Dinky Trojan Van

On Friday morning last week my first appointment of the day was close to Endcliffe Park and 8.30am saw me park close by and jump out to watch possibly the most publicised fly past in recent years. The story touched the hearts of millions, mine included and on a gorgeous February morning Endcliffe Park was bursting with people and emotion.

The whole experience got me delving into my boyhood memories and a strong picture I have of my mother giving me a Dinky Trojan Van as a present, to keep me quiet, on my elder sisters birthday. As the only boy both my sisters talk animatedly of me being spoilt as a child…..what can I say, it happens.

The interesting thing is though that another part of that memory has me throwing away the box to my model. This cannot be true, because the Trojan Van I was given was the one bearing the Oxo logo. Now, Oxo was taken over by Brooke Bond so the logo was short lived and up until the time of the take over all the Trojan vans came in trade boxes.

A trade box is a box in which all the models, usually about six, arrived at the toy shop. They were sold individually out of that box and never had one of their own. By the time of the Brooke Bond takeover all vans were individually boxed. So, the box I thought I threw away must have been the special wrapping my mother put on the model for me, which was only to be expected because I was spoilt after all.

Senior Valuer Michael Dowse

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