Christmas Table

December is here again. Over 40 years ago for our first married Christmas the Santa on top of our tree was a yogurt carton, red paper and cotton wool and we had a lovely romantic day all to ourselves. This year the “children” are all coming with partners and grandchildren and our table will be seating sixteen (with the help of some “emergency chairs”). The same Santa will grace the tree. I imagine it will be a touch noisier than our first Christmas but we are both looking forward to it.

Thinking recently about the day my wife’s mind drifted to the table centre and mine to the subject of electroplate. I thought of all the table decorations there are for sale in all the department stores all over the country and how incredibly expensive they all are. Then I thought about all the electroplate we auction month after month and how reasonably priced it is.

A pair of polished plated candlesticks flanking a decorative epergne, or a pretty pierced bowl, or a tall trumpet vase with matching similar smaller vases, to name just a few exciting combinations. All or any would make a lovely table centre.

When Bolsover’s remarkable fuse plate was superseded by the wonderful development that brought us base metal articles plated by electrolysis, the resulting electroplated items opened up a whole new world to the purchasing public. I think that surge in plated popularity should happen again for this year’s Christmas table.

Senior Valuer Michael Dowse

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