If I had my way, which in my overpoweringly female household I never do, I would erect our Christmas tree the day before Christmas Eve. This is not a humbug thing, it’s because I think it is the most romantic day of the whole festivities. Looking at the dressed tree is all well and good and we all marvel at its beauty but it is the very act of securing it, lighting it and placing the decorations on it that is Christmas.

I write these words in the hope that my family may read them, be converted and next year reschedule the ceremony. I fear my efforts are in vain however as in addition to not paying attention to any words of wisdom I ever offer, non of my family ever read anything I write.

So, I write this beside a fully decorated, fully lit Christmas tree and I must admit in a joyful spirit of Christmas. As I smell the glorious scent from the needles and bask in wonderful glow from the bulbs I realise that these words will appear in the last edition before Christmas. So what better time could there possibly be to wish every single person who casts their eyes over this missive a very happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

The year 2019 saw the Dowse dynasty increase by one leading to our Christmas spend reaching new and record heights. Likewise in the saleroom new and record heights were reached which saw us selling more Fine Art, more Antiques and more Collectables than ever.

Perhaps one or two of those collectables may turn up in one or two Christmas stockings. If they do and for some inexplicable reason you don’t like the gift, worry not, we can always sell it for you next year.

Senior Valuer Michael Dowse

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