Specialist Collectable Toys Auction
on Thursday 7th July 2022

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250.    A Quantity of Commodore Amiga Games, both floppy disk and CD format, games include F-19 Stealth Fighter, Jaguar X220, Super Skidmarks:- Two Boxes 25-40
251.    Retro Technology: A Circa 1980's Acorn Electron Home Computer, (untested), together with a quantity of games (cassette format), to include License to Kill, Exile, Swoop. 30-50
252.    Ninety Plus Amstrad CPC 464, CPC 6124, CPC 464, Plus Games and Software (Cassette Format), titles include Ghostbusters, Airwolf, Manic Miner, Outrun, together with a Quick Shot Python 1 joystick. 40-70
253.    A Commodore A600 Amiga Home Computer, (untested), mouse, 3.5" external floppy disk drive. 50-80
254.    A Circa 1980's Sharp (Japan) Twin Famicon AN-500B Games Console, twin controllers (untested), including a quantity of games, mostly disk system, Super Mario Bros (cartridge), Mario Golf (DS) Winter Games (DS), Othello (DS) noted. 100-200
255.    Retro Technology: TV Gaming, to include Videomaster Sportsworld (boxed), Binaton TV Master MK6 console, Grandstand TV games console, (all untested). 20-40
256.    Retro Technology: A Commodore 64 Personal Computer, (untested), joysticks, together with a Atari 520 ST personal home computer (untested), three keys missing from keyboard, mouse, groove cassette player/recorder. 40-70
257.    A Circa 1990 Tiger Electronics Battery Operated Astro Wars 'Table Top' Game, Grandstand colour TV game 3600 MKII, electronic detective game by Ideal, all untested. 20-30
258.    A Quantity of Sony Playstation (PS1) and Playstation (PS3) Games, including Duke Nukem (PS1) Tomb Raider (PS1) The Beatles Rockband (PS3), Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3); together will a Sony Playstation three gaming console (untested - sold for parts only) and four games controllers. 35-50
259.    A Sinclair 128K ZX Spectrum, plus three home computer floppy disk drive, one controller, software, including Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, box tatty, untested. 40-60
260.    A Mixed Collection of Gaming Peripherals, Playstation 1, 2 4 Games, PC CD ROM Games, PSP Games, PSP UMD Video Cartridges to included IBM PC Flying 2000 Plus Controller, Python 1 Joystick, PSP UMD Video 'Alien', a Corgi 1:72 Aviation Archive #49401 EE 'Lightning', FIA (missing small parts):- Two Boxes 25-40
261.    A Quantity of Predominately Commodore Amiga Games, mainly on floppy disk including Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 'The Coin-Op!', Zool, Pinball Dreams. 20-40
262.    A Boxed Subbuteo Continental Club Edition Table Soccer Set, to include cloth pitch, goals, ball, fencing, blue team, red team (no goalkeeper(, literature two boxed Subbuteo Team #1 red shirt, red shorts, red socks, #2 blue shirt, white shorts, blue socks. Some damage and glue repairs noted, sellotape to box. 20-40
263.    A Commodore TV Game 3000H, three controllers, a boxed Special Model (Hong Kong) Light Gun, Monopoly board game, unchecked. 25-40
264.    A Quantity of Atari S7 Games, on floppy disk, games include The Hunt For Red October, Gazza's Super Soccer, Outrun:- Two Boxes 30-50
265.    A Collection of Sinclair ZX Spectrum Games, on cassette format including:- WWF Wrestle Mania with three badges, Crazy Cars; together with a quantity of Britains Deetail cowboys and indians, plastic action figures including two original Star Wars figures, Mego Corp 1974 Starsky doll. 35-50
266.    A Quantity of Playstation 2 Games, to include Gran Turismo 4, Lotus Challenge, Dead or Alive 2, The Sims. 25-40
267.    A PS3 Fallout New Vegas Collectors Edition Boxed Set, No. 947 of 6650. 30-50
268.    Retro Gaming - A Boxed Grandstand (circa 1981) Astro Wars Battery Operated Table Top Electronic Game, accompanied by literature, boxed. 30-50
269.    A Microsoft XBox 360 Gaming Console, (untested) controllers games to include:- Scene It?, Project Gotham Racing 3. 25-40
270.    A Battery Operated Atari Lynx Hand Held Gaming Console, (untested sold for parts only); together with three video game cards, including Rampage, Paperboy. 40-70
271.    Approximately Forty Original Sony Playstation (PS1) Games, including Tekken, Alien Trilogy, Colin McRae Rally, Ridge Racer. 30-50
272.    A Sega Megadrive II 16- Bit Gaming Console, (Untested), controller, six games to include:- World Cup Italia 90, PGA European Tour. 25-40
273.    A Sega Game Gear Portable Video Game System, (untested sold for parts only); together with seven games cartridges including Sonic The Hedgehog (Japanese Edition) F1, Super Monaco GP, World Class Leaderboard, G-Loc, Sonic The Hedgehog 2. 40-70
274.    Thirteen Atari 2600 Games Cartridges, to include Frogger Mario Bros, Pitfall Pole Position Battlezone, H.E.R.O, Super Cobra, mostly boxed. 50-80
275.    A Sony Playstation Gaming Console, (untested sold for parts only), controller, three games including Crash Bandicoot. 20-30
276.    Retro Gaming - A Mid 1980's Atari 2600 Video Computer System, (scratches to metal front plate), untested, Atari controller, literature, boxed, together with three joy sticks. 25-50
277.    Five Hand Held Gaming Systems, to include: Nintendo DS (4), PXP 3 Slim Station (all untested); A Sega (Bandki) Lock-On infra red gaming pistol (boxed), Nintendo Gameboy Toy Story 2, Jeep Jamboree games (unboxed). 30-40
278.    Retro Gaming; Eighty Plus Commodore C16, C64, C128 Games, titles to include Max Torque, Subbuteo, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Fools Gold, Nato Commander. 40-70
279.    Retro Gaming: A Collection of Assorted Format Games, to include Spectrum 128 Daley Thompson's Super Test Commodore Amiga A500 Days of Thunder, Atari 32K Hover Bover, Commodore Amiga Pinball Dreams, Amiga Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker. 20-30
280.    A Quantity of Mainly PC CD-ROM/DVD Games, including Gangsters, Toca 2 Touring Cars, Delta Force Land Warrior, The Sims. 20-40
281.    A Quantity of Mainly Sony Playstation 2 (PS2) Items, to include:- Playstation 2 console and slim console (untested), controllers, a selection of PS2 games including Eye Toy: Play 3, Rayman M. 35-60
282.    Retro Technology: A Circa 1980's Sinclair ZX Spectrum Plus Personal Home Computer, (untested) Dixons SR7 slim line cassette recorder, a quantity of games to include Computer Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, A View to a Kill. 30-50
283.    A Quantity of Commodore Amiga Software Titles, both floppy disk and CD format, games include Batman, Paradroid 90, Gunship, Goal!:- Two Boxes 25-40
284.    A Collection of Commodore C-16, C64, C128 Games and Software (Cassette Format), titles include Fire Ant, Michael Jackson Moonwalker, Tour De France. 40-70
285.    A Quantity of Commodore Amiga Games, both floppy disk and CD format, games include Overlord, F-16 Combat Pilot, Trolls:- Two Boxes 25-40
286.    A Quantity of Commodore Amiga and Amiga CD32 Games and Software, both floppy disk and CD formats, games include Sega Outrun Europa, Cannon Fodder 2, Street Fighter II:- Two Boxes 25-40
287.    Fabuland; 1980's Lego, including assorted figures, vehicles, etc. 30-50
288.    Two Early Sindy Dolls, together with another toy doll, all unboxed. 20-30
289.    A Steiff Teddy Bear 'Skier', limited edition No 218/1500, white mohair body, hat, scarf, wooden Steiff skis, measuring 18cm tall, certificate, boxed. 30-50
290.    An Armand Marseille Bisque Head Doll, jointed composition, eyes open, open mouth, teeth, wear to body, toes, fingers, wig loose, back of the head marked 'Made in Germany Armand Marseille 390 A. 2 M', approximately 47cm tall. 25-40
291.    A Triang K Model Pond Yacht 'Elizabeth', 21" long, signs of repainting, boxes with original rigging instructions sheet, together with aTriang steel hulled pond yacht, missing rigging/sails. 30-50
292.    Sixteen Original Circa 1980's He-Man Masters of The Universe Plastic Action Figures, Creatures, Vehicle, to include Battlecat, Leeck, Buzz Off, Beastman, Road Ripper, no accessories, playworn. 40-60
293.    Two Boxed Pelham Puppets - Bimbo the Clown, Tyrolean Girl; Bill and Ben dolls. 25-40
294.    Twelve Original Circa 1980's Thundercat Plastic Action Figures, to include Lion O, Snarf, Panthro, Snowman, Hachiman, Vultureman, no accessories, playworn. 40-60
295.    A Boxed Late 1980's Manta Force Space Battle Force In One Gigantic Ship, unchecked for completeness of all parts, glue/residue noted to space ship inner, tape repairs to box inner. 25-40
296.    A Circa 1950's Hard Plastic Doll by Pedigree (England), measuring approximately 56cm tall. 10-20
297.    A WWE John Cena Large Action Figure by Wicked Cool Toys, 31cm high. 15-30
298.    Twenty Two Original Star Wars Trilogy Plastic Action Figures,to include Darth Vader, Chewbacca, General Madine, Admiral Ackbar, Bib Fortuna, no weapons or accessories, playworn. 50-80
299.    An Early 1980's Fisher Price Play Family Action Garage, boxed. 30-40
300.    A Merrythought Soft Toy Teddy Bear in the Style of a Coldstream Guard NWS Bank PLC Branding to Tunic, measuring approximately 45cm high, together with a boxed Enesco Steiff button in ear 1988 elephant pin cushion, accompanied by certificate. 20-40
301.    Playmobil, assorted figures, horses and carriage, horse box, vintage style motor car, accessories etc :- One Tray 15-20
302.    An Early XX Century Simon and Halbig (Germany) Bisque Headed Jointed Doll, brown eyes, open mouth, teeth (cracks to sleeping eyes), signs of wear to composite joints, approximately 60cm high. 60-100
303.    A Quantity of He-Man Masters of The Universe Plastic Action Figures, including He-Man Skeletor, Triclops, Battlecat, Wind Raider vehicle, small amount of accessories. 40-70
304.    Eighteen Original Circa 1980's Ghostbusters Action Figures and Creatures, to include Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, Hard Hat Horror, Wolfman, playworn. 40-70
305.    Children's Toys, to include Action GT Big Loader Construction Set, Mothercare Workshop Willie, Tomy Tutor play computer, Dah Yang Motocross Racers, all in original boxes. 25-40
306.    Three Action Man Plastic Action Figures (non eagle-eye), together with a quantity of accessories to include boots, skis, clothing, flippers, weapons, scuba tank, rucksack. 30-60
307.    A Scratch Built Wooden Construction Model of a Sailing Yacht, measuring approximately 75cm length, 20cm wide, overall height 131cm no rudder, ideal for restoration. 25-40
308.    A Framed Reproduction Star Wars Film Poster, measuring 101cm high, 70cm across. 15-30
309.    A Lima 'OO' Gauge/4mm Train Set Base Containing Two Inter-City Coaches, a 'Motorrail' car transporter (no cars), small amount of track and battery controller (all playworn), plus a Triang boxed flying Scotsman (fair but damaged cylinder block), a Triang 0-6-0 G.W.R pannier tank R/No 8751 (unboxed/good), a Hornby boxed Ref R428 Inter-City coach and seven unboxed items of rolling stock, overall condition fair to very good (loco's untested) (15 plus items). 30-50
310.    A Collection of Diecast Model Vehicles by Burago, Corgi and Other, to include Burago COD.3002 Mercedes Benz SSKL (1931), Corgi #45003 Leyland Olympian/ECW and Van Hool Alizee - Stagecoach, Ford Motor Company - customized 1932 Ford V8 Deluxe, boxed. 30-50
311.    Five Lima 'O' Gauge/7mm Great Western Cream/Brown Coaches, four R/No 5015, one R/No 5103, good, three in fair boxes. 100-150
312.    Approximately Forty Diecast Model Vehicles, mostly by Lledo, all boxed. 25-40
313.    An Interesting Collection of Toys, to include a Gama (Germany) clockwork tinplate toy model T99 tank missile launcher, small parts missing, damage to missile, key and literature present, no outer box. A Star yacht 'Endeavour II' MK2 pond yacht, a modern radio control Batmobile car by Matsushiro. 30-50
314.    Seven Items 'O' Gauge/7mm Rolling Stock, three Slaters built up GW coach kits (fair/boxed), a Darstead 'Golden Fleece', boxed, new but no bogies/wheels, a Lima baggage wagon (good/unboxed) plus two unboxed kit built box vans (fair). 40-60
315.    A Star Productions (Birkenhead) 'Star' Sailing Yacht, Endeavour IV, 18" long, boxed, together with a Ranetta battery operated plastic toy speedboat, no box. 25-50
316.    A Quantity of Diecast Model Vehicles, by Lledo, Matchbox, Corgi and other, including Corgi #99805 Bedford CA Van, mostly in original packaging. 20-40
317.    Five Lima 'O' Gauge/7mm 'Great Western' Brown/Cream Unboxed Coaches, two brake R/No 5103 and three composite R/No 5015, plus two 'O' Gauge/7mm BR coal wagons, overall condition good/very good (7) 80-120
318.    A Quantity of Diecast and Plastic Model Vehicles, by Matchbox, Tootsie Toy, Hot Wheels, Norev, Dinky and other; together with a Doctor Who Plastic Toy Police Box, Transformer Toys, action figure clothing and accessories. 25-40
319.    Twelve 'O' Gauge/7mm U.S.A Outline Items, of rolling stock, various liveries, box cars, etc. Plus a flat with two tractor load, (fair to very good. 60-100
320.    An Interesting Collection of Lego System Components Plastics Meccano, together with a tinplate and plastic battery operated model reversible diesel electric tractor. 25-40
321.    An Interesting Collection of Toys, to include two well loved Teddy Bears, souvenir sailor doll from MV Leopard, tin plate toy vehicles, most with small parts missing and/or damage together with unassociated sewing items. 20-40
322.    An Assorted Collection of Plastic and Diecast Model Vehicles by Corgi, EFE, Dinky Toys and Other, models with damage, parts missing noted, together with a small display unit. 25-40
323.    Ten Circa 1970's 'New Old Stock' Swinging Sally Dolls, all in bathing suits, original packaging:- One Box 25-40
324.    A Quantity of Diecast Model Vehicles, by Matchbox, EFE, Corgi, Lledo and other, including buses, commercial cars, Matchbox 1:75 'Brooke Bond' Trojan Van noted, mostly unboxed. 20-30
325.    A Quantity of Comics - Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider Man, #3, #4, #8, #9, etc. 40-60
326.    Four Items "G" Gauge USA Outline Rolling Stock, unboxed, a "LGB" Conoco Tank Wagon, two Union Pacific "Fruit Express" Box Vans, plus a Lionel "Southern" Box Vans (in poor box), overall condition fair to good. 40-60
327.    A Quantity of MK1 Coach 'O' Gauge/7mm Components, etc, underframes, printed sides (BR Southern ET). Plus two interiors and two sets of coach sides for Scotrail (West Highland), all new/unused. 40-60
328.    A Boxed Tri-ang Minic Motorways M1524 Slot Car Set, comprising of two cars, two hand throttles, track including replacement curve, literature; together with a quantity of Minic Motorway's accessories, including starting gate and boxed track sections. 30-50
329.    Twenty-Three Items of Hornby 'O' Gauge/7mm Rolling Stock, Unboxed:- pre-war pullman coaches, brake/goods vans, ore wagons, box vans, cable wagons, etc., all complete with buffers, couplings, various liveries - Fair to V. Good condition. 50-70
330.    A Quantity of Diecast Model Vehicles, by Matchbox, Corgi, Majorette and other, all playworn, damage, paint loss, parts missing noted. 25-40
331.    Comics - Mostly Marvel, to include The Incredible Hulk, various versions:- One Box. 20-40
332.    A Quantity of Diecast Model Vehicles, by Corgi, Burago, Lledo, Matchbox and other, including Matchbox DY9-B 1949 Land Rover, Corgi TY96101 Bessie and Dr Who, mostly in original packaging. 25-40
333.    Hornby Dublo 3-Rail:- NZ 0-6-0 Locomotive, BR black R/No 69597, two LMS liveried, maroon coaches, a Pacific 4-6-2 LMS 'Duchess of Atholl' locomotive, R/No 6231, six wheeled tender, track, etc. 30-50
334.    A Collection of Toys, to include Frog Cat No F145 The Attackets Fairey Gannet, Airfix 1:72 Boeing B-176 Flying Fortress, Revell 1:72 Auro Lancaster MKI plastic model kits, a disjointed Armand Marseille doll stamped A.M Germany to back of head (damaged) Mousie Mousie (unchecked). 25-40
335.    Comics - Mostly Marvel, to include The Avengers #1 Sept 22 1973, quantity of issues, average condition good. 30-40
336.    A Wooden Box Containing a Quantity of Hornby Dublo 'OO' Gauge/4mm Three Rail Track, a boxed D1 turntable, a D1 Mainline station (with ramps), etc, plus nine Hornby/Dublo transformer controllers, a Type T15 and two T20 transformers, Ref No A2, A3, and C3 controllers including a 'H and M' safety minor, all untested for spares/repair. 20-40
338.    A Fair Quantity of 'OO' Gauge/4mm Good Loose Track, mainly Hornby China, straights, outer/inner curves, etc (majority appears unused). 30-50
339.    A Quantity of Triang Minic 'Motor Rally/Racing", track, rails, transformer and controls, plus a boxed pit stop set and a boxed rally checkpoint and filling station, (overall fair to very good). 30-50
340.    A Quantity of Predominantly Circa 1980's H-Man Masters of The Univers Plastic Action Figures and Vehicles, to include Attack Trak, He-Man, Leech, Grizzlor, Hordak. 50-70
341.    A Small Group of Items From a Railway Modelers Layout, vehicle blister pack and loose people, track and trackside items, spare parts, ephemera plus three boxes 1/72 scale military kits. 20-40
342.    A Quantity of Tri-ang "OO" Gauge Model Railway Items, to include 4-6-2 Princess Elizabeth Locomotive, BR Jinty 3F 0-6-0T, rolling stock, platform sections, signalling, mostly playworn. 30-50
343.    An Interesting Collection of Toy Model Vehicles, to include Marx battery operated cap firing tank, Triang 'Steel' Amphibious vehicle, Tonka Scrambler Dragster, a playworn Dinky Toys UFO Interceptor, Britains Heavy Artillery Field Gun, Tonka Loader No 2352. 30-50
344.    A Hornby 'O' Gauge 3 Rail 20V Electric 0-4-0 Tank Locomotive, LMS maroon, R/No 2270, non original wheels, with some interior packaging, presented within a Meccano and Hornby service department red box, along with four Hornby 'O' Gauge Pre-War rolling stock items, 3 rail electric track clips, Hornby catalogues, The 'Caerphilly Castle' jigsaw puzzle (unchecked), The Mammoth Book of Working Models, (incomplete). 80-120
345.    Comics - Spider Man comics weekly, Rampage, etc. 15-30
346.    Twenty Five Items of 'HO' Gauge USA Outline Rolling Stock, sixteen boxed, nine loose, tank wagons, box vans, hoppers etc, by Rivarossi, Atlas, Athearn, all good, boxes fair to good. 50-70
347.    Forty Plus Diecast Model Vehicles by Lledo, all boxed. 25-40
348.    Seven Hornby Dublo Two Rail Point Boxed Sets, three Ref No 2728, four Ref No 2729, a boxed Ref 2460 Crossing, plus Hornby boxed buffers, R.086 signal set, R71 footbridge, unboxed good tunnel, two controllers, small quantity of playworn track, trackside buildings/scenery etc, Traing mail coach set (loose items playworn, otherwise fair to good). 15-30
349.    An Interesting Collection of Toys and Games, to include unboxed Smash Mash Robot 1973 Marx Toys, Robin Hood The Fox wind up figure, Corgi - Basil Brush's car, Marx Toys battery operated cement mixer, Tomy pocket arcade - Attack in Space. 30-50
350.    A Quantity of Diecast and Plastic Model Vehicles, by Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox, Tonka and other, all playworn, sometimes with damage, paint loss, parts missing. 25-40
351.    Seven 'Pieceworks Editions' Formula One 1:43 Scale Diecast Model Racing Cars, including McLaren M23 1976 (James Hunt), cased, mostly accompanied by magazines. 25-40
352.    A Quantity of Diecast Model Vehicles, by Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox and others, all playworn sometimes with damage, paint loss, parts missing. 25-40
353.    A Quantity of Modern Action Figures and Accessories, to include Action Man, Thunderbirds; together with a childrens clockwork 0-4-0 locomotive and rolling stock (missing key). 25-40
354.    Marvel Comics - A Tray of Various Lesser Known Titles, to include Quasar #44, #9, The Nam #26, #46 Avengers Universe #70, etc. 20-40
355.    A Swegway R2 Two Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter, (Hoverboard), boxed; together with a toy go-kart extension suitable for use with the Swegway R2. 80-100
356.    A Quantity of Kato 'N' Gauge Double Track High Speed Bridge Sections, Piers, etc, boxed/unboxed, Ref No.s 23-019, 23-088, 23-081, 23-080, etc, all appear to be very good unused condition:- Two Boxes 30-50
357.    Five 'OO' Gauge/4mm G.W.R Class 0-6-0 Tank Steam Locomotives, unboxed two Hornby R/No. 2744, one mainline R/No. 5764, Airfix R/No. 4851 and a mainline J72 over painted L.N.E.R black R/No. 500 (fair/good, untested). 40-60
358.    Three 'OO' Gauge/4mm Diesel Locomotives. A Class 33 Bo-Bo LIMA, BR (lt) blue R/No D6524 (unboxed), A Hornby R863 Class 47 BR green R/No D1738 (poor box), and a Mainline class 421 'Warship' Highflyer BR green R/No D824 (unboxed), all good untested. 40-60
359.    Approximately Forty Items 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Rolling Stock, by Tri-ang, Peco, Hornby, etc, brake vans, box vans, hoppers, tank wagons, four wheel coaches, overall condition fair to very good. 40-60
360.    Approximately Forty Five 'OO' Gauge/4mm Sets of Points/Slips, by Hornby and Peco etc, mainly loose, fair to very good. 20-40
361.    Six Mainline 'OO' Gauge Coaches, including LMS 57 3rd Class brake/corridor coach, crimson, boxed. 25-40
362.    A Collection of Twelve Comics by DC, Marvel, Gold Key, Charlton Comics, including Adventure comics, featuring Superboy and The Legion of Super Heroes #321, #322 (pen writing to front covers), Tomahawk #106 (pencil writing to front cover, folds, creasing, small tears), Marvel Comics Group No 6 October 1973 The Avengers "Marvel Proudly Introduces.... Wonder Man". 20-40
363.    Three Hornby Dublo Three rail Duchess Class 4-6-2 Locomotives and Tenders, all Duchess of Montrose, R/No. 46232, BR green liveries. 50-70
364.    A Fair Quantity of 'Poly' Bag etc Track and Layout/Accessories, white metal kits, figures, animals, scenery, all in sealed packaging. 40-60
365.    Three Oxford Diecast 'N' Gauge Model Vehicles, including British Rail Albion Horse Box, Four Atlas Editions Static Model La Remorque D'Extremite De La Rame Z-5100 - 193 boxed, Lone Star Trebleolectric buffers, Kibri 37806 'N' gauge engine shed kit (unchecked for completeness). Plus a quantity of Peco 'N' gauge points. 25-40
366.    Comics - Supermarination is Go, issues 1 - 6 in good condition along with quantity of Marvel, Fantastic Four, etc. 20-40
367.    Eight 'OO' Gauge/4mm Hornby Dublo )Plastic Chassis) Coaches, four brown/cream West Country and four BR maroon, eight items of Dublo rolling stock (all unboxed fair to very good), plus five boxed items of trackmaster rolling stock, box vans, and open wagons, good/good boxes's (21). 25-40
368.    Eleven DC Comics, to include Batman No 156 June 1963 "Robin dies at Dawn!", numerous faults, creases, folds to front cover, tears/holes to spine, Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #38. #42, #55, #69 Superman #178, Ghosts #11, The House of Mystery #120, House of Secrets #64, The Doom Patrol Greatest Adventure #85. 30-50
369.    A Quantity of 'OO' Gauge/4mm Three Rail Unboxed Hornby Dublo Rolling Stock, five BR red/cream coaches, a Royal Mail van, two bogie wagons plus fourteen four wheel wagons, ore, tank, container, brake etc, of interest, a Power Ethyl tank wagon with "hand", overall condition playworn to good. (21) 30-50
370.    Comics - A Tray of Various Mostly Marvel Comics, to include Marvel Super Heroes spring and summer specials, Spiderman, etc along with a tray of non Marvel/DC comics. (2) 20-40
371.    Five Steam Unboxed Tank Locomotives, a Hornby 'O' Gauge/7mm No 1 0-4-0 L.N.E.R black R/No 326, over painted, two wheels detached, spring ok. A Early Triang clock work Class N2 0-6-2 (diecast) British Railways black R/No 69561, spring appears ok, adapted key, a playworn Triang 'Jinty' BR black, plus two Hornby Dublo 3 rail locomotives, A Class N2 BR black R/No 69567, and a 2-6-4 std tank BR black R/No 80054 (both good) all untested. 50-70
372.    Twenty Boxed 'HO' Gauge U.S.A Outline Rolling Stock Kits, by Athearn, Rivarossi etc, tank wagons, flats, carboose, log examples, overall fair to very good, boxes fair/good. 20-40
373.    Three Hornby "OO" Gauge Locomotives, comprising of Class 52 Co-Co Diesel R/No. D1011 'Western Thunderer' BR maroon Class 37 Deltic R/No. 37073, 'Sir Dyfed County of Dyfed', Br blue, Inter-City 125 HST Power Car and Trailer 43010, 43011. 30-50
374.    Ten Trackside 1:76 Railway Scale Diecast Model Vehicles, by Lledo, Hornby, Oxford, including #DG149004 AEC Flatbed Trailer and Load 'Pickfords', boxed. 20-30
375.    Twenty Plus Hornby Dublo Three Rail Coaches, predominately L.M.S maroon liveries, playworn. 20-30
376.    Four Mainline (Hong Kong) "OO" Gauge Class 6P 4-6-0 Locomotives and Tenders, all L.M.S liveries, both maroon and black, small parts missing. 25-40
377.    Ten 'N' Gauge Rolling Sock Items, by Bachmann, Atlas, Roco and other, including Atlas ore car 70 ton, Southern Pacific, cased. 25-40
378.    A Lima 'OO' Gauge/4mm G.W.R Railcar, brown/cream R/No 28 (unboxed/good) plus twelve unboxed steam tank locomotives, seven 0-4-0, Hornby etc, three 0-6-0, a kit built 0-6-2 L.M.S black (good) and kit/adapted 0-4-4 L.M.S black (overall condition playworn to good, unboxed, untested(13). 40-60
379.    Britains Soldiers - various boxed sets, include limited edition Bahamas Police Band, Middlesex Yeomanry, GVI's own Gurka Rifles, etc 40-60
380.    Ten 'N' Gauge Rolling Stock Items, by Atlas, model power and other, including Atlas #2511 Jack Frost 47 Cov, hoppers, cased. 25-40
380A.   Three Hornby Dublo Three Rail N2 0-6-2 Locomotives, R/No. 69567, BR black, playworn and better. 30-50
381.    Bing Pre-War 'O' Gauge/7mm 0-4-0 Clockwork Steam Locomotive, R/No. 3410 overall green, with black lining, supplied with incorrect Bing Tender, R/No. 1053. Plus two Hornby playworn 0-4-0 Clockwork Steam Locomotives without Tenders, BR green types 1 and L.M.S maroon type 501 untested. 25-40
382.    A Wrenn Micromodel 'N' Gauge #204 Electric Locomotive 'Swiss Railways' and #308 Coach 'Swiss Railways', boxed. Threer 'N' Gauge rolling stock items, spare parts, Hornby Dublo 207 van, amongst other items. 30-50
383.    Ten 'N' Gauge Rolling Stock Items, by Bachmann, Minitrix and other including Bachmann #4666 EMD F9 diesel dummy 'Santa Fe', cased. 25-40
384.    Three 'OO' Gauge/4mm Steam Tender Locomotives, a Hornby Dublo Two Rail 2-8-0 8F, poor paint, unlettered, a adapted/kit built Dublo "Castle Class", coupled wheels, motor, good paint, missing small parts. A brass/white metal kit built L.N.E.R "Long Tom", black, R/No. 3401, good build/paint, loco's U/T. 50-70
385.    A Pre-War Fairylite Child's Mechanical Clockwork Toy Machine Gun, wooden tripod, ideal for full restoration. 20-40
386.    A Quantity of Pre-War and Later Hornby 'O' Gauge Model Railway Items, items to include 0-4-0 type 30 locomotives and tender (for repair), motor running with key, two pre-war NE ore wagons, 'Meccano' open coal wagon, signal, buffer stop, track clips, type 20 loco body, two coaches,crane truck, playworn. 25-40
387.    A Hornby (China) 'OO' Gauge/4mm 4-6-2 'Flying Scotsman' Steam Locomotive and Eight Wheel Tender, L.N,E.R green,R/No 4472 plus three L.N.E.R 'Teak' coaches, good condition, loco untested. 40-60
388.    Ten 'N' Gauge Rolling Stock Items, by Atlas, Roundhouse and other, including Atlas 3428 40 box car, Great Northern, cased. 25-40
389.    Comics: Marvel Team Up Spiderman, Werewolf, Cannonball and Frogman, later The White Rabbit, etc, in good, well read condition. 30-50
390.    Four Mainline (Hong Kong) "OO" Gauge Great Western Steam Locomotives, with six wheeled tenders, 2-6-0 Moguls and 4-6-0 Manor Class, all good. 40-60
391.    Ten 'N' Gauge Rolling Stock Items, by Minitrix, Atlas and other including Atlas 3319-2.50 Plugdoor 40, Baltimore and Ohio, cased. 25-40
392.    Seventeen 'HO' Gauge Unboxed Continental Outline Coaches by Lima, Jouef, etc, Swiss, German Railway liveries (10 items) 'Compagnie Internationale', condition fair to very good. 30-50
393.    Four Mainline (Hong Kong) "OO" Gauge Class 6P 4-6-0 Locomotives and Tenders, signs of over painting, front bogie missing on one Loco, L.M.S liveries. 30-50
394.    Three 'HO' Gauge Boxed Locomotives, a Roco Ref 43208 class 80 0-6-0 DB Rail black R/No 80.033. A Fleischamnn Ref No 4303 class 169, 0-4-0 single pantograph DB Rail R/No 169.003, a Rivarossi Ref No 11225 steam locomotive, class C16 0-4-0 Baltimore and Ohio R/No 37 (locomotives good, untested, poor boxes). 30-50
395.    Three Lima 'O' Gauge/7mm Unboxed MK1 Coaches, two Great western, one L.M.S maroon (brake R/No. 5051). Plus three BR steel ore wagons, fair condition six items. 50-70
396.    Five 'OO' Gauge/4mm G.W.R Class 0-6-0 tank Steam Locomotives, G.W.R green, three Tri-ang, one Lima, one kit based, R/No's 5731, 8751, 5795 and 9400, (fair to good, unboxed, untested). 40-60
397.    Three 'OO' Gauge/4mm Kit Built Steam Locomotives, a 'DJH' B16 4-6-0, LNER black, 90% built, no motor. a 'Nu-Cast 0-8-0 LNER 'Q1' with wheels, no motor and a 'Nu-Cast' LNER class K2 2-6-0 90% built, unpainted, no motor (box contents unchecked for completeness). 60-90
398.    Twenty Items 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Bogie Rolling Stock, by Lima, Hornby etc, brick wagons, baggage vans, bolsters, tank wagon etc, fair to good. 30-50
399.    A Quantity of Mainly Plastic Toy Soldiers, Cowboys, Horses, by Cherilee, Airfix, Lone Star, Timpo and other, playworn. 20-40
400.    Seven Loose "00" Gauge Triang / Hornby Pullman Coaches, Ruth, Ann, Jane, etc , all in Pulman liveries. 30-40
401.    Comics - Howard The Duck #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #12, #13, #16, #17, #18, #18, #20, #20, #21, #23, #24, along with other comics and magazines. 30-50
402.    Seven 'OO' Gauge/4mm Diesel Locomotives for Spares of Repair, Bo-Bo, Co-Co examples, varying issues i.e missing components/damages, etc. 30-40
403.    A Quantity of Predominantly Trackside 'OO; Scale Diecast Model Vehicles, loads, spare parts, many repainted models, small parts missing:- Four Boxes. 15-30
404.    Two 'OO' Gauge/4mm Hall Class 4-6-0 Steam Locomotives and Six Wheel Tenders, Bachmann 'Soughton Hall' R/No 6962 BR green, and Triang 'Packwood Hall' GW green R/No 4949; plus and additional 'Albert Hall' minus tender; fair to good, three items untested. 50-70
405.    A Quantity of Assorted Playworn Meccano Components. 20-30
406.    A Quantity of Predominantly Trackside 'OO' Scale Diecast and Plastic Model Vehicles, vehicle loads, spare parts, many repainted models, small parts missing:- Four Boxes. 15-30
407.    A Hornby 3" Gauge Stephenson's Rocket Steam Model, small parts may be missing, unboxed, signs of use. 50-80
408.    Thirty Plus 'OO' Gauge/4mm Items of Unboxed Rolling Stock,by Hornby etc, tank wagons, ore wagons, box vans, brake vans, BR and private owner, playworn to good. 30-50
409.    A Quantity of Predominantly Trackside 'OO' Scale Diecast Model Vehicles, including cars, emergency, commercial, many repainted models, small parts may be missing:- Four Boxes. 15-30
410.    Fourteen Hornby "OO" Gauge L.N.E.R Teak Coaches, unboxed. 25-40
411.    Comics - Iron Man #40, #41, #44, #46, etc plus X-Men #220, #243, #224, etc. 30-40
412.    A Hornby 'O' Gauge/7mm No 2 Special 4-4-2 L.N.E.R Black R/No 5154 Body with Bogies, Couplings and Buffers, original poor paint, plus four 'O' Gauge/7mm Bassett Lowke Motors, two clockwork two electric, six 'O' gauge driving wheels, a Hornby 'O' Gauge bogie, armatures etc, playworn, mechanisms untested. 50-70
413.    A Walthers 'HO' Gauge 305 Foot 5 Unit Articulated Double Stack Car, plus containers, additional single containers and seven 48 foot road trailers, all very good. 25-40
414.    Approximately Thirty 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Items of Kit Built Rolling Stock, Box Vans, Ore Wagons, etc. 25-40
415.    1980's Dolls - Two Gotz Puppe, blonde hair; Zapf Creation (65-20) brown hair; Zapf Creation (65-20) baby, assorted dolls clothing; a Cabbage Patch doll (Copyright 1978-1982). 30-40
416.    Three 'O' Gauge/7mm Kit Built Coaches, a Slaters Kit Dean all 3rd, non corridor coach (good build/paint), a L.M.S maroon brake R/No. 30965, minor damage, otherwise good and a all metal, brake/3rd, good build, fair paint in white and red, no lettering, Caledonian livery. 50-70
417.    Comics - The Avengers and The Savage Sword of Conan The Incredible Hulk, etc:- One Tray. 20-40
418.    Comics - Marvel Comics Group No 1 - 50 Starring The Sensational Silver Surfer, (on average condition good). 20-40
419.    An Onboard Scooter Co. (Sheffield) Atom Scooter, white black grip, black deck, 75cm high. 35-50
420.    Five Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed "Short Glerestory" L.M.E.R Teak Coaches, plus a Lima "Parcels Express" coach BR blue R/No B 80855 and a four wheel examples, fair to good (7). 10-15
421.    Three B&B Military White Metal Military Models in 1/60th Dinky Military Scale, boxed. 30-50
422.    Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Class 101 3 Car DMU, BR green Ref No R369 Power Car E51812 - end unit E51829 and centre coach E59695 (good, untested). 50-70
423.    Corgi Toys Major #1128 Priestman Luffing Shovel, multi chips to paintwork, boxed together with a Corgi Toys #1125 Chipperfields Circus animal cage, chipping/rubbing to raised edges, cracks to plastic roof, two Lionesses, two Polar Bears, boxed, plus an unboxed Matchbox Lesney Massey Ferguson Combine Harvester. 30-50
424.    Four 'OO' Gauge/4mm Steam Locomotives and Six Wheel Tenders, a Hornby 4-2-2 "Caldedonian Single" L.M.S maroon R/No. 14010, a Class 4P Compound Hornby 4-4-0 L.M.S maroon R/No. 1000, a Tri-ang 4P L.M.S maroon (over painted) R/No. 490 and a Hornby L.M.S black 2P 4-4-0 R/No. 640 (signs of over painting; incorrect Dublo Tender).
425.    A Quantity of Dinky Toys Diecast Model Military Vehicles, to include a boxed 651 Centurion Tank, some repainting noted, playworn and better. 30-50
426.    Four Mainline (Hong Kong) "Oo" Gauge Class 6P 4-6-0 Locomotives and Tenders, all L.M.S liveries, R/No. 5590, 6137, 5530 (2), unboxed. 40-60
427.    A Egger Bahn 'N' Gauge Unboxed Steam Railcar (Missing Front Bogie) with Four Coaches and Brake Van, all BR brown livery, plus five Continental outline 'N' Gauge steam locomotive by Trix and Roco and a Graham Farish 0-6-0 steam shunter, named "Mira" R/No 22, items playworn to good, over painting noted, untested (12). 20-40
428.    Two Corgi Toys Major Diecast Model Vehicles, comprising of #1101 'Carrimor' car transporter, chipping/rubbing to raised edges, some corrosion to small metal bolts, boxed. #1110 Mobilgas Petrol tanker, multiple chips to paint work, slight decal loss, box poor. 35-70
429.    Twelve Hotwheels Diecast Model Cars, all carded to include 32 Ford Steamboat Willie, HW50 Race Team '70 Road Runner. 15-20
430.    Three 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed 4-6-0 Steam Locomotives and Six Wheel Tenders, by Hornby/Triang, A Class B17 BR black R/No 44750 heavy home weathering, and two Class B12's BR black, plus N.E black R/No 7476 both home weathered/over painted. 40-60
431.    A Dapol 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed 0-4-0 'Pug' Tank Steam Locomotive, L.M.S black, R/No 11217 (good u/t condition), plus two items of boxed rolling stock and five unboxed L.M.S maroon coaches(three Mainline fair - two Exley poor), (8). 20-40
432.    A Dinky Supertoys #905 Foden Flat Truck with Chains, chains broken repainted, Dinky Supertoys #959 Foden dump truck with bulldozer blade, multiple paint chips, sellotape repair to box, together with a Dinky Toys No 771 International Road Signs set, all boxed. 40-60
433.    Twenty Items 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed/Unboxed Rolling Stock, by Lima, Bachmann, Triang, Peco etc, ore wagons, brake vans, coaches, etc, good, very good. 25-40
434.    Six 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Kit Built and/or Adapted Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, 0-6-0, 2-6-0, 4-4-0 and 4-6-0 examples, L.,M.S, L.N.E.R and G.W.R black tank locomotive R/No 2019 (white metal/Triang chassis), items playworn to good, untested.(7). 50-70
435.    Two Dinky Supertoys Diecast Model Vehicles, comprising of #972 20 ton lorry mounted crame 'Coles' chipping to paint work/some paint loss, box poor, #956 turntable fire escape, some chipping to paint work, corrosion to ladder, boxed. 30-50
436.    Three 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Locomotives Kits (Unstarted), a D.C.K "Two Car Sprinter DMU Ref No Class 150", plus a D.C.K "EMI" Woodhead Bo-Bo Ref No EMI, also a all brass Judith Edge "Thomas Hill Vanguard" 0-6-0 DH kit (boxed content unchecked). 30-50
437.    Three 'OO' Gauge/4mm Kit Steam Locomotives, Class N15 tank 0-6-2 L.N.E.R black R/No 9224 (very good), A 4-4-2 tank BR black R/No 67428 (fair, minor body damage), plus a part built 4-6-0 tender locomotive (box content unchecked) motors untested. 50-70
438.    Six Boxed Dinky Toys and Corgi Diecast Models, comprising of Dinky #299 Crash Squad Gift Set Bell Police Helicopter and Plymouth Police Car, Corgi #922 Sikorsky Skycrane Casualty Helicopter, Whizzwheels #151 Yardley Mclaren M19A Formula One Racing Car, Special edition mini Metro, #924 Rescue Helicopter, #2029 Mack Fire Pumper. 70-90
439.    Ten 'N' Gauge Rolling Stock Items, by Minitrix, Atlas and other, mostly tanker wagons, cased. 25-40
440.    Eight 'HO' Gauges U.S.A Outline Items of Rolling Stock, kit and complete of interest, a 'NYC' rotary snow plough and 'Proto 2000' (kit) type 21 tank car good/very good. 15-30
441.    Ten Diecast Model Buses, by Dinky Toys, Corgi, all Atlantean and Routemaster models, signs of wear, chipping and rubbing to paint work. 25-40
442.    Seven Hornby Dublo 'OO' Gauge/4mm Steam Locomotives, unboxed, Duchess of Atholl, three rail (good) - Duchess of Abercorn, two rail conversion, overpainted - two rail Castle Class "Harlech Castle" 4-6-0 R/No 4095, a two tail conversion "Princess Patricia" R/No. 4059 (overpainted/fair std) - a Duchess Class 4-6-2 overpainted L.M.S black "City of Chesterfield" two rail (tender with loco is L.M.S maroon) a 2-6-4 Std Class L.M.S black R/No. 2234, overpainted, a Two Rail L.N.E.R green 0-6-2 Class N2 R/No. 4740. Plus three locomotive bodies; farish Class 94XX, Dublo N2 and Dublo 8F, also a Dublo Breakdown Crane, overpainted L.M.S maroon. 60-90
443.    Twelve EFE 1:76th Scale Diecast Model Buses and Commercial Vehicles, including #20704 AEC windover Sheffield United Tours, boxed. 30-50
444.    Three 'O' Gauge/7mm Kit Built Tank Steam Locomotives, unboxed, a 0-6-0 'Terrier' Southern green 'Ventnor' R/No 12 excellent paint, coloured wheels, no motor parts detached, a 'Warren Shephard' brass 2-6-0, coupled wheels, no motor, fair paint, painted black "L and Y", R/No 264, parts missing, a 0-6-0 'Lady Rail Co', painted overall black R/No 1081, no coupling rods, fitted motor, missing small parts basically all three require attention but excellent basis for renovation. 80-120
445.    A Quantity of Mostly Dinky Toys Diecast Model Military Vehicles, including 651 Centurion Tank, Army 1 ton cargo truck,some repainting noted, playworn and better. 30-60
446.    Four Hornby Dublo Three Rail Locomotives, comprising of two Standard Tank 2-6-4 Locomotives, R/No. 80054 and two N2 0-6-2 Locomotives, R/No. 69567, all BR black liveries. 40-60
447.    Scalextric Slot Car Interest: Two Boxes Scalextric Race Tuned Slot Racing Cars, C5 Europa Vee, C8 Lotus Indianapolis GP, Aston Martin DB4 GT Marshalls car (many faults including missing front grille, residue to bodywork, no pickup, partial decal loss), a playworn Lotus MM/C67, spare parts. 40-70
448.    Two 'O' Gauge/7mm Kit Built Tank Steam Locomotives, painted, coupled wheel, buffers/couplings, fitted with motors, built to 'A' fair std but require T.L.C a ex M.S.J.R GWR 0-4-4 GW green R/No 23, an ex LNER (or similar) 0-6-0 LMS black R/No 7509 untested. 80-120
449.    Six 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed GWR Class 57XX Pannier Tank 0-6-0 Steam Locomotives, by Bachmann, Hornby and Graham Farish, fair to good, over painting/weathering noted, untested. 30-50
450.    Five Boxed Dinky Toys Diecast Model Vehicles, comprising of #180 Rover 3500, #206 Customised Stingray, #221 Corvette Stingray (sellotape repair to box), #211 Triumph TR7, #189 Lamborghini Marzal. Plus a Dinky Toys #724 Sea King Helicopter, empty box with insert. 60-80
451.    A 'GN' Gas Electric 'HO' Gauge Locomotive and Coach, 'Great Northern' livery R/No 2313, plus four USA outline boxed coaches, various liveries by Bachmann and Roundhouse, also a 'Lambert Associates' boxed all brass 851 combine coach, body only, no bogies or wheels. 40-70
452.    Six 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, two Mainline 4-6-0 6P's L.M.S black, a Triang 5P L.N.E.R black, a Hornby 0-6-0 63F L.M.S black, plus G.W.R 0-6-0 "Dean Goods" G.W green R/No 2516 (overall condition, fair to good). 60-90
453.    A Collection of Diecast Model Vehicles and Plastic Toy Farm/200 Animals, to include Budgie models end dump semi trailer, Dinky Toys Rolls Royce Silver Wraith, playworth and better. 30-50
454.    Fifteen Items 'HO' Gauge U.S.A Outline Rolling Stock, boxed/unboxed box vans, Gondola's by Rivarossi, Athearn Santa Fe coaches (2), one box of skeleton log cars (4) etc, good to very good. 20-40
455.    Four Corgi Toys Diecast Model Vehicles, comprising of #413 Smiths 'Karrier Bantam' Mobile Butchers Shop, #54 Fordson 'Power Major' with roadless half tracks, #460 Neville Cement Tipper Body on ERF chasis (small parts missing), #426 Chipperfields Circus mobile booking office, playworn and better, most boxes damaged, missing flaps, etc. 25-40
456.    Five 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Steam Locomotives, Airfix L.M.S black class 6P 4-6-0 plus tender, R/No 6122 - two Airfix Class 4F 0-6-0's, plus tenders L.M.S R/No 4163 and 4588 - a Hornby class B12 N.E black 4-6-0 R/No 7476 and a Hornby 'Jinty' L.M.S black R/No 7540, overall condition fair to good, signs of re-numbering and repaint noted, untested. 50-70
457.    A Small Quantity of Kato 'N' Gauge Station Platforms, plus a Peco boxed train shed unit, two Hornby 'Lyddle End' boxed items, three coaches and a small amount of track. 30-50
458.    Two Dinky Supertoys Diecast Model Vehicles, comprising of Blaw Knox bulldozer, playworn, #967 BBC TV mobile control room, multiple chips to paint work, boxed. 30-50
459.    Four 'OO' Gauge/4mm 4-6-0 Steam Locomotives and Six Wheel Tenders, Tri-ang B12 L.N..R green R/No. 8509, Triang Hall Class "Kneller Hall" G.W green R/No. 5934, Hornby 6XP "Duke of Sutherland" L.M.S maroon R/No, 5541, Tri-ang 7P "Lady Patricia" L.M.S maroon R/No. 6210, unboxed, fair/good condition, untested. 60.-90
460.    Eleven Diecast Model Buses and Commercial Vehicles by EFE, Corgi and Other, including EFE 1:76th #19811 Daimler CVG6 Derby Corporation, boxed. 30-50
461.    Two Corgi Toys Major Diecast Model Vehicles, comprising of #1121 Chipperfields Circus crane truck, chipping to raised edges, rubbing to box raised edges, #1130 Chipperfields Circus horse transporter with horses, playworn, box poor missing both ends. 30-50
462.    Four Britains White Metal Model Military Figure Sets, to include The Middlesex Regiment (four figures) The Scot Guards (four figures) all cased. 80-100
463.    Five 'OO' Gauge/4mm Steam Locomotives and Six Wheel Tenders, a Lima 2-6-0 "Mogul" L.M.S maroon R/No. 13000, a Bachmann 4-6-0 L.N.E.R black R/No. 1059, an Airfix 5P L.M.S black R/No. 6103, all three very good, a Lima 2-6-0 "Mogul" L.M.S black R/No. 2785, signs of over painting and a Bachmann Class V2 2-6-2 over painted gloss black, named "Green Arrow", all unboxed, fair to good, untested. 60-90
464.    Three Minic Racing Cars, boxed, Ref No's M1576 (Ferrari), M1574 (Chevy Corvette) and M1587 (Ford GT MK2), plus four loose items a Rolls Royce, Porsch 356 (both good) and a further Porsche and Jaguar MK2 for spares/repair. (7) 40-60
465.    Five 'OO' Gauge/4mm diesel Locomotives, a Bachmann Ref 32-450 boxed Class 170 Midland Marine (non runner requires attention), a Lima unboxed Class 47 R/No EWS 67004 (good), a Lima Deltic 'Meld' R/No D9003, A Hornby class 128 Parcels powered unit R/No W55992, plus a Class 47 Freight liner, body only, R/No 47376 (loc's untested). 60-90
466.    Five Britains White Metal Model Military Figure Sets, to include #7249 Queens Colour Part Scots Guards, #7239 Gordon Highlander Officer Piper and four men, boxed. 40-60
467.    Six Items of Boxed 'HO' Gauge Canadian Pacific Rail Rolling Stock, by Athearn, Model Power etc, very good, good boxes. 15-30
468.    a Lima 'O' Gauge/7mm Class 33 Bo-Bo Diesel Locomotive, BR green R/No. D6597, repainted. Plus a Class 35 Bo-Bo Diesel BR green R/No. D7039, Kit, built plastic body, Lima motor/bogies, both fair unboxed, untested condition. 30-50
469.    Ten 'N' Gauge Rolling Stock Items, by Atlas, Minitrix and other, including Atlas #3961 ACF 4 Bay centerflow - Georgia Kaolin, cased 25-40
470.    Three Hornby Dublo Three Rail Duchess Class 4-6-2 Locomotives and Tenders, all Duchess of Atholl, R/No. 6231, L.M.S maroon liveries. 50-70
471.    Ten 'N' Gauge Rolling Stock Items, by Minitrix, Atlas and other, mostly tanker wagons, cased. 25-40
472.    Ten Boxed Items of 'OO' Gauge/4mm Rolling Stock, by Hornby, Mainline etc; baggage van, brake vans, hopper etc, good/very good, boxes fair to good. 20-40
473.    Two Airfix "OO" Gauge Castle Class 4-6-0 Locomotives and Tenders, Great Western liveries; together with five GWR coaches, some repainting noted. 25-40
474.    Approximately Thirty 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Items of Kit Built Rolling Stock, Box Vans, Ore Wagons, etc. 25-40
475.    Two Bachmann "Big Hauliers" "G" Gauge "W.P and Y.R" Items of Rolling Stock, Royal Mail Van R/No. 290 and Ref No. 97419 "Baggage and Express" Van, both very good boxed condition. 40-60
476.    In Excess of Five Hundred Modern Comics by Vertigo, DC, Marvel, Zenescope and Other, including Captain Atom, Lucifer, Kingpin 1, X Factor, Superman:- Three Boxes. 40-70
477.    Lego: A Quantity of Lego Items, including vehicles from Lego City #4204 Gold Mine Set, all loose. 40-60
478.    In Excess of Five Hundred Modern Comics by Marvel, DC, Max, Icon and Other, including Green Lantern, JLA, X-Men, Man Hunter, The Punisher:- Two Boxes. 40-70
479.    Two Bachmann "Big Haulier" "G" Gauge "W.P and Y.R" Coaches, Lake Bennett and Lake Tutshi, both very good boxed condition. 40-60
480.    Comics - Various Marvel, to include Mighty World of Marvel #6 Nov 11 1972, Mighty World of Marvel with The Hulk, etc:- Box Quantity. 30-40
481.    Forty Plus Diecast Model Vehicles by Lledo, all boxed. 25-40
482.    In Excess of Six Hundred Modern comics by DC, Marvel, Vertigo and Other, including Robin Fables, Voodoo, Gambit, Superman:- Four Boxes. 50-80
483.    A Hornby 'O' Gauge No 101 Clockwork 0-4-0 Tank Locomotive (no key), open plank wagon, 'Esso' tanker wagon, track, all playworn. 20-40
484.    A Quantity of Predominately Commodore Amiga Games Boxes and Instruction Booklets, (no games/software included) empty boxes only. 15-25
485.    In Excess of Five Hundred Modern Comics by Marvel, Max, DC and Other, including Inhumans, Supreme Power, JLA, X-Men:- Three Boxes. 40-70
486.    Two Bachmann "Big Hauliers" "G" Gauge Boxed Items of Rolling Stock, Ref No. 95770 un-liveried Gondola and Ref No. 93119 "White Pass" Caboose, both very good in very good boxes. 40-60
487.    In Excess of Five Hundred Modern Comics by Image, DC, Marvel Top Cow and Other, including Smallville, Superman, The Man of Steel, Titans, Foresaken:- Two Boxes. 40-70
488.    Two Boxes containing a Quantity of Mainly Resin Lineside/Layout 'OO' Gauge/4mm Buildings, domestic, industrial and station examples, plus a boxed A.I.M Products "cut stone twin arch bridge". 40-60
489.    In Excess of five Hundred Modern Comics by DC, Image, Wildstorm, Marvel and Other, including Animal Man, Superman 3D , The Thing, The Punisher:- Two Boxes. 40-70
490.    A Mixed Collection of Mainly 'O' Gauge, 'OO' Gauge Spare Parts, playworn items to include rolling stock, TTR #662 tarpaulin wagon (boxed). 15-30
491.    Eight Athearn 'HO' Gauge Boxed Coaches, silver body, Santa Fe and Union Pacific livery, passenger, brake, vista dome, observation etc, all very good, in very good boxes. 25-40
492.    A Wrenn 'N' Gauge #262 Union Pacific Locomotive 'American Airways', six rolling stock items, lineside buildings, two Wrenn Micromodel empty boxes. 15-25
493.    An Early Scalextric Set from The Makers of Scalex and Startex, to include three tinplate slot racing cars, N No 7 8 and 9, two drivers (damaged), set incomplete, box poor and held together with tape. 30-50
494.    Five Playworn Hornby 'O' Gauge Four Wheeled Rolling Stock Items, to include Pullman Majorie, Aurelia, Shell tanker plus a quantity of Hornby 'O' gauge platform accessories, including post box, milk churns, bench, ticket machine. 20-40
495.    An Interesting Selection of DC Comics, to include Detective Comics, #415, Batman with Robin #236, Justice League #94, Action Comics #406, etc, worthy of a closer study. 50-70
496.    A Small Quantity of Kato 'N' Gauge Track, plus A Ref 20-452 girder bridge, Ref 23-015 pier set, two Ref No 11-103 Kato motorized tram chassis, a Bandai motorized double bogie chassis and a Minitrix Ref No 2960 DB class V200 diesel locomotive (fair) u/t apart from Minitrix all items new. 40-60
497.    Triang 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No R58 'The Midlander' Train Set, comprising Class 3F 0-6-0 steam locomotive and six wheel tender BR maroon R/No 3775, two coaches and track, box content very good (untested,) box base good, lid poor. 40-60
498.    Twelve 'OO' Gauge Rolling Stock Items, mostly by Hornby including four LNER 'Teak' eight wheeled coaches, Buxton lime firms open wagon, William Lawson Coal Merchant, Sheffield, open wagon, all unboxed. 30-50
499.    A Scalextric 200 #C559 (Two Cars) Slot Car Set, includes track, two controllers, literature, speed card computer, together with a Bradgate 'Lotus/Ford Formula' I 'JPS' remote control racing car, boxed, untested. 25-50
500.    A Quantity of Hornby 'OO' Gauge Lineside Accessories, including platform sections, fencing signal box, platform canopies, people, farm animals, vehicles, many items not in correct boxes, with box contents not matching box label. 20-40
501.    Four Children's Toy Cap Guns/Pistols, including Hubley Dandy Police .38, Crescent Federal Agent S-Agent, playworn, some damage noted. 15-20
502.    A Collection of Tinplate Diecast, Plastic Model Vehicles, mid XX Century and later including Dinky Toys Bedford, Matchbox Ready Mix Concrete Truck, many items have small parts missing and/or damage. 20-30
503.    Approximately Thirty 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Items of Kit Built Rolling Stock, Box Vans, Ore Wagons, etc. 25-40
504.    Ten 'N' Gauge Rolling Stock Items, by Atlas Life Like and other, mainly tankers, cased. 25-40
505.    Eleven Hornby "OO" Gauge GWR Chocolate/Cream Liveried Coaches, sometimes boxed. 30-50
506.    Three Hornby Dublo 'OO' Gauge/4mm Three Rail 4-6-2 Steam Locomotives Plus Tenders, a Class A4 "Mallard" BR green R/No 60022; one wheel detached, and missing all cylinder rods; however very good body and tender, a Class A4 "Sir Nigel" over painted L.N.E.R blue, a Duchess Class over painted L.N.E.R green, and a Duchess Class L.M.S maroon body and six wheel tender, all playworn, untested. 30-50
507.    A Palitoy Action Man Machine Gun Emplacement, comprising of machine gun emplacement and foliage (battery cover missing), one ammo box, four sandbags, shovel, helmet, missing all other box contents, boxed. 25-40
508.    Eleven "OO" Gauge Rolling Stock Items, by Hornby, Dapol, Mainline, including one plank wagon and furniture container L.N.E.R, boxed. 30-50
509.    A Kit Built (Metal/Plastic) 'O' Gauge/7mm Corridor Coach, brown/cream GWR livery, built/painted to a good standard, bogies detached/present overall length 52cm. 40-60
510.    A Broadway Ltd 'HO' Gauge Precision Craft Models, 2-10-0 PRR 115a Steam Locomotive and Bogie Tender, for spares/repairs, overall black Pennsylvania livery R/No. 4471, front pony detached (present), otherwise very good untested condition with parts diagram, excellent box. 30-50
511.    Broadway Ltd (Blueline) 'HO' Gauge 2-10-4 U.S.A Outline Steam Locomotive and Twelve Wheel Tender, (T one) class T1 overall black 'Cheseapeake and Ohio' livery R/No fitted with dcc sound etc, very good in very good box untested. 80-120
512.    A Virgin 'OO' Gauge/4mm Class Train Set, comprising 'Maiden Voyager'' power car R/No 43063 'Lady In Red' trailer, R/No 43093 and two coaches R/No's 42090 plus 42103; included, an additional three coaches R/No's 421016/42117 and 10253, good condition, loco u/t, box base fair, no lid (7). 40-60
513.    Two Lima 'O' Gauge/7mm Boxed MKI BR Red/Cream Coaches, R/No 15218, good, fair boxes. 40-60
514.    Two 'O' Gauge/7mm Kit Built Wood/Metal L.M.S Maroon Coaches, full 3rd and brake/3rd, very good. 50-70
515.    A Collection of Meccano Components, including parts from a military vehicle No 1 clockwork motor, literature. 25-40
516.    Four 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Tank Steam Locomotives, a Hornby Std 2-6-4 L.M.S maroon R/No. 2308,
Tri-ang 3MT 2-6-2 over painted L.M.S black R/No. 203, Bachmann, 2-6-2, L.N.E.R black R/No. 466 (missing front pony wheel set, Airfix 2-6-2 "Praire" G.W.R green R/No. 6127 (all fair to good, untested). 40-60
517.    A Virgin Trains Pendolino 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No R2476 Boxed Train Set, comprising class 390 power car, dummy std car and two coaches, good condition but one coach has damaged bogie, box good (loco untested). 40-60
518.    Seventeen Tri-ang and Other "OO" Gauge L.M.S Maroon Liveried Coaches, playworn. 20-40
519.    Sunset Models 'O' Gauge/7mm Class A4 4-6-2 Gresley Pacific Steam Locomotives and Eight Wheel Tender, BR green 'Sir Nigel Gresley' R/No 60007, two rail electric with sound and smoke, whilst visually the model is in very good condition, it requires repair with small parts detached/missing etc, clearly worthy of further inspection, motor untested, contained in very good original box. 200-400
520.    Kato 'N' Gauge Ref No. 10-306 "Super Express" Rainbow Seven Car Passenger Coach Set, non powered, very good boxed condition. 40-60
520A.   Two Hornby Dublo Class A4 4-6-2 Locomotives and Tenders, three rail, comprising of 'Mallard' R/No. 60022, BR green, 'Sir Nigel Gresley' R/No. 7, garter blue, L.N.E.R livery. 50-80
521.    Three Hornby/Triang 'OO'Gauge/4mm Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tender, Ref No R450 Class 2P LMS Fowler 4-4-0 R/No 40506, boxed, two 4-6-2 Class 7P 'Princess Elizabeth' unboxed (one good, one over painted) BR maroon R/No 46201 untested. 40-60
522.    A Quantity of Loose Used 'N' Gauge Track, straights and curves, primarily Peco. 20-40
523.    A Boxed Hornby Railways Stephensons Rocket Real Steam Train Set, 3" gauge model. 80-120
524.    Lima 'HO' Gauge Ref No. 149790 Type BR61 001 4-6-4 "Deutsche Reichsbahn" Express train, with four coaches, boxed, very good, boxed condition untested. 40-60
525.    A Quantity of Hornby Dublo Unboxed Rolling Stock, signals etc, wagons (seventeen), coaches (six), D1 boxed footbridge, D1 level crossing, playworn to good. 50-70
526.    A Mid XX Century Lott's Chemistry Set No 4 for Boys and Girls, bunsen burner, used, some items missing, box tatty. 15-30
527.    Two Hornby 'O' Gauge'/4mm Boxed Train Sets, A Ref No R2436 'The Pines Express' train pack, locomotive missing but with unused coaches and certificate, plus Ref No R1224 'Urban Rambler', very good u/t. 50-70
528.    Approximately Twenty Five Hornby Dublo Three Rail Rolling Stock Items, including vans, open wagons, playworn. 20-40
529.    Two Athearn 'HO' Gauge AK-31:229 Bo Bo Diesel 'A' Units, Santa Fe livery pluse two 'B' units, red/silver livery, good boxed condition, untested (4). 40-60
530.    A Quantity of Trackside/Layout Station Lamps, Colour Light Signals, Level Crossing signals etc. plus six Hornby Ref R0444 switch levers, all in sealed factory packaging. 30-50
531.    Eleven Marklin 'HO' Gauge Items, of rolling stock, tank wagons, box cars, hoppers, etc. Plus two continental outline coaches. A SBB Speisewagen plus Compagnie Internationale Sleeping Car, (thirteen items) fair to good, unboxed condition. 15-30
532.    Twenty Two Corgi Diecast Model Vehicles and Trailers, to include Jaguar 2.4 litre 'Fire' Land Rover 109" W.B, Chevrolet Impala, Renault Floride Chipperfield's Circus Animal Cage, mostly playworn. 50-80
533.    A Tri-ang 'OO' Gauge/4mm Class 4 "Two Car E.M.U", over painted West Country cream/brown (fair). Plus four "Exley" Coaches, two LMS Suburban, two Great wester Brown/cream (brake/3rd and baggage) good, (six items). 20-40
534.    A Quantity of Diecast Model Vehicles, by Dinky Toys, Morestone Matchbox to, include Dinky Toys AEC Monarch Thompson Tank, Dodge, Motocart, Trojan 'Chivers Jellies', Austin Devon, 23F Alfa Romeo, playworn. 30-50
535.    A Collection of Toys, to include seven soft toys, Sunny Jim noted, a Schuco Studio clockwork model racing car many parts detached (spares/repair), A Star pond yacht - 21cm long, a boxed The Designoscope by Twencen Manufacturing, wooden puzzle blocks, all presented within a skyline lightweight luggage case. 30-50
536.    A Collection of 'OO' Gauge Model Railway Track, line side accessories, cooper craft 4mm/'OO' Gauge plastic wagon kits, super quick cardboard line side buildings kits, Hornby R170 and R171 signals, a quantity of Hornby straight track lengths. 20-40
537.    A Scalextric 500TT Slot Racing Set, box tatty; together with a quantity of playworn slot cars, track, Scalextric literature. 25-40
538.    Forty-Four Eaglemoss Star Trek Diecast and Plastic Model Space Vehicles, including U.S.S. Defiant, Andorian Warship, Kungon Raptor, magazines No's 1-43, 45. 70-120
539.    A Quantity of Mainly Hornby 'O' Gauge Model Railway Items, to include rolling stock, signal gantry, buffers, track CA 1 acute angle crossing; two Bing pre-war suburban coaches noted. 40-70
540.    Fourteen Diecast Model Buses, by Corgi, Dinky Toys, including Atlantean Bus 'Yellow Pages', together with five books including The Classic Buses by Gavin Booth. 25-40
541.    An Interesting Collection of Toys and Games, to include a boxed Entex Alien Invader battery operated pocket arcade game, Sunrise battery operated portable organ (boxed). 25-40
542.    A Quantity of 'Z' and 'N' Gauge Lineside Accessories, to include outline continental buildings, Peco Z SL-200 nickel silver straights, components, points (off layout):- Two Boxes 30-50
543.    A Quantity of Predominantly Trackside 'OO' Scale Diecast Model Commercial Vehicles. many repainted models, small parts may be missing:- Four Boxes. 15-30
544.    Sixteen 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Coaches, by Dapol, Hornby, Triang etc, all over painted BR green, playworn, fair condition. 25-40
545.    A Collection of Hard and Soft Back Books, Annuals, Magazines, Posters, mostly with TV and Film themes to include Star Wars, Starsky and Hutch, Star Trek, The A Team, Master of The Universe, Gremlins, James Bond:- Three Boxes. 30-50
546.    A Small Quantity of Trackside/Platform Accessories, people, animals, vehicles, etc, (loose and blister packed). 20-40
547.    Five 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Bo-Bo Diesel Locomotives, by Hornby/Triang, playworn to good, repainted/re numbered noted, untested. 30-50
548.    A Boxed Bandai 1:16 Scale Plastic Model Kit #17 Steam Traction Engine Garrett 1919, box poor in places. 20-30
549.    Nine Items 'N' Gauge Rolling Stock, UK and Continental outline coaches by Farish, Dapol, Arnold etc, all good boxed, two Continental outline goods vans, good. 25-40
550.    Three 'HO' Gauge U.S.A Outline Steam Locomotives for Spares/Repair, a Rivarossi 2-8-4 "Pere Marquette" R/No 1222 (bogies detached, missing tender), "2 Truck" shay (dismantled), plus a Sunset Models 2-8-0 with eight wheel tender "Denver and Rio Grande" R/No 271 (small parts detached). 30-50
551.    Comics - Beano #83 Feb 24th 1940, Wartime Issue, 2D overall used condition, along with four later 1940's examples. 30-50
552.    Approximately Fifteen 'OO' Gauge/4mm Kit Built Items, of unboxed rolling stock, ore wagons, box vans, etc. Plus six kit built West Country Coaches, playworn (21 items). 15-30
553.    Two 'O' Gauge/7mm Kit Built (Wood/Metal L.M.S Maroon Coaches, 1st/3rd, small parts detached, R/No. 16532 and R/No. 16345, very good. 50-70
554.    A 'O' Gauge/7mm Kit Built 0-6-0 Class 4F Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, L.M.S black, R/No. 4561, good build, fair paint,maroon, mechanism untested. 80-120
555.    A Finescale 'O' Gauge/7mm Kit Built (Brass) Class A 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive, with eight wheel tender, L.N.E.R "Dominion of Canada", garter blue R/No. 4498, excellent build/paint, mechanism untested. 100-150
556.    Three Hornby 'O' Gauge Clockwork Locomotives, to include Hornby 4-4-2 No 2 Special Tank Engine, bodywork has been repainted in places, front bogie requires repair - missing one wheel, key present; together with two boxed No 20 0-4-0 locomotives, one with key, springs working on all loco's, playworn. 40-60
557.    Five LIMA 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Diesel Locomotives, a class 43 Intercity 2 car set, a class 55 BR blue 'Crewe' R/No 55.022, a class 55 'Meld' BR green R/No D9003 (boxed), and two class 47 (poor over painting), overall condition playworn to good untested. (6) 60-80
558.    A Small Quantity of Trackside and Platform Lighting, (various scales), by Peco, Heljan, model power etc. 30-50
559.    Two Hornby 'O' Gauge/7mm Clockwork Steam 0-4-0 Locomotives - Unboxed: A type 50 BR green R/No 50153 plus tender (V.Good, low spring wheels ok); plus a L.N.E.R R/No 460 tank (playworn but complete with good spring) also a tender for a BR black type 50. 25-40
560.    Four 'HO' Gauge U.S.a Outline Rolling Stock Kits, a Athearn 200 ton 'Wreck Crane', a 'Tichy Train Group' steam wreck crane, a Northern Pacific 'American Model Builders' wood caboose; plus a Walthers 'Thrall Double Stack Single Unit. 20-40
561.    A Collection of TV and Film Related Dicast Model Vehicles, by Dinky, Corgi to include Shado 2, Thunderbird 2, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Kojak, Buick Regal, James Bond 007 Lotus Esprit, James Bonds New Aston Martin DB5, Popeye paddle wagon, all uboxed. 50-80
562.    Fourteen Hornby Tri-ang Lima "OO" Gauge L.M.S Maroon Liveried Coaches and Rolling Stock, unboxed. 25-40
563.    Three 1990's Micromachines Fold Out Playset Carry Cases, by Galoob, Hasbro, signs of use, playworn, (no cars). 25-40
564.    A Boxed Circa 1973 Evel Knievel Gryro Powered Stunt Cycle by Ideal, (damage and small parts detached from stunt cycle), Evel Knieval figure, energizer, multiple holes to original box. 30-50
565.    Four 'OO' Gauge/4mm Tank Steam Locomotives, Airfix Boxd Ref 54152-7 GWR class 1400 0-6-0 R/No 1466 (over painted), Hornby Bxd 0-4-0 Class 101 GW green R/No 101 (good), two Hornby 'Jinty's 0-6-0, BR black R/No 47606 and LMS black (over painted) R/No 431, both unboxed/good untested. 40-60
566.    A Hornby Dublo 'OO'Gaug/4mm Boxed T.P.O Mail Van Set (Good), two three rail D12 corridor coaches, BR red/cream and nine items of three rail rolling stock (boxed and loose), fish van, cattle truck, brake van, vacuum tank wagon, Weltrol etc, and two crescent signals (15). 25-40
567.    Twelve Hornby Dublo Three Rail L.N.E.R Teak Coaches, some repainting to roofs noted. 20-30
568.    A 1960's Chief Cherokee Action Figure, by Louis Marx and Co, box damaged with sellotape repair, small parts unchecked. 25-40
569.    A Quantity of Predominantly Trackside 'OO' Scale Diecast and Plastic Commercial Plant Vehicles, many repainted models, small parts missing:- Four Boxes. 15-30
570.    A Bachmann Dynamis Ultima DCC System, plus a Hornby 'System 90" Combo (with hand held regulation), a Gauge Master model PCUI point control unit (appears unused), and a Futuba 'Attack' two channel radio control system (5), untested sold as spares/repair only). 30-50
571.    A Quantity of Wooden Building Sets and Wooden Components, The Danish Architect Mr Willy Fangel's building set No 80 noted, unchecked for completeness: Two Boxes. 25-40
572.    A Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No R331 'London Road Station'. Plus Ref No R334 'Station Over Roof', plus a Bachmann 44-055 'Site Office', 44-512 snack car, girder bridge components, etc, 25-40
573.    A 3 Inch Gauge Part Built Engineers 2-6-2 Steam Locomotive Rolling Chassis, fitted with brass outside cylinders, coupled driving wheels, front/rear pony's, buffers, etc, overall length 31 inch. 100-200
574.    A Quantity of Predominantly Trackside 'OO' Scale Diecast and Plastic Model Commercial Vehicles, including tankers, plant, fairground many repainted models, small parts missing:- Four Boxes.
575.    Approximately Fifty Pieces of 'O' Gauge/7mm Clockwork Track, Pre-War Banked (German?). Plus kit built on wood sleepers, also two 'GBA' Hydraulic Buffers for spares/repairs, two ore wagons and baggage van ('GBN'/Bavaria) (five items and plus track), playworn. 15-30
576.    A Proto 2000 'HO' Gauge Limited Edition Model of a USA Outline Class SD45 Diesel Locomotive, this model is supplied part assembled with components to complete, untested.
577.    Hornby Dublo 'OO' Gauge/4mm Thre Rail Bxed Ref EDL17 0-6-2 Tank Steam Locomotive, BR black R/No 69567, very good, box very good, with interior pckg and G Tee slip. 25-40
578.    United Models 'HO' Gauge Boxed all Brass 2-8-2 SteamLocomotive and Eight Wheel Bogie Tender, unpainted but designated for P.R.R (Pennsylvania) Railroad, fair condition, chassis loose to body (screw missing?), good box untested. 50-70
579.    A Bachmann Ref No 51311 'HO' Gauge U.S.A Outline Steam Locomotive and Eight Wheel Tender, Bladwin 2-8-0 consolidation 'Santa Fe' livery R/No 2511, DCC on board, very good boxed untested condition.. 25-40
580.    A Bachmann 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No. 32-375X Class 374 Diesel Locomotive, BR blue R/No. 37411 "The Institute of Railway Signal Engineers", factory weathered, good boxed, untested condition. 25-40
581.    Wrenn 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No W2255 Class 8F 2-8-0 L.M.S Black R/No 8326 with Six Wheel Tender, very good boxed condition, however re-numbered; tender, cab and smoke box re-painted gloss black, untested. 30-50
582.    Wrenn 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No W2233 Class 08 0-6-0 Diesel Shunter, L.M.S black R/No 7124 very good (contained in Wrenn W2219 good box), untested. 30-50
583.    Bachmann 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No 31-453 Ivatt 2-6-2 Tank Steam Locomotive, L.M.S black R/No 1206, very good boxed condition, untested. 25-40
584.    Bachmann 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No. 32-005 4-6-0 "Hall Class" Ragley Hall, BR Green R/No. 4962 and Six Wheel Tender, good boxed, untested condition. 25-40
585.    Heljan 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No. 89011 Class 128 D.P.U, BR green, R/No. W55992, good boxed untested condition, minor glue marks to body. 30-50
586.    A 'O' Gauge/7mm Brass and White Metal Kit Built Model of a Lady L and Y Barton Wainwright A Class 0-6-0 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, appears '90% plus" completed, coupled wheels, motor fitted finished overall in satin black with R/No 952 contained in gladiator models box. 40-60
587.    A 'O' Gague/7mm Part Built College Models Crab Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, body and tender 90% completed, chassis with cylinder blocks and four wheels only. 30-50
588.    A 'O' Gauge/7mm Three Rail 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, L.M.S maroon, no R/No. or name, but possibly a Bassett Lowke L.M.S Jubilee Class, playworn condition, mechanism untested. 60-90
589.    An Exley 'O' Gauge/7mm Stanier 3rd/Brake L.M.S Maroon Coach, R/No. 6611, very good condition. 20-40
590.    A Finescale 'O' Gauge/7mm Kit Built (Brass) Class 40 Diesel Locomotive Co-Co, BR green R/No. D200, good build/paint, mechanism untested. 80-120
591.    A Finescale 'O' Gauge/7mm Kit Built 2-6-4 Stainier Standard Tank Steam Locomotive, L.M.S black R/No. 2510, good build/paint, however chassis loose to body, cab roof missing and damage to coal bunker, mechanism untested. 60-90
592.    A Vulcan 'O' Gauge/7mm Finescale Kit Built (Brass) 4-6-0 "Black 5" Steam Locomotive, and six wheel tender, BR black lined, R/No. 44967, very good, build/paint, mechanism, Slaters motor/gearbox, untested. 80-120
593.    A "RJH" Finescale 'O' Gauge/7mm Kit Built Co-Co Deltic Diesel Locomotive, BR two tone green "Nimbus" R/No. D9020, very good build, paint mechanism untested. 80-120
594.    Seven 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Tank Steam Locomotives, a Mainline Class 66 0-6-2 G.W.R green R/No 6652, two Lima 2-6-2 "Praire" G.W.R green R/No 4589, a Bachmann 2-6-2 Class 2MT L.M.S black R/No 1202, a Hornby 'Jinty' BR maroon R/No 16440, a Hornby 0-6-0 Class J94 L.N.E.R black R/No 8006, and a Hornby Class J13 0-6-0 BR black R/No 68834, all good untested. 60-90
595.    Bachrus Locomotive Running Stand/Saddle Sets, boxed five x Ref No 505A-4; 1 x Ref No 52ST, l x Med 50B;1 x Ref No Med 51s; plus two boxed Peco Ref S:L-43 "Loco Lifts", and a Expo Model Makers Multi Beach Clamp, all appear new/unused (11). 40-60
596.    Ten 'N' Gauge Rolling Stock Items, by Minitrix, Atlas, Tempo including Minitrix #3279 Hooper Peabody (5), cased. 25-40
597.    Nineteen Diecast Model Vehicles, by Matchbox, Solido, Lledo including Models of Yesteryear Y-14 1911 Maxwell Roadster, Lledo Vanguards Morris Minor Van, boxed. 25-40
598.    Three 'OO' Gauge/4mm Diesel Locomotives for Spares/Repair, a Lima Class 33 R/No D6506 (missing bogie), a Lima Class 40 "1co co1" BR blue R/No 200 - a Bachmann class 44 "1co co1" 'Scafell Pike' BR green R/No D1 (detached bogie) plus a boxed Lima G.W.R Express Parcels diesel car, good four items untested. 30-50
599.    Seven Boxed Dinky Toys Diecast Models, comprising of #368 Zygon Maurander, #363 Zygon Patroller, #654 155mm Mobile Gun (no box end flap), #278 Plymouth Fury, #244 Plymouth Police Car, #120 Happy Cab, #673 Submarine Chaser. 70-90
600.    Ten 'N' Gauge Rolling Stock Items, by Con-Cor, Atlas, Minitrix and other, mostly outline American tanker wagons, cased. 25-40
601.    Six 'Model Power' Powered 'OO' Gauge/4mm Points, thee Ref No L.5044 and three Ref No 51-44, plus two H&M SMI point motors and twenty eight loose Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm R/H and L/h points, all very good/new. 20-40
602.    Five 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Kite Built Steam Locomotives, all requiring repair/attention, motors, wheels, rods,valve gear present, Class A3 'Robert The Devil', LNER green R/No 4479, 0-8-4 tank R/No LNER 2799, 0-8-0 plus tender R/No LNER 1253, 0-6-0 LMS tank and 0-4-0 BR black untested. 30-50
603.    A Quantity of Matchbox Diecast Model Locomotives, Rolling Stock and Accessories; together with five Lledo 'Heartbeat' diecast model vehicles, with boxes bearing the signature of Tricia Penrose 'Gina', unverified. 20-30
604.    Ten 'N' Gauge Rolling Stock Items, by Atlas, Minitrix and other including Atlas 3322-2.50 plugdoor 40 Arthur Pozzi Co, cased. 25-40
605.    A Tray of Various Original and Reproduction Metal Boiler and Plate, and other steam related metal plaques, "Cochran & Co Annan Ltd, etc. 30-40
606.    Eight 'OO' Gauge/4mm Steam Locomotives, requiring repair and/or missing tenders, boxed Lima 'Caerphilly Castle', plus tender R/No 4073 (missing draw bar), boxed Bachmann Ref No 31-302 Hook Norton Manor' (centre driving wheel loose), Triang Princess Elizabeth plus tender, class 7P R/No 34045, bullied wheels, (cab damage, no tender), Mainline 7P 'Illustrious' (no tender), Bachmann A4 'Lord Fadingdon' (no tender), Airfix Castle Class R/No 7025 (drawbar damage), Bachmann 2-6-0 class K3 R/No 1304 (no tender). 60-90
607.    A Quantity of 'OO' Gauge/4mm Trackside, Platform Equipment/Scenery, Telegraph Poles, Lights, Lanterns, Signals, including some catenary components, etc. 30-50
608.    Ten 'N' Gauge Rolling Stock Items, by Con-Cor, Arnold, Atlas and other including Con-Cor N 60ft box car, Santa Fe, cased. 25-40
609.    A Mamod Steam Tractor Engine, burner and scuttle present, signs of use, unboxed. 40-70
610.    Seven Boxed Hornby 'O' Gauge/7mm Items of Rolling Stock:- No 1 timber wagons, goods brake van, No 20 side tipper, etc; all complete, Fair to V. Good/Boxes Good; plus two unboxed kit built ore wagons and two signals. (11 items) 25-40
611.    Seventeen Hornby 'OO' Gauge Rolling Stock Items, including #R.036 Freightliner Wagon with CP and IFF containers, #R.015 'Canterbury Lamb' closed van, boxed. 30-50
612.    Four Tri-ang "OO" Gauge 0-6-0 Tank Locomotives, all L.M.S black liveries, signs of repainting and possible renumbering. 0-50
613.    A Marklin 'Germany' Pre-War Stationary Live Steam Plant, missing parts include chimney burner; together with a line shaft steam accessory, funnels, flywheel. 40-70
614.    A Tri-ang Regal Tipper 'Roadster', Yellow Cab, blue body, small parts missing, sone corrosion, playworn. 30-50
615.    Fifteen 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Coaches, various liveries/manufactures, plus a Hornby Pendolino Coach R/No 69504 (fair to very good) (16) 25-40
616.    Thirteen Diecast Model Vehicles, by Corgi, Dinky, Matchbox, Polistil to included Corgi Toys The Green Hornets, Black Beauty Dinky Toys Coventry Climax Fork Lift Truck, playworn and better, mostly unboxed. 20-30
617.    Four 'HO' Gauge USA Outline Unboxed Alco FA Diesel Locomotives, two 'Santa Fe' (one powered and one dummy), two undecorated (power and dummy), playworn, small parts missing, untested. 20-40
618.    A Collection of Diecast Model Vehicles, by Corgi, Dinky, Matchbox and other to include unboxed Corgi whizzwheels Ford Mustang Mach 1, a boxed Dinky Toys #384 'Convoy' Fire Rescue Truck, mostly unboxed. 25-40
619.    A Basset Lowke 4-6-0 Clockwork Locomotive and Six Wheeled Tender 'Duke of York', R/No 1931, creasing to tinplate on locomotive cab and tender, solder repair to underside, maroon and black livery, clock key, boxed (box tatty). 60-90
620.    Two Hornby "OO" Gauge Locomotives and Tenders, comprising of Class A3 4-6-2 'Flying Scotsman', L.N.E.R green, R/No. 4472, Coronation Class 4-6-2 Coronation, R/No. 6220, L.M.S garter blue. 50-70
621.    Ten 'OO' Gauge/4mm Asstd Steam Locomotives, with/without tenders, tank loco's, etc for spares/repairs untested. 40-60
622.    Eleven 'HO' Gauge Continental Outline Express Coaches, by Lima, Piko, etc OBB and DSB liveries, good unboxed condition. 20-40
623.    A Quantity of Comics - DC Its The Killing vs The Flash, #3, #163, #163, Superboy etc. 20-40
624.    Nien Items Boxed 'HO' Gauge Continental Outline Rolling Stock, Roco, Lima, Bemo coaches, tank cars by 'L.S and 'OVB' Models etc, very good, boxes good. 20-40
625.    A Triang 'OO' Gauge/4mm Class 101 Two Car D.M.U, BR green R/No M79629, powered Ditto unpowered fair condition, boxed. untested, 20-40
626.    Eleven 'HO' Gauge Continental Outline DB Rail Express and Suburban Coaches, by Fleischmann, Roco, Liliput, etc, includes "Speisewagen" and "Schilafwagen" examples, good unboxed condition. 20-40
627.    A Quantity of Predominantly Trackside 'OO' Scale Diecast and Plastic Model Commercial Vehicles, many repainted models, small parts missing:- Four Boxes. 15-30
628.    A Large Collection of A Railway Enthusiasts Photographs, mostly depicting locomotives; together with a quantity of mainly railway themed books, including Goods Traffic of the LNER by Geoff Goslin, The Barry Album:- Two Boxes 25-40
629.    A Quantity of Predominantly Trackside 'OO' Scale Diecast and Plastic Model Commercial Vehicles, including haulage, box vans, many repainted models, small parts missing:- Three Boxes. 15-30
630.    Five 'O' Gauge/7mm Kit Built Unboxed Coaches, plastic and/or wood construction, a L.M.S 1st/3rd, a Southern Brake/3rd, a "Siphon G" and L.M.S/BR maroon Baggage car. Plus a Brake/Passenger Coach fitted with a Lima motor, good build/poor paint, overall condition for the five, fair to good. 80-120
631.    An Action Man German Armoured Vehicle by Palitoy, plastic turret clip broken/missing; together with a quantity of associated and non-associated accessories including original Action Man karate suit. 40-70
632.    A Hornby Dublo (Meccano) Type A3 Boxed Control Unit, plus a boxed Type C3 Controller (both untested, sold as spares/repair only), plus a quantity of loose and boxed three rail track, includes twelve boxed points. 20-40
633.    A Quantity of Diecast Model Vehicles, by Dinky, Corgi, Tri-ang and other, including Tri-ang Wildlife Safari Land Rover Defender, Dinky Toys Coles Hydra truck 150T, Dinky Toys Motocart, Dinky Toys Pullmore Car Transporter (tyres perished) all playworn. 25-40
634.    Three 'O' Gauge/7mm Unboxed All Metal Kit Built L.M.S Maroon Coaches, all 3rd/R/No. 11502, Brake and 3rd R/No's, 20485 and 24413, good, small parts detached. 60-90
635.    Amazing Spider Man, Enter The Green Goblin by Patrick Olliffe and Liversay, Ron Frenz and J D Smith , with signatures, trade cards, etc. 30-40
636.    A Scalextric C.850 Night Stages Racing Set, box contents include two Ford Escort XR3 slot cars track(unchecked for completeness), two controllers, literature, power unit, boxed, together with a DX 1:10 scale radio controlled Land Rover Evoque. 30-50
637.    'OO' Gauge/'HO' Gauge Trackside Layout Building Kits, by Ratio, Wills, B.L.M.A Models, Bachmann, Auhagen etc, of interest a Kibri Ref 9826 Brewery, plus a fair quantity of Hachette Partworks blister pack buildings, accessories etc (boxed kits unchecked for content). 30-50
638.    A Collection of Scalextric Trackside Buildings and Accessories, to include A209 grandstand TV camera gantry, A202 racing pit 1 (2), track, sometimes boxed. Buyer to assure themselves for completeness of buildings parts. 25-40
639.    An Original 1960's Beatles 'New Beat' Guitar by Selcol, four strings, orange with black printed signatures and printed images of the group, the neck/fretboard is broken/detached from the main body of the guitar. Presented within original box (tape repair to box, some small tears to box. The original and usually missing metal pick is present. 40-60
640.    A Quantity of 'OO' Gauge/4mm Plus Layout Scenic Items, blister packed foliage, trees, etc, packs of grass, sand, building paper. 30-50
641.    Forty 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Items of Rolling Stock, by Hornby, Wrenn, Dapol etc, box vans, ore wagons, baggage vans, brake van etc, BR/own name examples mainly weathered, over painted, fair to very good. 70-90
642.    A Quantity of Tinplate Hornby 'O' Gauge Trackside Buildings and Accessories,to include s pre-war station building with ramps 'Margate', a boxed No.1 water tank, a boxed No.1 level crossing. 30-50
643.    Approximately Fifteen 'OO' Gauge/4mm Kit Built Steam Locomotives, for spares and/or repairs, damages, missing small parts, components, etc, tender and tank examples. 40-60
644.    A Quantity of Diecast Model Vehciels, by Dinky Toys, Corgi, Matchbox and other including Dinky 982 Pullmore car transporter, Alvis Scorpion Tank, Corgi Unimog, Matchbox adventure 2000,Raider Command, Corgi Surtees T59 F1, variable condition. 25-40
645.    Four Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed class 37 Co-Co Diesel Locomotives, plus a V.Trains example, all playworn over painted, re numbered, (5), untested. 50-70
646.    Two L.G.B "G" Gauge Boxed Box Vans, ref No's 4064 and 4068, both good/good boxes. 30-50
647.    Seven Boxed Corgi Diecast Model Buses and Commercial Vehicles, Sheffield interest noted, including #34802 Leyland Leopard/Weymann Sheffield Corporation Transport; together with eight unboxed diecast model vehicles. 30-40
648.    Twenty Plus Hornby Dublo Three Rail Rolling Stock Items, including tankers, vans, playworn. 20-40
649.    Four 'N' Gauge Locomotives Boxed, a Bachmann Ref No 58066 U.S.A Outline 4-8-4 plus tender (body loose to chassis), a Graham Farish 4-6-2 Class A3 (poor paint, incorrect box), a Hornby Minitrix Ref No N.203 2-10-0 9F BR black R/No 92018 (l/h rods damaged), and a Hornby Minitrix Ref No N210 Class 47 Intercity Diesel (non runner). 40-60
650.    A Quantity of U.S.A Outline Locomotives, 'Ho' Gauge couplings, wheels, etc. 20-40
651.    Ten 'OO' Gauge/4mm Coaches, by Hornby, Triang etc, five BR maroon, two boxed Crimson Lake, two boxed Ref R333 GWR brake, fair to very good. 25-40
652.    Nine Athearn 'HO' Gauge Plastic Coach Kits Boxed, baggage mail, observation, dome examples, etc. 10-15
653.    Ten 'N' Gauge Rolling Stock Items, by Atlas, Rivarossi and other including CS models Cyl, grain hopper 7101 Canadian Pacific (3), cased. 25-40
654.    Three 'OO' Gauge/4mm Steam Tender Locomotives, a Hornby class 9F 2-10-0 BR black R/No 9+2116 heavily weathered, poor box, a Ref No R857 Hornby class 2 2-6-0 BR black R/No 46448, weathered, poor box, and a kit built class A2 4-6-2 with Triang chassis, L.N.E.R green?? 'Blue Peter' R/No 532 (good build/strange paint shade), loco's untested. 50-70
655.    Twenty One Items 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Rolling Stock, by Tri-ang, Hornby Dublo, etc, hoppers, box vans, ore wagons, playworn to good. 15-30
656.    Ten 'N' Gauge Rolling Stock Items, by Minitrix, Atlas and other, including Atlas #2294 3D Tank Deep-R, casd. 25-40
657.    Approximately Thirty 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Items of Rolling Stock, by Mainline, Farish, Trackmaster, etc, ore wagons, box vans, own name examples, etc. 30-50
658.    A Two Inch Scale Clayton Live Steam Undertype Lorry, part constructed with boiler plus usual accessories, cab (sign written 'F.W. Ratcliffe and Co Ltd'); The Lorry appears complete apart from missing 'Flat Bed', finished in blue/red and wood to cab, overall size 31 x 13 x 17 inch high, There are no build or boiler details. 2000-3000
659.    Two Jouef Boxed 'HO' Gauge S.C.N.C.F Steam Locomotives and Eight Wheel Bogie Tenders, a Ref No 8269 2-8-2 R/No 141-P-102, and a Ref No 825500 4-6-2 R/No 231-K-82, both finished overall DK green and black, good u/t condition, fair boxes. 40-60
660.    A Horizon H-Racer Hydrogen Toy Car and Hydrogen Station Kit, boxed. 15-30
661.    Three Hornby Dublo Three Rail N2 0-6-2 Locomotives, comprising of two L.M.S black R/No. 6917, one L.N.E.R green, R/No. 9596. 30-50
662.    Three Boxed Tri-ang Minic Motorway's Slot Cars, comprising of M1541 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, M1572 Aston Martin, M1556 Mercedes Benz. 35-70
663.    Hobbytrains 'N' Gauge Ref No 14100 6 Unit Train Pack, SBB-CFF-FFS Railway, very good boxed condition untested. 80-120
664.    Two Mainline 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Steam Locomotives, Ref No 37084 Class 57XX Pannier tank GW green, R/No 5764 good, good box u/t. Ref No 37-077 'Collett' Class 0-6-0 with six wheel tender, BR green R/No 3210, good, fair box untested. 30-50
665.    A Collection of Approximately Fifty Matchbox 1:75 and Similar Diecast Model Vehicles, all presented within a 1970's Matchbox carry case, playworn. 30-50
666.    Corgi 1:50 #17904 Pickfords, 2 Scammell Contractors; together with a Corgi 1:50 #76101 Renault Premium Powder Tanker - Damac Transporters Ltd, both boxed. 30-40
667.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Steam Tender Locomotives Boxed, Ref No R295 4-6-2 Class A3 'Dick Turpin' BR green, R/No 60080, plus Ref No R292 4-6-0 'King Richard 1st', BR green R/No 6027, both good untested condition, poor boxes. 40-60
668.    A Boxed Quantity of Brass Etc, components with instructions for a "Lochgorm Kits" 'O' Gauge/7mm 4-4-0 "Duke Class", tender steam locomotive (box content unchecked). 40-60
669.    A Hornby 'OO' Gauge LNER J83 0-6-0 Tank Locomotive, R/No 8474 green livery, together with a Hornby 'OO' gauge LNER green Class A3 4-6-2 locomotive and powered tender,Flying Scotsman, R/No 4472. 30-40
670.    Hornby Dublo 'OO' Gauge/4mm Three Rail Ref EDL12 'Duchess of Montrose', 4-6-2 BR green R/No 46232 plus Ref D12 six wheel tender, both good boxed condition, two items untested. 30-50
671.    Two Athearn 'HO' Gauge U.S.A Outline F7 Diesel Locomotives, a Ref No 320, A unit, plus Ref No 3002 unpowered B unit, Santa Fe livery, very good boxed condition untested. 30-50
672.    A Part Built 'OO' Gauge/4mm 2-6-0 S.R "K" Class Tender Steam Locomotive, coupled wheels, fitted with motor etc, plus instruction, box content unchecked. 20-40
673.    A Tenshodo 'HO' Gauge All Brass 4-6-4 Steam Locomotive and Twelve Wheel Tender, finished overall satin black, fair condition but with body parts detached, contained in a Graham Farish wooden pencil style box. 40-60
674.    Gladiator Models 'O' Gauge/7mm Kit Built L.N.E.R B4 G.C.R 8F 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, part built, fitted cannon motor, coupled wheels, cylinder blocks, tender 99% completed, locomotive missing body parts, bogie etc, overall painted satin/gloss black. 50-70
675.    Two 'HO' Gauge U.S.A Outline Diesel Locomotives, boxed; A Spectrum Ref No. 86008 "G.E.Dash" in Conrail livery, R/No. 6059, good, but missing couplings. Plus a Teashodo EMD - GP20 Brass Union Pacific Livery, R/No. 724, good, but missing couplings, both U/T. 40-60
676.    A "Trains" 'G' Gauge Ref No. 757-5803 Continental Outline Coach, "DR" Rail "Filhtelberg Bahn", very good in good box. 20-40
677.    Two 'OO' Gauge/4mm Kit Built Steam 4-4-0 Locomotives, a Wills Finecast "SR Wainwright D", plus six wheel tender, SR green R/No. 726, built/painted to very good standard. Plus a "B.E.C" L.N.E.R W11/1 Director, Loco, built with motor, coupled wheels, unpainted/no tender, (untested). 50-70
678.    Two Dapol 'OO' Gauge/4mm 4-6-0 Castle Class BR Green Steam Locomotives and Six Wheel Tenders, boxed " Carew Castle" R/No. 5024, very good/appears unused, U/T "Earl of Devon" R/No. 5048, fair condition, drawbar detached present, U/T, fair Dapol boxes/incorrect labels. 40-60
679.    A Boxed Corgi Toys No. 14 Gift Set, Diecast Model Hydraulic Tower Wagon, with lamp standard, electrician, box poor. 30-50
680.    A 'OO' Gauge/4mm Kit Built Brass and White Metal Great Northern Railway 4-2-2 Stirling Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, GWR green R/No 1007, built with Romford wheels, tender drive with Mashima motor, good build but a little tired. 25-40
681.    Bassett Lowke 'O' Gauge/7mm "Prince Charles 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, BR dark green, R/No. 62453, wheels and mechanism ok, very good original paint work, all buffers/couplings, unboxed. 80-120
682.    Two Hornby 'OO'Gauge/4mm Steam Locomotives, boxed, Ref R855 4-6-2 'Flying Scotsman' L.N.E.R green R/No 4472 (good but tender missing coupling and draw bar damage - box good), u/t, plus Ref No R859 'Black Five' 4-6-0 BR black R/No 45192 (fair good box untested). 40-60
683.    Eight Con Cur 'N' Gauge Outline American Coaches, including Sante Fe slumber coach, B-Level corrugated coach Burlington, cased. 30-50
684.    Two 'HO' Gauge U.S.A Outline Steam Tender Locomotives, a Oriental Ltd 'Western Maryland' 4-6-2 K2 boxed, good but damage to valve gear, plus a 4-4-2 (undecorated) with detached/damage front bogie, otherwise good, both untested. 30-50
685.    Four 'O' Gauge/7mm Kit Built Coaches (Various Materials) Maroon Finish, grey roofs, four wheel bogies, two LMS and two BT built to a good standard, some part require re attaching, plus a very good all metal LMS maroon brake/3rd R/No 20837, all boxed (5). 80-120
685A.   Two Graham Farish 'N' Gauge Boxed Locomotives, Ref No 8014 BR Class 37 diesel EW and S livery R/No 37419, plus Ref No 1016 0-6-0 Class J94 BR black tank steam, both good/good box's untested. 50-70
686.    A "Right Price" 'O' Gauge/7mm Thompson B1 4-6-0 Locomotive and Tender Kit, tender built/painted, loco with motor and coupled wheels, otherwise part built, missing bogie, body parts, etc, ideal for spares and/or completing. 40-60
687.    Two Lima 'HO' Gauge Locomotives, a Ref No 208118 electric with twin pantograph's, brown livery, R/No 10698, good in fair box, plus Ref No 203014L Continental outline 4-6-2 and tender, DB rail class 18, R/No 18565, good in poor box. 20-40
687A.   Three 8F 2-8-0 Locomotives and Tenders, comprising of Hornby Dublo Three Rail R/No. 48109, R/No. 48158, Wrenn Two Rail R/No. 8106, all L.M.S black liveries. 50-70
688.    A Highland Light Infantry #07-B7 White Metal Model Six Figure Set, to include five Privates and one Officer of The Highland Light Infantry, made in Scotland by The Toy Soldier Company, boxed. 50-70
689.    Four Hornby 'OO' Gauge 0-4-0 Locomotives, incuding Virgin Trains Class 06 shunter, Caledonian Railway R/No 270, southern Green R/No. 7. 30-40
690.    A 'O' Gauge/7mm Live Steam 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive, possibly by Bing, no burner or fuel tank, missing most of its paint, R/No. 1357 to buffer beam, ideal basis for renovation/repair. 40-60
691.    Two Airfix 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed 4-6-0 Steam Locomotives and Six Wheel Tenders, Ref No 54120 'Royal Scot Fusilier' L.M.S black R/No 6103, Ref No 5412 'Pendennis Castle' BR green R/No 4078, both good, fair boxes untested. 40-60
692.    Two "Quality Craft Models" U.S.A Outline 'O' Gauge/7mm "Hoppers", Conrail and Reading Liveries, both very good boxed condition. 20-40
693.    Two Bachmann 'OO' Gauge/4mm 4-6-0 Boxed Seam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, BR green a Ref No 31-225 re built Scot 'Black Watch' R/No 46102, plus Ref No 30-285 class 4P Jubilee 'Quebec' R/No 45555, both very good untested condition. 50-70
694.    Three Hornby Dublo Three Rail 2-6-4 Standard Tank Locomotives, R/No. 80054, BR black liveries. 40-60
695.    Hornby Dublo 'OO' Gauge/4mm 2 Rail, a Bo-Bo Class 20 Diesel Locomotive over painted BR blue, a Class RI 0-6-0 tank steam locomotive BR green R/No 31340 (fair), two MKI coaches BR green (good) and nineteen items of fair to good rolling stock, tank wagon, hoppers, box vans, etc, all unboxed and contained in a hinged wooden box. 40-60
696.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Steam Locomotives, both require attention Ref No R239 Class 4P 2-6-4T BR black R/No 42363 (wiring to motor incomplete), Ref No R2054 Class A3 4-6-2 Flying Scotsman BR green R/No 60103 (cylinder block damaged), both loco's otherwise good in fair/good boxes untested. 40-60
697.    The Bachmann 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Steam Locomotives and Six Wheel Tenders, Ref No 31-104 4-6-0 Class 4 BR green R/No 75069. Ref No 33.829 2-6-0 Class 43XX Great Western green, R/No 4331, both good, good boxes untested. 50-70
698.    Four 'OO' Gauge/4mm 2 Rail Unboxed Class RI 0-6-0 Tank Locomotives, by Hornby Dublo, Wrenn, Bachmann, plus a Dublo Class N2 0-6-2, playworn to good, re painted/re numbered noted, untested. (5). 30-50
699.    Two 'OO' Gauge/4mm Hornby Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, a Schools Class 'Dover' 4-4-0 BR green R/No 30911 (very good), and a Ref R292 4-6-0 'King Richard' G.W.R green R/No 6027, very good but tender top only (motor/chassis missing), both boxed untested. 30-50
700.    Two 'OO' Gauge/4mm 2-6-0 Boxed Steam Locomotives and Six Wheel Tenders, a Mainline Ref 37091 Class 43XX Mogul BR black and a Bachmann Ref 32-576 Ivatt Class 4 BR black R/No 43047, both good/good boxes. untested. 40-60
701.    Two 'HO' Gauge Continental Outline Steam Locomotives and Eight Wheel Double Bogie Tenders, boxed, a Fleischmann Ref No 4160 4-6-0 Class 38 'Deutsche Reichsbahn' R/No 38-2609, plus a Trix Express (diecast body) Class 18 4-6-2 R/No 18-601, both good, finished overall black with red chassis, untested, fair boxes. 40-60
702.    Three Bachmann Specturm Boxed Items of 'ON30' Rolling Stock, Ref No 26004 open excursion car, Ref No 26398 'Rio Grande' coach, and Ref No 26501 two 18ft box cars, very good, boxes good. 15-30
703.    Two Bachmann 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed 4-6-0 Steam Locomotives, BR black with six wheel tenders, Ref No 31.102 A Class 4MT R/No 75072, good/good box u/t. Ref No 31.152 Jubilee Class 'Western Australia' R/No 45568, good but repair required to l/h rod to body fixing; good box untested. 50-70
704.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge Locomotives, comprising of BR Class 37 co-co diesel electric, R/No 37130 BR blue, Class 4P 2-6-4T, R/No 42308, BR black, both loco's appear little used, boxed. 40-60
705.    A 'N' Gauge Cased Kit Built Six Car EMU, comprising powered loco and trailer with pantograph's and four coaches built/painted to a good standard u/t. 30-50
706.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Steam Locomotives, L.M.S black with six wheel tenders, Ref No R450 Class 2P 4-4-0 R/No 690; Ref No R842 4-6-0 class 5 R/No 5241, both good, boxes poor untested. 50-70
707.    Two 'O' Gauge/7mm Kit Built Metal L.M.S Maroon Coaches, brake/3rd and full 3rd, very good. 50-70
708.    Two Atlas 'O' Gauge/7mm Diesel Locomotives, a boxed Class F9 (fair), plus a 0-6-0 Shunter, Southern green R/No 2, unboxed fair condition both untested. 30-50
709.    Twenty Two 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Coaches, BR, L.M.S, West Country Liveries by Tri-ang, Ratio, etc , playworn to good. 20-40
710.    An Interesting Collection of Diecast Model Veicles by Corgi, Matchbox, Dinky, to include Corgi Toys, Jeep FC-50, Dinky Toys road signs, Matchbox Allis Chalmers motor scraper, playworn and better. 25-40
711.    Two Hornby Ref No R262 Boxed 'OO' Gauge/4mm 4-6-2 'Duchess of Atholl' Steam Locomotives and Six Wheel Tenders, BR green R/No 46231, good untested condition, fair boxes. 50-70
712.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm 4-6-2 'Flying Scotsman' Steam Locomotives and Eight Wheel Tenders, boxed Ref No N855 L.N.E.R green R/No 4472 (loco motor) good, R/No R078 BR green R/No 60103 (tender motor) good, fair, good boxes untested. 40-60
713.    A 'O'O/7mm Kit Built Class 5 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, LMS black R/No 5190 built to a good standard, all complete apart from no motor. 50-70
714.    Two 'HO' Gauge Continental Outline Locomotives, a Rivarossi Diesel Railcar R/No. FS 772-3286, fair/poor box. Plus a Fleischmann Ref No. 4347 DR Rail Class 111 Electric Locomotives R/No. 111-036, DR red, pantographs ok, good boxed untested condition. 30-50
715.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed 4-6-0 Steam Locomotives and Six Wheel Tenders, BR green, Ref No 'R2461 ' County Class' County of Devon R/No 1005, plus 'Leeds United' R/No 61656 (both good, untested. 40-60
716.    Four Diecast Model Vehicles, comprising of Corgi Toys Chevrolet Impala 'State Patrol', Lonestar Land Rover and Caravan 'RAC' Lonestar Cadillac 62 Sedan, Spot-on Bristol 406, all displaying signs of wear, chipping to paint work, scratches. 25-50
717.    A Ace Trains 'O' Gauge/7mm "Caledonian Railwat" Box Van, new/unused, CR blue/grey roof/black chassis. 15-30
718.    A Hornby 'O' Gauge Clockwork Tank Locomotive M3 0-4-0, LMS maroon livery R/No 2270, degradation damage to eight spoke wheels, accompanied by literature, two keys, boxed, split to box lid notes. 30-50
719.    Dinky Toys Auto Union Racing Car, (re painted), Viking aircraft (missing propeller blades), Frobisher class air liner (possible repair to tail fin), Silver Streak tin plate clockwork airliner (many parts missing). 20-30
720.    Two 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed 4-6-0 Steam Steam Locomotives and Six Wheel Tenders, Airfix Ref No 54120 'Royal Scots Fusilier' LMS black, Ref No 37-061 Jubilee class SXP LMS crimson R/No 5690 'Leander', both very good untested condition. 40-60
721.    Two Lima 'O' Gauge/7mm Boxed Locomotives, a Class 33 Diesel BR green R/No D6506, plus a 0-6-0 Fowler and six wheel tender BR black, R/No 43457, weathered/re-numbered, both playworn in fair boxes untested. 40-60
722.    Two Dapol 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed 4-6-0 GWR Class 1000 Steam Locomotives and Six Wheel Tenders, 'County of Chester' GW Green R/No 1011, and 'County of Worcester' CW green R/No 1029, both good untested. 40-60
723.    Two Roco Boxed 'HO' Gauge Continental Outline Steam Locomotives and Eight Wheel Double Bogie Tenders, a Ref No 04119 a Class BR 01 4-6-0 'Deutsche Bundersbahn', R/N 01-111, plus Ref No 04126 G 2-10-0 class 44 R/No 44541, both finished overall black with red chassis, good untested condition, fair boxes. 40-60
724.    An Apache Calibre .44 Twin Toy Gun Set by B.C.M, (Derby), playworn condition, Sheriffs badge, brush, original box. 20-30
725.    Three Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm class 142 'Pacer' Powered DMU Units, Regional Railways R/No 55765 (2) grey, and R/No 55611 yellow, fair condition, unboxed, untested. 20-40
726.    A Spot-On (Tri-ang) Playworn Diecast Model Ford Thames Trader, with articulated flat float with sides - British Railways livery, paint mismatch discrepancy between cab and flat float, boxed tear to box lid; together with a built up Scalecraft Snap; together model Lotus 25, boxed. 30-50
727.    Two Hornby Dublo 'OO' Gauge/4mm Three Rail Diesel Locomotives, BR green, a boxed Bo Bo type 20 Type 20 R/No D8000, plus a unboxed Co-Bo Class 28 R/No D5713, both fair untested. 20-40
728.    Three 'OO' Gauge/4mm Steam Locomotives, unboxed, a Lima Prairie Tank, 2-6-2 GWR green R/No 4589 (good), a Horby 2-6-4 std tank, L.M.S Maroon R/No 2300, plus a BR black example R/No 42363 (fair to good), also a Triang 0-6-0 BR black shunter R/No 3005 (four items untested). 40-60
729.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge'/4mm Boxed Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, 'Duchess of Sutherland' 4-6-2 L,M.S maroon R/No 6233 (good fair box), plus Ref No R2829 (China) L.S.W.R Class T9 4-4-0 Southern Region plain black R/No 314, very good condition, however no motor drive to wheels, good box. 40-60
730.    Four 'O' Gauge/7mm Kit Built Coaches, by "D and S Models" and "EK. Models", L.Y.R livery, fair build/paint, small parts detached, fair T.L.C required. 50-80
731.    Reproduction Cast Metal L.N.E.R Sign "Beware Of The Trains", overall size 12 x 7 inch (new). 10-15
731A.   A Cast Iron Reproduction Flying Scotsman Name Plate, blue ground with gold lettering, 90cm long. 30-50
731B.   A Cast Iron LNER Reproduction Station Sign "Any Person Who Omits to Shut and Fasten this Gate", 100cm long. 30-40
731C.   A Cast Iron Reproduction Locomotive/Steam Engine Name Plate "John Fowler & Co (Leeds) Ltd, 65cm across. 30-40
732.    A Mamod Minor No 2 Steam Engine, model, red base, green burner, funnel, model displaying signs of wear and corrosion. 25-40
733.    A Marklin (Germany) Pre War 'O' Gauge 0-4-0 Tank Locomotive, electric 4 volt, missing tender, buffer coupling, external switch rod, untested. 40-60
734.    A John Hill and Co. Coronation Series Royal Coaches, box poor. 20-40
735.    A Scalex Boats Battery Operated Plastic Model L15S Speed Boat, 36cm long, instruction sheet, boxed. 20-30
736.    Bassett Lowke Live Steam 'O' Gauge/7mm Gresley Class K3 "Mogul" 2-6-0 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, L.N.E.R black, wheels/rods, buffers, coupling ok, tender paint very good, loco poor, loco missing burner and fuel supply, otherwise good, unboxed. 80-120
737.    Hornby Circa 1930 'O' Gauge/7mm Clockwork L.M.S Compound 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive, plus six wheel tender, L.M.S maroon, R/No. 1185, unboxed, spring (slow) and wheels ok, paint fair, one buffer damaged. 70-90
738.    Bassett Lowke Circa 1932/5 'O' Gauge/7mm Clockwork 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive, plus six wheel tender, L.N.E.R green "Princess Elizabeth" R/No. 2265, unboxed, coupled wheels showing metal fatigue, spring ok, original key, original paint, playworn, all buffers and couplings. 80-120
739.    Bassett Lowke Circa 1928/35 'O' Gauge/7mm Clockwork L.M.S Standard Compound 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive, plus six wheel tender L.M.S maroon R/No. 1190 unboxed, spring, wheels ok, no key, coupling damaged, chimney detached (with loco) original playworn paint, all buffers. 70-90
740.    Contents of a "OO" Gauge Railway Modellers Workshop, items include lineside buildings, rolling stock bodies, track, components; together with a Hornby Dublo Three rail track layout, board measuring approximately 195cm length, 92cm width. 25-50
741.    A Keith Rider Racer ARF R-5 Jack Rabbit Balsa Wood Model Aircraft Kit, wingspan 760mm, together with a Great Planes almost ready to fly Delta Foxbat model aircraft kit, molded foam construction, unchecked, buyer to assure themselves for completeness of all parts, boxed. 25-40
742.    Two Plastic Model Sailing Boat/Yacht Kits, comprising of a Hobbies Ltd 26" working model of Gypsy Moth IV, box tatty and a one design '590' sailing yacht, length 23", Futabo Bionic Gold Digital Proportional radio control system both unchecked for completeness of all parts, boxed. 30-50
743.    A Lanyu Hobby Radio Controlled Electric Powered Airplane/Glider Kit, wingspan 63", no RC controller present, boxed unchecked for completeness of all parts. 25-40
744.    Four Boxed 'Flying' Model Aircraft Kits, including Fagel Bla balsa wood construction, rubber band powered aircraft, Aerographics balsa wood Fucke-Wulf FW-226 Flitzer (sealed box), green air designs Lockheed T-38 talon laser cut kit (sealed box). 25-40
745.    Two Battery Operated Radio control Plastic Model Sailing Boats, including Comtesse Sailing Yacht 'Gluckstadt', no rigging or sails, measuring approximately 96cm length, width 24cm, height 36cm, both model boats being ideal for restoration. 30-50
746.    A Mixed Collection of Deicast and Plastic Model Vehicles by Matchbox, and Other, including lorry bodies, lorry cabs, repainted models, early Matchbox models, mostly playworn. 15-30
747.    In Excess of Five Hundred Modern Comics bu Marvel, DC, Max, Wildstorm and Other, including Fantastic Four, Avengers Prime, Alpha Flight, Wolverine:- Three Boxes. 40-70
748.    Twelve 'O' Gauge/7mm Darstaed MK1 Coaches, all brass sides with roof and base, no bogies/wheels, four BR red/cream, six BR/L.M.S maroon, includes buffet and sleeping. A West Country and A Scotrail, all unused, plus three unpainted aluminium coach bodes, fifteen items. 120-200
749.    A Dean's Marine 1:24th Scale Patrol Boat River P.B.R-102 "Canned Heat" Plastic Model Boat Kit for Radio Control, unchecked for completeness of all parts, some kit parts have been constructed/started, boxed. 20-40
750.    Two Radio Controlled Model Aircraft Kits, comprising of a Red Horse Airplane R/C Dash 8-103, R/C Dash 8 controller, AGWS #GWS1105 Stearman PT-17 ARF Park Flyer, Wingspan 38" unchecked for completeness of all parts, boxed. 25-40
751.    Bugatti Style Meccano Cars, each 35cm long. (3) 40-60
752.    A Hornby Ref No R1039 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed 'Flying Scotsman' Train Set, box with loco, tender and four coaches only, all other items missing, content and box very good untested. 30-50
753.    A Meccano Dinky Toys No. 52 A "Empty Box" Cunard White Star Liner "Queen Mary", no box inner insert. 15-20
754.    A Mid XX Century Tinplate Clockwork Toy Model Ship, 'Queen Mary', key present, 12cm length. 30-50
755.    A Morestone Metal Model of an Ice Cream Seller on Trike, significant paint loss and signs of wear. 20-30
756.    A White Metal Muffin The Mule Toy Puppet. 25-50
757.    A Circa 1980's Hasbro G1 Transformers Dinosaur. 25-40
758.    A Circa 1980's G1 Transformers Dinobot 'Stegosaurus', some paint loss noted. 25-40
759.    Corgi Diecast Model Batmobile, Bat boat on trailer, Bat helicopter (damage to one rotor blade), unboxed. 60-100
760.    A 'Cheerful Tearful Doll, slight paint loss on face, few marks on body, hair missing, marked 1966 Mattel Hong Kong on head, outfit and doll playworn, Suzy Cut doll outfit and doll playworn, marked Deluxe Reading Corp, and a Skedaddle Kiddles Doll 1966 Mattel Inc on back. All dolls could do with a clean, outfits and dolls playworn. 20-40
761.    A Quantity of Roadside White Metal Street Furniture, People, Accessories, by Dinky, Crescent and other to include Matchbox Esso Petrol Pumps, Road Signs, Telephone Box. 20-40
762.    A Black Francie Doll, slight loss of paint on eyebrow, outfit playworn, marked 1966 Mattel Made in Japan 507 on her head 200-300
763.    Comics - Captain Britain #1 Oct 13 1976, overall good used condition, minimal discolouring. 50-70
764.    Green Lantern Co Starring Green Arrow #87, a well read comics with slight creasing, but overall good condition. 80-120
765.    The Fantastic Four #54 Comic September 1966, creasing and small tears to cover. 30-50
766.    Two DC Comics, Batman #152 December 1962, "The False Face Society", numerous faults, including creases, folds, small tears to cover, tears to spine, loose and torn pages, The Brave and the Bold presents Batman and Wonder Woman #105 December 1972, fault include pen writing to front cover, creasing, tears to spine and back page. 30-50
767.    A Boxed Schuco Clockwork Tinplate Model Command Car A.D 2000, dark blue body work, missing key, accompanied by literature, box poor, missing both box ends. 25-40
768.    A Boxed Schuco Examico 4001 Clockwork Tinplate Model Car, cream bodywork, missing key, accompanied by literature (repairs), one box end detached (pieces present). 30-50
769.    A Boxed Gescha (German) Mercedes Compressor Racing Car Model, blue body work, driver loose, clock work mechanism working, key present, accompanied by literature. 30-50
770.    A Dinky Supertoys #908 Diecast Model Mighty Antar, with transformer, multiple paint chips/paint loss, box damaged with sellotape repairs. 20-40
771.    A Dinky Supertoys #969 BBC TV Extending Mast Vehicle, missing aerial dish, no literature, boxed. 30-50
772.    A French Dinky Supertoys #893 Diecast Model UNIC Sahara Tractor with Pipe Carrier, beige body, white roof, some chipping/rubbing to raised edges, boxed. 30-50
773.    A Dinky Supertoys No. 968 BBC TV Roving Eye Vehicle, dark green and grey with cameraman and plastic aerial, minor chipping/rubbing, boxed. 50-80
774.    A Boxed Dinky Toys No. 961 Diecast Model Blaw-Knox Bulldozer, yellow body tan driver, rubber tracks, chipping to paint work, wear to box. 30-50
775.    A Boxed Corgi Toys No. 304S Mercedes Benz 300SL Hard Top Roadster, chrome body, red hard top, chipping/rubbing to paint work, slight decal loss, crushes/indents to box. 40-60
776.    Three Boxed Corgi Toys Diecast Model Cars, comprising of No. 151 Lotus Mark Eleven Le Mans racing Car, slight creasing and tear to one box end flap, No. 211 Studebaker Golden Hawk, box poor, No. 234 Ford Consul Classic, crushing and wear to box, all models displaying multiple paint chips and scratches. 40-70
777.    Corgi Toys No 270 Diecast Model James Bond Aston Martin, two Bandit figures present, slight crushing and small tear to picture window box. 40-70
778.    Corgi Toys No 270 Diecast Model James Bond Aston Martin, two Bandit figures present, slight crushing and small tears to picture window box. 40-70
779.    A Boxed Corgi Toys No. 475 Diecast Model Citroen Safari 1964 Olympics Winter Sports, white paint works, ski's and poles on roof rack, skier minor chipping/rubbing to paint work, "By Special Request", box, missing one end flap. 40-70
780.    Two Boxed Corgi Toys Diecast Model Vehicles, comprising of No. 229 Chevrolet Corvair, mid blue body yellow interior, chips and rubber to paint work, slight creasing and wear to box No. 3300 Austin Healey, cream body with red interior, missing windscreen, multiple chips, scratches to model, box missing both end flaps. 25-40
781.    A Boxed Corgi #261 Diecast Model James Bond Aston Martin DB5, bright gold body work, red interior, wire wheels (marks to tyres/wire wheels), paint chips, slight gap between windscreen and roof, bandit figure, instructions, secret instructions envelope, spare bandit, rubbing to box edges, small tears in places. 40-70
782.    A Boxed Corgi No. 258 Diecast Model Jaguar Mark X, metallic cerise body, with lemon interior, luggage in boot, minor chipping/scratches to paint work, crushing to box,pencil writing, small tears. 40-70
783.    A Boxed Corgi No. 441 Diecast Model Volkswagen "Toblerone" Van, blue body, lemon, chipping/rubbing to raised edges, box slightly crushed. 40-70
784.    A Boxed Corgi No. 460 Diecast Model Neville Cement Tipper, on ERF chassis, tunnel, cement, lemon cab and chassis, metal filler caps, scratches to windscreen, chipping and rubbing to paint work, mainly on raised edges, slight crushing/creasing/wear to box. 30-50
785.    A Boxed Corgi No. 437 Diecast Model Superior Ambulance, cream over red body, small chips to paint work noted, sellotape,colour run/dye to box. 30-50
786.    A Boxed Corgi Toys No. 303 Diecast Model Mercedes Benz 300 SL Open Roadster, blue body, white seats, chipping to paint work, mainly on raised edges, small crack passenger side windscreen, crushing/creasing to box. 25-40
787.    A Boxed Corgi Toys No. 231 Diecast Model Triumph Herald Coupe, mid blue top/bottom, white centre, chipping and scratches to paint work by Special Request box, slight crushing/creasing to box. 30-50
788.    A Boxed Corgi No. 224 Diecast Model Bentley Continental Sports Saloon, two tone green, red interior, opening boot with spare wheel, some chipping/rubbing to paint work, paint fault/repair around boot area, crushing to box, one end flap missing. 25-50
789.    A Boxed Corgi No. 420 Diecast Model Ford Thames "Airborne Caravan", two tone green, brown interior, minor chips/scratches to paint work/raised edges, crushing to box, missing on end flap. 30-50
790.    A Boxed Corgi Toys Diecast Model No. 227 Morris Mini Cooper, primrose yellow body, red interior, white roof RN1, multiple chips to paint work, passenger side headlight dull, slight crushing and wear to box. 30-50