Maturity and the cold weather have finally convinced me to buy a warm winter coat. Saying goodbye to my fashion leading, quilted jacket, which had the warmth of a thin bed sheet, I have purchased what is essentially a high tog green duvet, with a zip. If I am honest it doesn’t have the same cutting edge appeal as my quilted fashion icon, but my goodness it’s warm.

A great deal of my working life takes place inside cold, sometimes inhospitable, properties and the garages, cellars, attics and sheds of those homes. With my new green duvet they have suddenly become centrally heated paradises and I can once again enjoy the hunt for the unexpected.Recently in the cellar of a small terraced property in Barnsley I found an enormous collection of Marvel comics and every single one was ruined by water from a cellar flood.

From the late 1950s onwards Stan Lee and Marvel comics were responsible for some amazing comic book super heroes including the Incredible Hulk, the Amazing Spider-Man, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four and many more. By the 1970s comic book collecting was a fully established collecting area.

As with many collectables condition is by far the most important factor in assessing value. The most desirable comics are the ones in mint condition, but these are very difficult to find, particularly with early examples as they were printed on low grade paper.

First issues are always sought after, as are editions featuring the first appearance or death of a character. If you have a run from a first edition to a new hero and they are all in mint condition that would be just lovely.

Senior Valuer Michael Dowse

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