Silver, Jewellery & Watches Auction @ 10.30am
on Thursday 2nd February 2023

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1.      Assorted Costume Brooches, including salamander, snail, flowers etc :- One Tray £15-20
2.      Hallmarked Silver Handled Shoe Horns and Button Hooks, together with novelty plated pepperette, spoons, snuffer tray, egg topper etc. £40-50
3.      A Decorative Plated Condiment Stand, fitted with cut glass jars and bottles; together with a Culfonia pewter lidded jug, a glass pickle jar with Egyptian design holder, etc :- One Tray £25-40
4.      A Decorative Walker & Hall Plated Four Piece Tea Set, each semi reeded with foliate engraved decoration, together with pair of fiddle pattern sugar tongs and a Stuart Devlin for Viners stainless steel posy. £30-50
5.      Bulova; A Modern Ladies Wristwatch, the signed dial with line markers, case back numbered "C835131" "10980238", to integral bracelet, in original box with booklet and spare links; Together with A Vintage 9ct Gold Cased Wristwatch (damages); and a modern Accurist ladies wristwatch. (3) £50-80
6.      Assorted Costume Jewellery, including tumbled hardstone and chain necklace, large pendants on chains, ladies belt, etc :- One Tray £15-20
7.      A c.Late XIX Century Dutch Spoon, with ship finial; together with a part canteen of Elkington plated cutlery, including knives, meat fork, steel, ladle and basting spoon (all handles initialled "H"); further plated cutlery, sugar tongs, napkin ring, brass etc. £25-40
8.      Assorted Plated Ware, including 'Monarchy' tea ware, goblets, posy bowl, sugar caster, bell, swan ashtray, menu holders, pair of dwarf candlesticks, etc :- Two Trays £25-40
9.      Assorted Costume Jewellery, including Celtic style pendant and matching earrings, bead necklaces, bracelets, imitation pearls etc :- One Tray £15-20
10.     Assorted Modern Stud Earrings, modern pendants on chains, boxed :- One Tray £15-20
11.     Assorted Modern Wristwatches, including Armani, Rotary, Sekonda, etc :- One Tray £15-25
12.     Assorted Gilt Metal Costume Jewellery, including necklaces, chains, "925" gilt and other dress rings, earrings, bangles, etc. £20-30
13.     Micromosaic and Other Brooches, assorted bead necklaces, Jon Richard necklace, Jaeger fresh water pearls, jewellery box :- One Tray £15-20
14.     A Russian Teaspoon, stamped marks possibly Vasily Ivanov; Together with A Hallmarked Silver Butter Knife, a hallmarked silver spoon with golfer finial; a hallmarked silver napkin ring, assorted plated cutlery, glass mustard pot, souvenir spoons, square tray, etc :- One Tray £30-40
15.     Hallmarked Silver Backed Brushes, and matching hand mirror (damages); together with a glass tidy jar (damage). (4) £20-30
16.     Assorted Costume Jewellery, including vintage filigree flowerhead brooch, stamped "Silver", an oval shell carved cameo brooch / pendant, assorted bracelets, imitation pearls, rings, earrings etc :- One Tray £15-25
17.     Diamanté and Other Costume Jewellery, including "925" cluster dress ring, necklaces, bangles, brooches, bead necklaces etc. £20-30
18.     Assorted Vintage and Later Bead Necklaces, including imitation pearls, etc :- One Tray £15-20
19.     Vintage and Later Costume Jewellery, including gilt filigree drop earrings, further earrings, panel bracelets, diamanté, enamel panel pendant etc :- One Tray £15-20
20.     DKNY, Geneve, Reflex, Ravel, Rotary and Other Modern Ladies Wristwatches :- One Tray £15-20
21.     A Large Viners Plated Punch Bowl, with allover foliate decoration, 37.5cm diameter; together with a set of six punch cups. (7) £30-50
22.     A Lister Horsfall Art Deco Style Plated Four Piece Tea Set, together with a plated cream jug, modern boxed cake slice, stainless steel toast rack, etc. £30-40
23.     A Mixed Lot of Assorted Modern Costume Jewellery, including bead necklaces, further necklaces, bangles, etc :- Two Trays £15-20
24.     Bench, Timex, Nike, Ben Sherman, Next and Other Modern Gent's Wristwatches :- One Tray £20-30
25.     An HH&S Plated Teapot on Burner Stand, (lacking burner); together with plated twin branch candelabrum, sugar caster chamberstick, glass lined bowl, goblet, teapot etc. £20-30
26.     A Pair of Handmade Earrings, of twisted design; together with a collection of assorted costume earrings :- One Tray £15-20
27.     Assorted Costume Jewellery, including diamanté and other necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc :- Two Trays £20-30
28.     Assorted Plated Ware, including wooden canteen case with lift out tray; three piece tea set, oval trinket box, sauce boat, pewter tea ware, decorative offering dish, cutlery etc. £30-50
29.     A Mixed Lot of Assorted Modern Costume Jewellery :- Two Boxes £10-20
30.     A Mixed Lot of Assorted Modern Costume Jewellery :- Two Boxes £10-20
31.     Assorted Costume Jewellery, including bead necklaces, bangles, etc :- Two Boxes £10-15
32.     A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Teaspoons, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1933, in original fitted case; together with a set of eight Warriss Dubarry pattern fish knives and forks, a set of apostle teaspoons, Winchester by Warriss steak knives and forks in original box, Cardew Designs novelty tea shop counter teapot. £30-50
33.     Assorted Costume Jewellery, including bead necklaces, bangles, etc :- One Box £10-15
34.     Assorted Costume Jewellery, including bead necklaces, bangles, etc :- One Box £15-20
35.     A Viners Plated Four Piece Tea Set, on oval gallery style tray; together with further tea wares, oval trays, butter dish, churn pots etc. £30-50
36.     A Selection of Modern Novelty and Other Ladies and Children's Wristwatches, including Bred, Gossip, Floozie, Tikkers, Baby-G, Red Herring, etc :- One Tray £20-30
37.     A Leclere Canteen of Plated Cutlery, complete with four piece meat carving set, in original fitted wooden canteen case; together with a cased set of fish knives and forks, boxed knives and a cased set of 1937 Royal Commemorative teaspoons. £30-50
38.     Assorted Modern Costume Jewellery, including wooden necklaces and bangles, etc :- One Tray £15-20
39.     Assorted Plated Ware, including three piece tea set, oval gallery style tray, basket dish, novelty apple menu holders, sauce boat, commemorative goblets, Wedgwood leaf plate and Arthur Wood tomato plate, etc. £25-40
40.     Assorted Costume Jewellery, including ceramic flowers, "Miracle" and other brooches, necklaces bangle, etc :- One Tray £20-30
41.     A Large Collection of Assorted Costume Earrings, (clip on and pierced) including Honora pearl studs, etc :- Two Trays £15-25
42.     Assorted Costume Jewellery, including gilt metal chains and necklaces, bangles, bead necklaces etc :- Two Trays £15-20
43.     Hallmarked Silver Handled Tea Knives, assorted plated cutlery, hallmarked silver napkin rings, decorative pair of pickle forks in a fitted case, plated condiment stand, cased sets of spoons etc. £30-40
44.     A Decorative Rectangular Twin Handled Plated Tray, bearing presentation inscription, openwork swing handled basket dishes, waiter, fish knives and forks, trumpet vase etc. £25-40
45.     A Hallmarked Silver Canister / Caddy, Birmingham 1915, of plain cylindrical form with pull off cover (100grams); together with a hallmarked silver topped glass tidy jar (dents); a hallmarked silver topped glass scent bottle, two rectangular photograph frames, etc. £50-70
46.     A Mixed Lot of Assorted Plated Teaspoons, etc, together with cased sets of Art Deco style and other spoons, tea knives :- One Tray £15-25
47.     A Collection of Assorted Modern Costume Jewellery, including Blue John pendant, Celtic and other cross pendants on chains, gilt metal chains, wristwatches, earrings etc :- One Tray £20-30
48.     A Matched Set of Five Hallmarked Silver Apostle Coffee Spoons, initialled; together with a decorative 'Butter' knife with carved handle, hallmarked silver and other napkin rings, plated three piece cruet set, modern boxed coasters etc :- One Tray £25-40
49.     Assorted Costume Brooches, including Swarovski fan brooch, novelty sparkly spider, miniature portrait style etc :- One Tray £15-25
50.     Vintage and Later Costume Jewellery, plated teapot, a jug and sugar bowl, a 9ct gold pendant, ropetwist chain stamped "9ct", a heart shape locket pendant, expanding bangle etc :- One Tray £30-40
51.     A Collection of Assorted Costume Brooches, including modern cat brooches, butterflies, flowers, etc :- One Tray £15-25
52.     A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including Swarovski brooch, pendant watch on chain, gent's wristwatches, brooches, imitation pearls, pendants on chains, bar brooch stamped "Silver" and similar earrings, gilt metal guard / muff chain, SOS pendant on chain, rosary beads, musical jewellery box etc :- One Tray £30-40
53.     A Collection of Assorted Costume Brooches, including novelty spider, ceramic flower, a decorative leaf brooch, stamped "Sterling", hair slides etc :- One Tray £15-20
54.     Assorted Costume Jewellery, including diamanté, bead necklaces, earrings, brooches, imitation pearls etc :- One Tray £25-40
55.     Assorted Modern Costume Brooches, including Celtic style "925" single stone brooch, etc :- One Tray £15-25
56.     A Hallmarked Silver Hinged Bangle, leaf scroll engraved to the front, Pandora safety chain (stamped "S925 ALE"), pair of stud earrings, pendants on chains etc. £15-25
57.     A Selection of Modern Ladies Wristwatches, including DKNY, Seksy, Oasis, Lorus, etc :- One Tray £20-30
58.     A Modern Dainty Pendant, stamped "375", on fine chain with matching earrings, a heart shape locket pendant, gent's wristwatches, pocketwatches, Manchester United FC badge, etc :- One Tray £20-30
59.     A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Salts, each of pierced design with blue glass liners, in original fitted case (lacking spoons); together with a hallmarked silver 'Cakeoma' souvenir spoon, assorted plated cutlery, two fob watches :- One Tray £40-60
60.     Modern Gilt Metal Necklaces, assorted costume earrings, brooches, bangles, etc :- One Tray £15-20
61.     A Pair of Blue John Oval Clip On Earrings, together with a Blue John cufflink (odd); a single stone opal set stickpin, imitation pearls, etc, together with two jewellery boxes. £30-50
62.     Chalet; A Vintage Gent's Wristwatch, case back stamped "14k" (dents / wear); braille and other pocketwatches, cufflinks, ingot pendant, ladies and gent's wristwatches, miniature folding penknife etc. £30-50
63.     A Collection of Modern Ladies Wristwatches, including Rotary, Citizen, Pulsar, Accurist, etc:- One Tray. £20-30
64.     A James Dixon & Sons EPBM Three Piece Tea Set, each of oval semi reeded form. (3) £10-15
65.     Six Hallmarked Silver Dwarf Candlesticks, (various maker's and dates) each with reeded detail (weighted) (damages). (6) £30-50
66.     Glass Coasters / Dishes, the applied mounts stamped "Sterling" (rubbed), A shallow hallmarked silver twin handled dish with frosted glass liner; and a powder bowl (lacking lid). (6) £25-40
67.     A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Rectangular Photograph Frame, (marks rubbed), a XIX Century snuff box, a plated cigarette case, powder compacts :- One Tray £20-30
68.     A Hallmarked Silver Mug, together with an American Reed & Barton Sterling small tumbler, a large tumbler with geometric decoration (indistinctly stamped), etc. (4) £40-60
69.     A Hallmarked Silver Trumpet Vase, with flared rim (base weighted) (damages); a small hallmarked silver pedestal dish, etc (damages). (3) £15-25
70.     A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Spherical Glass Match Strike, (damage) approximately 6cm high; together with a larger spherical strike, with hallmarked silver liner. (2) £15-20
71.     A Set of Three Hallmarked Silver Candlestick Nozzles, Manoah Rhodes, London 1903, with gadrooned detail (120grams). (3) £50-60
72.     A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Fiddle and Thread Pattern Forks, London 1834, thread double struck, crested (mermaid); together with eight assorted hallmarked silver forks (380grams). (10) £140-180
73.     Two Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Table Forks, a pair of hallmarked silver spoons (265grams). (4) £80-120
74.     Seven Assorted Hallmarked Silver Spoons, (various maker's and dates) including "The Fox Terrier Club", etc (260grams). (7) £80-120
75.     A Set of Four American Spoons, stamped "Sterling J. KENDALL SMITH" and engraved "Polly"; together with a set of three American spoons, stamped "Sterling", initialled; and a other spoon stamped "Sterling" and engraved "Clifford". (5) £50-60
76.     Ten Assorted Hallmarked Silver Forks, (various maker's and dates) (180grams). (10) £60-80
77.     A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Forks, together with a hallmarked silver fiddle pattern table fork and another (240grams). (4) £80-120
78.     A Pair of Scottish Hallmarked Silver Teaspoons, JW, Edinburgh 1853, together with another Scottish hallmarked silver spoon, Glasgow 1862. (3) £20-30
79.     A Set of Five Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Teaspoons, CB, London 1896, initialled; together with a set of four hallmarked silver fiddle pattern teaspoons, SHDC, London 1854, initialled (180grams). (9) £60-80
80.     A Pair of Duchin Creation Candlesticks, stamped "Sterling"(weighted); together with a 'Crown Sterling' candlestick. (3) £20-30
81.     A Collection of Assorted Spoons, including Magnus Aase 'Stavanger' souvenir, decorative S. Kirk & Son "Sterling" spoon with floral handle, "800" spoon with decorative handle, 'February Pisces Carnation' decorative spoon etc. (7) £40-60
82.     Seven Assorted Hallmarked Silver Spoons, (various maker's and dates) including decorative handles, etc (230grams). (7) £70-100
83.     An EPNS Vesta Case, with engraved decoration; together with a bangle suspending small folding button hook with enamel scales, etc. £20-30
84.     A Hallmarked Silver Circular Lidded Trinket Box, the hinged lid (hinge broken) detailed in relief, plush lined, raised on three feet, Birmingham 1908; together with a rectangular plated match box, initialled and dated "1900". (2) £25-40
85.     A Part Set of Decorative Victorian Hallmarked Silver Cutlery, A.H. Sheffield 1850, comprising three knives, two forks and a handle. (6) £30-40
86.     Arts & Crafts Style Hallmarked Silver Preserve Spoon, of plain slender form, together with two further hallmarked silver spoons and a two spout sauce ladle with planished handle, boxed. (4) £20-30
87.     A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Box, the hinged lid with engine turned decoration (damages), 8.6cm wide. £15-25
88.     A Hallmarked Silver Backed Hair Brush, with engine turned decoration, together with a hallmarked silver dwarf candlestick (dents), a brush back (lacking brush) etc. £20-40
89.     A Hallmarked Silver Twin Handled Pedestal Dish, Goldsmiths Company, London 1904, overall width over handles approximately 14cm (135grams); together with a hallmarked silver trumpet vase. (2) £50-70
90.     A Small Hallmarked Silver Five Bar Toast Rack, MH&CoLd, Sheffield 1929, of plain angular design (55grams). £30-40
91.     A Hallmarked Silver Spoon, GH, Sheffield 1955, the finial detailed with a big cat and Tudor rose, boxed; together with a hallmarked silver handled cheese knife. (2) £15-25
92.     A Rectangular Plaque, Presented to G. R. Summers by his Vinolia colleagues on the occasion of his marriage - 30th Dec 1935", stamped "Silver"; a hallmarked silver thimble, a hallmarked silver tooth pick, salt and pepperette lids etc. £15-20
93.     Eight Assorted Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Teaspoons, (various makers' and dates), initialled (150grams). (8) £50-70
94.     A Matched Set of Three Hallmarked Silver Kings Pattern Pastry Forks, together with a hallmarked silver lidded mustard and a napkin ring. £40-50
95.     A Small Hallmarked Silver Rectangular Photograph Frame, on plush easel back, overall height 12.2cm; together with a 'Christmas 1976' bell. (2) £20-30
96.     A Set of Three Hallmarked Silver and Mother of Pearl Handled Forks, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1897, together with two earlier part hallmarked silver and mother of pearl handled knives. (5) £25-40
97.     A Hallmarked Silver Backed Brush Set, with engine turned decoration, in original fitted case (incomplete); a folding pocket knife with hallmarked silver scales; a folding pocket knife with button hook and decorative scales. £20-40
98.     A Middle Eastern Style Candlestick, a Russian(?) candlestick nozzle, two hallmarked silver candlestick tops (damaged broken off / incomplete), etc. £15-25
99.     A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Candlesticks, (damage) 10cm high; together with another hallmarked silver candlestick (damage). (3) £20-30
100.    A Hallmarked Silver Rectangular Pin Dish, initialled, 9.6cm wide; together with a decorative miniature hand mirror. (2) £20-30
101.    A Hallmarked Silver Royal Commemorative Dish, EP, London 1973, inset to the centre "H.R.H.The Princess Anne. Captain Mark Phillips. 14th November 1973", 13cm diameter (110grams). £30-50
102.    A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Hat Pin Stand, SB&SLd, Birmingham 1908; together with five hat pins. £40-50
103.    A Collection of Assorted Pencils, including "Sterling Silver" 'Life Long', 'Longer Lead', etc. £20-30
104.    Hallmarked Silver and Other Pencils, including engine turned decoration. (4) £25-40
105.    Hallmarked Silver and Other Pencils, including 'Yard O Led'. (4) £25-40
106.    Hallmarked Silver and Other Pencils, including 'Typhoo Medical Pencil'. (4) £25-40
107.    "Sterling" and Other Pencils, including engine turned decoration. (4) £20-40
108.    "Sterling" and Other Pencils, including engine turned decoration. (4) £20-40
109.    A Provincial Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Table Spoon, TW, Newcastle, possibly 1809, initialled; together with an Austrian W. Taub & Co table spoon, and another spoon. (3) £50-80
110.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Mounted Opera Glasses, detailed in relief with leaf scroll,s in original fitted case (case wear / damage). £25-40
111.    A Set of Twelve American Gorham Teaspoons, stamped "Sterling", initialled, contained in a fitted case. £80-100
112.    A Hallmarked Silver Vesta Case, with leaf scroll engraved decoration, suspended on a curb link chain, together with a novelty compass pendant, rife shooting medallion pendant, T-bar, etc; together with two cigarette cases, a rectangular snuff box etc. £25-40
113.    Scrap Silver - A Hallmarked Silver Mirror Back, (damages / incomplete), hollow / filled hallmarked silver cutlery handles etc. £15-25
114.    Stockwell; A Modern Gent's Wristwatch, with moonphase dial, within tonneau shape case, boxed; together with a modern Edison automatic gent's wristwatch, boxed. (2) £20-40
115.    An Openface Pocketwatch, within engine turned case stamped "0.800"; a further openface pocketwatch, a chronograph pocketwatch and two gent's wristwatches. £20-40
116.    Services, Limit and Other Openface Pocketwatches, (damages) assorted wristwatches. £20-30
117.    A Modern Gems TV Ladies Wristwatch, to integral cabochon inset bracelet, stamped "925"; together with further ladies wristwatches. £15-25
118.    A 1920's 9ct Gold Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the circular dial with bold black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, (movement unsigned) the movement cover engraved "A. Wortley Sept 14th 1925", within plain octagonal case, import marks for London 1923. £150-200
119.    Casio; Two Modern Digital Gent's Wristwatches, each numbered 3298 A168WE, in original box (appear unworn). (2) £15-25
120.    Raymond Weil Geneve; A Modern Quartz Wristwatch, the black signed dial with diamanté dot markers and date aperture, serial numbers to case back "9124-2 A141158", to leather strap, in original box with guarantee dated 7/7/94. £40-60
121.    Omega - A 9ct gold ladies wristwatch, the circular signed dial with line markers, serial number to movement 22456309, in plain case, to integral textured bracelet, stamped "375", with Omega guarantee and paperwork stating date of purchase 13th April 1968. £400-500
122.    Garrard; A 9ct Gold Cased Quartz Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with line markers, the case back engraved "Blue Circle Industries H. J. Rushby 20 Years Service June 1989", on a gold plated strap, in original Garrard case and box. £80-120
123.    L. A. Banus; A Modern Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with centre seconds and block markers, on mesh link bracelet, in original box; Together with Another Example, boxed. (2) £20-40
124.    Cattaneo & Co Leeds; An 18ct Gold Cased Openface Fob Watch, the signed dial with black Roman numerals, the movement signed "Cattaneo & Co 135 Briggate Leeds" "No.2460", the movement cover inscribed "9th Feby 1889", within decorative engraved case; with a gilt metal curb link chain. £300-400
125.    A Late XIX / Early XX Century Half Hunter Fob Watch, the white dial with black Roman numerals, the monogrammed case with blue Roman numerals, stamped "18k". £400-500
126.    A Vintage 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, with Barraclough Leeds signed dial, inscribed to the case back "Presented to Alice M. Brown by Joseph May & Sons (Leeds) Ltd in recognition of 21 years faithful service December 1937", on expanding bracelet, in original fitted case; Together with Another 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch. (2) £120-160
127.    A Hallmarked Silver Cased Art Deco Cocktail Ladies Wristwatch, the colourless paste inset case bearing import marks for London 1936, on cordette strap. £30-40
128.    Four Openface Fob Watches, three each within decorative engraved case, stamped "800", "Fine Silver" and "0.800", etc. (4) £30-50
129.    A Faceted Belcher Link Double Albert Chain, stamped "9c"; suspending T-bar and an Edward VII half Sovereign, loose set within pendant mount; together with a Breiz souvenir ring. £400-500
130.    A Dainty Stick Pin, with heart finial; together with another stickpin and two pairs of cufflinks, with engine turned decoration. £15-20
131.    Enamel Flag Brooch and Stock Pin, 'Osborne Isle of Wight' souvenir rectangular panel brooch, 'Imperial Service' badge, etc. £15-25
132.    A George V Half Sovereign, 1914. £120-150
133.    An Edward VII Half Sovereign, 1902. £120-150
134.    Modern Costume Jewellery, including watch pendant, brooches, imitation pearls, earrings, necklaces, etc, contained in a jewellery box. £15-25
135.    A Hallmarked Silver Hinged Bangle, leaf scroll engraved to the front, together with Modernist style and other rings, coin charm bracelet, imitation pearls, cufflinks, bead necklaces, chains etc, contained in a vintage jewellery box. £30-50
136.    Modern "925" Chains, decorative Bracelet, with rubover inset highlights, stamped "925", Modernist style earrings, "KM-05 925" pendant and similar stud earrings, modern dog tag style pendants on chain, ceramic posy stickpin, all studs stamped "375" etc :- One Tray £25-40
137.    A Pair of Vintage Negligee Style Drop Earrings, oval collet set on knife edge bar suspensions, an Art Deco style long necklace with teardrop pendant, further earrings, etc, contained in a jewellery box. £30-50
138.    A Solid Curb Link Bracelet, stamped "925", together "925" cross pendants on chains; further chains, etc. £25-40
139.    An Edwardian Openwork Pendant, A 9ct Gold brooch, a Wedgwood blue and white Jasperware oval panel brooch, an oval locket pendant, dress ring etc. £30-50
140.    A Fresh Water Pearl Bead Necklace, decorative bead necklace, tribal style pendants, Victorian oval panel brooch, marcasite set bracelet (indistinctly stamped "Silver") (missing stones), gren and white salamander broch (stones missing), colourless paste buckle etc. £20-30
141.    A Graduated Seed Pearl Necklace, overall length 56cm. £30-50
142.    A Modern Line Bracelet, claw set throughout, to snap clasp stamped "925"; a bead bracelet etc. £15-20
143.    A Fancy Link Chain, clasp stamped "925"; together with a filigree bracelet with Maltese Cross design. £15-20
144.    Marquise Shape Single Stone Earrings, (unpierced screw fittings); further earrings, shell inset bangle, OSW Modernist hallmarked silver ring, etc. £15-25
145.    Shell Inset Circular Panel Brooch, a bangle of crossover design, earrings including "925", ingot style pendant, etc. £15-25
146.    A Ropetwist Albertina, (broken / damaged), suspending T-bar, tassel, small sliding pencil and an 1893 six pence (drilled); a Japanese Damascene bracelet in original case, decorative seed pearl inset button and two stickpins. £30-50
147.    A c.1990's YSL Red Enamel and Gilt Metal Heart Brooch / Pendant, together with Michaela Frey and Marlene bangles, etc. £20-30
148.    "925" and Other Chains, bangle, imitation pearl hoop earrings, cross pendants, etc. £15-20
149.    A Decorative Modern Bracelet, of flowerhead cluster design, stamped "925"; a hallmarked silver hinged bangle, of Victorian style belt buckle design (Sheffield 1977), assorted rings, belcher chain and cross pendant etc. £20-40
150.    Hoop Earrings, stamped "375"; dainty drop earrings, assorted modern stud earrings etc. £20-30
151.    A Tumbled Amber Bead Necklace, together with two pairs of earrings. £10-20
152.    A Vintage Charm Bracelet, suspending Victorian and later charm pendants, together with compass and other loose charm pendants, a novelty monkey charm bracelet. £20-30
153.    A Cherry Coloured Bead Necklace, of uniform roundel form, 35cm long, together with another; and a graduated example. (3) £15-25
154.    Two French Jet Style Long Single Strand Graduated Faceted Bead Necklaces, composed of cherry coloured and black beads, overall lengths approximately 190cm and 133cm. (2) £10-20
155.    Two French Jet Style Long Single Strand Faceted Bead Necklaces, each overall length approximately 200cm. (2) £10-20
156.    A Large Modernist Style Single Stone Brooch / Pendant, claw set within openwork setting (indistinctly stamped "14"), suspended on long chain with T-bar and loop fastener. £100-150
157.    **LOT WITHDRAWN**
158.    A Modern Single Strand Pearl Bead Necklace, the uniform beads knotted to textured clasp, stamped "375". £20-40
159.    A Heart Shape Locket on Chain, together with further chains, 'My Love' half heart pendant on chain, 'Angela' necklace, Edwardian bar brooch etc. £30-50
160.    A Modern Ruby and Diamond Double Cluster Drop Pendant, each cluster oval claw set within border of brilliant cut diamonds, on a modern 9ct gold chain. £800-900
161.    A Modern Large Oval Shell Carved Cameo Brooch / Pendant, depicting female profile, oval collet set, indistinctly stamped "750". £70-90
162.    A 9ct Gold Three Pearl Spray Brooch, (overall weight 2.8grams). £30-50
163.    A Pair of Antique Earrings, of oval textured design, on unpierced screw fittings (damage / repair / stamped "9ct"). £20-40
164.    A Pair of Modern 9ct Gold Earrings, of textured square panel design (3grams). £40-50
165.    'Lina'(?) Brooch, stamped "750"; circular religious pendant stamped "750"; a heart shape locket pedant on chain, decoratove mover flowerhead pendant stamped "750", on chain, etc. £150-200
166.    Scrap - A Modern Hoop Earring (odd), stamped "375"; a 9ct gold smooth link chain (broken); etc. £100-120
167.    A 9ct Gold Fine Chain, suspending open heart pendant, together with an opal single stone earstud (odd), etc. £25-40
168.    A 9ct Gold Ropetwist Chain, (broken); a dainty heart pendant on chain, a bracelet. £30-40
169.    A 9ct Gold Locket Pendant, of tonneau shape with engraved decoration. £30-40
170.    A 9ct Gold Opal Single Stone Pendant, oval collet set. £30-40
171.    A Belcher Link Chain, stamped "375", suspending novelty coffee bean pendant, stamped "375" (total weight 2.6grams). £30-50
172.    A 9ct Gold Ropetwist Chain, suspending bar pendant with channel set detail stamped "375" (overall weight 4grams). £50-70
173.    A 9ct Gold Belcher Link Chain, (4.5grams). £60-80
174.    A 9ct Gold Belcher Link Chain, (7grams). £100-120
175.    A Seven Stone Bar Brooch, alternately set; together with an Edwardian diamond set bar brooch. (2) £150-200
176.    A 9ct Gold Ropetwist Bracelet, together with a smooth link bracelet. (2) £60-70
177.    A Modern Child's Torque Style Bangle, with collet set highlights, stamped"375" (1.7grams). £20-40
178.    A Modern Child's Torque Style Bangle, with collet set highlights, stamped"375" (1.6grams). £20-40
179.    A Chester Hallmarked 9ct Gold Hinged Bangle, graduated star set to the front with diamond chip highlights, Chester 1905 (5.5grams). £100-150
180.    A Vintage Three Row Mother of Pearl Graduated Bead Necklace, to cluster clasp. £20-30
181.    A Two Row Pearl Bead Necklace, of uniform design, strung to a three row clasp, stamped "9ct" with pearl highlights. £100-150
182.    A Modern Single Stone Dress Ring, claw set, stamped "14k" (finger size L1/2) (2.2grams). £40-60
183.    A Modern QVC 9ct Gold Rectangular Cluster Ring, four claw set within inset border (finger size O1/2) (2.5grams). £60-80
184.    A Modern 9ct Gold Diamond Set Dress Ring, circular claw set between two rows of millegrain set stones (finger size O) (2.1grams). £50-70
185.    A 9ct Gold Diamond and Peridot Set Cluster Ring, oval claw four claw set, between plain shoulders (finger size S1/2) (2.1grams). £50-70
186.    A Modern Diamond Set Dress Ring, teardrop claw set to the centre, between six brilliant cut diamonds, indistinctly stamped "14K"(?) (finger size J1/2) (2.9grams). £70-100
187.    An Oval Shell Carved Cameo Ring, stamped "9ct"; Together with An Eternity Band. (2) £60-80
188.    A 9ct Gold Gent's Signet Ring, initialled (finger size S); together with a smaller 9ct gold heart shape ring (finger size K) (total weight 7.5grams). (2) £80-120
189.    An Antique Three Stone Diamond Set Ring, of crossover design, illusion set, stamped "18ct Plat" (finger size L1/2) (2.8grams). £80-120
190.    A 22ct Gold Plain Wedding Band, HLB, Birmingham 1960 (finger size M) (misshapen) (2.2grams). £60-80
191.    A 9ct Gold Eternity Band, (stone missing) (finger size N); together with two further eternity bands (M, P), stamped "9" (6.7grams). (3) £80-110
192.    A 22ct Gold Plain Wedding Band, HLB, Sheffield 1954 (finger size O) (2.9grams). £100-120
193.    A Pearl Set Cluster Dress Ring, between stepped shoulders (finger size O); an oval shell carved cameo ring, claw set (indistinctly stamped); a 9ct gold wishbone ring, with claw set highlights (damage / stone missing). (3) £60-80
194.    A Modern 18ct White Gold Gems TV Tanzanite Single Stone Dress Ring, oval four claw set between inset reeded shoulders (finger size P). £300-400
195.    An 18ct Gold Ruby and Diamond Pear Shape Cluster Ring, claw set throughout (finger size N). £800-900
196.    A 9ct Gold CZ Cluster Dress Ring, (finger size I); together with two further 9ct gold cluster rings (overall weight 4.5grams). (3) £60-80
197.    A Gent's 9ct Gold Single Stone Ring, of Victorian style, reeded claw set (finger size U (4.2grams). £60-70
198.    A 9ct Gold Diamond Set Band Ring, inset crossover design to the front (finger size K1/2); together with another 9ct gold ring (total weight 2.3grams). (2) £30-40
199.    A 22ct Gold Plain Wedding Band, (finger size L) (3.8grams). £100-150
200.    A 9ct Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, illusion set, between tapering textured shoulders (finger size O) (2.5grams). £30-50
201.    A Diamond Cluster Ring, (setting damage / misshapen), stamped "18ct". £70-90
202.    A Large 9ct Gold Single Stone Dress Ring, (finger size N); two cluster rings and an eternity band. (4) £80-120
203.    A Modern 14ct Gold Single Stone Dress Ring, rectangular claw set, between wide tapering shoulders with rubover highlights (finger size Q) (4.5grams). £100-150
204.    A 22ct Gold Plain Wide Wedding Band, (finger size L) (6.5grams). £200-250
205.    A Plain Wedding Band, stamped "22ct" (finger size L) (4.1grams). £100-150
206.    A Dainty Three Stone Diamond Ring, of crossover design, circular collet set, stamped "18ct" (finger size M). £70-100
207.    A 9ct Gold Cluster Dress Ring, claw set between tapering textured shoulders (finger size L) (3grams). £40-50
208.    A Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant cut stone illusion set between shaped shoulders, indistinctly stamped (finger size Q) (3.4grams). £100-150
209.    An Eternity Band, with inset highlights, stamped (finger size O); A Claddagh Style Ring, stamped "375". (2) £30-50
210.    A Three Stone Dress Ring, rubover set, indistinctly stamped "375" (finger size X) £40-50
211.    An 18ct White Gold Shaped Band, with engraved detail (finger size O). £50-60
212.    A Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant cut stone claw set, between inset shoulders (finger size P). £80-120
213.    A Dainty Five Stone Diamond Ring, graduated claw set, stamped "18ct" "Plat" (finger size M). £70-100
214.    A Modern Rectangular Cluster Dress Ring, claw set to the centre, between inset shoulders (finger size S) (3.5grams); together with another modern cluster dress ring, contained in a twelve section multi ring box. (3) £60-80
215.    A Vintage Openwork Bar Brooch, of flowerhead design, claw set to the centre; together with three large Art Deco style costume dress rings (finger sizes J1/2, N, O). (4) £20-40
216.    "925" and Other Dress Rings, boxed. £10-15
217.    Assorted Costume Dress Rings, including "925" etc. £10-15