Collectable Comics & Movie Memorabilia Auction @ 10am
on Thursday 8th December 2022

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201.    The Who Quadrophenia Framed Display Poster, signed Phil Daniels, certificate of authenticity, 72 x 72cm. 30-50
202.    Film Poster, Double Bill, Monty Python's Life of Brian, plus Airplane, printed by W. E Berry, Bradford, 76 x 100cm. 20-40
203.    Laurel and Hardy Turkish Film Poster, Aramizda (The further Perils), Dogan Karden Matbaaciilik Sanayii A.S Isanbul, 100 x 68cm 30-50
204.    Mel Gibson as Brave Heart Signed Montage Display, including replica sword with certificate of authenticity (damaged noted to plexiglass front). 700-1000
205.    Robin Hood 20/0 Limited Edition Large Poster, 170/200 Universal Studios 161 x 81cm. 30-50
206.    Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn Signed Display Montage, comprising of signed Deluxe Jacket, film stills and a photograph of the jacket being signed, with certificate of authenticity, 92 x 89cm. 800-1200
206A.   Film Posters: The Gremlins, Pearl Harbour, La La Land, Field of Dreams, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Shirley Valentine, 101 Dalmations, etc:- One Box 30-50
207.    Lobby Cards: The 300 Spartans - XX Century Fox (5); together with black and white photographs from The 300 Spartans Film, Mardi Gras, State Fair, The Man Who Understood Women, etc:- One Basket 15-20
208.    A Quantity of Film/Lobby Posters, 36 x 29cm, including Donovans Reef, Fellas Doing Fine,Hugo The Hippo, The Day of The Jackal, The Love Lottery etc. 30-50
209.    Cyborg: Signed A4 Photo Signed By Ray Fisher, includes a COA. 100-120
210.    Man of Steel: Framed Russel Crowe Signature, includes a COA.
211.    Doctor Who - Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones signed image, (framed) with certificate of authenticity. 30-50
212.    Buffy The Vampire Slayer Montage, with signatures, and certificate of authenticity, 36 x 46cm. 40-60
213.    Film Poster, 'Conquest of The Planet of The Apes', Ets Lalande - Courbet 91 - Wissous, approximately 56 x 116cm. 15-30
214.    Film Memorabilia Lobby Cards, 'The Godfather' (x8) 30.5 x 39.5cm. Planet of The Apes (x9) 21.5 x 27.5cm, One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest (x9). 30-40
215.    A Collection of James Dean Posters, 1980's and later. 10-15
216.    Captain Pugwash - John Ryan signed montage, with certificate of authenticity, 62 x 53cm. 40-80
217.    Jerry Lewis as The Nutty Professor, signed poster dated 13, with certificate of authenticity, 47 x 58cm. 40-80
218.    X-Men Days of Future Past, James McAvoy as Charles Xavier signed montage, with certificate of authenticity, 70 x 47cm. 40-80
219.    A Large Quantity of Press Release Images, Posters etc For Cinema Releases, to include The Seventh Sign, Highlander, Time Cop and many more. 30-40
220.    Jack Haley (The Tin Man) Framed Display, with signed cheque related May 5th 1969, with certificate of authenticity, 66 x 36cm. 40-80
221.    Lobby Cards: Walt Disney Sleeping Beauty, The Big Fisherman, Babes in Toyland, Swiss Family Robinson, Mary Poppins, etc:- One Basket 15-20
222.    Land of The Giants, signed montage with certificate of authenticity 69 x 52cm. 40-80
223.    Thor The God of Thunder, Kenneth Branagh (Director), signed montage, with certificate of authenticity, 37 x 60cm. 40-80
224.    Christopher Lee is Dracula Display, with signature and certificate of authenticity 45cm x 56cm. 80-120
225.    Batman Begins: Framed Scarecrow Photo Signed By Cillian Murphy, includes a COA. 100-120
226.    A Large Quantity of Press Release Photographs, Posters of Film Cinema Releases, to include Home Alone 3, Volcano, What Dreams May Come, Alita, Battle Angel, etc. 30-50
227.    Two Original 1978 Superman Character Photographs/Images, comprising Lex Luthor & 51 x 76cm 20-40
228.    Three Large Quad Film Posters, to include Dr Who and The Daleks 68 x 95cm, Jaws 70cm x 100cm (reproductions) and The Fifth Element Lenticular poster, etc. 20-30
229.    Lobby Cards - Iron Eagle II (X5 and press synopsis), Random Hearts (press pack with sealed cards), Multiplicity (X6), chain Reaction (X6 and press pack), Tequila Sunrise (X7), Steal Big (X4), Sllpstream (X8), together with two invitations to a special screening of Stakeout at The Cannon, Wolverhampton 30-50
230.    A Quantity of Press Material, to include So Fine, A Little romance, Protocol, I the Jury, The Amazonians, etc. 30-40
231.    Lobby Cards - The Truth (with press pack) almost An Angle (X8), Working Girl (X8 and press pack), Alien Nation (X8), Superman II (X8), The Freshman (X7), Criminal Law (X6) with duplicate set *HAG (X7). 30-50
232.    An Impressive Selection of Film Posters Circa 1960's, to include Stagecoach to Dancers Rock 'El Canalla', What's All The Noise About, etc, conditions poor - good. 30-50
233.    Lobby Cards - (X5 and press pack), and God Created Women (X8), John Carpenters Vampires (X5), Under Siege 2 (X5 and press pack) Clear and Present Danger (X5 and press pack), Bird on a Wire (X5), Congo (X4 and press pack), 30-50
234.    Lobby Cards - Independence Day (X8), Elmo in Grouchland (X6), Dragon Heart (X5 and press pack), Dead Heat (X8), Event Horizon (X5 and press pack), Go (press pack), The Seventh Sign (synopsis X3), Mars Attacks! (X6 and press pack). 30-50
235.    Lobby Cards - Tin Cup (X5 and press pack), American Pie (X4 and press pack), Happy Gilmore (X4), Hideaway (X8), Like Father Like Son (X7 and synopsis), together with other promotional material including Young Guns, Police Academy 5. 30-40
236.    Musicals - A Quantity of Promotional Material, including press packs for various musical films, to include Michael Jackson - This Is It, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Genesis, Sound of Music, Grease, Mama Mia, Buster, etc (an interesting varied lot). 30-50
237.    Lobby Cards - Who Framed Roger Rabbit (X13), The X Files (X2 and press pack), Saving Private Ryan (X4 and press pack), Edward Scissorhands (X5 and promotional 3D Diorama), Teen Wolf Too (press pack) 30-50
238.    Vintage Film Posters: The Girls He Left Behind, When My Baby smiles At Me, Roxie Hart, Footlight Serenade (2), The Shocking Miss Pilgrim, Remember The day, Hello Frisco Hello, Trail Street, Orchestra Wife's, The Way to The Gold, (12) posters. 30-40
239.    Script Yanks by Colin Welland, reprint script A Journey to The Center of The Earth, black and white photographs of actors/actresses, Judy Garland, Betty Gable, etc:- One Basket 20-40
240.    A Large Quantity of Film, Promotional Material Press Packs, mostly Historical, to include Spartacus, The Killing Fields, The Portrait of a Lady, Blaze, cocktail, etc. 30-40
241.    Three 'Carry On' Film Posters: Carry On Jack, 30" x 40", carry on Henry (2), 27" x 40", (folded). 25-40
241A.   Comics - A Selection of British Comics And Magazines From The 1970's and Later, to include Judy, June, Secret love,My Guy, etc (One Box) 30-40
242.    Fifteen Film Posters, 1960's and later, including Hannie Caulder, Surprise Package, Dances with Wolves (French), Zombies, Fifty Five Days at Peking, etc.
243.    Theatre Posters: Evita, Les Miserables, Pirates of Penzance. 10-20
244.    A Quantity of Press Material, to include Rafts, The Inventor , The Late Show, Kramer vs Kramer, Heroes, Spies Like Us,etc, plus two 1989 limited edition Star Wars Mugs. 30-40
245.    Ten Vintage Film Posters, to include "Vicki", Before Winter Comes/Otley, Bullwhip Griffin, George Whites 1935 Scandals, David and Bath Sheba, Solomon and Sheba, Old Yeller, Johnny Treman, "A Man Called Peter", "The Pride and The Passion". (10) 30-40
246.    An Interesting Collection of Film Posters, 1940's to later, to include "Around The World in 80 Days" (French), Flipper, The Egyptian (French), Brides of Dracular (French), Spartacus, Quo Vadis, Calamity Jane, Athena, South Pacific, "Maytime" The Robe, faults includes folds, tears, creases. 70-120
247.    A Collection of 1970's ad Later Film Posters, including Fifty Five Days at Peking, Alamo, Kuffs, Gallipoli, Rich Man - Poor Man, Forever Young, Forest Gump. 25-40
248.    Ten Vintage Film Posters, to include Hot Millions, The Five Pennies, It's Great to be Young, The Vagabond King, The Egyptian, Fear Strikes Out, Ulysses, State Fair, Touch and Go, The Moon-Spinners. (10) 30-40
249.    Sheet Music: Together, recorded by P.J. Proby, This is My Song by Charles Chaplin, Joseph Locke Album American Songs, etc:- One Box 10-15
250.    Twelve 1960's and Later Film Posters, to include Go To Blazes, Charlotte's Webb, The Way We Were, The Lost Nan/Better A Widow, A Man Called Horse, The Happiest Millionaire, Five Miles to Midnight, Bon Voyage, King of Kings, Dead Heat on A Merry Go Round/The Big Mouth, With Six You Get Eggroll/Limbo Line, Ten to Midnight. (12) 30-40
251.    Full Colour Scenes From Walt Disney Peter Pan, Your Campaign Walt Disney Follow Me Boys, Your Campaign Herbie Goes Banana's, Walt Disney posters, One Hundred and One Dalmations, Jungle Book, etc, Your Campaign Walt Disney The Legend of Dick Turpin, Disney poster Darby O'Gill and The Little People, etc:- One Box 10-15
252.    Seven Film Posters (1940's-1960's), to include Simon and Laura, Remember The Day, "The Yellow Tomahawk", Three Coins In The Fountain, Cry For happy, The Bridge at Toko-Ri, Sentimental Journey, faults include folds, creases, tears, measuring approximately 40" x 30". 30-50
253.    Lobby Poster: The Brides of Dragon, photographs from Big Thrill of It All, Bedtime Story, For Love of Money, etc other posters:- One Box 10-20
254.    Ten Circa 1970's/1980's Film Posters, to include The Money Pit, Dragnet, Witness, La Frontera (The Border) (2), Clash Of The Titans, No Way Out, The Devils (2), Yanks, folded, mostly measuring 40" x 30". 40-60
255.    Apollo 13 Production Information Photograph's, Star Trek Generations Poster, M.G.M Press Book, Brochures, other film memorabilia, etc:- One Box 20-40
256.    Ten Circa 1960's Film Posters, to include The Aristocats, The Secret of Santa Vittoria, Who's Minding The Mint?, Cantinflas, Breaking Away, Light In The Piazza, Hound-Dog Man, Love and Kisses, Inn For Trouble, A Kind of Loving, folds, creases, sellotape, measuring approximately 40" x 30". 40-60
257.    A Quantity of Lobby Cards/Press Pack Photography, to include The Far Country, There's Always Hope, The Juror, Mr Mum, amount per film varies. 20-40
257A.   Comics - Marvel and Independent Titles, to include Marvel Spectacular #11, The Inuhmans The Untold Saga #1, etc (One Tray) 20-40
258.    A Large Selection of Reproduction Iconic Film Posters on Card, to include Shawshank Redemption, Indian Jones, The French Connection, Jaws, Wizard of Oz, etc, mostly still in cellophane, all approximately 29 x 40cm. 30-50
259.    A Large Quantity of Film Promotional Material Press Packs, to include The Naked Gun, The Generals Daughter, French Kiss, The Neon Bible, Gods and Monsters, Presumed Innocent, etc. 30-40
260.    A Large Selection of Reproduction Iconic Film Posters on Card, to include Alfie, Lawrence of Arabia, The Wild One, Alamo, The Searchers, The Man Who Knew to Much, etc. 30-50
261.    Lobby Cards - Muppets From space (Sealed Cards and press pack), Matinee (X5), Jerry Maguire (press card), The Hidden (20 plus - some duplication, press packs X2), Matilda (X8), Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (X6 and standee promotional card), Mission Impossible (X5 and press pack), 30-50
262.    Lobby Cards - Dracula Dead and Loving It (X5 and press pack), White Squall (X5 and press pack), Jurassic Park III (X3), Germilins 2 - The New Batch (X10 and press pack), Bicentennial Man (X8), Return of The Living Dead Part II (X1) and press pack). 30-50
263.    A Large Quantity of Film Promotional Material Press Packs, to include The Last Samurai, Ladies in Lavender, Clean & Sober, Robin Hood, Batman Begins, etc 30-40
264.    A Quantity of Film Promotional Material Press Packs, mostly Disney to include 'Cars', Dumbo,Dinosaur, Monsters Inc, Chicken Run, etc. 30-40
265.    Star Trek - A Quantity of Promotional T.M.G Era Film Press Packs, to include First Contact, Nemesis, Insurrection etc, plus other promotional media. 30-40
266.    A Quantity of Promotional Material Press Packs, to include Too Hot to Handle, White Rock, The January Man, What Dreams May Come, The Rocketeer, Ed Wood, (unchecked for completeness). 30-40
267.    A Collection of Comics and Comic Books, to include Stan Lee Present The Mighty World of Marvel Pin-Up Book, (faults include sellotape to inner cover), The Alternative Comic Smut, Freak Brothers, Footrot Flats; together with a quantity of circa 1977 Star Wars Topps (blue) bubblegum trading cards. 20-40
268.    An Interesting Set of Trial/Feedback Cards, from Universal Pictures used when selecting the name of the film E.T The Extra Terrestrial (vendor states they are aquired from a Universal Pictures employee). 100-200
269.    A Large Quantity of Film Promotional Material Press Packs, mostly Fantasy, to include The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit, 102 Dalmations, etc. 30-40
270.    A Quantity of Lobby Cards/Promotion Images/Press Pack Photography, to include, The Anderson Tapes X2, Looking For Love X4, The Flying Fontains X5, The Man Who Understood Women X6, etc 20-40
271.    A Quantity of File Promotional Material Press Packs, Galaxy Quest, Superman II, Lord of The Rings, The Fellowship of The Ring Fantastic Four Spiderman, etc. 30-40
272.    A Quantity of Film Promotional Material Press Packs, mostly horror and similar, to include, Scream 3. Aliens, High Spirits, The Hunchback of Notre Dam, plus Hellraiser press photograph bearing signature. 30-40
273.    A Large Quantity of Film Promotional/Material/Press Packs, including Royal Charity Premier of Enigma, Master & Commander, Smokey & The Bandit, etc (a varied lot). 30-50
274.    Die Hard - A selection of press material/press packs, plus similar from Terminator. 30-50
275.    A Quantity of Film Promotional Material Press Packs, to include Tim Burton's Ed Wood, Charlie's Angles, Maybe Baby, etc 20-40
276.    Lobby Cards - Flash Gordon (X3), Ghost (X5 and press pack), Star Trek IV The Voyage Home (X8), Robocop 2 (X8), Batman 'Micheal Keaton' (X8 and press pack), Batman Returns (X3 and publicity material), Blue Streak (X5 and eight film cells), Home for The Holidays (X4). 30-50
277.    Action #1/No.1 Comic 14th February 1976, Forces in Combat #1, The Crunch #1/No.1, plus a small quantity of early issue Marvel Comics, including The Eternals #4, Spiderwoman #121, etc all overall good condition. 30-50
278.    A Quantity of Magazine Size Comics, to include Savage Sword of Conan, etc. 20-40
279.    DC Comics: to include Super DC No.2, Superman #255, Super Friends #17, Superman and Red Tornado #7, etc, all in good well read condition. 30-50
280.    DC Comics - Six limited collectors edition presents comprising Secret Origins Super Villains, More Secret Origins Super Villains, Superman, Superman vs Shazam, etc (condition good) 30-50
281.    Marvel Comics - UK Editions, to include Super Spiderman #197, 198, 161, * The Titans #4, * #210, #209, #208, #207, #206, #205, etc. Plus earlier issues, all in good condition, some unbroken runs noted. 80-120
282.    Comics - Twenty Creepy Magazine / Comics, 1970 yearbook and later, conditions good to very good. 30-40
283.    Beano - A Quantity of Issues, circa late 1980's, Issue No 2376, 2230, 2356, etc, named top right, blue ink, small tears throughout. 20-40
283A.   Comics - Over 160 American Comics to include Marvel, DC, and independants, dates 1960's - present day.
283B.   Comics - Over 160 American Comics to include Marvel, DC, and independants, dates 1960's - present day. 300-400
283C.   Comics - Over 160 American Comics to include Marvel, DC, and independants, dates 1960's - present day. 300-400
283D.   Comics - Over 160 American Comics to include Marvel, DC, and independants, dates 1960's - present day. 300-400
283E.   Comics - Over 160 American Comics to include Marvel, DC, and independants, dates 1960's - present day. 300-400
283F.   Comics - Over 160 American Comics to include Marvel, DC, and independants, dates 1960's - present day. 300-400
283G.   Comics - Over 160 American Comics to include Marvel, DC, and independants, dates 1960's - present day. 300-400
283H.   Comics - Over 160 American Comics to include Marvel, DC, and independants, dates 1960's - present day. 300-400
283I.   Comics - Over 160 American Comics to include Marvel, DC, and independants, dates 1960's - present day. 300-400
283J.   Comics - Over 160 American Comics to include Marvel, DC, and independants, dates 1960's - present day. 300-400
284.    Captain Britain Comics #1, #2,#3,#4, all in good well read condition, (Mask not present) 100-200
285.    Stan Lee Story by Roy Thomas, (French Language Edition) sealed. 200-220
286.    The Avengers #1 Comic UK Edition, The Titans #1 9p edition, The Astonishing Ant Man #47, Thor #281, Captain America #231 and Marvel Team Up #79, all in well read condition. 30-50
286A.   A DC Comics Wonder Woman Collectable Model Figure, presented on a WW gold and maroon coloured base, limited edition number 1635/5200, approx 22cm tall. 10-20
287.    A Collection of Beano Comics, predominately 1990's issues, well read condition. 15-30
287A.   In Excess of Five Hundred Modern Comics, by DC, Marvel, Amalgam and other including Team Titans, Superboy, Marvel Universe, The Butcher:- Two Boxes 40-60
287B.   In Excess of Five Hundred Modern Comics, by DC, Marvel, Amalgam, Max and other including Generation X, Excalibur, Fantastic Four, Ultimate War, Ultimate Six, Terra Obscura:- Two Boxes 40-60
288.    In Excess of One Hundred Commando Comics, earliest noted #158. Plus some Starblazer, noted. 30-50
288A.   Approximately Five Hundred Modern Comics, by Marvel, DC, Image and other including Cable, Steel, Superman, The Creeper, Wolverine, Hawkman, Hourman:- Two Boxes 40-60
289.    Comics - A Box of Mostly 1990's Beano. 10-20
289A.   In Excess of Five Hundred Modern Comics, mostly by DC, Vertigo including Swamp Thing, Team Titans, Riverdale, Justice League of America, Legend of The Shield, Legionnairies:- Two Boxes 40-60
290.    Approximately Two Hundred Modern Comics and Magazines, to include David Buttons Meng and Ecker, The Rock, Cruel World, Marvel The Transformer, TV Zone, Star Trek Chronology, Star Trek monthly:- Two Boxes. 30-40
290A.   In Excess of Four Hundred and Fifty Modern Comics, mostly by Marvel, DC, including Team Titans, Swamp Thing, X Men Unlimited, X Factor, Fantastic Four, The Warriors:- Three Boxes 40-60
291.    A Collection of 90's/2000's Beano and Dandy Comics:- One Box 15-30
291A.   In Excess of Four Hundred and Sixty Modern Comics, by Marvel, DC, Image, including Superman, Silver Blade, Human Target, Martian Man Hunter, The New Titans:- Two Boxes 40-60
292.    Neal Addams Portfolios Set A From 1978 and B from 1979, both sets contain four numbered prints. 150-170
292A.   In Excess of Five Hundred Modern Comics, by Marvel, DC, Vertigo, including Wolverine, Power Pack , 100 Buckets, Justice League America, Superman in Action Comics:- Three Boxes 40-60
293.    Marvel Comics - The Invincible Iron Man #5, comic has been trimmed and re-stapled. 30-50
294.    Marvel Comics - Fantastic Four #28, overall condition fair - good, date stamp to top.
295.    Marvel Comics - The Avengers #3, The Hulk and Submariner vs - The Avengers, well read, fair condition comic, some discolouring. 150-250
296.    Marvel Comics - CGC Grade 9.0 Slabbed Fantastic Four #80, cream to off white pages. 80-120
297.    The Hammer Film Poster Collection, Hammer Films Fiftieth Anniversary Edition Fifty Year of Horror, full size reproductions of Hammer's most memorable and collectable posters - twenty posters, including Frankenstein, The Phantom of The Opera, Vampire Circus, Quatermas Experiment. 80-120
301.    Approximately Ten Action Figures. 20-40
302.    Four Boxed GI Joe Figures, to include Pearl Harbor Display Set, Connecticut Crewman and two others, boxes poor/good. 20-40
303.    Approximately Ten Action Figures. 20-40
304.    Three Boxed GI Joe and Limited Edition Classic Collection, boxes good to include Parachute figure, 42nd Infantry, plus others. 30-50
305.    Approximately Ten Action Figures, to include Hasbro Eagle Eyes, plus others. 20-40
306.    Boxed Batman Character Walkie Talkies, Bat Cycle (poor box), Ice Battle Batman. Plus two Batman figures, Batmobile and motorbike. 15-25
307.    Approximately Ten Action Figures. 20-40
308.    Four Boxed Ring Giants Wrestling Figures, including Carlito, Kane and two others, boxes poor/good. 20-40
309.    Genuine Porcelain Doll, approximately 68cm high, box in poor condition. 10-20
310.    Approximately Twelve Action Man Figures. (ages vary) 20-40
311.    A Boxed Action Man Limited Edition, James Bond 'The Spy Who Loved Me'. 30-50
312.    Approximately Ten Action Figures, to include Thunderbirds, Hasbro, plus others. 20-40
313.    Four Comansi of The Wild West Hand Painted 7" Action Figures, comprising of Wild Bill Hickok, Wyatt Earp, Red Cloud, Geronimo; together with a quantity of Kirk miniature figures white metal hand painted Military model figures, boxed. 25-40
314.    Approximately Ten Posable Flash Action Figures, and parts. 10-20
315.    Three Boxed Elite Force Figures, one boxed GI Joe - General Omar, N. Bradley. Plus WWII boxed figure of Oberst Hessler. 20-30
316.    Five Plastic Model Action Figures, to include New Line Productions Austin Powers, Vivid Imaginations Robin Hood, Space Precinct 2040 Lieutenant Brogan, Hero Force Spy Hero 'Air', Ski Hero 'Arctic', all in original packaging box, condition variable. 30-40
317.    Approximately Ten Action Figures. 20-40
318.    H.M Armed Forces Military Themed Plastic Action Figures, and accessories by character, including Royal Marines Commando Hero Set, Para Trooper Figure, Royal Navy Diver Equipment. Plus a XXI Century Toys #34840 The Ultimate Soldier Mopp Accessory Set, all in original packaging. 25-40
319.    Approximately Twelve Action Man Figures, to include partial components. 20-40
320.    Five Boxed GI Joe, to include Ninja Showdown, Pearl Harbour display set and others, boxes good-poor. 30-50
321.    Approximately Ten Action Figures. 20-40
322.    Approximately Ten Action Figures. 20-40
323.    Four Modern Plastic 'Military' Action Figures, to include Dragon #70138 1:6th scale USAAF Bomber Captain "Skip", Hasbro GI Joe #81565 Vietnam Combat Engineer, GI Joe vs Cobra 'Recondo'; together with a carded GI Joe Navy Shore Patrol Gear Set. 30-50
324.    Approximately Ten Action Figures, to include Action Man (Atomic Man), possibly missing left hand, plus others. 20-40
325.    Modern Action Man Interest, to include Hasbro Action Soldier #9353000 Operation Jungle, Arctic Assault Equipment Pack, #12416186 Space 2020 equipment Pack, packaging has been opened, unchecked for completeness. 25-40
326.    Approximately Ten Action Figures, to include Palitoy Flock Haired Eagle Star example, Kenner, etc. 20-40
327.    Four Elite Force 1:6th Scale Plastic Action Figures, by Bluebox, comprising of British SAS Counter Terrorist "Sergeant Greg Simcox", US Army 82nd Airborne 'Freedom Force', boxed. 30-50
328.    Approximately Ten Action Figures, to include Hasbro, Dragon Models, etc. 20-40
329.    Four Boxed GI Joe Classic Collection, General Colin L. Powell, boxes good/poor. 30-50
330.    Approximately Ten Action Figures. 20-40
331.    GI Joe - Five Boxed Action Figures, to include Surveillance Specialist, Martial Arts, Expert and others. Plus three packets of clothing in blister packs. 30-50
332.    Action Man Box Containing 1990's G I Joe and Various Accessories. 15-30
333.    Approximately Ten Action Figures. 20-40
334.    Two Boxed Terminator Figures - Rise of the Machines plus T-600. Terminator figure in blister pack. Boxes poor-good. 10-20
335.    Approximately Ten Action Figures, to include Action Man Moon Explorer, Hasbro, Action Man, Dragon Models, etc. 20-40
336.    Six GI Joe Figures, comprising US Air Force Crew Chief, US Army Pacific x 2, US Weapons Army Instructor, etc, slight crushing to boxes. 20-40
337.    Two Boxed Reservoir Dogs Figures, Mr White and Mr Pink, 12 inch. 30-40
338.    Approximately Twelve Posable Flash Action Figures, of various ages. 20-40
339.    Three Boxed Elite Force Action Figures, with three H.M. Armed Forces and a GI Joe. Boxes poor-good. 30-50
340.    Approximately Ten Action Figures, to include Action Man Eagle Eyes, Mattel, Hasbro, etc. 20-40
342.    Approximately Twelve Action Man Figures, to include flock haired, etc. 20-40
343.    Two Boxed Action Man Figures - Super Samurai plus Ninja Kick; plus Action Man in a Power Boat with accessories 15-30
344.    Approximately Ten Action Figures, to include Hasbro, Moon Explorer, Eagle Eye, plus others. 20-40
345.    Approximately Twelve Action Man Figures, (ages vary). 20-40
346.    Three Boxes of Action Man Spares, include guns, uniforms, etc. 10-20
347.    G.I Joe, boxed Bravo Action Figures, U.S Army Pacific, plus loose examples, clothing, etc. 30-40
348.    James Bond 007: A Collection of Boxed Diecast Corgi Vehicles, including Aston Martin DB5, Lotus Espirit, BMW Z8, etc, (crushing to some boxes):- One Box 40-60
349.    Four Original Star Wars Trilogy Space Vehicles, including At-At Scout Walker Vehicle, Snow Speeder, missing small parts, playworn. 40-70
350.    Star Wars Episode One Hidden Majesty Queen Amidala, (crushing to box), Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Dengar, (boxed), a Tusken Raider poseable figure, boxed, further incomplete Star Wars pieces, including At-At Walker; together with a novelty C-3PO Backpack, etc:- Two Boxes 20-40
351.    Star Wars: Quantity of Boxed The Force Awakens Figures, including Rey, The Inquisitor, Goss Toowers, X-wing Pilot, etc, large quantity (boxed bubbles fair/good). 40-60
352.    Boxed Star Wars Collector Series, Hans Solo and Tauntaun. 30-50
353.    Star Wars - Large Carded Action Figures, to include Kyloren, Jynerso, Fighter Pilot, Praetorian guard, approximately 46cm. 20-30
354.    Star Wars: Masterpiece Editions, Anakin Skywalker Ltd Edition Large Collector Figure, C-3PO and Aurra Sing, all boxes good, with slight crushing to corners, other Star Wars memorabilia. 30-60
355.    Star Wars: A Selection of Action Figures, Models and Collectables, boxes and loose. 15-30
356.    Star Wars:- Collector Series, Action Collection, Anakin Skywalker, Princes Leia, Obi-wan Kenobi, Collector Series, Luke Skywalker, etc, boxes fair/good. 30-50
357.    Star Wars: Quantity of Boxed The Force Awakens and Episode Plastic Figures, to include Resistance Trooper, Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma, etc (conditions generally good). 40-50
358.    Six Boxed Star Wars Figures, to include Hans Solo, Yoda and others. Star Wars Vault. 30-40
359.    Ten Boxed Star Wars Figures, to include Rey, Kylo Ren, Finn and others, boxes/good. 30-40
360.    Star Wars:- Collectors Series, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Princes Leia, Tusken Raider, Darth Vader. Plus two action collection figures, all boxed (boxes fair/good). 30-50
361.    Six Boxed Star Wars Action Figures, to include Imperial Officer, Queen Amidala and others. 15-30
362.    Star Wars: Selection of Boxed Small Figure, to include The Power of The Force C-3PO, Han Solo, Momaw Nadon, Princess Leia, etc, (mostly boxes good). 30-50
363.    Six Boxed Star Wars Figures, to include Wedge Antilles, Jar Jar Buts, etc. 30-40
364.    Star Wars: Quantity of Boxed Figures, to include The Force Awakens Sets, The Power of The Force, Obi-wan Kenobi, Rebels, Episode 1, etc all boxed (boxes fair/good). 30-50
365.    Four Boxed Osbourne Family Figures, plus four blister packed figures, boxes, good/poor. 15-25
366.    Star Wars: Episode 1 Boxed Figures, by Hasbro, including Qui-Gon x 4 Walto, etc. 30-40
367.    Five Boxed Planet of The Apes Figures, to including Atlar, Leo Davidson, plus others, two unboxed Planet of The Apes figures. 25-35
368.    Four Boxed Planet of The Apes Figures, by Hasbro, plus package memorabilia and figures, etc. 20-40
369.    Six Boxed Star Wars Figures, to includes, Obi, Watto and others, boxes good/poor. 25-35
370.    Matchbox Thunderbirds Tracy Island, (unchecked) for completeness), Thunderbirds One and Three Fab One (bubble poor/good). 30-40
371.    Star Trek: Quantity of Boxed Figures by Playmates, to include original Spock, McCoy, Sulu, Pike, along with a quantity of smaller Galaxy Figures. (13) 40-60
372.    Six Large Star Wars Figures, approximately 46cm, to include Jyn Erso, Stormtroopers, plus others. 15-25
373.    Six Boxed Star Wars Figures, including Darth Vader, Nato and Qui, boxed Millennium Falcon, five Star Wars figures, boxed good/poor. 40-60
374.    Six Star Wars Figures by Jakks, to include Stormtrooper and GI Joe. Boxes poor-good. 30-40
375.    Three Boxed Captain Scarlet Action Figures and Boxed Spectrum Vehicle Collection, two boxed vehicles and six action figures, Captain Scarlet playsuit and small figures. 25-35
376.    Five Boxed Monty Python Figure, approximately 34cm, to include Brian, The Bridge Keeper, Sir Launcelot, etc, boxes/good. 25-35
377.    Two Boxed Dr Who Figures and Mask Space Precinct Figure of Lt. Brogan, Star Wars items (7) to include boxed Yoda, Hulk action figure. 30-40
378.    Five Boxed Star Wars Figures, to include Tusken Raider, Admiral Ackbar, plus others, boxed Star Wars Hans Solo as Prisoner with carbonite Block. 35-45
379.    Eight Boxed Star Wars Figures, to include Barquin D'an, Queen Amidala, Watto, etc. 35-45
380.    Boxed Lord of The Rings Chess Set, plus action figure, boxed Robocop Alpha Commando, Boxed Viking action figure. 20-30
381.    Large Selection of Model Cars, some boxed, to include Daily Millennium Collection, Co-op Commemorative Flight Set, Eddie Stobart and Team Winston Jimmy Spencer 1999 Ford Taurus Replica. 30-40
382.    Six Boxed Star War Figures, to included Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and others. 25-35
383.    Ten Star Wars Figures, (approximately 30cm) and five figures (approximately 45cm). 25-35
384.    Six Boxed Star Wars Figures, to include Tusken Raider, Darth Vader and others, six blister packed Star Wars figures. Plus a bag of approximately ten small Star Wars figures. 30-50
385.    Three Boxed Action Man Figures, including Sportsman and Action Soldier. Plus twenty Action Man Figures. 25-35
386.    Two Boxed Lord of The Rings Figures, (Frodo and Gandalf) thirty plus smaller figures, two boxes Warhammer figures. 30-40
387.    Six Plastic Military Vehicles, to include H M Armed Forces and aircraft carrier, condition varies. 20-40
388.    Boxed Star Wars Imperial Officer and Angry Birds Game, and space ships, coins and posters. 15-25
389.    Eight Boxed Star Wars Figures, to include Princess Leia 1999 Portrait Edition, Jawa, Yoda, The inquisitor and others. 45-55
390.    Two H M Armed Forces Tanks, Gun and Combat Vehicle, with three action figures. 20-30
391.    Eight Boxed H. M. Armed Forces Figures, to include; Crawling Infantryman, Paratrooper figure and others; three boxes Elite Forces Figures, to include SAS, SWAT team and one other. Boxes good-poor. 20-40
392.    Two Boxes of Action Man Clothing and Boots, various era's noted. 15-30
393.    Action Man Vehicles, to include buggies, go-kart, bikes, motorbike and two figures. 15-30
394.    A Quantity of Star Wars Ships and H.M. Armed Forces Vehicles, including jet, canoes, tank and buggies. 10-20
395.    GI Joe, including Pearl Harbour Army Air Corps Pilot Display Set, boxed U.S Army Vietnam and U.S.A.F Korea full poseable figures, (bubble) and GI Joe 1964-1994 Action Pilot Commemorative Collection (crushing to box), etc:- One Box 30-50
396.    Thunderbirds Virgil Tracy Talking Action Figure, boxed Captain Scarlet and The Misterons Spectrum Command Team (crushing to box). A BBC/Radio Times Thunderbirds Commemorative Set, Joe 90 Action Figure, (damage to box), etc:- One Box 30-50
397.    Action man 1966-1996 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Figure, (crushing to box), further Action Man pieces, etc:- One Box 30-50