Selling at Auction

Selling at Auction

Seller's / Vendor's Commission

15% (exclusive of VAT, 18% inclusive) on the hammer price for all Auctions.

Lotting Charge (including Photography)

There is a £5.00 Lotting charge (entry fee) per Lot, per Auction, (plus VAT) on all items whether sold or unsold.

All Lots are photographed for illustration on our website and on Saleday displays in the Saleroom. Photography is charged at £1 plus VAT per Lot whether sold or unsold. This also applies to Lots being re-offered from any previous auctions. No additional charge is made for Lots appearing in our printed catalogues where appropriate. Photography is at the discretion of the auctioneers.

Damage & Loss Warranty

All goods are covered by the auctioneers whilst being packed and transported by our staff, our consultants or our contractors to our premises and during storage. A charge of 1.5% (plus VAT) of the hammer price of each lot will be made to Vendors. If instructed not to cover Vendor's goods then Sheffield Auction Gallery, our staff, our consultants or our contractors, will not be held responsible for any loss, theft or any form of damage to any items whatsoever.


All Lots are offered without reserve unless Vendors advise the auctioneers, in writing, of any reserve prices they wish to place on their goods prior to Sale. On request we will advise suitable reserves. Reserves of less than £30 will not be accepted. Reserves not agreed with the auctioneers will attract a charge of 10% (plus VAT) of that reserve price if remaining unsold. If any items being offered at 'no reserve' only attract the opening bid of £5 they will be sold at that opening bid. All reserve prices are subject to a 10% Auctioneers Discretion.

Unsold Lots

Vendors must notify the auctioneers if any unsold Lots are not to be automatically re-entered in a future Sale with suitably reduced reserves (half the previously offered reserve prices). Unreserved Lots failing to attract an opening bid of £5 will be treated as unsold and will be disposed of, and a charge will be made for this service. Where possible we can arrange for the return of goods at our haulage charges quoted above (if specifically requested).

Withdrawn Lots

Vendors withdrawing items/Lots prior to Sale will be charged 10% (plus VAT) of Sheffield Auction Gallery estimated value or of the reserve price (minimum charge £10 plus VAT). Vendors are asked to notify the auctioneers in writing of any items that have a particular value or association to them in a financial or sentimental way so that protective reserves can be agreed prior to Sale.

Collection & Delivery Service

The cost of our haulage service is £45 per hour plus VAT for general house clearance and single item collection (or any delivery back). There is a minimum, per collection, fee of £45. All charges are deducted from Sale proceeds (if sale proceeds do not cover these charges settlement must be made immediately on receipt of the self-billing invoice). Removal and Disposal of rubbish and un-saleable items is also a chargeable expense. (Haulage charges include travel to and from the saleroom, loading and unloading). Disposal of boxed Lots is charged at £2 plus VAT per box.


Items stored on our premises pending inclusion in a suitable Sale are stored without charge. We reserve the right to dispose of any items, which, in our opinion, are of no saleable value, and a charge will be made for this service. Unsold Lots must be collected within five days of the Sale or a charge of £10 plus VAT per lot, per week, plus 1% of the value for insurance will be charged.

Electrical Goods

All electrical items must undergo a safety compliance test on our premises. A charge of £6.50 plus VAT will be made for each item tested. Items failing an electrical safety test will be disposed of without referring back to the Vendor and a charge will be made for this service. Any electrical goods requiring a qualified electrician on-site to remove an item will be charged separately. Any Fridges or Freezer requiring disposal are charged at £38 plus VAT per unit and televisions at £10 plus VAT per unit, these items must be disposed of in accordance with regulations.

Vendor Instructions & Defaults

As Agents Sheffield Auction Gallery are not responsible for default by the buyer. Sheffield Auction Gallery will not pay out the Vendor until payment in full is received (and cleared) from the buyer. Any Lots/Items not paid for by the buyer will be ultimately treated as unsold, and, after notifying Vendors, will be re-offered for Sale in an appropriate auction. Any instructions given by Vendors by telephone is done so at their own risk, the full name of the Gallery staff member must be obtained and the instruction must be confirmed in writing to Sheffield Auction Gallery, Windsor Road, Heeley, Sheffield, S8 8UB.

Settlement of Accounts

Wherever possible Accounts to Vendors will be settled within four working weeks of the Auction(s) by cheque only, by post. It is the responsibility of Vendors to ensure that all paperwork is correctly named and addressed. If settlement is made to incorrect names or addresses the auctioneers reserve the right to make a charge for alterations after cheques have been generated.

Value Added Tax

Value added tax at the current rate is applied to all commissions, charges and premiums. Vendors registered for V.A.T. must inform the auctioneers of their registration numbers - and in such cases their goods will be sold exclusive of VAT but that amount to be then added to the hammer price.

Sheffield Auction Gallery reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions of Sale of Chattels, without prior notice, at any time.

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