Collectable Walking Sticks & Canes Auction @ 10am
on Thursday 24th November 2022

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1.      A Stick Stand in Light Oak, takes eight shafts, heavy brass hexagonal column, four brass feet, brass squirrel sat on top, 103cm. 30-60
2.      A Stick Stand in Half Circle, finial's to top holds eighteen canes, raised on three legs, 80cm, high x 45cm wide x 23cm deep. 40-60
3.      An Oriental Style Stick Stand, with birds, branches and bamboo, calligraphy writing, with two gold/studded metal style bands 61cm long and a Chateau Pierrail Beaujolais leather style stick stand, 50cm (2). 20-40
4.      A Hardwood Stick Stand, for eight shafts, aluminium centre post, brass feet, 90cm long. 20-40
5.      A Stick Stand, in dark wood, brass centre post, and a brass stick box, decorating with a sailing ship front, pull out drip tray, 22.5cm high x 27cm wide x 14cm deep. (2) 15-25
6.      Walking Stick Albums, showing different types of canes, sticks, and staffs, plus small tin of spares. (4). 10-15
7.      Fourteen Stick Shafts for Spares of Repair, plus one aluminium sectional stick.(14) 15-25
8.      Seven Canes and Sticks, including glass topped, enamel, mother of pearl, one with silver ferrule etc, 80-90cm long. 20-30
9.      Five Sticks Including Deer's Foot, horse, wolf, panther, stag, all approximately 94cm long. (5). 20-30
10.     Seven Walking Sticks, in distressed condition, one with broken silver 925 top. (7). 20-30
11.     Four White Metal Handled Sticks, including bent cane, duck, checkered handle and a full metal stick with ram's head, all approximately 100cm long. (4). 20-30
12.     Five Walking Sticks with Various Tops, ram, old monk with beard, greyhound, owl and a dragon, all approximately 90cm long (5). 20-40
13.     Four White Metal Topped Walking Canes, modern with black shafts and brass tips. (4). 20-30
14.     Six Sticks Including Frog, eagle, buzzard, dog, man sat on a fish tail and a chicken, 90 - 94cm long. 30-40
15.     Six Walking Staffs, a torch, wick burning flame, sized from 108-123cm long. (6). 20-30
15A.    Folk Art Style Walking Stick, in the shape of an elephants head, wearing a hat, with small glass eyes, terminating into an associated copper tip, 103cm long. 30-40
16.     Six Walking Staffs, with squirrel, bear beaver stag and warthog, five 127cm, one 120cm long (6). 20-30
17.     Seven Folk Art Type Sticks, tiger, crocodile, eagle, rhino, dragon etc,all approximately 100cm long. (7). 15-25
18.     Seven Craft Fair Built Walking Staffs, horse head, brass owl red eyes, etc, carved decoration on most, some 140cm high, (7). 15-25
19.     A Metamorphic Cane in The Form of a Pull Out Umbrella, with Bent Wood handle, brass tip, 89cm long and a walking cane with tiger stripe decoration on walking cane and gold top stamped H.S 18ct gold, plate marks rubbed 91cm long. (2). 60-80
20.     A Swan Neck Faux Ivory Walking Cane, with silver ferrule, metal tip 93cm long, Tucan shaped walking cane handle, gold plated ferrule, brass/steel tip, 92cm long. (2). 40-80
21.     An Alpine Walking Stick with Goat and Hoof Handle, brass/steel tip, 81cm long and a horn handled cane, with silver ferrule, ebony style shaft, with brass/steel tip, 91cm long. (2). 30-50
22.     A Stag Handled Cane in The Form of a Whistle, white metal ferrule, 91cm long, a bent handle cane in the form of a smiling trout, brass/steel tip, 92cm long and a hard wood cane, brass ferrule, unscrews in two, brass/steel; tip, 90cm long. (3). 30-50
23.     Four Chinese Parasols, made of paper and bamboo, 63cm long, and a gents umbrella with Samurai handle, two gentleman's canes with hidden umbrellas in woven flowered basket, and a basket. 20-40
24.     Five Skull Topped Walking Sticks, one folding for back packing, 79-84cm long. (5). 20-40
25.     A Brass Top Three Piece Cane with Clock in Handle, an eagle head cane, black shaft, and a round top brass head cane, 90cm long. (3). 20-40
25A.    A Malacca Cane, with white metal scroll and mask embossed top, polished horn tip, 87cm long; An Ebony Cane, with white metal cartouche, 84cm long; A Further Ebony Cane, with white metal pill box style top and white metal band, 88cm long. (3) 20-40
26.     Five Various Walking Sticks, with different handles, black thorn, oak, etc, 90cm long approximately (5). 20-40
26A.    A White Metal Handled Umbrella, handle length 22cm, overall length 84cm; A Hardwood Cane, the handle modelled as a bird with white bone eyes, 89cm long. (2) 20-40
27.     A Silver Tipped School Type Cane, wooden fist holding a cigarette holder, a wooden top head/figure stick, an Oriental figure head stick, a Royalty stick and a polished oak stick with round top, 92cm long approximately (6). 20-30
28.     A Softwood Stick, bent handle in the form or a dogs head, a Chinese stick with calligraphy writing down shaft, a metal cane, a thumb stick, and a chrome handled stick, all 93cm approximately (6). 20-40
29.     Four Folk Art Type Sticks, hand holding a ball, snake crawling up the shaft, round ball handle, 95cm long. 20-40
30.     Three Hardwood African Style Sticks, one with a woman, another with an elephant, a further example with toucan made from stag. (3). 15-25
31.     A Brass Top Cane with Compass in Handle, a two piece sectional, and a cane with brass handle as a jaguar, and another white metal top cane, three piece sectional, 93cm long. (3). 20-40
32.     A Metal Top Cane in The Shape of a Monk Holding a Cross, a bent brass horse handle cane, and a heavy brass handled stick, bent handle stick in the shape of a elephants head. 93cm long. (3) 20-40
33.     Four Brass Handled Canes, ducks head, eagle head, horse and a ladies shoe, three are sectional, all approximately 90cm long. (4). 20-40
34.     Five Walking Sticks With Bird and Animal Handles, various lengths 96cm long to 108cm long. (5) 15-25
35.     Three Oriental Style Sticks, and a polished horn cane in section form, all 92cm long approximately (4). 20-40
36.     A Resin Skull with Glass Eyes Stick, carved shaft, another with brass tip boxing glove handle on black shaft, brass tip, a chrome handle cane, and another black and white resin top cane, 90cm long approximately (4). 20-40
37.     A Ball and Claw Waling Stick, wolf's head walking stick, a dragon head stick, and a percussion cap pistol as a stick, all modern and approximately 90cm long. (4). 20-40
38.     A Wooden Handled Walking Cane, in the form of a XIV Century Archer, wearing a two pointed hat, lacking ferrule, (no tip), 95m long. 30-50
39.     A Walking Stick, in three sections with metamorphic handle which changes into a telescope, brass and rubber tip. 96cm long. 15-25
40.     A Ebony Style Cane with Red Swirl Ceramic Knob, with silver ferrule and brass and steel tip, 86cm long. 40-60
42.     A Silver Top (925) Walking Cane in The Form of a Dogs Head, black shaft and brass tip, 92cm long and a walking cane with horn handle, brass and steel tip, 98cm long. (2). 50-80
43.     A Walking Cane, with gold coloured top with amethyst coloured stone with seed pearls cm long and a walking cane with jockey style handle, unscrews into three pieces for back packing, brass tip, 97cm long (2). 60-80
44.     A Walking Cane with White Metal Handle, shaped as a ladies bent leg, boot and garter signed W.H Watton 87cm long and a silver topped cane, black shaft terminating with a brass tip, 92cm long (2). 30-60
45.     A Walking Stick, of polished horn with Egyptian head as handle, some carving, brass ferrule, brass tip, 97cm long, another with long celluloid handle cane, 29cm long, wooden shaft, 100cm long overall length. (2). 20-30
46.     A Malaca Silver Top Cane, inscribed "Presented by The Members of the South Shields Police Force, Sgt William Menzies, Retiring From The Force 1899", 89cm long, silver tip with scroll work walking cane, unscrews to reveal glass drinks container, 39cm long with cork and white metal top, the silver handle containing a small glass stemmed drinking glass, 6.5cm long, cane length 92cm long. (2). 80-120
47.     A Bone Sectional Walking Cane with Oriental Figures, polished horn handle 85cm long, plus bone handle walking stick with leaf and fruit motif, brass ferrule, brass/steel tip, 89cm long. (2). 20-30
48.     A Hardwood Stick, with silver ferrule, and three others with various decoration, all approximately 90cm long. (4) 20-30
49.     An Ornate Inlaid Handled Walking Cane, with bone and white metal scrolls and archers, long white metal ferrule marked with oval shields, shaft ending with a polished horn tip, 91cm long, and a Malaca style cane with hidden smokers pipe in handle, metal tip. (3) 40-80
50.     Walking Stick, with carved flowers and boarders to shaft, twisted shaft stick, bronze type parrot handled stick, plus one other. (4) 15-25
51.     An Aluminium Topped Writing Cane, in three sections, inkwell, pen, propelling pencil, 84cm long and a folk art type stick with brass/steel tip, 85cm long. (2). 30-60
52.     An Ebonised Walking Cane, with gold plated ferrule, brass and steel tip 90cm long, a multi coloured handle and hard wood shaft stick, with silver ferrule with twisted decoration near top, 76cm long and a horn turned walking cane with brass steel tip, 92cm long. (3). 50-70
53.     A Walking Cane Bentwood Handle with Silver Tip, white metal ferrule, brass and steel tip, 92cm long and a walking cane with bent handle, white metal tip dated 1908, white metal ferrule, brass and steel tip, 85cm long (2). 40-60
54.     An Ebony Dog's Head Walking Cane, white metal collar, part engraved on shaft, brass/steel tip, 87cm long and another stick, with calligraphy writing down shaft, gold coloured ferrule, brass/steel tip, 90cm long. (2). 30-40
55.     A Silver Top Swagger Type Stick, 65cm long, a leather bound type swagger stick, 60cm long and a measuring stick with brass tip, 78cm long (3). 15-25
56.     A West Africa Regiment Swagger Stick, brass tip, 70cm long, and another with emblem, loose top, 68cm long. (2) 20-40
57.     A Walking Stick, with shaped horn handle and horn ferrule terminating into a brass tip, 32.5 cm long, plus walking cane white metal handle, brass and steel tip 91cm long and another walking stick carved with bird handle, brass tip, 94cm long (3). 40-60
58.     A Vertebrae Style Shafted Walking Cane, with white metal top with inscription, long horn tip 81cm long and a faux ivory handled walking cane with gold plated top and ferrule ebonised cane with steel/brass tip, 87cm long (2). 30-60
59.     An Oriental Cane, heavily carved with three ladies, root knob, brass tip, 93cm long and a horse head cane, plain shaft (no tip), 81cm long (2) 40-60
60.     A Metamorphic Cane, with hidden telescope, break into three sections for back packing, brass tip, 96cm long, and another brass topped cane, with hidden glass tube, 91cm long (2) 30-40
61.     Walking Cane, polished horn handle, silver ferrule and brass tip, 89cm long, plus three others, two with stag handles, one twisted shaft., (4). 15-25
62.     A No 8 Ball Modern Collapsible Four Piece Stick, 93cm long, a white metal two piece cane, brass tip 85cm long, and another with orange ball top cane, white metal ferrule, brass/steel tip, 88cm long. (3). 20-30
63.     A Resin Topped Cane Depicting a Claw Holding an Egg, another of a Cavalier, a further example with dogs chasing a stag, all 94cm long. (3). 20-40
64.     A Polished Horn Handle Cane, with bone insert, top screws off to reveal a smokers stem, 82cm long, a polished horn top cane brass tip, 91cm long, and another hard stone handle cane 92cm long. (3). 20-30
65.     A Mythological Beast Walking Stick, handle with glass eyes, on plain wooden shaft, brass tip, 92cm long and a wooden Oriental two faced deity type figure, metal ferrule (no tip), 99cm long. (2) 30-60
66.     A Malaca Stick, with brass fist handle holding a baton, wrist hoop, copper ferrule, very long brass tip, 106cm long, a Malaca cane, polished horn bent handle, horn tip 89cm long, and another Malaca cane, having a grotesque figure with swan pecking his nose in brass, inscription E. Jesperson Anno 1892, 84cm long. (3). 30-50
67.     A Malacca Walking Cane, with stag handle, silver ferrule and brass tip, 87cm long, white metal topped walking cane, hardwood shaft, brass and steel tip, 87cm long and a walking stick made of two types of wood, bass tip, 93cm long. (3). 20-30
68.     A Snooker Cue Walking Cane with Faux Ivory Top, painted with birds and flowers, terminating into a large brass tip 88cm long, an Oriental faux ivory top walking cane, with Chinese faces and houses, brass tip, 95cm long, and a brass topped cane with compass, three pieces, 87cm long, and a ornate carved golf ball type handle, three piece cane, 89cm long. (4). 30-50
69.     A Sword Cane, carved wood handle 20.5cm, 34cm blade overall length 90.5cm long. 50-70
70.     A Hardwood Walking Staff with Twister Shaft, with knop head, leather wrist thong with stag tip, 126cm long. 20-30
71.     A Sword Cane with Tri Foil Blade 76.5cm Long, set in a Malaca cane with white metal/steel tip, overall length 92cm long. 60-80
72.     A Walking Cane with Polished Horn Two Tone Handle, silver ferrule on ebonised cane terminating in a horn tip, 93cm long. 50-70
73.     A Coromandel Type Walking Cane, inlaid with small metal rivets, Chinese enamel stick, dragon and phoenix to back shaft (two piece), copper tip, and a stick made up of coiled spring, when pulled down feather plumage unwinds from inside, all 85cm long approximately. (3). 30-60
74.     Three Modern White Metal Topped Walking Canes, black shafts, metal/rubber tips, all 96cm long (3). 20-40
75.     A Celtic Cross Walking Cane, brass ferrule and tip, with wrist strap, a flower top resin walking cane, brass ferrule and tip, wrist strap, and a resin topped walking stick in the shape of a ball, brass ferrule and tip, all in cases, all 88cm long. (3). 20-40
76.     Three Modern White Metal Topped Walking Canes, black shafts, metal/rubber tips, 96cm long. (3). 20-40
77.     A 18ct Gold Plated Horn Walking Cane Handle, on a ebonised shaft, with brass/steel tip 90cm long and a white metal handle walking cane, Art Nouveau type markings, 82cm long and another stag handled walking cane ebonised shaft, brass tip, 83cm long. (3) 30-60
78.     A Silver Eagle 928 Topped Cane, a other silver topped cane, a silver top cane with a white metal headed bird, 83 -95cm long. (3). 30-60
79.     A Banksia Nut (Found On the South Coast of Australia) Walking Stick, brass and steel tip 94cm long, a coin dispenser top walking cane (takes 2/6, 2/-, 1/-, 60, 3d) in white metal, brass and steel tip 93cm long and a
horn handle walking cane, with gold coloured mount and ferrule, brass tip 92cm long. (3). 60-80
80.     A Jaguar Handled Cane, white metal ferrule, wrist strap, 91cm long, a walking stick with glass golf ball type handle and two other sticks in need of repair. (4) 20-30
81.     A Crystal Set Milord Cane on Black Shaft, another one other similar, resin topped cane, brass ferrule and tip, with dragon inset and another on similar with dog inset to handle, all in cases, all 90cm long. (4). 20-40
82.     Four Hardwood Sticks, two with carved faces, all ornately carved, 80cm and 94cm long. (4). 20-30
83.     A White Metal Walking Cane, with compass inlaid in handle, faux mother of pearl round edges, and a Gothic style stick eagle with wings entwined around a blue ball, both 92cm long. (2). 20-40
84.     A Walking Cane, handle in white metal depicting face of a man one side, a woman on the reverse, ebonised with brass tip, 92cm long and a walking cane with white metal handle, female with long flowing hair, ebonised cane with brass tip, 89cm long. (2). 50-70
85.     A Cork Topped Golf Ball Shaped Handled Cane, Briggs of London ferrule, 93cm long, double faced walking cane small white metal ferrule 87cm long and a metal handle and shaft walking cane, with American coin on top, 87cm long. (3). 20-40
86.     A Cormandel Bent Handle Cane, with 3.5cm silver ferrule, with brass tip, 84cm long, a bent handle cane with the face of an "Eeel" with bone eyes 89cm long, and a Oriental cane with figures and monkeys 89cm long. (3). 30-40
87.     A Malaca Curved Horn Walking Stick, silver ferrule with brass and steel tip, 92cm long and a small horn tipped cane with worn brass tip, 92cm long. 20-40
88.     A 9ct Ferrule Ladies Walking Cane, with glass faceted golf ball size handle, brass tip, 89cm long, and a ball root bent handled cane, 90cm long (2). 40-60
89.     A Lion Handle Walking Cane in Wood, piercing eyes, cane ferrule, brass tip, 96cm long, plus cane with climbing frog, 94cm long and another with wooden goat with glass eyes on top of white metal, grape embossed cup, silver ferrule, no tip, 92cm long. (3). 50-80
90.     A Hardwood Cane with Polished Horn Dogs Head, gold plated ferrule, brass and steel tip 85cm long and a duck's head handle with glass eyes in polished horn, with cane shaft, silver ferrule terminating into a brass tip, 90cm (2). 60-80
91.     A Silver Topped Walking Cane, ebonised shaft with brass and steel tip, 91cm long and a Oriental white metal topped stick, depicting Chinese gentleman, houses with trees behind, brass and steel tip, 86cm long. (2). 60-80
92.     A Walking Cane Silver Tip on Handle, ferrule concealing a hidden compartment R/No 419072, brass/steel tip, 90cm long, and a Malaca cane, container handle housing seven bone dice, 98cm long. (2). 40-80
93.     A Walking Cane Handle, with inscription on top "J.C.H from R.C.L 11th March 1887", brass tip, 96cm long, riveted, and a ladies walking cane, riveted in ball root, silver ferrule 1897, brass tip, 89cm long (2). 30-50
94.     A Walking Cane with Dogs Head Handle, glass eye, small brass belt collar with white metal ferrule, cane shaft, brass/steel tip, 88cm long, and a walking cane, bent handle with dogs head, white metal ferrule, black thorn shaft, brass tip, 92cm long (2). 60-80
95.     A Silver Top Cane Handle, pulls off to reveal gaming counters, silver/brass tip, 92cm long, a ladies gold plated handled walking cane, with metal tip, 88cm long and another plus mother of pearl handled cane, 83cm long (3). 30-60
96.     Three Walking Canes with Glass Tops, various lengths, 87cm long and two 96cm long. (3) 20-30
97.     A Walking Cane Hot Air Balloon Shaped Handle, silver stamped 925 with brass tip, white metal topped cane with brass tip both 92cm long. (2). 30-50
98.     A White Metal and Faux Ivory Topped Walking Cane as a Dogs Head, inscription "Presented to Dr Griffiths from Officers and Constables, June 1894, a Malaca cane, brass tip, 89cm long, and a walking cane handle formed a s fist,ebony style shaft, brass/steel tip, 92cm long, hardwood cane with twisted shaft, ball knob and brass/steel tip, 93cm long (3). 30-50
99.     A Walking Stick, leather shaft, stag handle, silver scrolled ferrule, with brass tip, 85cm long, another with dogs head, 86cm long. (2). 15-25
100.    A Walking Cane with Polished Horn Bent Handle, large silver ferrule with etching 98cm long and a stag handled walking stick, white metal ferrule, brass/steel tip, 90cm long. (2) 30-60
100A.   A Silver Top Walking Cane, (925), depicting Charles Atlas type figure carrying a globe figure, 11cm long, overall length of stick 95cm long with brass tip. 60-80
101.    A Horn Topped Engraved Walking Cane, leather wrist ferrule, brass tip 92cm long, a Malacca cane with white metal topped six profiles of bearded men, brass tip, 82cm long a copper and brass lidded walking cane handle, depicting a Roman soldier, women and cherubs, the lid lifts to reveal a folding spirit cup, 85cm long (3). 60-80
102.    A Novelty Cane With Handle Shaped as a White Metal Booted Ladies Leg, ebonised ferrule and metal tip, 82cm long, white metal, four grotesque faces on ebonised cane, horn tip, 89cm long (2). 60-80
103.    A Walking Cane With Floral Decorated Ceramic Handle, gold coloured ferrule on painted shaft with brass tip, 89cm long and a celluloid two tone handle on Malaca cane, horn tip, 93cm long. (2). 20-40
104.    Three Silver Topped Walking Canes, with brass/steel tips, three in total, two 90cm long, one 91cm long. 40-80
105.    A Lucius Malfoy (Harry Potter) Staff and Wand as a Cobra, green eyes 120cm long, a brass head Cobra stick and two painted with cobra's, 85cm long. (4). 20-30
106.    A Silver Handled Walking Cane, silver ferrule 92cm long and a bent handle cane with silver tip, silver ferrule, brass and steel tip, 92cm long, a bent handled cane with silver tip, to handle silver ferrule, brass and steel tip, 88cm (3) 40-60
107.    A Silver Topped Walking Cane, hardwood shaft, no tip, 86cm long, a silver topped ebony coloured stick, 96cm long, a silver topped stick, inscribed "From Australia 1892", 90cm long. (3) 50-70
108.    A Porcelain Pictured Topped Ladies Walking Cane, brass tip, 83cm long, and a 18ct gold plated topped cane with porcelain insert of a Victorian man and woman, gold plated ferrule, brass and steel tip, 90cm long. (2) 50-70
109.    A Silver Topped Walking Cane, with scroll decoration, ebonised shaft, brass/steel tip, 84cm long and a white metal top cane, scroll and leaf decoration, brass/steel tip, 95cm long (2). 30-60
110.    A White Metal Stick Shaped as a Golf Club, swans etched either side, a devils face handled stick on back shaft with ford and alpine badges, a stag handle in the form of a long nose, and another with white metal top/hard stone with stag ferrule, 90cm long approximately. (4) 20-30
111.    A Walking Cane/Umbrella, with celluloid handle and tip, 89cm long and a stick with part marquetry work in different woods, and a parasol with white metal handle depicting a maiden with hands behind her head. 96cm long. (3). 50-70
112.    Eight of Walking Sticks in Various States of Repair, horn handle shaped as a hand, ice pick, tomahawk, etc. 15-25
113.    A Silver Topped Walking Cane in Hardwood, 92cm long, a Malaca white metal topped cane, brass ferrule 89cm long and a white metal hardwood cane with brass steel tip. 93cm long. (3). 50-70
114.    A Walking Cane with White Metal Handle in the Form of a Sleeping Cherub/Boy on The Branch of a Tree, 95cm long and a hexagonal shape cane with horn top, compass inserted, G/P ferrule, brass tip 93cm long and a silver top cane with silver belt ferrule, 89cm long (3). 20-30
115.    An Agate Topped Walking Cane, white metal ferrule, brass tip, 85cm long, and a Tigers Eye walking cane white metal ferrule, brass tip, 89cm long. (2) 20-40
116.    A Silver Top Malaca Walking Cane, presented to "Captain J.P Pere Barde Oct 9th 1918" 83cm long and a silver top ebonised walking cane, ebonised shaft, steel/brass tip, 91cm long (2). 30-60
117.    A Gold Plated Top and Ferrule Waling Cane, possibly a ladies walking cane, speckled lucite type handle, brass tip, 95cm long, walking cane, gold coloured handle end and ferrule, polished horn handle, brass and steel tip. (2). 40-60
118.    A Walking Cane Ornately Decorated, with mother of pearl flowers and petals, presented to "F Farrell by Sir Leslie Boyce K.B.E Lord Mayor 1951-52", 92cm long and a white metal top cane with black shaft and tip, 88cm long. (2) 50-70
119.    A Tiger Stone Coloured Handled Walking Cane, silver ferrule, steel tip 86cm long, a Malaca cane, copper top with lanyard holes, rubber tip, 93cm long and a walking cane, gold coloured ferrule and handle tip, cane shaft, brass and steel tip, 88cm long. (3). 60-80
120.    Six Various Canes for Spares or Repair, two with white metal tops, brass three face mask etc, 93cm long approximately. 20-30
121.    A Riding Crop with Wooden Jockey Handle, flat cap, smoking a cigarette, two white metal collars, 55cm long and a conductors style baton with white metal ferrule, 83cm long. (2). 30-40
122.    A St Johns Ambulance Brigade Swagger Stick, brass tip, 67cm long, a Brigg of London silver top style swagger stick brass tip, 79cm long and a white metal top swagger cane, embossed with Phoenix, R.W.F 70cm long. (3). 30-50
122A.   A Walking Cane, with white metal and enamel looking handle, inlaid with mother of pearl, with black and silver etched flower and bows, brass and steel tip, 92cm long. 40-60
123.    A Walking Cane, with large white metal handle depicting foliage, elephant, wild cats,birds, trees etc, (no tip), 99cm long and a silver 925 handled cane, small cartouche with bow, 99cm long. (2) 80-120
124.    A White Metal Topped Walking Stick Marked WH90, with dragon motif, brass tip 89cm long, white metal large handled walking stick marked T90 on knurled shaft (no tip) 91cm long (2) 30-60
125.    A White Metal Top Walking Stick with greyhounds head, and another cast as a spaniel, each 92cm long. (2) 40-60
126.    An Oriental Etched Walking Cane, depicting figure on a landscape, pointed horn handle with hardwood tip, 82cm long and another of similar design, 88cm long (2). 20-40
127.    An Oriental Large White Handle Cane, with climbing dragons, brass/steel tip, 91cm long, silver top, white metal ferrule, horn handled cane, 88cm long. (2). 20-40
128.    A Malaca Cane with White Metal Top. depicting lions, cranes, elephant etc, brass tip 87cm long and a Malaca cane with white metal top, vines, leaves and flowers, brass and metal tip, 87cm long (2). 40-60
129.    A Malaca Cane, with polished horn top, large silver ferrule, inscribed "Presented to Mr F Atkin on His 70th Birthday From All His Bloomsbury Friends", 86cm long, a walking cane, turtle shell style handle with silver ferrule, brass and steel tip 95cm long, and a walking cane with silver handle and ferrule walking cane (split to end of silver handle) no tip 82cm long. (3). 50-80
130.    A Silver Topped Cane (925), plus one other and a white metal topped cane, each 90cm long, (3). 50-70
131.    A Silver Top Cane in the Shape of a 'Hot Air Balloon', with engraved decoration, horn tip 91cm long and a white metal embossed handle, cane with brass tip, 89cm long. (2) 40-60
132.    A Drinks Cane, the handle housing a small drinking glass, the stick body having a spirit glass container 41cm long and a white metal top cane hardwood shaft, brass tip, 90cm long. (2). 30-50
133.    An Equestrian Style Walking Cane, with handle in the shape of a balloon, showing horse head, tack, rosette, flower on top, ebony style shaft, with brass tip, 92cm long and a silver top walking cane, handle black ebonised style stick, white metal tip, 88cm, long (2). 50-70
134.    An Agate Top Stick, with white metal ferrule, hardwood cane, brass and steel tip, 92cn long, another resin topped cane, with white metal ferrule, (no tip), 90cm long. (2). 40-60
135.    A Grotesque Faced Resin Walking Cane Handled Walking Stick, with 925 sliver collar, 92cm long, and another resin headed handle of a bearded bald man, brass tip, 93cm long. (2). 20-40
136.    A Silver 925 Walking Cane, topped recumbent lady with swan laying on her front, with metal ferrule, black shaft, brass tip, 94cm long. 80-100
137.    An Uganda Prison Service White Metal Top, Malaca cane, with brass tip, 87cm long. 30-50
138.    A Walking Cane with Tigers Eye Knop, supported on a silver chased collar, and white metal band, brass and steel tip, 98cm long. 40-60
139.    A Malaca Cane, with white metal top, (no tip) 88cm long and a white metal topped ebonised cane with brass top, 87cm long. (2). 30-60
140.    A Silver Top Walking Cane, C,E,N,R.1920 with embossed cane, brass tip 91cm long and a another with similar ebonised cane, brass/steel tip, 91cm long. (2) 30-60
141.    An Edwardian Malaca Bent Handled Walking Cane/Sword Stick, flat blade with blue and gold etchings, unnamed, overall length 89cm long. 100-150
142.    A Curved Silver Handles (Engraved) Ladies Walking Cane, white metal ferrule, 83cm long, and another with Mr Punch handle in white metal,brass/steel tip, 78cm long .(2) 20-40
143.    A Silver 925 Heavily Chased Walking Stick Handle, incorporating a pill box to top porcelain picture of man and woman, mahogany style shaft, brass tip, 94cm long. 80-100
144.    A Walking Canes Brown Agate Knop, silver ferrule , inscribed "Jubilee No 7 Tent Presented to Brother W. Gorton March 20th 1886" and another with brown/grey round agate knob silver ferrule, brass/steel tip, both 85cm long. (2) 60-80
145.    A Silver Top Cane with Scroll Decoration, ebony style shaft, with steel/brass tip, 92cm long and another silver top walking cane, scroll decoration, brass/steel tip, 89cm long. (2) 30-60
146.    A Walking Stick, with flowered round shaped handle, brass and steel tip, 95cm long, a Coromandel walking cane, silver ferrule, no tip 79cm long and a hardwood cane, the upper section twisted, two tone in colour, brass and steel tip. (3) 30-50
147.    A Walking Cane, cast with a naked maiden laid on a branch holding a fan in white metal, silver ferrule on tapering stick, (no tip) 90cm long and a white metal walking cane handle, depicting a wild cat confronting a snake on a tree branch, (no tip), 94cm long (2) 30-60
148.    An Edwardain Malaca Walking Sword Stick, with push button release, white metal tip, brass ferrule, long brass tip, blade 76cm long. overall length 115cm. 120-180
149.    A Military Interest, a white metal topped Malaca cane, embossed crown/lion above rose, silver ferrule, top pulls off to reveal a horse measure in brass, steel/brass tip, cane 97cm fully extended 173cm long. 80-120
149A.   A Silver Handled Walking Cane, with cat playing with a ball of string, cat and base, 10cm long, ebonised cane with brass tip, 94.5cm long overall. 50-70
150.    A Sword Cane with Tri-Foil Blade 35cm Long, set in a Malaca cane, silver top handle with etched decoration, brass tip 93cm long. 60-80
151.    A Sword Stick with "British Guiana Police" Swagger Stick Top, blade 65cm long , overall length 96.5cm long. 60-80
151A.   A Walking Stick, gold plated, scrolled handle, with gold coloured metal band, 84cm long, some damage. 20-40
152.    A Silver 925 Topped Walking Cane with Horses Head, white metal ferrule, brass tip, 94cm long. 40-60
153.    A Metamorphic Card Table Walking Cane, the cane unscrews in two, polished horn handle, white metal ferrule and brass tip, 88cm long. 40-60
154.    An Ian Taylor Woodcock Topped Wading Cane, with ash shaft, (monogrammed under neck), 134cm long.
*Ian Taylor is one of the most highly regarded stick makers in the country and has made sticks for Queen Elizabeth II, The Duchess of Devonshire, Prince of Spain, Vinny Jones and many others. 150-250