Monart, Vasart & Wallis

In the New English Dictionary the definition of a Collector is “one who collects”, another  “a gatherer of rarities”. I start with these interesting definitions because recently I met a beautifully matured “Collector” and a lovely lady called Willa Jackson and she most certainly was a “gatherer of rarities”.

Willa is one of the most fascinating ladies I have met for many years and over her long and interesting life she has accumulated a wonderful collection of many, many things. What is so exciting for the Sheffield Auction Gallery is that Willa has instructed us with the sale of all her collections.

As part of our Fine Art auction on Friday 29th April we have the first part of the Monart and Vasart glass Collections, the Hugh Wallis Collection and her collection of paintings.

A small selection of a large single-owner collection of Monart and Vasart Glass
A small selection of a large single-owner collection of Monart and Vasart Glass

The interest in the paintings comes from the fact that they are almost all 20th century or contemporary female artists. A wonderful mix of fabulous talent.

Hugh Wallis was a Coppersmith working from a studio in Altrincham, Cheshire, in the early 1900’s. He invented a process to inlay copper with pewter and much of his work with copper used this technique, many examples were trays and chargers.

Monart glass was made from the 1920’s at the Moncreiff Glassworks in Perthshire by glassmaker Salvador Ysart. The Monart name came from “Mon” in Moncrieff and “art” in Ysart. The glass is beautiful, the rest is history.

Vasart glass is similar, produced from the 1940’s by Salvador and two of his sons.

This is only the beginning of the Jackson Collection, look out for more in future auctions.

Senior Valuer Michael Dowse

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