissues. 10-20
418.    The Cavern Souvenir Plate and Mug, manufactured by Prince William Pottery, circa 1968. 30-50
419.    Beatles - You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (Capitol S7 18889) 1996 jukebox only orange vinyl. 15-30
420.    Beatles - Fool On The Hill, Sergio Mendes and Brasil promotional copy (A & M AMS 731) 1966. 15-30
421.    Beatles - When The Saints Cry For a Shadow, (Polydor PEP4434) 1964 French release. 30-50
422.    Go Go Mania Film Poster From 1965, printed by National Screen Service Corp and folded. Featuring The Beatles, Spencer David Group and The Animals among many others, measuring 41" x 7". 30-50
423.    Ready Steady Go (London GXF2030), this is the 1978 Japanese import of this LP that was originally released in 1964, still sealed packaging. 15-30
424.    Beatles Picture Sleeve Releases, to include Let It Be, All You Need is Love, Yellow Submarine and Strawberry Fields. 15-30
425.    At The Cavern (London GXF2037), this is the 1978 Japanese import of this L.P that was originally released in 1964, still sealed packaging. 15-30
426.    All The Beatles Fold Out Poster, published by George Newries, circa 1964, in its original packaging, measuring 52" x 19". 20-40
427.    Savage Young Beatles with Tony Sheridan, four colour disc set, released 1996. 20-40
428.    The Beatles - Tokyo Days (Overseas SUX-301-V), 1986 Japanese import number 00652 box version. 40-60
429.    The Beatles - Savage Young Beatles (Overseas UPS-9001-V), 1986 Japanese import 10" LP. 15-30
430.    Beatles - All You Need Is Love (Odeon 23560) German release, Lady Madonna (Capitol 2138) U.S release, Eight Days a Week (Odeon 2C01004459) French release. 10-20
431.    Two Fold Out Posters, All The Beatles and Great Gear Groups, published by George Newnes, circa 1964. Each one measure 52" x 19". 30-50
432.    Beatles Washington Pottery Biscuit Plate and Cereal Bowl, circa 1964. 30-50
433.    The Beatles In Japan 1966 Commemorative Book, in Japanese. 15-30
434.    Beatles - The Ballad of John and Yoko and Long Tall Sally, Italian releases. 15-30
435.    Corgi 04440 Boxed Psychedelic Beatles Mini, circa 2000. 20-40
436.    Daily Post Newspaper Vendor Poster Advertising Paul McCartney's Return to The Cavern Club, dated 3rd December 1999, measuring 23" x 16". 10-20
437.    Beatles Yellow Submarine Film Cell, nicely framed in red. 50-80
438.    Beatles Yellow Submarine Film Cell, very nicely framed in blue. 50-80
439.    John Lennon and George Harrison Commemorative Newspapers, The Liverpool Echo, Daily Mirror and Record Mirror and Liverpool Echo Newspaper vendor poster announcing George Harrison's death. 30-50
440.    Beatles Print by The Artist Gary Saderup, mounted on card. 10-20
441.    Two Sheffield Interest Posters, the first is Rag Cafe at Magic Carpet, measuring 30" x 19.5", the second is The Beat Club Beatles Special at The Leadmill, measuring 23" x 17". 20-40
442.    The Beatles - Rubber Soul Promo Poster From 1987, very nicely framed. 15-30
443.    Two Posters For Merseybeatle '90' and 92 Events, at The Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool. 10-20
444.    The Beatles - Please Please Me Poster Promoting The 1987 CD Release. very nicely framed. 15-30
445.    The Beatles On Compact Disc Shop Displays From 1987. 15-30
446.    The Beatles - Sgt Peppers Poster Advertising the 1987 CD Release, very nicely framed. 15-30
447.    The Beatles Poster Advertising Forget-Me-Not Greeting Cards, measuring 29" x 21". 40-60
448.    The Beatles Limited Edition Print, by S and J Richardson, measuring 23" x 17". 20-40
449.    ESP Promotions Dreamscape Bomber Jacket, circa 1990's rave culture, no tags, but look to be a large or extra large size. 30-50
450.    Mersey Beat Poster From The Mardi Gras Club, Mount Pleasant, featuring The Hillsiders, The Kirbys and The Secrets, measures 30" x 20". 30-50
451.    A Beatles Stool, showing the Fab Four on the seat cushion. 20-40
452.    Paul McCartney Collection, consisting of twenty three L.Ps, a small amount of singles and eleven editions of Club Sandwich. The L.Ps include Wild Life (original 1st pressing), Ram, Red Rose, Speedway, McCartney, Band On The Run, Tripping The Love Fantastic, Venus and Mars, London Town, McCartney 2, Flowers In The Dirt, Press To Play, Broad Street, Pipes Of Peace, Tug Of War, Back To The Egg, Off The Ground, Unplugged, Paul Is Live, Wings Over America and Others. 60-100
453.    Cavern Liverpool Junior Membership Card From 1964, with accompanying letter from the original card holder. Also a photograph of Astrid Kircher outside the Cavern with queuing junior members. 30-50
454.    A Collection of Ephemera, relating to Bob Wooler, The Cavern and various events and artists from the 60's. 40-60
455.    George Harrison Fan Club Ephemera From the 1970's, this includes newsletters, Christmas card, membership card and an interview transcript. 20-40
456.    Liverpool Echo Pullout Special 'Salute To The Beatles' issued on their return from America in 1964. 30-50
457.    The Beatles Fan Club 'Proof' Flyer and Accompanying Letter, from Bob Wooler to Brian Epstein. This is with regards to their appearance at the Cavern on 5th April 1962, the flyer also has final proof details printed on the rear. 800-1200
458.    Cavern Club Flyer, advertising who is appearing, including The Beatles on the 3rd August 1963. 200-300
459.    A Handbill Promoting The Beatles and Acker Bilk Concert, aboard M V Royal Iris Boat, from 1961. 300-500
460.    A Handbill Advertising The Beatles, Kenny Ball's Jazzman and Others, from 1961. 300-500
461.    The Beatles At The Aintree Institute Flyer From 1961, measuring 7.25" x 5". 200-300
462.    The Beatles At The Cavern Flyer From 1963, measuring 17cm x 13.5cm. 200-300
463.    Cavern Club Flyer From 1962 Advertising The 'Evening Sessions' in March, that includes The Beatles, Gerry and The Pacemakers and others, measuring 17cm x 14cm. 200-300
464.    A Cavern Club Handbill From 1963, featuring The Beatles, Gerry and The Pacemakers, The Hollies and others. 200-400
465.    Flyer From The Riverpark Ballroom, Chester, advertising an appearance by The Beatles on 30th August 1962. 200-300
466.    Quadrophenia Lobby Cards, five cards showing stills from the film, also a competition flyer from Polydor Records. 30-50
467.    Buddy Holly Reproduction Flyer Programme, For His Last Show 'Winter Dance Party', at Clear Lake, Iowa. Also featuring Ritchie Valens, Big Boppa and Dion and The Belmonts. 20-40
468.    Set of Four Posters For Each Member of The Beatles, thought to be used for advertising on the escalators down to the London Underground, each measure 17" x 11.5", 30-50
469.    The Beatles Show Program, gold cover from 1963. 30-50
470.    Jerry Lee Lewis Ticket No. 2246, for his appearance at The Tower Ballroom, New Brighton in 1962. Alson a later handbill from The ABC Theatre, Peterborough. 20-40
471.    Beatles Fan Club Pictures, Congratulations Card, from U.S Fan Club to Ringo and Maureen on their wedding and a photograph of John Lennon with his book, 'In His Own Write'. 15-30
472.    Beatles Yellow Submarine Paperback Book, Lobby Card, Help Card and Tony Barrow Signed Card. 10-20
473.    Autograph Book, containing numerous signatures, from the 1950's and 60s. Some notable names include Richard Attenborough, Jimmy Edwards, Barbara Kelly, Arthur Askey, Robert Morley, Vera Lynn, Jack Warner, Joe Davis, June Whitfield and many more from this era. (unverified) 60-100
474.    Autograph Book, containing numerous signatures. These include John Lennon with an attached note saying when and where it was obtained. Others in the book are from Jack Warner, Larry Adler, Frankie Howard, Jimmy Edwards, Vera Lynn, Benny Hill, Frankie Vaughan, Charlie Drake and many others.(unverified) 120-160
475.    A Collection of Mersey Beat Tickets, for venues around Merseyside, artists, included The Walker Brothers, Billy Kramer, The Searchers, Gerry and the Pacemakers, The Escorts, Earl Preston and many more. 30-50
476.    Liverpool Matthew St Music Festival 1999 and 2000 Map, Itinerary, etc, Eurostar Yellow Submarine press release, Linda McCartney exhibition invite and other memorabilia. 20-30
477.    Sheffield Music Memorabilia, a program and tickets for the Top Ten Star Show 1963 at the City Hall, starring Dave Berry, a handbill for The Blue Moon Club featuring The Shantells and a membership application for The Esquire Jazz Club. 10-20
478.    A Collection of Sixty 10" x 8" Photographs, featuring The Beatles, The Cavern Club and related artists. 20-40
479.    A Collection of Mersey Beat Handbills, from the Cavern, Bob Wooler and others, featuring Wayne Fontana ad The Mind Benders, The Searchers, The Merseybeats, Chris Farlowe, The Hollies and many more from the 1960's. 10-60
480.    Brian Epstein Presents Pops Alive Program From 1964, artists included Gerry and the Pacemakers, The Vernons Girls, Cliff Bennet and The Mojo's. 20-40
481.    Jimi Hendrix Photograph, framed with a card bearing signature "Jimi Hendrix", unverified. 300-500
482.    Isle of Wight Festival 1970, interest which includes the festival program, an unused ticket for Friday August 28th and black and white photo;s of Osibisa. 60-100
483.    Liverpool Echo Eight Page Special Called 'Liverpool Here We Come', featuring The Beatles, dated July 11th 1964, on their return from the U.S. 20-40
484.    A Selection of Cavern Club Handbills, featuring Susan Maughan, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Rattles, Bonzo Dog, Doo Dah Band, The Scaffold, etc. 20-40
485.    An Amateur Photograph of a Topless Paul McCartney, playing pool with possibly another Beatle. It is also signed 'Love Paul' in pencil on the rear of the picture which measures 90mm x 60mm. 80-120
486.    Buddy Holly and the Crickets Ticket, for their appearance from 4th March 1958 at Sheffield City Hall. 60-100
487.    Brian Epstein's Business Card, measures 3.5" x 2.5". 60-100
488.    Beatles Ice Cream Wrapper, from the U.S., souvenir card from a shirt and the sheet music for 'Michelle'. 5-10
489.    Alexis Korners Blues Incorporated Interest, a hand bill for their appearance at The Cavern Club on 10th November 1963 and a contract for their appearance at The Cavern on Sunday 3rd May 1964 with Alexis Korners signature at the bottom of the page. 60-100
490.    Cavern Club Contract For 'Little Stevie Wonder', for his appearance there on January 23rd 1966. 200-300
491.    A Collection of Mersey Beat Handbills, featuring artist as Joe Brown, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Earl Preston, Checkmates, Billy Kramer and many others appearing at venues around Merseyside. 40-60
492.    A Collection of Cavern Club Ephemera, to include an appearance contract for and signed by Wayne Fontana, a Mersey Beat Competition Entry for and signed by The Fortunes, a 1964 Christmas card from The Cavern, compliment slips, letters and press releases. 60-100
493.    The Beach Boys Program From Their Appearance at Sheffield's Club Fiesta, circa 1970. 20-40
494.    Muhammed Ali Signature, (unverified) cut from a menu from the Polygon Hotel, Southampton 1971. 60-100
495.    The Kinks Signed (Unverified) Picture, professionally framed and mounted. 20-40
496.    Cavern Club and Bob Wooler Correspondence and Ephemera, to include Cavern membership applications, letters to Bob Wooler and the club and the magazine 'On The Scene At The Cavern'. 60-100
497.    The Beatles - Please Please Me L.P, with Brian Epstein's business card glued to the back of the L.P cover. 80-120
498.    Leonid Kogan - Beethoven Violin Concerto in D Major, with the Paris Conservatoire Orchestra, conducted by Constantin Silvestri (Columbia SAX2386) 1959, Matrix numbers, Side 1 YLX1052-1, Side 2 YLX1053-1,

*This is a stunning UK stereo copy of the ultra-rare, and one of the most sought-after classical LPs today. This is one for the serious collectors, and lovers of classical music should really give this LP very close attention. 5500-6500