Toys, Comics & Railwayana Auction
on Thursday 6th January

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300.    A Quantity of Playworn Hornby 'O'/7mm, LMS Coach, Kit Brake Van, two Kit Coal Wagons, boxed, and loose signals, etc. 20-40
301.    A Quantity of Hornby Dublo Accessories and Associated Items, often repainted. 20-40
302.    A Quantity of Loose Modern Diecast, various scales; cars, commercials. buses, coaches, etc. 20-30
303.    Six 'OO' Gauge/4mm Passenger Coach Plastic Kits, two Replica, four Dapol, Ref No's C95C, C969C, C98C, C097A, (unstarted-content unchecked). 20-40
304.    A Quantity of 'Days Gone', by Lledo, to include 'The Radio Times' Delivery Van, 'Harry Ramsdens' Delivery Van', approximately thirty one:- One Box 15-30
305.    A Quantity of Empty Tri-ang Railway Boxes, including Hornby 'Battle Space! Combat Unit', Tri-ang Hornby Model railways and 'New Rails' by Playcraft. 20-40
306.    A Quantity of Boxed Diecast Vehicles, to include Days Gone, Castrol Motor Oil, 1934 Mack Crane Truck, Days Gone 1960 Morris Traveller, Hamleys 1934 Model A Ford Van, etc. 20-30
307.    A Quantity of Boxed and Loose 'OO' Trackside Buildings, to include a boxed R264 Grand Victorian Suspension Bridge by Hornby, engine shed, station buildings, bridge section, etc. 20-40
308.    Twenty Four Boxed Days Gone By, Lledo diecast brand Promotion Vehicles, including Collectors Club, Oxydol Soap Powder, Rose's Lime Juice, A.E.C Regent Bus, Ford Model A Panel Van, etc. 20-30
309.    Forty 'HO' Boxed items of USA Outline Rolling Stock, by Athearn, Roundhouse, TMI, etc, box vans, tanks wagons, hoppers, etc, very good. 40-60
310.    A 1980's 'He Man' Masters of The Universe Castle Playset and Figures, to include cyclops, battle cat, orko, etc. 20-30
311.    A Quantity of Mainly 'OO' Gauge/4mm Track and Accessories, by Peco, Hornby etc, Hornby R394 buffers, Peco girder bridge sides, girder bridge components etc. 30-50
312.    Star Trek - A Box of Various Models, Figures, etc, to include Playmates 16126 Romulan, Bird of prey, Klingon Disrupter, 6288 Captain James T. Kirk in dress uniform, etc, (some crushing to boxes). 40-60
313.    Thirty 'HO' Gauge Boxed Items of USA Outline Rolling Stock, by Con-Cor, Walthers, Atlas, etc, of interest, a Walthers seventy foot Well Wagon, with a 0-4-0 Rivarossi Steam Tank Locomotive Load, all good/very good. 40-60
314.    A Quantity of Sci-Fi Figures and Models, to include Mego Star Trek Dr Mcoy 8 inch figure, re-issue Space 1999 Maya, Saelt-Marae (Yak Face), etc. 30-40
315.    Two 'O' Gauge/7mm Trackside Buildings, built to a very good standard - "The Baltimore Trucking" Factory Four Storey Frontage - plus a line of shops, featuring The "National Bank", both wood, heavy card construction. 15-30
316.    A Quantity of 'Days Gone', by Lledo, to include 'Coca Cola' Delivery Van, 'Hersheys Delivery Van, 'Royal Mail' Delivery Van, approximately thirty four:- One Box 15-30
317.    Star Trek - A Quantity of Boxed Star Trek Models and Figures, to include Playmates Captain Kirk in Environmental Suit, Beverly Crusher, Micro Machines Limited Edition Collectors Set, etc, (some marks/crushing to boxes). 30-40
318.    A Box of Various Railway Modellers Items, to include Duette Twin Supply Power Unit, Clipper Power Control Unit (both untested sold for parts only), boxed Hornby Tri-ang Track, plus a selection of Hornby catalogues. 15-30
319.    A Plastic Container of Items From A Railway Modelers Workshop, contents include a fair quantity of electrical items, wheels/wheel sets, packets of components, trackside, layout stuff etc. 40-60
320.    A Box of Mostly Contemporary Boxed Diecast Buses, to include E.F.E, Corgi, plus some trams, etc. 30-40
321.    A Box of Various Rail Modellers Items, including rolling stock, track, trackside buildings, etc. 15-25
322.    A Quantity of 'O' Gauge/7mm Hornby Playworn Items, two sets of points, four items of rolling stock, spares, a quantity of straight clockwork track, buffer etc, a 'Model Power' three light signal (boxed), plus a Lima container (3) wagon, BP tank wagon, 'Schweppes' box van and the remains of a 'Blue Flyer' Bo-Bo locomotive (missing roof, cab fixtures etc). 20-40
323.    A Quantity of Contemporary Film and TV Diecast Vehicles, to include boxed Corgi CC04401 Moon Buggy, CC04604 Gyrocopter, 57402 Starsky and Hutch, CC87503 Mystery Machine. 30-50
324.    Forty 'HO' Boxed items of USA Outline Rolling Stock, by Athearn, Roundhouse, TMI, etc, box vans, tanks wagons, hoppers, etc, very good. 40-60
325.    Eight Boxed Tri-ang Railways, completely knock-down kit build coaches, (mostly BR) varying degrees of completion, some components from other manufacturers, to include R384 pair of Buffet Cars, R382 pair of Composite Coaches, maroon liveries. 20-40
326.    Two "Fair Ground" Items, suitable as layout scenery, a made up Faller "Big Wheel" and a Carousel with lights/motion, etc (two items U/T). 15-30
327.    Twenty Atlas Editions Warships, boxed with leaflets, appear new, undisplayed, Royal Naval HMS Hood, Ark Royal, Barham, Ramillies, Rodney, Vanguard, Anson and Nelson, Italy's RM Roma - Germany's Graf Spee, Tirpitz, Scheer and Lutzow, Japan's Kirishima, United States, Arizona, Pennsylvannia, Lexington, Hornet, Missouri and Saratoga. 30-50
328.    Three Boxes of 'G' Gauge Rolling Stock and Spares, containing a L.G.B boxed Ref No 4140 tank wagon, a Castrol Tank Wagon, ore wagons, gondola, box vans etc (19); two 0.4D kit built (battery) locomotives, plus a L.G.B 0-6-0 rolling chassis, people and Bachmann 'Big Haulier' spares, rolling stock playworn to good - locomotives spares/repair. 50-70
329.    A Large Quantity of Mostly 'OO' Trackside Buildings and Accessories, various condition, (large quantity). 30-40
330.    Six Boxed Star Trek Playmates Starship Models, to include NCC 1701, Defiant, Voyager, Galileo, Shuttlecraft, etc (all unchecked). 30-50
331.    A Quantity of 'Days Gone', by Lledo, to include 'Auxiliary Fire Service' Truck, 'Champion Spark Plugs' Coach, 'The Lledo Collection 1998' Van, approximately thirty seven:- One Box 15-30
332.    Ten 'HO' Gauge/'OO' Gauge Turntables, by Hornby, Triang, Con Cor, Peco, Atlas etc, boxed/unboxed, playworn suitable for spares/repair (U.T) 20-40
333.    Sci-Fi - Two Boxes of Various Figures, Models, Collectables, etc, to include Star Trek, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, etc, (boxed and loose). 30-50
334.    Approximately 50 Boxed/Poly Bag Plastic Card Kits, by Faller, Kibri, Airfix Metcalfe etc, kits for trackside, vehicles (commercial and military bus's of interest a Faller Ref 437 "Music Express" kit, (box contents unchecked). 40-60
335.    One Box Containing a Quantity of Modellers Layout Materials, cork sheeting, plaster cloth, adhesive, etc. 20-40
336.    Star Trek - Five Boxed Star Trek Starships, to include NCC1701-E by Playmates, T.N.G Klingon Attack Cruiser, Klingon Bird of Prey, etc, (all unchecked for completeness). 40-60
337.    Four 'OO' Gauge/4mm Tri-ang, Hornby Boxed Items, two Ref No, R76 Engine Sheds, a Ref R180 Viaduct, plus a Ref No, R8009 Station Terminus, (content unchecked), good/very good. 20-40
338.    Three Boxes Containing a Quantity of Railway Related Books, to include handbook of Classic British Steam Locomotives, Steam Railways, The Spirit of the Borders Railway, The Country Railway, etc. (3) 20-40
339.    Six 'OO' Gauge/4mm Locomotives for Spares of Repair - a Lima Class 40 diesel,partially dismantled,. A Hornby (China) std tank partially dismantled. Hornby Bo Bo R/No E6001 Lima rail car R/No W22 - Bachmann Class 03, poor weathering. Hornby 0-6-0 Southern R/No 104, body loose to chassis (all loco's untested). 30-50
340.    Three R.C Helicopters - to include Heng Long Infrared Helicopter, Hobby Engine Storm _IV and a four channel Helicopter. 15-30
341.    One Plastic Box Containing a Large Quantity of Scenic Layout, Fauna and Foliage, Moss, Ballast, etc, 40-60
342.    Five 'OO' Gauge/4mm Locomotive Kits, all appear/unstarted - box contents, unchecked - a London Road Models L.N.W.R 2-4-0 Whitworth, a GEM 4-6-0 "Cardean", a Jamieson "Dunalistrip", a Judenco HR Dopnoch Tank and a Perseverance "G.W.R Railcar Kit, 50-70
343.    Star Wars: Darth Maul Container, boxed and EP1 Obi-Wan Kenobi InteractiveTalking Bank, boxed. 10-20
344.    A 'Samhongsa' 'HO' Gauge EMD SD-38-2 USA Outline Diesel Locomotive, Burlington Northern R/No 6216 (good boxed condition), plus a dummy GP30 'Great Northern' diesel R/No 707 (good boxed), a Athearn Ref No 4307 SD 70 diesel R/No 3028 (boxed, part detached, missing railings etc), and a unboxed FP9A, CP rail R/No 1412 (fair), all loco's untested (4).
345.    A Quantity of 'OO' Hornby Railways, mostly boxed to include 0-4-0 Great Western Tank Locomotive, R.126 Car Transporter, R.405 Colour Light Signal Set, etc, (all appear unused). 30-40
346.    Five 'O' Gauge /7mm Unboxed Items of Rolling Stock, two Hornby pre-war Pullman coaches, a Hornby L.N.E.R brake/goods, a near mint type 20 Hornby tender, and a M.P.J.B (Rotherham) brake/goods van, also three sections of st track and an A4 Mallard static steam locomotive and tender, (seven items p;us track), fair to good. 30-50
347.    Various Boxed Diecast Vehicles, including Corgi 01801 Jaguar MK2 Busler, 39902 Ford Thunderbird, DMP Toys, Dinky Ford Mustang Fast Back, etc:- One Box 20-40
348.    Twelve Triang 'OO' Gauge/4mm Coaches, four BR maroon, two BR red/cream, three transcontinental etc, (unboxed very good). 25-40
349.    Five U.S.A Outline 'OO'/'HO' Gauge Diecast Steam Locomotives, for spares and repairs, two 0-6-0, plus tenders, a 4-6-0 plus tender, a 4-4-2 (missing tender), etc. 40-60
350.    A Small Quantity of Boxed Lead Soldiers, mostly Cornish figures, overall good, some damages. 30-50
351.    Fifteen 'HO' Gauge Boxes 40 and 48 Foot Semi Trailers (Artic Wagons), by Atlas, Athearn and Herpa (v good - boxes good). 10-20
352.    Seven Corgi Vehicles Blue/Yellow Boxes, working conveyor, Jeep FC-150, very good/missing belt/box missing main flaps, Ref No. 448 Mini Police Van, good paint and figures, rear doors detached (present), box one flap detached, (present), Ref No. 478 Tower Wagon, very good, box missing one main flap, Ref No, 484 "Kew Fargo", very good with three pigs, box missing one main flap, Ref No, 492 Volkswagen Police Car, bonnet missing, otherwise very good/good box, Ref No. 1137 Ford Tilt, fair, some paint loss to raised edges, box missing one main flap, No. 27 Gift Set, Bedford Plus Priestman "Shovel", good, minor paint loss to raised edges, tracks exist, box complete but poor interior tears/stains to lid. Plus four unboxed items Car Transporter, complete but major paint loss,"Rice" Pony Trailer, good, and ERF "Tipper" red/yellow, very good and a fair red Jaguar "E" Type, (thirteen items). 60-80
353.    A Athearn 'HO' Gauge Part Built/Boxed SW/7 Diesel Switcher, plus three further boxed locomotives for spares or repair, a Rivarossi 2-8-0 Steam Locomotive, Ref No. L280/R and two U.S.A. Outline Diesel Locomotives, (untested). 20-40
354.    An Airfix (144 Scale) Plastic Kit SR.N4 Hovercraft, (boxed - kit has been started). Plus two further boxed (unstarted) plane kits, two Avro Valcan Models, two Corgi Lancaster and two Spitfire examples, three Dinky planes, a Beechcraft Phantom II and Trident Starfighter, (playworn to good), (twelve items). 15-30
355.    A Stronlite 'O' Gauge/7mm (Japanese) Three Rail 0-4-0 Steam Tank Locomotive, L.N.E.R R/No 5400, fair unboxed condition, plu a Sytronlite controller and three items of rolling stock, (ore wagons R/No 304719) (5) 40-60
356.    Seven 'O' Gauge/7mm Darstead Boxed Tank Wagons, one with bogies and wheels, six with bogies only, very good, boxes very good. 50-70
357.    Seven Hornby Dublo 'OO' Gauge/4mm 3 Rail Unboxed Coaches, a Pullman (Aries), three Suburban, two Stainer plus a Royal Mail - also fourteen items of unboxed rolling stock and five boxed Y series matchbox cars, (fair to very good) (26). 20-40
358.    Thirty Nine 'British Steam Railways', dvd's (all sealed packaging). 10-25
359.    Two Hornby Dublo 'OO' Gauge/4,mm Unboxed Three Rail Locomotives, A 4-6-2 Class A4 'Silver King' BR green R/No 60016, and a Class 20 Bo-Bo diesel, BR green R/No D8000 (both good/UT). 40-60
360.    Four Tri-ang 'OO' Gauge/4mm Steam Locomotives and Tenders, 4-6-2 Princess Elizabeth, BR green (very good/locomotive boxed). An unboxed BR black example (fair). A Tri-ang 4-6-0 B12 L.N.E.R black R/No. 1574 (fair) and a BR black 2-10-0 Class 9F R/No. 92187 (fair). 50-70
361.    A Small Quantity of Haulage Related Diecast Vehicles, to include six Oxford Commercials 1:76th Corgi 21501 AEC drop side. 30-40
362.    Two "MAJ" 'OO' Gauge/4mm Coach Kits, Ref No, D2100 - two "Modern Traction" Coach Kits ref No, MU8 and MU22 - A "C.C.W" Tank Wagon Kit - three "A.B.S" Models, white metal open wagon kits. An Ian Kear ref no. 8842 Coach Kit and two Springside Kits, a Fordson Tractor and Bedford Coach (eleven items, packet/box content unchecked). 20-40
363.    Thirty Six 'OO' Gauge/4mm Sets of Points, Slips, Crossovers etc, plus a quantity of Hornby buffer stops, level crossings (2). 40-60
364.    A Boxed 1:18th Scale 911 GTI, by Maisto, Xiong Sheng non brand Ferrari Enzo, etc:- All Boxed 15-30
365.    A Quantity of Trackside/Layout Items, people, animals, buffers, platform furniture, by Peco, Gaugemaster, Merit, etc, majority within factory packaging. 30-50
366.    Four Hornby Dublo 'OO' Gauge/4mm Tank Steam Locomotives for Spares/Repair, two 2-6-4 std tanks, L.M.S black R/No 2500 two rail missing pickup, R/No 2501 two rail conversion, fair, 0-6-0 class R1, BR green, poor repaint and A class N2 0-6-2 BR black missing its motor and one wheel, all unboxed/untested. 40-60
367.    A Box Quantity of Diecast Vehicles, to include Corgi 007 Lotus Esprit, Man From U.N.C.L.E Oldsmobile, 'The Saint' Volvo P.1800, Dinky Toys Spectrum 103 Patrol Car, Cadillac, etc, (all playworn). 30-40
368.    Approximately Forty Items Hornby Dublo 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Rolling Stock, 2 and 3 rail, ore wagons, box vans, brake vans, cable wagons, etc, fair to good. 40-60
369.    Eight 'HO' Gauge Boxed Coach Kits, plastic/brass construction by Roundhouse, Eastern, etc (unstarted/content unchecked). Plus five "North Coast Ltd" Brass Car Sides (for stream liners). (13 Items) 40-60
370.    Eighteen Model Motorcycles, (various scales) by Maisto, Polystil, Guiloy, etc, Japanese, British German Bikes, plus an "Art" Wire Creation, good/very good. 20-40
371.    Thirty One Items Unboxed 'HO' Gauge continental Outline Rolling Stock, by Roco, Fleischmann etc, tank wagons, hoppers, box vans of DB rail and private owner, double bogie 'Electrotren' noted (good to very good). 40-60
372.    A Quantity of 'Days Gone', by Lledo, to include 'Perrier-Jouet Champagne Epernay' Coach and plastic figures, 'Bureau of Fire' Service Truck, 'Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate Coach, approximately thirty one:- One Box 15-30
373.    A Hornby 'OO' Gauge 4472 Flying Scotsman, with four wheel tender, Highland Railway Tank Locomotive, Express Coaches and Rolling Stock:- One Tray 20-40
374.    Retro Juvenalia - A boxed Rebound by Ideal, Peter Pan Plaything Ltd, Cross Over the Bridge Game, Pelham Puppet, etc. 30-40
375.    Three 'OO' Gauge/4mm Locomotives, for spares/repair, a Lima "Western Renown" Co-Co Diesel - Hornby 0-4-0 Class D - 4-6-2 Britannia Class Wm Shakespeare, plus a Bachmann "Track Maintenance" Mainline Universal, a Lima Class 47 "Northstar" (signs of overpainting), a L.M.S 0-4-0 Class D - Intercity "Dummy" R/No. 43051, a Ref No. R1215 "Dummy" Hornby Express and a Tri-anf 0-6-0 Rolling Chassis with motor, (nine items), playworn to good, locomotives U/T. 40-60
376.    Eight 'OO' Gauge/4mm Kit Built Steam Locomotives, for spares or repairs, five 0-6-0 Tank, 4-4-0 plus tender and a "GEM Kit" 2-4-0 Precursor, (box contents unchecked for completeness). 40-60
377.    A Quantity of 'Days Gone', by Lledo, to include 'Hamley's Delivery Truck, 'Budweiser' 1979 Delivery Van, 'U55' Police Wagon, approximately twenty seven:- One Box 15-30
378.    Nineteen 'HO' Gauge Items of Unboxed Continental Rolling Stock, DB rail suburban coaches, baggage coaches etc, by Roco, Liliput and Fleischman, good to very good. 40-60
379.    A Quantity of 'HO' Gauge Cased/Boxed Continental Outline Rolling Stock, by Fleischmann, Liliput etc, box vans both DB Rail and private owner, tank wagon, ore wagon etc (good/very good) boxes good (21) 30-50
380.    Eight Proto 2000 'HO' Gauge USA Outline Boxed Items of Rolling Stock, tank wagons, gondola's, box vans, (ready to run and kit); plus a Intermountain Ref No. 45122-18 'Hopper', very good (nine items). 15-30
381.    A Quantity of 'OO' Gauge/4mm Signals, by Hornby, Tri-ang, Ratio, etc, single, double and gantry, good. 20-40
382.    Sixteen 'HO' Gauge Continental Outline Coaches, by Fleischmann, Divarossi, Jouef etc, DB liveries, etc. good to very good, sometimes boxed. 40-60
383.    Frozen Impact Monster Impact Track, (boxed) along with a box of Meccano components, (not set on box). 10-20
384.    Three Athearn 'HO' Gauge Boxed F7 USA Outline Diesel Locomotives, powered 'A' and dummy units, plus unpowered 'B' unit; overall silver /red 'Santa Fe' livery (good U/T condition - boxes good) 20-40
385.    Nine 'OO' Gauge/4mm L.M.S Maroon Coaches, by Tri-ang, Dapol, Mainline, etc(good/very good - three boxes). 20-40
386.    Two Scalextric Model - Motor Racing boxed sets, with extra cars, both unchecked for completeness along with a boxed PT76 long chicane set. 20-40
387.    A Quantity of Hornby Dublo Switch's, Hammant and Morgan Ref SM3 point motors,plus versions by Hornby etc, 30-50
388.    Five Dinky '283' Single Decker Buses, with Red Arrow liveries, models appear good, some bubbles yellowed. 30-50
389.    Eleven Items of "00" Rolling Stock By Marklin, Fleischmann, etc mostly box wagons and one tanker. Condition Fair. 15-30
390.    Five Dinky '289' Routemaster Buses, red livery, two 'Madame Tussauds', two 'Esso', 'Vernons' and 'Dinky Toys' branding, some paint chips throughout, boxes fair to good. 30-50
391.    Four Hornby Dublo 'OO' Gauge/4mm 4-6-2 Steam Locomotives and Tenders, all over painted/renovated and converted to 2 rail, two BR blue A4's, "Sir Ralph Wedgwood" and "Dominion of South Africa", two Duchess Class, "Sir William Stainer" LMS maroon and "City of Sheffield" BR gloss green, unboxed/untested/fair condition, poor paint. 40-60
392.    Four 'HO' Gauge U.S.A Outline Diesel Locomotives, a Athearn boxed C44-9W "Santa Fe" Dummy, (damage to one bogie), a Life-Like EMD Burlington R/No. 6101 (loose parts), plus a Athearn GP38 Conrail (unfinished assembly), a Alco "Santa Fe" powered A Units and two B Units, one powered, fair to good - U/T, (six items). 30-50
393.    Five Dinky '283' Single Decker Buses, all red liveries Red Arrow, very slight chips, boxes good to fair. 40-60
394.    Five Dinky '291' Atlantean City Bus, all red liveries, four white, one blue, engine cover slight paint chips, bubbles good-poor; Dinky 289 London Transport Routemaster Bus "Visit Madame Tussauds's", overall red,with blue interior, cast detailed hubs, very good in fair type 2 display box. 30-50
395.    Five Boxed Diecast Lorries, to including Scania T-CaB, Corgi CC12504 (boxed), Atkinson Borderer Flatbed Trailer Pollock, Peterborough Heavy Haulage, etc:- All Boxed 40-60
396.    Eight Rivarossi 'HO' Gauge U.S.A Outline "Santa Fe" Unboxed Coaches, plus three items of rolling stock, a baggage/guard van and a boxed Athearn Alco Diesel 'B' Unit Body "Pennsylvania Livery", new, (thirteen items). 20-40
397.    Dinky Toys: Five Built Boxed Dinky Kit, 1023 Single Decker Bus Sets, appears complete, but unchecked, boxed creased. 15-20
398.    A Quantity of Railway Locomotive, Trackside Accessories, in packets, by Replica, Gem, Shire scenes, Wills etc (white metal, brass and plastic examples). 20-40
399.    Six Dinky '289' Routemaster Buses, all red liveries, Esso Safety Grip Tyres, models appear good, bubbles fair to poor. 30-50
400.    Four Corgi Boxed Commercial Vehicles, Ref No's 16401, 28001, 97186, 978894, (all appear complete/unused). Plus a Matchbox Superkings Ref K-21 Ford Transcontinental with Weetabix livery, Corgi's very good, Matchbox good but in poor box, (five items). 30-50
401.    Five Boxed Dinky '295' Atlantean Buses, all yellow liveries, one darker, 'Yellow Pages', slight paint chips, bubbles good. 30-50
402.    Eight 'HO' Gauge Coaches Continental Outline Coaches, by Hachette, Bachmann, Fleischmann, etc, Mainline and Suburban examples. Plus a Ref No. L231009 Liliput Postal Van, good/very good, (nine items). 15-30
403.    Dinky Toys - Three '293' Swiss PTT Buses and Two '296' Duple Viceroy 37 Luxury Coaches, bubble vary poor to fine. 30-50
404.    Four Dinky '283' Single Decker Buses, red liveries, 'Red Arrow' branding, bubbles fair. 30-50
405.    A Quantity of 25mm Fine Cast white Metal Figures and Equipment, by "Hinchcliffe Models" "Knights of The Realm", Medieval Soldiers, Farm Animals, etc, (unpainted/very good). 20-40
406.    Five Dinky '291' Atlantean City Bus, all red liveries, four white, one blue, engine cover slight paint chips, bubbles good-poor. 30-50
407.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Diesel Locomotives, a Class 29 Bo-Bo BR blue, R/No. 6124, unboxed/good. Plus a Ref R357 boxed Class 31 AIA-AIA BR green, R/No. D5572, good/good box, both U/T. 30-50
408.    Eleven 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Coaches, by Lima, Mainline, Hornby, etc, various liveries. Plus three Tri-ang unboxed Pullman's, Jane, Ruth and Car No. 79. A boxed Ref No. P468 Four Wheel Coach and six boxed Ref No. R449 Coach Lighting Units, good/very good, (twenty one items). 30-50
409.    Retro - A Tray of Various 80's and Later Toys, to include Radio Tron Matshiro Knight Rider 2009, Dapol Doctor who Davros, Star Wars, etc:- One Tray 30-40
410.    Five Boxed Dinky '283' Single Decker Buses, Red Arrow liveries, some bubbles yellowed. 30-50
411.    Twenty Six 'OO' Gauge/4mm Items of Boxed/unboxed Rolling Stock, by Hornby, Tri-ang, Lima, etc, tank wagons (eleven), brake van, car transporter, etc, fair to very good. 30-50
412.    Five Dinky '283' Single Decker Buses, with Red Arrow livery, bubbles fair to good (some with loose transfers). 30-50
413.    Four Boxed Dinky Sci-Fi Diecast Vehicles, to include 105 Maximum Security Vehicle, with red stripe, 103 Spectrum Patrol Car, Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle, USS Enterprise, (boxes fair - very poor). 40-60
414.    A Quantity of Boxed Matchbox 75 Silver Jubilee Buses, approximately ten, all appear good, some boxes have tears, No 17 Londoner bus, etc:- One Box. 10-20
415.    A Jouef 'HO' Gauge Boxed Level Crossing, plus a quantity of signals, telegraph poles, etc, playworn to very good. 20-40
416.    Three Corgi Toys '468' London Transport Routemaster Buses, red liveries 'Outspan' branding, one box poor, two good. 40-60
417.    Eleven 'HO' Gauge USA Outline Coaches, by Roundhouse, Athearn, etc, Great Northern (2) - Pennsylvania (3) - Southern Pacific (3) and three Tri-ang "CN" Rail silver/black examples, (good/very good - ten boxed). 30-50
418.    Five Boxed Dinky '295' Atlantean Buses, all yellow liveries, tw darker, 'Yellow Pages', slight paint chips, yellowing to bubbles. 30-50
419.    A Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref R157 Class 101 DMU Two Car Boxed Set, repainted BR blue. Plus a Ref. R334 Centre Car repainted BR blue. Also a three car set, unboxed, BR green and a DMU "Three Car" Tri-ang Pullman Set, unboxed, nine items, playworn, U/T. 30-50
420.    Five Dinky '289' Routemaster Buses, three Esso Safety Grip Tyres, one Madame Tussauds and a Tern Shirts, paint work appears good, bubbles good, yellowed. 30-50
421.    A Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No. R316 Class J83 0-6-0 Tank Steam Locomotive, L.N.E.R green, R/No. 8473 (boxed/good). Plus six other tank locomotives, five 0-4-0 (Hornby Pug R057 noted) and a Tri-ang 0-6-0 "Jinty" (unboxed) fair to good, all untested (seven items). 30-50
422.    Exclusive First Editions - ten 1:76 scale diecast buses, including Cheltenham, Bristol FLF, Brighton and Hove, Alexander Midland Bristol. 30-40
423.    Three Hornby Dublo 'OO' Gauge/4mm 4-6-2 Steam Locomotives and Tenders, all over painted/renovated and converted to 2 rail, A4 Mallard L.N.E.R green (?) R/No 4468, two Duchess Class "City of Nottingham" BR maroon and "Duchess of Buccleuch" L.M.S maroon R/No 6230, unboxed/untested/poor paint. 40-60
424.    A Tray of Loose Diecast, to include Welley MB Coach, brand promotional vehicles by Corgi, Matchbox, etc, all various playworn. 15-20
425.    Britains - The 120 M/M Bat Gun, boxed, Grand Prix Series, No 4 E Type, boxed, a boxed partially built Airfix Evening Star, etc. 30-50
426.    A Tray of Various Diecast Buses, to include Dinky '1017' Routemaster metal bus kit, 1018 diecast metal kit 1023 single decker bus kit, 283 Corgi Red Arrow single decker, etc. 20-40
427.    A Tri-ang 'OO' Gauge/4mm Bo-Bo Pullman Diesel Locomotive and Trailer, blue/silver R/No. W60097. Plus three further unpowered locomotives and two Pullman Coaches (seven items), fair to very good, untested. 30-50
428.    A Tray of Various TV and Film Related Diecast Vehicles, to include two Corgi Aston martin DB5, Batmobile, Dinky U.F.O Interceptor, Maximum Security Vehicle, etc (all playworn). 40-50
429.    Five Dinky '289' Routemaster Buses, all red livery, Esso Safety Grip Tyres, slight paint chips, bubbles poor. 20-40
430.    Five Dinky '296' Duple Viceroy 37 Luxury Coaches, with blue livery and speed wheels, paint appears good, bubbles good to fair. 30-50
431.    Seven Items Hornby Pre and Post War Good Unboxed Rolling Stock, two tank wagons, a Pullman coach, two ore wagons with rail, a Basset Lowke brake goods, etc. 30-50
432.    Seven Dinky '297' Silver Jubilee Buses, silver livery, boxes fair to good. 30-50
433.    A Tray of Various 1980's Thundercats Figures, plus a vehicle, (all playworn) 15-30
434.    Eleven Tri-ang 'OO'/4mm Unboxed Pullman Coaches, Car No. 78 (4), Jane (3), Anne (2), Mary and Ruth (fair to good). 25-40
435.    Five Boxed Dinky '291' Atlantean City Buses, all red livery one Esso, the rest Kenning, some bubbles good, others poor/yellowed. 30-50
436.    Three tri-ang 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed - Two Car DMU Locomotives, plus one centre coach, BR green, (seven items), fair/untested. 30-50
437.    Five Boxed Dinky '295' Atlantean Buses, all yellow liveries, one darker, 'Yellow Pages', slight paint chips, bubbles poor 30-50
438.    Six 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Diesel Locomotives, Co-Co Railfreight Class 58 and 37, Kima Deltic BR green R/No DP2, Triang Class 31 R/No D5572, Hornby Class 29 Bo-Bo BR blue R/No 6124 and a Lima Bo-Bo class 33, BR blue R/No 33024 (fair to very good) untested. 50-70
439.    Five Boxed Dinky '295' Atlantean Buses, all yellow liveries, two darker, 'Yellow Pages', slight paint chips, yellowing to bubbles. 30-50
440.    A Tri-ang 'OO' Gauge/4mm Transcontinental Unpowered Bo-Bo A and B Diesel Locomotive, plus five silver/red coaches and four blue livery, unboxed/good, (eleven items). 20-40
441.    Twenty Five Boxed Days Gone By, including 1934 Dennis Parcel Vans, 1934 Back Truck, 1935 A.E.C Regal Single Deck Bus, 1920 Model 'T' Ford Tanker, etc. 20-30
442.    Eleven 'O' Gauge/7mm Darstead Boxed Tank Wagons, (mainly Golden Fleece) new but without bogies/wheels/boxes very good 70-120
443.    A Quantity of Boxed Modern Diecast Vehicles, to include Corgi 471 London Transport Silver Jubilee Bus, 96682 Inspector Morse jaguar MK2, 468 London Bus, "Greenligh" Ford Gran Torino Sport, etc. 30-50
444.    Approximately Forty Five Hornby Dublo/Wrenn etc Unboxed Items, of rolling stock, box vans, brake vans, hoppers, well and flat wagons, etc. (fair to good). 40-60
445.    A Quantity of Boxed Diecast Vehicles, by Matchbox Models of Yesteryear and Cameo by Corgi, to include Models of Yesteryear Y40 1931 Mercedes Benz 770, Y7 1930 Model A Ford Wreck Truck, Y26 1918 Crossley 'Beer Lorry', etc. 20-40
446.    A Quantity of 'O' Gauge/7mm Brass and Plastic Assorted Body Components for Coaches and Locomotives, coach interiors, roofs, brass sides, etc - of interest. A box of white metal and brass items and G.W.R Steam Unit. Plus a brass/plastic coach kit labelled as a "L.Y.R - D94" and a part completed/painted coach, maroon with gold lining. 50-70
447.    A Quantity of TV and Film Late 90's Early 2000's Boxed Diecast Vehicles, to include Corgi 05301 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, 00101 The Avengers Vintage Bentley, The Sweeney Ford Granada Consul, etc. 30-50
448.    Eleven 'O' Gauge/7mm Darstead Boxed Tank Wagons, (mainly Golden Fleece) new but without bogies/wheels/boxes very good 70-120
449.    A Quantity of Boxed Diecast Brand and Promotion and Model Vehicles, to include Corgi Classics 74601 Citroen Type SS, D.H.L Collectors, Ltd Edition, Mack B Series Wrecker, etc:- One Box 30-50
450.    Thirty 'HO' Gauge Boxed Items of USA Outline Rolling Stock, in kit form, by Athearn, Walthers, TMI, etc, box vans, gondola's, etc, very good. 25-40
451.    A Bachmann Ref No. 90016 "G" Gauge "Royal Blue" Big Haulier Boxed Train Set, comprising 4-6-0 "Old Timer" Steam Locomotive and Double Bogie Tender, overall blue finish R/No. 1332, plus two New York Philadelphia Baltimore Coaches - set missing track and power pack, otherwise good U/T condition. 50-70
452.    Approximately Fifty 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Items of Rolling Stock, by Triang, Dapol, Hornby etc, (fifteen plus items kit built, ore wagons box vans, brake vans etc (playworn to good). 40-60
453.    A Bachmann Ref No. 90020 "G" Gauge "Circus Train", boxed train set - comprising 4-6-0 "Old Timer" Steam Locomotive and Double Bogie Tender "Emmett Kelley" Circus livery R/No. 49; plus three items of rolling stock, and Elephant Car, a Cage Car with Occupants and the Advertisement Coach - set missing track and power pack, otherwise good U/T condition. 60-80
454.    A Quantity of 'N' Gauge Track, a Gantry, Tomix supports, nine trackside 'N' Gauge kits by Peco, Faller, etc (good/very good). 30-50
455.    A Bachmann Ref No. 25002 Boxed Narrow Gauge (ON30) U.S.A Outline "Old Timer" 2-6-0 Steam Locomotive and Eight Wheel Tender, overall black "Colorado and Southern" livery R/No.22. Plus three coaches, track and controller, very good, appears unused - untested. 50-70
456.    Nineteen 'OO' Gauge/4mm Inter City Coaches, by Hornby, Triang, etc, fair to very good, unboxed (four items boxed). 30-50
457.    A Faller 'HO' Gauge Ref No. 161900 Laser Street Basis Set, boxed, appears complete (though unchecked), good/as new condition. 15-30
458.    Two Boxed Victory Models Vosper R.A.F Crash Tenders, models have small parts missing, boxes fair. 30-50
459.    A L.G.B 'G' Gauge Boxed Ref No. 2078 0-6-0 Tank Steam Locomotive, overall DK green/black, R/No. 51, good U/T condition, box good. 80-120
460.    A Boxed Sutcliffe Model Boat, with key, 'Minx Speedboat', some corrosion and paint chips, box poor. 40-60
461.    Two 'Douglass Models' 'O' Gauge/7mm Kit Built G.W.R Fine Scale Coaches, First class and third class, built to a very good standard, contained in Darstead boxes. 50-70
462.    A Quantity of Kato 'N' Gauge track, Points, Straights, Curves, etc, unboxed, very good. 30-50
463.    'N' Gauge Items - a small quantity of Kato assembled buildings, a quantity of Kato unitrack plus two rail girder bridge, a Tomix Ref No 3076 No 1 accessory kit, and a number of Peco line side layout kits etc:- Three Containers.
464.    A Hornby Dublo Boxed DI Turntable, A 'A3 Control Unit', a ref 32300 controller, plus a quantity of three rail track, points, buffers, signals, etc. 15-30
465.    A Quantity of 'N' Gauge Track, Points, Straights, Curves etc, plus approximately twenty items of rolling stock (parts/playworn to good), two locomotives, a Class 20 diesel and a Grafar 4-6-0 plus tender, plus a rolling Bo-Bo chassis, body parts etc (2 lots) 30-50
466.    A Corgi Ref No. 16502 Scammell Ballast, with closed trailer and caravan - Ltd Edition with certificate, very good, appears complete. Plus a Lledo Ref GF 1002 boxed "Helter Skelter" and a Ref No. AR1002 boxed Burrell Steam Wagon and Carousel, very good. 40-60
467.    Two Gaugemaster Model "D" Controllers, (one boxed), a model "DF" (boxed), two boxed Hornby HM 4000 and controllers. Plus a Hornby HM 2000 Power Controller, (six items) untested, sold as spares, repair only. 30-50
468.    Eight Bachmann 'HO' Gauge Coaches - Hawthorne Village and "Thomas Kinkade" Christmas Express Liveries. Plus three box vans (similar livery), a quantity of track, a double bogie "Christmas Express" Tender (no locomotive) etc. All contained in a three drawer card cabinet (rolling stock and track appear unused, twelve items and track. 40-60
469.    A Quantity of 'Days Gone', by Lledo, to include 'Dunlop' Delivery Van, 'Coca-Cola Soda Fountains' Delivery Van, 'Radio Times Royal Celebration Collection' Stage Car. 15-30
470.    A L.G.B 'G' Gauge Ref No 2019-5 Boxed 2-6-0 'Old Timer' Steam Locomotive and Tender, overall black and silver 'Colorado and Southern' R/No 6; good untested condition, fair box (no interior pckg). 70-100
471.    A Quantity of Triang 'OO' Gauge/4mm Railway Track, points, girder bridge, two coaches, four items of rolling stock, crossing signals, etc, plus three steam locomotives for repair/spare, two 4-6-2 Princess Elizabeth (one tender), and a std tank BR black R/No 82004 (playworn/UT). 20-40
472.    A Triang Ref No R81 'Station Set', and a Ref No R161 'Operating Hopper Car Set', both good in good boxes and appear complete (2) 15-30
473.    Six Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Track Side Items, R180 Viaduct, R189 Bridge, R518 Signal Box, R657 Girder Bridge (2), R909 Support Set. Plus a unboxed tunnel, two Peco lineside kits (water tower and office building), a Peco ref no. LK-80 Tram Shed Kit and a Heljan ref 2501 Station Kit (ten items) good, box contents unchecked. 30-50
474.    A Quantity of 'OO' Gauge/4mm Track, by various makers, short/long straights, inner outer curves, etc 20-40
475.    A Gaugemaster Boxed Mode 'Q' Four Track Controller, plus two Hornby Ref 902 controllers, two Bachmann F-2 command control centre's, two single track gaugemasters, a double track by 'Tasma', a variable power output Ref No CRE 55465, a H & M clipper etc, items untested offered for spares repair only (11). 30-50
476.    Thirty 'OO' Gauge/4mm Coaches, by Grafar, Hornby, Triang etc, BR maroon, green and "Blood/Custard" - composite, buffet, baggage, brake examples, two "Golden Arrow" versions noted, good to very good, mainly unboxed. 50-70
477.    Twenty Eight 'HO' Gauge Boxed Items of USA Outline Rolling Stock, by Proto 2000, Athearn, Roundhouse, etc, of interest. A Atlas Ref 20.000.031 89 Foot Flat Car Trailer Train, all good/very good. 30-50
478.    Gaming - Xbox, Steel Battalion Line of Contact Box Set, appears unused, by Capcom Europe, (untested sold for parts only). 50-70
479.    Two Containers of 'OO' Gauge/'HO' Gauge Layout and Trackside Items, foliage, cork strips, Hornby tunnel kits by Wills, Redutex, Metcalfe, Airfix, Scale Link, buildings, plus 4/5 wagon vehicle kits, etc. 40-60
480.    Gaming - Xbox Video Game System, with six box games including, Fable The Lost Chapters, Splinter Cell, Halo 2, Jade Empire, Timesplitters Future Perfect and Rocky, (untested sold for parts only). 20-30
481.    Retro Gaming - Sega Master System, with two remotes, plus Back To The Future, Part III and Jurassic Park, both boxed.(untested sold for parts only) 30-40
482.    Retro Gaming - Commodore Amiga A-500 Plus Console, with a quantity of wiring/accessories, along with a two tier small cabinet, of games (untested sold for parts only). 30-50
483.    Retro Gaming - Two Sega Enterprises Dreamcast Consoles, with a quantity of boxed gamed, controllers, etc (untested sold for parts only). 30-40
484.    Retro Gaming - A Sinclair ZX Spectrum, with user guide and a number of games cassettes. 30-40
485.    Gaming - An Xbox 360 250 G.B Games Console, with ten boxed, games, including Grand Theft Auto IV, Mass Effect 3, Saints Row, Last Odyssey, etc (untested sold for parts only). 30-40
486.    Gaming - Sony Playstation 2, with wires, remotes and two boxed games Grand Turismo and Smackdown 2, (untested sold for parts only). 30-40
487.    Retro Gaming - A Nintendo 64 Console, with four remotes, power supply, etc (untested sold for parts only). 20-40
488.    Retro Gaming - Atari XE Video Games System, gun and joystick present, also with paper, (untested sold for parts only). 30-50
489.    Retro Gaming - A Boxed Sega Mega Drive II 16-Bit, with instruction manual and a quantity of boxed games, including The Terminator, Sonic The Hedgehog, etc (untested sold for parts only), box poor. 30-50
490.    Retro Technology - Fire Transistor A.M Radio Kit, (appears complete) with a Tournament IT Deluxe Electronic TV Game. 15-25
491.    Gaming - A Sony PS2 Console, with associated controllers, etc, along with three boxed games.(untested sold for parts only) 20-30
492.    Five Star Wars 'The Power of The Force Figures, in blister packs, to include Dengar, Saelt-Marae, Palpatine, Weedquay Skiff Guard and Malakili, all bubbles yellowed, some creasing to cards. 20-40
493.    Star Trek - Mego item No. 51200/1 Captain Kirk, in blister pack, bubble good, along with a Klingon figure. 30-50
494.    North British Locomotive Company Ltd Glasgow Works Plate, 1946, No. 25805. 80-120
495.    North British Locomotive Company Ltd Glasgow Works Plate, 1946, No. 25828. 80-120
496.    North British Locomotive Company Ltd Glasgow Works Plate, 1947, No. 26119. 80-120
497.    North British Locomotive Company Ltd Glasgow Works Plate, 1947, No. 26126. 80-120
498.    North British Locomotive Company Ltd Queens Park Works, 1919, No. 22199. 80-120
499.    Registered by The Railway Executive Cast Railway Plate No. 1552, 1953 red ground with black enamel writing. 150-250
500.    The Vulcan Foundry (Limited) Newton-Le-Willows Lancashire Works Plate No. 5147, 1944. 150-250
501.    Avonside Engine Co. Ltd Works Plate Engine No. 1858, built 1920, Bristol, brass letters showing through paint. 200-300
502.    London and North Eastern Railway Works Plate N.B Loco No. 61291, 1948. 50-70
503.    The Vulcan Foundry (Limited) Newton-Le-Willows, Lancashire Works Plate, No. 5501, 1947. 150-250
504.    London and North Eastern Railway Works Plate N.B Loco No. 61269, 1947. 80-120
505.    Five Brass Locomotive Related Plaques, including, Operation of Bryce 'Hydraulic' Starter, Hunslet Engine Co. Ltd, No. 8988, No, 8987. 30-50
506.    B R - E Works Plate No. 61109, 1946. 60-100
507.    London and North Eastern Railway Works Plate No. 1324, 1947. 80-120
508.    London and North Eastern Railway Works Plate No. 61152, 1947, (some corrosion). 50-70
509.    Gorton Works Works Plate 1949, built 1004. 50-70
510.    A German Railway Works Plate Berliner Maschinenbau-Actien-Gesellschaft Vormals L. Schwartzko PFF, Berlin No. 7161, 1920. 80-120
511.    London and North Eastern Railway Works Plate N.B Loco No. 61056, 1946. 50-70
512.    Hudswell Clarke and Co. Ltd No. 1890 Name Plate, 1960, face has darkened with some rubbing. 150-300
513.    Hudswell Clarke & Co. Ltd Name Plate No. D 1073 Railway Foundry, 1958, Leeds, England, rubbing to face. 200-400
514.    The Hunslet Engine Co. Ltd Leeds Works Plate, No. 3783, 1953, 16 x 22cms. 200-300
515.    Hudswell Clarke and Co. Ltd Leeds Name Plate No. 1765, green base with red lettering. 200-300
516.    Two 'HO' Gauge U.S.A Outline Diesel Locomotives, boxed, a "Life Like" FP7 Amtrack Livery. Plus a "Proto 2000" SD45, small parts detached/slight damage to rails, otherwise good untested condition. 30-50
517.    Four Dinky '283' Single Decker Buses, red liveries, 'Red Arrow' branding, bubbles poor/fair. 20-40
518.    Two "HO" Gauge U.S.A Outline Diesel Locomotives, boxed - an "E.E" Models FP.7 Canadian Pacific. Plus a Athearn SD40-2 Canadian Pacific, both require assembling, (mechanism untested). 20-40
519.    Three Dinky '283' Single Decker Buses, red livery, boxes fair to good. 30-40
520.    Three 'HO' Gauge Continental Outline Electric Locomotives, with twin Pantographs, a boxed Roco Ref No. 52583, a boxed Roco "SNCF" Rail R/No. BB-7201 (both good). A unboxed Rivarossi 4-4-4 R/No. FF SS E620 001 (requires small parts re-fitting). Plus a Roco boxed Ref No. 43271 4-6-0 Steam Tank Locomotive, DB Rail, (fair), (four items) all locomotives untested. 40-60
521.    Five Dinky '291' Atlantean City Bus, all red liveries, three with white engine covers, one blue and one red, all have slight paint chips, bubbles have yellowing. 30-50
522.    Seventee 'HO' and 'N' Gauge Static Locomotive Models, by Del Prado, etc, very good. 15-30
523.    Eight Routemaster Buses by Budgie, to include mostly 236 and 706, models appear overall good, boxes poor. 20-30
524.    A Playit 'HO' Gauge Unboxed "Bullet" Powered Locomotive and Trailer, (2). Plus a Lima Bo-Bo Electric South African "The Blue Train" and two Coaches, (locomotive has one damaged pantograph),, (good U/T condition), (five items). 30-50
525.    Five Dinky '283' Single Decker Buses, with 'Red Arrow' livery, fair to good. 30-50
526.    Twenty Three Items 'HO' Gauge Unboxed Continental Outline Rolling Stock, Tank Wagons, Box Cars, Baggage Coach, by Fleischmann, Bachmann, Piko, etc. Plus three 79 Tonne Breakdown Cranes, good, (twenty six items). 30-50
527.    Five Dinky '291' Atlantean City Buses, to include two white and three red liveries, all with 'Kenning' Car branding, slight paint chips throughout, bubble fair. 30-50
528.    Seventeen Hornby Dublo 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Tinplate Stainer Coaches, BR maroon, BR red/cream, passenger, brake and restaurant cars, West Country restaurant car 109572 noted, fair to very good (2 and 3 rail) 40-60
529.    Five Dinky '289' Routemaster Buses, four Esso Safety Grip Tyres, and one visit Madame Tussauds, slight paint marks, some yellowing to bubbles. 30-50
530.    A Small Qty of various "00" Gauge Rolling Stock, tankers, components, etc. (conditions poor to fair). 15-20
531.    A Quantity of 1950-1954 The Beano Comics, no's 391-649, not complete years, conditions mostly good, some notable issues, (worthy of a closer inspection). 40-60
532.    A L.G.B 'G' Gauge Ref No 22194 Boxed 2-6-0 'Old Timer' Steam Locomotive and Tender, overall black/silver 'Rio Grande' R/No 491, very good (untested) box very good. 80-120
533.    A Tray of Various Boxed Dinky Diecast Vehicles, to include 278 Plymouth Yellow Cab, 296 Duple Viceroy 37 Luxury Coach, 292 Leyland Atlantean Bus, etc boxes fair to poor. 40-60
534.    Nine Loose Diecast Buses, including Dinky AEC Single Deck Bus, red/green liveries, Dinky Routemaster Lonestar, etc, all playworn. 15-30
535.    A Quantity of Post War The Beano Comic, Beano 1947 - to Christmas 1949, not complete years, condition vary good to fair, some notable issues, (worthy of a closer inspection). 40-60
536.    A Tray of Various 'OO' Rolling Stock, a boxed Rovex LMS maroon coach (AF), Tri-ang Animal Wagon, standard goods van, Hornby Meccano metal goods wagon, loose wagon, other wagons, etc. 20-30
537.    Dinky Toys - Seven Boxed 297 Silver Jubilee Bus, all silver livery, boxes have some tears. 15-30
538.    Five Dinky '295' Atlantean City Buses, to include four light and one dark yellow liveries, all with 'Yellow Pages" branding, slight paint chips throughout, bubble fair. 30-50
539.    Thirteen War Time The Beano Comics, to include No.50, 83, 118, 136, 145, 237, 253, 260, 278, 288, 290, 295 and 297, all in reasonable order, but yellowed, some tears, nics, etc, (worthy of a closer inspection). 80-120
540.    Three Jouef 'HO' Gauge Unboxed S.N.C.F Locomotives, a Co-Co Electric R/No. 1306, two Bo-Bo Diesels R/No. 67001, plus three Continental Outline Tank Steam Locomotives, two 0-4-0 and a Marklin 0-6-0 three rail, fair to good, U/T, (six items). 40-60
541.    A Bachmann Ref No, 90017 "G" Gauge "Lumber Jack" Big Haulier Boxed Train Set, comprising 0-4-0 Tank Steam Locomotive, "Coal Creek Lumber Co", Caboose and Gondola with log load - set missing track and power pack, otherwise good U/T condition. 50-70
542.    Three Dinky '283' Single Decker Buses, red livery, boxes fair to good. 30-40
543.    Five Dinky '295' Atlantean Buses, all yellow liveries, four light, one darker 'Yellow Pages', some paint chips, bubbles good-poor 30-50
544.    A Quantity of 1956-1985 The Beano Comics, not complete years, conditions vary, some notable issues, (worthy of a closer inspection). 40-60
545.    Thirty Hornby Dublo and Trix etc, unboxed ore wagons, Saxa Salt etc, L.M.S, S.R, C.W BR and private owner, etc (fair to very good) 30-50
546.    Five Boxed "00" Gauge Locomotives, by Hornby to include R2536 Br 4-6-2 "ST Gatien, R.033 Br Class 7MT "Morning Star etc, others partial built, components, etc Boxes fair, models unchecked for completeness, 30-50
547.    A Quantity of Platform/Building Lighting, etc, various manufacturers, many items in original packaging. 40-60
548.    A Quantity of 'HO' Gauge Kato Loose Unitrack, Curves, Straights, etc. Plus a few packs (sealed) of track accessories, very good. 20-40
549.    Forty Plus Items of 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Rolling Stock, by Tri-ang, Hornby, Trix, etc, tank wagons, ore wagons, box vans, "Private Owner" examples, fair to very good. 40-60
550.    Three Boxes of Items Rescued From a Railway Modelers Workshop - Box One - a quantity of damaged items of rolling stock, coaches, wagons, parts etc. Box Two - a quantity of damaged and or spare parts of steam and diesel locomotives plus spare bodies, tender tops etc. Box Three - a large quantity of model components; wheels, motors, electrical items trackside and layout stuff, etc. 60-80
551.    A Large Quantity of KA to 'N' Gauge Unitrack, Station Platforms. Elevated Sections etc, (all good contained in two plastic boxes). 50-70
552.    Ten 'G' Gauge Lineside Buildings, (heavy duty plastic/resin), station box, house fronts, etc, plus what appears to be a complete set of parts for a continental outline (German) railway depot. 20-40
552A.   A Boxed Certified 2/1/83 Marilyn World Doll Celebrity Series, dated 1983, doll appears good, some tears to box. 30-50
553.    Twenty Three Tri-ang 'OO' Gauge/4mm MK1 Red/Cream Coaches, Composite Brake and Restaurant Examples. Plus three BR green and six others coaches, Inter-City, etc. (thirty three items). 50-70
554.    Five Boxes of Mainly 'OO' Gauge/4mm trackside/Layout Buildings, etc, engine sheds, signal boxes, domestic and industrial items, card, plastic and resin examples. 40-60
555.    Ten 'O' Gauge/7mm Darstead Boxed Tank Wagons, (mainly Golden Fleece) new but without bogies/wheels/boxes very good 70-120
556.    Ten Athearn 'HO' Gauge Boxed/Blister Packed Items of "Own Name" Containers, plus twenty one loose containers, plain and "Own Name", fair to very good, (thirty one items). 15-30
557.    A Quantity of 'Days Gone', by Lledo, to include Eagle Ale' Open-Aired Truck with plastic barrels, 'Wakefield Fire Brigade - Free When You Buy Castrol GTX' Fire Truck, Wagon and Horse Advertising 'Williams Griffin Department Store', approximately forty one:- One Box 15-30
558.    Two Lima 'OO' Gauge/4mm Class 08 0-6-0 Diesel Shunters, BR green R/No 3004 and L.M.S black R/No 7120 (missing couplings), plus two Triang 0-4-0 "Dock Authority" shunters (fair to good) untested. 40-60
559.    A Boxed 'Transformers' Pretenders Decepticon Bomb Burst, toy appear unused, box has some crushing, along with Scalextric C282, Scalextric Car and accessories, boxes poor:- One Tray 40-60
560.    A Quantity of 'Days Gone', by Lledo, to include 'Royal Wedding of HRH Prince Andrew and Miss Sarah Ferguson' Double Decker Bus, 'The Birmingham Mail' Bus, 'Heinz Ketchup' Bus, approximately thirty three:- One Box 15-30
561.    A Box Quantity of Diecast Vehicles, to include E.F.E Leyland PO2, R.T.L Bus, Harrington Grenadier, Lledo Lorries, Bedford OB Coach, etc, (large quantity). 15-30
562.    A Quantity of 'Days Gone', by Lledo, to include 'XIII Commonwealth Games Scotland 1986' Coach, 'Hamleys World of Toys' Bus, various sports cars, approximately forty forty one:- One Box 15-30
563.    Four Boxed Matchbox 'Convoy', to include CY12, CY7, CY4, CY3, etc, boxes fair:- One Box 20-40
564.    Five 'OO' Gauge/4mm SR Class R1 0-6-0 Tank Steam Locomotives, BR black R/No 31337 three by Hornby Dublo, one each Wrenn and Triang, (playworn to good) untested. 30-50
565.    A Quantity of 'Days Gone', by Lledo, to include 'Heinz Oven Baked Beans' Delivery Truck, 'Yorkshire Evening Post' Coach, 'Cookie Coach Company' Coach, approximately forty five:- One Box 20-40
566.    A Boxed Mamod Steam Tractor 1313 Traction Engine Tela, appears little/unused, with paperwork, (some corrosion). 40-60
567.    A Boxed 1:18th Scale 22CE Gold Plated Jaguar XJ220, in original box, with papers, (wing mirror off, but in front boot) quarter light missing. 30-50
568.    A Mamod Ref SR1A Live Steam 'Roller', with burner, fair unboxed condition. 30-50
569.    Twenty Items Hornby Dublo 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Rolling Stock, thirteen tank wagons, a Ref W17 breakdown crane, matt red with Jacks Trolleys etc, and six private owner wagons, unboxed, fair to good. 20-40
570.    Two 7mm Part Built Locomotive Kits, A 'Oakville Models' 4-6-0 Castle class (B.R.W,.R) etched brass and nickel silver, plus a Chowbent Castings L.M.S large boilered Claughton 4-6-0 (kit missing tender) both kits with wheels, boxed and instructions. 60-80
571.    Seven Unboxed Diecast Vehicles, five Corgi, a Saico G.P.O van, and a very good Dinky No 261 Telephone Service van. 20-40
572.    Corgi - Three Boxed TV Related Vehicles, including 267 Batmobile, D2023 X1 Rocketron and Buck Rodgers Starfighter, (boxes poor). 40-60
573.    Three Boxed Dinky '289' Routemaster Buses, to include Esso Safety Grip Tyres, and two Schweppes, slight paint chips, boxes fair. 40-60
574.    A Tray of Various Mostly TV/Film Diecast Vehicles, to include Diamonds Are Forever Moonbuggy, Batmobile, DBS, Green Hornet, etc, (all playworn). 30-40
575.    Three 'OO' Gauge/4mm Steam Locomotives for Spares or Repair, Triang 4-6-0 Albert Hall R/No 4983 (missing tender) - Rivarossi 4-6-0 Royal Slot R/No 6100 (very good but attention required to draw bar) - Matchbox "Collectibles" 4-6-2 U.S.A outline Southern Railroad locomotive and double bogie tender appears unused but with damage to front of engine/cow catcher etc, detached parts with model. 30-50
576.    Dinky Toys - Three bubble 283 single decker buses, "Red Arrow", appear all fine, bubbles poor. 15-30
577.    Four 'OO' Gauge/4mm Steam Locomotive Kits, a "DJH" Kit No K7 4-6-0 plus tender built/unpainted, "D.J.H Kit No. K11 part built, "D.J.H Kit No. K70 4--6-2 Coronation Class, built/painted, requires finishing, "K's" Kit for a 0-6-0 Kirtley and tender, box contains a part built locomotive with what appears to be parts for an additional model (all boxed, unchecked for completeness). 40-60
578.    Six Boxed The Wizard Of Oz Figures, by Mego, some crushing to boxes, but figures appear fine. 50-80
579.    Action Man - A Boxed Palitoy 40th Anniversary Nostalgic Collection, Africa Corps Lance Corporal, appears complete and in good order. 30-40
580.    A Small Quantity of Modern Unboxed Diecast Vehicles, includes two static display locomotives, "Scotsman" and "City of Truro" (fair to very good). 15-30
581.    A Plastic Airfix Machine Gun, possibly a F.A. L, with magazine and ammunition rounds. 15-30
582.    Six 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Locomotive Kits, Finecast Metro Tank, built/painted, RT Models "Chattenden", unstarted - DJH 0-4-4 Class 439, part built DJH 4-4-0 Class 66, part built with extra tender, D.J.H 4-6-0 Class 60, part built and a "Model Locomotive" 4-6-2 Duchess, built/painted, small parts detached, Mechanisms untested, box contents unchecked. 50-70
583.    A Hornby Dublo 'OO' Gauge/4mm Three Rail Ref No EDP12 'Duchess of Montrose' Train Set, comprising steam locomotive and six wheel tender, BR green R/No 46232, two BR red/cream stainer coaches and track, set content fair/UT, box base fair, lid poor (two end missing/stained). 30-50
584.    Corgi Toys - Six boxed 471 Silver Jubilee 1977 bus, four See More London and two Woolworth Welcomes The World, silver livery some marks to boxes. 20-40
585.    Three 'HO' Gauge U.S.A Outline Boxed Locomotives - A Kato Diesel Ref No 37-6471, C.P Rail GEAC44 R/No 9524, body loose to chassis plus small parts detached, a Broadway 'Paragon Series' Diesel Alco R.S.D15, poor condition suitable for spares or repair. A further Broadway Paragon (rolling thunder) electric P.R.R P5A, Pennsylvania Livery R/No 4738 (good) locomotives untested. 40-60
586.    A Quantity of Boxed Diecast, to include Vanguards Triumph Dolomite, Classic Car Model Collection 1931 Classic Coups, Cameo Collection D751 Morris Open Back Truck, Lledo Canadian Provincial Series, etc. 20-40
587.    A Trix Ref No 12726 'N' Gauge Two Unit Cased 'Pendolino', 'Jagermeister', (good) plus a Dapol Ref No 120A class BR black R/No 61099 (boxed/good, but damage to drawbar); three 0-4-0 steam tank locomotives, three boxed items of rolling stock by Atlas etc, and a small quantity of unboxed rolling stock (loco' untested), approximately twenty items. 40-60
588.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Steam Locomotives and Six Wheel Tenders, Ref No R.852 Ivatt BR maroon R/No 46465 and 4-6-0 "Duke of Sutherland" L.M.S maroon R/No 5541, both good, in fair to good boxes. 40-60
589.    An Early XX Century Jointed Teddy Bear, along with a late XIX Century Early XX Century Dolls Chair. 20-30
590.    An Early XX Century Jointed Teddy Bear, by Chad Valley, 36cm in length. 20-30
591.    Steiff Hedgehog Family - Mecki, Micki, Mucki and Macki. (4) 20-40
592.    Three 'HO' Gauge Mantua Boxed U.S.A Outline Steam Locomotives, A Ref No 336-040 4-4-2 'Atlantic and Southern' R/No 351, A Ref No 308-25 4-4-2 'Dixie Belle' R/No 1340, plus Ref No 306-01 2-6-2 'Santa Fe', 'AT and SF' overall black livery (good untested condition, boxes fair). 30-50
593.    Doctor Who - A Boxed Deny's Fisher Tom Baker Figure, Scar 8 and Sonic Screwdriver present, "Intrepid Explorer of The Galaxies. 40-60
594.    A Red Box Secret Assignment Weapons for Special Agent 707 Set, missing some components, box poor. 15-30
595.    Six Boxed Corgi 471 London Transport Silver Jubilee Buses, three See More London & three Wolworth Welcomes The World, some slight box crushing. 15-30
596.    A Small Group of Vintage Boxed Diecast Vehicles, to include Harbert Spazio 1999, Alien Moon Buggy, Corgi 269 James Bond Lotus, Star Trek No. 2 Jigsaw, etc. 40-60
597.    Five Dinky '295' Atlantean Buses, all yellow liveries 'Yellow Pages', bubbles all appear good. 30-50
598.    Star Trek - Two Boxed Original Motion Picture 12 Inch Fully Poseable Star Trek Figures, Captain Kirk and Ilia, (boxes have slight crushing). 30-50
599.    A Bachmann 'HO' Gauge Ref No. 60501 U.S.A Outline Streetcar, "DCC" "Sound Value On Board", boxed. Plus two unboxed, good/untested. (3) 50-70
600.    Two Mid XX Century 'Promotional' Models of Ford Thunderbird by AMT of Birmingham, Michigan, one cream, one turquoise, playworn. 15-30
601.    An Unnamed "Foreign" Stationery Steam Engine, missing burner, with an unmarked dynamo on wooden base. 20-30
602.    Four 'OO' Gauge/4mm Steam Locomotives, Airfix Class 4F 0-6-0 LMS black R/No 4454 (good) - Hornby 4-4-0 plus tender, BR black R/No 40679 (missing funnel, over painted) - kit built Class 4F BR black R/No 43435 (chassis loose to body) - Triang 0-6-0T, L.M.S maroon R/No 7111 (very poor re paint). 30-50
603.    A Boxed Corgi D53/1 Four Rally Cars Set, along with a boxed Q330 Mini /Cooper, all models appear good, boxes have stickers. 15-25
604.    Triang 'OO' Gauge/4mm SR BB/WC Class 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, BR green renamed "Yeovil" R/No 34004, (good untested condition). 30-50
605.    Four Boxed Dinky Diecast Buses, to include 295 Atlantean Bus, 289 Routemaster Bus, 293 Altantean Bus and 283 Single Decker Bus, (boxes fair to poor). 40-60
606.    Six 'HO' Gauge Unboxed U.S.A Outline Tenders, Various Rail Roads, Plus two tender kits, a "Bowser", "Semi Vanderbilt" and a "Crown Line" 5500 Gal Cut-Down Tender, all good, box contents unchecked. (8) 25-40
607.    A Hornby Dublo 'OO' Gauge /4mm Ref No 2230 2 Rail Bo-Bo Class 20 Diesel Locomotive, BR green R/No D8017 appears new/unused 'untested', contained in good box no splits but rubbed edges and sellotape damage 20-40
608.    Two Raphael Lipkin Massey Harris 745 Tractors, yellow plastic hubs, red body work, both playworn. 50-80
609.    Five Dinky '295' Atlantean Buses, all yellow liveries 'Yellow Pages', bubbles good-poor. 30-50
610.    Two Bachmann 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed 4-6-0 Steam Locomotives and Six Wheel Tenders, Ref No.32-003 "Kinlet Hall" BR green R/No. 4936, good but Mainline Tender and Adapted Drawn Bar. Plus Ref No. 32-152 'N' Class 4P BR black R/No. 31813, good but the locomotive body base has an issue, but replacement part supplied, (locomotive's U/T). 40-60
611.    Dinky Toys: A Boxed 290 'Dunlop The World's Master Tyre', some slight paint chips, box poor. 15-30
612.    Two Hornby Dublo 'OO' Guage/4mm Three Rail Tank Steam Locomotive, BR black, a Ref EDL17 Class N2 0-6-2 R/No 69567, very good in very good box, A 2-6-4 std tank class 4MT R/No 80054, very good unboxed (Loco's U/T) 40-60
613.    Corgi 468 London Transport Routemaster Bus "Visit The Design Centre", overall red, Wizzwheels, very good in very good striped window box. 10-20
614.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Steam Locomotives, Ref No R2628 4-6-0 Class 7P 'Black Watch' BR green R/No 46102 (good/untested), Ref No R2831 4-4-0 Class T9, BR black, weathered, R/No 30726 (motor not meshed to wheels). (2) (both bodies/wheels/tenders very good). 30-50
615.    A Bachmann 'HO' Gauge 'Mountain Class' 4-8-2 C.N.R Steam Locomotive and Tender, R/No 6060 plus a Bachmann 4-8-4 'Northern' R/No 6218 and sixteen wheel tender, both good unboxed condition, untested. 50-70
616.    A Boxed Matchbox KRW-15 1981 Royal Wedding, along with a 'Zylmex 629' Selfridges London Routemaster Bus. 10-20
617.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Steam Locomotives, L.N.E.R green - Flying Scotsman plus eight wheel tender, and 4-6-0 Class B12 R/No 8509 (damage to draw bar), otherwise both good condition (untested). 40-60
618.    A Loose Dinky Toys Atlantean Bus, overall good condition, needs tyres.Dinky Toys: A Boxed 289 Routemaster Bus, 'Esso Safety Grip Tyres', slight paint chips, box slight wear. 20-30
619.    Two Hornby 'O' Gauge/7mm 0-4-0 Clockwork Tank Locomotives, L.M.S maroon R/No. 2115 and Typ40. BR black R./No. 82011, unboxed, both good, springs, wheels, buffers, couplings, ok. 30-50
620.    Dinky No 289 Routemaster Bus "Thollembeek and Fils", overall gold finish DK blue lower interior, light blue upper, speed wheels, very good in very good window box; Dinky No 289 Routemaster Bus "Thollembeek and Fils", overall gold finish, dk blue lower interior, lgt blue upper, speed wheels, very good in good window box, (split to cellophane). (2) 30-50
621.    Space 1999 - A Boxed Mattel Commander Koenig No. 9542 Action Figure, blister bubble has slight nics and slight crushing to card. 20-40
622.    Space 1999 Official Stun Gun, by BBRB, some crushing and creasing to box. 20-40
623.    A Chinese A.H.I Copy/Unofficial Space 1999 Eagle Transporter, box poor. 20-40
624.    Dinky Toys - A Late Production Star Trek The Motion Picture Klingon Cruiser, slight lifting to blister, overall slight marks to card. 20-40
625.    A Boxed Mego Corp Starsky and Hutch, 'Starsky' slight tears and marks throughout. 20-40
626.    A Boxed Dinky Toys 3614 Nasa Space Shuttle, slight crushing to box, model and accessories all present. 30-40
627.    A Boxed Deny's Fisher "Jamie Sommers", The Bionic Women, paperwork and accessories present, box has slight creasing to edges. 40-60
628.    Dinky Toys 252 Pontiac R.L.M.P Car, 173 Pontiac Parisian, both boxed, some paint chips, boxes poor. (2) 25-45
629.    A Post War Hornby Train Station Hoarding Set, good plus, boxed. 20-40
630.    A Post War Hornby Train Station Hoarding Set, fair, boxed. 20-40
631.    A Boxed Dinky Toys 265 Plymouth USA Taxi, with wheels, seating and four wheel suspension, red hood roof, orange body, polished hubs, some paint chips, box fair. 80-120
632.    Corgi Toys - A boxed 438 Land Rover 109" W.B and a 406 Land Rover,boxed. 30-50
633.    Dinky 352 Boxed Ed. Strakers Car, gold livery, blue interior, (scratching to model, creasing to box). 50-70
634.    Corgi Toys - 497 The Man From Uncle Gun Firing "Thrush Buster", white livery, ring present, paint has slight losses, box has tears but papers, etc are present. 100-150
635.    A Boxed Dinky 660 Tank Transporter, has paint chips. etc, driver present, box poor. 30-50
636.    A Boxed Dinky 651 Centurion Tank, (overall mostly good), with slight paint chips, box poor. 30-40
637.    Corgi 306 Special Agent 007 Toyota 2000 GT, from You Only Live Twice, (box poor). 40-60
638.    Two Corgi Toys '468' London Transport Routemaster Buses, red liveries, 'Naturally Corgi Toys' branding, boxes good. 40-60
639.    Two Corgi Toys '468' London Transport Routemaste Buses, red liveries 'Naturally Corgi Toy' branding, boxes good/fair. 40-60
640.    A Bubble Box Dinky 734 P47 Thunderbolt, (bubble poor and yellowed). 30-50
641.    Corgi Toys - A boxed 351 Land Rover R.A.F vehicle, vehicle good, box fair,along with 109" W.B Land Rover, some paint chips. 40-60
642.    A Boxed Dinky Toys - 360 Space 1999 Eagle Freighter, appears to be complete, box and plastic good. 50-80
643.    Two Boxed Dinky 101 Thunderbird 2 and 4, one in blue, one in green, models appear good, (boxes poor). 80-120
644.    Over 170 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include X-Men, Spider-Man, Tales to Astonish, Journey into Mystery, Thor, Daredevil, Superman, Tales of Suspense, Hulk 250-350
645.    Over 100 Savage Sword of Conan Magazines. 30-50
646.    Over 170 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include FF, Thor, Spider-Man, X-Men, Hulk, Conan, Daredevil, Strange Tales 250-350
647.    Over 170 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include Variants, Signed Comics, Daredevil, Thor, Warlock, FF, Wolverine, Man-Thing, Hawkman, Spider-Man, Superman, Hulk 250-350
648.    Over 170 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include Ironman, Amazing Adventures, Marvel Premier, X-Men, Spider-Man, FF, Thor, Daredevil 250-350
649.    Over 170 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include FF, Thor, Spider-Man, X-Men, Hulk, Tales of suspense, Tales to Astonish, Strange Tales, Aquaman 250-350
650.     Over 170 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include Spider-Man, X-Men, Hulk, Avengers, Sheild, Captain America, Thor, New Gods 250-350
651.    Over 170 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include Captain America, Spider-Man, Showcase, Shield, Superboy, Submariner, X-Men, Thor, Daredevil, Lois Lane, Strange Tales 250-350
652.    Over 280 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include Action, Adventure, X-Men, Baman, Flash, Lois Lane, Superboy, JLA 250-350
653.    Over 170 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include Spider-Man, Submariner, Daredevil, Thor, Forever People, Iron Fist, X-Men, Hulk, Jimmy Olsen, Ghosts, Fantastic Four. 250-350
654.    Over 170 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include X-Men Fantastic Four, Flash, Avengers, Dracula, Batman, JLA, Marvel Spotlight, Daredevil 250-350
655.    Over 170 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include Thor, Fantastic Four, JLA, Supergirl, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Lois Lane, Marvel Spotlight, Hulk, Batman, Flash, Strange Tales 250-350
656.    Over 170 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men, FF, Superboy, Adam Strange, Daredevil, Worlds Finest, Thor, Mystery in Space, Kung Fu 250-350
657.    Over 100 American Comics, Excellent Condition 50-100
658.    Over 170 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include FF, Thor, Spider-Man, X-Men, Hulk, Conan, Daredevil, Strange Tales 250-350
659.    Over 100 Cerebus Comics Excellent Condition 50-100
660.    Over 170 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include X-Men, Marvel Premier, Thor, Strange Tales, Captain Marvel, Doom Patrol, Aquaman, Batman, Lois Lane, Demon, Conan 250-350
661.    Over 280 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include Variants, Thor, Captain Marvel, Silver Surfer, Witching Hour, Avengers, Wonder Woman, X-Men, Daredevil, Sgt. Fury, Worlds Finest, Ms Marvel 250-350
662.    Over 280 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include Superman, Action Comics, X-Men, FF, Daredevil, JLA, Adventure, Wolverine, Hulk. 250-350
663.    Over 280 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include Variants, Adventure, X-Men, FF, Miracle, Wolverine, Batman, Avengers, Superboy 250-350
664.    Over 280 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include Variants, Sketch Covers, X-Men 250-350
665.    Over 280 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include Flash, Avengers, X-Men, Superboy, Wolverine, Batman, Daredevil, Civil War 250-350
666.    Over 170 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include Avengers, Thor, Superman, Solar, Poweman, Daredevil, Magnus, Cable, Kull, Man-thing, Star Trek, Jimmy Olsen 250-350
667.    Over 170 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include X-Men, Spider-Man, Hulk, Tales to Astonish, New Gods, FF, Lois Lane, Strange Tales, Frankenstein 250-350
668.    Over 170 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include X-Men, Spider-Man, Hulk, Challengers, Wolverine, Hulk, FF, Daredevil, Avengers 250-350
669.    Over 170 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include Spider-Man, Hulk, Omac, Thor, FF, Daredevil, Wolverine, X-Men, Jimmy Olsen, New Mutants 250-350
670.    Over 170 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include Spider-Man, Hulk, Avengers, Captain America, X-Men, Challenger, Superman, Batman, Thor Submariner 250-350
671.    Over 170 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include X-Men, Spider-Man, FF, Strange Tales 250-350
672.    Over 280 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include Thor, Teen Titans, Daredevil, Superman, Hulk, X-Men, Worlds Finest, Spider-Man and Unexpected 250-350
673.    Over 280 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include Marvel Premier, Spider-Man, X-Men, Raw Hide, Superman, Hulk, Avengers, Thor, Inhumans, Worlds Finest, Invaders, Son of Satan 250-350
674.    Over 170 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include Superman, Worlds Finest, Marvel Premier, Sea Devils, Amazing Adventures, Hulk, Conan, Captain America, Unexpected, Avengers, X-Men 250-350
675.    Over 280 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include Superman, X-Men, Birds of Prey, FF, Defenders, Worlds Finest, Hulk 250-350
676.    Over 170 DC and Marvel Comics 1960's to Present, to include Superman, Action, Thor, Amazing Adventures, Green Lantern, X-Men, Batman, Wolverine, Kull, Marvel Chillers 250-350
677.    Marvel Heroes Annual 2013 signed by Stan Lee with Certificate of Authenticity. 100-200
678.    Spider-Man the Ultimate Guide Signed by Stan Lee and Others, Spider-Man the Ultimate Guide signed by Stan Lee, Todd McFarlane, Tom DeFalco, Marv Wolfman and Len Wein with certificate of authenticity for Stan Lee's Signature. 100-200
679.    Captain America - To Serve and Protect Graphic Novel signed by Stan Lee, Captain America - To Serve and Protect Graphic Novel signed by Stan Lee comes with certificate of authenticity. 100-200
680.    X-Men - An Origin Story Signed by Stan Lee, comes with certificate of authenticity. 100-200
681.    Peter Panzerfaust #1 CGC 9.6 Universal Grade, white pages. Signed by Tyler Jenkins (cover and art) and Kutis Wiebe (story), authenticated by CGC. 150-250
682.    Incredible Hulk #340 CGC 9.4 Universal Grade, white pages. Classic Hulk vs Wolverine story. 150-250
683.    Avengers Annual 10 CGC 9.2 Universal grade, white pages. First appearance of Rogue and Madelyn Pryor. 150-250
684.    Flash Gordon #1 CGC 8.0 Universal Grade, white pages. By Gold Key Comics. 150-250
685.    Amazing Spider-Man #298 CGC 8.5 Universal Grade, white pages. First Todd McFarlane Sipder-Man artwork, First appearance of Eddie Brock (cameo). 150-250
686.    X-Men 96 CGC 8.0 Universal Grade, off-white to white pages. First appearance of Moria McTaggert. 150-250
687.    Wonder Woman 46 CBCS 3.0 grade, off-white to white pages. Cover date 1951. 150-250
688.    The Invincible Iron Man #94 comic signed by Stan Lee with CoA, mounted Invincible Iron Man comic signed by Stan Lee, the creator of Iron Man and Marvel Comics with certificate of authenticity. 100-200
689.    Captain America Comic signed by Stan Lee, the creator of Captain America and Marvel Comics with certificate of authenticity. 100-200
690.    Wonder Woman 44 CBCS 4.5 Grade, off-white to white pages. Cover date 1946. 150-250
691.    Hulk 10 CGC 9.8 Signature Series grade, signed by Stan Lee, authenticated by CGC. 150-250
692.    Amazing Spider-Man #300 CGC 9.0 Universal Grade, white pages. Origin and first full appearance of Venom, (Eddie Brock). Last Black Spider-Man costume. 400-500