How ‘Big’ do you like your Model Railway?

It was once estimated there were around 50 different model railway gauges and standards throughout the world, how true this is uncertain. However here in the UK by far the most popular size is ‘OO’ being dominated by the ready to run manufacturers such as Bachmann and Hornby amongst many others. However for those with very little space how about Z gauge, developed by Marklin in Germany in 1972 a Z gauge layout where a single circuit of track will fit on top of a large cake tin! Then at the other extreme perhaps the choice is 7 ¼ inch gauge where large gardens and paddocks are required and motive power is provided by live steam and diesel engines.

5 Gauges of Model Railway
5 Gauges of Model Railway

As for the smallest gauge a trip to Japan is required – where else? – where in 2006 T gauge was developed with a track width of just 3mm which is half the size of Z gauge! Tweezers and eye glass compulsory with all purchases.

Whether you are looking to add to model railway or sell your collection, Sheffield Auction Gallery hold regular model railway auctions on all scales and gauges (next Specialist Auction on August 27th).

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