Specialist Collectable Toys Auction @ 10am
on Thursday 10th November 2022

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215.    A Quantity of Hornby, Triang Model Railway Items, to include Hornby Dublo rolling stock, turntable, Hornby dublo three rail layout board with track measuring 183cm long 102cm wide,together with a quantity of Scalextrix, all playworn. 25-40
216.    An Impressive Large Scale Kit Built Radio Controlled Model of a Sailing Yacht, with sails and rigging, composite/wooden construction, fitted with Hitec H5300 cw (rudder), Hitec ball bearing H5715-BB (sail servo), named 'Jupiter 1936', some electrical components missing, lacking radio control system, measuring approximately 96cm long, 25cm wide, 160cm high, presented on a scratch built wooden stand. 100-200
217.    A Scratch Built Model of a Fire Rescue Launch Boat, Wooden/Balsa Wood Construction, including Overlander Thumper V2 motor, (propeller) Hitec servo (rudder), lacking most electrical components, partially attached to wooden plinth, missing one roof section measuring approximately 90cm long, 15cm wide, 18cm high. 30-50
218.    A Nauticalia (Shepperton-On-Thames) Wooden Model Pond Yacht, measuring approximately 56cm long, 60cm high, signs of wear/paint loss with wooden stand. 25-50
219.    A Scratch Built Model Boat, in the style of a screw steamer/tug, 'Simla', fibreglass/wood/cardboard construction, battery operated, East Stirling Electronics Factory 2700 RPM Motor, Sanwa Servo, lighting. Ideal for restoration/adaptation, measuring approximately 109cm length, 58cm high, 25cm wide, presented on a wooden plinth; together with a wooden construction model ship hull, measuring approximately 69cm length, 17cm wide, 12cm high. 40-60
220.    Mersey Marine Models - A Wooden Framed and Glazed Display Cabinet, exhibiting a collection of model ship accessories/components, including, lifebelts, ensigns, port holes, anchors, propellor assembly, ships bells, etc, measuring approximately 37cm wide, 52cm high, 5cm deep. 30-50
221.    A Quantity of Diecast Model Vehicles, by Matchbox, Corgi and other, including 007 Lotus Esprit Dinky Toys Chieftan Tank, Matchbox K-47 East Rider, small parts may be missing, playworn. 25-40
222.    A Circa Early 1970's Palitoy Tumbling Circo Clown and His Car, yellow clowns car with red fittings battery operated untested. Clown figure - check trousers, black jacket, green bow tie; together with another clown figure wearing colourful dungarees, head broken/detached from body, a Lledo Billy Smarts Circus Model Big Top Tent. 15-30
223.    A Quantity of Diecast and Plastic Model Vehicles, by Corgi, Matchbox, Dinky and other to include plastic friction drive model of Lady Penelope' Fab 1,, finished in pink, Corgi Major #138 carrimore car transporter, playworn, together with a scratch built wooden construction toy garage. 25-40
224.    Three Tinplate/Pressed Steel Toys, to include Marx (made in Japan) B.O.A.C. Jet Aircraft (glue repairs noted), a tinplate friction drive helicopter, Triang transport truck, white and blue paintwork, (signs of wear, missing front grill). 30-40
225.    A Quantity of Hornby 'O', Gauge Lineside Accessories, to include signals, No 2 buffer stops, level crossing No 1, No 2 junction signal, sometimes boxed. 40-70
226.    Twelve Plus Radio Control System Handheld Controllers, including Acoms AP-2127 MKIII, Futabo T6EXA, Futabo FP-T6NL, assorted FM chips, all untested. 30-40
227.    Approximately Forty Diecast and Plastic Model Vehicles, by Lledo, Oxford and other including Lledo, Vanguards #65000 1960 Morris Minor Traveller, Tetley Tea Van, mostly boxed. 25-40
228.    Four Toy Dolls, all clothed, plus a boy doll with detached parts, all playworn and displaying signs of wear/damage. 20-30
229.    A Quantity of "OO" Gauge/4mm Kit Built Rolling Stock, mainly four wheel, including open wagons, box vans, brake vans, well wagons, small parts may be missing:- One Box 40-60
230.    A Collection of Toy Model Boats, Pond Yachts, to include Triang 'Osprey' Ocean Racer, Triang tinplate pond yacht. Mabuchi S-I submarine motor, Scalex comet battery operated plastic model motor boat mostly displaying signs of use, small parts missing, playworn. 30-50
231.    Ten Balsa Wood Model Aircraft/Glider Kits, by Keil Kraft, Mercury Guillows, including Mercury Grebe contest glider C.398, Keil Kraft Caprice 51" wingspan towline glider, unchecked for completeness of all parts, boxed. 40-60
232.    A Quantity of "OO"/"HO" Gauge Model Railway Lineside Accessories, by Bachmann, Hornby, Wills, Ratio, including #Roto Electrically Operated Turntable, Square Water Tower Kit, #44-07 Riveted Water Tank, Bicycle Shed, with Bicycles, mostly in original packaging. 25-40
233.    An Assorted Collection of Diecast Model Vehicles by Lledo, Eaglemoss, Corgi and Other, including Star Trek Space Vehicles, Military Aircraft, commercial vehicles, mostly in original packaging:- Two Boxes. 30-50
234.    A Quantity of "OO" Gauge/4mm Kit Built Adapted Rolling Stock, including open wagons, brake vans, box vans, ore wagons, small parts may be missing:- One Box 40-60
235.    A Collection of Nine Soft Toy Andrex Puppies; together with a quantity of Paddington Bear themed items, including Coalport (1976) Paddington Shopping, Happy Birthday plate, mirror. 20-40
236.    A Quantity of "OO" Gauge/4mm Kit Built Rolling Stock, mainly four wheel including open wagons, closed wagons, brake vans, hoppers, small parts may be missing:- One Box 40-60
237.    Three Circa 1970's Matchbox Carry/Mini Cases, containing eighty plus Matchbox and similar diecast model vehicles, playworn, all carry cases missing handles/ 40-60
238.    A Collection of Hornby Dublo/'OO' Gauge Model Railway Items, by Triang, Crescent, Hornby Dublo, Peco and other to include Hornby Dublo track points, curves, signals, rolling stock buffers platform sections and buildings. 25-40
239.    A Quantity of Dolls and Soft Toys, by BND London, Fisher Prince and other; together with a boxed Pelham standard puppet 'Bengo' (lacking ears), Viewmaster 3D viewer and reels. 25-40
240.    Model Railway Interest, to include a boxed Hornby "OO" Gauge R.041 GWR Pannier Tank 0-6-0 Locomotive, Lima "HO" Gauge BR D2785 Shunter Locomotive Coaches, Track, Collectors Reproductions Railway Locomotives, Tramcars and Tramways books; together with a collection of Matchbox covers, presented within three albums. 30-40
241.    A Collection of Diecast Model Vehicles, mainly by Matchbox to include Superfast No. 74 Cougar Villager, No. 39 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, playworn. 25-40
242.    WITHDRAWN - Twelve Matchbox 'Models of Yesteryear' Diecast Models All Fire Engine Series, to includd #YFE20-M 1912 Mercedes Benz Fire Engine, #YFE10 1937 GMC Rescue Squad Van, boxed. 35-50
243.    A Mattel Barbie Doll 'Hollywood Legends', a Jam n Glam Barbie Doll; together with #25701 Fashion Avenue Clothes, original packaging, some crushing to boxes. 40-60
244.    WITHDRAWN - Ten Diecast Model Fire Engines by Matchbox, Yatming and Other, including Matchbox 'Y5-46 1880 Merryweather Steam Fire Engine 'Greenwich', Yatming #43001 1:43 1935 Mack Type 75BX, mostly boxed. 30-50
245.    Two Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Ref No. R23 Operating Royal Mail Coach Sets, Boxed, one good, one fair (small parts missing). Plus a Ref No. R345 Side Tipping Car Set, boxed (appears complete in fair box) (three items). 20-40
246.    A Quantity of Mainly 1960's/1970's Diecast Model Vehicles, by Dinky Toys, Corgi, Crescent, Lintoy and other, including twenty ton lorry mounted crane, Spectrum Patrol Car, Batmobile, Terex Rear Dump Truck, all playworn with many faults noted. 25-40
247.    1970's Sindy Kitchen Units and Accessories, by Pedigree to include hob/oven, sink, fridge, utensils, all playworn. 25-40
248.    A Collection of Slot Cars and Diecast Vehicles, by Scalextric, Carrera, Corgi, Matchbox and other including Scalextric #C.653 Grand Prix Set, with two non-standard set cars, Scalextric Ford Sierra RS 500, #6 Texaco, Mini Metro, Peugeot 307 rally, # C.052 Escort RS1600 No.7, Porsche 911, mostly playworn condition (untested). 30-50
249.    A Quantity of "OO" Gauge/4mm Kit Built Rolling Stock, including box vans, open wagons, brake vans, tank wagons, coaches, small parts may be missing:- One Box 40-60
250.    Twenty Six Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Items of Rolling Stock, Tank Wagons, Box Van, Bogie Wagons, Hoppers, etc, (very good to good - boxes fair to good). 50-70
251.    Three Boxed Toys, comprising of Tomy Battery Operated Atomic Pinball (missing battery cover), Galoob Go Monkey Go Action Game, Meccano Highway Construction Set. 25-40
252.    Thirty Plus Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Diecast Model Vehicles, to include Y-6 1920 Rolls Royce, Y-2 1914 Prince Henry Vauxhall, some crushing/damage to boxes noted. 25-40
253.    A Quantity of Thunderbirds DX Tracy Island Plastic Model Playset Island Pieces, by WT Ventue/ITC Entertainment Bandai, plastic model vehicles including T2, T4:- One Box. 20-30
254.    WITHDRAWN - Nine Diecast Model Trams, Buses by Corgi, EFE, including #OM40503 1:76 Feltham Tram Sunderland Corporation Transport Dept, #C992/2 Tramlines Glasgow Corporation Tramways, boxed. 30-50
255.    A Collection of Activision Skylanders Plastic Characters, Accessories and Portals of Power. 50-80
256.    A Collection of Pressed Steel Model Vehicles, by Tonka, Tri-ang, including Loader, Beach Buggy, Tipper, Tri-ang Land Rover, all playworn. 25-40
257.    WITHDRAWN - Twenty Plus Diecast Model Vehicles, Aircraft by Matchbox and Other, including Matchbox 'Models of Yesteryear', Connoisseurs collection presentation set (six cars), Curtis P-40E Warhawk, Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat, mostly boxed.. 40-60
258.    A Quantity of Hornby 'O' Gauge/7mm Track, including straight rails, parallel points, curved rails, points, half rail, acute angle crossing, sometimes boxed. 25-40
259.    Four Well Loved Soft Toys, to include a vintage jointed Teddy Bear measuring approximately 50cm high, two rag dolls, together with a Triang Bandmaster spinning top, wooden dolls crib, four dolls reference books, dolls clothing:- Two Boxes. 25-40
260.    A Collection of Playworn Diecast Model Vehicles, by Matchbox, Corgi; together with a further quantity of Roadchamps, Micro Machines and similar. 20-30
261.    A Quantity of "OO" Gauge/4mm Kit Built Coaches, modern traction kits noted, mostly built up/partially built up:- One Box 20-40
262.    Forty Plus Diecast Model Vehicles, by Lledo and similar, including #13053 1934 Model 'A' Ford Van 'Golden Shred', #35001 1932 Dennis Limousine 'Post Office Telephones', all boxed. 25-40
263.    A Collection of Diecast Model Vehicle's, Railway, Bus enthusiasts publications to include Corgi catalogue 1984 Bet buses in the 1960's by Gavin Booth, ABC British Railways Locomotives, Westward kit catalogue 1975/76, Collins Mapping Th Railways:- One Box. 25-40
264.    Approximately Thirty Five Diecast Model Vehicles, by Lledo, Corgi, Maisto and other including Dad's Army Mobile Canteen, Corgi Morris Minor Van 'Hull Daily Mail', mostly boxed. 25-40
265.    A Static Kit Built Wooden Model of a Fishing/Trawler Boat, measuring approximately 45cm long, 13cm wide, 37cm high, a Birkenhead 'Star' pond yacht, together with a further wooden yacht model/ornament. 25-40
266.    A Part Completed Mecanno Ferris Wheel, fitted with electric motor and gearing, plus a small quantity of red/green Mecano gears, wheels, nuts/bolts, spanners etc, also two electric motors and a boxed No 1 clockwork motor with key, a good outfit No 10 instruction book with others. 40-60
267.    An Early XX Century Bisque Head Doll by Kammer & Rheinhardt, (head by Simon & Halbig), marked to back of head 'K' Jewish Star 'R' Simon and Halbig 126, brown hair/wig (loose), brown sleepy eyes, open mouth, two top teeth, jointed composition body, faults and damage to body particularly in jointed areas, damage to fingers. 70-120
268.    An Assorted Quantity of Lego and Mega Blocks Components. 20-30
269.    Twenty Two Unboxed Hornby Dublo Two and Three Rail Items of Rolling Stock, well wagons, box vans, brake vans etc, plus seven coaches BR maroon and blood/custard, and a quantity of three rail track; curves, straights, points, sometimes boxed, and two D1 turntables (two containers). 40-60
270.    Thirty Plus Items of Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Unboxed Rolling Stock, Baggage Van, Hopper, Box Vans, Ore Wagons (fair to good) - plus a small quantity of rolling stock, etc for spares or repair, plus a Ref No. R418 Catenary Extension Set (unchecked for completeness) (two trays). 40-60
271.    An Early 1970's Matchbox Carry Case, (handle broken) containing forty eight Matchbox and similar diecast model vehicles, presented in four (twelve slot) plastic trays, playworn. 30-50
272.    A Collection of Original Star Wars Trilogy Plastic Models mini-rigs, space vehicle, figures, to include AT-ST Scout Walker (incomplete), AST-5, MTV-7, Lando Calrission, IG-88, small parts may be missing and/or damage, playworn. 30-50
273.    Fourteen 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed BR Red-Cream MK1 Coaches, various makers, fair to good, some over painting noted. 30-50
274.    A Collection of Five Modern Dolls,to include a Sasha Baby Doll approximately 29cm high. 30-50
275.    A Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Ref No. R2555C, Two Unit Pullman Train, (yellow front) very good. Plus a three unit Pullman unboxed set, power, dummy and centre coach (blue front), fair condition (four items) U/T. 50-70
276.    A Steiff 660931 '2003' Jointed Mohair Teddy Bear, Medallion, yellow tag and button to ear, 30cm high, presented with a Steiff soft cloth bag. 30-50
277.    Two Hornby (China) 'OO' Gauge/4mm Steam Locomotives, requiring attention of tender/loco connection, a boxed Ref R2743 4-4-0 schools class "Brighton" (wired connection snapped, otherwise good), plus an unboxed Scotsman L.N.E.R 4472 (draw bar missing small part, otherwise good), both u/t. 30-50
278.    Four "OO" Gauge/4mm Unboxed Steam Tender Locomotives, unboxed, Lima 2-6-0 "Mogul" LMS maroon, R/No. 13000 (good), Airfix 0-6-0 Class 4F LMS black R/No. 4454 (good), Tri-ang 4-6-2 "Princess Elizabeth", BR green, R/No. 46201 (fair, with maroon tender). Jouef 4-6-2 Continental Outline with Double Bogie Tender, (fair). Plus a Hornby 0-6-0 "Jinty" Tank, BR black R/No. 4706 (fair), (five items - U/T). 50-70
279.    A Steiff Limited Edition 'The English Teddy Bear', brown tipped, wind up musical bear, 30cm high, certified No. 02079, soft drawstring bag. 40-60
280.    Three "OO" Gauge/4mm Kit Built?, unboxed unpowered Diesel Railcars, BR green, R/No's E51207, 56369 and 59075 (playworn - poor paint). Plus a Two Car Class 124 D.M.U BR green, R/No's NE51953 (fair, adapted couplings). A Class EM2 Electric Co-Co "Electra", BR green, R/No. 27002 (fair, good pantographs) and a Class 35 Hymek Bo-Bo Diesel BR blue, R/No. D7063 (fair) seven items U/T. 30-50
281.    A Steiff Limited Edition 'The English Teddy Bear', brown tipped, wind up musical bear, 30cm high, certified No. 00735, accompanied by literature and soft drawstring bag. 40-60
282.    A Hornby Dublo 'OO' Gauge/4mm Three Rail "Duchess of Montrose", boxed, tender missing, front bogie detached, plus two 2-6-4 standard tanks, two rail (one Wren/one Dublo) both home weathered, a two rail Class N2 0-6-2, home weathered BR black R/No 32697, a Wrenn 2-8-0 8F with heavy weathering and a three rail Class 20 diesel BR green R/No D8000 (fair), all u/t. 60-90
283.    Two Steiff Mohair Teddy Bears, #654756 2001 Limited Edition Bear, with medallion, 30cm high, #660344 2002 Limited Edition Bear with medallion, 30cm high, both with tags attached; together with a boxed Merrythought Hope Bear, Special Edition for the This Morning America Appeal, No. 43902, 20cm high. 40-60
284.    Ten Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Coaches, various liveries, Ref No, R226 S.R Utility Van noted (good/very good). 25-40
285.    Two German Bisque Headed Dolls: Armand Marseille A.M - 9/0, sleeping blue eyes (no movement) open mouth, missing teeth, stuffed body/leather outer, composite hand, lower legs, numerous faults, including, missing a hand, missing toes, measuring approximately 28cm high, Heubach Koppelsdorf (Germany) doll 275 .8/0, sleeping brown eyes, open mouth, with top teeth, stuffed leather body, composite lower arm and lower leg, faults include missing one arm, measuring approximately 40cm high. 30-50
286.    Two Hornby Dublo Class 20 Diesel Locomotives, BR green, R/No. D800, playworn; together with approximately twenty items of Hornby Dublo Rolling Stock, including three LMS coaches, tank wagons, container wagons, mainly with adapted couplings, playworn. 30-50
287.    An Armand Marseille Bisque Headed Doll NR 351/5.K., blue sleepy eyes, open mouth with bottom teeth, jointed composition body, signs of damage to head body, fingers, toes, measuring approximately 46cm high,together with a composite doll by BND (London), eyes closed/fixed, moulded hair, measuring approximately 42cm high, playworn. 20-40
288.    Eleven 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Steam Locomotives for Spares of Repair, with/without tenders, damages, missing components etc., various makers 4-4-0, 2-6-0 4-6-2, etc. 60-90
289.    Armand Marseille Bisque Head Doll stamped 370 AMIDEP, sleepy grey eyes, open mouth, teeth, hair detached but present, composition and leather jointed body, measuring approximately 49cm high. 40-60
290.    Four 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed BR Green Diesel Locomotives, two Mainline Class 45 1Co Co1 "The Royal Marines" R/No D70 (over painted) and "The Lancashire Fusilier" R/No D163 (good), a Hornby Co Co Class 47 R/No D1705 and a Airfix Co Co with R/No D5506, (overall condition fair to good) u/t. 60-90
291.    Three Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Tank Steam Locomotives, Ref No, R653 "Continental Praire" 2-6-2 S.N.C.F black (good, good box), Ref No. R653S 2-6-2 Continental (fair but damage to cylinder block) spare included) poor box. Plus Ref 70 R56 4-6-4, Tri-ang Locomotive R/No 483U (good-good box). 30-50
292.    Two Scalextric 1:32nd Scale Slot cars, #C.2201 Caterham 7, #C2233 VW Beetle Pirelli No. 3, both cased. 30-50
293.    Seven 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Steam Locomotives Missing Their Tenders, three Hornby 2-10-0 Class 9F, one A good "China" with motor R/No 92023, two BR green Hornby "Britannia's" and two Bachmann BR black 4-6-0's R/No's 73049 and 75003, overall condition fair to good, over painting noted. 80-120
294.    WITHDRAWN - Twelve Matchbox 'Models of Yesteryear' Diecast Models all Fire Engine Series, to include #YSFE02 1936 Leyland Cub FK-7 Fire Engine, #YFEZ-01 Mack AC, boxed , sometimes lacking box inner's. 40-60
295.    Two 1:32nd Scale Slot Cars, comprising of SCX Technitoys #61840 Seat Cupra GT "Domo" (damage to rear wing), Ninco #50427 Nissan 3502 "GZOX", both cased. 35-50
296.    A Collection of Original Circa 1980's Ghostbusters Figures/Toys, to include Egon Spengler, Granny Gross, Mini Traps, Peter Venkman, X-Cop, Mail Fraud, Tombstone Tackle, playworn. 40-60
297.    Bassett-Lowke 'O' Gauge/7mm Live Steam 2-6-0 "Crab" Locomotive Plus Tender, L.M.S black, R/No 2709 fair, chimney detached, tender missing one wheel set, u/t. 80-120
298.    A Small Quantity of 'OO' Gauge/4mm Damaged Coaches, Rolling Stock, etc, for spare and repair. 10-20
299.    Two 1:32nd Scale Scalextric Slot Cars, comprising of #C2175 Ford Focus Iridium No.1, Mercedes Benz CLK DTM, both cased. 25-40
300.    Thirteen Original Mattel Circa 1980's He Man Masters of The Universe Plastic Action Figures, to include He-Man Man at Arms, Teela, Stratos, Webstor, plus Panthor Cat and Roton Vehicle, playworn. 40-60
301.    Three 'OO' Gauge Locomotives and Tenders, comprising of Triang Hornby 2-10-0 Standard Class 9F, R/No 92220, 'Evening Star', BR green, Hornby 4-6-2 Class 7MT Britannia Class R/No 70000 'Britannia' BR green Hornby 2-10-0 Class 9F, R/No 92158, BR black, both locomotive and tender displaying corrosion and detritus. 30-50
302.    Hornby 'O' Gauge Interest, to include Clockwork Goods Set No.2, comprising of 0-4-0 tank locomotive R/No. 60985, tender, two open wagons, track, key, boxed, #CA1 Acute Angle Crossing, #PL1 Points. 30-40
303.    A Quantity of Mainly 1960's/1970's Diecast Model Vehicles, by Dinky Toys, Corgi Toys, Matchbox and other including Heinkel Bubble Car, Commer Bus 2500 Series, Bedford tractor Unit Tipper, all playworn with many faults noted. 25-40
304.    A Meccano MEC1 Steam Engine, signs of wear/corrosion, a quantity of Triang TT Gauge track, including points, H and M minor unit (spares/repair). 20-30
305.    Three Hornby/Tri-ang "OO Gauge/4mm Unboxed Diesel Locomotives, Tri-ang Ref R357 Class 31 BR blue R/No. D5570. Plus two Hornby Ref R758 Class 35 Bo-Bo, BR green R/No. D7017 and BR blue, R/No. D7063 (playworn to good - U/T). 40-60
306.    Three Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Steam Locomotive, a Ref No. R54 TC Series 4-6-2 Pacific with eight wheel tender, overall black, R/No. 2335 (fair - fair boxes - U/T). A Ref No. R3585 2-6-0 "Old Timer" Davy Crockett (good - poor box - U/T) and Ref No. R3545 4-2-2 "Lord of the Isles", GW green/red, R/No. 3046 with sx wheel tender (good, but glue damage to locomotive - fair boxes - U/T). 50-70
307.    Nine Lima 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed DMU's, various class's, five power units and four coaches, all playworn with significant over painting, u/t 30-50
308.    Seven Tri-ang "OO"/4mm Boxed Transcontinental Coaches, Ref No's R337, 441, 442, 444, 445, 446 and 447 (very good in fair to very good boxes) - plus a boxed very good Ref R250 Bo-Bo Dummy "Double Edged" Diesel Locomotive (eight items). 20-40
309.    A Small Quantity of 'OO' Gauge/4mm Rolling Stock, Switches etc. 10-20
310.    Three Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Steam Tender Locomotives, Ref No. R53 4-6-2 "Princess Elizabeth", BR green R/No. 46201 - Ref No. R258 4-6-2 "The Princess Royal", BR red, R/No. 46200. Plus Ref No. R259 4-6-2 "Britannia", BR green, R/No. 70000, overall condition fair, U/T. 50-70
311.    In Excess of Seventy Bagged 4mm/"OO" Gauge Model Railway Parts, Fittings and Accessories, by Kenline, Four Most Models and other including wagon and axle guards, locomotive buffers, BE1 Coach, Bogie LNER 8' 6". 25-40
312.    Seventeen "OO" Gauge/4mm Tri-ang Coaches, (nine boxes) three "Pullmans", three Duo Tone green Ref No's R322, 355 and 338, etc, (fair to very good). 40-60
313.    Eleven 'OO' Gage/4mm Track cleaning Wagons, by Dapol (boxed) and Triang etc, includes bottle of Dapol fluid and Ref B804 pads (fair to good). 40-60
314.    Four Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed 0-4-0 Shunter/Switches, two Re R253 Dock Shunters, Ref No. R152 BR green. /No. 13005 and Ref No. R353 "Tri-ang" yellow yard switcher. All fair to good, U/T, boxes fair to good. 50-70
315.    Seven "OO" Gauge/4mm Unboxed Kit Built and or Adapted Locomotives, two 0-4-0 "Shutters" (built/painted), two Tank 0-6-2's (part built/painted), R/No's BR69602, L.N.E.R 4744, two Class 3F/4F 0-6-0, (part built, missing tenders). A part built/unpainted 4-6-0 Black 5 (incomplete). Plus four kit built tenders, two six wheel, two brass/white metal eight wheel, (eleven items U/T). 60-90
316.    Three 1:32nd Scale Scalextric F1 Slot Cars, #C129 March Ford 240 (damage to rear wing) #C2260 Mclaren Mercedes No. 1, #C2162 Williams FW20 No.2 Special Edition, all cased. 40-60
317.    Twenty Five Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Items of Rolling Stock, Mineral Wagons, Bogie Brick, Box Vans, Ref R6436 Open Wagon, etc (very good to good - boxes fair to good). 40-60
318.    A Tri-ang "OO"/4mm Boxed Class F7 Three Unit Diesel Locomotive Set, two A Units, One Powered, plus the Centre B Unit (fair U/T condition). Plus two boxed good Transcontinental Coaches, Ref No's R440 and R443 (five items). 40-60
319.    Five "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed BR Maroon Coaches, Lima Ref No's 5312 and 5323, Mainline Ref No's 37107 and 37108, plus Airfix "Didcot" Auto Coach Ref No. 54256 (all very good). 20-40
320.    Three Scalextric 1:32nd Scale Slot cars, #C.2007 Renault Megane Diac, #C.2002 Audi A4 Quattro, all cased. 35-50
321.    Nine Tri-ang "OO"/4mm Boxed Items of Rolling Stock, Ref R343 Nato Rocket Launcher (appears complete - good box), Ref R341 Searchlight Wagon (small parts missing), Ref R239 Bomb Transporter (good - fair box) - two Ref R249 "Exploding Car's" (one very good - good box, one good - poor box) - Ref R216 Rocket Launcher (good-fair box) - Ref R342 Car Transporter. Plus full set of cars (good - good box) - R138 Snow Plough (fair, missing small part) - Ref R560 Transcontinental Crane (good). Plus two unboxed items, a Ref R343 Launcher (missing rockets, small parts) and a Nato Helicopter Wagon (minor damage to Helicopter (eleven items). 30-50
322.    In Excess of Sixty Bagged 4mm/"OO" Gauge Model Railway Parts, Fittings and Accessories, by Four Most Models, A.B.S Models and other, including Brake Gears, Wagon Buffers, Goods Wagon, 'W' Irons. 25-40
323.    Three Tri-ang "OO"/4mm Boxed 0-4-0 Locomotives, a Ref No. R253 " Dock Authority", a Ref No. R353 Industrial "Nellie" and a Ref No. R359 Primary Tank, overall condition fair, boxes poor to good (U/T). 15-30
324.    A Boxed Hornby 'O' Gauge Clockwork Passenger Train Set No.21, comprising of 0-4-0 Locomotives, R/No. 60985 (lacking key - untested), tender, two coaches, track; together with a Tri-ang child's scooter, finished in light blue, with yellow wheels. 40-60
325.    Six Diecast/White Metal Model Kit Built Plant and Commercial Vehicles, to include a boxed Conrad PM Putzmeister Concrete Pump BRF 2112 M31/27, condition is variable, small parts may be missing and/or detached. 40-60
326.    Two Battery Operated Toy Model Speedboats, comprising of Stucliffe 'Merlin' electric speed boat, MIC Hydroplane 'Comet', both boxed. 35-50
327.    Slot Car Interest, to include a Scalextric SRS Mercedes 190E 2.3 16 (playworn - damage to bodyshell), boxed two Matchbox Powertrack Slot Cars, Scalextric Conversion Double Decker Bus. 30-50
328.    Three 'OO' And 'HO' Gauge Locomotives, comprising of Hornby 'OO' R.875 BR 0-4-0 Diesel Class 06 BR green, R/No D2428 Replica Railways 'OO' #11021 0-6-0 shunter 03 BR green model power 'HO' American Outline 0-4-0 DD7 Plymouth Industrial Diesel Loco, all boxed. 30-40
329.    A Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Ref No. R157/R158 Class 101 DMU Set, BR green R/No's M79628 (Power Car), M79629 Trailer - plus an additional Power Car (R/No. M79628) and a Ref No. R156 S.R Suburban Motor Car (four items, fair to good - U/T), boxes fair to good. 30-50
330.    Nineteen Vintage Diecast Model Vehicles, mostly by Dinky Toys, Matchbox, to include Dinky Toys AA Motorcycle patrol, luxury coach, fawn body, orange flashes, Streamline fire engine, red body and hubs, silver ladder, no bell, Matchbox (Lesney) petrol tanker, all playworn. 40-60
331.    A Collection of Mostly Adapted 1:32nd Scale Slot Cars, Scalextric and Other, ideal for restoration, spares/repairs, bodyshells, include Ford Capri, Le Man Cars. 25-40
332.    Two Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Ref No. R527 "Tri-ang Railways" Twin Pantographs Bo-Bo Locomotives, one green/orange in good boxed condition, one two tone green, unboxed with damage to pantographs. Plus an unboxed "Tri-ang Railways" maroon double edged Bo-Bo Diesel (fair, U/T). Also a Tri-ang R352 Budd Diesel Rail Car (good, U/T, poor box), (four items). 40-60
333.    Fifteen Triang Railways TT Gauge Rolling Stock Items, to include T.182 W.R Mainline composite coach, T.184 W.R restaurant car, T.72 brake van, all boxed. 30-50
334.    Three 'OO' Gauge/4MM Diesel Locomotives. a Lima Ref No 205001 A4 Class 73 Bo Bo, Network 'Battle of Britain' R/No 73109 (A Riko International Limited Edition No 150 of 550) (good - good box u/t), a Deltic Co-Co, blue/grey with paperwork to suggest a special Dapol/Lima edition (very good u/t) and a 'Silver Fox' Co-Co Diesel L.M.S black R/No 10000 Bachmann chassis and special silver/black paint body (very good - good box) u/t. 60-90
335.    Two Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Re No. R346 "Stephenson's Rocket" Train, one very good boxed, one good/unboxed, plus a "The Shredded Wheat Co" "N" Gaug Locomotive with two coaches (U/T). 40-60
336.    Three 'HO' Gauge U.s.a Outline Diesel Locomotives. a unboxed proto 2000 EMD SD60 "Burlington Northern" R/No 8300 a Bachmann boxed Ref No 60602 "GE 70 Ton" shunter, Southern Pacific R/No 5101, and a Atheana boxed CP60 "Union Pacific" livery R/No 5838 (all good) u/t. 40-60
337.    A Quantity of Diecast Model Vehicles, by Crgi, Dinky Toys, Matchbox and other including Corgi #CC99111 Only Fools and Horses Ford Capri and Reliant Regal Super Van, Corgi #97823 Daimler 1/2 Blue Bus Services, #36701 London Fully Closed Tram Set, mostly in original packaging. 20-30
338.    A Hornby 'O' Gauge/7mm Clockwork 0-4-0 Tank Locomotive, signs of repainting, small parts missing, key present, together with ten rolling stock items, including 'Washington' Pullman Coach, W604 Wagon No 2, boxed RS691 barrel wagon, playworn 40-60
339.    Three Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Unboxed Class F7 Diesel Locomotive, two unpowered/one powered A Units (playworn U/T). Plus five unboxed Transcontinental Coaches (fair to good), (eight items). 20-40
340.    In Excess of Sixty Bagged 4mm/"OO" Gauge Model Railway Parts, Fittings and Accessories, by Four Most Models, A.B.S Models and other including G.W.R old type buffers, vacuum brake sets. 25-40
341.    A Hornby Dublo 'OO'Gauge/4mm Three rail Boxed T.P.O Mail Van Set, (very good, missing bags), plus two boxed, BR red/cream coaches (corridor and brake) and four D14 brake/3rd suburban (coaches good, boxes fair to good), and nine items of boxed three rail rolling stock, brick bogie, horse box, brake/goods, mobile tank wagon, cable wagon, "S4 x 4" salt wagon (2 rail), etc, wagons good, boxes fair to good (13). 20-40
342.    A Quantity of Playworn Modern Diecast Vehicles, includes a Corgi "La France" and Corgi 109 WV Landrover. 15-30
343.    Thirty Plus "OO" Gauge Unboxed Items of Kit Built Rolling Stock, including open wagons, box vans. 25-40
344.    An Interesting Collection of Diecast Plastic Model Vehicles, by Corgi, Dinky, Matchbox, Dublo Dinky Toys, including Matchbox Lesney Car Transporter, Dinky Toys #183 Fiat 600, pale green body, three Dublo Dinky Toys, blue bodied Massey Harris Tractors, playworn and better. 30-50
345.    Two Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Clockwork Locomotives, Ref R151 2F Saddle Tank BR black, R/No. 748 (very good boxed condition/no key) and a 0-6-0 Diesel Shunter (playworn - unboxed/no key) U/T. Also four Tri-ang Tank Locomotives, two 0-6-0 "Jinty's" BR black, R/No. 47606 (fair, one boxed), a class 3MT 2-6-2 Std Tank BR black, R/No. 82004 (fair - unboxed) and a Ref No. R559 boxed 0-4-0 Diesel BR green, R/No. D2907 (fair - poor box) six items all U/T. Plus four Steam Locomotives for spares/repair (two 0-6-0, a 4-6-2 "Princess Elizabeth", etc), includes a Ref R56 boxed 4-6-4 Tank , would be very good, but warped body (two trays). 40-60
346.    A Palitoy Circa 1960's Action Man, moulded blonde hair, brown eyes, scar to cheek, wearing a Grenadier Guards uniform with bearskin, together with a Palitoy crash crew silver foil jacket and black boots. 30-50
347.    Two Hornby (China) 'OO' Gauge/4mm 4-6-2 Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, a Britannia Class renamed/renumbered, "Clan MacGregor" R/No 72005 (good), plus a "Duchess" Class; repaint non std blue (good), renamed "City of Coventry" R/No 46240 adapted draw bar to non original tender, both u/t 40-60
348.    Four 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Steam 2-6-0 Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, two Bachmann Class 4MT BR black R/No's 43047 and 76111; and two Class 2MT a Bachamann BR green R/No 46526 and a Triang BR black R/No 46521 (fair to good), all u/t. 60-90
349.    Three Nu-Cast "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Part Built Locomotives, a 2-6-0 L.N.E.R K2/G.N.R, a L.N.E.R Class V2 and a L.N.E.R Sentinel Cammell Type H Steam Railcar, (box content not checked for completeness). 60-90
350.    Thirty Plus "OO" Gauge Unboxed Items of Kit Built Rolling Stock, including open wagons, box vans. 25-40
351.    In Excess of Fifty Bagged 4mm/"OO" Gauge Model Railway Parts and Accessories, by Four Most Models, A.B.S Models, including L.M.S Early Sliding Van Door, L.M.S Dynamo Set and Battery Box. 25-40
353.    Seventeen Circa 1990's Hasbro WWF Wrestling Action Figures, to include Big Boss Man, Brian Knobbs and Jerry Saggs 'The Nasty Boys', Sgt, Slaughter, playworn. 40-60
354.    A Quantity of "OO" Gauge/4mm Kit Built and Adapted Rolling Stock, including ore wagons, bogie wagons, brake vans, hopper, private owner liveries - NE, LMS, etc, small parts may be missing. 25-40
355.    Thirteen Triang 'OO' Gauge Rolling Stock Items, to include Triang Railways blue observation car and diner, #M200, restaurant car in maroon, Pullman coaches Mary, Ruth, car No 79, Anna four blood/cream liveried coaches. 25-40
356.    A Series of Mid XX Century and Later Steam and Engineering Name and Test Plates/Plaques, including Ruston and Hornsby Ltd water test/atmospheres, pressure test brass plaque dated 12/1/1954, The Hunslet Engine Co Ltd, Leeds, cast metal plaque (reproduction), together with Molesworth's pocket book of Engineering Formulea. 30-50
357.    Eleven Dinky Toys Diecast Model Vehicles/Farm Machinery Accessories, to include Massey Harris tractor, Pullmore car transporter, #Jaguar XK120 red body, red hubs, #34C loudspeaker van, Bedford CA van, 'Ovaltine', #110 Aston Martin DB35 mid green body, red interior, red hubs, white driver, playworn. 40-60
358.    A Collection of Four 'OO'/Dublo Locomotives and Two Tenders, to include Hornby Dublo 3-rail A4 class 4-6-2 locomotive, 'Quicksilver', R/No 2510 LNER 'Garter Blue', Hornby 'OO' Class B17 4-6-0 locomotive, R/No 2848, 'Arsenal', all untested. 50-70
359.    A Collection of Activision Skylanders Plastic Characters and Accessories. 40-70
360.    A Sawyers View Master Lighted Stereoscopic Viewer and a Quantity of View Master Picture Reels, including Historic Canterbury, Windsor Castle, Chelsea Flower Show. 15-25
361.    WITHDRAWN - Twelve Matchbox 'Models of Yesteryear' Diecast Models All Fire Engine Series, to include #YFE23-M 1906 Waterous Fire Engine, #YFE24-M 1911 Mack Fire Engine, boxed. 35-50
362.    Three Mainline 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed 4-6-0 Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, all require attention, to linkage/piston rods Ref No 37-080 Royal Scot (damage also to piston block), Ref No's 37-062 Parallel Boiler Scot, apart from issues all appear good in fair boxes, u/t. 30-50
363.    Eighteen Original Star Wars Trilogy Plastic Action Figures, to include Lando Calrissian, Admiral Ackbar, Chewbacca, Gasmorrean Guard, Numb Nien, no weapons or accessories. 40-70
364.    Three Spectrum 'ON30' Boxed Items, Ref No 25663 Two Truck Shay Locomotive (drive shaft to rear bogie detached, otherwise appears unused), Ref No 28195 0-4-0 shunter (good, good box, u/t) and Ref No 29199 unpainted rail truck (good, good box, u/t). 40-70
365.    Eighteen Original Star Wars Trilogy Plastic Action Figures, to include Luke Skywalker with green light sabre, AT-AT Driver with blaster, Ree-Yees, Chief Chirpa with hood. 40-70
366.    Three 'O' Gauge/7mm Kit Built Tank Steam Locomotives for Spare/Repair, 4-4-2 L.M.S R/No 10728, fitted with electric motor but missing major components, L.M.S 8534, body only, L.N.E.R R/No 8479 0-6-0 no motor plus missing small parts, etc. 60-90
367.    Two Dinky Toys Diecast Model Space Vehicles, comprising of #358 Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise, orange pod and eight missiles present, #351 S.H.A.D.O U.F.O Interceptor, incomplete/damaged/crushing/faults/damages to boxes. 30-50
368.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, Ref No R315 L.M.S Class 8F 2-8-0 LMS black R/No 8193 (good, poor box, u/t), plus a 2-6-0 Class 2F, BR black R/No 46482 (repaint and renumbered, poor), poor box, u/t. 30-50
369.    Five Circa 1990's Wind Up Tinplate Model Speedboats, by Schylling including Felix The Cat, Popeye, Mars Explorer, boxed. 30-40
370.    A Roco 'HO' Gauge Class BR01 111 4-6-2 Locomotive and Tender of The DB, black/red livery, in associated box, together with five 'HO' gauge rolling stock items, including Roco corridor coach of The Italian FS, mostly boxed, variable condition. 40-60
371.    A Collection of Vintage Matchbox 1:75th Series (Lesney) Diecast Model Vehicles, including MB53 Aston martin DB2-4 MK1 metallic green body, grey plastic wheels, MB30 Ford Prefect, MB34 Volkswagen 15CWT Van, 'Matchbox International Express', playworn and better. 50-80
372.    In Excess of Sixty Bagged 4mm/"OO" Gauge Model Railway Parts, Fittings and Accessories, by Four Most Models, A.B.S Models, Ken Line, including L.M.S Standard Coach Buffers, Heavy Duty Door Frames. 25-40
373.    Eleven Circa 1980's Thundercats Plastic Figures, by LJN Toys, including Lion-O, Panthro, Turmagar, Jackalman, Bird Man, Snowman of Hook Mountain, no weapons or accessories present, playworn. 40-60
374.    Three Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm "Electric Locomotives, a Ref No. R753 Bo-Bo with twin pantographs, BR blue, R/No. E3001 (good - fair box - U/T). Plus two Co-Co "Electra Class pantographs, one BR blue, fair condition/unboxed, one BR green, good, good box,(all U/T). 50-70
375.    A Collection of Playworn Diecast Model Vehicles, by Corgi to include James Bond 007 Lotus Esprit, Rover 2000 Superior Ambulance, Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, Ferrari 312 B2. 15-30
376.    Two Bassett-Lowke 'O' Gauge/7mm 4-4-0 "Princess Elizabeth" Steam Locomotives Plus Six Wheel Tenders, L.M.S maroon R/No 2265, both missing their motors otherwise complete with bogies, buffers, couplings etc, one body for clockwork, loco and tender over painted, the other for electric, original paint (playworn) with repairs to cab. 60-90
377.    Three Mid 1970's Diecast and Plastic Model Motorcycles, by Britains, comprising of #9675 Chopper Trike, #9699 BMW Racing Combination (incomplete - missing canopies), #9693 Afrika Korps Combination, some crushing/damages to boxes. 30-50
378.    A Bachmann "HO"/"OO" Scale Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Electric Train Set, including 4-6-0 Steam Locomotives and Tender 'Hogwarts Castle', two passenger cars, mostly sealed packaging, boxed. 80-100
379.    Two Accucraft 'G' Gauge MK1 L.N.E.R Teak Coaches, one brake/3rd R/No 152, one composite 1st/3rd R/No 239 very good build/construction 80-120
380.    Three Boxed Diecast and Plastic Model Aircraft, comprising of Herpa 1:200 # 571777 Zeppelin NT 'Goopdyear', Iwings Aviation Tag 1:200 Airbus Skylink Agro Spacelines 377SGT Super Guppy Turbine, Sky Marks # SKR666 1:200 Airbos Beluga No 1. 50-70
381.    Forty Plus Diecast Model Vehicles, by Lledo, Oxford Diecast, including Happy Eater, Daily Express, Weetabix Editions, all boxed. 25-40
382.    Two Accucraft 'G' Gauge L.N.E.R Teak Coaches, one brake 1st/3rd R/No 1074, one composite 1st/3rd R/No 143 very good build/condition. 80-120
383.    Two Bisque Headed Composite Body Dolls by Armand Marseille (Germany), model No. 996 A.7M, sleeping eyes (no movement), open mouth with a single top tooth, faults include damage to fingers, toes, knee caps, measuring approximately 47cm high, A.M. Germany 35 (indistinct markings), fixed open blue eyes, open mouth with single bottom tooth, many faults including damage to fingers, toes, knee caps, body, measuring approximately 35cm high. 30-50
384.    A Steiff No. 602 Teddy Bear Replica 1926, brown tipped mohair, labels attached, 40cm Limited Edition of 926 pieces, accompanied by literature, boxed. 40-70
385.    A Steiff No. 70 #006999 Platinum Paper Teddy Bear, Paper Plush, platinum grey, 30cm, Limited Edition of 919 pieces, button in ear, pendant, tags attached, accompanied by literature, boxed. 40-60
386.    A Steiff No. 290 'Disney' Winnie The Pooh Set, '95th Anniversary', comprising of mohair Winnie The Pooh (blond) 10cm, Tigger (striped apricot) 11cm, Piglet (pink) 10cm, Eeyore (grey) 11cm, accompanied by literature, boxed. 100-150
388.    Two Modern Jointed Teddy Bears, comprising of Deans 'Past Times, Captain Henry Samuel Dean ( A 2003 Past Times Teddy Bear) certified No. 137 of 350, approximately 39cm high. A Merrythought 'Jeremy' Heirloom Bear of the year 2004, growler, certified No. 44 of 950, approximately 36cm high, both boxed. 40-60
389.    A Steiff Limited Edition Replica Teddy Bear 1926, brown tipped mohair, 40cm high, tags attached, certified No. 868 of 5000, accompanied by literature, boxed. 40-60
390.    A Steiff Limited Edition Centenary Teddy Bear, blond curly mohair, growler, 1902-2002, nacy blue bow, 44cm high, certified No. 012536, accompanied by literature, boxed. 40-60
391.    A Steiff Limited Edition Replica Teddy Bear PB 902, jointed reddish brown mohair, 55cm high, tags attached, certified No. 1619 of 7000, accompanied by literature, boxed. 80-120
392.    A Ross Berrie and Company Inc, Limited Edition Teddy Bear "Hanley", Certified No 1175 of 5000, boxed, approximately 50cm high. 30-50
393.    A Kit Built 'O' Gauge Finescale G.W.R Autocoach, aluminium body/roof, hard wood floor, metal bogies, basic interior with some passengers and driver, built to a good std, finished to G.W brown/cream livery, R/No 178. 30-50
394.    Eleven 1:18th/1:24th Scale Diecast Model Cars by Maisto, Revell, Burago and Other, to include Mercedes, ML55 Mercedes CLK, BMW 850i, all playworn, small parts may be missing and/or damage. 25-40
395.    A Bruder (Germany) 1:16 Scale Plastic Model Mercedes Benz Actros Refuse Wagon, small parts may be missing and/or damage, Carrera #62004 1:43rd Scale James Bond Casino Royale Slot Car Set, Burago 1:18 #COD .70063 Aston Martin 2002 V12 Vanquish Metal Kit (unstarted), boxed. 25-40
396.    A Hornby #47/02 "OO" Gauge Hamleys Express Electric Train Set, Limited Edition No. 0219 of 1000, comprising of Class A3 4-6-2 'Hamleys Express' Locomotive R/No. 1760, two composite coaches, one brake coach, track, trak mat, controller, certificate of authentication, boxed. 100-140
397.    Meccano - Outfit No 5 and Accessory Outfit 5A, unchecked for completeness of all parts, boxed. 30-50
398.    A 'Oakville' Models 'O' Gauge/7mm 4-6-0 Castle Class Steam Locomotive Etched/"Brass/White Metal Boxes Kit, content unchecked for completeness, includes some wheels. 40-60
399.    Hornby 'O' Gauge/7mm Clockwork No 601 "Goods Set", comprising of 0-4-0 locomotive and four wheel tender, LNER green R/No 1842, three NE wagons, track, connecting plates, key, boxed. 50-80
400.    Fifteen Atlas Editions Diecast Model Warships, including USS Lexington, USS Pennsylvania, Admiral Graf Spee, boxed, together with a quantity of Legendary Warships WWII data file sheets. 40-60
401.    A Bill Grigg Models (USA) Balsa Wood Kit BD-10 Electric Ducted Fan Model Aircraft, includes canopy, vac formed parts, literature, boxed, together with a quantity of vac formed model kit components including motor, propeller, rudder, racers. 30-40
402.    Three Circa 1980's Battery Operated Toys, comprising of 1:6th scale motorcycle Police super cycle, 'Highway Patrol', Chain Fong Cosmocop, Echo steam engine, boxed, untested. 20-30
403.    A Scalextric #C1050 Le Mans 24hour Slot Car Set, Mercedes CLK 977 No. 1, Mercedes CLK GTI No. 2, including two slot cars, track, barriers, electronic lap counter, unchecked for completeness of all parts, boxed. 30-50
404.    Thirty Plus Diecast Model Vehicles by Lledo, Vanguards, Herpa, Corgi and other, including Vanguards Austin Allegro, Corgi Jaguar XJS, mostly without boxes, small parts may be missing. 20-40
405.    A Collection of Circa Late 1990's/Early 2000's Hasbro Action Man Figures, vehicles and accessories including Dune 'Desert' buggy, six wheel ATV silver speeder car, eleven Action Man figures, Grizzley Bear. 40-60
406.    A Tamiya 1/10th Scale R/C Honda CR-Z Racing Car with Controller; good condition, components not checked for completeness, viewing recommended. 40-60
407.    A Tamiya 1/10th Scale R/C Ferrari FXX Car with Controller, fair condition, components not checked for completeness, viewing recommended. 40-60
408.    A Lima "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Train Pack, comprises a Class 47 Co-Co Diesel Locomotive "Atlantic College" R/No. 47749 and three coaches, very good condition (contained in incorrect ref no. box) U/T. 40-60
409.    A Hornby "OO" Gauge/4mm Ref No. R2046 "Midland Mainline" Class 125 H.S.T Train Pack, comprising Bo-Bo Locomotive R/No. 43059, Trailer R/No. 43058 and two coaches, good U/T condition, good box. 40-60
410.    A Tamiya 1/12th Scale R/C "Vanessa's Lunch Box V.W White Edition", fair condition with controller, components not checked for completeness, viewing recommended. 40-60
411.    Two Tamiya 1/10th Scale R/C Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Cars, one with controller; both playworn,components not checked for completeness, viewing recommended. 80-120
412.    MRC 1:10th Scale RC Subaru Impreza WRC #7 Solberg/Mills, 27 MHZ RC system, battery pack, boxed, untested. 30-50
413.    A Built Up Meccano Model of a Transporter Style Aircraft Twin Propellors, wingspan 91cm; together with a partially completed Meccano Automobile Model, length 70cm. 40-60
414.    Three Corgi 'The Aviation Archive' Diecast Model Military Aircraft, comprising of 1:48 of #AA37903 SPADXIII, Eddie Rickenbacker, 1:72 Gloster Gladiator MKII 'Battle of Britain'. 1:48 #AA38101 Sopwith Camel Henry Botterell, boxed. 40-70
415.    An Interesting Collection of Tinplate Toys, to include wind up tin toy United States Ocean Liner, mini clockwork robot (no key), Robin speedboat, mostly in original packaging. 30-50
416.    A Collection of Seven Toy Dolls, by assorted makers, all clothed, playworn, plus a small quantity of dolls clothing. 20-30
417.    Twenty Plus Diecast Model Vehicles by Corgi, Matchbox, Burago and Other, including Corgi #C992/5 Double Decker Bradford Tram, Burago 1:24th scale COD.2903 Disney Formula 'Donald', mostly boxed. 20-30
418.    Two Toy Plastic Dolls Both 'Made in England', including a Pedigree doll, blue eyes, mouth open, light brown hair, both dolls are clothed with the tallest measuring approximately 50cm. 20-40
419.    A Collection of Toy Model Boats, by Seifert (Germany), Renetta, Triang and other including Rancetta (Spain), battery operated Crucero C-78 Warship Seifert sailing boat, small parts may be missing and/or damage, sometimes boxed. 25-40
420.    Two Charlie Bears Soft Toy Teddy Bears, include Anniversary Jack #CB114 883A from The Once Upon a Tine 5th Anniversary Collection Limited to 6000 pieces, complete with tags, approximately 43cm high, Elsie #CB181716 designed by Heather Lyell, with tags, approximately 34cm high, together with two boxed Mattell Barbie Dolls - Princess of The Portuguese Empire, Italian Barbie. 40-60
421.    A Collection of Diecast Model Vehicles, by Matchbox, Corgi, Britains and other to include Corgi Honda Prelude, Glider and Trailer, Britains Fiat 880 DT Tractor and Chafer, Superkings, K-39 Snorkel Fire Engine, Corgi River 3500, playworn and better. 25-40
422.    Two Armand Marseille Bisque Headed Dolls, comprising of NR 390, brown sleepy eyes, open mouth with teeth, jointed composition body, (damage to fingers), dressed with under clothes, measuring approximately 63cm high, NR 1330, blue sleepy eyes, open mouth with a single tooth, jointed composition body, (damage to fingers/toes), clothed, measuring approximately 48cm high. 40-60
423.    Forty Plus Diecast Model Vehicles, by Lledo and similar including #6069 1920 Model 'T' Ford Van 'Charringtons', mostly in original packaging. 25-40
424.    Four Burago 1:18th Scale Diecast Model Vehicles, including #COD. 3019 IT Italia 90 Ferrarri Testarossa COD. 3016 Jaguar E Cabriolet (1961) small parts may be missing, a DC Collectibles DC Comics Wonder Woman Action Figure, boxed. 20-40
425.    Seven Corgi Diecast Model Vehicles, to include #421 Land Rover 109WB, #1009 Maestro M9 1600, #384 Renault II, #312 Ford Capri; together with a Buddy L Outdoor Sports Racing Set, mostly boxed, crushing to boxes noted, sometimes missing plastic box windows/box cover. 30-50
426.    An Interesting Collection of 1970's and Earlier Diecast Model Vehicles, by Spot-On, Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox, playworn; together with a teddy bear names 'Harold' by Pam Howells. 30-50
427.    A Quantity of Diecast Model Vehicles, by Atlas Editions, Lledo, Matchbox, Rio, including classic sports cars, motorcycles, trams, Lledo 1:143rd scale Only Fools and Horses Del Boys Reliant Regal Supervan III (2), Rio #64 Mercedes Personale Di Hitler - 1942, boxed. 25-40
428.    Five 1:76th Scale Diecast Model Trams, Bus, by EFE including V.E Day 50th Anniversary Commemorative Set, #13402 Leeds Transport/C.W.S, #14302 Leeds Horsfield Tramcar Whitbread/Stylo, boxed; together with British Municipal Bus Operators 'A Snapshot of The 1960's' hard cover book by Jim Blake. 20-30
429.    Approximately Twelve Balsa Wood Model Aircraft Kits, by West Wings Hasegawa, Modela and other including Hasegawa flying model Spitfire, West Wings Hawker Tempest MKV, unchecked for completeness, small parts may be missing sometimes started, boxed. 25-40
430.    A Quantity of Diecast Tinplate Model Vehicles, by Minic, Dinky Toys, Britains, Matchbox and other to include Minic Clockwork Car (missing key/tyres) with original box (missing one end flap), Britains #9777 Military Land Rover (wheel detached/small parts missing) ideal for restoration, boxed, Dinky Toys #469 Ford D.800 Snow Plough and Tipper Truck, playworn, plastic toy soldiers. 40-60
431.    Twelve Circa 1970's 'New' Old Stock Swingin Sally Dolls, all in bathing suits, original packaging:- One Box 25-40
432.    Hornby Dublo 'OO' Gauge/4mm Rail EDG17 Tank Goods Train Set, comprising of BR black steam locomotive (missing rear bogie), R/No 69567, four rolling stock items, track, box poor, together wih a quantity of playworn Hornby Dublo rolling stock,track, corrosion noted. 25-40
433.    A Collection of Diecast Plastic and Tinplate Model Aircraft, to include Hulley Kiddie Toy (USA), Lancaster PA with fold up wings, tinplate B.O.A.C. Comet 4, all playworn, small parts missing and/or damaged. 20-40
434.    Forty Plus Diecast Model Vehicles, by Lledo, Matchbox, Solido, including boxed sets, Lledo Bryant and May's, Lledo El Alamein, Matchbox Pills, Potions and Powders, boxed. 30-40
435.    A Desk Top Wooden Construction a Hughes Helicopter G-SWEL, length 37cm, presented on a wood felt topped base. 30-50
436.    A Desk Top Wooden Construction Model of a Saunders-Roe Skeeter Helicopter G-AMTZ, length approximately 43cm with plinth. 30-50
437.    A Desk Top Wooden Construction Model of a Hughes Helicopter G-H500, length 37cm, presented on a wood base. 30-50
438.    A Desk Top Display Model of a 1912 Blackburn Monoplane, wingspan 43cm, with plinth. 25-40
439.    A Desk Top Wooden Construction P-51 Mustang Model Aircraft, wingspan 44cm, with display plinth. 30-50
440.    A Sony Playstation (PSI) Gaming Console, Nintendo DS Lite (pink), Namco Plug and Plauy Mini Arcade, assorted peripherals, PSI and Nintendo Games, (all untested). 30-50
441.    A Sinclair 128K ZX Spectrum +2 with Built In Datacorder, Serial No U255826 (untested) together with a quantity of cassette format games, including Ocean - Donkey Kong, Mastertronic - Master Chess. 40-60
442.    Four Gaming Consoles, comprising of Nintendo DS Lite, Sony Playstation 3 (PS3), X-Box 360 (2), all untested, sold for parts only. 20-40
443.    A Collection of Assorted Format Gaming Console Games, to include Sega Mega Drive Wiz N' Liz, PGA Golf Tour III, Sega Mega CD Sol-Feace, Radofin 1003 Skill Cycle Cartridge, Wii Music Sega Dreamcast Planet Ring, PS2, PS3, X-Box 360, Game Gear, Super Nintendo Games, some empty boxes noted. 30-50
444.    Retro Technology: A Commodore 64C Personal Computer, 1530 Datassette Unit Model C2N, lightgun, joy stick, cassette format software, - Bubble Dizzy, Kwik Snax, Fantasy World Dizzy, Toolbox Typing Tutor (no outer case), some discolouration of plastic to both C64 and Datassette, untested. Presented within a light fantastic special edition. 40-70
445.    Retro Gaming: A Boxed Sega Mega Drive 16-Bit Games Console, two Mega Drive control pads, untested. 40-60
446.    Twenty Five Plus Original Sony Playstation Games(PSI), including Disney's Treasure Planet, Alien Trilogy,Medal of Honor Underground, damaged cases, missing literature, empty games cases noted within this lot. 25-50
447.    Gaming Interest, to include a Nintendo WII gaming console (untested) Virtual Reality Glasses, video game, Jockey, Nintendo DS cooking guide, PC/DVD Rom games, a quantity of Atari S7 games/software on floppy disks. 25-40
448.    Three Microsoft X Box 360 Gaming Consoles (Untested), game controllers, games including UFC (many empty games boxes), cables, playworn, 30-50
449.    Ten Super Nintendo and Super Famicom Gaming Cartridges, comprising of (SNES) and American Tail Fievel Goes West, no literature, Super Mario Kart Stunt Race, Pilot Wings, Striker, Looney Tunes Basketball, no literature, The Jungle Book, The Flintstones Part 2, not literature, all boxed. 80-140
450.    Retro Technology: A Circa 1980's Dragon 32 Personal Home Computer, two games cartridges - Chess, Cosmic Invaders, untested, original packaging (tatty). 40-60
451.    A Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K Personal Computer, basic programming manual, cables, original box, untested. 40-60
452.    Retro Technology: A Sinclair ZX Spectrum Personal Home Computer, Mego Corp, Fabulous Fred Electronic Handheld Game, ACE Tronic MPU 1000 Home Video Entertainment Centre, two controllers (one damaged), Invaders 27 Gaming Cartridge, all untested. 30-50
453.    A Commodore 64 (C64) Personal Computer, (untested), joystick user manual, ten assorted format games on cassette to include Electron Astro Plumber, CBM64/128 Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge, BBC/Electron League challenge. 40-60
453A.   An Original X-Box Gaming Console S/N 2041473 45105, (untested) with a quantity of games including Brothers In Arms, Road To Hill 30 - limited edition, Halo, Lost Planet, Star Wars Battlefront. 25-40
454.    Three Sony Playstation (PS1) Gaming Consoles, untested, gaming controllers, cables. 40-60
455.    A Collection of Cassette Format Computer Games, including BBC Model B/Acorn Electron Atari Soft Robotron 2084 Firebird Gyron (48K Spectrum) Don't Panic (Amstrad) Castle of Dreams (48K Spectrum), Metropolis (Amstrad), plus two joysticks. 25-40
456.    A Tamiya 1/14th Scale R/C Mercedes Actros; two axle tractor unit (semi), playworn, components not checked for completeness, viewing recommended (plus non original controller). 30-50
456A.   A Boxed Commodore Amiga A-500, plus home computer, S/N 043237, Cartoon Classics Edition, including Captain Planet and The Planateers, Lemmings, The Simpsons, James Pond 2, Robocop, Mouse, Joystick; together with a Texas Instruments "Little Professor" Calculator, untested. 70-120
457.    Eight Tri-ang/Scalextric Slot Cars, spares/repairs to include Jaguar D-Type, F Porsche; together with a Meccano Set No.4 and Bayko Building Outfit 14 (both unchecked for completeness). 25-40
458.    Three 1:72nd Scale Oxford Aviation Diecast Model Military Aircraft, comprising of #AC101 Westland Lysander MKIII, #AC073 Messerscmitt Me 163B Komet, #AC076 Heinkel He162, boxed. 25-40
459.    A Circa 1990's McDonalds Happy Meal Batman, in store cardboard promotional display (incomplete) and four plastic Happy Meal Toys, Batman, Robin, The Joker, Catwoman. 20-40
460.    Six Revell 1:72 and 1:32 Scale Plastic Model Aircraft Kits, including #04351 Sepecat Jaguar GR 1A, #04397 Fairy Gannet as MK.1/4, together with three further Revell model aircraft kits with loose parts off sprue's, started, all boxed (9). 35-60
461.    Four Micromachines Playsets/Carry Cases, to include Otto's Big City Truck, Army Vehicle, Hasbro Extreme Rally Car, Super Stunt City Tanker Lorry, together with a quantity of micro machines plastic vehicles. 30-50
462.    Five Items of 'O' Gauge/7mm Boxed U.S.A Outline Rolling Stock, A Rail King Ref 30-74944 box car and Ref 30-75560 ore wagon, a Ref No 20-9075G MTH Gondola, plus Ref No 20-90018E MTH hopper also a "3rd Rail" USRA "Reading" Carboose (all metal excellent condition), all items two rail and appear new/unused. 50-70
463.    A Partially Complete Billing Boats Model 'Norske Love' Wooden Construction, some fittings/accessories present, ideal for full restoration. 20-40
464.    A Inflight 1:200 Scale # IF1300117 Diecast Collectors Model US Navy Lockheed LC-130R Hercules (L-382) Aircraft, boxed. 30-40
465.    Four 'G' Gauge "Delton Locomotives" Boxed Items of Rolling Stock, two Ref No 3280 Denver and Rio Grande coaches, a Ref No 3281 combination, and Ref No 3282 mail coach all very good, in good boxes. 60-90
466.    Contents of a Scalextric Slot Car Enthusiasts Workshop, items include bodyshells, wheels, motors, trackside buildings, spectators, barriers, signage, trees, ballast, worthy of closer inspection:- Three Boxes 60-100
467.    Three Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Train Sets, Ref No. R3B "Princes Elizabeth" 4-6-2 BR green R/No. 46201 - Ref No. Rix "Princess Elizabeth" 4-6-2 BR black R/No. 46201, Ref No.1 0-6-0 Tank BR black R/No. 47606, all appear complete, fair condition, but poor boxes. (U/T). 60-90
468.    Original Star Wars Trilogy Plastic Toy Models, At-At (Kenner) and Millennium Falcon (Kenner) both incomplete, missing small parts, playworn, together with a Princess Leia plastic model figure (1980). 20-40
469.    A Hornby Dublo "OO" Gauge/4mm Two Rail Boxed Ref No. 22221 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, BR green "Cardiff Castle" R/No. 4075 (very good) - U/T. Plus five boxes 2/3 Rail Hornby Dublo W.R. Coaches (fair to very good), loco box very good, coaches, fair/good, (six items). 40-60
470.    Eight 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Diesel Locomotives BR Green, one Bo Bo, six 1Co Co1 and one Co Co; all over painted and/or with damages or missing components, offered for spares/repair (unboxed) u/t 50-70
471.    Thirteen Diecast Model Vehicles by Corgi Detail Cars, to include #97002 AEC Regent - Sheffield #D74/, Pickfords three vehicle set Detail Cars ART.303 Ford Capri 2300 GT 1969, #98468 Champlain Yellow Coach 743, boxed. 25-40
472.    Thirty Plus "OO" Gauge Unboxed Items of Kit Built Rolling Stock, including open wagons, box vans. 25-40
473.    A Mamod SR1 Steam Roller, accessories include burner, scuttle, funnel. steering rod (incomplete), playworn. 30-50
474.    Five 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Steal Locomotives BR Black with Six Wheel Tenders, two Hornby 4-4-0 Class 2P, R/No's 40663 and 41003 (good, but over painting to 41003), and two class 3F 0-6-0. an Airfix R/No 44455 and Bachmann R/N 43257 (good, over painting noted to 44454). 70-100
475.    Fifteen Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Coaches - six "Blood and Custard", includes Ref No's R626, 627 and 628 and nine BR maroon (coaches very good/good - boxes fair to good). 50-70
476.    Four "OO"/4mm Boxed Part Built Kit Steam Locomotives, a McGowan Models L.N.E.R "Football Class", a Airfix 4-4-0 "Harrow", a L.M.S "Kirtley" 0-6-0, a Class 8F with R/No. L.N.E.R 3951. Plus a unstarted Craftsman Model 4-4-2T L.N.E.R Class C12, five items, (box contents not checked for completeness). 70-90
477.    Two 'O' Gauge/7mm Part Kit Built Steam Locomotive Bodies, (in the style of a Black 5), both incomplete/ unpainted, plus a 4-6-0 rolling chassis with bogie and motor (2 rail), also a part completed kit built 4-4-2 tank steam locomotive, no motor, finished overall black with R/No 191. 80-120
478.    Three 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Steam Locomotives BR Green with Six Wheel Tenders, a Bachmann 4-6-0 Class 6P R/No 45611 (good), a Hornby Britannia Class 7MT 4-6-2 "Flying Dutchman" R/No 70018 (good), and a Hornby Class 7MT reamed/renumbered "Lightning" R/No 70019 (fair, signs of over painting), all u/t. 70-100
479.    Twelve Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Coaches, three Pullman, Ref No. R248 Ambulance Car, two Caledonian Ref No's R427, R428 - Ref No. R225 Suburban Motor Coach, plus a Diesel Trailer (R158) and Centre Unit (R334), etc. Plus two boxed Hornby Midland Marine Coaches, Ref No's R4083 and R4085 (fourteen items very good to good - boxes fair to very good). 50-70
480.    Four Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed 4-4-0 Class 2P Steam Locomotives, BR black with six wheel tenders, R/No's 40604 and 40610 (China), plus R/No's 40685 and 40687 (fair to good), over painting noted u/t. 60-90
481.    A Collection of Toy Live Steam Accessories and Parts, including Mamod Grinder Stamper, a Pre-War German Love Steam Accessory 'Man with log at Steam Saw', funnels, wires, wheel, lighting, product catalogues. 30-50
482.    Seventeen 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Tenders, all BR six wheel, various types and makers (seven powered) playworn to good. 20-40
483.    A Mamod TE1 Steam Traction Engine, spares or repairs, original box (poor); together with Open Trailer and Log Trailer. 30-50
484.    Nine 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Tank Steam Locomotives, by Hornby and Bachmann, five "Jinty's" 0-6-0 BR black, a Class 1F 0-6-0 BR black R/No 41708, a Hornby 0-4-0 "Pug", and a Bachmann (China) Class 2MT 2-6-2 BR black R/No 41286 (fair to good) u/t. 60-90
485.    A Post War Mamod S.E.2 Stationary Live Steam Engine, well used, boxed (box tatty); together with a four blade fan steam accessory. 30-50
486.    A Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Class 101 DMU, Power Car R/No M79079, Dummy R/No M79632 BR green (fair), plus a Class 110, Power Car R/N E51824, Coach E59708 and Dummy R/No E51844, (good) (5) u/t. 50-70
487.    A Mamod Live Steam Model TE1A Steam Traction Engine, incomplete, missing engine top/roof, burner, playworn, signs of use. 30-50
488.    Five 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed BR Green Bo Bo Diesel Locomotives, by Hornby, Lima etc, all playworn and over painted (unboxed) u/t. 25-40
489.    A Quantity of Mainly 1980's Comics, to include Star Wars 'The Empire Strikes Back' No. 152, Dec '81, Tryon Poster Magazine, DC The Superheroes Volume One No. 4, 40p. 20-30
490.    Four 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed 2-6-4 Std Tank Locomotives BR Black, a Bachmann R/No 42096 and three Hornby R/No's 42315/42322 and 42468 (all fair to good) u/t. 60-90
491.    In Excess of Sixty Bagged 4mm/"OO" Gauge Model Railway Parts, Fittings and Accessories, by Comet Components, Kenline and other including, Goods Wagon W' Irons, LNER Thompson Coach Ends. 25-40
492.    Three 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed BR Green Bo Bo Diesel Locomotives, a Mainline Class 42 "Warship" Highflyer R/No D824 (good), a Hornby Class 35 Hymek R/No D7017 (good), a Hornby Class 29 R/No D6109 (fair), and a Hornby Dublo Class 20 R/No D8017 (fair but missing bogie wheel guards (3)) all u/t (4) 40-60
493.    A Collection of Mainly 1970's Britains Farm Vehicles and Accessories, including Massey Ferguson Combine Harvester (damaged), New Holland Hay Baler, Gang Rollers, Buck Rake, Vicon Fertiliser Spreader, trailers, etc. 30-40
494.    Nine 'OO' Gauge/4mm Inter City Unboxed Coaches, by Grafar, Hornby etc, (good). 20-40
495.    A Quantity of Lead/White Metal Model Figures, Farm Animals, Farm Fixtures, by Britains, J Hill and other including horses, pigs, wells, sheep, people, motorcyclist, all playworm, small parts may be missing and/or damage, together with a modern tinplate model of a Massy Ferguson tractor length 31cm, and vintage portrait images of Lord Kitchener and John French 1st Earl of Ypres. 30-50
496.    Ten 'OO' Gauge/4mm LMS/BR Maroon Unboxed Suburban Coaches, (fair to good, some over painting noted). 20-40
497.    Thirteen Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Coaches, four W.R including Ref R332 Clerestory and nine BR green/SR: includes Ref No's R622/623/624 (all good - boxes fair to good). 40-60
498.    Approximately Twenty Four 'HO' Gauge U.S.A Outline Unboxed Items of Good Rolling Stock, by Bachmann, Roco etc, hoppers/grain wagons, cabooses's etc. 30-50
499.    A Collection of Slot Cars and Similar by Scalextric and Other, including Porsche 911, Mercedes 190 2.3 16, adapted examples noted, including Porsche Audi (Winnwagen chassis), all playworn, spares/repair; together with a quantity of Scalextric literature including Fifth Edition (1964) product catalogue. 30-50
500.    Three Bachmann 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Steam Locomotives BR Black with Six Wheel Tenders, two L.N.W.R Class GSA 0-8-0 R/No's 49064 and 49094 (weathered); and a WD "Austerity" 2-8-0 "Vulcan" R/No 90732 (good, but tender missing draw bar pin and one wheel set). 75-100
501.    Two Adapted Vintage Dolls, to include a Bisque Headed doll marked A.M, cloth body, plastic hands (damaged). 20-30
502.    Twenty 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed LMS/BR Maroon MK1 Coaches, various makes, playworn to good, some over painting noted. 30-50
503.    A Trendon Ltd Sasha Doll with Dark Hair, blue and white gingham dress, white vest, shorts, socks and shoes, measuring 16" high. 60-80
504.    Five Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Steam Locomotives, a Ref No, R150 Class B12 (good) - a Class 3F 0-6-0 (fair loco, poor tender), a 4-2-2 "Caledonian Single" matt blue R/No. 123 (good), a 4-6-2 "Britannia" BR green R/No. 70000 (fair-unboxed) and a Ref No, R350 SR Class L1 4-4-0 R/No. 31757 (good). Plus an unmade kit (not checked) for a Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm "Sydney Suburban" Set, (61 items). 60-90
505.    A Pre-War Steiff Vintage Teddy Bear, brown mohair, brown button eyes, stitched nose, cloth pads, well loved, with signs of wear, approximately 12" high, small metal button in ear, inoperative growler. 50-80
506.    Three 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, Mainline 6P 4-6-0 BR green R/No 45691 (good), Hornby 6P 4-6-0 BR green R/No 45539 "E.C Trench" (good, tender weathered), Hornby 8F 2-80- BR black R/No 48155 (good) all u/t. 75-100
507.    Meccano No 8 Boxed Set, appears complete in very good condition, box base good, lid with split corners. 30-50
508.    Model Boat Interest, to include two pond yachts, rigging, billing boats, Nordkap/476 balsa wood kit (unchecked for completeness - some parts cut from template), part built plastic/vacform model boat, a wooden construction ships hull, measuring 81cm long. 30-50
509.    A Late 1960's Matchbox #M-2 Motorised Motorway Boxed Set, mostly complete, a circa 1968 Mattel Hotwheels Super Charger Sprint Set, incomplete, boxed, Space Station (Hong Kong) Signalling Set, Pelham Puppets Soldier Puppet, Waddingtons Table Soccer (incomplete) all boxed. 30-50
510.    Three 1:72nd Scale Diecast Model Military Aircraft, comprising of IXO Junior # PIXJ000017 Heinkel He 219A-0 uhu, War Master models # APF0025 Heinkel He 219 A-7 uhu Solido # 57200006 Durnier Pfeil DO 335A-1, Germany 1945, boxed. 30-50
511.    Two Triang 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref R135 "Operating Ore Wagon" Sets, (appear incomplete) fair box's, plus two Triang operating mail coach sets, a Ref no R23 and Ref R119 (small parts missing, fair box's), also Revell Ref No 06100 Transrapid 07 HO Model of The Superspeed Maglev System (good - good box) (Triang items Ideal), for spares/repair (5). 20-40
512.    Contents of A "OO" Gauge/4mm Modellers Workshop, items include damaged rolling stock, locomotive body shells, chassis, components, wheels, bogies, etc:- Two Tubs 40-60
513.    A Dapol 'OO; Gauge/4mm Ref No L41 Class 155 Two Car Super Sprinter Set, power car R/No 57329, dummy R/No 52329 finished in provincial blue/grey (good, good box), u/t. 30-50
514.    Approximately Twenty Four "OO" Gauge/4mm Eight Wheel Coaches, various liveries, playworn to good. 25-40
515.    Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No R2195M "The Master Cutler Train Pack". set minus locomotive and tender but retains its three coaches (appear unused) and certificate No 0575 of 1500 (box very good). 20-40
516.    A Triang 'OO' Gauge/4mm "Blue Pullman" Diesel Motor Unit R/No W60095, plus three coaches (fair), also three class 86 electric Bo Bo locomotives (poor - over painted), (7) u/t. 30-50
517.    Two 'OO' Gauge'/4mm Boxed Locomotives, a Hornby Ref No R2466 4-6-2 'Merchant Navy Class' BR green 'General Steam Navigation' R/No 35011 (good,but R/H piston rod damaged), fair box u/t plus a Bachmann Ref No 31-325 Class 105 two car D.M.U BR blut (power car missing complete motor and bogie, otherwise appears unused, good box, u/t 50-70
518.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm class 110 Power Units, three "Dummy" units plus a (V.G) centre coach R/No E59708, (six items), BR green, fair condition with significant over painting unboxed (u/t). 40-60
519.    Eighteen 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed LMS/BR Maroon Coaches, various manufactures, (fair to good). 30-50
520.    A Broadway Ltd 'HO' Gauge Ref 052 U.S.A Outline Prairie 4-8-2 Steam Locomotive and Twelve Wheel Tender, Pennsylvania livery R/No 6762 very good boxed condition with paperwork, u/t. 60-90
521.    A Hornby Dublo 'OO' Gauge 3 Rail EDC 17 0-6-2 Tank Steam Locomotive, BR black, R/No 69567, together with eleven Hornby Dublo rolling stock items, including #W9562 restaurant car, #W73349 207 open plank wagon, Mobilgas tanker. 30-50
522.    A Hornby "OO" Gauge/4mm Ref No. R369 Class 110 Three Car D.M.U Set, BR green (appears new/unused in very good box. 40-60
523.    Two 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed BR Black Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, a Bachmann Class 5MT Crab 2-6-0 R/No 42942 (good, but tender draw bar pin missing), plus a Hornby 4-6-0 "Black 5" R/No 44932 (good) both u/t. 50-70
524.    A Hornby "OO" Gauge #R688 Rail Freight Set, containing 0-4-0 Locomotive, R/No. 256, five wagons, track, Hornby Railways product catalogue. 30-40
525.    Seven Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm "Royal Coaches", plus two Pullman (Agatha and Ione) and three BR green MK one, unboxed twelve items, fair to very good). 40-60
526.    Two Mamod SE2 Live Steam Stationary Steam Plants, both missing burners and require repair, or suitable for spares. 30-40
527.    A Mamod Live Steam Stationary Engine, Model SP1, burner present, signs of use/corrosion. 30-50
528.    Two Home Built Live Steam Horizontal Mill Engine, a single cylinder with 4cm stroke and 9cm diameter flywheel, overall dimension 10 x 29 x 16cm high. Plus a two cylinder with 4cm stroke and 8cm diameter central flywheel, overall dimension 18 x 8 x 14cm high, (interesting build). 30-40
529.    Three Home Engineered Horizontal Live Steam Plants, a single cylinder adapted from a Medcale Flo Pump (11 x 7 x 12cm) , a single cylinder, 2.5cm stroke with 5cm flywheel, mounted to a wood base (14 x 6 x 7cm) and a twin cylinder, one cm stroke with 4.5cm central flywheel (9 x 6 x 6cm) playworn to fair. 20-30
530.    Hornby 'O' Gauge/7mm Clockwork No 1 Special 0-4-0 Locomotive and Tender, LMS maroon livery, R/No 4312, paint loss/chipping/scratches to both loco and tender, with key, plawyworn. 40-60
531.    A Britains Ltd Plastic Model #7530 Garden Figures Set, boxed. 150-180
532.    A Dinky Supertoys #969 B.B.C T.V Extending Mast Vehicle, missing aerial dish, no literature, boxed. 30-40
533.    A Wrenn #W2227/A "OO" Gauge/4mm 4-6-2 Duchess Class Locomotive and Tender, 'Sir William A. Stainier F.R.S', R/No. 6256, LMS lined black, boxed. 100-150
534.    Two Triang Railways TT Gauge Locomotives, comprising of T.91 4-6-0 'Windsor Castle' locomotive, BR green, tender, T.90 0-6-0 tank locomotive, R/No 47607, BR black, all boxed. 30-50
535.    Two 'HO' Gauge U.S.A Outline Boxed Steam Locomotives, a Bachmann Ref No 660 4-8-4 'Northern' plus 16 wheel double bogie tender Santa Fe (A.T and S.F) black livery R/No 3781 (good, fair box, u/t) plus a 'AHM' four by four double bogie 'Heislery' geared locomotive 'Toga Lumber Co' livery R/No 1, (appears very good, poor box, u/t). 50-70
536.    A Sutcliffe Model Tinplate Clockwork 'The Sea Wolf Atomic Submarine', with original key, boxed. 40-60
536A.   A Sutcliffe Toy Clockwork Model Tinplate Motor Torpedo Boat 'Victor', mast, original key, boxed. 30-50
537.    Two 1:24th Scale Franklin Mint Precision Models, comprising of 1929 Rolls Royce Phantom, I Cabriolet Deville, damage to rear luggage box, missing bonnet mascot, rear bumper loose, 1929 Bentley Blower, some literature present, unboxed, small parts may be missing.
538.    Three Plastic Action Figures, by Marx, Palitoy, comprising of Johnny West and Cherokee Indian, Little Big Man in Arctic Patrol Clothing, mostly playowrn. 25-40
539.    A Vintage Mettoy Vanwall Diecast Model Racing Car, green paintwork, #18, playworn. 20-40
540.    Two Wrenn 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed 0-6-0 Tank Steam Locomotives, Ref No W2207 'Southern' green R/No 1127 and Ref No W2205 BR black R/No 31340, both very good, fair to good boxes, u/t. 30-40
541.    Two 'HO' Gauge Continental Outline Boxed Steam Locomotives, a Rivarossi Ref 1349 4-6-2 Class BR91 with eight wheel tender(good but damage to one loco buffer), poor box u/t, plus a Roco Class Rail with eight wheel tender (fair condition paint loss to o/s of tender), associated box, u/t. 30-50
542.    Two Bachmann 'N' Gauge Cased U.S.A Outline Class F9 Diesel Locomotives, powered and a 'Dummy' R/No's 215 Santa Fe livery (good, box description vary) u/t. 20-40
543.    Three Bachmann 'OO' Gauge 0-6-0 Diesel Shunter Locomotives, comprising of #31-335 04 diesel shunter, R/No 11226, BR black, two class 03 diesel loco's, R/No D.2012 and D.2000, BR green, all boxed. 50-70
544.    Two Bachmann 'HO' Gauge Boxed Steam Locomotives, a Spectrum Ref 81703 2-10-0 Russian Decapod (good u/t), plus a USA Outline 4-8-4 'Niagara' New York Central R/No 6005 (fair) u/t. 40-60
545.    An Early XX Century Walter and Sohn Bisque Headed Doll, sleeping blue eyes, open mouth with teeth, brown hair, dressed in 'Georgian' style clothing with walking cane, damage/chipping to fingers, makers mark to back of head, clothing stitched (body condition unchecked), approximately 35cm high. 30-50
546.    Two Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Ref No. R254 " Steeple Cab" 0-4-0 Electric Locomotives, with fitted pantographs, one green, good in good box, the other red, fair in associated box. 30-50
547.    Two Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Ref No. R155 Bo-Bo Diesel Switcher Locomotives "Tri-ang Railway", R/No. 5007 - one in red very good, boxed condition, one yellow, unboxed (both U/T). 60-90
548.    A Central Locomotive 'O' Gauge/7mm CP38 Bo Bo Diesel Locomotive, Canadian Pacific livery R/No 3024, two rail, metal body, very good u/t condition, good box with spec sheets, etc. 40-60
549.    Two Grafar "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed G.W.R Class 94XX Pannier 0-6-0 Tank Steam Locomotives - one G.W.R green, one BR black, both R/No. 9410 (good U/T condition. 40-60
550.    Two "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Co-Co Diesel Locomotives, a Mainline Ref 37-051, BR green Class 45 "The Manchester Regiment", R/No. D49 (appears unused). Plus a Jouef Ref No. 8913 Class 40 BR green unnumbered/letters - decals in box (also appears unused) U/T. 50-70
551.    Three Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Tank Steam Locomotives, Ref R754 Class M7 0-4-0, BR black, R/No. 30027 (very good - good box), Ref No, R52RS 0-6-0, L.M.S maroon, R/No. 7606 (very good - good box). Plus Ref No. R52 0-6-0 BR black, R/No. 47606 (good - fair box with inserts) U/T. 30-50
552.    Two 1:50th Scale Diecast Model Plant Machinery Vehicles, comprising of Joal Volvo EC650 Excavator, Conrad PM Placing Boom M52 Semi-Tralier, boxed. 40-60
553.    Two Will's Finecast "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Part Built Steam Locomotive Kits, a L.N.E.R Class A 2 and a L.N.E.R Class J39 (box content not checked for completeness - U/T). 40-60
554.    Three Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed 0-6-0 Tank Locomotives, two Ref No. R153 Saddle Tank Steam, BR black, R/No. 748, one very good, in good box with original inserts, the other good in fiar box. Plus Ref No. R152 Class 08 Diesel Shunter, BR green R/No. 13005 (good - good box) U/T. 30-50
555.    Three "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed 0-6-0 G.W Pannier Tank Steam Locomotive, a Mainline Ref No. 37085 Class 57XX BR black, R/No. 5768 (good - good box) two Hornby Great western Green R/No. 8751 (good - boxes fair to good) (/T. 30-50
556.    A Part Built 'O' Gauge/7mm Fine Scale Etched Nickel Silver Kit by D.J.B Engineering for a 4-6-2 West Country Class Steam Locomotive, (tender chassis fitted with wheels) plus a further 4-6-2 similar kit, which includes a rolling chassis with bogies and motor, both kits unchecked for completeness and includes full assembly instructions (one kit? contained in two boxes?) 60-80
557.    Two Hornby "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Steam Locomotives, a Ref No. R251 0-6-0 with six wheel tender, L.M.S maroon, R/No. 3775 (good - good box). Plus a 4-6-2 "City of Nottingham" Class 6P, BR maroon, R/No 46251 with six wheel tender (good - fair box, Speedo detached) both U/T. 50-70
558.    Two 'HO' Gauge Boxed Continental Outline Electric Locomotives, A Roco Ref No 63769 class Ae 6/8 BLS Rial R/No 207 (good, however body loose to chassis, small parts detached), plus a Lima Class 116 "SBB-CFF" Rail, twin pantographs both good/good, both u/t. 30-50
559.    Two 'HO' Gauge Locomotives and Tenders, comprising of Roco BR01 Dampflokomotive, DB R/No 01 111, Rivarossi 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive, 3-1173, LA Chapelle 'Compagnie Du Nord', boxed. 40-70
560.    Three 1:24th Scale Franklin Mint Precision Models, comprising of 1937 Alfa Romeo 2900B, 1954 Mercedes Benz 300 SL, 1952 Jaguar XK120, some literature present, unboxed, small parts may be missing. 50-80
560A.   Eight Diecast Model Vehicles by Corgi, presented within three boxed sets comprising of #50703 Guinness Mack LJ with Fruehauf Trailer, #D53/1 Four Rally Cars, #97695 The Abingdon Set 'Morris J Van and 2 MGA's. 25-40
561.    A Collection of Five 1960's/1970's Action man Plastic Toy Figures, to include both painted head and flocked head variants, all clothed, detached/missing limbs/glue repairs noted; together with a quantity of accessories including weapons, helmet, kit. 70-120
562.    A Hornby Dublo "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Two rail Ref No. 2230 Bo-Bo Diesel Electric Locomotive, BR green R/No. D8017, good - good box (staining to lid). Plus instruction leaflet, U/T. 25-40
563.    Five Revell 1:72 Scale Plastic Model Military Aircraft Kits, all jets to include #04619 Tornado GR.I RAF, #4320 Northrop F-89 D/J Scorpion some loose parts off spurs noted, boxed. 30-50
564.    A Tiger Toys Wooden Noah's Ark, containing twenty one wooden animals, Noah and his Wife, playworn. 25-40
565.    Two Hornby/Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed 4-6-2 Steam Locomotives with Tenders, Reg No. R850 "Flying Scotsman", BR green, R/No. 960103 (good). Plus Ref R050 "Princess Victoria", BR black R/No. 46205, (fair, tender top loose, cylinder block damaged) both U/T. 30-50
566.    Two Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Re No. R59 2-6-2 Tank Steam Locomotives, BR black R/No. 82004 (good, box with inserts), BR green, R/No. 82004 (good) both U/T. 0-50
567.    A Corgi Ref No AA 32807 "The Aviation Archive" Mosquito, USAAF limited edition 1541/2900 with certificate, appears complete, one prop detached, inner packaging damaged, outer box good. 20-40
568.    An Early 1970's Matchbox Carry Case, (handle broken) containing forty eight Matchbox and similar diecast model vehicles, presented in four (twelve slot) plastic trays, playworn. 30-50
569.    Two Tri-ang/Hornby "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Steam Locomotives, a Ref No. R550 Class 9F 2-10-0, BR black, R/No. 92166 (very good, appears unused). Plus Ref No. R54 4-6-2 Transcontinental Pacific 4-6-2 with eight wheel tender, black livery R/No. 1542 (good - fair box). 50-70
570.    Two Tri-ang "Oo" Gauge/4mm Boxed Diesel Locomotive, a Ref No. R751 Class 37 Co-Co BR green, R/No. D6830 (good - good box - U/T). Plus Ref No. R357 Class 31 Brush Diesel, BR green, R/No. D5572 (good - good box - U/T). 40-60
571.    A Palitoy Action Man Grenadier Guards Accessory Set No 34302, contents of jacket, trousers, bearskin boots rifle bayonet and case, sealed on card. 30-50
572.    Two Corgi 1:50 Scale Diecast Model 'Modern Trucks', comprising of #75401 Leyland - DAF curtain side, James Irlanm and Sons Ltd, #75101 ERF tanker - Gulf Oil, both cased. 30-50
573.    Two Corgi 1:18th Scale Diecast Model MG MGF and MG MGB Sportscars, small parts bagged, wooden display plinths, boxed. 30-40
574.    Two "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Steam Locomotives, an Airfix Ref No. 54123-9 0-6-0 "Fowler" BR black, R/No. 44454 with six wheel tender (appears unused - good box). Plus a Tri-ang Ref No. R50 4-6-2 "Princess Elizabeth", BR Black R/No. 46201 (good, with plunger pick ups, (good, fair boxes) both U/T. 40-60
575.    A Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No R242 4-6-2 Britannia Class Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tender, boxed limited edition BR green "Robert Burns" R/No 70006, (very good( u/t 30-50
575A.   A Bachmann 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No 32-525A Class 55 Co Co Boxed Deltic Diesel Locomotives, BR green "The Kings Own" etc, R/No 55002 (good, apart from two buffers missing plus one cab window glazing), u/t. 25-40
576.    A Hornby Dublo "OO" Gauge/4mm Two Rail Ref No. EDL2 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, "Duchess of Athol", LMS maroon R/No. 6231 (fair U/T condition in very good, reproduction box). 30-50
577.    A Collection of Lead Plastic Model Farm, zoo animals by Britains and other including cattle, camel, pigs, chimpanzee, all playworn (damage noted); together with two Robertsons Golly pin badges. 15-25
578.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge Locomotives and Tenders, comprising of BR class B17 4-6-0 R/no 61656 'Leeds United', LNER Class B17 4-6-0 R/No 2862 'Manchester United', both boxed. 40-70
579.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge Locomotives and Tenders, comprising of Toplink R.2051 4-6-2 Princess Class Locomotive R/No 6206, Princess Marie Louise LMS black, boxed, Class 8P 4-6-2 locomotive 'The Princess Royal' R/No 46200, BR maroon, in associated box. 40-60
580.    Two Lima 'O' Gauge MKI Corridor Coaches, #15865, LMS maroon livery, boxed. 40-60
581.    Two Heljan 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Class 47 Cop Co Diesel Locomotives, Class 47 Co Co diesel locomotives Ref No 4679 network " County of Hertfordshire" (front panel detached, in box plus missing fuel tank components), plus Ref No 4701 BR green "Isambard Kingdom Brunel" R/No D1662 (one front panel damaged) both locomotives untested or checked for further damage, boxes very good. 60-90
582.    A Quantity of Lead, White Metal Model Figures, Farm Animals, Military Mounted, Britains noted, all playworn, small parts may be missing and/or damaged 15-25
583.    A Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Ref No. R356 Boxed "Battle of Britain" Class 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender "Winston Churchill", BR green, R/No. 34051 (good - fair boxes -U/T). 25-40
584.    Two 'OO' Gauge Locomotives and Tenders by Mainline, comprising of 4-6-0 Scot Class, 'Royal Scot', R/No 6100 LMS 4-6-0 Class 6P, Orion, R/No 5691, LMS Black. 30-50
585.    A Horny Dublo 'OO' Gauge/4mm Three Ref No EDL11 Boxed 4-6-2 Class A4 'Silver King' Steam Locomotive and Ref No D12 Six Wheel Tender, BR gloss green (to Loco) R/No 60016, tender matt green, locomotive/tender very good, boxes poor. 30-50
586.    Two 'OO' Gauge/Locomotives and Tenders, comprising of a boxed Bachmann Ivatt Class 2MT 2-6-0 BR weathered green renumbered R/No 46524 repainted, Mainline 4-6-0 Class 6P, 'Orion', BR green, R/No 45691. 30-50
587.    Two 'HO' Gauge U.S.A Outline 4-8-4 Steam Locomotives with Twelve Wheel Double Bogie Tenders, a Rivarossi Ref No 1273 'New York Central' R/No 5446 (good, poor box, u/t), plus a Bachmann example, 'Union Pacific' R/No 806 (fair dirty condition, very poor box, u/t). 50-70
588.    A Dapol 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Two Car Trans Pennine DMU BR Green, R/No's NE51953 and NE51954 (fair, signs of over painting noted) u/t. 20-40
589.    Two Proto 1000 'C-Liner' Diesel Locomotives, boxed Ref no 4057 powered 'A' unit Canadian Pacific R/No 4057, plus Ref No 4451 powered 'B' unit (bogie detached with drive shaft loose), otherwise both in fair boxed condition, u/t. 20-40
590.    An Oxford Rail 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No OR76AR001 Adams Radial 4-4-2 Tank Steam Locomotive , BR black R/No 30583 (good, good box, u/t). Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No R - 'Peckett W4" Tank Steam Locomotive (good,good box u/t). 40-60
591.    A Pre-War Tinplate Dock Crane, creasing to base, top loose, corrosion noted. 20-40
592.    Corgi Toys Gift Set No 23 Chipperfields Circus, comprising of booking van, circus crane truck, two animal cage wagons, Land Rover and trailer with elephant transport box, no other accessories present, chipping to paint work on all models, box poor. 80-120
593.    Three 1:24th Scale Franklin Mint Precision Models, comprising of Carroll Shelby's Cobra 427 S/C, Jaguar SS-100, 1955 Bentley S, literature present, unboxed, some small parts missing.
594.    Two 'OO' Gauge Locomotives, comprising of Honby Class 5, Black S, 4-6-0 locomotive and tender, R/No 5112 LMS black, Hornby Class 47 diesel R/No D1670 'Mammouth', BR green, some corrosion noted. 25-40
595.    Two 'HO' Gauge Continental Outline Electric Pantograph Bo -Bo Locomotives, a L.S Models Ref No 10.042 'S.N.C.F' Rail R/No BB-15001, plus a Marklin Ref No 34614 Class 460, 'SBB-CFF-FFS' Rail R/No 460-022-7-3 Rail R/No 460-022-7 - 3 Rail. both appear very good,in very good boxes. u/t. 60-90
596.    A Hornby "OO" Gauge #R2360 Super detail BR 4-6-0 Class SMT Locomotive and Tender, (weathered) R/No. 44762, BR black livery, boxed. 40-60
597.    Bachmann 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No 32-551 Boxed Class A1 4-6-2 Steam Locomotives and Eight Wheel Tender, BR green "Aberdonian" R/No 60158 (good), u/t 40-60
598.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Class 31 A-I-A Diesel Electric Locomotives, both with body damage to cab's, Ref No R2413 BR blue R/No 31270 (weathered), and Ref No R2420 BR green R/No D5512 (apart from damage both appear unused plus good boxes) u/t. 50-70
599.    Hornby 'O' Gauge/7mm Clockwork 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive Plus Six Wheel Tender (Incorrect to Loco), L.M.S black R/No 611, playworn, over painted, missing component,s spring gone, etc. 30-50
600.    A Kit Built/Adapted 'O' Gauge/7mm 0-6-0 Tank Steam Three Rail Electric Locomotive, finished overall black, fair condition, u/t. 30-50
601.    Bassett-Lowke 'O' Gauge/7mm 2-6-0 Clockwork Steam Locomotive plus Six Wheel Tender, L.M.S black R/No 2867, playworn, requires attention of cab controls, draw bar etc. u/t. 50-80
602.    Two Hornby 'O' Gauge/7mm No 2 Pullman Coaches, chocolate and cream liveries, grey roofs, celluloid windows. Iolanthe and Arcadia, unboxed. 60-100
603.    Hornby 'O' Gauge/7mm Clockwork No 2 4-4-27 Locomotive, LMS paint work faded (brown/black), R/No 6854, with key. 60-100
604.    WITHDRAWN A Circa 1960's Mettoy Playthings Tinplate Supermarket (No. 6300), including shop fittings, figures, stock (unchecked for completeness); together with a Chad Valley Kiddies Kitchen Set, boxed. 30-50
605.    Two Wooden Construction Model Boats Both ideal for a Restoration Project, the largest measuring approximately 63cm long, 22cm wide, 17cm high, together with three boxed model ship kits comprising of life like hobby kits #09255 U.S.S constellation, #09263 H.M.S Revenge, Constructo Bounty wooden kit (started/unchecked for completeness). 25-40
606.    A Quantity of Early Scalextric Slot Cars and Accessories, including racing car #10 red, #17 blue, #3 red, #7 blue, two hand controllers, track, barriers, spectators, starter on rostrum, finish banner, all playworn. 30-50
607.    A Corgi 'the Aviation Archive' 1:144th Scale Diecast Model Short Sunderland MKII - W4004, six Tonka/Polistil Diecast Model Military Aircraft, Hurricane (3), Spitfire (3), all boxed. 20-30
608.    Sindy Part Nails Beauty Centre, Kitchen Cooker Unit, accessories, incomplete, playworn; together with four Sindy empty boxes including Pedigree Sindy's Gig and Harness:- Two Boxes 20-40
609.    Seventeen Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Items of Rolling Stock, includes Ref R213 Bogie Well with Crane Load adn Ref R241 with Tank Load, a R160 Decoupler, R73 Island Platform Canopy Set, a Lima "Amey Roadstone" Hopper and a Jouef Ref 6495 Track Clearer,(21 items very good to good, boxes fair to good). Plus one box containing a quantity of empty Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm boxes (fair to very good). 40-60
610.    A Tamiya R/C "Mud Blaster" Hi Tec Decals, fair condition, no controller; components not checked for completeness, viewing recommended. 30-50
611.    Two Corgi 'The Aviation Archive' 1:48 Diecast Model Military Aircraft, comprising of #AA38110 Sopwith Camel F.1, 'Death of The Red Baron', #AA37702 RAF SESa Capt W.A 'Billy Bishop', boxed. 30-50
612.    Two Hi Tec Ranger Radio Controllers, plus a further example by "Park Flite", also a small quantity of mains chargers, etc. 30-50
613.    Fourteen Boxed/Cased 1/76 Scale Vehicles; three Atlas Tanks, a Matchbox "Stephenson Rocket", five Busses by E.F.E etc, a Oxford Ref 76FOW001 Fowler Tractor, a New Ray Movistar Honda, a Burago Mercedes SSK and and unboxed (good) Bugatti Type 5, plus a KM Toy Ref No 1002 "Super Crane Truck", good to very good (15). 50-90
614.    Two Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Train Sets, Ref No. R514 "Transcontinental" Tri-ang Bo-Bo Diesel, plus four coaches (good, missing track, poor box), Ref No. R7X, comprising 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive R/No. T.R.2335, Tender, two coaches, track, etc, (fair condition, typical warp to tender, box base good, lid poor). U/T 60-90
615.    A Collection of Boxed Diecast Model Vehicles, by Lledo, Corgi, Matchbox, Ertl, to include Corgi C18/1 Mini Racers, Matchbox Promotional Model Ford Ton Van 'Gerry Ford Design'. Ertl 1:32nd Farm Land Rover. 25-40
616.    Fourteen Atlas Editions Diecast Model Warships, including Tirpitz, HMS Vanguard, HMS Exeter, HMS Nelson, all boxed. 30-50
617.    Two Tamiya 1/10th Scale R/C "Dual Hunder" Sports Vehicles, with controllers (may not be compatible), playworn, components not checked for completeness, viewing recommended. 80-120
618.    Three Pre-War German 'Dolls House' Jointed Figures, measuring approximately 8cm high, together with a dolls house dresser and kitchen utensils. 20-40
619.    Three Graded Pokemon Cards: Majesty Grading Company (MGC), comprising of 1999 Nidoking Base Set #22483, 012/062, 4, 2000 Dark Gyarados Rocket #22482, 025/082, 4, Encapsulated (MGC Secure Tech). 70-120
620.    Four Graded Pokemon Cards: Majesty Grading Company (MGC), comprising of 1999 Zapdos Fossil #22484, 015/062, 2, 1999 Articuno Fossil, #22485, 002/062, 3, 2000 Charizard Rocket #22481, 021/082, 3, 2002 Charizard Expedition #22480, 040/164, 4, Encapsulated (MGC Secure Tech). 80-140
621.    A Collection of Over One Hundred and Fifty Pokemon Cards, including Electabuzz, Chansey, Mewtwo, Houndour, Dugtrio, Wartortle, Primeape, Arcanine, Quagsire, Arbok, Remoraid, Gengar, Natu, Paras, Phanpy, Seel, Slugma, Trainer and Energy Cards. Plus a small quantity of other trading cards, including Harry Potter. All presented within a single ring binder. 150-250
622.    A Precision Model Art (PMA) 1:72nd Scale German Horten Gotha Go 229 Diecast Model Aircraft, boxed. 40-70
623.    A Circa 1975 Colonel Steve Austin 'The Six Million Dollar Man' Plastic Action Figure, by Denys Fisher, push button bionic right arm (missing engine block and bionic modules), original clothing, (some marks to trousers), trainers, original box with insert. 60-80
624.    A Small Vintage Composite Jointed Baby Doll, measuring approximately 16cm high. 20-40
625.    A Pre-War Clockwork Tinplate Toy in The Form of a Dutch Lady, manufactured by VB and CIE, Pairs, signs of wear/damage, measuring approximately 16cm high. 40-70
626.    A Circa 1977 Ideal Evel Knievel Precision Miniature Diecast Model Super Jet Cycle, boxed, plastic window detached. 25-50
627.    Three Mid 1970's Diecast and Plastic Model Motorcycles, by Britains to include M.V.Agusta, Norton 850cc, BMW Civilian, some crushing/damages to boxes noted. 30-50
628.    A Marklin Hamo 'HO' Gauge #3021 DB 4-6-2 Continental Outline Locomotive and Ten Wheeled Tender, R/No. 012 081-6, boxed. 25-40
629.    A Tri-ang/Hornby "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Ref No. R356 "Battle of Britain" Class 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, BR green "Winston Churchill" R/No. 34051 (good U/T condition). 30-50
630.    A Kit Built 'O' Gauge/7mm Two Rail Class 33 Bo-Bo Diesel Locomotive, BR green R/No D6530, all metal. built/painted to a very good standard, boxed, u/t. 60-90
631.    A Bachmann "OO" Gauge #31-625 0-6-0 Class 3F Locomotive and Tender, R/No. 43474, BR black late crest, 21 December, boxed. 30-40
632.    A Hornby Dublo "OO" Gauge/4mm Ref 2211) Two Rail Boxed Class A4 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Eight Wheel Tender, BR green "Golden Fleece", R/No. 60030, very good U/T condition, very good box. 40-60
633.    A Wrenn "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Ref No. W2235 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, BR green "Barnstaple" R/No. 34005, very good, however decal loss to tender, L/H steam rod has slight twist.(U/T). 50-70
634.    A Wrenn "OO" Gauge/4mm Ref No. W2219 2-6-4 Standard Tank Steam Locomotive, L.M.S maroon R/No. 2679, boxed fair U/T condition. 25-40
635.    A Wrenn "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Ref No. W2227 Class 7P 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, "City of Stoke-on-Trent" LMS black R/No. 6254, very good U/T condition. 40-60
636.    A Wrenn "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Ref No. W2225 Class 8F 2-8-0 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, LMS black R/No. 8042 (very good U/T condition). 40-60
637.    A Wren "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Ref No. 2221 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender - "Cardiff Castle", G.W. green R/No. 4075 (very good U/T condition). 40-60
638.    Hornby 'O' Gauge #R2141 Locomotive and Tender 4-6-0 Castle Class Locomotive, R/No 5069, 'Isambard Kingdom Brunel' BR green, boxed. 35-60
639.    Hornby 'O' Gauge/7mm Railway Accessories No 7 Watchman's Hut, brazier and poker (missing shovel), boxed. 25-40
640.    Hornby 'O' Gauge/7mm Clockwork Type 101 0-4-0 Tank Locomotive, LMS maroon livery, R/No 2270 with key, boxed. 40-60
641.    Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No R2725X Class N15 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive and Eight Wheel Tender, "Sir Kay" BR green R/No 30450 factory weathered (good, good box) u/t. 30-50
642.    Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No R2581 Boxed 4-6-0 L.S.R Green N15 "Sir Gawain" BR Green, R/No 30764 factory weathered (good, good box) u/t. 30-50
643.    A Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No R778 Class 52 Diesel Co-Co Locomotive, BR blue 'Western Harrier' R/No D1008 (good, good box, u/t). 25-40
644.    Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No R2185 Boxed Class B17/4 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender,
L.N.E.R green "Norwich City" R/No 2859 (good). 30-50
645.    Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No R2207 Class 7P6F 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive plus Six Wheel Tender, BR Brunswick Green "Britannia" R/No 70000, boxed good, u/t. 30-50
646.    Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No R2587 Boxed 4-6-2 "Rebuilt Battle of Britain" Class BR Green, "17 Squadron" R/No 34062 (good, good box) u/t. 30-50
647.    A Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No R2634 Patriot Class 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive plus Six Wheel Tender, BR green "Bunsen" R/No 45512 (weathered edition) good, u/t. 40-60
648.    A Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No R2629X Royal Scot Class 7P 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive plus Six Wheel Tender, BR green R/No 46140, good, u/t. 40-60
649.    Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No R2403 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, BR black "Derwent Grange" R/No 6862 (good), u/t 30-50
650.    Two 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Steam Locomotive with Six Wheel Tenders Both Require Repair, Hornby Ref No R2930 "City of Lancaster" BR maroon R/No 46243 (wired connection to tender damaged, speedo broke, l/h front buffer damaged, step detached, one missing), otherwise good u/t condition good box plus Bachmann Ref No 32-151 'N' Class BR black R/No 31813 (damage to loco body, plus chassis loose), otherwise good, good box. 40-60
651.    Two Bachmann 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed BR Black Steam Locomotives and Six Wheel Tenders, Ref No 32-577 2-6-0 Ivatt Class R/No 43160. plus Ref No 31-851 0-6-0 Class J39 R/No 64964 (both good), u/t. 60-90
652.    Two 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Tank Steam Locomotive, Ref No 32-875 2-6-4 (good but decals painted over), Airfix Ref No 54155 0-6-2 BR black R/No 69531 (good but contained in Mainline Box), both u/t 40-60
653.    Two Bachmann 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed 4-6-0 Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, Ref No 31-251 rebuilt Jubilee Class BR green "Pheonix" R/No 45736) good but adapted draw bar), Ref No 31-153 6P Jubilee Class BR green "Bahamas" R/No 45596 (good). both u/t. 50-70
654.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Steam Locomotives, both missing their tenders, Ref No R22226 4-6-2 BR green "Margaret Rose", (good, good box), Ref No R1048 4-6-0 GWR green "Cadbury Castle" R/No 7028, fair, incorrect box, both u/t. 30-50
655.    Two Hornby G.W.R 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed 4-6-0 Steam Locomotives plus Six Wheel Tenders, Ref 6006 (good), plus Ref No R2392 County class "County of Salop" BR green R/No 1026 (chassis detached from body), incorrect box, both u/t 50-70
656.    Dapol 'O' Gauge/7mm Ref No 7D-008-006 'Two Rail Class 08 Diesel Shunter, BR blue R/No 08202, small parts detached and or missing, discolouration (water damage?) to l/h side of body otherwise good in very good box, u/t 60-90