Specialist Collectable Stamps Auction
on Thursday 23rd June 2022

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301.    A Mainly G.B. Collection of Stamps and Covers, includes a small number of mint decimal presentation packs and a large number of FDC's and Commemorative covers with Railway interest. 30-50
302.    A Quantity of World Kiloware Weighing 7 kg, good selection. 20-30
303.    An Accumulation of Mint and Used G.B Stamps and a Collection of G.B FDC's, with machin values, to 1.60, mainly 1970's-90's. Plus a sparsely filled Lincoln stamp album. 30-50
304.    A Collection of World and G.B Stamps, includes 1988 G.B year book with stamps. Four albums of World stamps many with a Sports theme. Plastic bags of stamps sorted by country and FDC album. 30-40
305.    A Large Box of G.B Mint PHQ Cards, FDC's, Stamp Booklets, Match Covers, and G.B 1 notes and decimal coinage. 30-40
306.    A Collection of Alderney and Guernsey Miniature Sheets and FDC's, in four albums in excellent condition, includes high values. 30-40
307.    A Worldwide Stamp Collection, housed in four post WWII albums, plus a few loose covers. 30-40
308.    A Mixed Lot Including Seven Junior Albums of Stamps, mainly used. A Columbia recording of The Mikado and a number of amateur paintings. 20-30
309.    Over 200 in Face Value of Modern Mint G.B Stamps in Presentation Packs and Booklets, (including 10 Britannia Mint), plus a cover album containing over thirty G.B FDC's, mainly late pre decimal to 1970's plus a few Worldwide covers. 80-120
310.    A Collection of G.B Stamps, in S.G Luxury binder, with over 40 face value in mint decimal stamps, contains some earlier material including 1948 RSW 1 u/m, also includes S.G Tower album containing mint Jersey Stamps on hinge less mounts from 1969-1999, and S.G Commonwealth Countries catalogue, plus over eight G.B FDC's from 1968-1982 housing in two cover albums. 30-50
311.    A Collection of World Mainly Used Stamps, in nine good quality stock books. 30-40
312.    A Collection of Irish Stamps From 1922-1980's, includes mint and used overprints, with values to 10/-, different printers with a few varieties, including SG70a (Long 1 in 1922). Revenue and postage dues, 1941 Easter Rising overprints, etc. 150-200
313.    An Accumulation of Modern Stamps, in albums on leaves and some year books, includes many wildlife themed stamps plus flora and fauna covers. 25-35
314.    A G.B Collection of Mint and Decimal stamps, with a face value of over 55. Plus one hundred and fifty seven FDC's, mainly 1970's and 80's and forty Benham covers in a Benham album. 30-40
315.    A Large Box of Stamp/Cover Albums, housing G.B FDC's, World collection of used stamps, a few G.B mint presentation packs, flown covers, some signed and used G.B, Commonwealth and World stamps, good selection. 40-60
316.    Auto Themed Stamps in Two Albums, plus six Nevis 'Progressive Proofs' in luxury folders. 20-30
317.    World Stamps in Ten Albums, early to modern. 30-50
318.    A Quantity of Kiloware 10kg of World Stamps, good selection. 20-30
319.    An Extensive G.B Stamp Collection, in twenty six stockbook's and two binders, from 1840 Penny Blacks x 2 (poor) to modern. many thousands of mint and used mixed condition, but many fine. 120-160
320.    A G.B Collection of FDC's, between 2009 and 2018, in five albums, two hundred and ninety six items, in excellent condition. 60-100
322.    A Channel Islands and Isle of Man Collection of Stamps and Covers, in albums and loose plus a shoe box of G.B FDC's (120), many hundreds of mint and used stamps plus post mark interest.,EVII onwards. 40-60
323.    A Collection of World Stamps, in five albums and a plastic tub. Plus four albums of Football related trade cards. 20-30
324.    A Large Box of G.B Commonwealth and World Stamps, in packets and loose from 1930's to modern, including mint G.B decimal and pre decimal stamps, plus a selection of postal history and post cards, many thousands to sort. 30-50
325.    G.B Nineteen Uncut Press Sheets of Miniature Sheets, including Darwin Cathedrals, letter boxes, King George V Acsecion etc, high value. 250-300
326.    Sorter Box of Worldwide Stamps, early to modern, loose in packets and on sheets, included a small selection of other Philatelic items and accessories. 20-30
327.    A Collection of French Stamps from 1936 Onwards in a Good Quality Pragnell Album, a Stanley Gibbons new age album virtually unused in very good condition, a Stanley Gibbons 1955 simplified stamp catalogue and a few loose stamps. 20-30
328.    Over 3kg of Mainly Modern Used G.B Kiloware, plus a small quantity of Worldwide stamps. 20-30
329.    Isle of Man Comprehensive Collection of Stamps 1958 - 2005, including miniature sheets and prestige booklets, very few stamps for completion, three albums in excellent condition with high cat value. 100-150
330.    A Quantity of World Kiloware Weighing 9kg, good selection. 20-30
331.    A Large Box Containing Eight Stockbook's, (three large sixty four page) of mainly Cinderella material, with propaganda, Bogus, Revenues, Forgeries, etc. Some adhesion in places, also includes German Occupation and New Zealand stamps, around 6000-7000 items. 100-150
332.    Jersey - A Comprehensive Collection of Mint Stamps from 1969 - 2005, with very few missing stamps, includes a range of prestige booklets, excellent condition with high cat value. 100-150
333.    A Quantity of World Kiloware 9kg of Stamps, good selection. 20-30
334.    A Large Box Containing Mainly Used G.B and World Stamps and Covers, including G.B FDC's mid 1960's to 1980's, PHQ Cards, mint Regional and Decimal stamps, post mark interest. 20-30
335.    A Collection of World Postal History and Mainly Used Stamps, including over 100 Benham covers plus a small collection of coins and silver plated items many thousands of items. 20-30
336.    G.B Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, in albums and in a shoe box, from early QE2 wildings to decimal machins plus commemorative's, thousands to sort condition good to fine. 40-50
337.    A Large Box of Kiloware Weighing 6kg. 20-30
338.    A Collection of G.B, Commonwealth and World Stamps Mint and Used in Seven Albums, noter QV and EVII revenue stamps, GV mint Jubilee sets mint, Hong Kong and Ceylon plus union of South Africa used to 10/-, mixed condition but some fine. 30-50
339.    Guernsey and Aldernay Collection of Stamps 1948 - 2004, in four albums, includes many booklet and miniature sheets. Comprehensive collection in excellent condition, high cat value. 100-150
340.    A Thematic Collection of Stamps Covers and Trade Cards, on the theme of Space Exploration in four albums and a large envelope, excellent condition throughout. 40-50
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342.    A G.B FDC Collection in Four Albums, three hundred covers, between 1970's and 2000's. Plus a small collection of stamps of the World in six albums. 30-40
343.    A Collection of Over One Hundred and Eighty FDC's, loose and in albums, plus Royal Wedding album and bag of kiloware. 25-40
344.    4.6kg of G.B and World Kiloware, thousands of stamps to sort. 20-30
345.    Modern Royalty Themed Stamps, in various binders. 25-35
346.    A Collection of Stamps, in two stockbooks and in packets and envelopes, includes G.B mint presentation packs and used and World stamps, mainly used. 20-30
347.    An Accumulation of Stamps Mint and Used Including Commonwealth G.B and World From 1940's, plus a number of early G.B entires in mixed condition, noted Bahamas 1942 Landfall of Columbus to 5/- mint, GVI Coronation Mint part sheets and 1946 Peace FDC's, a few thousand items to sort. 20-40
348.    A Collection of Mint British Commonwealth Stamps Housed in a Green Stock Book, mainly GVI - QEII, includes some 'Earlies' from Samoa, some reprints most likely, also includes a small coil from Sierra Leone (S.G.210). 30-40
349.    A Bag of G.B and Some Foreign Kiloware, plus an assortment of Worldwide stamps in packets. 15-30
350.    A Small Box Housing Thousands of Mint and Used Stamps, on stock cards in envelopes and plastic bags. 20-30
351.    A Carton of Stamp Catalogues, including Scott, Stanley Gibbons, Yvert and Tellier, etc. 15-30
352.    An Accumulation of G.B and Foreign Stamps, on and off paper, in envelope, plus a small quantity of G.B FDC's. 20-30
353.    Three Albums of Mainly Mint G.B Decimal and Pre Decimal QE2 Stamps, arranged by thematic content, very well presented in good quality albums, stamps mostly commems in sets, 60-80
354.    An Accumulation of Worldwide Stamps, early to modern, in Junior Albums and some loose. Also includes a small selection of catalogues and a Junior coin collection. 20-30
355.    G.B FDC's, over two hundred and eighty covers, 1970's - 1980's, includes definitive's, Regionals, Commens, Machin high values booklet panes, etc. Excellent condition in four albums. 80-100
356.    A Collection of Mainly G.B Stamps From QV 'Jubilee' Issue to QE2 Decimal Issues, plus a selection of British Commonwealth and Worldwide material, a few loose on paper stamps and mounts also included. 25-35
357.    Two Albums of United Nations Mint Stamps Mainly 1980's, including flags of Nations plus a large amount of literature relating to the United Nations. 25-40
358.    An Accumulation of G.B Mint QEII Pre Decimal Stamps and FDC's, plus a small collection of Egyptian used stamps on album pages. 30-40
359.    Three Albums Containing Mounted Mint and uUsed Stamps from G.B and British Commonwealth, early to modern, noted G.B 1841 1d Red-Brown, imperf, four margins on blued paper, mint with clean fresh appearance. 80-120
360.    A Collection of G.B Presentation Packs, with a face value of over 120, plus a few loose decimal and pre-decimal stamps. 60-80
361.    Two Albums of Irish Stamps, mixed mint and used between 1970's and 2004, includes postage due, booklets miniature sheets, good quality throughout, many sets and better single, many hundreds. 80-100
362.    An Accumulation of Worldwide Stamps, mainly modern, on and off paper in envelopes and two sparsely filled Junior albums. 15-25
363.    GB Collection of Mint and Used QEII Decimal Stamps, including machins commemorative's, collectors packs and 1984 year book, plus an album of commonwealth stamps celebrating The Life of The Queen Mother. 30-40
364.    G.B One Hundred and Thirty FDC's, between 2011-2021 in excellent condition with neatly typed addresses. 60-80
365.    GB Mint and Used Decimal Collection of Machins, including high values in blocks of four in two albums, face value over 70 plus a few mint Commonwealth Queen Elizabeth stamps. 40-50
366.    Over 200 QEII GB FDC's, pre decimal and decimal issues. 20-30
367.    A Collection of Over 230 G.B FDC's from 1960's-2000 (Mostly 1990's), well presented in a large binder and two smaller binders. 20-40
368.    A Collection of G.B Mint Decimal Stamps, with a face value of over 135 on hagner leaves and in presentation packs. 60-80
369.    Three Loose Leaf Binders, housing a collection of G.B Definitive Stamps from Queen Victoria, Penny Reds through to QEII machins; (including FDC's), PHQ's and Channel Islands. 20-40
370.    World and British Commonwealth Stamp Collection, ealry to modern housed in S.G Senator album and Kingston album. 40-60
371.    A Collection of G.B Stamps, mainly decimal mint and used, many fine stamps in presentation packs and a sixty four page stock book. 20-30
372.    A Collection of Mint and G.B Decimal Stamps, mainly Commems with a face value of over 105. 50-60
373.    A Collection of Mint Decimal Stamps, in two albums with a face value of over 100. Plus a selection of Channel Islands and Isle Of Man Covers. 50-60
374.    G.B Decimal FDC's 1977 - 1988, with machin high values 1.41, 1.50 and 1988 castle high values, good condition in two albums 140 items. 40-60
375.    Two Albums of World Stamps, mint and used Countries A-Z (no Commonwealth) good selection, many hundreds. 20-30
376.    A Collection of Rhodesia and Zimbabwe First Day Covers and Postal History, from 1940's to 1980's over seventy items. 20-40
377.    A Collection of G.B Stamps, from KGV to decimal QEII, includes over 80 of mint stamps, housed in four stockbooks. 40-60
378.    A Collection of Mostly G.B Mint and Used Stamps, on Hagner leaves, album pages and in packets, includes postmark interest, good condition, interesting mixture. 20-30
379.    A Collection of Falkland Island Mainly Mint Stamps 1938-1970's, plus a selection of GB mint pre decimal and decimal booklets with a face value of over 20 and a used selection of World used stamps on leaves. 40-50
380.    Germany - A Collection of West Germany Stamps, 1949-1990's on Hagner leaves, mainly mint very high cat value; A Used Collection of West German Stamps, on hagner leaves from S.G 1045 onwards, including S.G 1037, S.G 1042, S.G 1038, etc. high cat mostly fine. 80-100
381.    A Collection of G.B Mint Stamps, with a face value of over 53. Plus a used collection of G.B and World used stamps in two albums. Plus a selection of world stamps in packets and on cover. 30-40
382.    A Collection of Over 130 G.B FDC's Mainly 1980's, plus a small number of G.B decimal presentation packs with face value of stamps 35. 25-35
383.    A Worldwide Stamp Collection Housed in Four 'Senator' Albums and a 'Universal' Album, early to modern, includes some high catalogued 'Earlies' from France, Germany and Romania. 80-120
384.    Four Stampex Sheets of Stamps, Spring and Autumn 2005, Spring 2006 and Spring 2007. 25-30
385.    A G.B Collection of Olympic Games Stamps, twenty nine A4 sheets, each with four miniature sheets (four complete sets), plus seven A4 sheets of Paralympic medal winners. 200-300
386.    A G.B and Commonwealth Mint and Used Stamp Collection, from Queen Victoria onwards. 20-30
387.    G.B Five Kids Smiler Sheet, including Noddy and Friends, Little Miss Sunshine, Noddy, Big Ears, Mr Happy, plus eight packs that include stamps and envelopes. 150-200
388.    A Collection of Postal History Mainly 1960's and 70's Countries G to K, many air mails, includes Gibraltar, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iran, Iceland, etc, No G.B. 50-60
389.    Four Albums of Mint and Used G.B and Commonwealth Stamps, A to Z mint and used from Queen Victoria onwards, generally good to fine condition. 30-50
390.    A Collection of G.B FDC's And Special Event Covers from 1960's - 2006, (not complete) with scarcer types noted and values to 1.40 machins, various cancellations many from Chesterfield, plus two albums of PHQ cards, over 310 covers and over 100 PHQ cards mainly in sets. 60-80
391.     A Collection of G.B Stamps in Six Albums, mainly mint with a current face value of over 400 also includes a small amount of pre decimal stamps. 180-220
392.    A Collection of G.B and World Stamps, on album pages and loose from 1880's to 1960's, mainly used. 20-30
393.    Three Albums of Mint Stamps Celebrating Charles and Diana's Wedding, includes booklets and miniature sheets, high initial retail value. 25-40
394.    A G.B Collection of Stamps From QV to 2000, in two Stanley Gibbons albums, sparse until GVI. 80-100
395.    A Collection of G.B, Guernsey and Isle Of Man FDC's, in four albums, one hundred and eighty six items between 2004 and 2015, in excellent condition. 40-60
396.    A Collection of GB and World Stamps, in junior albums and packets and GB mint decimal stamps. 20-30
397.    G.B. Mainly Used Collection of Stamps from QV Onwards, mainly definitive's including high value GVI and QE2, in five albums. 30-40
398.    A Collection of G.B Stamps and Covers, (including FDC's) from KGV to QEII mid 1970's, mainly used, with some mounted mint decimal Commemorative stamps, F/U 1948 I RSW noted. 30-40
399.    G.B Collection of Smiler and Royal Mail Limited Edition Sheets on A Variety of Themes, including Railways, Cartoons, Air Force, etc. 200-300
400.    A Collection of G.B and World Stamps and Covers, plus a number of cigarette cards. 20-30
401.    A Collection of Twenty Seven G.B Mint Presentation Packs, with a face value of over 43. Plus forty seven G.B and Channel Islands FDC's. 20-30
402.    GB Range of Used (many Fine), from KGV to Q Elizabeth on album pages. 15-20
403.    A G.B Commonwealth and World Accumulation, in five large albums and two small boxes plus a number of album pages. 50-60
404.    A Collection of G.B Commonwealth and World Used Stamps, in three albums and a large shoe box. 20-30
405.    A Collection of Ninety G.B Presentation Packs, with a face value of over 166. Plus a selection of FDC's and advertising material. 75-90
406.    A Spring back Album Containing Early Stamps from Germany and German States, mixed condition and possible forgeries/reprints throughout. 30-40
407.    A Collection of Mainly Used G.B Stamps, from Queen Victoria onwards. Plus a few FDC's, hundreds in mixed condition, but many fine. 20-30
408.    A Collection of 180 Mainly GB FDC's 1990's - 2002, in three albums and in a packet, plus a selection of mainly used World stamps in a sixteen page stock book packets and a tin. 40-80
409.    A Stock Book of G.B Wildings, with watermark varieties used and pre Decimal Machins. Plus an album and loose stamps miniature sheets on the theme of Rockets, some adhesion. 20-30
411.    A Collection of G.B PHQ Cards, plus an accumulation of G.B and World stamps, in envelopes/packets, mostly good condition. 20-30
412.    A Box Containing Ten Stockbook's of Cinderella Material, including Propaganda, Forgeries, Revenues and Ephemera, some adhesion in places, around five thousand stamps. 80-120
413.    G.B Two Hundred and Sixty FDC's, in four albums 1997-2011, good condition with neatly typed addresses. 80-120
414.    GB Collection of QEII Stamps Mint From 1953 - 1980's. 30-40
415.    A Collection of Mainly Modern U.S Stamps, in a stock book and loose leaf album, which also includes a selection of Worldwide 'Thematic' stamps. 25-35
416.    G.B Collection in Four Albums, mainly QEII pre decimal and decimal stamps, but also contains a small amount of earlier material. 20-30
417.    A Collection of Smiler Sheets and Royal Mail Limited Edition Sheets of Stamps, with a variety of themes, Railway, Sport, Royalty, etc. 200-300
418.    Five Albums of Mainly Used World Stamps, mostly definitive's. 20-30
419.    A Collection of Fifteen Smiler Sheets of Stamps, mainly 2008 - 2010 75-90
420.    A Collection of Australian Stamps In A SG Printed Album From 1954 - 1987 in Mint Condition Sparse in Places, plus a selection of presentation packs and FDC's, plus a number of year books and Bicentennial collection books. 30-50
421.    A Collection of Mainly G.B. Mint and Used Stamps, from Queen Victoria Penny Reds to Queen Elizabeth, plus two albums of FDC's 1960 to 1980's (not complete). 20-30
422.    A Collection of G.B FDC's, mainly 1990's , in two albums and used G.B Stamps, in three Junior albums and loose. 20-30
423.    A G.B. Collection of Mainly Used Stamps (Many FU) From 2001 - 2010, in two Stanley Gibbons albums, includes classic ITV smiler sheet, some adhesion. 50-60
424.    G.B 2012 Complete Set of Olympic Games Miniature Sheets. 30-40
425.    A G.B and World Collection of Stamps, in six stock books mint and used from 1930's to modern, face value of mint, decimal G.B stamps of over 105, thematic interest in birds and flowers. 50-60
426.    A Collection of G.B Stamps, mint with decimal face value of over 130, in presentation packs, booklets and in packets, mostly commemorative's. 50-70
427.    A Collection of Postal History Mainly 1960's and 70's Countries O - Z, many air mails including Panama, Poland, Pakistan, Rhodesia, Sudan, Switzerland, etc, a few hundred items. 50-60
428.    Isle of Man Collection of Mint Stamps 2009 - 2012, looks virtually complete with extra miniature sheets in a Kabe hinge less album. 50-60
429.    GB Mint Stamps from Red Cross 1963 to Christmas 1982, mainly in blocks of four many with traffic lights, face value of decimal stamps over 90. 40-60
430.    Three GB 'Special Stamps' Albums, containing over 350 of mint GB decimal stamps. 150-200
431.    A Small Collection of Postal History and Postal Stationary, includes QV covers and unused postal stationary, GV British Empire 1d post cards unused, USA covers from 1920's, forty seven items. 30-40
432.    A Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, mainly mint with many miniature sheets and part sheets, Countries include G.B, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Grenada, USA, etc. Many Hundreds of stamps in very good condition. 30-40
433.    Fifty Four G.B FDC 's 1998 - 2000, in good condition plus 40 of mint decimal stamps. 40-50
434.    Isle of Man Collection of Mint Stamps 1995 - 2004, in a Kabe hinge less album, virtually complete. 40-50
435.    GB Mint Decimal Collection of Commemorative Sets, with face value of over 160, 1983 - 1988. 70-80
436.    A Collection of G.B FDC's From Shakespeare with Stratford Upon Avon Postmarks to 1975, commems and definitive's in good condition throughout, 81 items. 40-50
437.    A Tower Stamp Album, excellent condition, housing a Guernsey and Alderway collection of mint stamps from 1948 to 1998 and Alderney from 1983, excellent condition with values to 5, many hundreds. 60-80
438.    A Stockbook of Switzerland Stamps, mixed mint and fine used from 1862 -1986, thousand plus stamps, good condition throughout. 60-80
439.    A Collection of Imperf G.B Queen Victoria Penny Red Plates, with a variety of cancellations, including Maltese Cross. A total of over one hundred and seventy mixed condition, but some VFU. 100-200
440.    A Comprehensive and Well Presented Collection of Antiqua and Grenada Stamps and Covers, ranging from early Queen Victoria to 1969, includes a cross selection of overprints and tete-Beche pairs. Plus some high values throughout, viewing highly recommended. 200-300
441.    G.B Collection of Line Engraved Perf 1d and 2d Stamps and Covers, includes 1d Stars, 1858 issue plates 71-225 complete EX 77, 2d blues with white lines added, used and on cover, excellent material throughout, over five hundred stamps and thirteen covers, viewing recommended. 500-600
442.    A Stanley Gibbons Album of Mint G.B Commemorative's, with a face value of over 170, pus a few mint and used early machins. 80-100
443.    A Thematic Collection of World Stamps, mint and used on the subject of Flight , in a well filled thrity two page stockbook. 20-30
444.    A Collection of Mint Stamps From South and Central America, mainly early, housed in a 'Western Imperial' spring back album. 30-40
445.    A British Commonwealth Collection of Mint and Fine Used Stamps, from the Channel Islands from Pre Decimal sets, Malta from Queen Victoria onwards mint and fine used, around fifteen hundred stamps in good condition. 20-40
446.    A Collection of Postal History Mainly 1960's and 70's Countries A - D, many air mails including Austria, Bahamas, Britain, Canada, China etc, generally good condition. 50-60
447.    Fifty Five GB FDC's 1996 - 1997, includes commems, definitive's, coin covers and 24 of mint decimal stamps. 40-50
448.    Isle of Man Collection of Mint Stamps 2005 - 2009, in a lighthouse hinge less album, looks virtually complete. 50-60
449.    G.B Album of Pre-Decimal Stamps 1968-70's, mint and used and on cover, including high values, Guernsey and Jersey War Time issues, First Flight Cover Southampton to Jersey 1937 and a range of Regional Issues. Plus postage dues and officials with better noted. 200-250
450.    G.B Line Engraved Imperf Collection of 1d and 2d Blue Stamps, three hundred and eight stamps and thirteen covers, excellent condition throughout, viewing highly recommended. 250-350
451.    G.B An Album Containing a Range of Postal History, from stamp less entires to KGVI First Air Mail Flights, fifty five covers with early cancellations, mileage marks, etc. Plus a collection of British Levant Stamps from SG1 onwards, mint or fine used. 120-150
452.    A Collection of Postal History Mainly 1960's and 70's Countries E to N, including Eire, Fiji, France, Malta, Jamaica, Netherlands, etc, many are air mails and generally in good condition. 40-50
453.    A Comprehensive and Highly Presented Collection of Turks and Caicos Islands Stamps and Covers, ranging from early Queen Victoria to 1977, includes a good selection of Queen Victoria overprinted stamps, plus some high values throughout, viewing highly recommended. 150-250
454.    An 'Old Time' Collection of Stamps. from Poland, Danzig, Memel, Latvia and Lithuania, includes some interesting 'Local' issues from Poland, (possibly reprints?). 50-80
455.    A Stockbook of Mint and Used Morocco Agencies Stamps, from KEVII to QEII. Plus a small number of Bofic stamps, mint and used. Some duplication, around one thousand stamps in very good condition with good catalogue value. 100-200
456.    Two Albums of G.B and World Mint and Used, includes mint decimal stamps with a face value of over 40. 20-30
458.    Isle of Man Collection of Mint Stamps 1958 - 1994, sparse until 1977 then fairly complete in a Kabe hinge less binder. 40-50
459.    An Attractive Collection of Stamps and Covers, from Norfolk Island, New Guinea, Papua and Papua New Guinea, including a good selection of early New Guinea overprints, 'HVTS', Bird of Paradise', Papua 'Lakatoi' Stamps, 1932 'Natives' set to 1, viewing highly recommended. 150-250
460.    Seventy Four G.B. FDC's From 1989 to 1993, includes March 1992 castles and 10 Britannia, good condition. 30-40
462.    A Collection of Used Postal Stationary/Registered Envelopes Queen Victoria to QEII, thirty items in good condition. 25-40
463.    A New Age Stamp Album, with a mixed mint and used collection of KGVI stamps countries B-L. 25-40
464.    An Attractive Collection of Stamps and Covers, from Burma, Cyprus, Tonga, Palestine, Pakistan, Penrhyn Island and Transjordan, mainly early, with many high values throughout, worthy of further inspection. 200-300
465.    A Comprehensive Collection of Australia Stamps and Covers, from 1913 'Kangaroos' to 1977, including some high values, in two Simplex albums. 350-450
466.    A Well Presented Collection of Mainly Early British Commonwealth Stamps and Covers, covering African Countries Aden to Zululand, includes some high value and various overprints, a close inspection is highly recommended. 150-250
467.    A Queen Victoria Collection of Line Engraved Stamps, including 1870 1d Stamps, including all plates and a few on cover or piece. Plus a range of 1d Red Stamps imperf and perf 16, good to fine used throughout, viewing recommended. 500-600
468.    A Well Presented Specialist Collection of Stamps and Covers, from Gambia, from early Queen Victoria to 1970, includes many high values throughout, viewing highly recommended. 200-300
469.    A Queen Victoria Collection of 2d Blues, with white lines added perf and imperf from plate 4 onwards, some on cover. Plus a small selection of embossed stamps on and off cover mostly cut square good to fine condition throughout, viewing highly recommended/ 500-600
470.    A Queen Victoria Collection of 1d Black and Reds, many 3 and 4 margins with twenty eight on cover and over one hundred and forty stamps, many with fine Maltese Cross Cancellations, viewing recommended. 1800-2000
471.    a Mint and Used G.B Collection of Stamps, from 1939 with KGVI values to 1, 1940 Centenary issue mint and on FDC, KGVI and QEII definitive's and commems to 1965. Good lot, viewing highly recommended, two albums. 250-300
472.    A Stunning Specialist Collection of Stamps and Covers, from South African States and Republics, including Cape of Good Hope (over thirty five triangular stamps, a few in pairs and two on cover) Mafeking (inclu. 3d Gen. Baden-Powell S.G.20) Orange Free State (various overprints) viewing highly recommended. 500-600
473.    A Superb Collection of Ceylon Stamps and Covers, from early Queen Victoria to 1972, includes various overprints and high values throughout, viewing highly recommended. 300-400
474.    A Well Filled KGVI Album, containing mounted mint KGVI stamps, including many complete sets and high value throughout, viewing highly recommended. 300-400
475.    Italy High Catalogue Mint and Used Stamp Selection, S.G 702/3 M/M, S.G 721-723 M/M, S.G 724 U/M (catalogue value 370); S.G 515, S.G 749/50, E371; S.G 503, S.G 505, S.G 726, S.G 497/498/499 (catalogue value 970); S.G 266, S.G 301/302, S.G E369, (catalogue value 1070); Italy High Catalogue Good Used Stamp Selection, S.G 421, S.G 433, S.G 434, S.G 466, S.G 471, total catalogue value 815; Italy 'Pneumatic Post' Used Stamp Selection, S.G PE167, S.G PE168, S.G PE170, catalogue value 260; Italy 1951 International Gymnastic Festival Set, S.G 787-789, a very scarce set of stamps in fine used condition, catalogue value 1800; Italy 1923 ' 50th Death Anniversary of A, Manzoni' Fine Used Part Set Three High Value Stamps, S.G 157/159/160, catalogue value 3430; Italy 1924 'Trade Propaganda' Used Overprinted Stamp Selection, S.G 168, S.G 171 four stamps, catalogue value 980; Italy 1922 'Ninth Italian Philatelic Congress' Set of Four Used Overprinted Stamps, S.G 122/125, catalogue value 1450 Total catalogue value over 10,000. 400-500
476.    A 1858-79 1d Red Plate 225, on cover cancelled Hastings DE 24 79 with Torquay Receiving CDS DE 25 79, good condition. 250-350
477.    A Well Presented Collection of Stamps and Covers, from Fiji, Gibraltar and Solomon Islands, includes many earlies and high values throughout, worthy of a closer inspection. 150-250
478.    A4 Margin Penny Black with Red MX Cancellation, detached from original cover, plus eight interesting pre stamp entires. 80-120
479.    A Fine Collection of St. Lucia Stamps and Covers, ranging from 1860 to 1977, includes a good selection of early overprints and high values throughout. Also contains some 'Back of Book' material includes S.G. F46, 'Shilding' error, viewing highly recommended. 300-400
480.    Ascension Collection of Stamps and Covers, in a good quality Utile album, includes 1922 set of twelve. Plus varieties Cleft Rock, Broken Mast, Line Through C, Torn Flag, mint or fine used and a range of covers 1934 issue to 5/- fine used and on cover, 1938 to 10/-, 1942 to 10/- then onwards to 1977, excellent throughout. 500-600
481.    G.B Collection of Penny Blacks and Some Matched Penny Red Plates, over one hundred many 3 or 4 margin 1d Blacks many with fine Maltese Cross Cancellations. Plus twenty two covers, including 4 margin plates, tied to cover with fine Red Maltese Cross. 2000-3000
482.    A Well Presented Collection of Stamps and Covers, from British Guiana, British Honduras, British Somaliland and Gilbert and Ellice Islands, from early Queen Victoria to mid 1970's, includes a variety of overpprints, plus many high value stamps throughout, noted interesting early pre stamped cover from British Honduras (Belize) 1848. 250-350
483.    A Well Presented Collection of Tristan Da Cunha Stamps and Covers, early to 1970's, a few high values, noted throughout, worthy of a closer inspection. 80-100
484.    British Commonwealth, a mainly fine used collection of Bermuda and Dominica Stamps from 1860's onwards, Bermuda includes 1865 issues, 1A on 1/- overprint, 1883 issue to 1/-, 1910 to 1/-. KGV high value Key Types to 5/- 1920 to 1/- through to 1971. Dominica includes 1877 set to 1/-, 1887 to 6d, War Tax Overprints and KGV Issues to 2/- then onwards to 1968, high catalogue and very good condition throughout. 300-400
485.    A Well Presented Collection of Stamps and Covers, from South Africa and Swaziland, early through to 1970's, includes some high value stamps throughout, viewing highly recommended. 80-120