Reuge Sainte Croix

The time is 7.30pm, the day is Friday and it is late November. Outside it is dark and cold and a lady waits in the softly lit hallway of her late Art Deco home. Her husband will bring the car to the door. He always brings the car to the door on special nights and tonight is very special, the companies biggest ever Christmas ball.

She carefully takes her Reuge Sainte Croix musical compact/cigarette case from her handbag and checks her lipstick one last time. Oh how she loves her Reuge Sainte Croix. There is a possibility that it is that very same compact which we have for sale in our Antiques and Fine Art auction at the end of September. There is also, I have to say, a possibility that it is not. Either way, I bet it could tell us a wonderful tale.

Sainte Croix is situated in the Jura mountains in Switzerland near the border with France. It was in that beautiful location in the 1860’s that Charles Reuge established his first shop, selling musical pocket watches. He developed a tiny musical cylinder which could be incorporated into a watch movement.

Charles’ son, Albert, further developed the business by opening a small musical box workshop. It was however Charles’ grandson Guido Reuge who successfully guided the company through the middle years of the twentieth century, putting musical movements into all sorts of wonderful things. He was at the helm when our lovely little compact rolled out of Sainte Croix and into the arms of a lucky lady.

Senior Valuer Michael Dowse

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