Curiouser and Curiouser!

Sorting through a box of mixed items consigned for sale, amongst the paper and ceramics I came across a box. Inside the box I found nearly a dozen miniature creatures. Each hand made and naturalistically detailed as insects and reptiles.

Silver Centipede
Silver Centipede

On inspection they appear to be made of thin sheets of silver, tooled and decorated to look like the real thing – miniature studies of nature wrapped up and kept together for the last however-many-years.

Throughout time artists have produced their own interpretations of creatures and animals through painting, sculpture and metal work. Providing reference for the learner, at times when books were limited and there was no such thing as the internet.

A group of silver insects
A group of silver insects

Working in an Auction Gallery environment we see all kinds of works, depicting all kinds of creatures. However, for me, these little models are certainly the preferred way to look at creepy crawlies!

A private collection of creatures and insects
A collection of creatures and insects which will be going under the hammer in our forthcoming Two-Day Auction of Silver, Jewellery & Watches on Thursday 22nd October 2015

Silver & Silver Plate Specialist Sarah Clark

For further information on these or any of our Specialist Auctions, please visit our Sheffield Auction Gallery website.

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