Goldscheider Figurines

The Goldscheider Porcelain Manufacturer and Majolica Factory was founded in Vienna in 1885 by Freidrich Goldscheider. It quickly earned itself international acclaim becoming one of the leading ceramics companies in Europe opening branches in Paris, Florence, Leipzig and Berlin. Freidrich worked with his sons Walter and Marcell who would later move to America and England respectively to continue expanding the business after Hilter’s regime forced the family to flee Austria in 1938.

The Goldscheider factories are probably the most well known of the potteries who made the beautiful Art Deco figurines that were so popular in the 1920s and 30s. The figurines depicted elegant, slim-lined and fashionable ladies typically displayed in movement, whether it was mid-dance, an acrobatic stance or simply a sweeping gesture, with dramatic curves that allowed their flowing dresses and sleeves to produce eye-catching, decorative features for the pieces.

The large flat areas of the extended dresses, scarves or sleeves were decorated with intricate, colourful designs that contrasted with the light, porcelain-like skin tones of the women. A high quality of detail and skill in the artwork as well as a characterful and appealing face all add value to these figurines. Erotic subjects are particularly popular. Damage or poor restoration can dramatically reduce desirability and thus value.

Many talented designers worked with Goldscheider at this time and work by two of the best, Stefan Dakon and Josef Lorenzl is particularly desirable. Dakon and Lorenzl worked on a huge range of these stylish and stylised women, working not just in ceramics but also in the more desirable and expensive bronze and ivory.

Senior Valuer Michael Dowse

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The process of selling at auction

With Christmas now out of the way, you’re probably due a clear out! Why traipse to the local car-boot sale and stand out in the cold when we can do it all for you….

Have you ever wondered about selling your treasured possessions or family heirlooms at auction, but have never done so before because you don’t know how to?

It doesn’t have to be complicated or daunting. Read on to follow the simple process here at Sheffield Auction Gallery…

  1. Can you bring your item(s) to us or do you require a Valuer to come to you?
    • Our Sheffield Saleroom is conveniently located just off the A61 (Chesterfield Road) at Heeley next door to the Heeley Retail Park. We have a carpark and are fully disabled accessible. If you have items of a Specialist nature, it’s worthwhile ringing us on 0114 281 6161 to make sure a Specialist Valuer is available to see you. Generally, valuation days are Jewellery on Mondays and all other items Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays from 10am to 4pm and and one Saturday per month 9am to 12pm for all items.
    • If you can’t come to us, please call 0114 281 6161 to arrange for a Valuer to come to you. Alternatively you can email us –
    • Is there a closer location to you than our Sheffield Saleroom? We host many free valuation events around the region, please see our website to see where we are going…
  2. Our Valuer will initially advise whether your items are saleable, what their estimated auction value is, whether you would like to set reserves on them and finally which auction(s) they are most likely to go into. The Valuer will make all charges/fees clear to you at this point. Your items will then be securely stored in our building until the week prior to the auction.
  3. The week prior to the auction, we will send you a “pre-auction notification” reminding you that your items will be offered in the next auction, this will state the estimate/reserves you agreed with the Valuer.
  4. If your item(s) sell, we will send out a cheque to you in the post, generally 2 to 3weeks after the auction, with all charges already deducted. If your item fails to sell, we normally will re-offer them in the next suitable auction, with the original estimate halved. (You will be notified of this by a subsequent pre-auction notification as above).

See; that wasn’t complicated was it?

We have a full range of auctions through the year, which include our fortnightly Antiques & Collectables Auction, a monthly Saturday Household Auction and a range of Specialist Auctions which can be found on our website. If you have more valuable items, we also have our signature Antique & Fine Art Auction and Silver, Jewellery & Watches Auction which are usually 3 to 4 times per year.

Next time; we’ll look at the process of “buying at auction”

We hope to see you soon!

Keith Murray

Individual designers were always important and often vital to the continued success of a porcelain factory. This was the case with Keith Murray and the Wedgwood factory.

Wedgwood approached Keith Murray in 1932 offering him a position as a designer in their company. Born in Auckland in 1892, he had emigrated to England in the early 1900s with his parents. He was trained as an architect, which gave him an excellent eye for design and form, and had been working for Powell & Sons’ Whitefriars Glassworks and then the British Glassmakers Stevens & Williams before Wedgwood eagerly took him on board. His first range for Wedgwood came out in 1933 and he designed for them with huge success during the 1930s and 40s. Although few of his pieces were produced in the 1950s and 60s, he remained a consultant for Wedgwood until 1969.

Murray’s designs are now iconic and to many he is considered one of the pioneers of the Art Deco style. He produced designs that were very simple; they were bold, modernist pieces produced with clean lines where form was integral to decoration, clearly drawing from his architectural training and his belief that good design should show common sense. A large number of designs included the ribbing or fluting effects which became a signature style of his.

Murray designed pieces primarily in green, moonstone (white), straw yellow and blue. Blue is a particularly desirable colour, although this colour was often glazed unevenly so good, even examples realise the highest prices but black basalt is by far the rarest and most sought after colour he worked with. He worked with three glazes; matt, semi-matt and celadon satin and almost all of his work was marked with a backstamp; there is both a ‘KM’ mark and a signature mark used.

Senior Valuer Michael Dowse

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SOLD, to the lady in the hat!!

Ever been to an auction? Put off or daunted by the thought of them? You’ve never been to one but you’d quite like to really? There really is nothing simpler or more straight forward, and you really won’t buy something by scratching your nose, contrary to most auction virgin’s belief!

We are on one of Sheffield’s main roads, Chesterfield Road (A61) at Heeley next to the retail park. We have our own car park and equipped with disabled facilities. Our auctions are fortnightly on either Thursday/Friday or Friday/Saturday. We have a full range of General, Specialist and Fine Art auctions which are listed on our website.

Sheffield Auction Gallery's Purpose Built Salerooms at Heeley
Sheffield Auction Gallery’s Purpose Built Salerooms at Heeley

Auctions can be viewed in both Salerooms the day before the auction, so why not come down for a look. If there is something that interests you, we provide estimates on all auction lots in the catalogues, so you know the rough guide price. If you then wish to bid, you will need to register to do so by providing something with proof of address and then you’re away!

Our specialist auctions are also available for bidding on-line in real-time, so you don’t even need to be present in the saleroom, you can bid at your own computer or even mobile phone, wherever you may be in the world!

Bid in real time without even being present at our auctions in Sheffield
Bid in real time without even being present at our auctions in Sheffield

We don’t bite so come and say hello!

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