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201.    Over Seventy LPs in This Mixed Box, that includes Styx - Pieces of Eight (clear vinyl), Wishbone Ash - No Smoke Without Fire, Ted Nugent - State of Shock, Todd Rundgrens Utopia - Another Live, Kiss - Love Gun, Magrum - Wings of Heaven and others by Sammy Hagar, ZZ Top, Echo and The Bunnymen, The Waterboys, Genesis, Moody Blues, Foreigner, Nils Lafgren, Robert Palmer, Kate Bush and many more. 60-100
202.    A Large Quantity of Classical Albums, with the majority being stereo recordings, such as Herbert Von Karajan - Holst Planets (Decca SXL 2305, 1962), Herbert Von Karajan - Nutcracker Suite (Decca SXL 2308, 1962) and more from the Phase 4 Stereo Series, Decca Jubilee Series, RCA Victor Living Stereo, etc. 50-80
203.    A Collection of Approximately Seventy Soundtrack and Show L.P's, with titles from Flash Gordon, Hair, War Of The World's, Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita and Oklahoma, to name just a few. 15-30
204.    Over Fifty LPs, to include Woodstock - Music From The Original Soundtrack, ELO -Four Light Years (box set), and Three Light Years (box set), with others by Moody Blues, OMD, Bee Gees, Buddy Holly, Rod Stewart, Roy Orbison, Duane Eddy, Walker Brothers, Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, etc. 30-50
205.    Elvis Presley Collection, comprising of eighteen L.P's, seven box sets, eight books. C.D's, watch, newspaper and VHS video. Also in this lot ELO - Four Lights Years Box Set, Beach Boys - With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra two L.P release (unopened) and other L.P's. 30-50
206.    A Noteable Collection of Forty Four L.P's, to include Kraftwerk - Autobahn (Vertigo 6360 620, 1974) The Fall - Totales Turns (Rough Trade, Rough 10, 1980) Japan - Quiet Life, Assemblage, Marc and The Mambas - Untitled, Torment and Toreros, with more by Bauhaus, Elvis Costello, Jeff Buckley, The Police, Peter Gabriel, Pretenders, Human League, Tom Waits, The Pogues, Gang Of Four and Billy Bragg. 60-100
207.    Classical Music Interest, approx one hundred albums in this exceptional box, examples include Istvan Kertesz - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, (Decca SXL6091 1964). Kenneth Alwin - 1812 Overture (Decca SXL 2001, 1958), also many from the Decca Jubilee series, The Decca Viva series and Ace of Diamonds, with the majority beink stereo versions. 60-100
208.    Beatles Collection, twelve 7" singles, including Magical Mystery Tour booklet, ten lps comprising of Please Please Me, (XEX 422-IN black and yellow label), White Album (No 0499014), with The Beatles, Sgt Peppers, Revolver, Let It Be, Abbey Rd, Help, Rubber Soul, and A Hard Days Night. 50-80
209.    A Collection of Approximately Sixty LPs, to include Free-Fire and Water, Heartbreaker and The Free Story, Bad Company - Run with the Pack, Straight Shooter and Desolation Angles Fleetwood Mac - Live, with others by Men at Work, Kim Carnes, Walker Brothers, Steve Winwood, Equals, Pretenders and Moody Blues, also a selection of jazz titles, by Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. 50-80
210.    A Quantity of 7" Singles, from the 70's to the 90's, artists include Kate Bush, Blur, Morrissey, Tubeway Army, OMD, Prince, XTC, Black Sabbath, Lou Reed, U2, Tough, ZZ Top, R.E.M, Motorhead, Squeeze, Dickies and many more. 40-60
211.    Approximately One Hundred and Twenty Classical L.P's, to include Kertesz - Dvorak Symphony No.1 (Decca SXL 6288, 1967) and Symphony No.9 (Decca SXL 6291, 1967), selections from the Decca Jubilee series, The Decca Aristocrate Series and many more in this very noteworthy stereo collection. 60-100
212.    A Collection of Approximately Seventy 7" Singles, containing many Punk and New Wave titles by The Jam, Sex Pistols, XTC, The Clash, Wire, Depeche Mode, Pete Shelley, Patti Smith, Lambretta's, The Damned, The Cure and many more. 30-50
213.    Over One Hundred and Fifty 12" Singles, mainly from the 80's and 90's, artists include Erasure, Liquid, Alex Party, Incognito, Art Of Noise, ABC, New Order, David Bowie, Big Country, Spear Of Destiny and Dr Dre, to name a few. 50-80
214.    A Collection of Thirty L.P's and a Few Singles, included in the L.P's Bruce Springsteen - Live 1975-85 (CBS 4502271, 1986) Five L.P Box set, The Velvet Underground - Live At Max's Kansas City, Mountain - Flowers Of Evil, The Cult - Sonic Temple and Love, Roger Waters - The Wall, Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense and Little Creatures, others include Bad Company, Queen, U2, Ry Cooder, Beatles, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Van Morrison, etc. 50-80
215.    A Fabulous Collection of Approximately Two Hundred and Fifty Rock and Metal 7" Singles, a selection of artists include Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Gillan, Queen, Rush, Thin Lizzy, Pat Benatar, White Lion, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Ozzy Ozbourne, Bad Company, Cheap Trick, ACDC, Magnum, etc. 80-120
216.    1970's Interest L.P's, forty six albums to include Tommy McCook and The Supersonics - Greater Jamaica (Trojan TBL 111, 1970), John Martyn - Grace and Danger, George Harrison - Dark Horse, Grace Jones - Portfolio, Heart - Little Queen, Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel - Face to Face, with more by ELO, Gordon Giltrap, Wings, David Bowie, Sparks, Steeley Dan, Eric Clapton, etc. 50-80
217.    1960's Interest L.P's, thirty two titles comprising of Move-Move (Regal Zonophone LRZ 1002, 1968) Equals - Explosion, Sensational Equals, Bee Gees - 1st, Odessa (Velvet cover) Moody Blues - Days Of Future Passed, Threshold Of a Dream, Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisted and others by Jimi Hendrix, The Archies, The Beatles, Melanie, Walker Brothers and John Lee Hooker. 50-80
218.    Over One Hundred Pop L.P's, from the 1980's artists, include Chris Rea, Simply Red, The Blow Monkeys, Human League, Housemartins, Grace Jones, Steve Winwood, Flock Of Seagulls, OMD, UB40, Aztec Camera and so many more. 60-100
219.    A Mixed Collection of Over Fifty LPs, to include Led Zeppelin - 4, Moody Blues - In Search of The Lost Chord, Nik Kershaw - Human Racing and The Riddle, George Harrison - Living In The Natural World, Queen - News Of The World, and more by Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, ELO, 10CC, Status Quo, Bad Company, ELP, Bob Marley, Dire Straits, Eric Clapton, Mike Oldfield, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell. 50-80
220.    Over One Hundred Classical L.P's, in this box that should be give much closer attention, a couple of examples being Ansermet - Swan Lake (Decca SXL 2108), Ansermet - Pastoral Symphony (Decca SXL 2193) and many more from Decca, RCA, Victrola, Ace Of Diamonds, etc. 60-100
221.    Thirty L.P's and Over Thirty 12" Singles, Albums, include The Tubes - The Tubes and Remote Control Duffo - Duffo, Tubeway Army - Replicas, The Clash - Give Em Enough Rope, The Smiths - Strangeways Here We Come, XTC - White Music and Black Sea and others by Bow Wow Wow, The Police, Joe Jackson, Billy Bragg, Spear Of Destiny, Elvis Costello, Lou Reed, Lemonheads and John Cooper Clarke. 60-100
222.    A Fabulous Box of Over Seventy Rock L.P's, noteable titles included are Magna Carta - Seasons (Vertigo 6360003 1970), ELO - Out Of The Blue (blue vinyl edition), Pink Floyd - Meddle, Dark side Of The Moon (2), Mick Ronson - Play Don't Worry, String Driven Thing - Keep Yer and On It and others by Yes, Camel, Rainbow, Queen, Genesis, Wishbone Ash, The Who, ELP, Stevie Nicks, Gillan, Focus, etc. 120-160
223.    Classical Music L.P's, approximately one hundred and twenty mainly stereo recordings such as, Kenneth Alwyn - 1812 Overture (Decca SXL 2001), Vladimir Askenazu - Rachmaninov Second Piano Concerto (Decca SXL 6099, 1964) and many more in this box that requires much closer attention. 80-120
224.    Over Forty Five L.P's, in this noteworthy collection, that includes America - Hearts and Holiday (both quadraphonic versions), Doobie Brothers - What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits, Stampede and Toulouse Street (all quadraphonic), James Taylor - Gorilla (quadraphonic), Bread - Baby I'm a Want You (quadraphonic), Simon and Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Waters (audiophile pressing) and others by Gordon Giltrap, Dire Straits, Ken Boothe, Billy Cobham, Richie Haven, etc. 30-50
225.    Sixties Interest L.P's, forty four titles to include John Lee Hooker - Burning Hell, Laura Nyro - Eli and The Thirteenth Confession and New York Tendaberry, Julie Driscoll - Open, Mamas and The Papas - Deliver and The Papas and The Mamas and others by Geno Washington, Righteous Brothers, Supremes, Donovan, Beatles, Faces, Bob Dylan, Smokey Robinson, Doors, Monkeys and the Tremeloes. 50-80
226.    A Large Quantity of 7" Singles, mainly from the 1960's, with titles by Elvis Presley, Beatles, Kinks, Searchers, Walker Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Jethro Tull, Hollies, Rolling Stones and The Faces to name just a few. 40-60
227.    Twenty One Prog Rock Interest L.P's, they comprise of Pink Floyd - Soundtrack From 'More', Meddle, Animals, The Wall and Relics, King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King, Uriah Heep - Return To Fantasy, Firefly, Demons and Wizards, The Magicians Birthday and Best Of, Genesis - Nursery Cryme, Foxtrot, Love, Trespass, Selling England by The Pound, Duke, Seconds Out, a Trick Of The Tail, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway and Then There Were Three. 60-100
228.    A Box of Over Thirty Well Cared for LPs, highlights include Emerson Lake and Palmer - Brian Salad Surgery (original die cut sleeve), Tarkus and E.L.P (1970), David Bowie - Black Star, Led Zeppelin - 2, and more by Santana, AWB, Spandau Ballet, Enya, Eagles, Elton John, etc. 80-120
229.    Rock and Metal Interest L.P's, forty six albums to include, Black Sabbath - Vol. 4 (Vertigo 6360071, 1972) Paranoid (Vertigo 6360011, 1970, German import), AC/DC - Fly One The Wall, If You Want Blood, Powerage and Highway To Hell, Motorhead - Bomber, Led Zeppelin - 2 and 3, Queen - queen, Sheer heart Attack, 2 and A Night At The Opera, Rush - Archives, A Farewell To Kings, 2112, Rainbow - Ritchie Blackmore's and Rising, Deep Purple - Burn and Who Do You Think We Are and others by Journey, Van Halen, Alice Cooper, Magnum, ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynurd, Rolling Stones and Extreme. 100-140
230.    Reggae Interest, collection comprising of twenty four lps, a few 12" singles and cds, highlights include Teaspoon and The Waves - Friday Night (soul jazz pop BL130 1978), South African release, Dandy - Dandy Returns (Trojan TRL2, 1968), The Maytals - From The Roots (Trojan TRLS 65, 1970), Bob Marley - Babylon By Bus, Kaya, Exodus and African Herbsman, Peter Tosh - Bush Doctor and Captured Live, and others by War, Mutabaraka, Juluka, UB40 and Third World. 60-100
231.    Coloured and Rare Vinyl, four releases that comprise of Fight Star - Deathcar, (Institute CDVINSREC07, 2007), the first disc with a vinyl record on one side and a cd on the other, limited edition of 4000 hand signed by the band. Pharrell Williams - Happy (12" yellow vinyl), ELO - Wild West Hero (yellow vinyl) and Shine a Little Love (white vinyl). 30-50
232.    Music Action Figures, Gene Simmons, Kiss Destroyer model kit (unopened), and two Vital Toys Snoop Dogg figures, the Little Junior and Snoopyfly releases, circa 2002 from the USA. 50-80
233.    Music Papers and Poster, to include sixteen copies of Melody Maker from 1971, a specimen issue of Sounds newspaper circa 1970, three copies of Record Mail from 1960, 61, 62 and a Paul McCartney poster advertising the C'mon People single from 1993, measuring 59" x 39". 50-80
234.    Classical Interest, Music and Musicians of Canada, Centennial Edition, Volume 1-17. An immaculate collection that certainly deserves closer attention. 20-40
235.    A Selection of 7" Singles, from the 60's, 70's and 80's. Some of the artists include Bad Manners, Chris Rea, Human League, Heaven 17, ELO, Ian Drury, Foundations, Searchers, Manfred Mann, Blue Mink, Paul James and many more. 20-30
236.    A Selection of Twenty Seven L.P's, the highlights being, Pink Floyd - Ummagumma (Harvest SHDW1/2, 1969) original UK pressing and The Wall, Cockney Rebel - The Psycomado, Def Leppard - Hysteria, Barclay James Harvest - XII, Beatles - Abbey Road, with others by Carole King, Kate Bush, Elvis Presley, Shadows, Walker Brothers and Eagles. 30-50
237.    A Collection of 7" Singles, to include Black Sabbath - Hard Road (purple vinyl), Jimi Hendrix - Burning Of The Midnight Lamp, Purple Haze (white label anniversary edition) and Wind Cries Many, also collections from The Jam, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, The Stranglers, The Clash and many more. 40-60
238.    Pink Floyd L.P's, six albums to include A Momentry Lapse of Reason (EMI, EMD 1003, 1987), The Wall (Harvest SHDW 411, 1979), Roger Waters - The Wall Live In Berlin (Mercury 846 611-1 1990), a Collection of Great Dance Songs (Yugoslavia import), A Nice Pair and Master Of Rock Vol. 1. 40-60
239.    Punk, New Wave and Indie Interest 7" Singles, approximately one hundred and fifty by Sex Pistols, Damned, Police, Blondie, Buzzcocks, Boomtown Rats, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Undertones, Elvis Costello, Ramones, Stone Roses, White Stripes, Stranglers and many more. 80-120
240.    Approximately Fifty L.P's, in the box of varying styles, highlights are Guns n' Roses - Appetite For Destruction (banned cover), Marillion - Misplaced Childhood, Dave Lee Roth - A Little Ain't Enough, Magnum - Chase The Dragon, Twisted Sister - Under The Blade, others by Yes, Ultravox, Phil Collins, Bryan Ferry, Blow Monkeys, Nik Kershaw, Status Quo, The Jam, Dan Reed, Thin Lizzy and Elvis Presley. 30-50
241.    Sixty L.P's, in this eclectic collection that includes, Bob Marley - Kaya, Burning Spear - Marcus Garvey, Mister Yellowman - Mister Yellowman, House Martins - People Who Grinned Themselves To Death, Suzanne Vega - Days Of Open Hard and others by Elton John, Rod Stewart, Miles Davis, Wings, Clifford T Ward, Roxy Music, Lloyd Cole, Tracy Chapman, OMD, Prefab Sprout and many more. 60-100
242.    Books - A collection of nineteen music related books with interest towards Bob Dylan, Roger Daltry, Beatles, Frank Zappa, Dusty Springfield, Tony Lommi, Ray Davis, Sex Pistols, Rory Gallagher, Jerry Garcia, R.E.M and Pete Townsend. 15-30
243.    A Fabulous Collection of Sixty L.P's, featuring collections by Jean Michel Jarre, Enya, Vangelis, Ennio Morricone, Tomita, Mike Oldfield including the quadraphonic version of Tubular Bells, Rick Wakeman, The Alan Parsons project and Sky. 60-100
244.    Approximately Fifty Rock L.P's, to include, Black Sabbath - Paranoid, Led Zeppelin - 2, Rainbow Rising, Pink Floyd - The Wall, Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed and Goats Head Soup, Robert Plant - Pictures At Eleven, The Principle Of Moments and Shaken N' Stirred and more by Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Supertramp, Peter Frampton, Robin Trower, Jimi Hendrix, Progress, Focus and others. 80-120
245.    Classical Music Interest, a collection of thirty L.P's and a set of five box sets from The Concert Hall Record Club, all featuring works by Beethoven, Quartets 1 and 2, Opera Ballet Theater, Concerto's and Symphonies. 20-40
246.    A Noteworthy Collection of Sixty Five L.P's, whose titles, include, Steely Dan - Pretzel Logic, Crosby Stills and Nash - Crosby Stills and Nash, 4 Way Street and CSN, Neil Young - Live Rust, Landing On Water, After The Goldrush and Zuma, Little Feat - Sailin' Shoes and Waiting For Columbus, with more by Jackson Browne, Eagles, Steve Winwood, The Band, Tom Paxton, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Allman Brothers, Family and Travelling Wilburys. 60-100
247.    A Large Collection of 7" Singles, mainly from the 60's and 70's, artists include T.Rex, Paul McCartney, Elvis Presley, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Eagles, Bryan Ferry, John Fogerty, George Harrison, The Band, Chris Rea and The Sweet, etc. 40-60
248.    Beatles Interest C.D's, includes a fabulous set of radio show C.D's, produced by Westwood One Radio Networks, called The Beatle Years, for broadcast on U.S radio in 2006. Also a C.D version of Revolver (Capitol ST 2576) with both mono and stereo versions on, also the C.D sampler for The Paul McCartney Collection. 40-60
249.    Guitar - Fender Telecaster (Mexican) Left Handed Electric Guitar, Made circa 2010's red Alder body, white pick up board and stained Maple neck, together with Spider hard case, Make History certificate also present. 200-400
250.    The British Invasion Radio Show (1993) CD's, produced by Westwood One Radio Networks for broadcast in the U.S. All twelve discs in the set featuring tracks by the best of British in the 1960's, including many Beatles titles. 20-40
251.    The Complete Ella Fitzgerald Song Books, (Verve 314-519832-2, 1993) CD collection. 100-140
252.    From The Basement , Hall Of Fame, Coast To Coast, a collection of radio broadcast CD's, produced by Amazing Entertainment Inc, to be broadcast on radio throughout the U.S in 2004 with Tom Kent. 20-40
253.    Three Pink Floyd LPs, Meddle (Harvest SHVL 795, 1971), original UK pressing, Obscured by Clouds (Harvest 3C064 05054, 1972), early Italian import, and Wish You Were Here. 50-80
254.    Banjo - Gold Tone EBM-5 Electric Five String Left Handed Banjo, made circa 2010's Tobacco sunburnt finish, body made from mahogany, and neck from maple, together with Gold Tone hard case. 400-600
255.    Various U.S Radio Broadcast C.D's, to include Dick Clark's Rock n Roll Remember, Oldies Six Pack, M.G. Kelly's American Hit List, Super Gold with Mike Harvey and The Oldies Countdown. 20-40
256.    Abba The Complete Studio Recordings, (Polar 987-237-7, 2005) CD Collection. 100-140
257.    A Collection of Twelve C.D Sets, imported from China. They appear to be very high quality unofficial releases that are not available outside China. They include David Gilmour - On An Island, with a bonus C.D containing Pink Floyd tracks, Coldplay - Castle with bonus C.D of Coldplay Hits, Take That - Beautiful World with a bonus C.D of Beatles songs, others are by Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Westlife, Whitney Houston, James Blunt and Olivia Newton-John. 30-50
258.    A Guitar a Kay 3/4 Acoustic Right Hand Guitar, black pickguard with red and black rosette, together with unbranded soft case and strap. 30-50
259.    American Gold With Dick Bartley Radion Broadcast C.D's, distributed by ABC Radio Networks for U.S Radio Networks. 20-40
260.    Guitar - A Splendor SG603 Right Handed Electric Guitar, Made in Japan circa 1960's by Hitachi, signed (unverified) by Kid Creole on headstock, together with Westfield soft case. 80-120
261.    Ska Beat 7" Singles, four hard to find titles that comprise of Lord Tanamo - Mothers Love/Down Town Gal (JB243, 1966), Dandy - You're No Hustler/No No (JB279, 1967), Dandy-Rudy A Message To You/Till Death Us Do Part (JB273, 1967) and Roland Alphonso with Baba Brooke Band/Stranger Cole with Baba Brooks Band - Nuclear Weapon/Love Your Neighbour (JB216, 1965). 80-120
262.    A Collection of Nine C.D Sets, to include The Complete Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong (Verve 1997), Bob Dylan - Dylan (Columbia), Joe Cocker - Long Voyage Home (A+M), Bee Gees - Tales From The Brothers Gibb, also Frankie Valli, Rod Stewart, Ray Charles, Burt Bacharach and Beach Boys Sets. 20-40
263.    A Large Box of 7" Singles, from the 1960's, artists, include Elvis Presley, Stevie Wonder, Wonder, Bobby Vee, The Beatles, Animals, Manfred Mann, Rolling Stones, Lovin Spoonfull, Small Faces, etc. 40-60
264.    The Beatles - The Beatles Million Sellers, has Beatles Golden Discs on the label, (Parlophone GEP8946, 1965) EP, 1st pressing. 25-30
265.    The Beatles Interest EP, The Beatles second album (Capitol SXA 2080, 1964) this was specifically a jukebox release in the U.S. 80-100
266.    Sex Pistols Six 7" Singles Limited Edition, Pistols Pack (Virgin, SEX 1) released in 1980. 20-40
267.    Four Beatles Interest L.P's, 1962-1966 (Apple PCSPR 717) red vinyl version, 1967-1970 (Apple PCSPB 718) blue vinyl version, John Lennon - Imagine (Apple LPSVAP 70472, 1971) Yugoslavia import). 30-50
268.    Three Pink Floyd L.P's, Animals (Harvest SHVL 815) original U.K pressing, gatefold sleeve still shrink wrapped, Obscured By Clouds (Harvest SHSP 4020, 1972) A-2 and B-2 corrected pressing and Meddle (Harvest LSHV 73019, 1971) Yugoslavia import. 60-100
269.    Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon, three versions of this iconic L.P, the first being the standard 1973 SHVL 804 stereo release with the two original posters and two stickers, the second being the Q4SHVL 804 Quadraphonic release and the third is LQEMI 73009 Yugoslavia import Quadraphonic release. 80-120
270.    Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here, three versions of this L.P, to include the standard 1975 SHVL 814 Stereo release, the second being Q4SHVL Quadraphonic version, still with the original black shrink wrap on the sleeve and the third being LSHV 73032 Stereo Yugoslavia import in its original brown paper sleeve. 100-160
271.    John Lennon Signature, (unverified), nicely framed and mounted with a gold disc. 100-160
272.    Reggae Interest Compilation L.P, called Ride Me Donkey (Coxsone CSL 8015, 1968) featuring early Reggae and Rock Steady Artists, such as Marcia Griffiths, Ken Boothe, Heptons, Freedom Singers, etc. 200-300
273.    Very Rare Prog Rock L.P, Harsh Reality - Heaven and Hell (Philips SBL 7891, 1969). This is the original 1st pressing, very rarely seen in this clean condition. 200-300
274.    Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath Original UK 1st Pressing, (Vertigo VO6, 1970). 80-120
275.    A Collection of Audiophile Equipment, to include a wall mount turntable stand, two steel audio unit stands, hi-fi magazines, high end audio cables, two stylus pressure gauges and various headshells, weights, and connectors. 40-60
276.    A Complete Harman Kardon 7.1 Surround Sound System, that includes the DPR 1005 Amplifier, DVD 31 Player, Sub Woofer and all of the speakers and wiring to complete the full system (untested). 300-400
277.    Dual CS505-1 Record Deck, Pioneer CT-F2121 cassette deck, Trio KR-80L receiver (all untested), together with a box of classical lps. 50-80
278.    Sony TC-366 Reel to Reel Three Head Stereo Tape Recorder, (untested). 30-50
279.    Audiolab Monoblock 8200MB Amplifiers, each amplifier is a 250w single channel low distortion power amplifier, complete with their original instructions and seemingly unmarked (untested). 600-1000
280.    Peavey Rage 258 Guitar Amplifier, 25 watt, two channel with three band eq, (untested). 20-40
281.    Pioneer PDR-609 CD Digital Recorder, and Denon TU-1800DAB digital tuner, complete with instructions and remotes (untested). 100-140
282.    Torque T225SK Keyboard Amplifier, comprising of the amplifier with built in three channel mixer and two 25 watt speakers (untested). 30-50
283.    Ayre K-5XE Preamplifier, encased in a beautiful brushed aluminium body, and manufactured in Boulder, Colorado USA, complete with original owners manual (untested). 800-1200
284.    Lehmann Audio Black Cube, high precision passive MM/MC phono stage, manufactured in Germany and complete with the units original paperwork. 80-120
285.    Micromeaga DAC,a very high end converter complete with a AES Date powerline filter power unit, (untested). 200-300
286.    A Pair of Vintage Lowther Acousta Speakers, measuring 83.5cm high x 36.5cm wide x 37cm deep (untested). 60-100
287.    A Pair of IMF TLS80 MK2 Speakers, measuring 95cm high x 46cm wide x 39.54cm deep. 250-300
288.    Rogers GS3 Gold Series Monitor Speakers, circa 1985-1995, (untested). 60-100
289.    Technics Audio Equipment, to include SL-BD20D Turntable, SR-EX100 Stereo Receiver and RS-BX501 Cassette Deck (untested). 50-80
290.    Tascam Portastudio 424 MK3 Duel Speed Four Track Cassette Recorder, (untested). 60-100
291.    Two Fender Frontman Guitar Amplifier, 38 watt practice amps (untested). 20-40
292.    Tascam Model 564 Digital Portastudio Mixer Recorder, can record up to four tracks simultaneously on MD date disks (untested). 20-40
293.    Leslie Speaker System Cabinet Model 715, incorporating the Rotasonic speaker system. This unit is most commonly used in conjunction with a Hammond Organ but can be used with other instruments. The unit is manufactured circa 1960 by Electro Music, Geneva, Illinois, measuring 29" wide x 21" deep x 41" high. 60-100
294.    Veena Instrument, a traditional Indian Stringed instrument. 20-40
295.    Philip Voyd Handbuilt Turntable, this exceptional piece of audio equipment was manufactured in the early 1980's, and has been in the same ownership ever since. The tone arm has no desirable manufacturers marks, the cartridge is a Koetsu and the markings underneath show this is the Koetsu Onyx Platinum, a hand built cartridge set in a polished stone body, made in Japan. The turntable is a 3 motor belt drive version connected to an external DIN power supply, serial number 2994. 1000-1500
296.    Koetsu Urushi Wajima Cartridge, this outstanding cartridge is handbuilt in Japan, contained in a Urushi lacquered body. The cartridge is untested by us and sold as such, but the attached note by the owner states it is okay. 300-500
297.    Koetsu Cartridge, this exceptional cartridge is handbuilt in Japan, contained in a polished wood body. The cartridge is untested by us and sold as such but the attached note by the owner states it is okay. 200-400
298.    Two Cartridges, the first being a Koetsu with a note by the owner stating it is faulty, the second is believed to be a Koetsu with no description as to its condition, both are sold as untested by us. 100-200
299.    Pink Floyd Limited Edition Print, singed and numbered 426/500 and dated 1989, measure 17" x 22". 60-100
300.    David Bowie Black and White Poster, circa mid 70's. 50-80
301.    The Move, East Of Eden, Bronco and Joan Baez Posters, The Move concert poster from 1970, East Of Eden poster for their New Leaf Album in 1971, Bronco supported by John Martyn in 1972 and a Joan Baez poster from Sounds Newspaper in 1970. 30-50
302.    Argent, John Martyn, America and Nucleus Interest, three posters with the first being Argent for their 1971 Triple Grand Tour, the second features John Martyn being supported by America and the third being Nucleus for their appearance for Sussex Students Union. 40-60
303.    Three Deep Purple Retail Posters, first is produced by Pace in 1980 depicting the MK3 line up, second is The House Of Blue Light design and the third is of Ritchie Blackmore. 60-80
304.    Four Great Looking Posters, Steamhammer Mountains, John Kongos first album promo, Killing Floor album promo and Friends Friends, Friend Poster. 40-60
305.    Four Posters, Lindisfarne promo for their first album, The Orange Bicycle and Stoneground promo's and Current 93 Concert Poster. 30-50
306.    Fleetwood Mac Concert Poster, from 1970 and Status Quo advertising poster for the 1970 single 'In My Chair'. 40-60
307.    Four Posters, to include Commander Cody Concert Poster, Rag queen Ball with Oisbisa, Slade and The Wurzels, Atlantic Records promo poster and Professor Stanley Unwin Lecture Poster. 30-50
308.    Pretty Things, with special guests Pink Fairies, concert poster from 1971, measures 30" x 20". 60-100
309.    Two Posters, Frank Zappa and Family Screenprints, early 1970's. 40-60
310.    Steeleye Span, Suzy Quatro, John Martyn and The Incredibles Concert Posters, Steeleye Span is from 1971, Suzy Quatro circa 1970, John Martyn 1972 and The Incredibles circa 1970. 30-50
311.    Five Posters all Early Seventies Issue, to include Hookfoot record promo, Stray, Every Which Way and two University event posters. 20-40
312.    Four Posters From The Early Seventies, featuring Steve Winwood, Amazing, Blondel, Atomic Roadster and Jonathan Kelly. 20-40
313.    David Bowie Poster For His Appearance at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, on May 3rd, 1972, featuring the Hunky Dory image, 22" x 18". 1000-1200
314.    Beatles Signatures, a scrapbook containing various images of the Fab Four, but the highlight is the fully signed picture. All four signatures are very clear and signed in black ballpoint (unverified) 2000-2500
315.    Rolling Stones Signatures, a full set of autographs on the front of Pop Around Pictorial Magazine published 1964, also including four copies of Zigzag magazine featuring The Stones. 300-400
316.    Gene Vincent, Gerry Marsden and Karl Denver Signatures, (unverified), signed within The Big Star Show of 1965 program. 30-50
317.    Autograph Book, signatures include Wilson Pickett, Ben E King, Soloman Burke, Drifters, Jimmy Greaves and others, unverified. 30-50
321.    Three Boxes of 2000AD Comics, 18 Oct 80 Prog 182 and later in read condition, some with foxing, etc. 20-30
322.    Comics: A Quantity of Warlord, circa 1980's, plus Eagle, etc 20-40
323.    One Hundred and Eighty Commando War Stories in Pictures Comic Books, including #395, #420, #434, #540, #554, #570.:- One Box 50-80
324.    In Excess of Two Hundred and Fifty Modern Illustrated Magazines, genres include Fantasy Science Fiction, film and tv titles noted include Starburst, Starlog, Heavy Metal, Elf Quest, B and W Advance:- Three Boxes. 40-60
325.    In Excess of Three Hundred Comics and Magazines, to include Look and Learn (1960's), Mojo, Uncut Starburst, Locus, 2000 AD, Mortal Kombat:- Three Boxes. 35-60
326.    Approximately Two Hundred Modern Comics and Magazines, to include David Buttons Meng and Ecker, The Rock, Cruel World, Marvel The Transformer, TV Zone, Star Trek Chronology, Star Trek monthly:- Two Boxes. 30-40
327.    In Excess of Five Hundred Modern Comics by Marvel, DC, Vertigo Icon, including Last Gang in Town, Alpha Big Time, Sovereign Seven, Adventures of Superman, Superboy, JLA:- Three Boxes. 40-70
328.    A Collection of 90's/2000's Beano and Dandy Comics:- One Box 15-30
329.    Over One Hundred 1980's and Later Comics, to include Captain America #268, good trimmed condition, J.U.D.G.E Dynamic Forces #No.1 alternative cover, Maximum Security No.1, Adam Strange (multiple issues) all in good overall condition. 10-20
330.    DC Comics - Superheroes Collection plus Figures, approximately sixty nine to include Batman, Robin, Riddler, Harlequin Catwoman, Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, Flash and Green Lantern, etc, some with sleeves, mostly without, overall condition good, plus small quantity of accompanying magazines, also includes bases for figures:- Three Boxes. 80-120
331.    Comics - Sci-Fi, Superheros, approximately eighty seven annuals, and others, including Watchmen, Dr Who, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Blade Runner sketchbook, condition fair - good:- Two Boxes. 30-50
332.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 50-70
333.    A Quantity of 1970's and Later Comics, to include Viz, Hack, Slash, Victor No. 900, 924, etc, and a quantity of 2000AD held in files, overall good condition. 20-30
334.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
335.    A Quantity of DC Comics, to include The Trinity, in Action Comics, Batman Presents, etc:- Three Boxes. 30-50
336.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
337.    Comics - Marvel Comics The X-Men Series Issues to include #13, #16, #56, #58, #59, #124, #125, #122 etc approximately ten, well read - fair condition. 40-60
338.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
339.    Comics - A Collection of seventeen Marvel comics, mostly 1970's editions, including Torpedo #37 Dec 1977, Paladin #43 Aug 1978, The Astonishing Ant man #47 Apr 1979, Alice Cooper 'Alice's 1st Comic Book Appearance' #50 Oct 1979, Marvel Spotlight on Captain Marvel #1 Jul 1979, all well read/worn copies. 30-50
340.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
341.    Comics - Approximately 200, Marvel, Atlas and DC Comics, to include The Incredible Hulk #112, Lomax N.Y.P.D #1. Journey into Mystery #91, The Avengers #158, #60, Hawkman #6, Superboy #146, #126, The Mighty Thor 165, overall good condition. 200-400
342.    Comics - A variety of comics to include DC Superman, The Dandy #716, Superman with Justice League, etc. 30-50
343.    Comics - Approximately 200, Marvel and DC Comics, to include X-men #111, #116, The Amazing Spiderman #218. #219, Daredevil #21, #122, Superboy #148, Hawkman #18, The Flash #179, overall good condition. 200-400
344.    Comics - DC Superman, approximately sixty five issues, to include #244, #245, #247, #253, #255, #256, #257, etc, condition fair - good, 40-60
345.    Comics - Approximately 200, DC Comics, to include The Uncanny X-Men #161, #164,The Mighty Thor #205, #205, #206, The Flash #161, Fantastic Four #42, The Incredible Hulk #115, overall good condition. 200-400
346.    Comics - Justice League of America #177. #178, Captain Carrot #1, annuals, etc:- One Tray. 20-30
347.    Comics - Approximately 200, Marvel and DC Comics to include Dr Strange #51, #52, #53, The Mighty Thor #231. #232 Green Lantern #35, The Amazing Spiderman #215, #58, overall good condition. 200-400
348.    A Quantity of Marvel Transformers Comics 1984 and Later, including British Editions No 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and Marvel 25th Anniversary comic 'More Than Meets The Eye - The Transformers':- One Box. 25-40
349.    Comics - Approximately 200, to include Journey Into Mystery #74, Amazing Adventures #4, Marvel Team Up #27, #28, #31, The Avengers #32, overall good condition. 200-400
350.    Comics - A Collection of twenty four DC Comics mainly 1960's/1970's to include Superboy #153 Jan 1969. Superman #211 Nov 1968, Teen Titans #18 Dec 1968, The Creeper #5 Feb 1969, The Flash #179 May 1968, well read/worn copies. 30-50
351.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
352.    Comics - A large quantity of comics, to include Commando, War Picture Library, Dennis The Menace #76, Gold Key Comics, etc, (conditions vary). 20-40
353.    A Handmade Killer Croc Life size Bust, from DC Movie Suicide Squad , slight damage and imperfections. 100-120
354.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
355.    The Amazing Spiderman Comics, #20, #24, '25, #26, all in well read/fair condition. 80-120
356.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
357.    Comics - A Collection of twenty four DC comics mainly 1960's/1970's, to include Adventure comics, 'Supergirl in Smallville' #278 Nov 1960, The Atom #16 Jan 1965, Batman #298 April 1978, Challengers of The Unknown #35 Jan 1964, well read worn copies. 30-50
358.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
359.    Comics - The Uncanny X-Men #129, #130, #133, #134, #135, #136, #137, #138, #139 and #140, fair - good condition. 40-60
360.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
361.    Comics - The Amazing Spiderman #35, #36, #37, #38, #40, #42, #43, #44, #45, #46, #48, #50, #51, #52, #53, #54, #55, #58, #59, #60, #63, #76 king size #5, etc, fair - good conditions. 30-50
362.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
363.    Twenty Two White Metal Model Figurines, Mostly by Eaglemoss, All DC, Marvel, Star Wars Thematics, including Commissioner Gordon, Wolverine, Lex Luther, Hydro Man, boxed. 30-50
364.    Comics - A Quantity of DC Comics, to include Batman #185, Batman #158, Superboy #136, The Atom #13, Lois Lane #64, #56, #63, #65, Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen various issues, Sea Devils, Worlds finest etc, all in well ready used condition:- One Tray. 40-60
365.    A Small Quantity Of Vintage Comics, this includes Thor, Avengers, Strangle Tales, Fantastic Four and more.
366.    A Quantity of Superhero and Historical Themed White Metal/Plastic Model Figures, including Eagle Moss Marvel Loki, DC Scarecrow, both loose and boxed. 15-25
367.    Comics - Star Wars #2, #3, #4, #7, #9, #10, #11, #12. #13, etc, over twenty. 40-60
368.    Comics - Marvel Comics from Daredevil Series Issues, to include #7, #9, #10, #12, #13, #15, #16, #17, #24, etc approximately twelve well read - fair condition. 40-60
368A.   A Palitoy General Mills Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, 4-LOM carded figure, bubble appears re-sealed with damage and hole to top of bubble, presented on a 45 back punched card, minor creasing to card. 80-100
369.    Comics - A Collection of seventeen Marvel comics, all 1960's editions Fantastic Four including #24 Mar 1964, #34 Jan 1965, #40 July 1965, #74 May 1968, all well read/worn copies, damaged and missing pages noted. 30-50
369A.   A Palitoy General Mills Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Cloud Car Pilot carded figure, slight delamination of bubble from bottom corners of card, presented on a 45 back punched card. 80-100
370.    Eerie Issue #2 and #3, in well read condition. 40-60
371.    Star Wars - Limited Edition Original Soundtrack, from Episode IV- a New Hope, colour picture disk. 20-30
372.    Hulk #31, Savage Sword of Conan #1 and #2, The Super-Heroes #1 and x2 #2, Dracula Lives #1, Complete Fantastic Four #1 with free gift comic books. 50-70
372A.   Eighteen Original Star Wars Trilogy Plastic Figures, to include Lando Calrissian, R2-D2 (lacking pop up). Han Solo 'Small Head Variant' (damaged), Ugnaught, Yoda, Prune Face, playworn, some figures are damages and showing signs of wear. 60-80
373.    Two Modern Star Wars Carded Figures, both cards, bearing signatures (unverified), R2-D2 'To Joe, Bleep! Bleep! R2-D2 Kenny Baker'. Boba Fett 'To Joe Be Cool Jeremy Bulloch Boba Fett'. 30-50
374.    Comics - British, The Flash No 4, British version of Flash 108, the Speed of Doom, (read condition), Batman, #165, etc:- One Tray. 30-50
374A.   A Palitoy General Mills Star Wars, Return of The Jedi, Luke Skywalker (in battle poncho) carded figure, presented on a 79 back Tri-logo unpunched card, crushing to top of bubble and signs of opening, some creasing to card. 200-250
375.    Sixteen Original Star Wars Trilogy Plastic Figures, to include a 'Last 17' Paploo Ewok, (no accessories present) Admiral Ackbar, BIB Fortuna, Hammerhead, 4-Lom. 40-70
376.    Star Wars -over sixty comics to include #6, #8, #9, #11, #13, all in well read condition. 40-60
376A.   A Palitoy General Mills Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Bespin Security Guard carded figure, on a glossy 45 back punched card, minor creasing/rubbing to card, possible re-sealing of bubble. 80-100
377.    Three Limited Edition Batman, Marvel Comics, Star Wars Stamp set Boxed Editions, comprising of The USA Marvel comics Super Heroes stamp set, No 673 of 995, ten stamps including Elektra, Iron Man, Wolverine, United States postal service with a face value of 41c. The Star Wars Premium Capsule Edition, No 0241 of 4995, eight stamps including Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren, Royal Mail 1st Class, The USA Batman boxed edition, No 011 of 495, eight stamps including The Golden Age, United States, postal service with a face value of 'Forever', each stamp presented within a protective capsule. 40-60
378.    In Excess of One Hundred Commando Comics, earliest noted #158. Plus some Starblazer, noted. 30-50
379.    Four Original Star Wars Trilogy Space Vehicles, including At-At Scout Walker Vehicle, Snow Speeder, missing small parts, playworn. 40-70
380.    Comics - DC, Superman, Supergirl, approximately forty five annuals, including Superman The Sunday Classics, 1934 - 1939, The Official Superman Annual 1984, etc, plus Collectors edition of 1st issue 1979 reprint, condition fair - good, duplicates noted. 20-40
381.    In Excess of Five Hundred Modern Comics, by Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Avatar, Image and Other, including Midwinter #1, Mystery Incorporated, Wolverines, X Factor:- Two Boxes. 40-70
382.    Beano - A Quantity of Issues, circa late 1980's, Issue No 2376, 2230, 2356, etc, named top right, blue ink, small tears throughout. 30-40
383.    In Excess of Five Hundred Modern Comics, by Marvel, DC, Max, including X-Men, Excalibur, The New Mutants, Uncle Sam, Starman:- Two Boxes. 40-70
384.    A Quantity of Predominantly Comic Book Annuals, including Battle Weekly Annual 1982, Kit Carson's Cowboy Annual 1959, Lion Book of War Adventures 1962, Commando All Guns Blazing:- Two Boxes. 25-40
385.    In Excess of Five Hundred Modern Comics, by Marvel, DC, Eclipse Comics, image and other including Cyclops, Fantastic Four, Doom Patrol, Chu, Tom Strong:- Two Boxes. 40-70
386.    Comics - A large box of Beano, The Dandy, The Topper, mainly 1980's/1990's editions, early 1970's Tiger; together with a quantity of Football handbook magazines. 20-40
387.    The Mighty World of Marvel Comic, starring The Incredible Hulk, 7p copy, annuals, Disney, etc:- One Box 20-40
388.    Comics - DC, Batman, Sci-Fi, approximately 101 annuals, including Star Wars, Star Trek, Thunderbirds, Back to The Future, and Batman 1967 story book amongst others, condition fair - good, duplicates noted:- Two Boxes. 30-50
389.    Fantastic Comics Issues 1 to 89, Overall good condition. 50-80
390.    In Excess of Five Hundred Modern Comics by Marvel, DC, Image, Americas Best Comics and Other, including Terra Obscura, World Without Robin, X-Men, The Darkstars, Clone:- Two Boxes 40-70
391.    A Quantity of Modern DC Comics, mostly Superman from the 1990's and 2000's, overall good condition:- Two Boxes. 20-40
392.    In Excess of Two Hundred and Ninety Modern Comics, Fantasy Sci-Fi, Humour magazines, including Panic, Thunderbirds, Bogie Man Cult TV Film Review, Shivers, Cinescape, Comics Revue:- Three Boxes. 40-60
393.    Comics - Two boxes of 1970's and later Dandy, Beano, Best of The Eagle, Topper and a selection of foreign market Disney comics:- Two Boxes 20-40
394.    In Excess of Four Hundred 2000AD Judge Dredd Comics and Megazines, 1984 and later including #369 19 May 84 - Wanted!, Eagle Comics presents No. 15 Judge Dredd:- Three Boxes 20-30
395.    In Excess of Five Hundred Modern Comics by DC Marvel, Vertigo, including House of Mystery Green Lantern, Shadow of the Bat, X-Man, Wonder Man, Occupy Avengers #1:-Three Boxes. 40-70
396.    Comics - A Box of Mostly 1990's Beano. 20-40
397.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
398.    In Excess of Five Hundred Modern Comics by Marvel, DC, Image, First Comics, and Other, including The Adventures of Superboy KA-ZAR, JLA, Brigade First Issue, Checkmate:- Two Boxes. 40-70
399.    Comics - Marvel Universe, approximately seventy six annuals including Avengers, Spiderman, Incredible Hulk, X-Men, Fantastic Four, condition fair - good, duplicates noted:- Two Boxes. 30-50
400.    Star Wars: Quantity of Figures, Magazines, Videos, etc:- Two Boxes 15-30
401.    Three Early Editions of The Beano Book - 1954, 1955, 1956, well read. 40-60
402.    Comics - A Box of over 100 Gold Key Dell Disney Comics, to include Mary Poppins, Operation Crossbow, Zorro, Sylvester & Tweety, Jason and The Argonauts etc (good read condition). 50-70
403.    Comics - Various Marvel Titles, to include Captain America, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, The West Coast Avengers, Excalibur, Predominantly circa 1980's, some runs noted. 40-60
404.    Comics - Del 15 cents Walt Disney's Wonderful Adventures of Pinochio, Looney Tunes, Ben Hur, etc (in cellophane). 30-40
405.    Comics - Quantity of Various Titles, to include Mad, Jughead, Walt Disney's magazine, Life with Archie, etc:- One Box. 20-40
406.    Comics - Over 100 Mickey Mouse Weekly Tabloid Comics, circa 1952 - 58, including The Reluctant Pirate, The House of Magic, Parrots Tale, etc. 30-50
407.    In Excess of Five Hundred Modern Comics by Marvel, DC, Vertigo and Other, including Supreme Power, Thunderbolts, The Dark Stars, Jack Cross, JLA:- Three Boxes. 40-70
408.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
409.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
410.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
411.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
412.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
413.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
414.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
415.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
416.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
417.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
418.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
419.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
420.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
421.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
422.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
423.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
424.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
425.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
426.    Over 180 Comics, by Marvel, DC, etc 1960's and later 400-600
427.    Two Marvel Stamp Set Boxed Editions, comprising of 'The Marvel Comics' Set No 066 of 995, ten stamps including The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, The Amazing Spider Man, United States Postal Service, 41c. The Marvel Premium Capsule, one of 1995 edition limit, ten stamps including Hulk, Doctor Strange, Captain Britain, Royal Mail 1st Class, each stamp presented within a protective capsule. 30-50
428.    Wonder Woman #29 CBCS 2.5 Slabbed DC Comic, 1st appearance of the Prime Minister Blizzard, Paula von Gunther appearance, 1948 Golden Age Comic, Cent copy. 60-100
429.    Two DC Comics Stamp Set Boxed Editions,comprising of 'The DC Comics' Set, No 45 of 995, ten stamps including Aquaman, Green Lantern, Plastic Man, United States Postal Service with a face value of 93c. 'The USA DC Comics stamp set, No 524 of 995, ten stamps including Batman, Green Arrow, Hawkman, United States postal service, 39c, each stamp presented within a protective capsule. 30-50
430.    Action Comics #184 CBCS 3.0 Slabbed DC Comic, Golden Age Comic with a cover date of September 1953, Cent copy. 80-120
431.    Comics - Marvel Issues, to include The Human Fly #2, #5, #11, Iron Man #107, #111, #125, The Man called Nova #6, #14, #16, Thor #155, #166 etc, approximately thirty six fair - good condition. 40-60
432.    Comics - Mickey Mouse May 1st 1948 and July 10 1948, along with over eighty Walt Disney weekly comics 1958 - 61, all in good for age condition. 30-50
433.    Comics - DC, Superman, Worlds Finest, approximately seventy five issues to include #133, #160, #162, #169, #177, #200, #201, read condition, fair - good. 30-50
434.    A Hand Made Marvel Iron-Man Figure/Statue, stands 1 meter high approx, slight imperfections. 80-120
435.    Comics - DC Superman approximately thirty three issues including #164, #165, #169, #172. #177, #179, #180, #181, etc 30-40
436.    Comics - A Collection of twenty eight DC comics mainly 1960's/1970's to include Firestorm The Nuclear Man #4 Sep 1978, from Beyond The Unknown #4 May 1970, Green Lantern #75 Mar 1970, Karate Kid # Dec 1977, Omac #2 Dec 1974 Star Hunters #4 May 1978, well read/worn copies. 30-50
437.    Comics - 1960's Marvel Issues including Marvel Super Heroes king size special #1, #12 featuring Captain Marvel #13, #14, #16, #18, fair - good condition. 40-60
438.    Approximately Twenty Creepy Magazines. 30-50
439.    A Small Quantity Of Vintage Comics, this includes Iron Man, Captain America, Daredevil, Fantastic Four and more. 50-70
440.    Nineteen Paperback Comic Books, 'The Chronicles of Judge Dredd' published by Titan Books, including Apocalypse War 'Book One'. The Cursed Earth 'Part One' Blockmania, Judge Child 'Book One', Judge Dredd 10. 25-40
441.    Comics - Marvel Comics from Daredevil Series, issues to include #26, #22, #25, #32, #34, #35, etc approximately ten, well read - fair condition. 40-60
442.    A Small Quantity Of Vintage Comics, this includes Thor, Avengers, Strangle Tales, Daredevil and more. 50-70
443.    Approximately Twenty Assorted Magazines includes, Creepy, Monsters of the Movie, Eerie, in overall good condition. 40-60
444.    The Amazing Spiderman Comics, #27/No 27, #28/No 28, and #29/No 29, all in well read condition. 80-120
445.    The Amazing Spiderman Comics, #16, #17, #20, #21, #22, all well read/fair condition. 150-200
446.    Comics - Over Twenty Late 1970's/80's Marvel Comics, to include Moon Knight #1, #2, Nick Fury Agent of Shield #1. #3, Omega The Unknown #1, #3, etc good to fair condition noted. 40-60
448.    Approximately Twenty Marvel Magazines, in good condition. 40-60
449.    Over Twenty Five UK Variant Marvel Comics, The Super - Heroes, #11, #10, #9, #8, #7, #15, #14, etc, condition fair to good. 30-50
450.    Comics - All Marvel, to include Captain America annual #8, #325, #310, Fantastic Four #331, #236, #264, #250 etc, all in well read but good condition. 40-60
451.    Approximately Twenty Assorted Marvel Magazines, in good condition. 30-50
452.    Italian Edition Comics - Thor/Captain America No 192, L'incredible Devil, Captain America, etc (worthy of closer inspection). 15-25
453.    Approximately Twenty Deadly Hands of Kung Fu Magazines, in good condition. 40-60
454.    Comics - DC Suberboy, Superman Shockwave and Wednesday comics, approximately ninety four issues, including some UK pence issues but mostly cents copy. 30-50
455.    Comics - Action comics, to include #310, #319, #335, #338, #339, #342, #374, #377, etc approximately fifty five issues, read condition poor - good. 40-60
456.    Comics - Small Quantity of Marvel, to include Fantastic Four #38, Tales to Astonish #50, The Amazing Spiderman #46, The Incredible Hulk and The Sub-Mariner Tales to Astonish #91, Tales of Suspense featuring Capt America and Iron Man #90, Tales to Astonish #89, Sgt Fury #5, all in well read/used condition. 30-50
457.    Comics - Superman's Pal Jimmy Olson, DC, approximately seventy nine issues, to include #74. #75, #100, #101, #133, #141 etc, read condition, fair - good. 30-50
458.    Comics - Marvel & DC, to include Superman and The Flash, Superman, Marvel Tales #132 origin of Captain Britain, Batman, etc:- One Tray. 30-40
459.    Comics - DC Superman Staring in Action Comics, approximately fifty eight issues to include #418, #420, #423, #424, #425, #426, #427, #428, etc all fair - good. 40-60
460.    Approximately Twenty Eerie Magazines. 30-50
461.    Comics - A Collection of Thirty Nine British Suspense Story Comics, to include Astounding Stories, Secrets of The Unknown, Sinister Tales, Amazing Stores of Suspense, Creepy Worlds, well read/worn copies. 30-50
462.    A Small Quantity Of Vintage Comics , this includes Journey into Mystery, Tales to Astonish, Daredevil and more.
463.    Approximately Twenty Assorted Magazines, includes Zombie, Shock, Hulk and Demon, 40-60
464.    Comics - A quantity of various Marvel Comics, 1960's issues, including Doctor Strange #170, #172, #173, #174, Fantasy Masterpieces, #1, #2, Ghost Rider #40, etc fair/good conditions. 60-120
465.    A Quantity of Paartial /Part Comics, to include Amazing Adult Fantasy #11/No 11, The Amazing Spiderman #3/No 31, #57/No 57, Fantastic Four #31/No 31, etc, all poor, incomplete. 40-60
466.    A Quantity of Magazine Size Comics, to include Savage Sword of Conan, etc. 20-40
467.    Terrific Issue's #1-39 Marvel Comic Books 60-100
468.    Approximately Twenty Eerie Magazines.
469.    Comics - A Collection of twenty one Marvel comics, mainly 1970's to include 2001, a Space Odyssey #1 - #6 Battlestar Galactica #19 'Sep 1980 Deathlock The Demolisher #32 Nov 1975, Captain America #241 Jan 1980, Conan The Barbarian #52 July 1975, well read/worn copies. 30-50
470.    Comics - Marvel Comics Issues, to include The Avengers #72. #81, Tales of Suspense featuring Iron Man and Captain America #63, #86, #82, Sub Mariner and The Incredible Hulk, #72, #75, #89 and several Atlas Comics Uncanny Tales #112, #127 etc, approximately thirty six, fair - good condition. 40-60
471.    Comics - DC Superman, Staring Superboy, approximately sixty nine issues to include, #97, #101, #102, #103, #104, #106, #109 etc, all in fair - good condition 30-50
472.    Marvel Comics - Fantastic Four #23, overall well read condition. 80-120
473.    Marvel Comics - The Avengers #3, The Hulk and Submariner vs - The Avengers, well read, fair condition comic, some discolouring. 200-220
474.    Marvel Comic - Fantastic Four #55, key issue, Thing vs Silver Surfer, well read, good condition. 40-60
475.    Marvel Comics - The Invincible Iron Man #5, comic has been trimmed and re-stapled. 40-60
476.    Rampage Issue 1 Comic, in good condition, includes free gift. 40-60
477.    X-Men #20 Raw Marvel Comic, good well read condition. 40-80
478.    Marvel Comics - Fantastic Four #28, overall condition fair - good, date stamp to top.
479.    Captain Britain No 1 / #1 Marvel Comic, in very good / well read condition. 150-250
480.    2000AD Comic Issue #1 and #4. 150-250
481.    Spawn #1 CGC 9.8, 1st appearance of Spawn (Al Simmons), Modern Age comic, May 1992, Cent copy.
482.    Team-Up Comic Issue #1 and #2, in excellent condition, includes free stickers. 20-40
483.    Wonder Woman #32 CBCS 3.0 Slabbed DC Comic, 1st appearance of Uvo of Uranus, 1948 Golden Age Comic, Cent copy. 60-100
484.    Approximately Twenty Eerie Magazines.
485.    Superman #47 CBCS 2.0 Slabbed DC Comic, 1947 Golden Age Comic, Cent copy. 100-200
486.    Terrific Issue #1 Marvel Comic , in good condition. 40-60
487.    Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #13 (Unknown Comics Edition A), 9.8 CGC Signature Series, Signed by J. Scott Campbell, Cent copy. 80-120
488.    Avengers #5 Raw Marvel Comic, good well read condition. 50-80
489.    Avengers #16 Raw Marvel Comic, good well read condition. 80-120
490.    Fantastic Four #26 Marvel Comic, good well read condition. 50-80
491.    Strange Tales #100 good well read condition. 60-100
492.    The Fantastic Four #8/No 8 Comic, well read/used condition. 40-60
493.    Tales to Astonish #48 , 1st appearance of The Porcupine, Silver Age Comic, published October 1963, Cents copy, good well read condition. 60-100
494.    Thor #130 Raw Marvel Comic, good well read condition. 40-80
495.    Marvel Comics - CGC Grade 9.0 Slabbed Fantastic Four #80, cream to off white pages. 100-150
496.    Captain Britain #1 Marvel Comic CGC 9.0, 1976, complete with free mask inside, Origin and first appearance of Captain Britain, Bronze Age Comic, published October 1976, Pence copy. 200-400
497.    Avengers #15 Raw Marvel Comic, good well read condition. 80-120
498.    Amazing Spider-Man #300 CGC 7.0 Slabbed Marvel Comic, 1st full appearance of Venom (Eddie Brock), Last Black Costume, Copper Age Comic, published May 1988, Cent copy. 400-600
499.    Tales of Suspense #43, good well read condition.
500.    Avengers #57 CGC 5.0 Slabbed Marvel Comic, 1st appearance of the Silver Age Vision, Black Widow & Ultron appearance, Silver Age Comic, published October, 1968, Cent copy. 300-400
501.    Wonder Woman #25 CBCS 3.5 Slabbed DC Comic, 1st appearance of the King Tassel, Lord Cob, Tirza, Rykornians, Yellow Mask Gang & Purple Priestess (Sinestra), 1947 Golden Age Comic, Cent copy. 60-100
502.    Doctor Strange #169 CGC 4.0 Slabbed Marvel Comic, First Doctor Strange in his own title, Origin of Doctor Strange retold, Silver Age comic published 1968, Pence copy. 200-400
503.    Wonder Woman #31 CBCS 4.5 Slabbed DC Comic, 1948 Golden Age Comic, Cent copy. 60-100
504.    Superman #42 CGC 3.0 Slabbed DC Comic, 1946 Golden Age Comic, Cent copy. 100-200
505.    Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 CGC 9.4 Slabbed Marvel Comic, Origin & 1st full appearance of New Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau), Avengers & Thing appearance, Bronze Age Comic, released August 1st, 1982, and published in October 1982, Cent copy. 80-120
506.    Fantastic Four #48 CGC 3.0 Slabbed Marvel Comic, 1966 Pence Copy, 1st appearance of Silver Surfer and Galactus (Cameo last page), Inhumans and Watcher appearance, 1966 Silver Age Comic, Pence Copy. 400-600
507.    Avengers #3 CGC 6.5 Slabbed Marvel Comic, 1964, 1st Hulk & Sub-Mariner team-up, Fantastic Four, X-Men and Spider-Man cameo, Silver Age Comic, published November 1963, Pence copy. 600-1000
508.    Superman #44 CBCS 4.0 Slabbed DC Comic, 1947 Cent copy, 2 pieces of tape on cover, 1947 Golden Age Comic, Cent copy. 100-200
509.    Peter Parker is Spider-Man Limited Edition Canvas Print, by Sheffield Artist Mute. 57cm x 77cm 15-30
510.    STAR WARS WEEKLY #1, Comic Dated February 8th 1978 - free gift and period advertising pullout present, remarkable near mint condition. 40-60
511.    STAR WARS WEEKLY #1, Comic Dated February 8th 1978 - free gift and period advertising pullout present, remarkable near mint condition. 40-60
512.    STAR WARS WEEKLY #1, Comic Dated February 8th 1978 - free gift and period advertising pullout present, remarkable near mint condition. 40-60
513.    STAR WARS WEEKLY #1, Comic Dated February 8th 1978 - free gift and period advertising pullout present, remarkable near mint condition. 40-60
514.    STAR WARS WEEKLY #2, Comic Dated February 15th 1978 - free gift present, remarkable near mint condition. 30-50
515.    STAR WARS WEEKLY #2, Comic Dated February 15th 1978 - free gift present, remarkable near mint condition.
516.    STAR WARS WEEKLY #2, Comic Dated February 15th 1978 - free gift present, remarkable near mint condition.
517.    Prince Namor The Sub Mariner #1/No 1 Marvel Comic, well used/worn condition. 40-60
518.    The Amazing Spider Man #14/No 14, Marvel Comic, well used/worn condition. 30-50
519.    The Amazing Spider Man #10/No 10 Marvel Comic, well read/used condition. 40-60
520.    The Amazing Spider Man #7/No 7 Marvel Comic, well read/used condition. 50-70
521.    The Amazing Spider Man #6/No 6 Marvel Comic, well read/used condition. 50-70
522.    The Amazing Spider-Man #5 Marvel Comic, well read/used condition. 150-250
523.    Comic - Here Comes Daredevil The Man Without Fear #1/No 1, worn condition, detached cover. 80-120
524.    The Amazing Spider-Man #3/No 3 Marvel Comic, well read/used condition. 500-800
525.    Avengers #1 CGC 3.0 Slabbed Marvel Comic, 1963, Origin and first appearance of the Avengers as a team, Silver Age Comic, published September 1963, Cent copy.
526.    Amazing Fantasy #15, CGC Grade 2.5 First Appearance of Spider-Man Marvel Comic, and Limited Edition Amazing Fantasy #15 Signed Stan Lee Framed Print (223/295) with certification.