Specialist Collectable Toys Sale @ 10am
on Thursday 15th September 2022

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1.      A Wooden Framed Glass Fronted Diecast Model Vehicle Display Cabinet, containing forty plus modern diecast vehicles, cabinet measurement 107cm wide, 51cm high, 7cm deep. 25-40
2.      Eight 3D Holographic Posters, themes include transformers, Batman, Tron, Star Wars, measuring approximately 67cm tall, 47cm wide, some posters displaying scratch marks 20-40
3.      Four Framed Star Wars Prints/Posters, 3D Holographic Editions noted, including Empire At War Battle Scene by Vivid Vision (certified No. 327 of 500) frame measuring 81cm high, 74cm wide (no glass). 25-40
4.      Six Modern Star Wars 'Episode 1' Plastic Toys, including QUI-GON Jinn Interactive Talking Bank, Dancing Jar Jar Binks, Obi-Wan Kenobi Interactive Talking Bank, mostly boxed. 30-50
5.      A Vintage Action Man Marx Jeep and Searchlight Trailer, damage to steering wheel, trailer hitch, front bumper missing spare wheel to bonnet. 30-50
6.      Action Man Interest - to include plastic armoured vehicle (playworn - small parts missing - require cleaning), a flock haired Action Man figure, two Masbro 'Moulded Hair' Action Man figures (one missing elbow/hand), all playworn, together with a small quantity of Action Man accessories. 30-50
7.      A Palitoy 'Action Man' Scorpion Tank, original box (box tatty). 25-40
8.      A Quantity of Playworn 'OO' Gauge Model Railway Track, to include straights, curves, points (some corrosion noted), together with five 'OO' gauge rolling stock items, 15-30
9.      Five 1:76th Scale Diecast Model Trams, Bus, by EFE including V.E Day 50th Anniversary Commemorative Set, #13402 Leeds Transport/C.W.S, #14302 Leeds Horsfield Tramcar Whitbread/Stylo, boxed; together with British Municipal Bus Operators 'A Snapshot of The 1960's' hard cover book by Jim Blake. 30-40
10.     A Quantity of Diecast Model Vehicles, by Lledo, Matchbox, Corgi, Burago and other, playworn:- One Box 25-40
11.     Fifteen 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Good Coaches, by Hornby, Tri-ang, Airfix, etc, Royal Mail, BR maroon, BR green examples. 40-60
12.     A Quantity of Playworn Diecast Model Vehicles, by Matchbox, Corgi, Joal, Conrad and other, including buses, plant machinery, commercial, helicopters:- Two Boxes. 30-40
13.     A Quantity of Mainly 1:18th/1:12th Scale Diecast Model Cars, by Burago, Welly, Maisto and other, all playworn, missing parts/damage:- One Box 25-35
14.     A Quantity of Mostly Loose Lego Components and Similar, Star Wars Thematics noted including #4500 Rebel Snowspeeder, original Star Wars Trilogy Imperial Stormtrooper plastic figure, together with a small quantity of loose Meccano components:- One Box. 25-40
15.     Seven Boxed 1:18th/1;24th Scale Diecast Model Vehicles, by Burago, Corgi, Maisto, including Burago 1:18th Dodge Viper RT/10, Porsch 911 Carrera, small parts may be missing, box condition variable. 30-50
16.     Forty Plus Diecast Model Vehicles, by Lledo, including promovers editions, all boxed. 25-40
17.     Three Boxes of 2000AD Comics, issues from 1977 and later. 30-40
18.     A Quantity of Diecast Model Vehicles, by Lledo, Matchbox, Corgi, Majorette and other, playworn:- One Box 25-40
19.     Four Eagle Moss Star Trek Collectable Star Ship/Space Models, comprising of U.S.S Kelvin (2009 Movie), Altamid Swarm Ship, Planet Killer, Enterprise NX-01, all boxed. 30-50
20.     A Quantity of Diecast Model Vehicles, by Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox and others, all playworn sometimes with damage, paint loss, parts missing. 25-40
21.     A Vintage Palitoy Action Man Black Horse, with saddle and tack, The Royal Canadian mounted police uniform, clothing accessories including ceremonial jacket, red winter jacket, lifeguards tall black boots, a cardboard sentry box (damaged) and signage. 40-70
22.     A Quantity of Playworn Diecast Model Vehicles, by Corgi, Matchbox, Lledo and other:- One Box. 25-40
23.     Three Boxes of 2000AD Comics, 18 Oct 80 Prog 182 and later in read condition, some with foxing, etc. 30-40
24.     A Collection of Playworn Diecast Model Vehicles, by Matchbox, Corgi, Majorette and other:- Three Boxes 25-40
25.     Comics - 50p edition Star Wars #1, World Cup Soccer Stars, Mexico 70, Cheeky Weekly etc:- One Box. 15-25
26.     A Quantity of Playworn Diecast Model Vehicles, by Corgi, Matchbox, Britains, Lledo and other: Two Boxes. 25-40
27.     Two Hundred Plus Lego Instruction Manuals, including Lego City, Lego Creator, Speed Champions, Classic:- One Box 25-50
28.     Doctor Who - A Collection of Magazines, Fanzines, including Radio Times collector covers, Marvel Doctor Who comics, mainly from the 1990's/2000's:- Three Boxes. 25-40
29.     Ten Diecast Model Buses Trams, by Corgi, Sheffield, Bradford, London interest noted, including #97827 Daimler CWA6 Utility Sheffield Corporation AEC Regent Sheffield #OM 40505 Feltham Tram - London United Tramways; together with a framed reproduction images tram/trolleybus on Whitham Road - Sheffield. 40-70
30.     Tri-ang Minic Waterline Ships, including M744 Yamato, M742 Bismarck, M745 Scharnhorst, plus a quantity of harbour components. 25-40
31.     A Quantity of Diecast Model Vehicles, by Corgi, Dinky, Matchbox and other, including Corgi Toys The Green Hornets, Black Beauty Hillman Hunter, Matchbox Racing Car Transporter, Dinky Toys Lunar Roving Vehicle, playworn. 30-40
32.     Two Boxes of various Annuals, to include Batman, Star Trek, 1973, Action 1984, etc, large quantity, overall good condition. 20-40
33.     Three Boxes of 2000AD Comics, issues from the 1990's and later. 30-40
34.     A Quantity of Diecast Model Vehicles, by Welly, Lledo, Matchbox, Jada, Mattel and other, playworn. 25-40
35.     A Quantity of Bayko Building Set Components, including bases, roofs, walls, windows, corner bricks, balustrades, rod, literature, (two boxes); together with a boxed Atlas Editions Diecast Model B-17F Aircraft-Memphis Belle. 30-50
36.     Thirteen Original Circa 1980's Thundercats Plastic Action Figures, by LJN Toys, including Lion-O, Panthro, Mumm Ra, Vultureman, Grune The Destroyer, Slithe. 30-50
37.     Retro Gaming: Playstation One Console, games to include Resident Evil 2, Vigilante 8, Mission Impossible, along with Playstation Three console, untested sold for parts. 30-50
38.     Retro Gaming: Boxed Amiga 1200 Console, with user guide and power pack, games to include Premier Manager 2, Zool, Lemmings, 2 Tribes, etc, untested sold for parts. 30-50
39.     A Sony Playstation (PS1) Gaming Console, (untested), controller, a quantity of games including Spider Man, Coolboarders 3. 30-50
40.     A Boxed Commodore Amiga A-500, plus home computer, S/N 043237, Cartoon Classics Edition, including Captain Planet and The Planateers, Lemmings, The Simpsons, James Pond 2, Robocop, Mouse, Joystick; together with a Texas Instruments "Little Professor" Calculator, untested. 70-120
41.     A Sinclair ZX Spectrum Home Computer, literature Bush audio cassette recorder, software, together with a Sega Mega Drive gaming console, one controller Sonic The Hedgehog 16-Bit games cartridge, (all untested). 30-50
42.     An Amstrad CPC 464 64K Colour Personal Computer, Amstrad CTM 644 Colour Monitor, plus a quantity of games (cassette format) including Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Daley Thompson's Super Test, Gazza's Super Soccer, (all untested). 40-70
43.     A Nintendo WII Gaming Console, (untested); together with a quantity of XBox One, Nintendo WII, PSP, DS, Nintendo Gamecube Games. 20-30
44.     A Sony Playstation 2 (PS2) Gaming Console, (untested), controllers, peripherals, a quantity of games, including Moto GP, Resident Evil - Code Veronica X. 25-40
45.     Retro Gaming: Sinclair ZX Spectrum Console, with joystick and user guide, games to include Chequered Flag, Rifle Range, Fighting Warrior, untested sold for parts. 30-50
46.     A Nintendo Game Boy, (model No. DMG-01) transparent/clear case, four games including Super Mario Land 2, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong Land, Mario Blast, some literature present, all presented within a clear perspex storage case, untested. 50-80
47.     Seventeen Original Circa 1980's He-Man Masters Of he Universe Plastic Action Figures, including He-man, Skeletor, Webstor, Zodac, Trap Jaw, Whiplash, plus a green/orange Battle Cat, small parts may be missing. 50-80
48.     A Boxed Sega Mega Drive II, 16 Bit Video Console, (untested) one control pad, eleven games cartridges, including Sonic The Hedgehog, Aladdin. 80-100
49.     A Boxed Nintendo Game Boy Compact Video Game System, front screen fascia detached (held in place with sellotape), Tetris and Super Mario Land Games, literature, untested. 30-50
50.     A Sinclair ZX81 Personal Computer 16K Ram Pack, ZX81 basic programming book, boxed, (untested). 30-50
51.     Fourteen Original Circa 1980's Ghostbusters Figures/Toys, and ECTO2 Helicopter (incomplete), figures include Peter Venkman, Mini Traps, Winston, Granny Gross, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler. 30-40
52.     An Original Star Wars Trilogy Return of The Jedi Speeder Bike Vehicle, near complete however small parts missing including rear flaps, no instructions, boxed. 25-40
53.     An Original Star Wars Trilogy Return of The Jedi Tri-Logo Endor Forest Ranger Vehicle,in original box (crushed/creased), no instruction literature present. 30-50
54.     Two Modern Star Wars Carded Figures, both cards, bearing signatures (unverified), R2-D2 'To Joe, Bleep! Bleep! R2-D2 Kenny Baker'. Boba Fett 'To Joe Be Cool Jeremy Bulloch Boba Fett'. 30-50
55.     Original Star Wars Trilogy Kenner Millennium Falcon and X-Wing Fighter, small parts missing, playworn. 40-60
56.     A Collection of Seven Original Star Wars Trilogy Space Vehicles/Mini Rigs, to include MLC-3 mobile laser cannon (boxed with original instructions), AST-5 (boxed no instructions - damage to gun), ISP-6 Cap-2, mostly playworn and unboxed. 40-60
57.     Four Original Star Wars Trilogy Plastic Toy Creatures, including Hoth Wampa, Kenner (1979) Patrol Dewback, Tauntaun, Jabba The Hut, playroom. 40-60
58.     Original Star Wars Trilogy Plastic Toy Models, At-At (Kenner) and Millennium Falcon (Kenner) both incomplete, missing small parts, playworn, together with a Princess Leia plastic model figure (1980). 30-50
59.     A Collection of Approximately Thirty Jakks Pacific Plastic Action Figure WWE/WWF Wrestlers and Ring Accessories, together with a mid XX Century clockwork toy drummer elephant (damaged). 35-60
60.     Six Modern Star Wars Boxed Toys/Sets, to include Kenner (1996) Death Star Escape Star Wars Episode I Micro Machines Darth Maul/Theed Generator, unchecked for completeness of all parts. 30-50
61.     Approximately Fifty Plastic Action Figures, by Jakks Pacific and others, mostly WWE characters, small parts may be missing:- One Box 30-50
62.     Star Wars Interest, to include annuals, dvds, videos, Episode I ceramic mug, three Star Wars comics - :Luke vs. Barron Tagge! No 56 noted. 25-40
63.     Doctor Who and Harry Potter Interest, to include Doctor Who The Time Travelling Action Game (sealed), Playmates Doctor Who Micro Universe three figure pack, Playmates Micro Universe Tardis collector case, Sonic Screwdriver, three carded Harry Potter figures by Mattel:- Quidditch, Professor Snape, Invisibility Cloak Harry. 35-60
64.     Twenty Plus Modern Star Wars Action figure by Kenner, to include a Star Wars The Power of The Force Greedo Action Figure, with unverified signed dedication to card "To Joe From 'Greedo' Paul Blake" (unopened), most figures with cards and mostly opened packaging. 30-50
65.     Four Eagle Moss Star Trek Collectable Star Ship Models, comprising of Klingon D4 Bird of Prey, V'Ger, Scimitar, U.S.S Enterprise XCV-330, all boxed. 30-50
66.     A Quantity of Original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Plastic Action Figures, by Playmates including Pizzaface, Shredder, Rocksteady Genghis Frog, General Traag, mostly with accessories Turtle Bump, a Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles storage tin (45cm high). 30-50
67.     A Large Quantity of Loose Lego Components, assorted colour, (one tub). 30-50
68.     Subbuteo Table Soccer Continental Club Edition Set, including players, cloth pitch, goals, ball, (some damage/glue repairs noted to players); together with a quantity of Tonka Toys and similar, amongst other items. 25-40
69.     A Matchbox Thunderbirds Tracy Island Electronic Playset, boxed; together with Thunderbirds 1,2,3. 20-30
70.     Star Wars Interest, to include Kenner 12" Action Figure Darth Vader Luke Skywalker, Star Wars Interactive board game (unchecked). 30-50
71.     A Quantity of Playworn Diecast Model Vehicles, by Matchbox, Lledo,. Polistil, Corgi and other:- Two Boxes. 25-40
72.     Three Boxes of 2000AD Comics, issues from the 1990's and later. 30-40
73.     A Quantity of Mostly Loose Lego Components and Similar, including unopened Lego City #60180 Monster Truck:- Two Boxes 30-40
74.     Eight Eagle Moss Star Trek Collectable Star Ship Models, including Borg Cube, Spock's Jellyfish Ship, Deep Space Nine, sometimes with magazines, boxed. 40-60
75.     A Quantity of Mainly 1:18th/1:12th Scale Diecast Model Vehicles, by Polistil, Burago, Maisto and other, all playworn, missing parts/damage:- One Box 20-40
76.     A Large Quantity of Loose Lego Components, sometimes partially constructed to include fire truck, police boat, aircraft, sports car, buggy, railtrack, coast guard, Lego people:- Two Boxes 40-70
77.     Harrods Christmas Bear '1993', Harrods Bear with faux fur jacket, along with three Christmas Fraser Bears, '2003', '2004' and '2002'. 30-40
78.     Two Boxed Battery Operated Toy Robots, including Robot Commander 'Zadak', approximately 15" high, untested, wear and tear to boxes. 20-40
79.     A Quantity of Loose Lego Components, including a mostly constructed Chevrolet ZR1, Police Vehicle, Coastguard Rib, Lego Creator #10252 instruction manual (two tubs and a Lego storage head). 35-60
80.     Five Plastic Toy Dolls, to include Sindy, brown hair, Sindy's boyfriend Paul, a quantity of Sindy clothes including coats, skirts, trousers, dresses, footwear and literature. 40-70
81.     A Maisto 1:12th Scale Diecast Model Pink Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz (1959), model is unboxed and previously displayed with small parts missing, together with a boxed Jouef Evolution 1:18th scale diecast model Ford Mustang, (box tatty). 30-50
82.     Twenty Four Ty Beanie Baby Soft Toys, all with tags in ears, to include Diana Bear, Wallace, B.B Bear, Groovy, Kicks etc. 25-40
83.     A Qty of Circa 1980's Lego Fabuland Items, to include assorted animal figures, vehicles, buildings, etc. 20-30
84.     A Paddington Bear Soft Toy, wearing a red duffle coat and blue wellington boots, (lacking hat); together with a Wendy Boston Basil Brush Soft Toy. 25-40
85.     A Collection of Dolls, including on inscribed 'Rosebud' (5):- One Box 20-40
86.     Five Harrods Christmas Bears, to include '2001', '2005', '2002', '2009', and ''1997':- One Box. 30-50
87.     A Circa Early 1970's Palitoy Tumbling Circo Clown and His Car, yellow clowns car with red fittings battery operated untested. Clown figure - check trousers, black jacket, green bow tie; together with another clown figure wearing colourful dungarees, head broken/detached from body, a Lledo Billy Smarts Circus Model Big Top Tent. 25-40
88.     Two Bagatelle Games, to include vintage Lindstrom's Atlas Bagatelle Board Game. 30-50
89.     Two Dolls House Room Dioramas, Kitchen to include maid, gentleman, stove, table and chairs, dresser, cooking utensils, child's bedroom to include bed, cot, nanny, children, drawers, toy box, toys. Presented within two glass fronted wooden construction display cases measuring 40.5cm across, 29cm deep, 32.5cm tall. 30-50
90.     Two Dolls House Room Dioramas, Dining Room to include maid, dining table, chairs, chaise lounge, birdcage, cat, ornaments, Bedroom to include lady, four poster bed, chair, bedside table and chairs, table and lamps, wardrobe, commode, presented within two glass fronted wooden construction display cases measuring 40.5cm across, 29.5cm deep, 32.5cm tall. 30-50
91.     Nintendo Donkey Kong II 'Game & Watch' Multi screen Hand Held Game, Model No JR-55. 40-60
92.     Eight Early 1970's Mattel Hot Wheels Zowees, including 'Knight', 'Baby Buggy', 'Bumble Bee', 'Diablo'. 20-40
93.     A Highly Collectable #SC379 Sky Classics 1:200 Scale Handmade White Metal Model Mil-8 Aeroflot Helicopter, boxed. 40-70
94.     A Bebe Jumeau Bisque head doll (Paris, France), with fixed blue glass eyes, painted lashes and brows, closed painted mouth, pierced ears. Jumeau jointed wood / composition body, red printed marks to back of head "Depose Tete Jumeau Bte S.G.D.C", unclothed, measuring approx 25cm tall. 300-500
95.     A Boxed Dinky Toys No.49 Petrol Pumps Set, rubber hoses perished; together with a boxed Dinky Toys No.160 Royal Artillery Personnel, (incomplete), four figures present in box. 40-70
96.     A Tri-ang Plastic Model 10inch Scale Clockwork Powered Motor Lifeboat, mast and original key present, boxed. 25-40
97.     An Original Star Wars Trilogy Nikto Plastic Action Figure, carded Tri Logo Return of The Jedi packaging significant damage to top of bubble, figure may have preciously been removed from bubble, creasing to card. 40-60
98.     Four Original Star Wars Trilogy Space Vehicles, including At-At Scout Walker Vehicle, Snow Speeder, missing small parts, playworn. 40-70
99.     An Original Star Wars Paploo 'Ewok' Last Seventeen Plastic Action Figure with Paploo Hood, no staff. 25-40
100.    A Mego Corp Starksky and Hutch, circa 1976 carded figure of Hutch, damage to top of bubble, slight creasing to card. 30-50
101.    Approximately Eighty Pokemon Cards, including Magneton, Charmeleon, Dratini, Onix, Machop, Metapod Squirtle, Trainer - Bill, Energy, presented within one album. 25-50
102.    Thirty Original Star Wars Trilogy Plastic Action Figures, to include Sy Snootles and The Rebo Band, Biker Scout, Klaatu, Lando Calrissian, Squid Head, The Emperor (with staff). Jawa (Cloth cape) mostly without weapons and accessories. 70-120
103.    Twenty Two Original Star Wars Trilogy Plastic Action Figures, to include Boba Fett, Teebo, Yoda, Princess Leia, Organa, Gamorrean Guard, Chief Chirpa, sometimes with weapons/accessories. 50-80
104.    Twenty Original Star Wars Trilogy Plastic Model Action Figures, including Walrus Man, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Nien Numb, Princess Leia Organa, Admiral Ackbar, no weapons/accessories. 50-70
105.    A Collection of Plush Soft Toys, to include 'Merrythought' Pony, 'Bruins' teddy bear, 'Merrythought' rabbit, 'Silver tag bears by Suki', teddy 'Gund' bear, 'Merrythought' cow, etc, two 'Deans rag Books', teddy purse:- One Box 20-40
106.    A Quantity of Toys, including Cabbage Patch Kid, clown, Furby, Humpty Dumpty and hand puppet:- One Box 20-40
107.    Three Large Plush Soft Toys, old English sheepdog, teddy bear with growler function and a lion, no odours. (3) 20-40
108.    Two Mainline 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed L.M.S Black 4-6-0 Steam Locomotives and Six Wheel Tenders, Ref No 37.074 Jubilee Class 'Neptune' R/No 5687 and Ref No 37.056 rebuilt Royal Scot R/No 6115, both good/good boxes, u/t. 50-70
109.    Two Rivarossi 'HO' Gauge Continental Outline 4-6-2 Steam Locomotives and Eight Wheel Tenders, Ref No. 1349 Class 01, DB Rail, R/No. 01.196 and Ref No. 1336, "S.N.C.F' Rail, R/No. 231-E.13, (both very good, good boxes - U/T). 60-90
110.    A Bachmann 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No 31.552 Class V2, 2-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, BR green R/No 60964 (good, good box), u/t. 30-50
111.    Two 'OO' Gauge/4mm Mainline 4-6-0 Boxed Steam Locomotives, with six wheel tenders - Jubilee Class 5XP L.M.S Black, R/No. 5687 and Ref No. 936153 "Amethyst" BR Black R/No. 45700 (both good, U/T). 50-80
112.    Two Boxed Hornby 'OO' Gauge Locomotives, comprising of Duchess Class 4-6-2 locomotive and six wheeled tender, LMS maroon R/No 6233 'Duchess of Sutherland', Class 5 'Black 5' 4-6-0 locomotive and six wheeled tender (tender top loose), R/No 45112, BR black associated boxes (poor). 40-60
113.    Marklin Hamo Ref No. 8389 Boxed 'HO' Gauge DR Rail 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Eight Wheel Tender, DR maroon, R/No. 03.1005, (very good, U/T), fair box. 50-80
114.    Two 'HO' Gauge Fleischmann Boxed Continental Outline DR Rail Steam Locomotives, Ref No. 4174 2-10-0 Class 50 with eight wheel tender, R/No. 50.008. Plus Reg No. 1324, Class 65 2-8-4 Tank R/No. 65014, (both very good, U/T). 60-90
115.    Bachmann 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No 31-153 Jubilee Class 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, BR green R/No 45596 (good boxed condition) u/t. 30-50
116.    Two 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Steam Tender Locomotives, Airfix 4-6-0 Class 7P Royal Scot BR green, R/No (fair, tender buffer beam detached), contained in poor Hornby box, plus Hornby 'Royal Lancer' L.N.E.R green R/No 4476(good, poor box) u/t. 50-70
117.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Steam Locomotives With Six Wheel Tenders, Ref No. R060 Class B17 4-6-0 "Leeds United" BR green, R/No. 61656 and Ref No. R2052 4-6-2 "Queen Maud" L.M.S maroon, R/No. 6211. 60-90
118.    Marklin 'HO' Gauge Boxed Continental Outline 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Eight Wheel Tenders, Ref No. 3021 Class 01 DB Rail, R/No. 01.1100, (very good, U/T). 40-60
119.    Two 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, Dapol Ref No D17 Class 2P, 4-4-0 LMS maroon R/No 563 )good, fair box),u/t, plus a Lima Ref No 205119 'Mogul Crab' LMS maroon,R/No 13000 (good, fair box), u/t. 50-70
120.    Bachmann 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No 31.105 BR Class 4, 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, BR black R/No 75078 (good boxed condition) u/t. 30-50
121.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Class A4 4-6-2 Steam Locomotives with Eight Wheel Tenders "Silver Fox", L.N.E.R R/No. 2512 (poor box) and Ref No. R376 L.N.E.R blue "Gadwall" R/No. 4469 (Ltd Edition), (both good, U/T). 60-90
122.    Two 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, Airfix Ref No 54122 0-6-0 'Fowler' L.M.S black R/No 4454 and Mainline Ref No 37.057 rebuilt Royal Scot BR green R/No 46100, both good, fair boxes. u/t. 50-70
123.    Two 'HO' Gauge 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Eight Wheel Tenders, a Jouef Ref No. 8255 S.N.C.F Rail R/No. 231.K.82 (good/fair box). Plus a Rivarossi USRA Heavy Pacific, overpainted, renumbered 3564 with "P.O. railway to Cab, (good - in Lima box), both U/T. 40-60
124.    Two Mainline Railways 'OO' Gauge Locomotives, comprising of #37-050 type 4 ICO-CO1, diesel locomotive BR green, R/No D49, 'The Manchester Regiment', A Manor class 4-6-0 locomotive and six wheeled tender, BR green, R/No 7827 'Lydham Manor', boxed. 40-60
125.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Steam Locomotives and Six Wheel Tender, Class 7P "Queen Maud" 4-6-2 LMS maroon R/No. 6211 (very good). Plus a Class B17/4 4-6-0 BR black "Liverpool" R/No. E1664 (both very good but in Lima boxes). 50-70
126.    A Marklin 'HO' Gauge Ref No. 8382 Boxed Continental Outline 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Eight Wheel Tender, DB Rail, Reg No. 003.160-9 (very good- good box - U/T). 30-50
A Marklin 'HO' Gauge Continental Outline Electric Co-Co Locomotive, boxed a Lima Ref No. 8055 Class 151 DB Rail, R/No. 8055 Class 151, DB Rail R/No 151.166.0, (good, fair box - U/T). Plus a Fleischmann Ref No, 4380 Class 151, DB Rail R/ nO. 151.030-4, (very good, good box - U/T). 40-60
128.    Roco Ref No. 43239 'HO' Gauge Continental Outline 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Eight Wheel Tender, Class 01 DR black, R/No. 01.2137.6. (boxed very good, U/T). 30-50
129.    Two 'HO' Gauge Continental Outline Boxed Steam Locomotives and Eight Wheel Tenders, a Piko 2-10-0 Class BR52, R/ No. 24, (very good, good box - U/T). Plus a Piko (?) 4-6-2 (Diecast) R/No 18601 (good - fair incorrect box - U/T). 40-60
130.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Locomotives, A "Flying Scotman" L.N.E.R green R/No. 4472 (very good - poor box) and Ref No. R589 Class 86 Bo-Bo Electric BR grey over red "Post Haste" R/No. 86419 (very good - fair box). 30-50
131.    Two HO Gauge Continental Outline Electric Co-Co Locomotives - Boxed, a Llima ref 8055 class 151 DB rail ro. no 151.166.0 (good, fair box) Untested. plus a Fleischmann ref 4380 class 451 DB rail running number 151.030-4 (v- good), good box, Untested. 40-60
132.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge Locomotives and Tenders,comprising of #R832 Princess Class 4-6-2 locomotive and tender BR green (not LMS As per box and literature), R/No 46201, 'Princess Elizabeth', #R357 LMS Patriot class 5XP 4-6-0 locomotive and tender, 'Duke of Sutherland', R/No 5541, boxed. 40-60
133.    Trix Trains 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No 1186 Class A2, 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Eight Wheel Tender, 'A H Peppercorn' L.N.E.R green R/No 525 (good, tender body loose, fair box). 30-50
134.    A Hornby "OO" Gauge #R2675 LNER Class A1 4-6-2 Locomotive and Tender, 'Flying Scotsman', R/No. 4472, LNER green livery, boxed. 30-50
135.    Two 'OO' Gauge Locomotives, comprising of Bachmann #31-158 Jubilee Class 4-6-0 locomotive and six wheeled tender, R/No 45742. 'Connaught' BR green E/Emblem, Hornby #R392 GWR County Class 4-4-0 and six wheeled powered tender, 'County of Bedford', R/No 3821, boxed. 40-60
136.    An Assorted Collection of White Metal, Plastic Model figures, Soldiers, Both on Foot and Mounted, Farm Animals, makers include Britains Deetail, De Agostini, Crescent, Cherilea:- One Box. 25-40
137.    Ten Diecast Model Vehicles, by Corgi, Matchbox, including Corgi The AEC Regal, Matchbox YS-38 1920 Rolls Royce Armoured Van, boxed. 20-30
138.    Twenty 'HO' Gauge Continental Outline Coaches, by Lima and Jouef, four 'SNCF', four 'FS', three 'DB' Rail and eight 'Compagnie Internationale', four items boxed otherwise loose, overall condition, fair to very good. 40-60
139.    A Quantity of Diecast Model Vehicles by Corgi, Matchbox, Welly and Other, including Corgi #97087 Bedford Pantechnicon, #01803 Inspector Morse Jaguar 2.4 (box poor), Matchbox 'Models of Yesteryear' Y-9 1912 Simplex, mostly in original packaging. 25-40
140.    A Quantity of Playworn Diecast Model Vehicles, by Corgi, Dinky, Matchbox, including Corgi Toys James Bond 'New' Aston Martin DB5. 20-40
141.    Approximately Fifty Boxed Diecast Model Vehicles, by Corgi (cameo), Lledo, Matchbox:- One Box. 25-40
142.    A Quantity of Mainly Hornby Dublo Model Railway Items, including two 0-6-0 Tank Locomotives (damaged), rolling stock, track, playworn. 20-40
143.    Approximately Thirty Five Diecast Model Vehicles, by Atlas Editions, EFE, Lledo, including EFE 1:76th Leeds Transport Tram C.W.S, #13402, Atlas Editions 1:76th Scale Blackpool Balloon Tram (sealed), mostly boxed. 30-40
144.    A Corgi 'the Aviation Archive' 1:144th Scale Diecast Model Short Sunderland MKII - W4004, six Tonka/Polistil Diecast Model Military Aircraft, Hurricane (3), Spitfire (3), all boxed. 20-30
145.    A Quantity of Plastic and Diecast Model Vehicles, by Dinky, Matchbox, Corgi and other including Corgi Major Ford truck with transporter, together with circa 1970's Britains plastic farm animals, fencing, etc, playwrorn. 30-40
146.    Eleven Boxed Diecast Model Vehicles, by Atlas Editions Corgi, all with Eddie Stobart liveries, including Man TGX XXL Curtainside, Mollie Ann, H023. 30-50
147.    An Assorted Collection of Diecast and Plastic Model Vehicles, Aircraft, Motorcycles, by Matchbox, Tonka, Realtoy, Burago, mostly playworn with small parts missing and/or damage. 15-25
148.    Twenty One Matchbox 'The Dinky Collection' Diecast Model Vehicles, to include #DY-903 Classic British Sports Car Series 2, #DYS-10 1950 Mercedes-Benz Diesel Omnibus type 0-3500, boxed. 40-60
149.    Lego - A Collection of Mostly Unboxed Lego, sorted into bags by component or set type to include #625 tractor, Lego Technic, #8040 (boxed) pneumatic universal building set, flat bricks, wheels, doors, windows, Lego carry tray, Lego instruction booklets/product literature. 40-70
150.    Thirty Plus Boxed Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, including #Y-5 1927 Talbot Van 'Taystee Old Fashioned Enriched Bread'. 25-40
151.    Lego - A Collection of Unboxed Lego, mostly sorted into bags by component or set type, to include Legoland #6368 Aircraft #6010 supply wagon #6501 sport convertible, fencing, archways, tiles, lights, mini figures. 40-70
152.    Anki Overdrive Robotic Battle Racing Starter Kit, incomplete (boxed). 10-20
153.    A Quantity of Bayko Building Sets Components and Instructions Literature, mostly presented and sorted by component type. 25-40
154.    A Triang TT Train Set Box, containing a TT Gauge"Windsor Castle" 4-6-0 Locomotive and Tender, plus a TTg 0-6-0 Tank BR black R/No 47607 (both good), two BR maroon coaches, six items of rolling stock, two controllers etc, (Triang box poor), also a Triang No 1 power unit plus two Airfix kits (not checked), Merit station box, etc. 20-40
155.    Approximately Thirty Diecast Model Vehicles, predominantly Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, including Bang and Olufsen Edition, mostly boxed. 25-40
156.    A Quantity of Playworn Diecast Model Vehicles, by Matchbox, Lone Star, Corgi, Polistil and other:- One Box. 25-40
157.    A Boxed Corgi #TY96401 Red Dwarf Die Cast Model, Red Dwarf dvds, Thundercats annual, Vanguards 1:43 scale Morris Minor van 'AA' boxed, amongst other items. 25-40
158.    An Interesting Collection of Diecast Model Vehicles, by Dinky, Corgi, John Hill and Co, Husky, Matchbox and other, including playworn John Hill and Co motorcycle and sidecar, Dinky Toys Joe's car, #105 Maximum security vehicle, Corgi, James Bond Aston Martin DB5, early Dinky noted, playworn and better. 30-60
159.    Eight Military Themed Diecast and Plastic Model Aircraft Helicopter by Corgi, Cafereo, Atlas Editions and Other, including Corgi #US 51202 1:48th scale Vietnam Series II AH-1G Huey Cobra Attack Helicopter U.S.M.C (box poor), all in original packaging. 25-35
160.    A Quantity of Playworn Diecast Model Vehicles, by Matchbox, Dinky Toys, Corgi and other:- One Box. 25-40
161.    Seventeen Matchbox 'The Dinky Collection' Diecast Model Vehicles, to include #DY-902 Classic Sports Car Series 1 (three model cars presented on a wooden plinth), #DY-16 1967 Ford Mustang Fast Back, boxed. 30-50
162.    Approximately Ninety 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Items of Four Wheel Rolling Stock, brake vans, ore wagons, box vans, tank wagons, hoppers, etc, by Hornby, Dapol, Bachmann etc, all home weathered and appear complete with wheel couplings, buffers. 40-60
163.    An Assorted Collection of Diecast and Plastic Model Vehicles, by Lledo, Matchbox, Majorette and other, including The Discovery Store, radio controlled toy mini, mostly in original packaging. 20-30
164.    Model Railway Interest - A collection of 'O', 'OO', 'TTR' gauge model railway items, include TTR 0-4-0 tank locomotive, Crescent white metal signals, switches, track, wagons, locomotives, rolling stock playworm spares/repair;- One Tub. 25-40
165.    A Quantity of Circa 1970's Lego Components, presented within a Lego branded wooden box, lefo #37, #222, literature. 30-50
166.    Hornby 'O' Gauge Model Railway Interest, to include a Clock Work No.2 Special 4-4-2 Tank Locomotive, in LMS Crimson, (no key), spring working, a boxed Luggage Van No.1, No.1 Timber Wagon, track. 50-70
167.    Model Railway Interest, items include Hornby Minitrix N.201 'N' Gauge 0-6-0 tank locomotive, R/No 47160, boxed, vintage 'OO' scale painted lead model railway platform figures, lineside buildings controllers, presented within a wooden storage box. 30-50
168.    A Collection of Hand Painted White Metal Model Military Figures, together with six diecast model vehicles, including Corgi James Bond 007 #TY02501 Sunbeam Alpine, 'TY06402 Renault taxi, boxed. 30-50
169.    A Quantity of Early Scalextric Slot Cars and Accessories, including racing car #10 red, #17 blue, #3 red, #7 blue, two hand controllers, track, barriers, spectators, starter on rostrum, finish banner, all playworn. 40-60
170.    One Hundred Plus Lledo 'Days Gone' Diecast Model Vehicles, all presented within seven Lledo Days Gone wall hanging display cases. 25-40
171.    Twenty Two 'HO' Gauge Boxed Items of Continental Outline Rolling Stock, by Piko, Jouef, Tillig, Liliput/Bemo etc, box vans, hoppers, tank wagons, etc, of interest a Fleischmann Ref No 5595 breakdown crane, a Sachsenmodelle Ref No 76176 tank wagon and Ref No 16007 'Stuckgut Schnell' twin box van, overall condition new to very good, boxes fair to very good. 50-70
172.    A Triang Clockwork Model 'Burnham II' Motor Cruiser, boxed. Airfix "OO" scale bagged plastic model D.U.K.W kit. A boxed Rosebud doll, amongst other items. 25-40
173.    A Quantity of Diecast Model Vehicles by Burago, Corgi, Maisto and Other, including Burago Chevrolet Corvette 1957, Corgi Stobart Box Trailer, mostly unboxed, small parts may be missing and/or damage, (one box). 20-40
174.    A Collection of Toys and Games, including John Waddington Monopoly game pieces/items (no board), Totopoly game, Subuteo table cricket and soccer items, OO scale fielders and scoreboard noted, unchecked for completeness. 25-40
175.    A Boxed Hasbro Amaze.A.Matics Chevrolet Astrovette 'The Fantastic Car With a Brain', all playworn, Triang recovery truck, (paint loss/corrosion), a boxed Masto 1:18th scale Mini Cooper. 25-40
176.    A Collection of Tri-ang "OO" Gauge Model Railway Items, to include #RS/26 Set (mostly complete) #R.157 Diesel Railcar (boxed) rolling stock, lineside buildings, two signals by Crescent, tack (poor), literature including Tri-ang eighth edition catalogue. 35-50
177.    Eight Plastic Model Kits, by Scalecraft, Airfix, Revell, Pyro,mostly unstared to include Airfix 32 scale Dennis Fire Engine, Airfix 600 scale Free Enterprise II, Pyro 1/32 scale 32 Lincoln KB Sport Convertible, some loose pats off sprues noted, unchecked for completeness, mostly boxed. 20-40
178.    Three Diecast Model Royal State Coaches, by Crescent Toys - The Queens Silver Jubilee 1977, Crescent No. 1303 State Coach and four Matchbox Diecast Model Silver Jubilee Souvenir Buses, all in original packaging. 30-50
179.    A Quantity of Items Recovered From a Railway Modelers Workshop, mainly a variety of (poly bag) electrical components, Darstead capacitors, switches, plus some loco components, couplings etc:- One Box. 30-50
180.    Forty Plus Lledo 'Days Gone' and Similar Diecast Model Vehicles, including Exchange and Mart Series 5 Set, mostly boxed. 25-40
181.    A Large Quantity of Loose Lego Components, sometimes sorted by type, including Lego wheels/tyres, black components, white components Ferrari, Porsche Sportcars assorted Lego people characters. All within a four drawer plastic storage system, closer inspection recommended. 50-80
182.    A Mixed Collection of Toys, Toy Vehicles, and Games, to include Glevum series table top bagatelle, Mattel Ken Doll (Barbie), box poor, a battery operated Palitoy Merlin 'The Electronic Games Machine, Walton Film Fireball XL5/Stingray 8mm home movie, Mettoy red Chevrolet computacar (car only), a tinplate clockwork model Bluebird wonder Speedboat by Sutcliffe Model (no key present). 25-40
183.    Peco 'N' Gauge One Metre Length Flexible Track (New/Boxed) Twenty Sections Ref SL302, (concrete sleeper), twelve sections Ref SL300/wooden sleeper type), plus twelve sections, used/wooden , ten sections Atlas 75cm new track, and approximately twenty pieces various length used Peco streamline, also a small quantity of scenic layout mat (gravel and grass types). 40-60
184.    Five Boxed Bachmann #37-327B 'OO' Gauge 90 Tonne Bogie Hopper Wagons, JGA 'Buxton Line'. 50-80
185.    Nine 'N' Gauge Cased U.S.A Outline Coaches, Santa Fe, nickel plate liveries, etc, various manufacturers, (fair to good). 20-40
186.    A Collection of Twelve Eagle Moss Star Trek Star Ship Models, (no magazines), boxed. 30-50
187.    Approximately Thirty 'N' Gauge Items, unboxed rolling stock, coaches, tank wagons box vans et , all U.S.A Outline, various manufacturers, (good). 30-50
188.    Two Lima 'HO' Gauge Ref 9125 Electric Rail Bus Trailers, Class 815 DB Rail R/No's 815.606.9 (both good, poor boxes), plus two Lima 'HO' gauge 'BP' tank wagons (good, poor boxes). 20-40
189.    A Quantity of 'OO' Gauge/4mm Loose and Blister Packed Trackside Layout, lighting signals, telegraph poles, etc. 20-40
190.    Eight Diecast Model Buses, by Corgi, Matchbox, Dinky, EFE, including Corgi #476 British Telecom, 'Dinky Toys #269 Routemaster Bus "Esso", boxed. 25-40
191.    Ten 'N' Gauge Cased U.S.A Outline Items, rolling stock, box vans, hoppers, caboose, various liveries/manufacturers, (good). 20-40
192.    Three Triang/Hornby 'OO' Gauge Blue and White Pullman Cars, comprising of diesel Pullman car (powered), Pullman parlour car, Pullman car (dummy), boxed, untested, together with five boxed 'OO'/'HO' gauge rolling stock items, including Hornby R6547 2011 20 ton tank wagon R6609 Hornby 2012 wagon. 30-50
193.    Eight Atlas 'N' Gauge Ref No 3268 Cased 'Santa Fe' Hoppers, plus Ref 3034 'Hehum' tank wagon, and 'Frisco' box van, (good/good boxes), (10). 25-40
194.    A Circa 1960's Action Man, hard plastic head with brown painted hair, brown eyes, scar to cheek, masking tape to both feet/ankles, right foot damaged, sellotape to right hand, reverse torso marked 'Made In England by Palitoy under license from Hasbro 1964'; together with a quantity of Action Man accessories, including clothing, dive tanks, divers helmet, weapons. 25-50
195.    Approximately Twenty Point Motors, by Hornby etc, plus approximately eight points/slips, mainly loose Hornby (China) and Peco, (good/very good). 60-90
196.    A Quantity of Diecast Model Military Vehicles, by Britains, Dinky Toys, Matchbox and other, playworn. 20-30
197.    Five Con-Cor 'N' Gauge Cased 'BI Level' Burlington and Santa Fe Coaches REf No's 4424 and 4425, plus five single deck coaches, Santa Fe and Union Pacific liveries (all good/good boxes), (10) 25-40
198.    A Quantity of Loose Diecast and Plastic Vehicles etc, including seven good Matchbox Lesney No's 5, 8A, 24, 31, 35, 38 and 53 (Aston Martin) - Dinky No's 704 and 706 planes (fair), and Mercury Seaplane (poor), Corgi M.G.A (good), Mettoy 1/45 scale Karrier Bantam drinks van, dark red body, gold spun wheels, excellent logo/decal to rear - Kellogs 1950's 'Jig Toy's' - Joyef 'Panamericaine' clockwork car (good) - a large scale "Karrier" articulated lorry (plastic damage to cab), etc. 40-60
199.    Ten 'N' Gauge Cased U.S.A Outline Items, rolling stock box vans, hopper, flat with cable load, etc, various liveries/manufactures, (good). 20-40
200.    Four Boxed Items of 'HO' Gauge USA/Canada Rolling Stock,A Life like "CN" Caboose, plus three Airfix Ref No 54051 "Exploding Rail Cars", Central Pacific RB livery, all very good/very good boxes. 20-40
201.    A Circa 1960's Action man, hard plastic head with blonde painted hair, brown eyes, scar to cheek, masking tape to ankle/foot (repaired)? together with a quantity of Action Man accessories, including clothing, weapons, dinghy, rucksack. 30-50
202.    Five Minitrix 'N' Gauge Cased U.S.A Outline 'Peabody' Hoppers Ref No 3279, plus five other rolling stock items, box vans 'Holly Sugar' hopper and Southern Pacific tank wagon, (all good), (10) 25-40
203.    Ten 'OO'Gauge/4mm Boxed Items of Rolling Stock, four Airfix Ref no 's 54360/54330/543769 and 54382 "Highley" ore wagon, a Mainline brake van and five Hornby Ref No's R002 (Birds van), R225 (2), R126 car transporter and R633 BR freight liner, all very good/good box's. 20-40
204.    Twelve 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed L.M.S Maroon Coaches, by Hornby, Airfix etc, of interest lot includes two (Hornby/China) 'The Coronation Scot', (all good). 25-40
205.    Nine 'HO' Gauge Boxed items of U.S.A Outline Rolling Stock, five Mehano (hoppers, snow plough etc), a model power 'Penn' coach two tank wagon kits, all good/boxes good, plus a Mehano 'Penn' crane car/boom tender (playworn). 15-30
206.    Eleven 1:76th Scale Diecast Model Buses, by EFE to including #15606 Routemaster Bus East Yorkshire, boxed. 30-50
207.    Seven 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed items of Rolling Stock, (Lima, Dapol etc), four boxed Roco 'Minitanks' Ref No's 105, 228. 388 and 792, two C. Turner models resin figure sets, and a ERTL Mighty Movers caterpillar, (blister pack) set (all good)/packaging good) (14). 20-40
209.    Eight 1:76th Scale Diecast Model Single Decker Buses, including #15705 Plaxton Coach S.U.T, boxed. 30-50
209A.   Contents of an 'N' and 'OO' Gauge Model Railway Modellers Workshop, to include boxed Airfix Locomotive kits, Kitmaster, loose components, etc (all unchecked). 30-40
210.    Twenty 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Items of Rolling Stock, by Hornby, Wrenn, Lima etc, tank wagons (10), box vans, low loaders, etc, (all good). 20-40
211.    Five 'OO' Gauge/4mm Diesel Locomotives Unboxed, two Hornby Class 31 R/No's D5572, a Mainline
Class 56 BR blue R/No 56086, a Hornby Class 25 and Lima Class 33 R/No D6524 (fair to good) u/t.
212.    Six 'HO' Gauge U.S.A Outline Stream Line Coaches, three unboxed Lima and three boxed Athern (good). 15-30
213.    Five 1:17th/1:24th Scale Diecast Model Vehicles, by Franklin Mint, Maisto, ERTL, Solido including Franklin Mint precision model 1:24 Rolls Royce Silver Seraph (mascot missing), Solido Citroen 2CV, all unboxed, small parts may be missing. 25-40
214.    Twenty Two 'HO' Gauge Unboxed Items of Continental Outline Rolling Stock, box vans, ore wagons, baggage vans etc, various manufactures, playworn to very good. 25-40
215.    Triang 'OO'Gauge/4mm 4-6-2 "Britannia" Steam Locomotive and Tender, BR green R/No 7000 (fair, poor boxes), a boxed Ref R523F tank BR black R/No 47606 (fair, good box), three West Country Coaches Rf No's R330 (2), and R331 (fair, poor boxes), three good signals, a boxed level crossing, six items of rolling stock and a powered D.M.U, unboxed locomotive BR green R/No M79628 (fair). (17) loco's u/t 25-40
216.    A Triang 'OO' Gauge/4mm Transcontinental Mail Coach, Baggage Car and Passenger Coach R/No 10724 (Three Items), plus a Lima BT maroon, brake R/No M25290, two Triang 'Blood/Custard', a Hornby Pullman 'Lucille', a Triang Royal Mail, three BR maroon (over painted) coaches, and two Hornby 'Virgin' coaches R/No 9507 (fair to very good) (13) 25-40
217.    A Frog 1:72nd Scale Kawanishi H8K2 'Emily' Flying Boat, Airfix 1804 Steam Locomotive, Revell Thunderstreak and Tri-ang Hotspur II, all sets boxed, unchecked for completeness. 20-40
218.    Three Lima 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Locomotives, a Class 117 Motor Brake R/No. W51350 - a BR green class 117 R/No. W51342, plus a GWR railcar, BR green R/No. W30W; also a Tri-ang unpowered blue Pullman, all fair/good - U/T, (four items). 50-70
219.    A Boxed Tri-ang Plastic Model 11" Long Range Clockwork Motor Torpedo Boat, mast and original key present, some crushing/damage to box noted; together with two Gilbow Diecast Model White Star Line Ships, 1:1750 RMS Titanic, RMS Olympic, boxed. 25-40
220.    Six 'OO' Gauge/4mm 0-6-0 Diesel 'Shunters', for spares/repair (three Lima class 08, three Mainline Class 03). All BR green, overpainted with either damage/missing small parts. 20-40
221.    A Quantity of Lead Farm Animals/Zoo Animals, 200 animals by Britains, Timpo (many damaged examples), carded Meccano accessories, carded Bartons Motoplay petrol pump set, amongst other items. 10-15
222.    Three 'OO' Gauge/4mm Hornby (China) Britannia Class 4-6-2 Steam Locomotives, with six wheel tenders, BR green R/No.'s 70042, 70050 and 72005 (unboxed, good, some small repainting). Plus a Wrenn Class 8F 2-8-0 BR black R/No. 48032 (unboxed), good repaint) U/T (four items). 80-120
223.    Five 'OO' Gauge/4mm diesel Co-Co Locomotives Unboxed, two Hornby class 47 BR green R/No D1587 and BR blue 'City of Truro', two Hornby Class 37 BR blue R/No 37130 and BR green R/No D6850, plus a Lima Class 55 'Royal Scot Grey' BR blue R/No 55022, playworn plus signs of over painting to good, 50-70
224.    Twelve 1:76th Scale Diecast Model Buses, by EFE to include #19701 Orion Bodied Regent III Sheffield City, boxed. 30-50
225.    Four 'OO'/4mm Unboxed Diesel Locomotives, BR green, a Lima Class 20 Bo-Bo R/No. D8138 - a Jouef Co-Co Deltic R/No. D304 - a Tri-ang Class 31 R/No. D5572 and a Hornby Class 29 R/No. D6110, all unboxed, good, U/T. 50-70
226.    Seven Vanguards (Lledo) 1:43rd Scale Diecast Model Vehicles, including #VA1900 Maroon Rover, #VA14001 Royal Mail Austin 7 Mini Van, boxed. 30-50
227.    Sixteen Trix Trains 'OO' Gauge Rolling Stock Items, to include unbuilt kits, private owner 'Young' open plank wagon, together with two Railway Company reproduction wooden painted plaques 'London and North Eastern Railway', North Eastern Railway. 30-40
228.    Three Pre-War Tinplate Toys/Steel Accessories, comprising of Windmill Swing Carousel (incomplete), mill with water wheel (Made in Germany). 30-50
229.    Four Horny Dublo 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed DI Items, a turntable (very good, box with rubbed edges/split corners), A Island platform (very good/ very good box), a good signal cabin and a good level crossing. 30-50
230.    Ten 'N' Gauges Cased U.S.A Outline Items, rolling stock, box vans, container wagons, tank wagon, etc, various manufacturer, etc, (fair to good). 20-40
231.    A Quantity of Plastic Kit Modelers Paints, camouflages, washes, all levels unchecked:- Two Boxes. 25-40
231A.   Ten 'N' Gauge Cased U.S.A Outline Items, rolling stock, box van, hopper,m car carrier (AT and SF), Bachmann Ref No 70753 'Burlington Northern', caboose (new), etc, (good/very good). 30-50
232.    Fourteen Diecast Model Fire Service and Military Vehicles, by Atlas Editions, including Ford GPA, Multiple Gun Motor Carriage M16, Dennis F106, all cases, sealed, packaging. 35-50
233.    A Hornby Dublo 0-6-0 Tank Locomotive, BR black, R/No. 31337, rolling stock including Mobil, Shell, Esso Tanker Wagons; together with a small quantity of Matchbox Diecast model vehicles, early models noted. 15-25
234.    Atlas Editions - Seven 1:76th Scale Diecast Model Commercial Vehicles, all Eddie Stobart Editions, including Volvo FH Fridge Trailer, Emma Jade, #4663, boxed. 25-40
235.    Ten 'N' Gauge Cased U.S.A Outline Items, rolling stock, box vans, hoppers, caboose, various liveries/manufacturers, (good). 20-40
236.    Four 'Pola' 'N' Gauge Boxed Trackside/Layout Kits Ref No's 208, 241 (Wood Mill), 300 (U.S.A Station), plus a Heljan Ref No B673 (meat packing plant), Pikestuff (warehouse), a three Preiser unpainted figure kits Ref No's 79006 and 9000 (all good /box contents unchecked) (9). 30-50
237.    Railwayana - A L.N.E.R Wagon, plate no. 61130, four"Warning" plates (two brass/two plastic). Plus a Hardback "The Age of The Train" with outer sleeve and inserts by Philip Marsh. 30-50
238.    Ten 'N' Gauge Cased U.S.A Outline Items, rolling stock, box vans, hoppers, caboose, various liveries/manufacturers, (good). 20-40
239.    Three Triang 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed 'Pullman' Diesel Locomotives, one unpowered blue livery two grey/blue, one powered plus trailer, also three Hornby Class 110 white DMU items R/No E51816 power car, R/No E51832 dummy car, and R/No E59707 passenger coach (playworn, fair) (6) u/t. 30-50
240.    A Circa 1970's Raleigh Tomahawk Children's Bicycle, finished in purple. 50-80
241.    Eleven 'N' Gauge Cased items of U.S.A Outline Items, rolling stock, tank wagons (6), box vans, hoppers etc, various manufacturers, (good). 30-50
242.    four Jouef 'HO' Gauge Unboxed 'S.N.C.F Rail Continental Outline Locomotives, three class 67 and A class 88 'Shunter', plus a Lima Class 444 electric locomotive 'FS' Rail, twin pantograph's fair to good u/t (5). 40-60
243.    Twelve Diecast Model Buses and Commercial Vehicles by EFE, all 1:76th scale including #12109 Harrington Cavalier Coach 'Robin Hood', boxed. 30-40
244.    Four Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Tank Steam Locomotives Ref No R2361 0-4-0 BR black R/No 56038, Ref No R300 G.W.R Pannier Tank R/No 8773 (damage to buffer beam, body top loose), Ref No R2942 0-6-0 class 3F BR black R/No 67646 (weathered) and Ref No R052 'Jinty' (weathered, small parts missing), all u/t. 30-50
245.    Meccano Literature 1930's and Later, including Meccano Toys of Quality Catalogue 1956 92), Meccano Magazine April 1946, Meccano spare parts list (folded), Hornby Dublo two rail electric trains catalogue (U.K. 2n edition), condition is variable with many publications having loose pages, tears, rusty staples. 10-20
246.    Four Boxed Corgi 1:72nd Scale Diecast Model Military Aircraft, including Aviation Archive collectors club special 2006 #AA34310 Captive Eagle, Focke Wulf FW 190A-3, #AA32018 'Flying For The Fuhrer' Captive Eagle IV, Hawker Hurricane MI iA, all 'Sky Blue' boxes. 3-50
247.    Fourteen 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Coaches, Hornby, Triang, Lima, three Blood/Custard, three LMS/BR Maroon, seven grey/blue Inter City, plus a Hornby (China) Pullman 'Lucille' (very good but missing bogie's), (overall condition fair/good). 25-40
248.    Six Corgi Diecast Model Blackpool Balloon Trams, including #43506 1934 livery, #43505 Post War, boxed. 25-40
249.    A 'OO' Gauge/4mm Kit Built 4P Compound 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender LMS Maroon, R/No 1036 (good build/paint unboxed) plus a brass kit built GWR pannier (fair), a 'Gem' 4-6-0 'Cardean locomotive kit (unstarted content of box unchecked), a part built pannier tank with various loose (maybe unassociated) items, and a Langley Models 'Wide Lock Gates' white metal kit. 50-70
250.    Eight Corgi Diecast Model Formula One Cars, including #153 Whizzwheels T.S. 9B Team Surtees in Italian finish, #151 Yardley Mclaren M19A, #160 Hesketh 308 F1, boxed. 35-50
251.    Nine 'N' Gauge U.S.A Outline Unboxed Diesel Locomotives: FA's, FP's and 'G.P' Examples etc, various liveries/manufacturers, plus two unboxed Dummy locomotives and three cased items (Alto Century, F40) for spares or repair u/t (14) 90-140
252.    Fourteen Diecast Trackside 1:76 Model Vehicles by Corgi, Lledo, Oxford, including #DG203005 Bedford CA Van, Holland Toffee, #DG202006 Austin J2 Van 'Huddersfield Corporation', some duplication noted, boxed. 25-40
253.    A Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed 4-6-2 'Flying Scotsman' and Eight Wheel Tender, L.N.E.R green R/No 4472, plus three Hornby L.N.E.R teak coaches, all good (5) u/t. 30-50
254.    Seven Corgi Diecast Model Vehicles, all Chipperfields and Billy Smarts Circus, editions to include #97891 AEC Mercury Truck and Trailer, #97092 Bedford Pantechnicon Billy Smee Wardrobe, all boxed, sometimes in unopened original packaging. 30-50
255.    A Quantity of 'N' Gauge Trackside Layout items, vehicles, people, track buffers, white metal kits, accessories, etc. 20-40
256.    Thirty Eight 'OO' Gauge/4mm Items of Unboxed Good Rolling Stock, by Hornby, Tri-ang, etc - tank wagons, box vans, ore wagons, brake vans, etc. 30-50
257.    Eight Vanguards (Lledo) 1:43rd Scale Diecast Model Vehicles, including #VA2002 VW Beetle Black Cabriolet, #VA1008 Ford Anglia yellow, boxed. 35-50
258.    Eleven 1:76th Scale Diecast Model Buses, by EFE, Corgi, 'Original Omnibus Company', to include EFE #27617 Wright Volvo Renown - Sheffield Transport, South Yorkshire interest noted, boxed. 30-50
259.    Twelve 1:76th Scale Diecast Model Buses, by EFE to include #12305DL De-luxe Harrington Grenadier Ellen Smith, boxed. 30-50
260.    Seven 'N' Gauge Cased Items of Rolling Stock, three U.S.A Outline A.T.S.F Cabooses, two Farish passenger coaches (L.M.S and L.N.E.R) plus two Bachmann U.S.A Outline coaches (all good, boxes fair/good). 20-40
261.    A 'HO' Gauge Jouef 4-6-2 Continental Outline Unboxed Steam Locomotive and Eight Wheel Bogie Tender, overall black R/No 231C-60 'S.N.C.F Rail (good), plus a U.S.A Outline 0-8-0 steam locomotive, silver/red livery (no tender), and six loose tenders, Bachmann twelve wheel 'Southern Pacific', Rivarossi fourteen wheel 'Union Pacific', Rivarossi twelve wheel 'Santa Fe' 3402, a 'All Brass' eight wheel For a Frisco 2-10-0 etc (fair to very good) (9) 20-40
262.    Fourteen Corgi Trackside Diecast Model Vehicles, including #DG201005 Morris Ld Brs, #DG207000 Ford Anglia Van, 'Marley Tiles', some duplication noted, boxed.
263.    Five Diecast Model Vehicles by Corgi, Atlas Editions, to include two The Lions Double Decker Medic Alert Corgi Bus Project (boxed), together with a quantity of Eddie Stobart themed items including Spotter handbook, porcelain decorative plate, badges. 15-30
264.    Hornby Dublo 'OO'Gauge/4mm Three Raill "Duchess of Montrose" 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, BR green R/No 46232 (unboxed/very good) plus two BR blood/custard stanier coaches and two items of rolling stock (6). 30-50
265.    Four Plastic Model Kits, by Airfix, Monogram, PM Model, including Airfix 1:32 Gulf Porsche 917, Monogram all plastic midget racer plus a boxed Reuge Swiss musical movement. 20-40
266.    Fourteen 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Coaches, over painted/adapted/playworn, various manufacturers. 15-30
267.    Four Corgi 'The Aviation Archive' Diecast Model Aircraft, including 1:72 #AA34301 Focke-Wulf FW190A-4 'White 8', Lieutenant Walter Nowortny #AA34305 FW-190A-4 SG2, Tunisia 1943 #AA36804 Westland Lysander MKIIIA (SD) V9367, all boxed. 30-50
268.    Fifteen 1:76th Scale Diecast Model Buses, by EFE to include The R.T.L Story Volume III, #12101 Southdown Harrington Cavalier, J.D.B, hand finished liveries noted, boxed. 35-50
269.    Four Diecast Model Military Aircraft by Corgi, Dragon Sky Guardians, including Dragon 1:72 FW 190A-3 'Black I', 1:72 FW 190-4 'Black I', Corgi 1:44 Avro Lancaster NR 611 B MKVII 'Just Jane', all boxed. 25-40
270.    Twelve 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Coaches, by Hornby, Triang etc, four Southern BR green, eight BR maroon, two BR 'blood/custard, (good to very good). 25-40
271.    Five Corgi Diecast Commercial Vehicles, including #97980 ERF Elliptical Tanker 'Esso', #97951 Foden Tanker Milk, all boxed. 30-50
272.    A Pre-War Bingola I Tinplate Bing (Germany) Clockwork Toy Gramophone, original key and box, together with thirteen period associated records, Kiddyphone, The Bell, etc. 140-180
273.    Triang 'OO' Gauge Pullman Car (Powered) Spares/Repair, dummy car, three Pullman eight wheeled coaches, blue and white livery, together with a Triang class 55 Deltic, R/No 9006, 'The Fife and Forfar Yeomanry' rolling body shell. 30-50
274.    Four 'N' Gauge DB Rail Suburban Coaches, three Roco Ref No's 2250 and 2251, one by Ibertren, plus a Arnold Ref No 2936 DRC Rail Clerestory coach, all in very good cased condtion plus a small quantity of 'N' gauge catnary poles, couplings etc. 20-40
275.    Five Corgi Diecast Commercial Vehicles, including #97952 Foden Tanker Hovis, #97932 AEC Cylindrical Tanker 'North Eastern Gas Board', all boxes. 30-50
276.    A Arnold 'N' Gauge Ref No 2210 Class 01 DB Rail 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Eight Wheel Double Bogie Tender, DB black R/No 01.177, plus five Roco DB Rail coaches Ref No's 2253, 2254 (2), 2255 and 24211, all very good cased condition u/t (6). 50-70
277.    A Collection of Twelve Eagle Moss Star Trek Star Ship Models, (no magazines), boxed. 30-50
278.    Twenty 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Items of Rolling Stock by Hornby, Mainline etc, box vans, ore wagons, brake vans, container flats, etc, (fair to very good), plus ten tank wagons by Hornby including a Lima 'Total' bogie example, all good unboxed condition (30). 40-60
279.    A Sutcliffe Model Tinplate Clockwork Model Hawk Speed Boat, (no key), light green hull. white deck, unboxed; together with a Vivid Imaginations Captain Scarlet Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle, Atlas Editions Jet Age Diecast Military Aircraft Model. 20-30
280.    Subbuteo: C135 V.I.P. Cup Presentation Set, C128 F.A. Cup, C500 Wales, C131, etc, quantity with papers (unchecked). 20-40
281.    Eight Eagle Moss Star Trek Star Ship Models, sometimes with accompanying magazines, to include gold model of The U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701-D, U.S.S Defiant, X-74205 Cloaked, convention exclusive, boxed. 35-60
282.    A Lima 'OO' Gauge/4mm Class 33 Bo-Bo Diesel Locomotive, BR green R/No. D5347 (repainted/unboxed). Plus a further example R/No D5001 (repaint/for spares, repair). Also a quantity of 'OO' gauge/4mm unboxed rolling stock, all either repainted, damaged or missing small parts (nine wagons, nine coaches) (twenty plus items U/T). 20-40
283.    A Quantity of Diecast Model Vehicles, by Corgi, Matchbox, EFE, Lledo including Corgi #61211 Mr Beans Mini,#05201 'Only Fools and Horses' Reliant Regal Super Van, including static display model locomotives and tanks, boxed/cased. 25-40
284.    Fifteen 'N' Gauge Cased Items of DB Rail (Continental Outline), Rolling Stock, by Roco and Arnold etc, ore wagons, baggage vans Minitrix Ref 3287 hopper, container wagon, box vans, all very good. 30-50
285.    An Interesting Collection of White Metal and Plastic Model 'War Gaming/Fantasy' Figures, sometimes hand painted. 30-50
286.    Four Diecast Model Formula One Cars, comprising of Corgi 1:18 #190 JPS Lotus Formula 1, Burago 1:24 COD 6107 Lotus Honda Turbo (2), Lotus 97 Turbo, boxed. 25-40
287.    Nine Diecast Model Vehicle and Aircraft, by Corgi, Dragon, Atlas Editions, including Dragon 1:72 FW 190D-9 'Dora', FW 190D-9 Staffelkapitan Hauptmann, Atlas Editions 1:43 Aston Martin DBS, mostly in original ;packaging. 30-40
288.    A Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed class 43 Inter City 125 Diesel Locomotive and Dummy, R/No's 43010 and 43011, plus five Inter City Coaches (including buffet car), good, (7) u/t. 30-50
289.    Seven Plastic Model Warship Kits, by Airfix, Revell, Aurora to include Airfix 1:600 HMS Ajax, Revell 1:720 German Cruiser Blucher, Aurora 1:600 #709 Graf Spee Battleship, some kits have loose parts off sprues, unchecked for completeness of all parts, boxed. 30-50
290.    Five Diecast Model Buses, by Louaine Models, Corgi, Dinky Toys, Sheffield interest noted, including Louaine Double Decker No.0008 'Totley', Corgi #34802 'Leyland Leopard/Weymann', mostly boxed. 20-40
291.    Four 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, a Bachmann 4-6-0 'Lydham Manor' BR green R/No 7827 (good), an Airfix 'Caerphilly Castle' 4-6-0 Great Western green R/No 4073 (good, but damage to draw bar), a Triang 4-4-0 3P BR green, R/No 31757 (fair but incorrect tender), and a Hornby 4-6-0 class B12, L.M.S black R/No 7476 (good). 50-70
292.    A Scalextric #C2645 Skoda Fabia WRC Slot Car, Colin McRae, Scalextric Enthusiasts Club 2006, cased; together with four diecast model Skoda Fabia Cars of differing scales, boxed. 20-40
293.    Three 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Class 08 Diesel Shunters, two Hornby BR blue R/No 08201 and BR green R/No D3035 (both with detached and/or missing steps), a Bachmann example with damage to r/h rods, plus two Triang 'Dock Authority' 0-4-0 locomotive and a Bachmann Steam 0-6-0 shunter R/No D2074, overall fair to good (6) u/t. 40-60
294.    Four Box's of Railway Items Mainly 'OO' Gauge/4mm Recovered From a Modelers Workshop, one box of damaged locomotives, rolling chassis, motors, bogies, bodies, etc, one box of damaged rolling stock, coaches, wagons, etc, one box of buildings, trackside scenery and one box containing a wide range of components, spares, electrical items, etc. 60-90
295.    Fifteen Plus Diecast Model Vehicles, by Corgi, Matchbox, Solido and other, including Solido Citroen C4 Vehicle Set, Corgi #9795, Foden Tanker Milk, mostly boxed. 30-50
296.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed 4-6-2 Steam Locomotives and Eight Wheel Tenders, a (China) Class A3 BR green 'Brink Bonny' R/No 60051, plus Class A4 L.N.E.R blue 'Seagull' R/No 4902 both good, Seagull has adapted (good) pickups, u/t. 50-70
297.    A Collection of Ten Eagle Moss Star Trek Model Star Ships, all with special issue magazines. 30-50
298.    Four Assorted Boxed Model Ships/Boats, to include Lindberg 1/82 scale plastic model diesel tug kit, Hobby Zone RC RTR Zig Zag Racer 2 motorboat, a plastic model kit of a U.S Navy Warship, deck length 75cm, brand unknown, no instructions, unchecked, a Sarik Vacform semi scale Miami class crash tender, unchecked. 25-50
299.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Class A4 BR Green Unboxed 4-6-2 Steam Locomotives and Eight Wheel Tenders, 'Golden Plover' R/No 60031 and 'Bittern' R/No 60019 (very good u/t condition). 50-70
300.    An Interesting Collection of Diecast Model Vehicles by Dinky Toys, Matchox, Corgi and Other, including Dinky Toys #232 Alfa Romeo, Lesney Maserati 4CL, Dinky Toys PIB lighting, playworn and better, together with a small quantity of Lone Star Treble O Lectric railway items:- One Box. 25-50
301.    Three Ready To Fly/Arf Model Aircraft, including RC Mini Jet Arf Thunderbird G2 by Carson model sport (empty slots noted within box), a Flyzone Classic Biplane, a Venom Air Corps Epp Foam Hawkeye aircraft, boxed, unchecked for completeness of all components. 25-40
302.    Sixteen Static Display Model Locomotives all Presented on Wooden Plinths, including A4 Class Mallard, Duchess LMS, together with a wooden construction sailing boat model with four oars, rigging, net, lobster pot, presented on a wooden display plinth. 20-40
303.    A Quantity of Diecast and Plastic Model Vehicles by Chad Valley, Dickie, Foundation and other, mostly boxed. 30-40
304.    Contents of an Aero Modelers Workshop, items include Keil Kraft balsa wood components, solar trim, pro film, decals, propellers, Tower Pro SG-50 Micro Sevos Jetsmart Avro Vulcan kit components, F-15 Eagle Parkjet kit components. 30-50
305.    Two Lima 'OO' Gauge/4mm Train Set, boxes (poor), containing between them, two '2 Way' signal crossings, A Class 47 diesel locomotive BR blue R/No 47421 (good), tree BR blue/grey coaches, a small quantity of track, three items of rolling stock and two 0-4-0 clockwork steam locomotives with R/No 7231, plus two H and M controllers (A Duette and Multipack Control Unit); both untested for spares repair only. 30-50
306.    Four 'Park Flyer' Model Aeroplane Kits, by West Wings, FVK model and other including FVK Elektron 400, balsa wood and Eposy Construction (damaged), The Miniature Aircraft Factory blasa wood flying matching kit, Westwings Fournier RF4 balsa wood kit, plus a HTF ME163 model aircraft (incomplete), boxed, unchecked for completeness of all components. 30-60
307.    An Original Vintage Scalextric Rally Cross Slot Car Set, including red and yellow mini slot cars, track, two controllers, literature (unchecked for completeness), boxed. 25-40
308.    A Quantity of Lego Components, including Lego Bioncles; together with a partially constructed Lego Technic Rally Car. 20-40
309.    Two 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Diesel Locomotives, an Airfix class 31 Co-Co BR green R/No D5531, plus a Lima Class 55 Co-Co BR blue ''The Fife' etc R/No 9006, both good, u/t. 30-50
310.    A Quantity (One Box) 'OO' Gauge/4mm Track, mainly Hornby (China) and Peco, full half's straights, curves, etc, (good/very good). 40-60
311.    A Collection of Diecast Model Jaguar Motor Cars, by Corgi, Burago, Maisto, Welly and other, differing scales, small parts may be missing and/or damage. 25-40
312.    Six Triang 'OO'Gauge/4mm Trans Continental Coaches, three blue with yellow lining vista and diner and two grey (silver), plus two Triang blue Pullman 'Dummy' diesel locomotives (fair to very good) (8) 25-40
313.    A Quantity of Mostly Playworn Diecast Model Vehicles, including Polistil 1:15 scale Brabham BT44 F1 car, Subbuteo scoreboard and Triang "OO" scale coaches noted. 25-40
314.    A Quantity of Trackside/Layout Buildings, Train Shed etc, in plastic and resin, plus scenery, foliage, cork, fencing (loose and blister packed) 'Mod Roc', ballast, grass, etc, plus a small quantity of part completed 'Wills' kits for spares/repair:- Two Boxes. 40-60
315.    A Nikko 1:15th Scale Battery Operated Radio Controlled #RDC-15390 Turbo Panther II Frame Buggy, playworn, box poor, together with a Mattel Lazer Tag Game kit and Kursk operation Zitadelle simulation game (unchecked) 25-40
316.    A Collection of White Metal/Lead Farm Animals, Soldiers, Cowboys, Indians, by J.Hill and other, playworn, damaged items noted. 20-40
317.    A Bachmann Spectrum 'HO' Gauge Ref No 81404 EMC Gas Electric (Doodle Bug) 'Baltimore and Ohio' Livery, R/No 6005, plus a Spectrum 'HO Gauge Ref No 16946 'Speeder' work crane and cart, (both good boxes condition), loco u/t 25-40
318.    Four Corgi 'The Aviation Archive' 1:72nd Scale Diecast Model Military Aircraft, including #AA32203 P51D Mustang 'Bonnie' Capt, Rosco C. Brown, #AA34306 FW190A-4 'Yellow 2' Oberfeldwebel Heinrich Sterr, all boxed. 30-50
319.    Wrenn 'OO' Gauge/4mm 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, 'City of Glasgow'' BR green R/No 46242, good repaint of Ref No W2229 BR blue, contained in fair box, u/t. 30-50
320.    A Bachmann 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No 31.713 Class BI, 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, BR black 'Gazelle' R/No 61003 (good condition, fair box) u/t. 30-50
321.    A Bachmann 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No 31.713 class BI, 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, BR black renamed 'Water Buck' renumbered 61011 (good boxed condition) u/t. 30-50
322.    A Lego #10226 Sopwith Camel Single Seat BI Plane Set, bagged parts, instructions booklet, decals, boxed. 50-80
323.    Three Plastic Model Ship Kits, comprising of Revell 'H465 North Sea Oil Tanker, Novo 'F137 1:130 scale shell welder, coastal tanker, Airfix #09252-6 HMS Victory, boxed some loose parts off sprues, unchecked for completeness of all parts. 20-40
324.    Six Corgi #96905 Diecast Model Chipperfields Circus Advance Booking Vehicles, mostly in original unopened packaging. 30-40
325.    A Hobby Master 1:72 Scale Diecast Model #HA 4817 Northrop Grumman E-2C Hawkeye 166503, VAW-120 US Navy 2010, appears as new condition, boxed. 40-60
326.    A W Britain White Metal Military Model Figure Set, American Civil War #31139 " Baptism at Monassas" ten pieces, 54mm, accompanied by literature, boxed. 50-80
327.    A Hornby #R1019 'OO' Gauge Flying Scotsman Electric Train Set, including LNER Class A3 4-6-2, locomotive, R/No 4472 'Flying Scotsman', eight wheeled tender (loose top), track, buffer stops, literature, boxed, (untested). 40-60
328.    Seven Corgi Diecast Model Buses, including #97190 AEC Regal Coach, #97170 Burlingham Seagull Woods, mostly boxed. 30-50
329.    A W Britain White Metal Military Model Figure Set, American Civil War #31199 "Hell For Glory" Gettysburg Third Day, Pickett's Charge (eight pieces, 1/30 scale figures) accompanied by literature, boxed. 40-70
330.    A Minic Ships 1:1200 Scale Diecast Naval Harbour Set, by Hornby; together with nine 1:1200 scale Minic Ships, including JJN Yamato, KM Bismarck, RMS Canberra, RMS Queen Elizabeth, boxed. 35-50
331.    Two Hornby 'OO'Gauge/4mm Boxed LMS Maroon Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, Ref No R305 4-6-2 "Duchess of Abercorn" R/No 6234, and Ref No R355 4-4-0 Class 4P R/No 1000, both very good/very good box's u/t. 50-70
332.    Four Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm 0-4-0 'Collector' Club Tank Steam Locomotives, Ref No's R2150, R2597, R2783 and R2877, all very good (as new) boxed condition. u/t. 30-50
333.    Two Diecast/Plastic Model Zeppelins by Herpa, comprising of #571494 1:200 Zeppelin NT 'Next Generation Mobility', #534871 1:500 Zeppelin NT 'Goodyear'. both boxed. 30-50
334.    Two Hornby 'OO'Gauge/4mm Boxed 0-6-0 Steam Tank Locomotives, Ref No 353 L.B.S.C brown R/No 100, and Ref No 301 Class 3F Jinty" L.M.S very good/very good box's u/t. 30-50
335.    A Bachmann 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No 31-607 Class VI/3 2-6-2 Tank Steam Locomotive, BR green R/No 67684 (good, good box) u/t. 25-40
336.    Two Hobbymaster 1:72nd Scale Diecast Model Military Aircraft, comprising of #HA1062 Lockheed TF-104G Star Fighter and #HH1209 Boeing AH-64D Apache Solo Display helicopter 'Royal Netherlands Air For 2010', boxed. 40-60
337.    Four 1:1200 Scale Diecast Minic Ships Sets, by Hornby, to include Naval Harbour Set, Ocean Terminal Set, Quayside, Fleet Anchorage, boxed. 40-70
338.    A Collection of Approximately Fifty Matchbox 1:75 and Similar Diecast Model Vehicles, all presented within a 1970's Matchbox carry case, playworn. 30-50
339.    Two Bachmann 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No 31.051 Class J72 0-6-0 Steam Tank Locomotives, one BR green R/No 69023, the other with overall weathering (good) R/No 69028 (both good boxed condition) u/t. 20-40
339A.   Two Fleischmann 'HO' Gauge Boxed DB Rail Diesel Locomotives, Ref No 4225 Class V60 0-6-0 'Shunter' R/No V60-1199 (good, fair box), plus Ref No 4235 Class 221 Bo-Bo grey/red livery R/No 221.131.6 (good, fair box) both u/t. 40-60
340.    A Bachmann 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No 31.713 Class BI 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, BR black renamed 'Eland' renumbered 61001 (very good boxed condition but tender has different logo's to each side) u/t, experimental livery. 30-50
341.    A 1:200th Scale Diecast Model Virgin Galactic Spaceship, boxed together with a Corgi 1:48th scale #AA51907 'Helicopter Legends' Augusta Bell model 479, boxed. 30-50
342.    A Hobbymaster 1:48th Scale Air Power Series Diecast Model P-47 Thunderbolt, 56th FG, Co. Col David Schilling England 1944, boxed. 30-50
343.    A Lima 'OO' Gauge/4mm Class 55 Unboxed "Deltic" Diesel Locomotive, BR blue"The Fife" etc R/No 9006 good, plus a Triang 4-6-2 "Princess Victoria" BR black R/No 46205, a Mainline 0-6-0 "Jinty", a Lima "Shunter" R/No D2785; four "Amer" blister packed static locomotive models, Mallard/Scotsman/4-4-0 compound and class 9F "Evening Star" (all unopened) u/t, plus a small scale brass "Mallard" name plate 35cm long, and a "Phorpres" L.B.C small scale brick (11 x 5 x 4cm). 30-50
344.    Four Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm 0-4-0 'Collector' Club Tank Steam Locomotives, Ref No's R2065 (2), R3069 and R3213, all very good (as new) boxed condition, u/t. 30-50
345.    Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No R763 L.M.S 4-2-2 'Ex Caledonian' R/No 14010, good condition, fair box, u/t. 30-50
346.    A Collection of Twenty Two Dinky Toys Diecast Model Military Aircraft, including Sea Vixen, MRCA, Hawker Hunter, Gloster Javelin, light transport, signs of wear, slight decal loss noted. 50-80
347.    Four Corgi 'The Aviation Archive' Diecast Model Military Aircraft, including 1:144 #AA31002 Boeing C-97G Stratofreighter, 1:72 #AA32217 P-51K Mustang MKIV 1:72 #AA36207 Gloster Gladiator MKI, 'A' Flight, 73 Squadron, 1:72 #AA36211 Gloster Sea Gladiator'. HMS Glorious, boxed. 40-60
348.    A Corgi 'The Aviation Archive' #AA35302 1:72nd Scale Diecast Model B-25B Mitchell - Doolittle's Tokyo Raider, April 1942, boxed. 40-60
349.    A Bachmann 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No 31.713 Class BI, 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, BR black with experimental logo, renamed 'Hartebeeste', renumbered 61009 (very good boxed condition) u/t. 30-50
350.    Two Airfix 'OO' Gauge Locomotives, comprising of #54121-3 Class 7P 4-6-0 locomotive and six wheeled tender, BR green, R/No 46100 'Royal Scot', #54122-6 Class 4F Fowler 0-6-0 locomotive and six wheeled tender, LMS black, R/No 4454, both boxed. 35-50
351.    Four Corgi Diecast Model Vehicles, to include #97321 American La France Aerial Ladder Truck, #97892 AEC Mercury Truck and Trailer (slight decal loss) all boxed. 25-40
352.    Two Jouef 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Class 40 BR Green Diesel Locomotives, R/No's D210 and D211, both good/fair boxes, u/t (D210, buffer beams detached. 40-60
353.    Four Plastic Model Ship Kits, comprising of Aiirfix 1:600th scale Graf Spee, Airfix 1;600 HMS Victorious, Aurora HMS King George V, Revell H-332 S.S United States, some parts loose off sprues, unchecked for completeness of all parts, boxed. 35-60
354.    Two 1:18th Scale Diecast Model Vehicles, comprising of Guiloy Ref 68572 Chrysler Atlantic, Burago Ferrari F40 (1987), models may have previously been displayed, boxed. 30-50
355.    Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No R304 Class A4 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Eight Wheel Tender 'Mallard' L.N.E.R Blue, R/No 4468 (good boxed condition). 30-50
356.    Two Rivarossi 'HO' Gauge Ref No 1996 Continental Outline Class 232 DB Rail Diesel Locomotives, grey/red livery R/No 232.001-8 both good but missing couplings, one in a good box, one part boxed, u/t. 40-60
357.    Four Diecast Model Military Aircraft, by Corgi, Hobby Master, Gemini Aces, including Corgi 1:72 #AA33105 Mitsuvishi AGM3-22 zero CPO Takeo Okumura, Gemini Aces 1:72 'Wanderzirkus' P-SIB Mustang models may have previously been displayed with small parts missing, boxed. 35-50
358.    Three Plastic Model Ship Kits, comprising of Revell # H-383 20" model U.S.S Yorktown, Airfix 1:600 scale series 6 Queen Elizabeth 2 Airfix 1:600 scale HMS Victorious Code No 04201-3, boxed, some loose parts off sprues noted, unchecked for completeness. 30-50
359.    Four Boxed 1:18th Scale Diecast Model Vehicles, by Maisto, Solido, Gwilo, including Maisto Jaguar S Type, X Type, Solido #8006 Rolls Royce, Gwilo Lambirghini models have previously been displayed, box condition variable. 30-50
360.    Corgi Toys Gift Set 19, Land Rover Nipper aircraft and trailer, missing box inner, Corgi Toys Gift Set 26 beach buggy (incomplete - no sailing boat), crushing to boxes, together with a Corgi Toys catalogue 1967 - 68. 30-50
361.    A Matchbox Series Carry Case, with four plastic inner trays, containing twenty seven Matchbox and similar diecast model vehicles, playworn. 30-50
362.    A Collection of White Metal, Lead, Elastolin Toy Model Soldiers Both Mounted and on Foot, by Britains Elastolin, many items showing signs of damage, missing parts, playworn. 25-40
363.    Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No R2210 Dean Goods 0-6-0 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, BR black black R/No 2579 (good boxed condition) u/t. 30-50
364.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Ivatt Class 2-6-0 Steam Locomotives and Six Wheel Tenders, Ref No R857 BR black R/No 46400 and Ref No R852 BR green R/No 46521, both good, fair boxes, u/t. 40-60
365.    A 1:18th Scale A Model Classic Models, #Q9007 highly detailed diecast model Lotus 72D "JPS" Winner British G.P. 72, Emerson Fittipaldi, boxed. 25-40
366.    A Franklin Mint 1:24th Scale Precision Diecast Model Rolls Royce Silver Seraph, accompanied by literature, boxed. 25-50
367.    A Boxed Gwilo 1:18th Scale Diecast Model XJ220, Gold Plated Finish, mounted on a wooden plinth, accompanied by literature, model has previously been displayed. 30-50
368.    A Sun Star 1:12th Scale #4785 Highly Detailed 1963 Morris Minor 1000 'Police' Panda Car, diecast model certified No 28 of 1000, boxed, missing one end flap. 60-100
369.    A 1:18th Scale A Model Classic Highly Detailed Diecast Model, Lotus 49 Winner British G.P. 67, Jm Clark, boxed. 25-40
370.    Anson 1:12th Scale Diecast Model Dodge Viper RT/10 #30317-W (1995 JRL Toys), model has previously been displayed, damage to box inner, boxed. 30-50
371.    A Motor Max 1:12 Scale Diecast Model Mercedes-Benz SLR Mclaren, model may have previously been displayed, front duel exhaust detached but present, boxed. 25-40
372.    A Boxed Sun Star 1956 Morris Minor 1000 Saloon, 1:12th scale diecast model, with certificated, appears unused. 50-70
373.    A Boxed Maisto Premier Edition 1:18th Mercedes-Benz 500K Type Special Roadster, appears in good condition. 15-25
374.    Three Boxes of British Comics, to include The Beano, Beezer, Bash Street Kids, etc, circa 1990's and later. 20-40
375.    A Quantity of Vintage Playworn Scalextric Items, including cars,bodyshells, track, motors, red body #14 (Made in Spain) noted. 50-80
376.    A Box Containing a Triang Ref No R579 Tunnel (boxed), two Wayside Station, a small quantity of other trackside buildings, signals etc, three rail track and a boxed Meccano A3 controller. 20-40
377.    Playmobil Airport and Fire Station, both incomplete, together with a quantity of accessories, including fire chief, oil drums, cones, pilot, passengers, trolley, luggage, chairs. 25-35
378.    Contents of a Plastic Kit Modelers Workshop, to include empty boxes, started kits, components, instruction literature, many early box styles noted. 25-40
379.    Meccano No 8 Boxed Set, appears complete in very good condition, box base good, lid with split corners. 40-60
380.    Eleven Diecast/Plastic Model Aircraft, including Herpa 1:200 Coulson Aviation Boeing CH-47D Chinook, Oxford Aviation 1:72 Westlander Lysander RAF, New Ray P-38 Lightning 'The Flying Bulls', all boxed. 35-60
381.    Approximately Twenty Five Diecast Model Vehicles, by Newray corgi, Matchbox and other including two Newray 1:43rd scale auto art model kits, Corgi #59516 Volvo short wheelbase lorry with close couple trailer, boxed. 30-40
382.    A Collection of Eighteen Diecast and Plastic Model Motorcycles, predominantly Ducatti, mostly cased. 25-40
383.    Three 'OO' Gauge/4mm L.M.S Maroon Coaches, by Hornby and Lima (good). Plus a Siphon G Van (good) and four Airfix G.W.R Coaches (good bodies but missing bogies, etc), (8 items). 15-20
384.    A Quantity of Diecast Model Vehicles, by Lledo, Matchbox, Corgi and other, playworn:- One Box 25-40
385.    Six Triang 'OO' Gauge/4mm BR Green Unboxed Class 101 DMU Items, R/No M79628 powered (2), R/No M79629 (dummy, damaged bogie), R/No M79632 dummy (2) and R/No M59120 coach (playworth) u/t 20-40
386.    A Quantity of Playworn Diecast Model Vehicles, by Dinky, Crescent, Matchbox, Dublo Dinky, Corgi and other including Dublo Dinky Toys, Volkswagen, Matchbox No 65 Jaguar 3.4 litre, Budgie tanker together with a quantity of model engineers, Meccano magazine, railway Wonders of The World, Stuart models publications. 25-40
387.    Two Palitoy Action Man Figures, comprising of a 1960's moulded hair Action Man, wearing a silver zip up space suit with boots and gloves, a flock haired bearded Action Man, wearing a black jumper, green trousers, green jacket, white belt, black boots; together with a quantity of Action Man accessories including radio back pack, scuba gear, clothing, weapons, life raft, field telephone. 50-80
388.    Three 'OO' Gauge/4mm 2-6-4 Class 4P Tank Steam Locomotives, a unboxed Bachmann BR black (home weathered) R/No 82002, plus two Hornby ; a boxed UK (home weathered) BR black R/No 42314 and unboxed (China) R/No 67722 with damage to r/h Linkage plus glue damage. 30-50
389.    A Collection of Twelve Eagle Moss Star Trek Star Ship Models, (no magazines), boxed. 30-50
390.    Eight Jouef 'HO' Gauge Boxed Continental Outline 'DB Rail' Coaches, REf No's 4641 (4), 4673 and 4676 (3), all good, boxes fair. 25-40
391.    Thirteen Boxed Vanguards 1:43rd Scale Diecast Model Vehicles, by Corgi, Lledo including #VA 09504 Ford Escort MK Evergreen metallic, HVA 06500 almond Rover 3500 V8. 50-70
392.    Four 'OO' Gauge/4mm 0-6-0 'Jinty' Tank Steam Locomotives Unboxed, a Wrenn LMS black R/No 7437, two Hornby BR black R/No's 47556 and 47480, a Triang LMS maroon R/No 7608, plus a Airfix GWR Class 14XX 0-4-2 R/No 1464 and a Lima A Class J50 L.N.E.R green R/No 8920 (all good u/t condition) (5). 40-60
393.    Eight 'OO' Gauge Coaches, by Lima, Hornby, Triang, Inter-City, BR chocolate/cream liveries, unboxed. 25-40
394.    A Lima 'HO' Gauge Unboxed Class 151 Co-Co DB Rail Electric Locomotive, twin pantographs, blue/cream livery R/No. 151.166.6. Plus four boxed Roco Coaches, DB rail, (good); a Lima "S.N.C.F" boxed coach, (good) and a Roco unboxed baggage van (good/missing one bogies), (seven items, Loco U/T). 30-50
395.    Thirteen Diecast Model Vehicles, by Corgi, Dinky, Matchbox, Polistil to included Corgi Toys The Green Hornets, Black Beauty Dinky Toys Coventry Climax Fork Lift Truck, playworn and better, mostly unboxed. 20-30
396.    Eleven Corgi Diecast Commercial Vehicles, including AEC Routemasters in Exile 'The South' set, #97827, Daimler CWA6 Utility Sheffield Corporation models may have previously been displayed, boxed. 30-50
397.    Twelve 'OO' Gauge Rolling Stock, items of Hornby, Triang, Airfix including Hornby, dummy DMU car #M79632, LMS eight wheeled corridor coach, LNER corridor coach, Airfix BR maroon centenary brake coach 'Paddington, Newport, Cardiff and Swansea", unboxed. 30-50
398.    Eleven Boxed Early Edition Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Diecast Model Vehicles, to include Y-8 1912 Simplex, Y-5 1929 Le Mans Bentley, Y-7 1913 Mercer Raceabout (2), Y-8 1914 Sunbeam motor cycle (missing sidecar seat), Y-15 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost (missing rear seat), box condition is variable sometimes missing end flaps, sellotape repair, tears. 50-70
399.    A Frog R100 Airship 1:500th Scale Model Construction Kit, Airfix Bristol Superfreighter, Airfix Free Enterprise 600 and Airfix 1:44th Scale Trident, all sets boxed, unchecked for completeness. 40-60
400.    Corgi Toys Major #1128 Priestman Luffing Shovel, multi chips to paintwork, boxed together with a Corgi Toys #1125 Chipperfields Circus animal cage, chipping/rubbing to raised edges, cracks to plastic roof, two Lionesses, two Polar Bears, boxed, plus an unboxed Matchbox Lesney Massey Ferguson Combine Harvester. 30-50
401.    A Matchbox Sea Kings K-309 Submarine Diecast Waterline Model, with wheels, hanger unpunched; together with a Gilbow 1:1750 Scale Model RMS Olympic White Star, Clayton Collection 1:1136 Scale Model Titanic, boxed. 30-50
402.    A Hornby 'OO'Gauge/4mm Unboxed Class 43 Inter-City 125 Diesel Locomotive Plus Dummy, (fair condition), plus seven blue/grey Inter-City coaches (five Lime, two Hornby), unboxed fair to very good condition (9) 40-60
403.    Ten Hornby 'OO'Gauge/4mm Coaches, Ref No R474 (2) and Ref No R475 (2) boxed L.M.S "Crimson Lake" - Ref No R416 boxed operating mail coach - Ref No's R452 (2) and R453 "Cledestory Coahces", boxed and two unboxed L.M.S maroon (Royal Mail and Composite), all very good, very good boxes. 30-50
404.    A Hornby Dublo 'OO'Gauge/4mm Three rail Boxed T.P.O Mail Van Set, (very good, missing bags), plus two boxed, BR red/cream coaches (corridor and brake) and four D14 brake/3rd suburban (coaches good, boxes fair to good), and nine items of boxed three rail rolling stock, brick bogie, horse box, brake/goods, mobile tank wagon, cable wagon, "S4 x 4" salt wagon (2 rail), etc, wagons good, boxes fair to good (13). 30-50
405.    Approximately Fifteen 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Poly Bag Trackside/Layout Kits, by Ratio, Dapol, etc; signals, telegraph poles, people, lamps, etc. Plus a small quantity of Hornby 'OO' gauge track. 20-40
406.    Five 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, a Lima Class 4F 0-6-0 L.M.S maroon R/No 4683 (good), two Airfix Class 4F 0-6-0 BR black R/No 44454 (good), R/No 30548 (weathered/renumbered, fair), a Mainline Class 2P 4-4-0 L.M.S black R/No 635 (good), and a Bachmann 2-6-0 R/No 9308 (incorrect tender?). 50-70
407.    Six Corgi Diecast Model Vehicles, including Smiths Karrier Van 'Joe's Diner', Batman!s Batmobile, Chipperfields Circus - articulated horse box, International '6 x 6' truck, Bedford tractor unit, all unboxed. 40-60
408.    Two Dinky Supertoys Diecast Model Vehicles, comprising of #972 20 ton lorry mounted crame 'Coles' chipping to paint work/some paint loss, box poor, #956 turntable fire escape, some chipping to paint work, corrosion to ladder, boxed. 30-50
409.    A Meccano A2 Power Control Unit and Hornby Dublo Type 00/1 Transformer, (both untested for spares/repair only), plus six boxed Hornby Dublo 'OO' Gauge/4mm points, (three l/h, three r/h). eleven full length straight tracks, six half straights, two half curves, three boxed Merit station accessories and a unboxed signal (overall condition very good). 20-40
410.    Seven 'OO'Gauge/4mm Mainline Coaches, four BR blue/grey boxed and three unboxed BR maroon, very good, boxes very good. 20-40
411.    A Quantity of Items VIA and 'OO' Gauge Railway Modellers Workshop, buildings, electrical, figures, locomotive components, transfers, decals, etc. 20-40
412.    A Collection of Twelve Eagle Moss Star Trek Star Ship Models, including U.S.S Defiant NCC-1794, (no magazines), boxed. 30-50
413.    Two Franklin Mint 1:24th Scale Precision Model Jaguar E-Type (1961), green E-Type cabriolet , boxed with literature, red E-Type, damage to windscreen wipers, unboxed. 30-50
414.    Three Palitoy Flock Haired Action Man Figures, including Action Man Red Devil (left arm broken) helmet, goggles, red jump suit, black boots. A bearded Eagle Eye Action Man, long overcoat, green trousers, black boots, a blonde haired Action Man (non-Eagle Eyes), flying jacket, grey jumper, green trousers, black boots; together with a small quantity of accessories. 60-90
415.    A Collection of Nine Eagle Moss Star Trek Star Ship Models, together with U.S.S, Defiant, U.S.S Voyager, U.S.S Enterprise Dedication plaques, (no magazines), mostly boxed. 30-50
416.    Four 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, a Triang 4-6-2 'Princess Elizabeth' BR green R/No 46201 with plunger pickups, a Hornby 'Britannia' BR green R/No 70000 (partial weathering), a Hornby Britannia with heavy home weathering, renamed 'Iron Duke" with R/No 70014, and a Hornby 2-10-0 9F was BR green, now heavily weathered with R/No 92220, u/t. 50-70
417.    Contents of a Meccano Enthusiasts Workshop, components include clockwork and electric motors, girders, metal strips, brackets, gears, toothed parts, pinions, rods, wheels, tyres, tools drive bands, literature including Meccano special model leaflets, worthy of closer inspection (four boxes). 100-200
418.    A Hornby Railways Stephenson Rocket, 3" gauge model 'Real Steam Train Set', box contents include Rocket locomotive and tender, track, funnel, tool, instruction leaflet, boxed. 70-120
419.    Two Mamod SE2 Live Steam Stationary Steam Plants, both missing burners and require repair, or suitable for spares. 50-70
420.    A Home Built Live Steam Horizontal Mill Engine, single cylinder with approximately 2cm stroke connected to a 9cm diameter flywheel, finished in red and bright metal, overall dimensions 6 x 10 x 16cm high. 30-50
421.    A Horizontal Single Cylinder Steam Engine, two inch stroke, five inch diameter flywheel, finished overall red and bright metal, mounted on a wood base 6 x 15inch, (fair condition). 120-180
422.    Two Nitro Motors, both mounted on wood plinths, one with flywheel et, for Marine use, the other propeller, both playworn and u/t. 30-50
423.    A Mamod Minor Live Steam Stationary Engine, (missing burner). Plus a home engineered steam engine, connected to a single cylinder and two inch diameter flywheel, all mounted on a wood base. 30-50
424.    A Stuart Horizontal Cylinder Steam Engine, 3cm stroke, 9.5cm flywheel, fair condition, mounted to a wood base, 11 x 26cm. 80-120
425.    A Stuart Turner D10 Twin Cylinder Vertical Steam Engine, mounted to a wood base, overall dimension 9 x 6 x 7inch, very good. 150-250
426.    A "Lutz Hielscher" Stirling Hot Air Engine, 10cm class tube, single piston, 15mm stroke, 3cm diameter, burner missing, bright metal finish overall dimension, 18 x 18cm, 12cm high. 20-40
427.    A Live Steam "Vee" Twin Cylinder Engine, 12cm diameter flywheel, finished overall green and bright metal, mounted to a wood base 14 x 19cm, model height 18cm (fair condition). 50-70
428.    Three Home Engineered Horizontal Live Steam Plants, a single cylinder adapted from a Medcale Flo Pump (11 x 7 x 12cm) , a single cylinder, 2.5cm stroke with 5cm flywheel, mounted to a wood base (14 x 6 x 7cm) and a twin cylinder, one cm stroke with 4.5cm central flywheel (9 x 6 x 6cm) playworn to fair. 30-50
429.    A Live Steam Plant with Fifteen by 7cm Horizontal Copper Boiler Connected to a Single Cylinder of 3cm Stroke and 7cm Diameter Flywheel, further connected to a generator fair condition finished in bright metal red and green, and mounted to a 26 x 43cm wood base, overall height (plus stack), 26cm, the boiler is missing the burner but includes funnel and pan. 100-150
430.    A Stuart Live Steam Beam Engine, seven inch flywheel, mounted to a 10 x 15 inch wood base, height eleven inch, finished overall green, black and bright metal, fair condition. 500-700
431.    A Boxed Mamod TEI Traction Engine 'Live Steam', steering rod, burner and funnel present, model has been steamed, some corrosion, paint/decal loss noted, original box. 40-70
432.    Two Home Built Live Steam Horizontal Mill Engine, a single cylinder with 4cm stroke and 9cm diameter flywheel, overall dimension 10 x 29 x 16cm high. Plus a two cylinder with 4cm stroke and 8cm diameter central flywheel, overall dimension 18 x 8 x 14cm high, (interesting build). 40-60
433.    A Boxed Wilesco D36 'Old Smoky' Steam Roller, including burner, spanner, instruction sheet, appears little steamed. 70-120
434.    A Mersey Model (Liverpool) #52 Horizontal Stationary Type Model Steam Engine, burner and funnel present showing signs of use, mounted on a wooden base, original box. 40-70
435.    A Home Engineered Live Vertical Steam Engine, 2.5cm stroke, 9.5cm diameter flywheel, finished in green, black and bright metal, mounted to a wood base, overall dimension 12 x 19cm x 24cm high. Plus two other vertical small size engines, on with 1cm stroke and 4cm diameter flywheel, the other with approximately 1cm stroke and 5cm flywheel (playworn to fair). 30-50
436.    A Boxed Wilesco D16 Steam Engine Plant, with horizontal boiler, burner, powering a horizontal single cylinder engine, spoked flywheel and pully, boxed. 60-90
437.    Meccano No.6 Set, comprising of various nickel and brass Meccano components, literature, including instructions for outfits No's 1 to 3 and book No.2 original two later box with Meccano decals, unchecked for completeness of all parts. 60-90
438.    A Scratch Built 'OO' Gauge Model Railway Diorama, including Siding Farm Animals, platform shed, greenery, industrial scene printed backdrop, some corrosion to track noted, together with a Hornby BR Class 264 'Pug' 0-4-0ST locomotive and two open wagons. 30-50
439.    Five 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, a Bachmann 4-6-0 6P BR green R/No 45568 'Western Australia' (over painted, bogie missing one wheel set), a Triang 4-6-0 'Kneller Hall' GWR green R/No 5934 (playworn/over painted), a Airfix Class 4F 0-6-0 L.M.S black R/No 4454 (good), a Triang Class 2P 4-4-0 BR black R/No 40581 (playworn, damage to cab), and a kit built Class 4F 0-6-0 BR gloss black (good No R/No etc), all u/t. 60-90
440.    Four 'OO' Gauge/4mm 0-6-0 Boxed Tank Steam Locomotives, three Dapol; two J94 Ref No D-009 and Ref No D101 'Terrier' L.B.S.C R/No 82, plus a Mainline Clas J72 BR black R/No 68745 (loco's good, boxes fair to good) u/t. 30-50
441.    Eighty Plus Meccano Magazines, mainly 1950's editions, variable condition. 20-30
442.    Seven 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Steam Tank Locomotives, two Triang 2-6-2 R/No 82004 (one BR green, good, one BR black, fair), two Lima Class 45XX 2-6-2 (GWR green R/No 5519 and one re-purposed L.M.S black R/No 5574) both good - Jauef 0-8-0 'S.N.C.F ' R/No 040-TA-28', a Bachmann class 3MT 2-6-0 BR black R/No 82025 (playworn with heavy weathering) and a kit/repurposed 0-8-0 Triang chassis, BR black R/No 30954, (playworn with heavy weathering) u/t. 40-60
443.    A Stronlite 'O' Gauge Three Rail All Electronic Model Railway Set No 4622, comprising of Southern 0-4-0 tank locomotive, two Southern eight wheel coaches, track fair, playworn condition, presented within original box, untested. 50-80
444.    A Circa 1950's Lieder Kreiser Song Top Tinplate Toy, original box. 15-25
445.    Five 'OO' Gauge'/4mm Unboxed Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, a Triang 4-6-2 'Princess Elizabeth' BR green R/No 46201 (playworn, missing steam rods), a Hornby (China) Class 8F 2-8-0 BR black R/No 48154 (good), a Bachmann Class 43XX 2-6-0 BR black R/No 5328 (good), a Triang SR Class LI 4-4-0 BR green R/No 31782 (good - over painting noted), and a kit built glass 4F 0-6-0 BR matt black R/No 64903 (good but tender wheels require attention) all u/t. 60-90
446.    A Circa 1950's Hornby 'O' Gauge Four Piece Train Set, engine 'L.N.E.R. 460', plus track, in original lower part box. 40-60
447.    Nine 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Steam Tender Locomotives(All Missing Their Tenders), Triang 4-6-0 'Albert Hall', Triang 4-6-0 5P R/No 5158, Mainline 4-6-0 6P R/No 46137 (bogie missing one wheel set), Mainline Class 2251 0-6-0 BR black R/No 2213, Hornby Ref R253 4-2-2 'Caledonian Single', Hornby Class 9F 2-10-0 BR black R/No 92200, Hornby (China) 4-6-0 Class B12 L.N.E.R green R/No 8556, Hornby 4-6-2 'Thomas' blue(all above good - motors u/t) and a Triang boxed 4-6-2 class 7P6F 'Brittania' BR green R/No 70000 (fair - fair box) u/t. 80-120
448.    A Hornby 'O' Gauge Clockwork 0-4-0 Tank Locomotive, green/black livery, missing key, untested. Hornby RS689 'O' Gauge box car (boxed), Hornby R5676 'O' Gauge Shell petrol tank wagon (boxed), together with a circa 1950's Shell Service Garage tinplate money box (incomplete). 30-40
449.    Two Boxes of Various Items Ex a Model Railway Layout, buildings, boxed and "Made Up", small quantity of 'OO' Gauge/4mm track, scenic items, controllers and other electrical "Stuff", etc. 20-40
450.    A Hornby (China) 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No R2597 Boxed 0-4-0 Steam Tank Locomotive (Good), plus five other tank locomotives for spares of repair, Hornby 0-4-0 Jouef and Lima u/t (6). 20-40
451.    A Pair of Mid XX Century Hornby Train Sets, (one four piece, one three piece) and a large quantity of track including earlier rare wooden sections. 40-60
452.    Two Bachmann 'OO' Gauge/4mm 'Plasser' Tamper Machines, Ref No 36-160 (non motorised) and Ref No 36.165 (motorised), plus Ref No 36-150 Plasser OWB 10 with crane (motorised) and a Ref No 62501 'HO' gauge Plasser EMSCO with Union Pacific livery (four items,good with good boxes), u/t. 50-70
453.    A Mid XX Century Tinplate Mettoy Tractor and Implement Set, plus driver; together with a handmade wooden tram set. 40-50
454.    A Tri-ang Tin Plate Jones KL 44 Crane, red with yellow chassis, decal loss, playworn. 20-30
455.    A Hornby Dublo "OO" Gauge #D1 Through Station, boxed. 20-40
456.    A Quantity of Track Controllers, Transformers etc, Hornby, Bachmann examples (untested - for spares/repair only). 15-30
Three 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Steam Tender Locomotives, a Triang 4F, 0-6-0 LMS black (playworn), Airfix 4-6-0 'Royal Scot Fusilier' LMS black R/No 6103 (fair), and a Lima 2-6-0 'Mogul Crab' BR black R/No 42700 (good) all u/t. 40-60
458.    A Hornby Super Detail #R2200A Class 9F 2-10-0 Locomotive and Six Wheeled Tender, weathered '92134' BR, boxed. 30-50
459.    A Wrenn 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No W2213 Class A4 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Eight Wheel Tender, 'Peregrine' R/No 4903 finished in L.N.E.R wartime black but tender over painted with BR logo, otherwise very good, in very good box, u/t. 30-50
460.    A Dapol 'N' Gauge Ref No ND-073A Class 221 Virgin Super Voyager 'Marco Polo' Four Car Set, boxed (very good/good box), u/t. 60-90
461.    Bachmann 'OO' Gauge/4mm Class A4 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Eight Wheel Tender 'Mallard' L.N.E.R Blue, R/No 4468, good condition (in non standard box) u/t. 30-50
462.    A 'HO' Gauge All Brass 'United' (Japan) U.S.A Outline 2-6-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Eight Wheel Double Bogie Tender, 'Rio Grande' black R/No 3216 (factory weathered), good unboxed, u/t. 40-60
463.    Two 'HO' Gauge Boxed U.S.A Outline Diesel Locomotives, a life like E,M.D R/No 5506 Canadian Rail (good/fair box), plus A 'Tyco' Alco 'Rock Island' livery R/No 4301 (good paint etc, but missing small parts/railings etc), fair box, both u/t. 20-40
464.    A Graham Farish 'N' Gauge #8125 High Speed Train Inter City 125 Set, front and rear motorised units, plus MKII 75ft coach, boxed (slight crushing to box). 35-60
465.    A Hornby 'OO' Gauge R052 LMS 0-6-0 Tank Locomotive, R/No 7670, together with a Playcraft 'HO' Gauge D6100 electric diesel loco (P837) BR green, both boxed. 25-40
466.    Two Bachmann 'N' Gauge Cased U.S.A Outline Class F9 Diesel Locomotives, powered and a 'Dummy' R/No's 215 Santa Fe livery (good, box description vary) u/t. 30-50
467.    Two Con-Cor 'N' Gauge U.S.A Outline Cased 'Santa Fe' Diesel Locomotives, Class PA-1 powered and unpowered (Dummy), plus a Lima boxed 'Amtrak' FP-45 R/No 523 (good, fair boxes), u/t. 40-60
468.    Two Bachmann 'N' Gauge EMD F7 Locomotives, Ref No 11251 F7A undecorated and Ref No 11275 F7B Santa Fe livery, boxed (very good), u/t, 50-80
469.    A Lima 'HO' Gauge Continental Outline Class E410 DB Rail Blue/Grey Electric Bo-Bo Locomotive, R/No E410.001, twin pantographs (playworn) u/t, plus four DB rail coaches (three Lima and a Rivarossi 'Touropa') fair to good (loco u/t) (5). 20-40
470.    A Triang 'OO' Gauge/4mm Uboxed 4-6-2 'Princess Victoria' BR Maroon, R/No 46200 plus four wheel tender and three brown/cream four wheel coaches also nine items of rolling stock (fair to very good loco u/t) (14). 30-50
471.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Diesel Locomotives BR Green, Ref No R060 Co-Co brush type 4 R/No D1738 (good, good box), plus a Class 25 Bo-Bo R/No D7596 (fair part boxed) u/t. 40-60
472.    Five 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed 0-6-0 Tank Steam Locomotives, two Mainline Class J72 (good, one missing chimney), two Hornby A Class J83 L.N.E.R green R/No 8477 plus Class J13 R/No 1247, (good), plus an overpainted Hornby class 57 and a Hornby Class 08 'Shunter' BR green R/No 13012 (good) (6) u/t. 30-50
473.    Two Con-Cor 'N' Gauge Boxed Five Car Streamline Passenger Sets Ref No 004019, nickel plate and Ref No 540001 'Santa Fe' (appear unused/fair boxes). 40-60
474.    Four Atlas 'N' Gauge U.S.A Outline Cased GP-30 Diesel Locomotives, Union Pacific - Burlington - Santa Fe and Rio Grande liveries three with motors, Union Pacific 'Dummy' (good - case description vary), u/t. 50-70
475.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Steam Locomotives, boxed Ref No R859 'Black 5' 4-6-2 plus tender (home weathered) and Class A4 'Mallard' BR green R/No 60022 (good, missing boiler rail), unboxed u/t. 40-60
476.    Two Hornby 'OO'Gauge/4mm Boxed 4-6-0 Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, Ref No R320 L.M.S Class 5 black R/No 5231 and Ref No R357 "Duke of Sutherland", both very good/very good box's, u/t 50-70
477.    four LIMA 'OO' Gauge/4mm Diesel Locomotives, unboxed, a Co-Co Class 59 'Yeoman Highlander', a Co-Co class 57 'Freightliner' R/No 57003, a class 60 load haul 'Gypsm Queen', a Bo-Bo Class 67 E.W,.S R/No 67002 and a Hornby Co-Co Class 47 BR two tone red, all good, small parts (buffers etc) missing, u/t. 60-90
478.    Two 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Tank Steam Locomotives, Airfix Ref No 54150 2-6-2 Prarie tank GWR green R/No 6110 (good), Bachmann Ref No 31-451 A class 2 Ivatt 2-6-2 BR black R/No 41250 (good), u/t. 30-50
479.    Two 'OO' Gauge/4mm Locomotives, a boxed Lima Ref No 205107 Class 08 diesel shunter, BR blue R/No 09026 (good), plus a part boxed Airfix Ref No 54151 2-6-2 Class 61XX Prairie tank steam locomotive BR black R/No 6167 (good), both u/t. 30-50
480.    Two 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Steam Locomotives, Lima Ref No 205120 2-6-0 'Mogul' Crab renumbered L.M.S R/No 2890, good but repainting noted, Aiirfix Ref No 54123 0-6-0 class 4F BR black R/No 44458, good, both boxes fair, u/t. 30-50
481.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Diesel Locomotives, Ref No R328 Class 47 Co-Co 'Mammoth' BR green R/No D1670, Ref No R357 AIA AIA Brush Type 2 BR green R/No D5572, (good, boxes fair), u/t. 30-50
483.    A Boxed Lima 'O' Gauge/7mm Ref No 6620 Coach, BR blue/grey R/No 15867, missing both bogies but body very good, box fair. 10-20
484.    Four 'OO' Gauge/4mm Steam Locomotives, for spares/repairs, a Dapol 0-4-0 (missing cab) - a Bachmann 2-6-0 4MT BR black R/No. 76109 (missing tender) - two Tri-ang 0-6-0 Class 3F's (playworn, no tenders) (U/T). 20-40
485.    Four 'N' Gauge Cased Diesel U.S.A Outline 'Shunters', Arnold Ref No 5031 'Seaboard', and Ref No 5066 Alco S-2, plus a Atlas Ref No 4203 Class R5-3 'Rock Island', and Bachman Ref No 4792 0-6-0 'Santa Fe', (good, fair boxes), u/t. 50-80
486.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge Locomotives, comprising of class A4 4-6-2 locomotive and six wheeled tender, 'Mallard' R/No 60022 BR green (tender top loose) 4P 4-4-0 locomotive and six wheeled tender, LMS maroon, R/No 1060, unboxed, (untested). 30-50
487.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge class 35 Hymek Locomotives, BR, R/No D7063 together with a Mainline Warship Class D823 'Hermes' rolling shell, all untested. 30-40
488.    Two Lifelike 'N' Gauge Cased U.S.A Outline 'Amtrak' F-40 diesel Locomotives Ref No 7641, (very good, fair boxes), u/t. 50-70
488A.   Hornby Dublo 'OO' Gauge/4mm Three Rail Ref No EDG17 0-6-2 Tank Goods Set, comprising steam locomotive BR black R/No 69567 four items of correct (for set) rolling sock and ten sections of three rail track, box content very good, box base good, lid complete but with rubbed edges/split corners - u/t. 30-50
489.    Two Atlas 'N' Gauge Cased 'Santa Fe' Diesel U.S.A Outline Locomotives, Ref No 4603 EMD GP35 and Ref No 4733 EMD GP30 ) both very good/good boxes) u/t. 50-70
490.    Hornby Minitrix 'N' Gauge N.206 Warship Class Locomotive 'Hermes', BR R/No D823 boxed, together with ten items of 'N' Gauge rolling stock by Hornby Minitrix, Graham Farish etc, including Hornby Minitrix #506, #303, #510, #511, cased. 40-70
491.    Five 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed 0-4-0 Locomotives, two Triang 'Hercules and Sherman', a Triang 'Shunter', a Lima Shunter R/No D2785, a D.J.H kit built Shunter (very good), plus a boxed Continental Outline 2-6-2 BR 75 tank steam locomotive 'HO' gauge by 'Eisenbahn Modellbau' (fair, good) (6) u/t. 40-60
492.    A Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Class 43 Inter-City Power Locomotive and Dummy, R/No's 430512 and 43072, plus a Triang 'blue/grey' Pullman unpowered DMU, yellow front, a Class 91 Inter City powered locomotive (playworn), a class 39 'London 2012' unpowered unit, and a Jouef 'Eurostar' powered unit R/No 3211 (playworn u/t (6). 30-50
493.    A Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No R867 Class 142 Pacer Twin Railbus, R/Nos 5536 and 55599 fair/unboxed, u/t. 25-40
494.    Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No R3804 'Hogwarts Castle' 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, BR maroon R/No 5972, good boxed condition, u/t. 30-50
495.    Three 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Steam Locomotives, Hornby 4-6-0 Class 5XP and tender, LMS maroon, R/No. 5541, (good). A Hornby Dublo 4-6-0 "Denbigh Castle", BR green (fair, converted to two rail, pickup's damaged) A Bachmann 4-6-0 Class 5XP "Upton" R/No. 4591 (missing tender and one wheel set to bogie, playworn). Plus a Hornby six wheel L.N.E.R powered tender, (all U/T, four items). 40-60
496.    Two Model Power 'N' Gauge Cased U.S.A Outline Class FA-I Diesel Locomotives, 'Great Northern; and 'Chesa' liveries, plus a Lima Class FP45 'Baltimore and Ohio' livery (fair to good) (3) u/t. 40-60
497.    Hornby Dublo 'OO' Gauge/4mm Three Rail, Ref No EDG17 Tank Goods Train set, comprising Class N2 0-6-2 tank steam locomotive BR black R/No 69567, four items of rolling stock (correct to set) and track, set content good (u/t), box base fair, lid with rubbed edges, and split corners. 40-60
498.    A Horny Dublo 'OO' Gauge/4mm Three Ref No EDL11 Boxed 4-6-2 Class A4 'Silver King' Steam Locomotive and Ref No D12 Six Wheel Tender, BR gloss green (to Loco) R/No 60016, tender matt green, locomotive/tender very good, boxes poor. 40-60
499.    Hornby Dublo 'OO' Gauge/4mm Three Rail Ref No EDP12 Passenger Train Set, comprising 4-6-2 'Duchess of Montrose' steam locomotive with six wheel tender BR green R/No 46232, two stainer BR red/cream coaches and track locomotive very good, coaches fair, box base fair, lid poor with staining, split edges, one side missing. 50-70
500.    Two Bachmann 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed 'C Class' 0-6-0 Steam Locomotives and Six Wheel Tenders, Ref No's 31.461 and 31.462, both with significant home weathering and re numbered, BR black R/No's 3112 and 31573, good boxes, u/t. 50-70
501.    Two Bachmann 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Steam Tank Locomotives, Ref 31.451D Ivatt BR black, home weathered and renumbered 41203, plus Ref 32-226 BR black, R/No 47354, 0-6-0 'Jinty' home weathered (good) u/t. 25-40
502.    Two Wrenn 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Tank Steam Locomotives, 0-6-0 Ref No W2204 L.M.S maroon and Ref No W2203 'Shell' livery, both very good, good boxes, u/t. 40-60
503.    Hornby Ref No R.033 Boxed 'OO'Gauge/4mm 4-6-2 class 7MT Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, BR green 'Morning Star' R/No 70021 (good, fair box), u/t. 25-40
504.    A Wills 'Finecast' 'OO' Gauge/4mm G.W.R 9400 class Pannier Tank R/No 9443, finished to a very good standard with 'DCC' within attached 'Ore' wagon (boxed) u/t. 30-50
505.    Five Boxed Diecast Models, by Matchbox, Corgi, Lesney, comprising of Corgi Toys, #155 Lotus-Climax Formula 1 Racing Car (missing wing mirrors), puncture holes to box end flaps, Lesney Moko Coronation Coach 'A Perfect Miniature', (damage to box) Matchbox Models of Yesteryear #Y-3 "E" Class Tramcar, #Y-15 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, (missing front seat), #Y-3 1910 Ben Limousine. 30-50
506.    Two Lifelike 'N' Gauge Cased U.S.A Outline Diesel Locomotives Ref No 7846 CP-38 'Conrail', and REf No 7641 F-40 'Amtrak', (very good, fair boxes), u/t. 50-70
507.    Two 'OO'Gauge/4mm Boxed Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, Airfix Ref No 54122 Class 4F Fowler 0-6-0L.M.S black R/No 4454 and Mainline Ref No 37-052 4-6-0 std class 4 BR black R/No 75006, both very good/very good box's u/t. 50-70
508.    A Wrenn 'OO' Gauge/4mm W2226 'Duchess Class' 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender 'City of London', BR maroon R/No 46245, unlined tender, very good in fair box, u/t. 40-60
509.    Two 'HO' Gauge U.S.A Outline Diesel Locomotives, A 'Proto 1000' Budd R.D.C boxed, appears new/unused, Baltimore and Ohio livery, plus a unboxed Lima FP-45, Amtrak livery R/No 523 (good) u/t. 30-50
510.    Two Wrenn 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed 0-6-0 Tank Steam Locomotives, Ref No W2207 'Southern' green R/No 1127 and Ref No W2205 BR black R/No 31340, both very good, fair to good boxes, u/t. 40-60
511.    Eight Boxed Diecast Model Vehicles, by Matchbox, Dinky comprising of Dublo Dinky toys #067 Austin Taxi, blue lower body, cream upper body, Dinky Toys #238 Jaguar D Type Racing Car, turquoise body and interior, white driver (missing steering wheel), Matchbox 1-75 Series #32 Jaguar XK140, off white body, black base, #51 Albion Chieftain, yellow body, light beige load 'Portland Cement', #67 Saladin Armored Car. olive green body, #6 Euclid dump truck, yellow body, six black wheels, #15 Rotinuff Super Atlantic tractor, orange, black base, #20 E.R.F 68G truck, dark blue body 'Ever Ready', deals, all boxes have some sort of fault/damage, including missing ends, missing flaps. 60-100
512.    Eleven Playworn Vintage Dinky Toys Diecast Model Vehicles and Aircraft, to include 25R forward control lorry, Dodge tipper wagon, Viking aircraft, Guy flat truck, Guy flat truck with tailboard, Guy 4 ton lorry in two tone blue with light blue hubs, all unboxed. 30-50
513.    Bachmann 'HO' Gauge Ref No 11302 Daylight GS4, 4-8-4 U.S.A Outline Steam Locomotive and Twelve Wheel Bogie Tender, good boxed condition, u/t. 30-50
514.    Three 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Steam 4-6-2 Locomotives, two Triang 'Princess's Elizabeth and Victoria BR black, plus a Hornby Dublo converted to two rail renamed 'Queen Elizabeth' R/No 46221 (fair condition) u/t. 40-60
515.    Two Lima 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Class 55 Diesel Locomotives, BR blue 'Royal Scots Grey' R/No 556221 and 'The Fife and Forfar' etc R/No 9006 (playworn, missing buffers/couplings). 30-50
516.    Two Bachmann 'N' Gauge U.S.A Outline Diesel Locomotives, Ref No 4681, GEU36 'Rock Island', plus Ref No 51-0612-02, EMD GP50 'Santa Fe' livery.(very good, good boxes) u/t. 50-70
517.    Two Lifelike 'N' Gauge Cased U.S.A Outline 'Caltrain' F-40 Diesel Locomotives R/No 904, (very good, fair boxes), u/t. 50-70
518.    Two Wrenn 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Locomotives, a Ref No W2230 Bo-Bo diesel electric BR green R/No D8015 (very good/good box) plus a Ref No W2218 2-6-4 4MT standard tank BR black R/No Re numbered?) 80061 (fair in fair box). 40-60
519.    A Precision Model Art (PMA) 1:72nd Scale German Horton Gotha GO 229 Diecast Model Fighter Bomber, boxed. 25-40
520.    Two Hornby 'oo' Gauge/4mm Boxed Dteam Locomotives Require Repair, Ref No R2059 Class A4 Mallard L.N,E.R blue R/No 4468(Ringfield Motor issue, otherwise very good), Ref No R2719X 'Britannia' Class 4-6-2 BR green 'Robin Hood' (plug/wide issue missing small parts, otherwise very good), boxes good, loco's u/t. 40-60
521.    Twenty four Diecast Model Vehicles, by Matchbox, mostly 1-75 Series including #14 Ambulance cream body, #42 Evening News van, #22 Vauxhall Cresta, copper body, silver wheels, #41 D-Type Jaguar, green body, black base, #60 Morris J2 Pick Up, light blue body, #39 Pontiac convertible, lemon body, black base, #45 Vauxhall Victor, lemon body, grey plastic wheels, #11 E.R.F road tanker, red body, gold trim, 'Esso' decal on rear of tank, together with a Matchbox Series #3 Bedford tipper truck, empty box. 50-80
522.    Two Atlas 'N' Gauge Cased U.S.A Outline Diesel Locomotives, Ref No 52017 Santa Fe (AF and SF) H16-44 and Ref No 48034 'Soo Line' GP-7 R/No 382, (very good, GP7 new, good boxes) u/t. 50-70
523.    Two Bachmann Spectrum 'N' Gauge U.S.A Outline Cased Diesel 'GE Dash 8-70 Locomotives, Ref No 85066 'CXS' livery and Ref No 86075 'B.N.S.F livery, (very good/very good boxes), u/t. 50-70
524.    Two Bachmann 'N' Gauge Cased U.S.A Outline GP-40 Santa Fe Diesel Locomotives R/No 890, plus a Atlas Ref No 7781 0-6-0 A.T,S,F steam tank locomotive and a Bachmann Ref 51-610-28 'Brill Trolly' bus (new), (overall fair to very good) u/t. 40-60
525.    Two Lifelike 'N' Gauge Cased U.S.A Outline 'Southern Pacific' Black Widow SD7 Diesel Locomotives Ref No's 5321 and 5324, (very good/good boxes), u/t. 50-70
526.    Twenty Six 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Tenders - Six and Eight Wheel, BR L.M.S GW L.N.E.R examples by Hornby Triang, Bachmann and kit built (fair to good). 25-40
527.    Two Lima 'OO'Gauge/4mm class 117 D.M.U BR Blue/Grey Units, Ref No 205147 MWG (motorized), and R/No W51350 and Ref No 2051149 (dummy) R/No W51332, both very good/very good box's u/t. 40-60
528.    Two Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Steam Locomotives, Ref No R550 2-10-0 and tender (home weathered)R/No 92001, plus Ref No R2629X 4-6-0 Royal Scot Class 'The Kings Royal Rifle Corps' (very good loco and box, however motor not connecting with wheels). 40-60
529.    Two Bachmann 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed BR Black Steam Locomotives, Ref No 32-578 Ivatt Class 4 2-6-0 (home weathered/De numbered), Ref No 31-105 BR Class 4 4-6-0 R/No 75078 (good) boxes good, u/t. 40-60
530.    Five Hornby 'OO' Gauge/4mm Unboxed Tank 0-4-0 Steam Locomotives, two Class D industrial and three 'Pugs' (Highland Railway (2), plus Queen Elizabeth), all good u/t. 30-50
531.    Two Lifelike 'N' Gauge Cased U.S.A Outline diesel Locomotives, Sante Fe livery, Ref No 7252 GP-20 R/No 313 and Ref No 07779 SD-45 R/No 1762 (good, fair/good boxes) u/t. 40-60
532.    A Hornby 'OO'Gauge/4,mm Ref No R264 Boxed Class 9F 2-10-0 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, BR black R/No 92200, very good/very good box u/t. 30-50
533.    A Tri-ang Minic Ships Boxed Set, No. M.891, R.M.S Queen Elizabeth Presentation Set, appears mostly complete, split to box lid, boxed. 25-40
534.    Two 'OO' Gauge Locomotives, comprising of Hornby 'Top Link' #R297 LMS class 8F 2-8-0 and tender R/No 48758, BR black, Airfix #54152-7 0-4-2 1400 class tank, GWR green, R/No 1466, boxed. 40-50
535.    A Rivarossi 'N' Gauge Ref No 0517 Three coach 'Santa Fe' Set, baggage/mail and two passenger (appears new/excellent box). 20-40
536.    Two Bachmann Plus 'N' Gauge U.S.A Outline Cased Diesel Locomotives, Ref No 11274 EMD F7A and Ref No 11276 EMD F7B, both 'Santa Fe' livery (very good, appear unused, very good boxes) u/t. 50-70
537.    Two Spectrum 'N' Gauge Ref No 81456 'EMC' Gas Electric (Doodle bugs) Santa Fa Livery, boxed as new, u/t. 40-60
538.    Hobbytrains 'N' Gauge Ref No 14100 6 Unit Train Pack, SBB-CFF-FFS Railway,overall good condition but has damage/ small parts may be missing., untested. 80-120
539.    Three 'N' Gauge U.S.A Outline Cased Diesel Locomotives, Con-Cor Ref No 5001, A.T.S,F shunter/cow R/No 1242, Atlas Ref No 50012 Glas VO-1000 A.T.S.F R/No 2207 and Bachmann Class GE-U36B 'Santa Fe' R/No 353 (good, good boxes) u/t. 50-80
540.    Five 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Tank 0-4-0 Steam Locomotives, Two Hornby Ref No's R150 and R3360 (Mosley Tarmacadam), plus three Dapol 'Pugs' Ref No's DI and D.010 plus limited edition WWI munitions, all good, fair to good boxes, u/t 30-50
541.    A Bravo Delta Models #BD253A Eurocopter EC135 72 Devon Air Ambulance G-DVAA Model Aircraft, with plinth, boxed. 40-70
542.    A Model of a Bell 206 Jet Ranger Helicopter, by Executive Helicopter Models (England), 43cm long, boxed. 30-50
543.    A Model of a Comper Swift Single Seat Aircraft, G-ACTF, wingspan 50cm, with plinth, boxed. 40-60
544.    A Model of a Fauvel AV-36 Monoblock Sailplane/Glider, red and white livery, wingspan 56cm, with plinth, boxed. 30-50
545.    A Bravo Delta Models Harvard FE511 G-CIUW Model Aircraft, with plinth, boxed. 40-70
546.    An Interesting Collection of Diecast Model Vehicles, by Corgi, Dinky, Franklin Mint, Solido, Maisto and other to include Corgi James Bond #96656 Aston Martin, Franklin Mint 1:24 1967 Morris Mini Cooper 'S', Corgi Berliet 'Le Great Marvo', small parts may be missing and/or damage together with a quantity of empty diecast model vehicle boxes and a Jeremy Teddy soft toy:- Three Boxes. 30-50
547.    Contents of a 'OO' Gauge Railway Modelers Workshop, items include track, foliage, line side accessories, bogies, scalelink lumbers, body shell, chassis, platform furniture, plus a quantity of power controllers/transformers (all untested);- Two Boxes. 25-50
548.    Four 'OO' Gauge/4mm Tank Steam Locomotives, a Lima 0-6-0 class 94XX Pannier GWR green R/No 9401, a Mainline Class 57XX R/No 5766, A Hornby GWR class 2721 R/No 2744, and a boxed Airfix Ref No 54153 0-4-2 BR green R/No 1466, all good u/t condition. 30-50
549.    Two Hornby 'OO'Gauge/4mm Ref No R681 Rail Freight Train Sets, both contain its 0-4-0 tank steam locomotive and five items of rolling stock, however both missing small items, (boxes poor), plus three other part boxed Hornby sets, two missing locomotives but each with six items of rolling stock and some track, the third with 0-4-0 tank locomotive R/No 254, three items of rolling stock and track, overall three 0-4-0 locomotives, twenty five items of rolling stock, track and some accessories, plus a "Amer" static model of The "Mallard" LNER blue R/No 4468 (playworn to very good, loco's u/t. 40-60
550.    A Collection of Lead Farm Animals and Farmyard Accessories, by Britains and other including Duck Pond Cows, sheep, fisherman, cart, trees, fencing, all playworn. 20-40
551.    A Collection of Mainly Lead Farm Animals, Workers, Accessories, to include cows, pigs, sheep, chickens etc. 25-40
552.    An Interesting Collection of White Metal Waterline Ships, toy soldiers, two Dinky Toys #37B Police Motor Cyclists, The Kings Aeroplane, mostly playworn. 30-50
553.    A Mid XX Century 12" Heavy Howitzer by Astra, missing shells, playworn, presented in original box, some wear to box. 20-40
554.    A Schuco (Germany) No.3000 Telesteering Car, four speed gear, green tinplate body, steering wheel, key wooden ball, twelve bollards, wire, literature, presented within original box. 30-50
555.    A Schuco Patent Auto Clockwork Saloon No. 1001, green bodywork, paper present, no key, box fair. 20-40
556.    Dinky Toys Auto Union Racing Car, (re painted), Viking aircraft (missing propeller blades), Frobisher class air liner (possible repair to tail fin), Silver Streak tin plate clockwork airliner (many parts missing). 20-30
557.    Ten Boxed Matchbox 1-75 Series Diecast Model Vehicles, comprising of #50 Commer pick up, red and grey body, grey wheels, #29 Austin A55 Cambridge, two tone green body, green tinted windows, #59 Ford Thames van 'Singer', pale green body, grey plastic wheels, #70 Ford 'Thames Estate Car'. turquoise and yellow body, grey wheels, #61 Ferret scout car, olive green body, tan driver, #43 Hillman Minx, turquoise body, cream roof, #12 land Rover Series II, green body, #50 Commer pick up, light brown body, #65 Jaguar 3.4 litre, metallic red body, silver base, silver plastic wheel, #15 Diamond T Prime Mover, orange body, all boxes have some form of fault/damage, including missing ends, missing flaps, sellotape, crushing. 100-200
558.    A Matchbox Building Constructors Set Number G-3, comprising of eight pieces, Weatherill Hydraulic Excavator, Euclid dump truck, Thames compressor lorry, Caterpillar bulldozer, Rotinoff Super Atlantic tractor and trailer, Muir Hill dump truck Caterpillar earth remove, (some chipping to raised edges), presented in a seven slot early picture box, pencil writing and wear/tear to box noted. 100-150
559.    Four Boxed Matchbox 1-75 Series Diecast Model Vehicles, comprising of #14 Bedford Lomas Ambulance, white body, black base, red cross and LCC Ambulance on sides, paint loss to rear door, slight crushing to box, #7 Ford Anglia, light blue body, green windows, small chips to paintwork, #66 Citroen DS19, minor chips to paintwork, tears to box end flaps,m #30 six wheel crane truck 'Magirus-Deutz crane lorry, silver body, orange jib, grey plastic hook, small crease to box. 60-90
560.    Four Boxed Matchbox 1-75 Series Diecast Model Vehicles, comprising of #3, Ford Fairlane Station Wagon, metallic green body, pink roof, crimson base, minor chips to paintwork, crushing to box, small tears to flaps, #9 Merryweather Marquis Series III, red body, gold ladder, minor chipping to paintwork, slight crushing to box, tears to end flaps, #10 Foden eight wheel sugar container, dark blue body, black wheels, 'Tate and Lyle' crown decals, minor chipping to paintwork on raised edges, slight crushing, staining to box, #68 Austin Radio truck MK.II olive green, minor chipping to paintwork, slight crushing, stain to box. 50-70
561.    A Boxed Matchbox 1-75 No 52 1948 Maserati 4CLT, Racing Number 52, lemon body, with wheels, black base, some chipping to paintwork on raised edges, puncture hole and crushing to box. 40-70
562.    Four Boxed Matchbox 1-75 Series Diecast Model Vehicles, comprising of #21 Commer bottle float, pale green body, black base, cow decals to doors, slight crushing to box, small tears to end flaps, #2 Muir Hill dumper truck, red body, green dumper, 'Laing', black plastic wheels, slight crushing to box, rubbing, small tears to end flap, #27 Cadillac Sixty Special, metallic lilac body, pink roof, black base, slight crushing to body, rubbing, small tear to end flap, #45 Vauxhall Victor, yellow/lemon body, grey plastic wheels, black base, chipping to paint work, crushing and tears to box. 70-120
563.    Nine Boxed Matchbox 1-75 Series Diecast Model Vehicles, comprising of #57 Chevrolet Impala, Metallic blue body, pale blue roof, tinted windows, #44 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, metallic silver blue body, grey plastic wheels, #36 Austin A50 Cambridge, blue/green body, black base, '11 'Esso' petrol tanker, red body, Esso decal at rear, grey plastic wheels, #37 Karrier Bantam lorry, 'Coca-Cola' side and rear decals, black plastic wheels, #59 Ford Thames van 'Singer'. dark green body, #8 Caterpillar tractor, yellow body and driver #55 DUKW amphibian, olive green, #71 200 gallon Austin water truck olive green, all boxed have some form of fault/damage, including missing ends, missing flaps, sellotape, crushing. 80-140
564.    Nine Boxed Early Edition Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Diecast Model Vehicles, to include Y-3 1910 Benz Limousine, Y-5 1929 4 litres Bentley (2) Y-6 1926 type 35 Bugatti, Y-14 1911 Maxwell Roadster. 50-70
565.    A Dinky Supertoys No.982 Diecast Model Pullmore Car Transporter, blue car, light blue back and decks, loading ramp, blue and white striped box, minor rubbing to box corners, sellotape to box front. 30-50
566.    Dinky Toys #40D Austin (A40) Devon, maroon body and hubs, unboxed. 20-40
567.    A Dinky Toys (Meccano Ltd Liverpool), No. 50 Set - Ships of The British Navy, presented in a picture box, some damage to box noted. 40-70
568.    A Boxed Dinky Toys No. 961 Diecast Model Blaw-Knox Bulldozer, yellow body tan driver, rubber tracks, chipping to paint work, wear to box. 30-50
569.    A Boxed Dinky Supertoys #987 ABC TV Mobile Control Room, pale blue/grey body, red stripe, grey plastic hubs, with camera, camera operator , no cables notable wear to box edges/corners. 60-90
570.    Three Boxed Dinky Toys Diecast Model Vehicles, to include #163 Bristol 450 Sports Coupe (Racing Number 27) faults include corrosion to base, chipping to paint work, signs of repainting #183, Fiat 600 (re painted) #301 Field Marshal tractor (signs of re painting). 30-50
571.    Corgi Toys #487 Chipperfields Land Rover Parade Vehicle, red body, yellow interior, blue plastic rear body, original clown figure, (missing chimpanzee), some chipping to raised edges, crushing to box and tears to end flaps, 25-40
572.    A Boxed Corgi Toys No. 304S Mercedes Benz 300SL Hard Top Roadster, chrome body, red hard top, chipping/rubbing to paint work, slight decal loss, crushes/indents to box. 40-60
573.    A Boxed Corgi No. 420 Diecast Model Ford Thames "Airborne Caravan", two tone green, brown interior, minor chips/scratches to paint work/raised edges, crushing to box, missing on end flap. 30-50
574.    Corgi Toys No 270 Diecast Model James Bond Aston Martin, two Bandit figures present, slight crushing and small tear to picture window box. 40-70
575.    A Boxed Corgi No. 437 Diecast Model Superior Ambulance, cream over red body, small chips to paint work noted, sellotape,colour run/dye to box. 30-50
576.    Corgi Toys No 270 Diecast Model James Bond Aston Martin, two Bandit figures present, general playworn condition, off side bumper missing, slight crushing and small tears to picture window box. 20-40
577.    A Boxed Corgi Toys No. 231 Diecast Model Triumph Herald Coupe, mid blue top/bottom, white centre, chipping and scratches to paint work by Special Request box, slight crushing/creasing to box. 30-50
578.    A Boxed Corgi No. 460 Diecast Model Neville Cement Tipper, on ERF chassis, tunnel, cement, lemon cab and chassis, metal filler caps, scratches to windscreen, chipping and rubbing to paint work, mainly on raised edges, slight crushing/creasing/wear to box. 30-50
579.    A Boxed Corgi No. 224 Diecast Model Bentley Continental Sports Saloon, two tone green, red interior, opening boot with spare wheel, some chipping/rubbing to paint work, paint fault/repair around boot area, crushing to box, one end flap missing. 25-50