Football Tickets

As a boy I had a friend, who for some inexplicable reason supported a football team called Scunthorpe United. He even went to the Old Show Ground, where they used to play, in pursuit of his hobby. He still has, much to the annoyance of his long suffering wife, many programs from that passionate football following frenzy of a life he once lived. Never once though did he ever give the tickets a second thought.

What makes me think of this is the number of football tickets in our recent Sporting Memorabilia auction. So I caught up with Robert Lea, our specialist valuer on all things sporting and font of all football related knowledge and quizzed him about the interest in tickets.

Tickets are very collectable. Not only for football matches, but for all sporting events. The key to collectability in general sport is an extraordinary event, like the four minute mile, or something completely unexpected taking place at a meeting. The major meetings will always be in demand, but also major names breaking records at smaller events.

As far as football is concerned one of the most interesting is the David and Goliath meeting when Goliath is playing away at David’s house. The ground is small and the ticket allocation is low. A ticket which has not been used and so is complete with it’s stub in good condition is also always collectable.

Imagine therefore a ticket from a David and Goliath clash, taking place at David’s house when David won the encounter handsomely, but the ticket owner had a severe bout of influenza and was unable to attend. That ticket would tick all the collectable boxes.

Senior Valuer Michael Dowse

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