Dinky ‘Hovis’ Delivery Van

When Covid is a little more under control and we can once again have great big family gatherings and one family decides to play guess the advert, how quickly would they guess from the words “a cobbled hill” and “a boy with a bike”? Pretty quickly I would say. Now I can take or leave the Hovis bread loaf, to me it tastes much the same as the next loaf, but the Hovis Boy with a Bike advert is one of my all time favourites.

Those days between the wars are perfectly remembered in forty seconds of commercial television and during the time the advert is portraying, Dinky were producing a series of delivery vans for the delivery boy to dream of driving.

The series I refer to is Series 28 and it was produced between 1935 and 1936 with letters after the number corresponding to the advertising logo on the van side. One such van had a Hovis logo on its side. That was van 28x.

The problem with cars and vans produced by Dinky between the wars is not only that they have had over eighty years of sticky fingers and sandpits, but also that a great many of them suffered from metal fatigue. Briefly this is the inclusion in the metal mixture of impure alloys and it led to corrosion, cracking and crumbling of the vehicles. This was particularly common between 1938 and 1941, but for some reason also badly affected Series 28.

Taking all that into account it is no wonder, therefore, that our toy specialist John Morgan was very excited at the prospect of selling a series 28 ‘Hovis’ delivery van, with only slight fatigue. John is very easily excited, as I expect most toy specialists are, but when it exceeded the top estimate of £250 to sell for £806, including buyers premium, he was, as the dictionary defines, in a heightened state of energy. Collectors just love rarity and nostalgia, even with a bit of crumbling.

Senior Valuer Michael Dowse

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