Specialist Collectable Stamps Auction @10am
on Thursday 16th February 2023

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1.      An Accumulation of Stamps of The World, in six albums and loose in a biscuit tin, noted 45 of mint G.B decimal stamps. 30-50
2.      A Box of G.B Kiloware, mainly G.B definitive's and commemorative's, containing some un-cancelled. 20-30
3.      An Album of G.B and Commonwealth Stamps of KGVI, includes Coronation Set of 202 Stamps, G.B to 5/-. Hong Kong 1938 Set of $2, Aden to ten Rupees, Ceylon to two Rupee. All mounted mint, plus an album of first day covers from KGVI Coronation. 60-80
4.      G.B Kiloware Totalling 13.5 Kg, includes Machins and Commemorative Stamps. 25-40
5.      A Carton Containing an Accumulation of G.B Mint and Used Stamps, with a face value of over 14. Plus World stamps in junior albums and packets, plus a selection of cigarette cards. 20-30
6.      Sixteen GB Special Year Books, complete with stamps from 1985. 40-60
7.      World Stamps Collection, early to modern, housed in six ring binders. 25-40
8.      A Large Accumulation of Worldwide Stamps, early to modern, in albums and loose on and off paper, includes 'Locomotive Philatelica' stamps in three luxury binders, an empty S.G 'New Imperial' postage stamp album Vol. 2. 30-40
9.      A Large Box of Mint and Used Stamps in Albums, Packet and Loose, includes GB mint and used with 40 face value presentation packs, Commonwealth and World stamps and a number of philatelic books. 20-30
10.     An Accumulation of Worldwide Stamps, early to modern, housed in three albums (sparsely filled), plus many on and off paper, in packets and loose, also includes two S.G Worldwide stamp catalogues from 1941 and 1946. 25-40
11.     A Collection of GB and World Stamps, om al;bum pages and in stockbooks, plus a Stanley Gibbons Western Europe catalogue. 20-30
12.     British Commonwealth Stamp Collection, early to modern, housed in six stockbooks, well stocked, with some nice material. 80-120
13.     A Truly Magnificent Specialist Collection of Hungary Stamps, from 1871-2010, housed in fourteen deluxe Hagner binder. The collection includes many examples of both mint an used sets, including many high catalogue items: SG2-7 (used/F/U), SG8-13 (used/F/U), SG 529-530 (both M/M and F/U), SG 535-538 (both U/M and F/U), MS 568 (both M/M and F/U), MS 1036 a/b (both U/M and M/M), MS 1072 (U/M), MS 1077a (U/M and F/U), SG1117 U/M, viewing is highly recommended in order to appreciate this fine lot. 400-800
14.     An Accumulation of Mainly European Stamps, in packets, many thousands used, early to modern. 20-30
15.     An Accumulation of Worldwide Stamps, mainly modern, housed in seven Junior albums and small stock books. Plus a box containing over one hundred packets of World Stamps, also includes a bag containing and accumulation of Football related 'Collectors Stamps'. 30-40
16.     A Collection of G.B FDC's, from KGVI Coronation 13 May 1937 to 2012, looks fairly complete hundreds in good condition in eight binders. 300-400
17.     An Assortment of Mainly Modern Worldwide Stamps, Covers and Philatelic Publications, includes three bags of G.B and Worldwide Kiloware. 20-30
18.     An Accumulation of Worldwide Stamps, early to modern, housed in a small loose leaf album, plus stamps on loose leaves (incl GB), also includes a quantity of modern postcards, plus philatelic publication 'The LSD of Stamp Collecting' by Richard Rossall. 25-40
19.     A Large Worldwide Stamp Collection, including some G.B and British Commonwealth, early to modern, housed in a heavy green loose leaf album. 40-60
20.     A Collection of Jersey and Isle of Man Stamps and Covers, housed in three binders, plus an assortment of GB and Commonwealth covers and a quantity of Jersey stamp bulletins. 20-30
21.     An Accumulation of G.B and Worldwide Stamps, early to modern, housed in eight stock books, three junior albums and two binders. 30-40
22.     A Collection of Over Five Hundred PHQ Cards, mostly stamped, housed in two albums. Pus two packets of loose cards. 30-40
23.     Three Luxury Binders Containing Stamp/Cover Collections, 'Railway Heritage Bicentennial', H.R.H Queen Elizabeth II', Football 'Match Day Cover Collection'. 20-30
24.     A Large Collection of Hungary Stamps, housed in six stockbooks, plus an Austria stamp collection houses in one album, both early to modern. 50-60
25.     An Accumulation of Over Sixty G.B FDC's, mainly decimal to 1990's, housed in a Stamford cover album, photo album and some loose in packets. 20-30
26.     A G.B Stamps Collection housed in a luxury S.G 'Windsor Album', sparsely filled, consisting of mainly QEII pre-decimal and decimal issues. Plus a few earlier, also includes a small album of G.B and Europe covers, twenty six G.B decimal mint presentation packs and a 'Collecting British Stamps' book. 25-40
27.     An Empty Set of Four S.G Luxury GB Albums, Vol 1 - 4 in slipcases, very expensive albums when new. 20-40
28.     An Accumulation of USA Stamps and Covers, mainly modern, housed in two albums, plus loose stamps in envelopes and boxes. 25-40
29.     A Large Worldwide Stamp Collection, early to modern, housed in four ring binders. 30-40
30.     A Box of G.B Mint and Used Stamps, in eight stockbooks, on stock cards and in a small clear box. 30-40
31.     A Large Accumulation of Mainly Modern GB Stamps (Plus a Few From Channel Islands and I.O.M), housed in four stockbooks, two cover albums and two loose leaf albums, plus a quantity of loose stamps, includes first day covers, pre decimal presentation packs, PHQ's, Morley Bright watermark detector and a Leuchtturn U.V Lamp. 30-50
32.     An Accumulation of World Stamps (Including GB) and Covers on Sheets and Loose, includes 'The Standard Catalogue of World Paper Money', by Albert Pick (3rd edition). 20-40
33.     A Large Collection of Guernsey and Alderney Stamps and Mini Sheets, housed in four luxury albums and loose in packets,the collection consists of decimal stamps, mainly unmounted mint. 50-80
34.     A Box Containing Mint and Used Stamps, in packets and loose and a number of albums. 20-30
35.     World Stamp Collection (Include British Commonwealth and GB), early to modern, housed in six stockbooks. 50-70
36.     An Accumulation of World Stamps, early to modern, housed in junior albums and loose in bags, (including kiloware), thousands to sort. 20-30
37.     British Commonwealth Stamp Collection, housed in three stockbooks and two luxury hingeless albums. The collection contains a large volume of mainly unmounted mint single stamps sets and mini sheets. 80-100
38.     An Accumulation of Modern G.B Stamps, and over two hundred and fifty decimal FDC's (with some duplication), includes a Royal Mail Millennium FDC Collection, housed in special edition box, an album of G.B Decimal mint and used stamps and an S.G. boxed GB 'Special Stamps' album (both sparsely filled). Also include a R.M Yearbook 1984 (complete) and a packet of used 'on paper' stamps. 30-50
39.     A Collection of Stamps From Germany, housed in three loose leaf binders and two stock books, all periods covered, from 1872 'Embossed Eagle' types, inflation period, Third Reich Era, Allied Occupation issues, East/West Germany, West Berlin, Reunified Germany. A small selection of Bohemia and Moravia also included. 50-80
40.     A Large Collection of Jersey Stamps and Mini Sheets, housed in four luxury albums and loose in packets, the collection consists of decimal stamps, mainly unmounted mint. 50-80
41.     A Box Containing a Mixed Collection of Stamps, of the World FDC's, in an album and a Stanley Gibbons Century album of stamps with Queen Victoria onwards. Plus a number of G.B pennies. 40-60
42.     A Box Containing New Hagner Stock Sheets, Auction Catalogues, S.G Catalogues, including The Four Kings, 14th Edition and a working S.G. Detectamark Spectrum. 40-80
43.     A Carton of Used Stamps, on and off paper from Queen Victoria to modern, in bags and small boxes. 20-30
44.     Ireland 240 First Day Covers Between 1973 - 2000, good condition throughout. 60-80
45.     A Small Carton of Mainly Used Stamps, in eight albums and a small number of stock cards. 25-30
46.     Two Imperial Albums a Victory Album and Album Pages of Mainly GB and Commonwealth Stamps, including King George V Jubilee sets, King George VI Coronation sets, etc, plus a few GB First Day Cover's. 40-60
47.     A Good Kilo Ware Collection of G.B, Commems and Definitive's, from Queen Victoria - modern in a large box 6.5kg of stamps, total weight 7.8kg. 20-40
48.     A Large Box of Empty and Part Filled Albums, G.B pre decimal and decimal F.D.C's, PHQ Cards and mint and used World Stamps. 20-30
49.     Germany, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia Stamp Collection, early to modern, housed in two albums, stock book and loose pages, also includes over ninety first day covers's and over fifty German first day cover 'cards'. 40-60
50.     A Large Box Containing Empty Albums and Cover Albums, Catalogues and Philatelic Accessories, including a 'Philatector' watermark detector. 20-30
51.     Six Unused Loose Leaf Albums, plus an unused S.G 'Great Britain' album. 30-40
52.     World Stamp Accumulation, consisting of junior albums, mini sheets, loose sheets, etc. 20-30
53.     Five Albums 'Thematic' First Day Cover's, plus a stockbook and two catalogues of 'Birds' stamps and a catalogue of WWF stamps, themes include Railways, World Cup WWF (birds)/wildlife). 30-50
54.     A Collection of Commonwealth Stamps, mint and used from QV to QE2 in nine albums, nice selection from most countries with sets to high values and better singles. 80-100
55.     A Box Containing a Number of Albums and Packets of Stamps and Covers. from Commonwealth and World noted, and early strand stamp album with very little after 1930's. 20-30
56.     A Collection of Used Stamps of Japan from 1876 to Modern, in four stockbooks/binders, good condition with high catalogue value, thousands of stamps including better values. 80-120
57.     A Collection of Over 160 GB First Day Cover's, in two binders and on stock sheets 30-40
58.     A Box Containing Four Binders of G.B and Commonwealth Covers and Stamps, in good condition, includes Railway interest, Benhams, Showpex Exhibition Covers, Flown Covers, KGVI Coronation sets, etc, quantity. 30-40
59.     World Accumulation of Mint and Used Stamps, in seven stock books, mainly modern, quantity. 25-35
60.     A Large Carton Containing Mint and Used Stamps, Trade Cards and Covers, in ten stock books, includes G.B, Commonwealth and World with thematic interest, noted mint Eire stamps in two binders, large quantity. 30-40
61.     A Box Containing Three Large Binders, Housing G.B Covers, Presentation Packs, Commonwealth and World Covers, thematic interest (Military) and includes Showpex memorabilia, flown covers, some signed, quantity. 30-40
62.     A Carton of Mint and Used G.B and World Stamps, in albums, presentation packs, envelopes and small boxes and a number of G.B FDC's mainly 70's and 80's and a small quantity of PHQ cards. 20-30
63.     A Collection of Over Ninety 'Royalty' Related First Day Cover's from GB and British Commonwealth, plus individual stamps, housed in three albums. 30-40
64.     A Collection of 225 GB First Day Covers's from 1970's to 1990's, in five cover albums. 30-40
65.     A Collection of Eastern European Stamps From Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria, early to modern, housed in three binders and one stock book. 30-40
66.     A Collection of 1981 'Royal Wedding' Stamps, Mint, housed in six luxury S.G albums, virtually complete. 40-60
67.     A Collection of Over 100 GB Decimal First Day Cover, fourteen PNC's and over 130. PNQ cards, housed in four cover albums. 30-50
68.     Spain Stamp Collection, housed in three albums, mint and used from 1950 to modern, includes some high catalogue items - noted SG11912 u/m, also two albums of modern first day cover's totalling over 350 included. 40-60
69.     A Collection of Over 600 GB Royal Mail and Benham First Day Covers's form QEII Pre Decimal to Decimal, housed in two luxury cover albums and loose, includes Channel Tunnel related covers, also includes an album containing empty presentation pack covers. 40-60
70.     A GB Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, mainly QE2 in four binders. 20-30
71.     A Collection of Over 100 Flown and Flight Related Covers, in three albums and loose. 40-50
72.     A Collection of Mainly Modern QEII British Commonwealth Stamps, housed in two luxury albums, loose leaf album, plus a 'Malta and Gibraltar' album, includes many u/m high values. 40-60
73.     Six Albums of World Stamp, mainly used,in mixed condition and World stamps in envelopes, mixed condition. 20-30
74.     A Collection of British Commonwealth Stamps, early to modern, featuring countries Malaya, Cyprus, Australian Antarctic Territory, Malta and South Africa, housed in four stock books and one loose leaf binder. 30-40
75.     A Collection of Over 220 Benham Covers, plus a few GB FDC's in seven albums. 50-80
76.     An Accumulation of Stamps Mint and Used in Envelopes and Loose from GB, Commonwealth and World, thousands to sort. 20-30
77.     An Accumulation of Over 900 GB First Day Covers' from QEII Pre Decimal to Early Decimal, much duplication throughout. 30-50
78.     World Mix of Modern Stamps, sorted into smaller bags, thousands to sort. 15-20
79.     Two Items Containing Stamps Relating to Harry Potter, a collection of mint stamps in a frame and a box of twelve encapsulated first class stamps, thirteen items. 20-30
80.     An 'All World' Stamp Accumulation, housed in thirteen junior albums, early to modern. 30-40
81.     Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, Colombia, Denmark Stamp Collection, early to modern, houses in three binders, with some remaindering. 30-50
82.     An Old Time Collection of World Stamps, in a Strand stamp album, a few hundred stamps with very few after 1940, mint and used. 25-40
83.     A Collection of Stamps, relating to Space Exploration, housed in two albums. 20-30
84.     Early 'Improved Stamp Album' (18th Edition), containing Worldwide stamps, mostly pre WWII. 40-60
85.     Netherlands Stamp Collection, early to modern, housed in a blue S.G stockbook. 30-40
86.     Poland Stamp Collection, early to modern, housed in a loose leaf S.G Senator album. 25-40
87.     Austria and Territories Stamp Collection, early to modern, housed in a blue binder, the album is part-remaindered, but there are some 'choice' stamps remaining noted: 1860 3K green *SG34) m/m. 50-80
88.     A Worldwide Stamp Collection, early to modern, housed in seven junior albums. 25-40
89.     World Stamp Collection, early to modern, housed in two junior albums, loose leaf album and two binders. 25-40
90.     East Germany Stamp Collection, housed in a green stockbook, includes a good selection of high catalogue value stamps from the early period. 40-50
91.     A Worldwide Stamp Collection, early to modern, housed in 'The Everest' loose leaf album, on sheets, loose in packets, plus a few covers. 25-40
92.     A Large Collection of Stamps from Russia, early to modern housed in two loose leaf binders, includes overprints and Russian P.O abroad. 40-50
93.     A Specialist Denmark Stamp Collection from 1875-1976, housed in an S.G Simplex album, noted 1904 Christian IX set used, 2 x 1912 Post Office 5K used, 1913 Christian x set (incl 27 Ore), and 1925 Air (SG 226 and SG 228) f/u, high catalogue value overall, viewing highly recommended. 60-80
94.     An Interesting Collection of Mint Stamps From French Dependencies (Syria, Lebanon, Levant etc), Memel, Monaco and Saar noted. Lebanon 1924 Olympic Games overprinted set, high catalogue value overall, viewing highly recommended. 60-80
95.     An Extensive Collection of Stamps, early to modern, from Belgian Congo, Burundi, Ruanda Urundi, Congo, Rwanda, Zaire, etc, housed in a luxury blue binder. 40-60
96.     Three Albums of G.B, Commonwealth and World Stamps, in three albums, a few hundred, mixed mint and used. 30-50
97.     Belgium and Belgian Congo Stamp Collection, early to modern, housed in a black binder, although part-.remaindered, there are some 'choice' stamps remaining/ 40-60
98.     An Album of G.B and World Mint and Used Stamps, includes G.B KEDVII and KGV to 2/6d used, Ireland, Iran, USA, Finland, Hungary, Egypt, etc. 40-60
99.     An Accumulation of Mint Decimal G.B Stamps, in packets with a total face value of over 370. 180-200
100.    A Collection of Worldwide Stamps, early to modern, housed in three albums and two stock books. Plus an album containing over forty World covers. 25-40
101.    A World Stamp Collection, early to modern, housed in five junior albums, plus a few loose in packet, also includes a small quantity of World and G.B covers. 30-50
102.    Liechtenstein Collection of Mint and Used Stamps and Miniature Sheets, in two stock books, thousands with very high catalogue value, good/fine condition throughout. 40-70
103.    Three Ideal Stamp Albums From Queen Victoria to Around 1960's, with stamps from GB and World, plus a four ring binder of KG6 used stamps. 60-80
104.    An Accumulation of GB and Worldwide Stamps, mainly modern housed in a loose leaf album, plus a quantity of stamps on and off paper, includes over 100 GB decimal first day cover's. 30-40
105.    World Stamp Collection, Early to Modern, housed in three stock books, photograph album, and some loose sheets. 30-40
106.    A Collection of Mint Hinged Japan Stamps from 1960's/1970's, in presentation album. 20-30
107.    Japan Stamp Collection, modern,, housed in two stock books. 20-30
108.    A Collection of Stamps From Egypt and Ecuador, early to modern, housed in a loose leaf album. 25-40
109.    A Collection of German Mint and Used Stamps, on album leaves and loose from 1930's to post war. 20-30
110.    An Accumulation of World Stamps and Covers, early to modern, including some GB and British Commonwealth. 20-30
111.    A Collection of Stamps From France, Colonies and Andora, early to modern, housed in three binders, interesting lot, worth closer inspection. 40-60
112.    China Stamp Collection, mainly modern, housed in a loose leaf album. 20-30
113.    A Worldwide Stamp Collection, early to c.1960, housed in two loose leaf albums, contains a good selection of GB and British Commonwealth. 40-60
114.    A Collection of Stamps From Ireland, housed in three stock books, includes a few early G.B overprinted stamps, through to 2002. 30-40
115.    France and Colonies, Switzerland and Poland Stamp Collection, mainly modern, housed i three stockbooks. 20-30
116.    A Collection of Mainly Early British Commonwealth (A Few World) Stamps, housed in two stockbooks, includes a good selection of 1935 Silver Jubilee and 1937 Coronation 'Omnibus Issues'. 40-60
117.    A Selection of Twelve 'Better' British Commonwealth Covers from 1930's to 1950's, including Tonga 1940 'Tin Can Canoe Mail', Australia 'First Official Flight from Melbourne to London, dated 1931. 30-50
118.    A Collection of Worldwide Stamps and Covers, early to modern, plus a 'Philatector' watermark detector 20-30
119.    Australia and Canada Stamp Collection, early to around 1950, housed i a black loose leaf album. 25-40
120.    A Collection of Over Twenty Silver Jubilee British Commonwealth First Day Covers and Over Seventy Five GB First Day Cover's/Mainly Early Decimal, housed in a large album and some loose. 20-30
121.    A Collection of KGVI First Day Covers and Mint and Used Stamps KGV, onwards, including 1948 Silver Wedding and Festival high values. 20-40
122.    A Collection of King George VI Mint Commonwealth Stamps, mainly definitive sets, including most high values and GB 1939 arms and a few Silver Wedding issues, good condition throughout with very few gaps, 500-600
123.    A Selection of Mainly Pre WWII G.B and British Commonwealth Stamps, on leaves, including 126 M/M 1937 Coronation Omnibus Stamps. 25-40
124.    British Postal Agencies, a binder with a selection of mint and used stamps from M.E.F, Cyrenaica, Eritrea, Somalia, Tripolitania, British Levant, values to twelve Piastres, Qatar and Eastern Arabia, nice lot. 90-120
125.    A Collection of St Vincent Stamps, FDC's and Postal History, mainly 1970's, including many Air Mail Commercial Covers and unmounted mint stamps in an album. 20-30
126.    A Stanley Gibbons Windsor Album Volume 3, with G.B stamps from 1971, with a decimal face value of 120. 50-70
127.    A Stanley Gibbons Windsor Album Volume 5, containing a decimal collection of G.B stamps and booklets, with a total value of over 440. 200-220
128.    An Accumulation of British Commonwealth Stamps, early to modern, on sheets, stockcards and first day cover's contains a good selection of early material to KGVI, worthy of inspection. 50-80
129.    A Collection of Channel Island Stamps, in two albums, includes Guernsey, Jersey, Aldernay and Herm Island, mixed mint and used. 30-50
130.    An Accumulation of QEII Coronation Related Stamps, Mini Sheets and Booklets, plus an hingeless album containing mainly unmounted mint stamps from Isle of Man and Channel Islands. 25-40
131.    Two Stanley Gibbon Guernsey Hingeless Albums, with a mint collection of stamps from 1969-2007, fair level of completion, nice lot. 120-180
132.    A Decimal Used G.B QEII Stamp Collection to 1979, housed in a loose leaf S.G Windsor G.B Vol.11 album, also includes a quantity of mint Guernsey stamps in Guernsey P.O presentation packs. 25-40
133.    Thousands of Mint and Used Stamps Loose in a Box, mainly British Commonwealth from King George V to Queen Elizabeth, good selection from a variety of Countries, unchecked for varieties. 20-30
134.    A GB and Commonwealth Stamp Collection from QV to early Queen Elizabeth, includes good used re-engrave seahorses to 10/-. 50-80
135.    A Large Collection of Machin N.V.I Stamps and High Value Machins, with a face value of over 1200. 400-500
136.    A Collection of G.B Decimal Machins, from 1971 to present. N.V.I values, over 200 face value and including booklets and booklet panes. 80-100
137.    A GB Stamp Collection Mounted in Four Loose Leaf Albums, from QV to QEII early decimal, includes a good range of Penny Reds 'Stars' and 'Letters' (some on paper) noted. 1d Black 3 margin and no margins, imperf 1d Red Brown with inverted watermark, KEVII 10 Shillings ultramarine SG 26f5 (f/u), KGV seahorses to 10 Shillings (good used), 'Wembley' sets, re-engraved seahorse 2'6 and 5 Shillings (good used), plus many other high catalogue items. 120-160
138.    A Good Collection of Mint and Used Stamps From 1870 d, (three Plate 9), Queen Victoria surfaced printed to 1887 Jubilees, KEDVII used Officials, through to QEII decimal issues. 150-200
139.    A Comprehensive Thematic Collection of Stamps, Covers, Presentation Packs and Booklets, on the theme of Bridges. Good variety and condition with many mint G.B stamps. 80-120
140.    G.B Collection of Mint and Used Regional Stamps, of Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the Channel Islands, fine mint and used from 1940's to present including Guernsey Arms to 2d including shades and printed on news print, then mint and used. 140-160
141.    A Deluxe Cover Album Containing Mint Decimal GB Presentation Packs, plus a small quantity of mint GB stamps in packets, the total face value is in excess of 250 120-140
142.    Decimal QEII GB Collection Housed in a Deluxe Loose Leaf Album, containing mint stamps with a face value of over 85, plus a small selection of used loose stamps and two GB catalogues. 40-50
143.    British Commonwealth and World Stamps Early to 1960's, housed in a blue loose leaf album many mint part sets and high catalogue stamps included. 50-80
144.    A Collection of Mainly Modern GB Stamps, housed in two albums and some loose in packets, includes many gutter pairs (with and without traffic lights), total face value is over 100. 40-60
145.    An Accumulation of GB, Commonwealth and World Stamps, on leaves in packets and loose. 20-30
146.    A Collection o GB Mint Miniature Sheets with a Face Value of Over 700, plus a selection of smiler sheets including Coronation Street, Queen, Sherlock Holmes, Dennis the Menace etc (7), mainly commemorative. 360-400
147.    A Collection of Numismatic Covers from GB and Commonwealth Countries, over thirty items. 20-40
148.    A Collection of GB Stamps from Early Line Engraved to Pre Decimal QEII Issues, includes pre decimal and decimal first day cover's, mostly housed in a cover album (some loose). 30-50
149.    An Accumulation of GB and World First Day and Commercial Covers From 1940's, in album and loose, hundreds of items mixed condition. 20-30
150.    Decimal GB Presentation Packs, housed in two albums, with a total face value of over 95. 40-50
151.    A Collection of QEII GB Stamps, mainly mint, housed in an S.G 'Windsor' loose leaf album, plus a few stamps in booklets, etc, total face value is over 95, a few regional's and postage dues also included. 40-50
152.    Two Lindner Hingless Albums, containing a collection of mint Isle of Man Stamps, FDC's, issues from 1973 Inauguration to 1978 mostly unmounted mint and each issue duplicated, including miniature sheets. 30-50
153.    A Collection of GB Mint and Used Stamps, in an album and presentation packs. 20-30
154.    A Collection of GB Presentation Packs, with a face value of 70. 30-40
155.    An Accumulation of G.B and Jersey FDC's, Presentation Packs, with values to 1 and over 20 of Decimal Commemorative's. 30-40
156.    World Stamp Accumulation in Two Junior Albums, and a few loose, includes four G.B pre decimal presentation packs. 10-20
157.    A Machin Collection of Cylinder Blocks from 1/2p - 40p with Examples of Different Printers, Questa, De La Rue, Enshede, and Walsall over 600 cylinder blocks on hagner stock sheets, huge cat value. 200-300
158.    A GB Collection of Stamps From Sparse Queen Victoria to 1976, in a four ring binder, nice condition. 40-50
159.    A GB Collection of Mint and Used Stamps from 1840 Penny Blacks (3) to 1970, includes 1d reds with MX, 2d blues 1/2d plates, 1864 Penny Red plate numbers 71 - 223 (EX 77 and 219). mint and used surface printed, used EVII and mint and used GV including controls then mainly mint to 1970. 100-120
160.    A Commonwealth and World Collection of Mint and Used Stamps on Album Leaves, many hundreds of stamps. 30-40
161.    Two Deluxe Cover Albums Containing Mint Decimal GB Presentation Packs, with a total face value of over 150. 70-90
162.    A Good Quality Light House Thirty Two Page Stockbook, housing a GB mint and used collection from Queen Victoria to 1971 includes KGVI 1938 high value set mint. 100-120
163.    A Collection of GB Presentation Packs, with a mint face value of over 60. 20-30
164.    An Accumulation of G.B Pre-Decimal Commemorative's and Machin, high values in part sheets, mainly 1960 and 70's. 20-30
165.    A Deluxe Cover Album Containing Mint Decimal GB Presentation Packs, with a total face value of over 90. 40-50
166.    GB Collection Decimal Presentation Packs with a Face Value of Over 240, mostly commemorative. 100-120
167.    A Superior GB Stamp Collection Housed in a Luxury S.G Hingeless 'Great Britain Album' Complete with Slipcase, the collection ranges from QV line engrave through to QEII pre decimal, the album is virtually complete from KGV onwards, many mounted and unmounted mint noted, '1883' Lilac and Green' set (used), 1883 high values to 10 Shillings (used), Jubilee set to 1 (used), 1913 KGV seahorses to 10 Shillings (mounted mint, crease on 5 Shilling), 'Wembleys' (unmounted mint), 1 puc (mounted mint), plus many more high catalogue items, viewing highly recommended. 1200-1500
168.    A Collection of Over 140 GB First Davy Covers, 1966 onwards, nice condition, in two Royal Mail First Day cover albums. 20-30
169.    An Accumulation of GB Decimal and Pre Decimal Presentation Packs, First Day Covers, Greeting Booklets, and a 2000 stamp show smiler sheet. 30-40
170.    A Collection of GB Presentation Packs and a Number of GB Commemorative Coins, face value of mint stamps over 48. 25-30
171.    A Collection of G.B First Day Covers and Presentation Packs. 20-30
172.    A GB Collection of First Day Cover's 1962 - 2013 (130) Mint Presentation Packs with a Face Value of Over 42, and 1985 and 1987 year books with stamps, plus a junior stamp album. 30-40
173.    A Collection of GB Stamps Early to Modern and First Day Covers (Over Ninety Pre Decimal to Early Decimal) Noted, a selection of M/M QV 'Jubilee' stamps to 1 shilling, plus many interesting 'Varieties' throughout.
174.    A Collection of Mint GB Presentation Packs, with a face value of over 100. 40-50
175.    A Box File of G.B Stamps, mainly used on and off paper, included KGV low values, KGVI high values, QEII Wilding, etc:- good sorter. 30-50
176.    A Collection of Mint Decimal G.B Presentation Packs, housed in a cover album and some loose, with a total face value of over 150. Also includes a small quantity of FDC's and a boxed 'Franklin Mint' set of 1974 coinage of The British Virgin Islands, with certificate. 70-90
177.    An Accumulation of Mint Decimal G.B Stamps, in packets, booklets and presentation packs, with a total face value of over 220, also include a small quantity of pre-decimal stamps and over twenty decimal FDC's. 100-130
178.    Over Two Hundred G.B FDC's, ranging from pre-decimal to 1992, housed in three cover albums. 25-40
179.    A Small Stockbook Containing a Selection of Mint GB Stamps, ranging from QV Penny Reds to QEII Wildins, various shades noted on some issues, also includes a three margin Penny Black, with repair to bottom l/h corner, interesting lot. 40-60
180.    A Collection of GB Stamps, housd in two large stockbooks, ranging from QV 1d Red-Brown imperfs through to QEII pre decimal, includes a good selection of QV surface printed issues, seahorses etc, but stamps are misplaced in various sections of the albums, a careful inspection is recommended. 60-80
181.    An Accumulation of Channel and Isle of Man Stamps, in large blocks, part and full sheets. All Pre Decimal fine condition. 50-80
182.    An Accumulation of Mint Decimal GB Stamps, in souvenir packs, Collectors Year packs, presentation packs, booklets, prestige stamps booklets and miniature sheets, contains a mix of commemorative's and machins, with a total face value of over 100 and a high catalogue value overall. 180-220
183.    An Accumulation of Mainly Decimal Mint GB Stamps, in presentation packs, booklets and prestige booklets, contains a mix of commemorative's and machins, with a total face value of over 400, and a high catalogue value overall. 180-220
184.    A Collection of Mainly Modern GB Stamps, housed in albums and some loose, plus over 100 first day covers (mainly decimal). 25-40
185.    Four Stockbooks of Used G.B Stamps, from KGV to QEII, many thousands to sort. 20-30
186.    A Collection of G.B Queen Victoria Embossed Stamps, with all three denominations present and on cover, mixed condition, but some good examples, twenty seven items, including three covers. 250-300
187.    An Accumulation of Mint Decimal G.B Stamps, in packets with a total face value of over 200. 80-100
188.    An Accumulation of Mint Decimal G.B Stamps, in packets with a total face value of over 150. 60-80
189.    An Accumulation of Mint Decimal G.B Stamps, in packets with a total face value of over 100, also includes a small quantity of additional used stamps. 40-50
190.    Over Seventy Sets of GB PHQ Cards, mainly 1970 and 80's. 30-40
191.    Two Benham Cover Albums, with eighty Benham covers. 30-40
192.    A Collection of Over Two Hundred FDC's, from early QEII to 2008 mixed condition, but many fine with good cancellations and unaddressed. 30-40
193.    A Mixed Lot of G.B Pre Decimal Presentation Packs, with a face value of decimal stamps 34, over ninety, FDC's a small collection of postcards and stamps in packets. Plus a collection of stamp booklets, some with stamps. 20-30
194.    G.B Mint and Used Pre Decimal Stamp Collection, housed in an 'Ace' loose leaf album. 25-40
195.    A Selection of GB 'Smiler Sheets', 8 x 1/2 sheets in sealed packs, plus 5 x full sheets, high catalogue value overall. 200-260
196.    An Accumulation of Mint Decimal G.B Stamps, in packets with a total face value of over 300, also includes a small quantity of additional used stamps. 130-160
197.    An Accumulation of Mint Decimal G.B Stamps, in packets with a total face value of over 250. 100-130
198.    A QEII G.B Collection of Mint and Used Stamps From 1953 to 1987, in a thirty two page stock book, thousands. 60-80
199.    G.B A Selection of Queen Victoria Official Stamps, mint and used, includes Inland Revenue to 1/-, Army, Office of Works to 5d, Government Parcels to 1/-, very high catalogue. 250-300
200.    G.B A Range of Recess Printed d Bantams Mixed Mint and Used and TEN 1870 1d, mint and fine used, nice selection on three stock pages, one hundred and sixty items. 200-300
201.    G.B A Collection of Seventy Five 1870 d Bantams, in mint condition, includes blocks of 4, 6 and 12, includes various plate numbers, shades and twelve examples of imperf margins with selvedge, good condition. 500-800
202.    G.B A Reconstruction of 1870 d Plate Six, usual mixed condition, but many fine. 100-200
203.    G.B Queen Victoria Collection of Mint and Used Collection of d Bantams, some on cover and some blocks of four, etc. All plates represented in generally good to fine condition, over one thousand items. 800-1000
204.    A G.B Collection of Prestige Booklets From Cooks, not stapled to 2022 Platinum Jubilee. The d left band in Wedgwood SG DX1 with good perfs, ninety five items in pristine condition, in two binders. 600-800
205.    An Interesting Study of QEII 1968 Birds Issue, including FDC's cylinder blocks, missing colours. 30-40
206.    Over 40 in Face Value of GB Decimal Mint Stamps, plus 'Profile on Print 2000', prestige booklet, R.M. Collectors Year pack 1991, Smilers pack 2000, plus other mint and used GB stamps. 30-50
207.    A Nice GB Collection from QV Penny Reds to Early Decimal Issues, housed in a 'Romney' loose leaf album, noted SG 98 9d Straw, SG 101 1s Green, SG 125 6d grey, SG 153 4d Green, SG159 3d on 3d Lilac (all used), SG 494 1 RSW (M/M), also includes a good range of postage dues and Jersey/Guernsey War occupation issues. 40-60
208.    An Accumulation of G.B KEDVII Used Stamps, to 1/-, used fair to good condition, includes overprints 'Army', 'I.R', 'Admiralty' Official Stamps, hundreds of stamps, unchecked for varieties. 60-80
209.    G.B A Stockbook of KGV Control Singles, Strips and Blocks of Six, from Downey Heads to Photogravure, include perf and shades and a few constant varieties. 400-600
210.    G.B A Stockbook of Queen Victoria Used Stamps, including 1858 Penny Red Plates, lilac and green selection, surface printed to 2/6d Jubilee to 1/-, 1d Red Imperfs and perforated line engraved. A few hundred to sort, mixed condition some fine. 30-50
211.    A Collection of Mint and Used G.B Postage Dues, includes 1914 set mint and used, 1924 and 1936 sets mint and used through to 1994, excellent condition throughout. 150-250
212.    A Comprehensive Collection of QEII Mint and Used Stamps 1953, including Wildings with phosphor and graphite stamps, Tudor, Edward watermarks, high values, mint and used, includes blocks, booklet panes, etc. A few thousand stamps in a sixty four page stock book. 50-60
213.    A Collection of KEDVII d and 1d Controls, one hundred sixty items, including some blocks of six, strips of three etc. Excellent condition on Hagner leaves. 200-300
214.    A QEII Collection, from 1953, including wilding watermark varieties, 1955 Castles mint and fien used, decimal Machin to 5 mint and fine used and 1988 Castles to 5 and mint and used 10 Britannia Stamps. 200-300
215.    A Collection of Mint G.B Stamps, from Pre-Decimal QEII to Decimal 1999, housed in a red stockbook, total Decimal face value is over 240. Also included a small collection of mainly mint worldwide Stamps in a small green stockbook. 80-100
216.    A Large Collection of Queen Victoria G.B, line engraved and surface printed stamps, includes a number of 1858 plated 2d Blues used, mint and used surface printed with mint values to 1/- and used to 10/-. Plus a range of underprints and perfins, hundreds with huge catalogue value, generally good to fine condition. 800-900
217.    G.B Collection of KGVI Mint and used High Values and QEII Collection of High Value Definitive's, many with different cylinder numbers, from 1, five in blocks of four, total value of stamps over 250. Plus a selection of Wilding Definitive's in blocks. 80-100
218.    A Sixteen Page Stockbook of Queen Victoria Line Engraved Stamps, including 1840 Penny Black 2d Blue, mint block of four d mint Bantams Plate 12, complete set of used d Bantams, G.B overprints, on KGV to QEII and official overprints on Queen Victoria and KEVII, postmark interest. 100-200
219.    Over Seventy Prestige Stamp Booklets, from 2000 onwards, includes Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Rolling Stones, etc, contents appear complete, high retail price for resale. 200-300
220.    A Collection of G.B Booklets and Presentation Packs, with a mint decimal value of 270. 130-150
221.    A Collection of British Commonwealth Stamps, housed in two loose leaf albums and stockbook, from KGV to early QEII, includes many high values and 'Harder to Find' items. 80-100
222.    A G.B QEII Collection of Mint and Used Commemorative Sets of Stamps, from 1953-1970 mounted in a good quality Senator album. 40-50
223.    A Collection of Mint G.B Stamps, in a red stockbook, mainly QEII Decimal U/M (includes some earlier KGVI M/M and U/M material), total Decimal face value is over 500. 200-250
224.    G.B Collection of Stamps From Queen Victoria to QEII, includes good to fine used recess printed, 3d on 3d and 6d on 6d, good used, 1880 5d fine used, 1883 2/6d and 5/-, good used and Jubilee to 1/- green mixed mint and used, KGV to 10/-, KGVI to 5/-, then QEII to 1967, including some FDC and Wilding blocks of four. 60-80
225.    A Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, from KGVI 1951 high values, includes seahorses, good used to 10/-. Definitive watermark varieties 1935 Jubilee booklet panes, KGVI 1948 Wedding 1, three mint and four used, good lot very high catalogue value. 300-400
226.    Three Smiler Sheets From 2000, including LS2 (Stamp Show), (LS2 (19p Robins), LS3 (First Class Christmas Stamps). 40-60
227.    A Collection of Smiler Sheets, including 2015 Star Wars, 2022 Rolling Stones, 2020 James Bond, 2019 Gruffalo, 2018 Dads Army, etc, twenty five sheets, high retail and catalogue. 200-300
228.    A Collection of 1858 Penny Red Plate Numbers, 71-225 (Ex 77) mounted mint and extra blocks of 4, 6, 9 and 12, good condition throughout. 800-1000
229.    A Fine KEDVII Collection of 6d Stamps, mounted and unmounted mint, including inter pane block of four, corner blocks of six, very fresh, sixty one stamps. 400-500
230.    A KEDVII Collection of Mint 3d Stamps, with issues from different printers and shade varieties, includes a bottom right corner block of sixteen (4x4) perf bottom margin, very fresh mounted and unmounted seventy three stamps. 200-300
231.    A Small Collection of KEDVII Mint 2d Stamps, from printers De La Rue and Harrison, mounted and unmounted mint with blocks of four, fifty seven stamps, fresh appearance, some gum wrinkles. 50-80
232.    A Range of G.B Decimal Machins, with a face value of over 300, Hagner stock sheets. 100-150
233.    A Collection of KEDVII Perfins - d - 5/-, mainly fine used, good selection. 100-200
233A.   A Collection of KEDVII Official Stamps, mint and used, includes controls and overprinted 'Army Official' mint. A block of thirty overprinted 'Army Official' fine mint with pillars in margin at bottom, 'Admiralty Official' stamps to 3d, Govt, parcels mint and used to 1/-, 'RH Official', etc, worthy of closer inspection. 300-500
234.    A Collection of Mint KEDVII 10d Stamps, many unmounted, various printers and shades, with blocks of four bottom right corner, blocks of four with perf and imperf bottom margin, forty three stamps. 500-600
235.    KEDVII One Shilling Mint Stamps, on two Hagner leaves many unmounted, includes various shades and printers with three corner blocks of four, thirty eight stamps in very fine condition. 400-500
236.    A Useful Collection of G.B Stamps, including Queen Victoria 1d Red, imperf and perf, 1858 plates, from 72 to 222, not complete, but includes PL 219, KEDVII and KGV used, then mint and used KGVI to QEII through to 1970. 40-60
237.    A Four Ring Binder Containing a Huge Accumulation of KEDVII Used Stamps From d - 1, good to fine used, around two thousand stamps, with many high values. 250-300
238.    A Collection of 1858 Penny Red Plates, 71-225 (Ex 77), good to very fine used. 100-200
239.    A Collection of Mint G.B Decimal Stamps, with a face value of over 135, both definitive's and commems. 60-80
240.    A Collection of KGV 1924/25 Empire Exhibition Stamps, mint and fine used and 1929 PUC low values, including controls and 1d advertising booklet panes. 200-250
241.    KEDVII 4d Green and Brown, mounted and unmounted mint with shade varieties, interpane block of 4, bottom right marginal block of 4 with plate marking, very fine, forty one stamps. 180-250
242.    A Fine Collection of KEDVII 5d Stamps, unmounted and mounted mint, including blocks of 4, 6 and 8, corner marginal strip of six and shade varieties, sixty four stamps, very fresh. 350-450
243.    A KEVII G.B Collection of 1d Mint Stamps, many unmounted, includes corner blocks of two and six and vertical gutters, A total of fifty six stamps, very fresh appearance. Plus a small number of used. 180-240
244.    A Very Good Collection of King EDVII 2d Mint Stamps, mainly unmounted, includes blocks of 4, 6 and corner pairs, blocks of 4 and 6, plus a corner block of twenty four, one hundred stamps, very fresh appearance. 400-800
245.    G.B King EDVII d Green Collection, on five stock sheets, includes examples from various printers, watermark varieties and shades. A Booklet pane with St Andrews Cross (no selvage) and a block of four with St Andrews Cross, blocks of 4, 6 and 8 a total of two hundred stamps, many unmounted mint. 200-300
246.    G.B King EDVII 1d Red Collection, of mint stamps many unmounted from different printers with blocks of with blocks of 4, 6 and 8 includes interpane gutters with pillars and a pair with very fine offset, one hundred and forty stamps in very fine condition. 140-160
247.    A KEDVII Collection of 7d Stamps, mounted and unmounted mint ninety five stamps, very fine condition. 450-500
248.    Two Stocksheets of KEDVII Orange 4d Stamps, with blocks of 4 from different printers and a number of shade varieties, fifty nine mint stamps many unmounted. 200-300
249.    A 9d Mint Collection of KEDVII Stamps, in very fine condition, includes a block of twenty and a block of eight, from centre of sheet, shade varieties, fifty seven stamps. 600-800
250.    A Queen Victoria Collection of d Bantams, all plate 6, part sheet reconstruction, good used and two covers. 60-80
251.    A Collection of KGV Advertising Booklet Panes, with and without selvedge and two booklets with stamps, mixed perfs as usual but, some fine. 200-300
252.    A Collection of KGV Photogravure Booklet Panes, with advertisements and some with sheet numbers and a selection of KEDVIII booklet panes, twenty one items. 150-200
253.    KGV 1912 London International Exhibition Stamps, perfs and imperf in various colours. 30-40
254.    A Collection of Mint QEII Decimal GB Stamps, housed in five luxury S.G hingeless 'Great Britain' albums, complete with slipcases, the collection ranges from 1970 through to 2015, and fifteen virtually complete, with a total face value in excess of 2200. 1000-1200
255.    G.B Stock Page of Twenty Four Penny Blacks, three and four margins, some with Maltese Cross cancellations, twenty examples. 600-800
256.    G.B Pair of 1840 1d Blacks, letters D B and D C, both four margin with Red Maltese Cross. 100-150
257.    a 1929 1 PUC Very Fine Used, superb. 250-300
258.    A Mint KEDVII 1 Deep Green Corner Marginal, centred high, but very fresh, some gum disturbance. 400-500
259.    A Very Lightly Mounted Marginal 10/- KEDVII Stamp, centred low and to the right, but fresh appearance. 200-250
260.    Two KEDVII 2/6d Stamps, pale dull purple and dull purple, fine mounted mint. 100-150
261.    Three Mounted Mint Examples of KEDVII 2/6d, mounted mint stamps, both pale dull purple (shades). 150-200
262.    Three KEDVII Mint 2/6d Stamps, in a variety of shades, one being the top right hand corner marginal mounted mint. 150-200
263.    G.B Seahorses, seven stamps printed by Waterlow or De la Rue, with values to 10/-. 80-120
264.    A Collection of Nine Stamps, Queen Victoria 1855-57 4d Garter watermark between SG 62 and SG 66, fine used. 80-100
265.    KGV 1 Seahorse, unmounted mint, with excellent centring, perfs top left short. 200-300
266.    G.B Two Four Margin 1840 1d Blacks, one grey black and one intense black, one with certificate. 100-150
267.    A 1 KEDVII Unmounted Mint Stamp, with pillars in margin at base, centred slightly low and to the left, but fresh and fine. 450-600
268.    A Fine, Very Lightly Mounted Mint KEDVII Dull Purple 2/6d. 50-60
269.    Four KEDVII 1 Stamps, good to fine used. 150-200
270.    A Block of Four KEVII 2/6d, the top two mounted mint and bottom pair unmounted mint, very fine. 400-600
271.    A 1840 Pale Blue Plate One, tied to a part wrapper by a crisp Black Maltese Cross, letters T, G with four excellent margins. A fine Reigate CDS for May 4 1841 on reverse. 100-150
272.    A KEDVII Pale Dull Purple 2/6d Stamp, unmounted mint, with pillars in margin at top, very fine. 50-60
273.    A Small Selection of KEDVII High Values 2/6d to 1, on a stock sheet. 100-150
274.    A Unmounted Mint KEDVII 2/6d Marginal, with pillars at bottom, very fine. 100-200
275.    KED VII A Deep Bright Carmine Top Left Corner Marginal, (small margins unmounted mint, very fine. 150-250
276.    Three KEDVII Carmine 5/- Stamps, light mounted mint, in fine condition, good centring and perfs. 150-250
277.    A Marginal Unmounted Mint KEDVII 10/- Blue, with pillars in top margin, very fine. 350-500
278.    Seven KEDVII 2/6d Fine/Very Fine Used Stamps, including a good block of four. 100-180
279.    Two Fine Mounted Mint KEDVII 10/- Stamps, very lightly mounted, fresh appearance. 350-500
280.    Three KEDVII 5/- Carmine Stamps, on a stockcard, fine mounted mint. 200-300
281.    A KEDVII 10/- Blue Unmounted Mint Stamp, fine condition with good centring and perfs, pillars in bottom margin. 350-500
282.    Two KEDVII 10/- Stamps, mint, one showing pillar in margin at top, slight gum disturbance. 300-400
283.    A Pair of F/VF Used KEDVII 10/- Stamps. 60-100
284.    G.B KGV 1934 Mint Re-Engraved Seahorse, with good centring, perfs and colour. 100-200
285.    Two KEDVII 5/- Carmine Stamps, both with pillars in margin, one mounted in margin the other unmounted, fine condition. 300-500
286.    Two KEDVII 5/- Carmine Marginal Example, mounted mint, one with pillars in bottom margin, (shades). 180-250
287.    Seven KEDVII Fine Used 5/- Stamps, including a block of four. 120-180
288.    A KEDVII 1 Wide Margin, at base, centred slightly right, stamp unmounted, hinge mark in margin. 400-500
289.    A 1918 Bradbury Wilkinson 5/- Seahorse, centres low but fine perfs and colour. 40-50
290.    G.B Two KGVI Advertising Booklet Panes, 'Savings is Simple' and 'Send Your Good Wishes', both with cylinder numbers and fair perfs, mounted mint. 30-50
291.    KGV Range of 2/6d Seahorses, mint or fine, used in a variety of shades 1913-20. 40-50
292.    A G.B Queen Victoria Mint d Bantams Plate Six, three unmounted mint and nice block of four with RSL certificate. 100-200
293.    G.B Queen Victoria Five Examples of d Bantam Stamps, fine unmounted mint, plate 6 good colour and perfs. 80-100
294.    G.B KGV Advertising Booklet Pane 'For Safety of Capital and Security of Capital', cylinder 28 (no dot) good perfs, catalogue 225. 30-40
295.    1913 KGV 1 Seahorse, small thin and perf, damage at bottom, but good colour. 100-200
296.    A Small Selection of KEDVII High Values 2/6d to 1, fine used. 150-200
297.    G.B KGV Advertising Booklet Panes, 'Cash's Satin Lingerie' and 'For Safety of Capital and Security of Capital', poor perfs, but very high catalogue. 100-200
298.    Queen Victoria 1891 1 Green, very lightly minted with good colour and perfs. 600-800
299.    A Fine Used Block of Three KEDVII 1 Stamps, cancelled with London hooded circle postmark 1905. 250-350
300.    Queen Victoria 1883-84 Lilac and Greens, set of ten mint with good colour and perfs. 700-800
301.    A Mounted Mint KEDVII 1, dull blue green, fresh and fine. 300-400
302.    KGV Bradbury Wilkinson 10/-, dull grey blue, lightly mounted mint, centred to right. 80-100
303.    A KEDVII 1 Left Corner Marginal, mounted mint, well centred with good perfs. 300-400
304.    1929 KGV PUC 1 Marginal Stamp, lightly mounted on margin. 300-400
305.    G.B 1934 Re-Engraved Seahorse, very fine used with good centring and perfs 20-30
306.    A Vertical pair of Fine Used KEDVII 1 Stamps, cancelled Feb 17 1912. 150-250
307.    A Small Selection of Mint and Used British Commonwealth Stamps on Stock Cards, includes King George VI Nyasaland to 4/- and King George V to 2/6d, Queen Elizabeth to 20/-, etc. 20-30
308.    Two Stock Cards of Falkland Islands Mint Stamps, including 1933 short set to 1/- and 1960 short set to 1/-. 20-30
309.    A Small Collection of Mint Sierra Leone Mint Stamps, including Queen Victoria to 1/-. Hong Kong GV to 5/-, 1938 short set to 10/- 40-60
310.    G.B Three 1840 1d Covers, in good condition, margins cut close, but nice looking examples. 150-200
311.    G.B Six Three and Four Margin 1840 2d Blues, in fine condition. 200-300
312.    G.B A Stock Page of Queen Victoria Jubilee Stamps, comprising of a mint set (mounted) d - 1/- and a used set of fourteen and a very lightly used 1. 200-300
313.    G.B A Stock Page of Recess Printed 1d Imperfs, many with Maltese Cross cancellations and a few Ivory Heads, forty three items, many four margins. 80-100
314.    Penny Black 4 Margins, with Red MX Cancellation, nice stamp. 60-80
315.    A Selection of Early M/M Stamps from Greenland on Page in Hingeless Mounts, 1945 set SG 8-16 and 1945 'Liberation of Denmark' SG 17-19 and SG 21 seldom seen, high catalogue value overall. 60-80
316.    An Interesting Part Sheet of Decimal Machin 16p Stamps, where the bottom right sixteen stamps have been indented but not punched, through when the sheet was perforated. 20-30
317.    China 1929 Air Set, M/M, SG 3849-388, plus additional 15c and 30c Flu, total catalogue value 175+. 30-50