Craigievar Castle

Being descended upon by a high plural of grandchildren and a number of their parents for a prolonged stay has prompted my wife and I to flee for a “summer” holiday in the rain soaked highlands of a once sunny Scotland. I am sure the sun has shone in these highlands before and I am certain it will again, but for the duration of our stay here the forecast isn’t even hinting on the likelihood of that happening.

We came here over thirty years ago when our children were the same size (but perhaps not as boisterous) as our grandchildren and we loved it. This year, through the clouds, the winds and the rain, we love it still. It is such a beautiful place.

Scotland is famous for many things and yesterday we visited an example of one of those things. A charming 16th century castle. Built at the very end of the 16th century Craigievar Castle was originally owned by the Mortimer family as they took a step up the social ladder and became barons of Craigievar. It was however the Forbes family who took on the tenure for most of it’s years. From 1610 until 1963 to be exact and what is even more exciting is that the three daughters of the last family to live there, who are all in their seventies, still visit to ensure everything is still left as it was under their occupancy.

Queen Victoria was known to visit Craigievar Castle (and given exclusive use of the indoor toilet) but to me the most amazing thing about this Castle is the originality of the furniture and effects dating right back to the early 17th century when the Forbes took control. That is what we call in the saleroom a good provenance.

Senior Valuer Michael Dowse

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