Model Railway Auction @ 10am
on Thursday 5th January 2023

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301.    A Quantity of Predominantly Hornby, Bachmann Lineside Buildings, to include housing, offices, barn, viaduct, shop, garage; together with four scratch built platform sections. 30-50
302.    A Quantity (One Container) of Trackside, Layout Scenic Items, trees, cork, grass, people plus a number of Hornby "OO"Gauge 4mm platform sections and canopies. 20-40
303.    Eight Hornby "OO"Gauge/4mm Boxed Kits, R460 straight platform (3), R510 platform shelter, R191 coaling stage, R192 goods depot, R193 village shops and R194 petrol station, (all new) good boxes 20-40
304.    Six LIMA "O"Gauge/7mm Boxed Great Western Brown/Cream Coaches, all appear unused, in good boxes. 100-150
305.    Fifty 'HO' Gauge Boxed U.S.A Outline Items of Rolling Stock, by Accurail, Athearn, T.M.L etc, multiple variations (new to good). 60-90
306.    Thirty six "OO"Gauge/4mm Unboxed Items of Mainly Lima Rolling Stock, seven bogie open with coal load, twenty three, four wheel hoppers, tarmac and yeoman livery, with limestone loads, five bogie tank wagons, and a Bachmann bogie brake van, overall condition good to very good. 40-60
307.    Forty 'HO' Gauge Boxed U.S.A Outline Items of Rolling Stock, by Rivarossi, AHM, Walthers etc, multiple variations (new to good). 60-90
308.    Approximately Twenty Eight 'OO' Gauge/4mm Rolling Chassis's, for spares and repair, mainly Hornby China steam 4-6-0's. 80-120
309.    A Quantity of Hornby "OO"Gauge/4mm Boxed Signals, Points (12), R046/047 Switches, R514 platform canopy's (2), people, R086 signal (2), R087 (3), R043, R143, R43D and R2664 station lamps. 40-60
310.    Thirteen "G"Gauge Unboxed Items of Kit Built Rolling Stock, six 22ft bogie log car's, seven four wheel ore wagons, plus three bogie double ore wagons, overall condition fair to very good (16):- Two Boxes. 50-90
311.    Eleven Hornby "OO"Gauge/4mm Boxed Kits, R503 signal box (3), R505 water tower, R145 signal box, R504 engine shed (4), R505 goods shed (2), (all new) good boxes. 20-40
312.    Twenty 'HO' Gauge Boxed U.S.A Outline Items of Rolling Stock,by Con Cor, Inter-Mountain, Athearn etc, multiple variation (new to good). 30-50
313.    Five LIMA "O"Gauge/7mm Boxed LMS/BR Maroon Coaches, all appear unused in fair boxes. 80-120
314.    A Quantity of Spares Recovered from a "O"Gauge/7mm Workshop, motors, clockwork and electric; bogie and wagon wheels, wheel sets, etc, plus a quantity of locomotive wheels, machined and cast, couplings, buffers, nuts and bolts, sundry white metal parts, etc. 50-70
315.    Twenty Five "OO"Gauge/4mm Boxed Coaches, Airfix Ref 54255 auto coach (new), Hornby R477 (3), R478 (2), R334 diesel centre car, R439 (5) Intercity, R724 (3), R726 and R844 Intercity, R230 (3) Pullman "Golden Arrow", R24 and R25 Clerestory, plus Triang R426 (3) Pullman parlour car's (all appear new) in good boxes. 80-120
316.    Two Boxes of Railway Interest Ephemera, hard and soft back, mainly British Steam, etc. 20-40
317.    Approximately Fifty 'OO' Gauge/4mm Kit Built Steam Locomotives, Tenders, etc, all incomplete and in poor condition brass/white meal examples, bodies rolling chassis, an ideal source of spare parts or brave restoration. 80-120
318.    Two Hornby "Skaledale" Boxed Structures "OO"/"HO" Gauge, Ref. HC 8020 "Eagle Shed" and Ref No. R8582 "Goods Shed", both very good, appear unused. 20-40
319.    Four Items of Kit Built "O"Gauge/7mm Buildings, card and plastic construction, a farmhouse and out building, Aries body and tyre garage,plus The Sundance Hotel (fair to good):- Two Boxes. 20-40
320.    One Box Containing Approximately Twenty Five Boxes "OO"Gauge/4mm Trackside Layout Kits, 5 x Airfix Ref No's 2607, 3604, 3606 and 3625 (figures), Lima 600070 (2) village store, 600032 (4) signal box, Hornby R513 (2) platform fencing, R657 (5) girder bridge, R167 factory, R169 bungalow, R.003 town station, R189 bridge, etc, all appear new, in good packaging. 60-90
321.    Hornby Dublo DI Items, two island platforms (one box), three through stations and two signal boxes all appear complete with platforms and good condition, plus five boxed Dublo Ref No 2474 "T.P.O" line side appartus sets (all appear unused), and a plastic two rail engine shed, (fair). 40-60
322.    Approximately Twenty 'O' Gauge/7mm Kit Built (Metal) Signals, single and double arm, plus a 16" wide gantry example (fair to good). 40-60
323.    Fourteen Lima "OO" Gauge/4mm Coaches, to include BR maroon, Southern green, HST Executive Sleeper (2), boxed, good. 30-50
324.    A Quantity of "OO" Gauge Model Railway Lineside Buildings and Accessories, sometimes in original packaging, to include Peco model scene OO/HO cricket team, passengers seated, cricket pavilion, cattle creep :- Two Boxes 20-40
325.    A Trix T.T.R "Many Ways" Station Set, (may be incomplete), a T,T.R RNo 32 goods shed, plus six boxed Triang items, R61 signal box (2), R71 footbridge, R72 hut, R76 engine shed and R80 station set (apart from "Many Ways', all very good, in good boxes 20-40
326.    A Quantity (One Box) of Bachmann E.Z "OO"/"HO" Gauge Ballasted Track, Points, Straights, Curves, etc, good kit. 40-60
327.    A Collection of Triang and Hornby Catalogues, plus further items of railway ephemera, including a "Drivers Manual No 2", all contained in two boxes and worthy of further inspection. 30-50
328.    A Small Quantity of "OO" Gauge/4mm Trackside/Layout Components, Buildings, etc, boxed kits, made up items, platform sections, etc, (one box). 20-40
329.    Three 'OO'Gauge/4mm Unboxed Locomotives, A Triang Bo Bo Pullman diesel R/No W60095 with a coach R/No W60745; a Triang 4-6-2 Princess Elizabeth BR green R/No 46201 with six wheel tender, and a Triang 0-6-0 "Jinty", all fair u/t condition, plus a small quantity of playworn rolling stock, buildings, tunnel , bridge etc, and a quantity of poor Triang track:- One Box. 20-40
330.    Thirty Nine "OO"Gauge/4mm Unboxed Items of Mainly Hornby Rolling Stock, bogie containers and open wagons, four wheel box vans, tank wagon and 7.5 ton breakdown crane, overall condition fair to very good. 25-40
331.    A Boxed Hornby Dublo "OO" Gauge 2 Rail Set 2020 "Torbay Express" Passenger Train box contents comprise of 4-6-0 Castle class locomotive and tender, R/No 7032. 'Denbigh Castle', BR lined green livery, two eight wheel coaches #W34881, #W15862, damage and wear to box, together with a quantity of "OO" gauge model railway items including Hornby #R020 Shell tank wagon, Hornby Dublo Book of Trains 1959. 40-70
332.    One Box of U.S.A Outline Railway Ephemera, hard and soft back plus pamphlet's. 20-40
333.    An Assorted Collection of "OO"Gauge Model Railway Items, to include Hornby Dublo 0-6-0 tank locomotive, R/N 31340, BR green, D14 2nd class coach, rolling stock, line side accessories, playworn. 25-40
334.    A Quantity (Approximately Twenty Five Plus Spares) of Metcalfe "OO"Gauge/4mm Trackside/Layout Card Kits, the majority have been opened therefore may not be complete, plus nine Hornby "OO"Gauge/4mm kits, R146 engine shed, R522 goods shed (2), R519 engine shed (4), R505 goods shed and D504 engine shed:- Two Boxes 30-50
335.    A Quantity of Items Recovered From Railway Modellers Workshop, electrical stuff, wheels, wheel sets, motors and various locomotive components, Humbrol and Devilbiss Airbrush Set, etc, (one plastic box). 40-60
336.    A Hornby "OO"Gauge #R1038 The Boxed Set 'Orient Express', comprising of BR 4-6-2 'United States Lines' Merchant Navy class locomotive and tender, Pullman first class kitchen car 'Minerva'/Pullman first class parlour 'Cygnus'/Pullman first class parlour 'Cygnus'/Pullman first class parlour 'Ibis', track, controller, literature, boxed. 100-150
337.    Two Good Hornby "O"Gauge/7mm Train Set Boxes with Part Content, A No 20 goods set, containing two ore wagons and six track curves (good outer and inner), A No 101 tank passenger set, containing only two L.M.S coaches, (good outer, fair inner), plus a MI 0-4-0 locomotive and tender (unboxed/good), nine buffers (three boxed) and fifteen boxed sets of track connectors (loco spring ok). 30-50
338.    A Trix T.T.R Set Box Containing Two Trix Three Rail 0-4-0 Tank Steam Locomotives, R/No's 30 and 85, seven items of rolling stock, four kit built coaches, etc, plus two boxed T.T.R signals, a four signal gantry and two good Hornby Dublo coaches, also two Trix Ref No 498/240 power supply units (electrical items and locomotives u/t). 40-60
339.    Twenty "OO"Gauge/4mm Hornby Dublo Unboxed Items of Two and Three Rail Rolling Stock, eight tank wagons, ore wagons, box vans, etc, all good. 20-40
340.    Three "OO"Gauge/4mm Unboxed BR Green 4-6-0 Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, Airfix "Pendennis Castle R/No 4079 (good u/t), Airfix Class 7P "Royal Scot" R/No 46100 (good - u/t) Mainline 6P "The Prince of Wales" volunteers R/No 46137 (fair - u/t). 40-60
341.    Thirty Plus Kit Built "OO" Gauge Model Railway Rolling Stock Items, including open wagons, vans. 25-40
342.    A Small Lot of Playworn Diecast Vehicles, including examples by Corgi and Lesney; plus a quantity of Minic track, two controllers and two cars. 20-40
343.    Six Hornby "O"Gauge/7mm Unboxed Four Wheel Coaches, two L.M.S maroon, two BR maroon and two BR blood/custard, plus two N.E ore wagons and a L.M.S container truck, some roof re painting noted otherwise fair to good (9). 20-40
344.    Three "HO" Gauge U.S.A. Outline Boxed Diesel Locomotives, a Proto 2000 BL2 "Western Maryland" livery, a Atlas Ref No. 8238 GP.7 "Illinois Central", R/No. 8850. Plus a life like Alco FB2 "Dummy", overall black, all good U/T condition. 40-60
345.    A Rivarossi "HO"Gauge U.S.A Outline EMD Diesel Locomotive Plus The Dummy Unit, Northern Pacific two tone green livery, and three coaches, Montana Club, Roomette and R/No 557 observation,overall condition fair to good (small parts, i.e couplings missing) u/t. 20-40
346.    "HO"Gauge Items of S.N.C.F Locomotives, A Jouef Ref No 8622 two car electric locomotive set with single pantograph. A Lima three car diesel DUM blue/grey livery. Two Roco Bo-Bo locomotives with twin pantograph's R/No's BB-9329 and BB 22201. A Jouef HJ2401 BB-13001 electric locomotive with twin pantograph's, plus a Class 141 2-8-2 steam tank locomotive R/No 141.1A.418, (fair to very good u/t) (6). 50-70
347.    Twenty Four "OO"Gauge/4mm Hornby Dublo Unboxed Items of Two and Three Rail Rolling Stock, brake vans, well wagons, etc, fair to good 20-40
348.    Twenty Six "OO"Gauge/4mm Unboxed Hornby Dublo Two and Three Rail Coaches, L.M.S and BR maroon, L.N.E.R teak, BR blood/custard etc, fair to very good. 30-50
349.    Three "OO"Gauge/4MM Unboxed L.M.S Maroon Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, Hornby Class 5P "Patriot" Duke of Sutherland R/No 5541 (good u/t), Mainline 5XP "Glorious" R/No 5719 (good - u/t), Hornby Class 4P 4-4-0 R/No 1000 (good u/t). 40-60
350.    Approximately Thirty Kit Built "OO" Gauge Model Railway Rolling Stock Items, including open wagons, vans. 25-40
351.    Four Hornby Dublo "OO"Gauge/4mm Unboxed Steam Locomotives, a two rail 4-6-2 City of London BR maroon R/No 46245 (good but tender body loose) a Class A4 three rail "Mallard" BR green without tender (fair), a three rail 2-6-4 std tank BR black R/No 80054 (good), a three rail class N2 0-6-2 tank L.N.E.R green R/No 9569 (signs of over painting), plus a Graham Farish Prarie 2-6-2 tank locomotive with rail chassis (loose to body) ideal for spares/repair (5) u/t 60-90
352.    Thirty Plus Kit Built "OO" Gauge Model Railway Rolling Stock Items, including open wagons, vans. 25-40
353.    Two Hornby Dublo "OO"Gauge/4mm Unboxed 4-6-2 Steam Locomotives, a Class A4 two rail "Silver King"BR green R/No 60016 with six wheel tender, a Class A4 three rail "Sir Nigel Gresley", L.N.E.R blue R/No 7 with six wheel tender, both fair to good u/t condition, plus two boxed three rail Class A4 without tenders, a L.N.E.R blue "Sir Nigel" R/No 7 and BR green "Silver King" R/No 60016, both good u/t condition, fair to good boxes. 80-120
354.    A Small Quantity of Spares etc Recovered From a "OO"Gauge/4mm Workshop, four new loco bodies, Dublo City of London, Hornby L.M.S 7P, Dublo Mallard, Class 08 Diesel BR blue and L.M.S "Coronation", plus various tins containing small parts, etc, A Peco "N"Gauge loco body kit for a Fairburn Tank , some track etc, plus a Jamieson (Eames Product) sheet metal loco kit for a L.M.S streamline coronation. 30-50
355.    A Quantity of "Made Up" "OO"Gauge/4mm Kits, mainly by Faller, Domestic, Industrial, Railway etc, plus scenic material, fair to good condition:- Four Boxes. 20-40
356.    Eleven LIMA "O"Gauge/7mm Boxed Items of Rolling Stock, "G.W" and private owner, ore four wheel wagons, all appear new/unused, good boxes. 50-70
357.    Two Hornby H.M 4000 Power Controllers (One Boxed), plus four HM 4000 controllers (two boxed) sold as spares/repair (6) u/t. 30-50
358.    Four LIMA "O"Gauge/7mm Boxed LMS/Br Maroon Coaches, all appear unused, in fair boxes. 70-90
359.    Eight 'O' Gauge/7mm U.S.A Outline Unboxed Items of Rolling Stock, seven box cars, one hopper, fair condition. 40-60
360.    Two Hornby Dublo "OO"Gauge/7mm Three Rail Unboxed Class N2 0-6-2 Tank Steam Locomotives, BR black R/No 69567 (both good u/t) 30-50
361.    Two '"O" Gauge/7mm Kit Built (White Metal) Timber Wagons, complete with log loads, built/painted to a fair standard (small parts detached but present). 20-40
362.    Thirty Nine "HO" Gauge U.S.A Outline Boxed Items of Rolling Stock, Athearn Roundhouse, etc, box vans, hoppers, all fair to very good. 60-90
363.    Nine 'O' Gauge/7mm Kit Built Unboxed Coaches, seven four wheel, two maroon, five teak, two double bogie teak finish, built to a good standard, one bogie coach requires finishing (wood/plastic construction). 50-70
364.    A Quantity of "OO"Gauge/4mm Triang and Hornby Track, loose and boxed, straights, curves, points, bridge components, etc, (contained in three boxes), plus a Ref R135 operating one wagon set, boxed (playworn) (5). 20-40
365.    Two Boxes of Railway Interest Ephemera, hard and soft back, mainly model railway including a quantity of "Railway Modeler" from the 1980's; of interest a Christie's 1989 catalogue featuring The Coluzzi Collection; also five framed rail interest pictures including one of Whitby and the N.R,M. "Take Your Dog by Rail". 20-40
366.    A Quantity of Hornby "O"Gauge/7mm Three Rail Track, points, curves, straights, etc, plus a small amount of pre-war "O" Gauge/7mm rolling stock, comprising three wood construction bogie coaches (one L.M.S red, two Pullman), six wagons and a clockwork 0-4-0 loco for spares/repair, all significant playworn/age condition. 20-40
367.    Ten Lima "O"Gauge/7mm Boxed Items of Rolling Stock, "G.W" and private owner, ore four wheel wagons, all appear new/unused, good boxed. 50-70
368.    A Fair Quantity of Kato 'N' Gauge Spare Parts, wheel sets, bogies, tyres, coach bodies and interiors, the majority in unsealed packaging. Plus a Graham Farish, Ref No. 8149 D.M.U Motorised Chassis and a small lot of damaged, U.K/U.S.A coaches and locomotives, U/T. 50-70
369.    Five "OO"Gauge/4mm Unboxed Diesel/Electric Locomotives, Hornby Class 81 R/No E3001 (fair), Triang Class 37 (playworn),Lima Class 55 "Royal Scots Grey" R/No D9000 (fair), Mainline Class 45 "The Manchester Regiment" (good), and Hornby class 37 BR blue, R/No 37130 (good) u/t. 50-70
370.    Twenty "HO/"OO"/4mm Points LH/RH and Radius, nine loose Hornby (China), eleven Peco in original packaging, (good). 20-40
371.    Seventeen "OO"Gauge/4mm Brown and Cream Pullman Coaches, assorted manufacturers, to include Car No 79, Car No 77, Aries, Jane, mostly unboxed. 35-50
372.    A Quantity of Trackside Scenic Items, packaged and loose, people, animals, lamp posts and telegraph poles, fencing, small buildings, etc, mainly "OO" Gauge/4mm. 20-40
373.    Eighteen "OO" Gauge/4mm BR Passenger Coaches, comprising of 6 x blue/grey, 12 x blood and custard, unboxed, good. 35-50
374.    Three "HO" Gauge U.S.A Outline Unboxed Steam Locomotives including Tenders, a Pemco 4-8-2 Mountain R/No. 4901 Chesa Peake and Ohio, a Bachmann 4-8-4, R/No. 6009 "New York Central" livery. Plus a Rivarossi 4-6-4 Union Pacific, R/No. 5441, all good, U/T. 40-60
375.    A Quantity of Point/Turnout Motors, Switches, etc, loose sometimes blister packed. 20-40
376.    Two "OO"Gauge/4mm Unboxed Class 110 BR Grey/Blue 2 Car DMU Sets, Hornby R/No's E51815 (powered) and E52078 (playworn/fair), plus Lima R/No's 51960 (fair) (4 items u/t). 30-50
377.    Twenty Four "OO"Gauge/4mm Hornby Dublo Unboxed Items of Two and Three Rail Rolling Stock, brake vans, ore wagons, box vans, bogie, brick wagon, cable wagon etc, fair to good. 20-40
378.    A Hornby "O"Gauge/7mm 4-6-2 Clockwork Steam Locomotive and Tender, "Flying Scotsman", L.N.E.R green R/No 4472, fair original paint, a little metal bashing required and missing rear pony otherwise appears complete, mechanism untested, the tender also in fair original condition, missing (as usual) centre wheel set, plus a G.W box van (missing roof) and three 1/76 scale diecast coaches by Corgi and E.F.E (good). 50-70
379.    Approximately Thirty Kit Built "OO" Gauge Model Railway Rolling Stock Items, including open wagons, vans. 25-40
380.    Three 'N' Gauge Locomotives, a boxed Bachmann Ref No. 8317 Class 33 Diesel (with DCC, fixed by blu tak). a cased Fleischmann, Ref No. 67235, Class 218 Diesel, DB Rail, an unboxed Spectrum Electric Bo-Bo with twin pantographs, Amtra, Acela, R/No. 655. Plus eighteen items of rolling stock (six cased - twelve loose), coaches, box vans, caboose's, etc; U.K, U.S.A and Continental examples, all good, U/T. 50-70
381.    Nine 'OO'Gauge/4mm Airfix Boxed BR Cream/Red Coaches, eight composite Ref No 54203-4 and one brake R/No M5542M (good/good) 20-40
382.    Ten Hornby "OO"Gauge/4mm Ref No R007 Boxed U.D Milk Tank Wagons, all appear unused in very good boxes, plus three other boxed Triang, Hornby items, R10 goods, R56 container wagon and R019 L.B.S.C brake van (13) 25-40
383.    Approximately Thirty "HO" Gauge Unboxed Items of U.S.A Outline Rolling Stock, box vans, ore wagons, tank wagon, etc (good to very good). 25-40
384.    Six Hornby "OO"Gauge/4mm Boxed "The Coronation Scot" Coaches, Ref Nos R422 (4) and R423 (2), plus a Ref No R230 boxed Hornby "Golden Arrow", Pullman car, all appear unused in very good boxes (7). 30-50
385.    A Rivarossi "HO"Gauge Co-Co EMD-E8 U.S.A Outline Diesel Locomotive (Powered), Northern Pacific livery plus its unpowered trailer unit Ref No 1825, both appear unused, in good plastic cases, plus a Pocher Ref No 2361 "V and T" R.R bogie suburban coach, very good (3) u/t. 30-50
386.    A Hornby "O"Gauge/7mm L.M.S 4-6-2 Maroon "Princess" R/No 6201 For Spares or Repair, good loco body minus small parts, good tender (no wheels of draw bar), a 20 volt coupled motor, good wheels, front bogie (but doubt it is the correct motor) plus various "bits/pieces", worthy of further inspection. 40-60
387.    Four Hornby "O"Gauge/7mm Clockwork Steam locomotives, 0-4-0 unboxed, L.N.E.R 460, fair, spring/wheels ok missing wheel rods, early L.N.E.R 460 (no piston example) fair, spring ok, front buffers missing, L.M.S 2270 playworn, spring ok no steam rods, and a Type501 L.M.S 5600, no tender, fair with good spring. 40-60
388.    Five Kit/factory Built 'O'/7mm German Railway Suburban Coaches, (four eight wheel bogie - one four wheel), finished DB dark green with grey roofs - fair unboxed condition. 30-50
389.    Four Hornby "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Steam Locomotives, for repair or spares, Ref No. R2402 4-6-0 "Hardwick Grange", missing front bogie, otherwise good/good box, U/T. Ref No. R2234 4-6-0 King Class "King William IV", no drive to loco wheels, otherwise very good, boxed condition, Ref No. R2827 "Schools" Class "Cheltenham", Southern R/No. 925 twist/warp to chassis front, otherwise very good, (U/T), Ref No. R2744 "Schools" Class "Blundells" BR R/No. 30932, missing funnel, otherwise very good, good box, (U/T). 60-90
390.    Hornby "O" Gauge/7mm a No Special 0-4-0 Tank, L.N.E.R 2162, good body/paint, motor loose to body, missing two wheels and rods, spring appears ok but mechanism jammed, plus four good bodies (no motors), 0-4-0 L.N.E,R 2900 Great Western 6600, No 1 Type 50? L.N.E.R 4300 and L.M.S R/No 2115, body condition fair to very good. 40-60
391.    A Quantity (Two Lots) of "OO"Gauge/4mm Scenic Items, mainly original packaging, figures, animals, platform items, signals plus ten Airfix rolling stock kits. 30-50
392.    A Quantity of Playworn (Thirty Plus) "OO" Gauge/4mm Items of Unboxed Rolling Stock, various makers, tank wagons, box vans, etc. Plus two coaches by Airfix and Kitmaster and two wagon kits, (approximately thirty four items). 25-40
393.    Two 'O' Gauge/7mm Kit Built Two Rail Electric Class 20 Bo-Bo Diesel Locomotives, BR green, R/No. D80820 and D8023, both built/painted to a fair standard, (small parts detached), (U/T). 80-120
394.    Approximately Thirty Kit Built "OO" Gauge Model Railway Rolling Stock Items, including open wagons, vans. 25-40
395.    A Part Kit Built Class A4 'O' Gauge/7mm Steam Locomotive and Eight Wheel Tender, brass/steel body, rolling chassis (bogies only), tender 95% built, no motor or driving wheels, etc to loco. Plus two additional Class A4 'O' Gauge/7mm Bodies, (six items). 60-90
396.    Approximately Thirty Kit Built "OO" Gauge Model Railway Rolling Stock Items, including open wagons, vans. 25-40
397.    A Bachmann "OO" Gauge/4mm Ref No. 32-600 Class 220 Virgin Voyager Four Car D.M.U "Maiden Voyager" Set, overall good, U/T condition, box, missing interior. 30-50
398.    Approximately Thirty Kit Built "OO" Gauge Model Railway Rolling Stock Items, including open wagons, vans. 25-40
399.    A Hornby "OO"Gauge/4mm Class 43 Intercity Power Locomotive, R/No 91014 and trailer R/No 82205, swallow livery, plus two Intercity coaches R/No's 12408/12410, good unboxed u/t condition (4). 25-40
400.    A Quantity of "HO"Gauge Catenary Components, loose and nineteen packaged, posts, wires, etc new to good used. 20-40
401.    A Hornby Dublo "OO"Gauge/4mm 3 Rail Class 8F 2-8-0 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, BR black R/No 48158, tender plunger pickup, fair condition in poor box, plus a Castle class 4-6-0 three rail steam locomotive and six wheel tender BR green "British Castle" R/No 7013, fair unboxed condition, plus two cream/brown w/c coaches and instruction booklet, untested. 40-60
402.    Three "OO"Gauge/4mm Unboxed BR Black 4-6-0 Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, Hornby 5XP "Lady Godiva", two Mainline Std Class 4 R/No 75006 (all good) u/t. 40-60
403.    Two "OO"Gauge/4mm Steam Tender Locomotive Kits, boxed, Wills Finecast L.M.S 4F 0-6-0 unstarted (unchecked for box content), Keyser L.M.S Coronation class 4-6-2 part built with motor and wheels. 50-70
404.    Two Hornby Dublo "OO"Gauge/7mm Unboxed Class A4 Steam Locomotives, a two rail "Golden Fleece" BR green R/No 60030 with eight wheel tender. A three rail "Sir Nigel" R/No 7 L.N.E.R blue with six wheel tender, both good u/t, plus two Dublo loco bodies. A Sir Nigel with two L.N.E. R blue tenders (fair), a "City of London" BR maroon R/No 46245 (very good paint), a boxed D1 eight wheel tender BR gloss green (good and two empty boxes, D1 open wagon and D12 L.M.R tender. 40-60
405.    Three "OO"Gauge/7mm Boxed Steam Locomotives, with damage requiring attention, Hornby (China) Ref No R2229 Class 8F (small parts detached, pickups beat, etc), Hornby (China) Ref No R2248 Class 9F (no tender, wheels and bogie "Jammed"), Bachmann Ref No 32-354A Std Class 4mt tank (damage to cab/body structure) all u/t. 40-60
406.    Hornby 'O' Gauge/7mm Two Pullman Four Wheel Coaches, a Redline Tank Wagon, MO Rotary Tipping Wagon, Hydraulic Buffer, Part Crossing, Platform Trolley and the repairs to electric motors, all very good (apart for motors) (nine items). 15-30
407.    A Bing 'O' Gauge/7mm 0-4-0 Three Rail Steam Locomotive and Four Wheel Tender, R/No. 7590, 18 volt with transformer/controller contained within a signal box. Plus five items of rolling stock, (three coaches, N.E Ore Wagon and Milk Van, a Single Arm Signal and Tunnel and Station/Platform, all very good unboxed condition, U/T. 60-90
408.    A Kit/Factory Built 'O' Gauge/7mm Class A1 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive With Eight Wheel Tender, G.N.R green "Sir Frederick Banbury" R/No. 1471 - very good, U/T condition, (front bogie detached). 80-120
409.    Three Hard Backed Books, Michael Foster "Hornby Dublo Trains", Pat Hammond, The Story of Rovex Vol 1 (1950/1965) and Vol 2 (1965/1941), all three very good with outer sleeves. 15-30
410.    A "G"Gauge Kit/Scratch Built 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive, based on a "Black 5", with six wheel tender, fitted with a canon motor and powered by battery contained in the tender, built to a fair standard, finished overall black u/t. 60-90
411.    Three "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Steam Locomotives, "OO"/"HO" Gauge, Ref No. R2054, Class A3 4-6-2 "Flying Scotsman", good/good box, a Lima Ref No. 203014 4-6-2 DB Rail Class 18, R/No. 18505, good/poor box. Plus a Wrenn 2-6-4 Standard Class Tank, BR black, R/No. 80061, fair/in associated box, all U/T. 50-70
412.    Fifteen "HO" Gauge Continental Outline Coaches, four Jouef "Compagnie Internationale", seven Roco "S.N.C.F, a boxed Lima Ref No. :309116 (F.S. Rail), etc. overall condition fair to very good. 30-50
413.    A Hornby "OO" Gauge 4-6-2 Coronation Class Locomotive and Tender, R/No 6220, LMS garter blue, three 'The Coronation Scot', eight wheel coaches, together with a further quantity of "OO"Gauge rolling stock items, super sound, all untested. 40-60
414.    Three "OO"Gauge/4mm Unboxed 4-6-0 L.M.S Black Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, Airfix 6P "Royal Scots Fusilier" R/No 6103, Mainline 6P "Scots Guardsman" R/No 6115, Mainline class 5XP "Neptune" R/No 5687 (all good - u/t). 40-60
415.    A Marklin "O"Gauge/7mm 0-4-0 Clockwork Steam Locomotive, red/black livery R/No R950, wheels, spring good, paint fair, missing boiler rail to r/h side, tin ware a little beat: there is no tender but a fair example of a hard to find locomotive. 30-50
416.    Approximately Fifty Merit "Matchbox" Station Accessory Sets, plus fourteen "Larger Version" and ten "Wardie Product" master sets, (approximately seventy five items). 30-50
417.    A Jouef "OO" Gauge/4mm Unboxed Bo Bo Diesel Locomotive R/No D6100, (playworn), plus a Hornby "O" Gauge/7mm 3 Rail 0-4-0 tank steam locomotive, LMS maroon R/No 2270, fair original paint, good body, missing rods and three wheels (rims/spokes dissolved!), u/t. 20-40
418.    A Quantity of "OO Gauge/4mm Hornby Dublo 3 Rail Track Straights, Curves, Points etc, plus a Hornby Dublo through station with ramps, and a small quantity of rolling stock, playworn:- Two Trays. 20-40
419.    Approximately Thirty Kit Built "OO" Gauge Model Railway Rolling Stock Items, including open wagons, vans. 25-40
420.    A Collection of Railway Modelers and Locomotive Enthusiasts Literature, to include Model Railway, Railway Modeler Magazines, Lima, Hornby product catalogues, the Illustrated History of British Railways by Geoffrey Freeman Allen, Bulleid's Pacific's by D.W Winkworth, reproduction railway posters:- Three Boxes. 25-50
421.    A Plastic Box Containing a Quantity of Kit Built 'OO' Gauge/4mm Plastic "Static" Locomotives and Rolling Stock, (plus the odd rolling example). 15-30
422.    A Small Quantity of "OO"Gauge/4mm Items Recovered from a Railway Modelers Workshop, Triang boxed buildings, Airfix locomotive kits, resin buildings, "Metcalfe" and "Superquick" building kits, etc, of interest, a wheel press and quartering jig for 4mm Hornby wheels, plus a full size track spring clip:- One Box and a leather railway staff bag (very good). 40-60
423.    WITHDRAWN Three Hornby Ref R8214 Elite Digital Controllers Boxed, one appears unused, one used, the other as new but missing power pack and instruction booklet, plus a boxed Hornby HM2000 power controller, (four items sold as spares/repair) untested. 40-60
424.    A Quantity of Damaged Rolling Stock, Locomotive Bodies, etc, plus two controllers, a Meccano Marshall 2, plus a Tri-ang P.5: a quantity of Tri-ang Track, two Dublo Signal Boxes and Bridge, Airfix Platform figures and "Made Up" Airfix Tanks, etc. 20-40
425.    Approximately Forty Plus Lengths of "N" Gauge Track, mainly 36inch, by Peco, etc. 30-50
426.    A Quantity of L.G.B "G" Gauge Rail Track, Full Straights, etc. 30-50
427.    A Two Drawer Wooden (Joiner Built) Cabinet, Containing twenty two 'OO'Gauge/4mm items of unboxed rolling stock, nine Lima bogie open wagons with loads (Yeoman and Arc Livery) and thirteen Hornby J.A.A hoppers with coal loads, overall condition, very good. 30-50
428.    A 5" Gauge Live Steam Great Western Railway Steam Locomotive "King Class" 4-6-0 King George V, R/No 6000 with Six Wheel Tender, this is a part built locomotive (possibly from a kit via Silvercrest Models), the level of build is excellent, clearly by a competent model engineer, The chassis with coupled wheels, front bogie, twin o/s cylinders, Stephenson's valve gear, buffers etc, The brass/copper body with detailed rivit work, the smoke box door, name plates and cab structure are with the model but yet to be fitted, unfortunately numerous small parts are absent especially within the cab and the backhead. The tender is basically complete wtih brakes steps, detailed rivit work etc, but again missing a number of small parts. The model is currently finished in bright metal, copper/brass with a purpose built wooden transport box for the tender. This is a fine example of its type, deservedly worth of detailed inspection with a view to completion of the project. Overall length approximately 73" x 10" wide. 3000-5000
429.    A Hornby "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Ref No, R649 Royal Doulton Collectors Plate, plus Class A4 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive with eight wheel tender, L.N.E.R garter blue, "Sir Ronald Matthews R/No. one very good, U/T, boxed condition, locomotive, appears unused, Ltd Edition with certificate No, 0186 of 3000. 30-50
430.    Two Roco 'HO' Gauge Boxed Rail Cars, a Ref No. 8500 Six Axle Articulated car of D.U.W.A.G Tramways (good). Plus Ref No. 43489 Bo-Bo Car of S.N.C.F railways, overall blue finish R/No. X2807, (good, but small part detached from (roof) both U/T. 40-60
431.    Three "HO"Gauge Boxed Locomotives for Spares or Repair, A Roco Ref No 63629 electric Class E636 of F.S Railway, articulated loco with twin pantograph's (on test ran one way only). A Kato Ref No 37-6401 SD70MAC Co-Co Diesel, B.N.S.F livery (heat damage to body, u/t), plus a Rivarossi Ref No 1874 Alco, Bo-Bo Diesel, maroon black/gold livery (motor/gears not engaging). 30-50
432.    Three Ace Trains 'O' Gauge/7mm Bogie Coaches, in as new boxed condition , hand finished/painted to a very good standard, all 1st, all 3rd and a brake/3rd coach, C.R. livery. 60-90
433.    A Spectrum Ref No 25762 "ON30" Scale Boxed 28 Ton Two Truck Class B Steam Locomotive, finished overall black "Colorado Mining Co" R/No 8 (very good u/t condition). 40-60
434.    Two Roco 'HO' Gauge Boxed Continental Outline Locomotives, a Ref No. 4158 Bo-Bo Class BB 63 Switcher, S.N.C.F green livery R/No. 43460 Bo-Bo electric with twin pantographs, S.N.C.F grey livery R/No. BB.BZ51, (fair, poor boxed), both U/T. 40-60
435.    A Hornby Ref No R863 "OO"Gauge/4mm Class 47 Brush Type Diesel Electric Locomotive, BR green R/No D1738, appears unused in fair box. 25-40
436.    A Kit Built "O"Gauge/7mm 0-6-0 Class J50 Tank Steam Locomotive, two rail electric, BR black (weathered) R/No 68975; built to a fair std, u/t. 60-90
437.    A Quantity of Items Recovered From a "O"Gauge/7mm Railway Modelers Workshop, all for spares/repair motors, wheels, rolling stock (inc No 2 L.M.S coach body), a No 1 special L.M.S 3 rail tank body, L.M.S No 1 and No 2 special tender bodies, a No 2 4-4-2T L.M.S body etc. 30-50
438.    Two Lima 'O' Gauge/7mm Boxed BR Red/Cream Coaches Ref No's 316618 and 316644E, plus three Lima two car open wagon boxed sets Ref No's 316730A2, 316733A1 and 316754A2 (good) (5) 50-70
439.    A Comprehensive Collection of Mainly U.S.A Outline Locomotives and Rolling Stock, for spares or repair, content includes steam and diesel bodies (brass and plastic) motors rolling chassis's, tenders, wheels, components, etc, etc, "worthy of closer inspection". 60-100
440.    Hornby #R8204 "OO" Gauge Platform 9 Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, boxed, together with a Hornby 50th Anniversary Edition catalogue 2004, Gibsons Through The Ages Hornby 100pc jigsaw puzzle. 20-40
441.    Seven 'O' Gauge/7mm Items of U.S.a Outline Rolling Stock, four by Weaver, box car, coal wagon, 40 tank car and a covered hopper(all boxed, good condition, a Lionel Gondola (boxed, good), an unboxed very good hopper, and a kit built 'Reading' covered steel coil car (fair). 40-60
442.    Four Unboxed Items of "LGB" 'G' Gauge Rolling Stock, two continental outline suburban double bogie coaches, green/cream livery and grey roofs, (fair) and two N.E log wagons (playworn), (one tub). 30-50
443.    A Collection of "OO"/"HO" Gauge Rolling Stock,by Lima, Mainline, Joeuf, Triang, Wrenn, Hornby including six boxed Mainline '#37-143' cattle wagon (BR), Lima parcels brake car, BR blue, both boxed and unboxed. 30-40
444.    A Hornby "OO" Gauge/4mm Ref No. R2467 "Virgin Trains Pendolino" Trains Pack, plus two additional coaches, Ref No.'s R4273 and R42747, a very good boxed, U/T condition. 50-70
445.    A Quantity of Hornby Dublo Etc, "OO" Gauge/4mm scenic, platform and layout accessories, loose and boxed, signals, buffers, people, animals, switches, etc. 20-40
446.    A Hornby "OO"Gauge/4mm Boxed Playworn Intercity 225 Train Set Ref No R824; comprising two un powered Bo Bo locomotives, two coaches and track only, plus a "Value Line", G Gauge milk tank wagon (good); a playworn LIMA Bo Bo diesel' two white metal "HO"Gauge bus kits; an incomplete boxed Hornby Dubly T.P.O mail van set, etc (u/t). 20-40
447.    Two Roco 'HO' Ref No. 4170 Boxed S.N.C.F Rail, class BB300, twin pantograph electric Bo-Bo Locomotives, fair boxed condition, (signs of repainting), (U/T). 30-50
448.    Two LIMA "OO"Gauge/4mm Boxed Locomotives, Ref No 5121 Class 52 Co-Co diesel BR maroon "Western Gladiator" R/No D1016 Ref No 205132 G.W.R diesel railcar brown/cream R/No 22, both appear unused in very good boxes, u/t. 30-50
449.    A "M.T.H" "HO"Gauge Ref No 80-3112-1 2-8-8-8-2 "Triplex" Steam Engine with Ten Wheel Tender, "ERIE" black livery R/No 5016, appears unused with excellent box and instructions (untested). 400-600
450.    A Rivarossi "HO"Gauge Ref No 1336 4-6-2 Pacific Steam Locomotive with Eight Wheel Double Bogie Tender, No 231.E.13 of the S.N.C.F Railway, finished overall in satin black, appears unused in good plastic case, with paper work, u/t. 40-60
451.    A 'O' Gauge/7mm Kit Built Brake/3rd Coach, G.W. R brown/cream R/No 4945, aluminium body/roof, wood floor, metal bogie's very good build/excellent paint. 40-60
452.    Two "HO"Gauge U.S.A Outline Steam Locomotives, boxed A "Classic" made by Samhongsa 4-8-4 Northern Pacific R/No 2626 with twelve wheel tender, over painting noted (poor), plus a Atlas Kawai 2-8-2 U.P R/No 2483 with eight wheel tender, chassis loose to body, fixings in box. both u/t. 30-50
453.    An Ace Trains 'O' Gauge/7mm Boxed Three Rail Class E/29 2-6-2 Tank Large Prairie Steam Locomotive, Great Western green, R/No. 5164, in what appear to be unused condition, but currently a non runner (motor to wheels issue?). 60-90
454.    Two Fleischmann 'HO' Gauge Boxed Steam Locomotives, Ref No. 4141 2-6-0, plus six wheel tender, class 24 of DB rail, R.No. 24081, plus Ref No. 4147 0-8-0, plus six wheel tender, overall green R/No. 4537 of Prussian Rail, (U/T). 40-60
455.    A Hornby "OO"Gauge #R1033 Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets Hogwarts Express Electric Train Set, comprising of Hogwarts Castle 4-6-0 locomotive and tender, composite coach, brake coach, track, platform sections, train controller, playmat, boxed. 40-60
456.    A Liliput "HO"Gauge Ref No L114704 Twin Unit Class 4/7 of The S.B.B, both 2-8-4 with Twin Pantograph's, SBB green R/No's 10976 and 10997, this a limited edition No 728 of 2000, contained in a wood hinged presentation box, the set appears unused in very good u/t condition. 50-70
457.    Two Trix Three Rail Boxed Locomotives, a Ref No F106 Warship class Bo Bo Diesel "Vanguard" R/No D801, good/fair box, u/t, plus a Ref No F105 EMI Bo-Bo electric BR black R/No 26010 twin pantograph's, good/good box. u/t. 50-70
458.    A Mercian Gauge One/10mm Brass and White Metal Part Built Kit of A Class 14 0-6-0 "Teddy Bear" Diesel Locomotive, current build is poor, balance of box components unchecked. 40-60
459.    Two LIMA "OO"Gauge/4mm Boxed Tank Steam Locomotives, G.W.R green, Ref No 5111 2-6-2 small prairie R/No 4589, Ref No 5117 0-6-0 class 94XX pannier R/No G400, very good condition, good boxes, u/t. 30-50
460.    Two Jouef "HO" Gauge Continental Outline Steam Locomotives, of S.N.C.F Railway, a Ref No. 8260 boxed 2-8-2 with eight wheel bogie tender, R/No. 241.P.7 and unboxed 2-8-2 with eight wheel tender, R/No. 141.R.1624, both good, U/T condition. 30-50
461.    Five Items of 'O' Gauge/7mm Boxed U.s,A Outline Rolling Stock, a "Rail King" flat car with VW vehicles Ref No 30-76677, and four "Weaver" models, a box car, a caboose, Allied Tank car and Pennsylvania hopper (good to very good) 30-50
462.    Two "HO" Gauge S.N.C.F Railway Electric Locomotives, a Electron Ref No. 2718 Co-Co with twin pantographs, overall green R/No. CC7101, good boxed, U/T condition. Plus a Jouef Ref No. 838100 Bo-Bo with single pantograph, R/No. 36011 red/grey livery, good U/T condition with unfitted accessories, poor box. 40-60
463.    Two 'N' Gauge Steam Locomotives, a Minitrix cased, Ref No. 12949 "Flying Scotsman" R/No. 60103. Plus a Spectrum 4-8-2 U.S.A outline "Southern", R/No. 1401, unboxed, both good, U/T. 40-60
464.    Two Bachmann 'OO' Gauge/4mm Boxed Steam Locomotives, a Ref No. 32.276 Class K3 2-6-0 with six wheel tender, BR black R/No. 61932 (good, U/T). Plus Ref No. 32.202 0-6-0 Class 8750 Pannier Tank BR black, R/No. 4672 (good, U/T - box missing interior packing). 40-60
465.    A Gauge One Two Rail Electric Kit/Factory Built 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive with Six Wheel Tender, L.N.W.R black "Renown" R/No 1918, built/painted to a good standard - u/t (contained in a wooden box). 120-150
466.    A 3.5" Gauge Live Steam 0-4-0 Tank Steam Locomotive Similar to a Maitrak Juliette, she has twin o/s cylinders, pressure gauge and usual controls within the cab and to the backhead, finished overall in green and black with lining to the tank sides, and appears to be in very good condition. She has been steamed/run (we understand on numerous occasions) and comes with a document (we believe specific to the loco) that details steam and hydraulic info to 2003. Overall model length 20", 3.5" wide and 9.5" high. 1000-2000
467.    Two Mainline "OO"Gauge/4mm Boxed Steam Locomotives, Ref No 37.058 "Collett" 0-6-0 with six wheel tender, GWR green R/No 3205, plus Ref No 37067 0-6-0 class J72 North Eastern green "Joem" both appear unused in good boxes, u/t. 40-60
468.    A Kit Built Brass 'O' Gauge/7mm "Thomas The Tank Engine", in the style of a 0-6-0 Jinty, finished overall blue/black with R/No.1, (two rail electric U/T). 50-70
469.    Two Hornby "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed 4-6-0 Steam Locomotives, for repair, Ref No. R2822 Castle Class "Earl Cairns", R/No. 5053, (damage to buffer beam). Plus Ref No. R2630X, Class 7P,"The Rifle Brigade", (bogie detached, plus tender draw bar connection missing), otherwise both good U/T condition. 30-50
470.    Two Hornby "OO"Gauge/4mm Boxed Tank Steam Locomotives, 0-6-0, Ref No R396 G.N.R class J13 R/No 1247, Ref No R059 class 2721 G.W green R/No 2744, both appear unused, in good boxes, u/t. 30-50
471.    Two Hornby "OO" Gauge/7mm Boxed 4-6-2 Steam Locomotives with Eight Wheel Tenders, Ref No. R2152 Class A3 BR green "Manna", R/No. 600851. Plus Ref No. (Ex Set R2906) Class A4 "Kingfisher", R/No. 60024, (contained in associated box), both good, U/T condition. 50-70
472.    A Comprehensive Collection of Items Recovered From Railway Modelers Workshop, various gauges, locomotive components, bodies, chassis, motors, wheels, electrical "Stuff", tools etc, (two containers). 60-100
473.    A Large Quantity of "G" Gauge Track, by Peco, Cliff Barker, etc, full straights, curves, points, etc. 40-50
474.    A Mallard (Blacksmith) Models 'O' Gauge/7mm Kit Built 59 Foot/6 Inches Auto Trailer, finished in maroon with grey roof and black double bodies chassis, R/No. W219 W - built/painted to a fair standard, (good box). 30-50
475.    A Tri-ang "OO"/4mm Dockmaster Clockwork Train Set, Ref No. RS.70, comprising 0-4-0 Tank Locomotive, two wagons, track and key, good/poor box, U/T 20-40
476.    A Bassett Lowke 'O' Gauge/7mm L.M.S Class 2P 4-4-0 "Compound" Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, three rial electric L.M.S black R/No 601 (fair untested condition), plus a Bassett Lowke 7mm Post Office Mail Van (good), LMS maroon. 80-120
477.    An Oakville Models 'O' Gauge/7mm Kit Built Etched Brass and Nickel Silver Class 45 2-6-2 Steam Tank Locomotive, G.W green, R/No. 4507 - fitted with Mashima motor and crew; built/painted to a good standard (U/T). 60-90
478.    Two Lima "HO"Gauge Boxed Continental Outline Bo-Bo Locomotives, A Ref No 20163 Class 218 diesel; DB Rail R/No 218-218-6, plus a Ref No 208157LP electric with twin pantograph's, R/No 11152 SBB.CFF Rail, both good u/t, boxes good. 30-50
479.    A "Weaver" 'O' Gauge/7mm Two Rail Boxed U.S..A Outline GP38-2 Diesel Locomotive, "Reading" livery R/No 3407, very good, small parts to be fitted, u/t, 50-70
480.    A "Red Cabose" 'O' Gauge/7mm Boxed US Outline GP-9 Diesel Locomotive, Conrail blue livery R/No 7087, fair untested condition, small parts detached. 30-50
481.    A "Weaver" 'O' Gauge/7mm Two Rail Boxed U.S.A Outline RS-3 Bo Bo Diesel Locomotive, "Reading" livery R/No 540, good, but small parts (rails) detached, u/t 50-70
482.    A "Sancheng" 'O' Gauge/7mm Class 08 0-6-0 Diesel Shunter, repainted yellow/black to a good standard, good, U/T, boxed condition. 60-90
483.    A Dapol "O"Gauge/7mm Ref No 75-007-001 Class 57XX Pannier Tank 0-6-0 Steam Locomotive, BR black R/No 5717, overall good condition, however small parts loose, one buffer missing, very good box, u/t. 60-90
484.    A Kit Built 'O' Gauge/7mm Class 55 Deltic Diesel Co-Co Locomotive, BR green "The Durham Light Infantry" R/No. D9017 - two rail electric, built/painted to a good standard, boxed, U/T. 80-120
485.    A Kit Built 'O' Gauge/7mm 2-6-2 Two Rail Electric G.W.R Class 61 XX, (or similar) Tank Steam Locomotive BR satin black, R/No. 6124, built/painted to a good standard, U/T. 60-90
486.    An Ace Trains 'O' Gauge/7mm Boxed Three Rail Two Cylinder 2-6-4 Tank Steam Locomotive, C and R blue livery, R/No. 2546, very good, U/T condition. 100-150
487.    A Slaters 'O' Gauge/7mm Kit Built G.W.R Saint Class 4-5-0 Steam Locomotive With Six Wheel Tender, built to a good standard, but requires painting, (currently in grey undercoat), (U/T). 80-120
488.    A "The Wagon and Carriage Works" Kit Built Class 60 Co-Co 'O' Gauge/7mm Diesel Locomotive "The Cheviot", R/No. 60023 - two rail electric built/painted to a fair standard, (cab roofs detached - U/T), Boxed. 60-90
489.    A Darstead "O"Gauge/7mm Boxed Maroon Buffet Coach With fitted Interior, etched brass sides, metal under frame, BRI compensated bogies etc, as new boxed condition. 40-60
490.    A Kit Built 'O' Gauge/7mm 0-4-2 Two Rail Electric G.W.R Class 14XX Tank Steam Locomotive, BR green R/No. 1420 - built/painted to a fair standard, (U/T). 60-90
491.    A Heljan (Hattoys Original) 'O' Gauge/7mm L.N.E.R Class A3 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive with Eight Wheel Tender, BR green "The White Knight" R/No. 60035, good, U/T condition, (missing small part to boiler top). 80-120
492.    Ace Trains "O"Gauge/7mm 3 Rail E/G 4-6-2 Bullied Pacific Steam Locomotive and Six/Wheel Tender, BR lined Apple Green "Tavistock" R/No 34011, very good boxed condition with instruction leaflet, u/t. 500-700
493.    Two Hornby "OO"Gauge/4mm 0-4-0 Locomotives, comprising of #R2375 Virgin diesel Class 06 mechanical shunter, #R2439 Southern 0-4-07 industrial locomotive '7', boxed. 30-50
494.    A Roco "HO" Gauge Ref No. 72113 Boxed 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, R/No. FS653.002, finished in overall black/red chassis, very good boxed/cased condition, (one cab door detached) with unfitted accessories and handbook (U/T). 30-50
495.    A David Andrews 'O' Gauge/7mm Kit Built G.W.R 2-8-0 Tank Steam Locomotive, BR black R/No. 4247, built/painted to a good standard, fitted with a Mashima motor, (U/T). 60-90
496.    A Kit Built "O"Gauge/7mm Hall Class 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, BR green, "Wycliffe Hall" R/No 5920, built/finished to a good standard, no motor fitted. 60-90
497.    Two "O"Gauge/7mm Kit Built L.M.S/BR Maroon Bogie Corridor Coaches with Interiors, one full 1st passenger R/No MT063, one brake R/No M5768, both very good (appear unused). 60-90
498.    Two Trix T.T.R Three Rail Steam Locomotives, Ref No 236 4-6-2 "Britannia" BR green R/No 7000 with six wheel tender, good/good box u/t, Ref F103G Class 56XX tank, BR green R/No 6664, appears unused/good box, u/t. 50-70
499.    A Dapol 'O' Gauge/7mm Ref No. 7D-008-001 Class 08 Diesel Shunter, BR green, R/No. 13282, good boxed condition, (rub marks to body roof - one buffer missing), (U/T). 50-70
500.    A Tri-ang "OO" Gauge/4mm Hall Class 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive with Six Wheel Tender, G.W Green, "Albert Hall" R/No. 4983, good condition, U/T, in associated box, loco pickup's adapted. Plus a Hornby (China) 4-6-2 Class BB/WC with six wheel tender, BR malachite green R/No. 34081 named "92 Squadron", good, unboxed, U/T condition, (minor repair required to R/H steam rod, fixing detached), (two items). 40-60
501.    A Rivarossi "HO"Gauge Ref No 1224 Class 5294 0-8-0 Steam Locomotive with Eight Wheel Double Bogie Tender, Indiana Harbour Belt R.R black livery R/No 102, appears unused in a good plastic case, with paperwork, u/t. 40-60
502.    A Kit Built 'O' Gauge/7mm Class 54 XX 0-6-0 Tank Steam Locomotive, G.W.R green, R/No. 5416, fitted with cannon motor and crew, built/painted, to a good standard, (U/T). 60-90
503.    Three "OO" Gauge Outline Diesel Locomotives, comprising of Jouef Class 40, R/No D285, BR blue LIMA class 33, BR R/No 33056, 'The Burma Star', class 55 deltic, R/No 9006, 'The Fife and Forfar Yeomanry', BR blue, boxed. 40-60
504.    Two Hornby "OO" Gauge Locomotives, comprising of R.376 LMS class 4P loco 4-4-0 and tender, R/No 1000, LMS maroon R.053 LNER class B17 4-6-0 locomotive and tender R/No 2862, 'Manchester United', LNER green, lacking inner top box tray, both boxed. 40-60
505.    Two "OO"Gauge/4mm Steam Locomotive Kits, both part built with motors and wheels, a D.J.H No 10 kit 2-8-0 plus a Keyser 70 series 4-4-0 G.W.R bulldog, box contents unchecked for completeness. 40-60
506.    Three Airfix "OO" Gauge Locomotives and Tenders, comprising of 0-6-0 Fowler 4F, R/No 4454, LMS black, Castle class 4-6-0 R/No 4073, 'Caerphilly Castle', GW green, D15 4-4-0 Class 2P, R/No 635, LMS lined black, boxed. 40-60
507.    A Scratch/Kit Built 'O' Gauge/7mm Class 64 XX 0-6-0 Tank Steam Locomotive, G.W.R green R/No. 8737, fitted with Mashima Motor and crew, built/painted to a good standard. 60-90
508.    A Bachmann Brassworks (Made By Sancheng China) "O"Gauge/7mm Two Rail Electric 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Eight Wheel Tender, BR green Flying Scotsman R/No 60103, the model is in very good u/t condition, however the r/h side rods are loose with sections missing. 80-120
509.    A Heljan "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Ltd Edition No. 321 of 750 Class 47 Co-Co Diesel Locomotive, DRS livery R/No. 472237, The Loco, appears unused with unfitted accessories, however it has damage to one front panel, otherwise very good, U/T condition. 40-60
510.    A "DJH" "OO"Gauge/4mm Kit Built "Merchant Navy" Class 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive with Six Wheel Tender, BR green "Shaw Savill" R/No 35009; built/finished to a good standard, however rear pony is damaged with wheel detached, boxed, u/t. 40-60
511.    A Rivarossi "HO"Gauge Ref No 1254 4-8-8-4 Steam Locomotive with Fourteen Wheel Tender, Union Pacific overall black livery R/No 4005, appears unused in very good plastic case, with manual, u/t. 100-150
512.    Three Mainline (Palitoy) "OO" Gauge Locomotives and Tenders, comprising of #37047 Jubilee class 4-6-0 locomotive, R/No 45698, 'Mars', BR green, #37092 parallel boiler 4-6-0 locomotive, Scot LMSR crimson, R/No 6127, 'Old Contemptibles, #37.065 4-6-0 rebuilt Patriot class 6P locomotive, LMS black, boxed. 40-60
513.    A Dapol 'O' Gauge/7mm Ref No. 7D-008-007 Class 08 Diesel Shunter, BR black R/No. 13003, very good boxed condition, apart from missing one ladder and glazing to cab, (U/T). 50-70
514.    A Dapol "O"Gauge/7mm Ref B 7D-008-007D Class 08 0-6-0 Diesel Shunter, BR black R/No 13003 very good u/t boxed condition; (however one window detached (in box) and a door loose). 60-90
515.    A "N.E.R Days" 'O' Gauge/7mm Two Rail Electric Kit Built Model of a 4-4-0 L.N.E.R Gresley D49/1 Shire Class Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, L.N.E.R green "Northumberland" R/No. 2733: built painted to a good standard, however chassis currently detached from loco body, good box, with original build instructions, etc, (U/T). 60-90
516.    A Rivarossi "HO" Gauge Ref No 1273 4-6-4 Class J39 Steam Locomotive with Twelve Wheel Tender, "New York Central" grey livery R/No 5446, appears unused, in very good plastic case, with paperwork. 50-70
517.    A "O"Gauge/7mm Kit Built Two Rail Electric 4-6-0 Hall Class Steam Locomotive with Six Wheel Tender, BR green R/No 7924 built and finished to a good standard (small part detached) u/t. 80-120
518.    A "RJH" "O"Gauge Kit Built Class 50 Co-Co Diesel Locomotive, two rail electric with Emdee unit fitted, finished in Network South East livery "Royal Oak" R/No 50017 built/painted to a very good std, however has paint (house decoration) splashes to roof and one side, u/t. 60-90
519.    A 'O' Gauge/7mm White Metal Kit Built 2-6-2 Tank Class 45 Two Rail Electric Steam Locomotive, G.W green, R/No. 4566, built/painted to a fair standard, however chassis detached from body, small parts loose, (U/T), fair box. 40-60
520.    A Scratch Built 'O' Gauge/7mm 2-8-0 Steam Locomotive With Six Wheel Tender, BR green R/No. 4701, built painted to a good standard, fitted with cannon motor, crew to cab and coal to tender, (U/T). 80-120
521.    A Kit Built 'O' Gauge/7mm Class 5600 0-6-2 Tank Steam Locomotive, BR green R/No. 6614 - fitted with cannon motor and crew, built/painted to a good standard, (U/T). 60-90
522.    A Kit Built 'O' Gauge/7mm Castle Class 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, BR green, R/No. 5065 "Newport Castle", built/painted to a good standard (very good tender with coal), missing motor and gearing and cab back head. 80-120
523.    A Kit Built 'O' Gauge/7mm 4-6-0 County Class Steam Locomotive with Six Wheel Tender, G.W green "County of Oxford" R/No. 1023, built/painted to a good standard, fitted with a "ABC" motor and gearbox, (U/T). 80-120
524.    A kit Built 'O' Gauge/7mm 4-6-0 Two Rail Electric Hall Class Steam Locomotive, with six wheel tender, BR green "Blakeswey Hall", R/No. 4909, built/painted to a good standard, fitted with a Mashima motor, small body parts detached, (U/T). 80-120
525.    A Kit Built 'O' Gauge/7mm Class A3 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive With Eight Wheel Tender, BR blue "North Eastern" R/No. 60147, good build/paint, U/T, (small part loose above chassis). 80-120
526.    A L.G.B "G"Gauge 0-4-0 Ref 20910 Diesel Locomotive, (fair u/t), plus four items of rolling stock, a Gaugemaster "L.G.B" controller, twenty plus sections of track, four sets of points, also a kit/home built 0-4-0 tank locomotive "G"Gauge, spirit fired, playworn u/t. 40-60
527.    WITHDRAWN Approximately Ten Items of Railway Controller Equipment, a boxed Bachmann EZ Command Dymasis, a control centre, a Helmasman model rail controller, Hornby E Link Ontrack MT10 power adaptor, two Gauge master prodigy advance base units with two (each) hand controllers, a model "Q 4 Track" and a GMC-100M controller (sold as spares/repair) u/t. 50-80
528.    WITHDRAWN A Quantity of Railway Control Equipment, includes controllers by Fleischmann, "H and M", Hornby ect, transformers, leads, etc etc, sold as spares/repair) u/t:- Three boxes/tubs. 20-40
529.    A Quantity of "OO"Gauge/4mm Trackside Layout Buildings Built to a Very Good Undamaged Standard, domestic, industrial and "Station" examples mainly card but some of plastic construction, also a wood (new) Dublo station set,(through, platform etc), all contained in five boxes. 40-60
530.    A Rivarossi "HO"Gauge Ref No 2701 Boxed Four Coach "New York Central" Set, plus four additional boxed "N.Y.C" coaches Ref No's 2707, 2709 (2) and 2712 all new/unused in very good boxes (5). 30-50
531.    Ace Trains "O"Gauge/7mm Six Coach Vintage Style L.N.E.R Tourist Stock Set, three boxes each of two coaches, very good in very good boxes. 150-250
532.    Contents of a "OO" Gauge Railway Modelers Workshop, items include damaged locomotives, tenders, rolling stock, locomotive bodyshells without chassis, components, line side accessories, empty boxes, nine wooden display /transportations boxes. 25-50
533.    A 5" Gauge Rolling Chassis, with a wooden (varnished) deck, four sprung wheels, draw bar, hand controlled brake system, to all four wheels. 100-150
534.    Two Kit Built "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Steam Locomotives, with six wheel tenders, BR black, a Millholme Models 4-4-0 L.M.S Fowler 2P R/No. 40571 (good). Plus a 0-8-0 Fowler 7F R/No. 49668, (good, but slight damage to cab), (both U/T). 50-70
535.    Two Kit Built "OO" Gauge/4mm Stanier 0-4-4T Steam Locomotives, a L.M.S Steam Satin Black R/No. 1902 (good), plus a BR Gloss Black R/No. 55202, (good), (both U/T). 40-60
536.    Two Tower Models 'O' Gauge/7mm MK One Coaches, both in BR maroon livery and complete with bogies, etc, but required a certain degree of work to finish (paint, interiors), etc. 80-120
537.    Two 'O' Gauge/7mm MK One Coaches, a Aquitrain BR maroon Buffet Restaurant Car - plus a all brass, unpainted composite (China) example, excellent complete condition. 80-120
538.    A Precision Craft Models "HO"Gauge Ref 351 Alco Pa Diesel 3 Unit Set PA3/PB3/PA3, Southern Pacific livery, in very good boxed condition, u/t 60-90
539.    A Scorpion Models 'O' Gauge/7mm Kit Built Auto Coach, finished in G.W brown/cream, R/No. 204, fair build/paint. 30-50
540.    Two Lima "OO"Gauge/4mm Boxed Class 60 Diesel Co-Co Locomotives, a Ref No 204764 "EWS" R/No 60003, and Ref No 204736AB "Load Haul" Gypsum Queen II R/No 60008, both very good u/t. 50-70
541.    A Hornby "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Train Set, Ref No. R1132 "The Southern Star", appear unused in very good box, U/T. 40-60
542.    Two Lima "OO"Gauge/7mm Boxed Co Co Diesel Locomotives, a Ref No 204857A6 Class 60 "Load Haul" Roseberry Topping R/No 60050, plus Ref No L204674 Class 59 E.W.S Vale of Pickering R/No 59203, both very good u/t. 50-70
543.    A Beck Kassel (?) "O" Gauge/7mm 0-6-0 Live Steam Tank Locomotive, twin outside, cylinders backhead fitted with water and pressure gauges, spirit fired, r/c control with servo, overall finished in red/black, fair condition (missing cab roof), u/t. 60-90
544.    A Kit/Factory Built "O" Gauge/7mm 2-4-0 Live Steam Tank Locomotive, single inside cylinder, spirit fired, backhead fitted with pressure gauge, whistle, etc overall finished in green/black, copper dome lined boiler, etc named "James", fair condition, u/t. 60-90
545.    A Beck Kassel "O"Gauge/7mm 0-4-0 Live Steam Tank Locomotive (Probably The "Anna") Twin Cylinders, backhead fitted with water and pressure gauges, spirit fired; R/C with servo; overall finished in green/black, fair condition, u/t. 60-90
546.    Two "OO"/"HO" Gauge Boxed Locomotives, a Fleischmann Ref No. 4235 Class 221 Bo-Bo Diesel DB Rail, good, missing one coupling, fair box. Plus a Lima Ref No. 208118 4-6-2 Electric rail Car, two pantographs, SBB CFF brown, R/No. 10698, good/fair box, both U/T. 40-60
547.    Two Lima "OO" Gauge"/4mm Boxed Class 37 Co Co Diesel Locomotives, Ref No 20491AA "The Lass of O'Ballochmyle", R/No 37.692 and Ref 204897A7 "Concrete Bob" R/No 37425, both very good u/t condition (Bob is missing a small part). 50-70
548.    Two Lima "OO"Gauge/4mm Boxed Co Co Diesel Locomotives, Ref No 205219A1 Class 47 BR two tone green R/No D1842 plus Ref No L204917 Class 66 "te Hope Valley" Freightliner livery R/No 66601, both very good u/t condition. 50-70
549.    Two Kit Built "OO" Gauge/4mm Steam Tank Locomotives, a "Wills" Finecast 0-6-2 L.N.E.R black Class N7 R/No 8006, plus a further "Wills" Finecast 0-6-4 L.M.S 2000 Class, R/No. 2019, both fair U/T condition. 40-60
550.    A Hornby "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Train Set, Ref No. R1157 "West Coast Highlander", appears unused, in very good boxed, U/T. 40-60
551.    A Hornby "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Train Set, Ref No. R1158 Class 395 Diesel "London 2012", appears unused, in very good box. U/T. 40-60
552.    A Quantity of Kato 'N' Gauge Unitrack, Curves, Long and Short Straights, etc. Plus a boxed Peco Ref No. NB-55 Turntable, (good). 30-50
553.    A Bachmann Branchline "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Train Set, Ref No. 30-601, "Virgin Voyager" three car unit, class 220 diesel Bombardier, Transportation, appears unused in very good box, U/T. 40-60
554.    Two Hornby "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Train Sets, Ref R1151 "Caledonian Belle", Ref R1144 "Night Mail", both appear unused/complete, in very good boxes, U/T. 50-70
555.    Two Bachmann "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Class 66 Co-Co Diesel Locomotives, Ref No. 32-725 E.W.S weathered livery R/No. 66135, plus Ref No. 32-732 "Freightliner" R/No. 66532, both good, U/T condition. 50-70
556.    Two Bachmann "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Class 20 Diesel Locomotives, BR Green, Ref No. 32-0274, R/No. D8046 and Ref No. 32-027, R/No. D8000, both very good, U/T condition, appear unused. 50-70
557.    A Bachmann "OO" Gauge/4mm Ref No. 31-514, Class 158 Two Car D.M.U, Northern Rail livery, very good, boxed U/T condition. 40-60
558.    A 2.5" Gauge 4-6-0 Rolling Chassis, fitted with bogie, coupled sprung wheels, crankshaft, overall length 20.5" x 5" wide. 100-150
559.    Two Bachmann "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Class 37 Co-Co Diesel Locomotives, in E.W.S livery, Ref No. 32-381 R/No. 37411 and Ref No. 32-375 R/No. 37419. both good, U/T condition. 50-70
560.    Two Bachmann "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Class 66 Co-Co Diesel Locomotives, Reg No. 32977 "Stobart" livery, R/No. 66411 and Ref No. 32-731 "Direct Rail Services", R/No. 66407, both very good, U/T condition. 50-70
561.    Two "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Diesel Locomotives, a Bachmann, Ref No. 32-760 Class 57/3 "Virgin Trains", R/No. 57307 (appears new/unused). Plus Lima, Ref No. 205058 A6 Class 09 0-6-0 "Shunter" R/No. 09101, very good/fair box, U/T. 50-70
562.    Two Hornby 'O' Gauge/7mm Series Boxed Accessory Sets, No. 3 Platform Items and No. 1 Station/Platform Staff, (boxes fair to very good, no inside packaging, content may vary to original. Plus five Milk Churns, three Luggage Boxes, a Platform Barrow, etc. 30-50
563.    Twenty "OO" Gauge/4mm BR and LMS Maroon Liveried Coaches, unboxed, good condition. 40-60
564.    Sixteen "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Coaches, predominantly Hornby to include four LMS Coronation Scot, five Southern green and three West Country, plus a Trix blue Pullman, BR brake maroon, (2), BR blue/grey. 30-50
565.    Three "OO"Gauge/4mm Unboxed Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, Mainline Class 2251 "Collett Goods" 0-6-0 BR black R/No 2215 (good u/t), Triang 0-6-0 Class 3F (playworn - missing chimney). Lima 2-6-0 "Mogul 'Crab" L.M.S maroon R/No 13000 (good) (all u/t). 40-60
566.    A Pre-War Bing "OO"Gauge 2-4-0 Clockwork Tinplate Locomotive (With Key) and Four Wheel Tender No 513, together with a quantity of "OO" Gauge tinplate model railway items including rolling stock, tunnel, track sections, signals, platform sections. 50-80
567.    A Lima "HO" Gauge Boxed Ref No. 9744 Four Piece "TGV" of The S.N.C.F, comprising powered loco, with trailer and two coaches. Plus four additional boxed "HO" gauge coaches Ref No's 201094 (3) and 201097, all good boxed condition, loco U/T, (five items). 40-60
568.    Seventeen "OO" Gauge"4MM BR/Southern Green Coaches, assorted manufacturers, unboxed. 35-50
569.    In Excess of One Hundred and Fifty"OO" Gauge Bagged Parts, Fittings, Accessories, and Decals by Ken Line, Four Most Models, Model Master, Professional and other including BR/LMR 46249 City of Sheffield engraved plates, Axleguards, GWR standard coach and van dynamos. 40-60
570.    Approximately Thirty Kit Built "OO" Gauge Model Railway Rolling Stock Items, including open wagons, vans. 25-40
571.    Nine Hornby "OO"Gauge/4mm Eight Wheel Coaches, to include #R4170 LNER gift 6in corridor brake coach '24387', #R4380 'Devon Belle' Pullman cars Pullman third class parlour car, No 208, missing box inner, all boxed. 30-40
572.    Two Hornby "O"Gauge/7mm 0-4-0 L.M.S Maroon Tank Steam Locomotives, R/No 2270, a clockwork example fair condition, good spring and wheels, a 20v 3 rail electrical version, fair body degraded wheel, body loose to chassis, playworn, plus a No 40 locomotive (empty) box, good with minimal graffiti. 30-50
573.    Three Boxed Steam Locomotives, a Ref No 54150-1 2-6-2 "OO"Gauge/4mm G.W green 2-6-2 Prairie tank, R/No 6110, A LIMA Ref No 205119 L,M,S "OO"Gauge/4mm maroon 2-6-0 with six wheel tender mogul "Crab" R/No 13000, both appear unused in very good boxes, plus a Playcraft (Jouef) "HO"Gauge 2-8-0 with eight wheel tender for S.N.C.F Railway (front bogie detached, one buffer damaged, smoke box door loose), all in box, otherwise very good condition u/t. 40-60
574.    Twenty Two Items of Boxed Trix T.T.R Rolling Stock. coaches, Weltron wagon, tank wagons, open wagons, container wagon, etc, overall condition unused to very good, good boxes. 40-60
575.    A Small Quantity of Hornby "O"Gauge/7mm Clockwork Steam 0-4-0 Locomotives, two type MO (no tenders), a type MI (no tender) a type MI with tender, a No 50 L.N.E.R black tender, playworn (7), u/t., plus two boxed buffers (one very good), two boxed No 20 wagons and No 20 tank wagon (all as new), two good unboxed No 20 Wagons, (good), a No 30 box van (good), a boxed No 31 BR CR/RD coach (as new), and a boxed N.E 12T box van (very good) (17) 30-50
576.    Approximately Thirty Kit Built "OO" Gauge Model Railway Rolling Stock Items, including open wagons, vans. 25-40
577.    Three "OO"Gauge/4mm Unboxed Steam Locomotives, Hornby Britannia class "Thomas Hardy R/No 70034 with six wheel tender (good u/t) Wrenn 4-6-0 class 6P L.M.S black R/No 6102 and six wheel tender (very good u/t), Hornby Dublo 2 rail class A4 4-6-2 "Golden Eagle" L.N.E.R green R/No 4482 with eight wheel tender (good) u/t. 40-60
578.    Four Hornby "OO"Gauge/4mm Unboxed Class 43 Intercity 125 Diesel Locomotives, two powered, two unpowered plus six Intercity coaches, good untested condition (10). 40-60
579.    Eleven "OO"Gauge/4mm Coaches, (good), seven Hornby L.N.E.R teak (five boxed), Triang Intercity R722, boxed, Hornby boxed R699 BR trailer D.M.U coach - Jouef boxed H.S.T buffet, and Mainline BR blue/grey brake R/No M34571. 20-40
580.    Two Hornby "O"Gauge/7mm No 2 Special 4-4-0 3 Rail 20v Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, a L.M.S maroon 1185 compound, fair u/t condition, good tender, a L.N.E.R green No 201 good tender (missing centre wheel set), the loco with very good body and paint plus both "Bramham Moor" name plates, chassis missing rods, one wheel, the others degrading, u/t. 100-150
581.    Two Hornby "OO"Gauge/4mm Class 4P BR Black 2-6-4 Tank Steam Locomotives, R/No 42308 (boxed, appears unused), R/No 42305 (unboxed - good), plus a Triang 0-6-0 "Jinty" (good), six tenders for spares or repair, a Jouef 0-4-0 shunter and a Airfix "Evening Star" (unstarted, poor box, unchecked). 30-50
582.    Three Hornby "O"Gauge/7mm Unboxed Clockwork 0-4-0 Steam Locomotives, no keys a type 101 L.N.E.R tank, good paint, spring wheels, missing control knobs, a type 50 BR black R/No 60199, very good but missing tender, a type 501 L.M.S maroon R/No 5600, fair condition, good spring wheels but missing tender. 50-70
583.    A Quantity of "N" Gauge Rolling Stock Items, including Wrenn #303 dining car wagon lits, #304 Pullman car wagon lits, together with a spares/repair Trix Warrior class 42 'Druid' locomotive, repainted, "OO" gauge literature to including Hornby Railways "OO" scale model catalogue XXII. 25-40
584.    Twenty Three "OO"Gauge/4mm Unboxed (Three Boxed) Hornby Dublo Two and Three Rail Coaches, L.N.E.R teak, L.M.S and BR maroon, BR blood and custard etc, all good to very good. 30-50
585.    Four Hornby Dublo "OO"Gauge/4mm Unboxed Three Rail 4-6-2 Steam Locomotives with Six Wheel Tenders, two Duchess of Montrose BR green R/No 46232, two Duchess of Atholl, L.M.S maroon R/No 6231, all good condition u/t. 80-120
586.    A Hornby Ref No R043 "OO"Gauge/4mm Boxed Ore Wagon Set (As New), plus seven "OO"Gauge/4mm boxed items of rolling stock Mainline 37-131 five plank wagon, Hornby Ref Nos R132, R102, R020 tank wagons, R013 fish van and R578 horse box, also a unboxed ore wagon and unboxed Triang Ref R250 "Dummy" double ended diesel Bo-Bo locomotive, very good (10). 20-40
587.    Twenty "OO" Gauge/4mm BR and LMS Maroon Liveried Coaches, unboxed, good condition. 40-60
588.    "N" Gauge Model Railway Interest, to include Hornby N.101 goods set (incomplete), Atlas #2195 A.B.R diesel locomotive, rolling stock, including Wrenn Railways #484 Freightliner. 30-40
589.    Sixteen Hornby "O"Gauge/7mm Boxed Four Wheel Tenders, No 2 (5), No 30 (2), type MI (3), Type MO (2), No 501 (2), No 50, 51 etc plus a BR green unboxed type 20, all appear new or very little use, boxes very good (box content may not match Ref No) (17). 30-50
590.    A Oxford Rail "OO" Gauge/4mm Boxed Ref No. or 76AR006 4-2-2 Adams Steam Tank Locomotive, southern green R/No. 3520, good U/T condition. 25-40
591.    A Hornby Dublo "OO" Gauge 2-Rail #2211 4-6-2 A4 Class Locomotive and Eight Wheel Tender, R/No 60030 'Golden Fleece' BR lined green livery, untested for working order, boxed. 25-40
592.    A Bachmann "OO" Gauge/4mm Class 37 Co-Co Diesel Locomotive "The Saltire Society", renumbered 37406, good U/T condition, in association box. 25-40
593.    A Bachmann 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No 32-550C Class AI 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive with Eight Wheel Tender, BR blue "Tornado" R/No 60163, very good boxed u/t condition (appears unused). 50-70
594.    A Bachmann "OO" Gauge/4mm Ref No. 32-734A Class 66 Diesel Co-Co Locomotive, DB Rail "Schenker" R/No. 66101, weathered edition, very good, boxed U/T condition (appears unused). 50-70
595.    A Heljan "OO"Gauge/4mm Ref No. 1407 0-6-0 BR Class Fourteen Diesel Hydraulic "Shunter" Locomotive, "Load Haul" livery R/No. 14701, very good, U/T, boxed condition, (appears unused). 40-60
596.    A Heljan 'OO' Gauge/4mm Ref No 17061 Class 17 Diesel Electric Bo Bo Locomotive "Ribble Cement" Livery, very good u/t boxed condition appears unused. 40-60
597.    A Hornby "OO" Gauge/4mm Ref No. R3146 Boxes BR Class 101 Three Car D.M.U Set, powered bogies missing, otherwise good, box fair. 20-40
598.    A Hornby "OO"Gauge/4mm #R2598M Queen of Scots Train Pack, comprising ot LNER 4-6-2 'Gladiateur' class A1 locomotive and tender, Pullman third class parlour car No 73, first class kitchen car 'Thelma', third class brake car No 77, accompanied by a framed certificate of authenticity, boxed. 50-70
599.    A Hornby "OO" Gauge/4mm Ref No. R2134M Boxed BR Class B12/3 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, BR black, R/No. 01565. Plus three BR maroon coaches, two brake and one composite, (very good, U/T condition with Ltd Edition certificate No. 1322 of 1500). 40-60
600.    A Hornby "OO" Gauge/4mm Ref No. R3202 BR Class A3 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Eight Wheel Tender, BR Green "Flying Scotsman" R/No. 60103, a National Railway Museum Ltd Edition No. 37 of 1000 (with certificate); very good (apart from glue marks to deflectors and one cab door missing), (U/T). 30-50
601.    A Hornby (China) "OO"Gauge/4mm Ref No R2586 4-6-2 Rebuilt Battle of Britain Class" "Sir Keith Park", R/No 34053, very good boxed u/t condition(slight marks to l/h body, above valve gear). 40-60
602.    A Hornby (China) Ref No R2413 "OO"Gauge/4mm Class 31 A-I-A Diesel Electric Locomotive, BR blue weathered finish R/No 31270, very good boxed condition (appears unused) however one front cab panel damaged). 25-40
603.    A Hornby (China) "OO" Gauge/4mm Ref No, R2633 Patriot Class 7P 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive and Six Wheel Tender, BR green "Planet" R/No. 45545, very good, U/T, boxed condition, appears unused. 30-50
604.    A Hornby "OO"Gauge/4mm #R2912 LNER 2-6-47 Thompson L1 Locomotive, R/No 9001, LNER green livery, small parts detached (present), DCC ready, boxed. 30-50
605.    A Hornby "OO" Guage/4mm #R2339 LNER 4-6-2 Class, A4 Locomotive and Tender, garter blue, R/No 4468, 'Mallard', DCC ready boxed. 40-60
606.    A Hornby "OO"Gauge/4mm #R2692 BR 4-6-2 Battle of Britain Class Locomotive and Tender, R/No 34090. 'Sir Eustace Missenden', BR green, DCC ready, boxed. 40-60
607.    A Hornby "OO"Gauge/4mm #R2529 BR Fowler 2-6-4T Class 4P Locomotive, R/No 42327, BR black, DCC ready, boxed. 30-50
608.    A Hornby "OO"Gauge/4mm #R2722 BR 4-6-2 Duchess Class Locomotive and Tender,R/No 46252, 'City of Leicester', BR black, DCC ready, boxed. 40-60