The MGA Motor Car

It is no secret among family, friends and colleagues that I am a lover of the motor car. I love every aspect of ownership, from buying and selling, discussing and driving, to cleaning and polishing. What is there not to like, the motor car is a wonderful invention.

I love modern cars but I also love classics and one of my favourite marques is the MG. Over my years of car ownership I have purchased and polished two MGB GTs and two convertibles. The beauty of the MG marque is the enormous following it boasts and the incredible ease with which spare parts and repairs can be accessed.

Now the MGB in my eyes is a beautiful vehicle, but the MGA is probably one of the prettiest cars the world has ever seen (not including the Jaguar E-Type of course). Here at the Sheffield Auction Gallery we have, amongst our many other specialist departments, a classic car department and it was lucky enough to secure the sale of a gorgeous MGA for last weeks auction.

Coming from a deceased estate the car was built in Abingdon in 1960 and exported to California where it enjoyed a wonderful sunshine life. Missing its country of origin in the early 1990s it returned to this country and was lovingly stripped down and converted to right hand drive.

The MGA is a car which was built from 1955 to 1962. By the time the curtain fell on it’s production over 100,000 cars had been built and sold. The hammer fell on ours at £15,500.

Senior Valuer Michael Dowse

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