Antique & Fine Art Auction @ 10am
on Friday 14th October 2022

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1000.   2016 [ASZ 3453] Audi A5 Sportback 2.0 TDi Ultra SE Technik, (5 Seat) 5-door in metallic grey with 6-speed manual gearbox. 55,478 Miles, 2 previous keepers, V5, 2 keys and owner's manuals present. MOT expired 23rd September 2022. 'Personalised' registration plate included. HPI clear. £7000-7500
1001.   An Art Nouveau Style Glass Claret Jug, with pewter cover and base pierced with stylised motifs, 31cm high. £40-60
1002.   A Pair of Early XX Century Green Flashed Glass Table Lustres, with cut decoration and hung with prismatic drops, 37cm high. (2) £40-60
1003.   A Late XIX Century Bohemian Glass Vase, the green ground overlaid in white with stylised leaves and gilt foliage, the central panel painted with a portrait of a young lady, replacement foot, 34.5cm high. £50-80
1004.   A Late Victorian Single Handled Ewer, in green glass, of compressed globular form with plated mounts and stopper, hung with a label inscribed 'Gin', 22cm high. £25-35
1005.   A 1930's Green Opaque Glass Art Deco Cocktail Shaker and Eight Tumblers, each decorated with dragons and six similar tumblers and saucers, undecorated. (21) £40-60
1006.   An Early XX Century Glass Vase, of elongated pear shaped form raised on a faceted stem and circular foot, decorated in gilt and colourful enamels with flowers and swags, 30cm high. £30-50
1007.   A Pair of Late Victorian Cranberry Glass Bells, with clear shaped handles, 28cm high. (2) £30-50
1009.   Three Yorkshire Creamware Pottery Egg Drainers, of circular form with pierced decoration, two with loop handles, the other with fluted handle, 8-8.5cm diameter; A Leeds Pottery Cream Oval Dish, with pierced basketwork border, impressed mark, 25cm long and another, unmarked. (5) £40-60
1010.   An XVIII Century Creamware Pottery Teapot and Cover, with flower knob, possibly Leeds, the globular body painted with flowers, double interlocked handle, spout with white metal end, 12cm high; a similar tea bowl and saucer and a pierced plate. (5) £60-80
1011.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, of pear shape with elongated neck, painted in the Pomegranate pattern against a dark blue ground, impressed mark, signed in green, 16cm high. £80-120
1012.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, of baluster form, painted in the Pomegranate pattern against a dark blue ground, impressed mark, signed in green, 17cm high. £100-150
1013.   A Moorcroft Pottery Table Lamp, painted in the Anemone pattern with pink and purple flowers against a dark blue ground, on a wood stand, with shade, 26.5cm high £100-150
1014.   A Mid/Late XIX Century Parian Porcelain Group, modelled as two cherubs, one holding a shell with a lamb upon the oval base, unmarked, 27cm high; A Parian Figure of a Shepherd, holding a horn, bundles of wheat/ barley on the oval base, 39cm high and a pair of parian figures of a girl and boy, she carrying a basket (A/f). (4) £60-80
1015.   A Mid/Late XIX Century Parian Porcelain Figure of 'Madonna', holding a bible upon a canted octagonal base, unmarked, 34cm high; A Copeland Parian Figure of a Classical Young Man, holding a pipe and leaning on a rock, impressed marks, 30cm high and two others modelled as classical females (A/f). (4) £60-80
1016.   A Royal Worcester Porcelain Side Plate, painted by J. Skearen?, signed, with ripening fruit against a mossy woodland bank, gadrooned rim, black mark, 14.5cm diameter. £60-80
1017.   A Royal Worcester Porcelain Vase, of fluted globular form, painted by Kitty Blake, signed, with fruiting blackberries, puce mark, date code for 1938, shape number G161, 7cm high; A Similar Cylindrical Vase, with flared neck and foot, 12cm high. (2) £80-120
1018.   A Royal Worcester Porcelain Dessert Dish, of fluted oval form, painted by A. Shuck, signed, with ripening fruit and flowers within a dark blue and salmon pink gilt decorated border, puce mark, date code for 1936, 27cm long (cracked); A Royal Worcester Pot Pourri Vase and Pierced Cover, painted in the style of Kitty Blake, with blackberries, 11cm high (A/f). (3) £60-80
1019.   An Aynsley Porcelain Bowl, of footed circular form, painted by Paul D. English, signed, with ripening fruit on a mossy woodland bank, printed mark, 26cm diameter; An Oval Trinket Box and Cover. (3) £20-40
1020.   Two Royal Worcester Porcelain Models of Birds, 'Jay' and 'Woodpecker', black marks, 16-18cm high; A Copeland Spode Vase and Cover, decorated with panels of floral sprays against a powder blue ground, 14cm high and two Spode model shoes, 9.5cm long. (5) £20-30
1021.   A Pair of Royal Worcester Porcelain Cabinet Plates, decorated with fruit on a ledge within green and gilt borders, impressed marks, 22cm diameter (A/f) and a collection of other cabinet plates mainly Copeland Spode, some in the Imari palette, a Spode bowl dish and bowl. (13) £60-80
1022.   A Spode's Copeland China Large Circular Bowl, with outcurved rim painted with panels of blue and orange flowers against a blue and maroon gilt decorated ground, printed marks, 37cm diameter and Spode's Copeland China two handled vase and dish unusually decorated on both sides with a design of flowers, printed marks. (3) £30-50
1023.   A Copeland China 'Portland' Vase', decorated in the Imari palette with flowers, printed marks, 25cm high (A/f), a Copeland's China fluted footed vase, similarly decorated, printed marks, 20.5cm high, a Spode Copeland's China two handled cup and five various vases. (8) £40-60
1024.   A Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Model of a Mare and Foal, in white and grey colourway, shape number 4698, printed and painted marks, 18cm long (A/f); Three Other Models, Stag 756, Small Barking Fox 1475 and Calf 448. (4) £50-80
1025.   Six Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Animal Models, to include; Mouse on Chestnut 511, Mouse on Corn Cob 512, Frog on Stone 507, Squirrel with Nut 982, Otter with Fish 2333 and Pair of Minnows 2870. (6) £60-80
1026.   Five Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Animal Models, to include; Wire Haired Fox Terrier 3170, Pug Puppy 3169, Small Rabbit 1019, Gun Dog with Pheasant 1533 and Pair of Lambs 2769. (5) £50-70
1027.   Six Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Bird Models, to include; Crested Tit 1506, Fat Robin 2266, Tufted Duck Squatting 1924, Sparrow (tail down) 1519, Blue Tit 1505, Seagull 1468, Love Birds 402, Kingfisher Holding Fish 2257, Swan 775 and a Pair of Geese 609. (9) £80-120
1028.   Eight Danish Porcelain Models of Birds, 5-11.5cm high. (8) £30-40
1029.   Three Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Figures, Large Goose Girl 527, Children with Dog 707 and Standing Girl with Doll 3539, printed and painted marks, 14-24cm high. (3) £50-80
1030.   Four Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Figures, Shepherd Boy with Hammer 620, Shepherd Boy with Dog 782, Whittler 905 and Boy at Lunch 865, printed and painted marks, 10-21.5cm high. (4) £70-100
1031.   A Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Vase, of baluster form, painted with a sailing boat on a calm sea, printed and painted marks, shape number 2849/3604, 21cm high; Another, 13cm high and a plate and a bowl similarly painted. (4) £40-60
1032.   Five Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Vases, of various shapes, all painted with flowers, printed and painted marks, 14-22cm high. (5) £50-80
1033.   A Collection of Royal Copenhagen Porcelain, to include five small dishes, five vases 7-12cm high and eight Christmas and other plates, all 1970's, printed and painted marks. (18) £70-100
1034.   Four Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Vases, of various shapes, all painted with landscape scenes, including cottage and a windmill, printed and painted marks, 14-21cm high. (4) £50-80
1035.   A Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Vase, painted with birds in flight, printed and painted marks, shape number 2929/2289, 17.5cm high; A Matching Bowl, 21cm diameter, a Royal Copenhagen plate painted with flowers, 20cm diameter and a Bing and Grondahl vase painted with a winter scene, 20cm high. (4) £40-60
1036.   A Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Circular Dish, painted with a winter scene of a church in a mountainous landscape, printed and painted marks, 21.5cm diameter; Another, painted with a shore line, 25cm diameter and two other Danish dishes painted with landscape scenes. (4) £30-50
1037.   A Late XVIII/Early XIX Century Delft Tin Glazed Charger, painted in blue with a Chinoiserie scene of figures in a garden landscape, 29.5cm diameter; Another Similar, painted with flowering shrubs, 30cm diameter. (2) £50-80
1038.   A Doulton Lambeth Stoneware Jug, to commemorate Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee 1887, applied in white with the Queen and other figures above a band of cherubs, impressed marks, 19cm high. £20-40
1039.   A Foley 'Intarsio' Ware Pottery Vase, of tapered baluster form, designed by Frederick Rhead, printed and painted with a band of Medieval maidens on a bridge above yellow and purple flowers, printed mark 3343, 28cm high; A Moorcroft Orange Lustre Vase, impressed marks, 20.5cm high. (2) £50-80
1040.   A Mid/Late XIX Century English Porcelain Dessert Service, each piece painted with floral sprays within gilt and enamelled borders, comprising; twelve plates, four low comports and two high comports. (18) £60-80
1041.   An Eric Ravilious for Wedgwood Queen Elizabeth II Commemorative Pottery Mug, painted and printed marks, 10cm high. £150-200
1042.   A Royal Worcester Porcelain Jug, with coral effect handle, the blush ivory ground printed and painted with flowers, shape number 1507, date code for 1901, printed mark, 13cm high; a similar tea cup and saucer and a bread and butter plate, a Royal Worcester blush ivory and green pierced leaf moulded vase and cover, 14.5cm high and a Minton's miniature mug painted with blue flowers. (7) £30-50
1043.   A Pilkington's Royal Lancastrian Lustre Pottery Vase, of squat globular form designed by Richard Joyce, signed in monogram with roundels and flowerheads within a green/blue ground, impressed marks, 10.5cm high (damaged). £40-60
1044.   An Early XIX Century Pottery Pearlware Basket, of pierced two handled shaped oval form, printed in blue with a boat on a river in a mountainous landscape with floral border, 24cm long. £30-50
1045.   A Royal Doulton Porcelain Figurine 'Coppelia', HN 2115, designed by Peggy Davies, introduced 1953, withdrawn 1959, printed mark, 19cm high. £40-60
1046.   An Early XX Century Jasperware Cheese Dome and Cover, the blue ground applied in white with bands of flowers and berries, 28cm high, unmarked; A Pair of Wedgwood Jasperware Spill Vases, of cylindrical form, the mauve grounds applied in white with classical figures above bands of foliage, impressed marks, 11cm high. (4) £40-60
1047.   A Moorcroft Pottery Ginger Jar and Cover, painted in the Clematis pattern with purple and pink flowers on a dark blue ground, impressed marks, paper label, 20cm high.(2) £40-60
1048.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, of squat baluster form, painted in the Hibiscus pattern with white flowers against a blue ground, impressed marks,9.5cm high; A C.H. Brannam Barum Vase, incised and painted with fish, script mark and date 1907, 11cm high. (2) £40-60
1049.   A Royal Doulton Pottery Flambé Veined Vase, of ovoid form with swirling decoration, printed marks, 1524, 40cm high. £30-50
1050.   A Mid XVIII Century Bristol Delft Pottery Circular Plate, painted in the chinoiserie style with a figure in a garden within diaper border, 23cm diameter. £40-60
1051.   A Royal Worcester Porcelain Jar and Cover, of globular part basketwork form, painted by Kitty Blake, signed, with blackberries, unmarked, inner cover missing, 27cm high. £100-150
1052.   A Royal Worcester Porcelain Pot Pourri Vase and Cover, of lobed form painted with blackberries within moulded borders, printed James Hadley mark, date code for 1909, 13cm high. £40-60
1053.   A Royal Worcester Porcelain Vase, of fluted globular form, painted with a robin perched on a gilt branch, printed mark, date code for 1924, 7cm high; A Royal Worcester Vase, painted by James Stinton with a bird, restored, 12cm high. (2) £30-50
1054.   A Royal Worcester Porcelain Teacup and Saucer, painted by James Stinton, signed, with a Woodcock and a Grouse, gilt marks; A Similar Royal Worcester Pin Tray. (3) £30-50
1055.   A Royal Worcester Porcelain Pedestal Vase and Pierced Cover, painted by E. Spilsbury, signed, with pink roses, the lobed circular body with moulded pedestal and circular foot, puce printed mark, shape number 1813, 24cm high. £70-100
1056.   A Royal Worcester Porcelain Tapered Vase, with frilled neck, painted by Kitty Blake, signed, with flowers and blackberries, puce printed mark, shape number G957, date code for 1928, 8cm high. £50-80
1057.   A Royal Worcester Porcelain Vase and Pierced Cover, of ovoid moulded form, painted with pink and yellow roses, unsigned, green printed mark, shape number H279, date code for 1911, 11cm high. £50-80
1058.   A Royal Doulton Pottery Model of a Bull Dog, draped with a union jack and wearing a bowler hat, cigar (chipped), printed mark, 13cm high. £30-40
1059.   A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Vase and Cover, of fluted baluster form decorated in Imari pattern 1128, date code for 1921, 17cm high; A Royal Crown Derby 2451 Pattern Fan Pin Dish, 12.5cm long and two matching tea cups and saucers. (7) £50-80
1060.   A Goldschieder Polychrome Painted Terracotta Figure of a Boy, seated on a pillar playing the flute (missing) wearing loose fitting tunic, signed, impressed marks, 50cm high. (A/f) £100-150
1061.   A Late XIX Century Berlin Porcelain Oval Plaque, painted with a portrait of Ruth, signed Wagner, paper label and impressed mark, gilt metal easel back frame, 8.5 x 6.5cm. £60-80
1062.   Three Royal Worcester Porcelain Side Plates, (one glued together), each painted with ripening fruit on a mossy woodland bank, signed by E. Townsend and H. Price, puce marks, date codes for 1921, 1928 and 1929, 17.5cm diameter. (3) £150-250
1063.   Two Royal Worcester Porcelain Side Plates, each painted with ripening fruit on a mossy woodland bank, signed by G. Moseley and R. Austin, puce marks, date code for 1928-9, 18cm diameter. (2) £150-200
1064.   Eight Royal Worcester Porcelain Coffee Cans and Saucers and an Odd Saucer, all painted with ripening fruit upon a mossy woodland bank, signed by E. Townsend, G. Moseley, W. Hale, H. Price, W. Austin, H. Ayrton, W. Ricketts etc, puce and blue marks, date codes for 1914-1926. (17) £700-1000
1065.   A Royal Worcester Porcelain Vase, of two handled footed ovoid form, the blue ivory ground printed and painted with pink flowers, within moulded shoulders decorated with masks, swags and foliage, date code for 1897, 27cm high. £40-60
1066.   A Large Moorcroft Pottery Vase, of extended ovoid form, painted in the Clematis pattern with purple flowers against an ivory ground, signed in green, impressed marks and paper label, 36.5cm high. £100-200
1067.   A Mid XIX Century Stoneware Brampton Pottery Barrel, with brass tap (converted to a table lamp), the ovoid body applied with coat of arms, knights on horseback, lions, fruiting vines, etc, 32cm high. £40-60
1068.   A Doulton Burslem Porcelain Vase, of elongated tapered form, painted by C. Hart, signed, with floral sprays against a cream ground with gilt foliage to the neck and base, printed marks, 28cm high. £60-80
1069.   A Royal Dux Pottery Figure, modelled as an Eastern gentleman carrying a pitcher and a large basket on his shoulders, upon a rocky circular base with moulded border, pink triangle mark, shape number 650, 48cm high. £100-150
1070.   A Royal Worcester Porcelain Vase, of globular form with moulded shoulders and short neck, painted with pink, white and blue flowers, puce mark, shape number F126/H, date code for 1903, 13cm high; A Pair of Royal Worcester Pedestal Vases, painted by H. Martin (one signed), with pink and red roses, 15cm high. (3) £70-100
1071.   A 1920s/30's Wedgwood Lustre Porcelain Bowl, designed by Daisy Makeig Jones, of shaped circular form decorated with fruit on an orange interior and blue exterior, printed mark, 25457, 11.5cm diameter; Another, the interior decorated with fruit, the exterior with dragons, printed mark, 11.5cm diameter. (2) £50-80
1072.   A 1920's/30's Wedgwood Lustre Porcelain Pedestal Bowl, designed by Daisy Makeig Jones, with a bird against an iridescent green ground, the exterior in mottled green, mark rubbed, 25088, 8cm high; A Further Circular Bowl, similarly decorated, printed mark, 25088, 12.5cm diameter. (2) £60-80
1073.   A 1920's/30's Wedgwood Lustre Porcelain Bowl, designed by Daisy Makeig Jones, decorated with butterflies, the interior against an orange ground, the exterior in green, printed mark, 24832, 13cm diameter; Another Similar Bowl, the interior decorated with a figure riding a camel against a green ground, the exterior with dragons against a blue ground, printed mark, 24829, 9.5cm diameter. (2) £60-80
1074.   Ten Modern Royal Worcester Porcelain Candle Snuffers, to include; French Cook, Mob Cap, Owl, Punch, Mr Caudle, etc. (10) £20-30
1075.   Nine Royal Worcester Porcelain Candle Snuffers, to include; Monk, Howard, Nun, Feathered Hat, Boy with Boater, etc. (9) £20-30
1076.   A Royal Worcester Porcelain Vase, of ovoid form painted by L. Maybury, signed, with ripening fruit on a mossy woodland bank, black marks, shape number 2491, date code for 1954, 7.5cm high. £60-80
1077.   A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Paperweight Modelled as an Elephant, printed marks, gold stopper, date code for 1991,10cm high, boxed; Another, Puffin, printed marks, gold stopper, date code for 2000, 12cm high, boxed. (2) £60-80
1078.   A Royal Doulton Pottery Golfing Kingsware Jug, moulded and painted with figures playing golf, printed marks, 15cm high; A Royal Doulton Flambé Model of an Elephant, printed mark, 13.5cm high. (2) £60-80
1079.   A Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Model of a Young Ballerina, seated putting on her shoe, printed and painted marks, 7672, 15cm high; A Royal Copenhagen Model of a Robin, another of two children reading a book and a Bing and Grondahl sledging figure group. (4) £60-80
1080.   A Modern Moorcroft Pottery Mug, painted with a band of feeding chickens against a cream ground, impressed marks, 9cm high; A Royal Worcester Figure 'Only Me', modelled by F.G Doughty, 15cm high. (2) £40-60
1081.   An XVIII Century Worcester Teapot, Cover and Stand, of globular form, decorated in blue and gilt with sprigs of flowers, crescent mark, 15cm high. £40-60
1082.   A Samuel Alcock and Co. Vase, of two handled baluster form decorated with classical figures 'Victors of Public Games Fulfilling their Vows in the Temple of Venus', printed marks, 21cm high. £30-50
1083.   A Meissen Porcelain Tea Bowl, painted in panels with harbour scenes, the interior with flowers, crossed swords mark; A Similar Coffee Cup and Saucer, a Globular Vase, decorated with cranes in flight against a dark blue ground, 10cm high and an opaque glass panel decorated with two babies holding a newspaper, dated 1898, 11 x 9cm. (5) £60-80
1084.   An XVIII Century Worcester Porcelain Dish, of shaped oval form decorated in blue with floral sprigs and a butterfly, crescent mark, 17.5 x 25cm; A Fluted Tea Bowl with green and gilt floral sprigs and two sparrow beak jugs, both decorated with flowers, one on a powder blue ground. (4) £40-60
1085.   A Pair of Poole Pottery Cats, in the red Delphis designs with turquoise, ochre and black bands, printed marks and factory labels, 29cm high. (2) £60-80
1086.   A Late XIX Century Pottery Barge Ware Teapot and Cover, with teapot finial, the bulbous body applied with baskets of flowers and flowerheads, 30cm high. £30-50
1087.   A Royal Worcester Porcelain Tea Cup, painted by W.H. Austin, signed, with ripening fruit on a mossy woodland bank, puce mark, date code for 1924. £30-50
1088.   A White Star Line Late XIX Century Pottery Meat Dish, with central crest, 32 x 40cm. £40-60
1089.   A Royal Worcester Porcelain Plate, painted by J. Reed, signed, with ripening fruit on a mossy woodland bank, gilt gadrooned rim, black mark, 26cm diameter; Another, by the same artist, 15cm diameter. (2) £100-150
1092.   A Late XIX Century Japanese Two Handled Circular Lacquer Tray, decorated with geishas in an interior setting, 27cm diameter; A Pair of Brass Mythological Beasts, inset with coloured enamels, 20.5cm high. (3) £40-60
1093.   A Japanese Satsuma Pottery Late XIX/Early XX Century Bowl, of circular form decorated with ladies in garden setting beside a cherry blossom tree and wisteria, geometric border, signed, 22cm diameter. £30-50
1094.   A Pair of Late XIX Century Japanese Imari Pottery Chargers, of shaped circular form, painted in panels with dragons and flowering shrubs, 29.5cm diameter; A Japanese Imari Jardiniére, painted in panels with exotic birds and flowers, 19.5cm high. (3) £50-80
1095.   A Collection of Japanese Late XIX Century Imari Ware Pottery, to include a small jardiniére, a bottle vase and four bowls, painted in typical colours with birds and flowers. (6) £60-80
1096.   A Chinese Late XIX Century Sleeve Vase, painted in blue with cherry blossom 31cm high; A Pair of Saucer Dishes, painted in blue with an all-over design of scrolling flowers, 23.5cm diameter and a pair of famille verte vases applied with lizards and dogs of fo and painted with warriors on horseback 25.5cm high. (5) £60-80
1097.   A Late XIX Century Chinese Porcelain Baluster Vase, painted in blue with birds perched amongst flowering shrubs, four character mark to base, 19cm high; A Chinese Porcelain Ewer, painted in blue with flowers, 14cm high. (2) £60-80
1098.   A Pair of Early XX Century Chinese Brass Vases, of ovoid form incised and decorated in panels with flowers and butterflies, 15cm high, on hardwood stands. (4) £20-30
1099.   A Late XIX Century Chinese Cloisonné Jardiniere, of globular footed form decorated with geometric borders, 22.5cm high; A Large Gilt Metal Vase, of baluster form entwined with a dragon, 52cm high and a speltre vase cast with flowers and birds, 23cm high. (3) £70-100
1100.   An Early XX Century Japanese Satsuma Vase, decorated with pagodas in a river landscape, character mark to base, 22.5cm high; A Two-Handled Sucrier and Cover, decorated with birds and four miniature dishes. (8) £40-60
1101.   An Early XX Century Japanese Cloisonné Enamel Rectangular Box and Cover, decorated with a phoenix and flowers, 7.5 x 9cm; A Tuckchan White Metal Preserve Jar and Cover, with glass liner, decorated with dragons, 15cm high, a carved hardwood figure of a sage and two prints. (7) £40-60
1102.   A Pair of Late XIX Century Chinese Hardwood Book Ends, each inset with circular porcelain panels painted with figures riding upon mythological beasts, 17cm high.(2) £60-80
1103.   A Pair of Late XIX/Early XX Century Japanese Pottery Vases, of baluster form with ribbon tied necks and applied with fogs of fo to the shoulders, decorated with figures in garden settings, character marks to bases, 31cm high. (2) £80-120
1104.   A Late XIX Century Chinese Porcelain Sleeve Vase, of cylindrical form, painted in blue with flowering prunus on a cracked ice ground within geometric borders, six character mark to base, 26cm high; A Similar Baluster Vase and Matched Cover, 28cm high. (3) £40-60
1105.   A Garniture of Three Early XX Century Japanese Pottery Vases, the upper sections painted in blue with flowers, the lower sections applied in white and brown with flowers against a beige ground, 20 - 21.5cm high. (3) £50-80
1106.   A Mid/Late XX Century Chinese Eggshell Porcelain Bowl, of lobed circular form decorated with figures amongst a tiger and dragon, in shades of orange, grey and gilt, the interior with a floral medallion, 24cm diameter, in a fitted box with bone fasteners. £30-50
1107.   A Tek Sing Cargo Chinese Pottery Bowl, with blue painted decoration, with certificate 14.5cm diameter. £30-40
1108.   A XIX Century Chinese Porcelain Brush Pot, of beehive circular form decorated in blue with boys playing in a garden amongst bats, 6cm high; A Vase, decorated in a streaked blue glaze, 9.5cm high. (2) £60-80
1109.   A Chinese XVIII Century Porcelain Plate, painted in blue with a river landscape, 23cm diameter; A Blue and White Chinese Bottle Vase, painted with flowers, 16.5cm high and a grey hardwood carving of Dog of Fo on a hardwood stand, 12cm long. (4) £30-50
1111.   A Set of Eight Japanese Early - Mid XX Century Pictures on Silk and Paper, depicting sages and other figures, with handpainted details, 45 x 20cm. (8) £40-60
1112.   A Chinese Hardwood Late XIX Century Carved Buddha, reclining and holding a bat with five boys climbing upon his back, on a pierced stand, 19cm long. £50-80
1114.   AFTER HERMAN MOLL (1654-1732)
A New and Correct Map of the World, laid down A.C. according to the newest discoveries and from the most exact observations, printed by H. Moll and D. Midwinter, coloured engraved double hemisphere map,
58 x 99cm. £100-150
1115.   AFTER SAM AND NATH. BUCK (1696-1779) (1759-1774)
The South West View of Caerkenin Castle, hand coloured engraving,
32 x 40cm
A Hand Coloured Map of Carmarthenshire,
18 x 24cm,
Another, of Cestriae (Cheshire),
26 x 30cm. (3) £30-50
1116.   Bowles's New Medium Map of Yorkshire, divided into it's Ridings, pub 3 Jan 1785,
23 x 33cm;
Eman Bowen - Oxfordshire, divided into it's hundreds,
33 x 23cm,
Eman Bowen - The West Riding of Yorkshire, divided into it's wapentakes,
23 x 33cm. (3) £40-60
A Poster After a Design by Henri de Toulouse Lautrec, ex Sheffield City Art Galleries picture lending services, framed and glazed,
76 x 58cm. £40-60
1118.   A Vintage Poster - Dawn Patrol, starring Richard Barthelmess, Portal Publications, Sausalito, Calif, laid on board.
73 x 49.5cm. £30-40
1119.   •AFTER BEN MAILE (XX Century) *ARR
The Riflemen of the 60th Brigade of Guards - c1815 and The Riflemen of Napoleon's La Guard Imperiale 1815, a pair, prints, number 36 of a limited edition of 100, signed in pencil lower right,
23 x 36cm. (2) £40-80
1120.   •AFTER BEN MAILE (1922-2017) *ARR
The Sinking of The May Rose, limited edition print, signed and numbered 611/650 in pencil lower right,
54 x 75cm. £40-80
1121.   Five Vanity Fair 'Spy' Chromolithograph Prints, to include Mr Leslie Ward (Men of the Day No 449), Mr Thomas Gibson Bowles (Men of the Day No 431), Carlo Pellegrini (Men of the Day No 422), Max and Count Von Bismarck - Schcenausen (Statesmen No 66). (5) £60-80
1122.   •After ALDO SALVADORI (1905-2002) *ARR
Donna Con Corsetto Nero, screenprint, limited edition No 81/200, signed in pencil in the margin, with certificate,
40 x 51cm. £50-80
1123.   •AFTER STUART WALTON (Leeds Artist, b.1933) *ARR
Northern Street Scene, limited edition print 85/250, signed in pencil in the margin,
49 x 33cm. £20-30
1124.   •AFTER BERNARD DUNSTON (1920-2017) *ARR
Nude Lamplight, lithograph, No 15 of a limited edition of 50, signed in pencil in the margin, bears The Mall Galleries label verso,
25 x 26cm. £30-50
St. Simon's Church, Salford, limited edition print 102/200, signed in pencil in the margin,
40 x 27cm. £600-800
1126.   •AFTER STUART WALTON (Leeds Artist, b.1933) *ARR
Rosebank View, limited edition print 169/250, signed in pencil in the margin,
33 x 47cm.
Another, similar, signed in pencil in the margin 'SW 78',
48 x 28cm,
A Further Example, The Shambles, York, signed in pencil in the margin and number 528. (3) £50-80
1127.   •AFTER STUART WALTON (Leeds Artist, b.1933) *ARR
Street Scene with Steps, limited edition print 75/275, signed in pencil in the margin,
50 x 31cm
Another, Washing Day, limited edition print 120/250, signed in pencil in the margin,
33 x 47cm. (2) £40-60
1128.   •AFTER SYLVIA WORTHINGTON (Contemporary) *ARR
The Moon is in her Shroud, limited edition print 2/50, signed in pencil in the margin,
72 x 47cm'
Two Others,
'Hinghton House, Ampthill, Bedfordshire', limited edition print 2/100, signed and dated 1978 in pencil in the margin and 'Bloody Foreland, Donegal 69' print, signed in pencil in the margin. (3) £50-80
1129.   •AFTER SYLVIA WORTHINGTON (Contemporary) *ARR
Trees and Moon, artist's proof print, signed in pencil in the margin,
32 x 41cm
'Henley 81', limited edition print 4/14, signed in pencil in the margin,
32 x 20cm. (2) £30-50
1131.   •KENNETH STEEL (1906-1970) *ARR
Old Bridge, Stirling, watercolour, signed lower right and inscribed verso,
34 x 42cm. £300-500
1132.   An Interesting Collection of Eighteen Pencil Sketches, purporting to be drawn by Paul Nash, Stanley Spencer, Charles Mahoney, Robert Baker, James Hockey, Noel Nisbet, Lionel Ellis, Robert Austin, Percy Horton etc, mainly anatomical, foliage and figures, collected by Dorothy L. Swain (née May) during her time at Wimbledon School of Art 1937-41), unverified sold as seen. £100-150
1133.   NEAL WALLENDER? (XX Century)
Portrait of a Gentleman, seated with crossed arms, pencil and pastel. signed and dated (19)63 lower right,
59 x 45cm. £30-50
1134.   BENJAMIN HOLD (1839-1917)
Kingfishers, watercolours, a pair, one signed lower right, oval,
26 x 21cm. (2) £60-80
1135.   •H. ENGLISH (1890-1953) *ARR
Figures in River Landscapes, a set of four watercolours, signed and dated (19)10 and 14,
28 x 43cm. (4) £50-80
1136.   •EDWARD BILLIN (Sheffield Artist, 1911-1995) *ARR
Studies of Holly and Red Berries, watercolours, a pair, signed lower left and right,
22 x 22cm. (2) £20-40
1137.   GUIELMUS VAN RYN (Early XX Century)
Harbour Scene with Figures and Cottages, watercolour, signed lower left,
33 x 51cm. £40-60
1138.   H.M. KAGUSE (Early XX Century)
Melrose Abbey, watercolour, signed lower right,
48 x 38cm. £40-60
1139.   ENGLISH SCHOOL (Early XIX Century)
Sailing Boats in a Harbour, watercolours, a pair,
14 x 35cm. (2) £30-50
1140.   •GEORGE CUNNINGHAM (Sheffield Artist, 1924-1996) *ARR
Possibly Thickwood Lodge, Longshaw Estate by Moonlight, watercolour, signed lower left,
7 x 13cm. £40-60
1141.   •GEORGE CUNNINGHAM (Sheffield Artist, 1924-1996) *ARR
Syke House, Dungworth, in the snow, watercolour, signed lower left,
11 x 16.5cm. £60-80
1142.   •GEORGE CUNNINGHAM (Sheffield Artist, 1924-1996) *ARR
Smithy Bridge, Low Bradfield, watercolour, signed lower left,
15 x 20cm. £60-80
1143.   ENGLISH SCHOOL (Early XX Century)
Lady Walking Amongst Hay Stacks, watercolour, signed indistinctly lower left and dated (19)11,
28 x 23cm. £20-40
1144.   GENERAL SIR ALFRED MARTIN (British Officer in the Indian Army, 1853-1926)
Cottage of the Cotswolds, watercolour, signed and dated June 1921 lower right and verso,
17 x 25cm. £30-40
1145.   ENGLISH SCHOOL (Late XIX Century)
A View of Folkestone, watercolour, unsigned,
23 x 33cm,
Folkestone From the West Cliff, a hand coloured engraving, printed by Day and Son Ltd,
30 x 40cm. (2) £20-40
1146.   AUSTIN SMITH (Early XX Century)
'North Bay Scarborough' and 'Hay Barge off Dover', watercolours, a pair, signed and dated 1918 lower left,
25 x 35cm. (2) £30-50
Portrait of a Gentleman, wearing a black cap, white shirt and black cloak, watercolour and pastel, unsigned,
34 x 23.5cm. £60-80
1148.   JOHN FRASER (1858-1927)
Boats off the Coast at Dover, watercolour, signed lower right,
25 x 35cm. £40-60
Miniature Portrait of a Lady, her hair in ringlets, watercolour on card, signed on reverse and dated 1832, oval,
24 x 17.5cm. £70-100
1150.   •JOHN DEAN (Grassington Artist, 1930-2006) *ARR
Yokohama - Japanese Game Bird, watercolour, signed lower left and titled verso,
41 x 53cm. £50-70
1151.   JOHN WILLIAM GOTT (Exh. 1883-1900)
The Squire's Daughter, watercolour, signed lower right,
26 x 16cm. £80-120
1152.   •WILLIAM HEATON COOPER (1903-1995) *ARR
A Winding Road in Rolling Landscape, watercolour, signed lower right,
27 x 37cm. £100-150
1153.   •WILLIAM HEATON COOPER (1903-1995) *ARR
Sun and Showers Langdale, watercolour, signed and titled verso,
36 x 54cm. £300-500
1154.   •ASHLEY JACKSON (b.1940) *ARR
Two small views of cottages, watercolours, signed and dated 1981,
10 x 16cm. (2) £50-80
1155.   •JULIAN DYSON (1936-2003) *ARR
The Promeade St Ives, pencil sketch, signed lower right,
17 x 24cm. £30-50
1156.   •WILLIAM S. TAYLOR (Sheffield Artist, 1920-2010) *ARR
Sketch of a Seated Lady, pen, signed and dated (19)45 lower right,
36.5 x 24.5cm.
1157.   GEORGE HOUSE (1800-1860)
Figures in an interior Setting, watercolour, signed lower left, unframed,
15 x 19.5cm. £70-100
1158.   CHARLES EDWARD WILSON (1854-1941)
Stepping Stones Across a River, watercolour, signed in monogram lower left, unframed,
30 x 23.5cm. £40-60
1159.   ENGLISH SCHOOL (Late XIX Century)
Valentine Rescuing Sylvia from Proteus, watercolour, unsigned, shaped,
15 x 20cm. £30-50
1160.   EDWARD ARDEN (1830-1909)
Lake Crafnant, North Wales, watercolour, signed lower left,
30 x 50cm. £30-50
1161.   J. HENRY (English School, Late XIX Century)
Mother and Child, on a snowy woodland path, watercolour, signed lower left,
35 x 45cm. £20-30
1162.   EDMUND MORISON WIMPERIS (1835-1900)
Trees in a Moorland Landscape, watercolour, signed in monogram lower left,
26 x 39cm. £30-50
1163.   FREDERICK JAMES ALDRIDGE (1850-1933)
Entering the Harbour in a Swell, watercolour, signed lower right,
14 x 25cm. £30-50
Fishing Boats Offshore, watercolour, signed indistinctly lower right,
23 x 33cm. £50-80
1165.   WILLIAM GOSLING (1824-1883)
Harvest, watercolour, signed in monogram lower left,
24 x 46cm. £200-300
1166.   GEORGE WILLIAM MORRISON (Irish, Early XX Century)
Belfast from Cave Hill showing Carrickfergus, watercolour,
16 x 36cm. £50-80
1167.   ENGLISH SCHOOL (XIX Century)
Corfe Castle, watercolour, unsigned,
23 x 34cm. £30-50
Figures on a Path before a Church, watercolour, signed indistinctly lower left,
13 x 22cm. £40-60
1169.   ENGLISH SCHOOL (XIX Century)
Portrait of an Officer of the 17th Lancers, watercolour,
8.5 x 10.5cm. £20-30
1170.   •JOE SCARBOROUGH (Sheffield Artist, b.1938) *ARR
Tap Room with Allsops Burton Ales Sign, watercolour and pen, signed and dated (19)75 left side,
29 x 31cm. £100-150
1171.   •ASHLEY JACKSON (b.1940) *ARR
Lip Hill Bank, Burnlee, watercolour, signed lower left and dated 1986, inscribed and titled verso,
34.5 x 50cm. £200-300
1172.   DOUGLAS COOPER (Early XX Century)
'Cottages Near Aylesbury' and 'An Old Wooden Cottage in Bucks', watercolours, a pair, signed centre lower edge,
25 x 33cm. (2) £20-40
1174.   •GERALD FRENCH (Bradford Artist, 1927-2001) *ARR
Rock Study, mixed media, unsigned, artist's label and title verso,
56 x 41cm. £70-100
Tree Lined Street, oil on board, signed indistinctly bottom left, bears Tib Lane Gallery label stating this is a work by the artist, dated October 1971,
8 x 15.5cm. £300-500
1176.   •GORDON BARKER (b.1960) *ARR
Water Skiers before a House and a Lighthouse, acrylic, signed lower right,
24.5 x 34cm. £50-80
1177.   •GORDON BARKER (b.1960) *ARR
Sledging Down the Hill with Cottages, acrylic, signed lower right,
24.5 x 34cm. £50-80
1178.   •GORDON BARKER (b.1960) *ARR
Winter Scene with Church, Sledging and Snowmen, acrylic, signed lower right,
24.5 x 34cm. £50-80
1179.   •GORDON BARKER (b.1960) *ARR
Coastal Scene with Boats, with figures climbing trees and flying kites on the shoreline, acrylic, signed lower right,
24.5 x 34cm. £50-80
1180.   •DIANA R. LODGE (b.1944) *ARR
Hartlington Bridge, oil on panel, signed lower left,
49 x 76cm.
Vases of Pink Flowers on a Table, unsigned and unframed,
78 x 6cm,
Two Others, by the same hand, portraits of ladies, 54 x 41cm and 61 x 46cm and a print. (4) £80-120
1182.   •NEIL SHAWCROSS (b.1940) *ARR
Portrait of Howard Wallinder, mixed media, signed and dated (19)62 lower right,
49 x 59cm. £200-300
1183.   •NEIL SHAWCROSS (b.1940) *ARR
Seated Nude, oil on board, signed and dated (19)60 lower right,
60 x 80cm. £400-600
Bearded Gentleman Holding a Skull, oil on canvas, unsigned,
24.5 x 20cm. £20-40
1185.   •TREVOR NEAL (b.1947, Sheffield Artist) *ARR
Hathersage (Peak District, Derbyshire), oil on board, signed in monogram and dated (19)99 lower left,
21 x 29cm. £40-60
1186.   •CHRIS D. HOWELLS (Contemporary Artist) *ARR
Figures with a Horse Amongst Cottages in a Country Landscape, oil on canvas, signed lower right,
39 x 60cm
*Sold with original receipt dated 30th June 1990 from R.H. and C.S. Glaisyer for £895. £70-100
1187.   •DUNCAN MACGREGOR (b.1961) *ARR
A Yacht in Calm Waters, with cottages in the distance, oil on board, signed lower left,
60 x 121.5cm
*Sold with original receipt dated 15/09/2007 from the Coastal Galleries and other related paperwork. £600-800
1188.   WALTER DANKS (Fl. 1882-1912)
On the Thames, oil on canvas, signed lower right,
39 x 75cm. £60-80
1189.   WALTER DANKS (Fl. 1882-1912)
Norfolk Coast, oil on canvas, signed lower left, artists label verso,
39 x 75cm. £60-80
1190.   ENGLISH SCHOOL (Late XIX Century)
Young Lady Playing the Lute in an Interior Setting, oil on board, signed in monogram 'T.H.G' lower left,
29 x 17cm. £30-50
1191.   WILLIAM LANGLEY (1852-1922)
Mountainous River Landscape North Wales, oil on canvas, signed lower left,
50 x 75cm. £100-150
1192.   ENGLISH SCHOOL (Late XVIII/Early XIX Century)
Portrait of a Lady, holding a book wearing a black feathered hat and black dress with red shawl, oil on panel, unsigned,
29.5 x 21cm. £80-120
1193.   ENGLISH SCHOOL (XIX Century)
Dolories - Portrait of a Young Lady, wearing a pink shawl,
A Companion, She wears a blue and lace dress and holds an fan, oil on metal, unsigned, a pair,
32 x 27cm. (2) £70-100
1194.   •JOHN DEAN (Grassington Artist, 1930-2006) *ARR
Autumn by the Skirfare, Arncliffe, oil on canvas, signed lower left and titled and signed verso,
45.5 x 62cm. £60-80
1195.   •JOHN DEAN (Grassington Artist, 1930-2006) *ARR
Old Farmstead, Grassington (Barras), oil on canvas, signed lower left, artists label verso,
27 x 44cm. £50-70
1196.   •JOHN DEAN (Grassington Artist, 1930-2006) *ARR
Valley Gardens, Harrogate 1951, oil on board. signed lower right and titled verso, inscribed 1st oil painting exhibited by RBA Gallery 1953,
29 x 39cm. £40-60
1197.   •PIERRE GRISOT (1911-1995) *ARR
Young Lady in a Pink Dress, seated at a table holding a glass, oil on panel. signed lower left,
22.5 x 32.5cm. £200-300
1198.   •PETER COULTHARD (b.1949) *ARR
Breakfast at Snake Pass, oil on canvas, signed lower right, bears Hibbert Brothers label verso,
60 x 90cm. £200-300
1199.   •PETER COULTHARD (b.1949) *ARR
The High Peak, Derbyshire, oil on canvas, signed lower left, bears Hibbert Brothers label dated 1992 verso,
50 x 76cm. £200-300
1200.   •PETER COULTHARD (b.1949) *ARR
The Smithy, oil on canvas, signed lower right,
49 x 75cm. £200-300
1201.   •STEVE SLIMM (b.1953) *ARR
Storm Clouds Over Land, oil on canvas, signed lower right,
44 x 49cm. £300-500
1202.   •STEVE SLIMM (b.1953) *ARR
Woodland Landscape, oil on board, signed lower right,
18 x 23.5cm. £80-120
1203.   •STEVE SLIMM (b.1953) *ARR
Cottages in a Cornish Coastal Landscape, oil on board, signed lower left,
18 x 23cm. £80-120
1204.   •DOREEN LOWE (Hillgate Group of Artists, 1932-2016) *ARR
Buildings by a Bridge over a River, oil on canvas, signed in monogram lower right,
30 x 35cm.
1205.   CONTINENTAL SCHOOL (17th/18th Century)
Portrait of a Lady, her hands clasped, beside a cherub in an interior, oil on canvas, unsigned,
73 x 58cm. £200-300
1206.   ANTONIO ERMOLAO PAOLETTI (Italian, 1834-1912)
A Lady and Three Children by steps in a snowy landscape, oil on canvas, signed and inscribed lower left Ant Paolette de Giové, Venezia,
42 x 54cm. £2000-3000
Portraits of Young Gentlemen, oils on board, a pair, unsigned,
22 x 16cm. (2) £100-200
1208.   •CHARLES McCALL (1907-1989) *ARR
The Lazy Dolphin on the Marne, near Epernay, oil on board, signed and dated (19)68 top left,
24 x 29.5cm. £60-80
1209.   •DONALD McINTYRE (1923-2009) *ARR
Two Boats, oil on board, signed in monogram lower left, original receipt from Todmorden Fine Art dated 7th Sept 1983,
20 x 22cm. £300-500
Ships and Boats by a Bridge in a Moonlit Harbour, oil on canvas, signed lower left,
44 x 72cm. £500-600
1211.   ENGLISH SCHOOL (XIX Century)
Lady Standing on a Balcony, oil on canvas, unsigned,
95 x 72cm. £200-300
1212.   ENGLISH SCHOOL (Late XVIII Century)
Portrait of a Girl, wearing a red dress and holding a hoop, a hat before her, mixed media, unsigned, bears The Ruskin Gallery label and another inscribed Edwin Samson Moore, Born 6th April 1849, died 21st Dec 1926, father of Dora J. Owen of Greens Acres Lapworth,
14 x 11cm. £50-80
1213.   •MARTIN DECENT (Sheffield Artist, b.1954) *ARR
End of the Day, Newlyn, Cornwall, acrylic, signed and dated (20)05 top left and titled and signed verso,
39 x 66cm. £100-150
1214.   BESSIE BAMBER (1870-1910)
Two Kittens, one sitting in a basket of sewing reels and ribbons, oil on opaque glass plaque, signed in monogram lower right,
14 x 19.5cm.
1215.   •GWYN ROBERTS (b.1953) *ARR
Cardigan Bay (Bae Ceredigion), oil on canvas, signed in monogram lower left,
49 x 69cm. £500-800
1216.   •GWYN ROBERTS (b.1953) *ARR
Tryfan Mountain, Snowdonia, oil on canvas, signed in monogram lower right,
30 x 40cm. £400-600
1217.   •OSMUND PITTMAN (1874-1958) *ARR
Wooded Landscape, oil on canvas, signed lower right,
59 x 49cm. £200-300
Cattle Before a River in a Wooded Landscape, oil on canvas, signed lower left,
59 x 90cm. £100-150
1219.   •GREGORY DAVIES (b.1947) *ARR
Poplars, Devon with cattle, oil on board. signed lower left,
90 x 70cm. £100-150
1220.   ENGLISH SCHOOL (Mid/Late XIX Century)
Moonlit Abbey by a River with Figure, oil on canvas, signed indistinctly centre lower edge,
24 x 33cm. £50-80
1221.   •NIGEL COOKE (b.1960, Mirfield Artist) *ARR
City Scape, with yellow taxis, oil on canvas, unframed, signed lower right,
76 x 76cm. £100-150
Ronald Butterfield was one of the first provincial artists to win a place at the Royal College of Art. Examples of his work can be found in several Sheffield churches including All Saints Stannington, St Matthews Carver Street and St Pauls Norton Lees. He taught wood carving for thirty-one years at evening classes and in 1987 published a book - Wood Carving a Complete Course.

An Oak Carving of a Female Torso Naked and Holding a Baby on Her Shoulder, signed R. Butterfield, 36cm; Two Others, a Praying Nun, 27.5cm high and an Abstract Figure, 3.5cm high. (3) £50-80
1224.   Ronald Butterfield; An Oak Relief Carved Plaque 'Ploughing', signed R. Butterfield, 23 x 46cm, illustrated in his book, page 125; A Rectangular Plaque carved and painted with a dragon, 28 x 72cm, framed. (2) £40-60
1225.   Ronald Butterfield; An Oak Relief Carved Rectangular Plaque 'Hand Forging', signed, 61 x 48cm. £60-80
1226.   Ronald Butterfield; An Oak Advertising Plaque, 24 x 33.5cm, and five sample blocks to include - acanthus scroll, flowerhead, two with foliate scrolls, double headed bird and a folder of drawings/plans by the same hand, some are submissions of work to the Royal College of Art. £50-70
1227.   A Late XIX Century Wood Vice, with hinged arm and turned screw, signs of woodworm, 52cm long. £20-30
1228.   An XVIII Century Oak Rectangular Box, with hinged cover, carved in relief with scrolling flowers, 10 x 30.5cm; A Rectangular Box, with carved cover and two compartments, 28cm long and a carved wood model of a Griffin, 26.5cm high. (3) £40-60
1229.   A Robert Thompson (Mouseman) Bread Board, of elongated octagonal form with carved mouse signature, 25 x 30cm, a shaped piece of oak with carved mouse, a care leaflet and promotional leaflet. £70-100
1230.   A German Late XIX Century Horn Marriage Spoon, the bowl inscribed in a scrimshaw style with text, the reverse with a house amongst trees on a hill and further text, twisted handle, 19cm long. £30-50
1231.   A Mid XIX Century Pine Bucket, of tapered square form with simple peg jointed handle, 56cm high. £60-80
1232.   A Mid XIX Century Rosewood Tea Caddy, of sarcophagus form, raised on bun feet, the interior with three compartments, 31cm long, 22cm high. £40-60
1233.   A Mid XIX Century Mahogany Travelling Mirror, with easel back, of curved rectangular form with satinwood and boxwood inlay, 22 x 16.5cm; A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Clothes Brushes, Birmingham 1908, in a folding leatherette case inscribed 'Edwards and Sons'. (3) £25-35
1234.   A Mid XIX Century Rosewood Tea Caddy, of sarcophagus form with brass inlaid decoration, the interior with three compartments, 31cm long. £30-40
1235.   A Late Victorian Thimble Display Case, in mahogany with inscribed lid 'Thimbles', the interior with velvet lined glass cover with compartments containing fourteen various thimbles and needle case and a selection of buttons in brass, mother of pearl and ceramic. (A Lot) £40-60
1236.   A WWII Prisoner of War Carved Wood Game, with four chickens feeding, detached string mechanism, painted features, 25cm long and a Familiar French phrase book. (2) £20-30
1237.   A Mid XIX Century Rosewood Tea Caddy, of plain rectangular form with brass escutcheon, the interior with two lidded compartments and central space for a mixing bowl, 15 x 30cm. £40-60
1238.   A Mid XIX Century Coromandel Writing Slope, of hinged rectangular form, the central cartouche inscribed "M.A. Shuker", the interior with replacement leather skiver, pen rest, inkwell and stamp compartment, 24 x 35cm. £60-80
1239.   A Mid XIX Century Treen Sycamore Spice Tower, of four sections inscribed Cloves, Mace, Ginger and Allspice, 19cm high. £80-120
1240.   A Robert Thompson (Mouseman) Oak Stool, of rectangular form, with dished top raised on four octagonal legs joined by stretchers, carved mouse signature, 38.5cm high. £400-500
1241.   A Mid XIX Century Rosewood and Walnut Tea Caddy, of rectangular form, with mother of pearl cartouche, the interior with two lidded compartments, 30cm long. £50-80
1242.   A Robert Thompson (Mouseman) Oak Ashtray, with carved mouse signature, 9.5cm long. £50-80
1243.   A Robert Thompson (Mouseman) Oak Ashtray, with carved mouse signature, 10cm long. £50-80
1245.   A Large Early XX Century White Metal Hair Grip, with filigree scrolling and bead decoration, possibly Chinese, 27.5cm long. £20-30
1246.   A WMF Centrepiece Bowl, the plated two handled pierced base decorated with foliage, the clear glass liner with cut decoration, impressed marks, 28.5cm long; A Similar Flower Vase, unmarked, 32cm high. (2) £40-60
1247.   A XIX Century Gilded Brass Firescreen, with a finial top and beadwork floral shield shaped panel, on scroll feet. £50-100
1248.   An Early XX Century Bronze Plaque, of oval form cast in relief with a portrait of a young man, 22 x 17cm. £30-50
1249.   A Roman Style White Metal Ring, with facsimile crest of a gentleman holding a goblet. £50-80
1250.   A Pair of Mid XX Century Brass Candelabra, the three branches and central columns with moulded glass sconces, each hung with prismatic drops, 40cm high. (2) £50-80
1251.   A Mid Victorian Yellow Metal Thimble, with chain link band, in original fitted case, 2.3cm high. £20-40
1252.   A Collection of Five XVIII Century and Later Pewter Chargers, of circular form with touch marks verso, 33 - 41cm diameter. £50-80
1253.   A XIX Century Pewter Lidded One Pint Tankard, 16cm high; Fifteen Various Tankards, quart - ¼ gill, some with VR cypher, 4 - 15cm high. (16) £50-80
1254.   AFTER HANS MAGNUSSON (German, 1861 - 1908)
A Bronze Study of Paul von Hindenburg - President of Germany 1925-1934, in military uniform holding a sword, upon a square base, signed, 71cm high. £300-500
1255.   AFTER F. SOUCHAL (Paris)
A Pair of Bronzed Models of Greyhounds, upon circular bases inscribed "F. Souchal Paris), 17cm high. (2) £60-80
1256.   After the Antique: An Early XX Century Bronze Lamp, with double spout and elaborate handle cast as a mythological winged creature and scrollwork, upon a circular base, inscribed Sab De Angelis and Fils, Naples 1906, 32cm long. £200-300
1257.   A W.M.F. Art Nouveau Silver Plated Drinks Set, the shaped rectangular tray cast with flowerheads and sinuous bands, the green glass decanter and four tapered glasses with similarly decorated mounts, impressed marks, tray 38cm long, decanter 22cm high. £100-150
1258.   A Pair of Late XIX Century Brass Altar Candlesticks, in the Gothic Revival style, the circular columns embossed with crosses allover cast and applied with foliage, 69cm high. (2) £80-120
1259.   A Late XIX Century Speltre Model of Isaac Newton, seated holding a scroll and a pen beside a bookcase, 22.5cm high. £30-50
1260.   A W.M.F. Silver Plated Art Nouveau Style Bowl, of two handled shaped circular form, pierced and moulded with foliage and flower heads, green glass liner, stamped mark, 16.5cm diameter. £50-70
1262.   A Vintage White Star Line Hessian Bag, with black and red script "Royal Mail Steamers Liverpool to New York etc.", 43 x 37cm excluding handles. (A/f) £30-40
1263.   A XX Century Meerschaum, Pipe, carved with a cavalier wearing a feathered hat, 17cm long, cased. £20-30
1264.   Three Boxes and Seventeen Loose Ilford Special Gaslight Lantern Plates, mainly depicting people, as well as art and Sheffield and other topographical views. (A Lot) £40-60
1265.   A Late XIX Century Negretti & Zambra Walnut Cased Table Top Stereoscope Viewer, of rectangular form with domed lid, the lift-out glass tray above a rotating carriage of cards, round handles to the sides, makers label to ivory plaque on the back, 54cm high. Ivory Act 2022 Registration number QEK3TFXZ £250-350
1266.   A German Lehrmittelwerke Wax Model of a Dissected Head, showing nerves, arteries, veins and muscles of the head with numbered paper labels, makers label verso, mounted in glass fronted case, 24 x 18cm. £300-400
1267.   An Early XX Century Human Skull, with removable cranium and jaw de-attached, 18cm long. £100-150
1268.   An Underwood and Underwood Stereoscopic Viewer with Cards, Is Marriage a Failure, Jerusalem through the Stereoscope, Rome through the Stereoscope Vol 1 and 2, and a wooden box containing various cards of topographical views, people, etc. £80-120
1269.   An Underwood & Underwood Stereoscopic Viewer, with cards and a book 'Travelling in the Holy Land through the Stereoscope'. £200-300
1270.   RMS Titanic: A Rare Memorial Paper Napkin 'A Souvenir in Affectionate Remembrance of the Captain, Mates and Crew and Passengers, who lost their lives by the foundering of the world's largest liner SS Titanic.........,' within a border of purple violets, 36.5cm square; Another, similar, within a pink floral border and two W.H. Grant stevengraphs woven in silk with portraits of 'The Late Earl of Beaconsfield' and 'Right Hon. W.E. Gladstone'. (4) £50-80
1271.   Railway Interest: A Late XIX Century Railway Gas Light, with hanging fitment and clear glass shade, 38cm.
This light used to hang at Apperley Bridge and Railway Station on the central platform. £30-50
1272.   A Pale Green Hardstone Carving, of a boy lying amongst foliage and flowers, 4cm long; Another, of a mythological beast, 5.5cm long. (2) £30-40
1273.   A Derbyshire Late XIX Century Ashford Black Marble Thermometer, with ivory scale surrounded by inlaid hardstone fuschia and other flowers, upon a rectangular plinth base, 37cm high.
*Ivory Act 2022 registration No. G98NUEJK. £150-200
1274.   A Derbyshire Late XIX Century Ashford Black Marble Obelisk Thermometer, with ivory scale surrounded by a green hardstone band and flowers upon a rectangular base, 35cm high.
*Ivory Act 2022 registration No. 8EPGW8RP. £150-200
1275.   Louis Vuitton; A c.1910 Black Leather Car Trunk, with a rounded back and brass studs, stamped "Louis Vuitton" to lock, 32cm huigh, 85cm wide. £1000-1500
1276.   AFTER GUISEPPE BESSI (1857-1922)
An Alabaster Bust of Joan of Arc, looking to her left in simple dress and head scarf, 18cm high. £60-80
1277.   Eight Delft Pottery Tiles, each painted in blue with galleons, 15cm square; Four Tiles, painted in colours with fishermen and women, inset into a mount. (12) £40-60
1278.   Twelve XVIII/XIX Century Delft Pottery Tiles, each painted in blue with figures, boats, windmills, etc and six blank tiles, all 13cm square. (18) £100-150
1279.   Nine XVIII/XIX Century Delft Pottery Tiles, each painted in manganese glazes with boats and ships, 13cm square (one broken in two). (9) £70-100
1280.   Ten XVIII/XIX Century Delft Pottery Tiles, each painted in manganese glazes with figures, buildings and animals, 13cm square and four blank tiles. (14) £70-100
1281.   Ten XVIII/XIX Century Delft Pottery Tiles, each painted in manganese glazes with buildings, 13cm square. (10) £70-100
1282.   Five XVIII/XIX Century Delft Pottery Tiles, each painted in manganese glazes with buildings, 13cm square and white blank tiles. (10) £40-60
1283.   An Interesting Collection of Royal Memorabilia of the Queen and the Royal Family, to include: a 78rpm record of the Christmas message to the Commonwealth by H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, 1952, the Coronation 1953 and the Royal Wedding of the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer 1981, official programmes and three albums of photographs and postcards of the Queen and her family, mainly with dates and locations noted. £60-80
1284.   An Early XX Century Leather Cased Sewing Set, with hallmarked silver mounts and carrying handle, folding out to reveal packets of needles, silks, needle case, penknife, scissors, button hook, etc (some silver). £60-80
1285.   Everest Interest: A Diary for 1941, containing the autographs of Sir Edmund Hillary and George Lowe.
*Footnote: They were the first known people to climb to the summit of Everest in 1953 along with their Sherpa Tenzing Norgay. £200-300
1286.   A Late XIX Century Turkish Belt, with elaborate brass buckle pierced with flowers and foliage and applied with twelve pewter and brass medallions inset with alternating green and red glass beads, 85cm long. £20-30
1287.   An Early XX Century "Fry's Concentrated Cocoa" Enamel Sign, by Patent Enamel Co Ltd., B'Ham, 25 x 40.5cm. £100-150
1288.   A Late XIX/Early XX Century Hanging Wooden Shop Display Sign, inscribed 'Himley and Prince 1827 Bowyers and Fletchers The Finest Archery Equipment', mounted with two arrows, 61 x 45cm. £100-150
1289.   An Early XX Century National Cash Register Shop Till, with elaborate embossed decoration, 42cm high. £80-120
1290.   An Early XX Century National Cash Register Shop Till, with elaborate embossed decoration, 42cm high. £80-120
1291.   An Early XX Century National Cash Register Shop Till, with elaborate embossed decoration, this till is in pieces, sold as seen. £40-50
1292.   A Fiji Totkia Beaked Battle Club with Spike, with ten rows of barbs with plain cylindrical shaft, 82cm long. £800-1200
1293.   A Fiji Bowai War Club, of cylindrical tapered form with a rounded head and flared butt, 100cm long. £200-300
1295.   A Modern Brass Two Branch Table Lamp, the circular base cast with leaves, the scrolling branches hung with etched pink frosted glass shades, 57cm high and a similar single branch table lamp, 38cm high. (2) £30-50
1297.   A Late XVIII Century Sampler, worked in silks with religious script, numbers, alphabet, birds, animals and trees, within scrolling border, dated 1780, 44.5 x 44.5cm, framed and glazed. £100-150
1298.   An XVIII Century Silk Panel, of square form, the ivory ground worked in silver and metallic threads with exotic birds perched amongst flowering shrubs, box framed and glazed, 23 x 23cm. £100-150
1299.   Needlework Interest; Two Mid XIX Century Panels and a Runner, all hand worked in silks and silver thread with a floral design, one with studding, framed and glazed, 56 x 111cm. £60-80
1300.   A Mid XIX Century Sampler, worked in wool with religious passages, figures, birds, trees, flowers, etc., dated 1862, 64 x 84cm. £60-80
1301.   A Late XVII Century Map Sampler, worked in multi coloured silks by Elizabeth England, 1789, showing England and Wales divided into counties with towns, all within a scrolling floral border, framed and glazed, 65 x 52.5cm. £150-200
1303.   A Gillett and Sibert Monolyn X Model G Geology Battery Field Microscope with Accessories, 23cm high, nine boxes of specimen slides and related books. £30-50
1304.   A Precision Micro Projector, by Flalters and Garnett Ltd, Manchester, No 891, raised on a tripod base, 43cm high. £50-80
1305.   A Nikon Binocular Microscope, 40cm high, stamped J. Swift and Son and a box of accessories. £70-100
1306.   A Pair of Vintage Portable Dental Cabinets, the black painted rectangular wooden cases each with drop down fronts revealing seven drawers, some with dental instruments present, chrome mounts, 31 x 24cm. (2) £100-150
1307.   A Late XIX Century Mahogany Cased Barograph, the single drawer with inlaid decoration and recording sheets, lacquered brass mechanism, 24 x 31cm. £150-200
1308.   An E. Leitz Wetzlar No 25301 Lacquered Brass Microscope, with accessories in a wood fitted carrying case, 29cm high. £60-80
1309.   A Gray & Co (Inverness) Leather Bound Three Draw Stalking Telescope, No 1885, with black anodised tubes, in a maroon felt lined leather case with adjustable strap, 26.5cm closed, 84cm extended. £300-500
1310.   A Late XIX Century J. Swift and Son, London Microscope, in lacquered brass and black, in original mahogany fitted case, 39cm high. £70-100
1312.   A Late XIX Century Admiral Fitzroy's Barometer, the mahogany case with fretwork hood, with vernier gauges, the printed ground with instructions for use, 115cm long. £70-100
1313.   Coxe [William]: Memoirs of John Duke of Marlborough, with his original correspondence......., second edition, printed for Longman. Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown, Paternoster Row, London, 1820, six vols, leather bindings. (6) £30-40
1314.   Battiscombe [C.F.]: The Relics of Saint Cuthbert, printed for the Dean and Chapter of Durham Cathedral at University Press, Oxford, 1956, cloth boards, dust jacket. £30-50
1315.   Anderon [James]: The New Practical Gardener and Modern Horticulturalist, pub by William Mackenzie, 22 Paternoster Row, London, cloth and leather boards; Harrison [Joseph]: The Floricultural Cabinet and Florists Magazine, pub by Whittaker, Treacher and Co, Ave Maria Lane and G, Ridge, Sheffield, 1833-1836, vols 1-4, green cloth boards. £50-80
1316.   Sterry [Wasey]: Annals of the Kings College of Our Lady of Eton Beside Windsor, presentation copy, pub by Methuen and Co, 1898, leather bound by Spottiswood and Co Ltd, London, inscribed "J.O. Farrer from his tutor Edward ......, Eton 1907-12". £40-60
1317.   Kipling [Rudyard]: East of Suez, illust by Donald J. Maxwell, pub by Macmillan and Co Ltd, 1931, blue cloth boards; Mort [Graham]: A Halifax Elder Jar, illus by Maggie Cummings, pub by Yorkshire Art Circus 1987, marbled boards; Thakur Singh [S.G.}: Glimpses of India, and eleven other books. (14) £20-30
1318.   Doyle [Arthur Conan]: The Sherlock Holmes Long Stories, first edition 1929, red cloth boards, dust jacket (torn) and The Complete Sherlock Holmes Short Stories, 4th pressing September 1931, pub by John Murray, red cloth boards, dust jacket. (2) £200-300
1319.   Fox [John]: The Book of Martyrs, containing an account of the sufferings and death of the Protestants in the reign of Queen Mary the first, printed and sold for the proprietor MDCCXLI, leather boards (front detached). £50-70
1320.   Carroll (Lewis): A Collection of Thirty Books of Alice in Wonderland, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, illustrated by Arthur Rackham, Mabel Lucie Attwell, etc. (30) £30-50
1321.   Milne [A.A.]: The House at Pooh Corner, first edition, pink cloth boards; Seven Other Books by the same Author, 'Winnie the Pooh' thirteenth edition, The Christopher Robin Birthday Book, Year in Year Out, Very Young Verses, The King's Breakfast, Prince Rabbit and the Princess Who Could Not Laugh and A Gallery of Children. (8) £50-80
1322.   A Collection of Fourteen Books on Cookery, to include: Nult [Frederick]: The Imperial and Royal Cook, printed for Samuel Leigh, 1819, Mrs Beeton's Cold Sweets, Mrs Beeton's Cookery Book and Swaysland [W]: Familiar Wild Birds, four volumes. (18) £20-40
1323.   Potter [Beatrix]: The Roly-Poly Pudding, undated, pub by F. Warne & Co, large format; twelve Little Grey Rabbit books, three R. Caldecott's Picture Books, The Rose Fyleman Fairy Book, Old French Nursery Songs and twelve other childrens books. (28) £30-40
1325.   A Collection of Over One Hundred and Sixty Picture Postcards and Folding Letter Cards, mainly early XX Century and with some later depicting topographical views of British and European views including: Harrogate, Ireland, Switzerland, Matlock, Guernsey, etc. £20-40
1326.   A Collection of Over One Hundred and Fifteen Picture Postcards, early XX Century and later, to include:- WWI silk, comic, Mabel Lucie Attwell, air ships, royalty, topographical views some of Yorkshire views, etc. £20-30
1327.   An Early XX Century Picture Postcard Album, containing over two hundred and eighty cards of topographical views of Scotland, Yorkshire coastal towns, London, etc, also liners and ships including RMS Majestic, RMS Olympic, etc. £40-60
1328.   A Collection of Over Seventy Mainly Early XX Century Picture Postcards and Photographs, to include: silk WWI, comic, buses, topographical views, etc. £20-30
1329.   A Collection of Ephemera, to include photographs, Greetings cards, Royal souvenir booklets and postcards depicting topographical views. (A Lot) £20-30
1330.   Two Albums of Approximately Two Hundred and Thirty Nine Early XX Century Picture Postcards, to include: Christmas and Birthday greetings, Punch and Judy, pantomime, Easter, bell ringing, children's comic, etc. £60-80
1331.   An Album of Approximately One Hundred and Thirty Early XX Century Picture Postcards of WWI Interest, to include: silk, comic, greetings, Tommy's Xmas cards, etc and a Royal Field Artillery J. Bennett dog tag. £50-70
1332.   An Album of Approximately One Hundred and Thirty Five Early XX Century Picture Postcards, to include: WWI silks, Christmas greetings, children's, nursery rhymes, etc £50-70
1333.   An Album of Approximately One Hundred and Forty Eight Early XX Century Picture Postcards of Mainly Christmas Greetings, to include teddy bears picnics, birds, figures, etc. £40-60
1334.   An Album of Approximately One Hundred and Four Early XX Century Picture Postcards, to include: twelve Suffragette cards, silhouettes, Christmas greetings, comic, etc. £70-100
1335.   An Album and Loose Cards and Picture Postcards of Mixed Date, to include: topographical views, greetings, Gibon's movie cards, etc. £20-40
1336.   An Album of Approximately One Hundred and Fifty One Early XX Century Picture Postcards of Christmas Interest, to include: carols, art, comic, etc. £40-60
1337.   Two Albums of Mainly Christmas Greetings Cards, Chocolate Cards, Postcards, Booklets etc., approximately one hundred and thirty seven to include many countries, Bon Marché, Liebig, Stollwerkk, etc noted. £70-100
1338.   An Album of Approximately One Hundred and Sixty Early XX Century Picture Postcards of Christmas Interest, to include: Mother Christmas, carol singers, children's, some German and French examples noted, together with Christmas stamps. £40-60
1339.   An Album of Approximately One Hundred and Seventeen Early XX Century Picture Postcards of Christmas Interest, to include: St Nicholas, Grandfather Frost, Hans Christian Andersen, comic, many countries noted. £30-50
1340.   An Album of Approximately One Hundred and Sixty Nine Early XX Century Picture Postcards of Christmas Interest, all depicting Father Christmas. £40-60
1341.   Two Albums of Approximately One Hundred and Eighty Six Early XX Century and Later Picture Postcards, to include: topographical views, Christmas and New Year greetings, moon landing, comic, etc. £50-80
1342.   Two Boxes of Several Hundred Picture Postcards, mainly 1960's-80's but some earlier, also noted to include Peasholm Lake, Scarborough, Dartmoor, Brighton and worldwide topographical views. £20-30
1343.   Two Albums of Early XX Century Picture Postcards, to include; Birthday and Christmas greetings, WWI silk (6), topographical views of British and European places, children, etc. £80-120
1344.   A Box of Mainly Early XX Century Picture Postcards, Cigarette Cards and Photographs, to include; WWI silks, greetings, childrens, comic, poem cards, etc. £30-40
1345.   A 1950's Russian Photograph Album, of forty views of monuments and buildings and two boxes of picture postcards of British and Worldwide topographical views to include Endcliffe Woods, Sheffield, Peterborough Cathedral, Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, etc. £60-80
1346.   An Album of Mainly Early XX Century Picture Postcards of Lincoln Cathedral, both interior and exterior views, mainly in sepia and a quantity of other postcards including:- comic, topographical views, some Yorkshire interest, art, etc. £30-50
1347.   An Early XX Century Album of Photographs and Picture Postcards, to include: Fife Railway Disaster 14th April 1914, Yorkshire East Coast, Derbyshire, Skegness, Passenger Steamers, comic, greetings, etc. £40-60
1348.   Six Early - Mid XX Century Autograph Albums and Loose Photographs of Actors of the Era, two with drawings and poems, including Ken Dodd, Dick Emery, John Mills, etc (all unverified). £30-50
1349.   An Album of Mainly Early XX Century Postcards, to include:- comic and topographical views of Derby, Tunbridge Wells, Hull, Brighton, etc. £50-80
1350.   A Collection of Over One Hundred and Ten Mainly Early XX Century Picture Postcards, to include interesting Daily Mail Office War pictures, Christmas greetings, topographical views, art cards, etc £40-60
1352.   A Late XIX Century Gilded Brass Dressing Table Mirror, of rectangular form with easel back, elaborately cast with a mask face surmounted by flowers and scrolling foliage, 43 x 26cm. £40-60
1353.   A XIX Century Gilt Overmantel, with foliate decoration, the inner border with beadwork decoration, 107 x 148cm. £200-300
1354.   A Late XIX Century Mahogany Rectangular Hanging Wall Mirror, with pierced fretwork to the top and reeded sides, above a candle box with hinged lid, 66 x 32cm. £50-80
1355.   An XVIII Century and Later Mahogany Dressing Table Mirror, with central bevelled glass, tapering supports and three small drawers, on ogee feet, 39cm wide. £25-40
1356.   An Early XX Century Brass Framed Oval Wall Mirror, moulded with trailing foliage and inset with six Ruskin style turquoise panels, 60 x 76cm. £100-150
1358.   A Cello Bow, with silver (unmarked) and mother of pearl mounts, stamped Emile Ouchard, weight 76 grams, 71.5cm long.
Ivory Act 2022 registration number H2H8AERD. £200-400
1361.   An Early XX Century Gilbert and Co Ltd, Sheffield Table Top Gramophone, and a selection of 78rpm records, in a black leatherette case. £60-80
1362.   A German Mid XX Century Grafton Brass Trumpet, distributed by Dallas of London, in fitted case, 49cm long. £20-30
1363.   A Modern Miniature Violin, length of back 21cm, overall length 44cm, with bow, cased. £30-50
1364.   A Late XIX Century Swiss Musical Box, by Mermod Freres, playing eight airs, with original tune sheet, brass cylinder and steel comb, stamped 79053, painted wooden case, 20 x 40cm. £80-120
1366.   A Swiss Late XIX Century Musical Box, contained in a stained rosewood case, transfer decorated with musical instruments and flowers (worn), playing twenty airs, brass barrel and steel comb, winding handle, 59cm long; A Book - Ord-Hume (Arthur J.G.) Collecting Musical Boxes and How to Repair Them, pub by George Allen and Unwin, 1967. (2) £70-100
1367.   An Early XX Century Leophone Brass Horn Gramophone, with winding handle, upon a stepped square base, base 35cm square. £40-60
1369.   A Late XIX Century Wooden Walking Stick, the pommel carved as a pug's head with glass eyes, 88cm long. £30-50
1370.   A Late XIX Century Sunday Stick, with golf club handle inset with bone and brass, white metal collar, 89cm long. £40-60
1371.   An Early XX Century Sunday Stick, with golf club handle inset with bone, two applied white metal shields inscribed 'J.W. Brumby 1931' and '1932', 89cm long; Another, similar. (2) £60-80
1372.   Three Early XX Century Sunday Sticks, one with brass golf club handle inscribed 'Mashie', 93.5cm long, another with white metal striking face, the last with bone striking face and a 'Grabbo' stick. (4) £100-150
1373.   Four Victorian Glass Walking Sticks, each containing multi-coloured beads and of fluted form, 106-133cm long. (4) £30-50
1374.   A Victorian Green Glass Walking Stick, with Nailsea style red, black and white twist, 106cm long; A Blue Glass Walking Stick, 105cm long and three amber glass walking sticks. (5) £30-50
1375.   Two Victorian Clear Glass Walking Sticks, of fluted form, one with blue inset and five green glass fluted walking sticks, 89 - 125cm long. (7) £40-60
1376.   An Early XX Century Walking Stick, the wood handle carved as a dog's head with glass eye (one missing) and copper collar, 87cm long; Another, similar with white metal engraved collar, 93cm long. (2) £40-60
1377.   An Early XX Century Walking Stick, the horn handle carved as a bird's head with a ball in its mouth, silver collar, 87cm long; A Further Similar Example, 92cm long. (2) £40-60
1378.   A Late XIX Century Walking Cane, the wood handle carved with a cavalier, Hallmarked inscribed collar, 89cm long; Another, carved with African male head, 84cm long. (2) £50-80
1379.   A Mid XX Century Walking Cane, stamped 925, silver pommel in the form of a gentleman's head, 94cm long. £60-80
1380.   Two Modern Walking Sticks/Canes, each with horse handles/pommels, stamped 925, 92cm long. (2) £70-100
1381.   A Walking Cane with Indian Elephants Head Handle, stamped 925, embossed with leaves, crown and shield, brass tip, 94cm long. £80-120
1382.   A Walking Cane with Bird of Prey Perched on Rock Handle, stamped 925, with white metal ferrule, polished stick with brass tip, 96cm long. £80-100
1383.   A Walking Cane, the handle depicting Sherlock Holmes, the ferrule stamped 925, white metal deer stalker hat, polished stick with brass tip, 94cm. £60-80
1384.   A Walking Cane with Long Handle, stamped 925, ebonised cane, with brass tip, 96cm long. £60-80
1385.   A Walking Cane with Silver Handle, stamped 925, of golf club head shape with a pill box on side, inset with porcelain panel, white metal ferrule, brass tip, 95cm long. £50-70
1386.   A Walking Cane with Straight Horn Handle, each end having a silver embossed collar, with large silver ferrule, ebony style shaft with brass tip, 91cm long. £80-120
1387.   A Circa 1940's/50's Cream Lace Wedding Dress, with stand-up statement collar and button fastening to back, with veil (faults). £10-20
1388.   A Collection of c.1970's Vintage Outfits; A Gina Fratini orange faux fur mini dress with short zip to neckline and full sleeves (size 12), Gerald McCann black velvet and lace cocktail dress, Jean Varon, Kadix and Mr Darren evening dresses, Parigi day dress, Jaeger dress and jacket and two skirts. (10) £40-60
1389.   A Mid XX Century Cream Satin Wedding Gown, with fitted bodice, peter pan collar and long buttoned sleeves, with full tiered net skirt, matching embroidered net veil with wax flower circlet headdress. £20-30
1390.   A c.1930's Black Crushed Velvet Tea Dress, with smocking detail to front of bodice, short sleeves and 'A' line skirt with belt; another similar with cross-over bodice, a black velvet full length cloak, a short black silk mourning cape with embroidery detail labelled "Fred Gorringe, Buckingham Palace Road, London" and a black knit jacket (conditions vary). (5) £40-60
1391.   An Original Gloverall Duffel Coat, in beige with horn toggles and leather hooks, size 40. £10-20
1392.   A Collection of Vintage Ladies Outfits, including a 1950's Verner Couture double breasted jacket with black velvet collar, a New Direction black velvet swing coat, Edina Ronay faux leopard skin coat, beige herringbone tweed three-quarter length jacket, a Jaeger wool check jacket and two blouses. (7) £40-60
1393.   A 1950's Black Lace Cocktail Dress, by Sambo Fashions, with boat shaped neckline and three-quarter length sleeves, with fitted bodice and full calf length skirt, size 38. £30-40
1394.   A c.1920's Cream Voile Christening Gown, with cutwork and embroidered to the front and scalloped hem with flowers, with matching petticoat; other good quality 1920's/30's baby and children's dresses and party dresses and a 1930's Harrods bridesmaids dress in cream spotted tulle with blue silk piping detail, with flower circlet. £40-60
1395.   A Small Quantity of XIX Century and Later Lace Trim, including lace cuffs, jabot, collar, etc. £20-30
1396.   A Late Victorian Brown Velvet Handbag, each side beaded with a vase of flowers, a tapestry evening bag with gilt frame and chain handle, a selection of ladies and gents handkerchiefs and a tapestry handkerchief case. £20-30
1398.   Louis Vuitton; A Pair of Vintage Strappy Slingback Shoes, in black leather with wooden platform statement heels, size 36; a pair of Anne Klein cream and black patent leather slingback shoes (size 7½ American) and Noa grey leather shoe boots (size 39). £15-25
1399.   A Cream Leather Radley Handbag, with protective cover, DKNY brown pinstripe wool tote bag with leather trim, an alligator clutch bag with chain handle and an Italian black plaited leather tote bag. (4) £15-20
1400.   Christian Dior; A Lady Dior MM Blue Patent Handbag, cannage top stitching, silver hardware, blue logo interior lining, serial No. 02/MA0130, 20cm high, 23cm wide, 12cm deep, with protective dust bag. £600-800
1401.   Alexander McQueen; A Black Leather Clutch Bag, with all-over gilt metal stud detail to front and back, black suede lining, serial No. 544488/331786, 19.5cm high, 30cm wide, with protective dust bag. £200-300
1402.   Alexander McQueen; A Mini Heroine Floral Applique Handbag, in black calf skin leather with royal blue and white cut-out flower detail, with side zipped pockets and flap closure, detachable shoulder strap, serial No. 544483 365116, 27cm high, 24cm wide, with protective dust bag. £200-300
1403.   Chopard; An Imperiale Black Soft Lambskin Quilted Leather Handbag, with twin handles, magnetic inner clasp, certificate No 134788, 16cm high, 27cm wide, 6.5cm deep, with protective dust bag. £150-250
1404.   Bentley; A Barnato Dragon Red and Pale Blue Leather Tote Bag, from the Capsule Handbag Collection 2014, with twin handles and signature logo to front, silver tone hardware, with three internal pockets, the centre one with clasp fastener and fitted for phone, mirror, etc. and separate matching make up/clutch bag, 26cm high, 32cm wide, 13cm deep, with protective dust bag. £300-500
1405.   Gucci; A White Leather and GG Monogram Hobo Bag, with horizontal horse-bit detail to centre front, gold tone hardware and short shoulder strap, serial code 247604 520981, cream canvas interior, 33cm high, 33cm wide, 7cm deep, with protective dust bag. £100-150
1406.   Prada: A Black Leather Bag, with gilt metal corner detail, Prada logo and hardware, with detachable bow trimmed handle, red leather lining, with purchase certificate and protective dust bag, 15.5cm high, 25.5cm wide. £150-250
1407.   Michael Kors; A White Leather Shoulder Bag, with silver tone hardware and studs to each end, 17cm high, 23cm wide, 8cm deep, with protective dust bag. £30-50
1408.   Gucci; A Guccissima Petrol Finish Patent Slouch Bag, with twin handles, silver tone hardware and detachable chain detail, serial No 228594 000926, approximately 26cm high, 38cm wide, 8cm deep, with protective dust bag. £100-200
1409.   Prada; A Black Leather Bag, with fold over front slap with zip pocket and short shoulder strap, gold tone accessories and hardware including padlock and key, pink leather lining, 20cm high, 30cm wide, 10cm deep. £200-300
1410.   Christan Dior; A Red Le Trente Cannage Lamb Skin Leather Tote Bag, with twin chain and leather handles, drawstring gathered top and silver tone hardware (lacking logo disc) with authenticity certificate No 09-BO-0131 and protective dust bag, 40cm wide, 25cm high and 13.5cm deep. £300-400
1411.   Louis Vuitton; Damier Ebene GM Pouch Wristlet Bag, with red stripe lining, date code MS5117, 15 x 24cm. £80-120
1412.   A Vintage Mulberry Black Congo Leather Handbag, with mulberry logo fabric lining, 'Made in Italy' label to inner pocket; a vintage brown suede evening bag and a Jane Shilton navy leather/snakeskin clutch bag. (3) £40-60
1413.   Two Mulberry Scotchgrain Toilet Bags, a Burberry's 'Nova' check wool cap. (3) £20-30
1414.   A Vintage Mulberry Scotchgrain Large Holdall, with canvas and leather trim, marked 'Imperfect' to leather inner label, 66 x 46cm. (worn). £10-20
1415.   A Vintage Mappin & Webb Reptile Style Black Leather Handbag, with gilt snap clasp, suede lined; Another, similar (2) £30-40
1416.   A Vintage Wiklorbag Beige Croc Print Leather Handbag, with gilt snap clasp; a Rayne beige leather clutch bag and five other handbags and evening bags. (7) £30-40
1417.   Ackery London; A Vintage Bronze Patent Leather Handbag, with twin handles and gilt clasp; two further Ackery handbags similar in brown and cream leather. (3) £20-30
1418.   A Collection of Ladies Good Quality Belts, by Jaeger, Dents, etc; ladies leather and other gloves. £30-40
1419.   c.1960's Vintage Evening Shoes, Degas velvet, diamanté and clear plastic mules, Rayne floral velvet stiletto shoes, a similar pair in gold fabric and two-tone leather 'T' bar shoes, black velvet stilettos. (5 pairs) £20-30
1420.   A Vintage Liberty of London Silk Scarf, printed with an image of the Liberty shop on Regent Street, London with a floral border, 66cm square, a Liberty paisley print scarf in shades of blue with a pale tan border and a further scarf made by Liberty for Oil of Ulay. (3) £30-40
1421.   A Vintage Burberry Silk Scarf, in traditional beige check, a Cornelia James Butterfly scarf and rectangular brown printed scarf, three Richard Allen silk scarves and an Emanuel Ungaro scarf. (7) £30-60
1422.   Eight Vintage Jaeger Silk Scarves, including two with logo print. (8) £30-50
1423.   Nine Vintage Jacqmar Scarves, mainly silk. (9) £20-40
1424.   Four Pairs of Renata Special Occasion Shoes, plus eight further pairs of shoes (mainly size 4½ - 5). £20-40
1425.   A Vintage Ackery London Brown Leather Handbag, with gilt handles and snap clasp, a cream leather and patchwork snake skin handbag and four others. (6) £10-20
1426.   Seven Vintage Handbags, 1940's and later and an umbrella in a vintage Antler green leatherette suitcase with fitted interior. £20-30
1427.   A Vintage American Caron of Houston Texas Tapestry Bag, beaded, appliqued and jewelled with faux tortoiseshell handle, a tapestry woven bag with embossed metal frame and chain handle and five beaded evening bags. £20-30
1428.   A Welsh Wool Paisley Quilt, in shades of blue on a red ground, the reverse in shades of mauve on a cream ground, purchased from Jen Jones Welsh Quilts and Blankets of Llanybydder, 210 x 165cm £40-60
1429.   Gucci; A Vintage Navy Leather Shoulder Bag, with envelope flap and gilt metal signature horsebit fastener and hardware, shoulder strap can be put inside to make a clutch, 18cm high, 24.5cm wide. £100-150
1430.   A c.1960's Mary Quant Polyester Long Scarf, in a signature blue and red floral design on a cream ground with blue border, 150cm long. £15-20
1431.   A Brynkir Traditional Welsh Wool Blanket/Double Bedspread, in a black and cream reverse pattern with fringing to edge, with label, 210 x 228cm. £80-120
1432.   A Late XIX/Early XX Century Fine Cream Wool Shawl, with fringing to each end, 350 x 160cm; a XIX Century wool paisley shawl (distressed), a 1970's Moroccan brown wool djellaba and a c1930's Thai embroidered sarong.(4) £30-50
1434.   Wine - Pagoda Brand 10 Years Aged Superior Shao Hsing Chiew, in porcelain jar and wooden box, 500ml. £5-15
1435.   Wines - Johnnie Walker Red Label Scotch Whisky, Two Bottles White Wine, Two Bottles Red Wine, Two Bottles Croft Original Sherry. (7) £20-40
1436.   Wine - Sire de Beaupre Demi-sec Vin Mousseux, 16 bottles. £10-20
1437.   Wine - David Ermel Vin D'Alsace Gewurztraminer 2011, 750ml, 13% Vol. 12 Bottles, boxed. £40-60
1438.   Wine - David Ermel Coteau Du Helfont Alsace Pinot Noir 2010, 6 bottles, 750ml, 13% Vol., boxed. £20-40
1439.   Wine - David Ermel Vin D'Alsace Riesling 2011, 750ml, 12% Vol. 12 Bottles, boxed. £40-60
1440.   Wine - David Ermel Vin D'Alsace Muscat 2011, 6 bottles, 750ml, 11.5% Vol., boxed. £20-40
1441.   Madeira - Collection of Blandy's Madeira Wine, including Malmsey 5 Years Old, Duke of Clarence, 37.5cl, 1962 in wooden case, Leacock's 15 Years Old. (7) £30-50
1442.   Wine - Chateau Luxeuil Cotes de Castillon 2005; Grande Reserve de Gassac 2014; Domaine du Mont Saint Jean Pinot Noir (2); Les Viguires Cotes de Rhone 2003; Chateau Ferreyres Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon Bordeaux 2002; Vinsobres Domaine le Val de Diane Cotes du Rhone Villages 2002. (7) £20-40
1444.   Port - Dow's 1963 Vintage Port. £20-40
1445.   Port - Dow's 1977 Silver Jubilee Vintage Port, bottled in 1979. £20-40
1446.   Port - Royal Oporto Wine Co Vinho Do Porto Vintage 1979, boxed. £20-40
1447.   Port - Taylor's 10 Year Old Tawny Port, 75cl, 20% Vol., two bottles, one in presentation box. £15-30
1448.   Port - Taylor's 10 Years Old Tawny Port, 70cl, 20% Vol.; Dow's Renown Port, 19% Vol.; Uganda Waragi Gin, 750ml, 40% Vol. (3) £15-30
1450.   Whisky - Bell's Scotch Whisky Aged 8 Years, 70cl., 40% Vol., boxed; Grant's Scotch Whisky, 70cl., 40% Vol.; Grant's Scotch Whisky, 1 Litre., 40% Vol. (3) £30-50
1451.   Whisky - Glen Moray Single Speyside Malt Scotch Whisky, 70cl., 40% Vol., boxed; Chivas Regal Blended Scotch Whisky Aged 12 Years, 70cl., 40% Vol., boxed. (2) £20-40
1452.   Whisky - Bell's Scotch Whisky "Bell" Decanter, boxed; Bell's Scotch Whisky Commemorative "Bell" Decanter, birth of Prince William, boxed; Royal Wedding Official Programme, marriage of Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer.
1453.   Whisky - Bell's Scotch Whisky Commemorative "Bell" Decanters, Harrods Celebration Ale, Whitbred Celebration Ale, Royal Wedding Ale. (6) £20-30
1454.   Whisky - Rangers Football Club Blended Malt Scotch Whisky, limited edition small batch one of only 3,000 bottles, 70cl, 46% Vol., boxed. £20-30
1455.   Whisky - Brig O'Perth Special 125th Anniversary Blended Scotch Whisky Aged 14 Years, 70cl., 46.7% Vol., with booklet. £20-30
1456.   Whisky - Glenmorangie 10 Years Old Single Malt Highland Scotch Whisky, 70cl, 40% Vol., in presentation tin; Irish Whiskey The Taste of Ireland Miniatures Set, boxed; Sheffield Pewterware Flask, boxed. £20-40
1457.   Whisky - Whyte & Mackay 175th Anniversary Blended Scotch Whisky Limited Edition One of Only 1750 Aged 50 Years, 50cl., 44.6% Vol., commemorative boxed. £300-500
1458.   Whisky - Glenfiddich Single Malt Superior Reserve Scotch Whisky Aged 18 Years, in ceramic decanter, boxed. £30-50
1459.   Whisky - Glenfiddich Single Malt Ancient Reserve Scotch Whisky Aged 18 Years, in ceramic decanter, 700ml, 43% Vol. £30-50
1460.   Whisky - Glenfiddich Special Reserve Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 70cl, 40% Vol., in presentation tin; J & B Jet Scotch Whisky Aged 12 Years, boxed. (2) £20-40
1461.   Whisky - The Balvenie Doublewood Single Malt Scotch Whisky Aged 12 Years, 70cl, 40% Vol., boxed; Glenmorangie Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky Ten Years Old, 70cl, 40% Vol., boxed. (2) £20-40
1463.   Champagne - Krug Grande Cuvee Brut Champagne, 750ml, 12% Vol., in presentation box. £70-100
1464.   Champagne - Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut Champagne. £20-40
1465.   Champagne - G. H. Mumm & Co. Cordon Rouge Brut Champagne, B.O.A.C stamped label. £15-25
1466.   Champagne - Moet & Chandon Dom Perignon Vintage 1993, 750ml, 12.5% Vol., in 1988 presentation box, (distressed). £100-150
1467.   Champagne - Moet & Chandon Dom Perignon Vintage 1992, 750ml, 12.5% Vol., in original presentation box. £100-150
1468.   Champagne - Magnum Bollinger Millennium Special Cuvee Champagne, 1.5l, 12.5% Vol. £30-50
1469.   Champagne - Lanson Black Label Champagne, G. H. Mumm & Co. Cordon Rouge Champagne, Bourgueil 1999 Wine, 1500ml, boxed. (3) £20-40
1470.   Champagne - Lanson Black Label Brut Champagne, 75cl, 12.5% Vol. £15-20
1471.   Champagne - Perrier Jouet Reserve Cuvee Champagne 1947, two bottles. £100-200
1472.   Champagne - Moet & Chandon 1978 Champagne, 75cl; Pale Dry Sherry "Lucado". (2) £50-70
1474.   Cognac - Courvoisier Collection Erte "Vendanges" Edition No. 2, limited edition, bottle number 4198, 750ml, 40% Vol. £250-350
1475.   Cognac - Bras D'Or Napoleon Hennessy Cognac, bottle number 362025, boxed. £10-20
1476.   Cognac - Camus XO Cognac, 100cl, in glass decanter bottle with stopper. £30-50
1477.   Cognac - Hine XO Cognac, 70cl, 40% Vol. £20-40
1478.   Cognac - Camus XO Cognac, in glass decanter bottle with stopper, boxed. £20-40
1479.   Cognac - Camus XO Superior Cognac, three 5cl miniatures, 40% Vol., in miniature glass decanters, boxed; Camus XO Cognac, five 5cl miniatures, in miniature glass decanters, boxed as a set, one miniature empty. £15-20
1481.   Spirits - Johnnie Walker Red Label, 1 litre; Jamesons Irish Whiskey, High Commissioner Old Scotch Whisky, Bell's Miniature, Ron Trinidad, Demi-sec, Argentina White Wine, Moscatel. (11) £20-40
1482.   Spirits - Collection of Spirit Miniatures, including; Martell Cognac, 2; Drambuie, 2; Gordon's Gin, 2; Bell's Whisky, 3; Vodka; Hennessy; Underberg; Harvey's Bristol Cream Sherry, 11. £20-30
1483.   Spirits - Chivas Regal Blended Scotch Whisky 12 Years Old, boxed; Grant's Blended Scotch Whisky; Haig's Dimple Blended Scotch Whisky; Gordon's London Dry Gin; Tiger Copper Ale. (5) £30-50
1484.   Spirits - Grand Marnier, Baileys Irish Cream, Teacher's Whisky, Drambuie, Gordons Gin, 2, Taylor's Port, 3, Dimple 15 Year Old Whisky, Three White Wines. (13)

THANK YOU £30-50
1485.   Spirits - Ferreira 1985 Vintage Port, 750ml, 20% Vol; Southern Comfort, 70cl, 35% Vol.; Sangster's Old Jamaica Spirits Wild Orange Flagon, 1 litre, 30% Vol. (3) £20-40
1486.   Spirits - The Famous Grous Whisky, Bell's 8 Years Old Whisky, Seagram's Crown Royal, 378ml, Cockburn's Special Reserve Port, 1 litre, Banana Vodka, Poncha Honey Rhum. (6) £20-40
1487.   Ales - Collection of Celebration Ales, Dalwhinnie Miniature, Red Wine, Port Miniature, etc. £5-15
1488.   Assorted - A Mixed Assortment of Ales, etc plus Moet & Chandon small bottle, Babycham. £5-10
1490.   Tobacco - Wilde Havana La Paz Tabacos Primeros Cigarros, Agio Gouden Oogst, Panter Senoritas, Apolo Flor De Tabacos, Ruc Zigarren Attache, (opened), Single Dutch Masters. £50-70
1491.   Tobacco - Cigarillos; Willem II Extra Senoritas (one sealed, one opened with only 4 remaining); Corona De Luxe Dutch Masters; Manikin; Willem II Fantastica Speciaal; Hamburg Basf Sonderanfertigung (opened); Sigarenmagazijn Het Raedthuys Spriet Naturel (one box), Panatella Naturel (two boxes), Senoritas Naturel (four boxes). £50-70
1492.   Tobacco - Gold Block (three tins); Capstan Fine Cut; Capstan Navy Cut; Flying Dutchman Aromatic Tobacco (eleven tins); Packets of Pipe Cleaners. £50-70
1493.   A Late XIX Century Mahogany Drop End Vienna Style Wall Clock, with applied carved decoration and turned columns, the cream enamel dial with Arabic numerals, 8-Day movement, key and pendulum present, 86cm long. £60-80
1494.   A Late XIX Century Circular Mahogany Cased Wall Clock, the white enamel dial with black Roman numerals, 38cm diameter, key present. £80-120
1495.   An Early XX Century Wall Clock in the Art Nouveau Style, the walnut case carved with sinuous lines, the metal dial with Arabic numerals and decorated with a ship, the pendulum with matching decoration, 60cm long. £80-100
1496.   A Late XIX/Early XX Century German Large Walnut Cased Bracket Clock, with painted gilt metal mounts, the arched top with silvered chapter ring with black Roman numerals and Arabic seconds within fretwork, subsidiary chime/silent and slow/fast, fretwork side panels and paw feet, 68cm high, within a hanging wall bracket, pendulum present. £300-500
1497.   An Early XX Century Chiming Wurtemberg Mahogany Cased Mantle Clock, of arched rectangular form with brass carrying handle, the silvered dial with black Roman numerals and two subsidiary dials, chime/silent and fast/slow, on bun feet, 34cm high (handle down). £60-80
1498.   A Leroy & Fils Late XIX Century Mantel Clock, the rococo style case painted with a courting couple and flowers with ormolu mounts. the white enamel dial with Roman numerals and Arabic seconds, the back plate inscribed "Leroy and Fils, Paris", pendulum and key present, 47cm high. £150-250
1499.   A Late XIX Century Mantle Clock, the pottery surround painted in enamels with flowers, the white enamel dial with black Roman numerals, pendulum and key present, 38cm high. £40-60
1500.   A Late XIX Century Ormolu Mantle Clock, with inset porcelain panels (one missing and one loose), of architectural form cast with figures and spires between chains, raised on a spreading rectangular base with six feet, the multi-coloured enamels with blue Roman numerals, 50cm high, pendulum present. £200-300
1501.   A Mid XX Century Brass Cased Carriage Clock and Thermometer, with black Roman numerals on a cream enamel ground, the top with compass inset, 12.5cm high (handle up), 16cm long. £30-50
1502.   A Late XIX Century Brass Carriage Clock, with Corinthian column supports, the sides enamelled with Elizabethan courtiers, the black dial inscribed "Floor and Son, Hastings", with gilt Roman numerals surmounted by scrollwork, inscribed presentation dated 1886, 16cm high handle down, key present. £120-180
1503.   A Tudric Pewter Desk Clock, attributed to Archibald Knox for Liberty, relief decorated with stylised leaves, the face with Arabic numerals, impressed Made in England Tudric Pewter 01424, 9.5cm high. £200-300
1504.   A Late XIX Century Gilt Metal Clock Garniture, the rectangular clock with elaborate pierced decoration, with domed phoenix finial above four shaped columns and brass dial with enamel panels with Roman numerals, stamped Guellier a Saumur, 48cm high, and a pair of matching four branch candelabra, 57cm high, key and pendulum present. (3) £300-400
1505.   An Early XX Century Brass Cased Carriage Clock, with cream enamel face (cracked) with black Roman numerals, 15cm high handle up, in a travelling case. £50-70
1506.   A Late XIX Century Gothic Style Brass Skeleton Clock, with three spires and turned feet, the shaped circular dial with black Roman numerals, key and pendulum present, under a glass dome with black painted base, 40cm high.
1507.   An XVIII Century Oak and Mahogany Longcase Clock, with swan neck pediment, arched door and column supports, the arched white dial inscribed "Bowen Alfreton" and painted with a boy fishing and floral astragals, Roman numerals, the trunk with shaped crossbanded door with shell inlay and half round pilasters with brass capitals, pencil chamfered sides on ogee feet, 223cm high. £100-200
1508.   An XVIII Century Oak Thirty-Hour Longcase Clock, the hood with shaped pediment and column supports, the white dial with painted flower spandrels and Roman numerals and inscribed Thomas Twigg Shilon, the trunk with crossbanded door on plinth base, 192cm high. £100-150
1511.   An Early XX Century Oak Four High Sectional Bookcase, with blind fret frieze, four glazed leaded doors, on square supports (not assembled). £150-200
1512.   A XIX Century Walnut Games Table, the rectangular top with boxwood and ebonised chess board, on bobbin turned supports with central turned stretcher, 86 x 69cm. £60-100
1513.   An XVIII Century Mahogany Pedestal Table, with circular top and turned pedestal on cabriole legs, 74cm high, 95cm wide. £50-80
1514.   A Set of Four XIX Century Mahogany Dining Chairs, (one carver and three single) with rectangular top rail, centre rail on turned octagonal legs. (4) £40-80
1515.   XVII Century and Later Oak Twin Panelled Joined Oak Coffer, with carved top, frieze and base, on stile feet, 83cm wide. £50-100
1516.   A XVI Century Style Oak Coffer, with hinged lid, Gothic carved base with lock plate, 77cm wide. £60-100
1517.   A XX Century Walnut Part Bedroom Suite, comprising a bow fronted triple wardrobe with internal shelves, dressing table with central mirror, flanking side mirrors, bow front central drawer and side drawers and a stool, all on cabriole legs and paw feet. £200-300
1518.   A XIX Century Mahogany Stool/Steps, with upholstered top on square supports united by two steps and stretchers, 51cm high. £40-80
1519.   A XIX Century Rosewood Pole Screen, the frame with with applied scroll decoration, the raised woolwork panel worked with a couple dancing, flowers and foliage, on carved cabriole legs, 160cm high. £80-120
1520.   An XVIII Century Hepplewhite Open Armchair, the shield shaped back with fan and foliate decoration, carved and pierced splat, shaped arms and upholstered seat on moulded forefront legs. £150-250
1521.   A Late XVII Century Joined Oak Coffer, with triple panelled top, frieze with knulled decoration, the three base panels with lozenge decoration, on stile feet, 70cm high, 135cm wide. £200-300
1522.   A Set of Eight XIX Century Rosewood Dining Chairs, with carved top rail, centre rail and drop-in seats, on turned legs.(8) £200-300
1523.   A XIX Century Walnut Nursing Chair, with scroll carved back and upholstered back and seat, on carved cabriole legs. £60-100
1524.   A XIX Century Mahogany Armchair, with upholstered back and seat and scroll arms on turned and reeded legs. £50-100
1525.   A Late XVIII Century Oak Chest of Four Drawers, on bracket feet, 79cm high, 95cm wide. £100-150
1526.   An XVIII Century Oak Bureau, with fall front to fitted interior, over four long graduated drawers, on bracket feet, 76cm wide. £50-100
1527.   A Late XIX Century Rectangular Brass Stick/Umbrella Stand, with finial tops, circular supports and drip tray, 62cm high, 50cm wide. £80-120
1528.   An Early XX Century Continental Mahogany and Brass Display Cabinet, with twin glazed doors and reeded columns on turned feet with all-over bronzed mouldings, 160cm high, 90cm wide. £200-300
1529.   A XIX Century Gentleman's Shaving Stand, with adjustable mirror, on turned supports, circular base with swept feet, 145cm high. £50-100
1530.   A George III Style Brass and Cast Iron Fire Grate, with pierced serpentine front, 93.5cm wide. £300-500
1531.   A XIX Century Mahogany Sutherland Table, with drop leaves and turned twin supports, shaped feet and central turned stretcher, 97cm wide. £60-100
1532.   A XX Century Book Cabinet, with tray top, open shelf and pierced sides on square supports, 77cm high, 57cm wide. £40-60
1533.   A Late XVIII Century Oak Bow Fronted Corner Cupboard, with crossbanded doors and shell inlay with reeded sides, 99cm high. £30-50
1534.   An XVIII Century Oak Flat Fronted Corner Cupboard, with a dentil cornice, crossbanded panel door and three internal shelves, 97cm high. £30-50
1535.   A XVII Century Style Oak Side Table, the top with moulded edge over a single drawer on bobbin turned and block supports united by stretchers, 72cm high, 69cm wide. £80-120
1536.   A XIX Century Ash and Elm Child's Chair, with rail supports and turned arms and legs. £100-150
1537.   A Late XIX Century Inlaid Rosewood Davenport, the upper section with three-quarter gallery and fitted interior, hinged lid over four drawers, four dummy drawers on plinth base with castors, 55cm wide. £80-120
1538.   A Chinese Hardwood Altar Table, with panelled top and pierced brackets on scroll feet, 82cm high, 113cm wide. £100-200
1539.   A Chinese Hardwood Jardiniére Stand, with panelled top and pierced frieze on square supports (dam), 49cm high, 36cm wide. £50-80
1540.   A Chinese Hardwood Extending Standard Lamp, with green shade, the base with pierced decoration on scroll feet, 172cm high. £80-120
1541.   An XVIII Century Fruitwood Chest, with three long drawers on bracket feet, 81cm wide. £100-150
1542.   A XIX Century Mahogany Bow Fronted Chest, with two short and three long drawers on bracket feet, 106cm wide. £80-120
1543.   An Early XIX Century Mahogany Secretaire Bookcase, with stepped cornice over glazed astragal doors, the base with fall front and fitted interior over three long drawers on turned feet, 106cm high, 100cm wide. £100-150
1544.   A XIX Century Mahogany Pedestal Desk, with crossbanded top, three upper drawers flanking pedestal on plinth base, 76cm high, 134cm wide. £80-120
1545.   A XVII Century Joined Oak Coffer, with triple panelled top, carved frieze and panelled base on stile feet, 113cm wide. £150-200
1546.   A Late XVII Century Joined Oak Side Table, the top with moulded edge, single drawer and shaped apron, on turned and block supports united by 'H' stretcher, 67cm high, 87cm wide. £100-150
1547.   A XIX Century Ash and Elm Windsor Chair, with hooped back, pierced splat and rail supports, on turned legs with crinoline stretcher. £100-150
1548.   A XIX Century Ash and Elm Windsor Chair, with hooped back, pierced splat and rail supports, on turned legs with 'H' stretcher. £150-200
1549.   A Late XVIII Century Oak Fronted Corner Cupboard, with moulded cornice and panelled door to internal shelves. £30-40
1550.   A XIX Century Pad Arm Windsor Chair, with hooped back and pierced splat on turned legs united by 'H' stretcher. £100-150
1551.   A XVII Century Black Painted Joined Oak Coffin Stool, on turned and block supports united by stretchers, 42 x 49cm £50-100
1552.   A Late XVIII Century Mahogany Bow Fronted Corner Cupboard, with brass 'H' hinges and three internal shelves. £30-50
1553.   An XVIII Century Style Oak Dresser, the rack with stepped cornice and two open shelves above six small drawers, the base with five small drawers on turned and block supports with pot board, 202cm high, 136cm wide. £100-150
1554.   A XVII Century Oak Bible Box, the lid with bail hinges, carved frieze with iron lock plate, 60cm wide. £60-100
1555.   A XIX Century Style Mahogany Wellington Chest, with seven drawers, side locking, plinth base, 52cm wide. £100-150
1556.   An XVIII Century American Mahogany Bureau Bookcase, the top with scrolled pediment and applied ormolu mounts, shaped panelled doors and candle slides, the bureau with fall front to fitted interior and four long serpentine drawers on squat cabriole legs with claw and ball feet, 227cm high, 102cm wide. £3000-4000
1557.   A XIX Century Mahogany Breakfast Table, with rectangular top on turned pedestal with 'H' splayed supports on scroll feet, 753cm wide. £60-100
1558.   A XIX Century Gesso Console Table, with marble top, guilloche frieze on scroll reeded supports, 90cm high, 88cm wide. £100-150
1559.   A Late XIX Century Chinese Hardwood Jardiniére Stand, the circular top with rouge marble insert, gadrooned edge and pierced carved frieze on cabriole legs united by 'X' stretcher, 62cm high. £100-150
1560.   A Late XIX Century Chinese Hardwood Jardiniére Stand, the top with rouge marble insert, beadwork decoration, pierced and carved frieze, on carved cabriole legs and claw and ball feet, 33cm high. £60-100
1561.   A Late XIX/Early XX Century Chinese Armchair, with shaped top rail, pierced splat and shaped arm, solid seat with square supports united by stretchers. £50-100
1562.   A French Style Gilded Armchair, with 'C' scroll carved top rail, upholstered back, arms and seat, on cabriole legs. £50-100
1563.   A Pair of Mahogany Firescreens, with shaped tops and turned finials, three sliding panels on scroll feet. (2) £50-100
1564.   A Matched Set of Eight XVIII Century Style Mahogany Dining Chairs, with upholstered seats on tapering supports united by stretchers. (8) £40-80
1565.   An XVIII Century Walnut Chest of Drawers, with crossbanded top, two small and three long drawers on bracket feet, 91cm wide. £200-300
1566.   An XVIII Century Walnut Chest of Drawers, with crossbanded top, moulded edge and three small over three long drawers on bracket feet, 88cm high, 95cm wide. £200-300
1567.   A XVII Century Walnut Chest on Stand, the top with two short and three long drawers with boxwood inlay, the base with two small drawers on turned supports, shaped stretchers on bun feet, 166cm high, 103cm wide. £400-600
1568.   A Chinese Hardwood Nest of Four Tables, with panelled tops and pierced friezes on square supports. £200-300
1569.   A Chinese Hardwood Rectangular Shaped Table, with solid top, pierced frieze on square supports (dam), 76 x 28cm. £100-200
1570.   A Pair of XIX Century Chinese Cabinets, with two drawers over cupboard doors, on square supports, 96cm high, 92cm wide. (2) £500-800
1571.   A XIX Century Mahogany Armchair, with shaped top rail, scroll arms and serpentine rail on cabriole legs. £80-120
1572.   A Set of Eight Mahogany Crown Top Balloon Back Dining Chairs, with drop-in seats, on turned legs. (8) £100-200
1573.   An XVIII Century Oak Lowboy, the top with a moulded edge over single drawer, on pad feet, 69cm wide. £60-100
1574.   An Early XX Century Oak Reproduction of King Arthur's Round Table in the Great Hall at Winchester Castle, the top carved with a central rose, a figure of King Arthur and segments depicting the Knights of the Round Table, on cabriole legs united by stretcher and a carved armorial of the City of Winchester carved for Ruth Broome for her wedding in Eastbourne in 1908, 56cm high, 54cm wide. £80-100
1575.   An Early XIX Century Mahogany Bow Fronted Chest of Drawers, with caddy top over four long drawers on bracket feet. £150-200
1576.   A XIX Century Amboyna Inlaid Side Cabinet, with marquetry inlaid frieze over twin glazed doors with ebonised mouldings, two internal shelves, the sides with ebonised mounts, on a plinth base, 108cm high, 125cm wide. £400-600
1577.   A XVII Century Rapier Chest, with hinged lid, iron lock plate and trestle ends, 119cm wide. £100-200
1578.   A XIX Century Mahogany Armchair, with carved top rail, upholstered back and seat and shaped arms on cabriole legs. £50-100
1578A.  A Mid XIX Century Mahogany Armchair, with hooped back, scroll arms and serpentine shaped front rail, on turned supports. £50-100
1579.   An Early XIX Century Mahogany Pedestal Table, with octagonal crossbanded top, raised on turned pedestal and splayed reeded legs and ball feet, 71cm high, 61cm wide. £50-100
1580.   A XX Century Chinese Square Shaped Low Table, with panelled top and shaped rails on square scroll supports, 33cm high, 73cm wide. £200-300
1581.   An XVIII Century Elm Pedestal Table, with circular top and turned pedestal on cabriole legs, 68cm high. £40-60
1582.   A XVII Century Joined Oak Stool, the top with moulded edge and hole in the middle, on turned legs united by stretchers, 50cm high. £60-100
1583.   A XIX Century Mahogany Armchair, with scroll arms, green leather seat with stud decoration, serpentine rail, on turned forefront legs. £60-100
1584.   A XIX Century and Later Mahogany Desk, the upper section with a brass gallery, bow fronted lid flanking drawers, the base with moulded edge, green leather sciver and two small drawers on turned and reeded supports, 100cm high, 122cm wide. £100-150
1585.   A XX Century Mahogany Revolving Bookcase, with a circular top and open shelves on a plinth base, 63cm high, 60cm wide. £200-300
1586.   A XX Century Mahogany Waterfall Chest of Drawers, with three-quarter gallery, three small panelled drawers, on turned supports with brass carrying handles, 68cm high, 48cm wide. £100-150
1587.   A XVII Century and Later Joined Oak Back Stool, with turned finials, carved lozenge decoration and top rail, with rail supports and solid seat on turned and block supports. £100-200
1588.   A XVII Century Joined Oak Back Stool, with turned finials, carved and pierced top rail with scroll decoration, scroll and foliate rail supports, solid seat, on turned and block supports with similarly carved front stretcher. £100-200
1589.   A Pair of XVII Century Style Oak Armchairs, with shaped top rails, caned backs and seats, shaped and scrolled arms, on turned and block supports, shaped and carved centre front rail on braganza feet with 'H' stretcher. (2) £120-180
1590.   A XVII Century and Later Joined Oak Armchair, with a shaped cresting rail, ear side pieces, with lozenge carved panel back, shaped arms and solid seat on turned and block supports. £200-400
1591.   A Pair of XIX Century Oak Hall Chairs, with circular and 'C' scroll backs, shield decoration, solid seats and gadrooned frieze on turned legs. (2) £200-300
1592.   A XVII Century Style Oak Box Settle, with four panel carved back and base, with hinged lid, on bun feet, 150 x 104cm. £120-150
1593.   An Early XX Century Walnut Cheval Mirror, with shell cresting to arched top, gilt border, tapering supports, on cabriole legs, 160cm high. £100-150
1594.   A Mid XIX Century Walnut Games/Sewing Table, with a chess board top, fitted interior, tapering basket, on carved cabriole legs, 76cm high, 48cm wide. £100-150
1595.   A XIX Century Walnut Credenza, with inlaid frieze above central cupboard door and glazed bow fronted sides with ormolu mounts, on a plinth base, 104cm high, 125cm wide.
1596.   An Early XX Century Inlaid Serpentine Shaped Display Cabinet, with a stepped cornice, floral and swag painted frieze to a serpentine glazed door and bow fronted sides above a single cupboard door and side panels painted with a figures and floral swags, on tapering legs and spade feet. £200-300
1597.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Desk, with crossbanded top over central concave shaped central drawer flanking serpentine shaped pedestal drawers, on shaped legs, 122cm wide. £150-200
1598.   A XIX Century Ebonised Games Table, with a marquetry top and baized interior, on turned and reeded legs with ormolu capitals, with 'X' stretcher, 74cm high, 62cm wide. £50-100
1599.   A Late XVIII Century Mahogany Bow Fronted Corner Cupboard, with stepped cornice, reeded sides, inlaid doors and three internal shelves and three small drawers. £30-50
1600.   A XIX Century Mahogany Escritoire/Wellington Chest, with fall front, fitted interior, two small drawers, side locking cupboard, on turned feet, 131cm high, 70cm wide. £200-300
1601.   A XVII Century and Later Joined Oak Gateleg Table, with drop leaves, single drawer on barley twist supports united by stretchers, 61cm wide. £40-60
1602.   A XIX Century Mahogany Bookcase, with twin glazed astragal doors over three panel doors, on a plinth base, 230cm high, 178cm wide. £100-200
1603.   A XIX Century Walnut Chest of Four Drawers, with crossbanded top and secret drawer, on block feet, 116cm high, 114cm wide. £80-120